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December 31, 1967
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BEDKO, 74hk-I'-'._r; Eva; 111ilmazi; Kalzaan; 1. ClInic of --edlcine and lnsti-~:uta of P,athoic-,ical zinaromy of th- -.od_ical ma.r""i E'6.yetem I. sz. 3,31k]ArAK_~. za.,-, Ft)rb.3iA' Iroccjzet~~ ,Sze~~ed. IIPLxlmonar~r ;ra_rm5_oaa upon +-he of iipthylce lose lntraven,.~,usly and ,-he t!".f."ect (~_!. Cortisone !,,.ud of ?-Ur,rate of ~&sch~richia Coli LiquiLd CultureE." Vo' Budagest, Ki&,.erletes Jryostu~oi~ _1 14, (;ct _:'p 515-519. Abs.t::-act: [Putfors' Hung;trign sluuiary] venz:~u5 ~;Ldruinistratj.on of raiull;s ia the de- "monary art--larift:.~j -nd W'. in- velopment of prolifera-ive pul 1~. I s- crease in se-ram cnoles-upzol level. CortiZ.)zie ,.d--4 tration has ro eff ect on the larter bu~ i- reduces tha liferative blood vessei -tra"lamuation. 6011 C."u-1-'Ure -fil-6~.vl-e lowers the cholesterol and cholt~snr,..I eiter levels s-.;e-ni- I ticantly and also the methyleellulose and lii~_"'J da~~,ositior.., JULESZ, Miklos, dr.; B. FROJILICH, 1.,argit, dr.; K. LASZLO.,- Ilona, dr.; TOT11, Istvan, dr.; DAVID., Margit, dr. The affect of estriol on 21pid'iietabolism. Orv. hetil. 103 no.43: 2017-2021 28 0 162. 1. Szogedi Orvostudomanyi Egyetem, I. Belklinika es Kozponti Laboratcrium. (ESTRIOL) (LIPID ICTABOLISM) (COROWY DISFASE) (PHOSPHOLIFIDS) (LIPOPROTEINS) (BLOOD CHOLESTEPOL) (BLOOD LIPIDS) BENKO, Sandor; BALAZS, Viktor; ZRQjajqjL, Margit, HORVATH, Eva; KOVACS, Kalman; GSANADII Miklos; FELKAI, Bela; RAK, Kalman Pulmonary granuloma caused by the intravenous administration of methylcellulose and its sensitivity to cortisone and to Escherichia coli culture broth. Kiserl. orvostud. 14 no.5:515-519 0 162. 1. Szegedi Orvostudomanyi Egyetem I. sz. Belklinika es Korbonctan! Intezet. (LUI-IG) (GRANULOMA) (METHYLCELLULOSE) (ESCHERICHIA COLI) (CORTISONE) (BLOOD CHOLESTEROL) HUNGARY FROHLICH, Margit, BALAZS, Viktor; Medical University of Szeged, 1. Medical ClWo (Szogedi Orvostudomanyi Egyetem I. sz. Belklinika). "Analysis of a Cryoglobulin Which Contains Nucleoproteins." Budapest, Kiserletes Orvostudomany, Vol XV, No 4, Aug 1963, pages 344-350. Abstract: [Authors' Hungarian summary] The results of detailed chemical analyses of a cryoglobulin are reported which has been isolated by repeat- ed cold-precipitation from the blood of a patient with purpura cryoglobulin- emica. Ninety six per cent of the cryoglobulin tested consists of a protein component with a sedimentation constant of 6.1 S. Its UV spectrum resembles that of ribonucleoproteins. It contains large amounts of basic amino acids, and purine and pyrimidine bases correspondingto those of ribonucleoproteins. The possibility of a relation between nucleic acid content and pathological protein production is under investigation. 1 Hungarian, ll Western refer-.. ences. 1/1 JULESZ) M.; FROMICH, M.B.; LA-QZLO, I.K.; TOU, I.; SZEPESSY, G.; DAVID, M. A. On the effects of estriols on lipoid metabolism. Acta med. aead. sai. hung. 19 no.2:161-168 163. 1. 1. Medizinische Klinik und Zentrallaboratorium der Medisinischen Universitat, Szeged. (ESTRIOL) (LIFID METABOLISM) (GYNECOLOGY) (BLOOD LIPIDS) (PHOSPHOLIPIDS) (LIPOPROTEINS) (BLOOD CHOLESTEROL) (BLOOD PROTEIN ELECTROPHO;ZSIS) TIBOLDI, T.; JUIESZ, 1M.; SZAUAA, J.; KOVACS, K.; BALAZS, V.; FROHLICH, Margit; IASZL.O, Ilona; TOTH, I. Experience with Selye's granuloma pouch techniqiie. Acta physiol. acad. sci. Hung. 25 no.1:61-70 164. 1. First Department of Medicine and Department of Ophthalmology, University Medical School, Szeged. JULESZ, M.; TIBOLDI, T.; SZALMA, J.; LASZLO, Iloia; KOVACS, K.; SZARVAS, F.; BALAZSY V.; FROHLICH, Margit; TOTH, 1. Effect of thyro+ropic hormone on granulation tissue. Acta physiol. acad. sci. Hung. 25 no.1:71-81 164. 1. First Department of Medicine and Department of Ophthalmology, University Medical School, Szeged. BALAZS , Viktor, dr.; SZAUU , Jozsef.. dr.; FROHLICH, Margit, dr. Auzoantibodies in pernicious anenia and im other achlorhydric conditions. Cz-v. hetil. 105 no-37:1729-1733 13 S 164. 1. Szegedi Orvostudomanyi Egyetem, I Belklinika (igazgato: Julesz Miklos dr.). HUNGOY BAIAZS, Viktor, Dr., and.FROHLICHp Margit, Dr.. First Clinic for Internal Medicine 'ME y fok 6dioal Sciences (Orvos- at the tudomanyl Egyetem, I. oz. Balklinika) In Szeged (DIreetort JULESZ, Miklos, Dr.) "Anticomplement Effect of Cryoglobulinemic Sera and Isolated Cryoglobulins" Budapest, Orvosi Hetilap, Vol 107, No 29, 17 Jul 1966, pp 1J50-1353. Abstract: The antieomplement effect, protein content, the mture of the globuline components, the rheumatoid factor activity, the anticomplement titer before and after heat treatment, and the relations between anticomplement, effect and other immunological, physico-ohemleal, and chemical properties were Investigated in total serum, oryoglobulin-less serum, and isolated oryoglobuline from purpura oryoglobulinemia, Co. pulm. retioulosarooma, purpura oryoglobulinemiat Co. ventrie.purpura oryoglobulinemia. retioulosis purpura oryoglobulinemial. and Sjogren ayndrome. The globulins components (enoountered in all but the first mentioned) consisted of gamma-IM and gamma-2; they were found to be responsible for the antieomplement offset. All were heat-sensitive. 26 references, inoluding 2 German and 24 Western. 10 YROHLIGH, 0.; FARM, 1. Postoperative ontsitis pubis. Nagy. sebeezet 5 no. W285-294 Nov 1952. (OUG 24:1) 1. Doctors. 2. First Surgical Clinic (Director -- Prof. Dr. Ovula Jaki), Sseged Medical University. BFJA. Hermann, dr.; FROHLICH, Otto,dre Data on caseous tuberculosis of the thyroid glands. Tuberk. kerdesei 9 no.1:27-28 Pob 56 1. A gyulai KoVel. Korhaz Belgyogyoozati (fooryosi Hermann Bela dr.) as Sebesseti Osztelyanak (foorvos: Frohlich Otto dr.) koslemenys. (THYROID GLAND, die. tubarc., caaeous, surg. & pathol. (Hun)) (TUBIRCULOSIS of tbgvroids. caseous. surg. & pathol.(Hun)) J HIRKaN, Bela. dr.; MHLICH. Otto. dr. Recovery after surge" in hydropericardium lasting for decades and simulating tumor. Meff. oebeez"t 10 no-1:55-59 Mar 57. 1. A Grulat Megyet Korkhas Belgyogyaozati (Yoorvos: Hermann, Bela dr.) as Sebeszeti Oestalyanak (loorvos: Frolich. Otto. dr.) koslemerWe. (PERICARDIUM, die. hydropericardium decades, diag. & simulating tumor & lasting for surg. (Hun)) FROHLICH, 0. I . -Third International Construction EqUpment FAhibition; Zagreb, April 17-25, 1965. Gradovinar 16 no.12:446-41.8 D 164. FROHLICH, P. (Deceased) See ILC REM, M., doc. inz. FRoLlY., J., promovany matenatik ExPr,rimental and theo-- I ial determination of croling ingot heat content. It-it listy 19 nc..11:781-789 11 164~ 1. Higher School of Rining, OstrRva (for Redr). 2. Research Institute of Ir(tn Vetallurgy, Prngue (for Frolik). FROIKESCU, A. Continuous Reinforced Concrete Trusses of Preliminarily Compressed Concrete and Their Utilization for the Construction of Principle Bridge Trusses. Studii Si Cercetari De Mechanica Aplicata (Studies and Research in Applied Mechanics), #1-2:187:Jan-Jun 55 FRO !aa!;~!L ILT.Ef V. .. Effect of the mineralogical composition of cement on physical and mechanical properties of concrete and reinforced concrete; slow flow. p. 589. Academia Republicii Populare Romine. Institutul de Mecanica Aplicata. STUDIT 031 CERCErARI DE !-TCANICA APLICATA. Pucuresti. Vol. 6, no. 3/4, July/Dec. 10155. So. Last European 1,ccessions List Vol. 5, No. 9 September, 1954 Li-ches rerczin:7 e1 A, '~he cjiclil~iion ccnt- Aer 1656. ro ,'-ccr:~!-Icn, Vc? FPOIMESCU, A. The Progresul. platform workshop for the manufacture of prestregried elementa. p. 14146. (IOUSTRIA CONSTRUCTILOR SI A MATERIAILUDU DE CONSTPUCT11. No. 7, 1957, Rumania) S:j: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL) LC. Vol. 2, No. 12, Ded. 1957 Uncl. BUTOV, Ivan., traktorist-maBhinist; FROL, V. traktorist-mashinist Bonuses and monetary awards. Sell.mekh. no.3:23-24 162. (MM 15:3) 1. Sovkhoz "Romashkovskiy", Fallasovskkiy rayon, Volgogradskaya oblasts (for Butov). 2. Sovkhoz "Donskoy", Enbekshillderskiy rayon, Kokchetavskaya oblast (for Frol). (Agricultural workera-Rewards (Prizes, etc.) (Wages) MLICHCIMS-Aw - The day oil w" on fire. Posh.delo 8 no,3sl&-20 Mr 162. (MM 15W (2drnovsk region-01.1 fieMs-Fires and fire prevention) A.N.; FIOU,YKOp L.A. Cric-ci-hynchus kata Walb. culture in fish hatcheries witF low temuerature. Trudy WBI no.9:62-66 165. (PIRA 18:12) 1. 5akfinlinrkoye otdeleniyo Tikhookeanskogn nauchno-isoledovate'.1- f;kogo in:-,Lituta rybnogo khozysystva i okeancgrafii. KoSAREV, 0., shturman; GVILIDIS, B., bortmekhanik (Irkutsk); ORNEV; IMOVSKU; KUZIMIN, starshiy inahener-okonomist; MESILOVI, Yuop aviatekhnik; FROLBNKOj, N. (Novosibirsk); KHALIULLIN, Re (Verkhniya Kig:L,' Banhitirsioty ASSR); ZOSIMOV, V. (g. Klifitay, Bryanakoy oblasti) Public inspectioir Is In action.. C.Tazhd. av. 20 no.6t28 -To 163. (MIRA l6t8) 1. ObshchestvewW Inspektor po bezopasnoati poletov, Novosibirsk (for Koaarev). (Aeronautics, Commercial) rUKHNOVICH, A.N., voter. vrach (Yellninaldy rayon, Smolenskoy oblagiti); RUDOETKIN, Ya.S., voter. vrach; EVWOV, M.Z., veter. vrach; SOBOLKV, A,S., dotsent (Notonskaya SSR); DCLI?TIKOV, Yuja.,; kand. voter. nauk; PALIMPSESTOVp M.A., prof.1 SIMONENKO, N.M., dotsent; GONCHAROVt A,P*, assistent; BEZRUKOV, A.A.; ~'ROLENKOV,,'N.A.,, voter. vrach (Serov, Sverdlovskoy Oblastl)j KOSHCHEYEV,'P.M.; VOROBOYEV, M.Me. kand. veter. nauki TANCHENKO,, P.Kh~., veter. vrach; AMELIN, I.P.; BYCHKOV., A.laj, kand. veter~ nauk; SHVYREV, G.I.,, voter. vrach (Stavropollsk-ly kray)-, DANILIN, N.F.,- TKOHIN, A.Z.,, voter. vrach; SKRYPNIROVA, T.K., voter. fellisher; MIKHEM, A.D.; ., Ye.M,, kand. biol. nauk; R=OV~ Ye.S.f mladshiy FARMANOVA nauchnyy sotrudnik; ANTIPIN,, D~N.O referent From helminUological practice, Ileterinariia 38 no.7:55-58 Jl 161. (MIRA 161g) 1. Reshetovskiy veterinarn7y uchastok, Novesibirskoy oblasti (for Rudometkin). 2. Sovkhoz "Buda-Koshelevsk-iya Gomellskoy oblasti (for Eventov). 3., Sibirskiy nauchno-issledavatellskiy vaterinarnyy institut (for Dollnikov), 4. Kharlkovskly veteri- narnyy institut (for Palimpsestov, Simonenko, Goncharov). 5. Blagoveshchenskiy sellskol-hozyaystvennyy Institut (for Bezrukov). 6. Novo-Nikolaye-vskiy veterinamyy u-.hastok Krasno- darskogo kraya (for Liochkarev)~ 7~ Karpilovskiy veterinarnyy uchastok Chernigovskoy oblasti (for Ponomarenko). 8. Kamalinskiy voterinarnyy uchastek KrasnoyarskDgo ~xaya (for Koshcheyev). (Gontinued-on next card) SLIMS, J*j BRCICI B.; VDIAVSEK, B.; S4ALCp A.; _n~Cj_Btj 70-WIC, R.; AIIZURO A.; VEKSLIS Z. On the synthesis of.. and magnetic measurements on., xenon tetrafluoride. Croat chem acts, 34 n0.3'-187-188 162. 1. "Jozoof Stefan" Inatitutte for Nuclear Research, LjubXjana,, Slovenia, Yugoslavia (for Slivnik.. Brcic,, Volavock.. Smale,, j,"clec., Zemljic,, and Anzur.) 2, Institute "Ruder Bookovic"., Zagreb, Ci-oatia,, Yugoslavia (for Veksli). FROEIILICH,,,.~ozef; SZCZ?MINSKI, Andrzej A case of Morgapi-Adams-Stoices syndrome in tuberculosis of heart muscle. Pol. tyg. lok. 17 no.37sl455-1457 10 S t62. 1. Z Oddzialu Wownetrznego I Szpitala Mejskiego w Glivicach; ordynator oddzialu: dr mod. Jozef Froehlich; d~Tektor szpitala: dr Kazimierz Bienkowski. (IMART BLOCK) (TUBERCULOSIS CARDIOVASCULAR) More about simplifying the method for measuring the workday. Sote.trud 5 n0-3:113 tir 16o. (MIRA 13:6) 1. Starehiy inzhener otdola truda I tarabotnoy platy zavoda zuboreznykh stankov 'Komsamalpts," g. Tergorlyevok Moskovskoy oblasti. (Yegorlyivek-Gear-cutting machines) (Time study) FROLIVIKO, G. 1. Effect of atarvation on larval develqment of bream and cruclan carp. flauch.dokl.vysoahkoly; biol.nauki no.1;29-)2 159. (14IRA 12:5) 1. Rekomendovana kafedroy ikhtiologil Moskovskogo gosudar- stvennogo universiteta, im. H.V.Lomonosova. (FISHES--FOOD) (BRICAM) (CARP) +1 - f KARTASBA rY, N.G.; BARKOV, G.l.; FEWROVA, I.G.; FROLENKO, G.T. Now plastic package for the storage of preserved hmotransplants. Test.khir. to.72112-3-15 161. (MIRA 1521) Is Is leningradskogo ordena Trudovogo Krasnogo Zhameni nauabno- isolodavateliskogo instituta perelivaniya krovi (dir. - dotsent A.D. Bslyakor, naucbMy rukovoditell - prof. A.IR.rmtov) i lauabno-ionledavateliskogo institute tokov wi'sokoy chastoty im. prof* V.P. Vologdina (dir. - kand.tekh.nauk M.A. Spits7n smi dir. po nauchnoy chasti - kandatekh.nauk N.P. Glukhanovi. TRANSPLANTATION OF ORGANSt TISSUES, ETC.-EqUIMM AND SUPPLIES) TAKUBOVSKIT, A.M., mash in in t- ins trukt or:-n.QjXj-XQ-,,_ ,. moo hinist-ins truktor; YAROSHEVICH, V.S., washinist; YMIRMYICV, Ye., mashinist; RAMNAZAROT. A.M.. mashinist; YFMSOV, D. Te.; SKORKIN, I.S. Useful book "Reference bood for a diesel locomotive engineering by V.M.Terekhov, I.I.Marshin. Reviewed by A.M.IAkubovskii and others. Blek.i tepl.tiaga 4 no.2:47-W I 16o. (KLFA 13:6) 1. Master sagotovitellnogo teekha, depo Chu, Kazakhakaya dorogs. (for Yedosov). 2. Master tsekha bol'skogo periodicheskogo remonta, depo Chu, Kazakhokaya doroga (for Skorkin). Piesel locomotives) Terekhov, VA) rshin, I.I.) t I . Flix--Itao, Ya. I. Centrifugal Pumps Improving the thrust bearinE assembly of the AS-100 centrifugal pump. Oakh. prom. 27, No. 3, 1953. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, 1953. Unclassified. STIpmov. P.H., professor, saveduyushchiy; FROIMIKO, Te.Y. Now facto in the treatment of rheumatism. Terap.arkh. 25 no-3:17-23 )117~e '53. (MMA 6:9 ) 1. Goopitallnaya klinikA vnatrennikh bolezney Minskogo meditsinskogo inatitu- ta. (Rheumatism) Y,). V. "OL.11,11,10. ~o. v. : "Ti f) tri": t:l;,!Iit fj!* rh!,ti:f:,,~,-!.,,.,: 1j:, (.,, ~j, ~s., 1 il .t, -i r 0 - -a:, t tj r,3 o ~- t i it v., .3 Icl,j u . it ~:jll !T!-rh;,r '. f, loll ,-"-) ;.-I I.1,1- f I . I;t-ite I, limani i,~ p t,. . VI! 1 Tizol 2 , 1 r) -, f" . I ~ I r,.,n I s (,')! 2 c -?z. t , 1, ; -1 1 ~ i', , .. t, h ~l ~ "i ,, 'r ,, L " I , ,I !t f , ~ I " , , ., f ", ! , I . I - ~; -) : ~. I ,.4 , ') 1 C, ~ f~ - .1 1 1 " '56 FROLENK09 YO,V, Liver function in rheumatic fever. Zdrav. Belor. 4 no.2:22-24 F '58. (MIRA 13:8) 1. Iz kafedry gospitallnoy terapii (zaveduyushchiy - profeasor G.Kh. Dovgyallo) MinBkogo meditsinskogo instituta. (MUMATIC FMR) (LMR) IFRO1ZJNKQ#_jeff-,-dotsent; LISUN, V.P. Change in the prothrombing fibrinogens and viscosity of the blood following the use of leeches. Zdrav. Belor. 6 no. 7:22-23 Je 160. (MIRA 13:8) 1. Iz kafedry gospitallnoy terapii (zaveduyushchiy - prof. G.Kh. Davgyallo) Minskogo meditsinskogo institute. i terapevticheskogo otdaleniya 1-y klinicheskoy bollnitsy glavnyy vrach A.I. Shuba). (PROThROMBIN) (FIBRINOGEN) (L::EGHES) D-MGYALLOl G.Kh., prof.; MOLENKOt YeaVap dotsent Change JA the activity of hYalurOnidase in the blood ser= in rheiri~tio fever, Zdrav. Belo 7 no.3:14-17 Mr 161, (MIRA 14:3) 1. Iz kafedry gospitallnoy terapii (zavedVyushchiy kafedroy - prof. G.Kh. Dovgya.Uo) Minskogo meditsinskogo Instituta. (HYALURONID (RHMIATIC FEVER) FROLENKO, Yu.G.; KONOVALOV, V.A.; KOPTYAKOV, A.M. Automatic control of the speed of feeding band saw units. Der, Tprom. 12 no-3:13-44 Mr 163. OCM 16:5) (Band saws) (Automatic control) MOLOTIOV, R*V.; LYWVA, T.A.; Frinimali uchastire: XALININA, R.I.; SWMINA, 0-.G.; YROIJN=A, A.A.; BAIMEM, D.I. Compounding of unsaturated polyesters and epoxy resins. Plant. maev no.12:16-19 160. (MIRA 13:12) (Jk)ox7 resins) (ratere) FROLNTSKIY, Yu. Broaching pivot bushings. Art. transp. 38 no.9:49-50 S '60. (MIRA 13:9) (Broaching machines) FROUCHO I. %he phenomenon of drying in textile finishing. p. 31. INDUSTRIA VUTILA . (ksociatia Stiintifica, a Inginerilor si Technicienilor din Rominia si Ministerului Industrisi Usoare) Bucuresti, Rumania. Vol. 10, No. 1, Jan. 1959- Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 8, No. 6, June 1959. UNCL FROLICH, J., ing.sef. Dyeing installation built In Rwnania. Ind text R= 12 no.71 291-292 Jlt6l. 1. Intreprinderea *Vasile Roaita", Oradea. TPUN,", A RY EALAZ3, Viktor, Dr, FROLIGH, Yargit, Dr, SZEPE35Y, Gabor, Dr, C,1;,tT1, Miksa, Dr; Vedical University of Szeged, I. Medical Clinic and Central Re3earch La- y (Szegedi Orvostudomanyi Egyetem, I. Belklinika es Kozponti Kutato borator Laboratorium). "Properties of Isolated Kryoglobulins, Similar to Those of the '11theumatoid Factor'." Budapest, Orvosi Hetila .7 1963, pages 1552-1554. _p, Vol 104, No 33, 18 Au. Abstract: [Authors' Hun.-arian summary] Kryo,-,Iobulin was isolated from 10 patients with different diseases. Their.agglutination with latex particles and with gamma globulin which was bound to tanninized erythrocy-tes, and their Waaler-Rose reaction were investigated. Kryoglobulins, with one ex- ception, which contained 7 S and 17-21 5 components caused latex-agglutina- tion, and agglutination of erythrocytes with gamma globulin tracer. The one exception exhibited a difference in other physical-chemical properties as well. Kryoglobulins which contained 7 S gamma globulin or BZ M-globulin alone, cave negative reactions. Heparin had no effect on the reactions in- vestigated, or on the cold precipitation of kryoglobulins. 1 Hungarian, 17 Western references. 1/1 PRO 1, ! 1'. I -r - '. i. t y ~, f t'r,.-j .3 t. "n Z~ i rc 1 --11 Is y In I - t r la . G j- ad e 7 1 na r -16 rL.., .',,: 2 5"-2 51 Jj I ~-!j GARGULAK., Zj jj~~ _ Simlated operation of casting cranes for determining the most economical organization of a foundry. Hut listy 17 no.5:338-343 My 162. 1. Vyzkumy ustav butnietvi zeleza, Praha. -L 59611-66 -_.j/EWP(t)/ ?fW' JD ACCESSION Ng: A1350M422 C AUTHOR: Kremer,~ R. (Drictor, Engineer, Candidate of sciences); Xgnakyt IL. (Metal-"'o lurgical enginee~.T,--F"-1-i-k,. J. Draduate mathematiciin) TITLE: Variations of the soaking heat pit flow and thermal efficiency during the reheating of the ingots SOURCE: Hutnicke listy, no. 8, 1964, 5511-556 -A TOPIC TAGS., computer calculationt analog digital co mputer, metal heat reatzenti-':~. heat equation, heat treating furnace English suinmary mo& 7.- A specific uneful cffAVthors Mod Hea a ation was carried out on an analogue and a digital computer* The original equation had to be adapted for use in the digital computer. Partial calculation required for the computer program establishing are described. The program allows oa3y ev&- luation of reheating of any pit fumaao# and of heat reoupa:?ation. It is also pessible to- determine by the program variations ift Pacific useful beat, furnace efficiency,, changes of ingot mthalpy Lcarq-i-/?- M/W34/64/000/011/081/0789 JOW i IMS TO AUTWR: Redr, H.46acent, Engineer$ Candidate of sciences); Fr2l~ik (Graduate mathematician) TlTLB*. Experimental and'theoretica I dotormination of the enthalpy of ingots ditring cooling SOURCE4. Rutnioke listy#,nos 11, 1964, 781-789 TOPIC TAGS: the=adyrxLmics f enthalpys steel, cooling, metal heat treatment 'Roslilts of T;10_a'G'ur_ir1-g -Abstract ZAuth6r s 13ng1idh,.3uva-.iary_7-. '.internal and siurfaoo toinporatures of 10 U ton-rimming steel in- gots are deseribedw, Internal temperatures were measured by an '11ho duration. o~ designed by the authors. %he tewporature rocordinga was. 13 hours, -later change3 were Insignificant shovm as 0hanges of tho-enthalpy of in-ots aro ,a function of tize and of-tho conditionr. of cooling. Authors' theorotical,4nothod of calculating enthalpy during cooling is -discussed -'Ihe differences between the calculated and oxperi ,Men n.ILv lueo worc aviall, The results of the study.fom. a -11 ;'RI01,!K, ,,r:,.felr-Dm,(anlt of zrt, ~, -~ " , , . : .. ~ ~ rr~ FROLIK, Jan.;.L,. CAlCuAltiOn Of the heat lose in the pit furnace brickwork by automatic computers. Hut listy 19 no. 2: 98-102 F 164--, I -Vyzkumny ustav hutnictvi zeleza, Praha. FROLIK, Z., Interiial charact ristics of spaces which are topologically complete according to Mech. Dokl. AN SSSR 137 no.3:533-536 Mr 161. (MIRA 14:2) 1. Karlov univeroitet, Pragav Chekhoslovatskaya Respublika. Pred- stavleno akademikom P.S.Aleksandrovym. (Spacest Generalized) FROLIKY Z. Locally topologically complete spaces. DAL AN SSSR 137 no-4:790- 792 Ap 161. (MMA 14:3) 1. Karlov universitet., Fraga, Chekhslovatskaya Sovetskaya Respubli- ka. (Spaces, Generalized) - FROLIKO Z. On almost real compact spaces. Bul Ac Pol Mat 9 no./,:247-250 161, 1. Charles University, Praha (CSSR) Presented by K. Kuratowski. FROLM, ZI ..,0b analytic spacew. Bul Ac Pol Mat 9 no.10:721-726 161. 1. Chnrles University. ftap6-Czechoolovakia. Presented by K. Kuratowski. .~~~k- A generalization of realcompact spaces. Chekhosl mat zhurnal 13 no.1:127-138 Mr 163. L-4tematicky ustav, Karlova universita, Praha 8 - Xgulin, Sokolovska 83. 1 J( - . -, -, 1~-!j M- FROLIK, Zdenak On the descriptive theory of sets. Chekhosl mat zhurnal 13 no.3: 335-359 S 163. 1. Matematicky ustav Karlovy university, Praha 8, Sokolovska 83. FROLIKP Z. On coanalytic and bianalytic apaoeo. Bul Ao Pol math 12 no.9t527-530 164. 1. Charles University,, Prague. DOROSHKEVICH, A.M., kand. tekhn..nauk.. dote.;_FROLIKOV, A.I., red. (Introduction to theoretical mechanics; statical Vvedenis v teoreticheskaiu makhanikuj statika. Uohabnoe posobie. Mo- skva, Moak. poligr. in-t, 1962. 141 p. (MIRA 16:4) (Statics) DOROSHKEVICH, A.M., dots., kand. tekhn. nauk; F'ROLIKOV, A.I., red.; 13ERNSHTEYII., T.I., tekhn. red. (Lectures on kinematics] Lektsii po kinematike. Moskva Mosk. poligraficheskii in-t, 1961. 89 p. (MIRA 16:91 (Kinematics) DOROSHKEVICHP A.M~, dots., kand. tekhn. nauk; ZROLIKOV, A.I., red.; BERNSHTETN, T.I., tekhn. red. [Textbook on dynamics] Uche*hoe posobie po dinamike. Mo- skva, Mosk. poli r. in-t, 1962. 159 p. (MIRA 16:10) ~Dynamics) 7995-66 ACC NR: AP5026566 SOURCE CODE: ~AUTHORt Frolikov, I. L 'ORGs none :TITLZ% Gas atomizer. Class 859 No- 175445 .SOURCE:. Byulleten' izobreteniy i toyarnykh znakovp no. 19, 1965P 145 MPIC TAGSs atomizer, solution atomizer, gas atomizer, gas ejector, gas engineer ~ABSTRACT: This Author Certificate presents a gas atomizer for finely dispersed Isolutions. The atonizer consists of a cylindrical frame with a coaxial feeding pipe ':(see Fig. 1). The latter is equipped with vortex producing vanes and a conical idissectors To improve the performance and to insure uniform atomization of Dolu- tionsp the atomizer contains a number of concentric cylinders. The length of the cylinders decreases with decreasing radius of the cylinders. On the outside,,the ,Iatomiter is provided with a ring which forms an.annular opening with the latter. iThe vortex former has the shape of a fan. Card 1 /2 UDCt 66.2a~e3 47-79 -1-Q5 _166.0 -I- -j L 7995-66 ACC IqRt AP5026568 Fig. 1. 1- cylindrical frame; 2- feeder Pipe; 3- vortex former,",'~, N,/A' ... . 4- conical dissector; 5- con- 11, . centric cylindere; 6- ringi 7- fan-like distributed pipes 'Orig. art. has: I figure. MB CODEI IE/ SUBM DkTEs 13mar64 nw 'liCard 2/2 FROLIKOVAp I.N.; LINNIKOV, I.K. Semiautomatic dividing attachment. Stan. i instr. 34 no.n:37 N 163. (MRA 16:12) 41.1` . F~ ~M~OVA,_I.N.; LIMNIKOV, I.K. Pneumatic device for turning fittings during machining. Manhinostroenie no.6:12-13 N-D 163. (MIRA 16:12) F,101,.BOVAI I.fl'? inzh.; LINNIKOV, I.K., Inyb. Mechanical mtxrking of cutting tools. Mashlnostro6nie no. 2: 19 Mr-Ap 164. (MIRA 17 ~ 5) FROLIKOVAO I.N., inzh.; IJUNIKOV, I.K., Inzh. Multiple-purposs pneumatic device for cold berding cf pipes. Mashinostrcen-4e no-4256-57 JI-Ag 165. (MIRA IM) 24(o); 5(4); 6(2) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/2215 V3*aoyurnyy nauchno-inaledovatellakly Inatitut metrologii Imeni D.I. Xendeloyeva Reforsty nauchno-isaledovatellaklkh rabot. aborntk No.2 (Scientific Research Abstracts; Collection of Articles, Nr 2) Moscow. 3tandartgiz, 1958. 139 V. 1,000 copies printed. Additional Sponsoring Agency; USSR. Komitat standartav, nor 1 Imseritel-rifth priborov. Ed.: 3. V. Reshotina; Tech. Ed.: X. A. Kondratlyeva. PURPOSE: These reports are Intended for scientists, researchers, and engineers engaged In developing standardas measures# and $We for the various Industries. GO VERAGE2 The volume contains 128 reports an standards of measure- meet and control. The reports were prepared by scientists of Institutes or the KomLtst atandar-ov. mar I j=*rItel'nykh priborov pri Soveto Ministrov 33SR (Commission on Standards, NO&A"'o" )and M:asur1ncj1n8trU2vnt3 under the VSSR Council or Imnists'. . Th partL pating Institutes are$ VNIIX - To Yuznyy nauchno-looledovatol-skly metrologil imenj D.I. Xd&:Ieyova (All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Met- rology imeni D.I.-Mandelayrv) in Leningrad; Sverdlovsk branch of this Institute; VNIIK - Vaesayuznyy nauenno-lealedovattl'skly lastitut Komiteta st4ndartav, mer I I=eritellnykh pril)orov (All-Unlon Scientiric Research institute of the Commission on Standards, Measures, and Measuring Instruments). created from NOIRIP - Moskovakly gosudarstvennyy Institut mar I I=Leritel-nykh prlborov (Moscow State Institute or Measures and Measuring Instruments) October 1, 1955; MIFTRI - Tsesoyutnyy nauchno-Imaledovatti-skLy Institut rIzIko-tekhnI- cheaklkh I radlotakhnLehook1kh I=ereniy (All-Unlon Scientific Raae&mh Institute Of PhYsIcoteChnical and Radio-enginedrIng Xessurements) In Moscow; KhOIKIP - Khar-kovokly gosudarstvannyy Institut mar 1 1:zmeritel-cykh priborov (Kharokov State institute of Measures and Measuring Instruments). and 1901KIP - Novosl- blrskly gonudarstvanyy Inatitut nor I I=Orltol'nykh priborov (Novosibirsk State Institute of Measures and Measuring Instru- No personalities are mentioned. There are no refer*ncea. and I.?. Vaganova (sverd.'ovak Branch or vwllm) Studying Line Compar;&V4Y~- 10 Polkova, A.Z. (Sverdlovsk Br;nch.of VNM). Completion or p.- 0: arch on Wear Realstanc* or Ian -Parallel End Standards (of 3 vlot Plants) or All Classes 11 Kayak. L.K., A.M. KOrolava. and A.V-4 Accuracy In featIng Small Improving Al -dimension Scale. ovsWA CQAW.L- -40~2-' an a Means or Inspect- lrcLLI&r Measuring Machine an Dev lopment of P). Studying the Ing Graduations of Precialon Limbs 12 PolkoVa, A.Z., and T-L-XcdY&ntaev& (Sverdlovsk Branch of (VulIM). Studying an Instrument for Checking Angle-seasurlng Devices 13 Card 4/27 AVAUZOA-C60 MLIWVA, V.G*, TYUFUNA, V.S., ALEKSANDRDV, V.V., BOWSIAVSKIT, M.B. Perfecting the rubber mixture composition,'based on butyl rubber# for diaphrape in Vo formator-ralcanizare. Report submitted for the 4th Scientific Researib. conference an the Cbemistry and technology of synthetic and.astural riabber. 1962 SHVARTS.. A.G.; ARENZON, N.M.; TYURINA, V.S. Basic requirements for rubber for the mem nes of forming and vulcanizing units. Kauch. i rez. 23 no.1:24-27 Ja 164. (MIRA 17:2) L Nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut shinnoy promyshlen- nosti. L 42987-66 E INT /E,,q p IJPIC) ACC.NR- AP6013274 SOURCE CODE:' UR/0413/66/000/00810078/0078 INVENTOR: Dogadkin, B. A. Tutorskiy, 1. A. ; Shvarts, A. G.; Potapoir, Ye.'E.; Frolikova. V. G. ORG: none TITLE: Method of rubber. Class 39, No. 180790) SOURCE: Izobreteniya, promyshlennyye obraztsy, tovarnyye znaki, no. 8, 1966, 7 TOPIC TAGS: natural rubber, synthetic rubber, aminoplienol.. hydroxy compound, aromatic hydroxy compound, rubber modification ABSTRACT: An Author Certificate has been issued for a method of modifying natural and synthetic rubbersky introduc ing'h exam ethylenet etrami ne and aromatic hydroxy compounds int-oWe-Mixture. To improve the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber, aminophenols are used as an aromatic hydroxy compound. [Translation] [NT] ~0-1 t , SUB CODE: I I SUBM DATE: 09Jan65/ i UDC: 678..4. 7. 046-9:547. 564. 4 SHVARTSV A.G.; EYIINGON, I.I.; FROLIKOVA, V.T.; STREL'IIIKOVA, N.P. I.-- Some requirements for alkylphenol-formaldehyde resins used for the vulcanization of butyl rubber, Kauch. i rez. 22 no.10s 17-18 0 163. (MIRA 16;11) 1. Nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut shinnoy promyshlennosti. L16330-65 &-IT (ra)/g-IA(d)/D;P(J)/T/EVT(t)/EtIP(b) Pc-4 ASD(m5-3 RMAUT-4 MMB ACCESSION NR: AP4049181 3/0314/64/IDOO/005/0029/0031 AUTHOR: Lfferenko, L (Candidate of technical scien ces),'Istrian, A. F., IL-rolikova, TITLE: Corrosion resistance of cast OKh21N6M2T steel during production of dimethylterephthalate A. SOURCE: Khimicheskoyetneftyanoyemashinostroyeniye, no. 5, 1964, 213-31 TOPICTAGS; chromium steel&teel corrosion, caststeel, pump manufacture, steel tton/ mechanical propeffy-, sEe--eT. rosion resistance, dim ethylterephthatate prioduc steel OHb21N6M2T ABSTRACT: The production of dimethyltereplitbal ate, used for obtaining synthetic fibers and films, requires pumps made of -Kh18 1 teel, which is quite expensive. A cheaper_QKh2 Vhas therefore been test;7Wfor corrosion resistance. The ~NQMT stee foundry laboratory of VIGAI t0sted the castability, shriakago, macrostructure and microstructure of the'Zh-e3per steel. The tests showed gooq casting and mechanical properties of the riteel (ultimate strength 69.5-76.1 kg/mm , relative elortgaUon 25.6- 34.8%, impact toughness 6.6-11.9 kg-M/CM2 ajid Brinell hardness 187). The chemical composition of the tested steel was 0. 01-0. 10% C, 0. 38-0,80% Si, 0. 53-1.38% Mn, .1/2 Card T, 163,10-65 ACCESSION NR: AP4049181 17.8-20.97 Cr, 5.75-12.10%Ni, 0.15-0.,~7%Ti, 2.08-2.91%Mo, 0-0,027 P, ando.- 0.0275%8) first tested according to OOSTG032-58, The perform6d tests, both in the laboratory and at the plants, showed that cast and welded samples of OEh21N6M2T steel had high corrosion resistwee. Metallographic analysis showed an absence of intercrystalline and selective corrosion on the samples. No traces of corrosion wore fotmd on a pump Impeller made of this steel. "Engineers 0. E. Aksenov and A. 1. Porshneva. took part in studying the casting propeities of the steels Orig. art. has:,, 3 figures and 3 tables. ASSOCIA TION: none SUBMITTED: 00 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: MM. 1E NO REF SOV: 000 OTH9R: 000 i Card 2/2 R 4 L-T- is 91 VI gal i 1; 1 5 1 i V 1:1 -5 last z n. - 0, Ila! a A I t 17 PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/5488 Noscow. Veaaoyuznyy nauchno-Looledovatel-skly I konstruktorakly Inatitqt khimicheakogo =Aahinostroyaniya. Xaterialy v kbi-Icheakom m"hinostroyenii (Materials in Chemical Machine Building) Moscow, Informatsionno-izdatellskly otdal, 1960. 143 P. (Series: Its: Trudy, TYP. 34) 3,000 Copies printed. Sponsoring Agency: Gosuda"tvennyy komitet Soveta MInIstrov SSSR po avtomatizats1i I mashinostroyeniyu and Vsanoyuznyy nauchno- issl*dovatellskiy I konatruktorskly institut khimloheakogo "ahlocatroyenlys, XlMnOLA.Sh. Ed. (Title page). V. K. Fedorov, Candidate of Technical Sciences; Editorial Council: Chairman: V. B. Nikolayev; Deputy ChaIrmint To. X. Vinogradov, Candidate or Technical Sciences; B. M. Borlsoglebakly, A. X. Goncharov, Yu. 0. Popandopulo, 1. N. Yukalov. Candidate of Technical Sciences and 0. M. Yusova, Candidate of T*chnlcal Sciencesi Ed.: V. i. Olukhov; Tech. Ed.z P. A.~-Vshivtsev. PURPOSZ t This collection of articles Is intended for technical per onnel In chemical machine building and other branches of thes=111ne and Instrument industry. COVERAOR: The collection deals with the results of investigations an the machanical., ccrr031VO, Lad engineering qualities or certain anoys. Also discussed am heat-treatment re;IrAs. the phase composition or stainless steels, wthoda of checking products, __an4~_p~w._desIgn6 of apparatus used In checking. References &a- company each article. TABIZ OF COXTZNT3s (111:41nearl , an V'. X. Pedorov (Candidate of Tech. V. d 'a once*). Crystanization or Alloys In the Elast Is -Vibration Field 3 kvin N. 1. [Engineer). Nstal Which Will Resist Corrosion in iftotten f7i; metal containing zinc 12 Shapiro, K. B. (Engineer) and VK_N -M&k-ov [Engineer]. Induction Hardening or smail-Modula Pinions Or LNPeedJ Reducers 26 __-P. (Znaine*r. Irkutekly filial NIMIMMMII& Irkut#Z-Z-ranch or ximDt4AsH). Investigation of the Errect or Hydrogen on the Endurance of Certain stools (Engineers V. D. 9010hanova and M. 1. Mir took part in the investigation) 33 Akz tseva A 'P. ECarx"date of Technical Sciences) d 0. M. Inearj. Effect or Heat Treatment an thsnFhi3-. t;OmPQ81o!;V IKhl8X9T and Khl8Nl2M3T Steels EV. N. Dayatlova. P. T. Daltriyev, S. X. Shevelkin, A. X. Shabanova, Z . K. Ogurtsova. and L. To. 14b&rwva took part in the Investigation) 50 D ZAUaTA_X_K- lZaglaeorl, and TO- M. Pr0l1kOvA (Engineer). be- pendenc* of tha Corrosion Rasistii and Khl8Nl2M3T Steels on the G-Phaze Content 69 (Candidate of Technical Sciences). Zrrgot or !TrerNT;!4.~'._GOntQnt4 In lKhl8N9T Steel and a- and a,-Ph&** card V5 4, DYATLOVAIq V.N.0 inzh.; FROLIKOVA9 Te.M.9 iazh. Relation between the corrosion resistance of lKhl8N9T and Xhlgffl&3T st6ela and the composition of the cc-phase. Trudy NIMDI= no.34369-81 160. (Steel-Corrosion) (mRA 14:1) S/184/63/000/002/004/007 A059/A126 4UTHORS: Dyatlova, V.N., Frolikova, Ye.M., Engineers TITLE, Resistance to corrosion of metals and alloys in solutions of sul- furic acid with titanium impurity PERIODICAL: Khimicheskoye mashinostroyeniye, no. 2, 1963, 32 33 TEXT: ~In the production of titanium pigments, solutions of sulfuric acid containing titanium, iron and other metal cations are used. The working aolu- tion is cooled in a vacuum.orystallizer from 55 to 15*C, and supplied to -.he va cuum'evaporator, where it is heated to 700C. The rate of corrosion of different metals and their welded samples was determined in order to find materials ap- propriate to replace copper and lead in these setups. Titanium was welded in argon with infusible electrodes,- while the electrode M, -13. cB. X 18 Hii B (Nzh- -13-sv.1(h18N11B) was used for U4 manual welding of the steels X 18H12M2T (Kh18N12M2T) and X18H 12 b13 T (W&112M3T), and the steel X 23 H23Y, 3A 3 T (Kh23N28M3D3T) was manually vielded with the electrode N115 (V115) in the Labora- toriya svarki NIIKh3M4ASha (Welding Laboratory of the NIIKhIVMASh) under -the Card 1/3 S/184/63/000/002/004/007 Resistance to corrosion of metals and alloys in .... A059/AI26 guidance of A.N. Krutikov and P.T. Dmitriyeva. Corrosion tests were performed both in laboratory and plant conditions in the solution contained,in'the vacuum crystallizer. Titanium BT-1 (VT-1) showed the highest resistance to corrosion ,both in the.production of titanium dioxide pigments and in the vacuum cry3tal- lizer a' 555 C. All stainless steels and also copper and its alloys were rather resistant to corrosion in the production of titanium dioxide pigments showing surface pitting. The corrosion of the steel Kh23N28IM3D3T increased by a factor of more than 10 under working conditions as compared to the laboratory, and that of the steels M18=,12T mid KhI8Nl8M3T by a factor of more than 200, being uni- form in each case. The rate of corrosion of copper increased only little with the degree of its purity. Deoxidized Chile copper dissolved completely; the bronzen behaved in almost tho 8amo way as coppoil. Tho steel Kh23NOM3D3T was highly resistant both on complete and partial submersion in the solution of the vacuum crystallizer, while Khl&112Yk3T showed pitting, and Khl8Nl2r42r was very strongly corroded. Copper and bronzes were subject to strong local corrosion along the water lines on-partial immersion, while corrosion was uniform and in- tenseon c 'omplete submersion., The rate of corrosion of the steel Xh23N2&43D3T was 10fold under working conditions as compared to the laborato ry, and corrosion Card 2/3 1~~08~ .-63 twP(q)/EWT(n)/ODS--AFFTC/A.1,D~.-JD~-- - ACCEESRiN NR,: AP3003442 S/0129/63/000/00710005/0009 AUTHOR: _kshentsqya, A. P.; Istrina Khtmushin, F. F., Frolikova, Z. r Ye. M* TITLE: Phase transformations and corrosion resistancedM21NMT: steel i'SOURCE: Metallovedeniye i termicheskaya obrabotka metallov, no. 7, 1963, TOPIC TAGS: lo"nickel stainless steels, ferritic-austenitic stainless steels, structural changes, corrosion resistance, Integranular corrosion. heat treat- ment, Sigma phase, corrosion rates, nitric acid, phosphoric acid ABSTRACT: An investigation was made of the phase composition, weltiabillity. and corrosion resistance of QKh2lN6M2T steel (0.07% C;.21.0% Cr; 5.66% Ni; -2.3% Mo; 0.4796' Ti). In as-delivered condition (15-tnin anziealing at 1000C fol- lowed by water quenching), this. steel has a ferritic-austenitic structure, con- taining up to 7576 6-ferrite. This structure, however, is not stable; at 500-IOOOC the steel undergoes complex phase transformations. Tempering at Card 1/3 L ACCESSION NR: A 03~ F42 500-650C for'2-hr causes dispersion hardening of the ferrite and precipitation of chromium carbides along the grain boundaries- 2-hr tempering at 700-950C -A brings about transformation of the ferrite into secondary austenite, with crystals of the latter forming inside the ferrite grains,,' Longer holding at 700-950C pro- motes intensive growth of the secondary austentte crystals, whichfinally pene- trate all the ferrite grains. At the same time, diffusion growth of the primary austenite grains takes place; cooling to room temperature brings about partial martensitic transformation within these grains. With longer holding (50 and 100 hr) at 650-850C, the a -phase precipitates within the ferrite grains, and the notch toughness of the steel drops from initial 6 to 0.5 kg-m/emk Annealing at 750C reduces the content of 6-ferrite to 45-55%. The structure with a ratio of I 6-ferrit e to secondary austenite of approximately 1:1 appears to be the most stable. Wheb this steel is welded, regardless of the type of welding or the kind of elec- itrode used, recrystallization of the base metal occurs in the weld-adjacent zone, with formation of large grains of 6-ferrite, along whose boundaries small crystals. of secondary austenite form with cooling. The steel with a Ti/C ratio equal to. or exceeding 5, after annealing at 1000C, as well as after sensitizing annealing at 550-650C for 2 hr, is not susceptible to intergranular corrosion in boiling 50% Ca,d 2 3 L'410813-63 ACCESSION NR: AP300344i and 65% nitric acid or in boiling 50% phosphoric acid. The corrosion rate in phosphoric acid varied from 0.012'to 0.472 g1ml-hr (except for 2.11 g/ml-hr of specimens sensitized at 650C), Corrosion rates in 50% nitric acid after sensitizing at 500-700C were high (1.45-50.11 g/mt-hr). Stabilizing annealing at 700-1000C lowered corrosion rates to 0.192-0.583 g/m t-hr, Annealing the steel at temperatures above 1100C increases the ferrite-content and lowers cor- rosion resistance, but tempering at 700C or above restores'resistance to inter- granular corrosion. In some media this steel has the same corrosion resistance as Kh18Nl2M2T Cr-Ni-Mo steel and is therefore recommended as a substitute for it. Orig, art, has: 7 figures and'l table. ASSOCIATION: PgIKMMMASh SUBMITTED: 00 DATE.ACQ: 02Aug63, ENCL: 00 SUB: CODE: 00 NO REF SOV: 002 OTBER: 001 ]M/" card 3/3 ISTROA, Z.F., inzh.; VOLIKOVA, I.G., kand. tekhn. nauk; KRUTIKOV, AJI., kand. tWAhn. nauk; FROLIKOVA, Ye.M. , inzh. Corrosion resistance of metals in the production of citric acid. Khim. i neft. mashincstr. no.206-37 Ag 164 (MIRA 18:1). V L 41332-65 Eiyr(m)/ePE(c),/rvLA(d)/ETIP(t)A"P(z)/EwP(b) Pad WK0 Up/ JD/1A1/jG/F8 ACcE3sION vft:' AR5000732 3/0277/64/000/009/iDO07/0007 SOURCE: Ref. zh. Mashinostroitellny*ye materialy*, konstruktaii I raschot dotaloy mashin, Gidroprivods Otdo vy*p,, Abse 9948~40 AU711OR: Intrina, Z. F.; Krutnikov, A. N.; Shovelkin, B---N - Sh A. FA ; MIMUShl Frolikova. -;aaliro H a J, 0. f.?jo= . 0 n 0. 0 nklyt A* L. ~j TITLE: Corrosion6resistant properties of chromium nickel stools with lowered nickel content CITED SOURCE, Tr Vaess n~-I* i'konstrukt. In-t Rhim. machinoatro vy*p. 45, 196, 74-93 TOPIC TAGS: corrosion resistance,* chromium nioko3.,esteol, nickel containing, alloy, metal oorroeionZ steel OM-,2lN9TJb stool OXh2lX6 ateol OKhlTN509AB, tool lXhl8N ;et8*1-TM-U-FN-12k2Tfi- TRANSLATIONs ' Results of an investigation of the atruqture, heat treatment, weldabilityo pressure working, arA corrosion resistance of corrosion resistant stools with reduced nickel content and their Card 1/2 L 41332-65 ACCESSION NR: AR5000732 welded joints are presented, and the field of application of these stools in the construction of chemical equipment is determined. Because of their corrosion resistance, atool&MMST, MW6M, and OKhlTN5G9AB can be used as substitutes for stools lKhl8N9T and lmil8Nl2M2T in a variety of corrosive media, for example, in the production of caprolactam, adipie acid, dimethylterephthalate.. citric acid, ureas n1trio so id, and others. SUB 00DEs HK ZK0Lt 00 J. 57059-65 44/1ad M11(c) 1'J'.41JD1Jr,11WD11W ------ .ACCESSIO14 MRt ARS000973 S/O X07 0 137/65?000/601/ 107 669.15.018.85 SOURCEt Raf. zh. Hatalluigiya, Abu. 11463 ALMIORI -Intrina, Z.F., Krutikov, A. It Shnvalkin, B. N Sha iro, M. 9.1 -hin, F. F.1 Frolikova, Ye. M.1 Bel A. L .Akmhpntsavn,_A,_P,j Khimm TITGE: Properties of corrocion-resintant nickel-~hroma steel )o1th reduced nickel., content CITED GOURCE: Tr. Vaes. n.-L. L konstrukt. in-t khim. mdahinostr.0 vyp. 45, 1963, 76-93 TOPIC TAGSt matallu~rgy. ferrous metals, corrosion resistance, heat treatmente welding TRANSLATIOHs Austenite-ferrits OKh2lN5T M205tand 0021MSJ~teels and OYhl7H5dgAD of the nuateni-te class were siudled. The OKh2lN5T and OKh2lN6M2T steels wem quenched from 10000# OKhl7NSG9AB from 11500. Additional toughening of~: steels of the austanite-ferrIte class can be achieved by age-hardenin' t 4750 forx ~Cad 1/2- .* be- I A~WST C~4 . -- ~ L 57059-65 7 Acassim HR: ARS008973 2 houra. The a of OKh2l146H2T steel is increased from 45 to 51 kg/mz and that of I 01(h2ll(ST steel To So kgtr*12 by heat treatment, which pm4uces martencits conversion ~Conditlona of heat treatment In this case are: heating to 7500; cold wo4tcing at -700 for two hours and age-hardening at 3500 for two hours. The weldinpNYodditiom for the stools studied correspond to the parameters for steels. of 'type 18-0 ~ahd In-12. Heat t at, _nt of OKh2lJ15T and OKh2lli6H2T stools should be d 'at 1090- -boo" for OqU171'15MAD steel at 1000-9000. OKh2lH5T and OKh2lN6HZr stools have high C"z,,on ion ~malstanca end do not have a tendency toward Intercrystallins Carm- eian after quenching from 10000, and the nama Is true of OKhl7N5G9AB steel for quenching from JL15 00.. Geams welded with an auetenits electrode are resistant to. Intercrystallins com sion., SUB CODEs HH, 1E ENCLI 00 Card 2/2 LCFEUTTO, I.G., kand. tekhr. nauk; ISTIRMA, Z.F., l.-zh.; FROLIKOVA, Ye.M., inzh. Corrosion resistmice of ORY.21Wr-T cart steel In the production of dimothyl terephtlialate. Khim. I rieff. mashlnostr. no.5t',"9-31 N 164 (MIRA 18u') ~~JIAUTHOR: Krutikov 43 of technical scioncks); Istrin~_,, Z. F4 A. It. (Candidaf or); Arcot T. V; (Engineer); Frolikova Ye. M. (Engine 30 TITLE: Weldin nd applicationn of steels witb a relatively low nickel conten-~ SOURCE: Khimicheskoye i neftyanoye ruashinostroyoni ire, no. 1, 19(,5, 30-34 TOPIC TAGS: low nickel sted, steel welding, sWnlei3s steel, steel corrosion, steel heat treatment, electric are welding, argon are welding, intercrystalline corrosion, peld searn-'- stability/steel 0102IN5T,/steel 1102 IN5T,/ steel 6 ABSTRACT: Three stainless steelslwith a relatively lowjAgic--ol e-Witent (OKWIMT, 1Kh21N.5T and OKIMNGM21) were WsWd for weldability and for% corrosion stability of welded or thermally treated segments to define the applicability of such steels under com- more! I onditions. The samples were manually welded by elect-roare using varlous vlac- trode-i ,e so and with a number of welding rods used In -.irgozi arc wolding. Welded joints and sr~cimens wlAch 'had been heated 15 niln. at 1100C or I intri. in a s,,dt bath at 1101 or 1250C~~wero tested for interarystallino corroston. Botli wol(liwr nioUiods were rhown tc. 1310 usable, and the electrode Tsl~-11 with welding rod Sv-081Q19N10T3 was selected for oveel OIWIMT, whereu Uia clootrodo EA-400/10 was recommended for 01WIN002T. 0qxd 1A L 25692-65 ACCESSION NR- APS003578 Welded joints produced under slinflar conditions as used for welding typo 18-8 steels (Ud not require thermal aftertreatmeat and had good mechanical properties and recistance to intercrystalline corrosion. 'rho corroG10 " n stability of thermally treated specimens dv- pended on ternporaturo and steel typep as shown in nig. I of the Enclosure. O:dg. art. has: I Ugure and 6 tables. ASSOCIAMN: NM(Wmmash SUBMITTED: 00 ENCL: .02 SU13 CODE: IMM NO REF SOV: 004 OTHEM, 001 A I L 25692-65 -Enclosure j -.---..-ACCjE;SSION NR-.-AP600,3578- Mill. XT r C63 LP4 s1 cc) nr- cl