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j V , V & Lt. COI Mod Serv. Works incluile: "A Criso of Free Transplantation of Bone in a Granulating Wound" pub in 1950. Id/as Ifbr.,, Chair of Stomatology & I-Iaxillary-Fncial Surgery, Jjjj Med Acad im. Kirov. A~IRS 461, 21 Apr '55, IM FILLIOVS]CIr F T. T... 1, * PIOC'POIkOvuik neditalnekcy Sluxhby, 4ndidt mditflusirlkh ,Y`equOnCY and caumes or aggravatlon of nfla odontogenic foci round the root@. VaeU.xed.xbxtr. no.32:15-18 D 156. Oaft 10:3) (TIMTH, abscess mma tory, frequency, 8tiOl- & ther.) MIZR"sTSOV, V.I., -nolkovnik mod. slitzhby; BAROSOV, VA.,.~!Iolkovnik mod. slushby; TITOV, A.I., polkovnik med. aluzhby, dote.; 7IALKOVSX1XJ.J..,P*..lkovnik med. aluzhby; SMIRNOY, K.K., nolkovaik mod. med. nauk; DOV7UtCNKO. G.I., po]Jcovaik med. aluzhby; DIVNWO, P.G., polkovnik mod. sluzhby; GORYUSHIN, G-S., nodpolkovnik med. sluzhby; SHC V, N. 1. podnolk6*nik mid. aluthby; IZOK, Ye. G., 3o4polkovnik mad. sluzhby; BUTOKO, N.V.. TMYdr med.'- slukhby; PBROBIWUHSHY, P.V., mayor med. sluzhby: TIKHOHOT, K.B., mayor mad. sluzhby Clinical manifestations in subjects exposed to prolonged ioni2ing ir- radiation. Voon. med z1w. m2:40-43 F 157 (MIRA 12:7) (RADUTIOIS, off acts, It clin. manifest. in subjects exposed to prolonged ionizing irradiation (Rhs)) S '11axwol"I, t. "Herbs aplied in the treatment of autumn diseases." p. 12 (Z~ ~wie , Vol. 5, No. 11, 1953, Warsaw) SO: -Yonthly List of East European Accessions, Library of Con_tress, Vol. 3, No. 6, Jvnc. 1954, Uncl. CIESLINSKI, Stanialawa; IIALEDWSKI, Gabryel; LIM, Jan Roentgenologic picture of the liver in cases of congenital absence of the right kidney. Polski tygod.lak.10 no.49: 1586-1590 5 Dec. '55. 1. Z OcIdsialu Urologicznego Wojakowago Stpitala Klinicznego; ordynator: doe. dr tmed. Jan Lanko i z Gabinetu Rentgenowskiago Wojskowego Szpitala Klinicznego; kierownik: dr mad. Gabr7al Fialkowski. Lodz, Wojskowv Szpital Kliniczrq. (KIDNEYS, abnormalities. absence, right, liver x-ray in) (ABNORMLITIESI absence of kidney. liver x-ray in) (LIVER, .121 various diseases. absenco of right kidney, x-ray) FIALICOWSKI, Gabriel; MODRZEWSKI, Tadeuss. .(Lodz) Two cases of benign tumors of the stomach; poly-p and fibroma. Polski tygod. lek. 11 no.10:457-461 5 Mar 56. (FIBROMA. stomach, case report (Pol)) (POLTP, stomach, case report Vol)) (STORACHo neoplasms, fibroma & polyp, case reports (POW - FIALKOWSKI, Gabriel- ZAJGNER, Jerzy j A now method for the examination of the small intestine with the aid of barium meal and sorbitol. Palski tygod. lek. 15 no.493 . 1M-1884 5 D 160. 1. Z Zakladu Radiologii Lekarskiej W.I.M. v ledzi; kierownik: dr mod. G. Fialkowaki. (INTESTINE SMALL radiog) (BARIUM) (SORBITOL) POLA'VO ,.jI KOWSKI, jL_qnd ZAJG.VER, J. , Department Of MC(IiCiO Ra-dj.0- ALI Jogy (ZaIrlad Radiologii Loczniczej) IGM [lVojsl(owa AIcademia Medyczna, Military Medical Academy] in Lodz (Director: Dr. mod. G. FIALKOWSKI) "Use of Sorbitol in X Ray Gall Bladder Function Examinations." Warsaw, Polski Ty~Lodnik Lokarski, Vol 18, No 2-5, 17 Jul' 63, -?P 907-908 Abstract: [Author's Eng-lish summary] Author refors to the literature on the use of sorbitol and reports his own ex- perience. Sorbitol, with itsSweet and pleasant taste is a I-ood drub; for gall bladder function study, as*effective as oF~!, yolk, but without its side effects. For cholecysto- j;raphy and cholangio-cholecystography, a solution of 30 - of sorbitol in 200 cc of water is given orAlly, and best contraction of gall bladder is seen in pictures taken 50 minutes after administration. There are 11 references, 6 ~iorman and 3 Western.' Vi 24 i ~T -,-CA IT -2.9 1 -2 -D 00- goo a LLIJ-L A r--l-f 11 L 'V', GW 00 go t Go so go a 00 a go 8, 0 1 loll Rujillau 11119441 a 6 F7 so !.so moo .00 TmimW d idmd K. %1,~iwpW (AmsL Unip. At. curo -. 4L ftr k 37r doe Mi tm-pq '46 tiWe a, tjW body!: 0( ag"Ance '. "go R. Tauscus. goo 60 A I a - i L It Of U LUK!~A~.1~11 A14!! C"HWOUTOW iL Soo lose a II111 ca all &11 i A"~ 1413000 WAO mow ON W JXA g fW a 0 0 1 IF In 13 11-i- it 0v 0 0 0 0 0000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 4 0 0 idol, 1:100 X, I .-.~ h-,-,ffc&k dvi3Rmtnooo rpzzjrtrj-!j, ,o por,,du rO vnzcz*pieniu ~ajrxllm e.0 mnelcy. (Ctine e. 2 j3pctjt,nT.-e=; delivcriqa foUtvirg Implantation of ovurien intO thO uterus] Ann. Univ. Lublin 4-3 1949 p.-',!25.9 1- 0-1 the Bynecolryacra and obit-atrimi clinic cif lbric CLa-ie-SklDrJowsjm Universit-1 In Lublin - P,-tyf. Stanielaw LielAyirt, M. D.). FIALKOWSKI.)-Konrad; SWIANIE14ICZ - . . ~ 11 ,- -.1- , Jerzy ZAM-2 computer; description, programming digest for SAS language. Zakl apar matem prace C 3 1-129 162. 1. 7aklad Aparatcyw Matematycznych, Dzial Programowania, Polska Akademia Nauk., Warszawa. (k)/Ed1-(q)/EWT (M)/EWF ( B)/BD!i AFFTC/ASD ' Pf-4 JD/HM ACCZSSION NR: AP3003780 P/0036/63/000/007/0156/0138 AUTHORe lialkowaki, Konrad (Master of engineering) pure jo ts TITLEt Structure affect an corrosion..of !Leldiko uminum in SOURCEt Przeglad spavalniotwa, no. 7, 196j, 136-138 TOPIC TAGS: oxy-hydrogen welding. grain boundaries. foreign phasb precipitation. corrosion. aluminum joint. impurity formation, impurity distribution ABSTRACTi The effect of the structure on corrosion of welded alu.-dnum joints was Investigated by mears of o.V-hydrogen welded specimens, consisting of 3. 10 and 20 =. thick pure aluminum plates. Micro-examination of the specimens revealed numerous microbubbles and impurities, concentrated primarily on the boundaries of joints and in the transition zones. Further examination of the microsections under polarized light revealed a considerable amount of shininS i-Durities in the original welded material as well as in the transition zone ara joint. The distribution of inpurities follows a highly variable pattern U Illustrated by Fi&uros 1,2.3 ard 4 of Enclosure I and 2. The foreign phase pre- Q cipitations in the original welded material are bro?en up and localized insiae Card 3./,? 2 L 20277-63 ACCESSION Mi AP3005780 the grains. They tend to costfAate in the heat-affected zone and to settle or. the grain boundaries creating a lattice. This phenomenon is illust-rated by figure 5 of Enclo=e 3. The distribution of Impurities in form of a lattice ot the grain boundaries expose the latter to more intensive inter. crystalline corrosive action than the welded joint and the welded material proper. In conclusion it is stated that welded Dure aluminum joints rAy be subioct to far more intensive corrosive action than the welded plate proper. Orig. art. has: 8 figures and 1 table. ASSOCIATION: Politechnika Krakowska (Cracow Polytechnic) SUBMITTED: 00 DATE ACQ: 26Aug63 ENCL: 03 SUB CODE: YJ,. MA NO REF SOV: 000 OTHERt 002 Card 2firi~ FIALKOILSL~_AA?Rad COMP18X method of determining and testing overflow. Archiv automat 8 no. 3: 279-288 163. FIALKOWSKI, K. Complex method of overflow determination and investigation in binary weight codes with radix-2. Bul Ac Pol tech 11 no.12; 781-786 163. 1. Department of Mathematical Apparatus, Technical University, Warsaw. Presented by J. Groszkowski. FIALKOWSKI, Konrad, mgr irz. Influence of the structure on the corrosion of pure alumin= welded Joints. Przegl spew 15 no. 7:156-158 J1 163. 1. Politechnika, Krakow. 'Z i.;O'T R, -P,44'rq. Y10- MIA N FIALKOWSKI, K. The complex method of determining and examining the over- flow as realized in the INC-1 digital computer. Frzem inst telekom prace 14 no. 44:63-69 164. 1. Department of Computer Design, Technical University, Warsaw. FIATI'01,1,")KI Konrad A certain generalized minus two binary code. Archiw automat 10 no.1:41-51 165. 1. Department of Computer Design of the Warsaw Technical University. Submitted November 10, 1964. FMRw-Sq-#A9j-U*-d--- ~ Dept. of Campator Construction, Warsaw Polytechnic (Katedra Budavy MasaWn Hatmatyes"ahp Palyteehmika Warmewak&) W&rs&v, Archivm mAmetyki i talmookamiki, No 2, Apr-Jun 1966, pp 189-202 "Addition as a transformtIon of a bia&ry word rtpromonting a remlt la a covUla smisystmatic code," L 0-11190-67 EWP(l IJP(C) BB/GG ACC Nxi _~P_6031_5_34 8_O__U__R__C' E---C- O--D-*E- :'- _P0_ / 0-0-3-1-M-6 /0-1-1/003 /0315/0332 AUTHOR.-' Fialkowski, Konrad- - Fialkovski K, ORG: Department for Construction of Mathematical Machines, Warsaw Polyt !chnic Institute (Katedra Budowy Maszyn Matematycznych, Politechnika Warssizaivska) 1b& TITLE': Design of a two-level binary_ adder for synchronous and asynchronous operation SOURCE: Archiwum automatyki I telemechaniki, v. 11, no. 3, 1966, 315-332 TOPICTAGS: computer design, computer component, adder, binary adder ABSTRACT: A two-level adder which reduces carry propagation to a certain fixed-position number was described. It was designed for synchronous or asynchronous operation, The times of performing a single addition depending on the assumed maximum lengthofacarry propagation and the-length of a computer word were given for both operations. The optimum length of the maximum carry propagation was determined with respect to the adding speed and to the equipment of the arithmetic unit. The adding speeds of both adders and the equipment needed Card 112 '*~P- NV1 jo WX '1W 1~~' L- 02190-67 for their construction were compared with the adding speeds and equipment of conventi.onal adders with an accelerated carry. Orig. art. has: 4 figures, 6 tables, and 49 formulan. I Based on author's abstract) [DR) SUB CODE: 09/ SUBM DATE: 30Nov65/ ORIG REF: 003/ OTH REF: 007/ 03rd 2 / 2 C 7 W(J) T JP( AP6031783 SOURCE MDE: PO/0019/66/0151002/0367/0373 .AIJTIIOR.-- Fialkowski, K. -A ORG: Department of Construction of Computers, Warsaw M3~echnlq Institute if,Katedra Budowy Manzin Matematycznych Politechniki Warozawsklej) TITLE: Minimally asymmetrical binary entry closed for the multiplication operation rMURCEE: Archiwum -elektrotechniki, v. 15, no. 2, 1966, 367-373 TOPIC TAGS: binary code, asymmetrical binary code, computer entry, binary e:ntry 1913STRACT: The paper presents a pBeudosystematic minimally asymmetrical ,-212arZ co e alled unipositive In which the product of two arbitrary non-overflow numbers is a non-overflow number, and the represented numbers belong to the range-1, 1. Algorithms of arithmetical operations In this code, being a contrary notation of 2's complement code, are discussed. Both codes have been compared with respect to their usefulness in digital computers, and the unipositive code 1/ 2 UDC: 511. 118. 0'03..2:681. 1.4;;,523. 8:681. 3 - -L-D4099-67 ACC NRs AP6031783 seems to be more useful. Orig. art. has: 15 formulas. [Author's abstract] SUB CODE: 09/ SUBM DATE: 02Apr65/ ORIG REF: 001/ kh C rd 2/2 BOW-WICZ, Jerzy; FIALKOWSKI, Stanislav A case of multiple fat emboli after femur fracture and labor. Chir.narz.ruchu ortap.polska 25 no.6:569-572 60. 1. Z Oddzialu Ortopedvasno-Urasovego Centralnego Szpitala Klinicznego WAM w Warstawie, Kierownik: prof.dr M.Garlicki; a Pracowni Anatomopatologicznej Centralnego Szpitala Klinich- nego WAM v Waresawie, Kierownik: doc.dr Z.Ruszczewski. (FEMUR fract & disloc) (EMBOLISH etiol) (LABOR) GARLICKI, Marian; SZULG, Witold; FIALKOWSKI, Stanislaw. Secondary reconstruction in unseucceBsful primary therapy of injuries of the motor system. Chir. narzud. ruchu ortop. pol. 29 no. 5:455-460 163. 1. Z KlinikI Ortopedyczn!,j Szpitala Klinicznego WAH. IALKOWSKI, Sts-ril-slaiz5 I'I'ACZURBA4 I Spinal_ tuberrmlo3is w-Irh ntypira" Pol. przegl. c1lol. 28 no.3.011-4_~16 "I. o7 KlInIM-1- Lctopedy-cme-I (Kl(.,rIow%-'_kz prof. M.Garl ir' z 7-akladu YLWlrLDgli d,-.. : ,I. A. KaK.-mirba), Waniza-va. FLAMOWSKI, Tadeusz; CXGIRLSKI, Kieczyelaw Incarceration of the penis in wtal ring. Polski przegl. chir. 26 no-5:49-427 my '54. 1, Z II. ICliniki Chirurglesnej Akademil Redycznej w Krakowis. Kierownik: prof. dr. X.Michejda, (PINIS, *incarceration in roller bearing, removEl by crushing in 2 cl&aes) FIAIKOWSKI, Tadeuez Antibodies in the serum of repeated transfusion recipients. Polski przegl.ohir. 27 no.2:97-103 Feb 55. 1. Z 11 Kliniki Chirurgicznej A.M. w Krakowie. Kierownik: prof. dr K.Michejda. (ANTIGENS AND ANTIBMINS, antibodies in serum of repeated blood transfusions recipi- ents) (BLOOD TRAITSYMICITS, complications, antibodies repeated recipients) (BLOCDI antibodies. form. in repeated transfusion recipients) FIALKOWSKI, Tadeuez A case of acute typhoid cholocystitis in a child of 6 years. Polski przegl.chir. 27 no.4:351-356 Apr 155. 1. Z II Kliniki Chirurgicxnej A.M. v Krakowie.Xierownikt- prof. dr K. Hichajda. Krakow, ul.Curie-Sklodowsklej 10. (CHOLMSTITISq complic4tions typhotA favor, surg, In child) (TTPWID FXM, complications cholocystitin, acute, ourg. In child) FIALKOWSKI, T&dausz; PAZDOR, Fr&nciazek Polish-produced dextran Polf& and its application in surgery. Polski przegl. chir. 28 no-11:1113-1122 NOT 56. 1. Z Instyiuts. ftrmaceutyc2nego w W&razawie D7rektor- mgr. We Gumulka, i z 11 Kliniki Chirurgicznej A.M. w Krakowie Kierownik: prof. dr. K. Michejda. Krakow ul. Curie Sklodowskiej 10. (DEXTRAN, there use prev. & there of shock in surge (Pol)) (SURGIMY,'OPZWIVB, compl. shock, prev. & there by dextran (Pol)) (SHOCK, there dextran in prove & tber. in surge (Pol)) --FIALXOV6KIriz:]~~ [Yialkowski, W-1 "CUOP-10 Nauka i syttia 10 no-5t47-48 my 16o. (MIRA 13:7) (Technical assistance, Polish) FIALOVA, Alena, Dr.; VOJTECHOVSKT, Zd., Dr. Statistics on the treatment of ulcus cruris during 1949-53. Cask. dorm. 31 no-3;171-172 June 56. 1. Z kozn1ho odd. namocnice OUNZ, Ostrava I., predn. primar A. Pabian. (LEG, ulcer, indolent, ther.. hosp. statist. (CZ)) (ULCM, leg, indolent, ther., boap. statist. (Cz)) FIALOVA, D., inz. Pi-esent conditions of watebmaking in some capitalist countries* Jemna meab opt 6 no.10:321-322 0 161. FIALOVA., JULIANA. Lobre a rychle varime i po praci. (3 vyd. v praci 2) Praha, Prace; vyd. ROH, 1955. 102 p. (V Kniznici domaciho hospodarerii, Ov. 3) SOURG3S: EUL LC Vol. 5 No. 10 Oct. 1956 :i FIALOVAV La; HORAGEK, J. Stevens-Johnson syndrome in an i=rant. Cesk. dorm. 38 no.4: 273-278 Ag 163. 1. Detoke oddeleal. nemocnice ve Strakoniciebp vedouci MUDr. Ja Laibl Kozni oddelani nomocnice v9 Strakoniciah., vedouci MUDr. J. Horacek. STEVENS-JOHNSON SYMDROME) (DMMTOLOGY) UE MARMATIONS) (MUGOUS MMRM) BROWHOPNIUMONIA) (VIRUS DISEASES) ~ FIALOVA, Nadezda; ZELINKA, Jan Maintenance of production activity of Streptomyces aureofaciene. Biologia (Bratisle) 19 no-W72-M 164- l.Biologisches Institut der Slowakischen Akademie der Wissen- qchaften, Abteilung fur Biochemie der Mikr*organismen in Bolsraa. Ogg, GROBSKON, V.; FIALOVA. 0. Anticarare effect of phynostignine [with suss- V in German]. Chakh. fisiol. 1 no.2:160-166 152. : (PT-RA 6:12) 1. Institut farmakologli melitsinskogo fakulltete karlova universitsta, Praha. (Phyaostigmine) GROSSMANN. V.;FIAIDYA, 0. Curare inhibiting action of pkvsoatigmine. Cask. fysiol. 1 no.2:121-126 1952. (CIML 23:4) 1. Of the Institute of Pharmacology of Charles University, Prague. E-117-J717" ~-14LVYA C14 L7 A HAVA, Kilos; FIALOVA, Olga; PRUZU, Frantivok; STRUM, Lubon; MINKS, Art Certain properties of streptolysin 0. IV. Iffect of certain drugs on action of streptolycin 0. Cook. byg. spidem. mikrob. 2 no.4: Aug 153. 1. Z farmakologickeho ustayu KU (for Hava,Pialova, Prazek) 2. Z Ustayu apidemiologis a mikrobiologia (red. doe. Dr Karel Raska) (for Srruoekg Jelinke) (STRIPTOLYSM, effects, with various drugi on) :~ 1. ~ , ~ -v4-,I ~j. Anticurare effect of I,hyno3ti.,-mire. T- IC-(;. -')C: !-',I-t European Accassions List, Vol. 3, No. 9, Sef-t- 1954, Lit. of Congress. Q�lnetfPh4Sp ate TP) And awtlophagph4 c"aled the tealitiv~Z1. cit te GWP) 1q. the, r"ptarl of the . car-itki vlaus in fec~ept~ with tjrphaki toxin, the gcmit~v-ity mis restact'l by tcfdzl. of ATP or A-Mp. POs- -ad am. food red"es in r-,,Its were *nh'b* cd bT L-Lrl;e doges ATP, small"clos" had the (1p. Both O-Pds- antFFOlisdc W A. S a, STRIZOVA, V.; ILkSKOVA, 11.; VAM~G;.X, J.; technicL-1 spoluprace: D8LBOVA, 1M.: RYB(YVA, B.; FIALOVA, 0. On the pharmacology of pertussis toxin. 1. Cook. opidem. mikrob. imm. 10 no.3:192-196 161. 1. Ustav apidemiologic a mikrobiologie v Praze a Farmakologicky ustav falculty detskeho lekarstvi KU v Praze. (WHOOPING COUGH immunol.) (TOXINS ALD ANTITOXINS pharmacol.) VANECEK, J.; MAVATY, V.; technicka spoluprace HYBOVA, B.; FIALOVA, 0. Protective influence of phenol and procaine on radiation sickness. Gas. lek. cesk. 102 no.11:295-296 15 Mr 163. 1, Farmakoligicka katedra fakulty detskeho lekarstvi KU v Praze Farmakologicka, laborator GSAV, prednosta prof. dr. H. Raskova, DrSc. Uatav lekarske fyziky fakulty vaeobeeneho lekarstvi KU v Praze, prednosta doo. dr. Zd. Dienstbier. (RADIATION INJURY EXPER.) (PHENOLS) (PROCAINE) (RA'DIATION-AOTECTIVE AGENTS) FIALOVA, Svatava; DOBREIJYSLOVAy Marie The activity of catalase and phosphatase in wheat subject to the controlled growth rate, Biologia plantarum 4 no,3:182-190 162. 1, Department of Plant Physiology and Soil Biology, Natural Science Faculty, Charles University.. Praha 2, Vinicna 5. FIALOVA, V.1 JERZEK, V., IMIK"NKA, V. The relationship of pulse velocity to blood lipids in atherosclerosis. Cor Vasa 4 no.1:20-25 162. 1, The IInd Internal Clinic, Charles University, Prague. (LIPIDS blood) (ARTERIOSCLEROSIS physiol) (PULSE physiol) FIAWVA.? V. A testimony of Hussite tradition in Pribice nad Taboreme p. 121 (Biulleten Astronomicaheskikh Institutov Cheshosolovakil. Bulletin of the Astronomical In- stitutes of C.'zechoslovakia,, Praha. Vol. 41,, 1956.) SO., Monthly List of -ast European Accession (EEAL) LC, Vol, 6, no- 7., July 1957- Uncl* CHYTIL, M.; VALEX, A.; VALKOVA, M.; FIA10VAt V.; CHOLINSKY, K. affects of upright position on hemodynamics & renal function in glomerulone- phritie. Sborn. lek. 60 no.12:361-369 Dee 58. 2. 11 interni klinikn fakulty vsedbecneho 10mrHtvi Karlovy university v Praze, prednosta prof. dr. Frantisek Herles. (GLOMICRUWNVHRITIS, Physiol. eff. of upright position on hemodynamias & renal funct. (Gz)) (BLOOD CIRCUIATION, in various dis. glomeralonephritis, eff. of upright position on hemod~rnamics(Cz) (POSTMM, eff. upright -position on hemodynamice & renal funat. in glomerulone- phritis (CZ)) oplol a f.pb upright position in plomerulonephritis (Gz)) FIALOVA, V.; IIOBZA, A.; IUL~LGVA, L. ; technicka sj;oluprace VALKOVA, Relation of biochemical changes of the blood to the extent of coronary scl~,rosis in the autopsy material. Acta univ. carol. (med.] SuPF1. 14:447-454 161. 1. IL interni klinika fakulty vseobacnoho lekarstvi University Karlovy v Fraze, prednosta prof. dr. Frant. Herles OkxesnI ustav narv.;nibo zdravi Praha-jih, reditel dr. J. Trnka. (CORONARY DISEASES blood) (LIPOP';',OT--'IN3 blood) (CHOLEST-110L blood) (PHOSPIHOLIPIDS blood) ---- ------ KRAWVA, L.; FIALOVA, V.; tecimicka spoluprace HEYROVSKA, E. Correlation of biochemical changes with the clinical picture of coronary syndrome. Acta univ. carol Imed. I Suppl. 34:455-462 161. 1. 11. interni klinika faku-Ity vseobccneho lekarstvi University Karlovy v Praze, prednosta prof. dr Frant-Herles. (CORONARY DISEASE blood) (CHOLESTFROL blood) FIALOVA,V. . I - -1-1-- .1. ~v- . Effect of serotonin on the pulmmary and systemic circulation. Cas.l.ek. cesk.102 noo5W26-2-3/4 13 D163- 1. IT. interni klinika fakulty vseobeeneho lekarst7i KU v Prazo; prednosta: prof,dr. F.Herlea, ArSo. 4- HRADEC, Eduard, Dr.; CffYTIL, Mirko, Dr.; PIALOVA-PR'ECBCHTEWVA, Vera, Dr. Hypertension caused by unilateral kidney disease. Sborn lek. 58 no.7:177-184 Sept 56. 1, 11, Ohirurgicks klinikal prednoeta akademik J. *'ie - interni klinika, prednosta prof. Dr. A. Vancura. (KIDNEY DISEASES, compl. hypertension caused by unilateral kidney die. (Cz)) (HYTERTIMISION, etiol. & pathogen. unilateral kidney dis. (Cz)) FIALOVA-FRMSCHTELOVAp Vera Relation of serum lipoproteins to the stage of atheroaolerosim, Cas.lek.cesk 100 no.40-101-105 27 A 161. 1. II.interni klinika KU v Praze, prednosta prof. MUDr. Frant. Herles. (ARTERIOSCLEROSIS blood) (LIPOPROTEINS blood) FIALOVA-EECECHTELOVA, Vors, Tochnicka, v,,-,'!-.iprwi of lipop~.-oteins and somu other LpLds fer the diagnosis of athero.- lerosis in the precliniLcal pariod. Acta Univ. Carol. (ML'Lt. ) (Prahzi) 9 no.4 t32,-"-', 58 163 .L. Il interni klinika fakulty vsc-obeeneho lekarstvi Uni- versity Karlovy v Prare (prednos'La: prof. MUDr. F.Herles, FUMVITS, 11. FIAIA)VITS, 11. - The series No. 411 steam locomotive of the Hungarian State Railways. p. ~P-5. Vol. 6,, No. 7/8, July/Aug. 1956. Nozlekedestudomanyi Szemle. Budapest, Hungary. ~ ~' ~f:-- SOU7-CE: Ka3t Diropenn List (M. ~1'1 ':O-'_ '3' 'y), ,'' - j I 1~ ---- -- M .FIALVIITS, Bela okI.gepenwernok First ateam, locomotives of the Hungarian lines of the one- hundrad-Year-old Southern Railroad Company. KozI tud sz 12 no.1:36-43 J& 162. FIALOVSZKY, L. "Influence of a mistake of the axial system of a theodolite on measurements of horizcntal angleaff. p. 211. (GEODEZJA I KARTOGRAFIA, Vol- 3, No. 4, 1954. Warsza.wa, Poland) SO: Monthly List of East European Acanealons. (EFAL). LC. Vol. 40 No. 4, Xg 19155. Uhal. -dithrtalitl mthil ond comp(mat. Ing calculation for 'Aloll'of 0 the flae carre. 0 till rarces. ad the O(Crintriatfoll of optical tole 0 v N z 1. "hesis for thc,degree nf -luctor of sul Ilcv. I tab. '111tv--~.cotrectlons of thet varhmm Wingu fltIcck art, of done hl the last Stag