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JURETIC, Miro, Dr.; GRICGORCIC, Milan, Dr. -Im"u-mmmi- Benign lymphoreticulosis or cat-scratch disease. Lijec. vJes. 79 no-3-4: 147-151 Mar-Apr 57. 1. 1% Mediciuskog agntre. JO u Splitu. (CAT-SCRATCH DISUSB, in inf. & child (Ser)) STANOSEK, Jozef; GMWRCZYK, Janusz; LEWANDOWSK&-TOKARZ, Anna. Biochemical changes in guinea pigs -under the influence of large doses of hydrocortisone. I. Effect on serum proteins and protein fraction level and an the relative veight of the liver in guinea pigs. Mhdoor. Pol. 16 no.le89-96 Ja-F'65 1. Katedra I, Zaklad Chenii Fizjologicznej SLaskiej Akademii Ke- dyoznej w Zabrzi-Rokitniezy (Kierowniks prof. dr. S. JoAievics). GRWORCZYK, Janusz; LEWANDOWSKA-MARZ, Anna; STANOSEK, Jozef; GLAB, Studies on acoustic stress with the effect of simultaneous hori- zontal mechanical low-frequency vibratior on biochemical changes in guinea pigs. Med. pracy 16 no.2tl24-129 165- 1. Z )[atedry i Zakladu Chemli Fizjologicznej Slaskiej Akademii Medycznej v Zabrzu-Rokitnicy (Kierowniks prof. dr. S. Jozkiewicz), GPD.,'JRCZYK, Janusz; STANOSEK, Jozef; Biochemical changes in guinea pigs treated with large doses of hydrocortisone. H. FXfec, cn Lhe activity of alanine amiro- transferaae and aspartate a~.inotrHnsferaso In th,, blood serum and In the liver and of gamma-glutamy.1 transTx-~tjdase 'in the blood serum. Mndokr. Pol. 16 no.2-.189-194 Mr-AP165. 1. Katedra I Tinkled Chemli F1zjo1ogic=iej Slaskiej Akaderaii Medycznej w Zabrzu-fbkitnioy (Kierowrilk: prof. dr. S. Jozkiewlex). Junusv; Jozrlf; &=Ination of the effoct of prolonged low frequency vertictil vibratIon on blochemical disorders in guinea pigs. 11. Effec" mi tl,e level of total llpld;7, cholesterc-I and phnsphnlipidF, in the blf~od somun !!nd on the itscorbic acid level in tti,) -jdri,ral glan(-~A. Mled. doav. iflorobiol. 17 no.1171-75 165. I, Z Knledr-i i '!"'Aclachi Chemit Slaskie Akadtnmii w Zr.brzu-[Lk1tnjy (I-Aerowntk: prof. dr. S. JozkIc- vicz ) . ACC NRt AP5027166 SOURCE CODE: FO1OO56/65/ol6/005/G7Ol/OTO AUTHOR: Gregorchik. Ya. ; Lewandowska-Tokarz - Levandovska-Tokazh - k,- Yu. , ? ORG: Ingtitute of Physiological Chemistry, Silesia AM, Zabrze-Rokitnica ( sklad Chemii Fizjologicznej Sl. AM) TITLE: The effects of physical work and work under conditions of nqjgj~:and YJhX&t_iqn on the human organism. I. Behavior of serum alkaline phosphatase, aldolase, and lactic dehydrogenase activities SOURCE: Acts, physiologica polonica, v. 16, no. 5, 1965, 701-708 TOPIC TAGS: human physiology, working condition, man, medical experiment, biologic vibration effect, noise effect ABSTRACT: An experiment was performed on 62 workers employed in a large industrial establishment in Silesia to study the effects of stress on the human body. Of these, 37 worked under stress of noise, vibration, and dust, and the remaining 25 worked without noise or vibration. All the workers were in good health prior to the ex- periment. Evaluation of the results obtained showed that there was a statistically significant increase in the activities of serum aldolose and, lactic dehydrogenease in workers subjected to stress. The serum alkaline phosphatuse showed a decrease in the Card L 10734-66 ACC NR: AP502T166 activity of this enzyme. It is assumed that the stress factors studied produce changes in the sugar metabolism of the body. Orig. art. hasi- 4 tables. SUB CODE: 0 (2 Sum DATE: ogDec64/ OTH REF: 0191 ATD PRESS: L-Card 2/2 [08 5-66 EWT(1)/F$(v)-3 DD ACC NR: AP5027167 14 AUTHOR: GrgirorqU4., 1L egorchik, Ya. (Member of physiological chemistry dept.); 1&w=d-ows1E--To-rm-rK-W-, Levandovska-Tokazh, A. (Member of physiological chemistry dept.) a ~tanosek, J. - Stanosek, Ya. (Member of physiological chemistry dept.); Glab, M. Glomb, M. (Member of physiological chemistry dept) ORG: Department and JwjdWte&fjftg1AoKfca1 Chemistry. Silesia AM. Zabrze -RokitnIca (Katedra I Zaklad Chemii Fizjologicznej SI. AM) TITLE: The effects of physical work and work under conditions of Aolse and vtbx~ the human organism. 11. Behavior of aspartic and alanine aminotransferase, Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidaBe, lactic dehydrogenase, and L-Idytal dehydrogenase activities SOURCE: Acta pbysiologica polonica, v. 16, no. 5, 1905, 709-714 TOPIC TAGS: human physiology, working condition, man, medical experiment, biologic vibration effect, noise effect ABSTRACT: An experiment was performed on 49 workers employed in a large industrial establishment In Silesia to study the effects of stress on the human body. Of these, 25 worked under stress of noise, vibration and dust,.- and the remaining 24 were employed as designers working without noise or ~~tion-A statistical evaluation of the results showed a 26% increase In the activity of aspartic tranBaminase and a statistically significant decrease L 10465-66 ACC NRI "5027167 0 in the activity of lactic debydrogenase (-36%) In the workers subjected to stress. The In- crease in transaminases to considered as a possible Increase in the transamination procesis in workers subjected to stress. Orig, art. bas: I table. (081 SUB CODE: 06 SUBM DATE: 29Dec64 OTH REF; 017/ ATD PMS:#/&7,.., H LO I.EWANP)owsyj,-,roi~,%F(7., Anna; Gft~;GORCZYK Janusz; KAHOSEK, Iozef; Anra Studies on the acoustic stress action with simultaneous action of horizontal mechanical vibration of lower frequencies on bio- chemical changes in guinea pigs. Pt.2. Med. pracy 16 no-4:278-282 165. 1. Z Katedry i Zakladu Chemii FIzjo3ogAcznej Slaskej AM w 7abrzu- Rokitnicy (Kierow-nik; prof. dr. S. Jozklewicz). GREGORCZYK. Karol (Zabrze, u1. 3 Kaja. I. Klinika Chorob Wevnetrznych A.K.) Interpretation of the picture of bundle of His left branch block In aeophageal leads. Polskie arch. mad. wownetrz, 23 no,5:64)- 647 1953. 1. Z I Kliniki Chorob Vownetrsnych Slaskiej Akademii lekarskiej w Zabrzu. Kierownik: prof. dr Josef Japa. (HRART BWCK. manifestations, ONG, esophageal leads in bundle of His left branch block) (ALICTROGMIOGRAM, in various diseases, *heart block, esophageal leads in bundle of His left branch block) GPIGORCZYK. Karol Illectrocardlograpkq in aged. Polski tygod. lek. 9 no-37:118&1189 13 Sept 54. 1, Z.1 Klintki Chorob Wevnetr-snych Slasktej Akadesti "cznej v Zabrsu, kisrownik: prof. dr Jozef Japa (Amm. ptws tology, 11CG) (AIRMOCAYMIOGRAPHT, In aged) GREGORGZTK, Karol Normal and post-infaretion ventricular complex of onophageal leads and its diWootte value in Infarction of the posterior and dtaphrag- matte cardiac walls. Polskle arch.madevewnetrz. 24 no.5:753-766 1954. 1. Z I 911niki Chorob Wevnetrznych Slaskiej Akadenit Lekarsklej w Zabrzu. Kierownik: prof. dr ned. J. Japa. (NTOCARDIAL 11FARCT, dlesnoste, SM In posterior & diaphragmatic cardiac walls) (ZAM%OCARDIOGRAPHT. In various diseases, sWocardiae Infaret or posterior & disphrisguatte cardiac wall@) GREGORCZYK, Irarol; PIOTROWSKI, Zygmunt Normal electrocardiogram in childhood. Pediat. polaka 29 no.11: 1097-1107 Nov 54. 1. Z I kliniki chorob wewnetrznej Slaskiej Akcademii Medycznej w Zabrzu. Kierownik: prof. dr-O mod. Japa J. (BIACTROCARDIOGRAPHT normal in child.) GIUMRCZTK, Karol.; YARDASZNWICZ, Siefanla. Normal electrocardiogram In pregnancy and puerperium. Polski tygod. le',-. 12 no.29:1113-1117 15 July 57. 1. Z I X11niki Chorob VownetrzTqch Slasklej Akademii Nedycznej; kierownik: prof. dr. Jozef Japa. Adres: Zabrze, u1. 3-go N&Ja 13. (PRWNANOT. physiology 11CG (Pol)) (PU RIUM. phys iology. &m6) (19ij;TWARDIOGRAPHT, id pregu~. & puerperium (Pol)) GREGORCZYK, Karol; POPOWT, Zbigniew; 11OVSKI, Stefan; KAjU)ASZAWICZ, Stefania Three cases of perforation of the intraventricular septum in the course of rVocardial infarct diagnosed during life. Polskie tygod. lek. 12 no.44: 1696-1699 4 Nov 57. 1. Z I Kliniki Chorob Wewuetrznych Slaskiej Akademii Medvcznej v Zabrzu; kierownik: Drof. Jozef Japa. Adres: Zabrze, u1. 3 4aja 13. 1 Klinika Chorob Wewnetrznych 51. A.M. (MTOCARDIAL INFAWT, compl. T)erf. of intraventric. septum (Pol)) (CARDIAC SWTUM, Derf. intraventric., in case Of mYOcardial infarct (Pol)) h 2 6- ?C GREGORCZYK, Karol (Zabrze, ul. 3 1 Klinika Chorob Wewn.) q3, Q.VF & (4 deviation in low esophageal leads in the diaggnosis of necrosis of the posterior myocardium. Polskie arch. med. wewn. 27 no.6:773-791 1957. 1. Z I Kliniki Chorob Wevnetrznych Siaskiej A. M. kierownik: prof. dr med J. Japa. (MYOCARDIAL INFARCT, diag. BCG using low esophageal leads, 0_3, qVP & Q variations (Pol)) (EIMOTROCARDIOGRAPHY. in various dis. Wocardial infarct. Q.3, qVF & 0. variations, diag. value (Pol) GASDISKI, Jozef; GRIGOWZYK, Karol Ligation of the internal mammary arteries in the treatment of coronary disease. Polski tygod. lek. 14 no.22:993-996 1 June 59. 1. (Z II Kliniki (;himrgicznej S1. A. M. w Zabrzu; kierownik-. prof. dr Jozef GaBinski i z I Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrznych S1. A. M.; kierownik: prof. dr Jozef Japa) Otrzymano: 28.1.1959; adres: Zabrze, u1. 3 Maja 13/15 11 Klin. Chirurg. A.M. (CORON"Y DISFASSS, surg. ligation of internal mammary arteries (Pol)) (ARTIRM, SUBCIAVIAN, surg, ligation of internal mummary arteries in coronary dig. (P01)) GRWORrj"jYK, Karol; 1101MAI, Stefan Two anses of Looser-Milkmanle myndrome with nchylla gnstrics and anemia. Polaki tygod. lak, 14 no.4211870-1871 19 Oct 59* 1. kZ I Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrwnych SI. A. H. w Zabrzu; kierownik; prof, dr Jozef Japa) ('IOIM DIBRASUS, nompl.) (Al-MIA, compl.) WHYLIA GASTRIM, comnl.) GREGOiCZYK, K. 319 deaths following let myocardial infarct. Kardiol. Fol. 5 no.I: 27-32 162- 1. Z,I Klinihi Chcrob Wownetrznych Slaskiej AN Kierownik: prof. dr J. Japa. (14YOGAADIAL DIFAROT statist) P 0 L MM D _;~.rJEQO _~ KARDASZEWICZ, Ewa, and GASINSKI, Jozef; . ~ Q Z:V~,,._K a r o 1 , First Clinic oT16ternal Diseases (I Klinika Chorob WeuTietrz- nych) (Director. Prof. Dr. J. JAPA) and Second Surgical Clinic ___(II Klinika Chirurgiczna) (Director: Prof. Dr. J. GASINSKI), Sl AM [Slaska JUcademia Medyczna, Silesian Medical Academy] in Ka~owice "Tumor of',Small Intestine Causing Hemorrhages in Patient with Cirrhosis of Liver. Case Report." Warsaw, Polski Ty~Todnik Lekarski, Vol 18, No 30, 22 Jul 63, PP 1107_1108 Abstract: [Authors' English summary] Authors discuss the dif- ficulties in the diagnosis of tumors of the small intestine, and report a case of patient with congenital heart defect and liver cirrhosis, whore severe massive bleedings from the gastro-intestinal tract were caused by a tumor of the small- intestine. After successful surgical removal of the tumor (leiomyoma), hemorrhages from the lower part of the small in- testine ceased. There are 13 references, of which three (3) are in English and ten (10) in Polish. 1/1 GREGORCZYK, K.; MUZO J. Role of premature ventricular beats in the diagnosis of focal lesions of the heart. Kardiol. Pol. 7 no.207-102 164, 1. Z 1 Kliniki Chorob Wewnntrznych Pomorskiej Akademil Medyoznej (Kierownik; doo. dr K. Gregorczyk). GREG~.'Rr,,"'fr, I-.. ; 3:11AT; ()(-*F, i-- ISelpcted cl in I cal prub~ t-ms i r, 763 of-' m-.,rj::L4 rd ~ a-,at I* on (Kardiol. !-a!. 7 764 I.. Z T I'Iti.,Skl Ch,~rcjb 51%:Wel Akallp7ml I Medycm,-'; ur Kat(rwi~,,ach (':Ierowr~ik: pr,:)~. dr. J. Chorob Wewnetrm-ch 1,(-,morsk'e~ rownik, doe. fir. K. (;,,,eao7,r-zyk). 1~ havol; Ryozard P loop in vectorcardiography with ar, esop'.Rgeal e-lecLroae. Pol. arch. med. wewnet. 34 rjo.7:F53--E5h '64- 1. 1 Klinika Chorob Ple-,neLrmych lloraorskej i,kadlemii Me-dycznej (Kierol,mik: dce. dr. med. F. Grej:orczyk". ADAKZYK, Roman; CZOPIK, J.; GRZBIELA, J.; 10,121CIIA, 11-1. ; GFEGORCHIK, K.; NITULPIWICZY S. Angiography of the coronary arteries. Pol. przegl. radiol. 29 no.4:401-407 JI-Ag 165. 1. Z Il Kliniki Chirurgicznej Slaskiej AM (Kierownik: prof. dr. J. Gasinski), z Zakladu Radiologii Slaskiej AM (Kierownik: doc. dr. med. B. Romanowski) i z Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrznych Slaskiej AM (Kierownik: prof. dr. med. J. Japa). 6, 8 Ajislytito -aria" A'zid tirganizitlan of ~vivxirol In steel mill - ChOmIcal 4"biwoloty. - Gre 12-1111don Steel Mill. i Katowice, Pola~ud), , f sourctf - A R v I art, In deirts. were ~ descri 'd, and possibilit)- d -idtin 'thtm 4nder.control, Was discussed. Statistical i d i stul cs. eta ;-of It I re made, The components- we following sou of'shal, -errorv; In dcaming order u-cre specified, disrelfarding of andt. Instructions, carelessness ;n f per orming the work, deladve work orgitriltation, unrelhable cht.-cking and calibration of app., unsatisfactory cleaullnesx Juring tilt: wdtk, and mistakes in calcn. avid mishmidling of results. The errors In anal. detas. examd. In the light of stab- jective factors showed that the raost exact and reproducible results were made by personnel with suitable tech. education /f and vinany years experience. W. Torvvas*ee~vk--~ A --GREGOROZYK Stanislav(Baildonhutte, Katowice, Poland); LUBOJANSKI, J. .- lljonhutt~_,_ Katowice, Poland) -Oidek method for determination of the basicity of open-hearth slags. Act& chimica Hung 28 no.1/3:193-197 161. (EEAI 10:9) (Open-hearth process) (Slag) GREGORCZYK, Stan)olaw Si~lf-made otandards for the spectrometric anal~ysis of ateel. Chem anal 7 no.2:333-341 '62 1. Baildon Steel Works, Katowice. S/08 63/000/002/021/088 B 1 66YI313 8 AUTHORS: Gregorczyk, Staniska-vi, Gaudnik, Janusz TITLE: The use of a quantometer for analyses in the analytical laboratory of the Baildon Metallurgical Works PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, no. 2, 1963, 145-146, abstract 2D5 (Chem. analit. (Polska), v. 7, no. 2, 1962, 343-348 [Pol.1) TEXT: The article discusses experience in the use of a quantometer manufactured by ARL in the analytical laboratory of a metallurgical works. 1,000 analyses per shift (120 specimens) can be made with satisfactory accuracy. The quantometer cannot be used for analyzing slags and a number of other products since it has not been programmed for these purposes by the manufacturer. The quantometer does not determine C, P or S. [Abstracteris note: Complete translation Card 1/1 GREIGORCZY -Stanislaw, -mgr Determination of phosphorus in steel by means of a quick photometric tathod. Hutnik P 29 no.10:369-371 0 162. 1. Kierownik Laboratorium Ghemiezrapp Huta Baildon. GMGOIICZYK, Stanislaw, mgr.; GAUD4IK, Janusz, m&rr. QuVk spectrographic deternination of various metals in moderately alloyed steels,~Ijkthe plant laboratory. Acta chimica Hung 30 no-3:301-305.162. 1. Chenisches Uiborator*n Von Huta Baildon, Katowice~ Polon. Authors' addreast Hata Baildon, Katowice ul. Zelazna 9,, Poland. GREGORCZYK, Stanislaw, mgr ApPlication of the quantometer in metallurgical laboratories. Wiad hut 18 no.10:309-312 0 162. GREGORGZYKP Stan-'~Iuw, mg!', Applfcation of the spe.-~:trograph.-~ method to mass serial designation of phosphornis in steel. Hutnik P 30 no.12: 399-401 D 16110 - Ifut-a Ba'ldon., Katow-,.ce. GREGORCZYK, Stanislaw, mgr. Speedy methods of spectral analysis of slags from open-hearth and electric fuzmaces. Hutnik P 31 no..1/2135-38 Ja-FI64 1. Baildon Steel Wbrks, Katovice. POUXD/Inorganic Chenistry. Copplex CorTounds. C Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khiri., No 24, 1958, 80977. Author Gregorezyk Z. Inst Title Detenaination of Coordinating Numbers of the Ascorbic Acid Complexes Having UOt4- and TO Ions. 't Orie Pub: Acta polon. pharmc., 1958, 15, No 2, 129-14o. Abstract: Dy the method of iswolar series, ratios of equilibriuia shifting and coordinating nunbers of the ascorbic acid complexes containing UO and TiOZtions were deterrdned. It has been established that coordinating numbers of the investigated complexes are equal to 1. For the Card l/P Determination of dissociation constants of the complexes formed by ascorbic acid7with TiO+'* or UOI++ ions. Zolia Zyk (.Xka -%Nl I - . Grcgorc roclmx, Poland). Acla consts. dutd. by 3 difTerent optinil methoils tire: for com- plexes of ascorbic ucid (1) asul TiO+* illfis k., - 0.58 X 10-1 and k.3 5.5 X 10-1~ und for complexes of I and U%4*+ ions k. 1.30 X 10-3. Molar absorption coeffs. measured for both complexes at 465 nip are: 1.34 )< 10-s and 3.92 X 10-1. SO 30577 P/038/61/006/003/002/003 E07l/E18O AUTHORS% Terpilowski, Janusz., and Gregorczyk, Zofia. TITLE- Thermodynamic properties'oFliquid metal-lic''Bolutions PERIODICAL: Archivum hutnictwa, v.6. no.3, 1961, 197-204 TEXT; Thermodynamic properties of liquid indium-lead alloys were investigated by measuring the electromotive forces in reversible concentration cells of the following typei G M In (o.6 LiBr + 0.4 KBr) + 0.1 InBr InxPbl-x liquid I molten salts I iiquid solution Spectroscopica4l,y pure indius, and lead of 99.99% purity were used for the experiftents. Altogether ten In-Pb alloys, with an atomic fraction of indium varying from 0.05 to 0.9, were studied at temperatures of 400, 500 and 6oo Oc. From the resulti obtainedg the following values were calculateds temperature coefficient of the electromotive force (dE/dT) within the temperature range 19 tudied; activities (aln, aPb) and activity coefficients (fin, fPb) of the components; changes of partial thermodynamic molar Card 1/ 3 30577 Thermodynamic properties of liquid _ P/038/6i/oo6/003/002/003 E071/Ei8lD potentials (&Gln, AGPb), entropies (ASIn, ASpb) and enthalpies (AHI[n, AHPb) of indium and lead and changes of the thermodynamic potential (&G)~ entropy (&S) and enthalpy (4H) for the process of mixing pure liquid metals into liquid solutions. The aDtivities of indium and lead indicate that there is a positive deviation from the Raoult law. These deviations de:rease with increasing temperature. The liquid indium-lead solutions --an be approximately regarded as semi-regular, with the valueB of entropies of mixing higher than for ideal solutions. Thia increase in the entropy of mixing is probably caused by the difference in the atomic volumes of indium and lead as well as by the effect of atomic bonds. The values of _~:_Hpb and 'A H are positive for the whole range of concentrations of liquid indium-lead solutions. On the basis of Investigations by 0. Kubaschewski (Ref.8- Z. Elaktrochem., 59, 195cli 840) -it may to postulated that, during the formation of these salutions, a loosening of the atomic bonding of indium and lead, associated with the absorption of energy, oi:.curs. The existence of solid Card 2/3 30577 Thermodynamic properties of liquid ... P/038/61/006/003/002/003 E071/Ei8o intermetallic phases of variable composition does not appear to have any influence on the thermodynamic properties of liquid indium-lead solutions within the range of temperatures studied. There are 4 figures, 4 tables and 11 references: 7 Soviet-blo-.~ and 4 non-Soviet-bloc. The English language references read2 Ref~9t 0. Kubaschewski, Trans. Faraday Soc., 45, 1949, 931. Ref.10: W.J. Svirbely, S.M. Selis. J. Am. Chem. Soc-, 75, 1953, 1532. Ref.ll: R.W. Bohl, V.D. Hildebrandt. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 79,, 1957, 2711. SUBMITTED,. September 196o Card 3/3 - " e At, E- /4;~ (=r GROMADMI. Wojciech; Blectrohysterography. aift. polaka 25 no.4:453-466 OctrDec 54. 1. Z Kliniki Poloznietwa I Chorob lobiacych Akademii Medyeznej v Posuaniu. Irterownik: prof. dr L Roaxkoveki. Z Zakladu Budavy Aparatoy Ilektromedycznej Politechniki Waresawskiej. rierownik: prof. mgr Ins. J.reller. (UTERUS, electrobysterography) GRFMRKK, Wladyslaw. JUS. Karolina ---------------- Slectromechanical appliance for registation of hand movements In Ivanov-Smolenskli's expertment-Acta physiol.polon 6 no.l: 93-98 1955. 1. Z Kliniki Chorob Norwowych Akademii Hadycsnej w Lodzi. Kisrownik: Prof. dr X.Herman. (RMFUU, CONDITIOM I appar. for registration of hand novements in Ivanov-Smolenskii's experiment) 9f~ 2351-4 P/022/60/000/012/CO3/004 D235/D301 AUTHOR: Gregorek, ~~ady,~-Iaw, Engineer TITLE: An instrument for measuring the series resistance of quartz oscillators PERIODICAL: Przeglqd telekomunikacyjny, no. 12, 1960, 385-386 TEXT: The instrument measures the resistance of a crystal oscil- lator used in series resonant circuits. It can also be used for- calculating oscillator inductance. The instrument is used for checking the characteristic of crystal oscillators during produc- tion. The principle of operation is shown in Fig. 1. It composes a series resistance of the oscillator with its reactance. There C C, C, are two series-coupled circuits. Coupling 0- r elements are Rl.and R 2 and the crystal os- cillator - K or variable resistance r. Coupling increases as r decreases and it Ir reaches its maximum at r - 0. Substitu- Card 1/*4 Fig. 1 23514 P/022V60/000/012/003/004 An instrument for measuring... D235/ r'301 ting for r oscillator and tuning circuits L, C, Olt LI to resonate with the oscillator, its resistance r serves as a coupling for cir- cuits L, Ct Cl, Ll, Knovring the voltage in tKe circuit L C connect- ed with the crystal and switching over, so that resistance r is in the circuit instead of the crystal, and adjusting r to such a value that the voltage is identical as in the case of a circuit including a crystal, the value of r represents the series resistance of the oscillator. Fig. 2 shows the complete circuit diagram of the in- strument. The specifications of the instrument are: Measurement range: 1 M/c - 15 1-1/c; Range of measured resistance: 1 -1100"; .Accuracy: 220 V, 50 c/s; Power consumption: 30 VA. There are 3 figures. Card 2A P/022/60/000/012/003/004 An instrument for measturing ... D235ID301 Fig. 2 cont'd. Card 4/4 GREGOREK, Wladyslaw, Inz. 1- - . A thermio chamber for the measurement of the thermal coefficient of quartz. Przegl telekom 34 no-11:355-356 N 161. GIMPMK, Vladyslaw, inz. A eystem for the excitation of quartz oocillators under overtone conditions. Przegl telekom 34 no.10%319-320 0 162,, SOURCE CODE: PO/0022/65/000/008/f-,56/K,56 AUTHOR: _2~e~kW. (Engineer) ORG: Piezoelectronic Works, IRT (Zaklady Piezoelektroniki ITR) TITLE: QuartAhermostats and excitation systems SOURCE: Przeglad telekomunikacyjny, no. 8, 1965, Supplement, 256 TOPIC TAGS: thermostat, miniature electric equipment, electronic circuit ABSTRACT: 'The article desoribe~ thermostats of the medium class 'for-typical miniaturized and noval quartz assemblies, also excita-, Ition circuits for such quartzes - all developed and built at.the Institute. The thermostat consists of an aluminum housing, a felt Ansulator, a heater, a thermo-regulator and a frame for a quartz. fIThe circuit diagram of a*bimetallic thermo-regulator is shovin,, IThe miniaturized construction makes-use of the 8arallel resonance ,circuit (Golpitte)'for the range from 1 Mc to 2 Mc; the noval con- ,struction uses a series.resonanae circuit with automatic amplitude- control - Cfreqt~enoy stability 0*000001/monthg freqiienoy, range from 100 to 500 Kc). Orig. art. has: 3 figures. [JPRS1 SUB CODE: 13, 09 Cam 1/1 is, / SUBM DATE: none GREGORI, T.A. "', MI Physiological basis of therapy of chrmic dysentery in young children. Pediatrila no.3il9-24 W-Je '53. (MLRA 6:8) 1. Oblastnoy metodichaskiy kabinet po voprosam lechebno-profilakticheakoy pomoshchi detyam (Elyazant). (Dysentery) GREGORI. T.A. (Eyazan'). --, - Prevention of measles and vhooping cough in day nurserieB. Yel'd.i akush. no.11:44-46 N 153. (MLBA 6:11) (Measles-Prevention) (Whooping cough) (Day nurseries) GRIMOR 1. T. L. Dispensary treatment of younger children following dysentery; based on observation of the first consultation bureau for babies in Ryazan. Vop.okh.mat.1 det. 2 no-3:59-62 My-Je '57. (MLRA 10:7) , - (DYBJWTMY) GRBGMI, A -0yasan') Fresh air and long @loop therapy of whooping cough In children. Soy. md. 18 no.",:41 J1 '54. (MIMA 7: 8) (SIJW, therapeutic use *whooping cough) (CLIK&U. therapimtic use *fresh air In whooping cough) (WHOOPING COUGH, therapy efrosh air & long sloop) (,RF-(,-oR%C, F GREGROIG. F. Problems of the preservation of wood by impregnation. p. 2911. Periodicals NOVA PROIZVODNJA. Vol. 9, no. h/6, 1958. TECfMOIDGY SO; Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) W Vol. 8" No. h April 1959, Uncl. GREGORIC2 P. "Some problema in pubUc health serviceol, po 322 (IMRODNO ZDRAvLJE., Vol. 8. z2o. 111.12,, 1952.9 Beograd., Yugioslavia) SO: Mmthly List of East European Accessions,, Vol* 2,t #8,9 Library of Congress Augustv 1953s, Unc3-* 1-~sL of L!L, :I GRBGORIC, T. GREGORIC, T. Bases of the project for the Kakanj Thermoelectric Plant. P. 570 11 Vol. 9, no. 11/12, Nov./Dec. 1956 EMMOPPJVERnA TECHNOIA)GY Beograd Sot East European AL ecession, Vol. 6. n0-3, March, 1957 GREGORIC, T. GREGORICS T. The turbine equipment and beating system in the Kakanj Thermoelectric nant. P-574 Vol. 9. no, 13/3.2s Nov,lDec, 1956 ELEKTROMIVERDA TECHNOLOGY Peograd So.- East European Accessions Vol* 6. no-3. March, 1957 GRE~001(1(;. T.; SLVIC, D. Burning characteristics of some of our low-calorie coals. p. 252. (Blektroprivreda, Vol. 10, No. 516, ftZ/June, 1957, Beograd. Yugslovia) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEA1) Le. Val. 6. No. 8, Aug 1957. Uncl. 30(7) AUTHOR. Z-_Doctor of _ncincerint; and ~rof-,;~or r.'TLE: The Twelfth lpeci~j Zersion of the ;orld Poor PERIOD104L; Tehnik., li59, Ur 1, pp 20f-20i (rUG) AB-;.1aACT: The Twelfth Special Ze-zion of the ~'crld Power Con- ference was held from ? to 11 -epte=ber 1958 in - - Montreal. .)--a levanth Special Seasio_-.of this Ox-rani- zation was held in BeoGrad in 1957. :he theme of the Twelfth Special 3eusion in Canada was "Zcuno=lc Zr,n_1:; in the Production, -a"mission and Utillzatoa of Put . and Fo#er'. Various P.?~rs were read by delecatea froz: various countries includin, the UZZRv Palaml, CZR, arAl - Yugoslavia. The USZR deleC atos were~ ~ an 'Econc=ic Principles for Calcula:itz the Gu,,~~nteca Capacities of Hydropower Plants"; and r- Scirnov on "`or=atioz of a SirZle Care 1/3 -;lectrlc Power J;etwork in the USSR, its EiZzLificanca for the National Ecaaoz~, and Its BcCmzm!c lmd'ces"; T&raay az4 on "~-rriciency of ?u01 j. ' - utilization in UJ,4~i Refineries'; v arI Z- -Zhu=27 On .4conamic Advantaces of t'~O use Of -lectrIc ~ .:Uz,l and uc- 'i zu 5 Power it AZr_~cultuxe*; and I B d ca -'ch 7f _ : n t;ric 1 Oaer to &G_Z TO ~ Economic Z-oble=s of _-ri CTj V1XluZas-. The Polich deleeatCs preacatea tl~ fallowin" Papers; Professor 1_1.Aasiko. om-Detdr=I=mG "he UN~r A~I ' ,hich _1x- Is Above . Limit or Luna Ul lmpuz~_tics in Cz~a_ r profitable, arI the Erlec~c of Luntral traction is I'=purities a the Coal combustion ~-Gcess" and ..'. !re', o - es with 15- bi T ur n ,%nalyais or the Use of Steam ark traction in an 4lectric Fower System% The CX1 papers i w Eral on "The 3a2 - Ztc= CYCIQ with L-PPle- re- V at,'d .: view of the Plana fcr Thermal 1,o-4e~ aats for Ower ca-4 2/3 and Heatir,;'. 'he '.`~z:oslav delet:ates precer;t-! t~.e follo.i--- ;;pcra; :,-,ctcr of 0.1 -jn5tt.1.!e.1 :,~-pacit,.ea cf Ny~ropo-r oe of Qf 11-14ropax-, ;!c-rcurcez`; 1~roreii, Id _ A, ztrun, ca --he 11_-Ztory of 'at-r %-i" j-, g Construct I on-rn-uCoclavia"; -4A or 'Vae of Fee.- j'ality _Q- in a., power rl."ts- a:id ', _':,tunoyi~ on ".', _~~i IC~,,nt to tt.,.- _ _ TN ` - r 'rcduction =_1 ~ranz- Calculation of - lectrl~ ~ - ctinaior Corta'. C 3/3 1101.1"HOVIC, M.1adrag, di, Jim- GFEGORIC, Teodor, inz,, prof. Advances in heat traisfer. Nuklear energ-i'fa I no.2/3-.26-27 164- 1. Laboratox7 of Reactor Thermotechnics of the Doi-13 KidrAr Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade-Vinca (fcr Ncval~ovic). 2. 11niversIty of Sarajevo (for Gregoric). SOAK, L.;_~REGORIK, M., Kljfl"~U-OVI', .j. Separating light petrols by gaB chromatography. Ropa i uhlie 5 no.10:289-293 0 163. 1. Slovnaft, n-p-, Vyskumny ustav pre ropu a uhlovodikove pim, Bratislava. vntar. doco dr inz.1 jagrol v-%rtmenh- of i3anitary Wi%mI*tt7g kilitechniks. (111wice ~,oaeureh oaptrtmant of the Upier-311,volan 1.1,mAvitri.-Ul .1-.0"tort Polish Academy of 3clnnuo3p (* itodra Chev.11 :janttarnej Voliteohniki ;IIa3kI*jp OlIxtooe "Inklad buden rfaukawych 06ractalaijklo%o q ram ikkademli Nvuk)v Zabrze* It VW vj 3orit.,um-bor-w-etober 11)656 vp nimtlon or flucrIne, in 771*nt Category USSR/Nuclear Physics - Cosmic rays Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Fizikaj No 1, 1957., No 650 C-7 Author Gregorov, H.L., Title :-A-ve-r-a-ge--CE-ar-a-c-E-e-ristics of the Act of Interaction of Primary Cosmic Particles of Various Energies (2 -- 1000 Bev) with Idght Atomic Nuclei Orig Pub Uspekhi fiz. nauk, 1956, 58, No 4, 599-666 Abstract No abstract Card 1/1 SEBZKP V., Doe; FANTOVA, B.4-GRSG0HQVk,_I.; JERkBKOVA, V,,; PAUKOVA, A.; PETER), R., Prof., Dr.Se.; POHUNEk,- M.y REPISTAK, J.; VOJTA, M. doe. Treatment of vaginal distharges in adult women. Cask. gyn. 26(401 no.4:260-265 161. (L9UKORRHEA ther)- p 1 CHARVAT, Josef; GREGOROVA, Inge; KANDRAG, Michal Contribution to the diagnosis of hiroutiam In women. Cas.lek.caak 100 no.29/30.'956-958 14 J:L 161. 1. Laborator pro endokrinologii a metabolismus, fakulta vseobeeneho lekarstvi, Praha, prednosta akademik Josef Charvat. (HYPERTRICHOSIS urine) 47-KETOSTEROIDS urine) CHMVAT, Josef; GREGOROVAp Inge; KONDRAC) Michal Value of the determination of urinary steroids in the di'Lferential diagnosis of hirsatim in women. Pol. arch. mod. vewnet. 32 no.2: 183-187 162. 1. Z Laboratorium Bmdo1tryno10giC2nego i Metabolicznego III Kliniki Chorob Vewnetrznych Universytetu Karola w Pradze Kierownik: prof. dr med. J. Charvat. MPERTRICHOSIS urine) (VIRILISM urine) (STEROIDS urine) CHARVAT, Josef; C~REGOROVA,. _Inge; MALEK, Jiri; KANDRAC, Michal; SILIIIKOVA- MALKOVA, Irva- Excretion of androgens in hirsute women, Sborn.lek. 64 no.1:1-19 Ja 162. 1. Iaborator pro endokrinologii a metabollamus, fakulty vseobeeneho lakarstvi University Karlovy Y Praze, prednosta akademik Josef Charvat I gynekologicka klinika faku-Ity vseobeeneho lekarstvi University Karlovy v Praze, prednosta prof. dr. Karel Klaus Dr.So. (ANDROGENS urine) (HYPERTRICHOSIS urine) KOLBEL, Frantisek; HUCHEL, Oto; GREGOROV,A.,__qnge--,..-- On the problem of the effect of so-called "SEF" substance (Salt excreting factor, 3# -16oC-dibydro-5-pregnane-20-one. Cas. lek. cesk. 101 no-318959-962 27 J1 162. 1. 111 interni kliniki fakulty vseobeeneho lekarstvi KU v Praze, prednosts. akademik J. Charvat. Laborator pro endokrinologii a metabolismus v Praze, reditel akademik J. Charvat. (STEROIDS pharmacol) (SODIUM metab) (POTASSIUM metab) (ADRENALECTOMY exper) MATYS.Z.;.GREGOROVA,I.; KANDRIC,,M.; CHARVAT~J. Differential diagnosis of hirsutism. Acts, Univ. Carol. (mad.] (Praha) lotsuppl. l7t160-166 163 1. 111. interni klinika fakulty vseobeeneho lekarstvi Karlovy university v Pra2m; Laborator pro endokrinologii a metabolis- must prednostat akademik J.Char7at. I S014KA, Jiri; GREM 011A, Inge Dohydroopiandrostcrone - a new approrch to the rAthogenesis of obesity. Acta Unie . Carol [med.] (Praha) 9 no.1:817-98 163 1. Lqborator pro endokrinologii a metabolinmiza fnl:,,,,lty vse- obocneho leharstvi Univorsity Ymrlovy v Praze (vedouci aka- demik Josef Chan-,00. SCHREIBER, V.; ECKERTOVA, A.; FRANC, Z.; RYBAK, M'.; GR','GOROVA, I.; 1,101TOVA, V.; JIRGL, V. -------------- Purification of the hypothalamic thyrotrophinreleasing factor. Physiol. bohemoslov. 12 no.1:1-14 163, 1. Laboratory for Endocrinology and Metabolism, Third Medical Glinic, Faculty of General Medicine, Charles University, Institute of Phamacy and Biochemistry, Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion, Prague. (HYPOTWANIUS) (THYROTROPINT) (ELECTROF HORES IS) (PEPTIDES). (AMINO ACIDS) (ASPARAGINL) (GLMU-1ATES) (GLYCINE) (ISOLEUCINE) (TFREONINE) (LEUCINE) (SERINE) (VALINM-) C..' -:'C DO IA -e of (Sexuoio-Jr;~', u--,tav), I'aculty L' U Of Genei~ani '1.'edicine (Fea,odIt-- v-,-oo'oecne.,,o C]".-arles -'Pra~-,ue ,Pa~of. Dr UT. Iff!TiE., (H-rector; U11 ive:'.'o -2 Laborat-ory for Endoc-"Liology and (Taborator pro c-ndo- a 1,1aculty of General univer~.--i-ty, Pra-p,-ae, .4'-cade,-P.J-c-i= j. CIELPIIAT, directol.; and for Pharmacy and 2-esearch in U.-V ustav -=o fazmacii a 'o-Jocnemi-J' , I Dr, LJ,-!t-r 01 d4leCtor. i-yrreotiraction of Lndico,:-ens H~~mar. u i~~o 39, 2*1 Serjtembe:., ,ue, Casonis le'lraa-u CesIRLch, Vol Ci- ra of .~b-'tract I A t'--ors' '_-i J s I, su -r::a:t7yj ::,,:amj-.,.ed we---e e,.:t cL' - -o-rmal ejaculat-es and azoo:--~)Qrmic senlina e 7ja-tionts and men with a bicjDtic -fi-ndirF, of Sertoli ceilz only im tubule:-~. TI'.e follo,,-Iin- cndroCi-~ns wc-:-e ,,ot j',ro2c-'-: testo- stei-one, andosterone, andro.-;-Iten~ion~ -11-r~,--f,i,-..rdro.cje'-iocholanolor-F, aaid 11-1-eto-etioc"-ol-'nolon~. '~~he' u - - - -04ndings ,-:.-e cor~sis-~-en-- w-*th biolor:ical irnie-t4--a'ions in ,T',ich u -L it 7. .:as i-ripossible to de-tect androgenic acti-vity in other ex- t r a c -'U- sfrom norr,.ial hum, an ejaculates. ;dine referencess, including .5 Czech and I I.-Tunfrarian. 1/1 RABOCH, J.; GREGOROVA, I.; REZABEK, K. Chromatographic study of androgens in himian ejaculate. Cas. lek. cook. 102 no.39:1068-MO 27 S 163. 1. Sexuologiclq ustav fakulty vseobecneho lakarstvi KU v Praze, prednosta prof. dr. J. Hynie Laborator pro endokrinologii a metabolismus fakulty raeobecneho lekarstvi KU v Praze, pred- noata akademik J. Charvat Vyzkumny ustav pro farmacii a biochemii, Praha-Vinohrady, reditel dr. inz. 0. Nemseek. (ANDROGENS) (EJACULATION) (SPERMATOZOA) (CHRC14ATOGRAPHY) KOLBEL) F.; GREGOROVA, I.; SONKAI J. Dehydroapiand-osterone deficiency in the urine of some patients with hypertensLon. Cas. lek. cesk. 103 no-33:922-923 IJ, Ag 164. KOLBLOVA, V.; ffl-'GOROVAP-J.; KOl,f3l:&',, F.; SONEA, J. Changes in the excretion of dehydroepJandrosterone I.-i pregnancy. Cas. lek. cask. 103 no.4541261-1262 6 N 164. .ynekologicke oddelenj v Br,-indy3e n Libem, 1. Porodnicko--g t, (vedouci Mr. M. ZR.Loudek); bllborator pro endokrInclo-glil a metabolismus v Prazev (vedouel akadf-mik T. ChurviO.) --i 111. in'ernl klinika fakulty vsf~obt~cnehn lukarqtvi. Karlovy UnIversIty v PraLe (predno-4tq akadt-ml,k J. Mmrvat.). SONKAJO J.; GREGOROVA, I.; KOLBEL, F. Menopause and metabolic disorders. Cesk. gynek. 30 no.6: 456-462 Ag 165. 1. laborator pro endokrinol. a metabol. (vedouci akad. J. Charvat) a III. int. klin. (prednosta akad. J. Charvat) fak. vseob. lek. Karlovy University v Praze. Submitted July 22, 1964. SOVKA,J.; GREGOROVA, I.; JITWIM,M.; YOLBEL,F.; MATYS, Z. Dehydroepiardrostercrie deficiency-a new syndrome? Gas. lek. cesk. 101, no.10.266-2170 12 Mr'65. 1. Laborator pro Pndokrirologii a metabolismus fakidty vse- obecneho lekarstv! Karlovy University v Pra?e (reditel: akademik J.Chai-vat); Ill. interni klinika fak-ulty vgeobec- neho lokarstvi Karlovy University v Praze (prednosta: akademik J. Gharvat). MOTLIK, K.1 KUCHKL, 0.1 KANDUC, M.S.; GRMROVA, I.; HORKY, K. Hyperadrenocorticim accompanying extraadrenal and extra- hypophyseal neoplasms. lbdokr. Fbl. 16 no.20-13-131 Mr-Ap'65- 1. Phoulty of General Medicine, Charles University, Praha (Prague)l 11nd Institute of Morbid Amatowq (Directors Prof. dr- V. Jedlickas Me.); 111rd Clinic of Thternal Medicine and the ]Laboratory for lbdoorinology and Metabolism (Director: Academician J. Charvat). =00111NOWGY CZECHOSLOVAKIA UDO 616.36-036.l2t6l6.633(1577-17.631)-074 3ONKAj, J.- q~ED -1*,I~VA33ATI, P.; PASSATI,, M.; Laboratory P , _0ROVAj. for EndocrinoloTy And Pletaboliaml Faculty of General Medicine, Charles Univera ty (Laborator pro Enddkrinologii a Metabolismus Pak. Vasob. Laka XU) Pragus:,Hsad (Vedouoi) Member of Academy J. CHARVAT; Central hiocheml 1 Laboratory 01creent, Institute of National Health (Ustredni Biochemioka Laborator OUNZ), Prague 9. Head (Vedouci) Dr P. FASSATI; Chair of Epidemiology, Facult7 of General Medicine, Charles University (Katedra Epidemiologia, Pak* Vseob. Lek. KU), Praguep Head (Vedoucl) Prof Dr V. KUBELKA. "Dehydroepiandrosterone in Chronic Hapatopathiss." Prague Casonis Lekaru Ceskych, Vol 105, No 32, 15 Aug 66, pp 855 - 656 Abstract /-uthors' English su-nmary modified : Investigation of A the exrrerion of 17-KS fractions in 42 hepa~io patients revealed a markedly selective reduced excretion of DBA. Relationship between the excretion of DH& in chronic liver disorders and the inhibitory effect of DHA on glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase is evaluated. 2 Tables# 9 Western, 2 Czech references* (Man- usoript received Sep 65s), 11/1 CZECHOSLOVAKIA SCHWEITZER, P 0 UILDEBILAND, T. KLVANOVA, H., gja~ZUIIUVa~p_~~!q GALAJDOVA, E.: ';-i;1t__. Internal Clinic, Nedical Oaculty, P.J.Safarilc University (I. Interna Klinika Lok. Fak. UPJS), Kvsiue. "Contribution to the Problem of the Rolationship Botween .'ho Sympathoadrena). 5yatem and tho Thyroid Gland." Prague, Ceskoslovenska FisiolorJe,vol 15, No 2, Feb 66, P 102 Abstract: 8 healthy.subjects, 9 patients stifferinfr from nouro- circulatory asthenia, and 30 from thyrotoxicosis were asrid in ;,n experiment to study the influence of blockage, and tone increaso. of sympathicus on pulse frequency. The bloclKago resulted in a frequency decrease in the patients from 100 to 80-90, wtth no influence on controls. The orthostatic changes w,~re in contr-.In 77-91, in patients from 100 to 110-120. No references. Submitted at '116 Days of Physiology" at Kosice, 29 Sep 65, 1/1 STEJSKAL, J.; OSISJSKOVA, M.; GREGOROVA, Y. Liver disorders in influenza in thildhood. Ser. med. fac. mod. Brunensis 36 no.3o.139-145 163. 1. Infekeni oddeleni Fakultni detelm nemocnice v Brne, Cerna pole Vedouci doe. MUDr. V. Kluska Biochomicke oddelen'L Fakultni detske nemocnice v Brne, Cerna pole Vedouci MUDr. 0. Teyscl~i jINFLUMA) (AMINOTRANSFEMSES) (ALANINE AMINMWSFEUSE) (ASPARTATE AMINOTRANSFE W E) GRF'60ROVICHt K. A. Tekhnika Ir-hirurgichesld-kh operatsii na. nervny-kh stvolakh konechnostei ffechnique of oper- ating on the nerve trunks of the lim~~. Leningrad Voenno-norskoi med. akad.,' 1951. 138 p. SO: Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Vol 6 No 6 September 1953 3c;,f- rimarks on the nro-Jems of Ili5 P r-.D '3Y, ~~ 71'? A;--. C>ntralre Zar7pdv ~Icovzonch) Lod-, Poland. V-1. ~cnt'nl-, L'st of 'a~-,t "Ttropean Acc~~srdcn'3 Uncla. GREGOROV.TCZ, J.; Cielecki, M. Forest managemtnt Fund is needed. P. 3. LAS POLMIXI. (Ministerstwo Lesnietwa oraz Stowarzynenie Naukowo-Techniczne Inzynierow i Technikow Lesnictwa i Drzewnictwa) Warszawa, Poland. Vol. 32, no. 8, Apr. 1958. Monthly List of East European Accession (EZAI) LC, Vol. 9, no. 1, Jan. 1960. Uncl. 17 -Investigations or; 111C oc~~Cjlrc of 11aro Ash ~-s tn etrolouth ec spiktrograt) 6: badaftia: nad wptqpowanlem nadt1ch mejall Eta. No. 10, 1950, 273--270, 7 U -jXVJo1&ch rv x pp bol ~ l Poww iin4L~~'arii 5 iampprted crude -'bf 3 ~mqco and, (,-04 0( 'wreme of"'Olf, i0klm rare'meti~U J, were. 4efurnx!ntd~ V'~Wj,;1p4p. Cu~ 1% Cv, A4, ~'10. All ~m"d Ek. Quam"Aa. _gan,1_y3cj ric -------- - - -detmn ne& As' att Aa e Crudesi Ai Ves ac, Into thc pm,6.1 f Volaido a h6 of _crtk16-!a1U3'_ A'me6cd w,'i sd,,.%rcT,)ped fQr P., mgr Z*h1c. i:Cml Ili t "l. o h F; e. of crude oR+ I he'. CEi e 0t A ef alf d'um p"ilou-v Vvo4el Otero. l ~'mdlilmg current arc; cop:,m.~j, was iiere uied a l Internal sta-o-dorl 6nd - -niv I 'iirn wid iielsel- c, 0111 er:n 0 mt i d 0 03 08 C i , . ' n v M ~ itn to 7 fA I - . I .-I ~ -~ ". - . POL.W / Laboratory Equipment. Apparatus. Its Thoory, F Construction and Application. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 4, 1959, 11627. Z. Inst Not given. T i t' If) The Obtaining of ZriSD4-?H.o of a High Degroo of Purity. Orig Pub; Chem. analit., 1957, 2, No 3, 281. 1.bstract: There are cited data about tho analysis of MS040 7H20, obsained from industrial Zn and purified by selected crystallization. Tho analysis con- ducted on a Zeiss spectrograph of the 0-12 typo di3closed in the are of an alternating cui~rent of 6 a, with the width of the aperture at 0.006 mm, the absence of Al, As, ilu, B, Ba, Be, Bi, Oa, Co, Card 1/2 POLAND / Analytical Chemistry. Analysis of Inorganic ri, Substances. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiyp, No 4, 1959, 1150-1. Author GrnVA=ow4a*r--& Inst Not given. Title Spectral Analysis of Vanadium and Nickel in Petroleum Ashes. Orig Pub: Chem. analit., 1958, 3, No 1, i9-25. Abstract: There is described a method procedure of the de- termination of V and Ni on the spectrograph of medium dispersion in concentrations of 0.00'J-0.8,1; of V and 0.003-6% of Ni. The spectra stimulate in the arch of the alternating current at 10 a with.'--an electrode intermediate snace of 6 =- Carbon electrodes of a 5 mm diameter are used; V-'ard 1/3 POLMD/Optics - Optical MethDds af d0nalysis. K Abs J3ur Ref Zhur Fizika, No 11, 1959, 26251 Author Gret;jrDwicz, Zbi,,.miew Inst Silesian Folyte hnic) dliwieej P~)13'id Title Spectral DeterTiination ~)f Silicon, Aluminum, and MaL,nosivui in Linestoiies~ Ori~- Pub Cheri. analit., 1956, 3, ITO 5-6, 783-788 Abstract The sample was evaDornted from the chai-mel of a carbon electrode in an ac arc. The measurer.-m-its were carried out by the netI-.od of absolute inte-nsities, usinG the method of comparison with the lines of the cadmium base, and with the li:ics of (humiy electrodes (copper a-.,.d irc.1n). The 'Vast results were jbtained by comparison aGainst the li:ies 3f a clumy iron clectrAe. The intervals of the detemd-ned concentrations were 0.1 -- 4%. Card 1/2 -- ----- --- 3~ V~ - d _V,`ege, iq md tvqfra Id" V and NI as weU an other elemonts were data. spectrotraphl- c2Hy In tLc wah froto 30 Polish and a foreign crude oils. M following ash coatmts (17 p1saud V iumd, IM coucas, (mg./lOW ~:g.) were found in thA4 h 4vde ails liste& 005, 0,03. 0.1 K]4c=nk* 0 WS O,W, 9.2 Wadkowa; 0.013. 0.06, 03 ~Molkve(OMIUJ'WI2, 0.06 ,0.7 Bkcr; O.W5, 0.07, 0.0 Grahownica (nonparAffirkic); OAS,' 0.13, 1".0 GrabGwnlca raffink); O.MI, 0.13. 0.7 Graby; O.W8j 0.14. 1.2 m 61. 0.(12. o.16, 2.1 Afrukowa toarfd O.w, oad, 2.4 Kryg-zidom,!; amo. 2 bf rukowa (paraffinic). 0.014, 0.25, 2.2 Tymwa; 0.46", OM, 2A MAL-; 0.013, 0,23, 1.0 Wielopale; 0.611, OM. 2.4 Lodyna. 0.031,034,1.4janciew; 0.0M. (acapataffink), 9.0213, 0-114, 8.4 Rottoki (ruivilmaic); 0 Wl' 0.31. 1.1 Swierchaws, 0.010. 0.37, 4.9 Jazzeww ..031-well "Wulkaii XI"; 0.022,0.37,5.2 Patok; O.M. 0.46, J5.1 Halklowa; 0.0251- O.DO' 6.8 1"Dicz, 0.007, 0.60. 62 C-ma., 0.000. 0m, 6.0 Rawne: 0.012. 0,55, 12,9 Osob'I'm iE~i mffintc); 0,013, 0.98, ~ 132 Folun, 0,026, 1,07- 10.0 YX "C2amCL.*".-O'W4j I-M 73 Tumpole (Craffinic) 0.010 127 OA Mokii (AGaparaffink). ~.Oc, Ca, ill, Th, Pt.IU.-Ej, C-s, Nb, S., if, and W U. were not found, C11- though theksit4 ve found (A ipgisf, tail. Asinipleashbig device heated with 933 and protected again$t Wc(ting of he crucible hY oil Is described. Tbe v arid NI content of polish enwe oil is cotapred Wjjl% that of fortiffn crude nits. Z. 4E3d/4E4J. POLLND/Clicmical TQCIII'.Olr;Wj. Cherdcal ProdUct3 7110ir if Listm.Lonta and ;,bs Jour: Ref Zhur-1,1im., 1,13 8, 1959, 2TI82. :Lu-tllor Grcgorowicz,__7,.-ard Trybalski, Z. Inst Title itutmatic Control of t~-.o Purity of the Co*--idensate Fed to La Monte Kettles at Nitric Ixid Plomts. Ori,-, Pub: Przomysl Chem, L7, No 5, 370-371 (1958) (in Polish with aiglish and Bussicm surx-m-ries) ,',bstract: The authors give a brief description of the syster. which is used to food pure condensate from the am- monium nitrate evaporators to the La Monte kettles. The quality of the condensate is controlled by two IF141,103 analyzers w1iich control the N,114NO3 content Card 1/2 GREGOROWICZ, Zbigniew Determination of germanium in zinc metallurgy. Chem anal 4 no.5/6: 829-835 '59. (EEAI 9:9) 1. Katedra Chemii Nieorganicznej Politechniki Slaskiej, Gliwice (Germanium) (Zinc) Col6rimetric determination of nickel with dlmetbylgly-"'~ Vidme. -Zbigliletv Gregorowici: (Schlie~kChett Tech. HOCI1--- --whule'"immce rMaRTM-M anal. Chent. 168, 241-4) cf. C.A'. $2, 44(Mg.-In a N)-ml. VOILIMetriC MISIC place tlie neittral NJ soln, 4 nil, iatd. irl. Na K tartrate, I nil. 0.1% n1c, dimetbylglyo-dine, 8 int. sutd. aq. 1. and cli~ugh 2M NHIOH to make pLU, _Nli for 2 min.,iUaLc to vol., and measure at 460 trig. All rt-igenis are crit. If Fe++ " Is present, and m note than 2 mg. of Fe+' * can 1/0 be pre3ent With 50 -r NJ. Al. Ca. Mg. Cl-, $Og--, anti I NO~- have no effect. K. G. Stque-