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t t.&Iti % Kvm: E ~ 16 9 I 0 0(700 0*0 (fKl6wOt5ANo* ~a JWUM, G.T.; GRIGOWYAN, Yu.G.; ADONTS, M.". - .- - ------- ___ Alporithm, proeram, and an example for computing an discrete-action calculating machines the fuel economy repime of a power system involving the state. selection of Venerating units. Izv. An Arm. 5L.K. Ser. tekh. nauk 14 no.3:13-26 '61. (MIRA 14:8) 1. Institut elektrotekhniki AN Armyanskoy SSR. (Electric power plants--Fuel consumption) (Calculating machines) GRIGOR-YiN, YU.G. Method of calculating start-up rates of fuel consumpti)n involving the state selection of renerating units in thermal electric power plants. Izv. AN Arm. SSR. SSer. tekh. nauk 11; no-3:71-76 '0. - (MIRA 14t8) 1. Institut Plaktrotekhniki All Armyanskay SSR. (Electric power plants--Fuel cinsumption) S/208/62/002/001/016/016 D299/D303 AUTHOR: Grigorl ant Yu.G (Yerevan) TITLE: Algorithm for solving a sYatc-la Of logical equations PERIODIC AL: Zhurnal vychislitellnoy matematiki i riz;Aematicheolcoy fiziki, v. 2, no. 1, 1962t 1B6 - 189 7 -,.,XT: An algorithm is proposed which is suit-able for pro(-~.-:-~=Ang T on an electronic computer. Let 11 / A denote a set c-nd U,(i = 1, t.-.9 k) - any of its subsets. A sequence cr i of O's and '61,; is rj- ven. The system of ch~tractcristic equittions is (1, if x Ui (;c f --- M; i = 1 121 v k) - (3 tot if x Ui. The solution of system (3) is defined as a nonenpty set Gt--- M, so that for any x E! Gp system (3) becomes an identit. . Such a act iian the form Card 1/4 S120Y621002100110161016 Algorithm for solving a system D299 D303 A,\A, n nP, (4) where A, 1) Irla; 11 (3 = 0) = U U1 (5) Q-t P 0-1 A system of logical functions can be represented in a iinique man n 0 r in a completely disjunctive form, viz.: Y 1 (1 = 19 2, ... 9 k; 1 = 2 M - 1)9 (6) i V 'ij'J J=O where N is the constituent of the decomposition of unityq F,j - the value of the function Y i for values of x corresponding to m j x 2m-r, r r=1 (7) r0, M The.set M denote 1, 1, 2, ... 9 2 11. Bach logical function Y Card 2/4 33302 S/ 208~1`621002/001 /0 161016 Algori-vhm for solving a system of (6) is brought tn. a one-one correspon.1-n.- with -a subset U,C- M, _'_Onsist-ing of decimal numbers (of N). The i.-tentically-true logical fun2ticn is made to -2orrespond with M, the iden'.1cally-false with the emp-..v set Hence ~ if ' U, YAJ) = C ,A. fo q if j Uio It is noted -:hat it is not absolutely necessary to represen-. system (6), in a completely disjunctive form. Two examples I!,re considered, involving a aystem of 7 logical equations with 200 variables. The first example shows that the method is so simple that the system can be solved in many cases by simple cir~mputatl-oni in more comp'Li- cated cases, one has to use computers. T. programming the above al- gori-,hmv inlltialiy 3 subprograms were p-epared. The computer ca'cu lates first the set A q, then A q n B p and (in the third st-GO -- the set G ITself, according to formula (4). If the system of logi. cal functions is not given in the form (6), it has t.,. be brought to Card 3/1 33302 S/206/6 2,100 211001,101 6/C -16 Algorithm for solving a system D299/D303 t,hat fcrm, ~r one uges formula g -_ c% & & b- q pT~ (9) 4, The program was prepared at the InstiTute of Energetics of h.~ AS Armer_,~,an SSR. trider the direction of the author. It was fcund that for prograrming such an algor-ithm. a special digital computer is required with large memory (operative as wel-I as external), There are 6 referen,:esi 5 Soviet-bloc and 1 non-Soviet-bloc~ The referen- ce lo the E'r-glish-language publicatlon reads as follows, J. Campea-l The synthesis and analysis of digital systems by boolean matrices. IRE., Trans. Ele,:tronlc Comput., '95", De-_ EC-6, no. 4., 2`31 -~1' SUBMITTED-. September 21, '961 Card 4/4 GRIGORIYANP Yu.G, Using computers for the synthesis of digital automatons. Izv. AN Arm. SSR. Ser. tekh. nauk 16 no.6;41-47 163. (MIRA 17:1) 1. Institut energetiki AN Arqranskoy SSR. ACCESSION NR: ANOZ8973- S/OZGO/64/000/OOZ/0040/0049 AUTHOR: Grigorlyap, Tus 0. JYerevan) TITLE: Digital computer experiments with visual pattern recognition SOMCM AN SSSR. lavestiya. Tei-k-Aicheskaya kibernetika, no. 2, 1964. 40-49 TOPIC TACS: pattern recognition, visual i4ttern recognition, digit recognition, digital computer pattern recognitioa, handwritten digit recognition ABSTAACT: An algorithm of teaching a universal digital computer to r'co;nize (by the principle of the shortest distance between the patterns) handwritten 0-9 digits is investigated; the digit height was kept constant, and the digits were placed approximately in the center of the.viewing hold. A nietric space D to constructed which is considered as a space of inisges N (0, 1, 2. 0 4 0 6 mb- 1) which are characjerized bif rn different hues. Sp*cUic&Ulr, with m - Z, the space becomes a tpace of &*coo of a k-.dimensional unit cube G (0, 1. 1). cor'd ACCFZSION NA: AP4029973 In which the problem of recognizing 0-9 disits represented by black-white patterns may be solved. The space is considered an a receptor field, i.e. , a retina. The recognition algorithm allows for a statistical connection between one pattern and all others by means of introduced dieftaces. The algorithm can be taught and it functions in & rigid scheme, without Incentives or penalties... DigitM computer trials showed a recognition coefficigat of 93%. "In conclusion. the - author wishes to thank V. M. Glushkov and Y. A. Kovalevskiy for diseuising the results and for their comments. It Orig. art. has: I figure, 34 fornsilas. &ad 3 tables. ASSOCIATIOM now SUBMITTM': Z�Ju&61 DATZ AC121 3CApr" ZKGL: 00 sun COUXI a No jkjW soya 005 OT~o "I card Z/Z k IGO Caraz IA' $Pub.'76 - 3111 Autbon I Grigoryan., Yu. M.1 Marguej. M. It.; and Saulyar, A. A1.2agineers "WW4Wr"MrV1ffr-ft I Automatization or Water-drainage during hydrotechnical construcUan work Periodical I-Mekh. stroi. 4* 9-12# APr 1954 Abstract I A special pumping systenj planned for the drainage of water dU'UV the construction of the Stalingrad Hydroelectric Plant on the Volga River, is described* Mectrical wiring diagramsp for the two- &W three-line automatic pumping-inatallation,, are included. Drawings. Institution Submitted safe* -)rlvly fl f-L-7 a/[ / , , pL' /I/ - SKOLTAR, A.A., inshener; MAROUS, K.Ye., inthener-, ORTGORTAN, Tu.M., inzhener. Automatization of drainage In hydrotechnical construction work. Gldr.stroi. 23 no.5:9-11 154. (MIRA 7:8) (Dame) (Drainate) -77 tnoxis tot rsdudag 6# vatet lgoryaa and L, A. W- pov. GUrakAl. Sirvad, 25, NIT WMCITM).-The aint. of waler rNith zcp-i7. frtnu ron. creto votitr tht actka of 6kefro8smosis ltatasts with the vtdttge. optimum voitaxt Is 00-4&5 V. avA oplimum cur- rent 04 amp. Ue wax, w4t. A water MabDvtd is 13.47.,j( all 0 a wOer uso& In mixing, this makce It poW We to ttdut- the Outer/CcUltntM110 frataO.54W,47. (HAtmtUmsdur iaX I hour show Oat tM water ieps. 61011 during the G At"v.,the rise of the onnerate Is M-200 b the firg'. 15 MLa. and 'i* In I hr. With v4face t6aws optimum. temp. rig" $hap, b, and aepn. ct water ckott. ~', Stiength of specimens subjiAed to WM041 Is 85% blihei- than for Control speci. e rncns.~ Cambiningsibration and tlectroammis shouW rt~ st,~I( W greater sepa, of water. __4L_ZKAmlCh GRIGGRITAN, Tu.K. Xining problems In the 8Cosscgrapbg,8 of 3ebastlan Nzatere Trudy Inat.iat.emt.i takhe 33s177-191 060. (MIRA IV) (Xining engineering) GRIGORIYAII, Yu.Ys. &utomtic vertical drilling machine. NaBlAnontroitell no.2:23 F 16o. (MIRh 130) 1. Rachallnik bruro stankostrowonlys xavoda nKrannyy Mrsay.m (Drilling and boring machinery) GRIGORIYIN, Z.G. Fetrographio oharaoteriatica of Apsheron sediments in the Kura Lowland. Tr~dy AzNII DN no.4:139-11+9 '56. (MIRA 1414) (Kura Lowland-Petrology) GRIGORTAN, Zh.M. - - , -_-"'-'U'iin'-4ic~'h copper-molybdenum deposit. Izv. AM Arm. SSR. Ser. jr6ol. i geog. nauk 10 no. .5/6:85-89 157. 1 (HIRA 11:8) 1. AraVanskoye geologichaskoye upravlenlye. (Za"ezur Range--Kolybdenum ores) GRIGORYAN, Zh.S. [Hryhori&n. Zh.S.1 Methods for the manufacture of bulked yarn. Lehoprome noolt 57-60 Ja-Mr 163o (MIRA 16:4) 1. Loningradskiy tekstillnyy institut im. Kirovas GRIGORYAH, U.S. [Hryhorian, Zh-5-1 balk yarn from staple fibers of various shrinkage characteristins manufactured on cotton spinning machines. Leh. prom no.2:76- 81 AP-.Te 163. iMIRA 16-.'!) 1. Ianingradskiy tekBtil#My institUt im, Xirpao (Textile ftb6rs, Synthetic) (Tarn) GRIjO,qYAN,,-Zh.S. rilryhorIan, Zh.S.) -- - I CalculatAng thp, strength o bulky yarr.:-, on tLe biwis o."' the breakage curves of thfi ynr~ and Its component !'ibers. Leh. prom. no. 4:43-50 O-D 163. 'M i kA 17: 5) GRIGORIYANTS, A. "Trade-union baronm* in the service of the dollar ('9ftany and Reuther" by M.Nomilov. Reviewed by k. Gilorliants). Soy. profsoiusy 17 no 7145 Ap 161. (MMA 14:3) Kited States-Trade unions) ---- (gornilov, IU.) GRIGORIYANTS., A. "Problems of the international trade-union movetent" bv ?.-,. Pimenovs V.Korollkov. Roviewed by A. Grigorliantn. Sov. profsoitzy 18 n6-'11:44 Je 162,, (MMA 15:6) (Trade unions) (Pimenovp N.) (Korollkov, V.) SEDOVO Y.N.; kanCtekhn.nauk; YEFIMOV, Yu, V . .. insh; GRIGORIYANTSp A.A. - It Prograu control of traffic at railroad stations, Art. t t elem. i eviaml 5 zo.14-6 A 161. (MIRA 14:3) (Railroad-3ignaling--Contralized traffic control) 45 'ACCESSION NRs AP40258" 3/03"/64/000/0D2/0Dd6/W?6 'AUTHDRSt Aliywvo M. X.; Grigorlyantes A. G,; XhodshWwt Le She TITLE t Equationo for the pion wAcleon soattorIng &MUSudes In the region of low energies I SOURCEs AN UzSM. Isv. Serlya fUlko-matmatichos"Ith nauk, no. 19 2964v 66-76 TOPIC TAGS: pion nucleon scattering, low energy regiono nucleon antinualson annihilation.. a wave wplitude,, p wave &Vlitudo,, pion pion interaction,, Mud"ap .representation, Cini Fubini approximation, differential method XWRACTs A system of cvV19d integral equationm is obtairied for the a. and p. wave3 of the pion-nucleon scattaing and fcr the a- and "avea of the amAbliat4on channel by applying the Cird-Mini wtbod to the Kandolstas repnser"ion. The diffor- ential method Is unedp 1.9.0 the peAlAa applitudea are expwood in te~ of the Card.IA -j~ [ 'Ar,C&%ION- *NRI. AP4025899 I I fOrward- and back-qcattering aWlitudeg. 7110 Oquatiom for the partlal M231tmd" !Of the pion-mclooq, scattwing an not prosw*od because of their wwaftwo, HQWV7WS th4Y can be obtairAd fk4m the deriv" equatjorAm of the 'forls A(+) ds' [40 (,e) + ja(l+) (Al+pr +-Ljde + C.4 p A(-) + + 71 (47 pr + L!Card 2A- Ar-r-MM MRS AP40258" d8, [or,()+ tallo (e)] +! de (s,)] (Al+pP +-L de + x wo the plan and nualson mss'es*reo awe Pwt (P. + q-1p (P. + (Ps + va), (ps + qt)p.l (Pi + -(it+ 91A. Ca'd3A-- ~ACCLWION NRv AP4025699 4stisfy the condition S+S+f~ 2 M Nliere P, and P. are the -initial =4 f$xAl 4-mm;imba of the nucleon and q, and q2 of the pion@ The solutions of the#* ad the scolutions of the equations for the partial uplitudes of the annihilation channel also ointain the tam responsible for ;the pion-pion inteVactione brigo art, hass I" equations WA 3 diWamse I I - :A=IATIONs Instibut yadermy fUUI AN VSM (Institute, of Nuolear PWaloss AN i 02Nov63 DAn ACQI IjApi IMLs OD SUB CODEs NP WO BW Boys 002 or=$ o0e cord 4A GRIGMIYANTS,A.G. - - -- - - Z-~.' -~ , . Towav! a new expansion of the artificiAl fiber Industry. Tekst.lnc-n. 15 no.10:4-6 0155. (MLRA 8:12) 1. Nnchnllnlk Glavnogo uprawleniya iskunstvennogo volokna (Textilc fibers, Synthetic) QRIGORIUXTS, A.G. Develpmat ,of the synthetic fiber Industry during the ~Wh five- 7oar plea. Toket.prom. 16 no.6:24-26 Jo 156. (K= 9:8) (Textile f1bors, Synthetic) 7 ; i ~~ I (- -'L -7 /1 4) 71 ~ - I /'~ (~' - / ~ - / GRIGORIYANTS, A.G. (-----D-e-vo-Ia-pment -o,-f, the synthetic f iber industry. no.ii:23-26 N 157. Simthetic) Teket.prom.17 (MIRA 10:12) (Textile fibers, ^RIGORITAFTS, A.G. ..........I... Prompocts for oxpanding the production of synthetic fibers. Takst. prom. 18 no.12:19-21 D 058. (MIRA 11:12) Synthetic) (Textile fibers, GRIGORIYANTS, A.G.; BORYBOV, A.L. Industry of synthetic f1berre striving for un accelerated rate of development. Khim.volok. no.lil-4 163. (KMA 16:2) 1. Sovet narodnogo khozyayatm SSSR (for Grigorlyants). 2. Goaudarstvennyy komitet pa khWi pri Gosplue SSSR (for Borisov). (Texti.1.9jibero, Synthetic) GRIGORITANTS, A,N,,; DORNIKOVA, N.P. (Moskva) The effect of vitamin B12 on the excitability of the central nervous system. 37 no.9:91-97 S 159. (MIRA 121l2) 1. Is gospitallnoy terapovt1cheskoy kliniki pediatricheskogo fakull- tota, (dlr. - daystvitelln" chlon ANN SSSR prof. A.A. Ba&asarov) II Nookovskogo meditsinskogo instituta imeni N.I. Pirogova. (VITANIN B12. pharmac.logy) (CEML EIRYMS STSTBN, pharmcology) G-RIGOROYANTS.-A. N., kand. mod. nauk Cholesterol level in the blood and the functional state of the liver in hypertension. Terap. arkh. no-7243-46 161. (MTRA 15:2) 1. Is goopitallnoy te che koy kliniki (dir. - dwyetvItelInyy chlen ANN SSSR Prof. ArR.peAv.V:sarov) pediatricheakogo fakallteta II Mookovskogo meditsinskogo Instituta, imeni N. I. Pirogova. (ffpZRTENSjoff) (LIVER)L. (CHOIZSTEROL) GRIGORIYANTS. A.N.; VOLKOVA, M.A. I -- - - - -- - ---, - Treatment of n7elomic diseaae, 26 no.7t20-23 Jl 162. (MM 1511l) 1. Iz kafedry go.spitallnoy terapii pediatricheakogo fakullteta (ispolnya.vush6hiy obyazannosti zaveduyushchego - dotsent Ye.V. Kaaatkin) II Maskovak.-o meditsinskogo institata iseni N.I. Pirogova. (VARROW-CANCER) (i);.PAN) (STFROID) (ERGOCALCIMOL) GRIGORIYAM, A. N kand. mod. nauk Antitoxic function of the liver and the state of centml nervous system eAcitability in bypertension. Temp arkh. 34 no.4t67-70 162a WRA 15:6) 1. Iz gospitallnoy terapsyticheskoy kliniki (dir. - doystvitell- nyy chlen AMN SSSR prof. A. As Bagdavarov[deceaeodl) pediatri- cheskogo fakullteta'II Moskovskogo neditainskogo instituta imeni N. I. Pirogova. (LIM) (HYFERTENSION) (NERVOUS SYSTEM) . -I :.F I ~- -,~i-~ 411- ~ I -,~ ~: -GRIGORIYANTS, A.11.,karid. med. nauk; YER-IAKOYA, V.A. Functional liver int3ufriclency and macrocyttosis of erTthm~ytoes In 1.7pert-ension. Sovet. med. 27 no.6192-96 Je'63 NIRA 17t,2) 1. Tz gospitallnoy teraTAvticheskoy kliniki ( direktor- deyste.~- tellnyy chlen AMN SSSR prof. A.A. Bagdasarov) pedintricho-'skop fakul",-34,-a Il Moskovskogo meditsinokogo instituta imeni N.r. Pirogova. GRIGORTYAurs, A.N., kand. rwd. nauk Treatment of peptic ulcer and ctxonlc gastritis wlt~. ventr-i(,,j',Jn. Sov. med. 27 no.10:106-.109 0 163. (MIhA 17:b) 1. 1z gospitallnoy terapevtioheskoy kliniki (za-veprot% ''" Yurenev) pediatric heskogo fakullteta 11 Moskcrrskogo med-ItLinskogo instituta imerd N.I. Pirogova, AUTHORs GRIGORIYANTSVA.N. PA - 2253 TITIS t Some-?Y-611-65mi--U-the Operation of a Nuclear Electricity Plant. (Nekotoryye voprosy ekspluatataii atomnoy elektrostantaiigRussian) PERIODICALt AtomnaiiL.:;nergiia, 1957, Vol 2. Nr 2, pp 109 - 117 (U.S.S.R.) Receiveas 3 / 1957 Reviewed, 5 / 1957 ABSTRICTs All parts of the nuclear electricity plant which has been in operation in the Soviet Union since two and a half years have so far given full satisfaction in practice, and this in the case in particular with the heat-producing uranium elements. Not one of theme elements failed, so that the working period of the tech- nological channels could be extended and the burning-out depth of U235 could be increased. 'Data are given in a table. Next, the method of partly changing the charge of the technological channels of the reactor is discussed in detail. This method offers some advantages and is well suited for the operation of similar if, energetic reactors of high efficiency. The author also tells of the preparation of the reactor for operation after a long interval of inactivity (e.g. after a partial change of charge of the tech- nological channels). For the operation of nuclear electricity plants and similar re- actors the following was found: 1) It is necessary to take into Card 1/3 account the contribution made by the heat contained in the A - 2253 Some Problems of the Operation of a Nuclear Electricity Plant. graphite of the reactor to the remanent heat liberation of the technological channels. 2)The applicability of BAY's (BEY's ?) formula for the computation of the segregation of heat in the technological channels was confirmed. 3) The technological channels can be easily removed already 2 hours after the reactor has ceased working, after which they may be put into the con- tainer without any special cooling# 4) The intensity of the re- manent heat segregated in the technological channels makes it possible to do without the average system for cooling the reactor if the current supply is interrupted. The water of the first circuit must meet the follwing demandst 1~ There must be no deposits (scale) in heat-segregating elements. 2 There must be no corrosion in heat-segregating channels. 3 The remanent radioactivity of water must be shortlived and the intensity of radiation must be insignificant. The "washed out" products can be subdivided according to their origin into two groups: 1) The elements washed out of the non-corrosive steel by corrosions iron, chromium, nickel, and manganese. 2) The elements washed out of the bush-like packings and intermediate layerst calcium, magnesia, and copper. In conclusion the system of bio- Card 2/3 logical safety and the gasimetric control of the station is PA - 2253 Some Problems of the Operation of a Nuclear Electricity Plant. ASSOCIATION PRESENTED BY SUBMITTEDe AVAILABLEe discussed. (6 illustrations). Not given 18.10.1956 Library of Congress. ~&rd 3/3 .,P 01- %"I- _ / -- o CTj Al 7 5 . 14 N . C-RIGORIJAIIC, A.N.; W-MONOS, S. [trauialator] Some problens of atomic power station operation. Jaderna energie 3 no-5--2AI-147 My 157. A A/ "oe QuEnIONS N OF A PQ Tflr OPERATIO 10WER STATION! J. HU- XLWA ~Pk Clear RiWrIX A, M-86119611. --fim e- opraftvg tW nuclear electric power station ul the U.S,SJ tauth) I-- -:- i- , - , " F-,;, . -- ~:-- , - KFASINA A. K., GPIGCRYANIS, A. N., NIKOLAYEV, N. A. and LSHA-KOV, G. it'. "Operating the First USM Power Station vith the Fuel Channels Working in Boiling Conditions." paper to be preenented at 2nd UN Intl. Conf. on the peaceful uses of Atomic Energy, Geneva, 1 - 13 Sep 58. F,OV/t39 -5 - 5 - 2/7,3 AUTIMt Dollezhall, N. A., Krasin, A. K., Aleshchenkov, P. I., -Grigorlyants, A. N., Florinskiy, B. V., Minashin, M. Ye., femellya-no-v, r. -Ya., Kugushev, N. M., Sharapov, V. N., Mityayev, Yu. I., Galanin, A. N. TITLE: A Uranium-Graphite Reactor With Superheating of Steam of High Pressure.I (Uran-grafitovyy reaktor s peregrevom par& vysokogo davleniya) Fz;RXDICn1D: Atomnaya energiya, 1958, Vol. 5, Nr 5, pp. 223-233 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The 400 MW plant is equipped with 4 uranium-graphite reactors. A reactor and a steam turbine of 100 LM together form a closed block. A number of investigationswas carried out for the pur- pose of checking the individual parts of this block. The fol- lowing results were obtained: 6 /m2 1) '.;ith a thermal flux of - 1 .10 kcal h the j6MM. 66fttent by. weUht at the autbit attaW &,,valw of up to 20%. 2 ) Uveral %W[nd hours I unifterrupted operation of a i4amml 1xi thN--Vb:k1i1W stago did not, diskupt.tHe chawwl, ~Card 1/3 3.) The activity of the steam condenser was found to be IU times --OV/89-5 -3 -21" A Uranium-Graphite Reactor With Superheating of 5team ~f High Prezs4re-l lower than that of the water in the separator. 4) If the content of steam in the steam-water mixture attains 15 - 20%, a pulsation of the consumption of the mixture occurs. From the moment at which the oteam mixture passes from the separator into the turbine, pulsation stops and does not occur again in the course of a further increase of the steam phase. 5) During the initial development of the waterlevel in the separator the temperature in the fuel channels fluctuates con- siderably. As soon as stable conditions are established, these fluctuations cease. 6) The steam-water mixture was not found to be delayed in sAny of "e channels. From a plurality of varieties the best scheme for the production of superheated steam vas selected (see figures). The turbo- generator BK-100 operates with a steam of 90 atm and a tempera- ture of 480 - 535 0 C. The following are the physical characteristics of the reactori Thermal output 35 xr, Electrical output 100 MW Average cycle 730 days Card 2/3 Uranium charge 90 tons SOV/89-5-3-2/39 A Uranium-Graphite Reactor '.','ith Superheating of Steam of 11':h Pressure.I Uranium enrichment at the beginnine of a cycle 1,3 % Uranium enrichment at the end of-a cycle 1,03 % Breeding ratio at the beginning of a cycle 65% Breeding ratio at the end of a cycle 55 Amount of U-235 burned-up during a cycle 243 kg Amount of Pu-239 bur:,d-up during a cycle 55 kg Amount of Pu-239 arc. !*,~,.,!I at the end of a cycle 132 kg Excess reactivity for teaperatt:..'re effect 0,040 Excess reactivity for poiaoning 09015 Excess reactivity for the fuel burn-up and long-lived fissicn fragments 0,025 Total excess reactivity 01080 There are 8 figures. Card 3/3 SOV/ -~//15 AUTHORS: Dollezhall, N. A., Krasin, A. K., Aleshchenkov. P. I., Grigo ryants, A.,N., Florinskiy, B. V., Minashin, M. Ye., Yemellyanov, I. Ya., Kugushev, N. M., ShRrapov, V. N., Mityayev, Yu. I., GalanN, A. N. TITLE: A Uranium-Graphite Reactor With Supefteating of S!e~km of Ifigh Pressure.II (Uran-grafitovyy reaktor s peregrevoin para v7sakcgo dav"eniya) (Continued from abstract 2/15) PERIODICAL: Atomnaya energiya, 1958, Vol. 5, Nr 3, pp. 233-244 ABSTRACTs The graphite mantle of' the reactor (diameter 9.6 m, height 9 ir) is built into a cylindrical steel container. The contain-~_,r in filled with nitrogen in order to prevent born-u.. of the g7a.vh- ite. The active zone of the reactor has i d~~r ` 7-2 in and a height of' 6 m. A3 a lateral reflector vi' 0,3 in thick- ess J*. upr.~-r r,- is uned*. Graphite of 1 in thickness is usud is, i'lector,and above it a layer of cast iron havin;,, a -' m is fitted. T Ith r these component.9 sprv- a,. the main 'of, 4 , V pEEe?R1. R Pa+AM(1rthq/ , it; 1;:~#f I AIite of 0,6 m thickn-:!sq ,in-er ruflector. In the graphite structure coening,; i':jr ehannels are provided. 730 of them are provided with _.'W~71 Oi~-- !;Ov/ bJ`~I` -' "15 '1 .11 A Oranium-Graphite Reactor 1.1,71th Superheating. of Steam of High I! ments which are cooled by means of builing water find cqntain ap to 335~ percentage by zeight of stearn at ~he outpit. 2t~* channels are cooled by !iteari, ahich is heated up to --he cor- re_!)onding ti.-rbine temperstare. Fix cnann,24s coritajj: !h-a au.-, matic regulat Itig rode , ',79 chanuels ~tre provided f or -hc ccm- pensation rods. ond 16 !c,~- the shim rods. The i:)nJ_zati,,n cham- b*.---re and counting tubeo aro locuted in 56 chranne1q. The fuel channels, tho regiilxtting- %ra shim rod.,. as as the ni-range- jn,~nt of the chunnels in the active :.,one are shown in form a` drawing.s. The circuit ciagram !or the reactor turbine 3how., tne connection between the reactor, the two-stage turbine, two con- densers. a system of additional heating of the fepd-wster, a d--aerntor (6 atn), 2 prt-).~.ctvrs (,for high press-jt,.;',, 3or.don- nattion- an(l feed pumf.*j. The water is conveyed into tne boiling channels by ,tay of two centrifugal pumps. When erterling th'-sk- channels the water has a temperature of 300 0 C and a pressurt, of 1rN5 aim. The mixture of steam and water formed in thene channe-Is reaches the separator, v6here steam and water ar,~ sep- arated. From here the water is conveyed to the preheater ot' the steam generator (rhich consists of 2 parts), where it is couled Card 2/4 "rom the saturation temperature of 3400 (pre3sure in thf spp- OV/ 85 i5 '.c Feactur ','iith 2uperheating of .zteem of Pron.,ure. C. Hnat io tranaforr,:d *h,. to "POOO of tht, :iecondavy circuit. The -ntter uf 10~: 't.-Cuit ti f-4 -t +ioll of tha prelice-ter brOLI,;ht :':-~:m -i tv.-T- I ~ S va . .3"turation - --rn' -t?. Ahtch 1-0 L em p - , a E Pj%-*-,41'-r,? 0, LO , Z ~:,j U I'l - 110 atm. III the ;.-t~uora p-in --v,ipur' L.1 1` OUkfi~it./ Ul' S"CL.M. corrospondflno~ t~ attain- ;-:~Condary oteam produced in thc- otu~i!~ --:7 iz~ led in L,, cf the reactor. xi-e-e i! i--~ to temperature Of 510 C. The nt~-.atr. rescn~,F: ti.(. t*.-,ru.'ne w.On Tne mhir. t!;ild- presnure of 90 atm, and a tqmpercture ef ing of the electric power plan'. ef 4 armanr,~-1 oike behind the other, the mac?,.ine tinli. the !.he de-aerator, and the reacLor tiqll. For, an a--iage c.,iCj,. 7 1~0 dovz It is shown by calculati.-in that Q.- ~!~-:t I:,. r Fqval to -.he k.'jh oritairica t-y o!: t!.E! --iflUfli'll *t, Fucl cozts amount to from 30 to 40~', of th~~ tut-, It' t,- channe)3 and fuel olc~.n--?tits )W~ruttc in a oz:-bi r,~nr-r n, i,o proved that by a sIlght inorea--7t? n:.' th, Hchmi-nt in uranium the averapf, cycle ::an b- -ad., to s r(-duntion of' ee)nc-i. Tnt,re :'11, k c-, J.Pli Iff UACL J." au. a A- - I 0 fly- Jim 0 01-1 5% jIll - i .11 It 14 it Sa -.14J. I a A. a 74 A w , j, i i P- t I,I t GRIGORIYANTS. Artem Niko a I yevich, kand. tekhn.nauk; MINbaM, I.B., red. (Present-day atomic power engineering; new atomic power plants] Atonmaia energetika segodnia; novye ato=We elektrostantsil. Moskvay Izd-vo "Znanie," 1964. 47 p. (Novoe v zhizni, nauke, tekhnike. IX Seriiat Fizika, matematika, astronomiia, no.7) (MIRA 17:5) 14.- GRICORIYANTS, A. N.; ALESHCHEMOV, P. I.; KOCIOMOV, L. A.; V. It The Beloyarsk nuclear power otation first unit pilot operation." report submitted for 3rd Intl Conf, Peaceful User, of Atomic Energy, Geneva,, 31 Ad'g-9 Sep 64. STSKOLINIKOV, V-Vol-PIGOR"Y -S, A.M.; FAMCHENKO, S.D. AMT Atomio power plants in Italy. Atom. energ. 18 no.6s662-664 Je 165. (KRA 180) DIIIIA3V. P.P.; ~Rj% ,!TAC:,,,A.S.. opeteredaktor; PROSTOSUMV, A.r., redaktor ffbv& mefli -0-9 N,Jlo, takhnicheskiy redBktor LSsfety monval for scraper operators] hslatke po tokhalke besepasaastl Me skreperists. Kookva. lit-ry po strolt. I arkbit., 1957. 21 p. (NIRA 10:7) (Scrapers) DANILOV, P.P.; GRIGORITANTS, A.S.. spatersdaktor; PROSTOSMOT. A.?., r9daktb~-tvdfttOl'btv6T*MGVMIV. N.K.. tokhnichookiy redaktor LSsfety smawl for operators me caterpillar ermussj ftniatke po tekhalke bemapasmosti all& ppebialsts Cumealchnogo Irrow. Moskva Gos.izd-vo lit-ry po strott'p I afthit.. 1957. 22 p. (NLRA 10:~) (Crones. derricks. *to.--Safoty measures) GRIGORIUNT.S1 Uqr. XUTASOV. G.B.; TARAXAN. N.A.: ROVIA , S.Ta.. ""O~'-ffiih"n r-,- nauchn" redaktor; PWMLTGIN. G.K., redektor IsdatelletTs; TUDIRA, L.A., radaktor izdatelletys; FMOV, K.N., tekhnichaskly redaktor Lgtsndard "pair enterprises In construction organizations) Tipovys remontnye prodpriiatiia stroitellrWkh orgenizatail. Noskvs. Go*. tad-vo lit-ry po stroit. I arkhtt.. 1957- 127 P (MLRA 10:6i (Building mchinery-NmIntenance and repair) GRIGCRITAM'S. Arto Sarkisevich, Inshener; RITSHO Arvid Larpovicb. inthener,- honer. asuchnyy rodakto-.-; TTAIPKIK. B.G.. redaktor Izdatel'stva; FMON. K.5., tokhatchenkiy redaktor Llabrication of construction machinery] Smaske strottel'afth mashin. Noskvs. Qosolwd-vo lit-ry po strolt.1 arkhtt.. 1957. 306 p. (NLRA 10:7) (Building machinery--Lubrication) 202 AUTHOR: Grigoryants,.-A,.S. and Khaz -.-, SAII. , Engineers. TITIB: Reorganisation and improvement of the work of maintenance workshops for building machinory. (Uporyadochit' i Uluchshit' delo remonta stroitelinykh mashin.) PERIODICAL: 'Takhanizatsi, itel'stva" (14,,~chanisation of Construction) ya Stro 1957, Vol. 14, Foo 1, pp. 6 9 (U.S.S.R.) ABST~tLACT: The ineffective use of building machinery by building organisations is criticised. Machine repairs and maintenance in relation to working time is analysed and tabuluted for tho first 9 months of 1956. Apart from repairs and maintenance these workshops very often carry out the design of new tools and machinery. Workshops devoting only art of their time to maintenance are e G- Kuibyshev (13 1/4;~ RizhskoiRMZ (13.Y09 : Tashkent ARMZ (37 5,L) etc. At present workshops are engaged in the production of non-standard equipment for transportation, building equipment, metal structuies, etc. It is proposed that all activities thich are not connected directly with the maintenance of building machinery should be discontinued. The specialisation of maintenance workshops, reorganisation and decentralization of servicing is recommended. The GOSSPROI SSSR proposed the following scheme for the reorganisation khani- of regional maintenance workshops (Raionnie Remontno-Me ' cheskie Zavody - RRMZ): RRMZ for excavators and cranes; RRMZ for building and road-building machinei-j; RRUZ for SITKOVSKIT. P.A.; KOKAROV. G.V.; BRUSENTSBY, T.F.; KREKENICTSKIT. N.N.; KAMAYZV, N.G., kand.tekhn.nauk; SKIRMOV, A.V., kand.tekhn.nauk; AFANASITIV, I.V.; VOLODIKO, I.Y,, kand.tekhnonauk; BMTARff, GeAs; KONDRATOYNY, V.V.. KARLINSKAYA, K.I.; NIKOLAYXV, N.I., kand.takhn. nauk; DOROKHOT, S.M.; PISHCHUROV, F.T.: KLIMMOVA. A.T.: BDZUBLAT. Zh.I.; FA , V.V.. kand.takhn.nauk; KULIKOV, P.Te.; SHIMANOTICH, S.V.; D&LITSIX, M.K,. reteenzent; BRAUDE, I.D., retsenzent; BARTSHEY. A.M.; retmenzent; GRr0MYAM;'-I!3., reteensent; IGNATYK, G.L.. rateenzent; KALABUGIN, AeTa., retsenzent; KRMNETSKIY, N.D., retsenzent; POPOV. K.V., retsenzent; ORLOVA, V.P.. red.; LITIW. T.Ta., red.; SOKOLOVA, N.N..; FILOTOVA, A.F.# tekhi.rede (Handbook for hydraulic and agricultural engineers] Spravochnik gidrotekhnika melioratora. Moskva, rjos.izd-vo sellkhoz.llt-ry, 1938. 766 p. (MIRA 120) (Hydraulic engineering) (Agricultural engineering) .-G-RIGORIYANTS, A.S.; GLADSHTEYII, D.A.; LANTSBURG, Ya.B.; TRUB111, V.A., glav. red-.-,--SOSHIN, A.V., zam. glav. red.,-CRUEVICII, G.P., red.; YEP.TFA- NOV) S.P., red.; ONUFRIYLPV, I.A.p red.;JUJOKIM, B.A., red. Mill, P.A., red.; YUNTSELI, Ya.O., nauchrWy red.; SHIROKOVA, G.M., red. iod-va; SHERSTIIEVA, N.V., tekhn. red, [Handbook on the consumption of spare pw .4 and naterials, in operatift and r*pair* building and road machinoryl Spravochnik po raskhodu zapasnykh chastei i materialov dlia ekspluntatsii i remonta stroitell- nykh i dorozhnykh mashin. Moskva), Gos. izd-vo lit-ry po stroit., arkhit. i stroit. materialam, 1961. 399 p. (MIRA 14.10) (Building machinery-nMaintenance and re air) (Road machinery-Maintenarce and repair5 (l,-l,j-.-,-6L,iLY;d:T6 p A S . p in zh. OrL;~anllzing ,rac;.in,-'ry rapLir cet tors in ccoromic "-et;iors. :."Okh. Aroi. 18 no. 1:17-19 Ja 161. (:ir,.I,, lj,-..)) 1. Gla,%myy spc tsialist ot,~--' a :- :-.khani=j 1 4 4 Go;;~;tro:-a .. _.a I (Lv ildirq; mrc:, z nd rr. p; -1r) GRIGORIYANTS, A.S., inzh.; MALOLETKO'i, fe.K., inzh. Improving the use of construction and road machinery at enter- prises of the Ministry of the Construction of Electric Power Stations of the U.S.S.R. Energ. stroi. no.27s86-88 162. (MIRA 15:9) 1. Gonstroy SSSR (for Grigorlyants). 2. Nauchno-iseledovatel'skiy institut organizateii, nekhanizateii i takhnichaskoy pomoshchi stroitelletvu Akadezil stroltellstva i arkhitektury SSSR (for Maloletkov).. (Construction aquipment) (Road machinery) li"An:11i: II(:v1sv (4, thf: 'thcael 0"(,i A;mvi.;,~(,Lhan ;,zeri-ay- Ozhan in.-A cf' --it d (Dissertatictis i'cr the Lcerct. of" 'andidate cf Gcolri,i~..,A- i.dr.en,,lc:f-i Cal E,A(~I,ccs) Knizhnaya let.cpis' , No. 2L :~cccir.Ler, x: .-c w. VI Al 71,5- USSR/ Geology - Caucesin Card 1/1 Pub.'46 - V21 Authors I Khain, V. Ye! I Shardenov, A. 11.1 SoIov'yevO V. F.; and Gri orlyants, B. V. lAtectonic pdbTtion of the Title I _iYe Apsheron peninsula in the system of Greater Caucasia Periodical t Izve AN SSSR. Ser. geolo, 1, 80-92, San-Fab 1955 Abstract I Basing their considerations on the comparison of already known new factual geological material obtained in recent years, the authors analyze thequestion of the tectonic position of the Apsheron peninsula in the system of Greater Caucesia 9nd arrive at the conclusion that it lies within the limits of the eastern boundary of the zone of the southern slope of Greater Caucasia. Eighteen referencest 17 USSR and I German (1864-1953)- Maps- Institution i .... Submitted t February 17, 1954 ~HARDANOV. A. W.;GRIGGRITANTS, B.V.;KURADYIN, V.M# Now data on breaks and unconformitles within the Pale0gene C&UCOgU&. 7ZV In southeastern A AN Azerb.SSR. no.9227-3? 8 '55- (Caucasum--Goology) (mm 9:1) GRIGORITANTS, BT, r" - - - Paleogene-Nl*coae structural plan of the Apsheron oil province. Dokl*AN Aserb, SU 11 RO*103703-708 '55o (NLU q: 2) I.Institut goologit Imeal I.N.GubkIns, AN Aserboydahanskey 352. Pr*dstavloae daystvitel'Wo chlonew AM Aserbayzhanskey SSR Sh.A. Artzbekov". (Apsheron Peninsula-4ooleff, Structural) GRIGOR'YARTS, B.V. --- ~e" 7 ~~, Structural profile of the Pliocene-anthropogenic stage of the Apsheron region. Asarb.neft.khos. 35 no.8:1-3 Ag 156. (KLRA 9;10) (Apiheron Pentneula-Goology, Structuml) __j GRIGORITANTS, D.Y.; MAYS, Y.Te. ~ -,. , Nechanism of the change In the pattern of foldi. Geolneftl I no.10:20-27 0 157. (MINA 10:10) (Apsheron Peninsula--Folds (Geology)) AUTHORt Agabokov, M.G. and Grigorlyants, B.V. 11-10-9/23 TITLE: Southward Migration of Central Elevations of South-Eastern Caucasus (Areas of the Apsheron Peninsula) (Migratsiya teentrallno o podnyatiya yugo-vostoc;hnogo Kavkaza Y yuxbnom napravlonii) IV prodelakh Apsheronskoy obla9ti) PERIODICALt Izvestiya Akadsmii Nauk SSSR, Seriya Geologicheskaya, 1957, # 10, P 85-94 (USSR) ABSTRACTo The majority of explorers of the Apsheron peninsula are of the opinion that the peninsula presents a direct continuation of the Bol'shoy Caucasus in its geological structure. Geologic studies have disclosed that the formations of the Ca,leasus con- sist basically of Mesozoic (Jurassic and Cretaceous) and Paleo- gone deposits. At the same time, deposits of Pliocene were found to predominate in areas accessible to drilling operations. Sediments of the Miocene and partly Palsogens epochs were dis- covered only in central parts of north-western Apsheron. Es- sential differences of the orientation of folds are: in the south-eastern sections of the Caucasus the folds are arranged in latitudinal diroationg whereas the folds of the Apsheron peninsula are gravititing towards the meridian. Many explorers Card 1/3 support the theory of direct g*ogenstical connections existing 11-10-9/23 Southward Migration of Central Elevations of South-Eastern Caucasus (Areas of the Apsheron Peninsula) between the Apsheron peninsula and the Bollshoy Caucasus. This view has recently been substantiated by gravimetrical and oeis- mic measurements. Some of the characteristic features of geolo- gic history have to be examined in order to clarify the relation of the Apsheron peninsula to the central elevation of the south- eastern Caucasus. During the period of sedimentation of the Upper Jurassic period, the south-eastern Caucasus was completely inundated. Of great interest is the fact that the area of water erosion was largest during the Paleocene period, and no- ticeably diminished during the Eocene, the Ologocene and especial- ly during the Lower Miocene periods, whereby all layers of the Paleogene cover each other tranegressively. Exact analysis of the factual tectonic data permits to conclude that the Caspian depression proceeds ins meridional direction, and, in connection with recent tectonic movements, was succeeded by a lowering of the area of central elevation of Vie south-eastern immersion of the Bollshoy CAucaaua. Simultaneously with the immersion of the central elevated section, in the southern Card 2/3 district of the Apsheron peninsula, a process of gridual iising 11-10-9/23 Southward Migration of Central Elevations of South-Eastern Caucasus (Areas of the Apsheron Peninsula) takes place. This prolonged conflicting process of lifting in conjunction with folding created favorable conditions for migration of the central elevation of south-eastern Caucasus, which, in consequence. brought about a migration of dry land from north to south. There are 1 figure, 3 maps and 10 references, all Slavic (Russian). ASSOCIATION: Institute of Geology of the Academy of Sciences of the Azer- baydzhan SSR, Baku (Institut geologi AN Azerbaydzhanskoy SSR, g. Baku) SUBMITTEM 20 September 1956 AVAILAELE: Library of Congress Card 3/3 GRIGORIYAPTS, B.V.; KUIN. Y.Te. Overlying folds in goosyncllnal provinces and their formation. Izv. vyo. ucheb. zav.; geol. i razv. I no.12:1.-16 D 1513e DaRA 12:12) leInstitut geologil AN AzerSSR. i Moskovskly goeudarstvannyy universitet Im. NeVe Lomonosova. (Tolds (Geology)) GRIGGRITAIRS, B.V. - I Fosition of tho central upland in the southeastern Caucasus. Izv.AN Aserb.SSR. Ser.geol.-geog.nauk no.2:81-93 '58. (MINA 11:12) (Caucamus-Geology. Structural) NVAILOV. X.Ast, (KNOW-TANW, Bev&; AMADBRYLI, I.S. - - Oil and Mas potentials In Mesozoic sediments of the southeastern Caucasus. ' UYAN Assrbe=oSeregeole-pog.nauk no.5:3-13 158. j (MIRA 11:12) (Caucasus-Zetroleun geology) (Caucasus-Ass. Natural-Geology) GRIG0R1TW,,P&,j3*Vv; MUR"TANp V*M* Oil-bearing prospects of Cretaceous sediments In the northwestern part of Kobystan. Azerb. n8ft- Idiot- 37 no.5:6-8 Ny 158. (Kobystan-Patroleum geology) (MIRA 11:8) -GRIGORITAIITS, B.V.; ALITIV, Fh*Sh* Transition from the Jurassic to the Cretaceous in the southoaxtern Caucasuo. Izv. AN Azerb. SSR. Ser. geol.-geog. nauk no.ls29-37 160. (MIRA 13:11) ( Cauca@ us--Geoloigr, Stratigraphic) DZHAFAROV, E.M.; GRIGOP.IYAN7S, B*V, Now find of vein rocks In the balokany ore zone. Uch. as AGU. Ser. geol -31 161. "5* - geog. nauk no.lt25 (MIRA 16:8 GRIGOR IYATI".S B V - S1 URYGIV, A.M. - -- !~ . op I Sukhyub cliff in the southeastern Caucasus. Uch.zap.AGU.Serogoolo- geog.nauk no.5%95-99 161. (MIRA 16:9) (RUGORIYANTS, B.V. Prinimal uchastlye MAN, V.Ye., prof*; -------M[OMffsHVILI, D., red. izd-va; IWAYLOV) T., tekbn. red. [Tedtonic relationship between fold zones of the Greater Caucasus and Apsheron region] Tektoniaheskie sootnosheniia. sklad- chatykb zon Bol'shogo Kavkaza i Apsheronskoi oblasti. Baku, Izd- vo Akad. nauk Azerbaidzhanskoi SSR, 1962. 190 p. (MIRA 15:5) (Caucasus-Folds (Geology)) (Apsheron Peninsula region-Folds (Geology)) GRI&ROYAM. 13, .; TAMRAZW, G.P. Submirface extension of the Ischaldag fqld vithin the boundaries of the Balm synallne and Its oil aW ps potentialso IzvM *Azerh.SMZSer.geo1.-geog.-nauk i nefti no.3:23-31 162. (KMA l5sl2) (Apsheron peninsula.-Petrolem geology) (Apsheron peninsula-Gae,gatural--Goology) GRIGORIYANTS, B.V. Tectonics of sediments underlying producing formations. Azerb. neft. khoz. 41 no.11-.9-11 N 162. (KM 16s2) (Gq(tjyy,,SArf c tural) GRIG(ROYANW, B. V. Som problems of anomalies. Isv. F 163. the geological interpretation of local gravity vys. ucheb. sav.1 geol. i razv. 6 no.2:108-3.17 (MIRA 16W 1. Inatitut geologil AN Aserbaydzhanskoy SSR. (Gravity anomalies) Ii,V,- Poin of the surface structure in the dlstribj~'Icn of gravltY bnowniles in fold areas. Bove pol. 7 no.?:63..75 JTL '()4,- - % (MIFA 17. 11) 1. lnst!tut geologIl AzSSR. BOGOLYUBOV, B. P,, prof.; YUMATOV, B. P., dotsent; KHODINOV, A. S.P gorayy Inzhener; XAU=A-!I-,, r_ A*., inzh.; KOPLUTI, I. K., inzh.; KURKOVI P. A., inzh.; YAKIMENKO, H. D. Determination of the thickness of roofs in open-cut mining of areas where there are old underground workings. Gor. zhur. no.11:21-23 N 162. (MIRA 15:10) 1. Moskovffki3r inatitut stali i splavov Uor.Bogolyubov, Tumatov, KhocUnov). 2. florillskiy gorno-metallargicheskiy kombinat (for, Grigoryantff, Korgun, Kurkov, Yakimanko). (Nikopoll region-Mining engineering) ZMIXGV' S.'W', gorW -insh.; STEPASHKO, A.P., gornyy insh.; SRjqT'TANTS, 0 _ ~ - - E.'A.;,j;rnyy insh. ... z. . ..... Improving the teehnology of boring and blasting operations at Norillsk Combine-strip mines. Gor. shur. no.61ll-16 JO 11,1, Improving boring and blasting operations at the "Upoliarayj mine. lbid.125-28 (M RA 18: 7) SADOVSKIY, G.I.; PAKHOMOV, A.S.; SHABLYGIN, A.I.: DOWYY'JV, M.I.; ZAYDHM, L.A.;_GRIGORYANTS, E.L.; VILLEM, E.Yu. Improving mining technolory in the "Zapolyarniy" Mine of the Norillsk Combine. Gor. zhur. no-11:31-38 N 161. (MIRA 15:2) (Noril'sk region--Mining engineering) ZMKOV, D.; FROKHMSKIY, G; QRIGOR!_PkXT3t' G., reduktor; KARTAKIIU, X. tokhnicheskly redaktor7-, ' ' [Telephony; manual for clubs and courses of the All-Union Volunteer Society for Assistance to the ArsW, Air Forcet and Navyj Telefonita; posoble dlia klubov i kursov Dosaaf. Knekwa. Isd-vo Dossaf. 1954. 206 p. (NLM 8:7) (Telephone--gandbooks, manuals, *tc3 MkKSIMOV, Aleksay Georgiyevich; MOWKOV, Vladimir flikolayevichj OZARNYY, I.N., reteenzent; rRIGORIYANTS, G.M., red.; SOBOLEVA, Te.M.,, tekhn. red,---- ---- - (Choice of site for a therual electric powor plant; engineer- ing and economic considerations] Vybor ploshchadki, dlia tep- lovoi elektrootantaii; tekhniko-ekonozioheakie oboanovaniia. Moskva, Goa. energoizdat, 1962. 173 (MIRA 15W (Electric power plantX GRIGORIYANTS, Georgiy Mironovich; GERASIMOV, V.N., prof., retsenzent; -- -_-_ -EMKH, V.A., 'r'6de; SOBOLEVA, Ye.M., tekhn. red (Problems of the design and economics of the construction of thermal electric power plants; principal means for de- creasing costs and shortening the construction time] Voprosy proektirovaniia i ekonomiki stroitelletva teplovykh elektro- stantsii; osnovrWe puti snizheniia stoimosti i sokrashcheniia srokov stroitellstva. Moskva, Gosenergoizdat, 1963. 314 p. 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Savedwumbobly kbIrurgicheskin otdolonlye-7 lismanpusk" oblastuoy belfultay. (UrAL AIMSTIMSIA) GRIGORIYANTS, G,S,_ C- Radiation injuries. Ned.shur.Usb. no.12:88-90 1. Is khtrurglabookogo otdolonlya (sav, - O.Se Skmanganakoy oblastuoy bolluttay (gl&vW vrach (Z MAYS-PHYSIOLMICAL IF=?) 158. (NIU 13:7) Grigorlyants) - B.3, Shaldrov). q,.IGOR ~ 15.3. Spleneatomy in combination with omentoh"tofl3cation in splano- segalic cirrhWiU of the liver. Med. shur. U2b. no.1:70-71 Ja 16le (MIRA 14:6) 1. Is khirurgichemkogo otdolenip Namanganskoy oblastnoy bollnitay. (LIVM-CIRRRWZ3) .(SPLEEN-4URGERT) (MWMW6-3URGMff ) GRIGORYANTS. I.K., inzh.; VOLKOV, N.A. Uning cold mustice in pasting linoleum to wooden, concrete, and "orgalite" floors. Suggested by I.K.Grigoriants, N.A. Volkov. Rats.i isobr.predl.v @trot. no.11:64-65 '59. (141RA 13:3) 1. Trost Mosotdoletroy No.5 Glavanestroya. Moskva, (Bituminous aRtnrials) i (Linoleum) t-r:.a to' 1 9:~ ~, -_ - I I , I C, ' . - iwi r, INa Tii.,~ ~ 1, 1 (): ~J:lco,,l .