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0 pe lm~ S/ P/ 1 0 S, IL-Ilv,g 6 k I Y) 400r, C) to ~, pipi!~w SHUSTIN, N.A.; GILINSKIY, Te.Ye. Disturbances of cortical activity caused by removal of the frontal lobead Trudy Inst.figiol. 5:461-471 156. (KLRk 10:1) lo Imborstortys fiziologit I patologil vysshey nervnoy doyatellnosti - seveduyushchiy F.P.Mayorov, i Isboratoriya morfologit - zavedurahchty N.G.11olasov. (BRAIN) GILINSKIY, YEFIM YAKOVIEVICH N/5 613-3 Olt Materialy po, morfologii retseptornogo apparata zheludka pozvonochnykh; sravitellno-morfologictieskoye i-qsle- dovaniye Materials on the morphology of the receptor apparatus of the stomach of vertebrates; research in comparative morphology Moskva, Leningrad, Izd--vo Akadaniii Nauk SSSR, 1958- 88 1 p. illus. At head of title: Akademiya Nauk SWR. Institut Fiziologii. "Literatura": p. 85- 89 77~ GILINSKIY, Ye.Ya.; KOROT'KO, G.F. Additional materials on the mechanism of changes in the activity of the stomach due to high external temperature and exposure to solar radiation (neurological investiga- tion). Izv.A11 no.3:29-32 159. (MIRA 12:8) 1. Andi2hanskiy gosmedinatitut. kafedra normallnoy flaiologii. (BTOM&CH--MtCRETIO11S) (HEAT--PHYSIOLOGICAL FYFBCT) (80W1 R&DIATION-.-PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECT) GILI~~K;~O Ye.Ya.; MUSYASHCHIKOVA, S.S. Changes in the peripheral blood, the nerve structure of some internal organs, and interoceptive reflexes from the stomach, tollowing general and local X-ray exposure. Trudy Inst. fiziol. 9sl99-212 160, (MIRA 14:3) 2. Laboratorlya fisiolgoii krovoobrashcheniya i dykhaniya (save- duyushchiy G.P.Kongradi) Institute. fiziologii im. I.P.Pavlova. (BLOODI (DIGESTIVE OFfANS-INNERVATION) (REFLEXES) (X ~AYS_PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECT) IGILINSKIY,, Ye.Ya. G~ntral innervaiion of Yle stamch. Trudy Indt. fiziol. 9s439-"3 160. (MIRA 14:3) l.. Laboratoriya Rbrfologii (zaveduyushchiy - N.G.Kolos6v) Institata fiziolo ii im. I.P.Pavlova. fslTOMACH-IMWMATION) (VAGUS NERVE) ,_qj~L i Y Receptor apparatus of the stomach in the rainbow trout. Trudy Inst. fiziol. 9s444-447 160. (MIRA 1433) 1, Laboratpriya morfologii (zaveduyushchly - N.G.Kolosov) Institute. fiziologii im. I.P.Pavlova. (STMACH-INNERVATION) (TROUT) 10 GABERY I.E.; GILINSKIY, Ye.Ya. Change in the functional properties and structure of the peripheral nervous system of the small intestine following local infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis culture. Biul. eksp. biol. i med. 55 no.3; 33-38 Mr 163. (MIRA 18-2) 1. 1z laboratorii eksperimentallnoy patologii i terapii (zav. - kand. med. nauk G.S. Kan) Leningradskogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo institu- ta tube-kuleza (direktor - prof. A.D. Semenov), Leningrad. SubmIlIted June 2~, 1962. BIJDOVOY, G.T.; I.IARTINKUVI I.P.; SHKOLIPIKOV, B.Ya.; MUGORIM, Ye.A.; SOLOMB, V.V.; REZVIK, A.I.; IGNATOVICH, A.A.; OZO."Ullov, A.K.; GILIUSKOY, E.B.; ZHIRNOV, V.Ye.; ITMENSM, M.I.; VOLKOV, N.I., reE._;_W6WMffl_,G.G., red.; KASJMVSKIY, Ye.V.1. red.; FOMIN, A.Ya., red.; IJSGV., V.Ye., red.; P01101-MM, A.A., tekhn. red. (The district worker's manual; reference and rethodological aid for economic and cultural planning in an administrative die- trict]Spravochnik raionnogo rabotnika; spravochno-retodiche- skoe posobie po planirovaniiu khoziaistvenrogo i kullturnogo stroitel'stva v administrativnom raione. Moskva, Ekonorizdat~ 1962. 439 P. WIRA 15:7) (Russia-Econonic policy-Handbooks, manuals, etc.) ---, GILINSKY.. S.M.. (Moskva); TELMIRI, G.F. (Moskva); TITTYAKOVp G.P. (Moskva) Method for calculating a supersonic flow about biwit bodies with a detachtd shook wave. Izv. AN SSSR Mekh. i mashinostr. no.4t9-28 Jl-Ag t64 (MIRA 17:8) FSH IN, I.L.; GILISj S. _ 'r~, Determining temperature decrease in the hot rolling of titanium. TSvet.set. 29 no.5:70-71 My '56. (MaA 9:8) 1. Mintevetsettoloto. (Titanium-Aetallurgy) (RoWng (Metalwork)) ,-, IL (J- I USSR/Soil Science - Oreanic Fertilizersi Abs Jour : Itef Zhur Biol., No 9, 1956; --,,.C,29 Authcr : Gilis., V.. Inst Title : The Inf.D. of --it aurt -Y-L. - Lre Composts on the Incrense I I ,.xx ~!-i-Ly of, -vicultural Crops in Wastc-ru Dio+--ic Ori-, Pub : V s). -n. su6.-~: SR, M UlcrSSR, -9571 :L2-' j-4 Ow~-.iG autmin p1owing in doses of t ts fron 24 to 31 c/ha on ao -,.;,.reasc:d the oa (gr r. - Ire soil. T'ic Aatc crup 17awrouscO from 1-60.3 up to 18r.,.6 c/ha -x' the im-oduction of pcnt-z"nure coripcst, zonsisting peat j- A P-5% ;-:iwarc~ .i --x)timm Ime of - ompcl~+,-131G if~, 05 ...S. Car 1 111,- GIL!-'--, I-':. B., Doe A~,r Sci - (dis!-~) "--O~iods of' ~A;trz(iuci,~s ' fertilizers tinder a- -ic-lturnl c-:e - s unaer co- .. c f th-c- vies-Le i--i. Oblasti of V~.e ukv- - .-11' qn SSR. I MOL -. , 1060. 31 'Lli- * MOSCO- 01* Lenin Agricul- I. -, -al Ac, -. i ~.), jul F - ' - '!,!, "I .., zev) ; 120 zop.-i 1-~:; : I -:t- ..lot P~iven; (KL, - rc, 1 - GILJAROVSKIJ, V. A.; SITCHLIK, Jaroalav Prolegnmenn to the study nf neologisms. II. Pnycholop of neologisms & glosRolslia. Cask. 'nsychist. 54 no.4:2i6-222 Aug 58. 1. J, S. Iegerova 8, Praha 2. (HAIMCINATIOM in schizonhrenia. with neologisms & glossols.11a, (Cs)) (SCH17-OPHMIA, psychol. neologism & gloseolalia in hallucinatory states (Gz)) We t-It rf' aboma.--.~t ~' :-.,i i -ri -tfj '~~x,~- dy-tipep-,la. ne-i ti GILKA, F~antisek, Mr.; PEJSE, Mirko, MVDr.; TOMANKOVA, Alena Diagnostics of abortions in cattle with special regard to the microbial and pathological findings ~n the abortus lungs. Veter medicina 9 no. 2tll5-122 Mr 164. 1. Veterinary Examination Station, Opava. Head of the Station [MVDr] Z.Fojtach. L 31122-66 ___EWT(~J_ SCTB DD ACC NRt AP6011463 S6V_Rd_f_ CO-DE-:---'--d-Z/0077766/000/oo,4/6-i-f6-[6-174 7 AUTHOR: GLIka, J. (Doctor f veterinary medicine) ORG: none TITLE% Physical and chemical chanRes in animal fqA4,~du~ctq in the course of refrigeration and freezing in relation to hygienic defects SOURCEi Veterinarstvi, no. 4. 1966. 170-174 TOPIC TAGS: food technology, food sanitation, food product machinery# freazing, refrigeration, protein, cell physiology ABSTRACT: Physical changes in animal food products in the process of refrigeration and freezing are discussed. This area is less studied than corresponding changes in plant foodstuffs. These changes have a decisive effect an the'quality of moat preserved by refrigeration and freezing. Understanding these changes can iipeed development of the most advantageous method for preserving animal food products at lov temperatures. As a rule, the best method, technologically speaking. is also the best method from the point of viev of economy and hygiene. In Czechoslovakia air to normally used as the heat-transfer 'and refrLg- erating medium. The relation of the dimensions and surface area of the 1/2 ACC NRt AP6011463 0 piece of meat to be frozen to the evaporation rate, the affect of very low temperatures on enzymatic processes, and the loss in veight du to refrigeration and freezing are discussed. It is pointed out that fatty tissue to the soot resistant to atmospheric oxygen an a refr:g- erant. SUB CODEs 029 06f SUBM DATEs none/ ~'ORIG REF1 OOt/ OTH REFs 001 SOV REFt 001/ ATD PREMZ~1-11F Card _L 39620-66 T JK/GD-2 - NRs AP6003462 SOURCE WDE: CZ/0077/65/000/010/0472/0475 AUTHOR: Gilka J. ctor of veterinary medicine)(Brno); Zatocil, 0. (Brno) ORG: none TITLE: Possibilities of spreading hoof and mouth disease through meat products SOURCE: Veterinarstvl, no. 10, 1965, 472-475 TOPIC TAGS: virus, ?ML Xod foot and mouth disesse, disease control, epidemiology, pro- cessed animal product ABSTRACT: The article reviews what is known about the possibilities and dangers of spreading hoof and mouth disease through meat products which carry the virus from animals infected with the disease before being slaughtered. This type of contagion is the most important epidemiological factor in the spread of hoof and mouth disease. Data on the occurrence and stability of the virus in the flesh and organs of animals slaughtered for meat in experimental animals are not simple because the survival of the virus is affected by a number of factors. x'he article discusses the published data at some length and also d1scusses factors and conditions to be considered in storing meat. Orig. art. has: I table, SUB CODE: 06AAISUBM DATE: none Card GILKA, Jaroslay I;-.- Problem of preserving the natural color in storing and packing meat and meat products. Prum potravin 14 no.10:519-522 0 163. 1. Ustav pro hygienu a technologii potravin veterinarni fakulty Vysoke skoly zemedelske, Brno. GILKA) Taroslar Causes of brown color in meat from sublimation dryinge Prm potravin 14 no,32t589-591 N163, lo Yetarinarni fakulta Vyaoke skoly mamedelake,, Ustav pro hygienu a teohnologii potrarin, Hrno. STAROSELITSEVY V.S.; GILIKIN, V.N. - Prospecting for copper-nickel ores based on the occurrence of boulders. Inform. abor. RIGA no.32s45-51 162. (MIRA 16:12) GLIXBAO Ye.L. Studies on the effect of r-rays on the development of Trichoce- phalue triehiurus aggel preliminary report. Med.parazA paraz'O bol. 30 tio.2t177-181 Mr-Ap 161. (MIRA 14,4) le Iz kafedry biologii Kubanskolo meditsinskogo Instituta (dir. instituta - prof, V.K. Suprunov . (T.RrCHOSUHALIASIS) (GAMMA RAYS-PHYSIOLOGICAL EWWT) r~141 -0 Iva 10 V 66 0 .1 ,A 1..-L v, P- 02-L-1-t-k-A -L J--j- -44 Pit CL,W-uo, 1 1, a 0 A b . 4-0 00 .4 0o.. 60 Go a IMUNCE of TRUCRAVU =A NWING PERIOD an the REMOVAL 04 of USIDUAL 3TRES318 to AUSTENTIC 3TEZLS* L. A, Gilke" and Ve Pe an 00 a T*khts (lataturbastraenis, 1048, 1o. 2, ppo 12-16 n ussi ) 6I (Abstract) Centre, national ds, Is Reaherche Scientifique, Bulletin 00 't Analytique, 1949, volf, 100 Wo6'2;*p* 1164)e Residual stresses vvere h, * 06f, I i created in austentle 10% chromium 0% nickel steel by quenching so 47 *Ce The influesce of tempering Umperaturs 1, In voter tram, 1060 n the 00 is range WQ-M*Co Sludlar trea4m~--,t for othar austanitio steel* to 00 0* A 0 1 L A 04TALLUM.K.t. LIVIENATUAR CLASSIFICATION L It M o, 0 tv i I W ---' 0 -- "' 11 AA )u n A, ~.j is t, it 00 04 K it 11 011 K-tt Ct if of "0 n I iva oooooo;ooooooooeoooooOesoo'goo4posegoooooooOf~es 0000000io0soe*oooeooooooooolooosoooooooooooo000 44.910 -A 1-00 1-00 -100 *00 -00 00 :00 as go* goo Ago goo moo wo GILU:.~!I, i..A;jwdowkr&tor tekhnicheskilrh nau~-, professor. --tability o~' residual stresees and their effect on the mechanical properties c.' metals and the durability of -Dieces. Trudy LIE1 no.13: 1 145-203 '56. (61,rain* and strosses) (Metals-Fatigue) Olechanical wear) Kan MI It I ~3: r~, TL - wn I Was 21 'C' g,* a i Fig a t2 r a r 9 RFr, 6ILKMAW,- S.- k. 22957 Primnenlys wtoda padayushchikh shiwikov dlya kharakteristiki' strukturnoy vyazkosti I tikaotropli. Doklady akad. Nauk SSSR, novVa seriya, T. LXVIIg ND. 3v 1949t C. 483-86. SO: LETOPIS' NO. 31, 1949 1. GILKMAN, S. A. ; YEFRENOVA, 0. G'. 2. USSR (600) 4- Cellulose 7. Effect of metallic Ions on the elaotic-plastic propertieu of ethylcellulose. Dokl. AN SSSR, 81, No. 6, 1951. Rod. 19 Sept. 1951. 9. ~bnth~y List of Rusian Accessions, Library of Congress 1952 Nay). UINCLASSIFIED GILIKOH, Ye., yurinkonaullt. ---- ----Rights and duties of autonotive tranaportation in regard to the customers. kvt.transp. 37 no.4:iJ8 Ap 159. (MIRA 12:6) (Transportation, Automotive) GILKO, A. (Sr.Akhtubinskiy rayon, Stalingradskoy oblasti). Activities of the Seminar for the Improvement of Teachers' O.ualifications. Hat.y shkole no.1:84 Ja-F '54. (MLRA 7:1) (Mat hew! ties --Study and teaching) GILKSMAI,lp B. GLIKSMAN, B. Managing high-voltage overhead line-.~ in areas of highly polluted atmosphere. p. 305. Vol. 9, No. 6, Nov./bec- 1955 RMTERGETYKI, TECHNOLOGY Warszawa, Poland SO: East Europeon Accession, Vol. 5, No. 3, 'May 1956 GILLI -n zh. Useful timely book (mPlanning and building underwatet pipe lines" by Sj, levin, Reviewed by B.V. GIIII) Stroi* truboprpv,. 6 no.6:31-33 Je 161. (MIRA 14:7) (Pipe lines) (Levin, S.Y�'~ ZAREYBO.9 L.K., kand. fiz.-mat. nauk; KARFOV, A.K., inzh.; LEGOSTAYEV, F.Ya., kand. tekhn. nauk; 3HGDSKIY, Yu.11., kand. tekbn- nauk; YJM, 1OV, N.S., inzh.; 00DANOVICH, I.Ye., kand. tekhn. nauk; BRISKMAN, A.A., kand. teklm. nauk; GORODETSKIY, V.I., inzh.; NIKITIN, A.A., inzh.; GILL';,'.1B.V.j inzh.; YJUYZELIVAIT, S.M., inzh.; DZ11AFAROV, Y.D.' LOEV, A.S., kand. tekhn. nauk; NIKITMIKO, Ye.A., inzh.; YERSHOV, I.M., kand. tekhn. nauk; ZAYTSEV, Yu.A., inzh.; MAGAZANIK, Ya.M., inzb.; SHAROVATOV, L.P., inz~.! RABINOVIC11, Z.Ya., inzh.; BIBISHEV, AN., in2h.,- ASTAKHOV, ~.A., dots.; K01,21YAGIN, a.F., kand. tekhn. nauk; ANDERS, V.R.s inzh.; SERGOVANTSEV, V,T., kand. tekhn. nauk, dots.; UTHIN, V.V.s inzh.; KUZIIETSOV, P.L., inzh.; MAMAYEV, M.A., inzh.; SVYATITSKAYA, K.P., ved. red.; FEDOTOVAp I.G., tekhn. red. [Handbook on the transportation of combustible gases] Spra- vochnik po transportu gorluchikh gazov. Vloskva, Gostoptekh- izdat, 1962. W! p. (MIRA 15:4) (Gass Natural-Transportation) GILL' B V. inzh too K-k-l","id-bi wy furt an h4 pipeline construction.* --31 62 tru*rov. I no. 5: 3 0 (MIU 1616) (Pipelines) -GILL'. B.V,..inzh. Standard planning is the most important condition for the improve- - ment of plannin Stroi. truboprov, 8 no,3:9 Mr '63. (MM 16:5) 1POipelines-Design and construction) GILL, F. The removal of straw after combine harvestin.a. P.296. (Mechanisace Zemedelst--i, vol. 7, No. 13, July 1957, Praha, Czechoslovakia) 50; Yonthly List of East European Accessiors (EEAL) W. Vol. 6, No. 9, Sept. 1957 Uncl. GILLI, I. L. Cand. Technical Sci. "Interferenee Rejection of Radio Telometering, Systems Subjected to Aperiodic Interference." Sub 20 Jun 47, Moscow Order of Lenin Power Zngineering Inst imeni V. M. Holotoy Dissertations presented for degrees In science ard engineering in Moscow in 1947 SO: Suin No. 457, 18 Apr 55 42909 s/547/6a/ooo/146/ooP,/004 AOO1/A1O1 AUTHOR: Gill'. L.L TITLE: The improved model of the PBTA (RVTD) radar-altimeter SOURCE: Moscow. Tsentrallnyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut geodezii, aeros"yemki 1 kartografii. Trudy. no. 146. 1962, Isaledovaniya po fotogrammetrii, 17 - 22 TEXT: Radar-alti meters operate reliably in plain, hilly and forest regions, but in mountainous regions their functioning proved to be unsatisfactory, mainly due to insufficient power of generator of ultrahigh frequency in transmitter. In -the present article the author describes a new.model of modernized radar-alti- meter in which the generator power was increased by a factor of 4.5 - 5. Since the circuits of the receiver and indicator remained practically unchanged, only the circuit of the radar-altimeter transmitter is described and presented in Figure 1. The generator produces oscillations of frequency f - 440 Mc (wave- length A = 68 cm) and contains 8 tubes of'6111511 (6N15P) type assembled accord- ing to the ring circuit. Recurrent frequency of pulses is 16,000 cps and dura- Card 1/3 The improved model of... S/511-1/62/000/146/OOP-/OO4 AOO1/A1O1 tion is about 0.21/isec. The output power of the generator is about 500 w. In addition to modernization of thd transmitter, sensitivity of the radar-altimeter was increased by 4 - 5 times by~eliminating some losses in antennas feeders and adaptors. Of a special importance is mentioned the , I,'.'iA3rj(MAZP) device for operations in mountainous region's-, This device blocks instantaneously the re- ceiver as soon as the first reflbcted signal appears on the tube screen, which eliminates a simultaneous occurrence of several reflections, possible in moun- tains, leading to impossibility of finding the true al-Atude. In 1959, GIN and TsNIIGAiK tested four spec~imens of the modernized radar-altimeter in mountainous, high-mountainous and plain-hilly regions, Depending on the altitude of photo- graphing and country r elief, the number of negatives.containing information on altitude amounts to 70 - 100,11a of the whole number of negatives in mountainous reF,ions and 100% in plain-hilly regions. It is concluded that the modernized rt.dar-altimeter is adequate to opi~rations also in mountainous regions. There are 5 figures and 3 tables. Card 2/3 M h2911 S/547/6P,/ooo/146/oo4/oo4 /j, _~_;~~00 A001/A101 AUTHOR: Gill', I. L. TITLE: Phase relations in a tellurometer SOURCE: Moscow. Tsentrallnyy nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut geodezii, aeros'fyemki i kartografli. Trudy. no. 146. 1962. Issledovaniya po fotogrammetrii, 147 - 152 TE)(T- The new radar ramge finding device, tellurometer can measure dia- tances from 150 m to 50 ~qp with an accuracy of 5 cm + 3 x 10-6 on the average. Its simplified block-diagram is presented in the figure attached and the mode of operation is described in detail. The left-hand part of the figure represents the key station, A, and the right-hand part --the slave station, B. Both sta- tions are mounted at the points between which the distance is measured. The mag nitude of this distance is read off the phase indicator which yields the quan'.-ity 2(; X- where r is distance being measured, v is velocity of radio wave propaga- vp tion, and Q = 2i-.F is angular oscillation frequency of the modulating quartz generator of Station A. The ultra-high frequency oscillator of Statio-.i B .1t; Card 1/3 8/547/62/000/1116/004/0011 Phase relations in a telluromoter A001/A101 modulated by sinusoidal oscillations from the quartz generator having angular frequencies ~c - .~J, and R +'h.-1 , where LI.~. = 27aFi is difference of angular frequencies of modulating oscillations at Stations A and B. It is recommended to carry out distance determination twice: one with the modulation frequency and the other with the frequency S + thereby residual errors are eliminated. There is one figure. Card 2/3 GILL. janalls., Application of certain method of determination of cellulose In Investigation of digestion In ruminants* Act& pbysiol. Polon. 5 no-4:526-530 1954. 1. 9 Zakladu Fisjologii Zwlers&t Vydst Waterynaryjnego Szkoly Glawnej Gospi4aretwe, Viejaktago w Warstawle. Kierzownik: prof. dr B.Gutowski. (CILLULM. disterninition, In investigation of digestive pVsiol. in ruminants) (GASTROIMSTIUL STSTIM, pbretology, Investigation with callnloso tests in runinants) GILL, Janusz investigation of laftworla, in contents of the gastrointestinal system in Bison bonasue L. Act& pbysiol. polon. 5 no.4:530-532 1954. 1. 2 Zakladu Fisjologil Zwjqrzet Vyds. Veterynaryjnego Szkoly GlawneJ Gospidarstw& Vieksklego w Varezavis. Kierownik.- prof. dr B.Ontowski. (PROTOZOA. Infusorie. In gastrointestinal system in Bison bonasus) (GASTROINTISTIRAL SYSTEM, Infusorla In Bison bonesus) GrLL, J. Studies on Dbysiology of digestion in dear ej&Dhua L. Acts. physlal. polon. 8 no.3,-335-336-195-7. 19 Z Katedry PizJologii Werzat Wydz. I~eter. S7.koly Glcntn*j Gospodarstwa Viejskiego w Warssawie. Kierownik: prof. dr D. Gutowski. (GASTROIWMTIML SYSTIN, physiology, digestion in deer (Pol)) (AMIKAIS, deer, digestion physiol. (Pol)) GILL, J. Attempted datermin.tion of the rate of passage of gastrointestinal contents in wild ruminating animals; Ce vus elapbus L., Dam dana L , and Iama glams. 4 Acts, physiol. polon. 8 no.3036-338 1957- 1, Z Katedry Fisjologii Zwierzat Sydz. Weter. Szkoly Glownej. Gdwpodarstwa Wiejskiego w Warexawle. Kierownik: prof. dr B. Outowski. (ANIVAISO ruminating, gastrointestinal passage of content, determ. of rate (Fol)) (GASTRODRESTINAL SYSTM, physiology, passage rate of content In razirsting anizalse deters. (Pol)) GILL,Janusz The rate of passage of foo4 through the digestive syntem in Indian elephant (Blephas ma~-imm L.) in zoo conditions. Acta physiol. polon.11 no.2:277-289 Mr-Ap 060. 1. laboratorium Fisjologiesne Kisjskiego Ogrodu Zoologiesnego w Warszawie, Kierownik: prof. dr B. Gutowski. (AITIM&IS) (GASTROINTMTINAL SYSTAK pbysiol. ----%ILL,-J--;-BOFFRANNOWA, H.; PIEKARZ, R. Digestive capacity of the salivary glands, pancreas and duodenum and size of the digestive system in boars (Sue scrofa L.) Act& physiol.polon. 11 no-5/6:706-707 160. 1. Z Laboratorium Fizjologicznego Miejskiego Ogrodu Zoolrgicznego w Warszawie. Z Zakladu Hodowli Doswiadczalnej PAN. (SALIVART GLANDS hysiol) k -3 1PANCRRAS physio, (MUOMENUM physiol) (GASTROINTESTINAL SYSTEM physiol) GILL. J.; HOFFMANNOWA, H.; PIEKARZ. R. hffect of histamine on the course of digestive and necretory activity in the stomach in boars (Sue scrofa L.). Act,% pbyslol. polon. 11 no-5/6:707-709 160. 1. Z Laboratorium Plijologiesnego Miejskiego Ogrodu Zoologiesnego w Warezavie. Z Zakladu Hodowli Doeviadezaluej PAN. (STOUCH pharmacol) (GASTRIC JUICE) (HISTAMME pharmacol) .TACZEWSKIP Z.; -- GILL.. J. -, KMNIEWSKIP S. Regulation of blood pressure in the brown bear (UrsuB arctoB L.). Bul Ac Pol biol. 9 n0-5:227-229 161. (EEAI 10:9) 1. Laboratory of Pbysiology# Municipal Zoological Garden, War' saw an&-~ Laboratory of Game Animals Physiology, Polish Academy of Sciences, I Popielno. Presented by W. Stefanski. (BLOOD PRESSURE) (BEARS) GILL, Ja-nuszq JACZEWSKI, Zbigniew Re lation of the blood pressure in the European bison, Bison Bonam (Lf.' Acts, pbysiol pol. 12 no.6:859-857 161. 1. Physiological laboratory at the Zoological Garden in Warsaw, Ratuszova 1/3 (for Gill) 2. Department of Experimental Animal Brue.ling, Polish Academy of Sciences, Popielno, District Piaz (for Jaesewski) (Poland-BiBon) (Blood preBsure) HOFFMANNOWA, Hanna; GILL, Janusz; PIEKARZ, Ryszard Studies on the digestive physiology of the wolf (Canis lupus L.), dingo (Canis dingo L.) and jackal (Canis aureus L.). I. Effect of histamine on the course of digestive-excretory processes of the stomach under morphine-eunarcon anesthesia. Acts. physiol, Pol. 15 no.1:125-136 Ja_F 164. Studies on the digestive physiology of the wolf (Canis lupus L.). dingo (Canis dingo L.) and jackal (Canis aureus L.). II. Digostive capacity of the pancreas, duodenum and salivary glands; size of the digestive system; weight of internal organs. lbid.il37-148 1. A Laboratorium Fizjologicznego Miejskiego Ogrodu Zoologicznego w Warozawie (Kierowniks mgr J. Landowski) i Z Zakladu Hodowli Doswiadozalnej Zwierzat Panatwowej Akademii Nauk (Kierownik-, prof. dr Z. Kaminski (deceased]). 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"The- SelactiTity of biological lkllethodn in Dfsluatinu of T&ming `AV Materisla. 11 Wex,iaw, Lia~~sc T_Misks, Vol 19, No 3, .10 63, PP 0-5-47 Abatract: The author given a critical walysii of the vari" mt~ods of estirAting the taming Pgants i-u rpw, materialp, 'I'venty references 4we cited of which six axe If vom the Soviet block. FOLMD J., Aivtelej,", (i..IwA (Ka-vi"Ira A:"Wudi I!Mycm~lj 'VZ5~=148 ktm;,68 X,01-1,1,1010gimwl Parts ol~ Rqp~ax arizilIQLA J.'." Varx&~,Aw, TqIZL -19, No J, W ttlv 63, pp 47-5Ci ., Vol -2 - t, of riwmx Crm~jvs i.. -re-ra miljj~;,:ctsd W mid qlamitit4itive- te-ai'a for the Iasi-sence ot' Tes:rnira, The bulk o' U63t: rwC,p,r-,.-UIV 1,%.) found, tt) be !~s ths rt>0-t:3, I-hlr, rxtiwx contailm th.-te thblea ar/a twent) three T of tho mI",0nICCA anI trap the 8(miif KOLODZIE,TSKI, Jozef; GILL, Stanislaw; MUK, Amal SUREWIGZ-SZEWZYK, Halina. --- Variable content of ethereal oils and tannic compounds during the vegetation stage of Salvia officinalis L. 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Z Zakladu Farmakognoz~' Insty-tutu Fammceutyc-iego v Ek-rnie (Kierowniki prof. dr. E. Steinegger); z Zakladu Faimakognozji Akademii Medycznej w Gdansku (Kierownik: prof, dr, J, Kolodziejski). KOLODUEMKI, Jozef; GrU, Stanislaw; WCZKIEWICZ, Irena Localization of sparteine in Cytisus scoparius Link. (Sarothmmus scopariu. L. Wimm.) during the vegetation stage. Acta Pol. pharm. 21 no.6001-508 164 1. Z Katedry Parmakognozji Akademii Medyczriej w Gdansku (kie- rownik: prof. dr. J. Kolodziejski). C, Secretion of saliva, In ingestion of kefir and milk, acidified by lact ic acid; experimental stady. Vopr.pedi&t. 18 no.2:36-38 Mr 150.(CM 19:3) 1. Of the Department of Child Physiology and Dietetics, Ukrainian Scientific-Remearch Institute OKhMD (Director -- Candidate Medical Sciences A.G.loganova; Scientific Director -- Honored Worker in Science Prof. 3-Y&.Shafershtsyn). SVOBODA, M., inz.; GILLAR, J., promovany biolog; SALPIACHTA, J.; HIAVKA, C . 14. , inz;; STEWLOVA, D.; MILRVAN, F., RNDr. Last stage purification of dairy waste waters by biologic filters. Vodni hoop 14 no.6:219-222 164. 1. Institute of Dairy Research Brno (for all except Harvan). 2. Research Institute of Water Resources Management, Brno (for Marvan). j. C. 'Poland a z. avi Bulletin ie scie, "~decuate Stability L'Aca,'. mi- C.S 4. e /.5a re Cond-t-ion for 'Non-lineu~ Control Co-author: Y,TGRUYINII, S. GILLE, J.C.; WEGRZYN, S. Stability of nonlinear system of the second order. Bul Ac Pol tech 10 no.9:563-570 162. 1. Ecole Nationale Superioure do l'Aaronautique, Paris (France), et Laboratoire do Is Theorle do la Comunication, Institut des Problemes Techniques Fandazentaux, Acadenie Polonaise des Sciences, WarsovieW Presented by J.Groaskowski. . (',TI,T.7r, J.G.- WEGRZYN, S. Stability of congervative associated equationg. T-.,u-, Ac Pol te,;Ii 12 no.6:1,25-430 164. a. Vat'i"DrIal School of I*%r~'-1. '~-st-L!,ute of Automatic Cortrol Polish Acade4ay of ,,~:ienceo, ','-esented b- J.Groozkowski. J P/0019/64/013/001/0003/0024 ACCEWIC01 NR I APW39448 AVMCRI Gills, Je C0j,,WegnWnv S. TITIEs A sufficient condition for the stability of **card order nonlinew arstm SOURCE: Archivum oloktrotoobidkit vo,139 no.lo 1964s 3-14 TOPIC TAGSs Automatic control, control theory, automatic control systemis non, control system, second order nonlinear system, control system staoWty" differerks tial equation, second order differential equation ABSTRAM The authors previously (J. Ce Gille and S. Wegrzyn, Wd PnffWM Wetaresa- jacym warunku stabilnosci nlelinimWch ulkaddw automatyki.0 Automat i Teleftech, Vol VII, non I and 2, 1962) proposed a practical condition for nonlinear stability which was unusual3y simple in application. 71ioy also indicated the feasibility or defining more precisely the areas of its application. The present article .' attempts, to do this very thing* The conditions for a second order system were determined- ax'A the proof was g:Iven. ."In a stable linear differential equation 11 x*'+ A's i ~ As x ~;O ~the r4ficisnt 4 2 represents the losses JA the system while. the coeffIGIOD", asd ^3 represent the retentive properties The dUfar- AC=SION NR3. AP4039446 once in these two types of coefficients is also unumlly useful in the case of an analysis of nonlinear system. The following two special cases are therefore ex- amined in detail: (1) nonlinear second order differential equations, all the coor-i ficients of which (losses and retentions) am the functions of the variables K,. *' :k, and X**, while the coefficients of retention are constant. This type of equation was called a type of equation with nonlinear scatter. The authors jaw that Istrict stability conditions for these two types of nonlinear equations are differ- ent. The requirements for nvup I are higher than for group 2. Authors conclude' thait' the stability - cmdtlaw 49rived In the above-zentioned previous stww'for linear static conjugate system assures the stability of nonlinear astsies #provided the latter system belongs -to & a7sten " with nonlinear scattering. If the oW- ficients of retention are also nonlinears, then this condition should be supplem ty an additional uniqueness condition for the nonlinear coofficientse. It would be of great. interest if the results oculd be generalised for equatiew of hio 41410M Origival arti*U but U figures and 21 equationse ASSOCUTTONt Osrodsk Ikdan IkWemy0h Autoutykis Fafts(SolentMeAnsearch Center fOr.AutGMtiO CGnUVl)J BWWW% Ant4=64K PANS Wargaw(LwtLtuto of AutamtLananx)_ Id 2/3. . GILLFMOT, Ferenc (Budapest, X!, Tarcali. u.2), HORVATH, (Bi~--dape3t, 1., frr~-&a4iro ut 10) The C02 position welding. Feriodica polylechn eng 8 no.305)- 362 164. 1. Submitted February 28, 1964. o-* 0 0 -00 o o o W-W-O-W-' it U is b I Ni or At U if: U k Af of The madma" of tka Al alloys repplacialf 0& ! task ft lecommagm, Mcwt ---1 *00 go 0o IOU. 1. M.~ 44n) #4 the M. III ind NIN neulesil .01 Al-ma-An'41 SlWY' oil 14-11'ik- still "I"lirr"itrt -00 00 .1fellstle. Iffiewil hier.1ne" milli it-fillallibly .14 itivi'li. .00 00, itau'l. 11W two IK4t alloryit wi-tv of 1 fit- (1014 Wit kiluilbu. 00 -&1 Mir 4. mt Al. tcii-ih- omemolt M fix vie o -WnPrr-4v,- mr,-noith too), vla,tir litui! it, "Tillell Ismirdtiol-i, -It; 410 %1% L'. Zn --. SJ- r-1 At. in v"t (nor girfint4l) conifitioti, fretior(h fit. I (21W, j; nath 41), rlx4tir limit in "Wtfor-ion P;. Zee Ilwy arr tilitaft'r f,w highl, 'tr"Wd wforpri-var