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Cy L T11-1.711: TN 13 T;"D41IFEST, ITNEARY VOL Il 1'157 "'T JLj,,)pEL~,,!q ~ CESS,O~,TS 17-7r-, nt-, )5,7 Z T) V BODNAR9 Gyorgy; GREGOR, Aladar News. Villmossag 8 nool:31-32 Ja 160. l.' "Villamossag" foazerkesztoje (for Gregor)& ANDO, Jeno; MATEM, Sandor; VEN, Mihaly; SEVESTYEN, Endre; FELKAI, Amml; GERVAI, Zoltan; MAIM, Iaszlo; GREGOR, Alder; RASGIIOVSKY, Lajoe Remarks on the article "The most important problems of technical development of electric installations in industrial plants and tasks for the manufacturing industry related to this. Villamossag 9 no.1/3:42-46 Ja-Hr 161. 1. A VillamoB Eloszerelo Vallalat famernoke (for Ando). 2. A Koho-es Gepipari Miniszterium Tervezo Irodai villemos tervezesi soztalyonak vezetoja (for Mateffy). 3. A Villamos Allomassserlo Vallalat foriter- noke (for Ten and Felkai). 4. Vegimuveket Tervezo Vallalat (for Sevestyen). 5. Konnyuipari Tervezo Iroda (for Gervai). 6. Ex. Tipustervezo Intezet (for Gregor). 7. E.M. Ipari es Mezogazdasagi Tervezo Vallalat (for Reachovsky). GREGOR, Aladar Reconstruction of the Hungarian Committee of the International Commission on Illumination. Villamossag 9 no.9:270-271 S 161. GREGOR. Aladar "Electric induBtry data and tablea* by Jozeef Ambrozy and Delso Helmich. Reviewed by Aladar Gregor. Villamossag 10 no.6:183 Je 162. 1. *Villamossag"- foozerkeaztoje. GR~GOR,-Aladur, I The 15th semnion of the International Comittee ori Lighting Technology at Vie#=, 1963. Muez elet 18 no.5:3 28 F 1163. I MUNKA, V.; GHWOR, A.; KNAZOVICKY, M. Branching'Of the left pulmonary artery of cats studied on corrosion specimens., Gesk. morf. 3.1 no.2:117-123 163. 1. From the Institute of Normal Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine of tb~ P.J. Safariklo University in Kosice, head: doc. dr. V. Munka, CSO. (PULMONARY ARTERY) (ANAfOMY) GREGOR, Aladar "Electrical engineeringg by Francois Cahen. Reviewed by Adadar Gregor. Villamoeoag 3-1 no.8.-W Ag 163. 1, *Villamossag" foozerkesztoje. GREGOR, Aladar The 3d Technical and Scientific Film Festival to be held in Budapest. Villamossag 12 no.l., 8 A 164- N, 1. "Villamossag* foazerke,-;z'%.ojs. GRMOR, Al',Aj- 19h7 Comisaion on 12 Tl,,-- Scieritif'i.- Gontrc '01MIL -f,Q~~ of the C--)~aLLss-l:Dn on I L c: GMC U~, A I A u r- Professinnal anI secretarial cowdttee3 of the ln7erl~qtjorkj Conunission on IlbunLmition. Villamassag 12 no.11,T,'8-33q ~i 164. 1. ,, "Villaino3sag", Blidapas-t. GREGOR, Aladar Report on the 55th general meeting arranged by the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association. Villamossag 13 no.2:59-60 F 165. 1. Editor-in-Chief, I'Villemossag", Budapest. GREGOR, Aladar "Handbook for district fitters" by Karoly Andics, Elemer Kiss, Sandor Pinter. Reviewed by Aladar Gregor. Vil-lamossag 13 no.2;60 F 165. 1. Editor-in-Chieff I'Villaniossag", Budapest. BOBROVISKI9 Honryk; DP-ROCHA, Tadeusv, GREGOR~ Anita -, Diagnostio and therapeutic difficulties in intermittent por- phyria. Pol. tyg. lek. 19 no.45al740-1741 N 9164 1. Z Oddzialu H-H Szpitala Vojewodzkiego im. Mikola4a Kopez- niks. v C[Lsztynie (Ordynatort lek. med. H. Bobrowskil i z Pracowni. A~&lItyemo-Chemiamej Oddzialu Chirurgtomego In- otytutu Hematologii. w Warsznwie (Kierownika dr. med. T.Darocha). GRE GOR, A.; MUNKA, V. T~e left pilmonary veins of ~,ats studied on corrosion spectmens. Gesk. morf. 13 110.1251-56 165 1. Thstit-ute of Anatomy, Fawlty of Medic'Ane, P..'.Sallarikls Universilty,, Kosice. MNIKA, V.; GREGOR, A, Lymphatics and bone marrow. Folia morph. (Fraha) 13 rjcj.4:404-412 165. 1. Institute of Anatomy, Facul.ty of Mcd1c.-,ne of P. T. Safarlk's University in Kosice, Czechoslovakia. 9i; ; -- go 000090000009 0 16 1? is III a :- M. go' PIOCCHIS ANO FN a go A 51,44 0 go go 0-0-a w- a a a *a M~--A NMI uujinlgv3o*441ga 41 411~w _ww 941111 ~Dll I of 69 .00 00 a V., 6*8 [CwhrWwAkiA3. ISRAW Witwollwirlit %tav, v prare a Atuny Nfetecoollorkitf 6"aw 0 v firmislAve. Me"erolottiellif Ipgdvy (Praittwl 11talletin Ftlitm;i~_-, 00 0 9 Alos,t Gregor, fIoILOk-n,v A. Vrafr XVI Smk,-",. jind Df. Mikutil Koii?clk-, ITrAtistsvia. This , - 00" V. publication, first i"mA in the r4wing N 1017, k now in 44 third year and appurt, hly~timy Go's to 1* all outstanding pswiml for Acricititural trelcornintly. cliftitoloKv hpintrwenrolottv so d - - - li f h h h H li I ~ ~ c mmenro t e r w nc, pLvtr% txbk-s And choutp z)vkftf4 Lt. T e qo3 ty o e im rwnl rit, p All art icles am in Csrch but the talle itf criwitents is given Is tint h French awl Cocirls. Iffittrativir triarcrial Awl falwfArdarA A- wxrlv wMexplanstory. ' l I G I (N f O K k b d at** ew r. cwx ief crr%1Ain%,i ,Y motm, c nc. ot Mo FAth num . an ot"; . cry"is on rnnlerew~, rrv"%, mintrUt".4nd 41AIA Of %VnOVjIC of ACf4)-jIlfTMjjC CORditiroM see deKdrotiorts, and phatcgraph- 111 00 clotalA awl other weather pherstmwria 4nd 1trecipitatiort chAflo, which airr not I"und with the reve of the Journal. ntaking It Its);ailike to Mail thrin w1mritteN. )W Ii 1~ volume, 2100 CM. 1-*tet i-sur k4tilk Ill. 0-In 2. Sjvrnti (August] 1949. DWIRI. C-1 let- a 14148,; it o-v dot I U it AT so &A Igoe 00 NONIAe 611111 Our (1.1, M a ad 0 11 6 1 W ft 9 a a 3 6 9 A v In IF 114141111UM111 11 1. 1. to 11 -1-11- 1, 6 . . - d L- 4.-JL A-1-A- L F a a A- ANO 4 PROCISSIS A'so 4,114:01111fill k"Ik 4A4 4 sea EIIvAw6-kw,J mawa-whi *0 figs. ~m rw Im DWS-At 0* Invitatkat o(the ikCaw Imad ~, f.- e the "thwe MR& a trip thrimish valiland is %xiolunr ISO end f at in 00 . p x2p am Cd PbBWVSPM 'A hydrokok and atitucilmatic *orks lot that country 041 3 . Tb*y M"d "'a CUMP*nkfAvw WW'ty (1*0 4W hillis" wmmw IsInsfiIIIIIIIIIIIII) 4fid On t ni *Wltpr brits lot an sitienmp4 9u ismarlivole 1110 chosato, IIIIANAMM, Monk. M~ M. 90,3 00 00 p? e0 ~ Z590 r see goo noe, as StIALLWSKAL 1.111941kof CLOWK610" I a. S L a 9~111, Om a-, its too TA -An- a - 0 -Q* 0 1 w a 0 is 1 0 00 0 0 a silo Go on 0"*0 0940 Z, A *"ao" 0'1"S 41*00 a 0 a*** 7;; ; Tat m6t4loroh-gio.on Tchecaslovaquic de 19311-19-18. Aloisdout K,w&L, M i IRPU 'i't ff" 10*v Osto, 191S. 1'p-dt-rrlht..V, 3:221-228, Nov. 1910. M I I, 11~ "1 14 1 Ile 1.1-1 ICTViMi AIM 1 -.11 Vr.W. diraul'Ahip f Lim. Cxj-..~Jnl) jud that at firalklay & (usider if. KogExi- littrilir , the ix,,t frum 1939-1945 the t;crvjcv w;jj nilt hy the Silwe the war the tniivv octwnrk i~ -Io% S -akia. inchilling the -unival offiee at BraliAlva, had 10 be recophinicted Iwc.,%jj%c of (k., 7he t wo imst itiatc-3 worL togo her in publithing diniatic cLi 1.1 4~j Zcxcchfj, Slovakfa.-H.R. a AYS 1. Current Abstr* Jloubbdobe predpovedi pocasi. (Long ratigv wtather forecasts) zpr!q7q 4~1-2)s3&6-37, 1950. fig. EXCerpL fmn the book "Uvahy o pocami"pro rolniky." kReflections on we%ther for ftimere.) MH-B& A popular roview of several schools of long range forecasts based on periods of recurrence Of W0,JLh~r types. 5uch periods have been established from 2-3 day up to 7"-year periods, but their practical value is very limited. Another method, found by Weickmann, is based n the ",(eflected image" or s)imsstry of a pressure curve. BAU L worked on the b-tsis of determining all physical factors of a woather situation and findinS analogous conditions in earlier cases. He claims in accuracy as high as 80% in hts 10-4&y forecasts(II). CIAYTGN based his forecasts mainly on 5olar activity. Multanovskii's method is based on the situation and notion of centers of pressure formations. All these methods are as Jmt far from yielding reliable results, but researches are being carried on. Subject Headings: 1. Long range forecasting 2. Popular meteorolojW.-G.T GrmufAloj#, SmOtal 4bai Ildoo d-okra*k& im~w authy v pm . [The direvor d the Chinew Populkr Democratic Nletcorolotical Service- in rrague.] lericki ZP,jry, 4(!L6):126. 1930. photo. In Circh. MR-BH-Britf note on thi DA. CllA-,rWA.6 TV uhn t1opped at Pragoc in Nmvmber 1950 on h nwinLtr ol the Cbimw delegation to the peace conference Guwk anti Cumw Wkso Tt:. Sakircl 11"dixts: 1. miteorologists a. Pbourmos of mateweloom & Diredws d wvke& L Chlu (POOP191 RePublie Of CWJW INO) Me- bwGIO&W serlift M To. Chowwaft.-C. r. 7~. 8 1 51 5 K sedmdesdfinIm prof. PhDra Rudolfat Schneidera. "il'. 'M Dr RudO -1 !, i 2, f ~hqt~Ldq ' Afeleoraia~:lrkt' Z I L,:;, t. Ako his: Za profesorem Dr Rudaffern Schneiderem. I', )I,li t: P - 'lchneicler.] 6 IWA., 1955. port. DLC 1-155,. ir,, livad of the Czethuslov.-ic Mkt~, l' 2. SthD~idcr, RudoiL AA1 V I GREGGRJI A. Contribution ot the characteristecs of "local" weather in southeast Moravia; in honor of the 76th birthday of Professor Stanislav Hanzlik. P. 53 METEOROLOGICKE ZPRAVY. Vol. 6. No. 21 May 1953 SO: Monthly East European Accession (EEAL), LC, Vol. 4, No. 9, Sept. 1955 Unel. -77 7- 74-260 i AW., Wits poftebt tam$ v geald&H doba Ifirtabar. [Chng" in warld Ve.',,orv1oC&k4Zprduy, Prague, 1(l 1: 11-18, .Feb.1954. 7 figs.. tlbft-;, 13 fL4* includes dkcus4on of the thcoriLi ut kl1LAaxOvtZ (mqative pourion of the earth and Sun., Siwr---o,. (increase in solar mdiation)aad ILiKi (decreaze in solar rAdi~ucnj ptesent c1truatic changes are discussed mainly accardin to C. E. P, BRaoxi Subject ffmdsmcs. 1. Climatic chinges 2. Ice ices J. ClImAtel. --- G. T. 9"Aler"A" too GREGOR 2nT&j. L Origin of the ploistoogne glaciation in the period o" predominating meridional circulation in the troposphere. p.A.6. METEDROIDGICKE ZPRAVY. (Statni wtoorologicky ustav) Prague. Vol. 7, no. 2, April 1954 SOURCE: East European Accessions List. (VAL) LIbrary of Congress Vol. 59 no. 8. August 1956 47Y J--Omwj'~ kinky k' raiS kliruatlckS bodovici meta&. C.Note on ins ditmitic Alefeor~quki Z~rdvy' 'Prague, 7 (5) :1,04- 140, 1954. 2 fig*' 5 refs. Rus!iian and German dunimarl S P.. 138. , MC-Recapitulat ion uf the wilior I ... hmatu- ingital -.valuation schvipe which he worked cita vinie 25 yrs ai~,u in conijo, nun "' 1h ., dr-ve fur tile popul'triTatiun (31 inounwin vacationlog. Devised as it wait ior the sIK:, lit, plIrj;L'4: 01 niountain biorAnatollogy, the JIleIIkLxl is ilut generilly applicable to chillatic cht-i'lit'ation. Svbjec! Headings: 1. Climatic classifications'? 2. Gregor's classification.-- G, 7. Excerpta Medic& 1/5 3ec 17 NAY 55 Pub. Health, Social Medicine & *tee 21021. G REGOR A. Praha. * Klimogramy v biaklimatologii. C I i m o g r a m 8 i n OXIOCtlyp"Ology FYSIAT. VESTN. (Praha) 1954, 32/6 (161-166) Graphs 3 Climogramn are exposed (1) based on the relation monthly precipitation: monthly I I ~ IV O)L/ 0;1- C004 mean temperature, for comparison of different climates and for estimating thermic comfort or climatic inclemency (Hill's interpretation of refrigeration), (2) accord- ing to Becker, based on the relation health disorders -weather changes (passage of fronts), recommended for research work. A bioclimogram for use in meteoropa- thology should be devised. Author 50-58-4-6/26 A Classification Concerning the Position of Meteoroloaical Stations (valleys, big towns, forests and so on). The total impression of the position of the station will be expressed by the grades I to V. (I first class position, V the worst position). The nomenclature starts with symbols (initials of English words)7 which stand for the different shades of the microclimate. In addition the steepness of the slope will be recorded if ' 0 surpassing 20 . The suggested nomenclature can be supplement- ed by more symbols such as f6hn, boraslope-currentg moun- tain-valley-wind and so on. This method can be employed in the synoptic meteorology to characterize the synoptic sta- tions and as a device for analyzing a synoptic chart on the surface of the earth. In the field of climatology one will probably use the characteristics in the compariw n of data of a larger number of stations as well as on various computations notably if short series are mentioned. On the occasion of climatological investigations these symbols can be directly drawn on the map. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 2/2 1. Meteorology 2. Weather stations - LneAtion. GREGOR, A. "Ten years -of Eeteorolivicke 7prn=." p. 11, (1-'eteorologicke Zpravy, Vol. 11, xi*. 1, Feb. I(,;5S. F*ra,m, C7ech(-zIcvakia.) ,onLhl- Index of East European AccesEicns (E..'!d) J,cjI y Vol. 7, no. 7, Julv 1958 GFZGCF(. -A. SCIENCE Periodicals: MTECHOLOGICKE ZFRAVY. Vol. 11, no. 6, Dec. 1958 GREGCR, A. Weather characteristics in Prague during the last 2.4 yeato according to the classification results. p. 130. Mohthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 8., No. 5, May 1959, Unolass. GREGOR, A. "Fiftieth anniversary of the death of the founder of Czech meteorology.', p. 1. METBOROLOGICKE ZPRAVY. Praha, ftechoslovskis, Vol. 12, no. 1, Feb. 1959. Monthly List of Fast European Accessions (FEAI), LC, Vol. 8, No. 8, August., 1959. Uncl. GREGOR, A. "Foundation of the Czechoslovak Meteorologic Society." p. 26. METEOROLOGICKE ZPRAVY. Praha, Czechoslovakia, Vol. 12, no. 1, Feb. 195~. Monthly List of East European Accessions (EUI), LC, Vol. 8, No. 8, August, 1959. Uncl, GREGOR, ,Uois Daily and yearly dr proosurp moositromfinto at Karlov Obnervatory in Prague in the poriod 1921-196o. Studia geophys 8 no-41 364-376 164. 1. Charles University, Prague 5 - Kosire, Piseckeho 11. GREGOR, A. Solar radiation at the Prague-Karlov Observatory . Pt. 2. Meteor zpravy 17 no.58129-134 0 164. DAi')CHA, Tadsusz; O",CANE Anita Path I mgemc classIficat'lon of hyperbiltrubinesda. Pol.. firch. med. we,,ji)e'L. 34 no.4g461-470 164 1. 7 lunst.:rLutu HemsLologil' w r;arsza;,;.ip- drc. tir. mad. A. Trollunawsk--'). POj_*ID / Chemical Technology. Chemicol Products and Their Poolicat ions. Chemical I-Processing of Solid Fossil Fuels. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, 19-59,, No 4, 13115. Author :Ka 1 o no,.-Ys k iBohdan; Grodon, Alojzy; Gregor. Antonf. Inst :Not given. Title :Absorbent Oil for Collecting Benzene from Coking Gas aad New Possibilities of its Regeneration. Part 1. Orig Pub: Koks, smola, gaz, 1957, Z., No 4, 153-156. Abstract: General information is given on methods for collect- ing benzene from coking gases, on comparative char- act,2ristics of coal and solar absor'nent oils usually used and their regeneration. Reasons for production losses of these oils and stcps for stooping these losses are examined. Card 1/1 POIAND/Chemical Technology - Chemical Products and Their H. Uses - Safety Methods. Sanitary Methods. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Khimiy--, No 11, 1958, 36757 action of some impurities and of container walls. Inflammation and explosion of (VAM) my be cansed by specifically shaped high temperature sparks, when in prolonged contact with (VAM). Sparks from 2-4v sour- ces do not cause conflagration. In the presence of gaseous COp, (VAM) inflames and explodes while in the presence of solid C02 (VAM) does not explode. To extinguish (B) fires water vapor, water, foam, sand, solid CO 21 flue gases and nitrogen were used. Positive results were achieved with foam-fire extinguis- hers and with the solid CO 2' Card 2/2 01 f P/013/62/000/009/001/0 Zone refining, a modern method D204/D307 Increasing utilization of zone refining in industry is anticipated.! There are 4 figures. Card 2/2 .j. , ~ :~ ~ of , rl?n.~.Taln, Neg, ~,'joator trangmeiion staticns. ;-Jz%avo~ koch 7 no, 3~ 103-113 164. - - - I- -- 11 (- ~' :~ - :_ I " ORE'ColL. B. Automatic mechanism for compensating spring needles. P. 87. (Textil, Praha, Vol. 9. no. 3. Mar. 1954) SO: Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAL). LC Vol 4, No. 6. June 1955, Uncl GR:-;GOI. B. Success of the competition for the best solution of urgent problems in thoknit ood rj~;bon, and lace Industries, p. 295. (Textil, Praha, Vol. 9, no. 10, Oct. 1954~ SO: Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAL), LC Vol 4, No. 6, June 1955, Uncl GREGOR, B. Results of the plan for technical development for 1956 in the hosiery industry. p. 163. (Textil. Vol. 12, no. 5, May 1957. Praha, Czechoslovakia) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL) LC, Vol. 6, no. 10, October 1957. Uncl. GREGOR, B. Technical development in the knit goods industry in 1959, P. 51. TEXTIL. (Ministerstvo lehkeho pruWalu) Praha, Czechoslovakia. Vol. 14, no. 2,, Feb. 1959. Monthly list of East European Accessions (EM), IZ, Vol. 8, no. 10, Oct. 1959. Uncl. Gregor, E. Refining sulfite alcohol in molasses alcohol distilleries. p. 86. KVASNY PRUMYSL. (14inisterstvo potravinarskeho prumyslu) Pra:~.a. Vol. 1, no. 4, Apr. 1955. Source: EM LC Vol. 5, No. 10 Oct. 1956 F. Effect of impurities gn the activity of vinyl acetate. P. 505 (Chemic'-y Prumysltl. Vol. 7, no. 9, Sept. 1I?57,PraI,--.a, C-ochnslovalla) I -Vol. 7, no. 2, Monthly Index of Fast FuroDean Accessions (YVAI) LC February 1958 CZECHOSLOVAKIA / Chemical Technology. Chemical Products. H Synthetic Polymers. Plastics. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, 1958, No 20, 69157. Author : Qgeygg R-, Sura H. Inst : Not given. Title Effect of Impurities on the Degree of Polymeriza- tion of Vinylacetate. Orig Pub: Chem prumysl, 1958, 3, No 2, 103-105. Abstract: Effect of certain impurities on the degree of poly- merization of vinylacetate was investigated. As impurities, the substances commonly found in the presence of monomers, such as CH3COOH, (CH3CO)2O, CH3COH, and CH3CHCOCOH, were used as rlxtures. Card 1/2 CZECHOSLOVAKIA / Chemical Technolo.5y. Chemical Products. H Synthetic Polymers. Plastics. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, 1958, No 20, 69157. Abstract: It has been established that the above substances inh-','hit polymerization in the following order; CH3C~"L;HCOH >CH3COH >(CH3CO)20 > CH3COOH . For the introductory article refer to Ref. Zhur-Khim- iya, 1958, 557724. Card 2/2 104 ORRIOR 1'. If 7T. I INOUGY P'~RIODTCAL: CT,'-:TCK( PRTMI(SLY 0-,. , t no. 12, Dec. 1958 Gregor, F. Effect of acetic acid on the staUlity of the reaction system in the pearl polymerization Bf -,,rinyl acellate. v. u66. PIonthly List of East Riropean Accessions (EEItl), W, Vo.6, No. F, "lay 1959, Unclass. - - -------- - -- - -- -- - - -- - -- - - Ce ,p ::: r- .,~ F -- -,- - - - , - - -- --- , 'L -7 " ,, I I Z/009/60/000/01/036/038 E112/E253 AUTHORS: Gregor, F., and Engel, E TITLE: Course-o-Y-Alkaline Saponification of Polyvinyl Acetatel in a Mixture of Methyl Alcohol - Methyl Acetate PERIODICAL: Chemick� pr-&mysl, 1960, Nr 1, PP 53-55 ABSTRACT: Polyvinyl alcohol is produced by alkaline saponification of polyvinyl acetate. Saponifying agents are anhydrous methyl alcohol and a small amount of sodium methylate. In contrast to older methods this is an alcoholytic.process and by-products of the reaction are a mixture of methyl acetate and methyl alcohol. Since the saponification is normally carried out with a 15 to 20% solution of polyvinyl acetate the method necessitates a separation by distillation of large quantities of the mixture methyl acetate- methyl alcohol. This increases costs of production and the authors have studied therefore the possibility of using a mixture of jnotliyl acetate inethyl alcohol for the saponification process instead of pure methyl alcohol. The feasibility of the process is summarized in a table indicating that polyvinyl alcohol of desired properties can be obtained if the content of Card 1/3 meLhyl acetate in the reaction mixture does not exceed Z/009/60/000/01/036/058 E112/E253 Course of Alkaline Saponification of Polyvinyl Acetate in a Mixture of Methyl Alcohol - Methyl Acetate 6W6. Under these conditions the polyvinyl alcohol can be filtered off readily and the filtrate can be used without further purification for the saponification of further batches. The authors have shown that it is possible to produce without separation and purification of -the reaction medium by fractional distillati.on, eleven consecutive batches. Experimental details: Pearl polyvinyl acetate is dissolved in the appropriate solvent mixture in a round bottomed flask, fitted with stirrer and reflux condenser. The temperature is brought to 5000 and sodium methylate is added through the reflux condenser. Stirring is continued and after some time the solution thickens and the polyvinyl alcohol separates later as a compact gel. Rapid stirring converts it into a powder. Ease of filtration of separated polyvinyl alcohol is a point to which particular attention is paid. A graph is given, showing the effect of polyvinyl acetate Card 213 concentration in the solvent on the number of processes Z/009/60/000/01/036/038 E112/E253 Course of Alkaline Saponification of Polyvinyl Acetate in a Mixture of Methyl Alcohol - Methyl Acetate which can be operated from the same solvent mixture, There are 3 figures, 2 tables and 3 references, 1 of which is Czech and 2 German. ASSOCIATION: Vskumny' U'stav prepetrochemiu, Novaky 'ky) (Research Institute for Petrocarbon Chemistr , Nova SUBMITTED: August 28, 1959 Card 3/3 Z/009/62/000/012/002/002 E032/E514 AUTHORSs GregR;~,-FraiLtil"4c--and Pavlatka, Eduard TITLEi Polyvinyl acetate coatings with improved resistance to organic solvents PERIODICAL: Chemickf prSmysl, v.12, no.1, 1962, 689-692 TEXT: A method of preparation of polyvinyl alcohol with a double bond in the molecule was tested. The number of double bonds during alcoholysis of the polyvinyl acetate catalyzed by sulphuric acid ivis found to be a function of time and the acid concentration. If the thus obtnined polyvinyl alcohol is used as emulsifier during polymerization of v-inyl acetate, polyvinyl acetate emulsions are obtained whiqh yi'eld varnishes with a high resistance to organic solvents. This unusual property is explained by the fUl..tliat,dLLriag--pjolymerization, polyvinyl alcohol together with the monomer forms a copolymer, one part of which (polyvinyl alcohol) is insoluble in organic solvents but soluble in water, whilst the other (polyvinyl acetate) is soluble in organic solvents but insoluble in wat'er. Therefore, the combination of the two given a coating which is insoluble in. Card 1/2 Polyvinyl acetate coatings z/oog/62/000/012/002/002 E032/E514 both water and organic solvents. There are 5 tables and 3 figures'* ASSOCIATION: V~skmmn~ dstav pre petrochemiu, Nova'ky (Petrochemical Research Institute, Nova'ky) SUBMITTED: March 31, 1962 Card 212 -W,PqRj_?ti~t~!ek! PATUCKA,, Eduard Polyvin7l acetate coatings with increased reaistance to organic solvents. Chem prum 12 no.12:6"2 D 162. 1, Vyakmny ustay pre petrochemiu, Noyak7, Z/009/63/000/002/oo4/004 B112/E492 AUTHORS: Gre ;or, Frantiselc andPavlaZ'ka, Eduard TITLE: Polyvinyl alcohol as stabilizer in the production of- bead polymers 013 - PERIODICAL: Chomick" pr~mysl A no. 2, 1963, lo8-log y TEXT: Polyvinyl alcohol used as stabilizer in polymerization processes is prepared by the base-catalyzed hydrolysis of polyvinyl acetate. It has been found that optimum stabilization is achieved when hydrolysis is not carried out to completion and who', 3 to 7564 acetyl groups are left in the polyvinyl alcohol. structure.; The present paper describes a laboratory method for ~the preparation of polyvinyl alcohol, containing the required quantity of residual acetyl groups, using a methanolic solution of sodium hydroxide as catalyst. Optimum reaction conditions were: Temperature 64 to 65*C; 100 S polyvinyl acetate, 400 gmetbanol, 2g iiiethanolic sodium hydroxide; reaction time 40,minutes. Lower concentrations of catalyst reduced the rate of hydrolysis, There are 2 figures and 1 table. Card 1/2 Z/009/63/000/002/004/004 Polyvinyl alcohol E112/E492 ASSOCIATION: Vyzl,-unin y*' -u"stav pre petroch6niiu, Novie~ky (Petrochomistry Research Institute, Novaky)- SUB'MITTED: - August 10, 1962 Card 2/2 GFMORV Y, - - - - - - - , , - - , uThs Quercicolous Lithooolletts fib. In Czechoslovakia." p. 24. (Z&Rjg&U& A Adgmium 111tye N9.1t 1952, Praha.) U- REM AjW SOS - am" _ W&NI V01.3, No.3. Library of Congress,, MMvh 1954, - uml. -, - ~ , - .-I - J~~ r, - ~ . , . ., 11-1- , -', . . I !few and important discovfries of Lepidopter~ in C,,-echoslovakia. P. 114. Brno. Moravske museizm. ACTA. Brno. Vol. 40, 1055. -, - , - ~I;ast ',A,.ror)nan Acces-iinns List, ' Vol. 5, no. 9, -Scpt~:mbrrl 956 GREGOR, F. ; POVUJIfY, 1). Study on a clonsification of synanthropic flleo (Diptera). J. Hyg. 'pidem., Praha 2 no.2:205-216 1958. 3 1. Cesko lo love noka al-zdemie ved. Biolw,,Icky ustnv, parasitologicke odd.. Praha XDC, Ila evicisti 2. Czechooloynkin. (Films, classif. by ecol. relation to man & his environment (Ger)) ,._WM~q antij!~~; POVOLMY9 Dalibor k,_Ir__ A.contribution to knowledge of the synanthropic flies of Hungary. Cas entam 57 no,2;156.177 160. (EUI 10:1) 1. Parasitologische Abteilung des Biologischen Institutes CSAV (Ceskoalovenske akedemie ved) (Hungar7. .-Flies ) GREGORCZYK, Zofia ------ Thermodynamics characteristics of liquid solutions Ag-Bi. Rocz chexii 34 no.2:621-635 160. (EKAI 10;1) 1. Xatedra Chemii Nieorganicznej Wdzialu Farmacautycznego Akademii Medyeznej, Wroclaw. (Silver) (Bismuth) (Solutions) GREGOR, F. "Oak leaf roller problem. Occurence, mass fluctuation and possibility of controlling the Torix viridiana L. in Northwestern Ger~any and damage caused by it" by F. Schwerdtfeger. Reviewed by F. Gregor. Cas entom 60 no,1/2:171 163. ,GREGOR,~antisek ~dr., inz.; POVOLN1, Dalibor, doc.p dr., inz.; REZAC, Miroslav, inz., dr. Systematic oligiphAa of the Central-European species of the genus Lithocolletis Hbn. and Argyresthia Hbn. (Lep.) on Prunoideae. Cas entom 60 no.1/2:81-93 163. 1. Institute of Parasitology, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Srno, Zemedelska 1 (for Gregor and Povc,141. 2. Institute of Applied Entomology, University School of Agriculture, Brnop Zemedelska 1 (for Rezac). GREGORP Frantisek; PAVLACKA, Eduard Some information on the preparation of dibenzoyl peroxide. Ghem prum 14 no.6:299-302 Je 164. 1. Research Institute of Petrochemistry, Novaky. --lass-fil-er r,7,infct,rp-d nln&tics. tVO r -4,Z,oj r, :Etz1v rro -n llrft-, ~zf,cl-nsloviakia V.-,, . no. 10, Cot. Y;59 .~,rthlv TA.-I, of Furopcca!. nrc-ssdon, %!el. 12, Der~. uncl. BERG, A.I., akademik; GII~qqR, -Jiri [translator] On acme problems of cybernetics. Pokroky mat fyz astr 5 no.6:734-741 160.- GREGOR, Jim Preparing cadres for the glass industry In Slovakia. Sklar a keramik 12 no.2:45 F 162. 1. Sloverska plnnovacia komisis, Bratislava GREGOR, J., inz. ------ *polyester glass laminates" by A. Sternschuss, V. Zvonar., 0. Slezak and M. Kucera. Reviowed by J. Gregor. Jemna mech opt 5 no.2:74 F 160. GREGOR, J. axperience with dried blood serum in hay fever therapy. Cesk. otolar. 7 no.5:288.-291 Oct 58. 3,, Otolaryng. katedra lek. fak. UK v Bratislave, veduci doe. MUDr.J. lajda. (H&Y IFEM, ther dried blood serum (C%)) (sMOTHIBA", in var. dis. dried blood serum-in hay fever (Cz)) PROUSOVA, S.; ~Q GR3GOR, J. 111~14"~#~~- Our results following attics-antretomies. Ceak. otolar. 8 no.4: 211-212 Aug 59. 1. Otolaryngologicka katedra lek. faIc. UK v Bratialave. veduci doc. AJDr. J. Iajka. (FAR, MIDDIM, surg. ) OZE-CHOSLOVAXIA/Optics - GoomotricnI Opticu K-2 Abs Jour Rof Zhur Fizikc, No 10, 1958, :to 23773 Author q r 17 Grogor Jo 111 A�r"rC -- -- Inst rohov, rzomlcslovakin Title Distribution of Li,-,ht Pt the Imaco Point According to Wonder- Slab* Orig Pub Jerma noch. c opt., 1957, 2, Pro 6, 161-01 Abstract A mothed is Eiven for the calculction of ,,he clistrituticn of UC,ht at the inr-o point with the aid of goometriccl olt.,jects. Indications for the prectical use of the nothod cre given. Or.rd 14 ~/o U AUT11OR: Gregor, JiM 24402 Z/026/61/006/003/003/CO3 D256/D304 TITLE: Approximation of the Hilbert using orthogonal rational functions PERIODICAL: Aplikace matematiky, v. 6, no. 3, 1061, 214 - 240 TEM-This article investigates a certain class of rational func- tions, their use ir. the approximation of a given funettion, and its Hilbert transformation. It further shcTas how the -results can be applied to solving some problems in electrical engineering, aero- dynamics, and automatic regulation. krproximation methods are used in solving certain technical problems. because the normal form of integral t-ransformation is rather curntersome and difficult. The Hilbert transformation: g (Y) jfj + d x n _1X_Y W Card 1/3 24W2 Z/026/61/006/003/003/003 Approximation of the ... D256/D304 cations read as follows: D.E. Thomas, Tables of phase associated with a semi infinite unit slope of attenuation, Bell syst. Techn. Inl. Vol. XXVI. 1947, pp. 870-899; E. C. Titchmarsh, Introduction to the theory of Fourier Integrals, Oxford, 1937. SUBMITTED: November 139 1959 Card 3/3 GREGOR, L. ____I Window mounting in thin-panel buildings. a. 485. POZEMNI STVBY. (Ministerstvo stavebnictvi) Praha, Czechoslovakia, Vol. (1) no. 9. (September) 1959. Monthly list of East European Accessions (EFAI) LC, Vol. 8, No. 11, November 1959. uncl. HORAY Oldrich, inz.; CERMAK, Alexandr, inz.; GREGOR, Miroslav Raising the effectiveness of harvester-threshers. Zemedel tech 10 no. 3:151-164 Mr 164. 1. Research Institute of Agricultural 1.11achinery, Chodov near Prague. Director of the Institute: im. jaroslav Homolka. Ire The "*or twims fw Ruh rassfing of PWV*Iil" 00 ' by Xkbeks Fir"umn. (4vitom. Ckess. .0 1 00 0 09 -00 too ,90 "Ve --0o too PCKAL -%L- -1 I-LLL, Ltft#4?t,*E CL&SIIFICATMU us 0 - A An A 1-2 6 - 7 U 1% AV )0 ii ITa it m if of R $1 pt tin It fl ASO v Hon 1~,. , #net TI : ? ? o4T9.1*Ut*M1)Ib 108 1 jo )I is a K I L _ma__ 904 00 .Kitts% .-0 pooff."(S I.Pf. lit 00 Tm pro&pIjdm of odgw tmo pynwa or wo u1slaroc - 0 ~01(111171 - cr-_ 0 ).tat NUCLI view. 9* 0* 004 00 09, .11ALLURGICAL OURANNI C1,011FOCATION L a It tv it a m nit f4m flUff 1. *_6 00 00 00 0 00 0 0 0 *-&-a -00 .00 .00 I** to coo not go* ------ so its i-ow Tv - fue-ft"A A- 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 41 0 0 0o 00 Al god oil &he FROVINItis Mote The cement Induatty in Scandinsvi4a counfilse C-fv&W- Cewfal 4. 73 5(1111x)~ I'll, Ill.tilkif. in Nw"I,itmi-l N-wwiv s, .%ijilti,sl I'S.Irril furlit- r. R. Z"T" L"11111411011 CL"WKAIM I $*idea .410 am* del U a AV 10 a n- of 0-0 Am A I a GO 0 a 6 00016 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0000 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 I** -00 a** ago See ago ago q90 see see ago 7 o? AT, ftm d ~ MMMM dM t0 IIN1011111M V"96" a" m. 'JAL &@Vow b"O. I*W OL till; 11"I. Esta"I Air. (IJOPOwk 20 A).-The "= fur c1ccl.mising ixw" we annitimble National smatymis giveit a botbw indicatko of the latter. emp-ally in the can of Wvmiwu days. A matisfactPry cUky ts found in the zVok" Abstrict. flair. CSMAW. Hxs. As*. (0). 0 go Oe 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 6 C 6 0 6 4 A L 4 0 0 pq 2 S T W ISI .%a wo tilyto 0 0 0 0 0 ei 0 0 0 00 0 0 Ole 00 :: 9~'o- u max *311yu **oeam 4 a ~. . I . 6 - I I I - . . . I . It 01 AV s ys ~UTTLDJ 1*0 ..a .1. coot.$ I Gwours 'it 00- .80.1 1111*140*4 Coot fillf"64 4 s f f Ir I r r a 7 1 R"m -- 01 t I t f an (f jp 00 "Oo go go CZECHOSLOVAKIA/Cosmochemistry - Geochemistry. Hydrochemistry. D. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Xhimiya, No 9, 1957, 30392 Author : Racik, J., Gregor, M. Inst Title Active Rock of Czechoslovakia. II. Orig Pub Chem. zvesti, 1.956, 10, No 5, 282-299 Abst Investigation of 7 specimens of clay having the composi- tion: halloysite - montmorillonite and montmorillonite - illite. Dependence of activity on granulometric composi- tion is noted. Negative activity was exhibited by 5 spe- cemens of kaolinite admixed with sand (chemical analyses are given). High adsorptive power has been ascertained in the case of purely diatomaceous formations. Communication 1, see RZhKhim, 1956, 19072. Card 1/1 (;ZECHOSLOVPXU/Chenical Technology - Synthetic Polymers. Plastics H. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Khimiya, No 16, 1958, 55724 of 2-3 . 10-4 moles per 100 g. of monomer of 1. At a concentration of - 130 x 10-4 Twles per 100 g. of monomer, polymerization usually does not take place. The effect of copper makes itself apparent already at a concentration of 15 x lo-7 miles per 100 g. of I, hindering (at a ten-fold concentration) the polyrieriza- tion process and stopping it altogether under usual conditions. Card 2/2 CZECHOSLOVAKIA/Chemical Technology. Chemical Products and H Their Application. Artificial and Synthetic Fibers. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khim., No 13, 1958, 45281. Author Gregor Mikulas, Kachanak Stefan. Inst -------- Title Experiments on Recovery of Carbon Disulfide and Hydrogen Sulfide from Exhaust (Vented) Cases of Viscose Fiber Production. Orig Pub- Chem. prumysl, 1957, 7, No 11, 587-590. Abstract: The authors propose a systen of purification of the exhaust gases of viscose fiber mnufacture, to remove CS2 and HO, which is based on selective adsorption of H2S by granulated absorbent utilized in coal carboni- zation plants, and on the adsorption of CS, by activated Card 1/9 56 CZECHOSLOVAKIA/Chemical Technology. Chemical H Products and Their Applicatiuns. Fertilizers, Abs Jour : Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 6, 1959, 20043 Aiithor : Gregor, Mikulas5 Rives, Ladislav Inst Title : The Utilization of Calcium Which is Con- tained in Native Waste Raw Material. Orip Pub : Nasa veda, 1958, 5, No 5, 199-202 0 Abstract : Dust carried off from a shaft cement-roa- sting furnace contains 20,91-40*66 percent K20; the latter is introduced into the batch with clay and coke. It predominates in the form of carbonate (to 30 percent), it is contained in sulfate form in a lesser quantity (to 8 percent), and K sulfide (to Card 1/2 GR~~O% H. MILITARY & NAVAL SCIENCES: GENDUL Periodical NASA VEDA. Vol. 5, no. 11, Nov. 1958. GREGOR, 1-1. 2nd ConEresE, of the Scientific Techn-Lcal Society for the Silicate Industry in Zvolen. P. 503. Notithly List of East European Accessions LG, Vol. 8, no. 3, March, 1959. Uncl. hUNG-ARY/CherAcal Technology. Cherdcal Products and Thc-ir plication. Corarxics. Glzss. Dinding I.,Ltorials. Concrete. :~L)s JOur: Ref Zliur-Khi,-.i.., 11c. 1)59, 35784. sulubility of the dust in water and i;, i',', Oil vc~rc 6 U-i-ld to l!'-umiacd- r-.Ihe tiv-,rnLc 1(,0 coatelt was LG*L c be 26~1,; the !-.-.,0 mrx,--muicls arc nenrly ill watc- Oz the foll--inc- K2CO 3 -1 `-.931, 11MCO 7,62, V, - Ill',, so line2lr 5 ,1 4 35,2'. TIT-! con'L,*c-:zt of the dus"U'- with decrcas-~G *,f,---*,-J-C!e Size: the 3--), m, con- t--ilis The --=sibil-it,%r ~3-P of the Ctust i%a the manufacture af fr--r~: Ms studied. ". schomt-ic diagimia of the ples aj)paratus used in collectin3 the flue clust Card 2/3 GREGOR* M. "J. Kaspar, J. Smid, and J, Eckstein's Monokrystz~ly (Monocrystals)- a book review.* p, 67 (Chemicke Zvesti, Vol. 12, no. 1, Jan. 1958, Praha, Czechoslovakia) Monthly IndeX of East European Accessions (EEAI) LCs Vol. 7, no. 9, September 1958 Distr; 4E2c/4E3b/4E3d Vle earch on a o material for production of a:.,., flitg.,11c eeler , and estimation of optimum conditions of electroly--si-T.-k- MatiagovskS, and 11. Grjc~(Chciu- iistav SAV, Hr.%tFh1-ava7L`zLR.). Chet7t7-Pr-irP7y-sT0, 303-8 (1059)~Lab. eimtrolyzers with capacities of I and F/hr. were used. The elLctrolyte was KF.IIP satd. at -100* with 40170 IIF. Anode materkds were: C with 2% ash, soft graphite, and them. pure Pt, Ni, Cit. Cr, Zn, and brass. The effective surface of C and graphite was 14.3 sq. cm.; of Pt. 11.7 sq. cm.; and of other metals, 18.4 sq. cm. The mcaswernent was carried out for approx. 30 min. (except with Pt, for which the time was 6 min.) at 00-120*. The relations between tenip.,,f., corrosion of anode as loss/kg. of produced F, c.d., and polarization were followed. With Pt at const. c.d. of 8.55 amp.1sq- c1m., e.m.f. vs. temp. gradually falls and anode corrosion vs, !emp. and c.d. risem. For all anodes, e.m.f. and corrosion increase with c.d., except C, for which corrosion did not ha Graphite disintegrated. According to the results and C can be used as anodic material. 1110inthe = electrolyte did not affect NI anodes, which can be used with a rather broad muse of conens. of 1IF in the electrolyte. The optimunt c.d. Is 7 amLp./sq. dni. The advantage of C anodes Is in noncorr d low cost; the optimum c.d. for C is 6.5-8 VpMliq'~ dra. On the basis of tab. results, a pilot-scale clectrolyzer with a capacity of IOD- 160 LF/hr. was'designed. 3 Inic- Ll GREGOR, M. Development of research concerning the Slovak active earths. P. 325. 4 CH2-.1--JCKE ZVESTI . Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. Vol. 13, No.,AI Apr. 1959. Yonthly list of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 8, No. 10, Oct. 1959. Uncl. GREGOR, M.; IZAKOVA, K. Slovak active earths. IV. P. 326. CHEMICKE ZVESTI. Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. Vol. 13, No. 6, Apr. 1959. Monthly list of East European Accessions (Er,.Ai) Le, Vol. 8, No. 10, oct. 1959. Uncl. jr~ 1961), K~. !-,nd vachn. na' S r, Ad :icta Ghi.-. Ac-.0 x p c. r i r t k- n a e d, o r ne d e fu r, -,.ri -1 6 r ~,rce -n 41, a 1 in s :al I, 1 7- on c. 7~,~ t a c a p. c y c. i' t-.,r e p t i r h ,lon, w a -- c z t r r ed c a i n a d i~l 0 r n c n t ~,! P. -. n. e,, E ia 1, ,- Li C! a 1, 0 n. o r e iu. 0 i t t n,2 t o cortj!o.,vd charcu~il with --,ra;r. ~4.ze t acti~,,Zkteu r 'flit.. uw~~tri of Lhe -tti-~orcer,~ be.i is wnen. tie A', N-22 GAMMY ABS. JOUR, RMIIZ*) N09 19601 NO. 19362 Aff-T."OR T-i T-1- Z. T"? A CT I gauge arid, num Lm~; ~vitn Ac. At a r, the F'as of 3-1t 3pace v cn ter t i - oc-i t.-.! o iO per h;~- . con t at, t r ime of 2-12-2-5, sec, nnd ) ternnerature of 7PI~'rte .1; removai achieved viitn duc;ri-,-, 4-.,0-500 'hr ruzuz. The Au" gx--Lr.:Unq 10.5s dId not. eyceod Tlie ahwie results, represer-.L a 15-fold increaso in capttcitv conn:iped to thp crita' ' ytic batch rrucess, The ckiithur.-~ are of Clio opin-40 that the above-desci*5bed continuouz process can bel CARDS 213 COUNM I Hurip-ary E-22 CA'111;~-ii',PY I ABS, Jr.UR. tRZKhiro., Noe 51960,, R-)* 19562. A u 7-11 1 C PIL I NII-~ Ic 1 3 RTGS. FIJB. A B3 Mit""T applied with succesn, Lo otherr vas pwification probiern~-. cS. Rozenfeild CAPD 13/3 318 GREGOR, M.; lVi.TlASQV-'-KY, K. Production of elementary flourine. p. 138. CHI~--'IICKE L16TY. (Ceskosloveriska akademie ved. Chemicky ustav) Praha, Czechoslovakia, Vol. 53, no. 2, Feb. 1959. Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI), LC, Vol. 8, no. 11, Nov. 1959 uncl.