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p e / y 43 *r 6,4 AIOOVA rjo 4 v 4o /f loo@o GANTA, Tudor(Ganea, Tudor] Homatopie atationary points. Rev math pures 5 no.2*315-317 160. (EEAI 10:9) (Homotopy theory) (Aggregates) (Hilbert space) GANYA.-Tudor [Ganea, T.) Estimates from above for the Liusternik-Shnirellman category. DokI. AN SSSR 136 no.6:1273-.1276 F 161. (MIRA 24:3) 1. Matematichoskiy institut Akademij Rumynskoy Narodnoy Respublikis Bukharest. Predstavleno akademikom P. S. Aleksandrovym. (Topology) BORTSOVA, M.P.; GAVAYUNOVA, P.B.; POPLAVSKAYA, A.V.; SHPICHKO, N.F.; PAVIOV, G.D.; PODUNDVA, A.T.; IOVA, N.I.; ALEKSAIMMU, R.P.; ATARTIKOV, A.G.; VOROBIYEVA, Te.I.- GAITITANTS. E.M.; GEILETI, D.Ta.; PATISMILA, M.A.; FILUM, I.A.; Cwm`@@ -To-.-S-. Solecting demulsifiers for crude oils processed in Groznyl refineries. Trudy- GrozNII no.4:17-26 159. (MIRA 12:9) I.Groznenskl7 n6ftyano3r nauchno-issladovatellskiy institut (GrozNII) (for Pavlov, Podunova, Lova). (GroznYi-Petroleum-Refining) ALEKSEYEV, Aleksandr Grigorlyevich; XIAMUYEVj- Boris-Pnitriyevdch; da- -XAF LOV9 VasJliy Vaoillyevich; SGKOWVp D.V., inzhot nauabnyy red.; GORDEYEV9 P.A.9 red. izd-va; ABRAMOVAy V.M., tekhn. red. (ImAy-trial installation of- large prea"embled electric equipment at industrial enterprises] Tindi-trJAI'm7i montazh elaktrooborudo- vaniia promyshlennykh predpriiatii. Moskva, Gos. izd-vo-lit-ry PO stroit., arkhit. i stroit. materialam, 1961. 123 pe (KM .14:6) (Electric apparatus and appliances) GANTAYEV,.I.P., starshiy propodavatell; LYCHKOVSKIY, V., prof., otv. red, (Electrical equipment of ships; manual for students of mechanical and shipbuilding professionslElektricheskoe oborudovanie sudov; uchebnoe posobie dlia atudentov mekhanicheskoi i sudostroitelfnoi spetsiallnostei. -Gorlkii. No.l.[Mechanical characteristics, regula- tion of the angular velocity, and electrical braking of three-phase a.c. and d.c. motors]ElektrodvAgateli postoiannogo I peremennogo trekhfaznogo tokov, ikh mekhaniches@ie kharakteristiki, regulirova- nie skorosti vrashcheniia i elektricheakoe tormozhenie, 1962. 75 P. (MIRA 15:12) 1. Gorki. Institut inzhenerov vodnogo transport&. Fakul'tet zeoch- nogo obucheniya. (Ships-F.lectric equipment) 6-)wvlv@"/v -1 - SOMHOT, P., inzhener-okonamist; GAMIN, L., inzhenar-ekonomisto Planning tasks according to the growth of labor productivity. Grazhd.av. 13 ne.6-22-23 Jo '56. (KUU 9:9) (Aeronautics, Commercial) GANYKILN, L., starshiy inzhener-ekonomist f Improve the records and accounting. Grazhd.av. 12 no.2:37 F 155. (MIRA 16:1) (Airlines-Accounting) LUTSKIYV A.Yee; RCMODAKUVs, I,Sq; GANM,, LwN. --- ........... ................. HyperfLne splitting on the hydraxyl group proton. Tacrete i eksper, khim, 1 no,4:540.-543. .265. (NIRA 18:10) 1. Khartkovskiy politekhnicheakiy institut. )_ C!3 Y_ 0 S/020/62/145/006/014/015 B106/B144 ATE-110-116 Strelko, V. V., Ganyuk L. IN., Kachkurova, 1.Ya, and Vy@,otoki.y, Z. 11olycondonsittion of acetaldehyde on dehydrating silica (,:el 109 " t@ A 1, i'tiado%iiya nauk SS:;R. Doklady, v. 145, no. 6, 1962, 1297 - 1.@@ i-'jl-,cord,?n3ation occurred a" room tenaerature when silica h dro'ge)n 'XT: liberatei from 3alts with the aid of distilled or acidified (pH 4@ water %-,-oro ili@!;iccitted by hea'ing CaCl2in acetaldehyde vapor atmosphere, the sil Lca gel beinG dissolved in 1 N NaOlf to isolate t1ne -jolycondensato. The extr--teted with benzene. It consists of rtially oxidize,! I Pa )alycne alderhy:les @-:ith similar molecular -xoightF@ and is red-bro;vn, Viscol-o" @nl so@uble in orC..Lnic solvents. Further polycondensation and cross- linkage or the pc,17mer molecules set in if silica -;el and the polymer are ke-,)t for 2 hro alL 1200C and for 1 hr at 1500C in air. The iroduct 4s dark-brorn, insoluule in benze@e and CUI and partially soluble in 41 :Lco Lone. If the polymer obtained at roori temperature after the Beparation C"Ird 1/3 S/020/621/1 45/006/014/01:1; Pol@rconiensation of -:.,etlald(@hl@-Ie au, ... B 1 005/B 144 of sil;ca .-el is heated, the conjju&ati)-,s of the C=C double bonds vure destroyed by oxid--t-i3n and diene-ty)e s.ynthesis. '2he :olymer structurez, and th--reby the course of polycoridensations, ,-,ere confirmed, by e.p.r. and !R absjr:).-4,.m s,)ecra. The e.:).r. siCnails show that the polyener, f 0 r,7. e.11 i .)era ture-deoendent reversible donor - acceitor con-.Iex -rith the silice. gel surface,which is destroyed by heatin.- and restored by coolinj. Adcor,- tion ev )erizaents %-,ith methanol an.1 -..,ater vanors, per@ormdd on silic.n. E;el conLainine the polycondensate, sh owea that the joly:.-,,,2r does not completelz@ bloc.'@: the -)ores of silica cel. It is assuned that -;art of t.rie :)oly--:er molecules are linl%-.ed with the mac;roralicals :-@Si-O-tmd @-Si-vhich form b.,.- radic@,l mech@lnism durinc the desiccation of the c--?i t'hrouoh rupture of iioxane bon's bet-;---@en micelles. Silica i@els With similar .,ro- klne s I I L. @erti,--s also form. from M-dro-els desiccated in vinyl vcet@@te vj..)ars -".s h,,Arolyze.l of v@nyi to ilcet-;c acid, and acetaldehyde which ii- OOMPOSL@s to 001yene aldehydes. Silica gels containing polymers ,,rith con- -te-, double bonds, are suitable for use as activi@ fillers vhich --ct @is acct!,tors of free raiicals. 7here are 3 fJ:=e--. 2*,-,e :.-.,):3t im,.)ortant English-language reference is: Z. R. Blout, Field's, R.!)Ius, J. An. Cheri. Soc-, 70, 194 (1946). I -11"trd 2/3 I S/020/62/145/006/014/'015 Z,olyoondunsatAon of acetaidoh-,de 3n . . . B106/3144 A56*3CIATION: Institut fizlcheskoy khi-',.i-ii im. L. T. ?isarzhovskogo Akad.@@-,,il nLu'.-- USSI (Institute of Physical Chemistry imeni L. V. Pisarzhevsziy of the Academy of Sciences UkrSSR) a ":,Iy 5, 1962, b., V. A. Kargin, Academician SU---:.:I'2T-'-'D 11aY 4-9 1962 Card 3/3 STREIXO, V.V.; GANYUK, L.N.; KACHKUHOVA, I.Ya.; VYSMSI'Lly, Z.Z. Folycondonsation of acetaldchyde on a silica Gel underpirk; dohydration. DokI.AII S3SR 145 no.6:1297-1300 Ag 162 (' Iffilk 15:8) 1. Institut fizicheskoy khimii im. L.V.PiuarzhovskoCo All USSR. Prodstavlono ukade.-aikom V.A.Karginym. (Acotaldohyde) (Polymerization) (Silica) FMCDENKO, V.D.4 GANYUK, L.N.; BP.CDSKIY, A.I. Rearrangement of the free radical of oxidi2ed ionol. Dokl.AN &SM 145 no.4:815-817 Ag 162. OMU 15:7) 1. Inatitut, fizicheskoy kbimii im. L.V.Pisarzhavskogo AN UWR. 2. Chlen-korrespondent AN =R (for Brodski ). (Gresol) (Radicals (Chemis'ZN GRAGEROVP I. P,; PONOWCHUX, M. P.; STRELKO, V. V.; =UK._L. N.; VXSOTSUI, Z. Z. Free ra4ieal formAtion in banzoauiubydrons and pbenazcbydrin on solid surfaces studiemd by the electron paran-Rnetic, resonance method. Dokl.-AN SSSR 147 no.4,.867-869 D 162. (MIRA 16;3.) 1. Institut fizichaskay khimil im. L. V. Floarzhevskogo AN UkrSM. Predstavleno akademikam M, 1. Kabacbnikam. (Quinbydrone) (Phenazine) (Radicale(Chemistry)) BRODSKIY, A.i.; POIGIODENKO, V.D.; q_kpKlp k.N. Study of the transformations of radicals during the oxidation of 2,6-di-(1,11-dimethylalkyl)-4-methylphenols. Zhur.strukt.khim. 4 no.2:M-215 Mr-Ap 163. (MIRA 160) 1. Institut fizicheskoy khimii imeni L.V.Pisarzhevskogo AN UkrSSR, Kiyev. (Phenol) (Oxidation) (Radicals (Chemistry)) STRELKOY V.V,; GANrUK, L.K.; MOTSKIT, Z.Z. ONE-MOROMMMON Appearance of parmsergnetiom drring adsorption of anthracene by debydrated aladimilicatev ailica gel, and(alumina gel. Ukr. khim. shur. 29 no.41363-365 '63. KIRA 1696) 1. Institut fizicheskoy khinii in. L.V. Pisar2hevskogo IN Ukr=. (Anthracene) Woorption) (Electron paramakTnetic resonance and relaxation) S/020/63/146/0005/016/023 B117/Bi86 'AUTHORS: Pokhodenko, V. D., Ganyuk, L. N., Yakovleva, Ye. A.t Shatenshteyn, A.-I@-, -Brodskiy, A. I., corresponding Member AS USSR JITLE& E.p.r. spectrum-and rearrangement of the radical forming during the oxidation of ionone-CD 3 PERIODICAL; AkademA'ya nauk SSSR. Doklady, v. 148, no. 6, 1963, 1314 - 1315 TEXT: Experiments with a tagged para-methyl group were made in order to prove the rearrangement of the phenoxy radical (I) in benzyl radical (N) which was observed during the oxidation of 2.6-di-tert-butYl-4-methylphenol (ionone) by means of deuteriu.m tagging. Ionone with deuterium in the methyl group was obtained by hydrogen isotopic exchange with the KIM solu- 2 tion in liquid ND 3 under comparatively rigid conditions. lonone-CD 3 (0.1 1& solution in C 6H6) turns yellow during the oxidation with PbO. in vacuo. In the infra-red spectra of the oxidized ionone-CD 39 dissolved in CCl 49 not only the frequencies corresponding to the phenol and the C-0 group Card 1/2 S10201631148100610161023 E.p.r. spectrum and rearrangement ... B117/3186 (1610 cm-i) were observed, but also a band (2692 eta -1 ) corresponding to.the OD group which confirms the regrouping The e.p.r. spectrum of the phenoxy radical of ionone-CD3 was found to coraist of 9 lines. Intensi- ty ratio of these lines: 1:4-4113.23:26:2303-4-5:1i the splitting between the components is equal and is aI - 1.6 oe. This spectrum corresponds to that determined previously for the phenoV. radical of ionone-CH 3 A. I. Brodakiy, V. D. Pokhodenko, L. N. Ganyuk, Zhurn. strukturn. khim in press); A. L. Buchachenko, M. B. Neyman, DAN, 139, 916 (1961)). In the @ ase of continuous oxidation it is not changed, as was observed in the ' i spectrum of the phenoxy radical of ionone-CH . After 1.5 hr it passes into 'a 3 a singlet with a width of 2.4 oe, There is I figure. ASSOCIATION: SUBMITTED: ,--Card 2/2 Institut fizicheskoy khimii im. L. V. Pisarzhevskogo Akademii nauk USSR (Institute of Physical Chemistry imeni L. V. Pisarzhevskiy of the Academy of Sciences UkrSSR); Fiziko- khimioheskiy inatitut im. L. Ya. Karpova (Physicochemica! Institute imeni 1, Ya. Karpov) November 4, 1962 POKHODENKO, V.D.; GANYUK, L.N.; BRODSKIY, A.I. Radicals, products of the thermal decomposition of substituted cyclohexadienone peroxide. Dokl. AN SSSR 149 'no.2:321-323 Mr 163. (MIRA 16:3) 1. Inatitut fisichaskoy khimii im. L.V.Pisarzhavokogo AN UkrSSR. 2. Chlen-korrespondent AN SSSR (for Brodakiy).- Oiclohexadienone) (Radicals'(Chemistry)) GAT,MK, L. I.; BRODSKIT, A. I.; POKHODMO, V. D.; ODle umlagerting von Phano.Vlradikalen in BOn7ylradikale bei der oxydation sterisch gehinderter Phenole" Third Working Conference on Stable Isotopes 28 October to 2 Yovember 1963, Leipzig. 1101 IK'ON, V,Y@(.; WaIYUK, I.A.; II)INKAYA, Yo.F. ,-. r. r. I @ @ of vamidium bron,.--es. Kin.! S 11 G-3 164. ( K! RA 18 @- 31 ) I., . - Imi i Amen! o AN j lri,,tt,ttut Cizirlipskoy kh., 11.1 L 6000&65 EWT(M)/E#FwAPA(w)-2/&0(J)/T Pc-4/Pr-ht0ab_j0- ACCESSION NR: AT4049M 5/0000/64/000/000/0019/,002i 8 V-.V-.I Vyg46takL-t;~Z-.-Z.-.-Canyuk-y-LU TITLE: Degradation of polymers formed by the reaction of-gaseous Monwers:!@X_ dehydrated hydrogels of silic@Ac and aluoLnosilicia acids SOURCE,. Rhimicheskiye svoystva'i modifikatsLy^ polimerov the modification of polymers)'# s lq@.22 @frnik statey. Hoscow,,Zzd-vo Nattka$1,964.-, onw--h _d I--- -sLUc1v_- acids-aluminosili(Ac TOPIC -TAGIS: LA. acid y r ge, j adsorption ermst xerogel 'Vatek.-polystyrenei.polyviny acetate,,Z c a gel i lie thiophe P -ABSTRACT* The-foll6wing ' xpe e rimetitAl. methods-were used__in@ this -study.: A tdti@ - - - 1:hydration of the hydrogels of silicic. and Alu&Lnosilicic_acids in vapors of rei I ly polymerizable monomers,, such as. 4tyrdnfl"d vj@y I acttateAas well-a-s the@ Affi@-@'@ cultly polymerizing thioplmneland M,, which is a good chain transfer- agent of-- --l-radical. reactions; 2). 4lectrdit paramagnetic resonance spectra ef the products of_@,_,. Id-1- the reaction of the vapors or organic substances with dehydrated gels; 3) Ads.orp tion isotherms of methanol vapors by.dehydrated xerogels at 20C in a vacuum *6-:,_. AP f the ratus of the McBaln type; 4) Water repellency tests; 5) Determination 0 iL organic polymers in the gels by annealing in air at 8500 af ter -removi, Of 40008-65 ACCESSION NRI, AT4049838 the monomer.and the soluble polymer,fractions.- Adsorption isotherms were p otted for methanol vapors on styrene silicagel obtained in airp nitrogen and C014, as well as for control samples, and then for methanol vapors on alumindsilicage t obtained in styrene and vinyl acetate vapors, and on a control gel. It was found that on drying in CC14 vapors, the surface of dehydrated hydrogels, especially acquiro chemically active groups of a radical --t -Thiif drated-gels@ --- a@mocq xtWerature-.-@-@e- ype poly A'. @Wza..4 "'A fa 4 "An- ifaw"a 1-4 nn' a- -4 n'; tho .-.n- nra ia, nf - I iih'rc@An't6 I ;; C, I - , -, @ I i z i- %, ,G "' I I-- -: ': ,- . N . Ej-@ctxon par-r@@.gnetic reannrnce spectra of' tcltranet@Y.ItHllrdm -t45l--jfjJe and its copper complex. Vysokcm. soed. 6 no.!; 2P-110 Ja'6-1. (MiFll@ 1*7:5) 1. :nstitut fizicheakly k-b'mil,-,,. 'L.V. FiBarzhevakog.-) @'-l U-K rIt. L 225h9-65 EWT(M)/EWP(J)/T Pc-h RM S/0073/64/030/0101108211005' ACCESSION NR: AP4047698 AUTHOR: Perilkovskiy. V. V. GLanyuk L. N. TITLE: The electron paramagnetic resonance spectrum of aniline black SOURCE- Ukrainskiy khimicheskiy zhurnal, v. 30, no. 10, 1964, 1082-1085 TOPIC TAGS: aniline black, nigrosine, EPR spectrum, paramagnetic chromium ion ABSTRACT.- The EPR spectra of aniline black and nigrosine were, studied -on,ithe. RE1301 apparatus. The wide line (AH -450e, g f ctor=2. 00) in the aniline. black spectrum disappeared upon the removal of the Cr ions, indicatinp- it was not. caused by a system of conjugate d.botl (14ut -by the paramagnetic Cr3+ ions' which formed complexes$itfilhe-aniline W@V MoAccule. The intefisity of the naIerow line increased as that of,the wide line decreased. The narrow signal intensity was not affected significantly b@ heating to 50-150C, but increased sharply oft-@ heating to 260C, the increase being greater in a vacuum air; The presence of the rarrow line In the spectra were explained due to.the formation of Card 1/2 Di-A"'ITY L.S. -, GANY(M L. N. ; GC-LU:3:,l"lKC'I;., A. 7:19.,!tron paramagnetic spectra tin', tram9miszion of the influence of substitucrits in anlon radicals of para- nitrodip'.,Ienyls. Dold. JUN SSSIZ Ir'll no.6:1406-1409 Ag 1. Institut fizzictlieskoy kiliraii im. L.V. Plsarzhe%,,;kogo AN UkrSSSR. 2. CIden-korresponcloniL All 3S.1-IR (.,*or Brodskiy). .dJP(Q/EWP(b) JJF(c) JD ,pF(e)/Wp(i)/T/F (M)IF L 1971-66 E7RTM/F-4P(e)/EKT --- - --- --- .ACCESSION NR: APS020314 UR/0379/65/?91/00$/036 7/0372 *5' J !AUTHOR: Danillchuk, G. S.; GanYuk L. N.% Kovaltskiv. A. Ye.; Pogoretskiy, P. P. iPodzyarey, G. A.; Shgl,'jpn- iTITLE: Nitrogen in2urit 'in synthetic diamond Prders _y centers @SOURCE: Teoreticheskaya i eksperimentallnaya khimiya, v. 1, no. 3, 1965, 367-372 7OPIC TAGS, diamond, electron spin rcsonance, impurity center, donor center, nitroi ;gen, coupling constant, magnetic moment. ',ABSTRACT: A distinguishing feature of the study was the use of polycrystalline dia ,mond samples (powders), all previous studies having been made on single crystals. 'The object of the work was to study in close detail the electron spin resonance (ES @of nitrogen donors in synthetic diamondlat room temperature, to deter-mine the cou- @pling constants of the Hamiltonian gp (-Hs) + a+ b 13sf, - (*[)I, @on the basis of a atudy of the form of asymmetrical side satellites of the spectrum, !and to investigate the infrared absorption by the powders and compare the results Card 1/2 T 1971-66 ACCESSION XR: APS020314 @with the ESR data. The value of the g-factor was found to be 2.002S ' 0.0005. The Aethod of moments was used to study the form of the asymmetrical side peaks of the ispectrum, and from this, the coupling constants of hyperfine interaction of the do- ,nor electron of nitrogen with its magnetic moment were determined. The coupling tconstants obtained agreed well with the corresponding values for single crystals of ;natural diamond. The concentration of donor nitrogen centers was found to be equal Ito 1018-3.019 cm-3. In the infrared spectrum of synthetic and natural diamond, an ,,absorption band was observed at 9.1 v which is displayed more rarely in synthetic Aiamond; it@was postulated that this band is primarily due to aggregated nitrogen icenters. Orig. art. has: 2 figures, 1 table, and 0 formulas. I IASSOCIATION: Ukrainskiy HII sinteticheskikh sverkhtverdykh materialov, Kiev 0krainian Scientific Research Institute of Synthetic Ultrahard Materials) Y @SUBMITTED: 3IDec64 ENCL:. 00 SUB CODE: GC, IC I INO REF SOV: 008 -OTHER: 008 Card i VOLIFSON, V.Ya.; GAM, L.N. . , Vanadium catalysts for naphthalene oxidation. Kin. i kat. 6 no.21 306-312 W-Ap 165. (MIRA l8t7) 1. Institut fisicheskoy khiaii imeni Pisarzhavskogo AN UkrSSR. VOLIFSONP V.Ya, ; GANYUK, I-No Use -,)f *- 1---c tron r i,* re scrinnv@,- ror :,, tt;T-,_V ; rg tjj,.i i,-. ,-A,,yst , 173p, kh-m. 34 nc.9:16-',8--16','3 F3 l6c'. I mi pu -18 % - o) 1. Institut fizicheskoy khAmii imni FlJsarzlievskcg,) AN Ukr,'ISR. GHOBITIKO, !@.M. [Haniuk, M.M.] Use of patred and group cutters for cutting shoe upper materials. lah. prom. no.2-.31-35 Ap-je 163. (MIRA 16:7) 1. Kiyevskiy tekhno'Logicheskiy institut (for Chobittko). 2. Kiyevskaya obuvnaya GarTA). legkoy promyshlennosti fabrika No.4 (for (Shoe ma3tfacture-Equiprqat and supplies) POUS, Emil-Yakov Ruvimovich; EMAELEVSKIY, Valentin Nikoleyevich; red.; HOUMA, L.N., tekhn. red. [Hradbook Pamiatka krytii. transporta (Road construction-Safety measures) for the builder of cement and concrete pav6ments) rabochemu na str6itellstve tsementobetonnykh po- Moskvap Neuchno-tekhn.izd-vo M-va a%-torobillnogo i shosseinykh dorog RSM, 1960. 39 P. (MIRA 15:1) nSHOMYAKOVA, Irina Favlovna; BEZRUK, V.M., doktor geologo-miner. nwak, prof., red.; GANTUSHIN A I , red.; VIKOLAMA, L.N., tekbn. red. (Roads with a base covtse of compacted Soil] Dorogi s osnoTaniem iz ukreplennogo grunta. Pod red, Bezruka. Moskvap Nauebno-tekbn. isd-va M-va avtomobillnogo transp. i shoneeinykh dorog RSFSRj 1961, 23 P4 (MIRA 14:7) (Soil stabilization) (Road construction) IEVITSKIY, Tevgeniy Fedorovich; PDIUS, Emil' Ruvimovich; I(WEIZVSKIY, Valentin Nikolayevicb; GANYUSHB@ A._I-!)_@-ed.; NIKOLAYEVA, L.N., tekhn. red. [Modern methods of mechanization in tho construction of concrete pavements] Soitremenrgre sredstva mckhanizatsii na stroltellstve betonnykh pokrytii. Moskva, Natichno-tekhn. izd-vo N-va avtomobilt.- nogo transp. i sbooseiwjkh dorog RSFSR, 1961. 82 p. (KMA 1419) (Pavements, Concrete) KAWHNIKOVP Nikolay Andreyevicho kand. tekhn. neak, starshiy nauchrwy Satr.; FILDIONOVA, Ninelf lAvrentlyevna, inzh.; GRIYUSHIN9 A.I.# red.; NIKOLAYEVAg L.F., tekbn. red. (Precast monolithic slabs for spans] Sborno-monolitzqe plitv7e -IA-.o- letrWe stroeniia. Mbsk-va't Nauchno-tekhn. izd-vo M-va avtomoblllnogo tranap. i shossoinykh'dorbg RSFSRp 1961. 103 p. (MIU 14:7) (Precast concrete construction) (Bridge construction) KRIVSHINI, Aleksandr Pavlovichp kand. tekhn. nauk; MIKHAYLOV, Alelksey Nikolayevich, inzh.; KAMIAUKHOV, V.M., retsenzent; Wff A.I.,, red.; GAIAKTIONOVA, Ye.11., tekhn. red. LISBITIj_ [Repairing motor graders) Remont av-togroiderov. Moskva, Dauchno- -tekhn.izd-vo 11-va avtorobil'nogo tranap. i shosseinykh dorog. RSFSR, 1961. 132 p. (MIM 15t2) (Graders (Earth-moving machinery))-4taintenance and repair) GANYUSHIN,.A.1, PATENOVSKMA, M.I., red.izd-va; MIKH-w-'WA, A.A., tekhn. red. [Handbook on,accid,@nt prevention for the operator of self- propelled asphall. spreaders]Pamiatka po tekhnike bezopasnosti dlia mashiniste. avtogudronatorov, Moskva, Gosstroiizdat, 1962. 18 P. (Road machinery-Safety measures) (MIRA 15:12) YASTEREEEOVAI Lidiya Vikolayena; GANYUSILIN) A.L. red.; DONSKAYA, G.D.y ---. A, tekhn. red. [Methods for the stabili&Ltion of heavilY wetted soils with organic binders) Metody ukrepleniia pereuvlazbnennykh gruntov organicbe- skimi viazhushchimi. Moskvap Avtotransizdat, 1962. 31 P. (MIRA 15:5) (Soil stabilization) KAZARNOVSKIY, Vladimir Davydovich; @.MUSJIIN, A.I., red.; FALIKOVA, N.V.,, tekhn. red. (Calculation of the shear strength of soil in the designing of a road] Uchet soprotivliaemosti grantov sdvigu pri proektirova- nii dorozhnoi konstruktsii. Moskvaj Avtotransizdat, 10,62. 34 p. (MIRA 15:5) (Soil mechanics) (Roads-Denigaing) TWAS, Yevgeniy Viktorovich, kand. tekhr- nauk; FILIEONOVA, Linell Lavrentlyevnal inzh.; SETILIMAI., Yefim Iosifovich, kand. tekhn. n7auk; KIRILLOV, V.S., kand. tekhn. nauk, dots, re- tsenzent; GAIIYUSHIN, A.I., red.; GALAKTIONVA, Ye.V., tekhn. red. (Use of wire.-reinforced concrete in bridge constructionlPri- menonie strumobetona v mostostroenii. Moskva,, Avtotransi--dat, 1962. 134 p. 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Completing over-all mechanizatJon, Avto doz. .27 no*M9101,16 F 164a (MIRA 1713) RAKNOVICH, m.v... A.i Pre--fqeiy, clearly, businesslike. Avt. dor. no.10:'ll 0 '64. (,'-"PA 17,Z-42) 1. Predsedatell dorozhnoy sektaii Nauchne-tekhnicheakogo obahchastva gorodskogo khozyaystva i tivtomobillnopo tran-sporta Eslontikoy SSR (for Rabinovich). GANYUSHINA, A. Ghetaistry in 1965. Avt-dor. 28 no.11:3 of cover N 165. (MIRA 18sll) - GANTUSHKINA, L.G, Effect of zinc and 2,4-dichiorophyno:VL'utyria acId on the growth, development, and yield of potatoes. Uch.zap. Petrozav.gos.un. 11 no.4:16-19 163. Use of trace elements in growing Karelian birch. Ibld.t 40-43. (MIRA 19: 1) 1. Kafedra botaniki i fiziologii rasteriiy Pvtronavcdz5kogo gosudarstvennogo universitetL. GAITYUSHUM, L.G. Placement of gibberellin under seeds and peedlinga of woody plants in the Karelian A.S.S.R. Uch. zap. Petrozav. gos. un. 12 no.3:40-42 164. (MIM 19:1) 1. Kafedra botaniki I fiziologii rasteniy Petro-avodskogo gosu- darstvennogo universiteta 1-men! ON. Kuusinena. I.- ................ qgnym, -V. Ka., An ft. Z. sa M-M *$Yvorotoo,hnaya bolezn' (Serum Sickness), Biomedgiz, 1936 GANYUSHINA, Ye. Kh. Ganyushina, Ye. Kh. *On the clinical data as pertains to the probl2m of patn6genesia of toxic diphtheria, " Trudy*Vr Vasaovuz. slyezda det. vracbey, povynshcb, parqati prof. Filatova, Moscow, 1948, P. 300-01 sn! 10 April 1951P (Lotopis'Zhurnal lnykh Statey, No. 3, 1949) w , ". -f Yb '@' III VA1.. G.-U&SHM-11A H K11. Control of scarlet fever,, Hod. sentra, Mockwu 11o. 12, Dec. 50. P., 11-5 01-M 20, 3, Tram% 19;-;,l GA--IUSHIXA. Ye.Kh. Phases and periods of infectious process according to FavloTlo theor7. Zhur.y7s.narv.delat. 3 no.6:836-M N-D 153. ()MRA 7:5) 1. Institut vysohey nerynoy deyatellnosti Akadomii nauk SSSR i GosudarstvemW nauchno-insledovatellskiy pediatricheakly in- stitut NZ R573R. (INFICTION, physiology. *periods & phaues according to Favloyian theory) (NIRYOUS SYSTIM, In va'rious diseases, *infect., periods & phase* according to Pavlovian theory) GANTUSHINA. YeAh., doktor meditsinskikh nauk -- I'llim -MIM111,10411'r Present status of the control of scarlet fever. Top.okh.wt. i det. 1 no.4:17-23 Jl-Ag 156. ()(LRA 9:9) 1. 12 Gosudarstvennogo nauchno-iseledovateliskogo pediatricheakogo institute, Kinisterstva zdravookhraneniya RSFSR (dir. - kandidat meditsinskikh nauk V.N.Karacheyteeva) Hookya. (SCARLIT FIM--PRIDWION) USS.R/Human and Animal Physiology - Nervous SysteM4 V-12 Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biol., No 1, 1958, 44M Author : Ye. Kh. Ganyushi=, Inst : Institute of the Higher Nervous Activity, Academy of Sciences USSR Title : Peculiarities of the Higher Nervous Activity in Children at Various Stages of Scarlet Fever. Grig Pub : Ser Patofiziol., 1956, 2, 282-298 Abratract : Tn sick children between 4 and 8 disturbances of corti- cal dynamics connected with transmarginal and protective inhibition were most conspicuous at the acute stage ("sympathicus phase"). Then., on the level of the "vagus phase" neuro-dynamics were temporarily restored. The higher nervous activity was aLpin disturbed during the card 1/-C USSA/Izuman and Anirnnl Physiology - Henrous System V-12 Abs J#.@ur t Ref Zhur - Biol., No 1, 1958, 4488 period of the "allergic vave" (influence of the albummi prod,2.uts of microbic disintegration) and eventually res- tored at the phase of convalescence. Card 2/2 TISELI, Aleksandr Andreyavich, prof., zaal.deyatell nauki [deceased]; KISILI, V.A., aostavitell-red,; BELTATHYA. Ye.D., rod.; BUMIOU, M.M. , red.; VLASOVA, A.H., red.; _GANY_q*HjHA,-1aJOa-, red.; GROKBAKH, S.M., red.; KCHTUS, N.M., red.; KUDRUVTS3VA, A.,I., red.; KATZELI. 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Transactions of the Gor',J:, Pediatric Research Instituto, Xv.1. Edited by F.G.Agafonov, N.I.Kozin. Roviewad by E.Kh.Ganiushin. Vop. okh. mat.i. dot. 6 no-5: X 'Illy 161. (CHIID RE N--DISEASIZ) (NERVOUS SYSTEM) (MIRA 1/,: 10) (AGAFONOV, F.D.) (KOZIN, N.I.) X GANYUiKIIA, ye,Kh. Experimental studies on the higher sections of the brain in a sick child and in one convalescent from angina as applied to the problems in the hygiene of the nervous system. Trudy Inst. vys. nerv. deiat. .Ser. patofiziol. 8:65-71 161. (MLiA'15:2) (IERVOUS SMT@bf) (MOAT-DISEASES) (BAAIN) GANUSHINA, Ye.Kh. Changes in the higher nervous activity in children with diphtheria at various phases of the infectious process. Trudy Inst. vys. nerv. deiat, Ser. tofiziol 8:72-79 161. (@IliiA 15:2) (KIPHTHLiLIAj (NERVOUS SYSTal) GANTUSHKIN, IBLISHCHMO. I.P., red.; ROKANOVA, N.I.. (The World Health Organization] Voemirnaia organizateiia zdravookhrananiia. Moskva, Izd-vo In-ta mezhdunarodnykh otno- shenii, 1959. ?? P. (MIRA 12:12) (WORLD RIALTH ORGANIZATION) GANYUSHKIN, Vitaliy Aleksandrovicb; GlLIGULI- , 14.) red.; MUKHIN, Yu., --@--f5TETT-r-e-C. (Worker's djnastyj' Raboahaia dinastiia. Moskva, Goo. izd-vo polit. lit-ry, 1961. 100 p. (MIRA 15:2) (Moscow-Electric industry workers) GA-':YUSJ,5j"A, L.G., Cand Bic Sci ,T",-,c -.4f..--ct of t I v! td t I In o til:-111@"ntlr: a o - 0,1 nro- 7.1ft 00 v )0' (Idn o!' r C-,iv od, tr@ t c- U nty 9 t 139) GANYUSHKINA, L.G. Dynamics of some biochemical processes in potato tubers during storage. Uch.zap.Kar.ped.inst. 704-40 158. (KIRA l5s2) (Potaotes--Storage) I GANIgSHMA, L.-G D.vnamics of the carbobydrate content of potato tubers during storage. Uch.xape Kar.pedoinst. 8:3-10 159. (MIU 13:11) . (Carbobydrates) (Potatoes-Storage) L 12980-63 :ACCESSION NR: AP3000528 S/0020/63/150/002/0421/042,3 :AMORs Kozubov,, G. M.; Ganyushkina, L. 0. :TITLE: The effect of ultra-sonic vibrations on seeds of the Scotch pine (Bins ailvestris L.) and Norway spruce (Liqeq 22Lcelso Link.) SOURCE: AN SSSR. Doklady,,-v. .150, no. 2, 1963, 421-423 JOPIC TAGS: ultra-sonic vibrations, Rizjuq s5,1yealri p4sej excel!a growth I . . N stimulation, pigment format on 03TRACTs Experiments were carried out on dry seeds and on those which h*d'boen soaked in watir for a day. The "Moskip-GU-30 generator was used at a frequercy of 750 kilocycles per second and potentials or 1.5, 3.0, and 3.5 W. 100 seeds were placed in a glass of water -and exposed for Is 3 j and 3 minutes, . Twenty @varial%',ions wcra set up. The seeds were planted in sand 5 days after exposure to ultra-sonic vibrations. Determinations of the. wet and abolute dry weight of the part of seedlings underground. after 20-25 days showed that the most rapid :Growth occurred In seeds exposed for 3 and 4 minutes to ultra-sonic vibrations. at 3.5 RV, The absolute dry weight of pina seedlings was 69.01,5r, higher than that .of the controls andthat of spruce from 137.0-142.0'dU higher. In other variants ,studied, growth was not stimulated so much and in some cases was oven retarded. Card L -L-12980--63. -ACCESSION NIR: @03000529@-, 'Chlorophyll and carot noid'ana*ees per omed on the seedlings showed that the i f ichlorophyll content of treated pineeeedlings 'exceeded that of the controls by .I 1 .1 -34.5%, and that of treated spruce seedlings by 87.8-141.6%. "Treatment of the seeds with ultra-sonic"vibrittions was done at the Veesoyuzny*y institut rasteniyevodstva (All-Soviet Institute for Plant Culture) by R. S. Mmn I to whom the authors acknowledea their deep gratitude." Orig. art. hast. 2 tables. .ASSOCIATION: Inatitut loss Kerollskogo filiala Akadcmii nauk 355R (Karelian Branch, Academy of Sciences SSSR) Institute of Forestry SUBMITTED- OPOct62 DATE ACQ: 12Jun63 ENGL- 00 SUB COLE: 00 NO M SOV: 010 OTHER: 000 Card 2/2 KOU BOV, G.M.; GANYUSHKD4A, L.G. Effect of ultrasonic waves or, the seeds of trees and shrubs. Rot. zhur. 49 no.7t957-965 Jl 164. (MIRA 17t8) 1. Institut less. Karel'skogo filiana AN SSSR, Petromavodsk. I SOIDATENKOV, F.Y.;@.GANYUSHKIXA. S.M. Conditioned response to blood circulation, respiration, and lps exchange in cattle (with summary in Inglishl Yi%iol.shur. 42 no. 10:893-897 0 156. (MLRA 9:12) 1. Laboratorlya flzlologii I blokhlmii zhivotny@kh Instituta biologii Urallskogo filiala akedemii nauk SSSR, g.Sverdlovok. (BLOOD CIRCULATION, physiology, conditioned circ. changes in cattle (Rua)) (RESPIRATION, physiology, conditioned changes in cattle (Rus)) (RVINX, OWDITIOMW, conditioned circ. & rasp. changes in cattle (Rus)) USSR / Fam Animals. Cattle. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biologiya, No 2, 1959, Nc. 7342 Author Ganvushkina, S. M. Inst Ths"t-uTe-OT Biology AS USSR, Ural A:-'filiats Title The Dynamics of Gas Metabolism, Respiration and Blood Circulation in Cows of the Tagill- skaya Breed During the Process of Lactation Orig Piib Tv. In-ta biol. Urallskiy fil. AN SSSR, 1957, vyp. 4, 47-58 Abstract The investigations were performed on Tagilf- skaya breed cows 6 to 12 years of age; they were begun 10 days before parturition, were- continued daily during the colostrum period, nnd were then carried out on every month of lactation right up to the 8th month. It was established that the per minute volume in 35 WSR / Farm A nirqals 6Cattlei Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biologiya, No 2, 1959, No@. 7,342 cows increases by 64 percent toward the end of the second month of lactation as compared. to the tenth day after parturition and decrea- ses by up to 57 percent of its level at the end of the first monthof lactation. At the end of the first month of lactation, lung ven- tilation is 63.1 percent higher than on the 10th day of lactation, then it changes some- what until the end of the seventh month of lactation. oxygen consumption and energy ex- penditures of the organim decrease during the course of the first 7 days after parturition by 20 - 27 percent, but at the end of the second month of lactation oxygen consumption increa- ses by 40 percent as compared to the indica- tor of the tenth day after parturition. Gard 2/3 USSRI @Varm Animals. Cattle. Abs lour Ref Zhur - Biologiyal No 2, 1959, No. 7342 For the first two days after parturition, the respiration coefficient (RC) decreases to 0.73, then it increases (especially on the 6 - 7th days) and reaches 0.90 at the end of the first month of lactation. After becom- ing somewhat decreased to 0.73 toward the end of the fourth month of lactation, RC in- creased to 1.04 - 1.05 toward the sixth to se- venth months of lactation. -- Kh. P. Kushner.. Carid 313 36 USSR / Farm Animals. Cattle. Abs lour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 12, 1958t 54709. Abt3tract! the concentration of Hb in the blood, as well as the erythrocyte count, the cows of the eury- somic type are characterized by higher indexes. On the other hand, during the pasture period they augmented their body weight by an average of 15.51@ as against 31,5@6 in cows of the lep- tosomic type. Their milk production was 25%--' higher than that in cows of the leptosomic type. The cows and the calves possessing the eurysomic type wDre distinguished by a higher live weight. Gard 2/2 Farm Animals. Cattle. Abs lour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 9, 1958, 40431. Author : Soldatenkov, P. F., Mesohaninov, S. I.@ Trukhina, Ye. P., Filatovich, V. V. 'Inst : Not given. Title : The Effect of Certain Feeds and Their Mixtures on the Physiological Processes and the Milk Pat Content in Cows of the Tagil Breed. Orig Pub; Tr. In-ta biol., Urallskiy fil. AN 392R, iq@?$ vyp. 4, 84-96. Abstract.: .s an addition to pasturing and green feed sup- plementation, dairy cows were given feed min- tures, according to groups, as follows: lst group - 60% of cottonseed meal, 301'@a of wheat bran, 10% of oatmeal; 2nd group - 35% 30% and 35%, respectively; 3rd group - 1R, 30% and 6Vjo, respectively, The aggregate amount Card 1/2 PATRUSiV., V.I.; BATUYEVA, t.I.; BOGOMLVV@ @.Aq GANYUSHKINA SOM - Immov, -m.P.; PAVL6vA, i.v.; masmin, YEW' J55Ei@1ki-N.; V SIUNVIEVA., K.G.; SVGAIICVA, N.M. ' Experiments in physiological evaluation of food Uch.zap. U.-GU no.3133-16 159@. WIRA 14: 5) (Cattle-Feeding and feeds) (Proteins) L 16601-65 Vdr (d) /EEC (k) -2/LrEC -@/EZC (C) -2/EFD-2/FS (b) Pn-4,-Pq-h/Pae-h/?&e; ;-2 4M NR:. AP40.49169 S/0240/64/000/011/0071/0074- AUTIII)R:. . -Ganyushkina,SM, T I TU.!'. Radiotelemetrie equipment for investigating pulse and respiration of miners working underground SOURCE: Gigiyena i sanitariyat no. 110 1964s 71-74 TOPIC TAGS: -radiotelemetry, underground mining, biotelem!@tgy. pulse ra".-e,, respiration rate, mining engineering, physical exertion, KRP 2 transmitter ABSTRACT: The present study investigated the feasibility of radiptelemetric monitoring of*pulse-and respiration data for miners working underground and.the possibility of evaluating the physical exertion involved in mining operations on the basis of these data, Eiglvb.miners aged'25 42 yr with 2-15 yr of work experience were stud:Led over a period of 9 work shiftq. Pulse rate, respiration rate# and *,respiratory minute volume of each miner were recorded under conditions of rest and under working conditions of 250o 310, and .370 m below ground level at the start, middlo, and and of each shifti Card V4 MM L 166oi-65 ACCESSION VR: AP4049169 Pulse rate and respiz-ation: rate Yeremonitared for periods ranging from 5 to 20 min. A@JML-Zradi2taleMotri devle;@Qplaced in the @breast-' pocket of a miner with the@electrodes attached to his chest recorded'.@- the -pulse rate. A respiration mask with special valves (developed in 1962 by V. V. Rozenblatt and othem) was used to record respiration rate.. The raalo signals were received'by an RL-8 radio receiver and@,-@' head, phones. (,Respirw@ory minute volluie was determined by attaching a. .Doug1as bag 00 liters) to the exhalation valve of the respiration mask for 3 - 5 min and then blowing the collected air through a GFK .type gas meter, The subjects performed 4 different mining operations-...... during the 9 shifts: drilling,, reinforcingo scraping, and shovelifig--.1-1 " y. Findings,show that pulso and respiration data for ore manual.1 miners working underground can be monitored radiotelometrioally during any operation even in the presence of loud noises as in-the of drillingi, The average pulse rates for all shifts exceeded 100 beats per min, , indicating that all operations are physically difficlult. The most significant pulnerato and respiratory minute volumo shifts'w6ie observed for drilling and shoveling. The respoo- tive Imlse rates.and respiratory minute volumes for the various operations werle: for shov.aling8111.9 and 32*2 liters; for drilling# Card 2/4 t itA62, @S 11 NR: AP4049169 C7 and 24.2 liters;:for reinforeing.,102.5 and 20 liters; and for scraping.103 and.11.2 liters. Though the avorage pulse rates for s1hovoling and drilling are almost the same (111.9 and 115,74.the respiratory minute volume for shoveling, (32.2 liters) is considerably highor than for drilling (24.2 liters). This confirms earlier;Ifind- ings that when the pulse rate reaches a certain maximums deeper,@ resp!Lration becomes the basic factor in lung ventilation increaO. The lower pulse rate for shoveling compared to drilling is attributed to the inclined position of the body during shoveling and confirms literature findings that body position affects pulse rate, Subjects complained that prolonged breathing, (more than 10 min) throutgh -the, mask@was uncomfortablo when shoveling ore or carrying wood for reinforcements but tho KRP-2 transmitter in the breast pocket produced no discomforl; -at any time, Hadiotelemetric monitoring of pulso and respirationidata for miners,working undergrcund is feasible- and the-data can be Wood to assoss physical exertion in different- Jobse Orig, art, hasi: .1 figure, Cord Z/4 IGNATOK, A.I., red.; LABUTIN. V.P., red.; IVANOV, I.Z.r stras).*@y inzh,po tekhnike bessopasnosti, red.;.GAITUSHKIIIA9 Ye.V.,,-kando tekhn. naukp red.'; PIAKHTN, A.S.p kand. mod. nauk, otarohyy naucbzwy sotr., red.; SINTGOVA, K.N., red.; FESELI, M.I., starshyy tekhnolog, red.; ALEKSEYEV, A.I., red.; DOBBITSYNA, R.I.9 tekhn. red. (Safety and sanitation regulations for electroplating shops] Pra- vila tekbiniki bezopasnosti i proizvodstvernoi sanitarii pri pro- i.zvodst-ve metallopokrytii. Yoskvag Gos. nauchno-tekhn. izd-vo mashinostroit. lit-ry, 1961. 30 p. (MIRA IJ.: 8) -1. Profsoyuz rabochikh mashinostrriyoniya SSSR. 2. Glavwy tekbni- cheskiy inspektor TSentra.11nogo komitota profsoyuza rabochikh ma- shinostroyeniya SSSR (for Ignatok). 3. Nachallnik laboratorli metal- lopokrytiy Ilauchno-isbledovatellskogo instituta tekbnologii avto- mobillnoy pron7shlemosti (for Labutin). 4. Nauchnq-issledovatellakiy institut tekbnologii avtomobillnoy promyshlennosti '(for@ivanov). ' 5. Nachallnik laboratorii metallopokrytiy Nauchno-issledovatellskogo instituta tekhnologii traktorno4o i sel'skokhozyaystvennogo mashino- stroyeniya (for Ganushkina). 6. MoskoveldT naucbno-issledovatellskiy institut okhrarq truda Vsesoyuznogo tsentrallnogo soveta profs v (for Plakhin). 7. MoFA6vskiy zavod malolitrs@z-hnykh avtb-,F&G@ey for Fesell). 8. Glavnyy tonstruktor Gosudarstvennogo ins@ituta po pro- yektirovaniyu zavodov avtorobillno promy3hlennostl kfor Alexseyev). . (Electroplating-Safety measurej (Factory sanitation) . 50). sov/62-59-9-11/40 AUTHORS; A 11 ma**s i, L. , Ganz, A. TITLE: On the Anomalous Course of Reaction Between Sodium Diethyl- thiophosphate and Parachlorobenzene Sulphochloride PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR. Otdeleniye khimicheskikh nauk, 1959, Nr 9, pp 1585-1589 (USSR) ABSTRAGTt With the help of the kind of reaction occurring according to references 1,2, i.e. (RO )2PSCl + NaNHS02c%, R R SO NHPS(OR d ',0 S-.;@thee-ze 2 )2 + "emP@-e for the first time a new group of phosphorus organic compounds which are diethyl esters of the arylsulphothiophosphinic acid (ASTP-acid). In a brief description of similar compounds known from earlier publications, B. Arbuzov and Bogonostseva (Ref 8) are mentioned. @STP-acid was not obtained in the conventional method of conde@ieation. Two possible methods were attempted: 1j sodium aryl sulphinate with diethyl chlorothiophosphate, and 2 arylsulphone chloride (a) with sodium diethyl-thiophosphate Card 1/3 (b). The first was without result. According to sch9me 2, the SOV/62-59-9-11/40 On ihe Anomalous Course of Reaction Between Sodium Diethyl-thiophosphate and Parachlorobenzene Sulphochloride authors succeeded in separating and identifying the following compoundBi p-chlorobenzene sulphinate of the sodium M, Cl SO Na,. 2 bia-(p-ohlorophenyl)-a-disulphono (II) Clj,::@>-So 2- so 2-j@Cl diethyl chlorothiophosphate (III) (C 2115 0)2 PSCI k H 0) PS triethyl thionophoephate 'IV) (C2 5 3 p-chlorobenzene sulphochloride (V) Cl _/ IDS02C' of the ethyl esters of the p-chlorobenzene sulphonic acid (VI) Cl-S02OC2H 5 A substance with the general formula of C6 111204SP (VII), of which they could not establish the structure. ASTP-acid could not be obtained. The course of the reaction was assumed to be the followingt as basic substances sodium sulphinate and (III) are formed, the latter by chlorination of the initial substance b. (II) forms from (I) with not-consumed initial substance a. Card 2/3 The formation of IV, V, and VI could not be established because SOV/62-59-9-11/40 On the Anomalous Course of Reaction Between Sodium Diethy'L-.thiophosphate and Parachlorobenzene Sulphochloride the compound (VII) could not be taken as a condensation product. It did not contain Cl or a benzene ring. The compound proved to be an insecticide and fungicide. Its activity was confirmed by E. Kolosi. The experimental Dart of the article describes the synthesis. The initial substance sodium diethyl-thiophosphate was prepared according to the method of Kabachnik and Mastryukova (Refs 10,11). The compound contained, according to the analysis, 17.21% of P and according to the calculation, 17-58% of P. There are 18 reforences, 6 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Institut khimii Akademii nauk RNR filial Kluzh (Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Rumanian People's Republic, Branch Cluj) SUBMITTED; April 4, 1959 Card 3/3 @-' :-'.ana, GANZ, @titar 0 dr.; RICAKOV, Jovan, profe!io." dr.; .*ij7?-(" : -1 - I diplomiranl veterinar ?hitocides in medicine. Vo.1,nosanit.. uro9l - `3 no-I @ a 16F... z . I I 1. Instliut za prcrucavanje I ovitog billia u Deograut.,, i Ryszard S.--'gcted technolr-ical problemn of the IG55 transintor. Pr;:.egl elektronild 3 nc.8:464-470 Ag 162. 1. Fabryka Polprzowodnikow MIA, Warszawa. GANCII, S.N., kand-tekhn.nauk; KUZNETSOV, I.Ye., kand.tekhn.nauk . tffectivo devices for the centrifugal dispersion of liquids, Khim.mashinostr. no.5i4-6 S-0 163. (MIRA 16tlo) L 63566-65 EWT(mj/EPF(6)/EPR '-Pi--h/Ps-4 RPL 16'W/JW !ACCESSIOF M-AP5014153 UR/0080/65/038/005/0961/0966 661.56 'AUTHOR! Ganz, S. N.; Morozovt V. S.-, Vashkevich, A. 14 TITLE: -Preparation of highly concentrated nitric acidin a closed circulation systeff, ]SOURM Zhutnial prikladnoy khimil, v. 30, no'-. 5, -1965, 961-966 !TOPIC TAGS: nitri c acid, concentrated acids nitric--acid technology ABSTRACT, A..tDethod for preparation of nitric acid of 65% and higher concentration Un a closed Lrculation system was developed. The production system can be. UP- Iscaled to corcm43ercial size.- The method consists essentially of obtaining a 75 to 180% mixture.o-Z nitrogen oxides. -(NO+ N02). Tojhis end an ammonia-oxygen mixturels icombined with a tail gas containing 9 to 12% of NO+ N02 and heated to 320-3500C -------.;prior to entering the- oxidation -reactor. 'ter oxidation the gas contains 20 to 128% of nitrogun oxides. Subsequently the gas is cooled and absorbed in water or.-..: 'weak nitric acid in*a mechanical,apparatus provided with an internal cooling SySteM6 Under these conditions defixation of the nitric oxides is minimal (approx.' ilk), At, lCard.1/2 L 63566-65 ACCESSIOW, MR:,-.'v-AP5O14lS3 - vie 0 0 q i o 0 0 0 0 0 eve 6 0 0 0 0 0 a! I w A I Al b-, I tO I I Y V I., W, 9 oo 4 ; , - -- - . lit 0.01, i!k0opill O 8 T , 60-1- ad @ 0FIR -11 Dfl R(Kill!l AND P 0 0 ,4 00 so the pedectIft of coldus altests and elemestall sullus 00 team PV.WAS. S. cktM. Ind. (U. S. S. It.! it QLW) No. A. 40 2(lW- A. 16 00 , Vt CaS and SO, The W it I'valtil uudc, V to 0 to civr CaCO'i mut 16S. whkh IT010% d 11 i CO 00 . an t w . withSOioliycS- JbcCACOisdis-l%cdinIINOand St L It S go . . . . the C(h formed 6 us@d in ttt@tinst the Cs 0, * ir li @ 00 J R go .3 i 00 00 jp ARTALLURGICAL 1.1111AILial CLASISKATiGir u -U&, go Al F I j oli 8 6 116 A 5% a ! 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 -0 0 jjjw 1 0 0 of 4 Me 4 a n-iA- 7-1 -8 ad a 0 5 ff w 9 a a wiliee.e. 460090090060 dI 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 .00 19 .00 000 @94 .00 .00 llo* Mo.'s 00 too 00 ,00 t:q I see 00 a go* lot* a 0096 0 6 0 0 * 0 0 1 4 S 4 1 1 1 0 of At It W to to v Is so a )j it A --7 so 00 all an i's a Comishaed I cl' of sedivisa carismate a" sulfuric add ffm *Whm *Wet@ 5 N. (lans. J. r". 1"j. -The simulta m;i;1; rodu tIo 43 MI i N Ct% d : i n v . c A. &A . p 9 4 "ISO* Irmn Navso@ Comprises the follo" 114 st": fa) ith f V SO b f i l (th l i i d 00 wcoa on o * w c e resa us t s tt ag ucl on to NaeS(+C(h)). (b) rvaction of the NaS with the d ivr Ns a d 1# to C0 f d I b ti CO 5 ( orme n n c) com us on , j s 9 s ; , J of If,% to SO.: (d) oxidation of SO,. mixed with HO 00.) vapor, to 80@, in the ptesence of a So V scolitic cut&", and production of HO)a by combination of the So with so $ 1`1 stem would lower h This s 0 Y)% the fc 4ent coo 00 A! . . y y 1 p cif prodwdon of IIW.. A. P.-C: 460 00 v4TALLL-*GKAL LITI[RATUSt CkASSIFKAM0 - it Id.,V062 .0 1 9111114WRI '@Y -Iii 581084 C.- d.c U Is AT 10 1 a ow a IF Is I a a 3 0 v 0 1 0 ; ; I 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 .00 00 .00 .00 see 2*0 aloe 00 '00 '00 '00 coo '00 X99 00 ISO~ 00 moo 0 a *4 0 o 0 0 0 -# a 9 0 # -4 9-9-v 9 03 W -4 11 11 it u tl 16 1? 4 a a a a A V A 20 11 L; tj 140 loll XPC U&I.Cre I I. -1-L Is CC W a I 1, 0 00 A 00 *0 -00 00 -09 -00 oo lmpwftd mertbod for the prepimUm of ddatotorM. -00 00 a f Olkir L. Bari, . J. C". Educalsomi 17. W5--SfIW0).-- -00 It it claitned 'hat the i4ow stidn. of Ac0%le to b1mclo" 00 A powder %while distg@ off the CliCt, rics0t, in a twitet trul -60 00 9! n-tr uniform yield than by any otheir nictbol. Oka" synthetic methanol from waste gaffs. 09 calls. of J;@ --Apli. Is diwumwtl. H, M. Le"Aw 0 00 00 *0 00. 00 00 Oro 0 00 2 ::06 goo 00 1 Aill 00 :1 NO* tAs 00 A I a S A. a %tlALkVP(.KAL L11111411011t CM110KAIPON rjo 0 A a.. S 1. to, I !. s- , @v u AV 00 is , , , I . - -I--- v -7- 1-#-, F --l , -4 --1 1 V-ri An 0 'rx :to " 9 1) it 'a 69 K 401 R U " tt ft It K n 14 4110 0000000000600 0 a 4000 0000 0 00000000000toog 00 i's@*Q 40 - : : 000000000000000000000000,000400000900000 00, . - I a 11 a U Is T11 T i 1 A _L -A,,- L- 44- l t . . . . . . . . __ _D .4 The am of wome beat for drying ammoaium nitrate N.,Co"&. J. Chm. tsd. W. S, S R ) 17- Nu- 1-'-W 4 Ih b d !K1 f 11 f 00 u. . urnAces can e u rom (I"j).-The heat , . 11. lit. Leicrstvf .00 09 00 so 00 00 00 00 00 too S @7; '00 '00 00 till tie 0 00 :90 1810,00 it 0.1 jet 81101011 411111 dw Ov it, 00 I U AT 100 a I v I - 1 0 F . r@ LIP jjS&j 1 4 11 1m 0 %NO A 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0000 ::O:*00:.Oo:ooooooooeoooooooo0*00000000000000~~2 li ? L'? p r ? 11 us up m o A J.-L- L -9 -,R P 4 111412, A 4 oe A p e s j7' " , ,-, , , ------- " L -,1 1, - @ -- so *0 00 00 0 0 00 Th, v" Of waft* ARU Itm the plaductics of systhetle 00 4 N. caw Chemi. IX4. (U. S. S. it.1 iT. t uwd fot hi h wa c "a., W 4.1 mitt. fronj COf.bu9cdtnfr"vthcf gwts fmi"K theN 00%, 11. N1. Lckvstrt from NA. le of Q a -00 *00 "00 .00 ago Cleo coo 000 goo lose goo Joe 00 Llltl&IL*t CLASUPKATION Wass a.. u a &I v III 't W10 a I An I 1 5 rw 0 a .w w 0 S A a 3 9 .w w 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Otto so : : 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 OD 0" 'es 00 '00 e000 0 a 0 e : : 0 90 a 0 9 - a 0 & 9 so 0. manib&U mat, V611. AM Mo - 6'.. Man. 254, 19541@ Aciftit, AIWI66 9 - Siltill-9, ON& IT',' C-a'S'O"4,' a'ndco'd-(a'1 OUP, IT.1,and,molsture 8.7% were pressed into Wguets and @ i;;ialn, cum. t 0! air enriched with up to 50%0. d- wMAX)nolsture. The degree and the rate,of"M disimcne wes increased by the following factori: looerrpz tkMOICOW4 (from Cato 30TAVhO.J@20%); . - tbcsir; and higher tcmps@ 1150 . Briquetscoutg. CsM,40% (@asexl on Me 83 -and C 15174) heated I br. at 1100' left residues conta.3.14% combined S. Thevol.%of- HsS +-S%'pWted vs. time yiMd a family of similar curves wklivefl4ounded max. which shifted towards higher IIIS +@ SM conca; and lower.initial times as CaSOa decfeased from 68 to 40%. or:wi&2G%-AhOj replacing CaSO4, In the bitter caw -the max. was at 32-33%. reached In 30 min. at 9WO. W6 concluded that for beat recoveries the mixt@ should contain not lea than B-12% coal anti the exit gam not more than 1-1.5% fm 0. Temps. uptoltWarede- sirmblec T'he briquets fuwd at 1200'. 1. Bencowitx GANZ, S. N. f,rrous , -ilfate- S. X b Ism "p) of NO (fi --ok V,l inafj@ ic vnpor rrrs- FviOj soln, ivai m,!:i,vrr,l for vari,mn (onciii. of N(I at scvcrnl tcuip;. The valu- c-f p awl the ,(,I v. cmAT. r I N' I Zirl. I-Iflul-acd all'; k-rardic') w; j@itll fwtcti-@ "Ii concr.. "! diA)lved NO. 'I'liv 11C.It M F"I'l. kirl of NO io water i, 11.27 itt .1 it :4w, arld IM; II.No, I'l j, jl@ G-