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FIJALKOWSKIp Wlodzimierz Role of breathing in labor* Ginek. Pol. 33 no.1:2rol-30 162, L Z II KlinUd Poloanietwa i Cborob Koblecych AM w Lodzi Kierownik: prof. dr mad. S. K M aztoporski. (RESPIRATION) (IABOR) FIJALKOWSKI, aodzimierz; BUIKOWCZYK, Adam Mental conditions of the parturient. Comparative studies on women unprepared for labor by the psychoprophylactic method. Ginek. pol. 33 no.5:601-609 162. 1. Z II Kliniki Chorob Kdbiacych i Poloznictwa AM w Lodzi Kierownik: prof. dr med. S. Krzysztoporski i z Kliniki Chorob Psychicznych at w Lodzi Kierownik: prof. dr med. S. Cwynar. (NATURLL CHILDBIRTH) FIJALKWSKII Wlodzlmier3 Effect of the psychoprophylactic preparation in pregnancy on the course of the Ist stage of labor. Ginek. pol. 34 no.2: 215-224 163. 1. Z II Kliniki Poloznietva i Chorob Koblecych AM v Lodzi Kierownik: prof. dr md. S. Krzynstopors)d. (NATURAL CHILDBIRTH) !g gt) JW 19, . 400werz - Role of paychogenic factors in labor prolongation. Ginek. pol. 34 no-3:377-380 163- 1. Z 1I Kliniki Poloznietwa i Chorob Kobiecych AM w Lodzi Kierowniks prof. dr mad. S. Krzysztoporski. (LABOR COMPLICATIONS) (FEAR) (ENVIRONMENT) (EMOTIONS) ST~,MPIRI, Ryszaryl? dr. mfd.; li'AGV,, Bogimil; ~llj 1*1 T ly~.".)",::-*,--,I,.-,~.Ilodz~zi-;,-,Iz Differential diagnosis of Infectious hcpatitis In preFgmancY. Ginek. Pol. 36 no.7t755-762 J1165. 1, 27niniki Chorob Znkaznych Plkademll Mcdyc7nf--j w Lodzi (p.o. Kierownika: dr. med. R. Stempien) I z It Kliniki Poloznictwa I Chorob Kobiecych Mcademil Mf-dyc~inej w lodzi (Kierowniki prof. dr. med. S. Krzyoztoporski). FIJAX, N. How Vransko Lake was populated by fresh water fish. P. 54. MORSKO Ri1BARSTV0. (Udruzenje morskog ribarstva Jugoblavije) Rijeka. Vol. 8, no. 2, Feb. 1956. SOURCE: East Eurpoean Accessions List.. (EFAL)p Library of Congress Vol@ 5# noo lit Nov., 1956. Y FIJAII, Ilikols, Hemopoietic functions of kidneys in certain species of fresh-water fishes. Biol glas 34 noo3A:167-23.L 161. 1. Zavod 2s. anatomiju, histologiju i embriologiju; Zavod za biologiju i patologiju, peela, svilacs. i riba; Hematoloski laboratorij Klinike za unutra je bolesti Veterinarskog fakulteta u Zagrebu. --g IRE" ism FIJAS;- 0-11 The Monitor and the English Spectators p. 71. NUKIEONIKA. (Polska Akademia Nauk. Komitet do Spraw Pokojowego Wykorzystania Energii. Jadrcwej) Warszawa. Vol* 3,9 no., 29 1958 Poland/ Monthly List of East European Accessions Index (EEAI), LC,, Vol. 8p no. 6, June 1959 Uncl. e,4- IAT FIJLYOWjYdl D. "A plan for establishing a forest and steppe reserve in Lab.jnie near Zamosc.11 p. 314 ( ChrorrT Przyrode Ojczysta, Vol 14, no. h, Julyl Aug. 11058. Krakow, Poland.) Monthly Index of East European Accessions (MAI) LC. Vol. E, No. 1, Jan. 519 Z! For,1117D/Optics - Cptical Ilethods of Analysis. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur Fizika, No 4, 196o, 10013 K Author : r-1.1)lkowski Jerzy Inst : Title : qi;nrAltative Spectrogriphic Analysis of Magnesiun Alloys Orig Pub : Chem. analit, (Polska), 1959, 4, No 1-2, 455-461 Abstract : A procedure is described for determining the alloying elemon-tv (aluminum, zinc, mang-incso) and of the impuri- ties (copper, silicon, iron, nickel) in cagnesium alloys. To excite the spectrum, a cundensed spark ,ms used. Standard photoT~aphic analysis methods were used. The el-ror in the determinaticn of the lines ranges from 4.4 to 8.90. Card 1/1 171 `111 _21k 1 .01- ir, NP a 1.1,' -K, 3.: "LIASZ, J. C Pros ecting for petroleum ~~nd riaturil Cas in Ihe Carp.-fthinn -clantains. p.121 P ~,dadoinosci 11aftove. (Stowarv,--szonie Naukowo-To chnic- lie inz-1, 4echnikou Prz,-ns~sly Nafto~,epo i &-dazlIke Zavo~ovc-,,-o Gorniko,,: Na'tcvccn) KroF,Doj PQInnd ~(ol- 5x no. 60 Jwip 1Q5)9 0 2, ilonthly li.,t of -Cast European Accec-sioriE (=Al) LC,, Vol. i 0. F eb . .1 Uncl. FIK, Czeslaw Some results of geologic prospecting in the western Ukraine. Wiad naft 6 no.4:73-75 Ap 060. (EW 9:7) (Ukraine--Geology) 1, /r-7 "rut Mutton. tbawler yrMo"~'jw1k vi,f F14go Oj 6 " (195t)(Prig1kh sunirnary. entiritt--ing Calais . are. jne~enttd f& In rretirkation in 2 C"llming by the taethrxi of the Ntw T(-M!Y~ 741C C11, The (TWIC' 7.11 L- heated to above (reri" dit'.1 ir1t1"dktCCA 111to allptox. the 1111,141t of (fi,, It, Colur-on. VC, I'l?, and Other unpurit!'-s- und some 7a tl.-)w eut ffuin tht wbifc nvm (it the Zt, ,tnd Cd cflstil wit huzzn thc top f.-f the cofumn. T~,t m4t. of 7n and Cd 1~% trbtat~.d itud itumduc-ed ivto arproz. mid(*,Te of the2ad cihtmn from which Cd dtstils (rit and pure Zn flows out ffont the tmttotn. Each ~~4utnrt hu 33-0 Ptl(Pt 4- PAW""WO + It - pj/P'111~1 babi I i - rap,)o, "kV I t - AAPI PA) u t 11/1( Pjap, + t Pd A Pi + A) I I I P- A P4 - POI wf~,fte 61 - the mitle fraction of the ntetal component in Pi, b, - molt frartion of the saine 47omponerit iij P,, tg - male, fructi~)'k '4 Owr ~~ne Cor"I.Inclit in I'm, P4 - thc =rrie Com, p(ji-,ent in tht fEcd, Pt - it-.(- r(mipmnit mtdcn-Kel (~'l the upV,tr pArt cf the cokmtn, P, - the cet---n;w.:irtit in tht 1kruM residue, PA - tile C'Mumnent V-Apuritm I,-. the loiter part of the colortin, Ps - the compoticat in varows Icaving the NKN 'Olumn, ari4t V rw,l .11 z~ c-onsts. wfikh ate caltil. from equil. tickween "In. =1 va'por ' P4 - Pi + F's - P,: P& 11, - Ps. All valLtc. of P Lire lit lin, Th- above (ovitittlaq are valid ft:f coatiminui rtvtifivatl4m, llow"er.. bc,-auw rr! catr-iinmc-it (if liqidd dirtilIcts lit the av-rhwA The aint. oftnti-Aftled Metal - appro%. C(P4 - P.X2Pj - P9)Pj, where C is Ft const. whIch Is cal--d. ftc;Tn tl~c niattzial and heat ba!xnces. Frank Ifcndtl oma~ P, c An; ~ 1, IL, EJZL~c 57 ~q yg Distri 4E20 Ltdtjlu,~." Zkhdy Cyko-e "Wel-- nowiec" (by A. Krupkorski. 11. Fik. and K. LZzympn). j . 1958 RPohr4'h'rIo C&-GM.997, un y an- be _0U ne m ru -Cd al oys. Part of elted Cd sponge or Zn EV the alloy Is vaporized and freed from higher itu rnts in the distn. app. provided with atil-11filiter. t Quantity of the circulating metal In the d6tg. &pp. 6 at ill aast.4 times that of the furnace charge. K. BoJanowska-- AKERMAN, Karol; BRAFMAN, Marek; FIK, Ifenryk; KITAIA, Jan; NOWAK, Maciej; POCZYNAJLO, Andrzej Isotopic studies on the separation course of impurities during the zinc redistillation process. Archiv hutn 8 no. 2: 103-118 163. 1. Instytut Badan Jadrowych Polskiej Akademii Nauk, Zak-lad XVI, Warszawa (for Akerman, Brafman, Nowak). 2. Biuro Projaktowp Zjednoczenia Gorniczo-Hutnicze Matali Biezelaznych, Gliwice, (for Fik) 3. Zaklady Cynkowe Silesia, Huts, Walnowiec (for Kitala). I .I FIK, Henryk, dr inz. ~ ~ hc~' Req~fication of metals by the full equilibirum method, i i Ri.4 i'metale 9 no. 8t402-412 Ag 164. 1 i TELFSZYNSKI, Zdzislaw, dr. med. I_FIK, Marian A case of dislocation of the elbow with simultaneous epi- physiololysis of the u1na. Chir. narzad. ruchu ortop. Pol. 30 no.2t 143-146 165. 1. Z Oddzialu Urazowego Woj. Stacji Pogotowia Ratunkosego w Rzeszowie (Ordynatort dr. med. Z. Toleszynski). .it S,41. "l-ritition And %"k And 14 d"'O"I as Otte 0 INC ff~oq t(.nqtrr.tvr,uv 0 thr CrinhoOm4k n1r1i`vT,-),Vi-A -4,r%tcr. Ilitt ikrtrA,t it prewnitif. 2.Cooperthroobor-irtirs 3.If*(mvi%tr,Fr&otRek 4. CirecItoolovakis-6 7. FIKAR S - BIHOVEC J - ZESULKOVAI Determination of the preserving effect of tetramethylthiuram disulfide in cos- metics. T. 26 PRUY,YSL I-OTRAVIN. (Ministerstvo yotratinarskyho yrumyslu) Praha, Czechoslovakia Vol. 10, no. 1, Jan. 1959 Monthly List of East Euroyean Accessions (EFAI), LV, Vol. 8, no. 7, July 1959 Uncl. FMiRf Z.: FAIMAN, Z. "Polyeeran. -ab. Application of logical members in automatic control." kutomatioace. Praha, Czechoslovakia. Vol. 2, no- 3, Hur. 1959 Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAI), LCI Vol. 8, No. 6, Jua 59, Unclas ACC NR, SOMCE CODE: CZ/0042/65/300/010/0604/06179 AP602010 AWHOR. Pokorny, Jiri-PokoriVy, Yu. (Engineer; Camdidate of sciences); Mart Josof-.Fil=t, I.; Javorslq, Stanislav-YAvorsidy, So ORG: Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronios, CSAV, Prague (Ustav radiotodh- niky a eloictroniky CSAV) TITIM: Measuremnt of the properties of a tandel in a parametric fraquencymultiplAer SOURGE,,: Uektrotechnicl(y casopis, no. 10, 1965, 604-619 TOPIC TAGS: electronic equipmnt, frequency mLItiplication, electrortic circuit, electric capacitor, resistor, electric capacitance, electric condubtsnoo ABSTRACT: The paper prosonLs the derivation of a method .r &or determination of the properties of tandels (temperature auto-'~ stabilized nonlinear dielectric element) in a parametric frequency' multiplier, and experimental results are given. The tandal pro- pertins are expressed by means of an equivalent circuit formed by a parallel combination of a nonlinear lossless capacitor and a nonlinear resistor. The dependence of t!'kvi cqpacltanc.e. aw.1 the conductance.of the equivalent circuit on the- Voltage is expressed by the first torms of a power series. The expansion coefficients of tho-nonlinoar capacitance and conductance into the power series L 3-1,50-66 A~C NR: AP602010 are calculated frow the measured values in the parametric fre- quency triplor with a tandol and are plotted on diagrams as a function of the available power of the sourco and the ambiont tomperaturo. All measured and estimated values depond solely on the temp *erature and supplied power. The power dissipat-od,in..-I -the tandel is of great magnit ,ude. This article was prosonb)d bY T. Petrik. Orig. art. has: 12 figures and 20 formulas.6 LB-ased on authors' Eng. fi-his: A69J1 SO CODE: 09 SUM DATE I 21Jan63 CRIG REF: 002 OTfj REF: 003 PR WO I? KOZLIKP 14iroslav., dr.; KADLEC, Josef, Inz.;- FIK.ISLT, I-111loslav Problem of gain and radiation in aw-u:ina. systems. .. Slaboproudy obzor 25 no.10:589-600 0 IE4- 1. Tesla Illoubetin NatLoz,al Enterprise, Prague. FROK3, Ctirad; FlKEJZ, Josef Scleroma neonatorum. Cesk. pediat. 16 no.11:981."S89 if '61. 1. Patologickanatomicke oddoloni, prim. MUDr. C.Proks, a detske oddeleni, prim. MUDr. J Fikejzl OUNZ, v Pisku. (SES10,1A MONAM-01,I) 00"i 'A'd -4 005 ZE c if Kvptj qb" farw dMika CC multivilent 6 67 t Is, d Yeats caraut of $erg. phegolic cr-M s. the system benzene 9, and water 10 cfferled good dbtrKmt-!oa. By means o( am=rdxc;a sofa. of AgNO., Paules renent, Lad M sdt:. of phwo- tuainal (1) (a 'It M&Off and o( ducrt5cc=c fa a!CrcTWct, vtzd drol of h th f er cus, o . Ea. pper chrOWAEOMMS o y tvine were obtaked shoviog penAdvity of 250'r. Normal criae c=tained S Mg. of pyrowtChd (H) /1. Urke Q( 10" coaWned up to 100 Mg. v=kcm expos-td to bc=crt r ltiftd Metabolifeli Ut 2 h d i I /l i 1, .. all CM uane roqu t. 6 wC. y of be"eac characterhed by ir Suias. Bcarcne ES GOC cz- -crefed (a the tacus of reamriaol, pmgtfla. ct 1. FISM, K.; Determination of water on skin surface. Cask. derm. 31 no.,r;: 241-248 Oct 56. 1. Ustav hygleny v Fraze, reditel doe. Dr. K, Symon. (SKIN, metabolism, water, determ. (C2)) (WATER, determination, in skin (Cx)) YISER, K. ; FIKER, S. Determination of ollin4so of the skin. Cook. derm- 31 no.6: 315-320 Doe 56. 1. Ustav bygiony, v Praze, (reditel doc. MUDr. K. Symon). OKIN' oiliness, determ. (Cs)) (FATS, determination on skin surface No) Dermal cleansing agents for workers in industry. J. Hyg. Npidem., PraM 1 no.2:172-178 1937. 1. Institute of Hygiene, Dermatological Clinic of the Medioal Faculty of Hygiene and the Uperimental Division of the Prague Oosmetic Factories, Prague. (DBMGVM. dermal cleansing agents for workers in indast.) (INDLYSTRILL HYGIM same) CZECHOSLOVAKIA Chemical Technology. - Safety First Technique. H-6 Sinitation Technique. Chemical Products and Their Application* Part 14 Abs Jour : Referat. Zhurnal Khimiya, No 4, 1958, 11811. Author : K. Fiser, J. Binovec, S. Fiker, M. Zahradnik. Inst Not given Title Detergents for Industrial Workers. Orig Pub Pracovni lekar., 1957, 9, No 3, 211 - 213. Abstract New detergents (D) containing viseline oil, glycerin, diethylphthalate, colloid kaolin, condensation products of ethyleneoxide or alcohol., water etc. were studied during production and in a laboratory. The D-s were tried how they wash off lubricating oils, dyes, tar, carbon black for rub- bers etc. It was found that the D-s possess a good wcshing Card 1/2 CZECHOSLOVAKIA / Chemical Technology. - Safety First Technique. B-6 Sanitation Technique. Chemical Products and Their Application. Part 1. Abs Jour : Referat.. Zhurnal Khimiya, No 4, 1958, 11811. Abstract : capacity and irritate the skin less the water with soap. Me state of the skin of the workers improved already after 3 months of regular D use. Card 2/2 ,CULI~Itry Czechoslovakia M C,.t Oq Analytioal Chomalatry. A4nlynim ot Orgamio I AbG, Jour. SuboUnoes. 19181 Rot. Zhur.-KhimiyvL No. 6, 1959 J"tut'fl:pr Fiker, B.; Bajek, V. TItlc Paper Chromatography of Higher Saturated Fatty Acids. priG. Pub. :Chem, listy, 19589 52, No 3, 549-551 Abstract :A modification of the chromatographic method of Spiteri (RZhKbJ-mBkhj 19557 6537) has made it possible to secure reproducible values of Rf of saturated fatty acids from G12 to C3,; values of Rf depend on quality of paraffin oil used to treat the paper. Whatman paper No 3 is treated with a solution of 5 g paraffin (MP 42-460) and 5 & paraffin oi.1 (Sp. Gr. 0.900) in 100 ml CHC1 C6H6 mixture (4--l), and the chromatogram is developed by k; ascending method, at 5510, with glacial CH3COOR saturated with paraffin and with paraffin oil at the same temperaturel in this manner are separated the acids from C12 to C24. On development at 850 C~:ird: 1/3 'Country Czechoslovakia L-3 G, _- t 0; r, 0 1, 11, Abe. jour. 19181 Author InL,tltut. Tltlo Orig Flab. Abstract with CH3"Olf saturated with the same substances at E-50, separation is effected of the acids from C2W to C It is recommended to utilize two-dimensional chromatoff a U ~,r p y and to develop in one direction at 850, and then in t1he perpendicular direction at 550. The mixture of acids Oan be first extracted with alcohol, thereby separating acids of -less than C20, and then carry out chromatography by the two- dimensional procedure, of the alcohol-insoluble mIxture of higher acids. Individual acids are detected on the dried chromatograms by the action for 45 minutes, of a 5A) AgN03 solution at a temperaturb ol 800, followed by washing with water, After drying of the processed chromatogram at 1500 0-'rd.: 2/3 -Countrl.,, Czechoslovakia E-3 Cr - T, O.S 0 IItbc;p Juur,. 19181 ~'k lit ',- ,:; r InGtitA'L". Irit1c Orls. I-lub. Abstrap,11i : brown spots appear at the places corresponding to the distribution of the acids CRZhKhim, 1956, 56490). -- J, Vaneeek. Card: 3/3 FIKERU, J. YAts made cf insulating materials. p. 139 Ceskoolcrvenaka vedecka, technika spoleenost pro zdavotni techniku. a vzduchotechniku, Praha, Czechoslovakia, Vol. 4, 1999. Monthly List of East European Accesslons, (EEAI) LO, Vol. 8, No. 7, July 1959. Uncl. FIKERLE., JO "Effect of radial clearance and prestressing on durability and loading capacity of antifriction bearings." p. 191. SM-PORRENSTV1. (Yinisterstvo tezkeho strojirenstvi, Ministerstvo presneho strojirenstvi a Hinisterstvo automohiloveho pruMalu a zemedelskych stroju). Praha, Czechoslovakia, Vol. 9, No. 3, 'Ltr. 1959. Monthly list of East European Accessions (EE&I), LC, Vol. 8# No* 62 August 1959. Uncla. 'N~ ""T R IM FIKERLE, J. Moments of inertia in machines* p* 663* STROJIRMSTVI. (Ministerstvo tezkeho strojirenstvi, Hinisterstvo presneho. strojirenstvi a Ministerstvo automobiloveho prumyslu a zemedelskych stroju) Praha, Czechoslovakia, Vol. 9. no. 9, Sept. 1959. Monthly List of East European Accessions (= ), LC,, Vol, 9, no, 1, Jan. 1960 Uncl. VOCILKA) M.., inz. I LI~~qTAI_qt_ Determining the pulp content in paper b7-brominatiom. Sbor eel pap no.7t299-268 162. II I I", I ~.? L. New photoelectric miiltipliers with secondary emission. P. 478. (S-f RC,T?IIOEU,~KTRI,-.TECH,-,I!CkY CASCPIS. ) (Bratislava, Czechoslovakia) Vol. 8, No. 1, 1957 ")*C-: Monthly Index of East European Accession (EhAI) LC. Vol. 7, No. 5, 1956 CZE CHOSLOVAIM/Chemi Cal Teelmology. Cherdcal Products =d Their H-13 Application. Ceranics. Glass. Binding Dhtcrials Concrete. Abs Juur: Ref Wur-Khin., No 2, 19591 5517- ,'.ut!:or Zikea, Ladislav. Inat Title Sipple Henxtic Packing of Glass for Moctric Wiring. Orig Pub: StrojmDolektrot(.6m. caa(jp. 9, No 3, 3.39-143- ,'~bstrnct: The description of Glass packing of electric viring in a vacuum-drying appliance for dryinc, frozon biolo- gical tissues is prosc-nted. In the pruparation of this packing, the inside surface of the stool flai-Se is c~.-Linolled, on which occaoion fine-grained pulverized glass, particle vize 5 g, ) is used for the proparntion of the enamel. i2ter that the flange is placed on an gm- Card 1/3 65 CZECHOSLOVAKIh/Cherdeal Techi-iology. CherAcal Products and Their 11-3.3 Application. Cerardes. Glass. BindinG bLttorials- Concrete. Abs Jcur: Ref Zhur-Miin-, No 2, 1959j 5517. phite base, i1i which tht e~actrodos are fixed, caid the space between the fJ=ge and the electrodes is filled with glass powderj grain size 0.3 rau. After the inside space has been filled with glass, the flange is put into a nuffle furnace at 6500 for 6 haurB~ after which it is gradually ccoled and taken out fron the furnace. The packing prepared in this way is a fused joint of metal and glass, characterized by a sufficiently high strength. The rxtal, the co- efficient of therm.1 expansion of which is greater than that of glass, coppresses the latter, but glass with- stands great coppressive stresses. Paelting prepared Card 2/3 FD7S, L. A few remarks on vacirm valves providing controlled lepks. p. 379. (Strojnoelekti-otechnicky Casopis, Vol. 8, No. 2, 1957, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia) SO: Monthly List of East European Accession3 (ETAL) LC, Vol. 6, No. 8. Aug 1957- Unc2. ~ FIKES, L. TECHNOIDGY Periodicals SDEWVACI TECHNIKA. Vol. 6., no. 8, Aug. 1958. FIKES. L, Connecting electric leads to germanium and silicon. p. 307* Monthly List of East European Accession (EW) LC, Vol. 8, no. 3 March 1959 Unclass. YIKES, L.; MARTON, K. Design, calculation, and construction of a special direct-heating diode. p. 297. ELEKTROTECHNICKY CASOPIS. (Slovenska akademia vied) Bleatislava, Czechoslovakia. Vol. 10, no. 5, 1959. Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 9, no. 1, Jan. 1960. Uncl. 01.0 FIKES2 L. Notes on -the hygienic aspects of working with mercury. p. 306. ELEKTROTECHNICKY CASOPIS. (Slovenska akademia vied.) Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. Vol. 10, no. 5, 1959. Monthly list of East European Accessions (EFAI) LCp vol. 9p no. 1, JAn. 1960. Uncl. S/058/6P_/ooo/oi1/O38/O61 A160/A1O! AUTHORS: Borcshnyi, Vojtech, Fikes, Ladislav TITLE: A method of introducing small aLnd accurately-proportioned quantities of mercury in a vacuum device PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Fizika, no. 11, 1962, 28, abstract 11-3-55n.P (Czechosl. pat., cl. 21f, 82-/02; 219, 1P_/Ol, no. 99735, May 15, 1961) TFQ(T: According to the proposed method, the mercury is introduced in tile vacuum device not in its pure form but In the form of alloy with metal. This permits to decrease the partial pressure of the mercury vapors down to the level which is harmless from a physiological point of view (-, 1o-5 mm mercury column), Lead, indium and other metals possessing a low vapor pressure at 8000C may be used for alloying. One of the potential alloys consists of 30 weight % of mer- cury and 70 weight % of lead; another alloy of 37 weight % of mercury and 63 weight % of indium. The decomposition of the alloy takes place during the heat- ing. N. S. [Abstracter's note: Complete translation] Ca rd 1/1 PIKE, B.H., kand.istor.nauk; ARZA YEVA, L.V.; BARSIGYAN, H.V.. kand. --t-51-or.nauk; GOLUB, I.P.; GRIGORIYEVA, Z.G., kand.intor.nank; MAILISH, Ta.N., kand.istor.nauk; KARKOVSKIY, D.S., kand. istor.nauk; PSSTRa, F.S.; GCLUBTSOVA. P.. red.; MAVYANIN, I., [Grodno; historical study] Grodno; istoricheakii ocherk. Minsk, Gos.1zd-vo B3SR, Red.sotsial'no-ekon.lit-ry, 1960. 150 P. 04iRA 14:3) (Grodno--History) (Grodno--leonomic conditions) - !. --f j . .., - -9 2 3331d,-. TEitrusovFye Kull tury V 1,11oldavii. Vinodeliye I V! no,--radmrs tvo 11101davii,, 1949, ITo - 5, c - 45-)16. SO: Io--topist Zhurnallnykh Stat-cy Vol. 45, Noskva, 1910 Light Locating Rangefinders Tr. Mo c. in-ta inzh. re2d., UrqK2 Rs'Xemki i kUjogr., No 19, 1954, pp 59-68 operation and schematic construction of two types of electro-optical rangefindera are described. The first type emits pulses of light, which come back after having been reflected at the other end, allowing distance determination within Z 3 m error. The phaise range-finder emits light sinusoidally modulated which after reflection strikes a photomultiplier. The phase shift indicates the distance. (RZhAstr, No 5, 1955) SO: Sma. No. 639, 2 Sep 55 312). 3(4) AUTHOR: 0. TITLE: R 11 is. of the Cnnp.tislam for the 3-.' 3=4%1*a ( ka.k- a. lo.k-..hsy. FMODICAL: G..d..Lya L k4X%o4;r.*fly.. 1559, X~ T. yp 17-Z1 0331) ANVTRACT: In May 1953. %b- or4tn"7 for the beat iwpr~_ Led ="..Stan I. the field of -DA ea , .1 .,may* ;xod..Sic. . am .4.1 at %be G. -;r., l.nly. &.D4..ii I karl-Srfil XVP 1331 (K.-In AJ~ 10 an hy of %be mii.try of in .-I Aff.1ra of 44odemy 4 C~jogrzr of the USSR). T am"e-04-tic .~lc. i %*. ,:p4rcers-graph . tastitu -W WEXCh %0.* P~t- A %0"l of 50 ';b1 . _V=tic; ", 31 a-eg-tion . 'are .-b.itt.d. -he is% prize q of, 000 mbl.6 ." ..6X4.4 4. T. A. Mora$- --A V- Y- r"go. for he y_t.,Ig of A%lam 31acks Th. 2.d prize of 750 _bl.. are .."1.4 to. Var~.6i., Yu. X. GIlitakly. (n=b) for -T..hology of the U.- of Bt-ZA--d __ '_ !- T&Czugl~t_! card 116 Has ~A).. 2) 1. V. G-vich. ~Y- !).-3141"r.- L_L~ '4 ... kax~ for CCowbirad 21-p-itl (11Dsk kay. JLGP (~oo.cce AG? -3 d.cilon a or in X,.luating She A.c.r-y of My-.Srl. 0.=tle Set. P.-.4 by Fig--- of ugul.r *he " *14) 4 -v- I 2~Mb- ( In. bLr,kDy. AC? (S".sibirk A 3?')J*fr lf~l;hi Ca a 1:0 :f -I far PrompeollW. - The 3rd prize& of 1. 2 A.ard.d to - 1) 1. T. I (Taketsk.y. A:? uTakt.k AGP)) far -Z. bllsX-.t of 71.*d point. by the Me thd - Lag by Me-. of 2) .k tak 0Ahc~r kc'?)) fcD, .-C ... %_ lion .kty ;f .4, T,olley for Ti.b.r T~smzpar%'. 3) ,, A, I (Kc.k-.kv~p A C? (9"~" XGP)) far 'Vsri.%L~ to a. 'my.;!;_ of ft.sgraph. an %%. STD-2 . 4) V. Y. Z~blz (Loako-koys AOF (Mo..- AZA) far 'A.I.i4 b--CFrTffTTff--.rh. by 5-7 Xet~.-. 5) C-Lch. Z Al kNllFt, T. 1. -4 f A" far -T..bal.C7 of the C-2lotic. -4 ItAill.. of T.p.r-phle Up. by she pho I~*IL.f U.1hd'. 61 W. F. Cl..h..i. k.v%oS-fL.b.."Y- fbrlk- (Mi..k Csx%ogr.;_L. C-d far 711 Jag Machine far B-ch-w. 7) .___Y~kjz kr%QCr-fi.h-.k-y. C' U-A C.r%c - graybLa IiialLtul4) for '98ch~nlsm far the Loaing of Truc; a With Paper Rai I.. !) A.. X. 7~~ ( ACP (Ukr.Lnl-AW)) fa~ of thjlAl - Ljp far~%h: E 1- Cr.phlc-prl.%L.C Machine XP-l by I -I .% cz D. 14 wl", Lampe PS-40-. -riT,(.lhrdl-kay. AGP (3- rdl ... k Ac?)) rcr~ -m-- tr.. Pr.;.r.. ILon of r-P C .;' and Firml 10) L. 0. _Term i2ev,(Severo-Za;~Sm Dye ACP (lorth-sest Alp)) for -I.- pr ..... , % .. be Cons-t Y.-h-l.. Ll-cetar b~ To4ar-. 11) *-. V. Jnt~jev (Z0SkCv3kCy AC;P (:a.dow AG? far L.r. UIL-..l Cc=;-%.ti n of ?,.. She Tri'll:l'lr!c L-l 'n4'. M ;-q- AGF (.,. M 1 .0) f" '1;.. 11-b.r. AZP)) far 1.. -4 Table for Z,tr.l Ut-. the Fr.. ?.r.. f P,1- and Ba.. C-ILI.. C.:;.%.4 .. a plan. " on . - 3-14.4, the fall- 'I"; are .,;ro,.S by it,. :-1: 1) j_L_ Tr7lcov (Zvordlovako,4 A4 (3-rdlowak AGN), -::cdarfr"* for Card Ob..-ell.- Y~rL,~ %~~T.l .... Via -5)-T-4/25 Results of the Competition f.r the Beat Iprcl%.z Dez"tiam (,dnoy. AGP (11-th-t Correction. of Cont.rlj and Reducing lith - _uxiliry Uma. for Determining the Carr.Q%i-a Of the C-wrs Of the long. of ths C1.04.1t. Lt.. OJ of the Sphri. T i- I- * Maan=x (1:0.k-sk.y. ACP Adk)) of Com.truallm of the N'IiOlrop.". 4) C. '-. Zhl-foudorf (IS.,- kc~akcya AV (U- ow AGP)). -Z.rO Cr. "Z' _Zaa- (to.ka..koy. -tars of She U-typ.-. 5)_E- a LL (Kc.cav AA:P)). for C.Stin, 6) A. 1. Pikh- "4 2. 1. Crib..C (UO X.. kc7s AZF (rs.- .44 X-& b;."Y. fbru. t Rin. kCarto- sach D.,ic. for '.3aing Offset .hk..S.kay. JuOtj%ute)). -Device for Grind- 7,,kQX.(r-hkwnSskA~. 9) lad %be Edges of Pl' Laos". A. A. ; : kazt.graflobask.ya f br* & (Tashkent Cartog-phle a) -Us.hamism for laaLixtug the rrLndLng Case". b)-Uoch&Alm far Lifting the Trn.4p With the 10)T, 1. T%n9b_tq1La aft4 (Taehk- taky. fbrik. A X card 4/ 6 _ (To ,h 1. Institute)). -AUS.-II. 3.1"h_ff of at : A" Iswpd'_.ft) -I. T. Tasil-7.1& skeya f.brIka (T-a-STS-m-f-ceriograpble ln-nt), 'In.r.... ht emillve Rubber Solull" (Adh ive)- r bilit of LI I th D n e u a " es . y g K. Sher (Kiremkeya, Urlografleboakaye, fmbxIkA (Zlyev 12) -XL - Carl -C.rfe.poud."c. of the 3%rok.-le- on Topographic Maps With the LsItarm On the Machine mt z : in lag Forws~- 13) T. T. 3-11-_J~~(RLshoksjv k.rt ca Rig. Plant), *Cb% the ImSroa.-I in the C-t-*%I= or Mechanisms faf~ Pressim-an the Inking Roller. &Ad PrIcIl" nrums on, the Off. set Mealtime 14) A. T~9. 3i="Ovmkiy Urtograftch..".y. f.brik. (RI&,% , ayft W .A Reticual Method of Making Positive. of Print- ) ~ Ing Forus 4f Relief Printing On Tr4c1z, Pa;or for Printing w__U-X=skij- WxhskAya book. 1510L. _ k&rt &r rich ya tabrika (11 Cartocr.;bl. r1sat), K- ' tI*n Of the 2.1t.hing 0. -4 .5" 11:111.11-4 and Au%oaatt. . : off at Are Laap. and Of the Buction Pon, IA IU COPZing Do- (AllhoXxya kartoerafichs.kays, Is 'ArIk. a. t.;,. hic F1=t), . -Variation in the C!!~-__516_ T* logy of Makin. 3ets of 0.411.. Maio;.rIf%h Class- fbrIk. sica cotbg~ar_xr-ri-t). -Preparation f .0 Corresponding ro.11i'.. by the X.1bod of the W..h.d-.Ul &.1 I-f on so) 1. M. % hk_t~h (nil 1. Mersa. 'L febrik. (Thil Plant), .fl.h= r Y, a t.r of the CO.;,r .... r .. the CopyL.& P,-. .S.Llcbl. off th x by V ... a of SheC. L.,.r for LLfti.9 the Class "I by ;a ; Me". at the V. -14. - 19) Z-1-NASIA" ks'". S"fjoh..kay. f.brik. (TUX1.1 C.rt.&-!hi~ rl-t z4vto. " 20) Jr hin C. i 1 i 1 ~ l-o . .& . _Y. qr f- Leyte& on $be ry .:al (Tibillook". k_1 cr ,b-.k.y. f.brike, (nill-I C-toer-phin t .hlm .". x. rjj.t), -N.1.4 for.DrIlAic P.P- on 0ff:; : , . . Y.brlk. X_ 'af-i"ll.ov. (T1111-ky. karloc, be key 21) a _ (Tb Ilia -Procr..ol- U.1h.1 "A Procedure, tor tha Pr.parstorl fork in Cal~!jlla%lme and Platting tho 040graphic letsgrk an Maps to Re Cm;tl.4w. 22) 4. 1. Utronov (NRKCb) -A Workbench for Repairing She Guide. of the CFffi~% ff..hiuo.. 232 r.. P. Tsxa.w~yx=h) In..I** I ~ c. !sii~f the 24) -1, - a" A,.Y-_X_qljsr=&_(ffRrCh) "Larroving the Method Of ProcApIlat - CST4 Ing "a Rill- Nltr~t- I- need BEZENW, V.T.; POSTNIMV, I.S. -, FIXMW IA, H. "" investigation of the process of using oxygen for liquid waste mixtures-having active slime. Toda I @an, takh, nos 8:22-26 Ag 156. (MLRk 9tlO) (Sewage-Purification) i FIXINAN, B.A. Living culture media in bacteriological investigatioa of patho-- logical material for tuberculosis bacilli. Prob.tuberk., Moskva No.1:42-44 Jan-Feb 51. (CLML 20:6) 1. Of the Department of Microbiology of GhernIov~tsy Medical In-- stitute (Head of Department Prof,G.P.Kali0'- NN II F 1 Y2 X,~" USSR/Wdicine - Crystal Phase of Sep/Oct 52 Bacteria "Crystal Formation in Bacterial Cultures," G1. P. Kalina, B. A. Fikhman, Chernovtsy Med.Inst "Mikrobiologiya" Vol 21, 110 5, PP 528-539 Authors re-jlewl M. Bosh I yan a book "Nature of Viruses and Microbes, " published in 1950, and aive an account of some exptlvarll tLey did on patho- renic bacteria. Kalina an:! think tlhat-, G.M. Bosla I yan in general tcr=, that his theories 229T49 have little forundation, and that he offers no evi- dence which would aid in verification of hia statemen,6. .uney srace *c~nat Ljj-..~ j,,~y theories which may be ascribed to Boshlyan are that microbes turn into crystals, that the crystals are extreme stable in that condition, and that they may regener- ate inversely into bacterial forms. They note that formation of crystals seems to be a property of the nutrient madium. rather than of bacteria. All other theories claimed by Bosh'yan have been either known before or have been subjected to lively discussion f or a number of yrs, the authors state. 1_29T49 FIERHAII. B.A. -Stable turbidity scale for nephelometric quantitative analysis., lob. delo 4 no.2;53-55 Mr-Ap 158, (MIRA 11:4) 1. Is Goeudaretvannogo kontrollnogo inatituta syvorotok i vaktoin imeni Tarasevichm.. (dir. - kandidat meditainakikh nauk S.I. Didenko) (NEPMOMIC ANALYSIS) .PXKHMLN, B.A. The problem of preparation of'htable turbidity for the Optic standardt- zatiOn of vaccine. Zhur. mikrob.i6l. epid. ii"IM0. 29 no.12:46-50 D 138. 1. Iz Gosudarstvennogo kontroll niogo Institute, meditsinsJcikh biologi- cheakikh preparatov imeni Thrasev'Icha. (VACCINM AlM VAMIDIAT;ONS, standard. with stable turbidity scales (Rug)) FIKHMAN, Method of preparing a stable glass turbidity stRndard for the evalu- ation of the thymol test. Lab.delo 5 no.4:15-17 J1-Ag '59. (t(IRA 12:12) 1. Iz Gosudarstvennogo koutrolluogo instituta meditsinskikh biolo- gicheskikh preparatov imed Tarasevicha (dir. L.S. Ogloblina). (TURBIDITT) (TEML) (LLBORATORI]CS--APPARATUS AND SUPPLIES) ln2V f; 11-ii~l P~, .rDMMN, B.A. Hicrorefractiometric method of directcbtarmination of live and dead bacterial cello. Zhur.mikrobiol.epid.i iTamn. 30 no.8:100_104 Ae o5g. (MIRA 12 ill) 1. Iz Gosudaretvennogo kontrollnogo inatituta meditainskikh i bio- logicheakikh preparatov iment Tarasevicha. (BACTERIA) 1 'r (2) AUTHOR: Fikhman, B. A. SOV/20-124-5-51/62 TITLE; The Principle of Immersion Ificrorefractometry for Directly Determining Living and Dead Bacteria'- Cells (Printaip immersi- onnoy mikrorefraktometrii dlya pryamogo opredeleniya zhivykh i mertvykh kletok bakteriy) PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR.. 1959, Vol 1,24, N:r 5, PP 1141-1143 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The determination of the number of living and dead cells and their numerical interrelations in microbial populations or suspensions is of great importance for various fields of practical and experimental microbiology. In spite of a great number of suggested methods there has hitherto been no sufficiently precise. objective and simple method of a direct, differentiated determination of the number of living and dead bacterial cells. The reason is that without additional actions the death of these cells cannot be dire.-tly observed. For this reason the phenomenon of irreversible change of the optical properties due to the death of the cells is remarkable (increasing optical density and refraction index). Only the Card 0 introduction of the method of phase contrast into microscopy The Principle of Immersion Microrefractometry for SOV/20-124-5-5i/62 Directly Determining Living and Dead Bacterial Celle made it possible to evalaate and explain the phenomenon mentioned. Special immersion media proved to be very useful 'Refs 1 -3,5)-~he use of albumin solutions in precisely determined k concentrations (Ref 1) made it Possible to elaborate the microrefractometric method of determining the concentration of the dry substance and water in living cells. It was found in the course of special experiments that maximium optical differentiation between living and dead cells is obtained by using immersion media havinj~ the same or a somewhat higher index of optical refraction than the Protoplasm of living cells. Gelatine gels proved to b~ the most appropriate. The selection of gel _concentration depends on the kind of micro- organism. For this purpose anoptral m-4cioscopy has to be applied. On a light-blue background of the preparation the following cells are visible: a)dazzling cells (dead~ and b) "empty" cells surrounded by a thin shining seam ~14.ving) (Fig 1). The intermediate forms which sometimes oan be observed probably represent different degrees of cell Card 2/3 degeneration. At the end, the author tries tc axplain -07 The Principle of Immersion ',Ticrorefractometry for /20-124--)--51/62 Directly Determining Living and Dead Bacterial Celia the phenomenon described. There are 1 fi~rjre and r~ referen- ces, 2 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Gosudarstvennyy kontrol'rLyy institut neditainskilch biologi- cheskikh preparatov im. L. A. Tarasevicha (State Checking Institute for Medicinal Biological Preparation:-, i-ieni L. A. Tarasevich) - PRESENTED: October 16, 1958, by V, N. Shaposhnikov, AcademisiF.n SUBMITTED: October 6) 1958 Card 3 /3 nip n FIKHMAN, Be Ae Cand Mad Sol -- (dies) "Optioal standardization of baoterial preparations." `7,1 -- Mos, 1959. 14 pp (Acad Med Sol USSR. Inst of Epidemiology end Microbioloty im Gamalex) List of author's works at end of text (10 titles) (KL. 52-59, 127) -151- FIKffiWl B A - GRIGOROUVAt V.M. Numerical turbidity equivalent for the test organism spore suspensions used for the determination of the activity of antibiotics. Antibiotiki 5 no.4:105-107~1-Ag 160. (MRA 13:9) 1. Gosudarstvenn~i kontrollnyy institut meditsinskikh biologicheskikh preparatov imeni L.A. Tarasevicha. (ANTIBIOTICS) (BACTERIA, SPOREFORMNG) FIMMAN, B,A. Changes in the optical density of bacterial suspensions folloving prolonged eservation. Zhur. mikrobiol. epid i i=ln. 31 no.6: 13.1-112 Je,%O. (MIR& 13-38) 1. Iz Gosudarstvennogo, kontrollnogo instituta meditainakikh biologiche- skikh preparatov imeni Tarasevicha. (UCTEIUA) ---FIEHMAN- -B--A, . - Turbidity standards made of plastic materials for ihe tioal standardization of bacterial suipensions. Lab. delo [703 no-4: 52-54 Ap 161. (MIRA 14:3)~ 1e Gosudarotvennyy kontrollnyy institut meditsinskikh biologioheskikh preparatov imeni, L.A.Tarasevicha (dir. - L.S.Oglovlina), Mobkvas (NEPUAOMRIC ANALYSIS) FIKHMAN, B.A. Units of turbidity for optic standardization of bacterial preparations. lab. delo 7 no.6e.52-54 Je 161. WIRA 14:7) 1. Gosudarstvennyy kontrolInyy institut meditsinskikh biologicheskikh preparatov imeni L.A.Tarasevicha (dir. L.S.Ogloblina). (TURBIDITI) (BACTERIOLOGY.-EQUIPMENT) FIKH14JUI, B.A. Test vessels for photoelectric colorimeters-nophelometers. 'Lab. de-lo 7 no.7t6l-62 J1 161. (MI RA 14: 6) 1. Gosudarstvennyy kontrolInyy institut meditsinskikh biologicheskikh preparatov imeni L.A.Tarasevicha (dir. L.S.Ogloblina). (GOLORIMETERS) PRUDKIRA, M.D. Use of the immersion microregrautWatric method in the direct determination of the ratioof d"d and live cells in live plague vaceinen. Zhur.mikrobioj,.epid.1 imtmn. 32 no-3160-64 YX 161. .I MR& 14:6) 1. Iz Gosudaretvenndgo kon'trollnogo instituta meditsinskikh biologgehaskikh preparatov imeni Tarasevicha. (PLAGUE) FWM14) jj. A. New medium for the microscopic counting of bacteria in a chamber. Lab. delo 8 no.2:55-56 F 162. (141AA 15:2) 1. Gosudarstvennyy'- Alnyy institut meditsinskikh biologicheskikh AWFIWL' preparatov imeni, L.A.Tarasevicha, Moskva. (BACTERIOLOGY TECHNIQUE) m M MMRPM FIlalAN, B.A.; SHIMIEVA, V.L, Sillconization of meta-Uic qylinders used for deter."alming the activity of antibiotics. Med. prom. 15 no.6:50-52 is 161o (MIRA 15:3) 1. Gosudarstvennyy kontrolinyy institut meditainskikh biologichaskikh preparatov,, imeni Tarasevicha. (ANTIBIOTICS) I'MOM B.A Photoelectric device for the optic atandardization of bacterial preparations. Med. prom. 16 no.3:35-38 VLr 162. (MIRA 15:5) 1. Gosudarstvemyy'kontrollnyy inatitut meditsinskikh biologicheskikh preparatov imeni L.A.Tarasevicha. (BACTERIOLOGY-EQUIMENT MID SUPPLIES) "Z 7- "M M mill FIMW4Jq B. A. Optical effect of physical and chemical actions on bacterial suspensions. Zhur. mikrobiol.., epid. i immun. 32 no.823.16-122 Ag 163.. (KIRA 15:7) 1. Is Gosudarstvannogo kontrollnogo instituta meditainakikh biologicheskikh preparatov imni Tarasevicha. (BACTERIOLOGY) FIKHMANP B.A.; SHIRYAYEVA, V.L. Numerical equivalent of turbidity for suspensions of cells of yeast test cultures used for determining the activity of antibiotics. Antibiotiki 7 no.8:742-744 Ag 162. (MIRA 15-9) 1. Gosudarstvennyy kontrollnyy institut meditsinskikh biologicheskikh preparatov imeni L.A.Tarasevicha. (ANTIBIOTICS) (YEAST) ionq ACCESSIO-117 b1t: AP3001478 S/0217/63/006/003/038o/0384 AIMAOR: Fikhman., B. A. q~r TITLE: Ligat diffusion of bacterial suspensions in the visible spectrum area SCURCE: Biofizika, v. 8, no. 3, "0963, 360-384 TOPIC TPLS: Light diffusion, bacterial suspensions, turbidity, FEX~7.t! colorimeter-nephelowter, steph aureusl- staph albus AB,:')IUCT: Optical wthods of cle-termining dispersity of bacterial suspensions by light diffusion make it possible to study processes taking place In the system without interfering with its Movem-e-at, and this is important for microbiological re!3earch. Suspensions of rod-shaped and spherical bacteria. of different di~ipersity were used in 0.15 M solution of Nacl in d-istilled water. Susj--nsions vere prepared from washed cells of day old cultures of B. coli, S. tyThl, B, tr3. Fl., B. pertassis., Staph, aureus, Staph. albu3s and Saraina. lutea. Suspensons used had concentaations from I to 2 mlrd of microbe bodies in 1 T11. Light diffusion was conducted by the light transm-issi,~,n method because the bacterial Card J/P -----------------'--------*----------------------------- ----------- T, ini-1Q.63 f(,'djfMOJ MR: Ap3oo 1478 0 suspensions had relatively high turbidity values of the orier 10 5up -2 cm. sup -1. Optical densities of the suspensions at different wave lengths were cl!termined by a photoelectric FEK-N colorimeter-nephelometer. Exp-erimantal data e.~.3tablished that light diffusion (tur-bidity) of ba--terial susmensions confo=s to the empirical equation D sub lambda equals k lambda sup _n (D represents optical density and the power of n is functionally connected with the mean size of the cells). Application of this function makes it possible to st-ady mean cell s.-.'Lze and concentration, which are the basic chaza--teristics of the dispersion hase of bacterial suspensions, by optical methods. Orig. art. has: 2 tables, p 2 figurea, 1 equation. X)SOCIATIMT: Gosudarstvenr47. kontrollky*y institut r-nditst-iskikii biologicheskikh preparatov im. L. A. Tarasevicha, Moscow.(State Control Institute of Biological -reparations) SURUMD: 22D--c6i DATE ACQ: 12Jun63 MiCL: 00 SJB CODE: 00 NR REF SOV: 007 amm: w4 e~'r;, ~2 I.j_B.A.3 BRAUDE, TI.I. Rmi,~rieal turbidity equivalent for suspeneions of brucellosis bacteria. Zhur. mikrobiol., apid. i im-1m. 40 no.lt120-123163. (MIRA 16910) 1. IwGosudarstvennogo kontrollnogo instituta imeni Tarass- viclia :1 Moskovskogo instituta epidemiologii i mikrobiologii. FIXIMAN, B.A. Photometric analysis of bacterial suspensions. Re Noel. Zh. mikrobiol. 40 no.7alO2-106 J1163 . WRA 17:1) 1. Iz Goaudarstvennogo kontroltnogo instituta meditsinskikh biologicheskikh preparatov Imeni Thrasevicha. FIMWi B.A. Immersion microrefractometry of bacterial cells. Zhur. mikrobiol.; epid. i immin. 40 no.Ilt6O-65 N 163. (MIRA 17t12) 1. Iz Gosudarstvennogo kontrollnoRO instituta meditsinukLkh biolo- gichaskikh preparatov imeni Tarasevicha. INA, N, V, FIK1114,1N b 'A. Methodology of the quantitutive cletermlnation of protoplasts in the culturu of' Staphylococcus aurous, Lab, delo rc). 8s 491-494 164. NrMIF.A 17-12) 1. Gosudarntvennyy kontrollnyy instittit moditnlnski.Mi Un-- logi,--laeskikh preparatov im. Tarasevichn (dlraktor L.1-11.0globlina)? 14oslcvn. KKM&X,JAA. Photometric analysis of bacterial euspwwions. Report No. 2: Deter- mination of the dispersity of bacterial suspensions by transillumina- tion, Zhur. mikrobiol., epid. I immun. Aa no.3:41-46 Yx 164. (MIFA 17tI.I) 1. GosudartAvennyy institut maditainskikh biologicheakikh preparatov irmni Tarasevicha. i? - 11 FIKHMAN, B.A. Refractometric analysis of ~Bolated .bacterial cells. Lab. delo. nc).1:45-49 165. (MIRA 18:1) 1. Kontrollnyy institut meditBinskikh biologicheskikh preparatov im. L.A. Tarasevicha, Moskva. Photometri.-i analysis cal' baotcrl-il Re-ort Study of some in Zllhi,~r. mi.krobiol., epid. i im"mui. 1,0 1. Gosudars' ennN Gv .7 kcntr,.,;-.- EVT UWWAUVEWAW-2 R ACC NR, AT50;27533 SOURCE CODE: IJR/0000/63/000/000/0228/0229.~~ AUT11OR: Fildugan B A ORG:: State Control Institute im. Tarasevich (Gosudarstvennyy kontrolt-., nyy institul;) TITLE: Turbidity standard for optical standardization of bruoelld(of 4 d.\ suspensions SOURCE: Moscow. Nau _ 9-:L .a,jlad.Q.vgtg'sk~y institut vaktsin i,syvorotokd Vakt,siny i syvorotki; materialy po pro TOPIC TAGS: brucollosis turbidimeters optic method# vaccilneg preventive medicine, C716AVC,11- DITPEASION ABSTRACT: The difficulties involved in applying general turbidity standards established primarily ~for intestinal groups of bacteria to Brucella suspensions or vaccinesipprompted the author to develop a turbidity standard specifically for Brucella. Light passage studies of different Brucella. fractions in the visible band of the spectrum showed that light passage of fractions containing 1 to 2 micron particles is the same for Brucella. suspensions and vaccines and their curves are parellele Thu numerical equivalent of a turbidity standard unit for Brucella, vaccine strains (19-BA, 19P 104-M) is approximately L 00830-66 ACC ~-R:AT36-2~~j3 200:nillion bacteria./ml. Opticallyt the Brucella turbidity standards do not differ from the Brucella suspensions In passing or reflected light, In their physical properties and stability,, Brucella turbidity standards do not differ from the standards established by the State Control Institute, On the basis of tests conducted at the Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology At-IN SSSR,, the described Bru--c-ella- Tt&~R-dfff`y--s~EiMarils are recommended ror'ractical application. Orig. art, has: None,, SUB 13ODE: 06/ SUBM DATE: 31AU963/ ORIG FW: 000/ OTH REF: 000 FIEBUN, B.Ya., inzhener. Controlling the lubrication feed in lathes. Prom. energ. 12 no.4:8-9 AP '57. (NLRA 10:5) (Electric relays) (Isthes) En6ineer AUTHOR: Fikhman., B, Ya, TITLE: '~~ Economy O-r-Bla-C_t~rc- Power In Slectric Driveo of 'Hydraulic Presses (Ekonomiya elektroenergii v elektro.privodakh gidravlicheskikh pressov) PERIMICAL: Fromyshlennaya Energetika, 1958,.,"\Nr 8., PP 15-19 (USSR) ABSTRACT: This article considers control systems for electro- hydraulic driveB of presses with the object of econoniisin~S electric power, The commonest control circuit is that shown in FiS.lA which employs a pressure relief valve that is in operation for a consiaerable part of the time that the press is closed. This naturally wastes po,,,.,er, The power consumption diagram for this case is that shovm in FiE;.2A. Expressions are given for the time of an operating cycle and for the power consumed, Analysis of the power consumption diagram leads to the conclusions that: power consumption could be reduced by usin,- electro- hydraulic pressure control; the motor idlin6 ti-..,e could be reduced by operating the press automatically,, These two questions are then considered in more det'-IiI, The hydraulic circuit for the case of pressure control is C given in Fig.lB and the corresipondin~; electrical(;ontrol .,ard 1/3 -,3-'/22 Economy oi, Electric Power in Electric Drives of _HlzidrLul I c Preef;es circuit in FJ_S~3,, This hydraulic cArcuit diff-evs, from the previous one in that it includes a pressure rr,,-.1aty ~.i,,Dich switches the motor off when the nress is closed, If the pressure in the press drops becau~~e of leaks ill tile hydraulic system, the inotor starts up a.Sain, Howe.%rer. 14 presses operating at pressiLres of the order of 200 kg/cm' it is quite practical to reduce, leakage t(., such an extent that the pressure can be held for up to half an hour so that -the motor is only operatiniS whilst the platens are moving, The functions of all the relays and contacts in 11 the circuit are described., This circuit h~as a number of faults; it is difficult to adjust the pressure rolay which does not in any case aD-,;ays operate at -the sa-me T)ressure; the pressure relay contacts operate under unfavourable conditions and the relay is inaccessible for maintenance, A better circuit is one employing electro.-contact manolAeters types E-111-1 and EB11-12-1 uiranufactured by the Moscow blanoneter' Vloi.~ks whicli covt_-r the sane -nressur- ran-eo as ordinary mano2icters- The hydrauli3 circuit u3ed when the pressure is controlled by mearts of one of Card 2/3 these relays in giver. in Fig,lC and the correspondin:,S 'conor iy of Electric Povier in Electric Drivas of Hydr~-!u'Jc FreSL-es electric circuit in Fig,.4, The el,?(,tro-c;ortact manometer fulfils two functions,~ that of vislial control instrument and that of a two position control Tei~ulator,, This device stops the motor iihen the Pressure .-reaches the top setting and restarts it v.,her the bottom, settixiG is reached. The operation of the circui-Ij is desoribed in detail,, Other possible circuits exist including the use of a IliE-,h- and a low-pressure piLlq) combined Bath a pressure relay to disconnect Ubo hitji.-speed low-prer)sure pump when a certain pressure is reached, 'J"he, circ,,,,.its described in the article are partl-iculRrly suitable vhen the pressing-, time is two minutes or more a.nd have operated reliably with !aiotor outputs u-p to 20 I:W, The electro-hydraulic pressure control r.,.etl~,.od is used in hydraulic presses manufactured by the Odessa Press Works and is recommeaded -..,;hen existiuE installations are being modernised, There are 4 figures and 2 Sovict references. 1,SSOCIATION,- Odesokiy zavod pres,.*.ov (Odessa Pre-C's .Iloi-kL~) 2'ard 3/3 PIKER&N, B.Ta. The P-803 and PA-803 )Vdraulic presses with 40-ton capacity, Biul.tokh.-ekon.inform. no.3:9-12 '60. (MIU 13:6) (Hydraulic presses) I I 3/193/60/000/OIVO03/018' AOO4/AOO1 AUTHORS: _11ikhman, B. Ya., Tobak, L.. Z. TITLE: The Hydraulic Program-Controlled Press,~ Models 9969 .(Pc,169), fl952 (P952), and ff982 (P982) PERIODICAL: Byulleten' tekhniko-ekonomicheskoy informatsii, 1960, No.12, pp.12-15.: TEXT: The Odesskiy zavod pressov (Odessa Press Plant) has developed and manufactured in 1959 the program-controlled hydraulic P969 and P952 presses for the mechanization of assembly work in the production of armature and commutators of traction electromotors, and the P982 press for the stamping of bearing end .~ihields in the casings of traction eleotromotors. The models P952 and P982 are made oh the basis of the model P969, which is a four-column low-pressure press, on which the part being pressed is fixed on a traveling table whose upper and lower :surface are machined. 'Fixtures can be clamped on two T-shaped grooves on top of .he table diagonal. The hydraulic drivi of the press is composed of the pumping installation and tank, on whose cover the control and distributing appliances for -the press control are located. The H401 (N401) and W-70 (Sh-70) high-pressure and low-pressure pumps are mounted on one plate, both of them driven by one a-c Card 1/4 S/1�3/60/000/012/003/018. A004/AOOl The Hydraulic Program:-Controlled Press Models U969 (P969), rl952,(P952), and fl982 (P982) electromotor. For feeding the control circuit a separate pump is used. The control Instrumentation is without tubes and mounted on a connecting panel. The press is equipped with an electro-hydraulio system of program control in order to cut down the readjuatment-times'of operating parameters. This system makes it possible to select the operating parameters immediately on the central control panel. Figure 2 shows the layout of the system of program control. Initial data I and operating program 2 are prepared in advance In the technological sect1m: By the outer memory 3 in Figure 2: the-form of punched cards these data are introduced amas coAz ,,, pamxa, into the system by input device 4, from where the 7 signal is transmitted to inner memory 5. After transmission of the control signal 6, con- troller 7 is put in card 2/4 ~a tgy._~ x z S11931601000101210031018 A004/AOOI The Hydraulic Program-Controlled Press Models ff969 (P969), R952 (P952), and 4982 ~P982) operation, actuating mechanisms 8, from which the operation termination signal and the attainment of the given parameters is supplied to controller 7 by ;~ay of the feedback line. The control units are mounted on low-voltage devices, therefore a unit of actuating devices has been fitted to switch on the control electromagnets by hydraulic slide valves. The actuating devices receive the instructions from the control system units and, by their contacts, transmit the voltage to the coil of the corresponding electromagnets. The hydraulic and electric circuits of the press ensure the following operations: setting, program input, operation accord- ing to given program, return, repetition of cycle. The authors present the following technical data of the P969 press: Rated capacity - 315 tons; number of capacities being programmed - 5; press stroke - 500 mm; open height 2pOOO mm; table area - 1,200 x 1,200 mm; speed of operating and idle strokes 1.88 and 7.15 mm/sec respectively; number of loading tables - 2; stroke of loading table - 1,600 mm; speed of loading table - 150 mm/sec; operating pressure - 200 kg/cm2; number of time lags being programmed - 2; rated power of electromotor - 11 kw; overall dimensions (length x width x height) - 6,150 x 3,700 x 3,000 mm; Card 3/4 S/193/60/000/012/003/018 A004/AO01 The Hydraulic Program-Controlled Press Models ff969 (P969), 9952 (P952),.and 4982 (P982) weight - 23.9 tons. The use of these program-controlled presses increases the labor productivity five times, while the introduction of one press results in savings of 108,000 rubles per year. There are 2 figure5. Card 4/4 FIKM-IAN Boris YakovIevich; KUVALDIN, A,B., red. [Ignitron contactors and heating regulators] Ignitronnye, kontaktory i reguliatory nagreva. Moskvaj Energiial 1964. 79 p. (Biblioteka elektrotermistas no.19) (1,',IRA 18:4) FIKERMI, I.I.; KRISTAL, I.Ya.; STEPM-TENKO, R.I. (Polotsk) Role of emergency examination in industrial accidents. Sovet. zdravookhr. 5t21-2Z163 (MIRA 17:2) T~ibern,ilosis nf the 4~hvro.ld gl.r4nd. I. Khlrurgichoskoye (glavnyy vrach A.M. s/183/61/000/006/001/002 B101/B110 AUTHORS: Zelenteovp Io Got Zubovy L9 No, ?i~hman, V. Do TITLE: Properties of polyvinyl chloride fibers PERIODICAL: Khimicheskiye volokna, no. 6, 1961, 9-1o TEXT: A detailed report on the properties of polyvinyl chloride fibers manufactured in western countries is given on the basis of western publica- tion data. In the USSRt a pilot plant will produce such fibers in the near future. There are I figure, 2 tables, and 12 non-Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: VNIISV Card 1/1