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STARIK, I.Ye. (deceased); LILZ~TTL, F.L.; RAYEVSKIY, B.N. Diffusion mth-,4 for st?dfing ra~jyjjotopes. Part i GoefficJents of diffusion of Sr7ii), Ce 1 1), Am . Th,--,, 1, 4), and Np(V). Radiokbimiia 6 no.4r496-4.98 164. (MIRA 18:4) A(v')-2/r,4P(J)/T/FNP(t)/L"WP(b) PcA/Pr-h/ L 2207-65'_ WWWIErr (a)/", Fab 10 DMF ROH/RM/Md/b ACCESSIOU AP40,43549.: 3/0020/64/157/004/0926/0929 AUTHORS: Ye. (Corresponding mambei AN SSSP, Be q,3 ~q i 71k , - - Ginzburg,, k. L.~ Rqavz;1ab D. 11, 'TITLE: A study of the: -state.:,of radioactive Isotopes,./It -.extreme ly dilute solutions by,:a:d1ffus_1on methbw- SOURCE: All SSSR. Dokllad~*', 157, no. 4, 1964, 926-925, ~TOPIC TAGS fusion '-diffusion __a oeff.10 ient, rad'-o active -isotope# Crv f Pul~~V), Zr 4 144 Th (W ce (IIIY, Am (III) Cs- (1) - Si (H) CS Sr90P Oe 11 polymer, Th mea loniecharge, Ization hydro- lytic polymerization productp~viscosizy, colloidal polymer ABSTRACt*.-.Th-e-di-ffUsloti-coefficientr,.--of Pu _(Ilr), Zr (I tV), Th (IV), Ce (111)19 Am (III)o ds -(1Y,and Sr (11) uvere, measured va.14es were used in studying,the hydrolytic polymerization Droducts ~anWeterminl th mean lonio-charge of the 1sotopes_Tsl34, sr9of de 4 . and ThBJ4. '14eapui-bmants were.made by the open tube ca pillary method described by..J-1"S i'Anderson, K. Saddington (J. Chem. Boo., 1949i, 381), The pH ot the solutions was adjusted to counteract ad- so (IV) and Zr (,IV)-- no less ption'onto.the-capillary valL: for Fu Car L 22537-65 -ACOESSION NR: AP4043549~ than 1 molar;,for 1h (IV) 00~ (A11I),.Am (ITI)--.not un,ler .'PH 2- f0 Cs M, Sr (II)- Oomparlson of the diffusion. UP to PH 11-5. coefficients for Fu (IV) and Ce (III) obtained above with values'', obtai -"had described by I.Ye. Starik and A.I. Yurtov ned bya mel, (Radiokhl miya, 6, 4 (1964)) indicated the two methods yielded :--similar results. Viscosities-were measured with an Ostwald viscosi- meter; XemperbLtur-s were.25.0 t 0.05C; all concentrations.were under . 1 x 10--~.-gm.-Aqn/l. Plotting, the change in.D /T (which was-consider"*,I., ed to show the change in the radius-of the diffused Particle) V~*- acidity of the solution (fig. 1) showed polymerization occuiied at about 0.3 14 Ml for Zr (IV),, at PH 1.4 for Pu (IV) and PH 3.7 f Th (IV). Solubility produalus were determined; Th(011)., -- lxlO- x 10 --l x 10-51) polymers Pu(OH) -55,- and Zr(OH)4 The reached 001101M~dilmenslons at a slightly lower hydrogen Ion concentration than that ~at. which the solubility product was reached. The cogffl- cient of diffusion of zirconium In alkaline solutiona showed it formed negatively'charged particles beyond p1l 7.5. Changing the C11+_7..from 0.3 to 3. moles/l. did not cause any change In the rate of zT a~d Th diffusion. This was assumed to confirm thekt ion mobility In dilute colutions Is determined b3 thelsolvent structure, The Card 2/4 L 22537-65 ACCESSION NR:.AP4043549,, increase in D /T.for Sr:- (I I). Ce-.(!Il) and Pu (IV) 'in mpre concen- --trated Solutions was-considered que to non-Weal solution and lorv dehydration or-change in coin P16x 1~compo al t1 oy.L. , The reIntive dec-reass J.n:the diffusion coefficients of cons on Increasing their concen-. tration from 10-5 to 10-13 gm. - lons/l. 'vas de teratined Extrapoiatio~t of the DI/T -- 10,4, curves to zero r114+3 gave values f or the diffu- . . G+ -very olose to values obtain sion rates of Cc (III) and r.(I1 a b le -by the Nernst equation.- The mean charge 'was calculatod for the following ions, based.on the Nernst equation and on correlation of experimental data: Sr (IX) c-- 2 0 0; Oe (111) 0; Th (IV) c- 2.4; Zr (IV)-=%O; Fu (IV).--2.2. lt~was oonoluded,,that the relatioruslAp' beti-teen the diffusion oefficient-,-aiid--rthe--o(jicLeentra"t"tion--6.r-- tbe dif- 16n-dbj,_be used-to determined its mean charge in dilute Golu-; tions. Orig. art. has 2, figures !.and 1 equations, ASSOCIATION:-None SUBMITTED: 2511ar64,-, ENCL: 01 SUB CODS: lCjl%GC REP-SOV: 014 OTHER: 010 Card 3/4 LYTKIN, M.I.; GINZBURG, F.L. Reimplantation of the skin in surgical management of combined wounds of the soft tissue under experimental co-Aditions. Eksper. khir. 5 no. 2:58-59 Mr-Ap 160. (MIRA 14: 1) (SKIN CRAKING) STARIK, I. Ye.; GINZBURGq F. L. State of microquantities of radioelements in solutions. Part 16: Study of the state of americium by means of ion exchange. Ra-diokhimiia 3 no-1:45-51 161. (MIPJI 14:3) (Americium) SOV/137-59-1-1352 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. Metallurgiya, 1959, Nr 1, p 180 (USSR) AUTHORS- Sirota, N. N., GirizbUrg, F. N, TITLE: A Study of the Physical Properties of Bi-Sb Alloys (Izucheniye fizicheskikli svoystv splavov visrnLlt;i S SUr m0y) PER-10DICAL: Sb. nauchn. tr. Mosk. in-1 tsvetti. niet. i zolotl. NaLIC111lo-ICkhIl o-vo tsvetn. n-ictal.lurgii, 1957, Nr 30, pl) 283-2191 ABSTRACT: Physical properties (thermoelectric power, electrical resist)VItV hardness, microhardness: and modulus of elasticity) of I() Bi-Sll alloys were studied. The composition of the alloys varied frorn 0 to 1007o in increments of 5 atom-%. Rod-shapcd specirriells -1 1-11111 ill (11. ameter obtained by casting in a graphite mold were annealed at a temperature of 2400C for a period of 2 weeks. The shape of thu hardness and microhardness curves is typical of systerris whicii form a continuous series of solid solutions- The maxima of tiiesc curvcs correspond to an alloy containing 801/o Sb and 20% Bi. A we] I -defined maximum corresponding to an alloy with a composition of 15% Sb and 85% Bi is observed in curves representing -.he electrical resistivity Card 1 /Z and the thermoelectric power as functions of the concentration of A Study of the Physical Properties of Bi-Sb A] loys SOV/137-59- 11- 13152 the constituents. A slight deviation from additive behavior was observed in the curve "modulus - of-elasticity vs. concentration" - In alloys containing 20-30976 Sb a certiin maximum is observed which coincides -with the maxinia oil the curves of elect rical resistivity and thermoclect ric power. V. G~ Card 2 /2 as ~; TSVNTAYJ9VA,Ye.H.; FAYATSYK, Y.Y.. redaktor; BEONSO..., A.H., LDR - Ij ra+kltor; ROZEN, E.A.. tekhmichaskiy redaktor [Let us increase the production of potatoes and vegetables; an annotated bibliography) Uvelichim proizvodetvo kartofelia i ovoshchei; annotirovannyi ukazatell literatury. HoskvIA. Goo. izd-vo kullturrio- proevatitellnoi lit-ry. 1956. 36 p. (MLRA 9:11) 1. Veavoyuznaya akademiya sel'skokhozymystvenafth nauk imeni V.I.Lenina. (Bibliography--Potatoes) (Bibliography--Vegetable gardening) ~4.11, 11INNS011, AJI.,redaktor; YEGOROV, V.I.,rodaktor; BE _Qj9ZSURQ, YNIAGIII, A.Ye.,tekhnicheskiy redaktor [More fruit, berries, and gropes; annotated bibliography] Bol'ahe plodov, lagod i vinograda; annotirovannyl uknzatell literatury. Moskva, Goo. izd-vo kullturno-proov. lit-ry, 1956. 63 p. (NLRA 10-1s) 1. Moscow. Tbentrallnaya nauchnaya eallskokhozyaistvotmaya biblioteka. (Bibliography--Fruit culture) FAMMAIENIKO, Ye.T.; GIIMUFDO F.S. [Bibliography of the works of Ij. Michurin and the literature about him] BibllogTaflla trudov I.V. Michurina i literature, o nem. [Sostavilteli X.Y. Parkhomenko i P.S. Ginsburg] Moskva. Gos..izd-vo aellkhoz. lit-ry, 1958. 24,6 pe (MMA 11:10) (Bibliography-Michurin, ,Ivan Vladimirorvich. 1855-1935) GINZBURG, G. Housing increased activity, of those with laborsaving ideas, Zhil.-kom.khoz. 2 No. 3. 1952 Monthl_y List of Russian Accessions. Library of Congress, JuIY 1952. Unclassified. MINIX, I.; GINZMMG, G. . Production potentialities In operation. ZhIl.-kom.khos. 4 no.4: 22-26 154. (MM 7:7) 1. Glavnyy Inshener Saratovskogo savoda gazovoy apparatury (for Mirkin) 2. Nachallulk planovo-proisvodet"nnogo otdola (for Ginsburg) (Faucets) GINZBURG, G. Girl radio operators. Radio no.7:9 Jl 156. (ma 9:9) l.Nachallnik radiestantsii Vitebskogo radiokluba (UC2K&S) (Radio clubs) G I r:J z B. I , ; ~ , " )(I .11. . Ginzburg, G. A. - "Against limitations in the choice of cartographic projections", le :;y A. K. Malo%-ichko 1!1 the same is!~ue (Some notes in connect,ion with the artic - I of the 11SUornik"), S'Uorriik nauch.-tekhn. i priozvod. szz,~ LCY PO 1:eod(:-,ii. knvto~-~rhfil, topo~'rafii, aeros*yemke 1 gravimetrii, Issue 21, 19h8, p. 9(-)). SO: U-4110, 17 July 53, (Letopis 11"hurnal Inykii "AaL14, NO. D, D11)). I NZBLIR~~p ,~~ I %,- PL. Ginzburg, G. A. - "On certain basic p oblems in mathematical caf-Lo~;ra.-.hy", Sborni.k nauch.-Lekhn. i priozvod. statey po geodeziJ., kartografii, topograf.ii, aerosllyemkc i Fravimetrii, Issue,22, 19h3, p. 91-102, - bibliog: 20 items. so: U-4110, 17 July 53, (Letopis 'Zhurnal Inykh State,,, No. 19, l9h)). ~7~, 'I -; Z3M H'I, ~;. A. 230/15 CrEMURG, Ge A.. Proycktsiya To"IIGAIF. I Ll ; i " S,~mik nauch. ,o-.1. Stall-:.- 1-o jf~, f - ekl~zi. I Prolz, ~ ra 11, Aerocllen':e I Gravdmctrli, ITZP. 24, S. a~ -',; 2. SO: Le-topis, 110. 32, 1910- U- ! 1 i Z B ulit" '~. A. 21363 Gil-lZBLIPIG. G. A. Ismledovaniya tsentrallno..---c nat:cluo-igLl-!-dova~,tlls;-0.70 a in3tituta 7eodezii, acros"eirld- i kartografii (T-snii'~a, h) 'Fo mat-natichtskoy kartogrofii. Trudy vtorogo vsegoy-uz. Geo T. ' llozda. P. III, K. , 1 ~49, S - 0 "26 - 3 3 - SO: Letopis' Zhurnal-Inykh Statey, No. romkva, 194~,. rjjj76ZFU'R,,'~, A. 21364 -GitrzB uRc,,,- ?, voproau 0 so',,Ir0'T(,erllICTl 80SWYarlii 1 '-LZV"t'ya niatematichemkoy kartof7afii. Voprosy ~,,-~!ografii, SB. II S. )9-52. "DO: L6topiml Zhurn&lInykh 3tatey, No. 2~, !.~rlmkva, 194~,. GIEZDUHG, G. A. Matumviticheskoe oboanovanJa kart, lcompleknnykh tairovykh geografichfokikh aidarjoy Sathematical basis of maps of contprehensivo geographic atlascs of the viorig., -ieodezizdat, 1952. 140 p. SO: Yonthly List of Russian Accessions, Vol. 6, No. 5, August 1953. CITT17BURG3 G. A. ItProfile of Displacement of Firs and Oaks in Belorussian S-SR" Izv. AN BSSIZ, No 5, 193-195, 1953 The method of profiles was employed to clarify geopraphical differences in the state of forests according to species and in connection with the taxation formula of leskhoz plantinf-.-:, etc. The profile was carried out along 280 East Lonj-.itude, dividinr Belorussian SSR into equal parts and cutting the 12 leskhozes. The fir parts (in percent of forest cover) from north to south falls from hO.O to 0.5"b, and the oak increases from 0.1 to 9.24-10.23'j. (RZhGeol, 110 3, 19510 so: V-.--31-187, 8 Mar 5 GITEBU130, G. A. "New Variants of Polyconic and X Azimuthal Projections" Sb. ref. Tsentr. n-i. in-ta geod., aeros'yemki i kartogr., 111c, 2, .9r4,. 76-78 A brief description of two new polyconic and three azimuthal projections applied in modern USSR cartographic publications of the world, the Soviet Union, etc. Polyconic projections carry intermediate distortion are obtained by numerical analysis. Azimuthal projections are distinguished by small distortions of areas and exhibit the spherical shape of the terrestrial surface. They are obtained by a parameter entering the projection equations and using coordinates of the central point. (RZhAstr, No 10, 1955) SO: Sum-No 787, 12 Jan 56 GIN'ZBURG, G.A. Subdivision of methods and procedures of obtaining new cartographic projections. VOP-9009- n0-34:108-116 f54. (MLRA 7,12) (Map projection) T GINZBURG)6 G. A. "Geographic Disbribution of Forests of the Byelo- russian SSR, and Their Utilization. (A Historical and Geographical Study)." Byelorussion State U imeni Lenin, Minsk, 1955. (Dissertation for the Degree of Candidate in Geographical Sciences) SO: M-955s 16 Feb 56 GINZBURG G.A.. kandidnt t oldinicheBkildi nAuk. dotsemt. Using americal methods to obtain the projection for world(maps.Trudy MlIGAIr no.21:3-19 155- KLRA loil) 1. Hookovskiy instutut iumhenerov geodezii, Irafedrm mntemnticheskoy kartograf ii, (K" projection) _g_qq'rgiy..AlekOaAd;ZovtOh; YANKOV, G.V., red.; KOKARIKOVA, L.M., GINZBURGk red.izd-va; ROMANOVA. Y.Y., (Constructing grid lines on geographic maps according to graphic methods] Postroente setok meridianov I parallelei geografichookikh kart v oenovnom grafichaskimi priememi. Moskva, Ixd-vo goodez. lit-ry. 1957. 25 p. (MIRA 11:2) (Cartography) UIIWL- -- ; SALKANOVA, T.D.; GEDYKIN, A.V*, redak-tor atlas&; SHAWOVA, ?&A*, red^ktor isdat*11stva; KMININ, GA., tekhnichaskLy redaktor. (Charts for selecting map projections] Atlas dlia vybors lartagraft- o'heskikh proektail. Moskva. Isd-vo geodes. lit-ry, 1957. 237 P, (rianingrad, fftritrallriyl nauchno-Issledovatollskii institut goode- 01, aspos"emki I kRrtografii. Trudy, no.110). (NLRL 1018) (VALP ProJection) /v~z C' Call Nr: QB280.L42 AUTHORS: Ginzburg, G. A., Salmanova, T. D. TITLE: Transactions of the Central Scientific Research In- stitute of Geodesy, Aerial Surveying and Cartography. Vol. 110. Atlas for the Selection of Cartographic Projections (Trudy Tsentrallnogo nauchno-issledovatell- skogo instituta geodezii, aerosl'ygmki i kartografii. Vypusk 110: Atlas dlya vybora kartograficheskikh proyektsiy) PUB. DATA: Izdatellstvo geodezicheskoy literatury, Moscow, 1957, 240 pp., 2000 copies ORIG. AGENCY: Glavnoye upravleniye geodezii I kartografii MVD SSSR EDITOR: Gedymin, A.V.; Editor of the Publishing House: Shamarova, T.A.; Technical Editor: Kuzlmin, G. M. PURPOSE: This atlas is designed to facilitate the selection of projections for various types of geographic maps in cartographic plants. The atlas may be used for educa- tional purposes. Card 1/9 Call Nr: QB280-1,42 Transactions of the Central Scientific Research Institute (Cont.) COVERAGE: The first (or Introductory) part of the atlas enumer- ates about 140 standard types of projections based on the mathematical criteria employed in map making. The second and main part contains 76 selected recommendations for various pro- jections of cartographic grids with their basic contours, the isocoll lines (i.e. lines of equal angular and areal distor- tion),.-and different scales. The examples demonstrate the prac- tical application of definite projections for definite areas. The appendix contains tables of rectangular coordinates of the points needed in the construction of cartographic grids for all the recommended projections. In compiling the atlas the authors relied upon the experience of the TsNIIGK (Tsentrallnyy nauchno- issledovatellskiy institut geodezii, aeroslly~imkl I kartografii Central Scientific Research Institute of Geodesy, Aerial Fhotoz/_ raPhy,and Cartography). The personalities mentioned are: SOlov yilv, M.D., Mukhin, A. P., Garayevskaya, L.S., Ivanov, Yu.m., Artamonov, G.V., Bashlavina, G.N. Larina, D.A., Urmayeva, N.A., and Filippov, yu. V. There are 81 maps and 76 tables. All 58 references are Soviet. Card 2/9 Call Nr: QB280-L42 Transactions of the Central Scientific Research Institute (Cont.) TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword 3 Introduction 5 Part I. Basic Principles in Selecting Cartographic Pro- jections. Significance of Individual Factors Ch. I. General Rules of Selecting Geographic Map Projections 1. Outline of principles in selecting projections 8 2. Significance of distortions 9 3. R61e of the size of the territory to be mapped 13 4. Rdle of the outline and the location(latitude and longitude) of the territory to be mapped 14 5. Purpose and format of the map and the mode of its use 14 Card 3/ 9 Call Nr: QB28o.L42 Transactions of the Central Scientific Research Institute (cont.) 6. Considerations of map content 16 7. Additional requirements origirating In the map's place in the composition of an ensemble 18 Ch.II. Selection of Projections for Mapping Rayons, Oblasts., Countries and Large Portions of Continents 8. Maps of rayons, obla8ts, krays,autonomous republics and union republics of the USSR 19 9. Maps of foreign countries and territories 20 10. Maps of the large constituent parts of the Soviet Union and of the USSR as a whole 20 11. Maps of large non-Soviet portions of the continents 23 Ch-III. Selection of Projections for Maps of Con- tinents and Oceans 12. Maps of continents and polar regions 24 13. Maps of oceans 25 Card 4/9 Call Nr: QB280-L42 Call Nr: QB280.L42 Transactions of the Central Scientific Research Institute (Cont.) e. Soviet Far East 45 f. Western portion of the USSR 47 g. European Russia 48 h. RSFSR 49 J. USSR 50 II. Projections for Maps of Large Parts of Con- tinents (except the USSR) a. Western Europe 58 b. Non-Soviet Asia 59 c. Southeast Asia 6o d. China 61 e. Africa - Northern Half 64 f. Africa - Southern Half 65 g. Can&4& and Alaska 66 h,. Mexico and Central America (including the West Indies) 67 J. Cordilleras- of North and Central America 68 Card 6/9 Call Nr: QB280-L42 Transactions of the Central Scientific Research Institute (Cont.) III. Projections for Maps of Continents and Polar Regions a. Europe b. Asia c. Africa d. North America e. South America g. h. J. IV. Projection a. b. Card 7/ 9 c. f. Latin America Australia Australia and Oceania Arctic Region for Maps of Oceans Pacific and Indian Oceans Pacific Ocean and Antarctica Atlantic Ocean 70 71 73 73 75 75 76 77 77 80 82 85 Call Nr: QB280.L42 Transactions of the Central Scientific Research Institute (Cont.) d. Atlantic and Arctic Oceans 87 e. Indian Ocean 88 f. Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans 89 V. Projections for Maps of the Hemispheres and Parts of the Globe Slightly Larger Than a Hemisphere a. Western and eastern hemispheres 92 b. Northern hemisphere 95 c. Continental and oceanic hemispheres 96 d. Parts of the globe larger than a hemispher e 97 e. Hemispheres of the Earth regarded as a pla net 98 VI. Projections of World Maps 99 Card 8/9 Call Nr: QB280.L42 Transactions of the Central Scientific Research Institute (Cont.) Appendices I. Tables of rectangular coordinates for Mercator's transverse equiangular cylindric projection 115 II. Tables of rectangular coordinates for Gauss' transverse equiangular cylindric projection 135 III. Tables of rectangular coordinates for map pro- jections included in this atlas 141 IV. Index of recommended projections 236 Bibliography AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 9/9 6-11-10/13 AUTHOR: Ginzburg, G.A., Candidate of Technical 3ciences TITLE: On the Projection of Maps in the Regional Atlases (0 proyektai- yakh kart regionallnykh atlasov) PERIODICALs Geodeziya i Kartografiya, 1957, Nr 11, pp. 68-71 (USSR) ABSTRACTt This problem is treated in connection with the elaboration of complex geographical atlases of the Union republics of the USSR. It is necessary to lay down the mathematical foundations for these maps, demands made on these maps and recommendations for the projections in these maps are As most of the Union republics, beside the Russian federation, are not so large, the modification of the projection on the dimensions and the form of representation is of little importance and does not cause any great changes of the contours in -rid lines. There are 5 Slavic references. AVAILABLEs Library of Congress Card 1/1 3(2) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/2679 Ginzburg, Georgiy Aleksandrovich Posobiye po izmereniyam na melkomasshtabnykh kartakh (manual of Measuring an Small Scale Maps) Moscow, Geodezizdat, 1958. 135 P. (Series: Tsentrallnyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut geodezii, aeros"yemki i kartografii. Trudy, vyp. 119) Errata slip inserted. 1,300 copies printed. Sponsoring Agency: Glavnoye upravleniye geodezii i kartografii.Ministerstvo ~ vnutrennikh del SSSR. Ed.: A. V. Gedymin; Ed. of Publishing House: G. A. Shamarova; Tech. Ed.: V. V. Ron-nova. PURPOSE: This book is intended for geographers, cartographersor other special- ists using small scale maps for determination of distance or area. COVERAGE: This book explores the various methods of determiniaj~ distances, areas, Card 1/5 R T"o K Manual of Measuring (Corit.) SOV/2679 and azimuths from small scale maps. Distortion characteristics and factors of various commonly used small scale map projections are treated in detail. There are many ~Lids in the form of tables and nomograms to assist in making measurements. Examples of each type of determination are included. Among the tables is one listing some 325 Soviet cities by coordinates to the nearest minute of are. The author thanks N. M. Volkov, A. V. Gedymin, D. A. Larin, N. A. Urmayev (deceased), G. V. Yanikov, T. D. Salimanova, and V. P. Kondrat'- yeva. There are 28 bibliographic references: 27 Soviet and 1 English. There is a reference list of 11 atlases; 8 Soviet and 3 English. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Fbr--word 3 Introduction 5 Ch. I. General Information on Distortions and Accuracy of Yeasurement 1. Distortions in cartographic projections 6 Types of distortion 6 Characteristic magnitudes of distortions 8 Card 2/ 5 Manual of Keasuring (Cont.) SOV/2679 Calculating the effect of distortions in measurements 13 2. Factors affecting the accuracy of measurement results 14 3. Attainable limits of accuracy. Required accuracy of measurements 18 Ch. II. Problems on Point Coordinates. Determining Distances 4. Problems related to geographic coordinates of points 20 Introductory remarks 20 Densifying the net of geographic coordinates 24 Determining geographic coordinates of points and plotting points on a map from their coordinates 27 5- Constructing great circles and rhumb lines. Determining distances without measuring segments on a map 32 Introductory remarks; plotting great circles and rhumb lines 32 Determining great circle lengths 38 6. Determining distances by measuring segments of some conical and cylindrical projections 43 Card 3/5 =1 Manual of Measuring (Cont.) SOV/2679 Introductory remarks 43 Determining distances on conformal cohice.1 projections 44 Determining distances on conical equidistant projections 44 Determining distances on perspective cylindrical 11 45 Determining distances on Mercator's Conformal Cylindrical projections 47 7. Determining distances by measuring segments on some azimuthal projections 54 Determining distances on a Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area Projection using a radial nomogram with circular finders 54 Determining distances on a Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area Projection using grid nomograms 58 Determining distances on Postel's Equidistant Azimuthal Projection using grid nomograms 61 Ch. III. Determining Areas and Angles 6. Determining areas, 64 Introductory remarks 64 Determining areas using tables of areas (by map sheet limits) 65 Measuring areas with a plwiimeterx or template taking the value of the area within sheet limits as a standard 67 Card 4/5 Manual of Measuring (Cont.) Measuring areas by.sectione (zones) SOV/2679 70 9. Determining directions and angles 77 Introductory remarks 77 Determining directions and angles without directly measuring them 79 Measuring angles on Mercator (Projection) maps 81 Measuring angles on maps with azimuthal projections 83 Appendix 1. Lengths of arcs of meridians and parallels (tables) 89 2. Areas of degree quads (tables) 90 3. TOles for determining: a) -the shortest distance between points and b) azimuths of great circles 93 4. Catalog of geographic coordinates of points (nearest minute) located in the USSR and other countries 113 Bibliography and geogmphic atlases AIVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 5/5 133 MM/fal 12-6-59 3(2) SOV/1 54-58-6-11/22 AUTHOR: Ginzbure, G. A. Docent, Candidate of Technical Sciencs~-B TITLE: The Correlation of Distortions in the Projection of Geographical Maps (0 sootnoshen-iyakii mezlidii i8kazheniyaini v proyektoiyakh goograficlicokikh kart) PLRIODICAL: Izvestiya vysf3hikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. Geodezi.%,,a i ar,,rofotos"yemka, 1958, Nr 6, fP 103-110 (USSR) ABSTRACT: This study concerns some important practical problems connuct(--d with the determination of the relationship between a) tile 'Jif- ferent diatortions in the same projection, and b) equal dio- tortions in different projections. a) According to formula (I nomographB can be built up. These will determine a, b, p,G)('3~" as well as the correlation between them with an accuracy suf- ficient for practice. a and b are lengths, p - surfaces, - an- gles. Other nomographs are given for the relations of the 7 val- ues: a, b, p, (,j, m, n, F_ . m - scale oil tile meridian, n - scale on the parallel. ExampleB are ,,-iven. b) Tile question of the relationship between equal distortions in.different projections is investigated in a general form, and the following is stated: Card 1/2 if, in the point of an equally large projection and in the point SOV/154-58-6-11/22 The Correlation of Distortions in the Projection of Geographical Maps of an equidistant projection, the ocalc of the lengths a shows the same value, the maximum distortion of the ambles e,.j in the point of the equally large projection iu nearly twice as bip. There are 7 figures, 2 table-a, and 4 references, 3 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Tsentrallnyy nauchno-isBledovatellokiy institut geodezii, aerofotos"yemki i kartagrafii (Central Scientific Research In- atitute of Geodesy, Air Survey and Cartography) SUBIMITTED: May 15, 1956 Card 2/2 3(2) AUTHOR: Ginz.burg.-G. A,,, Candidate of sov/6-56-12-9/14 Technical Sciences TITLE: The Tasks of Mathematical Cartography in the USSR in the Field of Small-Scale Maps (0 zadachakh matematicheskoy ka-rto-rafii 0. v SSSR v oblasti molkomasshtabnykh kart) PERIODICAL: Geodeziya I kartografiya, 1958, Nr 12, PP 48-53 (USSR) LBSTRACT: The basic courses of mathematical cartography published before the war in the USSR surpassed those abroad both by theoretical standard and completeness of their references. But today they are obsolete. The tasks in connection with the development in the field of small-scale maps are pointed out here: 1) Theoretical tasks. A classification of projections accordine to genetical characteristics is to be worked out, the project of the GOST for the terminology and symbolic representation in mathematical cartography is to be completed. A relatively critical analysis of the methods of obtaining cartographical projections is to be carried out. 1,19thods of obtaining projections which are already anticipated by the demands of practice should be developed. Methods of obtaining the whole Card 1/3 mathematical basis of small-scale maps are to be developed. Tho Tasks of Mathematical Cartography in the UB.".;R SOV16-58-12-9114 in the Field of'Small-Scale Maps Graphical-analytical methods of determining the mathematical basis'of maps should be improvod. 2) Theoretical and scientific-practical tasks. Thooo includo the following: Mathematical bases of individual maps on small sic"Lle, mathematical bases of serial maps. Working out of such projections for special maps which could facilitate cartometric-al work. The problem of usitir highly efficient caloulatore in mathematical cartography should be utudied in it theoretical respect, and some projections under especially complica*ted conditions should be worked out in the form of an experiment. 3) Scientific-practical tasks. On the basis of experimental investigation and generalization of practical data, the admissible rates of distortion on small-scale maps must be fixed. The demands put forward to the mathematical elements of special maps should be defined. The criteria for evaluating'the quality of projections and the mathematical bases of maps as a whole should be submitted for further examination. The development in the design of transformers of various types should be continued. Measuring instruments-should be improved. Simple, easy methods must be worked out for the Card 2/3 approximate determination of lengths, ar'eas and angles on The Tasks of Mathematical.Cartography in the USSR sov16-rB-12-9114 in the Field of Small-Scale Maps small-scale mapB. 4) Educational tasks. A toxtbook of mathematical cartography for cartographic-geodetical high schools and for aspirants must be published. Another means of instruction should be edited for teachers. Small-scale maps should be provided with explanations on the properties of tho projection (as they are also used by many non-expert - engineers, technicians, etc.). There are 6 Soviet references. Card 3/3 GI19BURG, G.A. Reanuring device for tile achool globe. Gmog. v shkole 21 no. 1:53- 54 JO-F 158. (MIRA 11:7) (Physical geography-Audio-vimml aids) GIMURG, G.A. Projection and compilation of geogrephical maps in the present-dav atlases of foreIgn countriese Vopegeoge no.42:168-177 158. (MIRA 11:11) (Cartograpby) GINZBURG, G. A. Doe Tech Sci -- (diss) "The mathematical basis of small-scale geographic maps." Mos, 1959. 23 pp (Min of Higher Education USSR. Mos Inst of Engineers of Geodesy, Aerial Photography, and Cartography), 150 copies. Printed by duplicating machine. List of author's works p 23. (KL, 44-59, 126) _18- AUTHOR: Ginzburg,_,_q_,A..- - SOV?10-59-1-26/32 ----?-r-o--jection TITLE: PERIODICAL: ABSTRACT: Systems and Their Use in Geography, Navigation, Topometry, etc by F. Reignier (F. Renl- ye~Sistemy proyektsiy i ikh prilozheniye k geografii, 0 kartografii, navigatsii, topometrii i t.d.) Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Seriya geografiche- 0 skaya, 1959, Nr 1, PP 152-153 (USSR) This is a review of an article of the same title published by the National Geographic Institute of France in 1957. Card 1/1 C *4 Ell; 'a 17 14 J I 41 GnIZBURG,-G.A.- Mathmatical elements of the mLltileaf world map. no. 3:40-1,7 Mr 161. (Map projection) Geod. I kart. (MIRA 14:4) GINZBURGp G.A.; SAIMANOVA, T.D. Using numorical analysis in mathenatical cartography. Trudy TSIIIICAIK no.153:5-79 162. (1-aRA 17:9) 311-ZIMIn, G.A. Using nuirograp-tr sUcidations in imatlhaa---,ic~d carto~;rap~.,,. Trudy TSNIIGAIK no. 53, &1-151 OURA 17.9) KREMFOL'SKIY) Viktor Fedorovich; MEKLER, Norl to, Flaksovich; GINNURG, Georgiy Aleksandrovlch; KNEW, A.M., retsenzent; EDELISHTEYN, AN., red.; WRAZIR11KOV, V.I., red.izd-va; ROMANOVA, V.V., tekhn. red. (The cartographer's manual] Spravochnik kartografa. Moskva, Gosgeoltekhizdat, 1963. 416 p. (MIRA 17:3) G]21ZBURG, G.A.; SAU-IMIOVA, T.D.; GEDVOI, A.V., red. (Manual on mathematical cartography] Posobie po matematichoskoi kartografli. Moskva, Nedra, 1964. 456 p. (14oscow. TSentrallnyi nau~hno-issledovatellskii institut geodezii, aerostlemki i karto- grafii). (MIRA 18:1) 1. TSentrallnyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut geodezii, aeros'Iyemki i kartografii (for GinzbLirg, Salmanova). GINZBURG, G.B.: ALEKSANDROVA, M.S. (Smolenek) Case of paragonimiasis of the bings in conjunction with md- monary tuberculosis. Frobl.tub- 36 no.7:115-116 '58. (MIRA 12:8) (TUBHRCULOSIS) (LUNGS-DISFASES) IVIROGRAD-FlIML) F. R.) GITTZSIJRG) G. F.j VED0116VA, L. I.) FAUIUICTuZ-IvIL-L,. ~~. Ub "The Application of Refrigeration for Prolon;,red Preservation of Blood." Report submitted for the 10-th Intl. Refrigeration Congress, Copea:Wen, 19 August - 2 September 1959. AID P - 2207 Subject USSR/Aerodynamics Card 1/1 Pub. 135 - 8/18 Author Ginzburg, G., Eng. Lt. Col. Titl ' - ri e l ified method o mp f sighting Periodical Vest. vozd. flota, 6, 43-47, Je 1955 Abstract The author explains the special use of the gun sight when time is restricted due to high relative speeds of the firing aircraft and its target. Ile mentions gun sights ASP-3N, PBP-1, PKI, ASP-lN, and explains his method of sighting using them in his exam ples. Institution : None Submitted : No date AID P - 5446 Subject USSR/AeronaUtiC.3 - training Card 1/1 Pub. 135 - 23/31 Author Ginzburg, G. I., Eng.-Lt.Col. Title To improve the equipment of firing ranges Periodical Vest. vozd. flota, 1, 79, Ja 1957 Abstract The author says that in the interest of gunnery training the present equipment of firing ranges, which in some educational Institutions and Alr Force units does not meet the necessary training requirementa, should be improved. Institution : None Submitted : No date DUBROVINSKIYP S.B.; NURULLAYEV, D.Kh.; qLN~BURG, G.M.; MELINIK, Ye.Yu. Epidemiologlcal analysis of the poliomyelitis Incidence in the city of Tashkent during 1953 to 1958. Trudy TashNIIVS 6:109-124 161. (MIRA 15:11) (TASHKENT-POLIOMrELITIS) KAPOVSKAYA, R.A.; AKHMEDOVA, D.R.; MEVZOS, L.M.; PYZHOVA, M.I.; Prini=al uchastiyes GINZ13URG G.M. 2:~~~ Materials on the epidemiology of Botkin's disease in Tashkent. Trudy TashNIIVS 61l67-174 161. (MIRA 15:11) 1. Tashkentskaya gorodBkaya eanitarno-epidemiologicheakaya stantstya. (TASHKENT-HEPATITIS, INFECTIOUS) GINZBURG, G.M., inzh. Experimental industrial welding of the main steam line without outgoing Insert rings in the Yaroslavi Thermal Electric Power Plant No-3. Energ stroi. no-33:39-43 163. (MIRA 17:8) 1. Trest "TSentroenergomontazh". GIIJZFJJRU", 'U.M., !nzh. Engf.naenng and ecconom!.- -'nd-.lces of the o-f the fl4r5t. 200 Mw. block in ZaInsk State Regional Flant. Energ. 8troi. no.38;61-64 "64. (I'4--,Rfi 17~10, 1. T7-eal. "Volgoenergomon"ash." GIVZBURG, G.M.., inzh. Oxygen-flux cutting of chrome-nickel austenite steel. Inerg. stroi. no.1:124-126 '59. (MIRA 13:2) l.Trest "Wentroenergomontazh". (Gas welding and cutting) Gjnzb 0 M On uniqueness conditions for limit dis- --TMdTtM=.Rwtiva AkA. Naul. SSSik. Sk-r, ki it 15, 56,1-580 (1951). (ftussiaii'i "This pa1wr 11V01"'W" ;i~lfj quaif lent ( 'Itldl- tiolls for tile of tile IlIvIking di".-ributiotl (a~ t dou'llillw by tile kV I-Wi(a. A - MY). wilvri. A(Y) mid B(Y), are :1nalytic fullctimls (if y for all Prow the atfflwr'~f volw1ary. Vol I ~j 7 M. SUBJECT USSR/MATHEMATICS/Theory of probability CARD i/1 PG - 81 AUTHOR GINZBURG 0.11. TITLE on 2-11 di t Y'm s ributione which are determined by stochastic equations, where the function of dispersion has an infinite number of zeros. PERIODICAL Doklady Akad. Nauk 102., 441-444 (1955) reviewed 6/1956 In an earlier paper (IzveDtija Akad. Nauk, Ser. mat. IL 563 (1951)) the author has investigated the uniqueness of the conti.nuous and of the discrete limit distribution which is given by the stochastic differential equation A y - A (y) At + f01-' p y) -f,-&"t The proofs were given for the case that the dispersion function 'f 2G(' Y) B(Y) F has a finite number of zeros. In the present paper it is assumed that B(Y) has infinitely many zeros. The earlier sufficient conditions remain true in this case; but the behavior of the function A(y) changes in the zeros of B(y). The necessary conditions of the earlier paper can be extended to the new case under certain assumptions. Pinally the author gives several examples of stochastic equations in which the dispersion function has infinitely many zeros. INSTITUTION: Educational Institute Ljwov. SOV/44 - 58 - It - 265P, from: Referativnyy Z'hill-Clal, Platematika, 1958, Nr 4, p 9 (USSR) AUTHOR: Gin-zburg, G.M. TITIE:--Gn-T!~~iCchlng the "Elementary Fixrctians" Section in a Cou.-se on the Theox-r of Panoticns of a Complex Variable in a Pedagogical Ins-I.-itute (0 p.--3pcjaavarii razdela "Elan,e-_rL'u.arnZrYe f-ir~ktsii" -it k-uirse- 'leoril fuTLIctsiy peremennogov L.-istitu'~;e) PERIODICAL: Dopovidl. ',-a povidomlenz4ya.. LI-v-4vsj.,.. dq-:-zY.. pad. in-t, 1957, Nr 2j pip 26 - 29 ABSTRACT: Bibliographic ent-r7. cal,jL -Ii/I 51137/61/W0/012/104/149 A0061AICI 4AUTHOR- G:Lnzburg, G.~ M. TITLEs OxYgon-flux Mtting of chrome-nickel austenite stools PERIODICAL: Referativ7W zhurnal, Metallurgiya, no. 12, 1961, 49,. abstract 12E313 ("Energ. str-vo" I(II) Moscow-Leningrad, 1959, 124-126) TEM Tnformation is given on experiments in cutting 1X18B9T (lKhl8N9T) and 1X18%2M3T,(1Kh18N12") steel when manufaeturing blanks for welded shaped parts (sleeves, conneating parts, braneh bipes) in~assembly shops of "Tsentro- energomontazh" Trust. An YOP-2 (UFR-2) unit was employed. Diagrams of the unit, the flux feeder and the cutter arepresented. To increase the service life of the nozzle, a quench-hardened Y-8 (u-8) steel Insert was pressed into the cutting channel of the cutter. Grade BC(VS) Fe-powder of the Sulin Plant was used as a flux. The flUX Must be dried and sieved through a screen with 100 meshes per cm2. Steel, 6 - 12 mm thick, was out. Cutting conditions are given. In the case-that edges are chamfered for welding, they are protected on emery disks after cutting. If the sheets are 5 - 6 mm thick, overheating of the edges Card -1/2 S/137/61/000/012/104/149 Oxygen flux cutting of chrome-nickel ... A006/A101 is prevented by the use of less active flux, as e.g. a mixture of Fe-powder with quartz sand. Ye.. Terpugov [Abstracter's note.: Complete translationI Card 2/2 GINZBUIW,, G.14.. inzh.; GARIN. I.I.. inzh. Asnombling, the heating surface of a boiler after complotion of brick-dork. Elsi-sta- 31 no.1:75-76 Ja 160. (MM 13:5) (Boilers) L;11 10 AQ06/A 10 1 AUITIORS: Ginzburg, G.M., Bibikov, A.V., Engineers TITLE: Autpmatic argon-are welding of f Ixed I X 18 HqT (lKhl8N9T) ziteel pipe butte PERIODICAL-z Svarochnoye proizvodstvo, no. 2,1962, 21 - 23 TEXT: Information is given on a new method of welding fixed IKhlBNgT steel pipe butts in argon atmosphere developed by the laboratory of "Tsentro-energomon- tazh" Trust. Pipes, 32 x 3 M in diameter, are welded without. beveling the edges, but using h filler wire during the second pass. The process is carried out in two passes on the ATB'-M (ATV-M) automatic machine. Pass one, without filler wire, assures full penetration Of.the.seam root; the second pass serves to reinforce the joint. Welding conditions are given in Table 2. The new method does not raise proneness 'of weld Joints to intercrystalline corrosion nor does It Impair the structure of the weld fetal; it assures high mechanical properties of the wO-ld Joints. The assimilation of automatic welding of 32x3 mm diameter pipes and the use of consumable rings for the manufabture of power station pipelines reduces labor consumption for preparative operations of welding and assembly, and increase Card 1/2 Automatic argon-are welding ... labor efficiency. There are 3 tables and 5 figures. S/135/62/000/002/005/0 10 Aoo61AIOI ASSOCIATIONi Trest "Tsentroenergomontazh" Mini8terstva stroitel'stva elektrostan- tsiy SSSR ("Tsentroenergomontazh!' Trust of the USSR Ministry of Power Station Building) Thble 2: a - pass; 'b - welding.speed in m/h; c - wide feed ra*te in m/h; d - current in amps; e are length in mm; 'f - arc voltage in v; g argon consumption in l1h; for the torch: . i - for-the blast, d e a f 1 PWICA Aproms ToK Raw g nPox, ropeny zi Omys 12-~-14 's., 137-141 $960:91500,12:161-130.11 Note: -Fille.r wire (;B,-04,Xl9HllM3,(Sv-04Khl9NllM3) of 1.6 in diameter is used., Card 2/2 LEY71,Wi, M.Z.; ALFEPOVA, V.B.; K.UZ11TRIOVA, M.L.; SLAMA, Kh.M.; ZJIDAUOVA, L.D.j MOXEYEVA, A.D.; BOGAGHEVA, R.I.; GBZWRG,G.M.; GOTGILIF, M.M.; SMIRNOVA, T.T. Study of the effectiveness of subcutaneous immunization against dysenter7 with Chernokhvostov's alcohol vaccine. Trudy Tash. NINS 5:59-71162. (MIRA 16t10) (DYSEFTERY -PREVM;TIVE DIOCULATION) KHEYPETS, L.B.; LEYTMAN, M-Z.; KUZ'MINOVA, M.L.; SAININ, L.V.; SLAVINA, A.M.; ZHDANOVA, L.D.; PLETNEVA, O.G.; KOYENMAN, L.I.; GINZBURG, G.M.; VARSANOVA, Ye.Ya.; MELINIK, Ye.Yu. Studies on the epidemiological effectiveness of alcohol corpuscular and chemical sorbed typhoid and paratyphoid fever vaccines. Zhur. mikrobiol., epid. i immun. 33 no.7: 53-59 J:L '62. (MIRA 17:1) 1. Iz Moskovskogo instituta vaktain i eyvorotok imeni Mechnikova i Tashkentskogo instituta vaktsin i syvorotok. YUNUS'We., Kh.%, prrf.,~ LOGINOV, N,S., d-toc-nt; GINf-TURG, G.M. CI iniral P-nd &i idemiologicaj charac, fArlstlzil of epidemic hepatitis In childr6n. 22-~20:11-211 162. (MIW- 18'.10) I 1. FLfedra d-l,-3klkh inf.kt3!y (zav. kafedroy - F;rof. Kh.A.Yunuscva) T&4hkofitnkl,lgo gcsud,,rofvennog-- mdJtsInskc;f-,,c irk3tltuta. KH9YFETS, L.B.; SALMIN, L.V.; LEYTMAN, M.Z.; KUZIWNOVA, M.L.; VASIL'YEVA, A.V.; GALIPERIN, I.P.; SLAVINA, A.M.; 221DANOVA, L.D. PLETNEVA, O.G.; VARSANOVA, Ye.Ya.; GINZBURG, G.M.; GLYAZER, N.G.; MELINIK, Ye.Yu. Comparative evaluation of typhoid fever vaccine prepared by various methods, materials from an epidemiological experiment in 10,61. Zhur. mikr6biol., epid. i imm. 41 no. 2:70-76 F 164. (MIRA 17:9) 1. Moskovskiy institut vaktsin-i syvorotok imeni Mochnikova, Tashkentskiy institut vaktsin i syvorotok i Ashkhabadskiy institut epidemiologil, mikrobiologii i gigiyeny. IC - MELINIKOVA, A.A., SEMENOVA, V.A., SOLOVIYEVA, H.K., SIMMOVA, L.P. GIMBURG, G.N. Yo.rmation of actinoxanthin; a new antitumor antibiotic [with summary in English]. Antiblotiki I no.1:18-22 -Ta-7158 (MIRA 11:5) 1. Otdol novykh antibiotikov Vaesoy'uznogo nnuchno-isnledovntel' skogo institute. (ACTINOKYCES, globieporus, prod. of nnti-tumot antiblot actinoxnathine (Rue)) (ANTIBIOTICS, actinoxanthine, anti-tumor activity & Drod. by Actinomyces globisporus (Rue)) (CYTOTOKIC DRUGS. same) BEKHER, Z*E.; RODIOTIOVA, Ye.G.; YEGOROVA, la.l.; SINITSINA, Z.T.; GINZBURG, G.N. -- - -- Producer and biological properties of, and fermentation experiments on preparation No. JZ5. Trudy Vses. inst. sel'khoz. mikrobiol. 17: 147-152 '60. (MIRA 15-3) (Antibiotics) I SEMENOVA, V.A.; SOLOV'YFVA, IN.E.: 'MyIi':-'VSII'AyiI' I.S.: De'TNIYEVA' V.S.; TRJOITPIbEltd, D.M,; RODIONOMWA, E.I.; CHERENKOVit, L.V.; XPOKPLOV, A.S.; BYCHKOVA, M.M.; GINZBURG, G.N. Antibiotic phytobacteriomycin, effective in controlling bacteriosis in plants. Trudy Vses. inst. sel'khor.. mikrobiol. 17:131-139 '60. (FJRA 15:3) (Antibiotics) (Bacteria, Phytopathogenic) G1N58U.U,, 0. R. "Sanitar- .~ Control for Meat and Meat Products In Prerevolutiongry Rulgia and in the USSR." Sub 30 Jan 51, Central In3t for Advanced Training of Physicians. Dissertations presented for science and engineering degrees in Moscow during 1951. SO: Sum. No. 480, 9 May 55. 1. CTNIZUBURG, G. R. 2. USSR (600) 4. Medical Economi~,s 7. "Renumeration of medical personnel." I. Ya. Byelikov, 1. S. Ermolayev. Reviewed by G. R. Gimburg. Feltd. i akush. no. 11, 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, Fbmary -1953. Unclassified. GINZBURG, G.R., kandidat meditsinakikh rail (Moscow) -f --:,e mCollection of important official data on sanitation and epidemic control." T.I.-Boldjvrev [professor]. V.M.Zhdanov (professorj, ode. Reviewed by G.R.Ginsburg. Felld. i akush. no.7:62-63 JL '54. (HLRA 7:7) (EPIMMOLOGY) (RMLIC HICA GINZBURG, G.R. tr "Rights of mothers and children," S.E.Kopelianskaia. Reviewed by G.R.Ginzburg. Med.seetra no-3:30-31 Mr '54. (MLRA 7:2) (Maternal and infant welfare) (Kopelianskaia, S.E.) GIN%BURG, Ir.R., kandidat meditainakikh nauk "Rural feldaher-midwife station." G.F.Konstantinov. I.IA.Bychkov. Reviewed by G.R.Ginzburg. Yelld. i akunh. no.3-.62-63 Mr '55- (PU13LIC HIKALTH, RMAL) (MLEA 8:5) (KONSTANIUKOV, G.F.) (BYCHKOV, LIA.) GINZBURG, G.R.,kandidat meditsinskikh nauk (Hook%ra) P~F-- "Intermediate medical education.* A.I. Tentsova. Reviewed by G.R. Ginzburg. Felld. i Ja 156 (MM 9:4) (MMICAL SJMVICN EMPLOTMS--EDUCATION AND MAINING) (TRUTSOVA, A.I.) GI nmd' 0. 5. UWi-MICIAO - Taberaidoels., JullAng 1947 Zp1dem1oloe7 Medicine - Tuberculosis, Statistics PErperiences of Field Work at Villages," G. S. Ginz- burg, A. M. Brukhimovich, Ukrainian Taboroulosie In- stitute (Director: Prof B. M. Muselln1takly), Ukrain- ian Roentgen Institute (Directcr- Ye. A. Bazlov), lf pp, *ProbleW Taborkuleze -16 4 An acooxmt of a field trip to the kolkhoz Mrasnaya Agrmomlya which Is looated close to Krasnoparlovks, lazovskiy region of 1haikov Oblast. There hasbeen a large patient index for this kolkhoz and in 1946 there was an expedition to this area to determine the status..of tuberculosis. The article is a compilation --9f- data vh1ch we collected, W ___ 34TYS PA 34T53 VpOlity(Mrstillsic Juverligliflatiq of complex cofmpvm~O, V. A, 4~ ;iolzlpt1rv, Akold. "I'l 4 I =,,,I 7.1,,,) , ,r e. ichl'.1 Ili. ;j,),1 awl the ilvivill"r itild 1.1;11,10 villfalt, 1, (firim "1 ('11 at difft'lulit 'I'liv half-wive r'-dil"timl p-ilviltiAl 11mvol timt Ill, if rk-ditc- t1i.11 llwcv~rv-,i tivic lrrL,v, rAllie. aml ;t fchfiwl fit I iml, the 11:111-wave, 13,)tellfial alld the could tit, i'Itsvirml (living to the a(k,"pli"ll J the. rollidbit. w particlv~ up"ll the Ilg rtilLice. N1, Voyenno-morskaya meditsinakaya akademiya. run ax-m, mwo z-, ---------------- ,f Y -A, Z. USSR/ Physical Chemistry Electrochemistry Abs Jour : Referat Zhur Khimiya, No 4, 1957, 11376 Author : Maksimyuk Ye.A.,.Ginzburg G.S. Title : On the Effect of Speeff-icAdaorption on Half-Wave Petenfia.1 in the Reduction of Complex Compolaads Orig Pub : Zh. obshch. khimli, 1956, 26, No 6, 1572-1579 Abstract ; A more detailed presentation of previously -ptiblished work ~RZhEhim, 1956, 35517) B-12 5(2,3,4) AUTHORS: Makaiinyuk, '[e Gir;z~bur-;~, (I S (N/ 2,-;' - 12 4 - 5 -2 '5 /6 2 TITLE: Polarography of Ccpp(--r u,klan-Lnat~ u-alaninata m e d i ) PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademii nauk S';jR., Vol '-2t!. Nlr 5, rp 1069-1070 (Usml) ABSTRACT: The specific adsorption of' the addendum diz;places the half- wave potential on the droppl_nk, :uer~cuiy electrode in a direc- tion which is de-(;err,,iried by the siCzi of the ion charge in the case of a delay of the ntate of cf the complex, Moreover, 4.ho sp;,eific of the ion it - self causes a -)ron,:junc~,-d disL)Ia~-.ement of the half-wave poten- tial toward the positiv,! ,Ref's 1,2) As thi.:! cis- and trans.-itiomera have a tliffer,,int for specific adSCrp- tion these isomerE can qith 3ome exc-~I)Liana be identil-Jed by the ruagnitul,~ of tho balf-wAvp pctent_-al The efforts made to explain the diffe-rences in 1-_-.,,,st,,l jtructiii-o between the two forma of copper glycocolate and of the elycolate of divalent platinum (needle VId LM nX~ f'C- 7_ (7A) ~,'ie (~is- and trans-iso- merism (Refs 34) fraled Ncr flIaS :iz possible to Card 1/3 find diffrzren-.~~7s lietwear, 0v_. 11~0f Vu~rip In polaro- V" Polarography of Copper a 4,lanl,-ate 'j 9 /4 ') graphig for ccpper 1`yco,~ol.ato d that th w,-,.o alarJnatp_ iuomariwn exietzi vit' - i-' - (Ilef 5) thio 1~n'j .!c1; lwen P~r%*Olc-0 Tht,4 auI.hora have studied the 0'hara,,~`Zcr of tho :educl,i_~2n ,,!' t2( '.h 1'or~:,l -1~1' this 'alaninate ork a droppinj; el_~~,,trwl~ 11; i-1 ippl~' rent t*rom fi,,~urt? 1 that tilt, ba~ r r'f th" rif!-' -? ~;rrl laminar form:3 of the bal-, lTinf;v o" ~Jv- f,:jrmor form, are al.0-re Thrh )-)en not allc,vi to aa,-rb~- 4 -or-ttion to thi.; or that f orm A c4l-s,,~c,.,if.'~,-,--,j?--;.tt.icn e,--Ln be %f7~r_lberl t-1. Ille needl,! form if other data- ftrt! on rjos~ilble r'l:-- und trans-isomerism. Finally, r;oirtparleons -are betwee'l th'? half-wave pctpntialq of 9 -LY-l'oCC!,it~, and ~.opper a-alaninate (Fig 2) at 20 and :~,00 ard the pk.-vr_.'Lves o," th~_, ijist~L~,,jjity constants (fl,ef 6) are giver There are 2 Pigan-z; and rb references, 5 of - which zi:~-e Soviet- ASSOCIATION: Pervyy leningradak2.3, medl'~.nnL-ciy 1; 1 4 ~u " i ir. 1, P. Pavlova. (Lenin,grad First lledit~al Lastl,tuLe -1-tenl 1 _P a -.7 1 c' v Card 2/3 GINZBURG, G.S., KAKSINYUK, Te.A. Nechanism of the reduction of individual complexes in the pre- sence of excess additive. Zhur.prikl.khim. 33 no-5:1211-1214 my 16o. (MIRA 13:7) (Complex compounds) (Reduction, Blectrolytic) M.AKSIMyUK' yo. I.;,GINHURG~ G.S. Spurious waves on polarograms of complex compoundso Zhur. prikl. khim. 33 no.11:2490-2497 N 1~0. (MIRA 14:4) (Complex compounds) (Polarography) ,4* C, - 117.1ji I f6, G. -S . ; IM A El MY Ul 11 , Yc . A. fel"Ll.ure (:)I' a mrti(!IFt being adsor6-id in Lho disclhargo of copper and cadinLum comploxes with glyr-ocoll and C~ -nlanlne, Zhur.prjkl. khIm. 37 no.'.1:3.629-1631 ii 164. 18:4) AIAMPIY)CY, P.M.; APARCHIM, V.S.; BKOVA, T.N.; BTUSHGENS, L.M.; _q_lN 4jg&; GORDOMOT, L.Sh.; GRIGORITIV, A.A., akedemik; GURARI, -7F.M;i- DANIIA)V. A.D.; WIN, L.A.; DOBROV, A.B.; SHIRMSKIT, K.M.; KUIAGIR. G.D.; MILEYKOVSKIT. A.G.; KURZATIV, E.M.;' FAVWV, V.V..- POPOV. K.M.; TANITSKIT. N.F# Lev IAkovlevich Ziman, 1900-1956; obituary. Izv. AN SSSR.Ser.geo& no.6:153-154 N-D ~56. (NLRA Nil) (SlaRn. Lev Ukovlevlch, 1900-1956) GINZBURGO G.Z., kandidat teklhnicheakikh muk. Kap projections in the world atlas. Sbor. at. po kart. U0,993-13 '56, (Map-projection) (Atlases) (Mm 100) GINZXMG, I.I.; KIRIYA, K.L.; PARSMN, V.1). 2xperience In operating benzene scrubbers with spiral metallic packing on solar oil. loks I kh1m. no-5:44-46 160. (MIRA 13:7) 1. Zakavimsokly metallurgicheekiy savod. (Tiflis-Goke industry-By-products) (Benzene) GINZBURGf I.E.; KAUFMANp S.R.; TSABUTASHVILI, Z.L. Processing of pyrolysis coal tar in the Transcaucasian Metallurgical Plant. Koks i khim. no.9:46-48 162. (MIRA 16t10) 1. Zakavkazskiy metallurgicheskiy zavod. (Coal tar) fl~-odurtfon of' Lhorinal d. Er-k-! 1. Rustavskiy kokookbitril~;b-3Aly ,,, ;I-, i3 5 UB rh CT USSR /PHYSICS CARD 1 2 PA- 1644 AUTHOR GINSBURG I.F. -""Ing f~ TITLE On Leav We Domain of Wvak Coupling in the Meson Theory with two Charges. PhRIODICAL Dokl.akad.Nauk 110, fasc.4, 535 - 538 (1956) Issued*. 12 / 1957 According to D.V.bMOV, Dokl.Akad.Nauk 105, 972 (1955) a consistent application of the theory of weak coupling is impossible in the pseudo-scalar meson theory for two charges at a certain ratio between the coupling constants (even if the coupling con- stants are small). In the case of high momtnta the frame of this theory is broken up. The present work shows that this is true for any ratio among charges. Besides, the asymptotic, behaviour of CIRMN's function of the 2-charge theory is determined also for high momenta. The results obtained refer to the neutral as weli as to the symmetric charged theory. The equations for the GREENts function within the domain of high momenta 1paW ma and the initial conditions are as follows: d6/dz 64r(6,3), d?/dz - f~ (?,6), 6(0) ga,f (0) h. Here it is true that Y(6, 1 6 + T2 ~ a + IP3 ?6 + . . . . and (6, 6a + 1, f 6 + 40 ~ a + and besides it applies in the fu2ct ons teat Inx case o each o GkiEN's n i lnb( h) --- d2 {.d F (Z' ga, h)] I I . 1. 1 f0 ff 1n,&[1, 6(z, gath), Dokl.Akad.Nauk 110, fasc-4, 535 - 538 (1956) CARD 2 / 2 PA - 1644 Further investigations are best carried out in the phase plane (f,6). lach integral curve of the equations mentioned corresponds to a certain pair of values of the con- -stants g and In. On one of the integral curves the point corresponding to the experi- mental va.Lues of g and In must lie. As the experimental vdues of the constants g and In have hitherto not been known, it was.necessary to investigate all possible curves J? (6) - The '/6