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December 31, 1967
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~ "; ". ~" I./ ~' I -. ~ 1, 1 1~ , 1" BOITINK6."M.Ye., inshener, laureat Stalinskey premii; Apffl,"'T" V~J!~-4mr inzhener, laureat Stalinskey promiii; MICHINOR, Y.W.' 4`5' ~N Oner, laureat Stalinskey premil; PONCKAUV, U.S., Inahener, laureat Stalinskoy proxii. Automatic concrete plants. Hakh.stroi.12 no.10:7-10 0 155. (Concrete) (Building machinery) (KLRA 9:1) GMKIT,.TIBAimir Andreyevich; I&FIR, Ylavly Al'bertovich; SUSHIKOTP- ye-~IWI Aleksandr Alekee i I OGITWIGH, V.Ae, )mnd, tekhn. nauk, reteenzent; KRDOMWAJI# K.S., inzh., red.; HIKITIN, A.G*V red. izd-va; MODILI, Bole, tekhn. red.; JILIKIIM, V.D., tekhn. red. [Automatic concrete and moriar plants] Artomatisiravannye betonwe i rastvornys zaTody. Mookwa, Gos. nauchno-takhu. Izd-vo mashino- stroit. lit-ry, 1958. 174 p. (UM 11:10) (Mixing machinery) (Automatiq,control) GIRSKlY, V.A., lnzh. Reference maimal on the equipment for mnufucturlpg bLd-Irling ratorials. Mmkh.strol. 16 no-11:31-32 N 159. (?4IIL% 13:5) (Building materialn) GIRSKIY, V.A.; SHPRINGER, A.N. Standardization of model cement storage yards. Mek-h. stroi. 18 no. 3:8-U Mr 161. (MIRA 14:5) 1. Giprostroyindustriya. (Cement-Storage) -GIRSKIY, V.A., inzb.; DAVYDCV, N.N., inzb. Factories for large-panel h-,using c,~nstructijn oa colloctive arld state farms. Bet. i zhel.--bet. no.4sl47-151 AP:'61- (MIU 14:6) (RAinforced concrete constructiin) (Housing, Rural) SUSMIKOVJ A.A., inzh. . Geroy Botsialisticheskog,: Truda;GIRSKIY, V.A. inzh., laureat Stalinskoy premii Factory operations in building the 1-464-1 and 1605A series of large-panel houses. Mekh.stroi. 18 no.4:5-9 AP 161. (141RA 14:6) 1. Institut Giprostroyindustriya. (Frecast concrete) i- " GIRSKIYj V.A., inzh.; DAVYDGV, N.V. I-- -- - ' Reinforced concrete article plants for interfarm building organizations and state farms. Stroisi dor.mash. 6 no.7:20-24 J1 161. (MA 14:7) (Concrete plants) (Collective farms-Interfa:.-m cooperation) GIRSKIY, V.A., inzh.; SHPRINGER, A.11., inzh. Level indicators for cement. Bet. i zhel.-bet. 8 no.11:519-521 N 162. OMIRA 15:11) (Level indicators) (Cement---Storage) GIRSKIY, V.A., inzh.; ZILIST, L.A., inzh.; SOKOLOV, K.S., inzh. Standardization of concrete and mortar mixera. blekh. stroi. 19 no.5:4-7 My 162. (MIRA 15:5) (Mixing machinery) .i , I - , BOK'SCV,3K I Y , f r!.' ., G!RjKl~, V yo.; I , . .1 , , .1 1 ~... i. .':ij. ' * tOP I P0111-tSF, nOZZ108 I'I !,~~ 'k I I-0 I il r 4. 1 oil! nj,, I ml , 1 ~- f', I I I.t! I; 0 con'.1nuous utsUrig of stnel, Opei.1pry ~j -1~ , fi~ IQNI) 1. Vssnoyumvy lnst-i!.ut ogneuporov, HRBEK, Antonin; Technicka poluPrace: GIRSOVA, Michae3a; TROJANOVA, Hnna --*,--,---",, Slectroencephalographie studies on the reactivity of the cembrsl cortex In children by the method of induced rhythms. Acta univ. carol. [Mod) no.2:251-262 161. 1. Neurofysiologicke oddeleni Ustavu, vyzkumu n-voje ditete fakulty detsksho lekarstvi University Karlovy, reditel prof. MUDr. J. Houstek. (ELECTROENCEPH&LOGRAM in inf & chl.1d) (CEMMRAL CORTEX physiol) GIRST, V.M. ~ , Our aeciptance- to inno7atrrs. Izbor. i rats. 3 no. ILOC~-32 Ao 151. 011RA 11:7) Clifft-i~n-.,-, I-.,-iuutrL!)I) GIRULSKI, Antoni, Ins. Problems concerning the organimation of vowage construction Managenent. Goap wedna 21 no.lOt452-454 0 161. L 07005-67 -ACC NRT-79700100 5 AUTHOR: Girulski, RE-zard j1006 Fb/&f48Nj0ii/001/G6& OqG: Department of Nuclear, Industrial Electronics, Ingt - -of Nuolear -Rosoarch. Warsaw (Zaklad jadrowej elektroitiki Przengslowej, Insty-tut badan jadrowych) TITM~'t Stabilizod powor supply of the typo VIN 4 SOURCE: Nukleonika, v. 11, no. 1, 1966, 63-6~ TOPIC, TAGS- pulse amplifier, nanooecond pul:;c A3317JXT: The povior 51.ipply was designed for uves whora a st-alA.o voli~rl7o I.,; I. I n required for a large range of current drain. The cii-cu!J; Jcsij-~-Ir;di ~or t~a, stablo nanosecond pulso anplifiors. It provid6s voltags of +-50, -t current ranCes of 0-rOO, O-r)O, with respoctive outpu (1.3 v, 2 x 1~ amp and a regulated lanp. For a c1hanc-o Of _mPo2y ln_-Itli, k"al,;~! vol-ta,,,o) or for a 0-maximn current rruig-e, the voltago sta!)-;.J_i'u,7r is 6 10~4 fO7 the -W-50 v supply and 2 x 1o,3 for -150 v. The 8-hour S-talL7j.- L r * - ] 'OZ. '. OS0 a 15 .,, ~ ~h supplies. Peak-to-peak ripplo voltage is 10 rror, 26 ir-, an-3 1 f-D]. "'fL', -1~,)O, and -f450 V --UPP]dos- Orig. art. ha3: 2 figuros aiyd, 1 tAb10 . SU3 CODE: 09 / SUM DATE: 15oct65 Lcurd 1 1 0 GUROV. S.; ALEMNMOV, A.; TEL&KCWX. R. (Kinsk); XILYS'MV, I.; TUTTIV, I.; ALMS&MEOT, S.; GIRUTaKATA. A.; KURBANOV. G. (Baku) Letters to the editors. Sov.profsoiuzy 16 no-1000-54 16o. (MLRA 13:6) 1. Zamestitell predeedatelya zavkom DueprodzerzhinFilcogo metallurgicheskogo zavoda imeni Dzerzhinskogo (for Dirov). 2. Doystvitel'W chlen Voesoyuznogo geogra-ficbeekogo obahcbeetva pri AN SSSR (for Tunlyev)- 3. Tekhnichoultiy inspektor Nstonskogo soveta profsoyuzov, Tallinn (for Girutskaya). (Efficiency, Industrial) (Labor and laboring classes) 1. A. K. 2. UISSIR (600) 4. `- etc- cr~;ne, 7e-sl. ';", 7, 39',2 7. Pod fol' I I . A. 1. '-,. '.!')nthiv L;sf. of Rusoian Accossicns Libra-,, c;f* Con.,rf-~:s, ZaLL~]~a, T!nl"ES!3Jf'ir:d. 7 1 AZLIN, V.V.; GIRVIDS, R.O. In the Collegium of the Ministry of Public Health of the R.S.F.S.R. Zdrav.Ros.Feder. 6 no.7:37-40 J1 162. (MIFA 15:9) (TULA-PUBLIC REALTH) USSR / Farm Aniznla. Swine. q Abs jour :Ref Zhur - Biologiya, No 5, 1959, No. 21265 Author :Girya, I - Inst :No t-0i -ven Title :The Fattening of Pigs with Sugar Beets Orig Pub :S.-kh- Sibirl, 1958, No 3, 39-43 Abstract :The paper pertains to the fattening of pigs, which were raised at the Omakaya oblast' on juicy foods (boot, potato, silage) with a minlinum oxIxinditure (if concentrates. The pigs liked to eat boota, which were steamed for 30 - 50 minutes and yielded 500 - 600 g cf weight gain daiV. As 4coo pigs were fattonod on rations of 6 - 7 kg of cooked beets, 3 - 4 kS of allage and about 2 kg of concentrates, weight gains of 400 g and moro per pig woro obtained. Soven hundrad ani forty food units wore expended per 1. contnor of wolght gain, Card 1/2 64 USSR / Farm Animals. Swine. - Abe Jour : Ref Zhur - Riologiyal No 5p 1959) No. 21265 which is 1-5 times less than when fattening with concentrates. -- A. D& Musin q Card 2/2 GIRYAVENW, F.I.; MOGILED, A.M. The Krasnozvezdinskii sugar refinery, in the fifth and sixth five-year plan. Sakh.prom-30 no.6:12-13 Je '56. (MLRA 9:9) l.Krasnozve2dinski.v eakharo-rafinadny7 zavo"'. (Sugar industry-) GIRYAVMO, F.I. Automntic control of chipping and l,ackiT4,, lines for ciibe nugqr. Sakh.prom- 33 no-12:37-38 D '59. (MIU 13:L~) l.KraenozvezdInski.r rafftaftyy savod. (Odessa--Sugar manufacture--Equipmant and supplies) (Automatic control) GIRYAVENKO. F.1. Pumps without reverse valves on auction pipes. Sakti. prom. 35 no. 501 my 161P (MIRA 14:5) 1. KrasnozvqWinskiy rafinadnyy zavod. (Sugar manufacture) (Pumping machinery) FINKEL I SIT! i~Y!. za;;I. d*;Aodl nauli- I te-kladki , - :~LCI- tt-.khr, nauk, prof., red. ".A., red.; RS1. GRA11~1, V.I., red.; BAif-AllOV, Yu.V., tekhn. red. [DefwriT.atior- of' a cylinder bluck lind its effect on the perfoi-mance of crank:3haft of engines] Der0l"Mtbiia bloka tsilindrov i ce vIiianie na rldix)tu kcl:-(!rjv0l podship- nikov dv-igatelia. Moskva, Rosvuzzizdat, 1~163. 21 ~. (1,1HA 170) ~11 X~ 0 0 P/008,/62/000/009/002/003 D204/D307 AUTHORSt GirXn Wieslaw and Grzeezozyk,-Kazimierz TITLEt A blanket for the suppression of fires and for protection against thermal and. radio- active radiation PERIODICALt Technika Lotnicta, no. 9, 1962, 2'1'6 TEXT: Polish patent no. 40188, class 6%, 10/01 registered on August 8, 1956 and published on October 15, 1957. Commonly used blankets for the strifling and extinguishing of fires consist of vegetable and asbestos fibres woven tog6ther into a fabric. Such blankets are only effective in the initial stage of the fire as the vegetable fibres char and burn in the stronger flames, leading to disintegration of the material. Further disad- vantages of these blankets are their considerable weight and vol- ume and low mechanical strength. The blanket described in the Pre- sent-patent is free of these faultsi it consists of one or more layers of a glass fibre fabric, without any other fibres, and possesses Card 1/2 P/008J62/000/009/002/003 A blanket for suppression of fires ... D2o4/D307 a smooth, shiny, white surface. The surface strongly reflects ther- mal radiation, and slows down the penetration of free neutrons and' -x and thermal radiation , allowing the use of this fireproof blanket as a shield against radiation accompanying nuclear and ther- monuclear reactions. The glass fabric is impregnated with suitable substances which decompose at higher temperatures, to give products which tend to extinguish the flame, such as e.g. (NH 4)2 CO 39 NH4Cl etc. The range of application may be increased by impregnating the blanket with FbS or similar substances, which prevent or impede the penetration by free neutrons of thermal radiation and bycx, or P rays. The blanket is distinguished by its tightness and very small volume. C Abstractor's notes Complete translation] Card 2/2 GIFUJOWSKI, B. Device for marking taFs. p. 34. (MECHANIK. Poland. Vol 30, no. 1, Jan. 1957) SO: Monthly List of FeEt European Accessions (REAL) LC, Vol, ~-, noi 7. July 1957, Uncl. IRLE T ONSK) T. .. .. "A. , L' .* Vot., Am, T, A 1JAP"Ll vakl' -, oalml, Jum ")"Ll' -,i. " 'rwricil msv miterlsi, humehom risal. t-mox-m~'q~1,11cl r-t,,r t -I, it CIL-Ista DrActiVilly "holly it mtlv%no :in c ntZ3 n, C ~jl-nLq. *im c;ii,,)rjrsc v-.,iuv I* hirb, mk' Iullvr'UY It 'crOVS $fly Ill.!) Ite Wo SlArkis hl!.h 'n tlw 3111t -'r tt" 1 41-11 v 1, 1 1 m. "'A. t,p tIw oliffon nep In vil,~rlf Ic v~llw fl)~ vO srliv, -nple Intr-livil,m 4 oillivil -, Int j !-Is Wins an. burrwm I:; Impor,11,1r, C, ,?,I Is; . IV, I) TY C-1culati-in If corrospmllrb Illt. 11 f )f rer.,rT- I w wttnrv n I th i I r ~r v-Tvr t ) trlw It, t r L., tf, -rp ~l ,rl Iniry t -si F, -h V-1r' quotel. GIR7-EJ(Y.-TSKI, J. "Heat awhange in Underrrrmnid Gas Pipes," P. 220, (GA2, WODA I TEC-7-EK.A. SACTITARNA, Vol. 28, No. 8, Aikrr. 1951;. T,7arsz,---;-a, Poland) SO; Mmthly List of East European Accessims, (EEAL), LC, 1761. 4, No. 1, Jan. 1955 Uncl. G-,FZLJOW6Y-lj J. Accumulation of dust in pipelines and means of' overcoming ties in the transportation )!' gas. p. 171 GA'~-, It 1, (J' i -A 1 TF ("r 71.7 ~' KA 3;-~. I TA F! -1 A(3toi,~arzyszerilp lechnikow jan~tarnych, G)grzpwii:ctwa. i Vol - 33.1 1-1-n. 5, -L-,59 ;.,ntY,1,- List of E,-st I-European j.1ccessicris T,Cj Vol. f., no. -~tc-, 1959 Uncl. GIRZEJO',;SYJ, J.; KOIkDZ:I'.J, Z. Prospects and general trends of developnent in the Polish nakiral gas -industry. p. 173 GAZ, ~iODA I 'TZGT,:I'KA SANITARIA (Stowarzyszenie Naukowo-Technictme -L:-i:,yLi eraw i Technikow 6anitarnvch, OE:rze%,n.'ctwa i Gazownietwa) Warsmtwa, i,-Aand. Vol. 33, no. 5, Lay 1959 Monthly List of -,,,ast European Accescions (ET-AI) LC, Vol. 6, rio. 9, 3eptember 1959 Uncl. GIRZF.JOWSY.I, Janusz, mgr inz. Desulfurization of natural gas designed for long distance transportation by pipa.Lines. Nafta Pol 18 aq.10.277-280 0 162. 1. Zaklady Oazu Ziemnego, Townow. GIRZHELI, Ya.Yu. [Hirzhell, IA.1U.3 Usine, Ivanov's scalp forceps to counteract uterine Inertia. Ped., akush. i gin. 20 no-5:44-" 158. (MIRA 13-1) 1. Iz Rodillnogo doma No-3 (glavuyy vrach - Ya.Yu. Girzhel'), Odessa. (U-MS) (FORCEPS, OBS--MRIC) GIRZIJ, M. The Leipzig Spring Fair, March 4,13, 1962. Electro-,ahnica 10 no.0144-145 AP 162. GIRZU Plo Meeting with the readers of the "Electrotehnica" Electrotehnica 10 no.5zlU 14Y 162. GjRZ7U M. -n~~ The work of the Internaticnal Electrotachnical Comiission c0 nted upon by the Electrotehnica periodical. F.lectrotohnica 10 no.6:240-24.1 Je 162. GIRZU, M. The Auatr~~an Industrdal Expoaition, J~uly 12-21, 19&," Electrotelmica 10 no.9.362~-363 S 162. Hor.ARY/chemical Technology. Cellulose and its Derivatives. H Abs, Jour: Ref. Zhur-Rhimiya, No 12, 1958, 41873- Author : GigrLink. Inst : ot gfv-e-n Title :The Fine Part of Woodpulp. Orig Pub: Papirapar, 1957, No 5-6, 83-92. Abstract: No abstract. Card : 1/1 -17 GISEK, M. One-channal optimizer with a rough and precise search system. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; radiotekh. 5 no.3:405-406 My-Je 162. (MIRA 15:9) 1. hekomendovano kafedroy avtomatiki i telemakhaniki Moskovskogo energeticheskogo instituta. (Fuidio measurements) (Electronic measurements) - GISEVo M.I.v dotsent; SMIMOVq Yu.K., Spectrophotowetric determination of coproporphyrin excreted with the urine. Fred. dop. kontoent. atmwof. zagr. no. 4:139-W 160. (DaRA 13:10) 1. Iz kafedry gigiyany Ryazanskogo meditsinskogo instituta, kafedry k-MlInoy gigiyeny i kafedry nervnykh bolezney TSentrallnogo instituta usavershenstvovaniya v:rachey. (SPECTROPHOTOMETRY) (COPROPORPHYRIV) (URINE-ANALYSIS ABD PATHOLOGY) BRAGINSKIY, M.A., Lnzh.; GISIN, B,J., '.n7h.; KOGAN, F.Yv , Continuous ;iamming machine for shleep pelts. Ukr ITHIKF no.13:10'7-113 162. NIRA 18:2) MIKHAYLOV, A.V. (ChitinBkaya obl.); BIVZ, G.P. (Kiyev); GISTIJ, B.V., (Alma-Ata); SAIMLER, TS.M (Sumy); AVMUKH, M.P. (Leninabad): SHNIPOR, B.11. (Vinnitua); 7J&HAROV, V.L. (Minuk); Yji.SIWjffY, (Kuybyehov); VOSKRESSUSKIY. S.N. (Kuyb:,Bhov) Problems. 14at.v shkole no.4:94-95 JI-Ag '59. NIRA l.?:11) (Goomotry-Problems, exercises, etc.) GISIN, G.N. Fuel pump for compression ignition engines (From 'Automotive Industry" Ja., 0, 1955). Avt.i trakt.prom. no.5:43-44 My 156. (MLRk 9:8) (Automobiles--Fuel systems) GISIN, G.N. Mechanization of assembly line operations. Avt.1 tr&kt. prom. no.3:38-40 Mr 157. (Kr-RA 10:5) (Automobile industry) GISIN, G.N. starters. Ayt.j trakt.prom. n0-3:47-48 Ur '57, OUIA 10:5) (Automobiles-Starting devices) .,,;. GISIIT, G.N. Rollers in 48 My '57. track shoes of Yiat tractors. kvt. i trii.kt. proms no,5: (Caterpillar tractors) (MIRA 10:6) NIXCLAYNY, A.M.; GISIN, I B - SIDORIN, Ya.S.-; SOROKIN, T.V. -Z 11 CInstructione on chasse making] Sbornik tekhnologichookikh instruktaii po proizvodstva syrov. Moskva, Pishchapromizdat. 1950. 182 p. (MIRA 12:3) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Glavnoye upravloniye nyrodellnoy- pronVehlennosti. (Cheese-Varietles) c A j1 y sailksum of techncdogk&l difinit, prinfuOlon pim 4. -21.1 1' 11. %.. 11 :0 ~ , MAII.-A cttiveiiient Wile ~, jw,wntVil let whwh 11- at, tAhillatftl the comrskmily tt~l variatiom in , lu-- pr,.Iu~ tN. 1. &IMIg Willi the AV. cu~tatmy lmn~rtl- of 11". fin.1 pf'.11irlo. C. M k".4-4 C, / S I A/, I., SAVINOVSKIT, N., kandidat tekhnicheakikh nank; GISIN, I., kandic[at selisko-khozyaystyennykh nauk. Thermal processes in the making of ice cream. Khol.tekh. 31 no-3: 58-61 ji-s '54. (KLRA 7.9 ) (Ice cream, ices, etc.) SAVINOVSKIT, N., kandidat tokhnichakikh nauk; GISIN, I., kiLEdidat sel'skohozyastvennykh niA. ..... SUMIYAWAN Workers who are improving ice-cream production. Khol.takh, 32 no.1:51-58 Ja-Mr 155. OaaA 8:7) (Ice arnam, ices, etc.) (Dairy industry-Equipment and supplies) USSR Chemica t( and Tiieli- Foou Industry Abs Jour- Referai, Zhur llhimtya, No 9, 1957~ ")'3(P`- Author : Gisin I. Title : Thermal Treatment of Ice Cream Mix in Closed Flow Orig Pub.- Kholodilln. tekhnlka, 1956, No 3, 33-38 Abstract: On the basis of tests of the laminar OPB appar- atus, and also of date secured on cooling ice cream mix in an apparatus of the AP! concern (England) it was ascertained that the thermal treatment (TT) of mixes used in the manufacture C ard 1A USSR /themical Technology. Chemical Products 1-32 and Their Application Food industry Abs Jour: Referat Zhur - Khimiya, No 9, 1957Y 33033 of tee cream, in a closed, thin-layer flow, is possible and appropriate. TT of mixes in the laminar apparatus can be carried out for bota pasteurization and cooling as well as for co3ling only. Operation by means of the laminar appara- tus requires the availability of a brine cooling system with a temperature of the cooling agent not below - 5 and - 8' and automatically con- trolled brine feed. Most appropriate is the cooling of mixes with water at about 1r'. The output capacity of TT apparatus must be equal C ard 2/3 USSR /t hemical I", rjo;, 1--ir-iral i'rorl,--ts I , "" and Their AnplIc,,t1.w,, Food Industry Abs Jour: Referat Zhur - Kh1miya, No 9, 1957, 33033 to, or a multiple of, that of the homogenizer. An indispensable condition of TT is laminar appara- tus is an automatic control of the pasteurization temperature. Card 3,/"3 GISIN. I. Kovable eaui,,-i--+. for milking covs. Holo0i. ;r~:n. -18 rn.6-46 15", (Mirucino machines) Cx:aA~ I.C.:6) GISIN, I..kund.eallskokhozyaystyennykh nauk ------ Improving the cooling system in the manufacture of Ice cream [with su=iary in RnglioW . Khol.tekh. 35 no.6:419-50 N-D '58. (MIRA 12:1) 1. Veasoymnyy muchno-iosledovatellskiy inatitut kholoddllnoy prozWohlennosti. (Moscow-Ice cream) MAKAR I IN, Aleksandr Mikhaylovicho kand. tekLn. nauk; GISJN.' 1. B. , kand. sellkhoz. nauk, apetared.; IVANOVA, N.M., iW.; PEREDEM, S.F., takhn. red. (Production of soft cheeses] Proizvodstvo miagkdJch sy-.-ov. Mo- skva, Pishchepromizdat, 1960. 93 p. (MMA .15:3) (cheese) SAVIROVaIY, N., kand.tekhn.nauk. G., insh.; DZUXIMMOI, V.; GISIN, I., kand. sel I skokhozyays tvefijff2n",,&k Operation of continuous freezers. Khol.tekh. 37 no.5:35-39 5-0 !6o. 0ML1 13:10) 1. Veesoyuznyy nauchno-iss led ovatellskiy institut kholodil'uoy promyshlennosti (for Savinovskly). 2. Moskovakiy khlactokombinat iment A.I. Mikoyana. (for Dezent and Dewidenko)- 3- Nauchno- isele- dovatel'skly eksperimentalino-konstraktorskiy institut prodovoll- atvennogo mahinoetroyeniya (for Gisin). (Ice-dream freezers) STRAKHOVI V.V., kand. tekhn. nauk;.GISIN I B kand. sellkhoz. nauk; A--- =~~ KUZIMIN, Yu.N.1 TOMBAYEV, N.I.; SHUVAWVA, N.S., nauchnyy red.; ZORINA, G.V., red.; KOVALISKAYA, I.F., tekhn. red. [Moderr equipment for making creamery butter]Sorremannoe obo- rudovanie dlia proizvodstva slivochnogo mas-la. Mosim, TSentr. in-t nauchno-tekhn. informAtsil maahinostrbenia, 1962, 55 pe (MIRA 16:4) (Food machinery-Design and construction) (Creameries-Equipment and supplies) 6TRAKHOV V. [(:,:-n-~-naous prl--,iu,,t-i,-n of croariex7 butter using the Tractium but---I.f;,r,ruitAr,n rnettlo.,11 lotochnOtl [TOIZ'10dVtV(.'l S)AVOCIMC- g) lrd?la -- primenerder, TSerntr. IT~-t. pj~ql!.-klEsVG.L 'PIRA DILANYAN, Zaven Khristoforovich; INIKHOV, G.S., doktor khim. nauk, retsenzpnt%_QjjZ,_,Lb,. kamd. sellkhoz. nauk, spets. red.; NIKOLAYEV,A.M., kand.sel'khoz#nauk, [F=damentalt-, of cheesemakingl Osnovy syrodeliia. Mo- skva, Pishchevaia promyshlennost', 1965. 83 p. (MIRA V JD L: 46 47 ACCESSION NR: AP501?901 051/�5/'0l ~O` UR/6 535.321 535 '51 1-- 15 le6 AUTHORS: Valeyev, A. S. t YVI Y5 'Optical properties.of the ltimony~ tri- TITLE: rmally deposited 0~1 ~sulfide and tellurium layers/in the 14rrared spect-rIT- aon ; Ii ~. I ~ I I- I ... I buunuz; Optika I spektroskopiya, v 19, no . 1, 19, 6% 12i-127 TOPIC TAGS: antimony compound, tellurium, IR Spectrum, optic prooe* ABSTRACT: Although the substances In question are vridel used as" higb-refractive-index layers for infrared applications, their opticai constants bave.not been adequately-investigated in the~ootqt.; Thei present paper presents.the results of the determination. 6f the rel- fractive index ahd the absorption coefficient in.thEl regibh'where; these layers have maximum tftnelpareriby and in the:::atjjoln~hj~ regloj and 2 namely 1 -- 23 ~L for antimony'-trioultide !i ~L f6t., tellurium: layers. The procedure used to deterWne:the opt-ioal conitants~ 161: described elsewhere (Opti-A~ipekti. 15.9 500, 1561,) and is -based on Card 1/4 L 4444-66 ACCESSION NR: AP~6179'61--- determining the refractive index and the absorption coefficient from; the measured maximum and minimum values of the transmission coeffi- clent of the layer by successive approximations. The main results are shown in Figs. I and 2 of the Enclosure. The large scatter in the experimental point attributed to inhomogeneities in the structure, of the layer which gives rise to a great~variety ih the properties of.tbe layers of different thicknesses and of dit&rent: internal ,structure. Tests of the effect of beat treatm htAn air and in e vacuum have shown that beat treatment produces not ,Iceable, changes;,-in the optical constants of the Ullurium layers. ~h~,s is: interpretied from the poini of view of th~ response of the iiib~.oj~ogehblltiesj~ Which consist of amorphous and cryeit4iiiii e sections ."erent beat. n to the dl treatment conditions. Orig. !,irt. bas6 4 figures,,. roriftula, and tables. ASS001ATIONS None OP. SLMMTTED: ~OBMay64 SUB 00t 00, 4~~ - 005 NR 9EF SOV 6 J lki- L-1-W444-- ACCESS: GISIN. F.G.; SHVARTS, E.Ya. --f Laboratory and pilot plant units for air-less sprayirg of paint materials~ Lakokras.mat.i ikh prim. no.1853-55 161. (MIRA 14:4) 1. TSentr&llnaya nauchiio-issledavatellskay-a labo.ratoriya Vsesoy~uznoy proizvodstvennoy kontory "Lakokraspokry-ti C." (Painting, Industrial~ GUGELI, B.M.,; GISIN, P.G. Depositing a lacquer film on kinescope screons in the course of their metallic coating. Lakokras.mat, i ikh priln. no.2:55-58 161. (MRA 144) (Films (Chemistry)) (Protective coatings) SHISHMAREVA, L.B.; GISIN, P.G.; KMOSHNICHMO, G.Ya.; Prinimalf uchastiye: SHEPPM, L.Ya.; KLEYEV, V.I.; YJMCVSKAYA, H.I. Optimum parameters of the process of painting the products by flow coating. Lakolrras. mat. i ikh. prim. no.4:30-34 161. (MMA 1617) (Painting, Industrial) GISIN, F.G~; VASILIYEV, M.G. Aerosol spraying of paint materials. Lakokr-,, mzir- 1 'Lkh prim. no.5:64-67 '61. (vilb, 15:)) (Spray painting) (Aerozols) KIKIULDZE, D.A.; IZASHVILI, R.F.; HMVICH, A.M.; SAGIYLV, "..S.; . INP P.Go; Prinimali uchastiye:MALOVITSKIY, V.S.; soBazv, yu.ii.;; L '~---V, H.Z.; TIMOSHENKO, S.I. Automatic line for the painting of children's carriages with the jet! spraying method; experience in the introduction and use. Lakekras. mat. i ikh prim. no-3:69-75 163. (MIRA 16:9) (Spray painting-Equipment and oupplies) ~UVNIN, Mikhail Savellyevich; GISIN, V.11., nauchnyy red.; SIUURAK, Ye.N., red. [Machine parts] Detali mashin. Leningrad, Gos. jjojiLjZnoe izd-vo sudostroit. proTWahl., 1959. 291 p. (WRA 12-1) (Machinery-Design) 24(3) AUTHORS: Gisina,F.A..and Murygirt V.1 TITLEt Negative Phofodiude Effo,--. in Pholoc- I (0 t ri ts a t tt I I riyy fo t od il (; d rly y ~, ft'i? ir tK! r o oo me ri t. a kn'~ PERIODICALt I zve s t i ya A kad --fn i i iiaii k U 2~ b or k ~; K K.- matematichesk,.kh nnttk ~1, (f."'SH 1 ABSTRACT: In the present paper t lie ;Au f ~i the abnornal phutoelectr.i.-- %1" photodiode effe~;t) de,3,ril)t~J b,,r R wnicn arises during a siraullaaeo,Ae infiuenc-e liqli* ~--nrl externai voltage onto a &-elenium rell w~tn a ~',adiL.'Lim i '.!,:tT3.nfj, The author~3 give expl-I ci t- expressi ons f~,Y' L?,& --)utiter: and -' Is change under effect of light. Tho t",eoreti-:a! agree qual1'rat'Lk7ely with the experimental data. Thp th~ ::)r-~,1dPzed effecit ort the temperatnt- retitfti-i- Lindt-l in-i. T,i- vjthCz.5j meno~ion A.F.Ioffe and A.V,lDff*e. There are 4 figures, and -)A o',!' iihich are Soviet, 2 Bulgarian, 6 Ameri,7,1n, 2 Eni~t it%li. ASSOCIATION tFi ziko- tekhni ~ hej k --'y ~4nati ~aF, AN U;! SSR 7-i,--hnical Institute of the AS Uz SSR) SUBMITTED: October 14, 1956 Card 1/1 AUTHORt Gisina, F. A. TITLE; r Photoreoistore Relaxation Characteristics of Semiconducto . and Photoelementskk PERIODICALi Fizika tverdogo tela, 1959, Vol 1, Nr 9, pp 1434 - 1440 (USSR) ABSTRACTs It is the aim of the present paper to show how it in possible to determine the time characteristics of pKoto conductivity and of photodiffusion-emf from the solution of the diffusion equations obtained by means of an operator method. Moreover, a method is suggested of finding the lifetime, diffusion length, and surface recombination rate. A few pertinent theoretical publications are discusned in the introduction, among them those by Samoylovich and iskovlev investigation of the recombination law by means of the equation of motion), and those by Adirovich and Kolotilova (DIVC8ti,31-iOll Of the formation kinetics of photoelectrons and 1,hotohole!3 in the irradiation of a semiconductor under cons4.deration of the carrier inhomogeneity). Part I of the pap,!r investiFates the time characteristics of the photoelectric resistance, *,ith Card 1/3 the existence of the space charqe hein'. n2plected in first () 7 1.96 Relaxation Characteristics of Semiconductor Photoresistors and Photoelements approximation, (Its consideration in the second approximation allows an investigation of the kinetics of the occurrence of photodiffusion-emf), The author considers in isolated semiconductor, in which, induced by light irr6diation,elticl.rot, hole pairs are produced, and an expression 1:3 sought 'for ti., change in the sample conductivity. The follo-.ving restrictiii,;,- assumptions are made: the irradiation intenaity sWl be small so that the concentrations p and n of -.he phctoholes and photoelectrons, respectively, are considerabiy -'caller than the electron concentration n of the non-irraciated 0 sample (the monomolecular recombination law holds in this case); the space charge shall vanish so that p-n and the field current of minority carriers is small as compared xith the diffusion current. A few numerical examples are given for the formul,is derived. In the second part the authors investigate the kinetics of the formation of the photodiffugion-emf. This occur? because (here, too, light-induced electron - hole pair production is assumed) the mobility of electrons and holes Card 2/3 differs. The steady case had already been dealt with (Ref 6). 67396 Relaxation Characteristics of Semiconductor Photoresistors SOV/181-1-9-19/51 and Photoelemente In the equation for the p-type current the field current is neglected with respect to the diffusion current, so that the expression derived in section 2 for p(t,y) remains valid. It is shown that both the photo conductivity and the photo- diffusion-emf are exponential functions of time: --t/ /Ta - t/-rV z-a(t) - 6steady + const.e , V(t) - Vsteady + const.e Consequentlyp the relaxation times i and -r can be easily Cf V determined in the experimental way. The final part of the paper offers expressions for diffusion length, lifetime, and surface recombination rate. There are 3 figures and 6 references, 7 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Sredneaziatskiy gosuniversitet Tashkent ((So,tiet) Central Asia State University, Tashkent) SUBMITTEDt January 14, 1957 Card 3/3 GISINA, F.A. Distritution of inert impurities in tlip atrnosp~,Pre during rain. Izv. NJ SSSR. Ser. geofiz. no.4:567-572 An '62. (FURA 15:4) 1. Leningradrkiy ridrometoorolwicheskly inotibit. (Rain and rainfall) (Aevoso]F) LAYKHn4AN, D.L.; GISINA, F.A.; KOLAN, S.N. . Calculation principle of meteorological conditions in planning industrial enterprises. Truly Len. gidromet, ins-,. no.15:37-46 163. (MrRA 17-1) BYUTNER, E.K.; GISINA, F.A. Effective coefficient of the rapture of aerosol particles by rain and cloud drops. True'-,- Ler. v- , met. inst. no.15: 103-117 163. (MI RA 17: 1) GISINA, F.A. Distribution of pollution in the atmosphere in the presence of precipitation and claudiness. Trudy Len. gidromet. Inst. no.15.-118-Ug 163. (111 RA 17: 1) - - GISINA9 F.A, D I i-: t:r i bu ti on i n t)i, e a tmc-;; phe re cf rad J.oa c t i ve ~~;, n 7-~ ---- -1 , - - ~- -I-~ gtdrcmet.inst. n,~.18.-3--? 163. "VIRA , I I ~ GISINA, F.A., PASHKOVSKIY, A.S. Density of the pollution of the earth darface durilig precipitation. Trudy Lan.gidromet.inst. no.18:131-134 163. (mIRA 18?1) ACCESSION NR: AP4043142 8/0049/64/000/007/lli6/1120 AUTHOR: Gisina, F. A. TITLE: Distribution of an aerosol contaminant entering the atmosphore from a-continuous point source during a fog SOURCE: AN SSSR. Izv. Seriya geofizicheskaya, no. 7, 1964, 1116-1120 TOPIC TAGS: meteorology, fog, atmospheric contamination, atmospheric turbulence, atmospheric aerosol, atmospheric physics, aerosol distribution A13STRACT: One of the basic problems in the planning and operation of large industries ij determimAion of the near-surface concentration of atmospheric cont.,ininants under various meteorological conditions. During a fog, the near-surface concentr.-lion of such industrial contaminants can be many times greater than during standard types of at-Toospheric stratification. Despite the importance of such concentrations, conditions during fogs have been investigated to only a limited degree, and earlier studies have failed to take into -\ account the diffusion of fog droplets, which Is extremely important. The turbulent regime of the atmosphere also must be taken into account in any determination of the influence of a fog on atmospheric contamination. In this paper the author explains the mechanism by Card 1/3 ACWZ51ON Nit: AP4043142 which a fog influences the distribution of an admixture in the atmosphere. In particular, two cases are discussed: when the height of the fog is greater than the height of the source and when-the height of the fog is less than the height of the source. En niany cases days with fogs have a weak wind. The upper boundary of i fog vistia1ly is the 6)undary of an inversion; regions outside and inside a fog usually are characterized by a different degree of turbulent exchange. A classification pf the possible Wrbulent regimes in fogs is given..~ut it is arbitrary because during the lifetime of a fog the turbulent regime will undergo a tranaltlon from one type to another. There is an analysis of cortaln combinations of types which are the most favorable for the development of near-surface concentrations. It is shown that the total near-surface concentration is the greater the higher the upper boundary of the fog, and that the maximum of the total near-surface concentration is situated closer to the source than when a fog is absent. Data cited show that a fog leads to an appreciablechange in the distribution of a contaminant in the atmosphere; in certain cases atmospheric contam- ination increases by more than an order of magrultude. Such a strong contamination arises when turbulence is better.developed above the fog boundary than in the fog Itself. Such a situation occurs at sunrise and lasts only briefly because strong turbulent exchwqe leads to fog dispersal. Orig. art. has: 23 formulas, 1 figure and 2 tables. i'C.ard- 2/3 ACCF-SSION NR: AP4043142 ASSOCIATION: Leningradoldy gidrometeorologichesldy inatitut (Leningrad Hydrometeor. ological Institute) SUBAUTTM): 22Jul63 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: ES NO REF SOV. 004 OTHER. 000 f)44,66 VIM (I IRM W 6012030 CODE: URV036f omlo-W 1651 12o5/=8 AUTHOR: laykhtman, D. L.; Gisina. Fo. A.6; KrSM,_N. I. !ydnmeteorological rg4 (Lerdnradsldy Toro-] ORG. LerdnEZad _g_ g1drom, 0 logicheskV institut) TITIE- Allowance for characterigUes of atm ur~~qnc -)fn oomptitibg intensit .Aph and height of factory stacks SOURGIE: 10 SSSR, Imstiya* Fizilm atmosfery i okeanal V# 1t Wo llp 19650 3203--up TOPIC TAGS: atmospheric diffusion, air pollution, atmospheric turbulence, energy distribution ABSTRACT. In the investigation of diffusion 'processes in the atmosphere a seriWs difficulty encountered is that the spatial scales of' turbulent :.fluctuations vary in a wide range; from 10-1 to 106 m. It Eas been lestablished experimentally that the distribution of turbulent energy in fluctuations of different scales has a minimum in the regior, of meso- scales. This gives basis for study of diffusion processes IT dividing the entire range of scales into two parts. In the small-sc.-le region the diffusion of an in. parity from the sources at distances not more than. 10-50 11m can be described by the ordinary diffusion equation with the introduction of the vertical coefficient of turbulent viscoElty. This makes it possible to determine the concentration-of an imp=ityj -L-:20471-66 ACC NR, Ap6o=50 eraged for a short (3-10 min) period of time coincidin" with the 'Period of averaging of the meteorological parameters the ,equation. The effects caused by large eddies then can-bo takon into account statistically. As an example of such an approach the~xathors consider the problem of the distribution of the concentration of a pasi- sive impurity from a continuous point source for long periods;*f time (season, year). Chariacteristics of this type are needed in planning factories whose stack products contaminate the atmosphere. Proper stack height for a given admissible discharge must be computed. Tho method presently used for this purpose is unsatisfactory boomkoo in along intervals of time the complex of meteorological conditions changes. in very wide limits. The correct approach should be based an calcula- Ition. of the probability of occurrence of different meteorological con- Aitions. The parameters of the planned factory should be selected in: such a way that in the direction of maximum wind frequency the maxim= aurface concentration with a given probability does not exceed the admissible value. Numerical solubinn of the problem is given- Orig. art. has: 1 figure and 13 formulas. Lj-mj SUB CODE: 04, 13, 20 SU13M DATE: 19May65 ORIG REFs 003 OM REF: o0l ,Car(I 2/2 ACC NR' AP6030079 SOURCE CODE: UR/0362166/002/008/0804/0813 AUTHOR: Gisina, F. A. ORG: Leningrad Hydrometeorological Institute (Leningradskiy gidrometeorclogicheskiy insti-Z- tut TITLE: Influence of mean velocity and temperature gradients on the spectral charac- teristics of turbulence,,/ SOURCE: AN SSSR. Izvestiya. Fizika atmosfery i okeana, v. 2, no. 8, 1966, 804-813 TAGS: atmospheric turbulence,. t4jrUulaacp speGtrum. rw'eu wind 9,'P~ gradient, ewe'rature gradient ABSTRACT: The approach presented in this article differs from that derived by Monin (Akademiya nauk SSSR. Izvestiya. Seriya geofizicheskaya, no. 3, L96!)' in that the spectral characteristics of turbulence, when the mean velocity and cemperature gradients are known, are determined by using spectral equations derived from equatioft~, of motion, discontinuity, and thermal coaductivity. The author makes the assumption that the spectra of turbulent heat and momentum f luxes aw deter-mined as products of turbulent viscosity and the gradient of the appropriate quanLity. Formulas are de- rived for cases of both strong and weak interaction of mean and turbuLent velocity anj temperature fields, and for cases when the Lnteraction is slighL for velocity but considerable for temperature. Turbulent transfer is shown to ~ie governed by the Card 1/2 UDC: 551.551.8:532.517.4 L 42593-66 ACC NR-- AP6030079 vorticity of mean (weak interaction) or turbulent (strong interAcLion) motions as a function of the relationship between the scales of the mean and -,ur*)ulent motions. Orig. art. has: 28 formulas. [ERI SUB CODE: 04/ SUBM DATE: 20Dec651 ORIG REF: 004/ OTH REF- 00' ,TIT, Ploczlls S10, Cord 2/2 S/196/61/00o/oll/olVo42 E194/E155 kUTHORSs Smenkovskaya, P.T., and Gisina, K.B. TITLE3 Heat and mass exchange in drying by stibli,nation In vacuum PERIODICALi Referativnyy zhurnal, Elektroteklinika i energetika, no.11, 1961, 1, abstract 11G 7 (Tr. In-ta energ. kN BSSR, no.11, 1960, 71--77) TEXT. An experimental study of the sublimation of pure ice in vacuum is described. It is shown that the intensity of vapourisation depends upon the degree of vacuum in the sublimator, on the rate of removal of evaporated moisture, on the rate of application of heat to the material, on the temperature difference between the surrounding medium and the material, and on the temperature of the heating surface of the sublimator. It is confirmed that mass exchange has a great influence on heat exchange. 5 literature references. [Abstractor's notei Complete translation.1 Card 1/1 B104/ ,sina, mp-55 in TiTI;i; on rl n. -,,a 3 t"1 o JK") - D 1 L e 1 r t! in c tioll 'fe. fj f a.V! ics t ol 0 0m n not cGr'. 1, c r, Z.,c onon r -,,% e - C p Go, av heat e t ~ar "e r,y t",.e y Tled av7l 1/2 SIMTKOVSKAYL, P.T-;~.S~Nk, ~K.B. Influence of the location of the heat source on h4jut and n1ass transfer in sublimation in vacuum. Inzh.-fiz.zbtu-. no.5:96-101 My 162. -- - 0,11R& 15:7) 1. Energeticheskiy institut AN BSSR, Minsk.. (Heat-Transmission) 0,1ass transfer) (Sublimation (Physical sciences)) GISINA, K.B.; 52HOFER, U.J. Effect of interface movement in capillary-porous and collold bodies on heat and mass transfer process during the sublimation of ice in a vacuwa. Inzh.-fiz. zhur. 'I no.5:?4-38 MY '64. M'Rk 17:6) 1. InBtitut teplo- i mansoobemena AN BSSR, ',Linsk. GISICIVIA, J. T 5-an the Rctivities of the Scientific-'rechniesl I`)e)currentqti n Center. p. 309 (-,A'Z, '-.ODA I T'INNTKA Voll 30, No. 10, Oct. 1956 i-arsaw, Poland) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (ECAL) LC, Vol. 6, 9, Sept. 1957 Uncl. GISRYWA, J. Publications of the Institute of Municipal Economy in the field of water management. Gosp wodna 21 no.11:489-490 NT 161. SMICHAK, A.T.; GISKBA, E.M. Results of prophylactic imimization of children against tuberculosis. Zdrav. Ros. Feder. 8 no.3:23-25 Mrt64 %,URA 17--4) 1. Detskoye otdeleniye ( zav. - prof. K.P.Berkos) Moskcfskogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo instituta tuberkuleza ( dir. - kand. med. nauk T.P. Mochalova) i otdel organizats1i zdravoolchraneni- ya (rukovoditelt - doktor med. nauk I.D.Bogatyrov-) Moskovskogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo instituta gi.-iyeny imeni Brismana. GISMAN, S. "A Talk on Minina 1'erminoiogy" Pt. 35, p. 58 ( Wiangmps2t GoMigMe, Vol. 4, No. 2, Feb. 1953, Katowice) SO: Monthly List of East Burman Accessions, Vol. 3, No. 2, Library of Congress, February, 1954, Uncl. the !,.ne 1s tl C-1 , s . 11T.-r1rinle-Al rU',)IAcr-t!`W; )- ; '~'- i;17' 71-1,"Tl= -~o .1 L~ VOI. 11, 'T . 12, Dec. 105L. Pnlin.~) SC: ,~ontl-ly L;.,-, cf Rast Biro-iorn (-ET*.). LC..VCL. L. No. 4. .f Aprll 19_;5. Uj-, c.1 . GISMAN, STANISLAW. Ilustrovany gorniczy slownik oneyklopedyczny. (Wyd. 1.) Sf.,&Iinogrod, Wydawn. Gorniezo-Rutnicxe, 1955. 528 p. (Illustrated encyclopedia mining dictionary. let ed. illus., plates(part col.), maps, diagre.) SOURGE: East European Accessions List (EM)v LC, Val. 5, no. 3, March 1956