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GlADKOV, D., kand.takhn.nauk, inzh.-cayor Rocket against an aix'Plane (as revealed by foreign press data), Starsh.-serzh. no.5:24 MY 162. (MIIU~ 15:6) (United Statea.-Rockets (ordnance)) Cif ADiAPi. D, . !n,71 w-ric. -r):- . 1 (~ .. I - 1 1i C., ' - ' , 'f~, ~J. - . ., ,j - - , ~3 ~he preci. - f i ;,- ~ - '. -!f; --, - r., 1-- .111, il ~ i(._!, ie~z, ~rihl) o NUT I 10 R D I . (No, c ov, I F L E C! I 111 1 ll~ flillt. 1. .,It i';-'!? I ~A) I C AL A', L c-7-lmi( I!,it il,mh Ei~,,-t 1 1 tt, 6 ic)61 7, - 70 T EXT A dlyriwni~ 5iv:;t oi.i ma-, ho dc:,ci I d I C t L 1 Ull I t l-,11I.S 1, (~ IIIML t I )It unc t I,)!), o -i i it I I u.~i iz, C, d 11 el ',; 0 1 gli III t'll it(-I)I I L V o t t em Th c- not n I n i c A 01: ;I L -3 1 r (2 0 z I t. ed -.11 v i s 1. o n;.. Af-! f- r erl I 9()C) c 2070 -3/103/ 06 l/C22/003/002/006 (/0 a 1, 11 L/~ /1313)013) " 09 A UTHOR Gladkov, D. - ('~,,,Oscow') TITLE: The assembly of lineav automatic control systems PERIODICAL: Avtomatika i telemeknanika, v. 9-2, no, ~', 1901, 506-313 TEXT: The present paper describes a study concerning t1r.e assembly of linear dynamic systems Wit.'l COnStant and variable parameters. Structure and correctiun circuit parameters are determined and a technique of exactly mounting the integrating unit is given. The foLlowing problem is set: given - a linear dynamic system (Fig. 1a); requir-2d - structure and parameters of the correction circuits which render :*-ie iynamic properties of the given system equal to those of a certain optimum system. The dynamic properties of an optimum system may easily be expressed by -weight functions. For linear systems expressed by differential e3uations m these functions are given by g (t,.r) . 11 f i(t) (~j(t-) (1~, 7.he j-1 correction circuits (Fig, 1b) are introduced and t`o? fo!L-iing is written: Card 1/0 20747 V 0 3 '6 X)3100210,8 The assembly of linear automatic 16 // 2;2)9 t 611, (t 91101, r) g1,) (t, ~) d The differential equations z expressin7 the operation of the system by :--eans of t'.%e weigi-A function (t, r ) and g T) are written in the form or' a P~x 611 12(t9 output k xinput (2), bP p xoutput ~ xinput (3), P d/dt and p denote the order of the derivative; k and m determine t-.e order of the differential equations. a V and bP are time functions in the general case. The weight function gk(t' 'r) of the correction circuits is determined. (t, r) denotes the weight function of t(,,e direct circuit in the k structural scheme of the given automatic control system with the correction circuits introduced; g - - the weight function of series connection kl(t' L) consisting of correction circuits and the dynamic system with the weight Card 2/*0 20747 The asserfibly of linear automatic ... f ur c ' i on L, 12 ( tin t'lle determination. of g;(t, a Vo'-terra tyke k integral equation of the oecond kind is, solved by oucce,-.sive a -pproximat ion, result4ng ir the equ~,tion &'(t, c . (t d . (5) -,C 1t k is determined by usin,- the method of reciprocal terms L.-!:; by t S. V. ;,Iallchikov: d '6). :n the 'gkl(t, r same way, 'the weight function of the correction circuits is determined from the knoan (t , -) and g-1-2 (t , and E';k 1 .2(t, th-:~ Nyei-6ht functions of systems that are reciprocal with reszect to the dyaamic systems expressed by Eqs. (2) and (3). With the 11SOUZOT'lov. that in (2) and (3), xoutput t. (t - one obtains (t , T- a (t g7- 12 Card 20',V,7 S11 03J6 1/02210031002/0C8 The assembly of linear automatic ... B!16/BL','),c b (t) (t (9). On the 'oasis of Eqs. (61, (8), and (9) the author obtains the equation for the weight function of the correction circuits; M n f cot (t) do, (T) +611) (TI - T) ap (q) co, (t) di (TI) d-9 P-1 i-1 n k f ci M doi (r) bL (t) 640 (t d~ + m n k tt + Z Y, Yj 6(P)(q -r) ap (1) c, (Q d, (1) b~, 640 (1 dj d~. where d 0i(:-) a0(r-) di(-) and coi(t) - bo(t) ci't). Eq. the correction circuit is a parallel connection of dynamic weight functions of the following type: '11) shows that systems vith C,Lrd 4/ 20747 '6 / 1 i~2 /C,(" C2/D~ 5 T ~ie as s e:n'-- of 1 inear a u t om a t --*' c... '01 T) coi (t) doi (r), r"i (t) (11) fill, zn3 (t, T) d,,, (r) b, (t) & (T] (TI) ci (~) di (TI) b, (t) 6fil) (t dyl d~ a The author shows, with the aid of Fig. 2, Low to realize sys-.ems with such -- kind of ,-;eight funct ions : The assembly diagrani of a syste= (t, --) is shown in Fig. 2a, with g (t, -1) -in Fig. 21b, g (t, Gol o4 o2k n 2c, and .vith g (t, 1) in Fig. 2d. 7n this manner, -,-e correct4or 03 11 - circuit adapting the dynamic properties o' the given syster. to an optim=l ccnsists in P. parallel connection of circ',zits with dilffer-~ntJatin[,, Card 20747 S/I 0316 1 The assembly of linear auto=atic ... 311613209 inteErating, and amplifier units with variable amplification factcrs. F-; L'. 5 s'-ov;s amotl~er way of obtaining an assembly sc~.eme f,:,r the correc- t~.on circilit, tak,ing E,qs. (5), (3), and (9)) into accot;nt. The inte,grating 'jil 40 very diff4cult to verify. r- - "lie author Present mothod in 7.1.111cn the inteGratine unit is replaced by an inert-Jal urit, %,,,-'th variable paramet ers. The inerti3l unit with thct ti-le constant T ha!3 the t T T . The a3~;e.,,-bly diagram o' 8uch a is function g(t, e e T shown in Fi6- 4a. The integration unit illustrated in Fig. 41- 4s obtained -t/T when amplifier units with variable coefficients Te an d e e connected to in--,ut and output, respectively, of this unit. The assembly sc-'-eme of a system With the weight function g (t, -L) is sl,.oi,,,n in 4c, 01 j T where :-(t) - T d f C i oi(l) j(t) oi(t) e V., z:.y of verifying such a system is given in Fig. 5. R(t) i.,j determined Card 6A0 -Uto:.-Itic . . . do, N't" '161 (i) f I, U rl e: 20-1.147 Iv 7/ '01, S/024/62/0CO/001/010/01-3 D . I W1 I , c I I ilk 0 v ,S.V. i ITLE ':(-thod for t!!e sN,tithesis of nonrtationark, autan!atic functi,)(i contro I ~ivs te;;:s for give. n op Lima Ighting PER16DIC:~L: Alzademiya naub. SSSR. IZVestiya. Otdel.eniye teklinichusi-ARh nauk. Energetika i avto-matika. no.1, 1962, 166-169 T T The method ji-oposed here avoids the neco~~;!~iity of' .3olvirl', Volterra intc~;ral equations of the socond kind, if ti-~e i.Tiput signal can be represented in the form n z (t) = Uifi(t) A. X(t) (1) and the desired output signal in the form n Y(S) = Ui(Pi (s (2) Card 113- ,6/0211/62 /000/001 /01.0/013 YeLhod for the svrit-hesis ... E 111 OIF 11 e r r, whi t e no i --; e V L ;A f- (- r-a ndom qua n t~ i t. i ~!:; .-md t t a r- (, n o n ra ii (I om. fun c t i oils TC I Ito invorse no Lwori- ~ef 6 V .":a I , c1likov , A-vtoma Lika i tolevickilan i !-1 X:I" rio 1-999) be denoted by a superscript millus Ow of t'he i v e. n L rl P i::7 e t. I t I ", i 1.11,)WIl c t r k 6 i n . i ri (-, x :. -i L i, i i con trol 1) e t- e t i V 0 not-woi-k:5 to I) ., f:,:) u ri d Thcri it Carl tic s I Lo w 11 t. 11,1 the as rrecLed will be giverl. by ]'t he -!-,c 4- ,n 1. , of the feedback in the corrective network i s opposite to chat 01'~' the p!-Lilcip'll 1001) of the Ori-final systo~m .:Ili le t'ij. s mie th orl ,dives a so lution a lways in princ ip t h, I- e qL-. 1 r e (I -. nverse net---.-or-Is riay be difficult to realize cluc to the pri~-serice of hilh-ord,cr dci7ivati.ves. The approximate ot' such cascs is not considered. The article conclude,,; with, .-In Thi~re, .tre 6 figures. SU9.',.17TZD: June 3, 1960 Card 2/3 ACCESSION NR AIV4021936 BOOK FXPLOITATICN S/ PuCachav, V. S.; Kazakov, I. YE.; Qladkov, D. I.; YE-vlanov, L. 0.1 Mallchikov, S. V.; ~' .. 3hakov, A. F.; Sedov, V. D.; Solxo,ov, V. 1. Principles of automatic control (Osnov:,- artonaticheskopo upravienlya), 'Mosccv, Fizmat-4-z, 1963, 646 p,. illu3., biblio., J-nd~;)-.. 15,000 copiez; Printed. TOPIC TAGS: automation, automatic control, lirear control ~y3tezn, nonlinear control system. TABLE OF CC11T-rw1TS (abridged]: Foreword 8 Ch. 1. Basic concepts of the theory of 1,,:tomatic control 15 Ch. I'L. Charactue-zistics of linear sy~ftems 34 Ch. IT-I. Linear elements of automatlc syster-s - - 71 Ch. IV. Structure and methods of det~!,.-mining the characteristics of linear systems 121 C-. V. Discrcto linear systems 1?0 Ch. TIE. St~.bJllity and quality of linear systems 194 Ch. VII. 'Nathods of studying the accuracy of linear sy-.9tens 240 Card 1/2 ACCESSION bra Ajv4-021936 Ch. VIII. Characteristics of nonlinear systems 28)~ Ch. IX. lionlinear elenients of automatic systems 308 Ch. X. Stability and autovibrations of nonlinear systems 373 Ch. XI. Methods of studying the acci,.r;cy of~nonlinear sy,;,z~erz - - 427 Ch. XII. Self-t,ining systems 444 Ch. XIII. infornation transmission on tramsmission channels - - 466 Ch. XIV. Statistical theory of optimal systems 484 Gh. XV. Methods of determining optimal linear systems 530 Ch. XVII. Determining optimal nonlinear systems 581 Appendices 614 Bibliography 635 Subject index 639 SUB CODE: CP SUBMITTED: 2&jul63 NR REF sov:o6i OTIM- R: 011 DATE ACQ: 27Dec63 Card2/2 GLA.DKOV.- &S- Petroleum workers at the Exhibition of Achievements of the Soviet National EconmW in the Tatar A.S.S.R. Neftiamik 7 no.1222,3 D 162~ (MIRA 16:6) 1. Starshiy inzh. po tekhnicheskoy infoxnataii Gosudaretvonnogo tresta po nefteburovym rabotan Tatarakoy ASSR, (Kazan-Petraleum production) (Kazan-Exhibitions) . I . . . . I : ~ ~- , r ~ 1 1 .I I I . . - .. . - -L. I ..,.~lI - - . .. . .I-.- . - - . . I. .- - - , 11 - .. . . . . ,- . - '.. I. .. .~il I ~: " . . m . . , . . -'- . . .-- . I ~ - ... .. . - -.- _. - . -!, I UBSR/Radio - Thyratone Aug 49 Reotiflers "Use of Thyratrons," G~ Gladkov, 21 pp "Rallo" No 8 Previcus article in *Radlojo No 7 discussed operating principles of tkyratrons. Discusses their applications hereinL, Gives detailed tec.hnical description and waveforms for con-xclled rectifiers, eav-tooth generators, and inertialess relays, 66AqT106 GLADKOV, (!.A. (Kinhinov) 0 ~; Conditioned reflex method in successful ti,cra~y of post- enceph&litic Gunn's syndrome. Zhur. nevr. i psikh. 63 no.9: 1329-1332 '63. (MIIRA 17: 8) A. F. , Af r' k a rit--v nTms,n. B. Ya.,,.,, -,-19 reak er, I.-n 1 V. I., m n Bra ndaiis A. ! J11a a kc v, Xhicpkin, N. S. Y,,, "L~!n, --Lr,~kk- "Lenin" ~s -p!!. -n n p b;.t I i 'i ~ nF,, yard cn Auglis t 2 :9~b. Tkie vessel r, D--1,- emb r-r- A ~ P rt,.3 cr..', :ihe .,; ~iri,j c~:mple'od 'til, dcck. Ttic- following J!ita x-re jili b 1 11 -~d - I)p v~- p--,r-iod withont refje! ling (-a I, d': Ir. Shaft output (',(,C,F .;peed in deep and caim, vva~~--r lc~.ded tc iJ I ~Ui% -, ~XiS M'i~'X 21. v; n 9 Ov: 89 15 r L. ~-,avsp T' w r :r. n an T;~. I I V a fl, r I' - r, by turbogenerator 204 t/h Steam auxiliary boiler X p Static forward thrust of screws 330 tons The Nuclear Ice-Breaker "Lenin" SOV/89-5-3-5/15 Canning material zirconium or stainless steel Thermal power of the reactor go M1 6 /M2 Maximum thermal load 10 kcal /h Inlet temperature of water 2480 C 0 Outlet temperature of water 325 Reactor boiler diameter 2 m, height 5m. A number of circuit diagrams and photographs of the entire plant is given. Safety measures are such that the vessel cannot sink even in the case of major damage. The nuclear plant is protected in such a manner that in continuously manned compartments the radia- tion level does not exceed 0.1 - 0.3 of the maximum tolerable dose for an 8 - hour working day. All quantities of waste water drained off into the sea are below the permitted concentration. Cisterns with a holding capacity of 3,10, and 25 m3 are provided for the active water. There are 15 figures. Card 313 21(4) Plum I sooK mcnorTknou wv/z-'a 3 International Conrs~* an the P*acor~j UN&A of Atc=lc EngerZY- 2nd, 00h*Va. 1958. VoKlady sovetakildh uchavy1ft; yadernyya reakzory I yademAYA *nor- Batiks. (Woparts or Soviet 3clontlets; M=1var aaftetor. Md r1- Its. - 70T Waal or Powor) Noscom, _`wLzd*t p 1q1g aS j. ' . ;d ' ?rUd;, "1. 2) Zrmt. a Ip thwart . 000 c p r td : General Cdo.. W.A. I)oLL*thal, Corresponding Member, USSR Aldsty or .. i S i on. c h_.tL.-I 30 lona a.m4 Nx A.M. Er"In, Doctor of Physical A.I. ypunakly, Member, Ulwalnlsh~ SSR A4&4 .7 f Science., 1 1. I= ; .S. NOTUOV, CoresspMdi.4 9-br, USSR head." of Scl: ....... n4 A Doetor of Physteal. And Ratn'7tical. U a; 9d. F. ftraov Alymb- V1 Toch. rA.. To. X. Kozel-. ,, PUNT(M. Thu book to Intended Coe ecl.nt'st. and an- or. engaged ot do t in reactor 'Josiattag, " wall & -or grar.4-ra an u of s u t tachaq ja Whools where :-tor design to t COVIOLUM, ?hIq Is" meamad -I- a a .1-1- -11-Use as the P- s ar Aamic -.rV- The *I-x vOluxes contalm the reports pre- t d by Soviet ~Latj.t. at the Second Int.rhatLahaj Conrcahzt h on ;: * -0 " rU.L Use& of Atomic an l l~ Ceo,a September I to 13. in 4JOrAva VoLummi 2 on let Mrse Part.. Th. first I. 1958 c : . h r 4evoted to st;;Ia power und.r con.tructIon In the Soviet Dolan; Ube second to OxP-ri~ntxl And research reactors, ~_" ox ~ PorLwoote carried Oot on. them, And the ~rk to lUprove them; sc~ the third.which is omlasntly th.oretIcal, to probleas of " 4 p .ng--..~ri,,A. T.. 1. nuclear reactor Chys ic "d constmetion ad _ SOV/`-W1 : t , lbry.kin to the """ I .. r thl , 1_ 3. ; ror t1tXo* or o'", voLumas or vs* at. Isrerc .. Pear at the :P and or the articles. -asiltshl., W. A.. A.L. Kra-Ift, N-A- "kk21134y, A.M. 0 iZ.r'j,nt. ' ' i~o Ur-~Owxcf . WWrTb=6 or oporating the VrsElto'ic ?Swr J-rr=Lrlra~O U1Ara_-of_tbO PlantTe VoOk 17ndor Bolltr4 vonni"~ - __ _: I (Report No. 2L83) T * X-Y-~Yi*i_, Szd C1f;'_?;U-cri1n. A T- ranlum Resetor Wt=rV_%Zh-V`F&AAur% St." Skupern~t (Report No. 2139) 36 -A P ILI ArrjkjL~.-v AX, Rr~daus, A.r..?r.qjAaj_ tn. ~-' shr`W.S. lc~r.PkLn. I . i TKO_K~~_ ~ntn- (R.;..rt No. 2140r- 60 ~fgjt::Z;~= " T~g_rqjo". Rsaiation safety sy.tes, or alcar Repoet Via. 2518) al .?v9r"qv.'S.A. Wat-ater I-over Reactors (VVW) in the U33R a. port go. Zt8h) A.M., Y.Y. go-h-, A.T. 9.4t -pzr~~'!~._Imx xl-t. ?.-r Xaactoro at Atoftl* Power FlAn-s (he;,ort No. 2-196 -9 SubbotLn. Cooling Water-water T.rwok~., V.S. .d Study or Vn.t.ady Meet Tro.n.- -Car U Nxt-Pradocind 9 amdnCs Reactors (Report :a. 2470) 1.13 va",.klY, X4M., V.I. Sub~.tlA, and Coafftc-I.nt In the Pipe "port I*. 24T5) Wets.' .~3., f-r--Bub~-Slz. T.K.- P-ris"Y, and F. L. . at Ing tz.-Yzov of I.,", __3nUjqv. at X94nagio Dui Motel 'VrT" rl", Ripvrt go. 2210) 176 Z10"al 0 or 1-1... Fuel in feet Faver No- "20 ) U11-AY, And O.Y Th:M41 W-tr~ -6 ths Radius As eablie. of Hod-shAp*d Boat pUcIng Zewamt& (Report .~34) 199 GLA-DKOV G. I, Tnt L j ERODER, Umitriy Leonidovich, ~;oktor fiz.-mn-t. nauk; FCFKOIT, IMAN Konatantin Kon:;tantinovich; - . () V , 3 t a r, i '; 1 Mikhaylovich; G~ADKOV, G.A., 'r-%uj. fiz, nauk, retsenzent; VESEUKRI, A.P., kand. fiz.-mat. nauk, retsenzent; YEGGROV, Yu.A., kand. retsenzont; FOLOGIKII, I-I.G., kand. Viz.-mat- wtule, rt, retsenzent; VLASOVA, Z.V., red.; CI!131~fAKCIVA, :~..K., toklin. red. (Biological shieluini~ for ..-hip r-eactors! :iiologicheskaia zashchita sudovykh reaktarov. L,?r;in(,ra(:, Izd-vo ":~,udo- stroenie," 1964. 410 ('-'EiA 17-4) k I 'IV. ~ , , ,-- . ; i [:,:., H , N.N , ~~ - ., , f". " 1, - , ., r, .,; L ~ I f , -- F, f ~ it. 4 . - ~ . X~ 4 1 -:1 -, ~ r ; - : ~ - )*, I r, . '. .; . 1 11. . ~ m -,~ .~ 11 11 Q : I I . . ~i 3U.T.X)V, I-J. I'l ' :-Iacl--;ne trac-,)r --t~ a -~~LLjt r. tj t: 7r.- t,~,! t. Jr~j- E, i !l l'-, h . pnDi-v. 12 ,,.ont,li;y LL :t r 1. CLADT' OV, C,, 2. Ur,.-,R (6,-(~,) 4. Afforestation 7. Increasing the role of the machine-tractor station in ihelterbelt forestry in every way. Les i step' 5, no. 1, 1953. 9. Month Ly List of' A(-(-! YERORD, Vasiliy Gavrilovich;,.qLA4,LOII,__q?,,eb I,IiYji 1, V.I(wich; FORM Gans Lebrekhtovich; SEYDAKMATOV, 0., otv. r-e-'d'.; LLVITUS, B.I., red. izd-va; ANOMIRIA, M.G., tekl-ui. red. [Wages on the collective farms of Kirghizistanj0plata tru- da v kolkhozakh Kirgizii. Frunze, Izd-vo kkad. nauk Kir- gizskoi SM, 1961. 214 p. (MIILk 15:9) (Kirghizistan-Collective farms-Income distribution) ARABAYEV, E.I.; G.V.; V.Y.; T,. "I kai:L. ekon, nauk, -'V. ['.iage system on the ~~ol lective ')eet f,~:': s ol' Kir:;iil- zisLaln; using, the extaq,le o." T.he "Kraonyi OktAtibi-l" Farm of Sck-uluk lji--trictl, ~isten.a o~,Iaty irud~i v selu.1achik.F., ~olki,~ozakim K11"gizil'; 11% 1:~ "'Evamy-, oktiaiurl" Sck-ulukskot,,(-, -;ii,)na. W,*;,uize, 1~,Im-v~, c, 2 p. 3(6) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION sov/i86,5 Babenko, Yuriy Ale ksandrovich , QV~o;:~Y Stepanovich Gladkov, Grigorly Af~maslyevich Klimeakop Vladimir jP~tiovich Namchenko, and Aleksaudr Ignatlyevich Khristich Elektryfikatdiya Ukrayiny za roky Radyanalkoy vlAdy (Electrification of the Ukraine Wring the Years of the Soviet Regime) ayeY,Derzh. vyd--vo tekhn. lit-ry URSE, 1958. 150 P. 31000 copies printed. Resp. Ed.: I.T. Shvetsya, Academician, UkrSSR Academy of Scienceu; Ed.: M. Pysarenko; Tech. Ed.: Z. Vortman. PURPOSE- The book is intended for the general reader. COVERAGE: The authors discuss electrification of the natio-,w.1 economy of the Ukraine during the prerevolutionary period and during the So-Viet FiTe-Year FlAns. Achievements of the Soviet regime are noted. Tio personalities are mentioned. There are no references. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Card 1/3 Electrification of the Ukrai~e During (Cont.) sov/1665 Introduction 5 Development of Electrification Before 1941 19 General information 19 Awl resources 20 Hydroelectric power resources 25 Development of Electric Power in the Ukrainian SSR During Cie Prewar Period 29 Power in the prerevolutionary period 29 Lenin plan GOELRO and electrification of the UkrSSR 31 Power during the reconstruction period (1921-1928) 37 Power during the J?irst Five-Year Plan (1929-1932) 40 Power during the Second Five-Year Plan (1933-1937) 43 Power during the Shird Five-Year Plan (1938-1941) 44 Development of Electrification From 1941 to 1957 49 Power in the Ukrainian SSR During the War and the Postwar B-_-riod 51 Power in the Flepublic during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) 51 Card 2/ 3 Liectrification of the nral.T,(, F~ir(- SO"d,/i665 Reconstruction and development of power facilit'ie3 in the R.!p~~,)Ljc during the Fourth Five-Year Plan (1946-195o) Power during the Fifth Five-Year Plan (1951-1955) Power during the Sixth Five-Year Plan (1956-196o) Technical Progress in the Development of Power in the Ukrainiam SO Improvements in power engineering Principal research trends in the field of power engineering Design and Construction of Electric Power Plante aatd Distzlbiztion Netvorks Design of electric power plants and distribution netwoefs Construction of electric power plants and distribution networks Electrification of the National Economy of the Ukrainian SSR Electrification of industry Electrification of agricultux-e Electrification of railroad transportation Electrification of dwellings AVAILAME: Library of Congirss (TK 86.U5E35) Card 3/3 JP/ i-a 1 7-20-59 5,6 6o 63 79 79 105 log log 116 122 122 135 141 147 BABENKO, Yuriy Aleksandrovich, GUD~Q LD4 Grigpriy Stepanovich; K mo, Grigoriy Afanaslyevich; NAUMCIORN, Vladl .1d. r e rovichl YJIRISTICH, Alekoandr Ignatlyevich; PISARENKO, H., red., GUSAROV, X., tekhn. red. [Electrification of the U)aaine) Elektryfikatsila Ukrainy. Derzh. vyd-vo tekhnichnoi lit-M URSR, 1960. 274 p. (MIRA 14:8) (Ukraine-Electrification) 1 ski y ray-.:. GILAqjRY q"Ozk"xU L, Interprovincial competition of groups of commwial econouV enter- prises. Zhil.-kom. khos. 10 no-5:7-8 160. (KLRA 13:10) 1. Chlen Prezidiuma TSentrallnogo komitsta profsoyusta rabochikh mestnoy promyshlennosti i kommunallnogo khozMetva. (Municipal services) GLLDKOV, I. The embodiment of Lenin's ideas of scientific planning; an the 40th anniversary of the State Commission for the Electrification of Russia. Vop. ekon. no.1:13-25 Ja 161. (MIRA 13tl2) (Blectrif ication) (Riwsia-Vomonomic policy) GLADKOV, I. Lenin's method of creative research. Vop.ekon.~no.423-19 Ap 163. (MIRA 16:4) (Lenin, Vladimir Illich, 1870-1924) (Economic research) GLADKOV, I. Originated in our time. Zhil.-kom. khoz. 13 no.4:3 AP '63. (MIRA 16:5) 1. Chlen prezidiuma TSentrallnogo komiteta profensicnallnogo soyuza rabochikh mestnoy promyshlennosti i ko=unallnogo khozyaystva. (Municipal services) (Socialist competition) V. I. Lenin and the plan for the olectrIf 4c~itl n ~f lqussit~ Mosl.cvp , G)cplpnizd:7!t, JQL11. Ill p. (L43-17276) DK25L.LbG,c I. "-.. Ocherki Faro I t,o.l I st.m cl*cv;Asl,,.ci c. ; -P,novo~ c, 1917-11)13 , f~. (C-utlinr- of 1--, ".c.i.struction cl --ccnc,my 1-cr ~IcskV6 ('c..,-,i cil tiz(~,! L , 1199, 3,: 1 In' t H a c W 'iitle: 11 I's, t ~ t.i;' 1.:Mi~i. So: L/5 81C . 1 .G5 GLADKOV, 1. Ru7,sin - History I r-,found and cl ear elilcidat. ~,,n ~)f ~ ho higt.,)rv of soc! -i I ist, c, nw.rurf. ~ r,:i Ui the "T. 3. a. R. ( "Hi i t,)ry of the ". ~. 1. ". I: - . , "(i I " ' -i,ll(,)V, Vop. ekon, rt 3, A. ". I -tnkrit.ova !~.- 1. ~- III I No. 11, 1951. "onthlv List of Russi.-in '.~-ce:33 Inns, J.j br~Lry .) 1* C-,n,, rens, ?.:ay 1'i;)2, : rlcla~-:i i f i ed. -_.G OV, I.A. [Contribution to the history of the electrification plan in the SoTiet country; collection of documents and data, 1918-19201 K istorii plan& elektrifikataii sovetakoi etrany; sbornik dokumunbov i naterialov, 1918- 1920 gg. [Moskva] Gos.isd-vo polit.lit-ry, 1952. 590 P. (MLYA 6:8) (Electrification) GLADKOV, 1. Economic ;'o L-icy Planned dev(-Io-:Tif-,,nt o7' t,I, s)cjnjj,t -jr, L c ~-~u . i ~: " I I : , , :. . - ~ , 1 , _ k ..0- ~:', T. :~~ -', --t,; A~ ---- . ---E , ~ _. ~ J.. ") .-:-: - L" ":~ . ~. , , - ~ - ~,.j . GLADKOV, I., kandidat ekonomicheskikh nauk. Role of the Soviet state In the development of a socialist economy. (In: Moscow. finansovaia akademiia. Nauchnye zapinki. Moskva, 1953. p.26-40.) (KLRA 7:2) 1. Moscow. Finansovaye. akademiygL. (Socialism) (Russia-19conomic conditions) GLIDKOV, 1. A. e. r. Economic 1w of the er-onomy plann,-d. Mc!Tkva. 19"'. P" 'ILAD,".,-'.', Iwin -ev ch L-i.ii GGcIL.-,o Ti~ i-!*,'I- AKADEMK,"T' A, 3 V KOVALSY, P.P.--aJAL~Oy I.A., redaktor; MITROYANOVA, S., redaktor: PISMN, V.,~-re or; DANILIKA. A.. takhnichookly redaktor [Development of electrification in Soviet lands from 1921 to 1925; a collection of documents and papers] RezvItie aleirtrifikataii sovetakoi strany 1921-1925 9g.; sbornik dokumentov i materialov. Moskva. Goo. izd-vo polit. lit-r7, 1956. 703 P. (HIRA 10:1) Ollectrification) ABRAMOV, V.A.; ALLTS%'YXf', A-11.; AL'T'uli, L,91,'ARAKELYAN, A.A.: BAZIANOV, G.I.; 'IA'OVA LA BLY11141N, I G BOMMODOV, O.T.: BOR, ff.;". L 7.Ya.; V7"Z-SIfAN. N.R.; 7lr'-"Pl!7W, A,I.-, GiiLITS07, A.D,.i GIRTSOVSKAYA, JI.R.; k"rIADKCV, I.A.; DVoRK~T,. I N.- DHAGILI'rl. ~J.s.; YFIFIMOV, A.N.: ZITAIIIII, V.A.; ZJIUK, ZAlIvAT11111, V.N.; IGNAT'YEV. D.L; WIN. M.A.; WIN, IOiT.-,, Y-:!.A~, KAYE, V.A,-. KAM-KIIIITSla. S.Yo.; KATS, A;I.; YLIMOV, L.G.; KOZLOV, G,A.; KOILANOV, M.Y., KOUTCROVICH, V.G.; hTtAYEV, KRO14ROD, Y,9.A,-, LA~2iMAII, I.L.-, LIVANSLAYA, F.V'; LOGOVINSKAY.A. H.L.-, LYUBOSHITS, L~I.-, MALYSH, P1,11,"-HINSKIY. Ye.A.; lllKHAYD)V,k, P.Ya.; MOIO"~:Y-X. M.1.-, IIWICVIN, P.M.; UCTKIN, A.I.; PARTIGUL, S.P.; PI-RV`US!iJ'j. S,P.: PLT.ROV, A.I.-, Plff~.?USHOV. A.M.; PODGGRITOVA. V.M.; R-0jINCY IGH. RYV-KII4, S.S., RYNDINA, M.N-; SAKSAGANSKIY, T.D.; SAHSOJJOV~ LAL; SHIlWiff, R.M.; SOKOLIK7HIN, S.I.; SOT-LINTINSKAYA, Ye.l.; SUDARIKOV, A,A.- TATAR. 6.K.; T~alwr'Thv, P.V.; 'YAGAY. Ye.YFA,; F1,7GIN, Ya.G.-, FIGURNOV, P.K.; FRUMKIN, A.B.; TISYRLIN, L.14.- SHARWIRG, VJI.-, SHAPIRO, A.I.; SHCHNIIKOV. S.A.; 71WDELIMAN. 13.1,-, ]QUI111, PJ;.~ MITPOFADOVA, J., red.; TROYAIJOVSKAYA, N., tHkhn red. [Concit3o diction-P-7 of Pcc,rir,-:nicsl Kratkii fikonomtches'.-cii --lovarl. Moakvn, Got;.izd-vo colit.lit-ry, '1959. 3111 P. (MIRA 11:7) GLAIROT, I. ., ~ -- ., -, Socialist competition among electric trnnsportatton workers In Riga. Zhil.-kom.khoz. 8 no.30:8-9 '58. (MIRA 11:11) (Riga--Street railways) ql,ADKOV i Year of work of permanent confernncoo or. I-Toduction. Zhil.- kom.khoz. 9 n0-7:6-7 159. OiliL, 12-11) 1. Chlen Prozidiuma Nnntral'nogo komitetu profuoyuwL ritbochikh mastziny promynhlonnouti i koianunul'nogo 1-lizyvLyut,.rkt. Ounicipal Bervices) GLADROV, I. Now docunentn by V.I.LenIn on building socialiam. Vop. elcon. no.11:15-23 N 1.11). (MLIL& 12: 1~- (Lenin, Vladimir IVIch. 1870-1924) DIKWTAR, G.A.; ZADKOV, I..A,s prof., doktor ekonm.nauk,; LUCHMA, A.N.P red.1zd-va; SU=OVA, L.A., ttkhn.rad. [Dom.stic trade in prerevolutionary Ruosia] Vnutrenniais torgovlia v dorevoliutsionnoi Rozaii. Hoakva, Izd-vo Ikad. nauk SSSR, 1960. 235 P. (KIRA 14:2) (Russia-Conmorce) DIMYAR, G.A.; CLADKOV, II.A., prof., doktor ekonom.nauk,; LUCHKIIIA, A.N., red.lzd-va; SUSUOVA, L.A.. [Dom.stic trade in prerevolutionary RussiaJ Vnutrenniaia torgovlia v dorevoliutsionnoi Rosaii. Moak-va, Izd-vo Akad. nauk SSSR, 1960. 235 P. (miRA 14:2) (Russia-Com-nerce) DIKHTYAR, G.A.; MADKOV, I.A., prof., dcktor ekonom.aank,; LUCHKDIA, A.N., rod.izd-va; SUSHOVA, L.A.. " [Dore8tic trade in Prerevolutionary Russia] Vnutrennivia torgovlia v dorevoliutsionnoi RoBsii. Moakva, Izd-vo AkBd. aaulc SSM, 1960. 235 P. (MIRA 14:2) (Russia-Commerce) &ADKOV, I.A., doktor ekon.nauk; KOSSOY, A.I. , lwnd.elcon.nauk; GORBUNOV, R.P., nauchnyy sotrudnik; TAKOTTSEVSKIT, Y.H., ksnd.ekon.nauk; ORLOV, B.P.. kand-ekon.nauk; DIKHTYAR, G.A., knnd.ekon.nauk; D'YACI&MO, V.P.; PAYLOV. K.P., kand.ekon~nsuk; CIMOTARLT. V.A., nauchnyy Botrudnik; BAKOVETSEATA, Y.S., red.j%d-va; GOLUB', S.P., [The Soviet national economy, 1921-192,i] Sovetskoe naradnoe kho- ziaistvo v 1921-1925 M. Moskva, 1960. 558 P. (MIRA 13:3) 1. Akedemiya nauk SSSR. Inatitut ekonomiki. 2. Chlon-korraspondent AN SSSR (for Dlyacheako). (Russia--Economic conditions) DIKHTYAR, Grigoriy Abramovich. Prinimali uchastiye: TORBIN', V.I.; GUSEV, A.V.; GLADKOV, I.A., prof., doktor ekonom. nauk,, Otv. red.; LUCF- KINA, A.N., red. izd-va; SHL?VCMMKO, G.n., takha. red. [Soviet commerce during the period of the development of socialism] Sovetskaia torgovlia v period postroeniia sotsiali=aa. Moskva, Izd- vo Akad. nauk SSSR, 1961. 471 p. (14W. 14:11) 1. Sektor obrashchaniya InBtituta ekonomiki All SSSR (for Torbin, GuBev). (Russia-Commerce) GLADEOV,-I.A., red. (Building the foundation of a socialist econorry in thE: U.S.S.R., 1926-11932]Fostroenie fundaments vot.sialistic,heskoi ekonomiki v SSSR, 1926-1932 gg. Voskw-, Izd-vo Alcad. nauk SSSR, 1960. 573 -- (MIRA 15:9) 1. Akaderdya nauk SS,1*1, institut ekonoriiki. 7ussia --Ecoriomic f;olicy) A uoktor ekon. nau;~; A.I., '-E;n,- (A:r,.,-.. riau2; ";-Ibcro"' 3.S., nauchn. ,jotr.; ~;AYULOVA, I.D., nauchn, sotr.; (',O.,.-,LrII*,01.', E.r., kand. naWc; MAYEVSFIY, 1.1%, coictor ckonoi:. nLuk;CfLT,,LiOTAITV,V.A., ',,,!n . e-kor.. n,!uk; KAILSHEt, LX., nauchr.. 2otr.; 77ROYEVA, Z.N., nauchn. ~ot--; FCMINA, L.V., nauchn. sotr.; VoitOL"YEA', Yu.".. kan(i. (ikon. nauk; K;JU'-'V, M.A., 6oktor ekon. nauk; KAPLII;z,KR, Yo.1-1., lcdn~. okon. nauk; LAFIVA, IS.N., n-luclin. sotr.; ~'AKOVT;.I,'.V3Krf, V.I;.P k~~nd. elcon. nauk; 0:~LOV, Ii.r., karid. ckon. nauk; DIK;-ITAR, G.A., doktor ekon. nauk Idecensed]; PLOII~UuV, K.11.i MALIKOVA, A.I., nnuchn. sotr.; TCNI~06YAN, '-~.Yc., redAZ4~,-va; FOLYAKOVA, T.V.,- tekhri. red. [Socialist nationEl economy of the U.S.S.R. in 1933 to 19401 Sot siali stic lie slk oe narodnoe khoziaistvo SSSR v 1-933-3-940 gg. Voskva, Izl~-vo AN 3SSR, 1963. 665 P. (1-UJRA 16-121) 1. Akac~eriy,--, nauk SSS.-t. Institut ekoromiki. 2. Sektor istorii naroCxo-~o k',,,o-.yay--tva instituta ekorioriki AIT SSS--~ (for Stro,Ye\a,I-'omina, Kaplin.,;kiy, L~-Ipina)- 3. Glden-korresponden-t X.' SSSR (for P-lotnikov). (Itussia-Econow,ic conditions) GLLDKOV, G.; KUVSRINNIKOV, B. Visiting machinery designers in Rybinak. Mas hi riots troi toil I no.6:40-41 Je 163- (MIRA 16!7) (kbinak-MELchirier-y irduatry) GLAMOV, I.I.; GLADENA, V.I.; MRMHKIH, L.B. New archaeological finds in Western Kazakhstan. Vast. AN Kazakh. SSR 11 no.4:88-94 Ap 155. (MLRA 8:8) (Kazakhstan-Antiquities) GLADKOV, I.I.; MNUSHKIN. L.B.; KHAYRUTDINGY, D.M. data on the stratigraphy of Tertiary depocito on the Nangyshlak Peninsula. Izv.AN Kazakh. SSR. Ser. geol. no.19:51-58 155. O= 9:8) (Kangyahlak Peninsula-Geology, Stratigraphic) BAZFUNOV. V.S.: VOSKOBOYMOV, M.Ye.; GLADKOV, I.I.; KNUTIMIN, L.B. Stratigraphic position of rocently found romaino of marine -mammals on the MFxngyahlak Peninsula. Mat. po ist. fauny i flory Kazakh. 2:17-27 158. (MIRA 11:7) (Rangyshlak Peninsula--Paleontology, Stratigraphic) GLADKOV, I.M. Colimycin, an el foc 38 no.9;0`8--~9 S' :,il, 1. Za veduy-un li,,I. i y horw ve t.F,, - J lianic- bakteriologl(.r~f~-ik,.i.v GLADKOV, I.T. Gladkov, I.T. "Tbeory and estimate of gusher derrickr oneri-tlng at nrime condition," Trudy Gropm, neft. in-tr-, symposium (,, o48, p. 25-63 - Bibliog; 26 itemp SO: U-2a98, LetoT)is Zhurrallnvkh Statey, No. 1, 1949 GLADKOV, 1.M. col-imycir, an 3 8 n o9 -, 6) 8 bakteriolog-b.:.H., y JaLor;c, GLADKOV, I.T. Gladkov, I.T. "Theory and estimate of gurher derrickFt oT)er.--tlng at nrime condition," Trudy Grom, neft. in-tsi, sympoelum 6, 1948, p. 25-69 - Bibliog: 26 itemv SO: U-2898, Latopis Zhurrallnykh Statey, No. 1, 1949 r;UIUKO;I, 1 . T. Zadachi i Uprazhneni~-a Po Kursu Ekspluatat3iya !:eftyanvk~- L and !,~cercises on a uonrse of Operation or Petrolwam Tanpo!dt--i 1'. firkin, P. F. ,t~11113k-jy, 1. T. kiladkov. !'os!m:, ::ostoptek!~ivht, 1952. 330 P. Uiagrs. , 'fables. 'Titeraturall-. z. f2j6-3227- V5 664.4 .07 GLADKOV, I.T. Anal7tical determination of dynamic bottom-hole pressures in free-flowing wells. Azerb.neft.khoz. 35 no.6tl6-18 Js '56. (141RA 9:10) (Petroleum engineering) (Oil wells) AUTHOR: Gladkov, K., Engineer S1029160100010310151026 BOOB/BO11 TITLE: The "Aeroship", a Flying Automobile PERIODICAL: Tekhnika molodezhi, 1960v Nr 3, pp 14-15 (USSR) TEXT: The author reports on various models of fl i a tomobiles. The first such vehicle designed by the young Engine.; eased, was demonstrat- ed on May 16, 1954. A second and larger model was demonstrated by Turkin in the gym of the neftyanoy institut (Petroleum Institute) on May 25, 1955 before the teachers# staff and engineers. The third, largest model provided with a motor- cycle engine was tested by Turkin in the open on September 19, 1955, when it glided 1 cm above the ground. The principle of this flying automobile is based on the production of a so-called air cushion underneath the vehicle. Projects in-- this direction are being worked out also in England, the USA, Switzerland, and Canada. The author reports on some of these models. Studies in this field, how- ever, are still in the development stage. Furthermore, the question arises, as to where such a vehicle could be used more suitably, over land or over water. De- signer Andreyevich Smolin from the Gorlkovskiy avtozavod (Gor,'kiv Autnmnbiln FactorX is also working on the design of a flying automobile. His idea of such a vehicle differs from that of the other designers, since he wants to combine an overland car with a helicopter. His second idea is a car shown on the outside front cover, which is kept at any height by air columns. Such air columns are Card 1/2 . ___1 GLAD!L-OVo K.9 inzh. -011 -36 161 ~ml . 1 of hypotheses. '-Iekh.mal. 29 m.3:32 . P., .14 :3) (Continents) GLADKOV, K., inzh. From heat ~Co current, a direct route. Tekh.mol. 29 no.4t22-23 Ap 161. (MM 140) (Thermoelectricity) C GIAINOV, K., inrh. Gas and liquid amplifiers. TuUi.mol. 28 no.llt25 16o. (KIILA 13:12) (Pneumatic control) GLADKOVIV X., inzh. Tektites are still a myster-f. Tekh.mol. 29 n0.8:30-40 '61. (EML. 14:11) (Tektite) GLADKOV, Kirill Aleksandi-ovich, ~at ' - f';a.; cAf(1iL::, i.'I., Lokhi-.. red. MELINIKOVA, Zh.14.) [New mission for the electron] Novoe pvizvanla elek- trona. Mo~ikva, 17-d-vo "Znanie," 1961. 30 p. (Novoe v zhizni, rLauPe, tAhniku. IV Seplia- '~odkhrfflta, no.23) RA 17: 2) GT 'DF .011, K. A. um/mlo Nw4pislaft i= IOT mad - D"Olop"t NOdWA AMIO N&v4PMMp" K. A. O.Udkov, 1 %Sao* Vol XI.. No 6 Mw 'ww Flv*-Y"r PUn bag as otw of its alas th. GrOSSIRS frOlght M& Weenger air mileage by ems 175#Ow kUmmeters. - rn comectim with this ovat ASIVIOP"Ot of navlastlon aide is required,, fiat&w IMMUK0108 radar frequently, and 4peaks of tbm fatwe %im pUms wi2l be I&rAed solely!by radar owAra &M tbG GrOIAA, 23"9 r,IADYOV, Y. A. Dal novidenle, , M,:mkva, Cor3. Iz-%ro Iit--ry, 63 1 - -11111s. (Nau(+n, ;o,,uIiarn&ir- hihlioteka). DLC : TKf,63( .~1417 SO: Soviet Tr&nsrortatior and Comnuni cations p A Bibliogra I.y, LiLrar-,. of' Cor..gres-z. FFTe-renFe- -Department, Washington, 1952, Un~lassified. GLAIKOV, K.A. [Tel3vision] Dallnevidenle. Izd.). Kooky&, izd-yo takhniL-0-4*oreti- cheskoy lit-ry. 1952. 63 P. (Nauchno-populiarnsia bibliotaka, no.23) (XUU 7:4) (Television) QLANOV, X., Inzhener. De,vtime motion picture. Takh.solod.21 uo.9:17-18 3 153. (KI-RA 6:11) (Notion picture projection) --'l GLADKOV, K. [Television] Televidenie. Moskva, Goo. izd-vo dotakoi lit-ry Ministerstva proaveshchanila RSFSR, 1954. 254 p. (KUU 7:7) (Television) GLAIKOT. K., inshener. Nuclear reactors. Tekh.mol. 22 no.5:23-29 Vq 154. (KWU 7:6) (Nuclear reactors) GLMXOV,..K., izLzhener. The radio telescope. Tekh.mol. 22 no.12:17 D '54. MaA 9:1) (Radio astronomy) GLADKOV,K., inihener. laureat Stalinskoy premii - I i,-1---- TRadioactivity." K.B.Zaboranko, Reviewed by K.Gladkov. Vest. Vozd.Fl. 37 no.5:73-75 Ky 154. waa 8:8) (Zaboren Ko,K.B.) (Radioactivity) GLAW7. K., inzhener, laureat Stalinskoy premli. -." .. W- In the world of temperature and pressure. Tak-h.mol.23 no-3:11-13 Mr.155. ()92A 8: 4) (Temperature) (Pressure (Physics)) GLADKOV,K. laureat Stalinskoy premii, inzhener In the world of temperature and pressure. Tekh. nol. 23 no.h: 6-11 Ap '55. (MUIA 9:6) (Temperature) (Pressure (Physics)) , 11 ~ I V GLADKOV,K., inzhener, laureat Stalinskoy -)remil . -- Rainbow on the screen. Tekh.mol.23 no.7:5-8 Jl'55. (14LRA 8:10) (Color television) GLADEDV, I., izzhomer. WMWMWftXwi,- , The &xtiproton has loft the first trace on a phatoplute. Tvkh.mol. 24 mo.4:2-5 Ap 156. (MIaA 9:7) (Particles, Blemantary) GLADKOV, K * - - Atoms without nuclei, atoms without electrons. Takh. mol. 25 no.3: 9-11 Mr 157. (MIRA 10r6) (Nuclei, Atomic) (Atoms) GIADKOV, K. Photographs of atoms. Tekh. mol. 25 n0.9:8-9 5 157. (MIRA 10:9) (Atoms) ~ j 4 iI ~ '.. I I GLADKOV. K., insh. "Solar"' radio receivers. Tekh. mol. 25 no.11:11 N '57. (MIRA 10:11) (Radio-Recelvers and reception) (Transistors) GUROV, Vadim Sergeyevioh; GLAIKOV, K., lnzh., laureat Stallnsko7 premii, red.; STOLTAROV, A., tekhn. red. [Semiconcluctora in technology and eTeryday life] Folupravodalki v takhnike i v bytu. [Mo8k7al Nook. raboahii. 1958. 141 p. (Semi a oudixot ore) (MIRA 1119) PRASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION 581 Gladkov, Kirill Aleksandrovich Energiya atoma (Energy of the Atom) Moscow, Detgiz, 1958. 3Q7 p. (Shkollnaya biblioteka) 115,000 copies printed. Resp. Ed.: Leybenshteyn, G. V., and Smagin, B. I.; Tech. Eds.: Tishina, Z. V., Suchkova, N. V., and Molokanova, N. A. PURPOSE: This book is a manual for use in secondary schools. COVERAGE: This school text book is a popular presentation of nuclear- and radiochemistry, nuclear physics, and nuclear technology, The application of atomic energy in various fields is discussed. Chapter 16 describes the use of new "future nuclear propulsion" sources in all means of transpcrtation, including the Ionic rocket. The book is profusely illustrated with simplified schematic dravings as visual aids for the juvenile reader. A list of recc=ended literature is given at the end of the book. It contains 14 Card 113 Soviet titles. AUTHOR: G17-I.Likov, ~.. , Zn, 2 )- 3-20/2 5 TITLE: The .':y-,',ery of jiiarovor i:~c.inii) PERIODICAL: Vol. 26, Nr 1j, 7c, ( U.,; j a ABOTRACT: There arc %;Iiie'. in 3,pite c.1 jreat vru~.,reos achiev- ed in ~;ciencc, are still sj)uts". lt:anlkind, 3ince its exijtence, co:.tinuLuoly Cot in tuuch aituh cne of these phe- numana, vi:,,. ;:ith b,_L1l-1i,-:htrin6. Jince 20C years men have endeavored to di:~cl,,,se phencmenon, I-et it re~.iained a ,ZySter~, Up t411 U,,~CU~-rence of ball-li(:htnin(_-.- was fre- que!~,tly do-,:cribed in 1-1terttilre. its 1~ririci-,Pl properties v, ere ex;--licitly de:.i~~ns-Lratcd by ti,.f-- FrE~nc~h notrcncmer K. The ball-li ha-, the fc_,-.-~ of a b~-iEht -mieteor, cften -.,J_th a f- ~r 7: C c re. 7 c; c, s c li-ht b-,ue to br-lGht w'-ite, r-Llden a v4,_"-,~ ,;~,E,~ and cnly seldom red. Its diamatcr is mostly 10 to 2C T:i,~VQ ri-Irely 10 -a and ::cove. Its flit-11it is Z~,cco:~,,),.Lnied 'L)-,, tt r~rowlin,- or,-- sound. '-r. intense of is semetines ob- served. The ball- .,ioves r.:.ther --r-lic"l- to --- m./sec. and re- i.iains in existo-ce for tale -~~eriod of a socond up Card 1/3 to several :,.inutcs, it, with -- violent The 1,~f3tcry of Jall-Litatriin,, 2~-z-20125 detonation arid is capable of daraao.e. Tile be- havior Of, tiiu ~) "11 .1 - I I, :A: I I 1W 11i :' i ect I, ~~ C.'s i~; it rmitre. it appears that it r..vc1ido thcv_ az-c upset or dioplaced by it. io olovicusli- 'ucrne by the -LIr current. CaL3cs -,,rerc oll~;(=,_d, !~,wev i:i w;.i !, it ii v I _c ~ : 0 ed a,-ai nst the air cuvrc ilt . I u 1: ;~ri 1, ie, of t~"k_, bui 1- IiL-Iltninr ;io~'t of the ~;cientists dc,~ibt -:ioti,er 'haIl-liChtning may be oon.-Adcred a lir,*itnin~-, at all. ~ ,~A variol.ia theories oil its nature were enunciuted tLe I ,it dec;ides. Yct all these theories rerce unl~, in cric ~,cint, vi:,,. that the phe,io_-.enon de- noted as ball- iiii_-"' - tnim-, uc(~urs i:-. conse :_llence of, an e I_ , lectric diocharCe of ir.::,ense intei,,oitr. the o-rinic'ns of "'~~;ts ba,,~e,_ ir~cn varicus theor- ics were carried (.ut Of The results of ti-ese te~-,ts, forl-iations re- se:::'~linC ac~;ordir_,- tc t;.,:~Ir e.-:tericr a edition of the bali-li,h-ninc. Yet IIT:ese vit-,re not -ble to dis- close tii~- mystery cf this ::I'-'AerIc_'s Further the enunci17-tv~' own lie states, ~lcviever, th-.t -.11. h,,-cth,_,sesj 1',,;,, t ', tL:.t (, :ould be neither bj Ob-_('-~'Vat- Card 2/3 iLlis. Thc ~rre t Z~C"110VLd in tl!~.' 21d o'-. mcAcrn The Mystery of Ball-Lightning 29-3-20/25 experimental nuclear physics and the creation of new gigantic plants let us suppose that the centuries-old mystery of ball- -lightning will be solved in the near ruture. 6 eye-witness reports are published. There are 3 figures. AVAlLABLE: Library of Congress 1. lghtnLn,- - T'ieory - . P :htnli- - - '-"'-,-ury Card 3/3 6(7) SOY/29-59-6-12/24 AUTHOR: Gladkov, K. TITLE: Compressed Sound (Pressovannyy zvuk) PERIODICAL: Tekhnika molodezhi, 1959, 11r 6, pp 22 - 24, 26 (ussa) ABSTRACT: In this article, the author reports on a new term, compressed sound. In the development of telecommunication, always new ways are searched to establish nuLierous undistarbed connections simultaneously over long distances. By the use of special high-qudlity cablesp the so-called concentric cables, and still more complicated tubular conductors or ra'-7io relays, it is possible to make several thousand long-distance telephone calls and to transmit several television programs at the same time. The introduction of such systems is rendered difficult by the I ,act that they are very complicated and expensive. On the basis of electronic engineering it was possible to build speaking automat(5ns. The first, "Vodoker", was demonstrated at the International World Exhibition in New York in 1939. By means of such machines, the processes of human language can be investigated, the changes of individual language components Card 113 pursued, and experimental results reproduoed in accurate L/11- Compressed Bound SOV/29-59-6-121/24 physical quantities. The technology of telephone communications is already so much advanced that all electric disturbances in the line can be avoided. No wide frequency range is there- fore necessary for an undisturbed transmission of the spoken word. It would be ideal to transmit the human voice in a pure form according to its meaning only. To underatan& such infor- mation it is not necessary to express it by a complicated musical scheme and modulations. Scientists were faced with the task of decomposing this information into simple short signals. This is difficult as the spoken words must be recorded according to their musical sound. The apparatus of the line of communication mayp however, change the sound electrically. Besides, a device should be designed which transmits one single simplified signal and reconstructs every other detail at the reception. This would take the main load off the line of communication, and entrust it to transmitting and receiving apparatumes. Such aompreeBed signal is, however, unintelligible for the hum&n ear, and should be recorded by a speaking automaton, The electric device of this automaton reconstructs the signal in its original form, and either reproduces it in sounds, or retransmits it to a Card 2/3 typewriter, or even to a translating machine. On the colored Compressed Sound $07/29-59-6-12/24 insert, the draftem'an has tried to show the working of a -zadio- telephone communication baodd on the principle of the speaking automaton "Vodoker". In spite of the primitiveness and imper- footion of the first apparatus, it was able to reconstruct the signals of the transmitted speeoh in a well intelligible way. In fact, the natural aharaot*r and modulations of the spoken word were missing. The modern speaking machinse containing 100 and more sound filters can reproduce the nignals compressed by 5-10 times in a much more natural and socuratf way. Although it is still very difficult to build a perfect machine, it became evident that the spoken word can be transmitted by means of most simple signals. This means that a much smaller frequoncy range is required for transmission. The spoken word could be compressed even more if also the intervals between sentenoes, words and sounds were utilized. There are 5 figures. Card 3/3