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MMWA, 1. Aut4matic reconnection of electric -In lines which food the engines of deep- well pvxpo* p. 226a EMETICAe (Asociatia Stiintifica a Inginerilor &I Tecludaienilor din Rominia al, Kinisteralul Energisi Electric* si Inftstriei ne3trotehnioe) Bucuresti. Vol* 4j no* 5p 1956# SOURM Past Puropma loessions Idotp (EE&L),, Idbrary of Congreasp Vol. 5p No. 11, November, 1936. PARHON-STEFANSSCV, Constantai RODIN, L; MICLEAx Elena; HU m1wo Elena. CotisideriAbbe on the re4tion beb~een thenic~neiirosis. Stud. c6rcet, andocre endocrine diseases and an- 14 no*4/5/6:5/9-584 163o HUHMZSCU, Mihai, ~~ principal proiectant (Bucuresti) The effectiveness of cimetallic relay protection. glactrotehdoa 9 no.7t236-44 Jl 161. 1. Intreprinderea "Blectroaparataj", Buouresti. PREDOI, A.9 ing.; HIJH(JU,'3CIJ, A., ing. Electric apparatus for automation installationa achieved in unitary series. Automatics. electronics 8 no. 2s8O-87 Mr-AP 164. A, HUHULESCUp M. Modern electric equipment for troiley buses. p. 91 ELECTROTEHNICA. (Asociatia Stintifica a Ingierilor si Tahnicienilor din Rominia. si Ministerul Energiel Blectrice si Industriei Blectrotehnice) Bucuresti, Rumania, Vol. 7. No'* 9, June 1959 SvPt- Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAI) W Vol. 8, No. 9,/1959 Uncl. I---- -- - -... ..... .... ---- - HUIBNER, A. The exhibition "Ton Years of Construction of Sertiae." p, 27 IZGRADNJjk, Beograd,, Vol 9, No. 9/lo, sept./oct-P 1955 SO: East European fecessions Idetp Vol 59 Noolos Octep 1956 WEISMASS, Henrik, doc. dr; HUIC, Bozena, zdr. tehn. Relation of the antiotreptolysin-O titer to blood protein electrophoresis fractions in rheumatism. Vojnosanit. pregl. l9no.31777-778 N 162. 1. Republioki Zavod zaiZantitu Zdrav1ja u Zagrebu, Baktorioloski 0djel II. (BLOOD PROTEIN ELECTROPHORESIS) (ANTISTREPTOLYSIN) (RVEWATISM) HUICA, I.; TURCULET, U Geologic research in the region comprised between Susits. Valley and Motru Valley (northwest of the Getie Depresadon). Dari seama aed /+M103-2-12 60/61 (publo 1621 H!l -~_5CIAIJ10,, Note on the Tortonian deposits in the Patirlage-Hor ani region. Dari seama sod 46:101-107 158/59 (publ. 1621. HUIGAI I.; DIGSAI 0. Geolou of the region between the Buzaului VrMey a.,jJ -4he Zimbroaia Valle with special regard to the age of salt (Soimari-Calvini Shallow Basinf. Dari seama sed 49 pt.2;119-135 t6l--162(l,ubl. 1641. 1. Submitted Apri-I 27,, 1962, IIUICA I. - GIIEORGHIU, Maria IMMWW;W-9~4L Clupea gorjenoia nov, op., a new Zish species in the Upper Sarmatian of the Sacel-Gorj (north of the Getic Depression. Dari seama. sod 47:149-156 159/60 (publ. 162). HUICA, I.; BICIESANUj, V.; CRAHMALIUC, 0.; GHIU, T.; OPREA, M.; FOR, S. On the age of the broken stones at Schela-Bumbesti Jiu-Arsenj (northwest of Getic Depression). Dari seama. aed 49 pt. 2.13-13-117 ,61-16z [publ. 1641, (HIRk 17i11) 1, Submitted March 10, 1962* an Q( sollko veret-A)lt! 0118. All. Dimit. C. fttkn~ xt, 11mido I-, N(i. 1/2, 15 derivol (r,mi I'tol.t. 6"d vald 4.1 sctd,. .'K poti I oi. L!.g, Ch h-4 9 Y, J! I I AW 0 WMA I i j, i lly il Ifli't-T I ti-I __ -1 iJ -- ~ - ! 6 , 4! 1 1 ~ 1'.r ~Iil.: A vNed qwifitv prtdtia t,f pQ,v-v.d al Itoillt-d by ~mIr'--mitioll 1~itlt 35 ;It ill 1:,' 114. ".411jil-Irly (lie "i14 If tqlp Yllic ; 0- 0 ltrs,- at,.m,; niepr-rihict:scan lie u~,l ;%! I!) :111"rdallts illillt. ilAllitty mit! a.-, tv(.0pu, T;Wil ~t I.ility Ow ~At,nslm[ ;w;f1i ,f Ill v;;-th g'--olp ;;~f~jt 'Itt tll.IE thL%.r~'Scl;lljlc -iolfc,11-ttA -A,w ~il- Tlw jj.;Ijy,~ 14"n.., -ill, lNilshk~d [Ind tv:uEr,lj1Vtj C.311 :11--.U as tll III MIMI HUZ.BZR,, Ixtv" (Venzymm); B.C.R=) IstVvA (NUV&U) contributions to the pro*em of Lots# &U kisipar 7 no*W 21 B(MOR.Zauzaa,dr.; BOMINSZKY,Clyorgy,dr.; RUJM,Suudor,dr. Preludin Intoxication. Ory. hetil. 101 no.20:706-707 15 My 160. 1. Pecol, Oryontudoman I lkyetem.l. as. Balklinika. (PHIMMUNA toxicol.) HU,,'ECEKI Zdanek, inz. _.. ,_, - ~ 14 ~: -~ ~ - ~ - ~ G Contribution to the problem of bladed disk oooillation. Zpravodaj VZLU 3tIj-17 164, 7 E,:~, 1 19-1; 4 --l , - -- -- I - -C-r ~ TUr IFU~ VTF TU XLV - 1, 1 ~ --l I F----Izuv . -... ~ 11. '1', ~ ~. .. . : --, I I - . I I m . II tt- , a ~-= -mI--- .7.= ..... ;;- j I - -li . f~r jet~.rmia ~-, ,-, T - m, - . 12 ~~, L~A T.- _q 2ad M TE~. balu~ et En L r'.7 '41 v!~ A J. [W-~ Coordination or parts of a project for the construction of An eleitric- powa:- plant. p. 69. T37,111NICKA ! ILACA. (Statne nalclstlntelstvo technickej literatury) Vol. 0, no. 2, Feb. 1954. -IDURGE: En3t European Acces:,,!ons List, Vol . 5, no. ',', Sept~-,*,er 1956 STIRN. F.. Sarajevo-, HUXOVIO, B., Sarajevo ...... The causes of antihistaxinic failure to Inhibit the secretion of hydrochloric wid* Red. arh., Sarajevo 8 no.2t25-29 Mar-Apr 54. 1, Is Parmakolookog instituts, Nedicinskog fakulteta, Sarajevo. (GA$TRIO JUICB secretion, off, of antihistaminies) (ANTIRISTAXINICS, off. on gastric juice secretion) 1--cantent and &4.'HV(IY Of acely1choffne it. hwTon rallk. S. jluka*i~ and 1. jlmil;~ ("I"I' Futt"ty, Yugo. Ttsts w(th the de-ervatm vrvn. %how-I fhat t tt- Fteab milk,coutains 0.1-115 y =aAchalLne- Vie i"fM crit gut sbows under the luflLence of human milk inucamed i.ita613 nad a Wrht Spasm. Condmic;rv tht rio. of 'W'd movelvents itt in~nts are dttd. amonz jh!x fatims. M hv the wDetvkh(Ifita contcnt of tlie milk. A. 8. R. F-t AM YUGOSLAVIA/Huzaan and Imiml Physiology. Tho Ncrvous System. T Abs Jourt Rof Zhur-Biol., No 8, 1958, 36906. Author Storn, P.,.Hul.-ovic 9. sirlija, A., Rims;J, B., Inst Stojkov, Ou-L~ Titlej Now Viows on tho Fathophysiology of Progrossivo Muscular Distrophy. Orig Pub: I-Touropsihijatrija, 1956, 4, No 1, 1-9. Abstract: In pationts witli progrossiv-:~ muscular distrophy thoro was notod an olovation of urinc, contont of adronalin and a docroaso in tho contont of noradro- nalin. Tho olovation of tho, adronalin contant loads to doplotion of glycogcn in tho akcllctal musclos and to croatine oxcrotion. It is the opinion Card 1/2 I FAR11AKOLOSKO(l, itisrim'A, Ne-jAcP,,j,4qArA!TsKr xLiAiiKg- blyiKe d,rALjrLr oAe-.7j' Map;cdiNSWO4 pACvL)1s7-4 U SARATOVIA- YUGOSLAVIA/Hunan and Animal Physiology. Tho lllcrvous Syston. Abs Jour: Rof Zhur-Biol., No 8, 1958, 36906. T of tho nuthor that tho disoaso ia associatod with tho lowaring of tho sympathotic and parasympathatic tonus. Card 2/2 120 MISIRLIJA, A.; STERN, P,:, RUKOVIC, S. Significance of histamine and of t1he nervous system In tuberculin reacttin. Tutforkulosa. Beogr, 8 no.2:102-104 Mar-Apr 56. 1. Parmakolooki Institut He4icinskog fakulteta u Sarajavu. (TUBIRCULIN RRACTION, off. of skin histamine & chlorpromazine inhib. of hypothalamic funct. in guinea pigs. (Ser)) (HISTAMINNI off. skin hietamina oa trterculin reaction In guinia, pigs. (Ser)) (H M THALAMUS, off. of drugs on chlorpromazine on inhib. of funct.. off. on tuberculin reaction In guinea pigs. (Ber)) (CHWRPBDKAZINI, off. inhib, of hypothalamic funct., off# on tuberculin reaction In guinea pigs (Ser)) (SKIN, metab. histamine content, off. on tuberculin reaction In guinea pigs. (Ser)) YUGOSLAWA/Pharmacology. Toxicoiogy. Therapeutic Drugs of Enzymstic V Origin Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biol., No II, IV, No 52012 Author Hukovic S., Pukarek V.., Stern P. Inst Title Me Effect of Destruction of the Intestinal Flora on Enzyme Activity (Trypain.. Lipase, Diastase, Alkaline Phosphatase) Orig Pub : Med. arkhiv) 1956, 10, No 2) li-14 Abstract : The activity of the blood alkaline phosphatase increased following the destruction of the intestinal microflora by udministration of terramycin or penecillin. Zia activity of blood lipase and trypsin did not change under those con- ditions. The possibility of the development of morpholo- gically invisible 11%rar damage) following short periods of antibiotic administration, was demonstrated. It is the opinion of the authors that this damage results from in- toxication of intentinal. origin, caused by decrease of Card 1/1 the microflora. -- G. Ye. Prumkina B Dr. Peroral tfierapy of diabetes and preliminary personal experience. Mod. arb..Sarajevo 10 no.6tl5-27 Nov-Dee 56. (DIABVIS YJMLITUS, ther. N-sulfanilyl-NI-butyl urea (Ser)) (SUIJONRUDIS, ther. use N4ulfantlyl-NO-butyl urea In diabetes mellitus (Ser)) (UM, tber. use same) Iffect of the destruction of intestinal flora on the activity of ferments: trypoin lipame, diastasis and alkaline phosphatasso Red. arh., Sarajovo 10 no.2:11-14 Mar-Apr 56. 1. Is Parmakolookog Instituta Hadicinskog fakdlteta u Sarajovu. (SAMRIA intestinal, off. of antibiotic Induced imbalance on blood alkaline phosphatass, lipase & trypsin in rabbits ($or)) (ANTIBIOTICS, inj. off. Intestinal bact. imbalance, off. on blood alkaline phosphatass, lipave & trypoin in ribbits ($or)) (ININSTINTS, bacteriol. Intestinal imbalance induced by antibiotics, off. on blood alkaline phosphatase, lipass & trypsin in rabbits (Bar)) (BWOD alkaline phosphatase, lipase & trypsin, off. of antibiotic induced intestinal bact. imbalance in rabbits 0or)) (PROSPHATASI In blood alkaline, off. of antibiotic Induced intestinal bact. Imbalance in rabbits (Bar)) (LIPASIS. In blood, off. of antibiotic Induced intestinal bact. imbalance in rabbits (Sor)) (TRYPSIN, in blood same) HUIDTIC, S. mmol-, -Bosold-Jarisch heart reflex, Ned, arh., Sarajevo 11 no.2: 65-70 Vkr-Apr 57- I. Farmkoloski Institut gsdicinskog fakulteta - Sarajeyo. (HIART, physioloff, cardio-cardiac Inhib. reflex of Besold & Jarisch (Ser)) (Rxnu eam) HUKOVIC,Said Iffect of adrenalin on aldolass activity. Nod. arh.,Sarajavo no.2: 69-76 Mr-Ap 159. 1. Institut sa farm~,cologiju Medicinskog fakulteta u Barajevu, sef: prof'. d-r Pavel Stern. (BPINIPHRINS pharmacol.) (AIMIASI metab. ) - HUKOVICS.,d-r; AD&MIC.S.,d-r A graphic method for bioloigical qa&ntitative determination of 5-oydroxytryptanine ORT) In solution; and extracts. Ned. arh., Sarajevo 12 no-3:151-366 MY-Js 159. 1. Institut sa farmakologiJu Nedioliwkog fakulteta. u Saraj*Tu, sef:-prof. d-r Favao Stern, (SIROTONIN chem. ) slims P.; HUKOVICX S. An international syMosium an the NPI substance, Sarajevo.. 1961. Bul so roug 6 no.3%71 ;S t61. 1. FarmakoloBki inatitut Medicinskog fakulteta [Universitetal Sarajevo. (P substance) (Peptides) TRKOVNIK, M.; DZZMAC, M. I HUKOVIC p S. The anticoagulation action of some now synthesized 4Aydroaqcomarin derivatives. Bul so Youg 7 no.3s62-63 Je 162. 11 Farmakoloaki institut Medicinskog fakulteta, Sarajevo'. 2. Membre de la Re'daotion, "Bulletin scientifique" (for Dezelic). .' BOBAREVIC, B,; ~OVIGO~S.J DEZELICs M. Pharmacological investigation of pyrrole-2-aldehyde and barbituryl-pyrryl-methinee on the hypnotic and spaomolytic activity, Bul so Youg 7 n0.3:64-65 Je 162. 1, Farmakoloski institut Nedicinskog fakulteta, Sarajevo. HUKOVICp S.; BOSKOVIC, B.; PRZIC, R.,, STERN, P. Pharmacology. Bul se Toug 7 no.3t68 Je 162. 1. Farmakoloski institut Medicinskog fak,ulteta, Sarajevo. =DnG,, S.j STEU, P, AnUgoniots of P oubatameo Wl oc Youg 7 no*6:171 D 1629 J-, Inati sa farmakologiju Nmaoiwkog fakuUtal, Sarejavoe HUXMGI a. Qmantity of 5-hydromytryptowim and aotivity of monoamJne oxidase in variaus pathophyW.ologiaLl 'prooonaes. in the braino liverp kidneyes, and intestine. Bul to Toug 7 no,,6d73 D 162. I..Hedi*iwki fakultetv Smjevoo 1 A i-I'TOVIC Apd r. Met" Der-artin;int of irfititut Medicinsifng fzikulceta~, flriversitv ot -Amo~,jn-, Histamllne In Tf-.sup~v Following Acta Merlica lugoelavica, VnI 16, No I . 140)2; 1 r 44-51 f, temnn fimmarv n, 0d it 4p.':j' ; Ce)tjtr,~; 1141 h;tUj It S ,, ;IV 1: 1:1. 0:' 1 'qd -4rether d-layed acut,.~ tnxic s"rtams jore due !-, ',-Istiminc ',J~vratjon r;-ng.:isstvvJv dust& ii-; jiqe!itJvt- trut. Athi -o I r, t )'A L ton r to '11(j vats. Therp wb:- in Increa-,e uf 'ilmtamifrc in 'In ind trc-r.L,-,1 rats !;ut was appart-titly lut triinly Io irtiazact, -rference wfth liberation oi hiticaminc- .ram e.!iodologlcil intc during determiii.irion. Thicee tablos: 3 Y-;goslav lmd I WerLern STIMN, F.; HMVIG, S. OttO LOSvi- (.1873-1961). Had. arh. 16 no.4s81-85 ji-Ag 162. I- FarmakOloaki Inatitut Medicinskog fakultata u Sarajavu. (OBITUARIM) YUGOSLAVIA Mirjana BOSKOVIC, Said HUKOVIC, Tibor SaLAMON and Pavao STERN, Dermato- venemlogy Clinic (Dermatoveneroloska klinika) Head Prof Dr Josip FLEGER, and Department of Pharmacology (Institut za farmakologiju) Head Prof Dr Pavao STERN; Hedical Faculty of University (Hedicinski fakultet Univer- ziteta,) Sarajevo. "Skin Histamine Level In Psoriasis During Treatment with Fowler's Solution." Belgrade, Srpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo, Vol 91, No 2, Feb 63; pp 135-140. Abstract [French summary modified]: Fowler's solution per os to 7 patients with psoriasis total dose about 1 mg./Kg. over 2 weeks; 1 cm., 30 to 150 mg. skin biopsy from lesion and normal skin before and after revealed increased in histamine; also clinical Improvement (no local treatment.) In 1 patient Intradermal injection of histamine releasor 48-80, In 2 histamine: no change in any. Compreheusive but inconclusive discuss 4 n of mode of action. As203 P-0- in rats increased skin histamine also. Twelve Western and 1 Yugoslav unpublished* reference. 4]D3L, A., Doe., 9UDr.; HULA. J.. Mr. Braickals polaro-grephi c reaction in myocardial infarct and its clinical significance. Can. Ink. ceek. 95 no-37:1001-1005 14 Sept 56. 1. Interni klinika, Gt- fakultni nemocnice v Pisni. Prednosta prof. dr. K. Bobsk. (CORONARY DIS1A8ej'cpV1P1- myocardial infaftte aiagop p*larographic filtrate reaction (Cz)) (WOCARDIAL INTARCT, compl. coronary dis.. digg., polarogrgphic filtrate reaction (Gs)) aCMnA MEDICA Sac 6/Vol 13/6 Internal X-edicine June 5Q, r- 2967. FEVER IN CARCINOMA OF THE STOMACH. A CONTRIBUTION TO EARLY DIAGNOSIS OF THE CANCER OF THE STOMACH - Horeeka pri rakovind faludku. Pf (sp6vek k daend diagnose faludeftf rakoviny - H 4 1 a J Klin. Chor. Vnitfnl~h LAk. Pak. Univ. Karlovy, Plzft - VNITANi OEM- 1958, 4/8 (685-692) Tables 10 In 124 cases of gastric cancer. a rise in body temperature was found In 55.5% (26.6% high, 29% subfebrile). In 4% of the cases, fever was the only sign. The type of the temperature curve was very variable. (V, 6,16) -S Psmul V., HUIAP J. Hemodynamic liver cirrhosis. no.4050-354 Je 161. Cesk. gastroerzt. vj-z. 15 1. Klinil5a chorob vnitraich v Fizni, prednosta prof. dr. K. Bobsk. (LIVER CIRRHOSIS phy~iol) (BLOOD CIRCULATION) HULA) 'I. Mass production of qijarries. p. 67. RUDY, Praha, Vol. 3, no. 3, Mar. 1955. SO: Monthly List of P~,ast European Accessions, (F.E.AL), LC, Vol. 4, no. 10, Oct. 1955, Uncl. HULA, J. Use and maintenance of scraping equipment. p. 179. RUDY, Praha, Vol. 3, no. 6, June 1955. SOi Monthly List of East European Accessions, (MEAL), IC, Vol. 4, no. 10, Oct. 1955, Uncl. HULA, J. Method of mass work at an open pite p9 294o RUDY Vol- 3, no. 10, Oct. 1935 Czechoslovakia Source: EAST EUROPEAN LISTS Vol. 5, no. 7 July 1956 HULAs J. HULAv J. Fuse ignition* p. 69 Vol* h. no. 39 Mar- 1956 RUDY TECHNOLCIOY Traha, Czechoslovakia Sot East European Accession,, Vol. 6, No. 2, 1957 MJLA, J., HUIA, J.. The complex mechanization of the driving of long mining tunnels in ore mines. 6 p. 208. Vol. 4, No. 7, July 1956. -RUDY. TFGHNOLOGY Praha, Czechoslovekia So: East Europaan Accession, Vol. 6, No. 3, I-larch 1957 Cardiology CZECHOSLOVAKIA SOVA, J.; PAICHL, p.; yAUFX,,,..,jT,,~_POKO.'JjTY, I.I.; HZA, I-! _~ANEK, A.; CARL L. - CEPIMAK, V.; PETEROVA, E.; SIG1.1UND V. i VOH- NIK, 6.; Clinic of Internal Diseases, Ned. Fa.,.'Nh'ar1'a., Un v. - (Klinika Chorob Vnitrnich Lek. Fak. KU), Plzen, Prednosta (Hoae.) Prof Dr J. SOVA; Internal Department Local Institute of National Health, 17actory 1!oapital (Interni Oddeleni NU11Z Zavodni Nomocnice Odboroveho Podniku) Slcoda, Plzen, 'lead (Prodnosta) Docant Dr M. PONOILIV; Psychiatric Clinic Hed. Pao. Charles Univorsity (Psyohi- atricica Klinika Lek. Pa1c. KU), Plzen, Head (Prednosta) Prof Dr E. V8111COVSKY; Sild Pathological and Anatomical Institute i4ed. Fac. Charles University (Silcluv Fatologickoanatonicky Ustav Lek. Pak. 1W)i Plzen; Head (Pi-ednosta) Prof Dr J. VAKEIC; Groun for t_he Dev- elopir,ent of Programiring Methods (Skupina Rozvoje Programovacieh Metod v*Odborovem Podnilm) Skoda, Plzen, Head (Vedouci) A. XATOLIC~- ky; Chair of Mathematics, El-,.otrotochnical Faculty College of Mechanical Engineering (Katedra Matematiky Elektrotochnieke Fakul-. ty VSSE), Plzen, Head (Vedouoi) Docent J. KLATIL, Central Biochem- ical Laboratory (Ustradni Biochemicke Laboratore5 PN, Plzen, Head (Prednouta) Dr V, 1AHN, "Use of Digital Computers in the Evaluation of Pathogenesis, Diag- nosis, and Prognosis of Myocardial Infarotion.11 A8 I- CZECHOSLOVAKIA Prague Casopla Lekoru C*aWb, Val 105, No 24-95, 17 Jun 68, pp 883- 684 Abstract.*.Computer evaluation or data obtainod in-the study of acuEe arot of the wyooardium is described. 280 indicators uere used whioh'alldwed the use of 2200 charactoristic codes. A 50 page code was prepated. All 260 indicators use numbers I to 9, and data on one patient are contained on 4 cards* The first problem is the dateimination of the frequency of correlation com- plexes of the.most important signs of an acute myocardial infarcts 2 Western referencel HULL, Josef Special leads in electrocardiographic diagnosis of cardiac infarct. Cas.lek.cesk 100 no,5:137-143 3 F 161. 1. Klinika chorob vnitrnich v '301sni, prednosta prof. dr, 1. Bobek, (MrOCARDIAL INFAMT diag) 11ULA, Josef Cara=pmlmonary insufficiency in obesity. Clinical contributions to the Pickwick a7ndrome. Gas. lok. cook. 101 no.34:1037-1045 24 Ag 162. 1. Klinika chorob vnitrnich lokarske fakulty KU v Plzni, prednosta prof. dr. K. Bobek. (OBESITY) (SLEEP DISORDERS) (RESPIRATORY INSUFFICIENCY) (HFART DISMES) -:U, IL., I -i7 . Production or combed cellulose tops from spin-ing ca',Ics. 1). 235. Tz-XTIL. (Mininteratvo lchkeho -rLL-.iyslu) Praha. Vol. 9, no. 8, 1954. SOMCE: EAst European Acces5ions Li3t, Vol. 5, no. 1, Saptezmber 1956 MJLA9 K. Voluminous yarns. p. 124. (Textil. Vol. 12, no- 4, Apr. 1957. Praha, Gzechoslovakia) SO: Monthly Liat of East European Accessions (EEAL) LC, Vol. 6, no. 10$ October 1957. Uncl, C, 'P .. - - : CteChoalov"! ia C A T 0 RY A?,,-;. JOUR. : RZKhxm., llc- 21 jt~j 59, 110. ?7152 "; ; I '~ H (j,. _.. q : Pektor, V. and Hula, L. T'Al'~M - 4_ A. . . X.; I . : Not given 1-~ I 2L ; " ; The Drying of Skins Glutd on Glass O.M-. PUB. Veda a Vyzk v Pruayslu Kozedlyt, 3, 99-118 (1958) A 3'6- T FJi. C TThe temperature and relative humidity of the environment for the drying of skins glued on glass have been determined. The effect of the dusting, aoftening, tanning, and fat liquoring operations on tha skins which are dried in the gl~ued-on-glass condition has- been determined and optimum conditions for carrying-out thee* operationa have been established. Glue formulas have been developed for the various types of skins. 'The quality of the chrome-tcnned stock, CA.Mt 112 339 COUNTRY Czechoslovakia CATZGORY ABS. JOUR. RUMin, ~o. 2:L 195), 7715 TITLE, ORIG. BUB. ABSTRACT calfsk-ins, and pigskin uppers was evaluated analytically and organole p tic ally. Tit new dry- ing method given a 4-15% increabe in the ore& of the skins. D. Gorin CARID; 212 HMA Me; HUZL, F.; LUKESOVA, L.1 SYKORA, I.; SOUSTEK, Z. -7-:~ A special type of skin allergy after beT7111um bronze. Pmcovni lek. 13 no.10:497-499 D 161. 1. Klinickopatologicke dermatologicke stredioko SFH v Plzni pri kozni klinice, prednosta prof. 101Dr. Vlastimil Real, a pri Patologicko- anatomickem ustavu, prednosta prof. 14UDr. Josef Vanek D. SC., oddeleni chorot z povolani a prum7slove toxikologie SFN v Plzni, prednosta MUDr. Frantleek Huzl C. See, spektrograficka laborator Kovohute, n.p. Rokycany. (BERYLLIUM toxicol) (ALLEM atiol) HUI4, M.j. SOUS TEK, Z. Report on the activity of the Dematological Clinical,-Pathological Center in the State University Hospital in Plzen. Cesk. derm. 37 no-3: 200-202'Je 162. .1, Kozni, klin4kA'Statni fnIcultni neomcnice v Pizni, prednosta prof. dr. V. Resi Ustav patologioke anatomie lekarske fakulty Karlovy university v Pizni, prednosta'prof. dr. J* Vanek, DrSc. (DERVATOLOGY) MJLAt M,; SOUSTEK, Z, Reticular hemoblastoma with differentiation into malignant lymphogranuloma and Kaposits sarcoma. Cook. dorm. 39 no.4t 256-260 J1164 1. Dermato-venerologicka klinika (prednosta: prof. dre VeReal) a Sikluv patologicko-watomi*7 ustar (prednosta: prof. dr, J,Vanek,, DrSc),, lekarske fakulty KU [Karlory university] r 1PIznI. %CZECHOSLOVAKIA UDC 616.596-057 .1W.IAL Milan'JIUUt Frantisek; POKORNY, Franuisek, SYKORA, Ja- rosla,Pf-D-ormatological Clinic, Med. Fac, Charles Univ. (Kozni Klinika Lek. Fak. KU)-,Fli-en, Head (Prodnonta) Prof Dr V. RESL; Department of Occupational Diseases and of Toxicology, Faculty Hospital (Odd. Chorob z Povolani a Toxikologie Fak. Nemocnieej Plzen, Head (Vedouci) Dr F. HUZL;.Toxioological Dept, Okresni Station of Hygiene and Epidemiology (Toxikologicke Odd. OHES)j Gottwaldov, Head (Vedouci) Dr F. POKORNY. "Nail Danage in Laminated Glass Productions" Prasue, P,,acovni Lekarstvi, Vol 18, No 6 - 7, Aug 66, PP 310-313 Abstract: 8 out of 19 women employed in the production of lamin- ated glass suffered damage to nails, due probably partly to the chemicals present ( polyester resin containing 40-50','ol free styrene, *,61. cobaltnaptithalatep 2-3% cyclohexanonperoxide, toluene, and di- butylphthalat and a liquid oontaining water alcohol, and P017- vinyl alcohol), and partly to mechanical exertion. The damage consisted of discoloration, dorsal deflection, dorsovolar cross- splitting, and fraying - of the nail plate. 7 Figures, 1 Western, 1/1 3 Czech references. (Ms. rea. 1 Dec 65). -23 - of 4 **Oo**Ot* too '44 f 0 0 a it 111 9 W Is to 11 4 pol it It Al a 26 v H 21 It 1) Jd S V 9 A 0 A V At 41 40 40 * A & 00 T - - go A t.V ,U L 00 Idsimp VA". "V. 111%W atut 1. Kosik. -go 0 C~emm. 06W 9. PALJOD(V%M).-*rj%mmjdWUG64's *Jlj~j% 00 00 were imombled SW emulpsired with simmOor winn fn~w other Ale. nd qvW 004 ciom"I" we W-Illy hick- .* 0 o -a-liwWo" WWO. tbr WMAPM" -t *-M - il 00 s Wsov. " " - tbo ow ciumeau we 11-21 and WW; 1 A l T 40 00 *Iu O, 10 Ofta 004 IM"IbIlk Wr6b See I 1be VOS -00 of Ch 4.6%t Me mob on~* very rqvml&~Mv On bmb .00 00 age off use s e e P.-I, go f mg, u AV 010 nT 6 a vr-r-*----r-l-~r-v--W---I--,.Iill-I I.-V I - v 9 w tp " W a to M a it a Og a a is ml s ~i__, 0 0 0 0 0 a a 0 , 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Vs 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 : 0 0 6 a 0 0 0 a 0 q 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 i 4~096 io 0 * 0 0 0 0 & 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 e o, oot 004 098 004 004 *OA 004 004 OOW 0011 a IF a 0 0 b v a 0 too -00 :04 00 -00 000 -00 fee 000 0t0 see . 900 . see 1 .09 (SOO goo, 600 1100 was lose goo miiILmm~ ON, , 10K wkm by khe old F. IL 11 900" 10 "1 10 Ole 0 00000000000::0 **&**000000 0 0 0 I" WN &AV Soso# 01*10FIftodoo 39 9, 4000*0000004 1004:046e00000000 I I t i A Is it v 11 U A, a A J, if a A; o a a a atlill 00 Ar F 1, 1- Pat-is H " 0 , !. ,%jolt No 'ovoill-.4 a-4. , : A The devaturalon of win". V_,,Itu -Iln; lufants a 14 7&41 11& n sunniviry(WIP) -01111 f . , a Atoll, &C and "Wo, AvOll was used printortly 1-m an, ~ Of Wifts aluxled to IM Motout. at 0"pt; Nact and cu* 1. h di i I d i d f d -00 60 2 tor or t vitto stu e n win" e pl#pu. comparat vely M id licaudy. The diollitilles from (a) untreated whic, M -00 Q the sonse wine contS. 3 k8. N&CI per IW 1. and (c) the J 100 1 i 30 9D l 0 1 f L -00 00 j . same w . o a u . so nd a. per % Possessed a=o ty of (a) 33A (0) 31.2 &w (c) 28v i a ;~ h 1 d ' e quan. 013 ct. An cqftt aim n t In ' n '; : .00 th ) 40t(10 493 oW W 38.0 MS. ACORt per 100 ( cc. r"p. appessrsaw of the distillate Inxu the see . h l i t l l d C S0 d ess e o 1-trea e ne was c ear, t or was p u w ng. ill di i d h i I h t nee st es T n t a cam. er an e taste was ont s actory. the co4slytic effect of the CIA and the action of the walls 004 of the gho Mialvai-O upon eders. tie.. did tM utanifeit f k l See ettles om o the itself. la"ailpflow upon the our A 00 and bollors did ncl= any cwroWqa or deposits at- see 002 tribouldel Wdo. AIW a sWW tor nvoral see oft towths. the darky the odor a" the taste of the distd- late@ pr*pd. two M04-trootted wim we boiler lb" 00 those of NACIArvaled wines. The cost fur 4tuatuhng wines with Cu" woo 0.40 Kit with NSCI It was 4.1k, V. Yrank Marnh nee 7~ Igoe &%a-ILA NITALLOGICAL U1111411011 CLASSIFICATION US-. 110.- 101', 4A 1 0., 00 9asill M 4.v lit to I-. U it -14 IT a it 1 9 "OAS IS Ww" atoll ftx~ 0 00 t0 0 0 : : N 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0000000 0 a 0 of Of 06 t sea 0 0 0 0 40.0 0114:0111146 mots 0 0 * 0 0 W 0 a see' was age do's 400 goll.1111 g410 voill Uffe 0,00 WOO 401- i"11111blid prodift"ea of Sallarw awreet"t lly 'be inst. tit Plague ulm-n v1sampajotor, wines of pfftepA. Cu7titam Rd c"I".kWak ian Origin mid win- PgTN- Ot"riding to Chatinal dmnv that In wines lwqm- amor'Ono 1-b cbstowl low t-mitrat 'it IVW 1,4.1 lot. ". thit liquid "s (A,4)141 and tit* MORliqUid VCWS (t*ftwk) Will GIWVt. V( K11011 was 1whow, til The tit., morar and sell was a1mve that faiurol In etmorenpociding whimitsymod. actrording to the comisal chisnipsolver tinwem. The Charam wines "--d an ekkir of 1uh. a fe"lual lastil W $00, a Imm we lartir (moscrifird fir the hill 1:011tital, 13 in ous wbw) and an rfirrveamocip ij a dariotion. k Chamat promme is not adisplablo to AN to"al. a( frOmm"I imrlowoo Irtmil wines tit Cirrho- slu"kham migin. Frank Maresh 0 0 090 17 09 00 *4111111P 09 09000 - .01;i I~ a I I) LV 1 . I AA N a 10 U it A 4 it I I I I A A 0.0 oT oOtts ., - - * The question of the Influence off*_nTiW the Ch;WI e /_5 CAI COMPOWUM of I64V*2 And 11TIMI of th ia grapeflea %.1)Ih h 11066 and Intel KmAk. Owns. I)t-jr Is. IM it lWort-CAM tr #14" Z 1941 U F d i4 .- . m i . ro ne ectild. , , irm corriett out mw a period of A years by I he rati had id w 11. Walu aud L. Mounte (Comilroto chism. $it x&4 J'- alimmomwia" de k aii f4i, Its emerais, Paris, Aced. Alit. "T 2 04 V (19v f C 00 a rawe . land were 1, IM). . X plot$ o ). d Tl & 1 t l d f U 00 a 2 ivie . erti wait w ) was un ite e"diz^1 with m ( . "1 ) os l l h d * K a in h -90 i imi i e manum an wit %upet. w "p t, 1 q p ~i~ hale K wit phom Chile sait iet" and hint IV with 11111411 00 p , . . t , operphosphate, Chile ullpeter &oil Itainite. V with milier. 0 1111110 phosphate. 4 % K salt anti Chile willpeler inid V1 Ihr %itnemVIvith Wi the munt 4 K gait aml l A '00 iri- . na y" . wt ompris. of the tertilLwr mixts. err rrimiett-d. AnAlym. 1 40 00 00 J 4-1 the dried leaf subttanceshowed that: MThe. 4mvitent decrtn" rack luring the vegetating prrM (mm l r ;v 0 1lim July to Sept.. I itinji valtin fhigh~l in july when 00 %amVliy was begun and lowst In *pt. I I mg higher fur l h W IV f 60 ot& M en t or the other cifill. plom (2)The p 1 1 content dropped devidt Aly,furing the vegetating period; thit drM wam lemst sharp in llw raic of plot U. (3) No itenrVallitim cradd be stated mwilinit the K content. 0 I) As regardt the Influrniv -4 fritiltaing no the must, it : 1*0 . &it he mid I" general (hat the use of no ferfifiter reduces U i Ilie mints. 44 the ludi"Inal Wt% in ilic muo while the tsw Igo if fralliarr incfmws them. Pritilising with litne in- : -rcaor% Insth the ash contirrit and the milky. f ibe must. I RAI It are rrpwlnl In tables. M. 0. Mame too "Go &e o goo-, SdIG4j .10 0.0 Ott . I 41,11, "A Is. or N I a a o a o 2 a U AV so AS I civil 0 ails nuut mu man 0 0 0 ; : 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 0 o _1 0 alill 9 0 0 o 0 0 4 ..4 00 00 00 t '004 0041 0001 004 goo tog #I saw A 5 A OITALLWK AL WIgAltel CLUWWAIWN 4 AV 03 Uli 411 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 0 0 9 ja 00000 .goo 0 f, m , tM.0 .0 ~0-.* 0 ~.O off A A.. i k I -00 .0 0 .00 604 .00 Iago Igoo 1000 w pow%. bwvt~mf a -1 roo ROM" z4 see coo goo goo go "Wo "00 g 00 o0 a 0 4 1 it 0 9 a a .11 0 000, LOOOGOOOOOGOO::o 00 HvLRcHlv. *in,* least:. %',jfuLi4 _' 4rkl F. R--hi.-f .104wsit ,tr..,kewarrix twit., ftilpir, G;~S.)' Ot-73(tillm) -The motphologi- cat &PA pbyW. protvilVe of tbtv wine yeasoi cd tht Frodont and Ilvrfli" family wvrt examd. Vic vul- tum differ to some extent in thc4r "balivy. "WAV formation. awl ns6lance toltic. Atli- lbcwvvA&lsatr %UitAbk fur Rim prolwiOn. In OW tMind. I'l .$UOLISHIC oil*% frritieftled in buttk-li, the stAy. at C(N i* incirAwd mild the wim mone ~a OMNI 1111 pptd, during frimrnt.tll,"I~ The datt&Tf of bumming "WIST CIPCdAlly ill lhC CA- t4 red wines ind the air. knws during frmw itatlim are d"ally Mcincvd. ).:I% I%lWkA x-1 cZF~M0sLGVAKIA/Chcmica1 TechnoloEw - Chemical Products and Their H-27 Application, Part 3- - Fermentation Industry. Aba Jour : Ref Mur - Khimiyaj No 14, 19581 48423 Author : Vojtech Hulac Inst : :.- Title : Results of Experiments with Yeast Preferring Cool Temperature. Orig Pub : Vinarstvi, 1955.. 48: No 1p 10-11 Abstract : An experiment of using wine yeast of the races "Fendant" and "Herrliberg" at 8 to 100 in Czechoslovakian wine fac- tories shoved the advantage of their application. Card 1/1 t V Czech-',slovakla/Cbemical Technolcgy. Chemical Products and Their Application Fermentation industry, 1-27 Abst Jolarnal: Referat ZbUr - Khiniya.. No 2, 1957, 6524 Authori Hulac, Vojtech Tmetitutioni None Title: The ]Necessity of Careful Handling of New Wine Original Publication: KVasnY Pruryal., 1956, 21 No 41 67-68 Abstract: On a6ing of wine with yeast, bacterial acidit.-I, decrease is possible. A description is given of the technology of processing of grapes with a low sugar content and a high amount of acids. Card 1/1 COUNTRY Czechoslovakia - nt~ CATEGORY ABS. JOUR. iZlthim., i-.'o. 16 1959, io. 58773 gi v e ri. TIT L-, On the Role of Ascorbic Acid in Wine-Making I' Technology ORIG. PUB. Vinarstvi, 52, So 1, 17 (1959) A T12;T -RA 0 TThe author discusses the utilization of ascorbic acid as a preservative. Prom author's suomary CARD: KAKMCKY, Fe; GMXWp X,j HULAJO J. I Exchange transfusion in an O-A incompatibility. Cook. Ped. 20 no.12s1066-1067 D 065. 1. Detake oddelenie (veduvi MUDr. If. Kamenicky) a OTS (yeduci MDr. J. Hulaj)*, Obrodniho ustavu narodniho adrari v Prievidsi. BIGDASARIAN, Grzagors; HUUNIOXA, Danuta; UZCZKDWSXA, Hnn"*; XWPOTOWSKI. Tadeusz; WIA-M-wl- .miii *---- Studies on the metabolism in Corynebanterium diphtheriael Is Respiration in the presezoe of various substrates. Mad. donw. mikrob. 11 no-VEM-91 1959. 1. Z Zakladu Biochexii Instytutu Matki i DziecIcA w Waresnwis Kierownik: Drof. dr G, Bagdasarian Dyrektor: Drof. dr Yr. GToer. (CORTHOACMIUM DIPHTMMIAII, metab.) BIGDISAROAM. Grzagors; MLjAjj9ZL-DAuab: XMKOWSXA, Hanna; KWPOTOWSKI" Tade=s; WIAMOVA, Alins. Studios on the metabolleu of Oovyn4baoterium dtphtherias, Ile Iffect of cyanide on the respiration of Oorynebaoterium diphtheriass Made doew. mikrob. 11 no.2393-102 1959. (CORTMAOTARMH DIPHTWMIM, pharmacol.) WANDIES. pharmacol.) ~- HUTAMCKA, 3)amAb,-- Pentose cycle in Corynobacterium diphtherias. Acta biochim. Polon. 160. 1. Zaklad Biochamil Instrtatu Katki i Dziecka. Warosava. (CORTNUACMIUM D1111"Irl IIAE ustab) FIT HUIANICKA Danuta Glycolytic enzymes in Corynebacterium diphtheriae. Med. dosw. mik;rob. 14 no.2tl23-128 162. 1. Z ZWdadu Biochemii Instytutu Matki i Dziecka Warszawa. (CORYMBACTERIUM DIPUTHEfLUE metab) (CARBOHDRASIO metab) KLOPOTOWSKI, T.;.HUIANICKA Danute, Imidazoleglycerol accumaation by yeast resulting frcm the indbition of hAtidine biosynthesis by 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole. Acta biochim. pol. 10 no.2s209-218 163. 1. Department of'Biochemistry, Research Ir7stitute of Mother and Ghildl Warszawa. (TRIAZOLES) (HISTIDINE) (PROTEIN METABOLISM) IRMTS) (IMIDAZOUS) (ALCOHOIZ) RkGDASARIAIT, Grzoporzj ITUMMICKA, Danuta ,f~: t , " . The bios)mthesin of unsaturated higher fatty acids and its evolution in microorganisips. Poatepy biochem 11 ra.2tI70, 194 165. AREND, Rudolf; ORLOWSKI, )4mrian; HUIANICU, Irystym Phosphohexossisomemes activity in cerebrospinal fluid. Polski tygod. lek. 14 no,8:345-347 23 76b 39* 1 1. 2 Iliniki Neurologioxnej A.X. we Wroolawiu; kisrownik : prof. dr 2, Smoseklin. Adres: Wroclaw, ul. Krassevskisgo 25. Klinika Haurologiosm. (Isom"Es. in CS7 phosphohozo6eisomernse in CBS disord. (Pol)) (OVITHLL MTOM SYSTIK. die. blood phomph~hsxoseisomerase activity (Pol)) LORZISVICZ, z., HULANICKA, E. WEM&AUDER, H. .... 11~- - . on the nntigenic structure of L forms, type 3A-nnd 3B of Protaus Studies vulgnris, Acts, Microb, pofon. 6 no.42311-120 1957 1e Z takladu NWobiologii Ogolnej Univeraystetu YArii Curia-Sklodowskiaj w lablinte Wplynelo duis 23 wrxesnia 1957 r. .(PROTNUS TUUGARIS, immunology antigenic structure of L forms (Pol)) PAKDIA, B.;BUIANIGZA, B.;WAWZAX, W. Sensitivity to ultraviolet irradiation of the streptonVein-re- sistanae activity in transfording M of different bacteria. Dml Ac Pol Biol. 7 no*6:217-222 139 (AUI 9.6) 1,.Dapartment of Bacteriology, State Institute of 4giens, Warsaw presented ty JT. Reller. (Mtriviolet ra7s) (Stroptonroin) (Deoxyribomeleic acids) (Bacteria) PAKTJIA.R.; KOVALSU.JG L MWIMAX liffect of 112 Irradiation on the. streptomycin-resistance ssriwr in the andocallular and Isolated transforming principle. %l Ac Pol biol ? no.9045-351 159. 1 (zw 9:6) 1e Department of Bacteriology, Presented by BAIkulassek, (ultraviolet rays) State Institute of Hygiene, Warsaw. (Streptowycin) (Calls) FAMAL.R.; KOWAISU%4_~; -- RULLNICKL.B. Affoot of ultraTiolot rays on streptomyclw-reeistanoe index In the ondocellular.and Isolated transtormiug prinoiple. Cook. epidam. mikrob. immue 8 no.6:369-375 N 159. 1. Baktoriologicks oddeleni Statniho ustavu bygiomy ve Varsave. STRWTOWCIN pbarmool. ) MTRUIOLIT RLYS off.) PAKULA, Roman; HUL010D. Bdmunda; WALCZAK, Vlodzimierz Sensitivity to ultraviolet rays of atreptouvoin-resistame characteristics in various bacteria transforming DNA. Nod. doew. mikrob. 11 no.3:267-272 1959- 1. 2 ZAkladu Baktariologii Panstw9wego Zakladu Higieny w Warazowie* (UlOUVIOIRT RAYS, eff.) kDBS(anI30NUCIaIC ACID, netabs) (STREPTOMYCIN. pharmacol.) PARMA, R.jtj!PLANICXAq E.; WALCZAK, Wo Inhibition of transformation in Streptococcus sbe by desoxyribonuelsic acids of different origin, Bul Ac Pol biol 8 no#2:49-55 160. (EM M4) ls Department of Bacteriology, State Institute of Hygienep Warsaw. Presented by E.Mikulastek. '(STREPTCCOCCUS) (D-,&OXYRMWCLEIC ACIDS) ' PAICULA, Roman; IHULANICKA-BANKOWSKA, !~~da,-.WALCZAX, Vlodsimiers Use of Ischerichis coli extracts on photoreactivation of transfors- ing deaoxyribonuoloic wid from Staphylococcus and Diplococcus pneumonias damaged by ultraviolet rays. Ned.doev.sikrob. 12 no,4: 339-349 160. 1, Z Zakladu Baktoriologii Paustwovego Zakladu Higieny w Warssawts, (ABORKRICHIA CMI) (IMSOMIBONUCTAIC ACID ches) (STAPHYLOCOCCUS ches) (DIPIMOCCUS PNWXOEAZ ahem) (UIMRAVIOIST RAYS) ?AMP R.; HUL&NICKA-BANKOWSKA, V. StreptouToin and dibydroetreptonycin resistance marker of two transformable strains of Streptococci. Bul Ac Pol biol 9 no.29 79-85 161. (Kul 10: 9/10) 1. Departmnt of Microbiology and Hygiene, School of Medicine, Warsaw, and Departnent of Bacteriology, State Institute of E~rgiene,, 'Warsaw. Presented by X. Mikulaosek. (STRIPTOMIM) (STRMOCOCCUS) KEMULA, Wiktor, prof. dr; BRACHACZEK, Wanda, mgr; BULAN;P~I,"Adam, dr Direct photometria titration of magnesium in nickel. Chen anal 9 no.1:43-49 164. 1. Department of Inorganic Chemistryo University, Warsaw, and Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw. HULAUIVAI Marina, pigr inz. Modernization of do-enero41ation systams of synchronous generators. Energotyka Pol 18 no. Suppl.Bilil i~st energetyki 6 no. 7A 31- 34 Ag 164. 1. Department of Automatic Control and Protoction, Institut-i ui Pover Engineering, Warsaw. HULANICKI, A. (h sy=etry in group algebras. Bul 10 Pol mat 11 no.lil-2 163 1. Institute of Wtbewticsp Wroclaw Branch,, Polish Acadeny of Sciences. Presented by Ee llfrc~~ U, IWIANICYJ A. I.- A . - Compact Abelian groups and extensions of Haar measures. Rozpravy matemat 38 . 164 1, Instytut Matematyczny, Polska Akademia, Nauk, Warszawa. SEKOWSKIp S; HULANICKI, A. *Writing chemical formulae#" P. 24 (Homonty Technikip Vol 6 No 1 Jan 53 Warszawa) SO: Mont= LIst of &M& Mgomgg Aggal,11on p Vol 2 No 9 Library of Gongrese SePt 53 Unal =-~' "A Key to the Science of Chemistry." p. 124 (HORYZONTY TECHNIKI, Vol. 6, No. 3, Yar. 1953) Warszawa SO: Yonthly List of East Europeaa Accessions, Library of Congress, Vol. 2, No,10, October 1953. Unclassified. "Why Are Acids Tart?" p. 210 (HORYZONTY TECHMIKI, Vol. 6, 110. 5, Fay 1953) Warszawa SO: Yonthly List of East European Accessions., Library of Congress, Vol. 2v Nol0j, October 1953. Unclassified. "Riddles Involved in Colors," P. 312 (HOMONTY TECIMINIp Vol. 6, Vo. 7, JUIY 195)) Warszawa . 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