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USSR/Gencral Problems of Pathology. Tumors u-4 ,',bs Jour Ref Zhur - Biol., No 13,, 1958, No 61o6o Ginsburg I.S11 Inst :'wi-e-rbaitan --State Hospital for the Postgraduate Study of Physicians Title : 1" Study of the Pathgencois of Tumors Orig Pub : Sb. tr. Azerb. gos. in-ta usoversh. vrachey, 1957, vYp- 3, 63-70 ;,betract No abstract Card GINMURG, I.S.; ISMAILOV, A.G. Report on the activity of the.Azerbaijan Oncological Society. Vop. onk. 5 no.11:631 159. (MIRA 14:7) (AMMAIJAN-ONCOLOGICAL SOCIETIES) GINZBURG, I.S., prof., zaaluzhenW doyatell nauki Clinical test of radioactive isotopes of phoophorus and iodine in dystrophies of the skeleton. no.9:10-13 S 59. (MIRA 13:1) 1. Zaveduyushchly klinikoy gospitallnoy detskoy khirurgii Azerbay- dzhanskogo gosudarstvennogo medit8inskogo instituta im. N. Narimano- va (direktor - zaeluzhennyy deyatell nauki, Prof. B.A. Wvazov). (PHOSPHORUS-- ISOTOPE S) (IODINF--ISOTOP&S) (SKKLETOW--DI SEASES) 11-GINZBURG, I.S., zasluzhennyy deyatell nauki, professor Appendicitis in the genesis of ileocecal im-ggination in children. Azerb, medo zhur. no. 7:46-49 J1 160. (MIRA 13:8) 1. Iz kliniki khirurgii detskogo vozrasta (zav. - zasl. deyatell naukit prof, LS, Ginzburg) Azerbaydzhanakogo gosudarstvemogo meditainskogo instituta (direktor - zaaluzhennyy deyatell naukip prof* B.A. Eyvazov). (APPENDICITIS) (INTESTINES-INTUSSUSCEPTION) GINZBURGL_I.A. Emergency surgery in childhood. Azerb. med. zhur. no.6:19-24 Je 161. (CHILDREN-SURGERY) (MIRA 14:6) Abs Jour : Rof Zhur - Biol.) No 15, 1958, No- 70235 Author : Botvirmikov, Be A.; Ginzburg, 1. She; Gramonitskiy, P. Me; Ivanov G. I.; lvctio~~,-O-.*-T~,~--.t--i-b~i'n Yu. M.; Rudnyy, N. Me; Salmanov, L* P.; Folldman, Le A.; FToynan.. G. N. Inst : Academy of Solencos UBSR Titlo : Tho, Wluonco of Elovatod. Lrtrapulmonary Prossure on Respiration and Circulation Orig Pub : In the aoDDotion, Funktaii organizma v usloviyakh izMen- onnoy gazovoy srody., Moecow-Leningrad, All SSSR, 1955, No 1, W-16o Abstract : The emporizontal arrangement pormittod elevating the pressura on Inspiration and expiration either separately or oonjointlfe In acute andL obronlo oxporimonts on dogs, rocordings wwo mado of the thoracic and abdominal breathing., of the pressures in the intorvalralar space Card 1/3 73 USM / 11=An and Animal PtWaialogy* Pospiratione T Aba Jour Rof Zhur - Biol., No 15, 1958, No, 70P-35 All tho oboomod roaotionu aro banically cluo to tho rocoptorij of tho lurign. In vagotomizod anlimla, i=roaso of proarjura Is novor accompaniod by apnoa; in so= cason thore is ovon a quickoning of roapiration, and brady- cardia is absont from tho plotizo, -- I. A. Kodor-Stopanava Card 3/3 74 GINUMO, 1. V. USSR/14inerals Aluminum Silicates Calcium Silicates Aug 48 "Vesuvianite From Went Keyv (on the Kola ?eninsula)p" A. A. Chumakovt A. 1. MorozovP I. V. Ginzburg, Kola Scri Res Basev Aced Sci USSR, 3 pp "Dok Ak Nauk SSSR" Vol LXI, No 6 Discusses crystal structure of vesuvianite (wiluite) found by authors in 1947 in West Keyv. Tables contract chemical composition of the vesuvianite found that of wiluite a's described by N. Koksharov. Submitted by Acad D. S. Belyankin, 25 Jun 48 PA 35/49T70 CA Habutivialfir A. I Giull,wic 2-1 R 7, I. - mol I ho-11 I I' w ...... I. I It, III jpwklill . I, tit AI, "o'd. I i c-41mmal IlAw, 11 . . ..... ~ I-,,K,I, Im likilt %)III . %,I11. tit I....vase Color i. bitli'll ivi..Ict. luout al.%-v. haldn", Ill I;; I 2M.".. Ill"whil.i-m , Imeacletim I,- it, blm,h vwlirl l0m,, md, Jule ill thill I,lrt limm. ahu'll.11oll Ilma, let IN to I.W. Avali diqwtsum r. mij(jr ,I IllA. -I.-virmlielts. allalykill im xl.ell 1.1 of-mg; Mll It.A. Fr wO C.i ill w-'alialtir illit-11-itv If Ibe lil". 1111", 1 111 it.. pliv,iIi ill ludillo%Oile ill till, "..MaO joll" A till Im'.. emptivi, tile IlIt"It"I'll, eloth ., I I clmlg. hwIltv. ., I I .Ipsklill. all.l .-fill'itomll, i. mily ob"Ivell ill .)lite II.Fli'llil -If till Mt- knrlise"llic CN411111. %how"t tlt;4( IIIIIIIIqVigtift. ha,, rti,llcv*l "allillact Iforliblvit'le and arlift"bile, a till dimu"kilt, i~ ill Oil I-u t.wk,. Rch., J ;,1111,1111.4c 11, 11"ImIp"llov. at'll I"I'lld.. Ololml; ."lletimr, lite 11.4,11il'I'lo, pll,m~ m, IlictVillic Itit'lligh lite 11"lliblell.1c. It... I I* iollIl .,., lmro- if tivell (tolit tile SI.Xillisictle pegilmlile till[ H buttile u.Llt I'muml It lite -tItc. Fillic- Tile tepl.4 I"It i. highli villeltore, mill 11,4111rivioilc 'wralromir ill kl~ic I- L, I, Illuld"T.- ') . ill.1, % Illim-1.4 I'll tit, 1- I p.-1-1 L/ C C-f b's"Vi" of Minerals is rocks Of ranite callip"itIon tm ba"We of With Vu- A. Rol.allow 5- 13&141(1~5 X!Ufo V. Giubwjanj Xalwk I the effects nj hih O-A note rePOrting an investic:1jion 0i 04"'Ples of The two pressures 0. K"Ci" and gninite. Fro, and 215130 Mm ho to"ks- CYlinderv abnt 1-5 Mm. In diam. . sh v"re The *Mt. n, Premure OPP Ito I se ifil - ders vzk I roc w" about KVX) kg.,fc-, a w 3-21),. The flevee 1( 1 nd to th P401'.11Y ~f th. e foll * aegirite !-- "wing (wdr- dt-`nite; biolite, Gladvl.s' 'jIACV GINZBURG, I.V. 50MS features of the chemism of alkali granites. (In: Akademlia nauk SM. Voprooy petrografli i mineralogii. Moskva, 1953. Vol. 1, P-150-152) (MIRA 7:4) (Granite) LOURV. A.P.; GINZBURG, I.V. Contributions to the petrology of magmatic rock in the north- eastern part of Tuva. Trudy Inst.geol.nauk no-147*223-251 153. (MLRA 7:3) (Tuva Autonomous Province--Rocks, Igneous) (Hooke, Igneous--Tuva Autonomous Province) One exonple cE pai-,6crn ,ncction Qf care mctlrprzm~ z. ti;ez with gravIllp V. Giltzvu. rmjv 02 4 eritil gralt!C 2 lAilcrert rare- etAl pep-natites of (he Lj ty-pc j;m found iu this area. The work chic~ax Is concaned with the -C 20-2-46/60 AUTHORS: Chumakov, A. A. , Ginzburg, 1. TITLE. A New Rare Metal Geochemical Province on the Kola Peninoula (Novaya redkometalInaya geokhimicheskaya provintsiya na Kollakom poluostrove) PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR, 1957~ Vol. 114, 11r 2, PP-400-403 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The authors of the paper under review have singled out the Kola Peninsula as a special geochemical province, mainly because of the cesium-lithium deposits found there. Previous- ly the Kola Peninsula had been considered to be a part of the Fennoscandic province; this assumption was based on 'the re- search work done by Fersman. The rare elements, in widely scattered deposits,are genetically connected with many peg- matite fields, which are of practical value, particularlt lithium pegmatites and the numerous accompanying associations of rare metals. The characteristic feature of the new pro- vince is the existence of an alkaline granitic and of a Card 1/4 nepheline-syenite mineral complex, furthermore the occurrence A New Rare Metal Geochemical Province on the Kola Peninsula '10-2-46/60 of granitoid magmata of the palingenous-metasoma tic petro- genesis, and a further development of granitization and alkaline metaaomatosis. For a long time it was not possible to discover any very important and characteristic mineral associations or elements, as, for instance, Li, Ce, Rb. Be, Ta and Ni, except where they were combined with Paleozoic subvolcanoes Khibiry,atd Luyavrurt. Femman's prognosi3 that accumulations of Li and Ge could be expected only in combi- nation with colder pegmatite geophases, the occurrence of which in crystalline shields was less probable, soon was con- firmed by the authors of the present paper. Fersman based himself on analogous cases in Sweden and Canada (Manitoba). Altogether, a whole layer, an uninterrupted pegmatite field was discovered, bearing the name Voron!A -Poros-Ozero. As a rule, the pegmatite field is situated within a deeply meta- morphosed mass of volcanogenous and scdmentary origin, and in partly amphibolic and albitic gabbro-labradorites. The entire pegmatite mass is dislocated in a complicated way, and steeply shifted in the direction of the centrally axis structure of the Kola Peninsula. A repeated metamorphism, as well as intense contactmetasomatic processes connected Card 2/4 with granitoid intrusions and pegmatites, and also phenomena 20-2-46/60 A New Rare Metal Geochemical Province on the Kola Peninsula of magnetic replacement, have almost completely destroyed the original structures of the ore-bearing minerals. In- vestigations of the new lithium deposits on the Kola Pen- insula show that, as compared to well known similar depo- sits in the USSR and abroad, it represents, viewed from the standpoint of the conditions of its geological position and with respect to some mineralogical and geological pe- culiarities, a type of the complex rare-metal pegmatite field of rEgional importance. In the Fersman's classification it corresponds to a rare-metal province, particularly of lithium. There are 5 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: Kishinev State University imeni S. M. Kirov (Kishinevskiy gosudarstvenny universitet im. S. M, Kirova) Kola Branch, AS USSR (Kollskiy filial Akademii nauk SSSR) PRESENTED: November 106, 1956, by D. L Shcherbakov, Member of the Academy Card 3/4 A New Rare Metal Geochemical Province on the Kola Peninsula 20-2--46160 SUBMITTED: October 15, 19'56 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 4/4 GINZBURG, I.V. Formation of the relief of the northeastern Dart of the Kola Peninsula. Probl.Sev. no.2:116-128 158. - (MMA 12:4) 1. Iol'skiy filial AN SM. (Kola Peninsula--"ical geography) GINZBURG, LV.; ROGACURV. D.L.; ANTONYUK, Ye.S.; HALIVKIN, A.B. Halmquistite, a nineral of the rhoribic arlphibola group. Izv.Kar.i Kol.fil.AN SSSR no.5:62-76 158. (MIRA 12:9) 1. Geolog1cheakly Institut Kol'skogo filtala AN SSSR. (HoInquintite) RS (tic a4. , 01". gill L VC Va A "Ile I.T v 11 r I ar P.1 0 1 1; the Ct% W Ell 0 r I . 0 - I~ ` - I Pt rj~ eft Z, d e It fill a t.e ip, L It A '01 ve VV 6 L 0(11 OW FJ (1, L PUv III) jfj V 11 1- 14 1 .9 ip ;~id am 1, p U Fj f U13 T.AtA e t, I.; t I L. -1 1.1 aq i;(IN. UUB pue pTnbi-f r, V) U V X 0 U ~-A TA~ di, ~,U 6 11 A') U'f 'PZAOjd W., =f. ~4 %j ptivi a v. aq i e4pl tiaq (Gaul! jo U.,;6 J, j *,i a-4 v ~, 'i iR?.~ U11 '-dN T41 i ji lj ti s 11 1 6 .1 i:~ Q.1 fiff s 4., ij m U~4 "4w.*.L;,i ~Lj -1: Ij U'. rl ~ 4.1.1 4 U ti I J 0 n do ~,i ir, i~~ x is ii t i a o ii i; I J~l U wu, pUU 'wt; oauuoa I d 14,L 1; UO 1 11 U t ~hj o jj,~! Q JO (4211T I t, 11 i 1A vi k-.' v 1; U Uj L o btj I kJ ALI 0 O~iU 1 4 fi t; i o I i u r, ir azil ~s ij,(, P ~' 00 Gii id t- puv ;.il jol tj i1f, UW~ (I i'd 1~j 01A.1 J 1311 ii - T) titittl o., 1; v'; 14!d I ', ';,4 A U T T TJ.J ri 0 tj,; in(I New Data on Holmquistite nymmetry, tha parameter of the tanit. cell and nt' thP st~at,cl-- grotip were determineq. Figure 1 shows the stc-r~%cgraL,, r projection at~cording to which the V-Y901, !n~ rhombic zeyugony of Lalip ol' c,,kiss 9;h~ vibrationg -iere taken. The fnvestigsteii belongs to f1c.1m,10niltre, 4, Tin Jo~*,jr- :T~.*Mt~, monoollnic,.. Other 4,5.~ rr,ar' belong to the rhombi r mi ner-q J s. Thr- lig.,4ifi r-nt-t -,r, "Amlib.iboles is to be ;An'i 'g; y There are 1 figi-re, 2 tableL;, rind I I referen tio~-k are 20ri et . ASSOCIATION, Kollskiy AVsdE,.,Pii na,sk (k,,lEj PRESENTED: November 2, J.-,r ~, T. WiPTWes US**",! S '31113MITTED: Cqrd 3,17 GIIIZBURG, I.V. Gontact interaction of rare metal rocks. Trudy IGIM no.29-154-182 (Fegmatiteg) (14thium) - lithium pegmatites with basic '59. (KRA 13:4) GIIIZBURG, I.V. - Indications of the magmatic origin of rocks in the amphlbole complex of the Voronlya-Foronozero series (Kola Peninsula). Sov. gaol. 2 no.6:38-54 Je '59. (MIRA 12:12) 1.Kol I skiir filial AN SSSR. (Kola Peninsula-Amphlbole) GINZBURG, I.V. _ --------- Interpretation of the term "alkali granite." 34 no.4:154-155 JI-Ag '59. (Grahite) Biul.MOI.P.Otd.,-,eol. (MIRA 13:8) 4j-4Lk ~G, BZWVA, Ye.N. Hastingsite with an acute axial angle. Dokl. All SSSR 134 no-3:666-669 3 160,, (MIRA 13:9) 1. Mineralogicheskiy muzey im. A.Ye. Feromana Akademii nauk SSSR Institut kristallografii Akademii nauk SSSR. Predstavleno akad. N.V. Belovym. (Hastingsite) GINZBURG$ J%V, Chanies-In the Properties Of ainerals in rocks during the regional magUatic evoluti4n (11 "ImPlIfied flr-~kp 160. the* Peninsula. by granitic and alkalib rocks of B'ul-MDIP.Otd.geol, 35 no.2:85-101(MM 14:4) (Kola Peninsula-Mneralogy) QINZBURG I.V. Similarity of deep and shallow lying Lrrunitoid formations. Blul, YjOIP.Otd.geol. 35 no.4t138-139 JI-Ag 160. 0AIRA 14:4) (Granite) GINZBURG, I.V.-; YEFRFMOVA. S.V.; YELISEYEVA, O.P.; VOLOVIKOVA, I.M. Quantitative and mineralogical classification of granitoides Biul. YDIP.Otdogeol,, 35 no.4:W-143 JI-Ag 160. (MIRA 14:4) (Granite) ,-GINZBURG, I.V. petrographic data on the primary sedimentary na-~ure of the Voronlya~ Forosozero series of porphyroids in the Kola Peninoulao BiuleMOIF. Otd,geol. 35 no.4-.143 JI-Ag 160, (MIRA 14t4) (Kola Peninsula-Rocksp Crystalline and metamorphic) GINZBURG, I.V. Some changes in granites on contact with a diabase dike. Biul. MOIP. Otd. geol. 36 no.2:132-133 Mr-Ap '61. (MIRA 14:7) Oranite) ,0114ZBURG, I.V.; YUKHIM"CH, G.V. Hydroxonium. ion in wnphibplities (with summary in English]. Geokhimiia no.1:30-36 162. (MIRA 15:2) 1. Mineralogical Museum A.E.Fersman of the Academy of Sciences, U.S.S.R. and V.I.Vernadski Institute of Geochemistryand Analytical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences, U.S.S.R. (Oxonium i8p)(Amphibolites) -GINZBgRQ,-" ; LISITSINA, G.A.; SADIKOVA, A.T.; SIDORENKO, G.A. Payalite of granitic rocks and its alteration products (161rama Range., Central Asia). Trudy Min.mum. no.13 .:16-4Z 262. (MTRA 16t2) (IfilramA Range-Payalite) GINZBU I -I.- - 7sil- 7.,; MEWOVA, rm. Pkpeaium haatingsite and actinolite from metagabbro-anorthosites in the northeastern part of the Kola Peninsual. Trudy Min.mux. no.13tl6l-168 162. (KM 16t2) (ZDla Pftinmaa-*inerals) GINZ13URGP I.V. Three unusual amphiboles from granitic rocks. Trudy Min.muz. no.130-15 162a (MIRA 16:2) (Amphibole) -- GINZE3URG., LV.; YEFREMOVA, S.V., VOLOVIKOVA, I.M.; YELISMNA, O.F. Quantitative mineral compooition of granitoid,- and ito significance for problems of petrology and noiwnclaturo an revealea by studies in Gentral Asia. Kazakhstan,, and the Kola Peninsula. Sov.geol 5 no.3;67-,82 i4r 162. (1-011A ;-5./+) 1. Moskovskoye obahchestvo ispy-tateley prirody. (Rocks, igneous) QlNuump I.V..; LISITSINA, G.A. Conditions governing the formation and transformation of fayalite in granite rocks. Biul.MOIP.Otd.geol. 37 no.2-.161 Mr-Ap 162. (I-MU 15:7) (Kurama Range-Fayal-ite) GINZBURG- T-V- - Current state of the study of pyroxenes.Biul.MOIP.Otd-geol-38 n*.2aHjkp,l53 Mr-Ap 063. (MIM 16:5) (Pyroxenex) GINZBURG, IN. Change in the composition of granitic magma governing the formation of lithium pegmatites. Trudy Ydn.muz. no.10:45-56 '59. (MIRA 16:8) (Pegmatites) GIJIZBURG, I.V. Hastingsite of the alkali-granite metasomatic in the monoclinic amphiboles. Trudy Min. muz. zone and isomorphism no.11:13-23 161. (MIRA 16:7) (Amphibole) (Hastirigsite) GIMBURGI I.V. Origin of oriented spodumene structures and lepidolite- spodumene pegmatites. Trudy. Min. muz. no.11-2.4-29 161. (IURA 16:7) (Spodumne (Pegmatites) IV. GINZBURG, lovo Compositions of rhombic amphiboles and isomorphic substitutes in them. Trudy Min, muz. no.11:171-174 161. (MIRA 16:7) (Amphibole) V. 1-11,W) Yo a F. - .5 ! DJRPTK~), G~ A.; T R. f.. .......... Ne-,~ i of pi fra-ini te hn the U.S. 3. R. j';.-,k] . P11 ~::SSR 159 1301-4304 D 264 18:1) i , M, _i n e r t t 1 ci g, I -- h e s k I v nn 1.z e y i rri . A . Y e . F ir r s ma i i a A I .' SR i In 3 t I i 1, ~ral.'.ian olc g! I Sibir~-'r- ~i go ctielen i)ra III R rl~F fav Len -) akade - r,ikom V.5. ~SobolEnrym. Gillmilir', 1,V.; -IjFOpENFO, G.A. Some characteristics of the crystalloclIcmi8try of pyroxenes, detected during their diagnosis using debyegram. Trudy Min. muz. no.15:81-10'1 164. (11IFY, 17:11) t'2 __-h- f66 -65 UT (1) /EWG (v)/KWA'(d)/f;&C-4/UC (t) X- WL GV AT4047OZ3 3/2534/641000/'025/0090/00,95 ACCESSION UR: AUTHOR: Kvasha L. G.; Sidoretiko, G. A~; Ginzburg, 1. V. TITLE: Pyroxene Gf 0e Nakhte stony meteorftew !;j~ AN SSSA, Ka,-.11tat po meteoritem. Mtteorltft-u~, ne, 75, lqtj" 90-94 TOPIC TAGS: nieteorite, stony meteorite, Nakh,ta meteorlte, pyroycene, achondrite, 'rib- vieral In the Kakhla stany, m ABSTRACT: Monoclinic pyroxene Is the principal mi. rite (achondrite) which fe 11 In. the form of a large number of fragments on June 28, 1911 In Egypt-6- Pyroxone constitutes about 3/4 of the weight of this meteorite, whose mineralogical composition has served as a basis for defining a special type 1 of olivine-diopslde achandrites. The meteorite is rcpresented by about 40 indivi- :i dual fragments with a total weight of about 10 kg. one-specin, Is In the collec- tion of the Komitet po Hateoritam AN SSSR (Comittee an Meteorites AN SUM and was used In this new Investigation. The specimen is described fully and detailed data from its radiographic Investigation and study by the techilques of crystal optics are pr,,e,ted. -The radiographic- study revealed that it Is related -a a de- f J.ite S' M~41 typ --f te e6st I I 0yr nes. -This type of pyroxene is cq talTdchem e a r r a oxe stIngulshad clearly by radfographre techniques from specl,21 lines In the aebye dl -ggpg 15 MN. W pug. "*g_g 01-IF11z"HEIR 1-119'am-01. ,7,,5e7i 01 HIM L -106?0-*-;6 5 _Acc6s ION "R: AT4647923 'he~ Index- .160) - -cl ent _0f --poi-rider diagr. espacla I I 1. Y- W ~_t hemically-frcxr, the"cont -2 1 ght), and optical ly by Its Intermediate calcium oxide (approximately 13-2% by we position among the optical prop6rtles of other Ca-Kg-Fe pyroxenes. These pyro- xenes do not -correspond to pigeonites or diapside-hedenbergites (salltes), but in-. stea d constit6te augites. The imllarity of the pyroxene of tbe flakhta meteorite to certain pyroxenes of rocks 15 stilt another-example of the similarity of certain pyroxenes In meteorites to the pyroxenes of racPz. The pyroxerie of the Nakha meteorite ls,51mllar to the aug[tes which are characteristic of' rapidly cooling igneous rocks. The composition of,the mianoclinIc pyroxene of the meteorite, the general mineralogical coWosition and the structure, as well a!i Its petrochemical position among the achondrites and rocks make It possible to consider this meteo4 rite as the product of crystal I ization of a silicate melt close to basalt In character but' somewhat*more basic,-.' The absence amang the extrusive rocks. of ana- loques of the,Nakhla meteorite-apparently Indicates'not only di,fferent conditions for the. formation' of terrestrIal and meteorite, lavas, but also some difference in their chemical: co"ositione Or,19e, art. has:', 3 figures ard 3 tab[ es -ASSOC IAT 104 Aone--. 1 "601 ENCLI 00 sue.cocet ES, AA Card 2/2 '''NO, REF SOV: (M -OTHER: Off I-v j and ita T, If) ~ 73- 99 165o GINZBURG, I.Ye. (Moskva, Zubovskiy bullvar, 14, kv.24) Rare localization of a glomus tumor. Vest. khir. 92 no.3:130-131 Mr 164. (MIRA 17:12) 1. Iz khirurgicheskogo otdeleniya (zav. - I.A.Shukhgalter) Moskovskoy gorodsko, y bollnitsy No.47 (glavnyy vrach - A.A.Pavlova). GRIK"BURG, !.Ye~ ~Almu-Ata) Ligation of bleedi-ng ves3e13 in the tonsillar bed, Eyep. i anest~ 7 r~1.6:80-81 11-D 162. 0.111111', 1-7: 10) VIIJOKURSKIYP S.A.; GIIIZBU-RG,, Kh-.B.; KORYAKIN, M.F. Reverse dynammeter for determining the force of weakened muscles. Med. prom. 15 no.6:57-59 Je 161. (14IRA 15:3) 1. Voesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovateliskiy institut meditsinskogo instrumentariya i oborudovaniya. (DYNAMOIETER) 31stablishiAg the reasons for deviations from the principle of the additivity of densities in the preparation of mixed emulsions, Zhur. nguch. I pjrikl. fot.-I kin. 2 no.5:349-357 S-0 '57. (min lotil) 1. Fabrika totobumag. laningrad. (Photographic emulsions) Y SHOR, M.I.; GIIIZBURG, K.M. Research on the kinetics of the chemical ripening of emulsions for ammoniacal silver bromide printing papers. Zhur. nauch. i prikl. fot. i kin. 3 no.2:96-100 Mr-Ap '58. 01IRA 11:5) I.Fabrika fotobumELg, Leningrad. (Photographic emulsions) LYALIKOVP K.S.; 0114ZBURG __"I i ANTIPIN, A.V. Role of potassium iodide in the process of the formation of photographic entO.sions. Part 1. Silver iodobromide ammonia-frea emulsions. Zhur,' nauch. i prikl. fot. i kin. 8 no.2*.101-105 Mr-Ap 163i (MRA 16:3) 1. Laboratoriya aerometodijv AN SSSR i Leningradskiy institut kinoinzhenerov. (Photographic emulsions) (Potassium iodide) LYALIKOV, K.S.; GINZBURG, K.M. Role of iodide in the process of physical ripening of emulsions. Part 1t Silver iodobroside-emulsions without addition of ammonia. Zhur.nauch.1 prikl.fot.i kin. 8 no.D29-36 Ja-Feb 163. (MIRA 16s2) 1. Laboratoriya aerometodov IN SSSR. (Photographic eiffalsions) (Iodide) It GEIZERITRG, 1. S. and 1. IM. DIN Gorinchaia shtarnpovka chernykii trietallov; osnovy t#-khnologicheskoao protsessa i konstruirovpnila shtam-oov. Sverdlovsk, Fashviz, 1,047. 271 P. illus. Blb3iogrraphy: o. 269-(270). (Swaging, ferrous metals; fundamentals of the technoingical process and designing of dies.) DLC; TS?53 -355 SO: Manufacturi-n.g and Mechanical Engineering in the Soviet Union, Library of Congress, 10,53. t : 7 ad. 1959- M P. ~ (Metal Fo.--IrZ~ , , lo j m y .a Cbmbotka ","jov dsj 3 C 03) Errata S14P la-rtj. 5,* d ~ * j. (Sarios: Lag Tru ! 6- M-V , Mi.1st.,atla "-V I r. . .g AC-acy 3P.Pa*r Id Midt. a T-&14--l &--"t' C : lit . T, Ro.p. Ld., V.0. Podporkle. . rtch_ F-d., L r-r..,ar- cb-teal f T a &,rno,, Dt-r o r.! 0;.r.tL- of Uta,"LWIa On Lt* f ar r~stj.lmj FA. F.u~-. I ), F . . . d for t-k1AC l Nj ~ e pOt?=, This book Is latOn 're " ~_-j at -bols of hle1aar t4ch-le-1 i - mu"so, production stg P, "UIP, "d " ;; ;h c 'Lt., ad $~Jaatlfla, ra-0 * a= -01 -.-r v--~-ttc -b. ~zita or . sart.. d - tam wndctd b7 th. d-z".t of the L..Iaer r I=-tlCt akIjv poll takhnichaskly tastltut loacl Y..!. L-1~4-d 11.1,7tach-el-I Institute lsanl M.I. Ih. tmblacts ~-vazred 1=1=2o probl~ It th. tb.or7 " practice of rolltne. tub. 4-dr4. ast-s.- " -klc of dies. Mat first paper coapl-ts tkv ~k of I.I. T."Ilk- -4 Y4- P- Vksal. ftfar,ace. scv..F.Ay -.t or th. aru--I-. nd H-A.AACI* of b1t. to IL-111re As 1-tor-l-d b7 A-uChns" of Ralls " Strip D"edonce or the &Pei* or bits am coafriciant ar in ruixt., an tbo awtace ra.Shm" of ~k ad mils - I.-.U,~t-- 5. ps~x-z. 14rgltudl-l 2.13ing of P*rlodtc -Mps of V~tabl. Cr." 5vaLl.. 1. Two Groans A9 6. 3nl~, T.S_ ad X.r. or tb. Shaps of Piercing V..dr*l sPA -tB-.,ftO" tag prvesas 38 7. Yxerf2blc~x F. NP.4~ of tb. Coeffirs-I of A.2.2 SHP wd tb. Qwli- t7 an ifarttj S".4 -d the 3.11-1=1X-tiva, Ace- 76 Sk=-T1l...T~.tIptjPC rX"u. rla!~,-Uoo 1. ths Cross; X-,Illng of' Us.. 9. :.!rw,, V.S., ad Chace ~--r-taa,z,,:. of --t 1. rr~.. ad 15.1-1c.1 R-Ili,.c or M.Cs a9 10. T S.. . -.9 cc S- Factors an n! Ct U- &-~,tlbllity al-k T. C.- R_11_zg . r T-' -b9- fl- articl., F~I-Pt V~. f of Wr~- U... Otat. of at-sx. -1d th. fr-t r "-- --..a f-t--r. - t1- q"'I*y of, V-4ucU.jty. p",_ of _k -I th. mrs-wd In cme. and tmlical mill, " 1% It- I.e. Mar.- 1. Lt. P-t-3cal P-pa,~-Iag or Yw 1. tWulres. . Struct~l mull 105 12. &-Cc"1l*-kIy. X.N. lPfl--. of W,-k tz* 1 50*~n F-4.~Bs arA Oth- Xoch~-jcall Pm;wru" cc boat -214,~s 111 13. 3~c7r-l.mkly, I.%. or tl-. ?--t1- r Vwt~I.A~, tl'* 4r W1rk -b B..t 1.-0 14- S-rzy-10PRkly, 1-!i- !~,rd!r-,, V.--z Nk--rt Jto Lc~- Vzrk In t~,* RzIIW cf S-r!ra 11r. a 7~`- -t- fc- "U~I-- d--lb. th. b-~-i~-g PC -"P-s frc. t~lp. I.*- tn ~t-CT. !~ t!- "Itt- rd ..rk I- -I a,- at f-"-- -d t-dir.C ---. a- 15. V.5., -d L.P. Us X.P. Stability cc 4 ?Jr, tT RV! PC t"v tz 5-'",ovo V.S. ExForl-,ul Zeteralrat!= Z-raj,.-.O 5.1m. 1,46 ra~v, V.S. or L_:j_: ~5.._Ovqp C- t! T ., 0- Cr... A, app-.I-t.,,d. L_.d tt~y Ccr dati-IrIPC roajd~j d-'M.4. U.N. u, u. rC". ~f '-rk o-l !~,7 -:-4: -.r bj 4 1 r 163 'f t1L. POLOVNIKOV, Viktor Viktorovich; FILIPPOV, Pavel Fedorovich; BODAZHKGV,, Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich; SEMIBRATOV, Genrikh Gavri-lbvich;,GIN- .-ZBURG., 2--t-r- -~, inzh., retsenzent; SMIRNOV, V.S.9 red.; LEYIdti red. izd-va; BARDINA9 A.A.p tekhn. red. (Shaping spur gears by rolling] Izgotovlenic tsilindrichoskikh zub- chatykh koles prokatkoi. Pod red. V.S.Smirnova. Moskva, Gos. nauchno- tekbn. izd-vo mashinostroit. lit-ryp 1961. 187 p. (MIRA 14:9) 1. Chlen-korrespondent AN SSSR (for Smirnov). (Gearingg Spur) (Rolling (Metalwork)) GINZBURGt-Kr.S. ............. Effect of the forging reduction ratio on the mechanical properties of forginge. Trudy LPI no.222:186-191 163. (KIRA 16:7) (Steel forgings-Testing) ~44~ .- f, _~INZBURG,,K.,S., ATROSHENKO, A.P. Constructive solutions of mechanization and automation of forging processes. Trudy LPI no.2222201-218 163. (NIRA 16:7) (Forging machinery) (Automation) I 4 Rusillp L.I.; SAI-'~'U6KIY, G.I.; GIIIZ',IUa;, K.Ya.; VA'fl7SilT-i^N, Yll.l. Stationarf inarcury dropping oloctrad-,-. NOtOCI. ;Lri.Ll. kfilm. reak. i I propard no.5/6:42-46 163. (IIIRA 17-9) 1. Voosoyuzny,,r nauchno-inalodovatellskiy inntitut :,himicheskikh reaktivov i osobo chistykh kdAmichesk-ikh veshcho9tv. VAY1611T.,U) Yu.i.; GII&JUlby X,.Yt.,. Detormination of lead wir- (,-opp(-;r Laparitic-s in o/ftlic acij. :"~-Aod. anal. k'rdin. ruz~ic. i t'o-5/(j:C;1-69 '63. (: MiA I'l: (1) 1. Vowsoyumi~y nauclino-issladovatallskiy in,,AlLut khiaiclic-Skilch ropJctivov i osobo (,Iii:jtykli 'Ahimicho-t-1,1kh vushcha.,jtv. VAYNSHLMN, YU.I.; K.Y4J.; Determination of in hir%-Ily volatile or!,,anosi!icon t, arlu:.. zhiz;l. reak. i prapr. no.5/06:65-72 '63. ( : ', ~-, ', ~.,' 17 ; c" 1. Vsesoyuzi)- .1 reaktivov i osobrj chi,,3tykh khimi ~_hO51-4 F.W -w-w W lw *Y 'l l " e riot,, m i k o ls c JI l lovatiall o tu'.' .0 Dz' 1 E " 6 00 1 - ! .41 K 'ji.v 90 f Ni pint, O 0 UF 23. tiperatIMC iltell ti 0 I"w-f- v i I I., It. i't"A on I pr 0* p6nts, d h1v 99 3 Irl 00 00 go go 00 --ee 4 n 0 00 0 9010 It 'A in 090 it st 1e IS 0 0 u 0.0000 00 0 '.0060 ifTT~-114 WA .2 Tho rob. Of C15y IllittorillS Of I IIC U011 bt ~IiAto IOnS. D. I.- AJ.;si%Y,; it", 11;!j, ;i;$. V. V_ Thr amt, vi p1loqIIII.-ut; ad"ItT1,4"I flwo by varkmi cL-jy wivero- d, p_ldt'l w, A PI 1. NIP, :. J'J~Purpt io;j by it Rbout,ptl 4, %Y101 iolla. of CAM1110112 Will It.,A i!&L'1.'i1_ thill t1m vmi with lijill phlv-,phm~- Jot Mt I-I Ik'1I Cil f,WjIj N 'm If, f-r if.-. ff" Aff'.1 GINZBURG, K)M. Colorimetr'~ method of determining phosphorus in citric acid extracts. Pochvovedeniye '52, 1126-31. (mLRA 6:1) (CA 47 no.14:6818 153) Solution. of phollitLUM a. 1A joks mii UWA Ot i"to _51).-Powdezed i 7 43- p (IOM CA( O.Itic). d biotitc (M "'5" . . d k-11- As geld( ea(Smia7treorill cle size; did P0101" d U Increa-ed Ir -1014- than ih_~,rptjau by I I'll, _10, 1-5 and 5 ~ jy la mud IV . greatOr by f ter u br. mid WU fA ~ I P. Absorption ald not ncr a "t'he C'o contents of - hy those < . than at ordinary te ti S' i in pot t,~,ts the greater pt 55-55 with incren,,e In P'ti . 9 2c. imilax to that I and 0 d-eas~d end IV Partade5 '--5p* was $Av0'.'bfl'ty Of ,,-.ilabilitY Of P in t in pa-ticles .41 #A. "t w;~ gr-t-t 5,-1() and > tha in particles vari:T' nly slightly with paticle oi- 1: l, in kaolin (A. ,at 5-10o. Physical and Chorlical FroperU105 US5R / Soil Science Of -Doil. jabs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol-9 J~o 2, 1959, 6072. jl~uthor ; Askinazi, D. L.; Ginzburg) K- Ye. Inst :Soil Institute, IS UOSR. sphorus 1,,bsorption Title :The Problem of Reducing Pho in Acetic Ap"cid Soil Extracts. Orig Pub: Tr. pocilbv. in-t" AN SSSR, 1957, 50, 358-378. termining the content of assimilable cid ;,bstract: When de rus in the soil with the aid of weak a phos-ghc one hour sh8king of the soil with extracts, a nded with subsequent day-long the acid is r e c ORUne In the Process Of steeping Of the extracts. cts a secondary ab- .~ng acetic acid extra prepari s takes Place) espec- sorption Of' soil phosphoru hat have an acidic jally when working with soils t Card 1/2 21 USSR / Soil Science. Physical and Chetaical Properties i of Soil. Abs lour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 2, 1959, 6072. Abstract: reaction. In the determination of free phos- phorus in the soil, when use is made of Cook's mixture f0.5 N. CH3COOH ~ 0.5~1, 112Se03-1, selenic acid alone can replace Cook's mixture in the de- termination of free phosphorus. The sblenic acid decreases the secondary absorption of soil phoSDhorus and allows one to obtain more satis- factory mobility characteristics of soil phos- phates than the ace~'ic acid extracts under con- sideration. -- S. A. Talikitin. Card 2/2 GINZBLJRG. X.Ye. Methods of colorimetric determination of phosphorin in acid ooll fo,tracte [with summary in Rnelishl. Poohvovadonle no.2:61-72 1 158. (MIRA 110) 1. Poahvennyy inetitut im. Y.Y. Dokuchayeva AN SSSR. (Soils-Analysin) (Colorimotry) (Phosphorus) AUTHOR; Ginzburg, K. Ye. 007/20-126-3-55/69 TITLE: On the Absorption of Phosphorus by Iron and Aluminum Hydrates and by Soils (0 pogloehahenii foefora gidratami okioey zheleza i alyuminiya i pochvami) PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, 1959, Vol 126, Nr 3, pp 654 - 657 (USSR) ABSTRACT: &tracts with weak acids are widely used for the determination of mobile soil phosphates. During the preparation of the ex- tract, a secondary absorption of the phosphates by the solid phase of the soil takes place. To prevent this., various inves- tigators suggested a number of substances (Refs 1,3-9). In the present paper, the author studied the ability of several rea- gents of preventing the absorption mentioned in the title. The experimental results with R(011) are given in table 1, those 3 C. for soils in table 2. On the basis of these results, the author makes the following conclusions: 1. The solution of ammonium molybdate can be used prophylaetkally to prevent a necondary phosphorus absorption during the preparation of acidic aoil ex- Card 1/3 tracts. 2. In the tests, the phosphate ions were actively dis- On the Absorption of Phosphorus by Iron and Aluminum c"07/20-126-3-55/69 Hydrates and by Soils placed by fluorine ions when the former had been absorbed by Al(OH) 3' The fluorine ions were not able to do this in case of phosphate ions absorbed by Fe(OH) 3* This ability of tlllu, F-ions can be used for separating the participation of Al(OH)3 and of Fe(OH)3 in the phosphorus sorption by the soils. 3. In the tests with sod bleaching earth and with red earth, 40-4Y;4 of the absorbed phosphorus were able of being exchaneed agr-inst F-ions. It can be assumed that in the mentioned soils about 4(ylo of the phosphorus are absorbed by compounds of the Al(OH) ip type, 4. In the tests of the author it was not possible to sep- arate the parts played by the iron and aluminum in the absorp- tion process of phosphorus by the soils by means of K 4Ue(CN)J_ and Aluminon solutions. There are 4 tables and 9 references, 2 of which are Soviet. Card 2/3 On the Absorption of Phosphorus by Iron and Aluminum SOV/20-126-3-55/69 Hydrates and by Soils ASSOCIATION: Pochvennyy institut Akademii nauk SSSR (Soil Institute of the Acadomy of Sciences, USSR) PRESENTED: November 19, 1958, by I. V. Tyurin, Academician SUBMITTED: November 17, 1958 Card 3/3 ,,_GIUZBURG, K. Ye.; SHCHEGLOVA, G.M. Determining nitrobqn, phosphorus, and potassium in plants by using a single sample. Pochvoveaenie no-5:100-105 MY 160. (KIRA .14:4) 1. Pochvennyy institut imeni V. V. DDkucha va AN SM%t. (PlantB--~Chemical analysis~ GINZBTJRG, K.Ye. Role of sesquioxides and humates in the absorption of phosphorus by soils. Trudy Fbchv. inst. 55:239-271 160. (KMA 13:11) (Soils--Phosphorus content) (Soil absorption) ASKINAZIP B.L., GINZBURGI K.Ye.; LEBEDEVA, L.S. ------ ---- HLneral forms of phosphorus in soils and methods for their deter- mination~ Fochvovedenis no*5:6-20 Vq 163. (MIRA 16:5) lo Pochvennyy institut imeni V.V.Dokuchayeva. (Soilo--Phoophorus content) GUMBURG, X.Ye.j SHCIIMLOVA, G.M.; VULIFIUS, Ye.V. Rapid method for the combustion of soils and plants. Fochvovsdauie no.5:89-96 My 163. (MIRA 16:5) 1, Fochvennyy in8tit-ut imeni V.V.Dokuchayev% (Soils--Analysis) (Plants--Chemical analysis) GINZBURG -M B,- KORYAKINP H. F. L4 ~ _- Reversible dynamometers. Nov. med. tekh. no.2:32-37 161. (MM 14:12) 1. Vaeooyuznyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut meditsinskikh instrumentov i oborudovaniya. (MUSCLES--MOTII,,ITY) GIL., z 3 J L.; RUENAK. N.-. GINZBURG, L. Construction of permazwnt side shoring on floating docks. Kor. i rech. flot 14 no-7:3Q JI '54. (KERA 7:7) (Dry dooks) GINZBURG, L., prof., dr. ing., a muszaki tudomanyok doktora Achievements of up-to-date bast fiber spinning machines in the Soviet Union. Magy textil 14 no.5:223-226 my 162. 1. Moszkvai Hancsrostipari Kozponti Kutatointozet fomernoke. GDZB.bRG, L., starshiy muchnyy sotrudnik .1 - i Stuaying the process of feeding, o-1 to the cyl-riaers of marine diesel engines. Mor. flot 25 no.c:24-26 S 165. . 1-1 ~. I 1. T,~',entralfnrj IVILIChno-iss.ledovatel IsIriv InstiLut. mor-"knt~'o flota. C'jwz-I~L)R(" L.A. Stmum. M. I., IMAM- "., gIM07k. ',. I., Mfr,-', T. A. Children - Diseases Course of leptospirosis in children. Vop. pediat. i okhr. mat. i det., 20, No. 4 1952 Monthly- List .2f u ia Accessions, Library of Congress, December 1952. Unclassified __._ LAL_.a _ .USSPA(edicine - I*ptospirosis JanlFeb 53 El flobservations of-fLeptospiros is in, Children," fi.,j. Bulycheva,~-:~. A. Ginzburgi~A. 1. Butkova an44. A. Rybina,_'-1.Combined Children's Hosp and Cutpatient Clinic of Krasnodar Fed iat, No 1, p 67 An outbreak of leptospirosis occurred in some vat6rfront rayons of Krasnodar Kray after a dourn- pour toward -the end of the summer of 1951. The etiology of the disease was confirmed by serolo- gical examinations. The greatest number of cases 255T38 vas among children between the ages of 12 and 16.* The;percentage of boys affected was higher than tha't of girls. In a number of cases it was not difficult to diagnose the disease. In some cases thi infection took the form of constipation or diarrhea. In 31% of the cases various symptoms of impairment of the nervous system were noted. These consisted of excitement, worry, :,cc%.3ional ~delirium, and often menin,~;eal symptoms. 255T35' Z T- - 1 71 t A 30: EJ JI U'', 'Culti T 1L. 'r, cl Crop -3 -3-1 - -):)v A)~A~., LC of testing u a r,-,clu.,:ei*rL,3 luceri-.e ui.~ed ,?ith hc-.,,bc(~c!~us I --. ed (Dezenoiu]-skaya) Testing -t%t1:-)a) under Jxrt~-., Conil' - tions it -4as diacavered. th~%t -, Lra~.- i no mncc effective th,-m lucerne in ensurine .,:curraL~Ann of nrs-,mit~ - g V,3 stmzt-~~-rc. It iG re=ents in the soil end i..-,.wsvin!- I reeo=endeil thnt under U%Witirln-r )L,'2c:rze b(-- utilizei in ~n unmixed f3m. GI.NZBURG, L.A., Poenibility of using a primary suture in pyelo- and ureterolithotomy. Urologiia 24 no.2:24-26 W-Ap 159. (MIRA 12:12) 1. Iz kliniki gospitalluoy khtrurgii (zav. - prof. G.D. Gbra2tGOV) Chelyabinskogo maditainskogo instituta i urologicheakogo otdeleniya (zav. - kand.vied,nauk L.A. Ginrburg) Chelyubinokoy oblastnoy klini- cheakoy bollnitsy. (URINART TRACT, calculi, pyelo- & uraterolithotoz7, blind suture (Rue)) GINZBURG,-L.A.---- --- Surgery for retroperitoneal tumors. Urologiia 24 no 6:27-29 '59. (RETROPEMTOIEAL SPACF--TUMORS) iMIRA 13:12) GINZBURG. L.A.. (Chelyabinsk, ul.TSvillinga, d.36, kv.124) Technic of bilateral operations on organs of the scrotun. Vest.khir. 82 no.4:136-137 AP '59. (MIRk 12:6) 1. Iz wrologicheskogo otdelentya (sav. - L.A.Ginsburg) Chelya'-- bInsko3r oblastnoy klinicheakoy bollnitsy (ql.vrach - L.K. Ryakina) I kafedry goapital'noy khirixrgii kzav. - prof.G.D. (Ybraztsov) Chelyabinskogo meditsinskogo instituta. (SCRUZUN--WRGXRY) GIN23URG.,-Loonid-.A-1)"_Royl,~h; STARICHKOY, H.S., red.; 9ffzyCllMfKO. F-Yq-, 1_ 1. .- _ takhn. red. [%diography of the kidneye nnd ureters] Rentgenoskoptin pochek i mochetachnikov. Lenihgrnd, Gon. izd-vo mod. lit-ry Medipp, Laningr. otd-nie, 1,961. 95 P. (MIRA 14:5) (URINARY ORGANS--RADIOGRAPHY) G3ZBURGj L,A. I - Restoration of the prevesical division of the ureter. Akush.i gin. 37 no.1:90-91 161. (mm 14:6) 1. 1z kafedry fakulltetskoy khirurgii (zav. M.I. Petrushinskiy) Andizhanskogo meditsinskogo irstituta. (URETER-SURGERY) 0 ! 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 o so** of 0 *of *so 1141411114les o rv;r~ Wqllw~~e a 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 W- irt. 1 0 re-Arz, 84 iVe, Ole 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 9 0 0 0 e 0 I I v 4 1 A I I, . " 11 11 1. it 4 " n I. p - I 1w a 1. 2, ). !1 ;4 1, .11.1-k- 1, It U J: 0 A,& 1. S1,fF,11.JL6.4hr%i K i 1 11 V1 11-1 I I AA F4Lt --so 09 so .-so 0 0 : :0 lee go 00 J; -00 0 1 Los .101, M,,mli itji4l li-mugrail; (;I*.. 00 r,[- lit I) I-- lit lji~r *0 go ve ties I k A At I At L-14K At LIT* 441 LAI CLAWFICATICI, I 1 1,00 lee -V.! it 0 Ali 1 4 1,, 1) A, ad I 1) 4 4 it 14 Is u IT it It It N ~ KW it 1 1. 1 0 0 a 0 40 0 0 : : : 0 : : :1s 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 : 00006.0000000000400e 0 10000* 0006690004000 m 31 14 U -4 T!--v -4 4-4 JO.W.-N.Ja JL- -I- I 0-t ~ - ~mw It, Owol 09,A goo 1, L A. Ginsburg -1 F. D. aaaaw (.W,,Um Tod, nd JIM (21.24 -69 Ista"Ai i lamb 11110julaim) 0 4 tip "Mpositiom t1w nr-i for -00 a edt" examinsokm 00 subatilutinit "id brums MA brmms for tin-brc-a is 064 tI 1 8*0 00 --** 04i goo 00.3 goo' '00 AALI goo goo goo Nee wool Off' dac i-g-v v T v KAI U it XT to it!: Iflown dlait* man lf:Kwh d" 1000000000*00000-6 U1316 Moira "41141as,14411COSTS OwIllmd"ITI; 1141011.411141,1 1.3tsaftlIqLaw WIS-011 coo '00 Poo oot roe 00. 00 so. go 00. 1.1leolaw"ll ull OA0111, go, -A 00 0,00 19 IL ir, IL IMPRI&AAL-i _ii 4 00 0*1 GINSBURG~JAA 600 1. GINSBURG, L. A., Candidate of Technical Sciences 2. USSR (600) ENDS (Experimental Scientific-Research Institute of M*tal-Cutting Vachine Tools) "Aluminum Alloys and Bronze in Hichine-Tool Building" StankL i Instrument, 12, No. 5, 1941. 91 AM Report U-1503, 4 Oct. 1951 GDIZ9Tj7RG L. A. Bimetall-zamenitell tsvetnogo metalla; proizvodstvo, svoistva i primenenie. No3kva, Metallur-izdat, 1943. 118 P. illus., cidaLxs. Bibliography: P. 114-/-11~7. Bimetal as a substitute for non-ferrous metal3; production, properties anel IISC. DLC: TS213.G5 SO: 'YanufacturIng and Mlechanical Engineering in the So-.riet Union, Library of Congress, 1953- HOROZOVA, Yo.M. Use of high-frequency currents In pouring bimetallic bushings. [IsdAkniia] LONITOMASH no.30;407-417 152. (9LRA 8:1) (Bearings (Machinery)) (Inductioa heating) S/137/62/ow/Oo6/o12/16,j Aoo6AI01 AUTHORS: Ginzburg, L. A., Epshteyn, N. I. TITLE: On the problem of improving fevrotitanium melting techniques PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, no. 6, 1962, 23 - 24, abstract' 6V181 ("Metallurg. I khim. prom-st' Kazakhstana. Nauchno-tekhn. sb.", 1961, no. 5 (15) 12- 17) TEXT: During the melting of Fe-Ti the equilibrium of the T1 reduction reaction is established at a high concentration of Al In the heat and of TiO In the slag, usually bound with A120~- A higher lime amount in the charge will cause transition of the slag TiO nto a free state and simultaneously reduce the melting temperature of the slag; consequently, conditions of metal reguluadepo- sition will be Improved. A certain increase of the Al amount in the charge will make it possible to reduce the free TiO in the slag. To check these conditions experimental heats were produced at the Aktyubinsk ferroalloy plant. The results showed the expediency of raising the lime content In the charge by 20% and of Al by about 3% against the usual amounts. In the 45 experimental heats the average Card 1/2 On the problem of... 3113716210001VD610 1211 F, 3 Ac)o6/Aloi Al consumption was 479 kg/t, and Tj extraction was 72.3%. A number of b3 experi- mental heats were produced with the use of an Al block for the deposition of reguli; 83 heats were produced with a mixture of Al and Fe-Si for the same pur- pose. The heats proved that the reduction of slag oxides occurs on account, of Al; Fe-Si Is melted and passes into the metal. In heats without Fe-Si, the SJ content decreased from 5.27 to 4.88% and the Ti extraction remained an the same level (72.2%). Simultaneously the yield of TI-O grade alloy Increased from 3.6 to 6%. A. Skrgeyev [Abstracter's note: Complete translation] Card 2/2 0 GV W-_ LL tt K r u y 1 1 1 AI I AA 66 LL B - ", va a' ATMLW im X911116111 "4 OM bir -00 00 Ssdk= Itypophospuhl. N. Yo. V41111wrt: And I- if. lklift. * ooo " 4-blial, bit, I 1# I:-- ,,,,k,. Jim (-, 1, 23 1.111; ('. in 1U1 ~: ~, . 21. '-Jill HUMiAll.) z ! ~** 0 00 asisidar fit "'at IN4- MeMb. JW29. 44,1041. '1*1"-dt-(4-rfi3tnntpdi4;f Am its iwtn-f; mium nwt.tmj(-u (,d Vi jji 40 00 .. . . . it, &jhI% a(l,ra".1millh. 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