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OAPMYA, L. X. Footprints of dinosaurs on the Sataplin mountains. Prorodag 41, no 1, 1952. GABUNIYA, L.K. - ------- - - Certain problems of Soviet paleontology. Izv.AN SSSR.Ser.biol. ro.3:112- 128 147-Je 153. On-RA 6:6) (Paleontology) 1. GAEUNIYA, L.K. 1) (6"0N U1,317d U ) 4. Georgia - Paleontology 7. Oligocene ruammalian fauna of Ge-oi-8ia, Priroda 42 no. 4, 1'.'53. 9. Monthl Liet of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, APRIL -1953, Uncl. GAFUNIYA, 1. Y1. "History of the HipparionB (According to Data From The Neogene of the USSR)." A7 Geol-Min Scl, Inst of Geology and Mineralogy, Acad Sci Georgian SSR) TbiIL34 1954. (RZhGeolp Dec 54) Survey of Scientific and Technical Dissertations Defended at USSR Higher Eduoational Institutions (12) SO: Sum. So. 556 2-4 Jun 55 GABqIYA:, L. K. Romaine of a mov specimen of BovIn" from Upper Miocene deposits in eastern Georgia. Soob. AN Gruz.SSR 16 zo.6t459-"l '55# (MLRA 9:2) 1,4kadenlys, mauk Grusivskoy SSR, Sektor paloobielogii, Tbilisi. 11'redstavlezo deystvitollayn chlesom Akedomii L.Sh.Davitashvili. (Georgia-Bovia") GABLTIIIYA, L.K. ~ An unusual specimen of the Indricotheriidae family from the Oligocene found in Georgia. DokI. AN Arm. SSR 21 no.4:177-182 . '55. (MM 9:3) 1. Sektor palsobiologii Akademii nauk Gruzinskoy SSR. Predstavleno I.G. Magaklyanom. (Georgia--Rhinoceros) USSR/ Geology - Paleontology Cardl/l Pub. 22 - 42/52 Authors S Gabuniya, L. K. Title t Residues of the new Variety.of DICROGFILIS from meotic deposits of eastern Georgia reriodical .1 Dok. AN SSSR 100/2, 359-360, Jan 11, M5 Abstract t The discovery of remains of a Dicrocerus saiomeae sp. nov (archaic deer) in the meotic deposits of eastern Georgia (Gruz-55R)j, is announced. Four references: 2 French, 1 W'-SR and 1 German (1887-1952-). Institution Academy of Sciences Gruz, SM, Palcobiological Faculty presented by Academician E. N. Pavlovskiy, July 20, 1954 U At USSR/ Geology Paleontology Card Pub. 22 - 38754 Authors I (Isbunlya, L. K. Title Discovery o pparion remains in diatomites from the Kisatib region Periodical 1. Dok. AN SSSR 102/5p 997-998t jun nt 1955 Ab6tract I Geological data are presented regarding the discovery of Hipparion re- nains in the diatomite earth excavated in the Kisatib region of Georg, SSR. Sixteen references: 15 Russian and USSR and 1 Go-man (1887-1951). Drawimg. Institution Acad. of So., Georg. SSR, Palsobiological section Presented by Academician N. S. Shatskiyp February 14, 1955 GABUNIYA,L.K. rMARM WK A,~r- A new Middle Miocene species of the family Suldae found in Belo- machotakain. northern Caucasus. DokI. AN SSSR 102 no.6:1203- 1206 Je'55. (MLRA 8:10) 1. Soktor paleobiologit Akademii neuk Gruz.SSR. Predstavleno sks, demikom N.S.ShRtakin (Belosechetskaia-Swine, Fossil) GLBTJNI YA L. N. Xecovery of remains of a fossil aardvark (Oryctoropus op.) in mliddle Miocene deposits of Belosischetsk&ya in the Northern Cauca- sus. Dok1.AN Aserb.SSR 12 no.3:203-206 056. (KLRL 9:8) 1. Sektor paledbiologii Al Gruzinskoy SSR. Predstavleno akadomikop All Aserbaydzhanskoy SSR M.N. Aliyevym. (Caucasus, Ilothern-Aardyark, Fossil) .4s., 15-1957-7-9084 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Geologiya, 1957, Nr 7, p 36-(USSR) AUTHOR:- Gabuniya, L. K. T tTLP .4 the Discovery of Fossil Tubulidentate Remains (Orysteropus sp.)Isiclin the Middle Miocene Rocks of Belomechetskaya (Nurchern Caucasus) (0 nakhodke --ostatkov iskopayemogo trubkozuba (Orysteropus sp.) v srednemiotsenovvkh otlozheniyakh Belomechetskoy (Severnyy Kavkaz)) PERIODICAL: Dokl. AN AzSSR, 1956, vol 12, Nr 3, pp 203-206 ABSTRACT: This is the description of the lower jaw of a tubuli- dentate from Chokrakskiy rocks at the Belomechetskaya station on the Kuban' River. The Belomechetskaya tubulidentate is the oldest of the known representa- tives of Oryeteropus. This fact, in conjunction with the known Meotian occurrence of 0. gaudryi in the Card 1/2 Ukraine, leads to the conclusion-th-aT -the seat of 15-1957-7-9084 On the Discovery of Fossil Tubulidentate Remains (Orysteropus sp.) t sic] in the Aliddle Miocene Rocks of Belomechetskaya (Northern Cau- casus) (Cont.) development of the genus Orycteropus might have been somewhere in the region of the southern European part of the USSR. One figure is included. Card 2/2 L. K, Gabuniya AUTHOR: Gabuniyas L. K. 20-1-38/44 TITLE: On a Representative of Challcotheres from the Eocene of South Georgia (0 khalikoterit iz eotsena yuga Griiz_ii). PERIODICAL: Doklady AN SSSR, 1957, Vol. 116, Nr 1, pp. 137-1ho (USSR). ABSTRACT', It was until recently stated that terrestrial vertebrates in Transcau- casia existed only since the end of the Miocene. Recent investigations showed, however) that two-logged dinosaurs densely populated the West Georgian mainland already in the Mesozoic Kra& At present It is known, that a rather substantial and manifold fauna of mammals and reptiles ?dved in GruBinia in the Oligocene. Remains of an apparentv rhinocen roe like form in the Middle-Miocene were lately found by Kartli (East Georgia). Unfortunately it can not be accurately determined* Table I gives the dimansions of the femur found of the Chalicotheriidaep gen? from Vani. It was found in 1-957 in faunally characterized im=arne Upper-Eocene deposits of Adzharia (village of Vani in southwestern Georgia). This bone represents the oldest find of fossil remains of terrestrialmammals in the region of the European USSR and is as well palsontologically as paloozoogeographically and paleogeographically of great Interest. An accurate description follows. The difference Card 113 of the femurs found of Condylarthra, Pantodonta and Dinocerata are, on a Represencative of Chalicotheres from. the Eocene of South 20-1-38/44 Georgia. in spite of some similarities, so great that the classification -with them. seems impossible. Much greater is the similarity with the ancient Perissodactyla. Among the rhinoceros-like animals the Hyraw codontae-and the Brontotheriae remind of the Vani form. Nearest to this form, however, are the Chalicotheres, namely Moropus, Macrothe- rium. and Phylotillon. A thorough comparison is car-rle-T I-HaW bone no doubt belongs to a new genus, the author abstains from establishing such a genus, as the materials is to poor. The occurrence of this form in the Eocene of Adzharia indicates the presence of a near rather large mainland which perhaps was the scene of extremely Jnportant events for the history of the early mammals of the Old World# It is possible that the exchange of faunas between Europe and Asia took place exactly here already in the Eocene. This old Transcaucasian mainland seems to the author to have been a kind of filtering zone from which only the most mobile and enduring forms advanced to Europe (or to Asia). It is possible, that the very probable, long-lasting isolation periods of this mainland caused the peculiarity of the fauna of terrestrial, mammals living here. Therefore the possibility is riot out of the question that it is just in the region of the Transcaucas Card 2/3 titan mainland that some groups of mammals formed whose offspring seems On a Representative of Chalicotheres from the Eocene of 20-1-178/U South Georgia. strange or hard to explain in Central Asia or Eastern Europe. There are I figure, I table and 13 references, 7 of which are Slavic. ASSOCIATIONWaledbiology Section olf~~ AS 'of the Geot4aa SSR (Sektor paleov bi.ologii Akademii nauk GruzSSSR).- PRESENTED; By N. S. Shatskiy, AcademicianMarch 22, 1957. SUBMITTED: March 19, 1957. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress, Card 3/3 GABUNIYA, L.K.. FOORII. rhinoceros from the Sagmrdzhilo Cave (westarn Gfjorgla). Soob. AN Grug. SSR 19 no,2:193-196 Ag 157. (MIRA 1113) 1. AN GruzSSR, Saktor paloobiologit. Tbilisi. Predstavleno akade- mikon L~Sh. DA-ritnahvill. (TerzholA District-4hinoceros, 7oanil) GABUNITA, L.K. Chall.ootbarium finds from the locene of South Georgia. Dokl. Al SM 116 no,1:137-140 S-0 '57. (NIRA 11:3) 1. Soktor paleobiologii AkademH nnuk Oxnlstnskor SSR. Prodstavleno, aks,demikom M.S. Shatakim. (Geogria--Ungulata, Fossil) GABUNlYAj. Loo -I(alistvatovich;. DAVITASHVIT4, L*Sh., otvetstvennv7 red.; SAB:G=, T.B..' red. isd-va; GUSNA, A.P., tekhn. red. (Dimomw tracks; based on evidenoe on Mount Sataplia and in the litisraturel Sledy dinozavrov; po materialam gory Sataplia i dannym 31teratury. KoskTa, 12d-To Akad. nauk SSSR, 1958. 70 Ps' (Georgia-Dinosauria) (MERA 3-1:7) AUTHU R; Gabuniya., L. K. 2o-118-6-39/43 TITLE: On the Cranium of a Fossil Horned Pig From the Middle Miocene of the Caucasus (0 cherepe rogatoy iskopayemoy svinli iz srednego miotsena Kavkaza) PERIODICAL". Doklady AJeademii Nauk SSSR, 1958, VoL 118, Nr 6., PP. 1187-1190 (USSR) ABSTRACT: An almost complete cranium of a giant pig which is. of special- interest on account of an unpaired horny excrescence in the middle of the forehead and because of smaller excrescences above the orbits, was found in the vicinity of the Stanitsa (Cossack village) Belomechetskaya (North Caucasus) in 1957. This is the first time that a fossil horned species of the subspecies suim formes was found, The skull comes from the ossiferous sandF-of M-TffMc and is highly deformed. It belonged to a very old, apparently male specimen, the length of which is approximately 745 mm. The author identified the species with one he already described6. Kubanochoerus robustus gab. (reference 1). The then Card 113 original description was based, however, only on the relies of On the Craniuxi of a Fossil Horned Fig From the Middle 20_UU_3W43 Miocene of the Caucasus. inferior maxillae. The teeth matched well with the newly found specimen. The characteristic features could be substan- tially completed and the systematic classification defined more precisely - due to the newly discovered specimen. Besides the afore-mentioned osseous excrescences of the foreheas, Kubanochoorufr distinguishes by a marked downward inclination of the cer 1 parts. All this indicates a largely isolated position within the family of suidae.. A special subfamily Kubanochoerinae subfam. nov. i-s-es-E-ablished and described (figures 1,71-for these reasons. Besides several archaic pe- cularities, characteristic features of a distinctly marked spe- cialization are also observed here. A pronounced lonG-snout and remarkable width of the laterally expanded plate-shaped facial crests. The functional significance of the "horn" is not clear. In view of such a size of the skull and of such a long snout, it can hardly be considered a defensive weapon. Presumably pea rigamic cgaracteristics are concerned which possibly occured only with male. The points of relationship are difficult to be determined. The structure of molars approaches Kubanochoerinae Card 2/3 to the Tetraconodontinae, a fossil group of pigs of Asia. On the Cranium of a Fossil Horned Pig From the Middle 20-11M-39/43 Miocene of the Caucasus There are 2 figures, and 4 references, 1 of which is Slavic. ASSOCIATION: Institute f or P"obiology, A# GeorgUal SSR (Institut paleobiologii Akademii nauk GruzSSR) PRESENTED'. December 21, 1957, by N. S. Shatskiy, Member of the Academy. SUBMI7M# December 2o., 1957- Card 3/3 GABUNITA, h.K. - ~~ ' Some data on a fossil horned pig from the middle Miocene found in the Caucasus. Dokl. AN SSSR 118 no.6:1187-1190 F '58. . IM ;RA, 11 -0 ) l.Institut paleobiologii AN GruzSSR. Predstavleno akadl~tkom N.S. Shatskim. (Caucasus, Northern--Swine, Fossil) GABUIRYA, L.K. Remaina of a mosasaur In upper Cretaceous deposits of the Caucasus. So,ib. AN Gruz.SSR 20 no.5:561-564 * 158. 04IRA 11:10) 1. All GruzSSR, I astitut palnobiologii, Tbilisi. Prodstavleno, akadomikom I.V.Kacharava. (Daegnm rogion-Pythonomorphn) GABASHVILI, E.G.; GABUNITA,--IJ;L..,- Dinotherium remains from Udabno (eaetern Georgia). Soob.AN Gms.SSR 21 no.;>:151-154 Ag 158. OURA 12 - 6) 1. AN GruzSSR, Saktor paloobiologii, Tbilisi. Predstavleno akademikom L.Sh.Nvitaahvilt. (Udabno region-Proboacidia, Fossil) .; DATITASHVILI, L. _R&U~IIYA Idppia~Xalli, gy ok Sh.,; , _ &VA) L "il"IKITIVA-9 O.G-., red.izd-va; GUSETA, A.P.. takhn.rod. [History of Hipparions; materials on the Neogene in the U.S.S.R.] I Istoril g1pparionov; po materialam is neogeno MR. Moskva. Izd-vo Akad.nauk SSSR, 1959. 569 p. (HIRA 12;11) (Horees, Fossil) GABUNITA, L.K. Fossil muntjacs from middle Miocene deposits of the Caucasus. Palsont. zhur. no.2:114-117 159. (MIRA 13:1) 3..Institut palsobiologil Akademii nauk GruzSSR. (Belomechetskoye reglon-HuntJac, Poesil) GABUNIYA, L.K. FLrat Listriodon finding in the Miocene of the U.S.S.R. Soob.AN Gruz.SSR 22 no.1:55-56 Ja 159. (MIRA 12:5) L AN GruzSSR, Institut paleobiologit. Tbilisi. Predstavleno alcademikom L.Sh.Davitashvilt. (Sachkhore District--Swine, Fossil) GABRIYILYAN, A.A.; GABUNIYA, L.K. Discovery of mastodon remains in the variegated series of the lakhIchavan A.S.S.R. Dokl. AN Arm. SSR 28 no.4:187-189 '59. (MIRA 12:11) 1. Chlen-karrespondent AN ArmSSR (for Gabriyelyan). 2. Institut goologichookikh nauk AN ArmSSR (for Gabriyelyan). 3. Institut paleo- biologii AN GruzSSR (for Gabuniyan). (Nakhtchevan A.S.S.R.-Mastodon) KOMKVSKIT, Vladimir Onutriyqvich; GABWXYA~ L.4., doktqr geol.nauk Etranglatorl; MR IRIDZH, &.4.-fir-sn'si-atorl: TUMAIIISILVILI, G.D.0 kand..biolog.nauit [translator]; HATADZE, L.L., kand.biolog.nauk [translator]; DAVITASHVILI, L.Sh..; HIKITDU, O.G., red..'Lad-va; KASHIKA, PoSeg tekhnored, [Gol:Lection of scientific works] Sobranie nouchnykh trudov. Honiara, Isd-vo Akad.nauk SM. Vol.3. 1960. 350 P. 't*M 14:2) (Unculats, Fossil); BBLTAYZVA, Te. I.; GABUNITA, L.K. Recent data on the Platybelodon of the Caucasus. Trudy Inst. palso- biol. AN Gruz. SSR 5:63-103 060. (MIRA 13:12) (Caucasus, Northern-Mastodon) GABUNIYA,~.!L._ 'he Obaylinskaya fauna the oldest complex of fossil r:&-=ala In the U.S.S.R. Soob. V Gruz, SM,6:711-71' 1) 161, (MIU 15:2) le InAitutpaleobiologii AN Gruzinskoy BSR,, Tbilisi. Chlen-IcorreApondent AN Gruzinskoy SSR. (Zaysan Iake Region-Mammals., Fossil) GABUWIYA L.X I . VbmmaLian remains from the middle Pliocene of the Northern Caucasus (Kospikino). Faleont.zhur. no.1:163-165 161. (WRA l4t8) 1. Inatitut paloobiologii kN GruzSSR. (Kosyakino (Stavropol Territory)-flimmals, Fossil) GABUNM L K - IAZARASHVILIp T.N. Recent data on the geological age of tufogonic deposits in southe:-n Georgia. Soob.AN Gruz.SSR 28 no.1:53-.55 Ja 162. (IMU .1594) I* AkaAlemiya nauk Gruzinskoy SSR, Institut paleobiologii~ Tbilisi, 2. Chlon-korrespondent AN Gruzinsko SSR (for Gabuniya). (Georgia--Geology, Stratigraphic~ (Horses, Fossil) I I GAWKYAt - "Cenomoic of Bet-Pak-Dala in central Kazakbatan" by Revisited by L.K,Oabuniia. Izv. AN SSSR, Ser.geolo Ja 162. K.V.Nikiforova. 27 no,1:111-113 (MIRA 1511) (Bet-Fak-Dala.-Oeolop) (Nikiforova, X.V.) GABUNIYA, 1* K, Boundary between the'Quaternary and Neogene . TrIldy KOM. che tr. -, per. 2C-:157-158 162. (klii 16s1) I (Geolegy, Stratigraphic) GAbUNIYA, Leo Kalistrawvich; DAV1TA:IIVILi, L.Sh., red. [Fauna of Oligocene vertebrates in Benara] Benarekala fauna oligotseno-.7kh pozvonocImykh. Tbilisi, Izd-vo '!Metsniereba," 1964. 265 p. (MIPU 18:4) ORLOV, Yu.A., otv. red.; GAB~NIYA, L.K., red.; IROFIV.OV, B.A., red.; FLEROV, K.K., red.; YjTOVSKAYA, L.M., red. [Tertiary mamals] Tretichnye w-lekopitaiushchie. Mojkvay Izd-vc "Nauka," 1964. 57 p. (Its Doklady sovetskikh pa- leontc-logov. Problema 8) (14IRA 17:6) 1. International Geological Congress, 22d, 1964. YAKOVA, M.I., AL--'KS----I-v GA!-IJNIYA, L.L., ZIMANOV, G.B., TRET L A, K.I., I'lligh Energy Miclear Interaction with Isoptopic Distribution of Generated Particlesp" report present.-ad at the Intl. Conference on Cosmic Rays and Earth Storms) '.Kyotoj Japan, 4-15 Sapt 1961. GA '-L." MEOW, G.B., ZAMCHALOVA, E.V., SlICIEUAKOVA, Lr~ -f~l,;7YAKOVA, M.I., and ALCKSWE-VA, L.L., "Study of Compsition of Primary Cosmic Radiation at an Altitudo of 320 Kilomote,,ra," report presented at the Intl. Conference on Cosrac Rays and F-u-th Storms, Kyoto, Japan, 4-15 Sept 1961. S/104Y62/026/005/003/022 B102 3104 AUTHORSt Alekseyeva, K. I., GabuniyA,,_L._L,,-Den Pkhen Su, Zhdanov, Go Bop ando"T"retlyak-ova, M. I. TITLE't High-energy nuclear interaction events with isotropic angular distribution PZ'RIODICAL; Akademiya nauk SSSR. Izvestiya. Seriya fizicheskaya, v. 26, no. 5, 1962, 572 - 574 TEXT: A 2+3+40p-type nuclear interaction was observed with an WAY,~;4-F (A'IIIKFI-R) photoemulsion (1 liter) which had been exposed for j150 hro at an altitude of ^.10 km. The angular distributions wer- deter~.;.ned in plane and spatial geometry. As functions of log tan 9, they vzrp S-curves, somewhat steeper than the calculated isotropic distribution but fitting t.he curve calculated on the assumption of an energy spectrum of the form p2(1+P 2 )-2 . Agreement is best if the shower axis is assumed to coincide with the primary-particle dir'ction. The tail of 2-3 particles is attributed to secondary nucle:r processes. The isotropy of the angular distribution is indicative of an'interaction of the incoming nucleon with Card 112 5/048/62/026/005/003/022 High-energy nuclear interaction... B102/B104 several nucleon3 of the hit nucleus. The total amount of released energy c) and was calculated from the mean transverse particle momentum (0-4 Bev/ from the ratio of neutral to charged particles (1-5), and was found to be 2-10 12 ev in the laboratory system, and not less than 25 Bev in the system of the "excited nucleus". If the latter coincides with the c.m.s. of the collidipg nucleons, inelasticity in the 1.s. equals K 25%. There are 3 figures. Card 2/2 W0/n56/'2/'C43/mC3/'001/063 v B125/B102 .~Ilekseyeva, K. I., Gabun' I.. Den Pkhen Su, , TrA yakova, M. I. Zhdanov, G. B. L A rare case of high-enerj3y nuclear interaction with isotropic km6,ulur diotribution of the uecond,-Lry p~rticies L: Mumul ekaperimentallnoy _J teoretiches:.oy fizik-J, v. 43, n-)- 50)1 190621 763 - 7c39 ma-Acnr interaction of the type 243140 p with an emission or the secondary p4rtliclec C? 0.80 observed in a Small pile of photo- .. phic -r,) .In 1959 this pile had boen '. 1. 1emulsions, tyre (1,11:21 k 1 irra.,liated for about 1510 hrs at aheight of VIO km. In a cooz-dinaate system .-.ith the Lorentz factor y,- - 65, t1he an,-,ular distribution of the c Tne coefficient of ineiz.*ticitU 1,ry particles rus izotropic i3 20,, referred to the coordimLtr.' GY:3tF':;i moving along with -the primary particles. This event can be explqined as follor;3: (1) the primary interacts as a -..hole ..ith a -ahi-_h is a proton of rv,012 ev, virtuall mason of oAc of the nucleons in tile tare,,et nuc)eus. The coef:'_iclew, Card 1/2 -3 J/056J62/04 310051003IL'O :1 rave of hij5h-c-nerry... B 12 5/13102 o~ in the luboratory sy3teu io~ K (2) The pri:-.~iry 12 l,b -article, Fion of -00 ev, ent.~ra iriLo :,criph~rztl inte.4ction a t r,-,t-t nuc Icon, for which 'K The pri-."all'y ~;"'Oticie, a ~-,-oton c-;' 0.2. In or-Itir lo se-~;:-aLe v, collides ~..,ith X~ lab nuclcon-nuoleon interactions in a pj'-,ofo--r,4-Phi4c emuloion, Orentz of lo-,-; multiplicity and low coefficients of ;-nplassticit:.' ~..-e i.'rc-1'CraLij' choz-w:- 4 1 . e , 1 S I OrIS -- S t .0 "or thiz; reason, the conclurions dra-.n fron nu- . rry dependence of multiplicity and anisotropy in `.:,'-interactions aTe not rcliable. There are 3 fi-ure3 and 2 'tables. 0 TizichesViy institut im. P, N. Lebcdeva Akadcmii nauk .(Physics Institute imeni F. 'I. Lebedev of the Acudcmy of .3ciencos ULJR) Llarch 31 1962 d 212 ALEKSF,YEVA,,K.I.; GABUNIYA, L.L.; DEN WHEN SU; ZHDANCV, G.S.; METIYAKOVA, M.I. Case of a high energy nuclear interaction with an isotropic angular distribution. Izv.AN SSSR.Ser.fiz. 26 no.5:572-574 .Ap 162. (MIRA 15:5) (Collisions (Nuclear physics)) (Cosmic rays) 3/560/6Z/000/01Z/WI/014 1046/1246 AL)THORS: AlokFeyesA, ...I.,Gabu4ya,_A.L., Zhdanov, G.B., Zamchalova, Ye.A., iihchoebikova, k-N. andTratlyakovap %,I* TIT"'64 invnstiGation of the primary cosmic radiation compou ,ition at an altitutle of -320 ]an jOURCES Akadomiya nau!; =R. Iskusotvennyys sputniki Zemli, no. 12, Molt---e, I(Ibl, 6-15' T=2: The automatic apEaratus whode douifa wa3 reported at the InternativAA16xiference on Nuclear PhotoCraphy (1(~60) is ap:)lied to impulse and ionization meanurement:i of middle-weiCht cosaic nuclei. In multiple scattering mea:~urcaent3, Che tine required to meaoure one 10 itm trail ir. 7 minutea; in ioaiz4ttion measuronenta, 30 minute.3 per trIAil are required. ?aiu iu at leajt 5 ti(Lei an fuut as in visual mcaourements. The recolution of the apparatms in ordinary circw-witances is sufficient to aeparato between tI4e Li, Be, B und C, X, 0 j;roupa. Instrujuntal orron, however, reduce.*the accuracy of mcamurint; trail di3coiitinuities bj af U 30-J4., as compared with visual measurements for a given Card 1/2 lo InveatiCation. of the prkruxy coxcic radiation... trail length. Thore are 10 fiCurea'and I table. 8UBRITT;.D:' Auguat 15, 1961 Card 2/2 ALEKSKYEVA, K.I.; 9jkB-UfiIYA,-J,,-L DEN MEN SU; ZHDANOV, G.B.; TRk-71YAKOVA, M.I. Fare case of high-energy nuclear interaction vith isotropic angular distribution of the secondary particles. Zhur. eksp. i teor, fize 43 noj1783489 162. (MIRA 15:10) 1. Fizicheskiy institut imeni P.N.Lebedeva AN SSSR. (Nuclear -reactions) (Pliotography, Particle track) I,rc~j,-mri of 2~1 RAZDC,Ll.c:KAYA, L.A.; ROYNISHVILI, N.N.; GA-BUNIYA,-L-L-j MANDRITISKAYA, K.V.; TATALASHVILIP N.G. Program for processing the tracks oL- pone trating coamic rkv sho-wers with energies of 1010 to 10 tv. Fiz. chast. vya. energ. no.1:65-84 165. (MIRA 18:12) KARUASHVILI, G.M.; GORDADZZ, G.N.; GVINIASHVILI, Sh.P.; POLOVETSKAYA, A.A.; ZMAISHVILI, U.Pe; QABUHITA, Jkpartence with. eradicating ascariasis in Telavi District (with summary in Finglishle Medeperaze i 'paraz.bole 27 (no-5: 555-561 S-0 158- MIRA 12-.1) 1. Is Inatituta malyarii i meditainakoy parasitologii Imeni SOSO Vlrealadse Ministerstva zdravookhrananiya Grusinskoy SSR (dir. Instituta - prof. G.M. Marmashvill) I ix Telavskoy reyoW sani- tarno-spidemiologicheakoy stantaft (glavnyy vrach L.A. Sakyarelidse). (ASCARIASIS, prev. & control, (Bus)) BAIRADZE, T.L.,-'~PUNITA, L.Y.; KARDAVA, A.G.; NAROUSHVILII L.V. Comparative studies on final quinocide therapy in tertian malaria (with summ in Inglish]. Med.paraz. i paras.bolezn. 23 no.1:80-84 Ja-I '59- (MIRA 12:3) 1. Ix apidemiologicheelcogo otdola Nanchno-iseledovatellskogo instituta mal.varii i meditsinskoy parazitologii imeni prof. S.S. Virsaladze Ministerstva sdravookhranenlya Grazinokoy SSR (Dir. instituts - prof. G.M. Maruashvili, rukovoditall otdoleniya S.S. Abuladze). (ANTDLUMIAW, ther. use, quinocide in tertian malaria, comparison with other methods (Rug)) GABUNIYA, R.D.; C11KHAVISHVILI, S.B.; RACHVELISHVILI, B.Kh.; GOGNIASHVILI, Sh.l. ; 1 'ome Indices of the functional state of the cardiac muscle in bronohial asthma. Soob. AN Gruz. SSR 29 no.6:773-778 D 162. (MIRA 18:3) L Thilisskly gosudarstvennyy meditsinskiy institut. Submitted luly 19, 1961. GABUNIYA, R.I. Radiographic data on the boart in thyrotoxicosis. Soob.AN Gruz.SSR 23 no.1:103-108 Jl '59- (14IR& 13:1) 1. Thilienkty gosuditretvannyy maditsineldy institut. Prodstay- leno akademikom 1C.D.Bristavi. (HEjUe--RADIOGRAPHY) (HYPFMHrROIDISM) ok-- GABUNIYA, R, 1,9 CAND MED SC19 "ROENTOENOKYMOGRAPHIC STUDY Of THE HEART Of THYROTOXICOSIS PATIENTS IN DYNAMICS IN CONNECTION WITH RADIOACTIVE IODINE THERAPY." ToIL1319 1960. (TaILIBI STATE MED INST). (KL, 2-619 217)o -246- .. GABUNMt R.I.; AMMTRLI9 T.I*; GVANTSEIAM# O,D. Electrocardiographic changes related to the treatment of t~qrotoxicoseo with radioactive iodine, Soob. An Gruz. SSR. 21, not 4:40-498 0 160~ (KM 14:1) 1. Akademiya nauk Gruzinskoy SSR# Institut eksperimentallnoy i kblinicheskoy khirurgii i gematologiit Tbilisi. Predstavleno Akademikom K.D. Bristavi. (M2MTMOIDISM) (IODIII-ISOTOPES) (EIZCTROCARDIOGRAPHY)- BMU)ZMADZI:, 0.1.; Ohar-ges in the thoracic cavity following a lung resections a radlograph,ic study* Trudy Inst.ekspoi k-lin.khir.i gmat. AN QrU2F.SSR 10t139-1a t62. (MMA 16z2) (WNGS-SURGM) (CHF.ST-RADIOGRUHY) GRODZENSKIYJ, D.E.; GORIZONTOV, P.D.; VOROBIYEV, Ya.I.; MkNOYLOV, Me.; FEDOROVA, T.A.; PAVLOVA, M.N.; GABUNIYA, R.I. Second International Corgrass on Radiation Research In England, Aug. 5-11, 1962. MAd. rad. 8 no.303-92 Mr 63. (MIRA 17:9) NATSUIrMIJITIP G_A.; G.ABUNIYA, F ", 'Y,', .,I. Importance of 'r I cardliNnscular diseases. lru~y n-;t. '. '-)--n. kh'r. : gerwit. AN Gruz. SSR 13 .15-f~ 1-,,3. (Y;r?' 17:8) GAPUNIYA, R.I. Scientific studlea on the detemination and imessu:ement of radionotivity in the hiumn body In U.S.A. labor4Lorllee. Med. rad. 9 no.6;72-82 Je 164. (MIRA 18.-.2) GABUNIYA, S, M, rdbiEk,tat S. M. t "11a effect of potash fertilizer on the quality of tea", Byulle-len' Vseso3,uz. nauch.-isslod.' in-ta chaya i subtrop. kulltur, 1948 No. 4, p. 135-46. SOi U-3042, 11 I*treh 53, (Latopis IrWkh Statey, No. 10, 1949). GA3UNIYA. S.M. EffectIvenneR of using, low temperatures at tea factories for the preservation of tea leavne before processing. Trudy VMICEP n0-1:34-46 158. (MM 120) (Tea--Preservation) BARABADZE, I.I.; BAKRADZE, G.S.; BSUDZE, G.I.; VAKITVAHISHVILIO U.I.; GABUNIYA, G.A.;-rjABtINIY4,, Sh.V, GANGUA, A,A.; GOGOBERIDZE, Ya.A.; DZIMISURISHVILly E. I-. [deceased]; ZNAMENSKIYO K.F.; UANTALIANI, N.A.; VIKOLAYSHVILI, V.S.; TOPADZE, L.I,,- KHUNTSARIYA, A.G.; YA.KO- BASHVILI, N.Z.; DZII%WiDZHIDZE, G.S., re-3,; ROYN'ISHVILI, N.I., red.; PRITYKINA, L.A., red.; KISINA, Ye.l., tekhn. rw,'. [Food industry of the Georgian S.S.R. during the laat 40 years) Pishchovaia proWshlennost' Gi-jzinskol SSR z8 40 let. Moskva,. Pishchopromizdat 1961. 162 p. (MIRA 14:9) iGeorgia--Food inJustry) datMIYA, T.A. 21000 Maruwthvili, G.M. i Gabuniya, T.A. KoBtnyy Mozg Pri Ankilostomidoznoy Snemii Byu.Ueten (Nauch-isslod. In-.t malyarii i mod parazitologii im Virsaladze) No. 1, 1948,0.34-55- Na gruz yaz-Rezyume Na.Rus Yaz-Bibliogri 23 Nazv. SOi LETOPIS ZHURNAL STI,Tb"f- Vol, 28,, Moskova., 1949 -~k GABUYIV%j.T.-~r Cand Mod Sci - (dins) "Data for the study of,.~~linlcs* t, ,qdMW= and treatment of brucelloeis." Tbilisi, 19-8. 24 DD (Tbilisi State Med Inst)~ 200 copies (KL, 17-58, 111) ,-7 ?- ---4AB1191YA., T.M.~,__Isqn,troler-nomirovshchik Washing electric locomotive trucks with hot water. Blek. i tepl. tiaga 4 no. 12:1) D 160. (MIRA 14:1) (Elgetric locomotives-Maintenance and repair) GABUNILA4 T. H. .5xTkbum1)* ZAKARTADZI, V.K. (g.Sukhuml) __Q Improving the Industrial work organixatlon In the electric loco- wt1ve shop@ Zhol-dor.transp. 42 no.12s64-66 D 160. (MIRA 1jt12) (Blectric loco motives-Maintenance ani repair) USSR / General Problems of Pathology. Tumors. Compara- U tive Oncology. Tumors of Man. Abs Jourt Ref.Zhur-Biol., No 22, 19581 102661. Autbor :,Qgbuniya,_U Inst :Tbill-W-Re-dical Institute. Title :On the Problem of the Micromorphologic Structure of Primary Carcinoma of the Lung and Its Metasta- ses, Orig Pub: Tr. Tbilissk. med. in-t, 1957, 16, 38-42. Abstract; On the basis of histologic investigation of 8 au- topsy cases of primary carcinoma of the lungs (CL) and its metastases (M), it was established that M may have a somewhat different tissular structure in various organs. In 4 cases, the morpholo6y of the M tissue was identical with that of primary Card 1/2 78 GABUNIYA, U.A. Structural and functional characteristics of primary cancer of the stomach and its metastases. Trudy Inst. eksp. morf. AN Gruz. SSR 8-.197-221 160. (STOMAGH.-GANGER) (MIRA 14:10) -,ZA.~PUNIYA, UOA Histochemistry of polyeaccharide and glycogen metabolism in maetopathies and fibroadenomae of the human mammary gland. Soob.AN Gruz.SSR 25 no.5:623-629 N 160. (MIRA -14:1) 1. Tbilieskly gosudarat7enn7y meditsinskiy institut. Pfedstavleno akademikom V.K Zh nti - (GLY= (POLYSACCHARIDES) (BRUST-DISIRSICS) GABUNIYA, U. A. (ThiliBi) Data on the histochemistry of glycogen in tumors of the human breast. Arkh. pat. no.6:23-31 161. (MIRA 14,12) 1. -rz kafedry patologicheekoy anatomii (zav. - akad. AN Gruzinskoy SSR V. K. Zhgenti) TbUisskogo meditsinskogo instituta. (BRMT-CAITCER) (GLYCOGEN) IRGERTI, V.K.; GABUIJIYA, U.A.; VADACHKORIYA, G.A. Occurence and development of mammary cancer in white mice of the I line highly susceptible to cancer. Trudy Inst. eksp. morf. M Grua. SSR IN189-19062. (MIRA 16t6) (ERMT-GAINCER) ZHGENTI, V.K.; GABUNIYA, U.A.; VADACHiORIYA, G.A. Structural changes in the sensory and motor endings of muscles in white mice of the A line highly susceptible to cancer before and 9fter development of mammary cancer. Trudy Inst. eks morf. AN Gruz. SSR 10:189-205162. WIRA 16:650 (EPY.AST-CANCER) (MUSCLES-MIMATION) ZHGENTIP V.K., zalluzhQnn7j doyatell nauk-I O.A., kand. mel. nawc Work of the Scientific Medical Soo!..-,,ty of Pathoanatomists of the Georgian 3.S.R. for 1961. Arkh. paL. 21, n,i.9.85--l)'6 162. Cli,;U Il-4) 1. llrednedatell pravlenlya Nauchnogo objhche.3Lva patologoanatomov Gruzinskoy SSR (for Zhgt*,nt-!.). re tar pravleniya Nauchnogo modItSirisko,:o tit AN Gruzinskoy SSR (for Gablijillya). ZHOEN,ri, V.K.; GABUNIYA, U.A.; VADACHKORIYA, G.A.; GACHECHILADZE, L.B. [Study of the fine cytoarchitectonies of the cortex of the frontal portion of the cerebrum in phylogenesis] [K izuebeniiu tonkoi tsitoarkhitektoniki kory lobnol oblnsti bol'shikh po- lusharii golovnogo mozga v filogeneze. Tbilisi] 1963. 104 p. [In Georgian) (MIRA 17:4) GABUNTYA, RL&.. (Tbilisi) Data on the histochemistry of the nucleoproteins in In-an breast tumors. Arkh. pat. 25 no.8&23-30 063 (MIRA 1794) 1. Iz kafedry patologicbeakoy anatomii ( zav. - akademik AN Gruzinakay WR prof* V.K. Ugenti) Thilisokogo meditainskogo ins-tituta i Instituta skeparimentallnoy morfologii imeni A."'.Natishvili ( direktor - chlen-korrespondent AN Gruabskay N.A. Dahavakhishv-ni). GABVINIYA, U.A. and fv-!tional characteri a tics cf prizary cancer and Vs metastases. Irudy Inst. eksp. morf. All Gruz. SSF 11:207-213 163. llistochemical characteristics of rlbo- and dpoxyribonue.leopro- tein content and distribution in precancerous proliferations and cancer of the breast. lbiN215-222 163. (MIRA 17:11) 1. Instittit eksperimentallnoy morfologii Imani Ilat-,shvlli AN GruzSSR. TATISHVILT, I.Ya.j 0ABUNIYA, U.A. Pri.nary cancer of the liver in autopsy wAterial. Trudy Inst. ekap. taorf. AN GrU2. SSR llt245-249 163. (MIRA 17ill) 1. Kafedra patologichookoy anatomii Tbilioskogo goeudarotvonnogo toeditoinakogo instituta, GABUNIYA, U.!~. (Tbi-l!Lsi) --- ... - - lii;~it:~chemistry of mucapolysaccharides in breajt tumors. Arkh. pat. n0.7:18-23 '64. (m.faA 18:7) I. Pkttomorfologicheskoye otdeleniye Uzav. - kand. med. nauk U.A.Gabuniya) Instituta ekzperimcntallnc).~ morfologii 4.:7.eni A.I.I.Natishvill (direktor - chlen-korrcspovident '"'N' Gnizinskoy SSR - prof. N.A.Dzhavakhi.shvllL) Ull Gruzinokoy SSR. -, GABU.: 'I I vs --~- I;A A criterion of gravity anomaly intrepretation. Trudy Inst. geofiz. AN Gri12. SSR 18:187-188 160. (MIRA 13:10) (Gravity) GABUNIYA, V. P. G&BUIIIYAO V. j?. "A Study of the Electrical Field in the Earth's Crust as a Case of Kitually Perpendicular Conducting layers." Tbilisi State U imenj I. V, Stalin. Tbilisil 1956. Wissertation, for the Degree of Candidate in Physicomathematical Science) j j-? baXTaHr F1 0 J 3 So: Knizhnaya Utopia', No. 19, 1956 G"UNITA, V.P. Study of the electric field In the nArth'a cruut An cane of reciprocally perpendicular conducting layers. Trudy Inst. gnofiz.AN Gru%.SSR 17:291-314 1519. (MIRA 13:4) (Terrnntrial elactricity) s/169/62/000/008/015/090 E202/E192 AUTHORS: Balavadze, B.K., Gabuniya, V.P4, Shengelaya, G.Sh., Abash idze, V. G. , Zartv-Wh~shvifij K..M. , and Mindeli, P.Sh. TITLE: Studies of gravitational field df the Bol'shoy )~avkaz 6-eefM!~4 644icqSVs - PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Geofizika,-no.8, 1962, 20, abstract 8 A 134. (Geofizikis institutis shromebi. Saknr*tvelos SSR Metsniyerebita Akademia, Tr. In-ta geofliz- AN GruzSSR, v.19, 196o, 199-216). TEXT: nesults of the studies of the Kavkazkaya gravimetri- cheskaya ekspedi-tsiya,(CaucasiLin-Gravimetric Expedition)*of the Institut geofizi'ki AN;Gruz.SSR (Institute lof Geophysics of the AS Gruz. SSR) carried out between 1955 and 1958, in the region.of the Bol'shoy Kavkaz, are*described. The measurements were carried out on Norgard gravimeters. Two simultaneous observations were taken w4ich secured good control. Prior to the field work, the apparatu.s was studied and particularly careful determination of temperature coefficients, calibration in field conditions and determination of the stability of the rate of division, was made. Card 1/3 Studies of gravitational field s/169/62/ooo/oo8/015/090 E202/E192 The survey was based on 41 supporting points which are linked through the initial Tbilisi point with the Potsdam grid. The results of survey (1902 points) were completed by 57 pendultim points and 1393 points collected by industrial organisations. Method of survey in difficult and inaccessible mountainous re~;ions is described. The errors in the determination of the hnomalieb are described. It is shown that in order to increase the accuracy of the gravity force reduction in mountainous regions, it is of greater importance to determine more accurately the density than the elevation of the point. The &29 (Buge) anomalies are strongly deformed by the effect of the topography and hence for all the 3400 points the effect of the topography was taken into considera- tion within a radius of 200 km. Brunce and Zhongolovich (iongolowicz) corrections were incorporated in the observation-s. A brief description of the gravitational field of Caucasus in the "free air', (Faya) reduction 61g, and local topographic a23 (Buge) reduction is given. Simultaneously with the survey, studies of rock densities were carried out which showed that the belt of denaity changes decreases with the increasing age of the rockt., and Card 2/3 j Studien of gravitational field ... s/169/62/000/008/015/090 E202/E192 the average density values tend asymptotically to a limit. [Abstractor's notes Complete tranalation-~-. Card 3/3 at A Te rep odpubf~fe j~ 1(-Alvll!l of Iflue. sci fnr Lt, to I j:f., .A: was acid-rmLstant celis. 'ii'i I" 4,u. dul 3 sua ."..o . . -; s,,Ialn ja 11Z in.%6. Tub-ziculio pfeV-I. t,,ji matitter produced in tubacutt.,uL; pi4-~ rlz:!CI!4.,Us of tlLe r~tu:d tatt"'ity cti -i tuhcrmilin. FLUE'A, ';,, Ire-; I.., irg.,- C.I.BU:IT(;I, V., llriaurartl,l-~ 1--iel in the tAcimlqlia r;f' ',191tal CillcuLw. electron!ca 8 t1c)- M,--p 16L. g.; DUMITRACHEtloi Ing.), -GAIMINI , 'J., -Urgp FWRF.A,S., in e in t er- 01 amp llnewiatic munerical calculatiOn rlts "txirei on th action of air jets* Automatica electronica 8 no.3.-I.21-IZ5 my-Jig 164 ALEKSANDROV, A.D.; AKIIOV, G.P.; ASMINVITS, I,Ta,; VALLA11MR, S.V.; VLANKIROV, D.A.; VULIKH, B.Z,; GA 11TOV-TICII, L.V.; KOLBINA, L.I.; WZINS14T#.S'm~-~,DTZHEWSKATA, O.A.; ~JMX- TU-V-; 1XIMIEV, H.A,; MIKHLIN, ~.G,;.MKAROV, B.M,-,.XATANSON, NUITIN, 4.A.;.FOLYAKHOV, N.N.g.PINSKER, A.G., SMIRNOV: l.; SAF~ONOVA, G.P.; SMDLITSKIY. Kh.L,,- FADIZYBV, D.K. Grigorii 14ikhailovich Fikhtengollts; obituary. Vest. MU 14 no.19: 153-159 '59. (MIRA 12:9) (Fikhtengolits, Grigorii 'Mikhailovich, 1888-1959) G*4UROV, P., inah. Conferences on the losses in the State Enterprise "Energoonabdiavane" . of Sofia'. 'Elektroenefgiia 13 no,7z28-29 Jl 162. c~7- WUROV p P.., inzh. ~k a rational utilization of eleetric energy. . j sympogi= on th ii 162. jgleYtroenergtia 13 no.7s29-30 I I I. I I GA BUROV V Fe, tur , inzh'O The 110kv. stop-down substations with a single transformer# Blaktroonargiia 14 no. 12:16-19 D 163. Country : CZECHOSLOMM V Category: Pharmcology. Toxicology. Ganglion.Le Blochii,g Agents Abs Jcur: MR,ol, 11o 6, 1959, iio 27764 Author : Bargar, M.; "asik, A.; Chadim, P.; G--burov--, M. Inst :- Title :The Effcc~ of Calcium on Ganglionic Blockilig induced by TetracL*-ylawonium Bromide. Orig Pub: Bratisl. lcl=r. 1-1-sty, 1958, 2, No 3, 144-150 Abstract: It was demonstroted in experinents on -. superior cervical ganglion w:Lth, application of pm&-aiiglionic electrical stuatlation t at calciun c loride prevents or removes the blocking of gonglia coaditioned by tetracthyl.ammoniun, bromide. - From t e :-~ut'ors' resuLk- Card 1/1 SOV/137-59-5-9705 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurglya, 1959, Nr 5, P 32 (USSR) AUTHOR: Gabuyev, G.Kh. TITLE: The 25th Anniversary of the "Dneprospetsstall" Plant PERIODICAL, Tekhn.-ekon. buyl. Sovnarkhoz Zaporozhak. ekon. adm. r-na., 1958, Nr 2, PP 11 - 13 - ABSTRACT: Information is given on the plantts history from its origin till the present. A novelty in technology Is the wide use of 0 in steel smelting, during the melting of the charge., and for ge- carbonizing the metal. A stripping shop was organized In 1955, and vacuum treatment of metal prior to teeming was brought Into use in mass production. Mechanization of labor consuming pro- cesses was developed. T.K. Card 1/1 GAW71,?V, G.Kh.; TERNOVSKIY.. A.N. Thirtieth anniversary of the Zaporozhlye metallurgical plants. Stall 23 no.ld-5 Ja 163o (MIRA 16:2) (Zaporozhlye-Iron and steel plants) ACCE3`~SION NR: AP4041869 S/0133/64/000/007/0640/0642 AUTHORI Gabuyev, G, Kh.; Yel'teov. K. S.; Shul*te, Yu. A.1 MikhayloV9 P. A.; Ga-fiViikikh'. 1. A.; Leybenzon, S. A.; TsivLrko, E. I.; Medovar, B. I.; Latash, Yu. V.1 Frantsov, V. P.; Pakhomov, A. I.; Kaxanovskiy, G. P.; Voinov, S. G,; Shalimov, A, G,j Kalinnikov, Ye. S.; Saolyskov.. iV. P.; Kosoy, L. F. TITLE: Improvement of the quality of electroslag-melted ball-bearing'; steel SOURCE: Stal', no, 7, 1964, 640-642 1, iTOPIC TAGSt ball bearing steel, electroolag melted steel, high purity steel, steel olectroslag malting 'AUSTRAC,r: Several variants of electroslag melting have been tested !in an attempt to improve the quality of ball-bearing steel. The ;analysis of electroslag-melted steel showed that nitrides and car- ibonitrides constitute the greatest part (up to 75%) of the nonmetallic I i incluoions present in the steel. Those nitrides derive from the initial material. The electroslag process eliminates large nitrLdes cover 20P in diameter, but does not eliminate the smaller ones, jCard 1/3 !ACCESSION NR; AP4041869 iTherefore, the nitrogen and titanium contents of the initial metal t be reduced to &minimum* This can be done, for example, by 1mre;ining the metal in the ladle with synthetic slag* Electroslag !melting of open-hearth steel refined with synthetic slag eliminated ;all the inclusions larger than 1OU and reduced the number of smaller linclusions by more than 50% and the nitrogen and oxygen contents Ito 0.005:1 and 0.0020%, respectively. To produce ultra-high purity ~ball-bearing steel,the double electroslag melting was applied with a combination of various fluxes. The use of ANF-6-ANF-6 fluxes in Idouble electroslag melting or of AN-29-ANP-6 fluxes produced beat Iresults, Ultra-high purity steel, fully satisfying requirement 1 5 ifor critlical ball bearings, was obtained. Orig, arto hast 2 figures* ASSOCIATfON: Dasprospetastal' (Dneprospetastal' plant); Zaporozh- skiy mashinostroital'ny*y institut (Zaporozh Machine-Building Insti- tute); Institut alaktroevarki in Yee Oe Patone (Electric Welding Institute); TsNIIChM Card 2 )ACCESSION NR: AP4041869 I !SUBMITTEDt 00 ATD PRESSt 3068 ,~SUB CODEs MM NO REF SOVt 007 E.NCL.s 00 OTHERI 000 ;Card L 2361~-66 , EWT(M)/kWA(d)/, MJW Jp1jul ACCESSION NR: AP5019947 UR/O Y6 O/Ocb/0752/0753 669.187.26 P tbramov ATYMORS t Yu4oylc V V GabiM Q Kh. Frar~~e *iBT Smajyq~Soy,j V. P.,,'Sypkol A. V.; Travin' 'V 7Y-7 J- TIME: Effects of smeltingand working methods on the properties of heat resista4ti 18tainleee steel DI-1 !SOURCE: Stalto no. 81 1965, 752-753 TCTIC TAGSi stainless steel property, stainless steel smelting, hot rolling, forging/ DI 1 steel alloy, 20Kh15N3M& steel alloy ABSTRACTs The effec 480f emeltinj and hot working methods on the properties of ;stainless steel D1-1t(20Kh15N3Mk)Nere investigated. The metal was melted in 20-ton jarc furnaces, poureT ifito, 2850 and 1000 kg ingots, part of which were hot rolled anxi 'part forgel into 170- to 180-mm diameter rods. Part of the smelt& as eleotroslag ,r,?melted aad also forged or hot rolled into rods. Dar for the ingots were 8 M5 AC Ps gis heated to i160-1180Cg reduced to 200 x 200 mm blanks C I slowly cooled to A-30-150C :reheated to 1160-1180C for final forginpinto rode (final temperaturej 1650-900C~j and annealed at 6600. For hot rolling"the blanks were placed at 750-1 ,800C in a xeoovory furnac'o. It was found that aftor remelting the oxide and sulfide ,Card L 2364--66 CESSION ZIR I AP5019947 locntent in:D1-1 dropped from ball 4 and 2 (coaree seale) to ball 1.0-1.5 and 0-5 iMspectively. The % -phase content,also decreased as did the 02(by a factor of 12-3) and H2 (factor of 2) contents. The properties of the are smelted (D1-1) and Iresmelted (PI-18h) t ,4ele after heat treatment were 6B -102 - 5 kg/=2, 8 . 12~, 2 6.0 kR/cm end 1'07, 16-5t and 6.2 respectively. The type of hot wrking method (forgLng or hot rolling) appreciable effect on any of thelproperties, Vat in both -.aBes plasticity dropped sharply for working. temperatures above 1200C '(because of-Incroaaed IX -phase.formation). Orig. art. has: 2 figuriese ASSOCIATIONt none SUB CODEs IN' :RUBMITTED; 00 ENCLt 00 110 REF SOV: 000 OTHERt 000 L 42922-.6 !/0082 ACC NR. AP6029056 SOOCE CODE: U.R/O413/66/00o/ol4/oO82/0O82 . ~TL INVENTOR: Averchenko, P. A., Alekseyenko, M,_F.-O Babakov, A. A.; I.; Yelltsov Ba;trakov. Bondarenko A. L. *, Gabuyuv , G. KI I K. S.; Kuly in G V t8-ft'"T. -N. -, dr,ekhov, G. N. Prida-nls-iv.-M.-*V;---Gklyarov,-P.'!.--~-6m~lyUov. V. F.-, Scroko, L. N.; 8olov1yev, L. L.; Frantso~, V. P.; Shanil', Yu. P.; Moshkevic e.-I. Natanov, B. S. ORG: none TITLE: Stainleas steel. Class h0, No. 1839147. SOURCE: Izobre-t prom obraz tov zn, no. 14, 1966, 82 TOPIC TAGS; stainless steel, chromium titanium steel, molybdenum containing steelf nitrogen containing steel, titanium containing steel Z ABSTRACT: This Author Certificate introduces a stainless steel containing chromium, molybdenum, and nitrogen. In order to improve w ility, the steel has the following composition: 0.08% C, up to 0.8% Mr, up to 0.8% 'Gi, 15-18% Cr, 0.2-0.6% Moj o,O-o.15 N, 0.4-1.2% Ti, up to 0.035 S, and up to 0.030 P. [WW] SUB CODE: ll/ BUBM DATE: Wan65/4-~A Ar'a I q I