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Transactions. of the Moscow Mathematical Society 158 lokhvidav, 1. S. and Kreyn, M. G. Remarks on the Article, "Spectral Theory of Operators in Spaces With Indefinite Metric V iTrudy Hook. mates. o-va 5 (1956)) 486 Bereziu, F. A. Correction to the Article, "Some Remarks on the Theory of Spherical Functions on Symmetrical Riemannian Manifolds." (Trudy Moak. matem. o-va, 5 (1956)) 486 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 17/17 LK/Jzr& 6-16-58 t 6~- C"(- (" V/ P/- ", ~ Ivr AUTHORS ALSISAnROT,P.S., GOLOYMO.N. 42-6-2/17 ---------- ------ TITLX: The losoo* Nothsuatioal Society (Xoskovskoe matematichaskoys PIRIOIDICALs Uspokhi Vatexaticheakikh Isjuk, 1957, Vol.12,Nr.6,PP.9-46 (USSR) ABSTRACTS This is a report on the activity of the Moscow Mathematical Society during the last 90 years (foundations 1867). The principal part of the repoet coacerns the time after 1917. Bat also the time before the revolution in mentioned. Beside of getaral historical considerations relating to the Society, one finds a number of Interesting statistical data (memberst1867: 12, 19131 91, 1924, 72, 19401 160, 1957: 261) and the following lists& 1. A complete enumeration of the lectures read b F.Te.Zhukovskly in the Sooiety (1973-1920t, all together 114 ozxeo~, 2. An iucomplete list of deliveries from 1067-1917, 3. List of the 37 possessors of prison distributed by the Society (1935-1956), 4. List of all deliveries froa 1917-1946. The Society publishe the periodicals "Matematiaheakiy abornik", "Uspekhl matenatiohaskikh nauk" and the nTrudy Moskovskogo Card 1 The authors mention shortly the activity of the 5ections of 12 The Voscow Xalboxatloal Society 42-6-2/17 the Society arls*n during the war in Kazan', Tashkent, Ashkbabad and Sverdlovsk. AVAILASLI: Library of Congress Card 2/2 KUROSH, )a*ka&W~ QmnlAd*vvicb~,8WlWWj,~,VJ.j, red.; BRUISO, X.F., Clwctur~lg an genorml algabom) Laktaii po obahchei algebre. Moukvaj.~ Goss isdwvo fit1koo-matem, lit-z7,# 1962 396 P. (Alpbm) WRA 15:4) GOLOVIN, O.N. .......... tioUi-dentical correlaUons 1n groups. Dokl.AN SSSEL 145 no.5: 961.JM t 62. WLA 15t8) 1, MoskovskV gonud*rxtvonnyy univeraltet in. M.Lomonosova. Pradstairleno akadwdkm PJAIsksomdrorim. (Grou0s, Theory of) Pol$identlcal relations in groups and the determinable operations om a claso of all 1;roups. !rrudy Mosk. mat. ob-va 12:413- 435 163. (MIRA 161l1) 1. Moskovskiy gosudarstvanrk!ry universitet imeni Lomonosova. Flumotor operations on the alems of aU groups, DokltlN SM 34.1!245 Ur 163. (WA 16s2) 1. H*vnld:r gosudarstvan" mivernitet in. X.V.LomononoviLl, FrWotavlmmo Wadendkom P.S.Alskm ""TYM (Oro-ape, Theor7 0f; GOLOVIN, 0.19. ., , 1 Structure of polyverbiLl operations. Dokl. AN SSSR 153 no.6s 1,13&-1241 D 163, (MIRA 17t 1) Hdokovsk4 gosudarotvoww universitat in. H.V. Lcaonosova. Prodstavlono akiLdomikom A.I. Malltsevym. GOLDVIN $-P-Ipm .... - , .1 11.1.1. 1- .". StabUizeo low voltage sources. Prib. i tekh. eksp. 8 no.4t 1106.1U JII-Ag 1639 (MMA 16M) 1. Urallskly politekhnichaskiy institut. GOUNIN" . . . I*es of power in surface core boring equipment. Zap.Len.gor. lamt. 36 no.lt223-228 058. (kIBA 12:4) (Borine mchinery) (SWt sinking) GOLOVI Pawr comamption im core eirming. Up. LGI 41 mo.W23-M 161. Norei drilling) (Electric power) (KMA 16t 5) , a ,.MW I~= F , ftlectiolm of the COPSOLV of the drive in raising and lowering o t,!ktiomm in drilling cloep test holes. Zap. LGI 41 no.2113*14 or], (Boring maahinery-Ileatric driving) (MML716ij) 2~18 01)JOVID. 0'l. Ro-y"tod" I oco')ennostl lich b1caneit. m., 10511. 16 n. 20 AM (M-1,I) Srtlvs'cfm'i sit-up. SSSR. Veasnyar. In-t (3--lvinliAnlof'll If", A~md. K.T SIttryabirsk). IYI 1ZZ. 1~#~~jj. -- 0 At 6-U. Lxmftooparasitoiagy - Parasitic Worms. G-3 Abi Jour Hof Zhur - Biol-, No 3, 1958, ioo66 Author Golovin? 1"t Title Manifestation of Reserve Parasitism in Gnathostomatids. Orig Fa Uch. rap. ftlininsk. BOB- Ped- in-ta, 1956, 20, 215-226 Abstract In laboratory wacUtions a successful infection was con- ducted by invasive laxvae of Glathastom hispidum, from Cyclops, frogs (19 wwwles), fisk--Subusia, guppies M, Carp, anA bleaks (1) (33.) and, vhite rate (2). The eneap- sulated larvae were localized in fAs body musculature of the experimental animle., vhere an increase in larval size vas noted, and some development (differentiation of intes- tinal cells, appearance of nerve calls close to the esopha- 9".. -hancoment of degree of cuticle armament, etc.). Itarvae i4ich remained in fish bod-tes for a period of 10-15 days sucoesded in infecting frogs. The finding of 0. Card 1/2 OMA100par"Itology - Parasitic worm. .,&. G-3 Abe jour Hef 2h'ur RiOl-, No 3, 1958, .10o66 hispidin exc"ulated larvae 6"0 A, I/, '*~ V M /Zooparasitology - Paxasitic Worms. G-2 Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Moll., No 4, 1958, 14938 Author : aolov:Ln, O.V. Tnst : Title : Diseemdnoition of Nematodes of the Genus Gnathostoma in the USSR. Orig Pub : Uch. zap. KiLlininsk. gos. pad. in-t, 1956, 20, 275-282 Abstract : In 1952-1955, in 7-10% of frogs in the Volga delta older than 4 yvars (altogether 802 frogs were dissected), larvae of pathootoma hispidum vere fount. Intensity of the con- tan1nation- 1-5 larvae. Two piglets contaminated with lame from frogs yielded 3 and 4 sexually unripe guathos- UAL aft-or 3 Months- of 196 investigated stomachs of pigs kIlled at the Astrakhan meat combine, gnathostomosis (G. hiepidum) was found in 38-70%, vith an average intensity of contaidnation of 2.8. No passage of parasites was found in mucus and -acul- --branes of pip. Literature Card 1/2 c r Tr M. ................... Znim% . -af~ J.n _31.", '.1.'h,:- fir-;t On',ri on trcrmtodcr. of b,_rCt~. _n Koul-, c~_;_- b;f -'UiL :?65th Union Helminth~l~j,lcal E~.~)cdit_'cn 1947 on the Pcch-,rL, River. _'. ii-~t of m includes 12 si)ecic~~ treratoee-. from chic%cas, day-t"in,.e car- 1.3 unecht-i ~~f birds (%uliks n i l,srora, vocdpec!~er!3) is given accnrdini; to tdicir ho~;to. Is F;Lven of Pnrorch~s s.). ii. (l,nml]j Trrvassor.). .1; QOIMINS O.Y., BfQIW of the Quistostoms hispidum Nematode. Dokl.AK SM ill no.l: 242-244 X~D 156. (XLU 10: 2) lo 0011mUtologichask"s labor&toriya Akadexii n&uk SM. Predstay- lano akadmuikon X.I.SkryubiWu. (=a OMA) blUPOM110Y, L.V., doktor biolog.nouk, prof.; 0Q!PV-D!, Ojvtksad.biolog, unik; =(XIX, N.G., kand.biolog.nauk; TARArA , A.D., stershiy prepodavatalli Priatmil uchastlyoz VIYUNOV, V.K.; SOKOLOV, P.P.. Inth.-rybovedt YMOROT, O.S., E#niml world of Xallnin Provincs3 Zhivotnyi air Kalininakoi oblasti. lCallnin, Kalininskoe knishnoe ixd-vo. 1959. 459 P. (MIRA 13:10) 1. Nachialaik Xelialusko o oblestnogo upraylaniya okhotnichlyago khozyaystwo (for Tlyuncyl. (Xalinin Province-Vertabrates) OOYZnN, (;*V., Imud.meditelaskikh nank, referent (Leningrad) Material from a discussion on the work of the editorial board of RVastnik ktkirurgii* to 1958. Test.khIr. 83 no.lltl43-149 N 159. (KM 13W (SMIMY- PUIODICALS) GOLOVIN, 0. 7- "An Analysie of' the Helminthic Fauna or Birds in the Emi ASSR." Twth Conreritaice oil Parasitological lroblww and Dise, ses with Natural Aoservoirsp 12-29 October 1959, Vol. 11, Pablishb--,g House of Academy of Sciences, USSR, Moiscow-Lotningrad, 1959. Kalinin State Teachers Institute GOLOVIN, 04 V4 arid: IAVIM, H. A. "The lfeltuinth* of Sftrews and MrIne Rodents in the Arkhangel Oak Oblast." 'Tenth Conrorence (xn Fmrasitologle4a Problems and Useases with Hatural Pveservoirs$ 22-29 October 19Y9, Vol. 11, PubIlsbing House of Academy of Sciences, USM, M:sacow-Leningmd, 1959. Institute of Umbor and Wood Chemistry of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Arkhangel Isk I SAVINOVt V.A.; )LOVIII 0 V Trlahiwo:Ls in wolvsa and helminths of predatory animalfs in Kalinin ]Province. Rauch. trudy Kal. otd. MOIF no.2:97-99 160. (Ml,,A 14- 10) (JULININ PROVIN06--MMS IMSTINAL AND ?&FASlTIC) (PAUSITLS-CAHEVORA) GOLDVIN, 044 AkmomaUtion in trowtodes of the gemm Iosucochloridi " I, 1$35. NoLuch. trtl&v Kal. otd. MIF no.2:101-ID9 160. M90140: 10) Rb4i-OU) (ABNOMAUTI&S (ANTMAY )) T GOLOVIN O.V. - amralopwontal cycle of the nematode Gnathostoma hispidum. Nsafh. trudy W. odt. MOLP no 2sll3j-32 160. (MIR& 14.10) NFMATODA3 GoLora .04V. Idwtifioaaon +AbLl*o fOr n#mtcdsB Of' ths foamily GnatboxtomatJ dots. Ifauth. tivo gal. -otdo MIR no.2:125m-129 (KM 14S.10) (MMTODA) GOIANIN O.V. Cyclops u intermediate boats of the nomtode Gnathostoma hispieum. N&uab. txildv W. atd. MOIF no.2431-133 160. 1,: 10) (UHATUDA.HOST ANIMUZ) (COPEPODA) SM/85-58-12-2D/38 Alumm: Goloviu, ?.,t *mJ ftg TMX: PutImlar Vasip end Oparstion of the XiG-15 Jet Plane (Osobuwsti konstruktalt I ekspluatectsii reektivnogo semolets, MiG-15) PWIODIM: Kk7llym rodiny, 19%,, Nr 12.. pp 16-28 (UM) ATOTRAM*. %* mutbar VLves Jet plmm,, There a* 4 pages@ a distalled description of the single-seater M16-15 disarms, and I mitsmay of the jet plane on 2 f%LU Car4 1/1 MILKSIMOV, Vo, podpolkovaik, kand.voyennykh nauk; ORESHCHENKOV, A., kapitan.- JUKAROVP S., starshiy inshomr-leyUnant; GOLOVIN, P., inzhener- podpolko"Lik Mhat do you miMet? Av.l koes. 45 no.800-71 162. (MIRA 15t8) (Aaronauticav Mlitary) CBUGU,'40V , ti. , gerliliria . ....... mayc)r aviaLsi-I!, GOYOVIN P. , . - - I .. , . ?!ad thfij u4-..Lr;. thing, wr.,rk purjx~r:of~j~ ly~ ~Z!;~ Sil 4 no, ~-- 33- 38 F '64- C:UiA 1'7'9';- piq 86-58-5-27/38 Bardadywy, 1. 1. , ftigr Lt Col, ax4.9~~ovin, P. A. , EW Maj IMM: Checking the Condition of r*-draulic Boosters (Kontroll ispravnosti gldrousi.Utelya) IMHMDMAL: Vestmik vazdashmogo flota, 1958, Nr 5, pp 66-69 (USSR) AMERACT: The authwe describe various defects in hydraulic boosters and recommend tbat their conAlition be cbecked systematically, not only aboard the aircraft, but also on specla.1 test stands. The diagrams of two such stands appear in the articIm. 'There am 2 diagrams and one photograph. AVAUANZ: Library of Congress 1. Hydraulic systems - Test methods 2. Air force opersticns USSR. Card 1/1 GoLr--Vllfl 11. Fl. 3~2111, E'. -"l. - St. nalichn. sot,r. i, o nauchno-iscledovatellsko~lD instituta- stroitellnom lAmIn:Tadskii fill.:.Al V,-ac-ojuzno,- i doro7hnogo m-nSli-tno.A:tv)ye-dya IS-SLE1XVANIYE ILl'iBlEll: DLT.~ PCITLi~iTiY Pa,-T 1143 sot Pt immuum sc -SAUDI= paom-=b K.Dzk 9=w=mluzp rimpleted Moscawr 11951 G=rm. F. ! IrAZDaWN. A. 'JE., 113zhanor i QWIN, P. M., St. Nauchn. Sotr. i UBBOVICH, S. S., imbsner LaniWadWdy MUI Vassoyusnogo nouebw-issladovatellskogo imtituts stroit- ollwgo i doroshr4go mashimat"Myn v7BcR aATsimALlEcuo nwnu, xoNsmuKTsnKREPM;IYA I SO)IMIMMA M15- POW S 12DOMEMIM4 OPT=Mi MRAZTSC;V I Mi ISPITANIMI page 144 $01 CA unum Pr kaw"40M at ~%iwjrlv Nm:ccb hal im COM=11mi. so- DIO&W In 3=. M"Dow, 3-951 1. m6m Pon. P. W. 2. USSA (600) L'. TVAgi 7. Irolution and ipvlogeaY of povdery mildev fungi. Blul. gredaoam. us. mo. 25. 194? 9. go p Ila JW at AU* Aggessla", 14brary of Coagroos, NOesber 19~2. UNCIA881711D. GOWU easor, dolctor b1olobicheakikh n&uk. ~.~ F.S., prof Uslag fungi as an agent to combat Ban Jong scale. Btul UAGU no.26:57-68 149. (MI-RA 9:5) (San Jose scale) Ofungi, ftthogeate) 1. GOLOWN, P. 19, 2. UM (6W) 7. Pyatnistost' 1bPtoehbDvykh Porod Plodvykh Dazlevt"V i " Bor'by s Noy ($potting of, Vrape Iftit Trees and Mumwes for Combatting It), 17 pp. Tashkentj 1950. 9. OL&9bi2joda, VcLl YM, Iemw 1, Moscow, Jan-Feb 1952, pp 121-132. Unclassified. dokkor blologicheskikh amk; UIMM". TA.. p a r, redaktor; IM IX, T*. P., professor. redaktor. C$gv r=W*jqp"%g&j,Ct Oaarm& Aminj lawye v1dr Vdbew Sze4oal -md.i. Tlw*sRt# vAiT.1950-45 P.(T*ibw- Wd- voralt,sta, no.14, Diologlabodde mold, no-5) (xz912) (noviot ventria Asia-4pwmit) 1. GOL40VIN t P* M. 2. USM (6CM) 4. MIdew 7. Nov species of Ukicimi1a on the Tar Eastern maple, Dot. mat. "r. rest. 8, 1952. 9. Munthl List oT Ruziilftn Accessions, Library of Congress, April - 1953, Uncl. OOLCIMI,, P. if. Bolawd khlopchatnW (Cotton dissamm). TAshkent Isd. Akad. nauk Usbekskol WR, 1953. 79 P. SOi Monthly List of Ituas%aAaassidws, Vole. 7, No. 6, SSP- 1954 GOLOVIN, P.11. Now forms of 4haorothecm fuligiusa Poll. (Do fomis novis SpWisrothma*m ftligineas Poll.). Bot.mat.Otd.spor.rast. 9:119- 123 MY '53. (KLRA 7:2) (ft4i) GOLOVIN, F.A. 66-0 Ww4wilawli Now f oms oct fwkgi of the paus Brysiphe (Do f ormis novis fungoram genoris Bryglphs). 9:123-129 My 153. (KLU 7 - 2) (Asoomyestes) GOLOVIII, P. K, Bondurtseiv, Appol-imurii Somenovich-, 2877 - A. S. Bondartuev, ollu.,it Ilumilim niyeologist-l)liyto-l.*.Lttioloi-ist. Bot. zhur. 3f--, No. 1, 1953-~ 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, June - 1953, Uncl. OMTIN, P.S. "M*"*. oclovaphie survey of tba game Leveillula Arnaud (powdery mildew T f=gi, famAr7wipbaceas). ftay Dot. Inst.ger.2 no.10:195-308 056. Widow) (XM lOt2) wl"IN, P.m* OVierls.bIlItV of cereal met specloW X*A.Nkhltarian. Article revioviod IW PeN. Goloylue Bot.shw*41 nool:106-108 Ja 056. Mediae") (MIRA 9:6) lll~ Dowkway. A.S.; am"Im. P.N. -m wapoClas of p"asitio fungi of the genus Cylindrosporium Grav. in the Nukbo,-ZWmtay son* of Aserbaijan.9 G.R.Ibradwy, T.M. Akbundov. Zoviewed by A.5.3andartsev, P.N.Golovin. Bot.sbur. 41 no.9:1386-138~ 6 156. (Km 9:11) 1. BalaniabookLy Institut Imal V,L,Xomroys nouk SM, Lenin- (Aserbaijim-Yunei) (Ibragimov, G.R.) (Akhunday. T.M.) Oamn, P.M. elfto~~w I A survey 294 '56. of the fune of tam run. Trudy Bot.inst.ger.2 no.10:17%. Off-M 10: 2) (two IVA--7=gl) -mq""- Materials an a amograph on powdery mildew f=gi (family Arystph"oue) In the U-StS.A., TrWLyDot.1x*t.Sor.2 no.10i309-366 156. (MM 2W) Mu*w) ~GOILOYIN, PA, toil 11RI III I ur 1 -1, 11111.,. 1, - J.'' -, SPOOUS a0 4 0031PIOX %&=1LO*dO Mdt LU fU7)gi [With Sanary IS ftUsihl Ust. WU V no.9:14-24 1-01. (XIU Us6) (1133191. P4ytqpathW7dO) KOSMUYVAt Yalena Nikola"viial GOLOM P N., prof., red.; '&~Ap A.N.p tekhn. red. WOROVAj U.Nes rod. Jjj: 11 [ on the vqcoflora of Turkmenistan] Ilaterialy k miko- 93 T)wOmerAii. Aobkb&bad, Izd-vo Akad. nauk Turkmenskoi SSR, IM. 180 P, (Turbaftistan-Fungi) (MIRA 15:5) A.?., prof.; 0.9 L,, prof., doktor biolog.nauk; DOER02RAZOVA, T.L.. dotsent; ZMMTIW. 1.I., doktor sellskokhos.nauk; POLTAXOT, I.M.1 SOKOLM, D.T.. doisent-, SMANOT, I.M., doktor biolog.- TUMMICH, S.K., prof.; INDORINMK, N.S., kand.sellakhokhom.nank; 71MOTA, T.J.. doktor sollskokhos.nauk-, KHOMRTAKOV. M.K., doktor 'biolog.mmuk; CHIGAUT, G.A.. kand.seltakokhox.nouk; TATSMO, I.P.. prof. [&mosasedl; RMSKATA. O.Te., red.; CHIMATBVA. Z.V., [A pbvtopithologistOm dictionary - reference gook] Slovarl-spravochuik fitopatalogs. Koskya, Goe.izd-vo, sallkhos.lit-ry, 1959. 414 p. OaRk 13: 1) 1. Oblen-komrsepondent Ysesoyusnoy akademil sellekokhozy9yetvanufth mamk imal Y.I.LaninA (for Polyakov). O'lant diseases-Dictionariem) (Russian language-Dictionaries) TAnN, A.Ii.; YASILIYVA, I.N.; GOLOnN. P.N.; IMRNITSKIT, N.A.; LITYINOV. N.A.; SOM, r.Te.; SIMMOV-, Ir:ff.,"-,-VXTXRIVNILMA-BARATAPF. D.N.; CKMMISITIOT. N.A.,4 SHOMBINA. T.S. ODracket P~pe of the Buropean part of the U.S.S.R. and the GaucasusO b A.S. loaftrtsev. Reviewed by A.T. Vakin and others. Rot. shur. z no.3t412-414 Mr 159. (KIRA 12:7) (Wood-dscaying fungi) (Bandartsev. A.S.) OCILOTIN Patr 94. . knip Y.P., prof-- saslushann" dayatell It .'.r.-q* nat*I, otv.rod.; ZAXAIIAMA, R.A.~ (Powdery mildew fungi parasitic on oultivated and wild useful Iplantej MacbMsto-rosionyo griby, parasitiruiushchle na kull- turaykIL I Volesufth dik1kh rastentiakh. Kooky&, Isd-vo Akad. nauk SUM, 1960. 262 p. (KJMA 13:4) (Kildew) OOWVIN, II.IL; DWMARTSIT, A.B. mOolimamia almatensis 8, Swarsma op. nova. a now fwWma speciesm by S.R.Shwartsman, Roylowed by P.N.Golovin, A.S.Bondowtsev. Do-toalmro 45 no.3t454-455 Mr 160. (KLRA 13 s 6) 1. Utanichookly institat In. ToL.Nozarova Akadamii nouk SSSR, Lemimgraa., (K&x&khot&u--4WcozVcat&s) 010orpholo#ical ohamaterm of Gasteromycateo from the standpoint *Jr 11heir Adaptive signif4cancell by P. 1. Sosin. Reviewed by F~ It. 8o3,60112. Bot. shur. 45 no.4t613 Ap 160. (MBA 14t 5) i l4otaaicteakiy insUtut In. V, Le lawrova AN SSSR, lAningrad. (Outermycet6a) GOLDVIN, Pomsj I IiTA, I.A. 1W OpecloO *Ad form of fungi In East Aoia. Bot. mat. Otd. Wtr. rast.~ 14:1.15-120 J&161. (MIRA l7t2) J. 1i 1c, %~-Gow-VINP PIN., In zwxm7 of AnatolU Grigarlovich Po"lov (1898-1960). Bat. WALV.* 4AZM6, 23Z93.aqA,..l 161* (JURA 34:2) le Botanickmakiy ivatitut lao V.L. lomarova Alradem" nauk SSSR, Lold4rad. . . "(Vbaojojt'Ab&tbjii Grigdr.IAWL*b, 1898-1960) G014M, P*N. _.-- Priority of Russian scientists an basic problems concerning the origin and phylogeny of fungi. Trudy TashGU no.187:250-256 $61. (MM 15:3) 1. Botonicheakly institut AN SM., (Fungi) r.; GOWLMKAUS I.A. . .......... #Ow gam~vaf the family Erpiphamm. Bot. mat. Otd. spore rant* 15M-931446 1629 (MIRAL 15-.10) (FOakto Mawtafte-ailftw) GQLCNIN ..bA,,_.dok-tAp tdolnauk FWMUM'tal WOblOns Of WcOlOV. Vast-AN SSSR 32 no.7sl22 n (MM 15:7) 162. (NMMMVAL R&SZMB--CW.FMM&) . ODWVINO,P.M. . "fttopat'hogenic =Croseopic fungi In Germany; Basidiosycetes vith the, exasotion of rust and smut fungi* [in German] by Han Kreisel. ~wkevvd;,'by, PoloWlovint Bot.zhur. 47 no.3:438-439 Mr 162. (KM 1513) Is SotwuWh*skiy institut imoni V,Lelomarova AN SSSR, Leningrad. fttopathogenle) GOLOVIN, P.H.; 110OV, P.A. Now TartlAry KUrotbyriaceas of the Vast Siberian Lowland, Bot. mt. Otd. spor. rest. 16188-91 163. (KM 16s10) Ga6MN P.M.; CIIMPAROVA, N.P. We amd solentifle vark of Artvr Arturovich IAchovskiie Dot. Our. 48 no.6:93S-923 To 163. (MIRA 17:1) 1, Bol4michmakiy institut ineni V.L. Komrom AN scsR, Lanin- gTad. -GOWVINP P.114. Ilrbytophthora infeation of potatoes* br N.A. Naumova. Reviewed by P.N. Golovin. Bot. shur. 49 tio.2t287 F 164. (M RA 17: 6) 1. Botanicheakiy institut imen.1 V.L. Komirova Akademii nauk SSSR, Leningrad. BONDARTSEV, A.S.1 "DD4IRSKAYA, M.Ye.; GOIOVIN,-&K.; TROPOVA, A.T.; KHDKRRY.AKOV, M.K.1 CHEREPANOVA,--W-.P. 1~ if - Work of the n7cological section of the All-Union Botanical Society during the period November 1958-December 1962. Bot. zbur. 49 no.201-1-318 F '64. (MIRA 17t6) _Q 9 Aq Yi i P. "P.Nqj BMWARTSEV, A.S.; KHOKMAKOV, M.N.; DOBROZRAEOVA, T.L.; TROPOVA, A.L'j CHIMANOVA, N.P. Activities of the Mycological Section of the All-Union Botanical Society for the period Januar7 1963-July 1964. Bot.shur. 49 no.31: 1688-1692 N 164. (MIRA 18t:L) 1. Vaoso3mmuoys botAnichemkoys obshche3tvo Prestint istittlin, probb~~i of and protpects for the development of mycolog), in the U.S.S.R. Trildy VIZR no."'3:64-77 I&- (MIFL~ 19:2) IIJOWVIII .:I , , , . -- 'III.1 00, Print.-Aplos Of the syotematics of lower f-unf-i. Trudy VI-F. no.23: 167-174 144. 19:2) cour.-Ill, T. P., - sui:-.lyi-.r current to points of lectric Eurc ;eldin- 'lectric fom rom. energ. . ~k). 1, 195" Kon~W.y List of igin togn.,gs ions, Library of Conjre~7!7, 'LT"-lCi'*.---SlF -7--'D. ww 14 41 Soo 0* a Oed 00 0 0 : 000 00 004 A 00 A= was 40d aso goo too woo IIS 946i4.ilb- 1. AU A di. at duaskmMus 41--t a low t-t Uga faculty to '"S DMIKOW do 00 gi zoo W, ITM do 0 1P be 0 I, A ot 00 0 1 4 0 0 0 0 0 a IN 0 4 0 4 0 0 0,6 0 00 a 00 0 0 6000 0. 1 01 176MIT 411 M.* 41 .4p "a A' 441A"L!' ..l." 0: it Rai=, 06ffy::r N~ A. MRVATAAWOVA AM relp AW AAO= -A Sd~ to given for "it. it Ok chkary 1144 mtidiobc The few marrial W" waacal &ad prewil 41111=* c It Inversed bv (11Y and 0 5N HX)4 at -00 10 0 R-C 7W #NEW I A he" lieutrwiWal with :0 &1 ~#c 16MOZ y amt civuld w4 be dievotly =Vlk WaNz lw.~ b-OCa lerukate. Mob of UAW (8*) o0obbl" 2.7% op" wkla bo. dm the Mime mm,tc. wait over 10% of namw wat added. 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Arn 1 *45. kWhjug 61 *to pr 1** 1, if. do",10"I. 10 66 woo boo 'Vs 6 sm We sit wwwAttal. -ma"w4col" OR 46, Aft L 1 0 t' f.0 49 4 40" f 110 U ciA 00 00 a)** .00 see .*so no* 90* be* P. V. ooww $ohm k~0 wbw *"blow. Ad&. ba"Ir." 10 cu= I. ~mw'ic mm ~.Tw;Vaw ,;OLCUP". 11. Y. I)j* djo~uni n ),* -i- rqr,oh (I-tf! GOI f~M t -~ . e . 7 . t "! I-M 19 '- ~l 1! ",Ilqo j.0,,j,fje 's I cor.-ilox 0~ -irtl-io!~,!, r-hie~orv, --n~ thf- I'f , - -'. . ZhUT--l~ V,l. X17, Iswi. ;!, IWO, c).6n-72. SO: lj-)i~')2, 1~1 :,3. ".7hur,tnl lnykh St-itt-,v, 1-0 211 , I I -~)) - GOLOVIN, P. T. Golovin. P. T. 'Tte hydroIrsis of the Inalin complex in Jerusalem artichoke Juice". Ukr. khim. sh-irn&I, Tol. XIT,Issus 2. 1949, P. 73-77, - Bibliog: 8 it&=. SO: U-4392, 19 AV,4wt 53, (LetoPis 'Zhurnal 'nykh Statey, Np 21. 1949). GOWVIK, P. V. Golovin, P. V. 'The separation of fractose from Jerusalem artichoke juice in the forn of calolum frwt*oas", Ukr. khlx. sharnal, Voj.XIV, Issue 2, P. 7P,81. SO: U-4392, 19.LvCwlt 53, (letopis 12hurnal lnykh Statey. No 21, 1949). GOLOVIN, P. V. Dolowin, P. V. %porience froto systomtic investipAtions of the inter- madAmts OrMuets im oltainir4g fructose from a group ofreducing sugars", Ukr. kbiv. sbnrnalt Val. XIT. Issue 2. 1949, p. 82-89. SO: U-4)92. 19 Aq04t 53. (letople 12hurnal Inykh Statey. No 21, 1949). G0LCIr1W, P. V. Golovin, P. T. MOsri6moo in purifying dahlia juices with organolytos*, (Obtaining inulin)k Ukr. thim. zhurnal, Vol. XIV, Issue 2. 1949. P. 91-92. SO: U-4392, 19 Ausmst 53, 0-stoo's 'Zhurn"I Inykh Statey, Bo 21, 11)49). ,0014TIN, P.T.; BaKa"Tres, KAII.; GIM, I.P. PurifJoation ot ostumtod Moo of Jernm4es artiobolm by jw&ns of orS&rAc ton sXObOVVvjo 11. Anionitose Ukrain, IMs. Zhure 15, 281-4 149, (CA 47 w.,22sI209 133) (NLIA 5 16) SUMISKIN. K.,. preduibdatell. Doclslo* of tho *41torial counall of the food In&stry Publishing Ebuse on Protiossor P.14 Golovin's book "The Technology of Beet Sugar Production.0 &kkh.prm. 27 vio, 4:48 Ap '53. (a" 6;6) 1. RsdaktsioaVy savat Goandarotvounogo tokhniko-okonomicheakooro isdatell- at-ra -pishchevoT promyshlonnosti. (Beats and beet sugar) , (-ftj_Qvi I Fav.) GOL~ON?//V, -PV OWTIN. ?,I.; XCOASo IN.O. .. , Inarmaoing the productivity of plate,and frame Presses. Sakhoprom. 28 u.5:12-14 154. (KM 7:9) 1. Xtr*rskiy-tekhnclogichesklj, institut pishchavoy promyshlenucati. (Sugar wdhinery, amvnt I P. T. -.O,w 040144 ~ 0000~mloryf of dIfftalon. SRkh.prom. 28 no.6:30-31 154. (XLRA 7:U) 1. Imatitut orasuichookay khtall Akademli nauk UWR. (Sv,SpLr Industry) ;i- UP Ali It V1" GIUO. I.?.; GOMIN. P.T. I...... 3r*mmtisxl Of inert sugar in the JUIC41 of Second saturation treated with a eatioults. Ukr. khlm.shur. 21 n*.4:530-532 '55. (MM 9:2) 1.1motitut organichookoy khImli AS MISR. laboratoriya makharietykh ,roshchostv. (Sugar industry) f 1pruct. one, a now ooomweiga suW. Priroda 44 no.9:92-94 S 155. (HLBA 8:11) i. institut organichookay kbiall Akademil. usuk USSR Ormotose) U&qWBZMM and Animl RWSiology. Metaboliera. Nutrition. T-2 Abs Jour: Ref 2hur-Blol., No 12, 1958, 553(:5. Author Golovin, P.V. Shaposhnikova, Z.B. Inst Title Processing Cow Milk with Ionites for Infant Consumption. Orig Pub: Pediatriya, 1957, No 7, 35-37. Abstract: In order to partially remove. Ca from cow milk (M) with the aim of obtaining more tender flakes in the clotting proceem, domestic brand cationites M were used (sulophenolic 1, espatitic I and carboxylic I)- Experiments proved that no leas than 20 percent of Ca have to be removed for t`,1,AS pirpose. M, which was treated with (1), clotted in the form of armll flakes, had an acidity of 160K. The proportions Card - 1/3 USSR/B=m and Animl physiology. Metabolism. Nutrition. T-2 Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Hlol., No 12, 1958, 55305. to Mp It fulfills all the requirenents of M for the artificial feeding of infants. Investigations as to the toxicity of (I), as well as experimntal feeding of M to animle, gave favomble results. Infants assinilated M well, and de,.reloped normlly. 0 Card : 3/3 73-3-20/24 AU'ffiOR-.Golovin,-;R*-j., Shaposhnikovs, Z. B., Abramova, M. A. and "Wma-s-Imenko-, A. A. TITLE: Treatment of Beetroot Mice by Reduced Quantities of IcLme and lonites. (Obrabotka Sveklovichnogo Soka Umen'shah- nyin Kolichestvom Izvesti i Ionitami) PERIQDICAL- Ukrainakiy Xhim-4cheskiy Zhurnal, 1957, Vol. 23, No.3, P~- 397-399 (URSR). ABS1111-UOTt Synthetic resins- ionites- can be used for the purifiea- tion of beetsugar juices by sieparating the mineral and organic. impurities. They are stable in alkaline and acid media, they swell but do not dissolve in water and sugar solutions and have a degree of absorption of c-.tions and anions. These ionites weire used for the purification of juices treated with 1.3% reduced lime and juice II (satuxation line consumption 2.75% per weight of the juice). The eationite3CIMTHM-1 and the anionite AH-2T were used as they were most easily available and are generally used in. the sugar indust The Mitatic volume of 3MATIAT-1 (related to Na) wasT.2%, thet dynamic volume of the anionite (related to H01) was 13.7%. The static method was employed for puxffying the saturated juices when using cation-Ites. Gard 1/3 This method was developed in the Iaboratory for Sugars 73-3-20/24 Treatment of Beetroot Jules by Reduced Quantities of Lime and Ionites. of the Institute for Organic 43hemistry AN USSR under the directiom. of P. V. Golovin. '-Me method consists in mixing a defined quantity of the regenerated cationite with the juice in a mixer until the pH of the solution reaches 4.0 - 4.5. Then the cationita is separated by decantation or filtration. The obtained saturated acidic juice is treated with the anionite by passing the juice through an anioniVe columa (dynamic mathod). Thus the pH is increased to 8.0 - 8.5. It was found %list 1.5% of absolutely dry cationite (accoxdin to the vlaight of the juice) and a contact time of 8 =tea were necessary to attain &-pH 4.2 of the saturated juice. To increase the pH of the juice from 4s2 - 8.5 a 8Yo volume of an*onite was required. The purification was carried out at 206C. The juice treated with reduced lime quantities and juice of the II. saturation were analysed before and after treatment with the ionites for sugar-, colloid-, calcium salt-, ash- content and colour-tests were made. Analytical data are tabulated. This *able proven that cationite treatment of juices increases their quality by 1.7 - 2,2 units and Card 2-13 reduces the colouration. The anionite treatment lowers 73-3-20/24- ,.preavRent of Beetroot Juice by Reduce4 Qaantities of Line and Ionites. the colouration more than tv4.ce and improrves the quality by 0.4 - 0.8 units. There axe 1 table and 3 Slavic refexemees. SUBMITTED: December, 22, 1956. ASSOCIATIO14: L%stitute of Organic Chemistry, Academy of Sciences Vkraiuian SSR,, Sugar Substancos laboratory. (Institut Organitheskoy Xhimii AN USSR, Iaboratoriya Sakharistykh Veshebastv). AVAIIABIA: Library of Congress. Card 3/3