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G-RLE2 Rud;---,--f J(-,rurmy y!-uo 10 1.,,.12:275-2?7 level gau;,6 with pmuinui.l.c trt i 164. ". O'entrul Herow-ch irwfAt-ate ct Fn(,d Induatryg Praguo. GREE, Rudolf, inz. Testing the accuracy of integrating metering devices. Prum potravin 16 no-4:179-181 Ap 165. 1. Central Research Institute of the Food Industry, Prague. Submitted November 20, 1964. GRO.C.I.; COSTAKS.N.N. The leukocyte count as a means of orientation In pulmonary tub"erculools. Fmmanlan M. Rev. 4 no.1:44-49 JAL-Mr '60. -e 1. *iizwI&-Izvor* Samtorium for Tuberculosis. (NBXRGUUSIS,PUIMONAW blood) (LWKOCYTI COUNT) GIM, E. Metal device for drilling 180 a. deep wells in bodies of water (U.S.Patent No. 2901890),. Neftianik 5 no-9:34 3 16o. (MIRA 11:9) (United States--Oil well drilling-Equipment and supplies) - GREF.1 E, Imtrument for the chemical cutting of drill columns, no9704 J3. 161e (United States-Pipe cutting) fieftianik 6 (MIU 14:7) GREF. E Sound generators. Neftianik 7 no-3:33 Mr 162. (WRA 15:5) (Paraffin wax) GREFI--~~------ Equipment for suspending drilling strings. Neftianik 6 no.11:34 N 161. (~MIA 14 ~s Yz ) (United Stateo--Oil weU dril I i g~-Equipment and supp.Ueo) GREF E. Equipment for oil well completion without a perforator. Neftianik 6 no.11:34 N 161, (b-JRA 14:12) (United States.-Oil well drilling--Equipment and supplies) GREF~ E. M. Electric Wiring Leading in a cable into an excavator without using a shoe. Mekh. trud, rab. 0 no. 1, 1952. Month List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, April 1952. UNCLASSIFIED. AUTHOR: Gref, E.M... Engineer SOV/92-58-1-21/22 . . . ... .. ... ..... . . .......... ... TITLE: Patented Fishing Tool (Patent na lovillnyy snaryad) PERIODICAL: fieftyanik., 1958,, Nr lj, PP 34-35 (UM) ABSTRACT: The author describes a newly developed fishing tool for retrieving various small objects stalled in oil well pipes. The new fishing tool has been patented in the USA under Nr 2747673, class 166-98. 1. Petroleum industry 2. Maintenance tools--Development 3. Patents--USA Card 1/1 92-2-27/37 AUTHOR: Gref, E. M., Engineer TITLE: Tool-fishing Retriever Rotating Clockwise and Counterclockwise (Shlips s levym i pravym vrashchenlyem) PERIODICAL: Neftyanik, 1958, Nr 2, PP 31-32 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author describes a tool-fishing retriever rotating clockwise and counterclockwise, which was patented in the USA on March 6th, 1956 as Nr 2737410, class 294-99. There is one sketch of the tool-fishing retriever. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 1/1 AUTHOR: Gref., E.M., Engineer 92-58-3-28/32 ------------- TITLE: Chemical Study of Core in the Exploratory Bore Hole (Khimicheskiy karotazh razvedochnoy skvazhiny) PERIODICAL: Neftyanik, 1958, Nr 3, pp 29-30 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author describes the devices used for the chemical study of cores in the exploratory bore-hole and which were patented in the USA under No. 2740695. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 1/1 AUTHOR: Gref, E.M., Engineer 92-58-3-29/32 TITLE: Locking Device for Pump Tube Columns Used in the Exploitation of Deep Oil Wells (Zamkovoye prisposobleniye dlya kolonny nasosnykh trub glubinnonasosnoy ekspluatatsii) PERIODICAL: Neftyanik, 1958, Nr 3, pp 30-31 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author describes the locking device for a pump tube column patented in the USA under No. 2765855, class 166-217. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 1/1 GRMF, N.M., Inzi extrac tion tool. N.6iiiiii"-ft.104-35 Ja 158. (MIRA 11:2) (Hoisting machinery) GM, N.M., inzh. Ships with left and right hand rotation. Neftianik 3 no.2:31-32 F 158. (MIRA 11:4) (United states--Oil wells--Nqpipment and supplies) GRV. II.M. Automtic device for filling caning pipes with fluids when running them into wells for cementing. Neftianik 3 no.4:34 Ap 158. (United States--Otl wells-lquipment and supplies) (MIRA 11:5) C GRIY, 1. M., insh. Offshore drillIng 200 motors deep. Neftianik 3 no.6:34-35 Jo 158, (NIPA In 9) (United States--Oil wall drilling, Submarine) REP, E.M., insh, Improved electric asphalt tampers. Stroi.i dor.mashinostr. 3 no-10:39 0 '58. (NIRIL 11: 11) (Road machinery) 1"I. Technical methods In foreign countries. Neftianik 3 no,ll: 33-34 N '58- (HIRA 12:2) (United States--Oil wells--Acidization) AUTHOR: Gref, E. M., EngLneer 82-58-5-30/30 TITM: DeemLlslfier Oe-,olovoy deemul'sator) PERIOD!.',AL: NezftYmik, 1958, Nr 5, 9 35 (USSR) ABSTPJU',.: Me aW,;hor states thvl. a themal ezemUsi--Mer for the separation of irater from pet-role-um emulslans has been developed cad yatenW In -- 'SA undex- -11b. 27320r,'0. There are 2 figures showing the above the U m-ationed appexatus. 1. Petroletm emulsifiers-Vater separation 2. Thermal demulsifier -Applications 3. Patents-US& Card 1/1 USCOMM-DC-55,135 SOV/92-58-6-30/30 AUTHOR: Gref, E. M., Ehgineer TIMS: Offshore Drilling to a Depth of 200 Nbters (Bureniye v more glubinoy 200 m. ) PERIODICAL,: Neftyanik, 1958, Nr 6, PP 34-35 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In his article the author describes the offshore drilling equipment which has been developed by American engineers and patented in the USA under No- 2750750, Class 61-46, 5. Fourteen drawings are included in the article. Card Vl 1. Petroleum Wustry 2. Well d rilling-Equipment 3. Drilling machin"-Performance 4. Patents-USL USCOMM-M-.60255 14(5) SOV/92-58-8-36/36 AUTHOR- Gref, E K i TITLE: Automatically Sealing Ring (Avtomaticheaki uplotnyayushchiysya sallnikovyy manzhet) PERIODICAL: Neftyanik, 1958, Nr 8, P 35 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author describes a ring which seals automatically under oil well pressure and which Is used in the wellhead pipe suspension patented in USA under No. 2751235, class 285-lo6. Card 1/1 14(5) SOV/92-58-9-36/36 AUTHORr, Gref, E.M. TITLE: -Iquipment for Lowering a Wire Rope into a Pressure Well (Oborudovanlye dlya .9puska kanata v skvazhinu, nakhodyashchuyusya pod davlaniyem) PERIODICAL- Neftyanik, 1958, Nr 9, P 35 (USSR) ABSTRACT- The author describes the equipment patented in USA under No 2748870, which Is used for lowering a wire rope Into a pressure well. Card 1/1 14(o) SOV/92-58-io-29/3o AUTHOR: Gref., E.M. TITLE: Well Tool Actuating Device (YaSS) PERIODICAL: Neftyanik, 1958, Nr 10, P 34 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author describes and shows the design of the well tool actuating device developed by Jack A. Moosman, Glendale, Calif... which has been patented in the USA under No. 2751W4. Card 1/1 14 (o) AUTHOR: Gref, E.Mp.-,-- SOV/92-58-,LO-30/30 TITLE: Tool for Cementing Oil Wells (Prisposobleniye dlya tsementazhE ALvaz~d-:rv) PERIODICAL: Neftyanik, 1958, Nr 10, P 35 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author describes the aligned slip well tool developed by R,C. Baker, which has been patented in the USA under No. 2751018: c1 166-217. There are 3 figures showing the cross section of the above tool. Card 1/1 USOOMM-DC-60*854 14(0) AUTHOR: Gref, E.M. SOV/92-58-11-36/36 TITIZ: Sealing of Porous Formations and Prevention of Lost Circu- lation (Zakuporka poristykh formatsiy i bor'ba s poterey tsirkulyatski) PERIODICAL: Neft-Yanik., 1958., Nr 11,, PP 33-34 (USSR) ABST1WT: The author describes the new method of seialln pores in subter- ranean formations with a soli;tion of alkali metal silicate and acid salt of sulfuric acid. This method, developed by H.k. Reimers., Midland,, Mich., has been patented in the USA under No 2. 330., 145: c1. 166-22. Card 1/1 USCOW11-DC-6o.793 15(6) AUTHOR: Gref, E.M. !jOV/101-r9-2-11/13 TITLE: A Highly Effective Cooler of Cement Clinker PERIODICAL: Tsement, 1959, Nr 2, pp 29-30 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author states that the American patent Nr 2, 774, 587 cl. 263-32 (authors Maynshel and Velzi) contains a description of the design of a drum-shaped cooler for cement clinker. The cooler is hi.-hly effective in opera- tion. The author concludes that the modification of existing coolers, accordingly to the described scheme could be realized cheaply. There are 2 sets of diagrams. Card 1/1 GUY, X.M., insh. Self-propelled machine used for replacing single ties. Pat' i put. khos. no.2:40 IP 159. (MIBA 12:3) (United States-itailroads-lquipment and supplies) GRJU, B.M..inzh. WMEW. Lifting jacks for dumping trailers. Trakt. i sellkhosmash. no.2:48 7 159. (HURA 12: 1) (Lifting jacks) 14(5) AUTHOR, ._.Gref., E~Mo SOV/92-59-3-414/44 TITLE: Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete Structure Used in -ation of Petroleum De- Offshore Drilling wd Exploit posits (Sbcry.,aya zhelezobetonnaya konstruktsiya dlya bureniya i ekspluatatsii neftyanykh mestorozhder-iy, pokrytykh vodoy) PERIODICAL: NeftyarAk, 1-959, Nr 3, P 34 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author describes_a special reinforced concrete structure used in offshore drilling and exploitation of oil reservoirs. It was developed in the USA, and patented under No 2747840. Card 1/1 GMW. A.M., insh. Pusher frame for coupled operations of bulldozers. Stroi. i dor. mashInostre 4 no-3:39 Mr 159. (MIRA 12:4) (Bulldozers) GRU, B.14.,inzh. - . Device for measuring inclination angles of bulldozers operating on slopes of hills. Stroi. i dor.mashinostr. 4 no 4:37 A 159. (MiWk 12:55 (Gauges) J~~v, - GREF, N.M. 0 In2h. Attachment to reverse-shovel buckets ford igging narrow trenches. Stroi.1 dor.rw8hinnstr. 4 no.5:37 My 159. 64IR& 12:7) (Axcavatlng mach!nery-Attachments) gAER,-A.M., Insh. Inertia concrete pump. StroiA dor.mushinostr. 4 no.8:)B Ag '59. (MIRA 12:12) (Concrete construction) (Pumping machinery) GREF, B.M.. lnzh. Feeding device of concrete mixers with automatic scales. Stroi.i dor.mashinostr. 4 no.9:38 S 159. (14JILk 12:11) (Concrete mixers) GRAF, A.M., inzh. Device for determining the quantity of air in concrete mixes. Stroi. i dor. mashinostr. 4 no-11:39 N 159 (KIRA 13:3) (concrete) I GREF E.M. inzh. I Cart for transporting and storing pipe sectionn in lining tunnels and pipelines. Stroi.i dor.mashinostr. 1; no.12: 33-34 D '59. (MM 13:3) (United States-Pipa-Tranaportation) GREP, R.M. _jnzh. EquiPment for coating moving articles with cement. Stroi.1 dor.masbinostr. no.7:36 J1 '59- (MIRA 12:11) (Cement Industries) _~!!!,;_GUDIMUVICH, N*P. [translator); MATRENITSKIY, T.T.,, referent Sampling device for small diameter boreholes. Biul.nauch.-tekh. inform.VIM no.ls63-64 160. (MM 156) 1. Otdel nauchno-tekbnicheakoy inroxnataii Voesoyuznogo nauchno- inaledovateltakogo institute, minerallnogo syrtya. (Ores-sampling and eatimatioli) 9RVI-Atj~-..- Heavy drill stem bottom with free moving filling materials (U9 So Patent No, 2814462). Ileftianik 5 nool:,33 Ja 160. (MIRA 13:11) (United States-Boring suchimery) GMW, E.M., lnzh. Improved plastering machine. Stroi.i dor.mashinostr. 5 no.l: 40 Ja 160. (MIRA 13:5) (United States-Plastering-Squipment and supplies) G REF Y E. M, Equipment for mechanizing lowering and hoisting operations. Neftianik 5 no.2:33-34 F 160. (MIRA 14:10) (United States-Ho-isting machinery) KOGHANOVA, Te.B., inz-h.; GRIF. S.M., inzh. From the pages of journals. Nement 26 no.2.31 Mr-Ap 160. 1 (MIU 13:6) (Cement plants-Yquipment and supplies) GMW, E. K., inzh. Rollers for centering conveyer belts. Stroi. i dor. mashinostr. 5 no.4:39 Ap 160. (MIRA 13:9) (Conveying mchinery) GREF, E. I Instrument for locating fluid yielding and absorbing zones in a wi5ll boing drilled. Neftianik 5 no.7:34JI 160. (Miltil 14:9) (United States--Oil reservoir engineering) L__ GREF, E. Device for regulating the stroke of a pumpinp ack. Neftianik 5 no.8:34-35 Ag 160, iMIRA 14:8) (United SWAN -Oil well pumps) LR70 R 0 Plugging equipment for circulation lose (U.S.Patent No. 2908096). Neftiantic 5 n0-9:35 5 060. (MIRA 11:9) (United States--Oil well cementing--lquipment and supplies) GRFY, E. Equipment for removink floating petroleum from bodies of water. Neftianik 5 no.10:35 0 160. (MIRA 13:10) (Great Britain-Water-Parification) GRR?, E. Shooting oil-field fluids sampler. Neftianik 5 no. 12:32 D 160. (MIRA 13:12) (Oil field brines--Analysis) GRV, E. -------- High-capucity gun perforator. Neftianik 5 no. 12:31 D 16o. (MIRA 13!12) (Oil well casing) GREF) E. Packer for small diameter wells. Nof tianik 6 no.2:33 F 161. (MM :L4:10) (United States-Oil wells-Equipment and supplies) GREF P E. rr, Iarge caliber,, single-charge perforator. fleftianik It 161o (United States--Oil well drilling) 6 no-3:32 (MIRA 14:10) GRZFJ E. - I ApparatUs for determining the density of fluids in a well. Naftianik 6 no.4:33 Ap 161. (MMI 14:8) (United States-Oil field brines-Density) GREF, E. Regulated cable suspension of a pumping Jack. Neftianik 6 no-4:34 Ap 161. (MIRA 14:8) (United States--Oil well pumps--Equipment and supplies) GREF, E. --------- Hydrocyclone for settling drill cuttings. Neftianik 6 no~3s 32-933 MY 161. - (mm 1485) (Separators'Nohines)) '., I GR-,-1. , i~', Oil-well -i.r. 'Vorcign countr-'-.;. 'Ieftianik 6 n0.9:35 L~ & s o6l. 14:10) (United Stuater-011 fic1ds--;Jq---,ipr.-.ont and sunplies) GRI,le) F.. nc,. ll~ 0' -J,. n ? j-lo GREFY E. M. Attachment for coupling screwing devices. Neftianik 6 no.8:33 Ag 161. (MIRA 14:10) (Power tools) OWFE. Expansion bit. Neftianik 7 no.2:34 F 162. (KIRA 1512) (United State"il well drilling-Equipment and Bupplies) Device for controlling the tightness of the casing head top. fieftianik 7 no.5:31 My 162. k HIRA 15: 12) (United Stateo-OAl.wells-Equipment and supplies) GREFY E.M. Whipstock for drillLng slant holes. Blul.nauch.--tek.b.inforr WIMS no.1:76-78 163. Oil well sand filter. Ibid..-78 MIRA 18Q) GREE, Rudolf, inz. '- Remarka on the theory of horimantal vibration conveying. Prum F. s( potrayin 15 no.2t98-102 34 1. Ustredni vyzkumy ustav potravinarskeho pruniyalu, Praha. GIzEE, Rudolf', inz.; DOIEZAL, Borivoj, inz.i B W, Jaron2av Adjustable piston measuring pumps. Prum potravin 15 no. 71 355-362 J1 164. 1. Central Research Institute of Food Industry, Prague. GREVV J. "Higher productivity of CESKOSLOVENSKY PRUMYSL Apr. 111.4. labor as a result of a fair wage police." (P. 134) (Miniaterstva teskeho prumslu) Praha, ol 7, No 4, SO: East European Accessions List, fol 3, No 8, Aug 1954 GREF, Jindrich Urgent measures in remuneration of workers in production for ensuring the 1963 plan performance. Prace mzda 11 no.2:65-75 F 163. 1. Tdjemnik Statni. mzdove komise. GREF, YE. 1-1. Excavating Machinery Leading in a cable into an excavator without using a shoe. Mekh. trud. rab. 6 no. 1, 1952. Month1v List of Russian Accessions. Library of Congress, April 1952. UINCLASSIFIED. ANGFI=U, Z.j VASILIU, G.; ZAVOIM, D..j GRE", C. Hydrolysis of nitriles. Note IV. Alkali bydrolyBiB of some tetrabydro- naphtbrIacetanitriles. Studii core chim 9 no.31477-4U 161. 1. Universitates, IC. I. Parhonl, Catedra. do chimis organim, Bucuresti. 2. Membru corespondent al Academiei R.P.R., Membru al Gomitetului do redactie 'Studii si cereetari do chimie' (for Angelescu). 01 044 Jot P1,10 W4,011% 244 4 (t) lol laililbai Olull 4111 4Lql 'mun n aj.0,3 pal4silqUIlia oil) a) p-1jlddu,)ld1uUw4 ID51jalun" ' ' wollclumusu a p2ADAd uooq smq,ll PaU011113111 4.%ciqi, .2 ;-ql o; 2ujp1o:),ju olpu)ds Qqj jo paods 4q, puu ssuipul.v, li, jaqwnu III Aq poindwoo.N1 uajql 10 41sual,pululialill, u. m 10 sui u CmDau o a ; v l 1 XMA% lo tull- a4!.. -anlltwi p A,3utqsuo3 aqj 2uttunm Aq I)a.%*UOP it U0113as g~uji~ 241 )o U0111mola 011 .1941 Uosem)4 paqjA'j$iun3ip,, p ungsu A vqs aqj Butt 0 V j . q - pttj, d= DIWI3 ujo~ 1 ) ~jSuaj *i-ql (t) puu (t) toj -1)3uuo)3 is 00d'[ O' "'Ou 93u ) l o ~ u1,%% t . l1 AlIvOildillo OJU I)VY 1 l 041 IQ 4 Aclalaqit u sual. - pvwtjj..suji,!a1.)uj bi "On q a s ll. guop q Aq pluallull DIU $- 1140pun oln (C)"ttleawopun, Oat puV GuolVIN 456b sulujollau 0.%N1 (t) "41 41raw,3111un kj%jQ Pull ouo))'JJG WPM 91111114KI11111~u, COA11SPUluu) 1111n331 2w 1101110jul rit Hu!11jv;o.1 IM141 IQ U01113 a ; q4 1, p, bUOjj S!;DJ3 1)1,,ajql )4)!A4 PJUAo,3 loods oil; lo 1421211.4111 JO loodii Pill jo puv P'3aM 011110 sialMulp aqj jo slsuq oill uo ' 9xu bw z oift p , o )u Juipuln jol q palvito1w, q loods V -a[; t W -og %01 MWIPINX01 -a OlDodo pvaAql jo aull) ftjkl* aqj, gunvia:413 6ot, 7-E fit rs A � Ue Movement' -of 6e padding machine's r. cop cta Tech. Acad. Scl. lltmgar. 16 (1957) 219431, (German, French, and Russian suniniari6ij Determination of the eccentric equation used in industry and the preparation of the eccentric body by means of this. Kuszaki kozl MTA 27 no.3/4: 160. (EFAI 10-5) 1, Budapesti Nuszaki Rgyeten, V. Matematika Tanszek (Eccentrics (Machinery)) OREOA, Bela Determination of the eccentric equation used in industr7 in case of rolls of given size. Mustaki kozl MTA 27 no-3/4:201-210 6o. (EEAI 10:5) (Eccentrics (Machiner7)) (Pulleys) GREGA Bela Determination of the eccentric equation used in industry in case of rolls of given size by using the equation of the parallel curve. Muszaki kotl NTA 27 no.3/4s2ii-216160. (EZAI 100) (Eccentrics (Nachiner7)) (Pulleys) GREGA, Bela, dr., kandidatus Determination of yarn tension in ring spinning. Kagy textil 16 no.12:533-538 D 164. GREGA, Bela, dr. Designing planar cam mechanisms, Gep 17 no.1:111-1111 Mr 165, L Budapest Technical University, aRMGACS. 14. Serological and biochemical typing of 1. coli strains occurring in various water@. Acta microb. hung. 2 no.4:423-428 1955. 1. State Institute for Public Health, Budapest. :(BSCHIRICHIA GOL1. typing of strains isolated In various types Of water) (WATAR SUPPLT, bacteriology. X. coll, typing of strains isolated from various types of water.) EXrFP7"7% ' FOCA Spc 1: Vol 12/10 I'P(liccil :-Acro!-,. Cct rp 3104. THE OCCURRENCE OF COLI DYSPEPSIAE STRAINS IN WATERS - Coll dyspepsiae tijrzsek elotordul;lsa vizekben - tG re&lacs, ,M4, OrszAgos Koze- , M TV_ geszsdgugyi Int., Budapest - EGtSZStGTU 2/3 (317-321) Tables 3 6,265 water samples of dliferent origin and quality were analysed In order to de- monstrate the coll dyspepsia types. Coll dyspepsiae could have been cultivated in 13 cases. Out of the 13 strains, 2 were 0111 B4, 6 055 B5 and 5 026 D/ types. Thefermentationof the strains was similar to that of thestandardones except2types 055 B5 which have shown a difference in the growth on Simmons citrate agar and In decom "ing of ureum. Two of the Coll dy"psiae strains came from water pipes m dug wells and 5 from rivers. There Is no Information concerning the h Else... Ifl,,,,d by water samples containing Coll dy"pslae, as no 6 extensive referring examination could be carried out. GREGACS,, Margit; Sz.MUHITSp Katalin; PATER, Jarlos; TOTH, Istvan Fbllution of the Danube at Budapest. Ridrologiai kozlony 39 no.5:347-356 0159. 1. 'Hidrologiai Kozlony" szerkeszto bizottsagi tagja (for Pater). UJIVARY1 G.; GREGACS, Margit; LANYI,, B.; ANGYAL, T.; VOIROS, A.; PALL, G. Observations on Lhe etiology of gastroenterocolitis in infants and children. I. Investigation of tho rolo of Escherichia coli strains. Acts, microbiol. flung. 10 no-3:225-.240 '63. Obser'~3Ud*-,16n lhe~~-etiology of gastmenteroaollitis-in infants and chil- It" --J...n rulf, Ibid.,t241-252 gr 1. Sl~uglings- und Kinderspita!2 Budapest XIV. (Direktor: K. Gyei~- 7 gyay); Staatliches Institut flir Hygiene, Budapest (Direktor: T. Bakacs) und MikrobLologisches Institut der Medizinischen Universi- t1it, Pecs (Direkt8h K. Rauss). UJVARY,G.; LA111YI,B.; GREGAAS '.Iargit; VORCZ, S.; ANGYAL, T.; PALL, G. Studies on the etiology of gastroenterocolitis in early in- fancy and childhood. III. Study on the role of Proteus vul- garis and Proteus mirabilis strains. Acta microbiol. acad. sci. flung. 10 no-4:315-326 163-164 Studies on the etiology or gastroonterocolitin in early in- fancy and childhood. IV. Study on the role of Proteus morgani strains. Thid. 327-335 Studies on the etiology of gastroenterocolitiq ir Parl, y in- fancy and childhood. V. Study on the role (.f Pseudomt~ntis aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus straiy..-. Ibid.:337-346 1. Sauglings- und Kinderspital (Direktor: K.Gyergyai) Buda- pest XIV, Staatliches Institut fur Hygiene (Direktor: T. Bakacs) Budapest und Mkrobiologisches Institut (Direktor- K.Raussl der Medizinischen Universitat, Pecs. GSANADY, Mihaly; GREGACS, Margit., dr. Some data on the efficiency of the Hungarian-canufactured sewage treatment plants equipped with trickling filters. Hidrologiai Kozlony 44 no.4t:L85-188 Ap'64 1. Orszagon Kozagenzaegugyi Intezet, Badapest. CSANADY, Mihaly; GREGACS, Margit, dr. Publin health problems of sewage water trej-wnt by, mears of fishponds. Hidrologlai kozlonY 45 no.4:1,9-186 Ap 165. I 1. National Inotitute of Public Health, Buftpest. GECHJ,E.; GREGAROVA,M.; PAPEZ,L.; SKRIVAN,J.,- STRIERIIY,J. Clinical problems in gynecological inflammations. Cesk. gynek. 29 no.3:163-169 AP'64- Our experiences with the chemical extirpation of Bartholin's glands. Ibid.t243-245 1. 1. gyn.-por. klin.fak. vseob.lak. KU v Pra2e; prednosta: prof.dr. K.Klaus, DrSc. ',r SKRIVAN,J.; CECII,E.; CF.RVEIKA,J.; GREGAROVA,M.; PAPEZ,L.; STRIMIY,J. Our experiences with Trypsin retard in the treatment of in- flammations of the uterine adnexa. Cesk. gynek. 29 no.3.' 205-207 AP164 Our experiences in the treatment of gynecological diseases with prednisone. lbid.:210-212 1. 1. gyn.-por. klin.fak. vseob.lek. KU v Praze; prednosta: prof.dr. K.Klaus, DrSc. L'AKIIII-M, Fedor Vladimirovich; VERIAUKOV, Ya.V., ir-zh., retsenzent; GREGELISKIYY P.Kh,,,_Jnzh., reteenzent; kO.,TII;-'KIY, I.Ye., "--' -tar.~e -;IAI.-,'IIKEVICH, G.I., red. na~- (k,echanization of minor operations in the fitting-out of ship hullo] Malvia uekhanizat--iia korpunodostroechnykn ra-c. Le.- ningrad, "Ludostroenie," 196-4. 114 p. (MIRA 17:5) GRIGER, A.V.; AFONIV, V,G. Dispatching systems.are an integral part of mine mechanization and automation. Ugolt Ukr. 6 no,8:3/+-36 Ag 162. (MIRA 15:11) (Donets Basin-Coal mines and mining) (Automatic control) GREGER, J.; PATNUSZ, H.; SKARZYNSKI, J. 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Z Katedry Chemli Ogolnej i Fizjolcgicznej AM w Lodzi (KierownAt prof. dr. B. Fillpowicz) i z Katedry i Klinikl Ftlzjatrll Studium Dookonalenla Leknrzy (Kier-owniki prof. dr. M. Zlerskl). 7-1 N V. 4E3d. Distr: 4E2c(S)/4t~b/ 678.674.0 7 i~ Datermination of unsaturated linkages In unsaturated A 'V Polyestars. X- a E. 13 5 d 8 z rn a r a a A n Y I. -or, - Magyar Kin11kuj3Mpja, 0l. 15. 1000, No. 2 j pp. 7r- 3 figs., 3 tabs. The unsaturatedcornponont of unaat t d I esters im ur" ' f id i i u l D EmE f i ffaw . a umar eterm nat r e o or c on of ac y , may take place by the doeompoaltion and hydrolysia of the Polyester. The purpose of the present investigation was to find a suitable method of saponification, a way of determining the ethylene linkages by bromine chloride standard solution and analyzing maloic and furnaric acids by means of polarog. Taphy. The saponification of the polyester rcainwas carried out at room tomporatura by a 20% excess of 0,5-N N&011; onol- then the excess alkali was titrated in the presence of ph phthaloin indicator with 0.5,.-N HCJ, The neutral solution was evaporated to dryness in a dish and the r"iduo dissolved la'distilled watar, thliq solution was used for the determination t i of tho-doublo bonds. It Js knowa that ilia broninto and bro~nldo~ Ions- react In the proeonco.of hydrochloric acid quantitatively to give bromine chlorido:BrO3- + 2Br- + + 6 H+ 3 BrCl + 3 HO which can be added to + 3CI unsaturated organic compounds. A bromine chloride solution was used for determining the number of the double bonds also In saponified unsaturatod-polyeatera. The malcale and furnarato contents : of unsaturated polyester condonnatc4 were analyzed by olarogrAphy proving that the number of bonds was n good 4gr"mont with the ro4ufta of ilia double F, bromine chloride addition. KISKOVITS, Gusztav; GRIAGXRSXNI, Magda ~ntraluzbar administration of isonicotinic acid hydrazide In tuberculous meningitis in addition to other types of acministra- tion and therapy. Orv hetil 95 no.14:384-388 Ap '54. (U&L 3:8) 1. A Budapesti Orbostudomanyi lastem Tudogyogyastati Klinikaj--Ir (igasgatot Kovats Ferenc dr, egyat, tanar) koslemanye. (NICOTINIC ACID ISOWS. ther. use *tuberc.. meningeal, intralusbar admin.) (TUBIRCULOSIS, WINGUL, ther. fteoniazed, intralumbar admin.) MUIJKA, V.; GiMOR, A.; KNAZOVSKY, M. Branching of the right pulmonary artery of cats studios on corrosion apecimons. Gesk. morf. 10 no.3:317-'328 'U; 1. From the Institute of Normal Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine of P. J. Safarikc!s University in Kosice, head Doc. Dr. V. MVZOka, C.Sz. (PUU4011AXf ART-PRY anat & histol) GREGORp A, Lip LL Ig ou W-a lilt r V 5p, GREGOR, A.,, prof., Mr. , Di--~;,;. F*rom the oxperiencuo with ap~llied climatology. Nleteor zpravy 16 no.3A:51-52 Ag 163. GREGOR, A.; MUM, V. The right pulmonary veins of cats studied on corrosion specimens. Cesk. morf. 12 no.3:239-21+7 164 1. From the Institute of Normal Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine of P.J.Safarik's University in Kosice; head V.Mmka, CSc. a to- 0 -0 0 O-A 0 -0 0 ~-, 0 -0 0 Oaf I1 1 4 lid t 9 03 IIUIJU1114 flit I I K L -)L K-F-9. 9 1 L-1 00 0 40 00 00 00 1 "i1i .*i,i I 00 ~-!I( 00 1h; 00 0 :0 13 00 3! A& "M A"D PROPKWTICS 44011 .00 1036, WATKR POW IN THK B~Y SCOMONY OF HUNGAR 0 or A (Blektrititatsverwartunge Opto 1947p 22, 1;3,;ILT,,bo*r. illustrating the developmut of electrratty generation in Hungary in the last thirty years are given in tabular tam. The difficulties in the way of water-power utilizotion are stat*d, wit. no appreciable differ@=" in level. absence of suitable storage basins and Irregular flow of rivers. The water power theoretically available is considerable. Only the rivers Danubeo Drau and Tissa appear suitable and developamt. of the latter. including the construction of four dwas. should be of great value for irrigation also. R.R.A. .00 -40 ~644 0 doe !;I A.SX,SLA "TALLURCOCAL WERATLOI CLASUPIC.110- Wit it [r it Ir 0,44 wit Ora IfffIt it a 1 14 40 re00 O's, Ole 0 0 0 000 0 0 0 * 0 a a 0 0-0001 00 a 00 Z 0 0 00 of &ALM so !_ JT Jj or r x -D- 7- -s. Z it 6-1 ~ a . 9 0 1, A 1. 31 W! "1 4 35. lit nar Is- toll Ion. 11% -00 , m, i'ligill lilt 1117 111 '00 lip) 111"041, 1 fit 114141g,41% t- ' 09 1951 %,1 142.1 list ...Ill a, 111mlsirl-4. 1111,, :till* 4'.1 rv Af-ab J F..r 19% 11 .4 11- 1 i..- Ii..'r I'Ll" goo till lum. 1-11 1.1 ... 1g1.1 I.. =00 Ilik CIA lite ,,tolk 44mm.1 limit Its---. -JI il-lot IsOd- 1:11-m1 I h"ri, I so, trV Zoo mul Il-mA Ibe rhyllic I list. is..A is, api, 1111lar :or.. ll'I'Alt jois.lo 1 :1 1111, Ilits-r pli:iu- s,lillrr# I c;,;:,. oo-bq, '110 ...... I m JF 1. pf'.4 Ivl- lit Ill, 10-1. 1, .1 111 0.0., 1 Im Zoo XOO IM.10.1"111V 11-1 towss ;list .#I .. . .... ill-sil-vo, loop ho,inj st,v, oil iv 111111 11jol.1141wro, U41.1 III #1s.. I--- if ...... .... I - It, 00 Sw %mil, ill flamItt. al is V-f ..1 1*4 p"ith"t, 1-0,1. .011 1. togs 1,00 CI,( OT V 43 Ill, 0 W & It vai wig 111i Ifilm it is A* .0 0000000 so* 0 e 0 0 0 0 0 0 0." I a I L A fAVALLis"KAL L I- - - - I - -L. G- A, ;*.11 to two is 11IN11115 A) 0 1 1 9 00 000000000000000 ALRAL 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 000000 "Imlo-vator Problems in the Electrificall- ion of our Countu." P. 5 I L. :U-, Onerati-on.' p. 6 "The Innovatorr, of the Po-wer Plant of Ujpest FinM D, , "A Innovator Activi-ty in 'C-ie Po-,.,er Plant of Kelenfold." !). -L, (Ujitol LaT)ia. V01. 5, no. 3, F6j 1953 Budapest.) Vol. 2. 110. 9 SO: Monthly List East European Accessions./Llb,--17 of Congrecs, SeDt. 1953, Uncl. GBEGOR A. Streamlined rationa3lzation designs. p. 224. A record of breakages; a now method applied by luchixtr7 in fighting breakages. p. 226. CHEM . Vol. 8., no. 7/8,, JuIY/Augo 1955e Katowice. SOURCE: Fast Baropean Accessions List (EM), LC, Vol* 5,, no* 3, Mu-ch 1956 -urrenf- thearetical and prac~,ical !-~rclrllerss of lij;hfjnC tec"iricue with regard to indutti-I&I Tworhs. F. JbWaPest, Hunpi-y Vol. 112, SO: index c'I !--'ast Luropf-an Jxessions (E-;Id) Vol. 6, 11 Nloveriber 1/057.