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December 31, 1967
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GMHKOVICH, N.L. Materials on the species of fleas parasite on rodents in Kamqhatka. Izv. Irk. goo. naueb,--issl. protiVochmn. inst. 21:327-330 160.' (MIRA 14:1) (KAMCIIATKA...-PARASITES..-IiODFa'4TIA) (FLEAS) GERSHOVICH, II.L. Method for estimating the number of fleas in gerbil (Rhombccya optimus) burrowff. Med.paraz.i paraxbol. 29 no,5078-584 S-0 160o (HM 13:12) 1. Iz TSentrallnoy protivochumnoy nablyutatelnoy stantsil. (FLELA-S) SILIVERSTOV, V.B.; GERS-HKOVI-C.H, 11 N.L. New technique of catching live ffubterranean voles t*r a cord plete collection of their ectoparasites. ZooLmhur. 41. no,lla 1751-1753 N 162. (19RA 16d) 1. Central Anti-Plague Observation Station, Moscow. (Makatskiy District-Parasites-Field mice) GEII,SH ~,OV 7 Cjj , N.L.; YEVS-EYEVA, V.Yz.; RABENKO, L.V. Ectoparaslte!j; fauna; biology and it.n practical Ipportance; annotatim Med. paraz. i paraz. bol. 33 no.6:752 N-D 164. (RIRA 18:6) GIRSHKOVICH, P.N., IL;11;A, NM. Bffectiveness of treating functional incontinence of urine in women by exercise In hypnold states. 'lop. kur, fizioter. i lech. fis. kul't. 22 no.1:50-52 Ja-F '57 (KUiA 1o:4) 1. 1z TSentral ,noy psikho-uevrologicheskoy bollnitzi Kinisterst-ve. I putey soobshcheni7a, Kharlkov (nachallnik VA, Yusbtin) (HYPNOTISM-TH,~RAPALJTIC US,&) (UR1119-INCONTIRITCR) GERSHKOVIGH) P.N.) TREGUDOVIGIII, A.D. Prophylaxis and treatment of contxactures of the shoulder joint in an algetic syndrome bry meaas of gymnastics. Vop.kur., fi- zioter. i lech. fiz. kul't. 28 no.2:164-166 Mr-4163. (14IRL 16:9) 1. Iz TSentrallnoy klini::heskloy psikhona*rologichoskoy i ney- rokhirurgicheskoy bollnitsy Ministerstva putey soobshcheniya (nachaltnik V.M.Yushtin) v. Kharikove. (SHOULDER JOINT-DISEASES) (EMICISE THERAPY) (GONTRACTURE) j.kcassicu NR: Ap4o4o669 B/OCJ75/64/019/006/0705/0708 102HOR. Yatsimirokiy, Ke B.;' Morozova,, R. P.; Yoronovu,, T. A.j Ot-rahkovich., Re M. TME: (b=titative determination of tantalum by its catelytia ution on t-be oxidation of thiosulfate by hydrogea peroAide- .MRCE: Zhu2mal AnnIfticheskoy khtnii, v. 19, no. 6, 1964, 705--708 I TOPIC TAGS: tantalum, quantitatiye determinatioap thlosix1fate oxLdatioa, catalped thiosulfate oxidation, Mmetic analysis, phototurbidimatria determination, catalysed oxidation ABSTRACT: A new kinetic method is suggested for the quantitative determination ~f Ta (Y), based oz the cataIysis of the reaction between thiosulfate and b4d=gm ,peroxide: 4HIOI +W"-.* 2SO'-+2H++3HIO. 4 Since the rate of sulfate formation,is proportional to tha catalyst coacentratioup and since the optical density of BsS04 is direatay proportional to the m=ate ion Card V3 'ACCEMON NR: AP4040669 concentration,, phototurbigmtric determination In the changes of the optical 'density of BaS04 will indicate the rate of the indicated reaction. A linear rela- tionship was found between catalyst concentration (i.e., sulfate formation) and length of the induction period (time from mixing of the FesgeatB to mcment optical density = 0.05), The relationships between induction period and peroxide and tbio- r,ulfate concentrations were allo establiahed (figs. 10 2)4 It Is suggested that concentrations of these corresponding to the middle portious,of these curms be used. Wy Til V and Th ions, which themselves catalyze the above reaction, and fluoride ions which form strong ccmplexes with the catalyst affect the determine- tion. Origo art. has: 2 tables, 3 figures and 2 equations. ASSOCIATION: Ivanovskiylrblml o-tekhnologicheakij inaUtut (1vV=Y clh=lcal Technological Institute) staum , o8jul63 ENCL: 01 SUB COM IC. Norm SMI 005 OMRS 000. Card 213. GERSHKOVICH, R.S.; MART)TYUK, Yu.7., kand. med. nauk; FOLYAKOVA, V.,'-',. Use of human citrated plasma in chronic tonsillitis. Vestn. otorinolaring. 25 no.3:107 163 (MIRA 17:1) 1. Iz LlvovskoCo meditsinskogo instituta (rikoveditell raboty zasluzhennyy deyatell nauki prof. S.V. 'Rikhaylovakly), GERSHEDVICH, S.F. Laying cablos in the area of industrial plants. Prom.energ.ll no.4:35 Ap '56. OaRA 9:7) l.Glavn.vy anargatik Namerovskop khlokombinata. (Electric cables) GIRSIIXOVICH, S.F., inzhaner (e,.Kanerovo) Starting and adjusting electric equipment at the time of installation. Prom. anerg.11 no,,5:34 Mv '56.()aa 9:9) (Electric engineering) (MRSMOVIGH, S.Y., inthener (g. Xemerovo), Ghecking.the air Cap iA electric motors. Prom, enarg. 11 n0-10:37 0 156. (HLU 9:11) Onectric motors) MUSATOV, T.P. Inzh.; SHCHUKIN, B.D.; FlYSMMI, S.I. (CJissa) GE - ZEFLIDS0,11, ,~S.a'OTICH,. S.F.; S.10ELL, R.7.; DOD111, -Ye . Problem of automation and remote control In in-bistrial sub- stations. Prom.energ. 12 no.8:1-7 Ag '57. (min 10: 10) l.Stalinskiy setevoy rayon Donbassenergo (for musatov). 2.Gidroproyakt, g. Kuybyshev (for Shchukin). 3.TTovo-YxMerovskiy- khimkombinat (for Gershkovich). 4.11ovosibirskoye otdeleniye Gosudarstvennogo-proyektnogo institute. Elektroproyekt (for Shnell'). 5.Leninogorski3r polimetallicheakiy kombinat (for Dodin). 6.Tekhnicheako3re upravleni3re Ministerstva. elektrostanttiv (for Ze7lidzon). (Electric power) (Automatic control) 1;ZR5..XOViCH, b.F.: KOZLOV, V.I. kKemorovo) Some defects in water-eupply and sewage de3tgns. Vod. i san. t9kh. no.6:14-15 is '59. 041RA 12:8) (Water-supply engineering) Oewerage) FITROV, I.I., doktor tekhn.nauk, prof.; M ORTATHIKOV, I.A., doktor tektin. nauk, prof.; LITVINOV, V.N.; FROM, A.A.; GI'RShTJDYICE. S-Y.; JWOV, S.H.; DOCHAMY, V.I. In reLwd to the letter wrttteu by V.V.Artomonov, A.A.Yedorov, ant M.I.Kiselev on "Improvement in the training of upocialists in the field of electrification of induetrial enterprioes.9 Prou. energ. 15 no.9:55-59 S 160. (MIRA 13:10) 1. Nachallnik elaktroteekba g.KrasnoTugk (for Litvinov). 2. GlavW energetik Kazg1protevetmet (for From). 3. Glavuyy energetik Hovo- Kemerovskogo khimkombinata (for Gershkovich). 4. Sverdlovskiy eov- narkhoz (for Popov). 5.Frunzenskiy politekhnicheskiy institAt (for Boaharov). (Electricians--liucation and training) (Ilectrification) (Artamonov, V.T.) (Yedorov, A.A.) (Uselev, M.I.) M14-DiCA Sec.6 Vol.10/9 Internal INKUcina Sept.56 GF11*-41K0Vl'lCll S. M. ami KMAUK)YAN -I )1. 11. crdw4. 1'140i;jo. [kor milieul. (its., Murniansk. Olin 1. R 4?i n L %' A 1011441 if 1) 1 d I! III* L it I tj g I V a features of scarItt fever in adults (Ittlissimit text) KI.M. MED. (Musk.) 1955. 33110 (44) Observations based on a 5-year period ill ir( lik: regioms have showa that 2.9% ut scarlet fever paUenls were aduit.4. Over 3!'3 tit the adalls have halt st.'arlel fever during their first month itit the at-ctic .111d ElIKmit One Wll( M tilt. Ad%litl; had tilt sjts- ease during lite rirst 6 months of their lite lit tj%j! arct 1,, 1 egwil. 'I'liq change of COactivity in (I uvneed by one tv% ProhiK wa I cowl I I wilis (it the arvik, may 1w rosponsible for the phenomena. The clinical course of Me i$jmeasq.- wils M11ji-e SqvjFj? an tile adidits than in chawroft. Aftligstaill 644WIM4, TeX, 4-M. 4. 1, U) Gmaovla' S.M. Epidemiological analysis of &a outbreak of &ynentery cauFsed by water supply disorders. Zhur.mikrobiol.apia. I immun. 27 no.4:89-93 Ap 056. (MLRA 9:7' 1. Is Harmanakoy detakoy infektsionnoy bolluitay (DTSZNTERT, epidemiol. in Russia, caused by water supply d1sord.) (WATER SUPPLY disord., causing dysenter7 outbreak in Russia, apidemiol. analysis) G)MMOV Im, S.M. Result of a detAiled analisin of work of a childrenla consultation polyclinice Sov. z&rnv. 17 no.6:21-27 Je '58 (MMA 11:6) 1. Iz Murmniskoy datakoy obl'yedinennoy bolinitay (ginvr*7 vrach M.P. Nemzor). (HOSP I D IS , pedintric ronavltntion polyclinic (Rua)) (FOLATRICS , congultation polyclinic (Rus)) ~~RSHK(jv 1-ch, I)JI.; DoRoklivt) 11.0.; N'r,,MZE'h, M.P. Reorganization of the system of infirmary care for children with goastrointestinal diseases. Vop. okh. mat. i dot. 5 no. 2:69-74 Mr-Ap 160. (MIRA 13:10) 1. Iz Murmanskoy detskoy infektsionnoy bollnitsy (glavnyy vrach M.P. Nemzer). (DIGESTIVE ORGANS-DISEASES) (INFANTS-CARE AND HYGIENE) GMIIKOVICH, S.H. Classification of 6:3trointestinal (Liseases in childron. Vop. okh. mat. i det. 5 no.6s79-82 N-D 160. (MIRA 13:12) 1. Iz Murmanskoy ob"yedinennoy detskoy infektsimoy bollnitay (glavw vrach M.P. Newer). (DIGESTWE ORGANS-DISLUES) GERS11KOVICIi, S.m. Rickets and its significance in child pathology on the Kola, Peninsula. Pediat-riia 38 no. 3:41-45 Rr 16o. (MIR11 14:1) (KOIA PENINSUIA-RIMTS) Rickets in children in Fax North. Vop. okh. r~ttl. i det. 6 no.7:'.2- k 88 Jl 161. 14:8) 1. Iz 1-hu-manskoy detskoy ob"yedinennoy bollnitsy (Clavnyy vrach M.P.Nemzer). ORUSSIA, 110"ETHEINI-PLICKLTS) . GERSHKOVICHp S.M.,; BEIDZORSKIY, V.Ya,,- MOSKALEVA, R.A. Some clinical roentgenological observations on reicket in children in the polar region. Pediatriia 39 n0-3171-73 Mr 161, (Km 1424) 1. 1z Murmanskoy detakoy ob"yedinennoy bollnitsy (glavnyy vrach M.P. Nemzer). (RUSSIA, NORTHW-RICWTS) M11KOVICH, S.M.; NU-1ZLR, M.P. Characteriatics of the leucocytes in children of the ~%rmansk Arctic Region. Pediatriia no.7:36-40 162. NIRA 15:12) 1, Iz Ob"yedinennoy detsko~ infektsionnoy bollnitsy 14nmanska (glavnyy vrach M.P. Nemser . (LEUCOCYTES) (MURMISK REGION-ARCTIC mmern,) GERSHKOVICII, S.M.; TAHASOV, L,A,; &OIEVSKAI~, V,Ya,; YU."i.; .STANIISLAVOVA, IrLA. Physical developwnt of children during the first yoar of life in Munaanak. Vop. Woi. mat. i dot. 7 no.1:77-80 A 160- 15:3) 1. Iz Murmanskoy detskoy oblyedinannoy bollnitsy (glavnyy vrach M.P. Nemzer). (MURMWK--I'NFAI?TS--OOWTH) BELOGORSKIY, V. Ya.-, GERSIT0171CH, S.M. X-ray studies of chtuiges due to ricketa within the osseous s-ys- tem of brest:-fed childron in lhe F&r Nort~,. Pvdiatriia 41 no.11! 46-52 Nt62 (MIRA 1784) 1. Iz oblyedinennoy de4.-:3k-,)y bol"ni'z-7 (glip-,m-py -rra,:~ M.P.116maer) Humanska. GERSHKOVICH, V.F., inzh. (Kiyev) Nomogram for selecting diaphragms with a central opening along the axis of an air duct. Vod. i san. tekh. no.7:7-8 J1 162. (bURA 15:9) (Ai-rpipas) 15(2) 11 A'07,., 11I OP (,ershkovich, V. 1. -j/ TITLE: Reconstruction of a Feeding Cart of the S1.11-1,13 (111,ekonctruktsiya zasypnoy karetki pro3sa PEFIODICAL: OE;neupory, 1959, Nr 2, )P 84-85 (USSR) AB S -" ltAC 2: In prossin.,, wed~o-nhapvd products with the S:.11-143 1)-re-sstjs unequally pressed products are obtained. In order to eliziinate this defoct the feeding cart was provided with wooden fillef-8 in the front part (,?1,3 1). Two mechanica of tLe vorks . o, a reconstruction accordine to figure 2 which i:iakes it Possible to control by an easy method the feeding of "Ine znass into t',.;-. molds. Thus, the quality of wedge-shaD,~.d Product,- There are 2 figures. ASSOCIATIO'I: 3orovich ,skiy kombinat ogneuporov (Borovichi Kombinat of Refractories, Card 1/1 14(1)1 14(5)p 14(8) AUTHOR: so Gershkovich, V~ I. V/151-59-4-12/16 TITLE: Automatic Ventilation Doors in Mlines (Shakhtnyye avtomaticheskiye ventilyatsionnyye dveri) PERIODICAL: Ogneupory, 1959, Hr 4, Pp 188-169 (USSR) ABSTRACT: These ventilation doors were introduced in the mines of the Borovichi Kombinat at the suggestion of N. P. Kotov, V. A, Gorbachev, P. F. Vasillyev. These doors have two wings, and one wing has a door for the passage of men. The door is opened by means of a pneumatio cylinder (Fig 1). The change of the air supply to the pneumatic cylinder is carried out by a slide box which is operated by an electromagnet (Fig 2). The operation of these doors is described in detail as well as the automatic control of them for men and electric engines. On the interruption of current all doors are open. These automatic ventilation doors have a simple construction and -.ieed hardly ever to be repaired. There are 2 figures, ASSOCIATIONt Bocovichakiy kombinat ogneuporov (Borovichi Kombinat of Refractories) Card 1/1 B I All" A.'~. TU:~',YKI!y A.L;.; .';:;i!.AN*,~K)Y, V.1'.; "HU'VIOV, ,'YAl; , Y ered of sociali3t mazi.-ilement; a scht~cl randle.- fk:--- w~::-ker.,- ,5tudyim- t:-,e e~on(mLcs of ir.-imotrial ente.-p.`_3301 ~,qlola khozilaistv.-vaiiiia; dil - chteniia v sh,kolakh inclaiiiiol-whikh e'r-.oncvdl,-u predpr i ia-~ -1 i. lzd.2., jjev(~r.l dop. Pcl.itizdat, 3' " (~'IAA 17:8) 9 6 4,. lc il. - 'illy - " nii -wV ,-..' ,I ~ '? I i ~' r11, , V . I - gurses and ~Iursirg High vocation. Med. sestra No. 3, 1953. SO: Month List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, June 1953, Uncl. GjaMUMICH, V.I., vrach ablastnogo protivotuberkm1asnago dimp"Ners I(Ibltava) lbqmrience of rural mmediCal station.8 In the eontrol of tuberculosis. Nod. sestra no,7:24-Z7 Jl 154. (MM 7:7) (TWURGUIOSIS, prevention and control *Russia, rural md. centers) - GERSHKOVICH, V.I. (Poltuva) - Thay were trained by the staff. Med.sestra no-5:2.5-27 Ry '55. (NURSAS AND ITMSING) OCIRA 9: 6) G,61tSHKOVImi, V.I. (Poltava) Fine work practica In the prevontion of agricultural accidents. Felld. i akush. 21 no,11:37-39 11 156. (HLRA 9:12) (AGRICULTURE-SAYSTY KFASURES) GNRSHKOVIGH, V.I., vrach Role of the nurse in cAring for DAttOntR with tuberculosis of the bones and joints. Hed.sestra 14, no.11:10-11 N 056. (MLU. 9:12) 1. Obleatnoy tuberkulezn7y ctimpanser, Poltava. (JOINTS--TUBMULOSIS) (13011%S- -TUBM11GULOS IS) (NURSES AND NURSING) GsRsHxovIGH,,,,v4l., vrach Participntion of the nurne in the troatment of p8tifints Vith artificial pneumothorax. Med.sestra 16 no.11:27-30 11 '57. (MIRA 11 :2) 1. Foltavokiy oblastnoy protivotuberkuleznyy dispenser (PHRUHOTHORAX) (IMRSSS ALM InWING) GMRSHKOVICH, V.I. (Poltava) Roillable nhysiclanis, nusilittint. Moid.unfitra 17 nri.~137-lq V '54. (MMA l1..3) (BEIA)BROVA, OLIGA MOISAV14A) GERSHKOVICH, V.I. (Poltsvs) Role of the midwife of a municipnl hotpital in prOphylACtIC examinAtiona. Fel'd I akush, 23 no.5:38-40 14Y'58 (MIRA 11:6) (GENERATIVE ORGANS, FEMALE-TUMORS) GERSHKOVIGH1 V.I. (Poltava) Organization of medical consultations at feldsher centers. Felld. i akush. 25 no.9:41-42 S 160. (MM 13:9) MEMCAL CARE) GERSITOW-C11, V.I. Polyclinic operates gn Sunday, Vrach. delo no. 1:10'1-108 t61. WIRA 14:4) 1. Vtoraya Poltavskaya Gorodskaya bolinitea. (POLTAVA-HOSPIMS) ZAY,HAR(A%EMKQ, N.L. ',P,,-dtavu); G*-11~-SHK'-,'~'ZCH, V.I. (Poltdva) From the exn,~rience of work at the lkikr,)vo.-Bagach;mskJi DIctrict Hospital in Poltava Provlnc,~. Vrat:,h. del.o no.10,. 122-123 0 t 63, (MIP-P, 17,-2) ABDUIKHANOV, A.A.; MIFTAKIfMBOVA, T,S.; KIVVA, LYa.; GEMMOV q4j vrach Cotweils of mediud nurses. Med.sen-tra 22 no.201-55 T 163. (MIRA 16;5) 1. Predsedatell soveta meditsinskikh seater, starshaya meditsinskaya seatra Detikoy boltnitsy No.3, Barnaul, Altayukiy Icray (for Kolo- mutitsa). 2. Predsedatell sovets, maditsinskikh seater Moskovskoy gorodskoy %linicheskoy bollnitsy No.64 (for Vasi-Ilyev) 3. Predeedatell soveta meditsinskikh seater Poltavskoy bolaaboy bollnitsy (for KiVVA). (NURSES AND NURSING) SOLNTSEV, P.I.; GERSHKOVICH, V.I. Durability of press mold plates during the press molding of grog products. Ogneupor-y 27 no-3:120-126 '052. (MIRA 15:3) 1. Leningradakiy korablestroitellnyy institut (for Solntsev). 2. Borovichskiy kombinat ogneuperov (for Gershkovich). (Plates, Iron and steel--Testing) (Refractory materials) AUTHORS'; Gershkovic.K, v. L., M,,~kovskiy~ Y'a. A. and. 2avlkovicyl,v-~'L ----2,IT) Fiot,,,tion of C-oals in Salt Solut-ions (Flotabsiya LIGI-ey v solyanykh rastvorakh) PERTODICALt Koks i Khimidal 19587 11:0 4, pp ?-10 (USSR) ABKMUC~2: This iz a "Jo a previLmsl,,. publinhed by 1~. G. Yellyashevich (Koks -1 KhimLya Nr 1 12 Thv pros~)iit authors consider --",hat 'Che re-1-ult's of la,boratory flotations of coals ill Solutiolis, of inorL;amic sl~,lts as -,-iell as t*ne ,-ihole. paper are insufficiently con: and that L-he proposed conditions for wi iudustrial flotation wiere never checked mid cannot be considered as o-o-UL;ial. Some remilLs of ar, e:cperimental lu-~)oratory and' industrial viork c[trried out by Ler-,i~ip.roshaldit Pare , iven in Table.,:,, I and 2. It is that ;n flotation iQ, salt solutions the ash contell't of' concentrates and t1le duration of the flotation decreased. It is stated that Lengiprosha.1-uht I.S planning further ';;ork in this fiald on various coal %,,,asheries of the Card 1/2co-antry ;.~he-a flotation shor-s will be transferred for!long ,11 ~~~ I'll 4.111,1111,111991,11,1111 HIMH Al ImLU1111-11LUILRULfilm I W.F.M. 011-HOM i-IL I R.*,.Mw Mm nm ,30 1u 1- plo~,, tiol~ 0 periods to O,Aic Set tle~..ent Gf OC-011 There are tables- ACS-E&OIATIO~-i Le-_,,Li-ci2o3hall~ht 1. Coal-Flotation 2. Lsait L advaIlt~14%-3:1 of solutLons--Performance Ent u I'a i. U it I j IOn t" 0,101 M.A.; STEPANOVA, D.I.; GERSHKOVIGH, V.L.; MAKARUSHINA, M.I.; FILIPISHIN, I.T. Use of polyacrylamide in the filtration of slurry tinder prowure. Koks i khim. no.120-6 163. 1 (MtRA 1~tl) 1. Vsesoy-uznyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy i proyektno-konsti-Lik- torskiy institut po obogashcheniyu I briketirc~sniyu ugley (for Borts, Stepanova), 2. Zhilevskaya 011OF Vnesoy-ti%nogo nauchno- issledovatellskogo i proyektno-konstruktorskogo instituta po obogashcheniyu i btliketirovaniyu ugley (for Gershkovich, Makarushina). J. Bogurayevskaya opytnaya fabrika tsentrobezhnogo obogashcheniya uglya (for Filipishin), - 1, 1 . I , - I w,-1-1 MS-MOVICH, V.M. Deamination of amino acids In the liver and kidne7a of rato under the action of X rayu. Trudy TSentr. nauch.-i!ml. inst. rentg. i rad. 10#373-379 159. (MIRA 12:9) 'DEAM1MTI;N) (X UYS-PESIOWGICAL EMOT) 30M S/115/60/000/04/033/041 D002/DC06 AUTHOR: Gershkovich Ye.A. TITLE: A Conference on the Problems of Improving Measure- ment Techniques and Production Quality PERIODICAL: Izmeritellnaya tekhnika, 1960, fir 4, p 59 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In December 1959, a conference of delegates from Leningradskiy sovnarkhoz (Leningrad Sovnarkhoz)enter- prises was convened and organized by the Tekhniko- ekonomicheskiy sovet (Technical-Economic Council) of the sovnarkhoz, the VNIIM imeni D.I. Lendeleyeva (VNIIM imeni D.I. Mendeleyev), scientific-technical societies of machine and instrument building, and by the Leningradskiy dom nauchno-tekhnicheskoy propa- gandy (Leningrad House of Scientific-Technical Pub- Card 1/4 licity). Professor V.0. Arutyunov of VNIN presen- -0/115/60/000/04/033/041 D002/DO06 A Conference on the Problems of Improving Mleasurement Techniques and Production Quality ted a report on the technical level of measurement means and methods used at machine-building, textile, paper, chemical and food plants, and on the organi- zation of supervision. The Conference decided to draw the attention of Gosplan SSSR (Gosplan of the USSR) and the Gosudarstvennyy komitet po avtomati- zatsii i mashinostroyeniyu (State Committee of Automation and Machine Building) to a number of short-- comings. Among its decisions the conference re- commended that the central office of the Leningrad Sovnarkhoz organize a special inspection department for production quality; that the staffs of plant measurement laboratories be supplemented; that the Tekhnicheskoye upravleniye (Technical Administra- ~ard 2/4 tion) of the Sovnarkhoz jointly with VNIIAI and 15/115/60/000/04/0 5 5/0111 DOO2/DOO6 A Conference on the Problems o'L Improving Measurement 'Techniques and Production Quality other research and design organizations work out ways of providing modern measuring and inspection equiPmen or industry; that a central r,~!pair plant be organized in Leningrad for a wide range of in- struments; that the supply of spare parts for mea- suring devices and of drawing paper be improved. The attention of Komitet standartov, mer i iz- meritel'nykh priborov (Committee of "tandards, Measures and L:easuring Devices) was drawn to the necessity of speeding up the development and ap- proval of standards for statistical inspection methods and quali y control .~ and to expand and improve the Card 3/4 inspection laboratories of ""71HY. It was suEgested. S/115/60/000/04/033/041 D002/DC06 A Conference on the Froblems of Improving Measurement Techniques and Production Quality L--" to revise the "Regulation on Otdely tekhnicheskogo - kontrolya" (Technical Inspection Departments). Card 4/4 WIRA 17:12) C'~ :~ ~ ~.:. I ,i: - Y,: ".) I - L . I Y I I I IT 'I'll: v I: tloo."! 00-100 1 Jj I III III -~ 11) J,~ It " I . I . 1 4 1 . . . ;).~ o"! v : 4 " ,:; ~ Io ~ . q:-i . - I 'if (, * 0 T' I T ';7 ',, ':. - -1, - -,- 7! - :; '.' I! -, t "V' ,) T'11' 1. 1 - - , 11 - . '... . . . 1. 1 ~ . - -1. :.,.C---~-~ ,,- - .. I, , , . !~ . Lalbonatory ~,ype K_~~ balar.ce hygromet,er. Za-.. Lab. 31, no. 1221 1541-1542 165 1911) -. ~Leso, my~ -issleclovatel-Isk-I.T in!3titut met_rologii ,/u,, v nauclmo - Imerl. 1-flendeleyevu. GERUMOVIr-H., Ye. E. chrmmetric method of determination of carbon diarulfide in organic solvents. Zav. lab. 28 no.12:1437-1438 162. (MIRA 16:1) 1. LaningradEikiy nauchno-lasledovatellokiy institut gigiyeny truda i profzabolevaniy. (Carben disulfide) BRE-MN, A.; GERSiiKOVI,CH.,.__gh..;-GERTSOG~t A.M.; VAYNDERG, M. FormAtion of the catalyst under conditions of the hydroformylation reaction. Zhur. prikI. khim. 34 no.2:454-455 F 161. (MlRk 14'-2) 1. Khimicheskiy iseledovateltakiyinstitut, Bukharest, (0x0 process) (cobalt carbonyl) IS/07 9/62/0 2/0 12/004/0 CA D424/0.~07 AUTH011S Zl~, :juvalma, 1,:. , '11.eruyu, Ye., "morzh- cvskwa -V~y- 1'. nberg, Ii. and i~orlctyanu, Ye. .'roduction of i-soprenc from dimethyldioxan. 1. The role oF catalyst nii(l, support "'I.1 TC '-~L: ','hurnal obshchcy Ichimii, v. 3", no. 12, 1962, _JC)~-)l : - 3987-3990 In conriectioii with IT ork carried out at the authors' I Institute in J'ucharest o-a 'the production of i~io-prcne from ioobuty- lenc and formaldehyde via 4,4-dimethyl-1,3-dioxan (JI-D), the c-Hoct of the comnosition o' I:h(.-. catalyst for the va~)or-phxsc conversion of 'YED to isoprene on its selectivity, isorlwxinin~; effect, etc. haz-, been studied. Standard condition.,; found to be o,)tirial in prolii,-iin- ary experiments were USe( It' na-tely: 2700C and a space velocity of feed of DI-D of 0.4 hr-1. The higikaeqt activity was poss-essea L)y a catalyst consisting of acid calcium phosphate on a silica/5`1~ alunina support, the nature of the support being importa-at. With thi:; cat;-~- Card 1/2 :j /0 7 9/6 2/03 2/0 12100 4/0 Cj J Production of isoprcne D4-24/"--307 lyst, tho sclcctiv--;t" rcll as th~. topx),=tu-%-~ w-s- iucrcaseC. 11rora 150 to 3500C but the total. conversion 65,~) w-'s obtai-,,,cd at - 3000CI the seloctivity then being of the order of 85-,J. Li $ 0 Y- roducts found (by -ras cilromatography) included isobutyle-ae, 2-mcth- ylbut-2-ene, methyl(lihy6ro- ')yran, 2-methylbutan-l-ol., ii;ovalcraldo- hydc, alld dim-,rs aad trimers of isoprenc. The fact that the sup~jort alone 'aad a small c,~1,L:,ilytic activity due to its j.ewis acid sites- and leadq-n,- mainly to isoDutylane is considered to show that the activity of the calcium phosphaLe catalyst expends on thc: 7)rcsc:~cc of Brdnsted aci(~ sitcs. The catalyst is noc a,) -)rcciably affcctc(: by the usual impurities in 71-D but is poisoned 1)y sulfur U.,,erca-)- tans). 'It can also be used for the production of other dienes, C.2;- 2-1)henylbutadicne, ~)y analogo-,i3 reactions. There are 5 fLiz-_-urC-,. Khimicheskiy issiedovatellskiy institut, 3ucharest: (Chemical tcsearch Institute, Luchare3t) -S U 3 ~`cbruazT 24, 1961 Uard 2/2 0., S/079/62,/032/012/005/0,08 Duvalma, 1.;., 3t(:,Y1-.a,, .~. and vyz::-" V. TITLZ: Production o-,'7 i.,;o;)ronc from dime~hyldioxan. !I. llydrolyHs OE 3-dioxalis U'DIC.1d,: ""hurnal. ol)shchey 1-himii., v. 32, no. 12, 19621 3990-3992 in con-Lec Lion %fita work on the production o is-o- prem from 4,4-dinethyl-1,3-dioxan, the acid hydrolysis of a o-P 4-alkyl-1,3-dio.--ca-tis has ~)een otudied. The ratio log. Kl/["","4 where K, is the first order velocity constant for tliv- hydrolysis, is an a~)Prol:imatcly function off Lhc conce -Lit rati o-n. Under tlne s6c conditions, th.- rclative velocity constants for tlie hyd-zolysis of 1,3-dioxan and some o'-* its 4-iffl:yl derivativet; are a,,; follows: 4-11, 1.0; 4-1-11c, 1.1; 4-Lt, 1.5; 3.4; and 4,4-~.'e,, 5.3. In the case of the 4,4-':c,) coar-,ound, the main reaction product is a tertiary alcohol. The rc~ction is assumed to proceed mainly by the Card 1/2 ~rocluction of isoprelic ... /079/62/032/012/005/0(ii", j;424/,)307 ru,)turc oE the 0(.5) - L;,-,) boncli to tform a arbonilli-a cation, axl .11-3 MCCLIaIll-m is coa.-,;,dLc:,rQd to Collfiru'lod to solai, (2",~ctlt oy t1w, methanolysi-, Of to iv butan-l-ol uuLlcr conditions' in wAich the corrcspondi-.~cr (:iol is not atherified mid by its r,~!actio-,,. ~ritli acetyll chloride in tilc .)I,cScncc of catalyst., to -live Y -cbLLorois_o.-,V.,.y1j_ ,acetate There are I aui(l I talil.c. ;;ucllm~03t ,((;Ilcmicc,l ",escarch Institi,te, ~IlcllarcrO :'U i TT -,,-'D !.:ay 21-,, 1961 C ard 2/2 V079 AU T i 710. 6ersh'-Ovic -)ii valnla 1-1 -11. ye i c :.Or 'LIC l C! LYXILI XI(I . , L~ro,,.'.uc,:io-a of from "..Ci(lity nn(". activity 0~ 1:110 p 7,1,10DIC. -11: :,hurnal. oDs ' hchey v. 32, no. ~962, 121 -5997 5 ~ 9 2 Thc -,)msent nwticlc 'doal,-, with the :)roductiml Of isoprenc by thc va--,or-plhanc catalytic crachii-~, of ~--inv-,tay1c:iOxan and show:~, that the actIvi-L-y o" catalyst on of 3rdnszej acid ..itcf", J10 reaction to tillt C'wried. out in solutio-n :xi(~ cal:,11'.'sts. 'I"w! cat.;:.lyst", urml in the Gent work were n~ jare~,. ',)y rilica ~ 5',, of ,at 5 0 0'. im,.rcCnil:in,- this su- " ert so Lutions of -)I-Lof-,-jh--tes (,-,odilm, monill'.1, ('~-A.Cium, etc.) Of, Variom"; CO:Icell.,L-ratioar" ZILIC! calcinikl"-, at 4000C. The proton aci(lity o~. tlw wan nx:a.aimcl jy ion-c-).-- Card 1/3 'A production of iso )I.C,Tlc, t -;/079//;5 2/0 -:2/0 1.2/006/6, Jut' cha-1-19C witla solutic tijc--*-~- a 1)y a itcrcar:c i n Ly (tot-)I conversion u,,,.~*- con~- oils) G.: c increase in proton nci6ity -ivcs a ch,~xacterj.s~c--'c ciii've CO1.11S.s, o- two rccti",i-w-,~-rr ,;cctions, the . . L;, ;1op:- sudclenly mov~~: o- nouncc(~ at a Contcrit of activo in the catnlyst o.,: C01-!-CS'~)OIAC,in~'! tO -7111 0- 0.050 M - C CLi --,o ,; c 1. t- cV 2.1~ y also rise,- v(,rv ra-)idly liue-rly, u) to a -~)roton of about 0.10 m-ccuiv/~:, ~,ij -r u co tinuz-,s Lo rise vccy slc-.;Ly, T1 L 2 the convars-ion of UO I SO )rCnC, LAO-.7C'P-.:r , rCMa4 "I", constmil-, C-)Ccaucc 01- a clocrc-asc ill tho t 0 t c o z I ", c0 _-U about 47,~ undor Sta-nd;ird conC, iition:,- L~fter 7, hrs Jit",, a S-Dacc vz-10- city o'~ 0.4 hr-1, at 3000k';). '2hc rclatio-ashi: *>c-m;cci-. order vclocitir co,,i:-,t -.ut- th2 ac-j-(1,L'L-y c.: 'J11C cat-,ly";L to t1nat -'7or ho~.,.o,:citcous acid cz--.,c Lily-- is. T'L'.c! S:x!Ci`-L'c SurfLcc Of th~: c,ttaLyst falls conto-at OL-* activc -,-,hasc is -Licrcz~sc,~ f'--cr.", -ce-pt L:1-,1!'c at 2?. iL- is crvi,atcr at 0 to 34o, c% 11 - I ingf , as L"Ic CLLa1y:;t ~)ccomcs Coatc,(~ wi ~h 'Cokc , i-1-:; ty Ci-mill- ishes- and thc Edlls, th.- ,cLectiviLy increasin,,- s14,-aZlv. C ard 2/3 01/071Y "6:-,1 /032/012/006/008 Procluction o-E ino-,rr~nc ... '4) 4 24 / 13 0 1 ,C :~jl aCmf.~J,".Uy -I, 'I(! CX,,.OLrlt The nature of th~, curve of th~, incrC,a., -ISC i~; (:x,)I-d D. ly- Of activu. PhL , -11cd ~ v L11C L`QruaLion OC a-1,1LI 3 1)0 mcrs by the phosphatr o-a the surfaco- oI.: the ,;uL)_)oz,t. '.~':ic do-pe-i-,dence of the acLivi.tjr on Llkac ?roton acidity is c%-plaivioc'. by LIN-- formation of activ(: surfccc co;,ii..ounds )y the dimethyl(Ho-xan Lt t1w 3rdnsted acid nnitc!n. The IcvclLin-U, off o-;7 the convoreion -,~o i3o?reyte at a certain acidity is dile to the decreased -pecil'ic sur`acc anCi couse- L quent decrea:- ', ~,d. ,c(. wrption. 'file ,3itlo roactiou - Hle :)ro6alction of isoblitylenc - ta!:O!" "Aace at "Jot"ll all(I Icwi,,; acid oites and is thcrcforc of t'~ -.)rc!.,cnce o Lho active phasc. Bccliusc the 3rduoted acid, sites arc screened to some cxtcn~ from CO'-'in~ by U("~OrL)tiOn 0-~'L: thC! di-methy1dioxan, the ]-ewis acid sitcs are lost more rapidly durin,r the workiw, o:' the catalyst, I j IJ - Y - which accounts for t',Ic il.icreasc in selectivity dur).n~~ -working. There are 6 firrUrCs and 2 tables. AS,:, W LW 10 11-hiniches,16-ye irl'stitIlL, Juchanjt (Chemical ~~csearch Institute, Bucharest) S U 131 117f 3 1 Eay 22, 1.961. Card 3/3 GKRSHKQVICH,-Zh. [Hers covici, G.J; DUVALMA, M.; MEROYU, YeA10*1rain, 9.1', SMORZHEVSKAYA, M.; VAYNDIRG, M.; KORLEWANU. Ye.(Corleterm, 3.1 Preparation of isoprene frm dimethyldioxano. Part 1: Role-of a catalyst and of a carrimr. Zhur. ob. khim. 32 no.12:3987-3c)90 D 162, (14LRA 16: 1) 1. Khimicheakiy ionledovatel'shy institut, Duk1wrest. (Isoprene) (Dioxane) (Catalysto) GWIIU3aQR,-Zh [Herscovici G.); DUVAIMA, M.; STOYKA, R.[Stol,,d, R.); VYTKA, ~.rvitca, V.1 P!reparation of isoprene from dimethyldioxane. Part 2:Hydmljtis of 4-allcyl-1,3-diaxanes. Zhur. ob. khim. 32 no.12:3990-3992 D 162. (MMA 16: 1) 1. 14iimicheskiy issledovatellskiy institut, Bulharest. (Isoprene) (Dioxane) (Hydroly-siB) -CaMHKOVIG-R,2&.(HerscoviciO G.1; DUVAIMA, M.; MEROTU, Ye.(Meroju, S.]; SFINTSESKU, K.[Sfintescu, C.1; KORLETYANU, Ye.[Corlieteann, 9,1; VAYNBMGI M..; SMORZEEVSKAYA, M. Preparation of ieoprene ftam dimotbyldioxame. Pa:rt 3tkeidltT and activity of a cradking catalyst. Zhur. ob. kbim. 32 no.12: 3992-3997 D 162. (HIRA 16 : 1) 1. Khimicheskiy isaledovateltakiy inBtitut, BukMrest. (Isoprene) (Dioxane) (Catalysts) 56( 6 EKT ,L_ _(M)/8qP(V)/EWP(j)'L-r-.-jLP(~j ,41502 1% Monoamvh Ka--toahin"I V. 1. (Candidate of Technical Bciencoo); Wts V. 0. (4ndidate 0 Architoicture); Pk.akratovIS. I. (Engineer); Badagashvili, 0. R. lEngineer) *111M =-Ami Hermetic sealing materials~ror structural elements (Germitizlru~ushchlye utertaly dlya stroitel'n~kh atruktaly) Moscow, Stroyizaat, 6j. w.46 p. illus., biblio. (At head of title; Goaudarstyezing kadtat Lo_prMVBhle='0sti atroitellrukh m~erialov A Go 668RO wesquilyy muchno-Iss, ova el ostroye inatitut novykh stroitellnykh miaterMlov) Errata ally inserted. 3,000 copies printed. TOPIC TAGS: general construction, construction nAterial, civil eti&Lneeriag, hermetic seal, synthetic material. structural plastic PURPOSE PW COVEME: This book gives a survey of the development In the qqviat Union and itbroad of the problem of hermetically sealed seams of eaternal aggrej~ate elements. IL11 types of sealing materials, used in constuctuion in vievdd. Eugineering of the production of principle hermetic sealing interials used in large panel constuuction is also covered. The book presents mans ot applying the materials end technical chiLracteristics of the apparatus and equipwant. neceewy for mechanized application of hermetl of buildinos mtd st?uctxweso odic Ofet-11inscam Special at-;ention is given to me-th of sti g hermtic sitals and mans of t,rial determining their water and air penetrability which permit insepetion of matm o in similated workirg conditions. The book also gives data of compax(ttive economic 6W,4 1/2. uDo: 6ql.l7:624x78 ACC NRt 415028686 effectiveness in using hermetic sealing in large panel construction. WS bwk is recarm,-nded for engineers and technicians in the industry of synthetiarbuilding materials, for workers of project organizations and building manufacturerse TAM OF CONMM (abridged): IntroductJ.on Ch. 1. Work of jointed semas and hermetically scaling theu -10 Ch - 3:1. Hermetic sealing materials --20 Ch III. Technology of the-production of hermetic seals for strueUrea Ch. IV. Znstnunents for rheological and pbysical-nechanicel testing of he=et1c. veals --6a Ch. V, Jdr and water penetrability of he=etlc seals -84 Ch. VI. Ifee of hermetic sealing materials -.99 Ch. VIL Economics and effectiveness of.polyner herwetic mealing, laterials -In Bibliography --142 1 ! ~ ~' . I A SUB COM 11,13/ sm DAms 13mar65/ mm m- o67/ om w, o23 Card2/2 C~a- 0* 0000090000000o00 u 0 0 0 o 6 0 It 0 0 so 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 04 a 0 0 0 0 6 of 0 a 0 0 0 Aa c A I I ,I- wV JI--.A I.& M M Cc M ILL.1 It t A .4 w 4,41,4. f I 00 RiftUolytk slat coMing ~-mt.ho. L (knblikim, It. z,,-f N A US S R ty). 184, 31, VII-17. rii initur sirady tj~-ralwfi t4 the Itath. -09 firw ire tre,kivi ~I~orolvtw-ll~ f-r 5 A hr~ W-l' :o' -I -III in rea~-,f I mmI th,-% m, -%,f"1 "all 0 1 NI 11-1, (Adv 1,111141 fth't. !-so -00 =of 00 Ise. j i p , tit OtAkLOCKAL OMAIM CLAISI?KAIIQN Iuss, 7, t; .... .. Is 0 u Aft I I N a 9 IF $4 5 4 1 p ft IV co a a it It 9 9 it It 01 W Is alai 0 " 'I 0s, 0 so 6# 0 0 0 0 0 a s, 0 o o It 0 so* # * 0 0 0 0 fli 09.0 6 6 00 * 0It 0 0 0 *is o 0 0 0 0 0 0 600 0 If TOMA.';fIEVSKIY, Fodor Felikiovich, GJKH5iflAAN, Arma Grieorlyuvra; SUAR"ISMAN, YOV9011iYU '40iBOYDVnI ; Ye.H. tekUichoskiy redaktor CProduction of lead batteries] Proi7.vodstvo svirtBovvkh akkumilliato- rov. Pod red. A.U. Mokeeva. Moskva, Gos. onerg. i,-d-yo, 1956. 2R3 p. (Storage batteries) (MIRA 10:4) GER:)'HMAN,, A.S., inzh. (Leningrad) Maintenance of all-welded railroad bridge spans. V i khoz. 7 no.6133-34 063. 1627Tt (Railroad bridges--Haintenance and repair) A . 1~1 G FRS I I'M A 14 1. 3 Fxam-Lnation of the perf,)rvince of an fill --vV Ifided span struccure of the bar system. Sly-,r. trud. c.,129,93-121 164. (MTRA 18's'1 AUTHOR: Gershman, A.Ye. 12-1-1/26 TITLE: The Hwang Ho River and Primary Measures for Its Regulation (Reka Khuankhe i pervoocherednyye meropriyatiya po uporya- dochneniyu yeye reshima) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Vsesoyuznogo Geograficheskogo Obahchestva, 1956, # 1, pp 1-13 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author refers to projects of a complex utilization of the Hwang Ho River. He describes the physico-geograph- ical conditions of the basin comprising its orography, soil and vegetative cover and submits supplementary and precise information on the river's flow. The author then describes the river itself, presenting data and doscriptione of ite sections and their hydrological conditions. As a character- istic feature he mentione the frequent catastrophic summer and autumn floods. At present this danger has been con- siderably reduced by continuous control and safety measure. The dams represent a passive defense against floods and this is a main reason for the Hwang Ho regulation. A project of utilization submitted to the second session of the All-Chinese Conference was approved in 1955. Primary Card 1/2' matters of this project are the erecting of the Sanzynelya The Hwang Ho River and Primary Measures for Its Regulation 12-1-1/26 and LyUt8zyasya hydro-centers. The Sanmyn'sya hydro-center comprises a powor plant of 1,000,000 kv, a water reservoir of 65 cu. km capacity and a dam built on rocky ground. This project includes also agrotechnical, hydromelioratiTe and other measures. The 4utszyaaya hydro-center in the Lanlahzhou areavill. consist of a power plant of 1,000,000 kit and a reservoir of 5 cu km. These projects are being carried out by the joint efforts of Soviet and Chinese specialists. The article contains I map, 5 tables, 2 Photographs and 1 figure. There are 8 Russian references. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 2/2 SMETKOT. Aleksandr Vasillyevich, URS&%X, B.G., red.; ZAZ(TLISKATA, V.P.,; SPERAMATA, A.A., tokhn.recl. (ftndamentals of the present toohnoloa of motor vehicle tires] Osnovy sovromennol tekhnologii nvtomobillnykh shin. lzd.2., perer. i dop. Moskva, Goo.nouchno-tekhn.1%d-vo khim.lit-ry, 1960. 483 P. (MINA 13:10) (Motor vehicles--Tiree) ROGOVIRi, Zakhar Aleksandra-vich; GLUVAL, P.G., red. (fundamentals of' the chemiutry and production LeCkillo-1.00 of'ayrithetic fibers] Osnovy khImil I tekhnologii prolnod- stva khimicheakikh volokon. lzd.3., perer. I dop. 14o- skva, Khimija; 1964. 2 p. (HIRA 1,~.: 3-1) j V ~j L4 van% t rbe r .11 Te k 01,1RA A 10 'J*!;K"?.ANEt'i'l'l I --mralY L Ivovich; VEKSE'~',, A.A. , red. ; u-H-i. , :~ . ']. , Vf:i4. [I-rcduction of oxygen] Foluchenie kisloroda. Mosk-v%, i~himiia, 1965. 730 p. (,MIRA 18:11) f.?rCTY,','I., H.A., kand.tF.Ahn,nauk.; GER3HM-AN) B.1. Investlgatin~ the air-r~pring suspension of the GM 4517 motorbun with flexible 1:.,-).se components. Avt.prom. 29 no-10:45-1.6 0 '63. (MIRA 1C:10) 4 4-4 11 a 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 4 lp f t f f 9 1 A I -111t, L L p 4 1 -1-4. A Ai-ll ;kj $ of L 0 B Y to . M-,- c a & L &A K'O r (N . . OW ,so U" at prWac" uA Oka 9mk U 00 4 0 6%) A O A L N. (4) I SO* woo so Poo % so 4 00' &IN ILA MATALLVRGKAL LIT14AIVOt CLA11ORKA11" see we 0 is IV, .11 -1 ;;'.- rl" " i - A T u 9 it NO LS I . . . ;-- i , I :w IN 0 ft 11 to a0 a ACT It a it is 4 1 L 1 11 0 w Of W 0 1 41 4 :1, ~ a 04 go a a * 0 0 a a a 0 & 00 0 0 0 ol* a 0 0 :'# *a a a Soo** 0 Gie 00 0 0 # 0 ease 00 000 0000 000 110 go a 0 so'soo I Our 0 a !!� 4 to, 00 c 0011 oes '0i RUFRACTORY LINIM49 WIN A 111611 A1.1031INA CoNTIMT, 001 N P. ktasailtov avAl lk U (Wittaboa 4,k# MIAA 24. 111 rm M. kyan 10. Alut al swit+ "hqIj IbM mairriotalam"WdiatheSUmIndam ywasstudiml. Al"MiltswitVIOU10fato use an andalult1w proWtive t" for Aminy Wrommin in IrAk I#mwm 13 WW Puts. The muks me" %me KIWI, *a wvmnl of the 111111owwo In tbq m a of t w two matcoals, NMWIY Of calmdess of Ompanwom. At b*6b=t*ztv The Ifninqi* (VAIMMI nail Iho FaNtifs itims I"ofrotC4 and ..d: rd. b 110. 008 I - , ---, Se.,L, move -0 T U It AT 10 1A 04 0 ~!140 810 1.0 go go 0 0 so see 60 mot so* 406 too so Not ::0o GERSJNI~Ii, B.M. Use of a plasma substitute solution of polYvinal in the surg~icftl clinic. Vest.khir. no.8:83-85 161. (MMI 150) 1. Iz k1drurgicheskoy kliniki (zav. - prof. F.L. Selltsovskiy) Moskovakogo meditsinskogo stomatologicheskogo institulta na baze khirurgicheskogo otdeleniya gorodskoy klinicheskoy bolinit'sy No.33 i-m. prof. Ostroumova (gl. vrach - F.V. Abaskina). (BLOOD PLASMA SUBSTITUTES) -GERSIRIAN, B.M. (Moskva, B.Cherkizovukayal 17,kv.4) Wounds of the heart and of the periocard4m. Grud. ktir. 2 no.3:102-103 My-Je 160o OGRA 15:3) 1. Iz klinUci khirurgicheskikh boleznoy (savp - prof* PoLo Selltsovskiy) Moakov3kogo maditainakogo stcoatologichoakogo instituta na. baze Iditrurgicheskogo otdeleniya GorodBkoy bollnitsy No.33 imeni A.A. Ootro=ova (glavn3ry vrach P.V. Abanhkina). (HEART-WOMM AHD IIIJURIES) (FMIWIU14-WOUBS ARD IIIJURIES) amlHop B.M. Use of cortisone in the treatment of acute pancreatitis. Xhirurglia 38 no.10:71-74 0 162. (MIRA 15tl2) 1. Is kliniki khimrgichealcikh bolezney (zav. - zaaluzhenny7 de- yatell nauki pro.r. P.1. Selltsovskiy [deceased)) Mookovskogo medi- t stomatologicheekogo institute. na baze khirurgicheskogo 0= 9,;a Gorod;gkoy klinicheakoy bollnitsy 90.33 imeni A.A. 0stroumova (glarnyy vrach P.V. Abaslikina). (CORTISONE) (PAVCREAS-DISEASES) BUICHN11:0, I.A.; GIERSEKAJI!, B.M. Anesthesia in su:.-gery for cholecystitis. Ekoper. khir. i anest. 8 no.3:92 MY-Je 163 WIRA 17 11) 1. Iz kliniki kMrurgicheskikh bolezney Moskovslt:ogo meditsinskogo stomatologicheskogo instituta (zav. - prof. P.L.Selltsovslciy [deceased]) i kh-rurgicheskogo otdel~-niya Bol'nJ.tsy Nlo.33 imeni A.A. Ostroumova (glavnyy v7r-ach F.V. Abashkina), lloskva. III i fill fifli-~Ill I I , : 11 111 llf~: I M I !I 111 111,1117 11 If lI IIH *111. RUJI 11111IMPNIIN III Of IF fill ifill illilif 1114 11341J111,11 11111111 iiiiiiiiiiii-M-M. LqLmmtLtILSELMIU-IAIILII-L.IILIILILIIIIFIIHIJ"lLIIEHJIUlmlojllmn I [Lull III H If Illit r"HIS1111111 11111 NINO RIMMEFoom J-',,Ag t* -R:, .0 r-.-1 M h~l a-n, ri i;. 7.,7 1 r4 t-2 V; 111114114 Ittlavif. IHI 11 M110,111111111 M IP. I I' UJI-11,111, 1111;1 L-.U fit V A I L I j I 1 11 1- Pff 11111,11il MILLIEL1.11111 S/203/61/001/005/008/b28 A006,/A 10 1 AUTHORS- Gershman, B.N_ Trakhtengerts, V.Yu. TITLE: On the effect of ions on the nature of' propagation or whistler atmospherics PERIODICAL: Geomagnetizm I aeronomiya, v. 1, no. 5, 1961, '371 .. 678 TEXT: Previous studies on the connection between the !on compcnerit in !,he upper atmosphere and peculiarities In the propagation of' whiatler atmospherics, did not yield final results. The authors analyzed the effect of ion motion on the nature of the trajectory of whistler atmospheric6, The direction of group characterize, velocity was analyzed on the basis of the variance equation which S the propagation of normal waves in a magnetoactive plasma. 'Me motion of both electrpns-and ions was taken Into account. The results obtained are used to analyze the trajectory of whistler atmospherics. Particular attention is paid to the regularities of passage of the low-frequency component throu6h the upper atmo- sphere of the Earth. This component was recorded during the reception of atmo- spherics, The latter phenomenon is connected with the fact, that the presence of protons in the upper atmosphere may be essential for the propagation of radio- Card 1/2 On the effect of ions waves in the range of lowest frequencies 4 Soviet-tloc and 9 non-Sovie-,-bloc. S/20316 i/oo i/oo5/oo8/028 ACKH;/A 10 1 Mere are 3 ClKcLres and 13 references, ASSOCIATTM, Gor'kovskly gosudarstvennyy universitet imeni N-1. Lotachevskog~ (GorIkiy S~ate University imeni N.I. Lobachevakl.y vatellskly radiol'izicheskiy inatitut (ScIen+,LfI.,,, Rez-,mi-c-h 1ns,,i*.ItE- of Radlophys1cs.) SUBMIVED, July 20, 1961 X) Card 2/2 5 /13,20/6 1'I" "V'j 04, / 0 12/0 3 1 B 10 4 /3 2 0 AUTHOR-. Gershman, B. N. TITLE: Some peculiarities of the transverse pro,:~a,-,atio n of high- frequency waves in a mdgneto-active placma PiRIDDICAL: Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, v. 137, no. 4, 19611, 822-82,1: TEXT: The peculiarities inyest~gated here of the propl%Fatli.~~r. of ..M-6h- frequency waves in a homogeneous plasma, which is placed in a constant ma,',netic field, are correlated with the thermal movemcnt of :,the electr2'nf:, and, only, emerge substantially if the waves propagate peri)endicula' 7 to 110 or almost perpendicular to it (transyerse propagation). ?he autlkor confines himself to purely transversQ propagation and :-;tudios the re,.rular waves, (waves 2). Plasma waves and irregular wave:3 are deals with in less detaJ'1. The author bases his study mainly on a paper by 7. P. Gross (Phys. Rm9 ~2,232 (1951)) and a previous paper by hiniself (ZhEETF, 24, 659 (1953) - From the latter the author takes some formulas, the de-riva- tion of which is not given here. First the author inventi:.ates the behavior of the waves 2 in nonrelativistic calculation. e states that Card 1/6 2148T 3/020/61/133 7/004/01 210W'~ I Som,~ peculiari ties of the ... B104/B206 L ir the case of -- Maxwell velocity distribution of' the electrons, the dispersion equation holds which lie obtafned in the abovo-mentioned paper. From this he obtainsi -TP _F + (2) 4 (1 - 4u) where! '.,H.0 is the gyrofrequency of the electrons; v 4_e2N m..2, 2 2 " '4 u n and k are. the complex refractive index and 'he complex wave number. Without considering the thermal motion,( 0, whereby -2 n2 = 1 - v follows from (1), from which it results that a Propagation ic also possible if v< 1. In the other case, ^n'2 < 0 and a propagation is 2 suppressed. It further follows from (2) that for v p2thus appear's to be - 2), ,2 immaterial .For z< 1 (or 11 - uj< n _(1-v)/(l+V/5) is obtained when 2 1 neglecting the absorption which is not great in itself. From the Card 416 ~T 5/020/61/137/004/012/0!,1 Sonic peculiarities of' the... L1104/B206 discussion of these diopersion relations the author recoL-nizes that the asse:rtion of the existence of forbidden.bands for waves 2 in the funda- mental resonance does not apply. The same is found for the frequency ranges 0-2~~ H,O and 3011,0. In the range E 0 1 a noticeable absorr)tion appears which has its greatest value at I,_ 32 2 (10) nz nj 15 is given for the approximate calculation. Finally, the propaeation of the irregular waves (waves 1) and the plasma waves (waves 3~, is d9alt with, The fundamental frequency for the waves 1 lies at ~,-,2~:H,01 for the waves 3 at 1- 3~') Por and to-30,,O, no noticeable change H,O' i 11101 of the piopagation of waves 1 9V iq. For waves 3 P propai?ation in the frequency range is not pbssi~le and reaches a "mit in the ranire 'PIO H '0. There are 6 referenc Soviet-bloc and non-.Soviet-bloc. Card 5/6 :1 2348-7 S/020/61/1137/004/012/C31 Some peculiaritie3 of the ... B104/B206 ASSOCIATION: Nauchno-issledovatellskiy radiofizichookilr inotitut pri Gorlkovskom gosudarstvennom universitete in. 11. 1. Lobachevskogo (Scientific Rasearch Institute of Radiophysics at the Gorlkiy State University im,eni N. I. Lobachevskiy) P R S'S E ITT ED: October 7, 1960, by M. A. Loontovich,-Academician SUBM"TTED: September 8, 1960 Cail 616 S/203'62/002/004/005/018 1046/1242 Garshnnr, nnd Trakhtengerts, V.'Yui T 1TL-_;' Dis,)eroion ,,f as a criterion of concentrat- ions in s.lar corpuscular streams ?XIFIII(jIDI:_7;J,: Goorngnatizm i fieronoml-ya, v.2, no.4, 1962, 65.3-65B MI.IXT : U__ 1 - Dispersion of whiot-ors (t,.,histlin~ atmosp'llierics) In atmosphe- ;,13 roillons distiu,bed zulnr corpuscular streams at given latl- tude_- is calculpted from ; D ( 500 ) =0. 9 G _51~ n; -nI (650 ) =8 D(450)=).6 fn n ; D(600 -ohore 'I, Is tho ~inmrrn .31,~rtrnn concentrr,~ion in the corp~lsculsv sti!eam.-Cat tho earthli -rblt. 'She D-vrtlues cnlculnted for :1-10 100 C-n-3 aro W-.rn the axporlmantftl disper3lon Teximn Cor T> '50. tho Gloctrop cone. en~ra t ion at the 3 esrthla orbit should n,)t oxcood sek'OrRI UA~iq"i~d "part ic las per cm All calculations are mr-de ,vithout considering the plasma drift, a C ard 1/",,2 iloc ,vs--,tt~: i-lco T-v of' 5 ~-'elllY OJ' CienCOS 11 i, F"IySiCS lr.Ct !.mc pi); (Aca li; ,r11 Z, Lebedev 150 copi es ; nrice not ~~:i ve~- , b i. `)l ~ r rpr7ir.- 1:y at e,ldl of text entries); (~L, 5-61, sur), !'~!) 5/233~ 62/'002/'004/005/018 1046/1242 Diopar.51on of lo'giti-T'gto approxirrv%tion fol, valocit.'as V--~ 10" i~,rn/sec (the charac- teristic veln'clti(is of tht~ cirpitsciiIRr stream ar o 5 - 10,-loll errv, see). AEOIOIV LiTIONT tr,3titut pri Gorlkovakom gosudarst- vonnom (Rridiophyslcal Institute at the Go"'IrCiv ,tftc "I'tvOrsity) S U EY 1T T E D 71'Rroh 1-~62 Card 2/2) S/14i/62/Oo5/ooi/oo4/024 r,032/r,314 Ab"MORS: B.N. and Giazburg, V.L. TITLE: Sot-,te remarks oil Uic propa-ation of electromagnetic waves ill an anisotropic dispersive l"le-dium PPRIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshUh uchebnyk1i zavedoniy, Ra~7iofizika, V.5, no. 1, 1962, 51 - 46 TENT: This paper is concerned with the greneral theory of ,ation of waves in an arbitrary anisotropic i-.iediu1-.1 which is propag unifor,m in soace and constant ill Spatial dispersion is taRe!l irLtO account. A simple method is used to derive various relations between eNpressions involvinf,, quadratic forms of the wave aml-Aitudes, i.e. e.-cpressions involving terms of tile form X H EO-Eo, fo .B0 and so on. Formulae are derived for the derivatives of the components of the real part of the dielectric- constant tenser with respect to tile frequency. It is shoun that in the absence of spatial dispersion the group-velocity vector always forms an acute a-,i,,,,Ie with tile wave vector, atirl tho square of the complex refractive index is always the akitionce of Card 1/2