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January 3, 2017
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July 27, 2000
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December 31, 1967
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ACC NRa AR70o8645 SOURCE CODE: UR/0372/66/ooo/0I2/V072/VO72- AU711OR: Myasnikova, Ye. N.; Gromov, N. P. Ogurtsov, Yu. P. TITLE: Progratming a device for objective speech recognition SOURCE: Ref. zh. Kibernetika, Aba. l2VJs76 REF SOURCE: Sb. tr. Leningr. mekhan. in-ta, no. 51, 1965, 145-151 70PIC TAGS: speech recognition, intelligent programming system, binary code ABSTRACT: The authors consider two methods of speech recognition. In the first ,method, the characteristic features used for distinguishing sounds are combinations of bits for energy differences in five pairs of frequency bands. The speech signal is 'divided into ten bands by semioctave filters with average frequencies from 400 to 5000 1cps. Each sound is expressed in 12-digit binary code. The average reliability for recognition of isolated Russian vowels pronounced a total of 181 times by 12 speakers Iof both sexes was h6%. Recognition reliability for speakers of one sex was 57% and for a single person--80%. The decision was made on the basis or the probability that a given code belonged to one of the sounds. In the second method, the speech signal is passed through a clipper and the intervals between zeros are divided into six gra- 'dations according to length. The sound is expressed in 6-digit binary code. The re- 'liability of vowel recognition for a group of speakers of both sexes was 51%. When '.both analyzers are used simultaneously, reliability should increase to 75%. G. Tsemell. (Translation of abstract] SUB CODE: 09 Card UDC; 51;681.14:155 GROMOV, N.S.; DI~~, 1;. 1. ~.- , '' - -I- Manufacture of tiles and decorative ceramics for interior wall C07erings. Gor.khos.Hosk. 28 no-10:36-37 0 154. (KM 7:111' (Tiles) (Walls) (Decoration and ornament, Architectural) r 1759. Illeprc%lac tono [Aivict-N.S, Gx(AqovarA N. 1. Mgt A mt s (614fl4i Cerami t 11 architect';ral w1 NWfiCUW' 2. No. 1. 1,, lik in Nlmww(hir, buildings. undergrouivJ railways. cl--) it 1vt0mvil bY a ncw mcbod - alip-