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L 14506-65 r c_4/Z7r-1i/Peb/ ACCESSION NR: AP4046201 S/0191/64/000/011/0013/0014 AUTHOR: Gromov, V. F., lQiomIkovskj_X,_jL. i%t., Abit In A. D. TITLE: Effect of the addition of saturated hydrocarbons on the radiation 22lymerization nf ethylene -1 SOURCE: Plasticheeklye massy*, no. 11, 1964, 13-14 TOPIC TAGS: radiation polymerization, ethylene, saturated hydrocarbon,, polymer strength, polyethylene, Gamma radiation ABSTRACT: The production of soluble polyethylene with satisfactory mechanical pro- portles by radiation polymerization In the presence of low-molecular saturated hydro- carbons was investigated. lleptano and cyclohexano were used as additives and C060 as a radiation source. The experiment was carried out at 20C and 400 atin. with 3-24% by weight of heptane and a radiation dose of 65 rad. /see. The effect of the hoptano content on the rate of polymerization and We molecular weight and properties of the resulting polymers was studied. Tabulated data show that for the same ethylene concentrations, increasing the heptane concentrat4on increases the rate of polymerization considerably (especially at more than 6% hoptano) and decreases the molecular weight (intrinsic 1/3 Card L 14,40 6- 65 0 ACCESSION NR: AP4048201 viscosity). The variation in the polymer yield with irradiation time at 9.0-9.7% heptane content Is plotted. In the presence of hcptane, completely soluble polymers are obtained up to a degree of conversion of 70-80%, while radiation polyethylene prepared without ,additives contains insoluble fractions at a degree of conversion of only 30-50% and has a very low fluidity. Ile tensile strength depends slightly on the heptane concentration and remains in the range of 170-246 Vg/cm2. I'lie elongation at break is increased by an average of 600-700% as the haptane content increases from 3-10% by weight, but decreases considerable above 11-23% heptane. :At about 10% heptane, the density is 0. 96 and does not differ from that of polyethylene prepared without additives. Concerning the effect of cyclo- hexane, the best properties were obtained at 6.5% cyclohexane in the Initial mixture. 7be radiation polymerization of ethylene Is accompanied by the radiolysis of the polymer, which leads to the formation of branched and cross-linked polyniors. Radiation polyethylene has a higher density and crystallinity than the low-pressure polyethylene. It was found that, in order to reduce the reactions leading to cross-lin1cing (luring the radiation polymeriza- tion of ethylene, low-molecular saturated hydrocarbons In an amount of 5-10% are very effective additives, resulting In polymers witli good mechanical and flow properties. Orig. art. has: I figure and 1 table. ASSOCIATION; None Card 2/3 , L 14e 6-65 'o .ACCESSION NR: AP4048201 I ~, SUBMITTED: 00 NO REF SOV: 002 3/3 Card - EINCL: 00 OTHER: 001 ~ I . . . , L. 0 BUD CODE: OC !!"m . 7 ------- ~~ I 9( b 6 25264 5% 0 - AUTHU6: Gr~,m,)v, V. F., Khomikr;vs?..'Iy, P. A D TITLLE: C.lprj Iv; ion if n,~ ti,,, o T. t kA'f,:ct el' radiation PEHIODI~;ALs 16: 5 - I "J 19 TEXTz The ~opolym e r i 7*! 1 t , o n f) f c t i~ n i a r..; i i t h e e f t of' rr~,,tlittion of C:)') r_!; The Qf the e t r, ~je i r. 1 k, t t h d/ 3 T fil0-0 P. AN t,~ 77. 7 C T:.(. I I t h 1 p 1 1 1. A% n ne . map-neti2 m i. A r The ampullae r - 'i I i -1."eratQd from. ir by freezinir, and 0-,:v:.,irg ,n vacs;,X:.. Ca r, d I 2 C: Corolymerizat_,on .f E /B 2 ethylene un_ier tl,t~ Tv., obtained were rinjed .vith methanol. r. lh,:,n t*--.. content in nitrc.-r, az at 260C and a -oncentratior, o' t,,e P,)_vm_-r I - , , were determinf--d. D,ita obttinea: ')for iDlar r_~ti_i ~-t;i,,ient-: A..' 0.1:0.9 und J.51,~&) tb(~- ;I-oli of ',.G_1ymer is x..- xti!~;n ru;u,.red to ~,jchiev~, a 4(~-,',. F(,r u ratio of 0.7:0.5 t he rAt(-- of polymerization lncrt~,_,9(~o -ip to con- version and then dezrc.:a, _-!c, s the in tr2.nZis -: i i ty the D~-, lymers lncreas~.~s with rhe d---i,r,~e ~f converolon; `:;n., ra.1;-ation (a'-,-out 20 hr and more ) ar,,I a moi ar part oil the All > j . 5 _)~ymnerc beccmlz insoluble due to cros!; linkinsc; 4) th,_1 rate of with increasinr cc~nc~~ritr;itior of ti-,e A,11; 5) for .:,e polymer contains rr.!%tive~j mnure All than the initiril mix-ire, Ir. ~',e range of concentrationn oil the AN from 0.1 - 1.0 mclar p-trts, e,.U-tI,:n U-716+ 0-046X 4- U.M )x 2 holds, wiieroin x is the c ntent ot AN in n,_ Initial mixture !,.rd y tne content of AN in the 6) -hQ ca.Lcu- lated const,,intu ci' c~polymerizaton arus ri 2 ~:6 0 . e - Card 215 '! 10 1~ j1 25264 c j j,) 5,~ 71' fji~lc,2 I zit tion of acryi B I ci 1 /B creases, havrever, if the content in All excceds 0. u-irtsl 7 the f o I In const,into vxre culculated for the co-.)oI,-.,-,r:z it4on of c. r i v I e n Q t:, on the data rivun by w. Rruh-,ker et :,I Lelo", G, S. KnIernit,.nv. A. 'fl 3,;nrur. nrdl T "-:,5; r 0.57. 2(C2ill 4) 1P -ire mentioned. There are 7 firure:3 and 10 :0 auviet-bloc, und 5 non 0-viet-bloc. The 1:100t L:;~Oort:tnt roferen- coa to Enr,i io h- I all (M,'Itfe PlOblication3 rc:.,.j nz; fulljv.:i: i3--uh,iker, D. Coffman, H. Hoehn, J. Chem. Joc. 1,509, Industr. and -Ingng. Cher,-,- 40, ',',9, 1948. AJI-)'OCI,,tTIu,N: Fi,-iko-khim_J-_heskiy institut lui. L. Ya. K-Irp.'va chemical Institute im. L. Ya. Karpov) j U JIM i T'-'Z D: joutember 21, 1 )60 Card 3/3 GROMOV, V.G. Application of Fourier's method of integral transformation to the problem of deformation of an infinite elastic medium b.,- internal forces, Izv. vys. uch.zav.; mat. no.509-42 162. (KRA 15:9) 1. Shkhtinskiy pedagogicheskiy institut. (Fourier transformations) (Elasticity) AUTHOR: TITLE: 8/140/62/000/005/003/004 D237/D308 Gromov, V.G. Problem of deformation of the infinite elastic sphere under internal forceav by the method of Fourier's inte- gral transformation PER10DICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. Matetatikap no. 5, 1962) 39 - 42 TEXT: The author applies three-dimensional Fourier transforms to the equations of the title problem and subsequently obtains a gene- ral expression for the displacement of the medium. The formula gives a well-known result in the case of a single concentrated force. It is stated that the final expression can also be obtained by canatruo- ting the Green's tensor. ASSOCIATION: Shakhtinskiy pedogogicheakiy institut (Shakhtinskly Fedagocial Institute) SVBMITTED: October 139 1959 Card 1/1 L 1125M3 EWP(rWEWr(m)/BDS--AF /?o 17 / ACCESSICK NR: AP3000 3 S TC-09#800/ 002/ 0081/ 0 086 Sq AUrHaR: Grcmov, V. q., Tolokmuikov, L. A. (Tula)09 TITIE: Contrib ution to the calculation of approximations in the problem of finite planar deformaticns of inccmpressive material SOURCE: AN SSSIL Izv. Otd. tekh. nauk. Mekhanika i mashinostroyeniye, no. 2, 1963, 81-86 TOPIC TAGS: nonlinear elasticity theory, nonlinear elasticity approximations, nonlinear deformations of incompressible material, stress concentration, solid-propellant rocket stresses ABSIMCT: Theoretical paper extends the investigations previously undertaken by the second author (in Akad. nauk SSSR, Dokl., v. 119., no. 6, 1958; and PM, v- 23, no. 1, 1959) relative to the prcblem of ultimate plansar deformations of azi incompressible material. The study established a relationship between the stress function and a complex function of the displaceme&.s, obtains a simplified formulation of the boundary conditions, sMuces form.1las for the calculation of Card 1/2 L 11258-63 ACCESSION ITR: AP300OW3 44 the first 3 approximations, and examines the problem of the stre -ss concentrations occurring in the vicinity of a circular cylindrical cavity within an infinitely extended body.j~ In particular, the paper exaninee the case in which the magnitude of the stress in one direction exceeds the magnitude of the staress at infinity in another direction. Here it is established that if, in addition to the classical solution, only the first approximation is taken into account, then, depending on the relationship between the stress at infinity, the new method may lead either to a reduction or to an increase of the stress concentration factor as compared with the classical solution. In this problem the effect of the deformation of the contour on the stress distribution in the vicinity of the cavity is substantial. The decrease in the stress-concentration factor, in comparison with that obtained with the classical solution in tension and its magnification in compression, is readily explained by the effect of the deformation of the contour. The curvature of the contour at the maximal-stress point is reduced by stretching and increased by compression. There are 42 numbered equations. ASSOCIATION: none SJEMITM: 27Dec62 DATE AcQ: 12jun63 ENCL: 00 SUBqO;E: FL, GM, PR, AP NR REF SCV: 004 OTMM: 00 C-,d GIROKV? V.(". 4~:Jkv,,) Using three-layer differential chart in solving the equationn of a boundary layer. Izv.AN SSSR.Mekh. i mashinostr. no-5:124-133 S-0 16). (MIRA lfj:12) L-3-2925-65 W(OMPMATR -EH ACCESSION NR i AP5006987 -----8/0198/65/00 AUTHORs Gromov, V, Go (Rostov-na-Donu) TITLE: Stress concentration around a cylindrical (circular) cavity SOURCEz Prikladnaya mekhanikat v. ll -no. it 19651 32-38 TOPIG TAGSs stress concentration, tensile stress, compressive stress, nonlinearity ABSTRACT: The problem of stress concentration around a cylindrical cavity in a body, of infinite dimensions wan studied analytically. First, the axi"etric stress state is considered as given by 011'= p.. with two characteristic physical nonJ linearities -ri G th.3, T, - 0 sh .9 (a - const),-: whereViis actual streso.(6) intensitys and 211 is the intensity of logarithmic elongation deformation 3 In A pair of expressions is then obtained for stress concentration coefficieul 10 + 4?- 11 livhich are transcendental in 2 VT,9 L. YU I + C# -'I (I +'QV + I T-+--C; nature.* k-ssoo-M analysis Is- imde* with si'lo"mogeneous stress state at inf iftity 02, in :EQ - The above resulte are then simplified cases of uniform., Car -L '32925-65 iACCESSION NR: Ap5oo6967 Itension or compression (P CI p) and to tension in one direction and compression ;on the others The stress concentrations obtained in this manner are compared ,numerically to the solution of the tranBoandental equations. The agregpent is w found to be good.- The stress diagram for the case corresponding to d pi 6 OD 2 a 0 is given in Pigs I on the Enclosure. The dotted lines correspond to th linear theory and the solid lines to the nonlinear theory. The difference is attributed primarily to changes in the radius of curvature of the cavity contour i I~inoluded in the nonlinear analysis, Orig. art* has, 40 equations# 3 figuresp and1 ,Itable. ,ASSOCIATIONt 'Rostovskiy-na-Donu goffudarstvonnyy universitat (Aostov-on-Don State ,;University) SURE=: 16Jan64 ENCLI 01 SUB ICODE tHE i?10 REP SOVs 004 OTMt 000 Catj 2/3 -0. c, EXCIA)SURE3 Oli 962o---66--,---&T(d)/-DM(M)/LWE(.I)/T -IMP) Elm- ACC NRs Ap6000237 SOURCE CODES tjR/0198/65/001/010/0015/Oq2O. AUTHORi GSrom ~Rostov-n&-Donu) ORG: Rostov-on-Don State University (Rostovskiy-na-Donu gosudarstvennyy universitet) TITLEz On the affect of physical nonlinearity an streas concentration along a hole under large deformations SOURCE: Prikladnays. mekhanikaj v. I, no. 10, 1965, 15-20 TOPIC TAGS: stress analysis, stress concentration, nonlinear mechanics, complex stresa# complex function, approximation method ABSTRACTz As a continuation of the previous work by the author (see, for example, Prikladnaya mekhanika, T. I., v. 1.p 965), relationship3 are obtained to define a class of quasi-linear shape change laws. To this end, the effect of physical non- linearities is analyzed on the stress concentration around circular holes in the presence of planar deformation. The physical nonlinearity is defined by 'ri - G(3 + ga~ G. g - consf with the corresponding laws T, -; G th 9; 14 - Gshq; . To study the shape changesp an approximate solution is considered using a small parameter exlxmeion T'i/G. On this basis expressions are derived for the stress function U and complex deformation function V. The third approximation in U takes the NRt form Au- Re [Czq,,' + j,) + 11 4 such that the statio and klieinitio boundary conditions remain independent of the physical nonlinearitioa. To -study the nonlinearity effects on the stress concentra- tion the following t"s of an expansion is carried out up to third order ,To- yz+ IE. _IZ_ST + I z z e and expressions are derived for the stresses 62' Under pure compression and for iT/2 this yields 4 3 V 4 qv' 7 I + g) 9 V1,5 (M 9 Y (4 which shows that for 9 > -7/48 d2 is greater than that obtained by the first two approximations. The stress at various points along the hole '*ntour yields - * -A- - - I - _I + 4 :2 VTS p _j_IP+ -1 VWI 6 9 VC6 48 A similar expression ii derived for the case of pure shear, and the merits of the third approximation are discussed. Orig. art. hast 26 equations. SUB CODEt 20/ SUBM DAM OlAyr65/ ORIO REPt 004 L 26138-66 offf WIEFF (n) -,,/ I -a, -k L~1_jj/_aa LU _.1j I / ACC NR, 13OURCE CODE: URF_1(0r_1~9_0_i9/i0t;0Y6 APW150i 6A ) "'M 0961/096~~ AUTHOR: Bruk, M. A.; _9romoyy. F., Chernyak, I. V.; K-homikovskly, P. M.; Abkin, A. 1~. ORG: None TITLE: 4.2 Y, Radiation-induced polymeriza fland acrylonitr tion of tetrafluoroethylene ilelat -_ I SOURCE: Vyookomolekulyarnyye soyedineniya, v. 8, no. 5, 1966, 961-962 TOPIC TAGS: tetrafluorothylene, acrylonitrile, bulk polymerization, low temperature polymerization ABSTRACT: Polymers of,tetrafluoroethylene or acrylonitrile have been prepared by bulk radi ati on -induced polymerization of the monomers at h.2 K. Wlten monomer sample were frozen at a given rate in liquid nitrogen, placed in a cryostat with liquid helium, and irradiated. Defrosting of the samples was conducted under conditions whic excluded post-polymerization. The authors assume that in the course of polymerizatior of the monomers at low temperatures the bulk temperature of the samples does not determine the character of the polymer chain formation, which takes place in "hot" regions. The polymer chains grow before relaxation of the vibration excitation of molecules in "hot" regions has time to occur. The authors also assume that polymeri- zation follows the cooperative mechanism which does not require activation for the addition of Indiv4dual monomer molecules. Orig. art; has- I figure. (B01 SUB CODE., 07, 1l/ SuBm DATE: o6jan66/ ORIG REF:..,003/ OTH REF: 001/ ATD PRESSJ~ L 30960-66 E'1J'P(m)/E'iiP(j)/EhT(1 )/E',NT(m)/ETC(m)-6/r/E,'iA(1 !jF(c) RMI~i61_701"Dj 'XCC Ni.---P'6013191 SOURCE CODE: UR/0421/66/000/002/0003/0009 114 AUTHORt Gromov, V, G. (HoMcow) ORGs none TITLEs Chemically nonequilibrium laminar boundary layer in dissociated air SOURCE: AN SSSR. Izvestiya. Hekhanika zhidkosti I gaze, no. 2, 1966, 3-9 TOPIC TAGSs supersonic aerodynamics, laminar boundary layer, equilib- rium flow, nonequilibrium flow, dissociation, dissociated gas, trans- port phenomenon, frozen flow, difference method ABSTRACT: A laminar betundary layer on an axisymmetric blunted body in dissociating air flow is considered with nonequilibrium h onogenaous chemical reactLonaltaken into account. It is assumed that equilibrium excitatio-i--oftwo knternal* degrees of freedom of the mixture components in taking place. A system of boundary layer equations in nondimen- sional form is analyzed and boundary conditions are established under certain assumptions. The transport coefficients and name diffusion fluxes were calculated by approximating formulas based on the kinetic theory of gases derived previously by the author. The specific Card 112 L 30960-66 ACC HNs A?60TJYV-I enthalpies hie host capacitt as cpI, and logarithms of the equilibrium constants of chemical ::reactions were calculated from the tables of thermodynamic properties of gonA., The solution was sought by means of a nine-point, three-level differenjo scheme which made it possible to carry out calculations without varying the not parameters in the whole range of flow regimes from equilibrium to frozen. The results from calculating the boundary layer on a coife with spherical bluntness and a samiapax angle of 10" in a mixture of N, 0, NO, 02 and N2 are given in graphs with six chemical reactions taken into account for two radii of bluntness and values of p0 - 8.495 ats, TsO - 8340K at the stagnation poInt9 TW - 2500K, and H - 25, p - 10-2 stn, and T - 230K before the shock wave). Under these conditions, the boundary flow regime is near equilibrium in the stagnation region. A solution is also obtained for the case of frozen chemical reactions. The results obtained here are In good agreement with those ~_btained Zy Kemp# goose and Dettra. Calculations made for a boundary layer on a body of revolution whose contour to given In Cartesian coordinates by the equation (x/010 + AX/L)10 - I show that the difference between fric- tion parameterokkCfORR with and without chemical reactions taken Ento account to not greater than 12%. The author exptesses his gratitude to-P. 1. Petrov for his guidance of the present work. Orig, aft, has: 10 rxguree 80"2 fOrNIA1489 [AN) SUB C06Et 20/ SUBM DAM l4Oct65/ ORIC PMt 007/ OTH Mit 002/ ATD PI Card 212 0 1~ y2ift GRO,N'OV V. I. Utilization of water power; textbook Moskya, Gos. izd-vo sellkhoz. lit-ry, 1952. 391 p. (UchabnM i uchabnye posobiia dlis sellsko-hoziaistvennykh te;,hnik=ov) (52-34574) TK1081.G7 Q6*A"VI"jjjT~.jV84Dwjpb,.~ dot gallt : FLKKSI;R. Yakov hikolayevich, Icandidat takhnicheakikh nauk; HTABYba'y, H-G-, redaktor; ?AVIkVA. U-4, tekhnicheskty redektor [Rural hydroelectric power stations] Sellskie gidroolektrostentsil. Izd. 2-os, ispr. i dop. Moskva. Goo.izd-vo sollkhoz.lit-ry, 1956. .503 P. (KIRA 10: LO (Hydroelectric power stations) RUMMY D.S.; MAYMMOVESKIY, Yu.V.; GWAOV, V.I. A 5000 T. hydraulic press for making large elements. Ogneupory 26 no.8:345-350 161. (MIRA 14:9) 1. Podol'skly z4tvod ogneuporAykh izdeliy,. (Hydraulic presses) (Refractory materials) '-__,GROMOV, V., kand.tekhn.nauk Secure a proper maintenance of parquet floors. Zhil.-kom. khoz- 10 no.5.-20-22 160. (MIRA 13:10) (Parquet floors) -GRJqD ~QVV~iktor ~vanoyich* POTEVXIN, 1.evk1m Petrovich; SHMKOLISKIY, Igor' Pavlovich; SLOBOZHAN, I.I., red.; TIKHONOVA, I.M., tekhn. red. [Priozersk; historical sketch: Korela-Koxholm-Priozersk) Priozerak; istoricheskii ocherk: Korela-Kekagollm-Pri- ozersk. Izd.2., ispr. i dop. Leningrad, Lenisdat, 1963. 1" P. (Priozersk-History) (MURA 16:6) caomovo V. I. Concise Systemmatic and Stratigraphic Summry of Quarternary Mammels Sborn. Ikkad. V. A. ObruchavI Vol 2,, 1939 SO: Trudy Arkitcheskogo Nauchno-Issledovatellskogo Instituta, GUSMF Council of Ministers# Vol 201, 1948 MOM) Vs Iq "On the Most Recent Tectonics of the European and Asiatic Parts of the UM,,# Is, Ak, Nauk SM. Ser. Geol.,, No.2,, 1947 *Paleontological and Archaeological Basin of the Stratigraphy of the Continental Deposits of the Quaternary Period In the Territory of the USSR,* 1948 "The Prehistoric Earth." 1948 LWR/Geology - Geological Prospecting Jun/Feb 50 Academy of Sciences "Progress and Problems of Quaternary Geology in the USSR During the Stalin Five-Year Plans," V. I. Gro- mov, K. V. Nikiforov, 6 pp "Iz Ak Nauk SSSR, Ser Geol" No I ,.The Commission in Study of the Quaternary Period was E-organized in 1927 to initiate and coordinate studies .-4in this field. Later, divisions were organized in the former Geol Committee in Leningrad and in the Iust of Geol Sci, Acad Sci USSR. A Quaternary Commiission was organized in Acad Sci Ukrainian SSR and some work AM 156T35 USSR/Geology - Geological Prospecting Jan/Feb 50 (Contd) in this field was done at Acad Sci Belorussian SSE. Comaission organized 46 expeditions in European USSR and Caucasus to draw up International Quaternary Yap in the 3 years between second and third International Quaternary Conferences. low 156T35 ':, - ~ , . , , . I On th c " ~.! :7 t,(- - " 1 t! o I t I, e Earth 1 2 1 - . ~o: . t. !it-r.- , 19'A. (,3 [). -JilAtotcka, v:-i,.'i') G ROMOV. V Igpol'zovaniye Vodn(rj Fnergli (UtilizAlon of Water Po"27., Gromov i -N. nelesnr. J~Oskva, ^X-II'Khmgiz, 1952. 391 TIlus., Dincrs., Tables yaystvcmVkh 'Fel:hnikimov) (Uchel,,niki i Uchelmyye Posobiva Dlya Sel'skokho7- GROMOVI V# 19 'Taphonovy and the Geological Chrovicle.,* 1. A. Yefrmov. Revieved by V. I. Gromwj, Byul. MOIP Mel Oeol., 27v No.3,9 1952 GROMOV, V.I. First f Ind from the early Palsolithic on the Volga. DIULMOIP- Otd-9801- 28 no. 3:64 151. NWA 6:11) (Volga valley--Stone Age) (Stone Age--Volga valley) US=/ Geology - Book review Card i/l Pab- 46 - 16/19 Authors I Gromov. V. 1. Title I r. P. Yeftineako's book entitled, 011'rimayal WorldO NriOdiOal I Izv. AN SSSR. 9601- 3- 158 - 159, May - Jun 1954 Abstract I Critical review i*a presented of P. P. Yefimenko's book entitled, *Primeval World.0 which describes the history of the paleolithic period. Institution: ..... Subtaitteds February 13. 1954 0, a//, M. Z- USSR/ Scientific Organization - Conference* GAW 1/1 Pub. 46 - 19/19 Authors lGramov. V. 1. Title I Conference on the stratigraphy of quarternary deposits ?OdOftcal IIzvo AN SS2(Rs Ser. geolo 5, 179 - 182, Say " Oct 1954 Abstract IAn account Is glyan of a conference called by the Committee for the Study of the quarternary Period, the Institute of Geology and the Geo- graphic Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, which lasted from the 5th to the 16th of May, 1954. Fourteen papers were read and three excursions were made. The conference was attended by 380 perms. A resolution was passed to establish a single stratigrarbic scale for the quartarnary deposits for the whole territory of the USSR* Institutionj #.... Submitteds luly 2 1954 G I? chi 0 '6 V. -~[- USSR/Geology - Conferences Card 1/1 Pub. 124 - 17/26 Authors Gromov, V. I., Dr. of Geol. tineral. SC. Title I The stratigraphy of quaternary deposits Periodical Vast. All SSSR 12# 77-79s Dee 1954 Abstract Minutes are nresented of a meeting held at the Geological-Geographical Insti- tute of the Academy of Science, at which the stratigraphy of quaternary era deposits was explained. Institution Submitted GRCKOV, Valeryan Innokentlyevich -Xt, .'I ' ' I ~ (Prom the eart Is post proshlogo zemli. Isd- 3-e, Moskva, Go@. lzd-vo tekhalko-Sooreticheskol lit-r3r. 1955. 63 p. (lauchno- pronvetitallneya bibliotaka. no.6) (KIJtA 10:3) (Barth) GROXOT#"T&l#rUa landc"t0yevich# professor, doktor goolog"Ineralo- - KADIR.YA.M.. redaktor; SURCKIN,V.V., tekhni- cheakly redaktor [Praw smAhl a past] Is proshlogo smli. Moskva, Voon.izd-vo Mini- sterstva obar. SM, 1955. 71 p. (MINA 9:3) (ftleontoloff) TAKDVLF,V, S.A.; APUKHTIN, N-I-; 90CH, S.G.; VOUNSIVISKIY, D.Y.; GIUMOV, V.I.- ZIMOV, H.H.; KRASNDV, I.I.; WNGERSOAUZIN, O.Y.: - O*ti'3, V.A.; POMMYSKATA, I.M.; RUDOVITS, Yu.L. (deceased].- SIDOWDYA, A.B.; SHARNOV, V.V.; IPSHTNTN, S.V.; TAMVLXVA, S.T.; VXRSTAK, G. Y. redaktor; GUROV, O.A.. tekhnichaekiy redaktor. [Methodical aid for studying and geological surveying of quarternea7 deposits; description of methods) Metodicheskoe rukoyodstvo po izucbentiu i goologicheakot sleake chetvartichzWkh otiozhenii; opisanie metodov. Sont.S.A.lakovlev. Moskva, Gov. nauchno-tekhn.izd-Yo lit-ry po geologit I okhrane nedr, 1955. 1185 P. (Microfilm] (MLRA 9:1) 1. Leningrad, Tessoyusnyy geologichaskil institut. (Geological surveys) (Geology, Stratigraphic--Qaaternary~-- Study and teaching) 15-1957-12-16948 Translation from: Rererativnyy zhurnal, Geologiya, 1957, Nr 12, P 40 (USSR) AUTHOR: Gromov, V. I. TITLE: Archeological Method (Arkheologichaskiy mtod) PERIODICAL: V sb: Metod. rukovodstvo po izucheniyu i geol. 9"yemko chetvartich. otlozheniy, Ch 2, Moscow, Goageoltekhiz- dat, 1955, pp 127-133 ABSTRACT: Bibliographical entry Card 1/1 ZOLOTAREV, M.A.; PIDOPLICIIKO. 1.C.; YEWROY, P.V.; VASIL'Y"KV, Y.N.; IVANOVA, I.K.; QHQMOX,.X8jI.: SOKOWV, D.S.; ZHIRKUNSKIT, A.M.; FARKUZIN, Tu.P.; PLTUSNIN, I.I.; KATS, N.U.; GRICHUK, V.P.: TIYMIMOY, Tu.K.: MOSKYITII, A.I.: IJIBIJXV, V.D.; SODDROVICH. G.I.; ZVORTKIN, K.V.; HIKKWTICH. . V.P.; GALITSKIT, T.T.; MAKEYNT, P.S.; HIKITOROVA. X.T.: GORIMYNT. D.1.; TANSHIN, A.L.; DUMIT&ASM, N.Y.; SHANTSIR, Te.V.; PITATCHIM, N.I.; FLNHDV. X.X.-, PIDDPLICHIO, I.G., dekt4r bialegicho- skikh nauk, professor. Papers presented at the conference on the history of Coiaternary flora and fauna in relation re the development of Q~iatnraarjr glaciation. Trudy Kam.chety.per. 12:129-189 155. 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TITLE: Basic Principles of Stratigraphic Subdivision of the 44ua- ternary System and Its Lower Boundary (Osnovnyye printsipy -tratigraficheskogo podrazdeleniya chetverticbnoy 3istemy i YeYe iizhnyaya granitsa) PERIODICAL: IzveBtiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Seriya Geologicheskaya, 1958, Ur 5, pp 3-12 (USSR) ABSTRACT: This is a lecture delivered by the authors at the Fifth Congress of the International Association on the Study of the Quaternary Period. The Congress took place in Madrid in September 1957. There are 2 tables. ASACIATION! Geologicheskiy institut AN SSSR, Moscow (Geological Institute of AS USSR, Moscow) SUBMI'A"TEDt 16 November 1957 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 1/1 1. Geology-Conference 2. Quaternary period AUTHORS: TITLE: Grumov, V.I.; Shanteer, Ye.V. 11-58-5-2/16 The Geological Age of the Paleolith in the U3SR (0 geolo- gicheskom vozraste paleolita v SSSR) PERIODICAL: Izve-stiya Akndemii Nauk SSSR, jeriya Geologicheskaya, 1958, Nr 5, pp 13- 22 (USSR) ABSTRACT: This is a lecture delivered by the authors at Fifth Con- gress of the International Association for the Study of the quaternary period. The Congress took place in Madrid in September 1957- There-are 36 references, 25 of which are Soviet, 2 French, 6 German and 3 Rumanian. ASSOCIATION: Geologicheskiy instftut AN SSSR, Moscow (Geological Institute of AS USSR, Moscow) SUBMITTED: 20 December 1957 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 1/1 1. Geology-Conference 2. Quaternary period 3. Paleoecology 98-58-5-4/33 AUTHORt Gromov, V.I., Engineerand Tkachenka, P.E., Candidate of Technical Sciences TITLEt The Passing of Discharges Through the Water Pipes of Turbine Units During Construction at the Irkutsk Hydroelectric Power Plant (Propusk stroitellnykh raekhodov cherez vodovody tur- binnykh blokoy Irkutskoy GES) PERIODICALs Gidrotekhnicheakoys Stroitellstvo, 1958, Nr 5, pp 17-22(USSR) ABSTRACTs The comparison of laboratory and actual observations makes it possible to determine the general regularity of hydraulic processes with respect to unfinished turbine units and in making decisions for their utilization in the planning of projects. The Irkutskaya gidrostantaiya (IrkutBk Hydro- electric Power Plant)projected ly Chief Engineer G.K. Sukhanov of the Mookovskoye otdoleniye instituta "Gidreenergaproyekt" (Moscow Branch of the "Gidroenergoproyekt" Institute), has turbine units of different design and therefore they are suit- able for carrying out hydraulic investigations. In figure 1, Card 112 three turbine units of different design are shown. After 98-58-5-4/33 The Passing of Discharges Through the Water Fipes of Turbine Units Durinp Construction at the Irkutsk Hydroelectric Power Plant examining the different types, the 2nd turbine unit must be regarded as the most suitable, fot it ensures favorable hy- draulic conditions for the passing water current. A turbine unit of this type is also the most appropriate with respect to the second stage of the concrete work to be performed. Furthermore the study of hydraulic processes is possible by using water pipe models of hydrotechnical construction. The best material for these models is organic glass, for it offers the possibility of observing the stream inside the water pipes. There are 4 figures, and I table. AVAILABLEs Library of Congrese Card 2/2 AUTj1OHS: Gromov, V.I.; Ivanova, I.K. 11-58-5-14/16 TITLE: All-Union Interdepartmental Conference on the Study of the quaternary Period (Vsesoyuznoye mezhduvedomstvennoye so- veshchaniye po izucheniyu chetvwtichnogo perioda) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Seriya, Geologicheskaya, 1958, Nr 5, pp 145-146 (USSR) ABSTRACT. The above mentioned conference was called by the Geologo- Geographic Section of the USSR Academy of Sciences and other related institutions. It took place in Moscow and Leningrad from May 16th to June the 2nd 1958. About 500 persons, representing 144 organizations participated in the Congress with 220 reports being read. Representatives of the Peoples' Republics were as follows: Rumania - E. Lityanu; Bulgaria - Zh. Gybylov; Poland - Ya. Dylik; Chechoslovakia - V. Ambrozh and K. Zhebera; Democratic Rdpublic Germany - I. Gellert; Hungary - M. Kretsoy; and China - by Fey-Ven-Chzhun and Lyu-Tun-Shin, all professors. AVAILABLEt Library of Congress Card 1/1 1. Geoloff-Conference 2. Quaternary period RAVSKIT, Edmund Iosifovich; GROWV.,Jjp,&.ptv.rmd.; IASIM'InsKly, P.I.0 red.izd-va: KUKOVYff,"'S.G., tftkhn.rnd. EG"olaMr of Mesozoic and Cenozoic sedimonts and the diarinnd potential of thn southern part of the NIngusku Basin] Geologila nnzozolskikh I Iminoxotakikh otlozbenll i almazonnannot' iuga Tunguiaskogo bansoina. Moskva, lzd-vo Almd, nauk SSSR, 1959. 177 P. (Akademiia nuak SSSR. Geologicheskii institut. Trudy, no.22) (Tunguska. Valley-Geology. Stratigraphic) (Tungunks. Valley-Djamon4a) (MIRA 12:9) GROMOV, Viktor Ivanovich.- IPAYNSHTSYN, Lyubov' Alokanndrovna; BICSSMTIIYY, ---X*%-,-,r-er.-,"' NO, . P.S., (Kamorable places of Leningrad Province] Pamiatnye meats Lanin- gradekol oblasti. Leningrad. Lenizdat, 1959. 487 P. (MIRA 12:11) (Leningrad Province--Ouidebooks) BOTTSOVA, Ye.P.; VITTEITBURG. P.V.; GANESHIN, G.S.,; GROMOV. V.1.,; ZURAKOV, V.A.; JVAJIOVA, I.K.; KRAS11OV, I.I.; LUNGYRSGAUZE1, G.P.,; - ITIKIFUROVA, K.V.; POKROVSKAYA. I.M.; CHEMOV, Tu.l.; ITSHTETIr. S.Y.; YAKOVIXVA, S.V. Sergoi Alsksandrovich IAkovlev; obituary. Biul.Xom.chetv.per. no.23:97-101 '59. (MIIA 13:5) (lAkovlev, Sergei Aleksandrovich, lfrq-lq57) (Geolo,rx) GROMOV, V.I., doktor geologo-mineral. nauk Banic problems in the 29 no.6:40-43 JS '.59- (Geologyq geology of the Cbiaternary. Vest. AN SSSR (MIRA 12:5) Stratigraphic) -1-- 30, - ARXHIPOV, Stanislav Anatollyevich; GR014JV. V.1.,; GAUJSRKO. Ta.A., red.lzd-va; POLYAKOVit, T.T.. tekhn.rod. [quaternary stratigraphy, nnotectonice, and paloogeography of the central Tenisey Valley] Stratigrafiia ch()tvnrtichykh I1~. otlozhonii. voprosy nootektoulki i paloogeografii basseina ared- nago techenlia Bnisela. Moskya, Xzd-vo Akad.nuuk SSSR. 1960. 170p. (Almdemila nauk SSSR. Goologicheskil insti ut. Trudy. no-30-) (YOU1967 Valley--Geology) NOA 13:3) r,RONOVA, Veral GROMOV. V.L.; NIKITINA, O.Ge, red.lzd-va; VOLLOVA, e--- V.V., t k [Key for the identification of MAMMals of the U.S.S.Z by skeletal bones] Opredelitell mlekopitaiushchikh SSSR po kostiam skel6ta. Moakva, Izd-vo Akad. nauk SSSR. (Akademiia nauk SSSR. Komissiia po izucheniiu. chetvertichnogo perioda. Trudy, no*16). Xo*2 [Key for identification br the ankle bone and heol bone] Oprede- litell po krupnym kostiam zapliuAny. 1960. 115 p. (MIRA 13:8) (Mammals, Fossil--Idenfification) (Anklebone) (Reel bone) 'i IL PHASE I BOOK EMPLOITATION SOV/4644 Spetsializatsiya i kooperirovaniye promWahlennosti; opyt raboty sovnarkhozov (Specialization and Cooperation in rndustr7; Operating Experience of Councils of National Hconomy) Moscow, Gooplanizdat, 1960. 253 P- 5yOOO copies printed. Gen. Ed.: S. I. Semin; Edo.: Ye. I. Komiarov, and I. S. Maksimov; Tech. Ed.: Ye. S. Gerasimova. PURPOSK: This book in intended for persons working on practical problems of specialization and cooperation within the industry of individual economic regions. COVERAO: The book presents probleas of development of specialization and co- operation within industry in Imniagrad, Novosibirsk, KharIkov, Mepropetrovsko Kemerovo, Kherson, and other Admittistrative Economic Regions in 19596-1965. This book is the first attempt to describe the experience of individual National Economic Councils. No personalities am mentioned. There are no references. Specialization and Cooperation (Cont.) wv/4644 TAME OF CONTENTS: From the Editor 2 Ch. I. Development of Specialization and Cooperation Within the In- dustry of a Region (Experienoe of the Imningrad Council of National Economy) Author: Y. L-Gramav- 3 Brief characterization of industry of the leningrad economic region 6 Deficiencies in specialization and cooperation in Imningrad machine construction 9 Sace measures for development of speclaUzation and cooperation within the industry of the laningrad Council of National Economy 20 Specialization of economic regions and the specialization of establishments 64 Ch. U. Struggle for Tdrther Development of Industry (From the Experience of the Khar1kov Council of Mtioml Economy) Author: V. L Borisov 72 QML45- GROMOV, V.I. Subdivisions of the Quaternary eyetem in the U.S.S.R. and foreign countries. Trudy GIN no* 26:3-10 1609 (MIU 13.-12) (Geology, Stratigraphic) YEFIMTSKV, Nikolay Andrianovich; GRCHOV, V.I. doktor geol.-inineml.nauk,; FROKO, V.I.2 V.G., [Quaternary glaciation in western Tuva and the eastern part of the Gornyy Altai] Chetverichnoe oledenine Zapadnoi Tuvy i vostochnoi chasti Gornogo Altai. Moakvaq Izd-vo Akad.nauk SSSR, 1961. 163 P. (Akademiia nauk SSSR, GeologicheBkii inatitut. Trudy, no.61). (MIRA W12) (Altai Mountains-Glacial epoch) (Tura Autonmous Province-Macial epoch) VAIMENGEYM, S.A.- GRCNOV V.I., doktor geol*-minerenaukp; MIRAKOVA, T.-, ~reizd-va; ULIYANOVA, O.G., [ftleontoloeic basis for the stratigraphy of Quaternary sediments in northeastern Siberia according to mammalian fauna] Paleontolo- gicheakoe oboonovenis stratigrafti antropogenovykh otlozhenii severa. Vostochnoi Sibiri; po faune mlekopitaiushchikh. Moskva, Izd-vo Akadsnauk SSSRp 1961 181 p. (Akademiia nauk SSSR. Geolo ich Ali institut. Trudyp noe48). Pz .14 t12) (ftleontology, Stratigraphic) (Siberia, Eastern) VAS','L'YE'4, "iuriy Rakmirvdch; GRUXOV, V,L dektor F-c-ol. -mineral. nauk. P., %iYOWNOVA, I.A.9 rQt,,,N,rrary of the Lc&nz g1con] ,atropogeu iuzhnogo Tzd-vo,W. 1(,)61. 127 (AkadouLiAa mmk :!SSR institut. ".,'rudyp nri.49), (MIRA 14:12) (Volca Valley--Geology) GROMOV, Igor' 14ikhaylovlchj GROMOV, V.1.r otv. red.; NIKITINA, O.G., red. izd-va; NOVICHKOVA) N.D.P' (Fossil upper quaternary rodents in the Crimean foothills] Iskopaomye vorkbnochetvortichnyo grylzuny predgornogo Kryma. Moskva, Izd-vo Akad.nauk SSSRI 1961. 188.p. (Akadomiia nauk SSSR. Komisaiia po izucheniiu chetvertichnogo porioda. Trudyj vol. 17). (Crimea-Rodentia, Fossil) OMIRA 1414) GRalOV,_:~,I., r-M.-; NIKIFOROVA, K.V., red.; SMITSIM, Yo.V., rod.; F.IRA- KOVA, LN, ,md. lzd.-va; SMOLIN, P.P.9 red. izd-va; FINIKOp V.I., red. izd-va; LAUT, V.G., tekbn. red. (Problems of Quaternary geology; for the Sixth Congress of the International Association for Quaternary Research in Wareawv 1961] Voprosy goologil antropogena; k VI kongressu INQUA v Pol'she v 1961 f;odu. Moskva, Izd-vo Akad. mauk SM, 1961. 223 P. (KIRA 14:8) 1. Akademiya muk SSSR. Geologicheskiy institut. 2. Sotrudniki otdela chetverti--hnoy geologii Geologicheakogo inatituta AN SSSR (for Grozov, Nikiforova~ Shantser) (Geology) YEFIMTSEVV N.A., otv. red.; SHANTSER, Ye.V.t glav. red.; BADERp O.N.p rod.j GRICHUX9 V.P., red.1 GROMYt V.I.I_Fed.1 HELINIKOVAg N.B.9 red. Izd- va; GIDALWICE9 WRINAt F.S.0 tekbn. red. (Materials of the A1.1-o-UnIon Conference on tho Study of the Quaternary period] Materialy Veasoiuznogo soveshchanlia po izucheniiu chetvartich.- nogo perioda. Moskva, xzd-vo Akad. nauk sssR. voi.l. [General problems in the Btudy of the Quaternary period. History of Quaternary flora, faunap and fossil nan) Obsbchie voprovy izucheniia cbetvertic)pogo pe- rioda. lotoriia chetvartichnoi flory#.fauny i lakopaemo o cheloveka. 1961. 495 p. IMIRA 14; 8) 1. Voesoyuznoys soveshchwAye po i*cheniyu chetverticbnogo periodal, Moscowy 1957. 2. Geologicheakiy institut AN SM (for Gromov, Shan- teer). 3. Inatitut_geografii AN SSSR (for Gricbuk) (Geology) SHANTSM, Te.T.. glov. red.: YRYINTSU. N.A., otv. red.; BAM. U.N.. red.; GRICIM, V.P., red.;.__PROKOV _Y,.l -, red.; HIL'OKOVA. N.B., red. izd-va; GIDALZTICH. A.M.. red. izd-va; ILS[INA, P.S.. takh. red. (Materials from the All-Union Interdepartmental Conference on the Study of the Qxwternary Period] Nnterialy Tsesoluznogo neithduvedomstvannogo soveshchanila po isucheniiu chetvartich- nogo periods. Moskva, Izd-vo Aknd.nauk SSSR. Tol.I[Genersl question@ in the study of the Quaternary period. History of Quaternary flora, fauna, and fossil man] Obahchis voprosy lzu- chanits chetvertichnogo periods. Istorila chetvartichnoi flo- ry, founy I iskopoemogo chelovska. 1961. 495 p. (MIRA 14:5) 1. Yeasoyuznqye wthduvedometvennoys soveshchaniya po izuehe- n1yu chetvartichnogo periods. Moscow, 1957. 2. Geologichaskiy institut AN 865R (for Gromov, Shautser) 3. Iftatitut geografii AN BSSR ( for Grichuk) (Osology, Stratigraphic) (Paleontology, Strntigraphic) GRCMCV, V.I.; KHASNCV, I.I.; MIKRUA, h.V.; SHANTSER, Ye.V. Present status of the studies on the delineation of the 17der boundary if the Quaternary system and its stratigraphic subdivision. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. geog. no. 4:33-41 JI-Ag '61. (MIU 14: 7) 1. Geologicheskiy institut AN SSSR i Vaespyuznyy nauchno-is,31edovatellskly geologicheskiy institut. (Geology, Stratigraphic) KKIGEA, flikolay Ivrinovich; GROMOV, V.I., otv. red.; SMYGIRA, L.I,r red. izd-va; SIMKINA,-C.S.Ptakhri. red. (Quaternary sediments of Africa and southwestern Asia]Chot- vertichnye otlozheniia Afriki i Perednel Azii. Moskvar Izd- vo Akad. nauk SSSR, 1962. 141 p. (MIRA 15z9) (Africa--Geology, Stratigraphic) (Asia, Southwestem--Geology, Stratigraphic) GRCHOV, V. I. About the so-called old boundary between the Neogene and Quaternary and some other problems. Trudy Kom. chetv. per. 20'. 117-139 162. (MIRA 16:1) (Geology, Stratigrapb1c) (~,OEOV, YlAqi4~r Ivanovich; alhrjOV, Ye.I., red.; PONOMAIEVA, A.A., -L takhn. red.; Gtl IJIMOVA, Ye.S., tekJin. red. 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(MIRA 36: 1) 1. Predsedatell postayannoy komissli po neogenovoy sisteme pri Mezhvedomstvennom Btratigrafichookom komitets (for Ebersin). 2. Ispolnyayushchly ebyazannoeti Uchenogo askretarya postoyan- ney komisaii po neogenovoy sisteme pri Meshvedonstvennom strati- graficheekom komitste (for Neveaskaya). 3. Predsedatell posto- yannoy komiBsii po c%tvartichnoy sistew pri Mezhvedomatyennom atratiRmficheskon kamitete (for Shantser). 4. Uchenyy askre- tart poatoyannoy komisaii po-chet"rtichnoy sistems pri Neshve- domstvennom stratigraficheskom komitets (for Lavruohin). 5. Zwwstitell predeefttelya Komisaii po izuehenlyu chot"rtich- nogo perioda AN SSSR (for Gromov). 6. Uchenyy askretarl Komisaii po izucheniyu chetvertichnORO perioda AN SM (for Ivan6va). 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K. , otv. red.; If'EYSIITADT, M.I.,, otv. rod.; RAVSKIY, E.I., otV' red. [Quaternary neriod and its history; for the Seventh Congress of the INQUA held in the U.S.A., 19651 Chetvertich- nyi period I ego istoriiaj k VII Kongremou INQUA (SShA, 1965). Moskva, Nauka, 1965. 221 p. (MIRA 18:5) 1. Akademiya nauk SSSR. Komisslys. po izucheniyu chet-,ertich- nogo perioda, J'A ;1. ;4 1. *'1 SAKS, 7-N Y.Clr r f;d -LID, A. vin red.; s.D. . red. S1 :~jj *I,QFly p 0"1 t I zu", Von; L:.- T 1"!", 4 o In:-Altut (for Sak,3 j, ' AP6017708 SOURCE CODE: UR/OlO5/66/OO0/0Ol/OO85/Ob86 AUTHOR: Bertinov, A. I.., Voronetskiy. R, 13.; QgOdellman, B.- R.; Gil!shberg, Ve Y.; Gromox.--V- DruzhiR-n, N. N Kunitskiy N. P.; Naumenko, I. Ye.; Petrov, 1. 1., Vetrov. G. N.: Rueakov. V. G6: Silayev._b. F.; y9lezhanovskiy,-0. V.; Syromyatnikov, I. A.; 71~1~inV~.S.; Fjjja,,_",~; T QV0 A. I.: Chilikin, M6 G.; Yun-'kovj M. G. ORG: none TITIE: Engineer N. A. Tiahchenko (on his 60th birthday) SOURCE: Elektrichostvol no, 1,, 1966p 85-86 TOPIC TAGS: electric engineering personnel, metallurgic furnace, electrio equipment ABSTRACT: Nikolay Afanaslyevich Tishchenko completed the Khartkov Electrotechnical Institute in 1930, after working as an electrician in a Kit-allurgica-1 pliht from 1923-1926. He was active in the development of domestically produced electrical equipment for rolling mille and metallurgical furnace works. lie was active during WWII in restoring electrical equipment damaged by the Germans. After the war, he was active in developing electrical drive equipment for both domestic and foreign metallurgical plants. He has been active in scientific workv publishing over 45 works in such varied fields as electric drives, equipment reliability and productivity of labor. Orig. art. has: 1 figure. LJPRS1 SUB CODES 09, 13 / SUBM DATES none rnrA 1/1 6 Lr' KRYLOV, Hikolay Ilikoloyevich; LOBAIJDIYEVbT.IY, Pevel lortifovich; 104, Solomon Abramovich; GRCHOV, L.I.. red.; GAVRITAR. G.S., tekhn.rad. [De"criptive geometry] Nachertatellniiia goome triia. Pod red. II.N.Krylova. Moalwa, Gos.izd-vo fiziko-mntem.lit-ry, 1959. 367 P. (Milu 13:1) (Geometry. Descriptive) t. A ACCESSION NR: AR4042246 S/0081/64/000/008/SO19/SO19 SOURCE: Ref. zh. Khimlyao Abs. 8S98 AUTHOR: Vasenin, R. M.; Gromov, V. K.; Vakula, V. L.; Voyutskiy, S. S. TITLE: Kinetics of the establishment of autoadhesion bond between polymers of different molecular weight CITED SOURCE: Sb. Vy*ookomolekul. soyedineniya. Adgeziya polimerov. M., AN SSSR, 1963, 52-57 TOPIC TAGS: polymer, autoadhesion bond TRANSLATION: The method of separation is used to investigate the kinetics of formation bond adhesion of five fractions of polyisobutylene with molecular weightff of 10.75.106 to 2.4-106. Work of separation increases with time of contact, by ,exponential law. The less the molecular weight of the fraction, the faster will the autoadhesion bond will be formed. An increase in the contact temperature has an analogous influence. Experimental data are compared with theoretical curves Card 1/ 2 ACCESSION Nil: A114042246 of work of separation versus time, calculated for the same molecular weight. The .constants necessary for the calculations were determined by experimental data for one of the studied fractions. Satisfactory coincidence of experimental and calculated data was found. In accordance with theoretical presentations the work of separation, determined experimentally with identical times of contact (from several minutes to several hours), is the reciprocal of the molecular weight to the 2/3 powe,,-. This attests to the sufficiently fast penetration of macro- molecules from 3ne sample into the other and to the decisive role of elastic deformations during separation of an autoadhosive bond. For unfractionated Polymer: the "perimenta, values of the work of separation are 30% higher than these calculated; th'.9 is due to presence of low-molecular fractions. Kinetic constants at temperatures of 20, 409 609 wW 800 are calculateds Activation energy of the process is 7500 cal/nole.; - SUB CODE: OC, GC ENCL: 00 Card 2/ 2 L 15W_61~ EPR/EWP(J)/k"(0)/zWT(m)/ 9 I(P BDS AFFTC/ASD Ps-4/0c-4/Pr-4 " - 9109, ACCESSION NRi AP3006624 S/0076/63/037/009/2077/2081 AUTHORi Gromov, V. K,; Neyman, H. B,; Vakula, V. L.; Voyutskiy,- S. S. TITLEt Study of the nature of the failure o a polymer-substrate adhesive bond by the method of tagged atoms/ SOURCE: Zh, lizicheskey khimli, v.- 37, no. 9, 1963, '2077-2081 TOPIC TAGSs adhesive bond, adhesive bond failure, bond failure, joint failureg failuret polymer substrate adhesive bond, radio- metric method, adhesive, tagged atom, tagged polymer, atactic -polypropylene, tagged stactic polypropylene, substrate, nonredLo-- active &tactic polypropylene, sheet silicate glass, copper foil, strippina test, adhesion testing machine, TsNIKZ adhesijn testing machine, bond strength, radioactivity, substrate radioactivity, bonding time, bonding temperature, mLcromosaic type failure ABSTRACT: The failure of polymer-substrate adhesive bonds has been studied by a highly sensitive radiometric method developed Card 1113 L 155W-63 ACCESSION Nits AP3006624 4~1 by the a th r m,loying a tagged polymer. Atactic polypropylene u 0 8 (molecular wei t! 3 x 104) with tagged tertiary C atoms a sed as an adhesivYand nonradioactive atactic polypropylenG,,j:heut silicate g ass, or copper foil, as a substrate. Strippin tests on percale strips coated with the adhesive were conducted vith a TsNIKZ adhesion testing machine; the radioactivity of the stripped; substrates was then measured. Tito results are given in the form of tables and graphs. The fact that all stripped substrates were i' radioactive indicates that after bond failure a certain amount off~ adhesive remains on the substrate. Radioactivity measurements showed that the quantity of adhesive remaining on the substrate increased with an increase in the time and temperature of contact between adhcsLve and substrate during specimen preparation. It is assumed that: 1) the adhesive remaining as nonpolymeric substrate is distributed in the form of "islets" rather than as a uniform layer and that in such case bond'failure is "micromosaic" in type; 2) in the case of polymeric substrates of a higher molecular weight with three-dimensional or supermolecular network structures Card 2/3 L 15508-61 ACCESSION NRs AP3006624 and considerable Intermolecular forceog smaller quantities of the adhesive will remain on the substrates. Orig. art. has: 2 figuresg and 2 tables. ASSOCIATIONt Akadamiya nauk SSSR. InstLtut khimicheakoy fizikL (Academy of Sciences SSSR, Institute of Chemical PhXsic ); Moskov- skLy inatitut tonkoy khimicheskoy tekhnologii iment M. V. Lomonosova (Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology) SUBMITTED: 170ct63 DATE ACQ: 30Sep63 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: CH, PH NO REP SOV: 005 OTHERt 008 Card 3/3 GROMOVf V.K.; UHMAN, M.B.; VAKUDI, V.L.; VC)YIJI,'jXIY, S.S. Tracer method study of the character of the breakdown of the polymer-substrate adhesive joint. Zhur. fiz. khim. 37 no.9s 2077-2081 8 163. (MIRA 16:12) 1. Institut khimicheskoy fiziki AN SSSR i Moskovskiy institut. tonkoy khImicheskoy tekhnoiogii imeni Lomonosova. SMIKHOV, Ya.M.; MID, L.P.; ROHASHOVA, M.G.; ROHN, Te.S.: KArACHIVA, T.N.; DOROFN"VA, T.V.; GRONOV, Y.K. , ' - Method for studying fractured rocks and their reservoir pro- pnrties. Gool.nofti 2 no.3-_17-45 Mr 158. 04IRA 12:6) 1. VaeanyuznrT neftyanoy nauchno-inaledovatel'sKy goologo-rasvedoch- nyy Inatitut. (Rocks--Permeability) GROWN) V.K. Method of studying the jointing of rocks. Trudy VNIGRI no.165:29-55 161. (14RA 14:F) (Jointa (Geology)) (Oil s8nds-PaMeability) GROM V.K.; PETROVA) R.K. --NO~V_.- Ileaults of the study of the jointing and reservoir properties of Pul3ozoic rocks in eastern BiAiMrla as examnlified by the Kinzebulatovo field. Trudy VNICRI no.165:56-88 161. (KUU 14:8) kbaahkiriA--Ui1 sands-rermeability) (Joints (Geology)) GROMOV, V.K.; PETROVA, R.K. Oil-reservoirs in reef deposits of Bashkiria. Trudy VNIGRI no.186015-326 161. (MIRA 15t3) (Boahkiria-Patroleum geology) SHWOV, Y.. M., prof.; BULACHp M-Kh-i kand. gool.-mlneral. nauk; ROMM,, Ys.S.; GORYUNOV, I.T.; GMID, L.P.; GROMOV, V.X.; DOROF=A, T.V.; KNOR-LNG, L.D.; KALACHEVA V.N.; TATAR1NOV, I.V.; I.V.; KLEYN09OV, Yu.F.; KAPLAN, M.Ye.; ZVONITSKAYA, MAZURKEVICH Z I.- DRFCfABINA, U.N.; RUSAKOVAJ, L.Ta., vedushchiy red.; BARANWA: L.'G., tekhn. red. (Metho4ological text on the study of the fracturinr of rockfi and fractured oil and gas reaervoirol. Metodicheskoe posobie po liucheniiu trashchinovatooti gornykh porod i treshchinnykh kollektorov mfti i gaza. leningrad, Gontoptekhizdat, 1962. 76 p. (Leningmd. Vaeaoiumnyi neftianoi nauchno-issledovatel'- skii geologorazvedochnyi institut. Tnidy, no.201). (MIRA 16:4) (jointB(Geology)) (oil sands) SMEKHOV, Ye.M., prof., doktor gool.-mineral. nauk; BULACH, MI.; R0141, Ye.S.; POZINE21KO, B.V.; GORYUNOV, I.I.; KNORING, L.D.; GMIDP LOP GROMOV VOL; KUZIIETSOV, Yu.I.; DOROFEYEVA, T.V.; KALACHEVAI VON'; rdZIM[Pubwo lu,r,; TATARINOV, I.V.; IONINA, I.N.p vedushchiy red.; YASHCIIURZIIINSKAYA, A.B., tekhn. red. (Combined investigations of fractured reservoirs and #M experience in estimating the petroleum res6rves contained therein.] Komplekerqs issiedovanila treschinnykh kollektorov i opyt podscheta v nikh zapasov nefti. Leningrad, Gostop~ tekhizdat, 1963. 198 p. (Leningrad. Vsesoiuznyi neftianoi nauchno-iseledovatellskii geologorazvedochnyi institut, Trudy, noo214) (MIRA 17:1) avi, "it! I h-~ T r Tf ! 61 r.~ginr:t. T-11.1 7 W GKOKOVV T K.; VASENIN, R.N.; CHAIYKHp A.Ye.; VOYUTSKIY, S.S. Effect of the molecular veight of hydrocarbons on their diffteian in polymers. Dokl. AN SSSR 365 no.2t347-350 N 165. (MIRA 18:11) 1. MoskovskLy institut tonkoy khisiahookoy takhnologii im. M.T. Imonosova, Submitted April 13, 1965# L 11107-66 EwT (m) /F w-, /-r T,4E k! ACC NRs AP5028 282 -SQURCS -CODE UIV602016 Wi6 5/bb 4 216i 7/0350 AUTHORi Gromovi V. .,K.; VaepnIn, R. M.; QLajLkb A. Ye.; Voyutrkly, S. S. V OiCh Moscow Inatituto oC Chemical Precision Toohnoloa im, M, V. Lomonosov (Mookovakiy institut tonkoy-RhiMeboskoy tekhnolo-~11)-' TITLEj Effect of the molecular wo4ght of ljyflrocarbon~- an-1 t1fili- -11,ff11,,.11on'1n polymers~ SOURGEt All SSSR, rjoklnay, v. 165, no. 2, 1965, 3,'+7-3,,0 TOPIG TA'IS: hydrocarbon, molocular wnljit, polymor i r",Ic t AESTLUXTt The Affuslon confftctont (D)of hyli-ocarbonn In pol~,u-rn ~i.-is nturliod i y chang4n,j their molocular wl~lj~ht for 1-2 orri,3ra, Tho followin., !-,yt~tcmn w-~-) stufliel 1. o 1* (polyzar, hy4ruo.%rboa(a)j tompvn Lure); polyisobutylvjm'~( 1) Tj JiL, or heyalnc,ina, 20-320C, 1, parrifrin (nQ 7~~l 61 1, ICA)-130v'; I, polyathyl,~,ne (mols~calar wpig~it-12000 or-15,~~X)), at,,,)ctic poj.7- propylene (II), paraffin (moleotO,tv weight -1)25), 60-100"; 11, c~.,rniiroi, and II, polynthylene (moleculj-r weij;ht-2000 or,-J~CWJ~, An th'.) S.,"!1tpzs stuliel, D depended on the molocular wolFjitof hyfirveirixin-~;, to th,3 equation D = YJO . where K and I ware conottint and M vis 1"Olocultir wt~,l N ioiienle3 on the concentration of thn hydrocarbon In a pyst~c) unl on th-3 n7~t,;-q of th,) polymer. At 100-20C, -i was -J3 or 2 for I or 11, reopec ti voly. For i~olio t hylen~is, V was ard 1 2 UDGs 678.01j,53 __c I- . / -- - - ~ -- - - - --- -- - ~ - - -.,. - .- . -- --- - I :I",, - ACC Mt AF5028262 A..5 and -11.5 at 120 and 130C, resj~eatively. In Wi cane the tciiap~_-rature depullrIftnea of N w~iu prob,,Wly rolatell to "he concon Lion M* tho ar,iiij ;)f urloro(i crysttLlo in Ui,) onc-. -,L hl,)ior t(muporaturas, thtt mobillty oC chains increamid tvnd 'Y bec%mq A 130G) holding othnr fantoro cons.,int,"th-, value of I Increased With tho Poly-moral polyothyletle '~4utactic propyInno ( j~,'ilytvoLi;tylow). At 160c, D for a hyrlrocarbon or_a-rl_lols,_~(i~lir wei.#it of 2.101- wn.9 -J6.10-112 or -12.10- cra2/30M. Tn I or 11, respectivoly. 'With an Increase of hylronartion cun,_-,ritrittcn In a :qatum, tli-- activation onerFj- of tho fliffurlon procons locrumsuld. Alitl i"4p'~r was progentc)d by Acadeudclan S. S. ',bdve,lev, 13 Apr. 65, Crig. art. havi 4 fl.,m. SUB GODEs 20,07/ SUBM DAM 09Apr65/ (RIG MPS OG9/ (TIM REF& 007 [-Card GWYCIlp V. L. Crirld. Tech. Scl. Disnert~Ition: "Swedinh Windows. Qualitative Indexpo and Wpys of Intrrduction into Soviet Building Industry." Academy of Architecture US-Tt, 16 Xrly 1.7. SO: Vechernyaya Yoskva, 1-11ay, 1947 (Project #17836) V. Khu0oL11n1k i, K.And. Tekh. Nalik., F~ il"'I'll-LL, "'-. L. f,xkh. P.11 'IF. 11.JC1 I NIK OVA, C. S. - Arkh. , M YATov-, Yu. P. - In.-n., C. L. - Arkh., DAY.-T, 0. (1. (Rukovoditelltervf) Kmd. iU*khD.ekturv 'KIY, V. P. - Kartr!. Axk1dtektvry, PABINOVICH, 1. L. L. 11. Kand Teklm. flroik jiintitut stroltellnoy teklmiki Akvivi-.1.11 Prf,(;1o7heni-,m no oburudovaniyu i otdelke ;-v,-,.rtir mno-ret.-m-mr, h -,hilykh dornov v I k mos~ve (Allt)ovi) prive, 6T Sot Collection of Annotations of Scientific Research Work m C completed in 11~0* mogcowq 1951 GROMOV, Y.L., kandidat tekhnicheakikh nauk. Inlaid and block parquet flooring. Gor.khoz.gook. 28 no-10:33-35 o 154. (XIAL 7: 11 ) (Nrquetry) ARBUZOV. II.T.. kand.tekhn.nauk- GROMOV V.L.. kand.tekhn.nauk; GORSKIT, B.Z., karid.tekhn.nauk; XALISAd'9W.._T.T:.'.'kand.tekhn.nauk; KUIIITSKrY, L.P., kand.tekhn.nsuk: KURBATOV. L.I:,*Lrid.tekhn.n9uk: HOROZOV. N.V., kand. tekhn.nauk; PILYUGIII. A.I., kand.tekhn.nouk; PRIKAK, N.S., kand.tekhn. nauk; SZKBIITSOV, S.A., k:and.tokhn.nauk; ULITSKIY. I.I., kand.takhn. nauk; MIUTORYANSKIY. H.S., kand.tekhn.neuk; SHERENTSIS, A.A.. kand. tekhn.nauk; PIIJSKIY. Ye.A.. inzh.; KARSAK. Yu.Ye.. red.; PATSALYUK. P.m., [Civil engineering handbook] Sprevochnik po grazhdanskomu strottell- styu. Izd. 3-e, perer. i dop. Kiev. Goo. izd-vo tekhn. lit-r7 USSR Vol. 1, 1958- 867 P- (MIFA 11:5) (Civil engineering--Handbooks, manuals. etc.) ARBITZOV, U.T., kand.tnIhn.Tu%%tk- GRO1407 V.L. kand.tekhn.n9uk,- KURIIATOV. '-MO-20e-) D.I., kand.takhn.nouk; H , T-T., k,,d.tekhn.rauk; PILYUGIIJ, A.I., kand.tekhn.nauk; SHMMITSIS, A.A., kanrl.tekhn.nauk; Si4.CHEPZTGV, A.N.. red.; XCRSAK, YuJa., red.; HATUSEVICH, S.M., [Manual of civil engineering] Spravochnik po grazhdanskomu stroitell- atvu. Izd. I-@. parer. i dop. Kiev. Gos.izd-vo takhn. lit-r7 USSR. Vol.2. 1958. 560 p. (HIRA 11:7) (Civil engineering)