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alaw fifi-aiiih 110 a. Tibor Tomorr-at -Amn 14604MMOCIS iwl5les --bf-steel" 11'Qux T C roti-A twtta 1.04 and 20.0, wti* nltrfde4 at M, 6111! and 660'. resp., for 1-7 lire. In an atm. of8O%Nand2O79 Nits. Where Ti/C C112OH - RSiH CHK~ >) + 2C 5If5N . HC1 0 ~O 2 Card 1/7 S/197/61/000/007/002/002 Syntheses in the series of B117/B101 The reactions were made in a three-necked flask with mechanical stirrer, dropping funnel, and reflux cooler with calcium chloride tube. In the case of C2H5SiHC12 not only ethyl difurfuryloxy silane but also ethyl tri- furfuryloxy silane were isolated. This indicattis that the reaction partially proceeds via the Si-H bond. Re-esterification of ethoxy silanes with furfuryl alcohol (method 6) is simpler from theexperimental point of view: R Si(OC H + (4-n) CH OH( R Si (OCH / N + (4-n)C H OH n 2 5 4-n ~O 2 n 2 ~,~ 4-n 2 5 In some cases, however, the reaction proceeds slowly and the separation of the main product is rendpred difficult by the impurities if the partially substituted esters. The best results could be obtained when using sodium furfurylate as a catalyst. The reactions were made in a distilling flask with dephlegmator in oil bath. For the production of trialkyl furfuryloxy silanes dehydrocondensation of hydride silanes with alcohols in the pre- sence of metallic sodium (Ref. 11: B. N. Dolgov, N. P. Kharitonov, 'A. G. Voronkov, ZhOKh, 2A, 1176, (1954)) was successfully employed (methode;,. Card S/197/61/000/007/002/002 Syntheses in the series of ... B110101 In this case the highest yields were obtained; (C H ) SiH + CH OH P H ) SiOCH .//-\ + H 2 5 3 Q - 2 2 5 3 2 0/- 2 Using these three methods the entire series of methyl furfuryloxy silanes and ethyl furfuryloxy silanes as well as methyl ethyl difurfuryloxy silane, ethyl dipropyl furfuryloxy silane, trifurfuryloxy silune and tetra- furfuryloxy silane were obtained (Table 1). Most of the furfuryloxy silanes are colorless liquids with a characteristic smell and turning yellow on standing. At temperatures of 1450C and higher, the furfuryloxy silanes distilled in the vacuum are yellowish. The furfuryloxy silanes are soluble in ether, ethanol, benzene, and toluene, and insoluble in water. On heating they are gradually polymerized while forming brown non- distillable, highly viscous substances. All frequencies characteristic of the disubstituted furans can be observed in the infrared spectrum (Table 2) There are 2 tables and 17 references: 8 Soviet-bloc and 9 non-Soviet-bloc. The three most important references to English-language publications read as follows: Ref. 15: A, Cross, S. Stevens, T. Watts, J. Appl. Chem., Card 3/ 7 Syntheses in the series of ... S/197/61/000'/007/002/002 B110101 562 (1957); Ref, 16: N. Wright, 14. Hunter. J. Amer. Chem. Soc.' �11 803 (1947); Ref. 17: A. Katritzky, I, Lagovski. J,, Chem, Soc., 1959, 657- ASSOCIATION: Institut organicheskogo sinteza AN Latv. SSR (Institute of Organic Synthesis AS Latviyskaya SSR) SUBMITTED: May 6, 1961 Table 1: constants of furfuryloxy silanes. Legend: 1) furfuryloxy silane; 2) s nthesis method; 3) boiling temperature, 0c; 4) pressure, mm H9; 5) found; 6~ calculated; 7) yield ~,. Table 2: infrared absorption spectra of furfuryloxy silanes. Legend: 1) compound; 2) valence vibrations of the furan ring; 3) pulsation of the ring; 4) deformation vibrations of the C-H bond; 5) planar; 6) extra- planar; 7) references; 8) vibrations of the Si-x bond; 9) deformation vibrations; 10) other frequencies. Card 4/7 SIAVINSKAYA, B.A.; SHIMANSKAYA, M.V.; ~4~, S.A.; IOFFEE, 'L'.I. Kinetics of the vapor-phase contract omidaticn of furfurole. Kin. i kat. 2 no.2:i5ZQ57 Mr-Ap 161. (MIRA 14:6) 1. Institut organicheskogo sinteza AN Latviyskoy SSR, Riga i Nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut organicheskikh poluproduktov i krasiteley imeni K. Ye. Voroshilova. (Furaldehyde) (Oxidation) ZAYEVA) S.P.;_ GILLER, S.A.; MMI&I, S.K.; STRADYN', [Stradf J.P. 1; ALEKSEYP,,VA,- L.N.- KRUZMETRA, L.V.; ALIBEIRTE, M.A.; MPURIETE, I.I?.[Aizpuriete.,'I.F.1; ULNBERG, R.Yu. [KaInberg, i.J.] Exporlmental study of furazolin (F-150), a nelw", preparation of the iftr6f'uran series. Zhur.mikrobiol., epid, i J5Pmun- 32 no.10: 17-20 0 161. OIM 14:3.0) 1. Iz Instituta organicheskogo sinteza, All Latviyskoy SSH. (FURAN) I- Nitration of =i.aO(,?-uns,--Wx-ctcd :.Idehyd-~s and ket(,re:; ot the ~'SSt. 7 .~vv,zn oerl(,s. DokI. Ali ~37 , o. 1:83-86 Xr-Ap 161. (:iIIIHA 11,2) 1. Inotitut oro"nic',eskof-o sint--za M -lattviyskoy S~O. 2. Al- LLL%%-I::-j'koy SJAIL (.'oi- Giller). Nuatonc-o) (Litration) VENTER, K.K.; GII ~,j,2 A., akademik; KUCHEROV, V F.- TSIRULE, Mr. 'c - [Cirulfi,, Y*J; KARKLIM, A.M. [Karklina, A:]#' Syntheseo in the-domainof-5-~n-itrofuryl-2-polyalkenals and 5-nitrofuryl-2-polyalkenones. Reaction of carbethoxymethylene- triphqylphosphorane an'd-acet7lmethyleTke-triphenyl.phosphorane with ),41-unsaturated and polyene aldehydes,of the 5-nltrofurm eries. Dokl. AN SSSR 140 n6.5:1073-1075 0 161. (MIRA 15:2) Institut organicheskogo sinteza AN Iatviyskoy SS 2: AN -latviyakoy SSR (for Giller). (Phosphorane) (Furan) EYDUS, Ya.A. [Eiduss, J.1; VENTER, K.K.; GILLER, S,A.., akademik Effect of termi"al substituents in 5-nitrofurylpolyene derivatives on their electron spectra. Dokl. All SSSR W no.3:655-658 N 161. ('11IRA 14:11) 1. Institut organicheskogo sinteza AN Latviyskoy WH J Iatviyoldy gosudarstvennyy universitet im. P. Stuchki. 2. AN Latviyskoy SSR (for Giller). (Olefins-Spectra) STRADYEV, YA.P. AND GILLER, S.A. "Die polarographische untersuchung einiger chemotheropoutika der nitrefumnreihe.of Report subedtted to the Oscillopolarography Course and Polarogmpby Symp. Jena., GDR 10-15 Sep 1962 GILIAM; S.Ap otv. red.; BLYUGER, A.F.,, red.; SH114AIISKAYA, M.V., red.; VYMARSKAYA, 0.,, red.; UMERCA, A.p tekhn. red. [Furazolidone]Furazolidon. Riga, Izd-vo Akad. nauk Latviiskoi SSR, 1962. 145 P. NIRA 15:12) 1. Latvijas Padomju Socialistiskas Republikas Zinatnu Akaderija. Organiskas sintezes institut. 2. Direktor Instituta organicheskogo #111toza Akad.wll.mauk~Latvlyskoy M (for GiUer). 3. Institut or- ganicbsvkogo*slfitezi Akad9mli,mauk.L&tviyukoy SSR (for Shimnskaya). 4. Kafedra infektsionrykb boleznei.Ri2hokogo'moditsinskogo instituta (for Blyuger). (OXAZOLIDINONE) SLAVINsKAYA, V.A.; GULEVSKIYp E.K.; SHIWSKAYA, M.V.,---qj-L9%AdA,,-; IOFFE, I.I. Kinstico of furfurole catalytic oxidation. Kin.i kat. 3 no.2sZ76-281 Mr-Ap 162. (MIRA 15:11) 1. Institut organicheakogo sinteza AN Latviyakoy SSR, Riga i Nauchno-iseledovatellskiy inatitut organiebeskikh poluproduktov i krasiteley imeni K.Ye.Voroshilova, Moskva. (Furaldshyde) (Maleic anhydride) (Catalysts) S/02 62/145/004/017/024 B110YB144 AUTHORS: Lukevits, E. Ya., Rotadan, Yu. P., Giller, S.. A.,'Academician -IS LatSSR, and Voronkov, id. G. ---------- TITLE: Organosilicon compounds of the furan series. Organosilicon derivatives of furyl carbinols and-5-substituted furfuryl alcohols PERIODICAL: Ak ademi3anauk SSSR. Doklady, v. 145, no. 4, 1962, 8o6 - 8oa I-EXT: Furfuryl oxysilanes were produced: (1) by reaction of trialkyl c'-Iorosiianes with furyl alkyl and furyl aryl carbinols, (2) by reaction of silanes with furfuryl alcohol, 5-methyl furfuryl a:lcohol, and furyl alkyl carbinole Re Re -OH R-'o/ CHOSWR'l t M, 01 (21 1AtR=Cjj&;kt R*=CN;C,N. ; C41ij; H ce=Cv~-.C~V.-.Cvti6O;(C4HSj,StOH R"'=CiHj;CsHi;C2P40 using 10-) moles of H 2Ptcl6 per 1 mole of isopropyl alcohol as catalyst at lard 1/0