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GROMOVO K,Ya.; ZI[FL.FV, Zh.T.; ZVOL-SKA, V.1 KALINNIKOV, V.G~ Decay of Erl6l. lAd. fia. ; no.508.3-7193 N 165. (YIRA 18,12) 1. Ob"yedinennyy Institutyaderityidi issiedovanly. 2. Sotradnitaa Prazhokogo Instituta yademykii Issledowinly) Chekhcs'-'-)Vdkjya (N-7 Zvollska). v p r Yb""-p Tt SON 147 t Of F,-,l -19- 2 . , "1, L 23733-66 CODEt UR 4UTHOR: Gromov Ke Ya.j Gnatovich. Vs--Hnatowicz. Vet A* T. ORG: Joint Institute of Nuclear Research (Obllyedinenzl~7 institut yaderrykh iseledova. niy); Scientific Research Institute of Nu~lear Phyqios_t_Moscqv State Universit y 1. " (Nauchno-iseledovatelieldy institut yadernoy fitiki Mcs)6-v-iZgo gosudarstvarmi-cgo Iniversitnt,a) if TITM Two-hour (7-7 kaeo) Lu sup 168 isomer SOURCE: Yadernaya fisika, ve 1, no* 2, 1963, IOY-204 TOPIC TAGSt lutetium isomer, beta decay 7-1 ABSTRACT: The electron conversion lima, previously ascribed (by Gromov and ffierst DAN SSSR, 136, 325, 1961) to the 87,5 KEV transition in the decay of a new Lu ison (T,4 = 2,15 hours = 7*7 ksec) have been reinvestigatede It has been determined from thfi energ7 differences of the K, 12, L3, M2, H31 and N lines that these lines are connected with an*88~3 KEV transition In an Hf nucligge Because of thisg there is w no reason to suppose the exisUnce of AL two-hour Lu isomer, and the trans#W wit] IA' an energy of 88*3 KEV is evidently due to beta-decay of an isomer st te in -.L 0 Orige art* hast 2 figures and 3 tables* ffiased on authors' Enge ab:rjj raWs SUB CODE: 20 / SUHM DATEt l8Sep64 / ORIG REFt 003 / OM REP, 002 CWd L a6694-66 EWT(m) DIAAP JD/JG ACC NRs AP0016896 SOURCE COM UR/0367/65/002/L)05/0783/0791 AUTHOR: .__Qrpqqv._A4_Xa_q Zhelev, Zh, T.1 Zvoltska, v._,~,Itoiska, Vol Kalinnikovp V. Go ORG: Joint hati. (ObMyWine , natitutyadernykh iseledo. vanly) I LZvoll ft/-Praime Institute of Nuclear Rese=. Pramhokiy Institut yader-1 pykh issledovanLy) TITM Decay of Er sup 161 SOURCE: Yadernaya fizikap v. 2p no- 5s 1965# 783-793 TOPIC TAG32 radioactive decay# positron# erblum holmium, spectrometer# elect spectrum r, 161 AR3TRACT: Ponitron LdIation of Er- (go - ago t 4o kev) was' observed with a trIple-focusing magnetic spectrometer, Data are presented for the conversion elsotran opq9trus and the ou t larity of oartaln transitions In the HoLOA nucleus, The Rr Sr H0161 decay-schose Is deterained and presented, The 1897 and 1943 koV levels are I -nte:rpreted as three-quasi-partiole states. The authors express deep thanks to,A, V, Kudryavtsvaya for the help on the work hid to No I. Pyatov and Vs M. Mikharlov for checking the decay-schemed orig. art, Vast 5 UgUrOO aW Z W3198s I.JkIW SUB CODEI 20 SUBH DATEI 0qApr65 OUG WS 011 OM REF 1 010 SOV REFG. 012 W f Card t 26622-66 EWT(m) ACC NRj 06o17114 AUTHORt Gromov. Ke I ORG: none TrrIE-. Positrona In Gd Conference on Nuclear S DIAAP JD/JQ SOURCE CODE: UR/0048/6.5/029/022/2 Zhelev, Zh- T.; Kalinnikov, V. Go: Kuznetsov, Vo Ve J5S B 147 decay Lfte paper was presented at the_15thAnnual loscopy and thei_;AMgt=q__qf thq oAq - 9 _ At, _ffijcljjW~, SOURCE: AN SSSR. Izvestiyao Sertya fixicheekaya, vo 29, no, 12, 1965, 22355-2238 TOPIC TAGS: positron, gadolinium, spectrometer, scintillation spectrometer, tantalum, europium, garma spectrum, isotopj, radioactive decay ABSTRACT: The positron emission of rdl47'tls studied with a scintillation ,.-spoctr6meter and a triple-focussing beta'spectrometers The sadolinium-- sample vms extracted from a tantalum target that had been irradiated for-Y1 2 hours at 660 Mev. The purpose of this work waslkq determine the D1147 *levels that are populated by positron decay of Gd This is done by studyina the triple coincidence of the 511-511 kev gamma quanta aid the quanta of the entire gamma spectrum. The equipment used is diagramed in ,the following paper (in the same journal)* Triple coincidence spectra are plotted for two geometries of the -detectorse- The lone p hat kerv- leads the. - authors to assume ta. ACC NRr Ap6oi7li4 ,l fr~~ction oi the j)6iit popiliies the 229 kev level. The remainder arge .,,lie shoun to go to growid state. The schematic diagram of Gdl47 &1147 is j showas, ~61g* art, haii--li figures iWTfonvda jpp ff e SUB COM 20 SURK DATEt -none ORIG REFt 012 OM R": 003 Card 21Z 19 L'Q, L ij~ ~-6 6 Ewk(m) DI AAP JD/JG ,kCC NR. AP661-711-9 SOURCE CODES Wo-648763-1 29 39 AUTHORS Gromov, K. Ya.,- Zhelev, Zh.; Kun. S.Yan-Tozint, Muzioll, Go; Khan't Shu-Zhun' ORGs none TITIE: Poo ron eray of Eu sup 147 ghia paper was presented at the 15th &awl -Con ronce ~osgr Spectroscopy and the Structure 9f the A&2ndo NuolAUge hold in Minsk from 25 January to 2 February 19651 SOURCE: AN SSSR, Izvestiyas Seriya fitichaskaya, ve 29, no. 12. 19651 2239-2242 1 TOPIC TAGS: radioactive decay, positron, europij, nuclear spectroscopy, gadolinium, tantalum, synchrotron, proton, isotope, gamma, spectrum, scintillator -19 ABSTRACT$ The-j~~dictedj&L147 :~-'sH147 decay energy implies positron emission during decay. The purpose of this paper is to establish experimentally the ,Sml47 level terminating the beta.4 decay of Eu3-47. The sample was obtained 'b epeated extraction of Su from the Gd fraction from a tantalum target that PKdrbeen irradiated with 660 Mev protons in the Dubna synchrotron and by repeated purification from gadoliLim. The sample ims stored for 2 months to rid it of IkI49 and Eul4b. 1-1 A triple-coincidence ecintMator was used to measure the coincidence of the 511-511. kev gamma quanta and the quanta of the entire gamma spectrum- The construction and operation of the acintillator is described-d in otail L 26653-66 ACC NRj AP601 and its block diagram is shoune 7wo anviar geometries for tha orientation of the detector. were useds and meauremen,ts. made with those configurations- A bare compared.' in-' Peiki were found at IW and 200. Ad-dording to iial~ulat ons, the Itensities of the beta* transitions to ground states M., and 198 key were 10.15tOD.?,, OslOtOsO3., and OsI310,04% re"ctively, per event. Results -jare compared in detail with those of other authors. The schematic of JU147 f ,to the Op 121j, and 198 levels of Sm147 is shown~ The authors thank V, 0, Kalinnikoy and V. 1. Mikitin respeptively for Ivaluable discussions and assis.taPco-in.making the measurements-' The authors give th-NS"Ao Lebodo*v, kod Ye A's Miil~ for-preparing the Eu# Orig, art* has: 3 figures &W 2 tables* /JPRS/ SU13 CODE: 20 SM PATE i none ORIG REFi 006 OTH REFs 006 2-12 f-,, A C C P :asina, A. I, o , T 1-y ,orozov, A. r ORG: Joint Institute of Iluclear Studios Nb"-,&Iir~w~~.I I1!rt,-ItIIt yadoi-r-~,,' lsllodc- L vaniy) ; Lonin(;ra-(T Stato Umlyo-r's-1-6y (f ji-iinfi-adslcly yj T i ULL Docay of Pr sup 138'LThis pap,!)r was f-.:Ivt~n at tho 14th Annaiall Contbronco on Nuclear Spectros6opy-,.,TbilYsH, Fobi-nary 1964j. SOIT.ICL: :Yadornaya f-.L-,.ika, v. 2, no. 6, 1?'5, ~~')6-9TI 0 .,arm spectmm, cc!nrorsloji cI,)ctron IOPIC railinactAve (IficV, , pl,nsooripa~jnm, g specti-wn, coritvi AT~;'Z,IACT: Tile ~;-:jpcctrmi) W- and /j' coincidence rp,:ctra, and the conve.nion cloctoron, 3pectra of praccodymium sanples obtained from Ta, 1'e, and Er irradlatcd Ath 660 Ilev protons wcro mea3urcd- The rolative intcn- sities of 'tile Y- tranaltiona with cnerGie3 of 303., 789, and 10147 kov, obBervad in tho X-3pactrim of P1.1380 wero det--i-mined and tabulitcZ The ,YX-coincidenco cx.-pcrimento give ovidenco of a caoc&Ao of transitions having the energiC3 Of 303-1047-780, kcv. Hcasurcdf,ty- coincidencO3 Cdd not can- 8 to t1jo 11U,0 16vel. -ho .firm the cxintenca of tile docay of cmversion electron tran3itions of 303 t I und 789t 3 kov vicre it4vestigatod - - L 398 ,35--66 ACC NR: AF6018850 on a lons-typo beta spoctrometoro The into=P-l converuion coo2ficiento 'lot K303 -0-14 1: 0.02 and (;4 K769 - 3#42 X 10 -oro deteiuLned, Thu first coefficient indicates that the 303 kev transition is typo F3, Viilo the second does not contradict tho a3mmption that the 789 kov tranoition -.'Ls purely E21P The quantum charactorlatics of the excited states of CeI38 are diacussod. OrIg. art. has: 3 figures and 4 table 1-3a 11 Lf sod on authors I Eng. abst.1,7L 7-P a -r, 7 SUB CODE: 20 SUYV DATE; 06Mar65 ORIG RZF: OV~ / 0711 RZF: 005 28954-66 EWT(z)/EWt)/ETI IJP(c) JD/JG ACC NR, AF6019088 SOURCE CODE: UR/0367/66/003/001/0008/0012 AUTHORi Gnatovich, V.; Promov, K. ORG:, joint Institute Nuclear Reas`a)r~ff'(Ob"y-edinennyy institut yadernykh issledovaniy) 11 1 TITLE: 'Collective' levels in odd-A deformed nucle in the rare earth region SOURCEs Yadernaya fizikap va 3p no* 11 1966, 8-12 TOPIC TAGSt deformed nucleuss rare earth element ABSTRAM Experimental data on "collective" levela in odd-A deformed nuclei in the rare earth region are reviewed., Origw' art. hast* 1 figure and 2 tables.L.;PR I SUB CODEt 20/ SUBH DATEs O8May65 / ORIG REFt Oll / OTH HEF% 016 L 26783-66 EWT(m) .ACC NRs AP6617454 SOURCE CODEt UR/0166763/00OT664~6)6 AUTHOR: Abdumalikovp Ao A*; Abdurazakov, A. A.; Gnatovich, Ve; Gromov, K* ra.; 6o Dzhelepov. B., S. 110 O'RG-. Joint Institute of Nuclear Rose ch (Oblyedinnyy institut yaderrykh issladovan1j-); Tash1Wff-Fo-2YLecFMo Institute (Tashkentakly politelchnicheskiy institut) TITLE: Investigation of conversion electron spectra of the isotopes Tu sup 166, Yb sup 164, Tu sup 164, and Tu sup 162 SOURCEz AN UzSSR. Izvestlya. Seriya fiziko-matematichaskikh nauk, no* 6, 1963, 964i TOPIC TAGSt conversion electron spectrum,ytterbl=, thulium, constant magnetic field, isotope, spectrographic analysis, tantalum, synchrocyclotron, gamma. transition radioactive decay, proton ABSTRACT: The conversion electron spectra of thmuumlj4 7tji2 . WL4-um--is-012026~jfwe e investigated with a beta spectrograph and a constant magnetic field. The samples weri obtained by irradiating a tantalum target for 1-2 hours with 660 Mev protons in the synchrocyolotron of the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research. Film exposure yu~~ bow about 3-bQ'ws after irradiation* Tb) electron conversion lines for Tu Tu , and Tu-Lo4 are reliably identified and the results tabulated,, Accuracy of gamma-transition energy determinations was about 0*1%, and that of intensity deter- minations was about 26% for strong lime " about 40% for weak lines# Previously L 26783-66 ACC NRs Am,7454 unknown gamma transitions wore found having the energies 112,8, 213.9, 228*1, 238,4o 293.2g 389.31 496.8, 343.9 and 703#0 Kev. Results of the study are discussed '1698- taa4 analyzed and compared with other published data* The decay schemes of TU arx Y are diagrammed . The following gammajUansitions. &rising during decay of ii164 between the odd.-odd levels of the Tu nucleus, were discovered for the first tim: 37-3 (MI), 149-3, 164-3 (MI), 187-7 (HI) , 190-3, 324-2, 327-3. 362-9 and 390.4 Kev,, The intensities of these lines are discussed in detail, and conclusions reached aye cgpared with those of other authors* Origs art* has: 2 figures and 4 tables. LJPRSJ SUB CODES. BUBM DATSI 3IJul64, ORIG REFt 008 OTH REFS 007 ACC NRs '-6030126 SoUiCE GO DZ M1 /0120/66/000/004/0039/0041 lulditasbcov, F. N.; Umarov G. Ya. G, OVI K. Ya.; M Oa3; joint -'rnotituto for Nuclear Research, Dubna (Ob"yodinonziyy institut yadornyldi _r-" : Anothod o' intonsip in,- the images of weak lines of conversion electrons, ly . S. obtained with a bota spoctrograph i toklinika okspor:Lmonti, no. 1., 1960', 39-I'1 TOP:O T;,3L: conversion electron spoctru;i, spoctrog-raphic camera, beta docay, photo- Craphic processing, isotope, sulfur, silver compound A mot1hod of intensifying the i;-raC-,os of weak lines of conversion oloctrons, ob--i'no-I a boLa spectrograph, is proposed. The work was dono to incroaze tho officioncy 0~ photographic recording of electrons. Tho developed and dr.-od plate with irzgos of convorzion oloctrons is soakod with distilled water at +22C and is i=orsod in a solution of K3L?O(CN)6(15 9), KBr (4 9), and '120 000 6. The foUowinr, chel--'cal reactions take place + 31(,Fo (CN), + + Av,,Fo (CN), Ag,Fo (CN), + 41(Br - X,Fo (GN), + IlAgBr... Card !A__ UDC: 539.16 ACC NRi ;,?603oD.6 .,-,te7 decolorizing, tho plato in washod until tho yollow-C:roar. doposit disappoarz. !I is thon processed in a o.g--o.j% Golution of N 2s35 for 15 rain. The radioactive suIlfur joins the silver atoms: 2AgBr + jNIa2S36 = A,-:S36 -,- 2Nil3r. "ie act-vated plate is washod in running itator (for about 30 min) and driod. 8" frosh photographic plate is applied to the activated plate; a now, secondary imge croatod. The dogroo of intensification (attenuation) depends upon tho 0.,M,05uro ti.-10. ThIs mothod makes it possiblo to intensify the images of lines by a factor of at least 15. Orig. art. has: 2 formulas and 2 graphs. SUB GODE:,;20 A/. SUM DATE: lqJTul65/ ORIG REF: 0031 OTH REF: 004 :Cord 2/2 ACC NRj AP7011835 SOURCE ODDEs UR/0367/66/004/00611102/LI07 AUTHORt Gromova K9 Yea MukhtasimaY, To No ORGs Joint Institute for Weiser Research (Ob"yedinennyy institut yedernykh lsaledovaniy) TITLEt Decay of HoI59 SOURCE: 'Yadernays fisike, v. 4, no. 6, 1%69 1102-1107 TOPIC TAU;: holmium, radioactive decay scheme, spectrograph, conversion lectron spectrum : UB CODE: 18,20 ABSTRACT: Using a P -spectrograph with a constant uniform magnetic field. the authors studied the spectra of conversion electrons from the deoay of Ho159- The resolving power of the -spectrograph was about 0.05%. The results are listed In a table. New V -transitions with the energless 31.40; 41.14; 85-70; 100-60; 105-30; 132.00; 136.50; 153-05; 185-85; 186.40; 205.90; 217.67; 258-801 338-70; 356.401 395.40 keV were ,,ofound. The multlpolaritles of a number of V -transitions of 39 were determined, The decay scheme Of H0139 In SuUested on the Card 1/ 2 ACC M AP7011835 basis of the obtained date, Orig. art. hass I figure, fonvulas and 2 tables. Ctased on authors# SM. Abst./ arm$ 40,42:~ Card 2/2 L 4~5255-66 D T (m ACC NRt__AP60________rAvj SOURCE CODE: UR/0367/66/003/004/0602/0608 AUTHOR: Abdumalikov,_ A. A.; Abdurazakov, A. BqrAbaygy,..~~ Gromov, K.Ya.; Lebedev. N. A. ORG: Joint Institute of Nuclear Research (Ob"yedinennyy institute yadernykh issledovaniy); Tashkent Polytechnic jnstjtULejTai3hkentskiy politechnicheskiy institut) TITLE: Conversion electron spectra of the Ce135, Ce133, and Ce132 Isotopes SOURCE: Yadernaya fizika, v. 3, no. 4, 1966, 602-608 TOPIC TAGS:. conversion electron spectrum, nuclear energy, spectrographic analysis, radioactive decay scheme, constant magnetic field, cesium isotope 135 133 ABSTRACT: Conversion electron spectra in the decay of Ce , Ce , and Cel32 isotopes in the energy region of 20-800 kev have been Investigated with the aid of a 0-spectrograph with a constant magnetic field The following new '4, -transitions were found in the decay of Ce135:86. 80 (E2 + MI), 146. 0, 200. 7, Card 112 L 45255-66 -Acc-Wl- AP6023079 and 267. 5 kev; In the decay of Cc133:87. B(MI), 123. 7, 127. 8, 13 0. 7 (M I + E 2), 137. 6, 142. 3, 155. 5(M1 or EI), 177. 1, 178. 6, 182. 2(El or MI + E2), 190. l(MI or El), 216. 8, 251. 5, 26t. 3, and 329. 5 kcv; in the decay of C032:76. 8 (MO, .97. 1(Mj)j 132, and 174. 0 kev. It to assum ed that 97. 1 and 17 4. 0 kev are excited in the 57 L a7 5 4- nucleus. A decay scheme for Cel35 . 91h La135 has been proposed. The authors thank 1. F, Uchevathigi for yaluable discussions and for making available the results of his studies on Ce" prior to publication. Orig. art. has: 1 figure and 6 tables.," [Based on authors' abstract] [NTI i SUB CODE: 18/ SUBM DATE: 02Jul65/ ORIG REF: 011/ OTH REF: 005/ C,,d 2 / 2 GROMOV, K.M. Frallminary Information on research done at the KhIbIzT Station under the program of the International Geoph7sical Year. Inform.-abor. o rab. Geog.,fak. Hook. gos un po Mezhdunar. geofiz. godu no.1:133-137 158- (MIU 12:3) (KhibinY Hountains--Hydrometeorology--Observations) GROMOV, K. H. " - - Studying soil and ground moisture conditions. Inform. abor. * rab. Geog. fak. Moak. goo un po Mozhdunar. geofiz. godu no.1:158-185 158. (MIRA 12:3) (Soil moisture) "IiCFIOVI X.1-1. Study of the soil moisture La the KhIbiny Mountairs. Trudy Khih. geog.sta.MGU no.L131-163 160. WR~, 15',5) (Khibiny Mount&ins---Soil moisture) -c- CRUM, K.M. Raoic atagea in the work of the Khlbiny Goographical `tation of Moscow Univeraityp 1948-1958. Trudy Khib. og.sta.MGU n0.1:3.-9 l6o. ~~OIIRI% 15:5) (rJiibiny Flouritaina-Geography) RON V, Inbor liberated 'iy the October Revolution. Ckhr. truda i sots. strakh. 3 no. 10:6-9 0 160. (MIRA 13:11) 1. Spetaiallnyy korrespondent zhurnala 00khrana truda t sotsiallnoye strakhovaniye,* Baim. (Baku--kailroads-Gars) GROMOV, L. Coni r ctive initiative. Okhr. truda I qo'5. itr~-ikh- 3 no.5!18-23 my ~Ou. (MIRA 13:12) - 1 1. Spetsiallnyykorreapondent zhurnala "Okhrana truda i sotsialinoye strak.hovaniyes" (Rostov-Pro-wince--Trade unions) (Rostov Province--Industrial hygiene) GROMOVpL. Miraculous alloy. Ckhr. truda i sots. strakh. 3 no. 12:20-22 D 160. (MIRA 13:12) 1. SpatsialInyy korrespondent zhurnala 90khrana truda i sotsiallnoye strakhovaniye." (Moscow--Metallurgical plants--Hygienic aspects) GROMOV, L.; SATZM, K. Lights on the Angara. ,6o. Okh.truda t sote.strakho no.1:21-29 JA (MI-RA 13:5) (Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station) GROMOV, L.A.; BARANAYEV9 H.K. Tensile strength of liquids under hydrostatic tension. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; khim. i khim. tekh. 4 no. 2:320-321 161. (MIRA 14:5) 1. Voyemaya akademiya kbimic akoy zashchity. Kafedra fizicheskoy i kolldfdnoy khfinji. t (HydroBtatice) ... . I. . .., -- I., - :,I - K. :'0 1y to ;.V. -.. IJ!i- -tc-*-'.-.. 4- v -3: 5.20 16- . ('. 1-2 ?4:Y-) (Liti- ids) (Tanorcvj V.V. ) MIKIRTICIIEVA, Z.V., starobly nauchnyy sotrudnikj, kand.biol.nauk; MENZHMTSKIY) A. I., starahiy nauchnyy sotrudniko inzb.-podpolkoviLikj -GROBO-L L.A., mtarohiy nauchnyy sotrudniks kand.tekhn.nauk.. inxh.- polkovnik;. ODOTOVA, M.N.,, mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik Dressing materials made from cotton and rayon. Tekst;prome 21 noel2:11-12 D 161. (MIR& 1 -.2) 1. Nauchno-toBledovatellskays, laboratorlyn-3 Voyenno-maditoinBkoy Ordena lanina skademil. imeni S.M.Kirava. (UMMOBO AND BANDAGING) ACCESSION NR: AP4014221 3/0075/64/019/002/0189/0194 AUTHORS3 Gromovp L,A.j Osipovp V.A. .TITLE: Gas Talumetric method for determining metallic zinc In zinc sulfide ,SOURCE: Zhurnal analiticheskoy khimii, v. 19, no. 2, 1964, 189-194 ~TOPIC TAGS: zinc, metallic zinc determination, gas volumetric ana- ~lysis, zinc sulfides quantitative analysis, Zn sup 65 labell'k~ 1ABSTRACT: A method for determining zinc metal in zinc sulfide lbased on measuring in a vacuum apparatus the amount of hydrogen dis- !placed with zinc on the dissolution of the zinc sulfide In hydro- 1chloric acid is describe (fig. 1). The method was tested on metal- 95 ~lic zinc labeled with Zn By this method not less than 90% of t e I ,zinc in zinc sulfide can be determined with an accuracy of 1 x 1A The content of zinc metal in zinc sulfide depends on preparation I of the sample, I.e.,, on the temperature at atmospheric conditions of Card 1ACCESSION NR: AP4014221 the preliminary zinc sulfide treatment and On the time and texpera- ture of calcining. Orig. art. has: 3 figureso 1 table and 1 equation. ASSOCIATION: Leningradakly tekhnologich ki institut.1m. es Lensoveta (Leningrad Technological Institute SUBMITTED: O9Jan63 DATE"ACq: 12PAr64 ENCL: 02 SUB CODE: CH mo RzF sm: oo6 OTHER: 005 Card GROPOV) L.I.; SAVINA, Yo.A. .,j activity an a rroicil cotilo log Ica] 1--ob3nm. Vrint. , t-, Prematurc fe A14N SSSR 19 no.6:10-18 164- (MIRA 18:4) 1. Nauchno-losledovatel'skiy Inatitut sudobnoy moditoiny Ministerstva zdravookhrananiya 353R, Moskva. 22(l) SOV/3-59-3-8/48 AUTHOR: Gromov, L.I.t Candidate of Technical Sciences TITLE: Our Readers Suggest (Nashi chitateli predlagayut) PERIODICAL: Vestnik vysshey shkoly, 1959, Nr 3, pp 23-24 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Students experience difficulty in comprehending certain parts of the course in descriptive geometry and drawing, and it takes some time to do the exercises on these subjects. Now that the majority of students will unite study with work, methods should be found to improve the teaching of these subjects. The author suggests that the time of lecturing be reduced and that three- dimensional models be extensively used, thereby causing a greater participation on the students' part during the lecture. Individual consultations, con- ducted systematically, and as a usual form of in- structional work, should be introduced. They should take place in special laboratories where experienced instructors are regularly on duty. The author com- Card 112 plains that the institute is in want of good methodo- Our Readers Suggest SOV/3-59-3-8/48 logical material which would enable the students to do individual exercises in descriptive geometry and drawing Independently. Since the curricula for the first courses contain complicated theoretical exer- cises, it will be necessary to establish a wide net of training-consultation points. The engineering- teclmical pe,-sonnel of designing o:-~,anizat'ion3 may be enlisted to act at; consultants in descriptive geo- metry and drawing. Under the new workinr, conditions, instructional motion pictures muot find a still -aider application. ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy institut inzhenerov zheliznodo.-ozhnogo transporta (Moscow Institute of fil-tilroad Eingincers) Card 212 GlIVIVI) L. 1. Gromov, L. 1. "Calculntion of the Circulnr IIydro=Insu1ntin,!, '%mbrane of a Tunnel Taking into Account the -Instic F,.,!sistnnce of the Insulation." '.!in hailways USSF. 3oscow Ordor of Lenin a:,,,] Order of I.91,or !ed Panner Inst. of Railroad Transnort Fngrineers imeni 1. V. Stalin. ;-Ioscow, 1955. (Dissertation for the Degree of Cnndir1qt,? Technicril Sciences.) Knizhnaya Lotopis; No. 27, 2 July, 1?55 Gj,'(;LGv, L. 1. Dr. R -eport on Activity of the sprain Leronchy:-z under lormal nt;d Fathc1o.-ical C n~itf~pn:; Conf!nmce on th,,- PYWsiolo,,~ical 3ystem of Intorconwetive 1"issue, Yiev, Ukr. S~:~, 1-4 Doc 191.0 k6th 3ons-li,on, /, Dec), Pull-l-ication o if th(i Acad. :;c, . I 33'a, Fiev, 19-141, p 673 NoboulorpbWasicial chomm Cam"d III, t" allk"d Mao We 1.- 1. GTOIDUY S. G, 1111AMIALUOY4 (N I"Alwill, I"m . Mfy--,W~ P,8114. is. No. 3. a-4(I96l).-7U Alk"I awh"I "ah vkhilc mkv and rats caum dmlb on intravemms in- ),viknl of 50-3ZO mg./lig.. the death ouvet cocning Itoul " dian a min. to 3 days. dqwn4lkpg oil the dowsr. Sul. fUlAn"11111 in*1iUn of J($)-401) u3s./kIt. cAuwj death in I ', ,Jay#. 1,414MAlly :M0411) W4.lkg. Alows cause latkViao "Wisn a few In*. *nd dftlb In 2-3 tit". In all CAWS A 1111AR Al"t. Of 111,161 &OMMULAICS In the abdominal cavil y &ml hirmu"hAgm in the livirt witb cirlho%iii we indk-At"I. The itwits we similar to Chow obtained by (mling betiounpe -rill 10 t1i'd, alliMAII. G. NI, K(MtApUff GRO14OV._Zqox)t4,_lj~nqk!plly~vich; MITTATXVA, Nine Antonoyne; PROZOROTSXIT, Tole, red.-, ROGOf0-A-.A,, red,; BOGACHIVA. Z.I., [Manual of histology in medical jurisprudence] Posobie po sudabnomeditsinskot gistologii. Pod red. V.I. Prozorovskogo. Moskva, Goo. isd-vo med,lit-ry, 1958. 204 p, (MIRA 12:2) (11ISTOLOGT--JMSPR=NC1) GROMOV, L.I.; SAVINA, Ye.A. Study of sudden death. Sud.-med. ekspert. 3 n0-3:7-12 -Tl-S l6o. (MIRA 13:9) 1. Nauchno-iseledovateltakiy Institut sudabnoy meditainy (dir. - prof. V.I. Prozorovskiy) Hinisterotva zdravookhraneniya SSSR. (DRATH-CAUSES) GuOMOV, L.I.; iAVINA, Ye.A.; YAKCVLLVA, V.I. Sudden death from hypertension (clinical and aratomic characteristics). Sud.-med. ekspert. 4 no.4%7-11 O-N-D 161. OURA li, 12) 1. Itauchno-isoledovatellskiY inatitut sudobnoy m,3dit3iny (dir. - prof. V.I Prozorovskiy) 1.,*.inistorstva zdravookhranenlya S3SR. tHYPEAUdSION) (DEATIL-CAUSES) PROZOROVSKIY, V.I., zaal. deyatell nauki, prof., atv. red.; HRONNIXOVA, M.A., prof., red.; GROI-.0y ed.; ._j L.I., prof., r KANTEA, E.I., Bt. nauchn. oofr. ',red.; -TO-L-65MA, V.M., at. nauchn. sotr., red.; KUBITSKIY, Yu.M., prof., red.; 14ITYAYEVA, N.A., at. nauchn. sotr., red.; RUBTSOV, A.F., at. nauchn.sotr., red.; %IOL'Yk',INOV, V.M., prof., red. (Transactions of the Fourth All-Union Conference of Forensic Medical Experts] Sbornik trudov chetvertoy Vsesoyuznoy kon- ferentsii sudebnykh medikov. Rigs, M-vo zdravookhraneniia SSSR, 1962. 588 p. (MIRA 17:11) 1. Vsesoyuznaya konferentsiya sudabnykh medikov. 4th, 1962. 2. Nauchno-isoledovatellskiy institut sudebnoy meditsirW Ministerstva zdravookhranenlya SSSR (for Gromov, Bronnikova, Kanterj, Mityayeva, Rubtsov). 3. Direktor Nauchno-issledova- tel'skogo instituta sudabnoy meditsiny Ministerstva zdravo- okhraneniya SSSR (for Prozorovskiy). 4. Zamestitell Predse- datelyn Uchenogo meditsinskogo soveta Ministerstva zdravo- okhraneniya RSFSR (for Smollyaninov). 01, V, ,i,. of tilt, !'[A ek3p. bic) I. I m~t "'.1 1 --P)r) Tamit o] ot: t v i All -A, ~,,i ra glhn.4,3 a V) n+. , i ."I,- (,I ir. p-Olf- -rl, ~,~ 4 1j f,k,,fljyfj -jT :IV,_-I:iXR G . 1. . T . ; 5 AV 1111, P , Y e . #-, - FrematUre fun Of '.t") fe *.us, lt" r~ ~ - s .,r. -f'. ~ n biology and xed'!cIne. Biu.;. MCIP. 0*-J. -~,c# 3,-1-15 .:- - ~ ~ (!AiiA "; , , 3-0 164. 'k I C,w)ICV, L. I.; bAVIIIA, Y~---- A.; plald!ITINIA, ~1- 1- "V L i :,ari I ~~c, ~ ;,,,a I (--n !,,!,u eniotr 1 tit i~yilt, Z hC 1. *,',--',,. .1111 !',,1 1,, -1. t, : ., ~-- t' "lVilz l,c)?,oiell i~,,, - " ; . I I rt-'port oubinIttc,i t'()I- ~tll Intl ;Ulthl*(,jOLov,!,-aL I.- EUAI~ -,"' ~"" Mc, C, ~-. o w , 3 -.L ( ~ ;v-i k-f ( 1, . GROMOVO T..I., kand. ti~khm. nauki IHKOI-AftV ', V.!.,, ku%,~i. U-kiin. nalik; KIMAPOV, V.G., kuh(l. toklin. nauk Crack resistance ol: concroite. Truuy MlIT no.191:1"-151. 164. (MIRA 18t6) HIN A F. ~! V AK Jv (IY 'olo. ore cord's t lonti tivi in 301W' ":irtuiol zhoie-~I-y v n-,r GROMOV, , L. I.; SAVINA, Ye.A.; YAKOVLEVA, 'V . 1. Morphological changes in hypf--rtfinslon wraina*,,!.n,~~ a-ud~-ie-y with acute card lovitacti lit r lnsufflcien~!y. Skul.-mpd.ekixert. no.4:3-9 ()~-D 165. (MIRA 18:22) 1. Nauchno-issledovatellskly institut ouciehyoy- .110diusiny (direktor - prof. V.I.Prozorcvski-) Mlninterzitva SSSR, Moskva. Submitted Decemler 2, 190. I L. K. GRaMOV, L. K. - "The operation of the Rubble-Ballast layer of a Railroad Line under a Moving Load." Min Itailwavs. Novosibirsk, 1954. (Dissertation for the Degree of Candidate in Technical Sciences). So% Knizhnaya letopts', No 8v 1956# Fp 97-103 GROMOV, L.K., inzhener, Novosibirsk. , - Some measures for improving the superstructure. Zhel.dor.transp. 37 no.10;45-46 0 155. (min 9:1) (Railroads--Track) -GRO140VO L-1- pshaner (g. Novosibirsk) Shortcoolngs In designing crushed-rock road beds. Zhel. dor. transp. 18 no.8:61-66 Ag 156. (4w 9:10) (RAilroads--Track) AUKUMOV.; GROMOV. L.K.,aesistent Friction action in a railroad track baae. Trudy NIIZHT no.14:151- 153 '58- (KIRL 12: IL) 1, Novosibirskly institut inshenerov zheleznodorothnogo transporta. (Railroads--Track) DANOVSKIY, L.K., dote, kand. tekhn. nauk; GROMOVI-AtE., kand. tekhn. nauk; KONBUOV, N.P., dots.; MIROSHIN, dots.; PECHUGIII, D.A.,dotv.; ANTONOV. Yu.A., inzh. (Novosibirsk) What investigations and experience tell us. Put' I put. khos, no,): 10-12 Mr 159. (MIRA 12%6) (Railroads-Track) GROMOV-,'L.K., kand.tekhn.nauk: KONDAKOV, N.P., dote.; PVCHUGIN, D.A., A-at'i-O (Novosibirok) Mechanizing operations In mjor truck overhaulbV;. Put' i put. )dios. 4 no-3:22 Mr 160. (KRA 13:5) (Rai lronds --MR into nance and rtipair) DkNOVSKIY, L.M.. kand.tekhn.nauk, KOTYUKOV, I.A.. kund.teI,_hn.nuuk.# KOJIDAKOV, M.P., kand.tekhn.nauk; SlfftTALIN, I.I., kand. tekhn.nauk; GROMOV, L.K. kand.tekhn.muk; P2CHUGIM, D.A., dots.; MIROSO~_,. ~.,tB.; SHCMWOTIN, K.I., assistant (Novosibirsk) Now textbook on tracks ("Track-a" b7 G.Allbrekht and others. Reviewed by L.M.Danovskii and others). ftt I put.khos. 4 no.4:45-47 Ap 160. (HM 13:7) 1. Sotrudniki kafedry "Put' i putevoye khotyaystvo" Nauchno-issledovatellskoeo Inatituta inzhonerov. (Railroads--Track) (Allbrakht, G.) (Liders, G.V.) (Nikiforov, P.A.) (Ghlenov, M.T.) (Chernyahev, M.A.) DANOVSKIY9 Leonid Mechielavoviebt dote., k&W. takhn. mmuki GRON04L L.K.?- kand. tekhn. naukp dotoontl ANTONOV, Yu.A.9 dote.11, ICHANUVO inzh.1 KUffUKOV# I.A., karA. takhn. nauk, doteent; tHASHCHOO W.P.9 inzh.j MIROSHINq P.V.V dotoentj INOZEMTSEVp A.A.p insh.; PZ- GNUOU. D.A., doteentj KOVAIZVp N.Y.,, insh.j SOKINg P.A.v insh.; ~OTOTSKIY# G.I.p in3h.9 redej UMMKOi L,A.j tekbn, red, (Track work in sections with heavy froight traffic; from the experience of the Omsk and Tomsk Railroads) Putevye rAbty na gru- zonaprlazhennykh uchastkakhj iz opyta Omskoi i Tomakoi dorog. Mo- skva, Vass. izdatellsko-poligr. ob"edinenie M-va putei soobehabe- hiia, 1961. 102 p. (MIRA 1417) (Railroads-Maintenance and" repair) (Railroads--Freigbt) KOTY'L)A?~OV, V.P., kand.tokhn.muk (g.jlovosibirsk); G,--tO,'!OV; L.K., kand.tekhn. nauk, (g.lfovosibirsk) Tonnage ncims for periods between track repairs. Put! i put. khozo 5 no. 1:34-35 Ja 161. (MIRA 14:5) (Railroads-Management) L.K., kand.tAfai.wilA~ dvtjenf, i ~ - I.- ,tolj o" th-- ballast bed and requir~.,d ch&~,= Oris tics of I Ua3t Ma- l. CA terials. Trudy NIIZifr no.31:11CI-L~4 162. 16:9) (Balla3t (Railroads)) GROMOV. L.K.., dotsentp kand.tekhn.nauk (Novouibirak) Prospects of the use of asbestos ballast. Put' i put.khoz. 6 n0-3:3-5 Mr 162. OIRA 150) (Ballast (Railroads)) (Asbea Wo) GRCMOV- L_ K., dotaent (Novosibirsk); PBCIIUGIII, D. A., doteent _~?Novooibirsk) Organization of work on tracka with asbestoa belld8t. PUt' i put. khoz. 6 no.10:22-26 '62. (MM 15:10) 1. Novosibirskiy inatitut inzhenerov zhelesnodorozhnogo transporta. (Railroads-Maintenance and repair) (Ballant(Railroade)) GRaIGV, L.K., dotsent Olovoalbirsk); KONDAKOVP II.P., dotsent (Novosibirsk) Asbestos ballast instead of the combined type. Putt i put. khoz. 7 no.5:15-17 163. (MIRA 16:7) 1. Novosibirskiy institut inzhencrov zheleznodorozhnogo transporta. (Ballast (Railroads)) (Asbestos) GRO""(4) L.K.) dottlent; Ki"IN)j~lKW) N.P.0 dotsont smciency or a crumw :jtonc ballast v3ctlon In ki,3avy tniffic alcLors. Trudy ULZIAT no-31:87-10) 162. (MIRA 16:9) (Ballaot (Railroada)) -xl4aA the rxractV-- Lmportant, 9 no.9 - 16-17 1611. GROMOVS L. V. Cand Goolog-Mineralog Sci. Dissertation: "Geological Structure and Minerals of the Vrangel Island." All-Union Sci. Res. Inat. of Mineral Riw MaterlalA. 26 Feb 47. SO: Vachernyaya Moskva, Feb,, 1947 OProject #178)6) 1. GROMOV,, Le ~V) 2. LISSR (600) 4. Fakimos 7. Beyond the sixty-ninth parallel ("Arcti,~ Circleo" Reviewed by Lo Gromcv)* Vokme sveta No, 10, 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, Jrmuary -1953. Unclassified. GROMOV) L. V.J1 "Traces of an Anclent Settlement of Wnxngel Inland," Chror~*,,-lcf: of the North; Yearbook of Historical Geography, History of Geograpliicai_ Discoveries and Ex- ploratien of the North) 7. 2, Moscow, Geor;rafgtz, 1). (Akadwlyn Nauk SSSR. Karnisiya po probleman Severa). Editorial Board: Andreyev, A. 1. , Belov, M. I., Purlydituiov, V. . F., Yef Imov, A. V. (Resp. Ed.), Chernenko, M. B. (Deputy Resp. Ed.) tuid Shcherbakov, D. I.; Ed.: Vorontcova, A. I.; Tech. Ed.: Kocheleva, S. M: Map. Ed.: Kallchevskiy, G. N. PURPOSE: The book Is intended for readers Interested In the Soviet Arctic. COVERAGE; The present volume, the second of a cerLes of three, is a collectioi of 27 articles by various authors presenting an hiFtorical account of the ex- ploration and economic development of the Soviet, North. A rrnll part of the book Is devoted to Arctic areas beyond the confiner. of the Soviet Union. The ain of the book Is to contribute to an understanding of the physical geography, carthography, ethnography, and economy of the Soviet North through EL historical survey of these factors. A large number of authorv. explorerr-, ccienticts, travel- lers, pilots, navigators, etc. are cited. GBMV. L.Y. I Traces of an ancient settlement on Wrangel Island. Iet. Sov. 2:155- 1.56 '57. (MULA 10:12) 1. Soynt po izuchentyu proizvoditellnykh oil AN SSSR. (Wrangel Island--Antiquities) GLAZKOV, Mikhail Mikhaylovich;,GROUOX,-&wT". red.; VINOGIUDOVA, N.M., red.izd-va; TEK4MAKOVA, T.T., [The Yenisey. the great Siberian river] Inissi - veliksia sibirskats reka. Noskvs. 12d-vo 'Rechnoi transport." 1959. 216 p. (MIRA 12:2) (Tenisey Valley--Description and travel) A I ; LIJZININA. M.G., red.; KOIIOVAJ.YIJK, IA., mladshiy red, ~,--fll-JWVIKAU, R.N., (Fragmont of ancient Beringlyal Oukolok drevnei Beringli. Moskva. Gos.izd-yo geogr lit ig6o. 95 p. (NDU 13:5) (Wrong*U ilia-ndl' GROMOV, leonid Vaoillyevich;KUZIMINA, N.G., red.; KON-OVAIYUK, I.K., E.U., tekhn. red. [A fragment of anciont Beringia] Ookolok drovnei boringii. Mo- skvaj, Gos. izd-vo, geogr. lit-ry' 1960. 95 P. (MIRA .14: 10) 0 (Wrangel Island-Discovery and exploration) (Wrangol Island-Economic geograpby) GROMOV, I~onid Vasillyevichi GUSSSAKOVSWA, O.N., red.; ISDOROVA, V.V., tekhn. red. [Wrangel Island; popular science atudy) Ostrov Vrangelia; nauchno- populiarnyi ocherk. Magadan, Vagadanskoe knizhnoe izd-vo., 1961. 94 P?Wrangel Island-Discovery and exploration) (MIRA 24:11) (Wrangel Island-Economic geograptq) LIKHAIIOVP B.11.; KHAUSTOVA,- WN..; YBOMINAP A4.4 MARKOV~ F.G.; SPIZPARSKIY7 T.N,,i DODDIv A,L.;. UILITOVA9 V,Ya.; CIMETNINO L,.Mtj-r GROMOV L.V.2 kand. geol,,-miner~l. nauk~ SEMBACHM, V.D.; SHUTYYv NE14- CHIHOVp V.S., akad.,xed.; NEKRASOV7 N.H., red..; FUSTOVALOVv L.V,t, red.; ZUBKOVP A-Lq kand. ekon. naukv red,,- KAVUN. T.K.2 red.; SUSHKO- VA. L.A., tekhn. red. [Na-fural conditions of Krasnoyarsk Territory] Prirodrqe usloviia Krasno- iarskogo kraia. 14oskva. Izd.-Vo Akad. naik SSSR9 1961. 248 p. (MBA 14:7) 1. Krasnoyarskaya kompleksnwja ekspeditsiya. 2. Institut geografii All SSSR (for Likhano-7j Kbaustova). 3. Pochvenrqy'institut im. V.V.Doku- cbaye-va All SSSR (for Yerokhina). 4. Nauchn(>-issledovatel's)dy institut geologil Arktiki Ministerstva geologil i okhrar7 nedr SSSR (for Markov). 5. VaesoyuzWy goologie.-hoskiy institut Ministerstva geologii i okhrarq nedr SSM (for Spizharskiy, Dodin). 6. Laboratoriya geologii dokembriya AN SSSR (for Khilltava). 7. Krwn(,yarskiy pedugogi~heskiy institut Mi- nisterstva prooveshcheniya RSFSR (for Cherepnin), 8. Savet po izucben:L-1 iDroizvoditel'rWkh all pri Prezidiume All SS51 'f~~r Gronov, Likbarov, Khau- stova, Yerokbina, Slv?herbachev.. Sbit5ry). n'. Chlon-korrespondent AN SSSR (for Nekrasov,) Pustovalov) (Krasnoyarsk Territory.- Natural history) (;RiJ,"!JV, L.V. 11 -- I --- Chalcedonies of northern Eur.,.)pe, Siberia, and the kar East and .~- _'O their prosppctive utilization, Probl, Sev. no,4:14', lrO '61. (MIRA 1~:I) (Chalceaony) kand. geol*-mino nauk, otv. red.; NEMCIIINOV, V.S., akademikj, red.), 111EMAXV, rod.; F-U1,1GVALOV, L.V,, red.; ZUBKOV, A.I., kand. ekon. nauk, red.; DASIEVSKIY, V.V.p red. izd-va; ASTAFIYEVA, G.A.,, tekbn. red. [Minerals of Krasnoyarsk Territory; coals) iron, and nor,- metalliferous minerals] Pole zrare iBkopaomyo Krasnoiarskogo kraia; ugli) zhelezo, nerudnoe syrIe. Foskva.. Izd-vo Akad. nauk SM, 1962. 205 P. WIRA 15:10) 1. Krasnoyarokaya kor,plekenaya ekspeditoiya. 2. Chlen- korrespondent Akademii nauk SMR (for Nokrasav, lustowilov). 3. Sovet po, izucheniyu proizvoditellnykh sil, pri Prezidiume Akademii nauk SSSR (for Grozov). (Krasnoyarsk Territory-Mines and minerals rez;aurces) GROMDV. M., Imnd.tekbn.nauk A 60 ,4 I-fetal are. Znan.9ila 34 no.2:2-3 7 '59. (MIRA 12:3) (Metallurgy) Factorr sanatorium. Okhr. truda i sots. strakh. no.l:IP,20 Jl 158. (MIRA 11:12) l.Spetsiallny7 korrespondent zhurnala "Okharana truda i sotsiallnore strakhovaniye." (Novo-&amatorsk--Industrial --Adicina) GROMDV. M. How to rnduen st"ftm mointijrov. 1. StarRhiy Inzboner toplovoy struktorskogn byuro torgovogo (steam) Obahchnstv. pit. no.9:52 5 '58. OIRA 11110) laboratorti T3nntral'npt-m kon- mahinnstroyeniya. GROR)V, M., invh. tpplnvoy laboratorti; TSVF,rhOVA. A., Inzh. topInvoy - ~ ' labo ra t n r i i Selecting, diametqr of the nozzle of a gas burnnr. Obshchestv. pit. no-9:53 5 158- (MIRA 11:10) 1. TBantrallnoye konstruktorskoye byuro torgnvero naphinostroyonlya. Was burners) VTSHMSSKIT. A., prof., doktor tekhn.nauk; GROYOV, M., Inzh.-mekhanik Using liquefied gas. Obahchesty. pit. no,11:50-52 N 158. (MINA 11:12) (Games. Compressed) GROMOV, M. Determining the heating surface of a steam-operated water heater. Obshchestv. pit. no.4:44-45 Ap '59- (KIU- 12:6) l.Rukovoditall gruppy toplovey laboratorit TSentrallnogo konstruktor- skogo, byuro torgovogo mashinoatrorenlya. Olster heaters) VYSHELF,SSKIY, A.. prof., doktor tekhn.nauk; GORDON, L., dots., 1--and.tokhn. nauk; GROMV, M., Insh.-nekhanik Automatic eafety device for gas appliancoo. Obshchentv.pit. no.1:46-48 J& 160. - (MIRA 13:5) (Gas appliances) .0 VOLKOV, V., kand. tekhn. nauk; GROMOV, M. Advantages of "a nneration of suction dredges by the fixed- spud method. Rech. transp. 24 no.7:35-36 165. (MIRA 18:8) 1. Gorlkovskiy institut inzhenerov vodnogo transporta (for Volkov). 2. Volzhakoye baoseynovoye upravleniye puti (for Gromov). BOYTSOVI G., inzh.; VLADIMIROV, N., Inzh.; GROWV, M. Inzh. - --- -- Thorough studl of piloting. Rech. trqnsp. 21 nL.5:48-49 Yv 162. (KRA 15:5) (Pilots and pilotage) MOW)v I M. Halfway arotuid the world. p. 8. (SKRZYM.kfA POLSKA. Vol. 12, no. 38, Lept. 1956, Warezavra, Poland) SO: Monthly List of East "uropean AccessionB (EZ4JL) LC. Vol. 6, No. 12, k-c- 1957- Uncl. - - - - -------------- 0 P,; a 0. Ou t ER 0 r 51. 8 ad .0 .0 u 15-5 Z vai-a-. SO A 0 0 04 a 3