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16(l) AUTHORt .-G.ol~berg P,A, S011/42- 14-1-8/27 TITLE: On the Theorem'of Wie-andt (K ieoreme Vi1q.nd!a) PERIODICAL~ Uspekht matematicheskich nauit 1959.Vol '.4,Nr ',PP 1513 ',76(USSR)' ABSTRAM Let G be an ~irbitrary group, be ~t not .:vf pi-ime numhertq, ThF. nof-',ori of the 11 a-,ibgroup and the SVIOW Il SUbtti,ou-, ar~ jr~r- iuced as in Z Ref 3 -7, G in called!' an J~zi decomoosable into i:hE? oire:!t prodlic- of it~; Sjlow q~ibyrwlp~, Thenr,?mi Let un arb,trary Croup G huae thei Syluw P --z3ubt,r,r-!jljP ro ap 11 b e an 3 - 1;:.[ C'l 1) a rld ll,~ f J r~ 1 y H; let, thi 9 Sylow P -aubp a n. -iubffri:,up a f zwhe re many conjugatee in G~ If ~j f then there exists an e.lemenf A- j-yi G ---~ that M l-' r) "l H There are 6 references, 4 of which ar-e Scviet, I Englinh av,j ! Germane SUBMITTED: October 16. 1957 Card 1/1 1 1, 1 GOLIBERG, P.A. 'IF subi-roups of infinite p za, .: t. no.4: ,roups. Izv. vys. uchob. z r ma 50-55 '59. (I-9HA 129:11) l.Kolomenakiy podagogicheskiy inotitut. (Groups, Thoory of) GOLIBEEG, P.A. (MoBk-va) S-r-Ldical and Sylow basou of Infinite groupg. Rat.sibor. 50 no.l-. 25-42 Ja 160. (IMU 13:6) (Groupti, Theory of) GOLIBMRG, P.A.,. 2 Hall basoc in soma claBsou of prouns. Sib.mat.'),hur. I no. 1: 14-44 Kv-Je 160. WIRA 13:11) (GrouDn, Theory of) GOLIBERG, P.R.,-Anzh. Construction of large silos. ZhIvotnovodBtvo 20 nc.13:779-81 Ig '5 e, - (HIRA 11:10) ( Silos ) tlgzf~g, tf. s - ZHUW-TOV, Kh.Zh.-, DgMIDOVA, S,I.-, BlYAYkil, V,V,, POPLkVSICAYA, Te..&.! GOUBERG, R.a.. Ma,'erlal'3 on th.-~ -.rar:ar4i2,ty of rhG 6actlla~y~ dy-sentery- bacteria In the aaman or.-anism. aAkio't-)L,-- opid. I lumun. rio.10:97 0 054. (NDIA 8: 1) 1. lz XazakhskGl-o jrstlt'-6a epidamloIrg:tf, Lnl",*z'rbLQlOgi.i I gigly6rly" (SHIGEILA DYSElaZIRIAE) GOLIBFIRG S A. "-I- - ''. . ~ Mechanical cleetning of suction on c05)~)inr, II)nc,nlnfys, I Obm.tmkii.opyt. [~MPI no.16:-.3-34 1-5 h. (mal, 11:11) (Combing machines) (Dust coll,~ctorii) GOLI~~!R,',~, S.A. Mechanism for ll~f'tng the counterweight of s ro,,L:-i7 --n-chine carriage. Obm.tek-h.opyt. EMLPI no T -16:36--313 (1-111U, -11:11) (Sptnnin~,- macl-linqrj) GOLIBE2,G, Z. t I -13 Fr,anolat,ion --From,: Referativnyy zhairnal. KhimiYa, 1959, Nr lu', 1; The Invc-sti~,~-t~ion of t.he Hfect of the Salt Me,Uit T~ioi,iiial Trea~ment on the C..wrosion Resistance of In!; D DIC AL: 1,11aterialy po obmenu opytom 4. nauchn. dostIzh, Vse~~. in-~, L,- strumentariya i oborud., 1958, Nr 4 (29), PP 99-103 The oDtimur-, comoosition of a salt mixture has been :NI:I-,i'I---:-`SIII,'~:1. en- sures pi,oduction of Instruments from stainless an,! a (,le-an surface. withotit oxidation and decarbonizat!:)n. 7t tl,e !'iL:-tui,e of the salts BaC12 - 65% an(i Kci 3:7::. a reducinE: a,~L-nt-, for the salt baths. GOL'RERG, S, "' - llow rq,)Iw-,J.riw chrome st-ol in redica' Supplies, Nov, meeL Oum 1z, I, Vseso- ,,qiznyy nauchnc, -lssladovatnl~ sViy n,~~ hit instrumen,Lw: I ol~onidovunlya, A'ID All 'hlf S/137/62/COO/005/097/14150 S. Z. TITIE: Investigation of new alloys for the purpose of i,eplacing, chrome- nickel stainless steel in medical articles PE-Li-ODIC,111: ReforativnTf zhurnal, MetallurFiya, no. 5, 1962, 66, abstract 51'39~, (",V,ed. prom-st', SSSR", 1961, no. 12, 1;1 - 54) -1.-ie author investigated stainless Cr and Cr-Ni steels i,;ith a reduced I_; content, but ,.fth amounts a' 1% and exceed`nZ the ',rn content ir, conven- A'. ~ I L , , U U tional stainless steel. 7re possibility was studied of',-,~ stainless steels wit'r, A!-base alloys. Best alloys for medical purposes were found K '8 14'H4 (i) and X,~4- i4113T (17) stee' to be , i i I , )_ - S J (11b 1 contains in 5: C 0.08, Si 0.8; X-n 13.1; Cr Z'Ili 3.5, and has as hi gh as, 2, )' 45,16, HV 258 2, Jns in %: C 0.0', Si 0.6, Mr, 13.7, 87 17~ conta. 2 Cr 14.08, Ni 2.88 and has !~b as high as 75 45%, Fi,, 183 X 17 (Kh,17) 0-nd X 17H 2 (IChI7, 2) steels are recomzended for medleal articles which durinE their manufacturing are not subjected to great deforination and extended Card 1/2 Investigation of... S/ 137/6 2/'C)CO/CG5/C,97/150 AGC6/A1O3. he~-tin~;. Al and its alloys are recommended for medical articles operating at hii-,~-, temperatures under conditions of low humidity. T. Ruriyantseva [Abstracter's note: Complete translation] Card P_/2 ALILDIG, S.Z. Selection and study of alloys used for ey---!,,Ias3 framej. N-ad. prom. 15 no,3:27-32 161. 1--.: r) 1. Vsesoyu,-,ny-.[ iiLucluio-isoledo,.,iitc-l'siciy insil-itut, riiedLtsins'Cile:1, instmmentov i o~,orudovaniya. ( S, P-- "0 ~~ A G U -'s ) C. S ::1.7 :;,:,t Z') v I j -,I 'o to' a.~ "I .~al; SO C. as tl, c 'o ~:i t. ;1111~ 0 ~i k2 'c. 1 ,,is 's Car, T- 1,!, 7'! r. - o (-.,' ~ ~ (" - -7 -... , I,~ " 4, - *- ... 1 -1 -) - ~~' ,I., . ~ , '/ ~-' . ~ - ACC NR: TGC 3 7 _i 0 SOUR.CE CODE: P0125,;11661010,100!IC)C)O3lOCj28 A U, .1, 1 d. 0 O-RG: -Lz-,sz-It-,ize of ToIccommunications and Ttadlo EnIfTincenin-r, Warsaw (-inszytut 'C'e- iii: Lal results oL 10 LE: z the use of ahmninuni f il in low-power irans' rmers SO~;'=: Warsaw. InstyLut Tole- i Radiotechniczny. Prace, v. 10, no. 1 (34), TO-PIC T AGS: al-'11-ni"nunn foil, alun-~inum foil coil, electriv L-vansfortner, indaction co-'I' A-.-'IS'i`II'AC':': Some as,-)ccL:i are I"riVCII for USIlIg' 0,11,11-111"IlUrr, fOi'. for WillldinlfS 01' c0:1S. 1-net'locis o-' rnanufacLL;re are dcsci7:bed fo.- a'um'num-fo-'! coi~-.s a;-,d var;-,ishcd aluni-Inuni-foil. TI-x zest, resu'Us are presented for a LICI(i Zi c~-.oke ol. C~ witi" a"UrI*'i'-'U-.'1-!0-'i such %vin6ing.'i ()I-, L'w dcsi !"i1 of induc'Lion L C(-)"S ill 'wL. hz's: "'.uve.. L I and 2 4ab'os. [133ased on author's Z,.): 17 CIL IODe - TI C 2,~/ S,1,7,:V" DATE: -c-651 M R 004f SOV REF: 001/ GOLI BnG, V. - A'Seembly-line construction of oloctrolytic uniti3, Strol.tell no.5-2-3 MY '58. (MIRA 11:6) 1.1lachallnik stroitellnogo uchastka AlTuminstroy- - I trefsta Kiiznetskt7rL-.hstroy. ~Aliiminum industry-Eq,doment and suppli~is) (Precast concrete construction) IBSR/Engineeririg Jun 48 Construction Industry Construction Equipment "New Ty-pes of Construction Machinery," V. A. Gol'berg, Ergr, 2 pp "Strc! Prom" No 6 Points out rreBent deficiency of loading and un- loadinp- mech~~_niams and other equipment in most buillinE organizations. Discloses new types of power-driver, mobilp cranes and simple scrapers which shoull be manufactured in workshops of Trust No 3. Claims that 2,R_6 working days per person were saved -)3/49T39 TESR/Eneineer!ng (Contd) Jun 48 amim-ily as the result of power-driven cranes. Gives fivei iUuBtratlone of various types of crams. 43/49T*39 ARZHF;I,Fy.'hl(j, L.,I.; GOLIBERG, V.,-..; !;.Yr,. Trangi!itor amplifior with an powor Lp va i.-,: follow-up sy3tems. Priborost-nD.3niz, ,y le~o. L.1:0 (Tranaigtor a!-mlifiefs) il, 1~ . % - . . I . 4 1 1 - ., I . . I . I .- - I -.I . . I , . I . . I . . . ~: , : ,- GOL'BERG, VJ. (Yuzhno lii7slc) Fibroma of the retropharyngeal space. Vest. oto-rlxi. 16 no.3: 79 MY-Je '54. (MLRA 7-7) (LARTNX, neoplasms, *fibroma, rotropharMeal) ~ P UROHA, *ratropharyngaal) ;",!, '!~ 'l: - ;, ..'. .-. ;~.! ~, ..;: ~ ~ .~ I !~ : " ~ I i , . I . . . : ~-. :- , ., .. I ~ ~ :7: 1 F, .~- ~ 1~ ~, I. :. ~ ; ~~ .. ! ;r r ~., , , ,. ,. . I -, (, -.~: 11 i '.11 1~ -, (, , 1-.~: , -, : ~ ) T -7 7- 7 - fo I, n . . I e-; ~V. 'le ben,~ i.n,,r a r:: - L on i.,ltended 'o- m t;le "'A 3tanc~ wit", -1 r o L, o for 1) Can' 1/2 , Vi3 6/6 2/000/0 1. C)/oC)-: /004 V E38-) AUTHOR: Gol 1) erg,V Y'I TITI,r: Fabrication o" 6ra,-~:; tubes by resit3tance butt-seani welding with radiofrcq~e_ncy currents PERIODICAL: Tsvetnyyc metally'-, no. 10, 190'-' , 01) - 71 T 1-:~,T : The pre:~cnt article describes wor'rz carriiid out at tile Noskovskiy trubnyy zavod (Mo.%icow 'rube liorks), GIPROTs~;O and NIITVCh im. Vologdina on the manufacture of brass tubes by resistance butt-seam welding with PF (425 kc/s) currents. The experiments were carried out oil brass )168 (L66) tubes, 25 rmn OD, '_' mm wall thickness, welded at a rate of 2.0 ni/m.jn. Yun girs t en electrodes were tried first and found unsuitable because they tended to become overheated, which caused formation ot' a dark tungsten deposit oil tile tube surfaco and led to instability of the welding process. These difficulties were overcome by using tungsten/silver electrodo-s with a much lowev ohmic resis- tance. 'file welcling pressure applic(A was similar to that used for .-telding steel tubes. The best results were obtriined under ,the following conditions: Ia - 8.2 A; Ua - 6 - 3 kV; Card 1/2 KOMISHFNEO, A.T.; GOLOVKIN, R.V.; GOLBEFG, V.Ya.; OIILOV, Ye'.D. Radio-requency welding of straight-seam tubas on the 6-32 machine. Matallurg 8 no.10:24-26 0 163. (142A 16:12) 1. Moskovskiy t--ubny-y zavod. GOLIBERG~ '~a.F. The ATsS and ATsSN pumping units. no.2-1,'-13 'c 2. ~IIRA -"5;3) (PivipLn,; machirvwy~, GORSHENINA, T.I.; GOLTERG, Ye.D.; GOLOSOV, 0,3. Effect on the blood and hp-mopoietic orFans of massive doses of betatron radiatiors. Med. rad. 5 no.11:14-20 1,T 160. WIRA 13:12) (RADIATION SICKNIESS) (HIPMATOPOIETIC SYST3N) GOLIBERG, Ye.M. ;,'3timating the volume of an NT-sim-plex b- ~ y the faces [with owmaa~'y in English). Vest. LGU 1 Dimensional analysis) vohn.-is of its no.13:5-10 161. (MIRA 1l,:?') ACC M AP6001477 SOURCE CODE: UR10226165/000/012/0069/0072 AUTHORt Ivensen, V. A.; Gol'dberg, Z. A.; Eyduk, 0. 11 ; Fn V, A, ORG: All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Hard Alloy.q (Vassoy- u zn y y n a u c h n a - i a-a-l-e-d-o-v i t -el '-a -1d _yTft_ i~_tfiiu- "t ' 't' v-e__r_d_y -k-h ... s_`p_*_1'a* v o v-,),- / TITLE: Resistance of a hard alloy to failure under iupaJ~loads SOURCEi Poroshkovaya metallurgiya, no. 12, 1965, 69-*)2 TOPIC TAGS: plastic deformation, mechanical shock resistance, specific resistance, compressive strength, ultimate stres(i, bending stress, data analysis, tungsten containing alloy Ylure ABSTRACT: The effect of plastic deforma:io of a haril alloy on its resistance to failure under impact loads-Was analyzed. It was shown that despite the relatively'lov value'--oTV-Vlastic deformation, the latter has a great effect on the efficiency of the hard-alloy load. This was corroborated by experimental data characterii:ing the ef~f~icienq of a very coarse-grained and a medium-grained alloy with 2 ()Z Coe/// The resistance to failure and efficiency of the coarve-grained al-loy is much greater than that of the medium-grained alloy despite the higher ultimate banding and compression strengthyf the latter. The differ- Card 1 / 2 1 ACC NN AP6001477 ence in tool efficiency is explALned by the greater deformabilLty of the coarse-graLned alloy. Orig. art. has3 I table. [Eaadd on author' abstrAct) [NT] SUB CODEs 11, 20/ SUBH DATEt 13Feb65/ ORIG RM (1031 0111 RM 00 2/2 BUGAY, P.M.; FILIPPOVA, Ye.l.; GCLIM"'WOVA, A.S. Q',har:kcnr) Correlation letween absorption ai.actra and pli of and SoMe of its derivatives in ethanol solution. Shur. fiz. Idi-In. 35 no. 4:825-827 Ap 101. 14-.,5) I. Kharlkovokiy politekhni,~'hesk,iy institut im, V.I. Lenina. (Diphenylamine-Spectra) (Hydrogen-ion- concentration) BIC CL'-l' Efrect of solvents on the aboomtion s-.)ectra of sci-iie a:-dno- and quione- derivatives of' dip~crllylardne. 35 no.E:1731-1737 Ag 161. ("IFU 14-6) 1. ,lar lkovskiy politel-b-niclieskiy institut imeni Y.I. Lenina. (Di,.%hcnylamine--Spec-tra) BUGAY, P.M.; KTTEL'SKAYA, V.N.; GOLIBERKOVA, A.S.; BAKfFNOVA, L.14, Electronic spectra and the nature of absorption bands of' aromatic amine deriv3til!es. Part 3. Zhur.fiz.khin,. "16 no.10:2,!"33-2235 0 16,~ . ( M- A 1":4) 1. Kha-rIL-ovskiy po1itqkhniche!1My instuitut Lqaiina. BUGAY, P. M.; KONELISKAYA, V. N.; GOL'BERKOVA A. -S, Electron spectra and the nature of tho absorption bands of aromatic amine derivatives, Part 4: Electron spectra and -the nature of the absorption bands of acetyl derivutiTes, IN.- hydroxy-, and N-nitroso derivatives of diphenyl-ami-ne. Zhur. fiz. khim. 16 no.12:2751,-2757 D 162. (DIIRA 16: 1) 1. KharIkovskiy politakhnicheskiy institut imenj IP-nina. (DIPhenylamino---Spectrii) BUGAY, P. M.; KONELISKAYA, V. N.; GOLIEERKOVA, A. S.; BAZFER)"A, L. M.; and NAYDENOVA, I. wIssledovaniye metodom elektrowqM spektvov kinetiki okialsniya oito oksi-i mtoksi-proizvodnykh'difenil-amina -Y 96% R 50 vo vremani i ustanovleniya prirody polos pogloshchaniya.w report submittid for the VIIth European Congraea an Molecular .5pectmsaopy, Budepastf 22-27 jui 1963. LUTSKIY, A.Ye.; GOL'BERKOVA, A.S. Absorption sDectra of disubstituted benzenes with similarly, oriented functional groups. Part 4: Hydroxy-, methoxy-, and acatoxy-,substituted bwvmnes. Zhur. ob. kh1m. 33 no.5:1614- 1624 My 163. (MIRA 16:6) 1. Khar'kovskiy politekhnichaskiy institut imeni V.I. Lenina. (Benzene-Abso--ption "ctra) LUTSKIY, A.Ye.~ GOL5BERKOVA, A.S. Absorption spectra of disubstituted benzenes with !ifmilarly oriented functional groups. Part 6: Phthalic acid,.~ and their methyl esters, Zhur. ob. khim. 33 no~5J1633-1639 MIY 163 (MURA 16; 0 1. Khasr~kovskiy politekh-niches'KIN, instltiit imeni 11~1. LaninL, (PhU-Aic aoid-Absorptl.on sp-Actra) 3/076/6,3/037/002/011/018 B1 61 /B1 66 AUTHORS Gol lie rkova, A - S 'line okaya , V. N Naydenova 1 . I (K*na r I kov) 1T LE --lectron spectra and nature of the absorption bands of aromatic amine derivatives. 11. Vlectron spectra of diphenyl amine and ito hydroxy an(! methoxy derivatives i--'-'RIGDIC,IL: ~Lhurnal fiziches".ay v. 37, -,(). 2, 1963, 378-586 T'--~'-'.T ;Based on the CIU33ification of Absorption bands of diphenyl amine dpriv~~tiv,2s :,ublished in 'Di. fiz. khinii, 56, 1562, 1962, the bands of t,he fol-10,11!nC, COMT)OUnds arU di3CU03Pd in detail: C 11r.11HC H X where X - H; 6 6 m-, or P-CH 50, ani XC6H, N111C If,, Y, where X Y*. o-, 6 ~ m- , or p-Cif; 7 - o-, m- , or p-011., Y - o- , m- or p-CHO; x - y o- , m-, or n-CH 0. The solutions used -aere: htxane, ethanol., 11,30,, Flacial ace Tic ac-id, or ethanol + 2 !,: sodium alcoholate. The data for X, log E oscillator atrenE;th, electron transfer enerE;y and band width are tabled. Card 1/3 /,D 7 6 S /6 5 /0 5 7/,'D N /0 11 /0 1 a , 1 E'lectron spectra and n,-,turo ... I Q1 /Bi a6 in all substarccz, the fundamental bund was the 1 ---i, B band .A 114. c1h na 3 1141 j"11 absi Or P I I im and o o C Ia, o i, !i t ru n6 t h and ap pe ur3 be t-aee n A - 25-4 and i, - 500 3esideo this, th,! ,, band (A '" )c,3-417 m4) and the short-wave aniline bind 3 22C-~,',~) mji) were obgurved, but not in -all solvents . r2he lon',.-aave fj band :i4L) is otgerved in almost all rox -t.-.ethox~- a,-d dii.-i-thox~j ier~vativea of (Hi:heny! amine. dihyiroxy, hyfl~ y I - In the prese:ice of two ~2 thrQe C;roaps with equal Piectron- directi.,,,~ 1;ro~;ertles Golf l NH) one -of the 6roups, when s~ibjected to 3 the effect of N.1i as a olrcaeer Jorior LICI!Uit~e3, the properties of a viear-, electron acceptor; this cau:3es the appearance of the A band characteristic of functional c~roups with opposite s4.L4;r,. A130 the dipole mom.ent increases wh 4 C", .VaS 1 D 'Or dro:(y diphen:il a:,,.ine , 1 - 79 D for 4-me thoxy L11-i-,)ht2n, I amine , a-n,.i 3 .5 D for I -dihydroxy di phenyl amine . On formlation of sal t2 , the B band disappcars or becomes wiiakev, ;then the salt formation is inco:;,,piett~. in such cages, the oscillator st:7eagth decreases and a hypsochromic shift of the A B , band is observed. 'There are 2 tables. Card 2/3 5/07 63/037/002/011/018 Electron spectra and nature ... B1 01 YB1 86 A S 3 C, C 1AT 10 IN :Kharlkovskiy politekhnicheskiy instit-ut im. V. I. Lenina (Kharlkov Polytechnic Institute imeni V. 1. Lenin) STIB:,:ITT ED. November 22, 1961 ~j Card 3/3 LUTSKJY, A.Ye.; GOLIBERKOVA, A,S.; BUGAY, P.M. Absorption speotra of dinubstitizted benzenes with similarly oriented functional groups. Part 5! Amino- and acatamido- substituted phenol and anisole~ Zhur. ob. khim. T5 no.5t 1624-1632 IIV '63~ (MIRA l6K6) 1. Khar'ko-!skiy politekhnicheskiy institut imeni V~I. Lenina, (Phenol-Absorption spectra) (Ani Bole- Absorpt Ion griectra) S/076/63/057 AIDV01 2/ 020 B10 I /i32 15 AUT 111ORS Bugay, P. ~M., Konellskay!L, V. V., Tlazhenova, L. K., __aaLL~~,rkova, ~A. S.,Naydenova, 1. 1. TITLE: 'Effect of the type of aromatic aminos (I)ximary, secondary, ) and 'heir o-derivatives, m-de:i,ivaUv(w, and p- 6ortiary derivatives on the absorption spectra Ni ;, 1,63, 652-655 11C.,11: Zhurnal fizicheakoy kidniii, v. 37, 110- 5 TEXT: This is a comparison of the widths Und intensitico o.-,- the 286 rnp benzono abniorption bands in thii ipcet-,a o~' aniline, dlphonyl- anine (D.?A), triphonyl amine, o-aminophanol, ?-hyd:1Oxy-D11A, -d J-hyd1,0Xy-J)VA, 2-hydroxy-21-mcthoxy-DPA, iii-aminophonol, 301-di!)Ydroy- DPA, 3-hydrov-P-methoxy-D?A, p-aminophenal, 4-hydr.,),xy-DIIA, 4,41-hydroxy- DPA, Lnd 4-hydroxY-4 '-mot hoxY-D Pik diwiolved in othiim).1, hux..'kne, 98~ H2so 4.1 I 00j, CIL3C0011, and ethanol + V '.~ alvoholt~ite. am,1111-11.: (1) Tho amino group is conjugated with all benzene rings, although to different degrees in tho differQnt compounds. The greaten~ increase in intensity of the band Ca rd 1/2 6/076/6,~/O-!,7/0()3/(jl 2/02 0 Effect of the type of aromatic ... B101/13215 occurs on transition from aniline to DPA. (2) The obilmical autivity of the oomoound and salt formation in li 2A 4 and ell5COOH onn be eletermined from the band intensity. (3) increa.,Q in intensity of maximum absorption on transition from aminophenol~to monohydroxy-DPA and decrease in intensity on transition to dihydroxy-DPA confirm that the amino group of DPA is conjur-ated with both benzene rings and thnt thi:! conjugation is affected by the functional groups in o, ml or p Positions. (4) In the ortho-hydroxy derivatives of aniline and DPA there exiats an intramolecular hydro--en bond. (5) The band intensity decreases on s,,Ut formation. (6) intensiv,i changes showing no reigular rel"tion to the -.9and intensity occur durinC the formation of quinoidal compounds and oxidalion. There are 5 tables. T A~iSOCIATION Khar1kovskiy politekhnichoskliy institut im. V. I. Lenina (ICnarlicov Polytechnic Institute imani V, 1. Lenin) S"i F),. -, 1; 11'D~4arch 19, 1962 ca,:~,,, 2//,) PJI.,; ~';(UPEIIECVA, A.S., K'~'NEL'Sk-AY.,t, Id'.N.; Ab~;~-rp-,4(-'n s-pec'r~ an," na-u:- ,' Moscrp--ic- 'Ic"rivativi.3 oxii:ed ill 3-~If-iric tw~d. Far- -17 n, 3 3 1,3 163. OCItA 17:2.) BUGAY, P.M.; ' A.',,.; luri, a-sor -)n bmids 0" arld the na, ~7 Absorption speclra arrLinp, derivativois i'll: 2 no. 11: 256~-24 iitekhnicheskiy men-A L~cnina. !. Kharlkoiskiy PO GOLBERS, L., prof.d-r med.nauk. Effort of h"(LtOCYtOtGXjC 13f3r-IIM Or, In the of ratti. I*Ltv. P.SR Zir..Akud.Vestis no.2:101-106 '52. OMRA 6:6) 1. Rizhskiy mea-itsinakiy instltut. (Seni-m) 0,lycogen) mantq. L. GoIllfc.4. Ilap/Oly NI'miya (Riga). ..W111mih 21 Aim, Rhim. '19!;4. No, review ofachieycmi!W3 of Soviet s;~iciitLitq in the ll-!N(nf (h. etary teedifig of livcr sufferers, limell imp tink i44), 1J.214 (hydratids lut 6culco R R(dullo, (ilia w 1,11,hol A kqd. 111-40 10-4+ NO. 6 sp ~s rill) Ail JDJJ J) (.fit A(w1iii)(Latflarl bom! m I I !; Cold 1~ till~o1fil.1 chi wrollic, U11A 10C licl Itr esilkaniv. Its v,";. 11 :!i J1.1i illiritpelitimloilly iflt,~ ~Uiulk-,L I1, 11 lith. 61"It lie; n 4P oRn. ttrl- th-1101". cil t it 1,4 1111grow hEi 1(41 bill. inom-4ed fit t1mVIII ml hl~ti WIth, I b1trodwed IvIlditt-111), the. -hrotijbici coIni. P- No ij crmwl xluld(~LtAj. I OXIC teal: 0- M t4, M WTV-1- An ~11,iwm j!) uvIlItIst Y ',I L. Gol'ben awl. M, Ratzlece. Us ~viias PSR Zimulm ARU.--Mtfv 19M, No. Iii 89--W(hi-j Russian; Latvian,. muryhlt),~4 --Subculaneous tul- ministration of I i It?, 3 pcrkg.wt.1orabbit9 "Op i caused hyperglycemic reaction (11) which L%sted hrs. Simultaneous separate. injectious of I and (M) caused 11 which lasted longer than with JJl alone. A. I)rtvmleks 1 1 1 !1 , ~ . i 1, 1 .I.. I !~ I , . , , , , I i .;J !; ;~ ..: i . i - .1 gim, PERIODICALS: VESTIS, No. 1) 1958 AU;i~6L,DRUV, GQLIB,~ifl, A.V. Ori.gin of manganese ores in the Yashka IL-aestone depwit. Geol. i geofiz. no.l.-115-1-17 t61. (,,LrRA L40) 1. Siuirskiy nauchno-iseledavatellskiy institut geologii? a geofiziki i minerallnogo syrlya, Novosibirsk. (Bollsbaya Yssha-149liganese ores) GOLfBERT, A.V. Bauxites of Livanovka deposits in the Ural Mounta-in re~.Lcn of the West Siberian Plain. Trudy SNIG(Ilf-IS no.6:130-11,9 It,A. (KIRA 1110) (Ural Mountain region-13auxite) KASHTAIIOV, V.A.; GOLIBERT, A.V. Conditions governing the f'ormation of Uply--ir Cret,ricooij!i :Iqrlimants and some minerals in the ObI Valley portion of' Uie West Sitcrian Plain. Trudy S14IGGIMS no.6:163-172 161. (,~JRA 15-7) (ObI Valley--Ore deposits) GOLIBERT, A.V. Conditi-no governing thf.~ formoticil of bauxite.-'b;.~a:r,J.nq serieo in the Turgay trouCh. Trudy SNII&J11) nc,.25.81-102 162. (MIRE 16:4) (',L'urgay gates-Rauxite) KASHTANOV, V,A., GOLIBEERT., A,V. inA an -1 (VIRA 1, !P11) I S i. i n t, iTi r. -F, (~,wi f,,~ k i yins* I t1i N _i IDI, !, -k . 1. -,. 1, (j i:,-- - - w ~ - - : ;. GOLIERT, K. A. DECEASED 1.963,13 c' 1962 CMHISTRY - gasoline see ILC GGLIBI-ERT, V.N. ; inzi~. ; . , ilith. ConccerninF-, ti.,e book by S. Abramov, C.B. Skirge'llo, iL,.cl Chelltsov "Drainage of mine areas and open pits of coal deposiis.rl M. -,5. Pevzner. 6bl-R-11t. str,~ I. Rr,vi(-,wccl b V. 11. I;ol'bert, no,6:~13-4 of cover je 161. (mllu -11,80 driina.,e) r v;~ Z. 1. C-ind. I'led. Sci. Dissertatiori: lf-,'XperLientai Twnors of tt-il! :'-)i- Alval-iced Trainin.- of Phys';.ci-,lns. 2? Apr 47. SO: lecherriyaya 'Iojkv-a, Apr, 1941 (Pn)jact, #V93o) c,:- Cj 11~1 uh c GOLIBER nouchnyy sotrudnik Histomorphologic modification In breast cancoir follcriting preoperative roentgenotherBDY. Trudy AMN SSSR 21 no.4'-57-63 152. (MIJ?A 10:8) 1. Iz patologoanatomichoskopo otdoleniya Nantrijllnogo onkologicho- skogo institute im. F.A.Gertsena Miniaterstva zdravoolchranenlys RSFSR (dir. - chlen-korreSDondent ANN SSSR prof, A.I.Sevitskiy) (BREST, neoplasms, racliother.. preop.) (RADIOTHERAPY, in various diseases. cancer of breast, preop.) EXC--,,RPTA ',.7,:,)ICA S'c 5 Vol. 10/6 5'7 ----- ---------- ---- ----- Z.,K. N P r cc ail (,- e r of t ~ I t. 1i I- e as t (It u :; i; i an t c 18 0 0. _~IQLJUJ~JU ONKOL. 1956, 2/1 (~5-31) Tabli.-.i 3 11'.us. 5 In 750 autopsy cases (women dead from were found with morphological changes of the breast; in G.V~ th,~rv k,,,as tion of the epithelium, which is to be rel-ardod as a precancer(jus topsics of women who died froin marimiarycancer, there was In 7 0.3% and precancer. as indicated above, in 7.57c. PODOLI SKAYA . Y,3.Ya. (Moskva. tsentr. Malokomsoinoll ekiy per. , d.11. kv.1) GOLIMMT Z.V. (Moskva, 100 Strellbishchenskiy per., 16, kv.1) Comparison of X-ray data with the anatomy of rosected lung segments in primary bronchial cancer. Vop.onk. 2 no.2:166--It'2 '56. (HIPI 10:3) 1. 1z rentgenodiagnonttrheako-o otdolaniya (%av. - urof. TO.I.S. Abarbanell) i patologoanatomichesko~!o otdelenlys (zav. .. Z. V. Gollbert) Gosudaretyannogo onkologinheskoio inatttuta im.. P.A.Gmrtsena (dir. - Prof. A.N.Novikov; natich, rukovod. - chle-1--korrespondant AHN SSSR prof. A.I.Savitakiy) (BRONCHr, neoplasms surg., comparison of preop. x-raY with anst. of resected segments) GOLIBERT, Z.V. (,4oskva) Peculiar reticulocytomas of the lungs; a case of' lipid retilculoendo- theliosis of the lungs (tumorous form of lipid pno-umonia) and reticulocy- toma of the lungs from hisl~iocytes. Arkh.pat. 20 no.l.:60-66 118. (MBA 13:'12) 1. Iz patologoanatoi~ichesko~,o otdelaniya Gosu&u-stvenno.go onkol- gicheskogo instituta imeni P.A. Gertsena (dir. - doktor MeditsInshilrb rauk prof. A.N. Novikov). (LUNGS- -TIR.'OIS) 7h, %N C: i:; C t I I cl' c%1 I W L a i I 't -11( 11 HO 1111.1 tIld 1 111! 1 f t I 111 111 11 k I i 1. 1 C r; L I ~i C.11 I:iC4 1, 11 kilvi I I( m I c;ic I I w~ I I( i I, I o , sa I c( ;n.ii %% (,I*, ( ~! )", I-%,( -( I . GOLIBM. Z.V. (Mkskva) PapIllary tumors of the ovaries and mouetholiotcao. Arkh.Pat. 21 no.7.'56-6! 159. (MIRA 13:5) 1. Iz patologoanatoricheakogo otdeleniya (sav. - Z.V. I)IIbert) Gosudarstvennogo onkolcfichoakogo inatitwta Imani P.A. O-er-~,sena (d]-r. .. prof. A.N. Rvilcov, nau,.Iinj-j rukovoditell - chlez.-k-oi~responder.t AMIT SSSR prof. A.I. Savitskiy). (OVART neoplasms) (NESOTHELIOMA) . -1 NOVTKOV, A.I.I., prof.; GA111117, IT.D., dolkf.or mod.nniO~; GOLIDERT, Z.11.,; VOIXOVA, M.A., krind,med.nnuk; FTSFLF71-';, Yr-.S.,; MATRoYEVA, T.N., kin~I.mod.ziniG:; 'JAVAY.111, A.D.,, Initial experience in tlhe comloined tre,,~'~-.lent of pil-ra,)rer c,-ncei-. Miinir,-il!~ 1. Iz Gosudarstvennof.7o inotitut-,i tmozil~ P.A. G~)rtsorlli (dir. - rro,"'. s'terstva zdravookhranenlyn RSFSR. (L'L-1;GS--C.-'a;CER) PANIKAROVSKIY, V.V.; GOLIBERT, Z-V.- ! C.C6`1 T Cylindromas of' the 5aiivRry glan 47-50 00-0 162. MU,-A 1. 1z kafedry propedevtiki kh-'rurg--,,hLslo,, Ifniv, prof. G.A.Vasillyev) Ybskwskogo rIeditsin-qkcL:c, instituta (rektor - d-'tBent cheskogo otdeleniya (zav, - starshly )auc;',I-"-,t Gollbert) Gosudarstvenncg-- F.A.Gertseva (dir. - p--,-cf, ~'S~ LIVARY GUNDS - -TI-TK)liI GOLIBERT, Z,V.; 7.V. Ravicw nC IU.M. VaL;Ilt'evl,,i lm,k %!).-ne~:tive tlsnm! and tumor growth in c~xperiment." VoF. r.)r1k. -.; (; -, I IR ft 17 : 4' ) GOLIBERT, Z.V. Aneurysmal bone cysts. Ythirurgiia 40 no.8:130-136 ke, 164. (MIRA 18:3) 1. Onkologicheskiy institut imeni Gertsena (dir. - P-~of. MI. Novikov), Moskva. FVM-'M'l-.V' , %%V. ; G0LlB`TT,-., V. !.lorFhological changes 'In a ti:mor dur4n~ the I I of pulmonary cancer with Th--'o-THPA. Flim-F.411a 1. Patologoaratomicheskoye otdeleriiye (za:. - kui-.d. nauk Gollb,-!-.) '.nqt~',uta GOLIBERT, Z.V.; KOBCfZEVA, S.A.; MATIMEVA, T.N. Merphological changes in lung canrer under Lhe intluence af preoperative telegawiath6rupy. Vop. unk. 11 no.80-8 165. (miRA 18,11) 1. Tz yetologoanatomicheakogo J. radLologichoskogo otdolonly Gosudarstvarmc).-o Onkoloelcheokojo Instituts. imani F.A.Gertsena Oiraktor -- Prof. A.N.NovLkov). DERNACH, V, N,,; GOL'BETS, I. I. Effect of antibiotics an antigenic properitas of dipli-tirial toy-ins a*.,id arla--,oxins in i~el diffusion precipitation exprime.-its. Antibiotiki 6 no,,2:153-158 F ;61~ ~MUU ll,, 1, Mikrolqtologicheqkiy otdpl (-,Iav. - prof. V.S.Nirkach) biokhimiches,dy otdel (zav- D.M.Koshkimt) Flia"kwvskogo inr,titlyta vakUlln , oto~. hn~)Zli I.-I. I ~ 9~o" (DIP171; "',iIA) ('r OX 1 NS A21 D A 7,;'f I T OX I 113 (ANTIBIOTICS SIITNLIIIIKOV, N.; GOLIBETS, 14,; PICEMY, K.; DR,',.'l*.kL', A. SKRIITNIK S.; G112AYA"', MINOSYAN, 1. UBefiil detaila. Zit rul. 15 r,.o.5:inrort OMRA 10:6) (Autnmohllefl) L'VuV, D.V.: P.S.; 1-311,41OV, S.L.; 11.111. Rewirks on the question of Uir., practic"ll valliri or wol-~C. Izv. ,If SSSR Oid.ta'l-h.nqiik no.-5:777-7?8l My '5). NUl r, : 81 (BeHrini,s (Macriin,~ry)) (Pisichkcv, GOPBLTF, -'f ~, ~~Y:-*,-,,-, f~f --:T~.-.~-.-.: .--, "I -1:j j 'j, , vri, ~ " - . -:].I : t . :, : r, ; . '~ . Tic , , .1 '1: . .1 . J.", , ~,, . -~, I I I irizil. icebreakin,r enIII'Marit'. Tnlrw, . -,;~ro-*. 15 nn.,-~-.5L S 16, 5 . I a - I . (I, 1! rl ~i s : L I ) G~)L'=S, 'JI.N., inzh. Fil". -.;; rol ~w di bil Lho rov r.:o ac-Jon o" olDctri-c motor. Transp. 15 no.6:2,'~-30 Jo ',15. I,,- -, UssR/Engineering - Refractories Jun 51 "Increasing the Durability of Tuyeres in a BeGi3emer Converter," S. G. Afanaslyev, S. B. Gol~bets, En- gineers, Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Plant miienl Petrovskiy "Ogneupory" No 6, pp 26o-266 Tests showed durability of chromille and `iij;h-aluniria tuyeic,r, nearly similar, is almost twtce tntv. o-'Ior - dinary chamotte tuyeres now made at plant R a -.. t, cm - lining material is important to durabili-~y cf -11.iyeres, and improvement in quality of Dinas brichg. i-sed fz,r lining, appears major factor in longer ,;uyere LC V3T6-L GOL13KS, S. B. USSR/Engineering , Refractories, Service D!:c 51 "Fabrication and Service of Chromite-Magnesite Brick," G. B. Gollbets, Engr, Plant Imeni Petrovskiy "Ogneupory" No .12 ,# pp 558-562 Discusses measures for improving of chromite-mag- nesite brick and increasing its life in roof of open-hearth furnaces. Considerable increase of life vas attained: 340 heats in 55-tor P-urnaces and 243 heats in 185-ton furnaces. Rovever this achievement is considered unsatisfactory, since Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine obtained over 500 melts for 185-ton furnace. 190T23 __ , :..*. , I, ,ri - t- ~_, i -, I!- KOVTUNENKO, G.A.; GOLIBIN, IA.A., kandidat ellconomicheskikh nauk. Wa7s of reducing production costs in the glaB3 industry u.' the White Russian S.S.R. Leg.prom.15 no.1:8-11 Ja '55. (MLRA 8:3) 1. Glavny-y inzhener Belstekictres-ta (for Kovtunenko). (White Russia--Glass manufacture) GOLIBIN, Ya.A.; TRONYAY, !).;i. There should be a constant increase in the productivity of labor and equipment. Leg.prom. 15 no.9:16-17 S 155. (muu 9:1) (Russia-Manufactures) GOLI*BIN, Ya., kandidat mkonomichaskikh nauk; TSVIK, G. Efforts to avoid loss of -working time at the Minak Automobile Plant. Sots.trud. no.1:112-125 J& '57. (KLRA 10: 4) 1. Nachallnik otdola truda. i zarplaty Minskogo avtomobll'nogo zavoda. (14inak-Automobiln industry) AN BS~F (f"' GOLIBIN, Y,.A. Means of loverinp produrtion costs In tho Whito l(unsian industry. Sbor.nauch. rub Bel.politekb inst . no.6~:171-17a 158. (MIU '12:4) (Wbite Ruqziia--Grlm3 manufacturn-costs)