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PRA-S-l' I BOOK 901,01TATION POL/5981 Synponium on Electroncountle Transducers. Krynicap 1958 FroccedinVis of tho Syr~-Voaltvn on Electroncoustic Transducorn Lhold In] Erynica, 17-26 Svptorbor, 1953. Warswa, Pa~inbjc%jo Wy"Inunictwo Naukowo, 1961. 1.42 p. Errata ullp inserted. b)O, copies printed. Sponsoring Agoncyt Polish Academy of ScIonces. Institute of Bftsic Technical Problems. Ed. in Chl"rt Janusz haeprowski, Doctor of Scivneen; E(Uting Gor"iittoot Ignacy Malocki, Professor, Doctor of Sciences; Wincenty Pajewaki, Doctor; and Jer-,y Wohr, Master of Sciences; Socrotarys Jullusa Morzojewski. PURPOSEt This book is intended for physicists and acoustical engineers. COVERAGEs The book In a collootion*of detailed research papers constituting the proceedings of a conference hold in Krynics, from 17 to 26 September 1958 under the auDpiceo of the InsUltute of Technical Problems, Polish Academy of Sciences. Card 1/8 Symposium on Elnotrancoiintin 'rrnn,-,,birnri Po,,/59,11 Tho following linnic prol+ri nro Lrnatr,lt 1) thnoratiral rov"nrch on on(;rrj transrurraLlon ; 2) cv~nrit-.-,.,ital dnvoloprn-nt of of transducers; 3 Clec, lozcoustlc wcaaurem~lnts; Z -tcchnolcgy 'of plozoolec- trio and rrj%rnatofitrictIvo vaterials; 5) conatructlon of trantiducero for nical needs; and 6) dosign of noonatiepl tran!iducor vynte.~n. No personalltina aro mentioned. Raroroncon (ir any) follow the individual articles. TABLE OF GOUTENTSj Preface 3 Problems of Rosoarch Work on Electroncoustio Tranaducors. Ignney Malocki, President of the Conference 5 Ch. 1. Genornl Problems and Theory of Elactroncountin Transducors 1. Clanalficatlon of elactromochantenl trnnsrortantion mothodn In the light of the Lanka faced v- . 'A (sic] the design and construction of alectroacoustic equipment. V. S. Grigorlyov 7 Card Z/8 Symposium on Electroacoustic Transducers: POL/5981 18. Synthetic quartz crystal. Wincenty Pajewski 197 19. Production of piezoelectric elements of barium titanate cera- mics by means of hot casting method. A. A. Ananlyeva, A. V. Sosnovj and M. A. Ugryumova 203 20. Investigation of barium titangte ceramics for construction of electroacoustic equipment. A. A. Ananlyeva 211 21.' Measurement of the piezoelectric constants of barium titanate ceramics, using longitudinal vibrations of barb. A. Lenk 225 22. Poisson's modulus of barium titanateo Mo Grfltzmacher 233 23. Measurement of Poisson's ratio. Wincenty Pajeumki 235 24. The application of single crystals of germanium for measuring fast variable high pressures. M. Grdtzmacher 243 25. New effect in barium titanate (BaTiCb). Provisional report. 'P. Greguss 247 26. Examination of the piezoelectric effect occurring when bending BaTiOj polycrystalline transducers. Teodor Kr~jewski 251 27. Pi=oelectric ceramics applied to high power transducers. Wincenty Pajewski 259 Card 5/8 GREGUSS, Pal, dr. Soldering and welding by supersonic sound. Elet tud 15 no.24:763-764 12 Je 160. GI~I'GUSS, Pal, dr. Regulation of television by auporsonic 8ound. Elet tud 15 no.24:764 32 Ja 160. PREGUSS, Pal, dr. (Jr.) Ultrasonic therapy. Elet tud 15 no.43:1352-1354 23 0 160. GREGUSS; Pale ifj,, Dr., okl. vegyesz; HORVATH, Sandor, okl.gepeszmernok Ultrasonic prevention of boiler scale deposits. Ipari energia 2 no-4:93-94 Ap 161. 1. Vasuti Tudonanyos Kutatointe2Ot (for Greguss). 2. Pest ou Nograd mogyui Tojipari V. (for Horvath). A GREGUSS, Palp ifj. Dr., ~.,10-ve_r-jesz; LIPOVECZ, IvanY Korsuth-dijas Influencing of oil combustion by acoustic energy. Ipari energia 2 no-5:97-100 My 162. 1. Vasuti Tudomanyos Kutato Intezet (for Greguss). 2. Budapesti Huzaki Egyetem (for Lipovecz). 7% GREGUSSO Pal, dr, (Jr.) Living beings in the fields of force. Blet tud 16 no.12:358-361 19 mr 161. GREGUSS, Pal dr. (Jr) That which is next to ultrasonic waves. Elet tud 17 no.7:219-220 F 162, GREGUSS,,.-N,-,dr,,, Jr. Visible sounds. Elet tud 17 no.33:1053-1055 19 Ag 162. BEITILENY1, Anna, dr.; FV.IOCSAY, Dezso, dr.; G4'V,,'GUS:;, Pal, dr. , ifj. Ultrasonic treatment of vitreal opacities. Orv. hetil. 103 no.40: 188'7--1889 7 0 162. i. Budapesti Orvo5tud(xnanyi Egyetem, II. SzemvszAi Klinika ea 1. Ifoi Klinika. (ULTRASOIRIC TIEWY) (VITLIMS BODY) GREGUSS, Pal, dr. woofteasiawsmW Acoustics and technology* Teohnika 7 no*4*.6-7 Ap 163, GftEGUSS, Pal, dr. Sining crystals. Technika 7 no.12t8--'i D 163. GPXGUSSO P*29 dr. Technical and physiological condiii0fid of constructing buildings and cities on the moon, Technika 7 no.70-9 J1 163o GREGUSS, Pal, dr. Technology in criminal investigation. Technika 7 no. 9:8-9 s 63. GREGUSS, Pal, dr. Diagnosis by ultrasonic waves. Technika 8 no..6: 8-9 Je 164. GREGUSS, Pal, dro A world-famed small factory; a visit to the Bruel & Kjaer fi=* Teabn4k~ 7 no,1:3 A 963, R1 N' 3 A i;rl 2 11 1 TtkND3TE'!N, Laszlo, Or, _rK.~ BUSS ~Sandor~ Jr. LITIXA1,1141, Lmre, Dr, IMATE, Karoly, Dr; Capital City Council Executive Corrmittee Tetenyi Ave. Hospital, I. Sur- gical, Neurological and III, Medical Ward-, (Fovarosi Tanacs VB. [Vegrehajto Bizottsag] Tetenyi Uti Korhaz, I. Sebeszet, Idegosztaly es Iiii. Belosztaly'). "Organic Hyperinsulinism Diagnosed as Epilepsy for Several Years (Pancreatic Islet-Cell Adenoma)." Budapest, Orvosi Hetila2, Vol 104, No 30, 28 July 6), pages 1416-1418. Abstract: [Authors' Hungarian sumriary) The Authors report a case of organic hype rins ul In isin which, for years, has been diagnosed 'as epilepsy, The hyperinsulinism resulted from a plum-sized Islet-cell adenoma located in the head of the pancreas. After removal of the adenoma, the blood sugar level became nonnal and the patientwas completely cured. In addition to the pre- sentation of the case, the authors discuss the causes, symptoms, course of organic hyperinsulinism and the dangers of faulty diagnosis. The importance of early diagnosis is stressed. The only course of thempy 15 surgical re- moval. 3 Hungarian, 15 Western references. 1/1 GREICIUS, Zeronas, inzb.; PUODZIUKYNASS, Leonas, Inzh.; ,='I 0., red. (Technical norms and estimates in the construction industry] Techninis normavUms ir samatos otaixhoje. Vilnius, Valstybine politines ir mokshnej lit-ros leidykla. 1964. 306 p. 0-1111'.A 18:1) PA 162T106 RUMANIA/Radio - Receivers Mar/Apr 50 Printed Circuits "Mass Production of Radio Receivers," Ig. M. Greif, Engr "Electricitatea" No 2y PP 71-73 General introduction of radio receivers requires great reduction in purchase price embodying new meth- ods of more efficient and cheaper production. Greif describes circuits printed on ceramic plates. Claims -this method ic new lWovezent, on printed cir- cuits. 162!P106 OUIV, S;MORO. X.. The Houssay phenomenon in diabetes mellitus. Klin. Mad.. Wien 5 no.7:304-312 July 1950. (CLKL 20:1) 1. Of the Second Medical Department of the ReCional Hospital in Gras (Head-Docent Stefan Greif, M. D.). GREIF, S.; WEIMIG, F. Cobalt, blood regeneration and the treatment of anemia. Wien. klin. Wachr. 63 noso35-36:657-659 7 Sept 1951. (CLML 21:1) 1. Of the Second Medical Department of the Regional Hospital in Graz (Head -- Docent St. Greif, M.D.). GREIFOVA, V.; POLASKOVAp V,; WOLFOVA, H. Thoracic injuries in fatal traffic accidents. Acta chir. orthop. traum. cech. 30 no.3:197-202 Je 163. 1. Ust&v pro soudni lakarstvi fakulty vseobeeneho lekaretvi KU v Praze, prednonta doc. dr. J. Tesar, CSc. (THORACIC INJURIES) (ACCIDENTS, TRAFFIC) ( ALC OROLIC INTOXICATION) (BLOOD cmmim ANALYSIS) (STATISTICS) L 4 1 4 1 A 4 ki it 12 _4 iA ft iL 5 F& Ta a f 1! i-, 'j z 7 A I L bi M.K. ft of Im"Milth of AmerM " Wd manuma (In H i us to TbWr A ) EL A l U um Im 1f A oo D l (W an. . to -Y -21 ldi Y D 96 t ogemm e o e . #e. nc , . "0v ahod developed for extimatiniC 00 air. of spot welds in shewt Mort , from Imth Wdea. usin W1 I ~ in. *fare of electrodes. It won . i that c1larmter of the tons of Irri. dt lit t oc nce may serve an of y Pe ?ua index. winwhout-out or nm~ Molar Irridowent monos Indlenting Incor- 041 13 rvct hoot rvlpam during wpldinir. iK9. X3. CN) %L OTIL LU~GMAL LITFRAIL-4t CLASSIPICATIC. ISP PF D, P110.H Kit OEM K it 21 o ojo 0 0 goo 0900 goo * 0. -An- -LS -rw 0 96 9 a G 3 6 T Lo A I b 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 z r 7 7 T 7 W T IT - - - W Z V W W P . vi age goo see Cos 44141 Noe too GRYILI, Ye.A.; TJnYF.ML'SKIY, Y.N.; XJffUKOV, V.L., redaktor; MUSH- .'WiML.P., rodaktor; PAMSIMO, Te.I., tokhnicheskiy radaktor [Cold welding of cast Iron] Kholodnain avarka chuguna. Moskva. Gos.lzd-yo selkhom.lit-ry, 1955. 46 p. (MLRA 8:10) (Cast irnn--Welding) GREINAR, A. ~-- Hypotensive effect of Viscum album. Orv. hetil. 94 no. 3:80-81 18 Jan 1953. (CIJ4L 24:1) 1. Doctor. 2. Internal Department (Head Physician -- Dr. Antal Grainer), Sopron Municipal Council Hospital. GREINER. Antal, dr.,; BRMM, Forenc, dr.,; HAMBALGO, Gyor&v, dr. Diagnostic value of pain caused by alcohol consumption in Hodgkinis disease. Orv. hetil. 97 no.21:583-584 20 Mar 56. 1. A Sopron Varosi Tanace Korhaza Belosz. (igaz.-foarvoo: Greiner Antal dr.) kozl. (HOMINIS DISR&SX. manifest. pain caused by alcohol consumption. diag. value (Hun)) (ALCOHOLIC BITIRAGBS. off. pain in HodgkinIs die., diag. value (Hun)) (PAIII caused by alcohol consumption in Hodgkin's die.. diag. value (Hun)) I GREINERp H., inz-, - ------- - -1--.- 1 Limits of manufacture and application of plastic materials components in the construction of precision and optical equipment. Pomiary 8 no.4; 174-180 Ap 162 GREINER, I.S. - k*iw'l) i~myp A case r## unAuccem-ful smanpox prevention v-1=ination. arv. hetil. 94 no.21:576-5?9 24 May 1953- (CIML 25:1) 1. DWtff. 2. BU&qmt- WMICIpal f3th Dis?.'rl,;t Coumil 13/1 Womme Institato. GENIMM, Iron 6 --, -dr* Varicells coo@@ in a day nursery. Orv. hatil. 98 no.16: 405-W7 21 Apr 57. 1. A Budapeatt VIII. ker Tanacs V. B. 2. oz. Cosessmootthons VIII. Kerepent ut 33. I.. (CHICIBMX. epidemiol. in Hungary, epidemic in a day nursery (Hun)) S. qN1UA,-Ir-en dr.; KENWI, Istvanne, dr.; F. KEREKES, Emilia, dr. Nutrition of newborn iafmts using Moll's calcium milk. Gyermekgyogyaszat 14 no.1:2&-31 Ja 162. 1. A Budapesti VIII. ker. Tanacs VB. 2. sz. Csecsemootthona, VIII., Kerepeo'L ut 33. (Tatezeti igazgato: S.' Greiner Iren dr.)kozlemenyo. (RICKETS) (ANDROGENS) (STEROIDS) (INFANT NUTRITION DISORDERS) GRE PT~,-R) J. I From the practice of an instructor pilot, p. 122 REIFULES, (Magyar Onkentes Honvedelmi Szovetseg) Budapest., Vol. 8., No. 11., June 1955 SOURCE: East-European Accessions Litt (EEAL) Library of Congress, Vol,45., No. 12, December 193% AO r- /r "Do SZONDT, Istvan, ~Ir; VAJDA, Laszlo. dr; GREIM, Jozeef, dr Application of acrylic resins in prostheses in dental practice. Yogory. szemle 47 no.7:209-217 July 54. 1. Kozlemeny a Fogorwosi Tovabbkepzo Intezetbol (Yezeto foorros: Kende Janos dr.) (ACRTLIC RESINS. (DENTAL PROSTHESIS, dent. prosthesis) acrylic) GSORBA,Iajos,dr.; SCHKHZR,&a,dr.; qpRfjjt,,Yeronika,dr. General and local anesthesia in pulmomary surgery. Orv. hetil. 101 no.18:622-626 1 Yv 160. 1. Orazagoo Koranyi. The. Inteset, Sebeszeti, Osztaly. (WNG surg. ) (ANIISTHINSIL IDGAL) (ANESTHIOU GMERAL) GREJCZ B. "Leveling and telecommunication measurements in interurban stations." P. 18 (Tele-Radio) Vol. 3, no. 1, Jan. 1958 Warsaw, Poland SO: Monthly Tndex of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC. Vol. 7, no. 4, April 1958 3/1^4/62/000/002/0-ii/096 D230/D301 AUTHOR Grejcz, Boles-lay TITLE:': Long-distance communication network in Poland PERIODIC,A.L: Referativnyy zhurnal, Avtomatika i rad-Joelektronika, no. 2, 1962, abstract 2-8-1a (Wiadom. telekomun., 1961, 1, no. 1, 16-26) TE-MT: short historical review is given of t-lie long-distance com- C? mun~ca'ion netvrork in Poland, emphasizing i's rapid growth in re- U cent years, particularly in the field of telephonic communication. 12he trunk network employs loaded cable lines, single and twin-cable C. lines with unloaded pairs, overhead cables, coaxial cables and ra- twists W4 dio lillks. The loaded cable lines employ spiral U Lth core 4 d iameters of 1.2 and 0.9 ram. Old-type 32 1.f. amplifiers and uni- versal ampli.-Ciers of the new type U-1 and U-2 are used in this trunk service. Single-cable lines with unloaded pairs are used in conjunc- tion with h.f. apparatus type PIF-8 or Z8/Vl6. It is intended, in -the near future, to use these cables on a double-band apparatus Card 1/2 S/194/62/000/002/091/096 Long-distance communication ... D230/D301 type TN'12/24 (Poland), in the operating bandB 6 - 214 and 60 to 108 kc/s. Twin-cable, 1.2 mm dia. lines with unloaded pairS are used on 12- and 24-channel h.f. systems of the type V-12', TF-941 (GDR), zl~-24 (USS~'H) and also 1EE-16 and U-12 made by Siemens (FRG). 1*ork is be4n,~- done in conjunction with the domestic 112-channel h..'L'. appara- tus type AT-12 (operating frequency band 12 to 60 kc/s). The con- struction of the overhead lines will be considerably limited in the .Luture. Color circuits are used on single and twin-wire lines (Cu, C> 3 mm dia.). Steel circuits D Lind 4 mm dia.) comprise 305 of total circuits. Overhead circuits employ single-chan-nell apparatus made at home and by the Tesla firm (CSR); in addition, the multi-channel equipment used are theBS07,3, SOS/SOT, DIC-8 arid MG-115 types. Be- tween 1961 and 1965 it is planned to use multi-channel systems on coaxial and symmetric cables and to use cable lines on short links. It is intended employing 1920 and 300-channel h.f. systems on co- axial lines and 12- to 24-channel systems on symmetric cables. The. main trend in the development of the telephone communication is the realization of symmetric trunking without loading, and application -of the equipment to d.c. /,~bstracterls note: Complete translation- L U Card 2/2 GREJCZ., Boleslaw., mgr inz. Works of Study Comission IV Teleplione Comittee (CCITT) network. Przegl telekom 34 of the International Telegraph and on maintenance of the teletransmission no.9:273-2-76 S 161. GRE,JCZ Boleslaw r inzo ~D, e B g Protection of cables from-corrosion; works of Study Commission VI of the International Telegraph &ad Telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT). Przegl telekom. 34 no.9:277 S 761. TAVITSKIY, Y&.B,.; MASKIN, M.T.; GRIGORITAV, G.I.; SHKIDT, A.K.; GRZ* A.1, For radical changee to improve coal quality standards, Ugoll 32 no,10: 44-45 0 157. (MIRA 10:11) (Coal--Grading) .- ACC NR, AP7006064 SOURCE CODEs UR/0251/66/042/001/0011ioO~q AUTHORt ORG: Ivari~W~-Cfiemical Technological Institute (Ivanovskiy khimiko- tekhnologicheakly Institut) TTTLE: Regular polyhedra on surfaces with an outer choracteristic ofx- - 4 buUK": AN GruzSSR. Soobshchenlyn, v. 42, no. 1, 1966, 11-15 TOPIC TAGS: solid geometryq Euler equation SUB CODEs 12.. ,,ABSTRACTi An article by V. A. REFREMOVICH gave a simple definition of a loisi-*_, ,ly regular polyhedron of local type m) plotted on a surface and showed that' 'on a closed-surface of negative Xharacteristic there exists a finite number of i aocally regular and "completely" regular polyhedra. The author of the present article previously showed that there are no .completely regular polyhedra on a surface with 0(~- 0(l + V(2 1 but that i completely regular polyhedra exist on surfaces with 2 or 3. The .present article enumerates all the completely regular polyhedra on surfaces with: -;- - 4, both in the orientable case (triple torus) and in the non-ortentable case. The authos notes that in finding the regular polyhedra he used the results and methods given by him in an earlier article, and therefore no proof Is given in the present article. There was found to be 17 polyhedra on surfaces with :*X 4 in the orientable case and 6 volvhedra In the non-orientable case.-.-.-.-J Card C-C -R R-,A-, 7-0 0-6 0 6 This paper was presented by Academician Go S Chogoshvill on 15 March 1965. Orig. art. hast I figure and 8 formulas. rJFRSt 37,33g 7. Card 2/2 GREK., A.S. Regular polyhedra on a closed surface with the iatic X = -1. Trudy Hat. inst. AN Gruz. SSR ,60. (Polyhedra) (Topology) gular character- 271103-112 (WRA 15:3) GRMI A.%. ill -111-3 ,gular po)yhedra of simple krylorbolic type. U-h.zar,." r,gun,pod. inpt-, 34327~-30 164a (MI-RA 18!4) GREK, A.V., starshiy nauchnyy notradnik. t~- ~"J r:I ~ Necessity of coal classification by size, Standartizatsila no*3:41-45 MY-Je 154. (NMA 7:6) 1. Nachalinik otdola standartizataii VNII ugloobogeshchaniya. (Coal--Standards) . I KHARITOIIGV,S.I.; SHTUMPF,A.G.; GRAK.A.V.; TSYMBALYUK,A.G.; KAZNPCHKM , I.K.; BOGACHEVA,A.G. Response to V.D.Avramenko's article "For a fundamental change in the system of standardizing the quality of coal" ("Ugoll" no.2. 1955). Ugol' 30 no.9:43-45 S'55. (MLRA 8:12) 1. Trest Molotayugoll kombinata-Kuzbassugoll (for Kheritonav) 2i Shakhts. 'Knpitaltnaya-l" tresta. Molotovugoll (for Shtumpf) 3. Nachallnik Otdela standartizataii Vseaoy-uznogo nauchno- iaBledovatellskogo instituta. Ugleobognshcheniya (for j"ek) 4. Toplivnaya inspektBiya M.P.S. po Huzbassu OSibtra_n_st-6p"(f or TSymbalyuk and Yaznacheyev) 5. Nachallnik Otdela tekhnicheakogo kontrolyn shakhty no.4 "Yurkovskayal (for Bogncheva) (Coal--Standards) (Avramenko,F.D.) GUM. A.V., iia.4. Basic -principles for astablishing a of coals. Sbor. inform. po obo---. i brik. ugl. no-3:36-~-c 15-(. WIRA 1-2-:9) (Coal grading) GREK, A.V., ekonomist; KOZKO, A.I., inah. The Scientific Research Institute of Coal Preparation is the basic organization for coal standardization. Obog.i brik. ugl. no.21: 141-148 161. OURA 16:5) (Coal preparation) (Coal standards) GREK, F.Z.; KISELINIKOV, V.N. Determination of the porosity of fb-ddizatiorl systems using the acoustic method. Izv.vya.ucheb.zav.;khim.i khim.tekh. 6 no.4:659- 667 163. (MIRA 17-2) 1. Ivanovskiy khimiko-tekhnologicheskiy institut. Kafedra protsessov i apparatov khimicheskoy tekhnologii. ---GBZK,. F.Z.; KlSELINIKOV, V.N. Viscosity of the fluidized bed. Zhur.prikl.khim. 35 no.10i 2235-2241 0 162. (MIRA 15312) 1. Kafedra protsessov i apparatov Ivanovskogo khimiko-tekhnologL- cheskogo institute. (Fluidization) (Viscositi) GREK, F. Z.; KISELNIKOV, V. N. "Apparent viscosity offluidized bed as a measure of its aggregation." report submitted for 2nd All-Union Conf on Heat & Mass Transfer, Minsk, 4-12 may 1964. Ivanov Chemical Technology Inst. W.0 0 a * 0 * 0 q o a 6 I I I - 1 4 1 A t m 11 u is u is is it 0 it wwwwwww--71 - u ti Of a a V -W - P -*- .. -- 7.-- *" A ra L, a 9 A, a A a I a A I -A~ 4 jwp"'Cqrsl , ~ ..0 ..0 ~ - - 5#15 AL see - O9& a r 00 fj" on" bw fw ' l WM6 .00 goa woo a . 00 0 a i; wo swa" to die 4f WAWM NbA SPOM" 400 low "a - -000 o: w _ffteur"I'll. 0 b woo e Of v pm Ora* I :06 00 IL U., woo ~41ALL~44 WIS AIMPI CLAIWOCATIN see Blow sl~vsiv woo %slow cm. Obt - &O'ge, do VA. at 00, AV T AR IL I a ad 0 0 9 '1 1 ao 3--ev 1 9 0 0 0000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Olt 0 0 03.1 )JAI$ lifflujim wild VIP "Allift n)sa bj7x)f rill 12 u 14 is b v is it AD &I A: a 41 G.E* p It L -a -1 -2 9 ala -f 1.1L k Ist ~O-J.O C.Ofps A?l -00 -so .00 00 JW. amok%* Ed =&I& d ftw~i; 04 @am a ft h4pow dwas" psman of 00 &&,.goo; 0. T. An Phm, 1. N. OW. a. U~ -04 )" akdoom is 8" " a epw 41 of a wow go secom - 8 Orda aw as t PONWbb ~ athulK wakka dwwWkdn of *a abob egam (op MV) for W Am tdWa of do apmeft awau a *A ma Nb)% md aloft dauludwim a F. M. coo -09 '00 AS-SLA "TALLURGICAL LiTtRATIAt CLASSWOCATICU .10 goo) -it (P., U.E .1,111 C.E 4.1 111 U a twmaill, a ew a - 1 Aw &I I a a 3 9 9 low,- 0 0 e 34 0 *0 0 0 0 0 USSR/Electric#y -_Relay Protection Aug 51 Transformers,, Instrument "Determination of the Optimum Parameter *s for Past-Saturation Current Transformers Used in Relay Proteftion.,-' ' Docent V. L. Fabrikant, 0. T. Grek, E'ngr, Moscov "Elektricbistvo" No 8, PP 30-37 Gives method of dotg the optimm parameters of faet-satn current transformers used in protective relaying by tests vith dc magnetization. Deter- mines optimm parawters for transformer steel., high-permeability cold-rolled steel, and permalloy. Submitted 20 Jan-51. 196?26 qRE -,T.,.Inxh. (Moskva) - X" _ High-opeed differential relay protection using semiconductors. Blektrichostvo no.3:14-2o wr 16o. (MIU 13:6) (Blectric relays) (Electric protection) I DIIG',"V"V', Ai.eksandr D.,nitriyevioli; GHEK, G,T.., irizh.. red. [Electric circuits -with ferrornagmeti,,; cof-es in reira", protection] ElektriAeakie tsepl s ferromnrnitunyml, serdechnikaml v reieinol zashchltle. '-!osk-va, Fnerglia. 1965. 239 P. 18:2) GREK, Ivan torias; survey oC 1963 Waste water from aellulose and Paper fac literature. Papir a colulosa 79 no.12;122-32-1+ D I" 1. Research Institute of Paper and Cellulose, Worksite Prague. GREK I . =i:j-- Development of the fat industry in Slovakia. p-~ 117 ~ol. 6, no. 3, 1955 PRU14YSL 1 OTRAVIN Praha SOURCE: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL), LC, VOL, 5, no. 3 "arrh 1~5~ GRZKY N. V., ekonomist Basic r-equirements for ftel sampling and sample processing fbachines. Obog. i brik. ugl. no.243-45-48 162, (MIRA 15:10) (yuel-Analysia) (Testing machines-Standards) CrEUMAIT, Mr,; B,-,E-qlSRp P,,I,; RUZIN, B.N.; GR!"K. N.V.; SITWELEVA, N.S.; JA E I ~ J, A ~ A . Mew method for the automatic microdetermination of carbon and hydrogen In organic compryunds. Dokl. AN SSSR 161 no.1:107-110 Rr '65, (MIRA 18:3) 1. InsLitut elementoorgunicheskikh soyedineniy AN SSSR I Spetsiall- noya konstruktorskoye byuro analltichoskogo priborostroyeniya AN S.SSR. Submitted july 129, 1964. GRM, I .-F, Data on the characteristics of the anti-inflam-tory effect of oulfa,- pyridine. Farm.i toks. 16 no.6:31-37 N-D '5). (WaRA 7.-1) (Sulfapyridine) 7' "Data nri th,~- CornavatLv,~ Characteri5tics of the ADti.-I-iflam-Atoz7r of Siilfid-np, :~yrarnl.-Jon, and Ascorbic :-,cL,-] in Thnmal luirns." Irml '.ed "ci, . I '-edical Aca,lcv~v, ,~oninj~rad, 1954- ( I ZI, 1 F i o 1 , ~'o 4 , F - 1, 5 5 ava A~l R 2 SO: Sum. 'lo. 631, 216 All~- 55 - Surv--y of Scientific and Dissell-tations A-~fe-ided at Itligher -Educational insti-tutlons (V!) "The Influence of Pentoxyl on the Course of Radiation Sickness in White Mice," by I. F. Grekh, Chair of Pharmacology (Prof N. V. Lazarev, chief --ffo-nored Scientific Worker), NavaL Medi- cal Academy, Meditsinskaya Radiologiya, Vol 1, No 5, Sep-Oct 56, pp 51-55 White mice were irradiated by 800 r, 1036 r, and 633 r. and then treated by pentoxyl. Series 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the experiments proved that treatment with pentoxyl and isotonic salt solution prolonged the life of the mice and there was a greater survival from radiation- sick- ness. Results proved, also, that the effect was more pronounced if treats ment was started immediately after irradiation. Series 5 of these experi- ments combined pentoxyl with chemotherapeutic agents, and the results proved that pentoxyl was most effective when combined with streptomycin or streptomycin combined with penicillin. Experimental results coincided with clinical observations which re- flected a decrease in the severity of radiation sickness due to pentoxyl or pentoxyl combined with chemotherapeutic agents. The author concludes that pentoxyl increases the effectiveness of chemotherapeutic agents in radiation sickness and evidently in other sicknesses in which infection plays an important role. GREX1. I.F. (Leningrad) -..- Protective effect of certain pyrimidine derivatives agains X rays in white mice. Ned.rqdl 3 no.6:67 N-D 153- (MIRA 12:1) (PYRIMIDINE) (RADIATION FROTECTION) GFIMi. I.7. (Leningrad) Combined treatment of radiation sickness In white mice. Ked.rad. 3 no.6:6S N-D 158. (MMA 12: 1) (RADIATION SICBESS) LkZAJIEV, II.V., prof., zasl.dqatel' nanki RSFSR; GREKH, I.F.. (Leningrad) Pyrimidines and'~herapy. Vrach.delo no.2:113-118 F '59. NiRA 12:6) 1. Kafedra farmakologil, farmateft i farmakognozil (zav. - zasi.dayatell nauki RSF,%I. prof.I.I.V.Lazarev) Voyenno-meditsin- skoy almdemii imeni S.M.Kirova. (PTRIHIDINES-THERAPHUTIC USE) Potentiation of the therapeutic effort of chlortetracycline by certain pyrimidino derivatives. Antibiotlkl 4 no-3:90-94 My-je 159. (MIRA 12:9) 1. Kafodra farmukologii, farmatsit I farmalcognozit (nach. - prof.lT.V.Lazarev) Voyenno-moditainakoy ordena Imenina akademil. ineni. 3.11-Kirova. (ILUMITGHN R&YS, off. off. of chlortetracycline potentiated by pyrimidine deriv. on radiation sickness (Rua)) (CHLORTETRACYCLINN. eff. on exper. radiation sickness, potentiation by pyrimidine deriv. (Rue)) (F M MIDINNS, off. on exper. radiation sickness, potentiation of chlortetracycline (Rua)) GRE10, I -F,, dotsent ---l-!' ~ ~-7,- - Conforonce on adaptive reactions and methods for increasing the resistance of the body. no.5:93-95 lkV '59. (MIRA 12:8) ( IMMUNITY) - _~ningrad) Effect of certain drugs on blood aspiration from the pleural cavity in rabbits. Pat. fiziol. i eskp. terap. 4 no. 6:53-57 N-D 160. (MIRA 14:2) 1. Iz kafedry farmakologii i farmakognozii (zav. - zasluzhennyy deyatell nauki prof. N.Y. Lazarev) Voyemo-meditginskoy ordena Lenir- akademii imeni. S*K.-Kirova. (M40THORAX) .0, 9 RE, K11, I. F. Conference on the regulation of inflammatory and regenerative processes Farm.i toks. 23 no.4:370-372 J-1-Ag '60. (MIRA 14;3) 4NE"IATION) (REGENERATION (BIOLOGY)) UZAnT, N.V.; a A!F~. X.F. Conference on the problem of accommodation reactions and methods for Increasing the resistance of the organism to unfavorable Influences. Zhur.mIkrobIol.*pid.I isman. 31 no.lo156-158 J& 16o. (KIRA 13:5) (ADMATION (BIMWY)) ABR,k-:70VA, Zh.I., kand. ried. nauk; ANICHKOV, S.V., prof.; BEELET."KIY, M.L., prof.; VALIDEAll, A.V., doktor med. nauk: VEDOEYIEVA, Z.1. ka . nd red. nauk; VINOGRADOV, V.M., kand. med. nauk; GFIRSHA1,11OVIGH, M.L., kand. med. nauk; GIVETSR'SKIY, A.G., prof.; GO.Ii3OVITSKU, S.Ye., prof.; GRE:01KINA, M.A., dotsent; qi~Elg dots.; DEVIISEICO, P.P., kand. med. nauk, DIYACIOEO, P.K., kand. med. nauk; ZHESITANIKOV, V.D., kand. med. naWc; ZAUGOLIFIKOV, S.D., prcf.; ZMIIALO, E.V.p kand. red. nauk; ISKAREV, N.A., kand. med. nauk.; KARASIK, WA., prof.; KM40) G.ya., kand. med. nauk, KOZLOV, O.D., kand. med. nauk; KROTOV, A.I., doktor vetor. nauk; KUDRIN, AJI.,, doktor med. nauk; LAm'I'V,N.V... prof.; LAPIV, I.P., kand. med. nauk; ~EWNIKOVA, V.P., prof.; MESIICMMSKAYA, K.A., prof.; MI199,11SON, 141.Ya., prof.; I-IOSHKOVSKIYp Sh.D., prof.; PADEYSKAYA, Ye.B.., kand. med. nauk; PARIBOK, V.P.,, prof.; PERSHIII, G.U., prof.; FIXIELIYES, lgi.Kh., prof.; POVOI-IjUW, G.A., prof.; POSKALaKO, AJI., kand. med. nauk; I-THB!, Ye.A..' ~dots.; HOZOVSKAYA, Ye.S., dots.; RYBOLOVIEV, R.S., starshiy nauchxyy sotr.; SALYAMON, L.S., kand. med. nauk; SAFTtAZBEKYld', R.R., kand. biol. nauk; TIUNOVJ, L.A., kand. med. nauk; TOMILITIA, T.11.,, dots.; FELISTLOVIGH, G.I., kand. med. nauk; FRUYENTOV, N.K., kand. med. nauk; KIIAUNIIIA, R.A., kand. med. nauk; TSYGAVOV, S.V., prof. (deceased]; GHMMS, A.I., prof.,- (Gontinued on next card) ABRX-IOVA, Zh.l..-(continued) Card 2. CHERPOVI V.A., doktor med. nauk; SHADUUSKIY, K,S,, prof.,- YAKOVIEV, V.Ya., doktor Ithim. nauk; WkSHKOVSKIY, I.I.D., red.; NIKOLAYEVA, M.M., red.; RUIEVA, M.S., tekhn. red.; CHUDAYIEVA, Z.V., tekhn. red. (Manual on pharmacology] Rukovodstvo po fa=Arcologii. Leningrad, Hedgiz. Vol.2. 1961. 503 P. (MIRA 15:1) 1. Deystvitellr*ry chlen Akademii ineditsinskikii nauk SSSR (for Anichkov, Karasik, Chorkes). 2. Chlen-korrespondent Akademii r*di- tsinskikh nauk SSSR (for Belenlkiy, Ginetsinskty, Moshkovokiy, Planellyes). (PHAiIIAGOLOGY) I GREKHJ, I.F.; BOGNIBOV, Ye.A. Method of determining pepsinogen (uropepsinagen). Lab. delo 7 no.5:16-17 14Y 161. (MIRA 14:5) 1. Kliniko-diagnostichaskaya laboratoriya-(zav. - dotsent I.F. Grekh) Instituta onkologii AMN SSSR, Leningrad. (PETSINOqEN) GREKH 7 I.F~ J. dotsent, (Leningrad) Conferonce on the problem of the medieal use of pyrimidine derivatives (January 20 -, 22.. 1961 in ltastov-on-Don) . Kaz. mod. zhur, no.5:92..93 S-;O 161~ (KIRA 15-3) (PYRTIIIDINE) GREKH. I.F.- Comparative evaluation -of the determination of the blood coagulation rate according to the methods of Bazaron and Sukharev. Lab.delo 7 no.7:28-31 J1 161. (MIRA 14:6) 1. Kliniko-diagnostichoskaya laboratoriya (zav. - dotsent I.F.Grekh) Instituta onkologii At-IN SSSR., Leningrad. (BLOOD-COAGUIATION) GREKH, I.F.; BOGNIBOV, Ye.A. Method for determining calcium in the blood plasma by means of flame photometry. Lab.delo 8 no.8:15-18 Ag 162. (MIRA 15:9) 1. Kliniko-diagnosticheskaya laboratoriya (zav. - dotsent I.F. Grekh) Instituta onkologii (dir. - deystvitellnyy chlen AMN SSSR prof. A.I.Serebrov) AMN SSSR, Leningrad. (CALCIUM IN THE BODY) (FLAME PHOTOMETRY) LP -, G GRP,'KHP FOGNIBOV, ye.A. Evaluation of the Jncretoz- IL y activity of the stomach and its imporL&nce In the diagnosis of malignant neoplasms. Vop. onk. 8 no.9s68-75 162. (MIRA 17x6) 1. 1z kliniko-diagnosticheskoy laboratori.4 (zav.- dotsent I.F. Grekh) Institutu onkologit AMN SSSR (dir.-deyatvitellnyy ch-len AMN SSSR, prof. M. Serebrov). Adres avtorov,, Leningrad, P-129 2-ya Berezovays alleye, 3, Institut onkologil. AEU SSSR. GREKH, I.F. Conference on the Problem of Medical use of PIrimidine Derivatives. 25 no.5:151-153 My t62. (MIRA 15:8) (PYRIMIDINE) GREKH, I.F.; TURBINA, I.L.; KARLINSKAYA, R.S. Effect of some pyramidine derivatives on the toxic and antinec- plastic action of sarcolysine. Vop. onk. 9 no.8#41-48 163 (MIRA 17 94) 1. Iz laboratorii eksperimentallnoy onkologii ( zav. - za- sluzhermyy deyatell nauki prof. N.V. Lazare'v) i kliniko-diag- nosticheakoy laboratorii ( zav. - dotsent I.F. Grekh) Institu- ta onkologii AMN SSSR ( direktor - deystvitellnyy chlen AMN SSSR prof. A.I. Serebrov). Adres avtorovt Leningrad, P-129, 2-ya Berezovaya alle-ya, 39 Institut onkologii AMU SSSR. I.F.- KARLINSKAYA, R.S.; TURBINA, I.L. Effect of some py-rimidine derivatives on the metastasis of inoculated SSK sarcoma in rats. Vop. onk. 9 no.9:23-2? 163. (MIRA 17:9) 1. Iz laboratorii eksperimentallnoy onkologii (zav... zaaluzhennyy deyatell nauki prof. N.V. Lazarev) i kliniko-diagnosticheskoy laboratorii (zav.- dotsent I.F. Grekh) Instituta onkologii AMU SSSR (dir.- deystvitelInyy chlen AMN SSSR prof. A.1. Serebrov). Adres avtorovi Leningrad, P-129, 2-ya Blarezovaya alleYa, 3, Institut onkologii AMN SSSR. IREKH.-I.F.; ZELIDOVICH, D.R.; HOGNIHOV, Ye.1%. Effect of radiotherapy on the content of some electrolytes in erythrocytes, blood plasma and urine of patients with cancer of the cervix uterl. Mod. rad. 9 no.2:52-56 F 164. (M1RA 17:9) 1. 3-ye khirurgicheBkoye otdeleniye (zav.- prof. V.P. Tobilevich) i kliniko-diagnosticheakaya laboratoriya (zuv.- dotsent I.F. GrGkh) 1nstituta onkologii, AMN ;.IZR. GREKH, I.F.; KARLINSKAYA, R.S.; TURMINA, I.L. Effect of some pyrimidine derivatives on the metast~_qis of transplantable SSK rat sarcoma. Vop. onk. 10 no.2:9P,105 164. (MIRA 17: 7) 1. Iz laboratoril eksperimentallnoy onkologil (zav. -zasIuzhenryy deyatell nauk-i prof. N.V. Lazarev) i k-lirii.ko-.,iiagriostii--iitskoy laboratoril (zav.- dotsent I.F. Grekh) InstiLuta onkologii AMN SSSR (dir. - daystvitellnyy chlen M-111 SSSR prof. A.1. Serebrov). Adres avtorov: Leningrad, P-129, 2-ya Borezovaya alloya, Institut onkologil AMN SSSR. GREHH, I.F., dotsent Conference on the use of pyrimidine derivatives in oncology and other branches of mediiine. Vop. onk. 10 no.4:112-:U4 164. (MIRA 17:11) GREKIIJI I F.. (Leningrad, K-156, B. Osipovskayn ul., d.6, kv.22); KARLINSKAYA, R.S.; TURBINA, I.L. Results of the treatment of rats with transplanted SSK sarcoma with ThioTEPA associated wi',h some pyrimidine derivatives. Vop onk. 10 no.8!84-87 164. WIRA 18:3) 1. 1z laboratorii eksperimental-noy onkologil (zav. - zasluzhennyy deyatell nauki prof. N.V.Lazarev) i kliniko-.diagnosticheskoy laboratorii (zav. - dotsFn I.F.Grekh) Instituta onko*l gii A14N SSSR (dir. - deystvitellnyy chlen AMN SSSH prcf. A.I.Serebrov). GRY.Fill. .1 4' 1 f- '- I ~.()V ,T, I N y7 --tLa t- 1- ~, !'~ ~ TUN,~ INA,1 C-r;,eictllve protein In Ntnl,-.r. rorqplpi-m~i and cancer, T-~r,,. onk. 11 w,.7~-37-40 165. (WRA 181P) 1. 17 1,0firato-ril (zav.- dot,,80mt J.F., h Inatituta onkoloj,~i I-Mll !R (,ilr,-, dpYstvitellnyy rhlen MAN ;SSR prof. A.1. Svrely-ov';. GIMEal) 3.11., inzh.; GOLIDIII, G.B., inzh. Tubular joint for joining bundles of coiled strands and straight wire. Tranop. stroi. 14 no.4:50-51 Ap 164. (11-2pj- 17:9) 7 t GREM, V.D. Cost accounting In the Oil Field Adadnistration of the Dolina Petroleum Trust of the Lvov State Farm. Neft, I g97. prom, no.206-39 Ap-Je 164. (MIRA 1719) GREGMV. A.N. studying local agriculture as part of the course in economic geography .01 .SOR, Geog. v shkole 20 no.309-4o Ky-je '57. (MIRA 10W of th U.5 1. Boilshe-iiyuchishchenSkaya ahkola Ullyanovskoy oblasti. (Agriculture--study and tea'ching) (Geography. liconomic--Study and teaching) GIMHNIV, A.N. - 31kaursion as a method of reviewing material covered in geography. Geog.r shkole 23 no.2:61-63 mr-Ap 16o. (XIFA 13:6) 1. Bol'sh"1yuchishchensimys shicola, U11yanovskoy obl. (Ullranovsk Province-School excursions) (Geograpby-Study and teaching) W GREKHNEV A.N. ~ur'sioww for the study of the natural resources of a local province. Geog. v shkole 26 no.1:52-53 J&-F #63. (MIRA 16-.5) 1. Bollshek*ehishchenskaya arednyaya shkola U11yanovskoy oblasti. 1. (Geography, Economic--Study and teaching) (School excur*ions). -v W 9 0 We wv-vv-vw IV WWO-01111-0 - murEW-JR-mug Uwe WWWWWW-W--~ I I I I ) 0 1 1 1 Is 11 41 Is W Is 11 Is 091 )SO Zion mvilrolml) mu I'm am A& ail ar# m p 4 1 7 1, 1, f 11-1- 1 A AA a a 0 u 0 t A 11 It VOj#jWA"d_ of VmW p gam, of Isubamititi. N1. A. helokkof. Prow. 9. Sm 11, W411,411), "lrlh .1 (".1. 4. Thi Viiilitmr JOPP- still 00 all pf,-uft~ at zoo 1.,441 were used The Vitt- 00 01 -.j.(%Im% f~)*- I:lm*. 1.,Aj* will IKI.41 40 46 31 71; 2. :r-M.1 .,t -I,. A. A. P, 00 its, 0 00 1:800 00 i ;Im 0 moo 310 0 m4l*LLURGXAL UTERATIORN CLAMPICAY" I I --- oal u a Aw 43 It. 'Aft I ado 4 4 Nat ads is a It 0 It a No 111 1 N4 4116 'A oooooooooooooooooooos0000000*0000000::*Oooo~ 4)~oooooooooooooeoooooooo00,040000000000 660049, 0 00 0000*0*0000:0100000 Is 0 Q 93 so AT III I c a. I U1, "T ~4094 rt. it ti "OlIgNaMol) w1wamill IWA94"Iflea, fw*llf t on 0 00 ~; 1066 2 jutIdurca %g"L aAW2 Paimuk AIATMP POSIM"I -jbulvltuj3 1q3ll-j!a III Ul pawls Pull If 91 PJIFW si if. -%jq Z 1211f; -1 if ul Vfi-VW. ju mpot I'll1l '&14 VIM! JO) Oil ul (0NO:)) I)NIN %M ROM 0 I)JIVA!13W Nulwal Aq *pdaid Wash 11"AtWilla aU '81111111M .1illaff lvqm.~wcw aAux smomp naw wnuijido as"I jawn . .1 is so IsAlelva 3,0:) V -qd-- %L-W -1 PaIP- po dwas Imumm aqa at 900 'atual rwuj3ls3) qW. in SutpoodsaLma) IsAigm 3-IN %01-9 P" 1110- . 00 .4 04Z-V I lo --,-d aq I ul paonq p -p IAO *AaUlillabo 'V *M Pug OP"311t"I 'H 700 --I. v- 1-" -an SW p "p-pam *44M .11.1 ISM-. n m Im ,11II&JIL-2 0% 11 00 4 4 POKOWS me "Mollit$ weft Ad. A.,.Qgskb wv and 1. G. Fiv.1tevskii. j. M t m whok muctin m I & h SMOM fili Wthe a e s un r e g t th n tk tte of th atal Goa re. e c e " , p 00 Iflum It On Ise a the 2nd mW 3rd ordw. If at any a .. 1, pwt of The nK I= summ A :0 "C 4 sea 1 ,10mmemmit 41 the estafra (I. e.. it tbm is an so 0 d low WWK) OW the "Mr pan is in h th 3 ibk i A - . Go *0 GOA im ere am var ants. tWOM J po&s (wourve)l t (a) It A =) is very Smi. 1. e. A - A + C, meatim always wome the mu order. immi. (6) It the reaction A - H + C 3 Wy A VO - 11 + C. Whkh is a Ist- "M - 1 des 00. ml r nwi im A - 8 + C prm 1 Oft Tin commantl from A (rvomm" g W y ee A - 10 + C. whem the mte of famta. h i t b o m 1000 Go e react 0m a t m Oftm to w of m -rd I. Tbm Oapd. pan W the iev"damuou ctxl- i h C I I A O m" b *k * i 1109 w w menw t a o $ * v" of Wftt I v '140 team 0. 14. 1.6 am 6%) acvwd* to CiON110" - CmKwO + IN IN the Pm-- of CAO (as prommet) and gee syka. Tin "W*1 d drhydrormatim 6 ppnkw goo t t d A h t l d I d 1 h 19 kb I 10 e es t a wespo w m . OF t s Ift" ys % c l ~ W i h 5 d 0 f O 00 to 0 mww-= w w cala reaction o t an % o pt J&O 101-0 Wation. Tw"Wv "Oft-or". W. R. H. LURSKAL LOVINATIM1111 CLA"KATON goo Wo* gee too AW AM MAK AR - - K x jr X K mom - K X- x X 1IL g W W x %.Mwuu 7TT77rrTo f !1IJ1,111111 IIN "a A "-A I F 11 it J.-, b I L-L-AIL AX-WAL T 00 A _ - - -- W lwb~tmsvll by . M W milli M. A. I. I (A. 33, pfrIlIt. CIO ca rdfulyst 111114hir I,* OthydnWrIalk'll 4J It 4% ISO( "4%1'*%AfY tis tVIIkV It Ili It 11 411'"11l fordi'latV IWA141411 14t "dill fWkI* I~ uffIlArm to p(C.N.V 4" 0 act a The activit)f 'd O ""%d b g y v*ry anual *J4111M. Ili Olt4i ,4. 00- 00"I ASO~SLA 09 T #law 11,191jr. flow #0.94. Move -$ an MUM Clst 411AIJI 4.C Q- All so , ' , 4 ftd 0 - 0 1 N 0 0 A 0 'J I - a ll a a n p it a w a a .00 .04 .00 goo It 914 LL l1i Q,0;3,t_ V TIR 4_1 f viol IPA A NOW1011 b"00" &a Fels of C4410101k reAcda" Gad the W"Yst Vilod. %1, A. Onkbjwv mm) 1. 0 . the took ig ropts. withdrhydrip. rolackwo ut iw*mwr ~W uvv-r Cu-NI t jww, m l t . e a lru a w it *SO AbMM that With IM1990t ift the q0d"111V 4 AIGIAl"I umd The fwartimm tale 1~vaer% I., a thniting valise, 1wyuad whkb Ammems so lowwwwar 4 avisiowd. 11 Issulgrut"I that r" ortbe pf"t I" the catalym stru tua an me mul, of a -00 lro"MI last rm Orwrial of them see (1, M. K-w4di-O see 00 no* 00 woo As w** _u sa - Li-PL& - U ~2_ 120 NS 1 Iwo mail was", AF IQOJ .1, a.. If" I 0 ZOO 00 00 A*4000*40 00 0000000 a00000000000 0 0 040 a 0 0,00* 0 00*Go 0 0 * 4 0600 0 IS see*0 I T I -IL, ?#WIN tl* MfM M. ill I , J, A lu % m b ok 040 o 4 a s - I- - - +14 11:08 + a to i t 4 w0 jr/ tool 09 a 4 the I I so a to Ow PTO W? ohs cammift" Ism t 00 cu am lator 00 to the CM- Aftdft Os 41 Oda. to Val. Cis ode.. "dm~ 0.1% (ft wd. pws"Iq is the Initial 0 : : Aaml 0 0 OAS% ft We bdM 4110 kW 4kl%l wkb 1110 PF 04 moll l' f ftw C O I l el A am N ; p coo bw 0 so bmr oftedmAw 1% 0.1% 1b- 4-tL& NCTALLU"KAIL UYINATUff CLASWK&IM Its "Ve -09 I** %0 "0 lee too #410 lilt awvM -LM all ~4.* to 1~- I- TUC it Im -4 a 0 1 or Is 2 u a a A-1; sego 000