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CEWOUDOV, Nikolay Nikolayevich; SUKHANOTSEIT, Aleksey Illich; retsensent; POPOV, V.A., tad.; GORTUNOYA, L.K., red.izd-ve; BRATIMMO, L.V., [Planning the unit cost in logging, floating, and timber transshipment] Planirovante sebestoimo*stl produktaii laso- ekeplustateli i stolmosti splaynykh i lesoperevalochnyich robot. Moskva, Goolesbumisdat, 1959. 26o p. (MIRA 13:11) (Itumbering-Costs) L 4. Chkalov ~'rovincv 'forses 7. A-titer r.cnovoJotw, :3, no. 2, 1"5". 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress. 1953. Unclassified. 20, 195,"J, 92535. GriC;o -.WV$ .Tl,.Gt l!-,)VcGAAr0l' ~"C;ricujt-al-aj J"Xtjl~c !I Lle M C ir, the Oll-L'- Pub: Tr. Novosib. 11, 248-257. ,wA;,a,2t: Too ccustract. UsSRIFP.rm Aninals. Dojostic Fowls Q-5 Abs Jour S Rof Zhur _ Bicl., No 8, .11-58, No 35758 hywahin hJ1. Author I Inst :Not Given or of Hans under Altered Title IOn Oortsin Changes in the Behovi .*eneniypkh v Schedule of the Working Day (0 nokotorykh I%' povodonti kur pri Jr;--enenno- rnaporyckdo rebochorc dnyr) Crig Fub : Tr. Novocib. s.-kh. in-ts, 11, 265-277 Abstract 1 In Ir.530 beEinning fro-i mid-February, the night feedint of hens wns ccrried cut in two ktlkhozec or tho Chkelov Otlnst'. Without sugmanting the stpndprd rationsp tholighting of the poultry house during night foodinE incrorsed tho laying out- put from 772 eggs to 1,100 In Febrycry end 4,743 eggs in Merch. At tha adueptionel experimantel aviery, in 1954-1955, P two-intervel doy schedule was introduced. The food retions v,oro conploto rnd voriogrted. At 11 p.-,., the poultry house wrs lighted with electric bulbv, and food end wntor were supplied. The rvor"go Ogg pro4uotion par Irying hon was 29 Crrd 1/2 U5"'1F,1rM "Inin~.Jfj. Dyrontic Fowls Q-5 Aba Jour I "Of Zhur - Biol.# go 8, 1558, 110 35758 OgEs ror month, The LOSC60VYYr) hens ware lrying 35 ergs, the Now Hr-r'11shiros, 31 OEM end tho Zragorf.kiyo hens-, 21 eggs. In Decenbor, the production of ogEs in the Putiltry house wns (in 50 1.6; in Jnnuory, 19; In F.bru,'Y, 28; rnd in Ycrch, 51.4. A considorrble nunber of ergp Icie pt firot witilout OUrr?hOlls er night wre Pt end BOMO of tha,:i ccnsistoc! only of tho yolk rnd its lembrone. Crrd 2/2 4P 112-6-11798 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Elaktrotekhaika, 1957, Nr6,P.5 (USSR) AUTHOR: Gricorlyev, P.M. TITLE: Ground-Wire Protection for Portable Equipment (ZaBhehituoye ustroystvo provoda zazmleniya dlya peranoonogo oborudovaniya). Collection of efficiency suggestxonalp Ministry of Electrotechaical Industry, USSR, 1956, #3(61), pp.16-17. (Sbornik ratsionalizatorskikh predlozheaiy) ABSTRACT: Bibliographic entry. ASSOCIATION: Ministry of Electrotechnical Industry, USSR (Miaisterstvo Elcktro- takhnicheskoy promyshlennosti SSSR) Card 1/1 GRIGGROTIV, P.M., master. stand rer testing electric drills and manual electric instrument@. IvArgetik 4 no.6:28 Jo 156. (am 9-8) (Drilling od baring machinery--Testing) (Blectric Instrusionts--TestIng) Checking the working order of protective Crounding or seutral gramd1mg for portable equipment. Snorgetik 4 ae.9:19-20 3 156. (am 19-10 (Blectric curreats-Grousding) GRIGCRITV P Through-inductive hftting of steel with current on IrAustrial frequencies. Prom.snerg. 12 no.6:10 Je '57. (NLU 10:7) (Steel--ZloctrometallurCy) x1p MIGORIYEV, Ptivqj &ktyuy_eyjqh)* LUKHOV, I.V., inzh., red.; SHILLIRG, V.A., red. izd-va; GURTS, V.L.9 tekhn. red. [!;afe operation of electric tools]bezopnenyo motody rnboty clektrAfitsirovannym inotrumentom; opyt zavoda "Elektrosila." Leningrad, 1962. 18 p. (Leningradekii dom nauclmo-tekhni- cho.-koi propsgundy. Obvien peredovym ogvton. Seriia: Yekha- nicheskaia obrabotka, no.16) OURA 15:10 (Power tools-Safety meauures) GRIGORIYEVO P.M., elektrik; XURNAKOV9 S.N. ReatIng of rotor bands of turbogenerators by current of commerilal frequency. Energetik 10 no.12sl9-20 D 062. (MIRA 16ol)" (Turbogenerators) GRIGORIYEV, P.N. Bits with V-shaped teeth used in boreholes of the Tatar A.S.S.F. Burenie no.6:3-4 164. (MIRA 160) 1. Trost "Tatburneft'". n t 1.3 rn.3:12-15 Mr - GR ~~~~STAFIYFV. P.I.; BAMEV, M.B. ~+:Lnr;d for procegaing factual data on drIllinp 'Achniques. lieft. khoz. 43 no.9:1-7 S 165- (MIRA 18zlO) A LTAF I *f E V , ~ I.; EYE I.% m , P . 0- r, I? ; I YE v , ~ ~ . 11) . ; I A', I ~ I ~ , ~'- Po pff !~.lercy ~,f dri 1131rg uslng tits of' d -. &;r,(! t -q r vl,6th various boLU~Dza-hole engines. Nel,".. khoz. 4~ nc,.2-.Ji'.,115 F 165. NAIRA 18-~.) GRIGGRIYAV, F.P. Second learly litter of noles in White Russia. Zool.shur. 33 no-3:717-729 MY-Je 154. (NLRk 7:7) 1. laranovichokly uchitellekly Institut. (White Russia-Koles (Animle)) (Holes (Animals)-ftite Russi&) 7T GmGoRlyu, P.P., kand.biologichoskikh nauk lft~. "Zxcuroion guide to birdc of the Eurol,ean part of the U.S.S.R-" by A.R. Sungurov, Reviewed by P.P. Grigorlev. Biol. v shkole no.5:90-91 S-0 161. (MIRA 14:9) 1. Gomollskiy podagogielieskiy irstitut. (Bi-rds-Identification) (Sungurov, A.H.) GRIGORtY"EV, P.P. [Hryhorleu., P.P.] Some endc- and ectopurasites of moles in Wite AN B33R Ser. bilkl. nav. ro.3-.121-1?9 163 :,7) GRIGORIM, F.S. Use of coronary vessel dilating substances in the treatmont of stenocardia. Vrach. delo no.12:40-43 D 161. (MAA 15:1) 1. Fakultetakaya terapevticheskaya klinika (zav. - prof. N.Ye. Kaystaki ) "yehevokogo meditsinskogo instituta. (IEIM PECTolus) (vlsouums) GRIGORIYEV, P.S. Now preparations for the treatment of atonocardia. Sov. Med. 26 no,9:101-104 S 162. (MIRA 17:4) 1. Iz fakulltetskoy terapevticheskoy kliniki (zav. - zasluzhennyy doyatell nauki prof. N.Ye. Kavetskiy) Kubyshevskogo meditsinskogo instituta. GRUIBERG, Ya.M., dotsent; GRIGORIYEV, P.S.; 130TSYURA, 111.1%; GOLIDDERG, B.M.; VOSOVAO N.P. Some problems concerning the etiology and clinical aspects of chronic hepatitis. Kaz. med. zhur, no*5:8-10 B-0963 (MIRA l6tl2) 1. Fakulltetska terapeyticheskaya klinika (zav. - Prof. N.Ye. Kavetskiy Kuybyshevskogo meditsinskogo institute. STUPMITSKIY, A. A kand. med. nauk (Kuybyshev); (Kuyby;~ev) Shortening the time for preparing tho concha aurlcu2ae for oximetry. Klin. med. 40 no.12:12-9-13o D 162. (DIIRA 17:2) 1. Iz fakulltetskoy terapovtlcheakoy kliniki (zav. - zaslu- zhennyy deyatell nauki prof. N.Ye. Kavetskiy) Kuybyshevskogo maditainskopc instituta. GRIGORIYEV, P.S.; RUDOY, B.D.; 7.11111KINA, A.P. Experlince with the use of fubromegan in stenocardla. Kaz. med. zhur. io.6:58-59 11-D 163. (MIRA 17:10) 1. Fakulltetakaya terapevticheskaya klinika (zav. prof. N.Ye. Kavetskiy) Kuybyshevskogo meditainskogo instituta. q w -h thii' T, ter ill) (3,1 ya k, k8 F-ik,il tet, Ii.y., ORIGOR'YFI, P- V- and 0. B. MIL'UN. "Photometric Obse-i-tations of the Solar Comna Auto,--nti-. Acrlai Cameras During, thF, Total Solar Eclipse f.)f June ',j) r-c r cf L-,.c PP-11ORty"V1, P. V. USSR/Whole Who - Economic 7319 Legislation 3122.0400 "132. Concerning the Membership of the Collegium of the Main Administration of Hydroly-tic and Sulphite-Alcohol Industry of the Soviet of Ministers of the USSR" I p "Sobraniye Postanovleniy Sovmin SSSR" No 7 Decree No 2999, 26 Aug 1947, calls for the confirmation of the collegixm of the Main Achinistration of Hydrolytic and Sulphite.- Alcohol Industry of the Soviet of Ministers composed of: V. S. Chuyenkov, P. V. Grigorlyev, S. V. Chepigo, V. Ye. Lazutkin, and P. V. Mashkovich. LC 4 oct 190 lOG89 `V~ 2/0 17 Translation from; Referati-n*-y zhummal, AstrcncTl'-,a No. 4" P. 44, # 3178 AUTHORS: Grigorlyev, P. V., Vasillyev, 0. 5 TITLE: Photometric observations of the So1ar "'croznn W11.1i k,torstIc A-trial Cam Cameras at the Total Solar Ecii~_se_cf 1954, .1~~ 3f, .U PERIODICAL: V sb.: Polnyye solrechn. zatmeniya 25 ftvr. 1952 1 ~ lyurqa 19,,--4, Moscow, AN SSSR, 1958, pp. 207-222 TEXT- h'e results of prooessirg the photographs of -,,.e solar c~rDna takk-3a by an expedition of LOU 1-n Yeysk at the totiti solar a-;, matic aerial cameras made it possible to take 10C, cf C during the time of the total phase (!24 sec). riT.A. caxe'.-as 6ad (F-50 cm, D=10 cm); exposures lasted 1/100 sec. and tne-n Photographing was made on aerial photoflims of two typps In 2')T-bly~atlon with various glass light filters: panch~romat!c film w1th -eJ wi4~ crang:~ filtars, isochromatic film with yellow, light-yellow and wl"~~'_-t a n-,is arrangement made it possible to take photz~graph3 fi- r_~,~!ons of s:-j~.~tz-jm Card 1/2 A 0 C IA C ID Photometric Observations of the Solar Corcna wltn a. the Total Solar Eclipse of 1954, Jim 30 with different effective wavelengths. Calibration wa!! car- lf~d o-.I*. by wean3 of a tubular photometer whose scale was printed-in along t1he who_-,~ fil-m on 'its both sides. Negatives were measured on a Ha_rtmann by 4-he u!na-I rrethod, in intervals of 0.01-0.02 mm along diameters of t'~:e sclar d!Fk aad of 10 C~ -'I position angle. Relative brightnesses of ~he sol?.:, corora at -E~-Ilouzs wavolongth-s were obtained. The variation of brightness in th-_, solar .4ith a distwice from the solar disk center is well represented by the F - '~/d~. 7re values of empirically chosen coefficients N and n are course sf- corona brightness for various ) is presented, as well Aq JSQ_.t-,te; of t11? corona; degrees of isophote I'W(eni;ng are cal,_-ulatt~,d. T7-1 c:-~rcna ~f jq~,4 is characteristic for the epoch of solar activity winfir.,um- 3-,a:~Jardlzatlor -,n the basis of Moon's photographs taken at full moon was it Is poi-Ited out that standardization is possible on the basis of photcg-iphs eif a wh!te plate arranged normally to solar rays. Photograpf.s of tn,~ S,~"LJW Pat v-A-ICII-3 wavelengths, tables and graphs are presented. 11. F. ye-ZIUC-, Card 2/2 GRI13KOV, Valomttn Almkonymvich! GRIGORMT, Pnvel Veall'yovi,:h; SARIN, Valmrly Ivnnovich: R.G., insh., rqd.-. B0133)VA. Te.N., tekbn.rod. [Nmrrow-r.age TTJ2 dionol locnisotive] Uzkokolainyi toplo7oz TU2. Ik)Fikvq. Gos. tr.Rnap. zbnl-dor. tzd-vo, 1958. 222 p. (WRK 1211) (:Ocomntives) GRTRIENTSHXV, Hikolay Alskeendrovich. inth.; SHKABEL'NIKOV, Gennadiy Petrovich, inzh.; GRIGMITIT.Pavel Tosillyevich, insh.; POPOV, Te.I., insh.. red.; KRITROV, P.A., [Railroad motorcars; design, operation, and maintenance] Notovozy I nvtodreslay; ustroistvo, ekspluatateita I ukhod. Moskva, Gos.transp.shel-dor.izd-vo. 1959. 243 p. (MIRA 13:2) (Railroad motorcars) ViA 7,17, Yu. Yr~., 'r,~nd. t,~khn. rriuk, dot.~ont.; G.-~!G~,)7011V, HYAMKIWI, Yu.G., LnTIrw-t; YAKIYOVA, L.D., Calculating the time of valve shIfto In control syst,!:n3 of hydraulic t7-anamlsslons. Izv. vjs. uchet. zav.; ma:01.4.norit.r. no. 10t112-122 165 (m'!~A --,Q:l) 1. MoAovskoye vyssheye tokhnicheakoye uchilishchn im. Briumame. Stihnitted December 13, 1963. kV,_Y.ja,,_red.; KAGANOVA, A.A., red.; UWGIS, Robert Petrov ich;__.qltLGQR')7 LOBANOV, D.I., red.; KAHILIS, A.Ya., red.; PROTOPOPOV, S.I.. red.; SIDOROV, V.A., red.; TROFIMOVA, V.I., red.; MIDRIM, D.K., [Dough products] Isdaliis iz tests. Koskva, Gos.l%d-vo torg. lit-ry, 1960. 182 p. (MIRA 13:9) (Dough) (Gonfectionery) GROZNOV, Sergey Romnovich; NIKASHIN, Filipp Petrovich; GRIGOR173T, P.Ya.. redo; KAGANOTAt A.A., red.; LOBANOT, D.I., red.; KANZLIS, A.Ta., red.; PROTCFMT, S.I., red.; SIDORGY, V.A., red.; TROFIXOVA. V.L. red.; NZW21. D.M.. [Meet dishes] Klasnys b1luds. Moskva. Gos.izd-vo torg.lit-ryo 1960. 222 p. (MIRA 13:11) (Cookery (WAst)) L 33678-66 ACC NRs (A) SOURCE CODE: IdOO10101011210122 AP6013813 UR/0145/65 AUTHOR: Zakharovj Yu. Ye. (Candidate of technical sciences); G 1.0 1 '(_2fi_v'1ri6or)-. Ry.azlikov, Yu G r por y (Aspirant); Y _9-k-Imova, ORG: MVTU im. N. E. Bauman JTITLE: CnIculation of the switcb-over time for valve3 In hydroulic _J.S~n~rol systems SOURCFt IVUZ. Mashinostroyeniyn, no. 10, 1.965, 112-122 TOPIC TAGS: valvo, hydraulic device, flow control, vehicle power transmission system ABSTRACT: The aim of the present article Is to fijrnl,.sh designers of control systems with a set of ready made formulns and ernphq which mike it possible to determine the switch-over time of typical alements of "in hydraulic transmission box of loconiotives. The article 1.3 based Cn a theoret al and experimental investigation of the hydroulic control syst Af Type TGK-2 locomotives end Type UGP 750-1200 hydr*8_11't-lic T-rananIssions. The mathematical development Is based on the followini-, assumptions: 1) the temperature and viscosity of the workinF flu4d fro UDC: 625. L 33678-66 ACC N'- AP6013813 constant; 2) the compressibility of the working fluid is neglactod; and,~ 3) the force of dry friction is assumed to be constant over the model. The article gives detailed drawings of the operating machantsm of the hydraulic transmission boxes and a series of curves based on formulas ini dimensionless variables. Orig. art. has: 32 formulas and 5 fIguros# SUB CODE: 13/ SUBM DATE: 13Dec63- GRIOOR-TI6, P.Ya. ROM Pernicious anent&. IMeldsher & skush. no.11:27-31 NOT 195). (CIML 23:5) 1. Bikin, Khabarovsk troy. CRIGOR'YEV, P. Ya.: Master Med Sci (diss) -- "Delayed results of infectious hepatitis (Based on material frcxn the hospitals of the Amur residence houses for 1950-1955)". Khabarovsk, 1958. 17 pp (Khabarovsk State Med Inst), 300 copies (KL, No 0, 1959, 143) GRIGORIYEV - Late asquelne of 'Botkin's disense; from data of the Amur RailwaY HosPital : 1950-1955~ Sdv;ued,22 n0-10957-65 el5s (xiRA ll:il) 1. Glpvnyy terapevt Trachebno-snnitarnov sluzhby Amurskoy zheleznoy dorogi. (HWATITIS, IIWECTIOUS, compl. remote oequ. (Rus)) GRIGORIYEV, P.Ya. (g. Svobodnyy AmurBVoy oblnsti) I,mts results of Botkin's diseaRe. Falld. i AkUsh. 23 no.1:21-27 Mr '59. (MIRA 11:4) (HXPATITIS. DWECTIOUS) GRIGOROYLrV, P.Ya., kand.mod.nauk (Chita) Modern methods for treating leukemias. Felld. i akush. 26 no. 2:7-11 F 161. (MIRA 14:4) (LEUKEMIA) GRIGORIYEV, P.Ya.; PLASTUNOV, V.M. Course of hypertension at Kulldur health resort. Vop.kur., fizioter. i lech.fiz.kullt. 27 no.3:248-251 My-Je 162. (MIRA 15:9) 1. S kurorta Kulldur (glavnyy vrach V.M.Plastunov). (HYPERTENSION) (KULIDUR-HEALTH RESORTS, WATERING-PLACES, ETC.) J_ ANANIYEVp Aleksey Ananlyevich;.GR'IGORIYEV, P.Ya., red.; KAGANUA, A.A., red.; LOBANOV, D.I., red.; WNMELIV,-J~A., i*d.; PROTOPOPOV, S.I., red.; SIDOROV, V.A., red.; TROFIMOVA, V.I., red.; KAGANOVA, A.A., red.; VOLKOVA, V.G., takhn. red. (Soups] Supy. Izd.7. Moskva, Gostorgizdat, 1963. 158 p. (MIRA 16:5) (Soups) GRIGORIUVP F,Yae Use of appeLratus DSU-61 for the determination of the functional state of the thyroid glarml in an endemic goiter area. Probl. andok. i gorm. 11 no.6:31-36 N-D 165. (MIRA 18:12) 1. Knfedra fakulltatakay terapli (zav. - dots-nt P.Ya. GrIgorlyev) Blagamahchenakogo-m-4mwo nediteinskogo inatituta I Oblastnoy protivozobnyy dispansar (glavnyy vrach I.M. Yermakova), B19- goveshchanak-na-Amurs. A N K- AUTHOR: Grigorlyev, R. TITLE: An Interesting Project (Interesnyy proyekt) 11:LRIODICAL: Nauka i zhizn', 195a, Nr 7, p 66 ('TSJR) ABSTRACT: The article deals with a "well-groun!ed' s~jg,-e3t."~n of 7,2L. Toander, an "enthusiast of interplanetary flights", $~ox to bring winged rockets back to earth nfter tiie completior. cosmic flights. Details are not given, A st-.;dent, 1.. vastlyanov refers to the problei.~ of suczesf-jlly braking V__(.5 motion of artificial earth satellites b~- notive pswer nn~ atmosphere before Bliding down to 71,cre is 11 dln~:rclrz 1. Satellite vehicles--Control ay8tems Card 1/1 2, Rockets--Control system2 31(5) SOV/25-5~-1,26/49 AUTHORt Grigq,~Iyev, R.V EnCincer TITLE: A "Pocket" Boat PERIODICAL: Nauka i zhizn19 1959, Nr 6, p 65-65 and P 4 of ce.-,terfold (USSR) ABSTRACTt The author presents the prototype of a "pocket" boat con- structed by Engineer A.I. Boldyrev and 31.1echanic IT.I. Yego- rov, collaborator3 of the Moskovskiy aviatsionnyy institut (Moscow Aviation Institute). The boat can be acsembled or disassembled within 10 to 15 minutes. It forms a roll 200 min in diameterg I m long and weighs 9 kp,. No bolts or screws are needed. The entire boat consists of 15 m Duralu- min pipes with a cross section of 15x16 m,. and 6 m of 3z18 = cross section duralumin pipes. Duralumin pipes can be replaced by bamboo or wooden ones. To obtain bottom and side wallaq waterproof cloth is nued in 9-m by 70 cm panels. The seats are made of 6 to 8 mm thick plywood plates. The load cap~~city of the boat is 250 kg. It's length is 3,000 Card 1/2 mm maximum width 800 mm maximum heicht 450 run. It can be 0011/2r-5~-6-2r,/49 'A "Pocket" Boat propelled by paddles and by boat has been started in one by the Moshovskiy gorodskiy Economy Council). There is sails. Yass production of the of the enterpris-.s administered sovn,-irf:17o-. (1111.1,oscow City Nlaticnal I set of diagra7s. Card 2/2 689000 3410 /0,~000 S/025/roO/001/04/036/061 DO48/DOO2 AUTHOR: Engineer TITLE: A Flying Platform PERIODICAL: Nauka i zhizn9, 1960, Nr 4, pp 66-67 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author gives historical data on the development of a helicopter and mentions in this connection M.V. Lomonosov, B.N. Yurlyev, A.M. Cheremukhin, M.L. Mill, A.S. Yakovlev and N.I. Kamov. A disadvantage of the former types of helicopters is the large rotor which is difficult to make and has a relatively short service time. Drawings show two models of multi-gg1Dx--f1jin&- platfor hich have been developed with the assistance Of Professor I.V. bratilkhin at the Moskovskiy aviatsion- nyy institut imeni Sergo Ordzhonikidze (Moscow Aviation Institute imeni SgXZo Ordzhonikidze) and have a lifting capacity of 40,000 kg. The rotors are placed in ring- Card 112 689000 S/025/60/001/04/036/061 D048/DO02 A Flying Platform shaped channels covered with gratings. The cabin is in the middle of the platform whichhns 4 rotors instead of one or two. Each of them has a diameter of 1.8 me- ters. Due to the fact, that the rotors are placed in channels, a greater traction is obtained than during the use of one isolated rotor. The designers have pro- vided for the inclination in front of the rotors to reach the forward motion without the air resistance. A still more effective forward motion can be reached by placing an additional rotor on the plat- form analogous to the rotor of the aircraft. The simple construction, the reliability of the aircraft and the possibility to maneuver it at low altitudesmakes the new platform a promising aircraft. In the near future it will be used in the national economy. There are 2 drawings. Card 212 1(2) S/025/60/000/05/025/044 D048/DO06 AUTHOR: Grigorlyev, R. Engineer TITLE: X Taj_j__Je_S_S_A~ircraft " PERIODICAL: Nauka i zhiznl, 1960, Nr 5, pp 65-66 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Many Soviet dosigners including V. Belvnvpv,.B. ChernnnvskI7 and.l. KogtPn1co have attempted to ae- velop a tail-less aircraxt. A group of specialists of the kafedra "Konstruktsiya i proyektirovaniye sa- moletov" Moskovskogo aviatsionnogo instituta imeni Ordzhonikidze (the Chair of "Aircraft Design and Planning" of the Moscow Aviation Institute imeni Ordzhonikjq,z~e under Professor N.A. Yomin have de- velppefta new type of a flying-wing models of which have been tested in wind tunnels. 1he wing has a considerable reverse sweep with horizontal terminal Card 112 "fins". Special devices on the trailing edge, so- 77~ ,7777 7 8/025/60/000/05/025/044 D048/DO06 A Tail-loss Aircraft Card 2/2 called ailerons, permit turning. There are 2 illu- strations. GRIGORIIKV~. ~,q. (~oskva) The flight of Gordon Cooper. Priroda 52 no.7:107-108 Jl 163. (MIRA 16:8) (United States--Astronautics) GRIGORJYW, R. (Grigorlyev, R.) The oomos and earth soi*nces. Horya tachn 17 no.11:6-9 N 64. GRIGORIM, A,N, Problem of the cause of nonspecific reactions In the serological diagnosis of pathogenic enterobacteria In a mixed culture, Zhur. mikrobiol. epid. 1 immun. 31 no. 4:123-128 Ap 160. (MLU 13:10) (DYSENTERY) G FIT, CC, 2 1 Y1.1,11, I. SH Gi-dGO:VY-e,V) It. 5h. - "!;ynthesis of Certain Homoloi-s an,! Cyclamen-Aldehyde.11 6ub 26 Jul, 52, All-Urdon Sci and Natural Essential Oils. (Dissertatloh for Ahe Candidate in Chemical Sciences). SO: Vechernaya Moskva January-Decembcr 1952 Ana lops of Itees Inst of Synthetic Degree of Z GRI GOR YEV,,., S. Rolling mill workers have dabled, their output. 95-99 Mr '56. (HIaA 9:7) (Dnepropetrovsk--Rolling mills) (Labor productivity) GRIGORITZV, S. (g.Dneprodxerzhin9k) Tramatism is greatly reduced. Okhr.truda i sote.strakh. no.3:61-62 Nr '59- (MIRA 12:4) (Dneprodxerzhinak--Yertilixekindustry--Hygienic aspects) GRIGGRITNT, S. Accelerated stratiflostlon of tree and shrubbery seeds. zhil.-kow. khcz. 7 no.4:11-12 957. (NIRA 10:7) Is Direktor Atkarokago pItconika. (Seeds) GRIGORIYW, S. Sergei Alskseevich Bereonov; obituary,. SSSR no.4:160 159. (Bersonov. Bergei Alekseevich. Izv.Kar.i Koll.fil.AR (MPIA 13-5) 1889-1959) p, _IQ GRIGOROYET S. (,Astrakhan') a- --potylitsym-lecommisom...., Okhr, truda i sota. otrakh. 6 So-3S23-24 Mr 163. (KIRA 1614) (Astrakhan-Brick industry) 2 GRIGORLILL-Au Insh. "Owwwmwmw---~W YloatIng plant in the ocean. Tekh.mol. 28 no-9:36-39 160. (MIRA 13:10) (Vhalsrs) GRIGORIYEV, S., insh. Two-way system of buoys and beacons. Rech. tran0p. 22 no.2:43-44 F 163. WRA 16:5) (Buoys) (Beacons) GRIGGRIYEV,, S. D~Mage can be avoided. Pozh.delo 7 no.3:26 Mr 161. (MIRA 14:5) 1. S%rahiy master GDZS (Yaroslavl'). (Gas masks) GRIGORIYEV, S. (Rostov) lAgalized vhimwe Isobroi rate noolO:32 0 162o (KaU 15:9) (Rostov-4kchinery industry) GRIGORIYEV, S. Improving navigable conditions in natural channels. Rech. tranup, 22 no.5U2-43 My 163. (MIPA 16:8) 1, Machaltnik tekhnicheskogo otdela Glavnogo upravleniya vodnykh putey i gidrotekhnicheskikh sooruzheniy MnisterBtva rechnogo flota RSFSR. (Rivers-Regulation) GFUGORIMIP S., Inzh. Change the arrangemert. of signs direct-!ng the course of ships. Rech.transp. 23 no-9159 S 164. (P-!RA 19tl) SARYCHEV, A.N.; SHINKARENKO, I.I.; MIGORIYEV, S.A.; KARIMOV, M.S.p starshiy nauchnyy notrudnik Using cement for the stabilization of the roadbed. Put' I put. khoz. 7 no.6219-20 163. (MIRA 16-7) 1. Nachallnik Nikola evskay distantaii puti Odeasko-KishinevskoT dorogi (for Sarychev~. 2. Nachallnik proyektnoy gruppy aluzhb7 ti, Nikolayevskaya distantaiya Ode eako-Kiahinevakcry doropi for Shinkarenko). 3. Rukovoditell brigady proyaktnoy ginippy r sluzhby puti, Nikolayevokaya distantelya Odeasko-Kishinevskoy dorog (for Grigorlyev). 4. Vessoyuznyy nauchno-isoledovateltakiy inatitut zheleznodorozhnogo transporta, (for Karimav). (Railroads-Track) (Soil stabilization) -67 EWTM IJPW AP6034936 (A) SOURCE CODE: UR/0146/661009/005/0003/0007 AUTHOR: Sazonoy. A. Rejonogov. A.-M Crigorlyev, S, B.; Strakhov, N B Chernov. Yu. L. ORG: -Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute im. V. 1. Ul'yanov (Lenin) (Lenin6a_dekiy elektrotekhnicheskiy institut) TITLE: Spectrometer for the study of broad lines of nuclear magnetic resonance SOURCE: IVUZ. Priborostroyeniye, v. 9, no. 5, 1966, 3-7 TOPIC TAGS: spectrometer, nuclear magnetic resonance ABSTRACT: An all-purpose nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer has been developed for qualitative and quantitative analysis of isotopic concentrations, for the study of ultrasonic resonance absorption in the nuclei of some alkali halide crystals, and for structural measurements of natural compounds. The device Incorporates commercial- type components (see Fig. 1). The MIR detector includes crossed coils and direct absorption detectors which provide high sensitivity, and a broad range of lif field intensities. The detector can register the absorption signal or dispersion signal Card 1/2 UDC: 535.322.2 L 07457-6? ACC NR- AP6034936 Fig. 1. Block diagram of nuclear magnetic resonance 2 spectrometer. #AW m M 1 - NMR sensor; 2 - audio 1 A J0 generator; 3 - device pro- TCE viding linear variation of magnetic field; 4 - current stabilizer; 5 - phase inverter; 6 - block of hM detector; To 7, 13 - hf amplifiers; 8, 14 - detector and voltm- eter; 9 calibrator; 7 rdnvk*4md 10, 15 audio amplifier; d'ml~ 11 - 5.2-mc crystal-controlled .9 "ad"Mis deteettaft oscillator; 12 - power ampli- fier; 16 - synchronous detectori 17 - recorder; 18 - wave meter; 19, 20 - power sources; 21 - ferromagnetic stabilizer. separately without distortion. The frequency range of the detector is 1-43 mc. Orig. art. has: 3 figures. SUB CODE: ZO / SUBM DATE: 25Aug65/ ORIC REF: 003/ OTH REF:.001/ ATD PRESS: 5104 :ord 2 /2 L 131Z-&6 EWT(m) DIAAP. ACCESSION NR: 'AP5012547 UR/0181/65/007/005/1389/1392 AUTHOR: Sazonon-A4,V14, Gr gorlyev, 3. D# TITLE: Concerning the time dependences of the establishment of equilibrium magqet- ization of a-nuclear gin system underthe influence of ultrasound ~SOUICE: Fizika tverdogo telap v. T) no* 5# 1965p 1389-1392 TOPIC TAGS: spin oystemp ultrasonic effect,, magnetization spectroscopy, spin nmr lattice relaxation :ABSTRACT: The reason for the investigation is that the time dependence of the de- ,crease in the amplitude of nuclear magnetic resonance signals under acoustic satura 7 tion has not been reported In the literature before, although such relations can yield additional information concerning the nuclear spin system. The authors there- fore consider the time dependence of the saturation of a ?M signal under the in- ,fluence of ultrasonic oscillations, By writing the relative amplitude of the sig- nal in the form A(t)/Ao - b + (1 - b)exp(-t/T3,zb), ;it is shown that the value T, can be determined from the experimentally plotted itime dependence of the NO signal saturation directly by experimentally determining~ 'the parameters A(t)/Aop bp and % (A-amplitudep b-constant, T].--spin-lattice re- I ;,Card 1/2 . L 1317--66 'ACCESSION WR: AP5012%7 !laxation time, z--radio-frequency field saturation factor). Values of lX-secj 19-3 Mcap and 4.4 are obtained for TI, for the dynamic quadrupole coupling constant, and for the antiserrening factor of N&23 in XaCl, respectively. The results are com- parable with those published by others. Orig. art. has: 1 figure and 6 formulas. ~iASSOCIATI : Leningradskiy elektrotekhnicheakiy institut im. V. I. U11yanoriva, i(Lenina) Leningrad ElectrotechAical Institute) I ,SUBMITTED: Mov& ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: SS NR M7 SOV: 001 OTM: 010 Card ~/2 k1t I* P5022751 SOURCE CODE: UR/0181/65/007/009/2877/2879 (4 U AMOR: Grigca~"y!LA~.~ Sazonov, A. M. ORG: Leningrad Electrical Enitineerina Institute im. V. 1. Ullyanov (Lenin) (Lenin- gradskiy elektrotakhnicheakly Institut) 8 TITLE: Effect of ultrasonic excitation on nuclear magnetization in a paramagnetic material SOURCE: Mika tvardogo tela, Y. 7, no. 9, 1965, 2877-2879 TOPIC TAGS: theoretic physics, nuclear magnetic resonance, paramagnetic material, ultrasonic effect . 1, q III ',;- ;- ABSTRACT: An equation is derived for the total nuclear magnetization of a unit vol- ume in a paramagnetic material taking account of population changes in energy sub- levels due to the effect of acoustic oscillations. A general solution of this equa- tion shows that the intensity of the nuclear magnetic resonance signal, which is proportional to nuclear magnetization, decreases exponentially after acoustic pump- ing is started, approaching equilibrium. Orig. art. has: 7 formulas. SUB CODEt 20/ SUBM DATE: IONar6S/ ORIG REFt 002/ OTH REF: 005 Card 6i R I Y-:V, 5 1), rAcnce of trie en tabli shm nt I i ;atlcn c!7 a :'Pirl System undcr tho action of altrasatird. tver. tela r, Apt 5) on::4 rp-j3kiy tAcktrotitkimicheskly tristitut tanni "llypirova GRIGORfYEVv S.F. (Tmak) - --- - ------ Study of morbidity among workers of tho iish indtwtry. Sov. zdrav, 19 no. 8:60-63 160. (NIRA 13:10) 1. Iz kafedry organizataii zdravookhrananiya i istoril meditsiny (zav. proP. II.F. Fadotov) Tomskoeo noditainskogo instituta. (TOMSK PRUIlICE-MORDIDITY) GRIGORIUTO S.F. (To=k) PhMip Somolveiss. 7911 d. i akush. 25 no.6t38-41 Jo 160, (MIPA 23:9) (52*CMEI=g IGNAZ PH33-T,T 9 1818-1865) MMRINA, G.I., doteent; QK Professor Nikolai Petrovich Fedotov; on his 60th birthday. Sov. zdrav. 21 no.3:99-100 162. (MJIM 15:3) (FEDOTOV, NIKOIAI FEETROVICII, 1901-) ME11DRINAY G.I., dotsent; STARIKOV, N.M., dotsent; G-UGORIUV.-S.F. Interprovince conference on the regional history of medicine and public helath in Siberia. Sov.zdrav. 20 no.1:93-96 161. (MIRA 14:5) (SIBERIA-PUBLIC HFALTH-CONGf=ES) __ A school screen for the showing of films in an undArkened classroom. PblItekh. obnah, a*69:83-84 2 157. (MM 100) 1. 9%&rshly tokholk-instruktor gorodskoy fillootoki Nolgorono. (Notion pictures In education) (Notion-picture screem) GRIGCR'r-VI V.I., inzh. .......... -- Calculating water hammer in hydroelectric power plants. Fmargomashinostroonie 9 no.7:35-38 J1 163. (MIRA 16:7) (Water hammer) (Hydroelectric power stations) Ew" lv;g~ ma".WIMI-I'ah i-WRITI. Abram Bentsionovich, MLINIKUY. Sergey Toevolodovich-. idUCkKAY, M.N., prcfessor, doirtor tekhniche- skIkh rAuk, redaktor; CHAPSKIY. O.U., redektor; HOLMSOVA. H.G.. tekhnichookly redaktor [Agricultural nachtae.-7 and Vaplements; laboratory work, home assignnents, course work and diploma projects] Sellskokhoxioletwen- mashiqr I crudtin; leborgtoray" raboty, domeshnie zadanita. kurvowye rabaty I diplonnon proaktirovente. Pod red. 14.J.Is'v-ovhn*vs. Noskvs. Gos.tsd-vo ssl'iChos.Ut--..v. 1957. 383 P. (KIRA in-loj (Agricultural vachinery) SKOVORODA, Konstantin Kart7mvich; GRIGORITITo Bergey Ivenovich (Production allotments for consumer goods and how to determine them] Balansy tovarov narodnogo potrableniis i metody ikh razrabotki. Noslcva, Gosplanizdat. 1959. 165 p. (MIRA 13:7) (RuRsia-commerce) (Consumption (Economics)) .-C ANTIPIN, Venismin Georplyevich: GRIGORIYXV, Bergey Hikhaylovich; LURn, Abram Bentelanovich: CHAPSXIY, O.U., red.; NOIAWSOV, K.G., (Grain combinea, windrowers. and pick-up mechnnisms: structure, operation and maintenAncel Zenouborochnye kombniny, rindkovyo zhatki i Dodborshchiki-, ustroistvo, regulirovka, tekhnicheskiy ukhod. Izd.2-os, perer.i dop. Mos"a, Goa.izd-vo sellkhoz.lit-ry, 1957. 559 P. (MIRA 10:11) (Combines (AgriculturAl machinery)) GRiooa,rjw.,.s.x. (Hooky&); XNAUTA, H.S. (Moskva); PRONINA, M.Y. (*sky&) Chemical properties of neutral sulfur compounds entering into the composition of crude shale tar phenols. Izv.AN SSSR.Otd. tekb.nauk.Met.i topl. no,3:144-146 My-Je 160. OWU 13: 6) (Phenol~--Analysis) (Sulfur compounds) AliTIFIN, Voritain Georgiyovich; q~lGq 4LYI~V,_Sergey Eikhuylovlch; MOYE, Abram Dentsianovich; CHAPSKIY-,''O.U,, red.; -~XLWWA, L.G., tekhn. red. [Grain harvesting combines and the organization of combine hnrvesting of grain crops) ZernouborochMc korb"iny i organi- zatsiia kombainovoi uborki zernovykh kulltur. Leningrad,, khozizdat, 1962. 383 P. (milu 15110) (Combines (Agricultural rinchinery)) (Grain-Harve sting) 1 0 it It if M 1; o 1 1 % 1 it 11111 us bump&#, At owdere A f - AL-1- 4, L 1. a 0 I ' AO oddi, Lit " I a A a I a 6 a 6 - 0 0 *-d 1. - . It I . Adds G a r~' YE v M S I i Of"rotet-01 a I - ,. .. 00.1 1 1 ! 4 r A l .* above. Y1epf.qiV~ If 1"J'141rud hedril III, Chat". resilfur lornied in Ibe, 114"'W'ev .4 pirlb.11der 91.40 Ili.- I Wiest, lesivelo. V. N. Khadshimov, and S.A.rowrv- On. IIrr Firtulor Illern Feted the r"Aliddidd, udder" J,W-7% If) 4n-% In'teo-1 It-ai I I VIA4 .4 Iseavy 1. nattaw -dr S led. IV. M.S. R.) 4. dilienew kW the treenixtelos coned elkla his 1. wthre-I i~ :lirne Kvv AW4. ol tm% It. its. ~.Iij .4 *. A vwkl of PC 11411.4 11 eds4obtalter,l by liv,hodivelatindit crude I by file i -00 crime 11) miall carbas I U) am dvswrr CnWW I "oi- INTYUMS neellp'd I C. .1 29 still nvrywg. 4TWit if -00 obtainded by trevylits. 4 the craft valismasper ham , ' f heavy lemsever. is (litther warklied fly 2 ah~g "Clis. fidol b"VY [WIllefle. 111C PICIbildl 01 COnC" 1711A%) from bill sidless. in crwk pyriefinde, le, 140-71P* (in pf9wm with latfural 0 . S. lot. pvd- infividir tvmdt& Predilection of highly tancerstriettell pilsonantlinese. 1., 1) tideem of I Part to 2 slid 4 pidetto at smilvent. rW.) OW dkm ColustrausintiNt ' M.KiadoysItLays lleidl.=142~ Ili, IImat:~W(O.Ctr Tledinewltio#75- (dilate oblelencti in the crierwhinew .1 crude I writh vertexes )o)% I is then f.Lfy.141. #$'Me I$ Wit #If cerejer breardede of "vents (jereftral,ly with lit-avy breterver) Is oftsid . the, rA 0 xylene. thr pf"1114-1 it ".111#31UPA at 23' and drielf, $f. fraction b. 34),'0o' it frerA froot the oil by filtering at lardingon lbehasesol LIN-&V atm. lide"urr is"d the tilter clike (tile-M )CIr Ph-- too 00 w The beildswe of I is ol,taintril in Ike ticirvery of %AvmU anthorrow) is hd,At-tl of I- :Ob' mith I.I. Z-.i '- of 11 *4 1' 00 and isreturned tothrtiluilw(urricycle. Toobleekstemore (it. 1.1*11o fier 2 .1 his. icl Hit,* C1.4119'. C A. 31. a Ifidin th,- ctude I Itrelml. by the prervious owbod 74451). 'n;c ouffimation trust, is treed (tam the bulk at 18 (d. Niholskil soil Kh_ I. A. JO. -117,1011). It it first tested * arid and then wadectl to a n.urial reaction with 11.0 of ' i'~ SO 0 so from the tetrwini malter by distill. as 3LV will then -Wvw. rh,- Inch is then Fissid, tu ol,tain flit fraction crydn't once b.0111.1tudd, pyri,bric and tericle from sylettle as 1). 1111"V. giving hdi-44-"~ of !x%-tk`j 1-bensenthrreer. en. 0*0 WkI lbe(dt cake it Ir'st"t twice wish llwj. and there ittow- -,wd as above. Chile lita"s xoo At %o#483 -die (Iw Gat OI'll 4" 0.. it P IN mot L I A a 1 6 9 Is *%a g 0 0 ,** 0 q 0 0 0 go 0 0 to to 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 to 0 IS 0 0 - -;-i -T - -i 0 ~00 0 AV 0-4 - -W -W 0- W W V- a- 1 0 o 4 11 q 1 4 to 4 If 4 A, 8 0 0 ~ #4 it it N 0 A1 -6 00 jL.j A L a If P 0 a I I A 4 v A, o 0 S 41 Isolation and purilkatiou of acenaphlbove trolls coal tat 1 * .00 I 41f tv Alul V. N. Rhadshow.w. 4.q. (Atm. 0 111c I-Avy 4FI4 -00 00 AlIthroment, fractions arr trdivfJ., the fratti"'t 4 1, * ZU) :110) bring r,,1k% I.A. Thu 19 fUrtht f Ff" Itti- 11, tht 94 fractima 4d b~ P. Z& Afro lN..1A d to AP and t1w tf % %tat. 410 .-f jKfMWhjjWfW 'U Atr 4,jkt.d aml agaw fk,tlf~l. * ' ` the flaction ut b. -NW ~~ wrill.1% 14 ?0 lo)~ , I)IIIv 1. 06 fh~ v~jd 1~lljg 'd lh-cv. 41111,1 III-IAIk- - 04 Whk It can Ow s-Ustd III xes 00 1,11,0,111.1 1111'.1efl, If- 1 11, A I 00 Go j 000 too 0 ,see p 0 too go of 00 9 use 00 8 so ' r) U6 W YAAAI low 0 4 a I of of I A 4 3 1 v of p p it ar a it IN n t, It # so ~ ~i 00 0000 0 096 06 00 0 0 0 0 0 o 00000000000000#000 000o oooooo : , oooooooooooooosoool~ooseessooseegoo ooool 000000 000000000000000000000000000000 00040:01 000000:00000000000000'googooo*00000000*0004I v oil UsAl ob un 00#14406 Ill ..D ft 1.11"t4 RD alto 'Ito flobist Ito, 77 "It s. Atf, amll I L 914*919 It *04 0 00 00 002 00 Goo 0 09 go- 0 00 eez AA --.1 1'. v 90 00- s9 00- .w-qI4.lrIIj I till Iti IM-3 u0n) )u -musirl.f., ~jl Im') fl%tillmu All P. 00- ibnpslj.j~ lbq,; . %: 1 11truttawtu Ali punwwo~-Smo &as p w 00 It, It IF It it 8 0-010 # 0 0 -A All All ARL ift I %A age oo A IsI *4K 0 W1j W011,11. ',Owl 0 04 so te C' E V Is 2,90 00- IF Wills so 00. J- m "%,S 0. ' ~ 4 (,Ulf A s 1 r j 0- _ 00 4 S'n W 73 N n 7 r-GA 14 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 03" or a It a uit a -A ASA 0 9-0 0 *1 0 0 f 0 0 : 0 ! 0 a . so a a 00A 00" 00 0o w :;I 00 00 -L-A --A - AL- &--A -A off# pt"Jises 9.0 #"POST." "I . - - WP-"-W- r Men L A 0!~i $CAL u 406W CtAMOKfifift 0.0 dal aw 0--itt AV go A 9 q oo::Oooooo o '00 .00 *00 I%e We 0 mee We 0 - f a ~i__o 10 WW tic I 41, w W i j 41 1 1 v 11 11 1) m 4 11 n P a a V. ~rt I. it U 0 m is 16 I I is a a 0 jo J, 2 1 1 v I T -_ A I , a AA 0 Cc W a 1 A 1112= for this obtalselms of 111,11% pure anthracessil M. Gf lady Ah's"k-W 44 M A N ost, 111 , Nit. 9, )Ili =11, dowk, K 14M. Nelowt. Ikar. 1. NO. 7. M U(Itkilli.--Thr crud- anthitwetw usts rextystd. ftms% bmvv twissette sts%nnz i litiftluct ".01g. tat IMAAr :L1 a IV] eat hra, ent, 3!-r; - 1,14, shin pttttfirvii~m vistat artwil out In pirfulinr lissrs I)AP, 1,W). mis"I Ilse 1111flit'st As 1.4,11mv .4) 1 1W r.IIN, -4 %rlit 14. final SWIAI�Wt " A% a 1. 1 tic "It's two litsti.4 . 1.1 o liglin aniblaTuir sea. thod. I., irtsime Ihr pvtubvic I".. t t 1145% 14 Ilse IMI't Pli.Plik't, WIL4 nVFYSIII. Iff"ll Itch Iris IM fir%I with 0 partli aml then with 14 jutts tif (tic %4vurit rhr virm '0144 IMI 99.5`~ .4 111C CAVIN41111C W Nllr~ ,I III, to J '01% -4 the jtII.IkkI XA%V A 91- W.", AllIfildilW11C Iltibillill after 4 trerysim. fromij pvridl"w flows it-. I lei 115'? Ali., 00 fillet illif it at ZA 1%111% 04 Ilse aillisr"I "Millm 90% 14 mothim,row m 0 8 V Ve IFINIS Wk till'it, 6111hills-lilk' I*hk 11 Via, 011takI1,11 liT Ohl Illiribixillif NAWAII id. C. 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V.S.; U)SKUTOVA, To.N.j PIERWO, I.G.; MIN, X.N.; CHIZHEVSKIT, V.P.. akadentk,otyet- stwennyy rodaktar; TCROVITSKIY, I.B., redalctor; AUZAN, N.P., takhnichaskiy rodaktor (Increase of the weight of coal per cubic motor by microadditives of liquid hydrocarbon; a collection of articles] Uvelichente nasyp~ogo Yen& uglia milcrodobavkani ugleyodorodnykh zhidkostei; abornik robot. Noskvs, Isd-vo kkademit nauk SSSR, 1947- 398 P. (Coke) (Coal) (MIRA 9:9) AGROSKIN. A.A.; GRIGORIYIVO S.M.; PZTROKO, I.G. Effect of the weight of the bulk density of coal on the properties of the coke prodnood. Isv.AN SIM Otd.takh.nauk no.2:205-214 147. (MLVA 6:12) 1. Ikergetiaheskly imetitut to. (I.M.Krzhishanovskogo Akadouti nauk SSSR. 2. Predstayleno aka"mikou N.P.ChIshevskim. (Coal-Carbonization) !.g", rp