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GGREKOV, P. New possibilities for housing construction in Sofia. p. 28. (Tekhnika, Vol. 6., no. 1, 1957, Bulgaria) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL) LC, Vol. 6, no. 6, June 1957, Uncl. UIREKOV, P. , arl-hitaktor Housing construction in Bu34,,arian villagos. Zhil.stroi. no-9:30-32 159. (MIRil 13: 1) (Bulgaria-Architecture. Domestic) GREKOV, Pantelel, arkh.; ANASTASOV, Khristo, arkh. I Analysis of the dwellings in the new housing blocks of Sofia. Arkhitektura 8 no.9:15-22 161. SZMLIIIIKOV, G.S.; YEFIMEITKO, L.S.; SOIDVIYEV, V.K.; AZAROVA. Ye.I.; WMVICH, D.V. ;_GR=VT-P.-k, Crystallization of potassium salts from evaporating Yara-Bogas brine in lake No.5. Izv. AN Turk. SSR no.300-40 '58. (MIRA 11-9) leInatitut obehahey i neorganicheakoy khimii im. N.S. Kurnakova AN SSSR i Institut khimil AN Turkmenskoy SSR. (Kara-Bogaz-Gol (Gulf)-Potassium salts) J, SHNSTAKOV, V.V., podpolkovaik meditainskoy sluzhby; GRNKOV. P.M., mayor moditainBkoyaluzhby; DAVYDOVIGH. S .Yo., kat~a ~at m~;Xitsinskoy aluzhby; TISHCHINKO. A.I., starshiy leytenant meditsinskoy sluzhby Prevention and treatment of acute catarrh of the upper respiratory tract* Voene-med.zhur. no.8:79-81 Jig '57. (MIRA 10:12) (RNSPMATORY CRGANS--DISUSES) 357 AUTHORS: Grekov, P. N., Eng. and Gruzinov, V. K. Docent. (Urals F-olyteca- =ca Institute). TITLE: On the automation of horizontal distribution of burden in blast furnaces. (K avtomatizatsii gorizontallnogo raspredeleniya shikhty v domennykh pechakh). PERIODICAL: "Stallft (Steel), 1957, No.4, pp-300-304 (U.S.S.R.) ABSTRACT: The possibility of automising the operation of the burden distributor proposed by A. S. Ayukov is outlined. The above distributor (Fig.1) differs from the usual one in that it does not rotate, instead a rotating hopper with an exentric outlet is set over it (Fig.1). The proposed automation is based on impulses from a number of thermocouples placed on the periphery of the furnace throat. The electric circuit is described (Fig.2). The arrangement is such that ore charges are dropped on the zone of the hottest thermocouple and coke charge onto the coolest zone. Automation of the usual distributor is also possible, but the scheme in this case is more complicated as an automatic correction of displacement angle is required. The scheme proposed is explained. Thermocouples placed in the gas offtakes can also be used for the correction of the burden distribution. The method used in the Azovstall Works (not automatic) is described. There are 5 diagrams, 1 tables and 2 Russian references. GREKOV, P.N. Material and heat'ba-lances in the sintering process. Trudy Ural. politekh. inst. no.1095-17 160, (MIRA 14:3) (Sintering) ,_GREKOV, P.N.1 GRUZINOV, V.K.; KORNEV# V.K. Effect of small fractions on the resistance of the flow of gases. T2;udy Ural. politekh. inst. (Blast furnaces-~4rodynamics) charge materials to no-105-3o-36 16o. (MIRA 14:3) KOROTIORI V.T.~ PUZA11011, V.P.; GREKOV, P.N. Using Lbe suction method to e-valuate the pemeability to gas of a layer of granular ulaterials during sinter-ing. Izv.vys.ucheb. zav.; chern.met. 8 no.6.-22-26 165. (MIRA 18t8) 1. Ul-allskly politelchnichaskii, institut. GREKOV#,P.N.; GRUZINOV, V.K.; MAKHANEK, N.G. danges of friction forces in a layer of granular materials depending on the rate of gas flow through It. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; chern. met. 6 no.602-34 163. (MIRA 16:8) 1. Urallskiy politekhnicheakiy institut. (Granular mater4als) (Gas flow) GREKOV, P.N.; GRUZINOV, V.K. yo. ucheb. zav.; Conditions for the Sorting of urea. Izv. v- chern. met. 6 m.9:33-38 163. (MMA 16: 1. Ur&llskiy politalkbidcheskiy institut. GREKOV, P.N.; GRUZINOV, V.K. Perneability.110'spherical and irregularly shaped lump materials. Izv. vys. uch6b. zav.; chern. met. 6 no.10:1&21 163. (MIRA 16j12) 1. Urallskiy politekhnicheskiy institut. GREKOVp P.N. Determining dimensions of the and the value characterizing layer. Ijr. vys. ucheb. zav.; f63* layer of granular materials the rate of gas flow in the chern. met. 6 no.12:21-27 (MIRA 17:1) 1, Ural'skiy politekhnicheskiy institut. GREKOV, P.N.; GRUZINOV, V.K. Regularities of pressure of the charge mixture in blast furnaces. Stall 23 Ci.o. 24] UO-41301-302 Ap 164. (MIRA 17:8) 1. Ural'skiy politekhnicheskiy institut i Khimiko-metallurgi- cheskiy inatitut AN KazSSR. p"N' DrAcr-ninal-'nn of the apparent sp,-cif lc gr,,ivil,-.Y al, fire !an^:y mterial.l. Zav , lab. 30 nrj.4y467 10110 17~-4) 1. lJri-]'Hkly polit.ekhnicheskly institut. GREKOV, P.N. Effect of the relation between the size of lumps and the diameter of the layer on the gas dynamic characteristics of the layer. Izv, vys. uchob, zavo; chern. met. 8 no.9:39-44 165. (YJFA 18-~9) 1. Urallskiy politekhnicheskiy institut. STRATU, S.I.; KVELEROV, A.M.; GREKOV, S., red. [Towards a comunist abundance] Pentru un belshug komunist; din eksperientsa de munke a kolkhozului "Michurin", s. Trushen', Anenii-Noi. Kishineu, Editura de partid a komitatului chentral Al PK AL Voldovei, 1964. 86 p. (In Moldavian] (MIRA .18:11) ACCESSION XR; AW13341 5/0137163/ooo/oll/rjol?/r.017 SOURCSs RZh, Metallurgiya, Abs. lIG165 AUTHOR: Kaba~ovaq L. M.1 Dobosh~ Vo 69; arekov# So Do - -11 -1--, TITLE: Precipitation of indium from sulft-jo acid solutions vith sodium pyro- phosphate CITED S(YJRCE: Sb. Teoriya i praktika metallurgii. Chelyabinsk# VY*P- 5P 1963, 190-193 TOPIC TAGS: indium. indium precipitation, indium extraction, sodium pyrophosphate TRANSIATION: The authors studied the precipitation of In from a sulfuric acid solution with sodium pyrophosphate as a function of acidity. They found that in the process of neutralization. depending an the pli of the solution. it is possible to have the formation of both acidic and normal In pyrophosphatest In(H3!207) P In(HP O~), and 144(p Their In content varies as a funct2onlro'2? We?-O~? of L a6idity -Z solution. h s. with a pH of 0.2-0.7, the Card 1/2 ACCESSION NRt AR4015541 In content in the precipitate in 25-3-3-25%. With increasing pH of the solution* the In content increases and reaches 40.5~ with a pH of 2.43 G. Svodt3eva. DATE ACQ: 09Doc63 SUB CODE: )I, ENCL: 00 GREKOV, S.D.; VOLKOVICH, A.V. - - - Cocrystallization of manganese (II) and iron (II) with cadmium sulfate in a strong acid medium. Zhur. neorg. khim. 9 no.2: 456-459 F164. (MIRA 17t2) 1. Nauchno-isaledovatellskiy Institut metallurgii Yuzhno- Urallskogo soveta narodnogo khozyaystva. OUZAIROV, R.S.; JYYTS1NJ, V.A.; OREEKOV, 3,D. Solubility and the product of solubility of indium pyropho3phates. Zhur.neorg.khim. 9 no.1:20-24 Ja 164. (MIRA 17:2) 1. Chelyabinskiy clektrolitnyy tsinkovyy zavod. VOLKOVICH, A.V., inzh.; KOGHFAGIN, A.I., inzh.; GREKOV, -S.D., inzn.; ZINOVIYEV, A.F., Inzh.; TETENEVA, M.S.-'Tn-ZA-.---' -- ~ Mechanizing the production of cadmium sulfate. Kh1m. 11 neft. mashinostr. no.109 Jl 164. (MIRA 17:12) AUTHORs Grekov, S.V., Engineer 135-9-17/24 TITLE: Mechanical Vibrator for Automatic Vibrational Are Welding (X*khanicheskiy vibrator dlya avtomaticheekay - vibrodugovoy naplavki) PERIODICALi "Svaro.chnoye Proizvodetvoll, 1957, # 9, P 34-35 (USSR) ABSTRA,CTi The article describes the vibrator introduced into the pro- duction of the mechanical repair sho of the Ural Automobile Plant (Uraltakiy avtomobillnyy zavod5. Design and operation of this davice are described in detail; the device is shown by crose-sectional drawings. The existing electro-magnetic vibrators employed up to now for vibro-arc-welding do not permit fixing of an exact amplitude of electrode end vibra- tion and vibration speed. Blows of electric magnet core are inavoidably transferred to the electrode causing splatter. The stability of arc is impaired by shocks on the electrode end. The vibrators operate with unpleasant noise. The subject device eliminates the aforementioned disadvantages. It en- ' 1-1 T ables exa, t fixing of amplitude and number of vibrations# N ol-i4plessly with a steadl4,- burning are. No sudden operates n An is observed. The swinging of aw:~armeter and voltmeter_*?rft~_18 Card 1/2 designers of the iqvice are the repair she W.P. 135-9-.17/24' Mechanical Vibrator for Automatic Vibrational Are Welding Bezlepkin and the electrical engineer A.S.Domorode The vibro- are-welding method, as suggested by Engineer G.P.Klekovkin (see "Svarochnoye Proizvodstvo", 1956, # 5) has been consider- ably improved in the Chelyabinsk institutes and plants, and as a result it can be used for rebuilding worn parts of automobiles$ agricultural machines and other equipment. AVAILABLEs Library of Congress Card 2/2 9/133/60/000/011/-003/023 1%054/A0'29 A.UTHORS Greko Gruzinov, V.K., Lazarev, B,L, TITLS: Rationalilrrang~ment. of Transmitters for Itutomatir Control of the Iforizontill )istribution of the Charge PERIODICAL- Stal', 1,060, No. 11, PA 977-960 TEXT3 The accuracy and the quick reaction of the automatic control system of the revolving distribution of the charge primarily depends cn the ,sensitivity, the accuracy and the long useful life of nickel-cobalt and "alumef' (an alloy containing Ni, Al,Mn,Si and Co) thermocouples which are usually arranged on the upper level of the furnace brickwork under the armcr plates. For several reasons, however, this arrangement does not insure sufficient sensitivity of the thermocouples, which are placed in thick-walled prote~ltive I- -bes, arranged 2-2-5 m below the level of the charge; the changes in the distribution of the materials in the charge are, therefore, indicated only with a considerable delay. The thermocouples, consequently, record only very con- siderable fluctuations in the distribution of materials and of the gas flow on the periphery of the furnace. Moreover, the useful life of these thermo- couples does not exceed 5-6 months, mainly on account of the aooty carbon X Card 1/~ S/133/60/000/01'-/003/023 A054AO29 Witional Arrangement of Transmitters for Automatic. Contio'. of the Hcrizont~171. Distribution of the Charge depostts in the protective tubes which compress the casing of the theimocoupleF, thus deforming them and damaging the insulation of the thermeelectrodes, Tests were carried out to eliminate these drawbacks by arranging a large mimber of thera)couples (6,8,12 and more) in the vault of the blast furnace above the armor plates. By analyzing the factors influencing the operation of thermo- ~ouples placed above the charge level,it was found that the operation of the re,4clvirg distributor greatly affects the change of readings of the condittons ori the furnace periphery only if the materials fed into the furnace are distr-,- 11-uted evenly. However, the diagrams representing the readings of these thermo- r-ouples are not suitable to locate gaps in the charge. In order to racilitate the location of gaps, the thermocouples arranged according tG the new system are con-nected into batteries; moreover, a change-over switch was included. in the system. The gap in the charge can very easily be 'located cn the pexlphery cf the furnace by one of tho two position.,; of this change-over swit-ch, Ir. whirb. the electromotive force of the themocoi.,ples connected in the battery is zero. This new arrangement of the thermocouples greatly improves the sensitL- vity, accuracy and realiability of the control system of the revolving distri- Card 2/15 S11331601000101110031023 A054/AO29 Rational Arrangement of Transmitters for Automatic Control of the Horizontal Distribution of the Charge bi3tor, There are 8 figures and 4 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: Urallskiy poly-tekhnicheskiy institut (Ural PolytOchnical Institute) and NMTK V Card 313 I-Or'W-KPVP P.N.; GIPUNOV, V.K.; KOMI-Xv V.K. Methods of testing the gas-dyrAmic properties of charge materials. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; chorn. met. no. 1:41-1+5 161. (MRA 14:2) 1. Urallskiy politekhnichaskiy inatitm-, (Blast Axnuces-Squipmont and supplies) (Gas flow) GREKOV, V. Heater for a drum dryer. Masl.-zhir.prom. 20 no.1:27-28 155. (MLR& 8: 3) 1. labinskiy maelosavod. (Drying apparatus) (J~wnacss) OZHGA, S.; XOSYAKOV, K., prof.; PREKOV, V. Exciting and useful. Sov.foto 22 no.11:46 N 162, (MIRA lotl) (Nature photography) - - - ---. --- G!~,.E-I-- MI, V, P -cneral-myor --- - iake fuller use ol 1611(. forcc of oocialiat competition. 11,01'. n. lr-~ '*".'. 39 no.5:34-40 Vy 160. A 14: 2) (1-ussia-Army) (Socialiot competiticn) GREKOV., V., general-leytenant Fully supply soldiers with authorized allowances. Kom. Vooruzh. Sil 4 no.12:42-44 Je 164. (I,IIRP- 17:9) 1. Nachallnik politicheskogo upravleniya Relorusskogo voyennogo okruga. S141RllOv,S.M.jdokt-r GUP,EVICII,S.L.,Inzh.,retsenzer,t; PEE~YANNIKOAI;,M r E: --I . [Automation of produn. tic-n prccesses in lighi, indust.,- C, y enterprises] Avtomatlzatsiia tekhnolnglcheskikh pro- tsessov na predprilatiJakh legkoi promyshlennosti. Mc,- skvap Legkaia industriia, 19C'.5. 322 p. (VITIA 18:10) GH19KOV, V.I. The first published accounts on the Firep Kamchatka Xxi)edition. 1725-1730,lzv, AN SSSR.$er.geog. no.6:100-112 N-D 156. (MLRk 10:1) 1. Institut goografil Akademii nauk SSSR. (Kanchatka-Discoveries and exploration) E, AUTHORz 10-58-2-12/70 TITLE: New Data on the Geographical Distribution of the Extinct Sea Cow (Hydrodamalis Stel3nrl) (Nov,:ye izvestiya o geograficheskam rasprostranenii vymershey morskoy korovy - Hydrodamalis Ste1leri PERIODICALi Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR - Seriya geograficheskaya) i9581 Nr 29 pp 95-100 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author gives a detailed description of the research work carried out in the 18th and 19th century on the distribution of the sea cow. He lists Soviet and foreign scientists and their works on this subject and points to their contradicting views. A final solution to this problem has not yet been found. There is 1 chart and 27 references, 13 of which are Soviet2 10 German, 3 French and 1 American. ASSOCIATION: Institut geografii AN SSSR (Institute of Geography of the AS USSR) 1. Mannals-Research and Develepmt Card 1/1 10-58-3-13/29 AUfHOR5: Grekov, V.I., Lebedev, D.M., Ye.R. Lopatina, Fradkin, N.G. TITLE; Memorable Dates From the History of 'aeographical Science (Pamyatnyye daty iz istorii geograficheskoy nauki) PEHI0i)ICAL% Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Seriya Geograficheskaya, 1958, Nr. 5, PP 84-87 (USSR) ABSTRACT: With this article the periodical starts to publish biographic- al sketches of outstanding Soviet and foreign geographers. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 1/1 1. Biographies - Geographers 2. Periodicals - USSR SOV-10-58-4-13/28 AUTHORS: Kamanin, L.G., Lebedeva, D.Y., Lopatina, Ye.R., 1'radkin, N.G. TITLE.i Landmarks in the History of Geographical Science GlawyuLayye daty iz istorii goograficheskoy nauki) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR, Seriya geograficheskayal 1958~ Nr 49 pp 87-90 (USSR) ABSTRACTs This article contains a list of memorable events in the field of geography from 1508 to 1933. 1. Geography--USSR Card 1/1 SOV/10-59-1-15/32 AUTHORS: Greko-v_ V I Kamanin, L.G., Lebedev, D.M., Fradkin, N.G. TITLE: Memorable Dates From the History of Geograpliical Science, Third Review (Pamyatnyye daty iz istorii geograficheskoy nauki - Obzor tretiy) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Seriya geografiche- skaya, 1959, Nr 1, pp 106-108 (USSR) ABSTRACT: This survey covers 10 memorable dates from the 18th and early 19th centuries. Card 1/1 fill Nikafniskoy'e Empires" TJ-): 7, Of - 2 a o S- c-ial,actcr -'17r "):3 of Nikaskogo' Z .'.I _7 :i_ Gu---Z;I:c6O d NJkafnlsko e Empires an -0 t i - ear, ,u i ca , i T j . a u o i h ~- s a i . s p colapilcd a -'U- al)u Ioepia 02 :~J - , all 'c-.1rok~ !D,',P:~ f 1, 0a 10 s t ' 1'7 t:.a C e al frC)II aard 1/ . ian 01 n C, y/ C - Cn tille "7-,a-o, of 1111 Siberia, :)o-,,-M to t'-7,e Chiinczo a.--,.'- Nikafnlsko-ye Effipires" vury. ThC20 arc P- -maps -an'd C. o f -.-.,hich- are Soviet , 5 lilii~ji---h an-L' 3. S-:xu'ish. histil-ut Geo~3ralf-ii of Ge ~ra --'.L --T u - L, L 0 p o-C the -%~D USSR) ,-lard 212 GRUOY, Vadim Ivanovich; PATULOV, A.A., kartograf; GRIGORITET, A.A., -----816~damik; otv.rid.'; LZBEDEV. D.M.. doktor geograf.nauk. SWAVINA, T.D., red.izd-va; FOLTAKOTA, T.V., [Outline history of Russian geographical exploration* from 1725 to 17651 Ocharki is istorii ruaskikh geografichaskikh isslado- T'nii v 1725-1765 99. Moskva. Izd-vo Akad.nauk SSSR, 1960. 425 p. (MINA 13:7) 1. Institut geografii AN SSSR (for Potulov). (Russia--Discovery and exploration) GREWV., V.I.; FRADKINI N.G. Session of a joint meeting of the Departments of Geologyq Geography, and Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R. dedicated to the 250th anniversary ov M.Momonoeov's birth. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. geog no.lsl6O-l6l Ja-F 162. (KIRA 1582) (Iomonosov, Mikhail Vasi-Ilevich, 17-U - 1765) GREKOV, V.I. M.V.Lomonosov's works in the field of geographj. tekh. no.12:119-128 162. (MIRA 15:4) (Lomonosov, Mikhail Vasil'evich, 1711-1765) (Geography) AYZENBERG~ B.L.; BOLOTOV, V.V..;-BRILI, R.Ya.;-GEMSIMOV, DOVETOVP K.Sh.;.,KAKWKIT, MiD.;-KLEBANOV, L.D.; KONSTANTINOV, KUZIMIMO V.G.; LYUBAVSXIY, V.I.; MELENTIYEV, L.A.; NIKHALEV, M.N.; POLYANSKIY, V.A.; RAZDROGINA, L,A.; SIVAKOV, Ye.R.; STARIKOVt V.G.; SAVASHINSKAYA., V4I.1 SHAYOVICHi,L.L. Igor$ Valentinovich Gofman, 1903-1963; obituary. Trudy LIEI no.510-4 164. (MIRA 18:11) MELEMIN, V.T., inzh., GPYKOV, V.I., inzh. Problem' ' 'bf the standardization of power rates in enterprises manufacturing a wide range of products. Prom. energ. 19 no.12: 2-3 D 164. (MIRA 18-3) BORZOV, K.Y.,;; MIKHALENKOV, S.Pot otv- red.; ONISHCHM,-; ST.HPAHOV, A.A.,; RATNIKOVA, A.P., red.izd-va; ALADOVI, Te.I., (Safety rules in coal and shale mines; applicable to mines In operation, under construction, and reorganization] Pravila bez- opasnosti v ugollnykh I slantsevykh shakhtakh; nastoiashchie pravila rasprostraniniutsia na shakhty, nakhodiashchiesia v eksplustatsii, stroitellstve i rekonstruktsil. Izd.3. Moskva. Ugletakhizdat, 1959. 594 p. (MIRA 12:12) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Komitat po nadzora za bezopasvym vedeniyem rabot v promyshlennosti I gornomu nadzoru. ,ineering-Safety measures) (Mining ear ,,,- GREKOV. V.K. p_inzh.; 14ANEVICII, It.F. Prevent longwall filling in coal mines. Bezop.truda v prom. 5 no.3:9-11 Mr 161. (MIRA 14:3) (Coal mines and mining-,Wety measures) MKOV, V.K., inzh.; CHMASHENTSET, YEL.N. inzh. Causes of roof stoping in the No.6 mine. Bezop.truda v from, 6 no.2:9-10 F 162. O-TIRA 15:2 1. Gosgortekhnadzor RSFSR. (Cherepett-Coal mines and mining-Accidents) GREKOV, V.K., inzh.; BREGADZE, T.V., inzh. Accident at Mine No.26. Bezop.truda v prom. 9 no.4:10-1-2 Ap 165. (MIRA 18:5) 1. Gosudarstvennyy kmnitet pri Sovete Ministrov RSFSR po nadzoru za bezopasnym vedeniyem rabot v promysh3ennosti i gornomu nadzoru. 69788 S/055/59/000/06/15/027 .2j Boo6po05 AUTHORS: Smollkov, N. A.v Grekovp V. M. TITLE: Some Properties of the Li22! xpe203System PERIODICAL: Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta. Seriya matematiki, mekhaniki, antronomii, fiziki, khimii, 195~'q No. 69 pp. 137 - 141 TEXT: Lithium ferrites of this type are very important in technology since their solid solutions with other ferrites form magnetic materials having a small tangens of the loss angle within a range of some tens of Mc/sec, and good time- and im- pulse characteristics. The crystal structure of these ferrites has been insuffi- ciently investigated. A cubic lattice of the rock-salt type was found an well as a tetragonal modification - the transition point was found to be at 6600. The modification Li 2O.Fe203 has its transition point far below 6600. A phase with spinel structure was also found for ferrites with x - 2,3v4. Li 20-5Fe203 has a spinel structure with a - 8-309 or 8-37 A. A number of further details taken from publications are mentioned. Subsequently, the authors present experimental re- sults concerning the determination of the Curie point, and the static magnetic Card 1/3 69788 Some Properties of the L12O.xFe2O 3 System 5/05 59/000/06/15/027 B006YB005 characteristics of ferrites (x - 1,2.,.6). 0. was determined from the change in inductance of a ferrite-core coil on heating from -196 to +TOOO- Fig- I shows the dependence of the magnetic permeability g on R for all x-values, Fig. 2 the dependence of the primary and maximum permeability p. and Omax, and the coercive force Hc of ferrites, on their composition, Fig. 3 the dependence of the mag- netic residual and maximum induction B rand Bm of ferrites on their composition, and Fig- 4 the dependence of the angle of rotation f of the polarization plane on H. Further, the authors investigated the high-frequency properties of for- rites. The Faraday effect was investigated at 9370 Wo/sec by the method pub- liahed in Ref. 9. Fig- 5 shows the dependence of the angle of rotation of the polarization plane on the composition at H w const for three different tempera- tures. It is shown that the compound Li 20-5Fe.03 is the most magnetoactive one in the range of superhigh frequencies.,This compound also shows the smallest coercive force, and maximum values of ~ 0 and ~M&Xp Br and Bm, and Y. A device for measuring the phase shift Af and the damping 6 of electromagnetic waves passing through a ferrite plate in described (Fig. 6). If Q -6y/6 is defined as the quality factor of ferrite, the compound with x also has the maximum Card 2/3 69788 Some Properties of the Li O.xFe 0 system 5/05Y59/000/06/15/027 2 2 3 Boo6 13005 q-value as is shown by Fig- 7. There are 7 figures, I table, and 20 references, 4 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Kafedra magnetizma (Chair of Magnetism) SUBMITTED: January 22, 1959 Card 3/3 GREKOV, V.S. Finds of some birds on the southwestern coast of the CaBpian Sea. Ornitologiia no.3:"1-443 160. (MMA 14: 6) (Caspian Sea Tegion-Birds) GREKOVS V.81 Barbary dove in Odessa. Ornitologiia no-4:328-332 162. (MIRA 16:4) (Odessar-Figoons) G RE KOV 2--y-t-S-9- -- Wintering of flamingo in the Xyzyl-Agach Preserve. Ornitologiia no.59356-361 162. ( M A 16s2) (Kysyl-Agach Preserve-Flamingos) (Kyzyl-kgach Preserve-Birds in Winter) I GREKOV, V,S. -- ...... r--"---,.-- "" Automatic line for machining and a-sembling wheel-cyl-inder pistons. Avt. prom. 31 no.1:40 Ja 164. (MIRA 18:3) 1. Urallskiy avtozavod. GREKOVj V.S.- - -- "-. M-- '- ~111. Colonies of gressor-lal and etaganopodous birds In th,~ Tyz72-Ag&A Preserve. Ornitologiia noe7#258-21J5 16% (MI-RA 18910) 5(2) SOV/67-50-6-2/22 AUTHORS: Sellkin, G. S., Engin6er, Trubetskov, K. Candidn.te of Technical Sciences, _Q~r~"v Ye. A. , [,;ngincer, Zjadalya, N. I Engineer, Voytov, A. 0., En,-'ineer, Mlitrofanov, A. A., Can- didate of Technical Sciences TITLE: Direct Oxidation of the Martin Tank by an Oxy~-en-',Vater (Pryamoye okisleniye martenovskoy vanny kislorodo-vodyanoy smeslyu) PERIODICAL: Kislorod, 1950, Nr 6, PP 3 - 7 ABSTRACT: In the production of steel from cast iron, the latter was submitted to oxygen blowing in the melting tank, for the purpose of carbon burning. This process was accompanied by very high temperatures. Iron evaporated and forced a large amount of melt dust, which impair the refr.~ctory furnace lining and caused its premature destruction. By blowing with an oxygen-water mixture it was intended to reduce dust for- mation (30-35 m3 oxygen, 40 1 water; later7lon durin.- the course of process, 30 1 water). The investi,-,,ations were carried out with two Martin furnaces of the "Zaporozhstall" Card 1/2 factory. Academician I. P. Bardin supervised the work. The Direct Oxidation of the Martin Tank by an Oxygen-Water SOV/67-58-6-2/22 Mixture use of oxygen-water blast in the melting and tapping of low- carbon-con'tent steel processing increased the furnace efficien- cy by 7-7-5~-', The fuel consumption decrrased by 7%, as con- pared to melting with oxygen blast. The quantity of liquid ziteel is somewhat less than that obtained by pure oxygen blast which is due to the ore consumption for the melt being a little lower. The best moment to begin blowin.- is about 80 minutes after the cant iron has begun flowing in, and the process is ended when the carbon content is higher by 0.02-,4a than before deoxidation. In the melting of steels with a medium carbon content, the furnace efficiency was increased by 5-6%, where- as fuel consumption was lower by 2-3%. The hydrogen content in the boiling metal does not exceed the admigsible quantity. The use of an oxygen-water mixture for blast has proved an efficient means for diminishing melt dust. Moreover, all impurities are thus separated. There are 3 figures, 2 tables, and 6 refer- ences, 4 of which are Soviet. Card 2/2 SZLIKIN, G.S.. inzh.: TRURICTSKOV, K.14.. kand.toklin.nauk. ORV.KOV, Ye.A.. lnzh.; ZADALTA. N.P.. lnzh.: VOYTOT, A.O.. lnzb.; MITROF~WT, A.A., kand.takhn.nauk Direct oxidation of the open-boartb bath with an oxygen-water mixture. Kislorod 11 no.6:3-7 F 159. (MIRA 12:3) (Open-hearth process) (Oxygen--Industrial applications) '. - . 1-11 1.11' . .kand. `- -j.-'~ - insh.; I , , ~ . . , 2 1 .. . 7 V) ". .) -Y ..-#p U-e of cci,!prenned -.-.r for blowL,,f', c-o:--hcarth fvrilace b%thn. rv.5:6-1.~ , (I",TIFFU 14 : 3.0 ) fUrnaces) mir) TRUBETSKOV, K.M., kand.tekhn.nauk; KOPMELID, V.N., kand.tokhn.nauk GREKOV. Ye , inzh.; VCYTOV# A.O., inzh.; 311TEYNBERG, L.S., inzh.; _~r_ MTA IDZE, G.A., inzh. Investigating the meltIng of thF- open-hearth furnace charge with varivas methcds of using oxygen [with summary in Enelishl. Stall 21 no.3:214-22Z Mr '61. (MIRA 14:6) (Open-hearth fuvnaces) (Oxygen--Industrial applications) KORITEELID) V.111., kand.teklin.riauk; VOYTOV, A.O., Inzh.; SIITIIYI;BEPG, L.S., inzh.; GREKOV, Ye.A., inzh. Control of open-hearth furnace smelting by the composition and temperature of combustion products. Stall 21 no.10:950-958 0 161. (MIRA 14:10) 1. TSentroenergochermet i TSentrallnyy nauchno-issledovattel2skiy institut chernoy metallurgii. (Open-hearth furnaces-Combustion) GREKOV, Ye.A. A Usn of oxygen in the open-hearth process abroad. BIWLLokh.--~thcr- inform. no.1%8547 162. .15.-2) (Ope4,,,hearth rocess) (Oxygen~ MCC NR, AP5026817 SOURCE CODEt UR/0286/65/000/017/0095/0095 AUTHOR: -Mityashin, 1. Ps; 1!obrolyuboy,'S. A.; Grokov, Ye. A. ORG: none TITIX: A direct-action pressure regulator. Class 42, No. 174450 [announced by Smolensk Branch of- the Scientific Research Institute of Heat and Power Eminagrinff ~u~ (Smolenskiy filial Nauchno-isoledovatellskogo institute teploonergatiches- ogo priboractroyeniya)] SOURCE: Byulleten' izobretoniy L tovarnykh znakov, no. 17, 1965, 95 TOPIC TAGS: pressure regulator, pressure soasuring-instrument IV qW% ABSTRACT: This Author's Certificate introduces a direct-action pressure regulator which contains a diaphragm-type actuating mechanism with control valve, and also in- corporates a measurement diaphragm, spring, and screw for adjustment of the spring tension. The quality of control is improved by using a proportional-plus-integral device which contains a baffle with a groove. This.baffle is mounted on the lower side of the measurement diaphragm, and supply and receiving nozzles are located OP- posite the groove. The supply nozzle in connected with tubing to a~high pressure line, and the receiving nozzle is connected to a tank above the diaphragm of the ac-. tuating mechanism through a tube containing the control valve for the isodrome. UDC: 621.646.4 SUB CODE: It/ SUBN DAM 15hpr64/ ORIG REF: 000/ OTH REF: 000 Yr-FTMC,*.'p L.Mj.-, HEYV~;14114ANY L.S.; GREKOVL Ye-A. ~harractnristics of the charging and preheating periods with the inWnsive oxygen blowing of the bath. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; chern. met. 8 no.7128-31 165. (14IRA 18t7) 1. TSentrallnyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy Institut chernoy wtal- lurgii Imni I.P.Bardina. GRUND Yp.b" I-r!h. -;--".-..6.1.;-1., .. Lffeat cf the Intensity of the oxygen food to tin open-hearth furnace bath on the technological indices of the process. Stall 24 no.12!,,1083-1087 D 164. '-' (,4IRA l8s2) 1. TSefitrailnyy nauchno-Issledovatellskiy institut chernoy mn'tallurgii !meni I.P. Bardina. YFYIWID L.M.; EEYTEL'MAN, L.S.;_0EKW.O_~YeA Open-hearth furnace smelting with an intensive blowing of the bath by oxygen. Izv. vyn. ucheb. zav.; chern. met. 8 no.9;45-49 165. (MIRA 180) 1. TSentraltnyy nauchno-isaledovatt-l'skily institut chernoy metallurgil im. BardIna. GARCHENKO, , r.; BALAKIN, F.N., YF.F[K)V, L.M.; POGORFLYY, V.P.; GPEKOV, Ye.A.; KOPKOS!KG, N.M.; VORONOV, Yu.F.; POLTAVETS, Yr,-.!.; VOY"Iriv) A.O.; ",HTFYNBFRG, L.3. Production of steel. in large-capacity open-hearth furnaces with blowing of oxygen through the bath. Stall 25 no.2-.116-121 F 165. (MIRA 18:3) ~j Fill lop. LAPTEV, I.D.; TN(YAYEVA, A.P.; SAPILIVIKOV, II.G.; C104TOOV, 111.Ye. [deceased]; SEEPP, Ya.P.; SUVOIROVA, L.I.; ZASLAVSKMA, T.I.; ;REKOVA, A.I.; TODKOVICH, V.S.; DRAGIMOV, A.I.; KOTa-UBA, T.Ya.; KURYLEV, VJ'., KOVU.EVSKIY, G.T.; KALNY1'.TF11,A.A. (Kalnins, A.]; SIDOROVA) M.I.; MALIS"HAUSKASY V.I. (Valisauskas,V.1; PASEC19,11K, P.P.; BUGARLTICH, V.S.; KAIUIAUKIIOVA, Ye.I.; ARFF'YEV, T.I.; KAZAKOV, I.G.; GUMOVSKIY, I.A.; S.~ZIIN, S.I., red.; LIUKUNA, 11.I., red.; TSITKO, I.A., red.; V0111,0VA, V.V., tekhn. red. [Material incentives for developing the collective farm produc- tion] Materiallnoe stimulirovanie razvitiia kolkhoznogo pro- izvodstva. Moskva, Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1963. 326 p. (MIRA 16:12) 1. Akademiya nauk SSSR. Inatitut ekonomiki. 2. Institut eko- nomiki A14 SSSR (for Laptev, Teryayeva, Suvorova, Zaslavgkaya, Sidorova, Karnaukhova). 3. Sredneaziatskiy gosudarstvenn37 uni- vercitet (for Sapillnikov). 4. Komi filial All SSM (for Chentsov). 5 Ins-litut ekonomil-d U" Sstonskoy SSR (for Sepp). 6 ;-,a-_1ikir-,kiy filial AN SSSR (for Grelcova). 7- Institut ekononiki AN Belo- russkoy SSR (for Torkovich, Kovalevskiy). 8. In:ftitut ekonomiki All Uzbekskoy SSF (for Ibragirov) (Continued on next card) LAFTEV, I.D.- (continued). Card 2. 9. Institut ekonomiki All Ukr.SSR (for Kotsyuba, Pasechnik). 10. Belorusskiy institut ekonomiki i organizatsii !~ellsko- khozyaystvennogo proizvodstva (for Bugarevich). 11. Vsesoyuz- nyy institut sakharnoy svekly (for Areflyev). 12. Institut ekonomiki All Kirgizskoy SSR (for Kazakov). 13. Rabotnik TSent- rallnogo t-omiteta Korimunisticheskoy partii Moldavskoy SSR (for Gu- r,ov--kiy).l4.'.',iWbyshevskiy planovyy institut (for Kurylev). (Collective farms-Income distribution) GREKOVA, A.I.; Aj~PMOVA, A.G. New rret,~od of restoring the agghitination alility of' norifiggluti- nnting dysentt!ry cultures. Zhur. rnikrobiol., epid. t irmnlin. 41 no.11:147-)48 165. (MIRA -18-5) 1. Frunzenskaya gorcdskaya iini.t:irno-epideiniol(.giciieckqyq stantsiya. GREKOVA, A. M. "Investigation of Hydraulic Conditons in the Intertubular Space Of ClU3ter Heat Exchangers." Thesis for degree of Cand. Technical Sci. Sub 27 Oct 50, Central Sci., Res. Inst. of Aviaticn Fuels and Oils. Summar-j 71, 4 Sep. 52, Dissertations Presented for Degrees in Science and EpZineering in Moscow in 1950. From Vecherwraya Moskva. Jan-Dec 1950. _GMr,OVA, A.M.; 1112-MI'S, L.L.; WISHILIN, V.V.; MANAKOV, 1-1. yffi. Ualrig a bydrocyclon as a thi,-i%enar for mispetnoions of very low conoentrations. Klim i tE-kh. top-L. 1. masel 7 Ylo.10146-51 0162 (MIRA 179z") GREKOVA, AA.; KANAKOV, N.Kh.; MANSHILIN, V.V. Some hydrodynamic properties of a fluidized bed of powdered catalysts. Khim.i tekh.tipl.i masel 8 no.1:4-10 Ja 163. (MIRA 16:2) 1. Vaesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut po pererabotke nefti i gazov i polucheniyu iskusetvennogo zhidkogo topliva. (Fluidization) (Catalysts) GREKOVA,, B. Editorial office on chemistry in the state Publishing Hmwe *Narodna prouvotap* an effective help to teachers. Biol i khim 4 no*4:61-63 162o I* Zav, redaktaiiata pe khimiia pri lzdatelstvo "Narodna, prosveta". GREKOVA, B, Popular science literature on chemistry for the smallest readers. Biol i khim 6 n0.5-54-55 163. 1. Zav. redaktsiia po 1rhimiia pri DI 'Narolnn -.--GRFKriVA. E.P. Use of hydrazin,- ind its derivatives for analyzing inorganic compounds. PromAhim.rea-k. i osobo chist.veshch. no.3.-49-53 163. (MIRA 17-,4) GREKOVA, E.B.; ORROV, A.P. Methods for the analysis of hydrazine and its derivatives, i osobo chist.veshch. no.3:54-61 163. (MIRA 17:4) GREKOVA, E.B. p-Methylstyrene. Metod.poluch.khim.reak. i prepar. no.7:88-90 163. 2-Iodofluorene. lbid.s9O-91 (MIRA 17:14) 1. Institut khimit polimerov i monamerov AN UkrSSR. ..... ...... ilr,,l*,!-:!t of -innir-.111ir tbernpy on some in V,-,).,)kh.n-at. i det. 2 no.1-:Qf, JI-Ai! 0 1 . 1z 'Wtnn*,I0.,ivsko-,) Pr),.iwUjrstvttnrrpo rvi-it t,? nrt,,),~ nst ituta (pi",;f ~ TI -, 114) t.~',)~KgT YBUR) GMOVAj)-N.-, Immunochemotherapy of scarlet fever. det. 5:70-71 JI-Ag '60. (KIRA 1317) 1. Iz kafedry infektalonnykh bolezney (zav. - dotsont V.A. Natsiyeveldy) Stanislavskogo meditsinskogo instituta (dir. - dotsent G.A. Babanko). (BCARLINT MXR) WLDY'REV, A.K.. [deceased]; QjWVA, M.K.; KNOWNA. L.B.; ALYAVDIM, V.F. 0------- on-"" Crystallographic tables for finding the ratio of two whole numbers In decimals. Kristallografiia no.4:196-229 '55. (WaA 101'5) (Crystallography) GITMOVA, N. A. "Cytoloigy and Cytop*sioloa of the Smooth MuRcit-lature of Invertebrates." Sub 4 KqY 51. Moscow Order of Lenin State U thent M. V. Lomonosov. Dissert&tIons presented for science and enginepring degrees In Moscow during 1051- SO: Sum. No. h80. 0 Mav 55 VIRSHIWVA, P.A.; GREKOVA, N.A. -, *4 WA WA&" "old U V, C W'; V4 " -.; - - - , Experience with intranasal immunization of guinea- pigs with live brucellosis vaccine. Zhur. mikr,,biol. epid. i immm. 29 no.11:16-20 N 158. (MIRA 12:1) 1. Iz Instituta epidemiologii i mikrobiologrii imeni Gamalei ANN SSSR. (BRUO'ET-T IS, immunol. vacc., intranasal with living bacilli in guinea pigs (Big)) VKRSHIWVA, P.A.; GRXKOVA, N.A. Reaction of the guinea pig organism infected with Brucella to the administration of brucellosis vaccine. Zhur.mikrobiol.opid.1 Immun. 30 no.10:37-43 0 159. (MIRA 13:2) 1. 1z Institute, epidemiologii i mikrobiologii imeni Gamajol ANN SSSIL (BRUCELWSIS Immunol.) (MCGINATIO11) VERSHILOVA, Histochemical characteristics of macrophages in brucellar vaccina- tion and infection. Zhur. mikrobiol. epid. i immun. 31 no.7:118-123 Jl 160. (MIRA 13:9) 1. Iz Instituta, epidemiologii i mikrobiologii im. Gamalei ANIN SSSR. (~IACROPJIAGES) (BRUCELLOSIS) VERSHILOVA, P.A.; GREKOVA, N.A. Influence of cortisone administered in doses depressintf the reticuloendothelia3. system on the courses of vaccinal process and intensity of Jx"ty in brucellosis. Zhur. mikrobiol. epid. i immun. 32 m.9:87-92 S 161. (ML-1 15:2) 1. Iz Inatituts, opidemiologii i miki-obiologii ivioni Gam,,doi ANIN 656R. (BRUCEL4WIS) (GOiTISOLIE) (RETICULO-ENDOTHELIAL SYSTLM) OSTROVSKAYA, N.Y.,, DUBrVVSKAYAq I.I., OFEKOVA, N.A. *Biological and chemical peculiarities of brucella nelitensis dissociated cultures.* Report subaLtted to the Intl. Congress for Microbiology Montreals Canada 19-25 Aug 1962 NlEqSF!TfjVA, P. A.; OSTWISIMA, N. N.; GiREKOVA, ". A. "Selection of Brucella Variants for Pon-Able Use as Vaccines." Report presented at the meeting of the World Hailth OrganizatiGn, Geneva, 3-9 Dec 63- Gamaleya Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, M43 USSR. GREKOVA, ~.A.; OSTROVSKAYA, N.N. Pathomorphological characterisLicu of the orgarm of truinea pign infected with agglutinable and inagglutinable Brucella melitensis cultures. Zhur. mikrobiol.; epid. i imun. 41 no.6:111-115 Je 164. (,'4I,U 18: 1) 1. Institut epidemiologii i mikrobiologii imeni Gamalei AIMN SSSR. SHFIVTSOVAP Z.V.; GREKrJVA, N,A. Mcrj;hological characteris ties of brucellosia 7accinatic'r, process under the effect of radiation. Zhur.milcroblol., epid. i ::j=an, 42 nc.3.Oc6l-65 0 165. (141RA 1801) 1. 7"15tAtUt epidemiologli i mikrobiolog5i iwni flamia"Si AM SSSR. Submitted June 269 1964. _7 7~ .7~ -Z L 62622-69 ~:EWTM/FNAQ ACGESSION NR.: Ap`5011282'~:~ vR/ool6/65/ooo/oo4/00q2/00q6 AUTHOR: Grekon, Gubinai!Ye. A TITL Tiie:course.of~brucellosis~in-.guin6a pigsinfected with brucella ' iaolatea~from reindeer, 'e SOURCE: Zhurnal mikrobiologiijo: pidemiologii iimmunobiologiij no. 4, 196 __ 92-961 5, t TOPIC TAGS: guinea pi brace Ila, bruce llosi s. virulence, ' . epidemiolo gy ABSTRACT: The virulence-and'pathogenicity 0f3 brucella strains (3,031001) isolated Mm reindeer were compared with :those of virulent Hr. melitensis go. 565 strain, Hr. 4uis No-,UWstrain, and Hr. abortus 19-rA strain in experiments onguinea pigs. Experimental animals were infected subcutaneously-with 2 day old cultures of brucella isolated from reindeer. in doses ~of 10, -to 1 billion.of Br.-melitensis, Hr. suis and Hr. abortus. Animals were killed 30 days later~for bacteriological and histological A investigation.6 of1he lymph nodes, lungs, spleen, and bone marrow. Findings show that the 011 strain is the, least virulent and least.pathogenic 4 of.the 3 brucella cultured.,isolated from reindeer. Brucella strains Cara 1/2 ,2050-66 EWI(fl~EVVmVT JK ACC.- NR, AP601"48 SOURCE CODE:, UR/0016/65/000/010/0061/0065 AT JTHOR: 5hevta6va-.-Z. V.; Grekova, N. A. ORG: Institute of Epidemiololzv And Awm2lorr Im. - Galameva~ '-AMN-ffiffi. (Instit epidemiologii i mikrobiologii AMN SSSR) TITLE., Morphological characteristics of the brucella vacdjw.~process in irradia&ed guinea pigs SOURCE: Zhuzmal-mikrobiologiij epidemiologii i imunobiologii,, no. 10, 1965,, 61-65 ACC NRz AP601"48 01 were dilated and hyperemic. Signs of restoration of lymphopoiesis appeared ~etwecn the 10th and 15th dap and continued until the 50th day after irradia- tion. The morphological changes in the lymph nodes and various organs Vero the same regardless of the sequence of irradiation and vadeination or the 'duration of the interval between them. No necrotic changes or liver cirrhosis were observed In the controls _(I!rspization without irradiation and irradiation~ with 4-1nization)O, Okga... art. has: 2 fig.ures [JPRS SUB CODE: 06 5UBM DATE: 26jun64 ORIG REN 008 Card 2/2 GREKOVA, N.O. Nonlinear formulation of the Cauchy -- Poisson problem. Vest. Mosk. un. Ser.l: Mat.,, mekh. 18 no.5t68-80 S-0 163. (MIRA 16tlO) 1. Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy qniversitet,, kafedra gidromekhaniki.