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HYNEK, A. I--- --Ten years of the State Institute for Metal;grgical Projects. Hut listy 16 no.lOt685-6,87 0 t61. 1. Reditel Hutniho projektu. I CZECHWWVAnA/Diseases of Farm AnituLls. Pathology of Reproduction R-3 Abs Jour : Ruf Zhur - Biol.., No 7, 1958, No 31138 Author : Hynck B. Inst Title : Enucleation of Ycllov Bodies in the Cow and Their Detection in the Peritoncal Cavity orig Pub : Veterinarstvi, 1956, 6, No 12, 365-367 Abstract No abstract Card 1/1 27 Velorina-z W y Medicine CZE,'Cik03L0VA1vJA IMN, C_B.; K21L, H.; Laborntory of Physiolo7y and Genetics of Anit--)nl_-, -, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (Laborator Pysiologie a Gonatib."j Zivocichu CSAV)p Uhrineves. "Evaluation and Identification of Sotro iiaterials by Changes Ind-acad by Reversing the Direction of tho Mectric Current Flow," Prpguo, Ces1coslovensica Fjsiolorie, Vol 15, No 5, Sep 66s P 376 Abstract: Some organic substances show typical changes due to polarization caused by the flow of a DC electric current. These changes are reversible. 19 oxnerivients with healthy and pathol- ogical animal ti3sues, with amino acids, wi'jh cheeses, and with paper were conducted. No reforences. Submitted at 3 J)aYs Of Physiology of Domestic Animals at Libliee, 8 Dee 65. 1/1 HYNSK,,~.; VALEK, B.; ZA(;Hj M. "The effect of various kinds of a4bsoil attachments ~f p-Lis un Liiking." P- 33 (VEUECKE FRACH- Vol- lo 1957, Praha, Caschoolovakia) Monthly Index of East European Lecessions (EEAI) W, Vol. 7, no. 7, 1958 m, E K, ;.~. In a ballon basket again. P-4. Dedalu.9. After the air accident near Moscowe Y.,046 (SKPZYDIjITA Poizv,. Vol. 13, No. 29j, May 1957. Warszawa, Poland) SO: Monthly List of Last EurOFean Accessions (EEAQ LC. Vol. 6, No, 10, October 1957- Uncl. T-7-~' 7-'T~ TV- BURZYNSKI, Z HYNEK, F. From Warsaw to ldthuarda with the Syrenn. p. 5 (Skrzydlata Polaka) Vol. 13, no. 41, Oct. 1957, Warszawa, Pbland SO: MONTHLY INEEX OF EAST EtMOPEAN ACCESSIONS (EM) LC. VOL. 7, NO. 1, JAN. 1958 m:2-K, F. The Leclanche type of electric batteries. P. ?36. (SLABOPROUUI OBZOR) (Praha, Czechoslovakia) Vol. 18, no. 10, Oct. 1957 SO: Monthly Index of East European Accession (EEAI) LC Vol. 7. No. 5, 1958 F~-FRPTA t-'7~PPIA spc 6 Vol 1.3!i' 1rfernal Led. .'~ur 5" 4819. THE LE PHENOMENON IN JOINT FLUID IN RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS- Fenomen LE v kloubni tekutini pfi primdrns chrgnickf polyarthritid6 -H sit- Vftkumn~ Oat. Balneol.. PracoviR6 Praha - itAS. UK. ItFS. WF IP29 (911 . go -914) n 7 out of 46 cases Hargraves' LIS cells wert found in the sediment of the exudate. The 2 methods used were: the method of direct smears and that of transferring the sediment Into fresh senim of the patient. The direct smear was carried out 3-5 min. after the puncture in warm material. The 2nd method requires 15-30 min. The sediment was never incubated in the thermostat. LE cells were detected by both. methods. Besides these free globules of homogenized nuclear material from neutrophil segments were found even in those cases of arthritis in -Which no phago- cytosis of these globules by neutrophil polynuclears or formation of 'rosettes' occurred. Besides nucleophagocytosis of the LE type macrophagocytes are almost regularly present in the exudates of the joint. both in monocytoid histiocytes and in special big reticular histiocytes which engulf the pyknotic homogenized segment of the neutrophils, which is a symptom of cell decay; in rarer cases whole neutro- philis are incorporated. This phenomenon has nothing in common with the LE phenomenon. Most important is the fact that the LE phenomenon also occurs in vivo on examination of the native material without the usual incubation in vitro. Bearing In mind that even in completely fresh exudates there ate nakes of fibrin prement. it in seen that this In in keeping with Besserick's findings. of a factor in I It the iserum that causes the activation of do soxyribonuc lease and thus nucleolysis. ow However, the findings of free globular homogenized nuclear masses of noutro- phil segments. which are not abvorbed by neutrophil leucocytes. indicate that m some other opsonixing factor besides nucleolysis Is needed to stimulate neutro- I phU leucocytea to unusual macrophagocytosin. A positive LE phenomenon In the P 'u, exudate of the joint in rheumatic arthritis is in keeping with the now accepted ~H opinion that the reaction Is not specific exclusively for disseminated lupus eryths. matosus. Negative findings in other inflammatory serafibrinous exudates (pleural, i perlioneal) show that the process of haenwcoagulation alone does not suffice to tree DNAse train the stroms of the cell. JVI, 13) --7 ZI Technology. Chemical Products and Their E-12 - BleetrOPlating. CZr,CjjOSLoVjXIA/ChemiC lemical Industries r,pplication.. Electrocl Galvanic Cel3J3. Jourt Ref Zhur-101ftl-) No 2) 1959, 5345 - . Ilynck, Kristian, t,uthor - Inst ------------- Storage Batteries Title New Types Of Alkalir-e 4 260-265- Orig Pub: SlaboproudY obzorp 1958) 19) 140 1 of Vi_Cd_storage batteries (B) of modern Con t,bstract: fj revic4l j.,zde by sintering Ni Powder wei&.ing n struction. Plates 7 g per cub-cm, if poured vithout st,"Ming' 9" 0-5 - 0- used. in, the batteries- Such a size 1 - 10 are ing vrpors Of Ili(CO)4 at 0 powder is prepared by decOrIPOS ied out at 800 the teLlPerature of 250 0. Sint(-ring 13 Carr of the result- in H2 atmOsphorc for 10 an-; the porosity Card 1/3 31 CZECHOSLOWMA/Chenical Technology. Chemical PrCducte and Their H-12 Application. Electrochemical Industries. Electroplating. Galvanic Celle. Abs Jour: Ref 0mr-Rhim., No 2, 1959, 5345- ing mass is 80~- In conacquence of 'the fact that very thin (leas than 1 m) Plates with laree surfaces and separators of very thin polyamide (for exarple, iqlon) fabric am used, the internal resistcu-ice of n B can be reduced so rrach that it can produce a current 30 tirx's greater than that necessary for starter batteries. The hermetization of compact Bs, which Lakes it possible to use them as feeding sources for electronic and semiconductor appli- ances, is achieved by using negative electrodes of know- ingly exaggerated nass and a special construction of Bs naking the absorption of Op, sepaon the cathode, by the Cd anode possible. Cd(OH)2 is formed on the spongy Cd by the result of interaction with oxygen at the moment, Card 2/3 z/oog/62/000/005/001/002 The preparation of pure boron E112/E435 100 ml Br2 is passed in a stream of N2 over elementary boron placed in a silica tube and heated to 750OC; the yield is 45 to 7" 5M' of the theoretical value; yields decrease with decreasing temperatures; 2) purification of boron tribromide; a product of sufficient purity was obtained by three distillations; 3) reduction of boron tribromide. A diagrammatic sketch of the reduction apparatus is given (Fig.2). Flask (1) containing boron tribromide is connected by means of glass tube (2) to decompositicn- reduction chamber (3) and a source of electrolytic hydrogen. The flow of hydrogeA is regulated by means of two taps, permitting the gas to either enter directly the decomposition chamber or to pass through the boron tribromide, entraining the latter to the reaction area. Tube-(2) is heated by means of resistance wiring, .Into chamber (3) is sealed crosswise the silica decomposition tube (4), heated by means of resistance wiring to 11000c. EVIack crystalline boron separates on the silica tube with a yield of up to 44%, while undecomposed boron tribromide is collected in the cooled flask (6). Maximum yields of boron were .0.46 g per 1 hour. Its purity was determined spectrographically. It contained 0.0016% Fe, o.ooo8% cu, Si and traces of magnesium Card 2/3 z/oog/62/000/005/001/002 The preparation or pure boron E112/E435 T~ero are 2 figures; ASSOCIATION: Vyzltumny"P Ustav pro sde*'lovac~ technikul Praha (Telecommunications Research Institute, Prague) SUBMITTEDs may 18, 196o Fig.2. Card 3/3 HYNEK, S. - BARTAKOVA, Z.; ZEDEK, S. Differential thermal analysis and its application to the study of catalysts. p. 151. (SILIKATY, Vol. 1, kio. 2, 1957, Praha, Czechoslovakia) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL) IZ. Vol. 6, No. 12, Dec 1957. Uncl. HDEK, V., inz. Vibration machines in the building material and prefabricated industry. Stavivo 41 no.10:363-365 0 163. 1. Bytostav,, Ostrava. IF- ---- --- - - - - - - HBEKO V. Methods for improving the quality of agricultural machines. :) 274. Praha. RECHOiSACE M.EDEISTVI. Vol. 9, no. 1~, Dec. 1959. Praha, Czechoslovakia Monthly list of East Europetu Accession (EKAI) IL Vol. 9, no. 2 Feb. 1960. Uncl. CZECHOSLOVAMA IMTEEK, Z; ROZSYPALq S. 1. Regional Projects Institute (Krajoky projektowj ustav), Olomouc; 2. Okres Institute of Vational Health (0kresni uatav narodniho zdravi), Olomouc Bratislava, Pannaceuticky obzor, No 9, 1963, pp 413-419 "Reconstruction of Apothecaries as Objects of Mlemory.11 -jW9,j.;.PROKW,J.j KACL,]K. Oscillopolarographic determination of meprobamate in the urlne. Cas, lek, cook. 103 no.l5s4l2-/+.U 10 AP'64. 1. Laborator pro tocikologii a soudni chemii fakulty vaeobee- neho lekarstwi KU v Prase; prednostat prof.dr. K*Kael. - X- HYNIE) I.; PROKES) J. The oscillopolarographic determination of Meprobamate in biological material. Chem ovesti 18 no.5/6:jp,r-428 164. 1. Iaboratory of Toxicology and Forensic Chomistrys Prague. RUB, L; VACHM, B.; WIGEM, J. Fluorimetria determination of aostons In urine. Cas.lekaceske 99 no.3/4s8B-89 22 ;& 060. l.'Ustav pro Iskarskou chWi KU v Pmze, prednosta prof.dro 10 laci. (ACNONE urine) I,- :HYNIE, I.1 VEGEREK; B. A fluorometrio method for the determination of ketone bodies. .Acta univ. carol, (mod.] Suppl. 14:33.1-316 161. 1. 1. ustav pro chamii lekarskou a soudni fakulty vaeobeenebo lekarstvi University Karlovy v Praze,.prednosta of. dr. K. Kael. .(KETONE.BODIES ch:MT I HMIE, Ivo; VOITMA, Irena; KAGL, Yartyl ~ 1 "'. "A. ~ Contribxtion to the determination of methemoglobin by the cyanide method. Prac. lek. 16 no.5:210-214 J1 164. 1. 1 ustav pro lekarskou a soudni chomii fakulty vssobeeneho lekaratvi Karlovy University v Praze (prednosta prof. dr. K. MCI). HYNIE, J. Zlectrocoagulation of the lacrimal glands in epiphora. Cesk.ofth. 7 no.5:337-340 1951. (Gue 21:1) 1. Of tha Pro Department of the State Regional Hospital in Jihlava (Head-Head-PbVelcian Ari Fl~ruie). mix, J. LAW Noratitis nummlarle and its froqueneyin Ahlava district in 1936-51' Cook. ofth. 8-no, 5t294-308 1932. (CLUL 23:3) t:e L Of lye Department (Read-Jir F4zie, H. D.) of State Regional govitalL, AhUT&O 11 HTNIE.--;-,.-Prof., Dr, Fiftieth anniversary of docent Dr. Jjri goudry. Cas. Isk. cesk. 94 no.30-11:834 22 July 55, (BIOGRAPHIES Moudry, Jirl) J- MIN, Jirlo HUDr. (Praha XII, Boleshvelm 7.) OPWONW-1 Reticular activating system. Cae. lek. cask. 96 no.52:256-273 27 Doc 57. 1. Psychiatricks liecabna v Pezinku, prednosta N3Dr B. Klukan. J. IL, Praha XII, BoleelavekR 7.) (Emil STO, reticular form, review (Gs)) HTNIZ, Jiri - -- Iontiglobalus posterior traunsticus. Cask. ofth. 16 no.2:140-145 Xr 160 1. Ocni oddeleni nemocalce MMZ v Jihlave, prednosta. prim. dr. J. 4nis. (WO MTSTALLIU wdn.& lnj.) -JUILMr-J.; SIPOVA,. I. Personality of.patients with inadequately developed male, genitals, in particularp with bypospadias. Act& chir. plast. 5 no.3t220-226 163. 1, Sexuological Institute,, Medican Faculty, Charles Univernityp Prague (Czechoslovakia) Directort Prof. Dr. J. Hyniet DSo. (MOSPADIAS) (SEX DIFFEWTIATION DISORDERS) (PERSONALITr) Him I j0 Certain considerations on the causes and therapy of hommexual'tre Neur. & psychlat. cook. 13 no.6:322-324 Dee 50. (CIML 20:8) 1. Of the Sezological Institate of Charles University, Prague (RePA--Prof. J. Hynie). MFIZ, J.O~ iARTAX, V. ----------- Treatment of 97necomastia with desoiycorticosterone acetate. Cas. lek, ceek. 90 no~27:831-833 6 July 1951, (CLML 21:1) 1. Of the Institute of Sexolog7 of the Medical Faculty of Charles University, Prague. HTNIN, Prof. Dr; ONDUK. L., Dr: GRICOM, 0., Dr; POKCW. J.. Dr Anticoagulant therapy of priaptsm with palentan In chronic myeloid leukemia. Cas.lsk.cask. 91 no.44:1259-1260 31 Oct 52. 1. Ze IV. Interni kliniky (prednosta: prof. dr. Prasik) a Se=lo- gickeho ustavu (prednosta: prof. dr Hyde). (COUKABIN, derivatives, ethyl blecounacetate. thar. of priaplem In mWeloid leukemia) - (PRUPISM, therapy, etbyl lAncoumacetaie. In mysloid leukemia) (LIUMINIA, knMOMIC, complications, priapismV ther., atkvl biscoumacetate) R- 1~7-Ll (,~ itC1,111 Cl: r~-tll~ll - "' . ~ -, 11 , IC ~, - I t , I WNC, TaclaT, KUDr; UB001f. Jan. KWr; MIA. Josef. KUDr Surgical therapy of sale Infertility. Roxhl.,cMr.34 noel-2:87-92 Yeb 155, 1, 1 urologlokeho oddeled fakultni n010OCnICO Il T Frase Ili Sakolska (prodnosts dooo NMr UCIAT ftOOS). So Sexuologicksho ustavu i6rloTy UniTersity v Frase (produosts, prof. XUDr Josef Elynie) (SMILITY. KAIAO surgery vascapididymcanastamosts) CZECHOSLOVAUaA/Humn and Animal Physiology - Reprodaction. T Abe Jour Ref Zhur Biols) No 31 1959P 13123 Author Hynie).Jos. Inst 0 Title Fertility in Mles Orig Pub Ceskoel. dermatol., 1957) 32, No 6, 353-364 Abstract No abstract. Card 1/1 87 - HTWIM, J.; PE"TWO R,; VMILT, K, Poeudocervlcal trichomonal block. Cesk. gyn. 24(381 no-9:736 Nov 1959. (STERIL17Y, VMLM, etiol.) (TRICHOMOMS WMTIORS, cot3pl.) (VAGINITIS, compl.) %0~. Joe. Determinatiou of male fertility. Cesk. gyn. 24[381 no-9:754-755 TIOV. 1959. (STIMILITro MALS, diag.) Hrm, JOB.. prof.dr, 11. a." Spermicidal properties and suitability of ohemical contraceptives. Cook-gYn-25091 noolOt739-741 D 16b. (camouTim) I . H= Joq_p- Prof. Causes of max disorders in vomen and their treatment. Cesk. gyn. 26[40] no.5048-353 To .161. 1. Sommlogicky ustav KU v Praze, prednosta prof. MUDr. J.Hynie. (SFAX DISORDMS) HYMBP J-p profsoor, dr. (Fraga) Contribution to the diagnosis of gonadal disorders in males. Stud. ceroet. endocr. 13 no,2sl73-184 162. (TESTIS abnormalities) ~STERILITY, MAU: diagnosis) (HEMUPHRMITISM diaposia) SU DETERMINATION) HYNIEj J., Prof., MD. e~ Sexology Institute of the Medical University (Sexualogicky ust Prague PraktickX lekar, NILDERLE, B.- HINIE0 L.; MAT11ONp X.; TISLRI J. X-Zzi:-_~ Role of surgical aid in intraoranial, injuries. Evaluation according to 11-year experience. Hozhl. chir. 41 no-4sUC-283 Ap 162. 1. Chirurgicke odd. nem. v Praze-Motole, prednosta prof. MUDr. B.Niederle Neurologioke odd. nem. v Fraze-Motole, prednosta doe. MUDr. K. Hathon Ustav pro soudni lekaretvi fak. vseob. lek. Karlovy university rednosta doc. MUDr. J. Tew. NO wds & inj) a e a aa q - - - - - - L-1 k-Z-4 A k 0 1F.W I If v a M It tAll ff*WM 01 SUPPIliall this city of Ptague with good it WAIM (N4 11VOW, t-J-14, t', lxS#-fv,A 45, ddS 42, JJ, A,-.r,."l, Lis. It., I,m -dowan-m-O& 11.0" Ald"t." WON Albt Ill. 1~ 'eftabrol.8 If.." fit" I 1~. 10'.. .-1 -0 ,~J&r~ 0.11rv% in r-41vtof. 4. 'hwill.A. I.-It 11,1, .4 a llsatl I. U-1 WY h~n the arl"i" -11 Mr- A- Mf 00 j Infusion. .00 it i't4w.11.1 &W. too if u st 0 CZECHOO~L,CVfJWt/Cosmocheraistry- Geochemistry. Hydrocheraistry. D Abs Jour: Rof nur-Rblri-, No 13, 1958) 42963- Author Hynie Ota Inst Title New Tapping of Mineral Waters at 'the Dudince Spa of Mount Levic in Southern Slovakia. OriG Pub: Univ. carolina. Geol., 1956, 2, No 1, 1-23. Abstract: Description of the use of deep bored wells for the collection of hot spring waters, hydrogen sul- fide containing) alkaline, sulfate containinG and saline waters, at the Dudince spa, on the basis of data concerning their genesis, conditions of forra- tion and natural regimen. Card 1/1 14YIIIE, C)TA "Hydrogeologie minerlnich vod. (Vyd. 1. ) Praha, Statni pedagogicke rakl., 1957 244 p. (Ucebrii texty vysohych skol) (Hydrogelogy of mineral waters; a university textbook. lat ed. maps (in pocket))" P. 2hh (Praha, Czechoslovakia) Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EUI) LC, Vol. 7,, No. 7, july 1958 EME 0. GFDaRAPHY & GFMMY Periodicalat CASOPIS IRO MINERALOGn A GEOLOGII Vol. 3, no. 2, 1958 HYM, 0. Hydrogeology of the mineval-witter springs in the spas of Western Bohemia@ ps 219. Monthly Liet of last &=pean Accessions (EW) LC, Vol. 8P No* 5# Mv 1959,, unclases, CZEC, ~)ISLOVAKIA / 11-11IT3D 3Tj%TI;_3 3ZRISTIPIA, Cr.; B11"IDIE, B.B.; Pharmacolor~ical Institute, tav 2 i;odical Faculty, Charles University (P'armakolo~:ic!.-y Usu - ak. Vseob. Lek. KII), Prague; Lab. Chem, Fharmacol. National Heart Instittite, NIH, Bothenda, Md. "Neclianis-m of tne Antilipolytic Effect of Betalytic DCI and Alphalytic Phontolaiiiine." Prague, Ces%oslovenska Pysiolo7io, Vol 15, No 5, Sep 66, pp 11.10 - 411- Abstract: The do-reo of linolysis is a function of the content of Ch-e cYclic 31t5l-adonosine monophoaphate in tho fatty tissue. The antilipolytic ePfect, of DCI and of Phontolatrine was tested in vitro on rat fatty tissue. DCI in low concentrations blocks only noradrenalln lipolysis; phentolamino in low concentration3 did not have an antilinolytic effect. At hieth concentrations 0 (io-3kl) both drugs inhibit the activity of lipase- 3 Western ref- erences. Submitted at % Days of Pharmacology at Snolenice, 16 Feb 66. IA CZECHOSLOVANIA LINCOVA, D.; C3RJiOI.,.OIjSjZ;,y, .,.; SP; Pharmacol- ogical In.-Ititute, Faculty of General Medicine (Farmakologicl,. 'Pa,,,c. Vsoob. Lek.), PraFuo. y Us "Relationship Between the Release of Fatty Acids and Glvcerol in the Interaction of Sympathomimotics and Lytics on Fa'tty Tis- SUO.11 Pra,7uo, Coslcoslovenska Eysiolo,"ie, Vol 15,, 110 5, Sop 66, P 412 Abst,ract: SYmPathOlYtiO 1-(4-nonomothylphonoxy)-3-isopronylamino- propane-2-ol was used to antagonize thi action of iso;3ro~yladren- alin and isoproDyloxedrine. The Parallel shifting of the char- acteristic cu"VeS of ti-e antarroniz-od catecholamine is substantial- ly smaller than for the curves on the antagonized oxedrine deriv- ative. 1 Western, 2 Czech references. h3 - U UWTW- S. I. I ' , ~ *,-I.-I .' ~ I ~ ql~ ~A I., - ".- !q!~ ZjS'd=E2? M F~ --- ~.' j. :. , iUL~~ ~ ---, ~--. - ma. H.; xuaucffOvA'l.;.-EmjA'_ S. Xffect of adrenalln on depot lipide. Cssk.fyslol. 9 no.3:307 Ny 160. 1, 7arrakologicky ust&v fake vosobolsks KU~ Praha, (LIMS metab) (BPINMMM pharmscol) CZECIIOSIJDVAKIA DUTIJACHOVA) E.) MD; HMIIE, S., MD; WENKEOVA, J., 14D. Pharmacological Institute of the Faculty of General Medicine of KU (Farmakologicky ustav fakulty vseobeeneho lekarstvi KU), Prague (for all) Prague, Prakticky lekar, no 19, 1963) p 754 "Experimental Studies of the Metabolism of Lipids in Relation to h* Aterosclerosis." CZEC-1,10SLOVANIA ITYNIE S.- Institute of Pharmacology, Faculty of General Medi- Ginep Charles Univnrsity (Farmakolo icky Uatav D'akul'ty Vsooboc- neho Lekarstvi Praguep Head (Prednosta) Assist. Prof. Dr 1-1. Woriko. "Some Recent Information on the Pharmacology of Catecholaminos.'t Prague, Casonis Lellcaru Cesmch Vol 102, Lekarska Veda v Zahra- nici- 11, No 61 1901 PP Z8~'- 215 Abstract: The article reviews the characteristic properties of caFeFco anines, their methods of synthesis., degradation of eat- acholaminos, coripounds and liberation Of Gatecholaminos. It deals with their pharmacological applications from tho point of view of Ali1qaist's dualistic theory of al.ra and beta adronotropic receptors and with the mechanism of their influence. it lists compounds antagonizing adrenergic. influences on the receptor system, and describes the effects of denervation by resorpine, cocaine and the materials increasing the sensitivity to these alkaloids. Catooholamines oxisto in organism both in the free form and as compounds. Their effect on organism takes placewhen they occupy location in their receptors. Chemicals that block adrenergic neurons inhibit liberation of mediators in nervous 1/2 WEM.- M-; MUMUCHMAX; MIE.A.; DOWS071, x. Metabolio effectO Of catecholaminelt., Act& Univ. Carol. [med.] (Praha) lDrsupp:,..1'7t123-130 063 1* Fhrmakologicky Ustav fakulty V560beensho lekarstvi Univerol- ty gar-10*v-7 v Prams (PrOftostat doe. dr. H.Vanke). RADA. Karel; HYNIZOVA. Sylvia . - w"d"W; k=WMA-I Protection of drugs against damage by Insects. Cenk,farm. 4 noj: 153-155 Apr 5~- Inual prote6tion against damages by insects) (rmms, damaging drugs, protective measures) WENKER M.; MU11LBACHOVAp E.j DOLEJSOVA0 K. Metabolic effects of cateoholamines. Physiol. bohemoolov. 12 no.1: 43-50 10. 1. Department of Pha=acology, Faculty of General Medicine, Charles University, Prague. (NOWINEPHRIN) (PHENTOIAMINE) (LIPID METABOLISM) (BLOOD PF=URE) (BLOOD FLOW VELOCITY) (FATTY ACIDS) ArC-9Wi--TP6OO6039 SOURCE CODE: CZ/0053/65/0'14/004/M92/0293 AUTHOR: Elisoval-K.; !~Mie, Wenke, H ; Muhlbachova, C> rV ORG: Faculty of General Medicine, InstLtute of PharmacolopZ, Charles Universit Prague (Famakologicky ustav fak. vsoob. Ick. RUJ- TITIE: Effect of isoxeuprine an elyeld metnbollnm [This pajvr was prorented during the Welfth Pharmcologic Days, Sniolenice, 27 Jan_65-3 SOURCE: CeskosloienskA fysiologie, v. 111P no- 1## 1965, 292-293 TOPIC MIS: pharmacology, ru, effec , b1ologic mftabolism, carbohydrate ABSTRACT; In vitro 'sections of dinphrngm muscle) study vith levorotatory and racemic isoxsuprine, isoprinalid and Nuthilld Indicates that isox-luprine has a glycogenolytic effect independent of The beta-irdmatic adrenergic properties. The authors thank Dr. Mooch for placing the iDOX3uprine at their disposal. ' Orig. art. has., 1 figure. _7JPWS_ SUB CODE: 06 SUBM DATE: none ORIG REN 001 Card CZE)CHOSLOYAKIA CATARv Get Doc. KJDr0 CSc.; ZACHAR, Me; VALENT, Me; VRABICp J.; HrN1F,-WUWVA, 2.1 PAVLINA, Me Parasitological Research Laboratory, Dept. of Biology, Faculty of Medicine, Comenius Univ. (Vyskumne laboratorium paraxitologi i 9110 Tfr01Lr all) K&tedre biologio Lek. fak. University Kowenskeho), Bratislava Bratislava, Bratislawake lakarske ligUL No 4, 28 Peb 67p pp 226-34 "Infostationost. mwal misealo with tissue protosca.0 Excerpta Medica 1/3 sac 17 Mar 55 Pub. Health, Social 14adicim & ate. 1163. HYNKOVA J. ipnd MACHALOVA A. DKtskd Le6ebny Praha-KrE, ro"'uber- KulognT-r-urarun * O~NZ,´┐Żumperk. *Dgtskd tuberkulosa v zemich FeAtch. On child tb In Bohemia and Moravia PED1AT.LISTY 1954. 9/1 (31-NU The number of tb cases aniong children in Czech countries has decreased 60-80% as a result o! BCG vaccination. The most important short-comings in the fight against tb in children are: common examination rooms for adults and children, in- accurate registration and lack of physicians especially trained in juvenile tb. Voitek - Sumperk (XV, 7, 17) i- 1~ TN T7- L. IMSMKAO V. 1=07A The troatment of the diabetic w= In ddldren. Pediat. listyg Ws Mare-Apr. A po 79-42 1, Of the Diabetic Department of the Sooond Children' a Clinic In Prague (Hald-Prof. J. Ord3i 1 110 D*)G CLML 199 51 Novel 1950 HYNKOVA, V:La*ta., inz. Polyurethane foam fillin for sandwich structures. Zpravodaj VZLU no.501-34 162. HMOVA, Zdenka Studies on the bacterial flora In the nose, naeopharynx and adenoid vegetations; Ceek.pediat.16 no-2:151-153 7 261. 1. Ueni, nosui a kraut oddeleni Kmjske detake nomocnice v Brneq primar HLTDr, Miroslay'lecera, (NOSE microb.ol) * (RASOPMYNX alcrob'iol) (AMENOIDS microbiol) '.A -nlAdiatlo-a-source mWolng 400 cutles of cobalt-00. wid MULalay- "a "V (A-nV6h(n Zkpotuely militag -,I%cud- Brno, C, h~). JdWhxJ-C%erji*-S.' 40"(19601 '-111 1 sit contistb of a movable carriage set Into a Wficrtte bT.3 .... The Gou," Inside the carriage can he set over the irmillution chamW In the concrete block, acer%bible thriugh a borizontal Passaic aud a side opeoing. The *Airm 6 a At cylinder contg. 4~1 pieces of OP of -13 c. each. The filling of the cylinder, and it!g plucemeot in the currialp: were rarrird out under 1110. If. Ntwcotafy" ;I J.~ - __ Z/038/62/000/001/003/003 D291/D304 AUTHORS: Hynttq Arnolt (Deceased), and Koza, Franti)(ek. TITLE: Fast neutron d:Votor PERIODICAL: Jaderni onergi 'A no. 11 ;~62, 22-23 TEXT: The article, based prodominantly on Western sources, describes a modified window-typo beta counter tube used,in Czechoalwak laboratories an a low-cost instrument for fast-neutron detection* A Geiger-MUller counter was modified by placing a thin paraffin layer in front of the tube window. The passing neutrons transfer a portion of their energy by elastic collision to the hydrogen and carbon atoms of the paraffin'. Since the carbon atoms have A small range in the given modiumt they do not enter the tubes The hydrogen atoms$ however, have a greater rang* at the same onergyq penetrate the window, and can be recorded by the counter. The amount of registered pulses is then commensurable to the neutron flux, and depends on the mass of the paraffin layer. The effi- ciency of this modified counter was tested with a Ra - Be neutron source Card 1/2 Z/038/62/000/001/003/003 Fast neutron detector D291/D304 and is better than 0.04%. Minimum neutron energies detected were 0.8 mAv at a window mass of 1~26 1g/cm2 (FHZ - 15b counter tube) and 2*7 mey at a window mass of 4.6 mg/ca (Tesla GM 30/50 counter). The background count caused by gamma radiation of the neutron source amounted to 7% of the total recorded pulses. (Technical Editor: P. Javorakf). There are 3 figures and 4 references, 1 Sov iet-bloc and 3 non-Soviet-bloc. The references to the English-language publications read an follows: B,Rhody - I.J. Hopkins: Proton Recoils from Paraffin Radiators Bombarded by Neutrons.. Radiation Research 2 (1955), p. 523-533; W.C. Miller: Geiger Mueller Counter Pulse Site* Rev* Scio Instro 14 (1943)t pp 68-78; L.H. Gray - J. Read: Measurement of Neutron Doze in Biological Experiments. Nature 144 (1939), p. 439* ASSOCIATION: VoJenskA akad*ni* A. UpotockShot Brno (A. Zlpotockf Military Acadomyg Brno) (F. Koza) Card 2/2 HYFASEKI Pavel,-XUDr.; BMSEK, Lubmir,, XUDr. Hyperlipenia with cutaneous manifestations. Cook. dorm. 34 no*Z/3t 148-154 AP '59. 1. Dermatologicka k3lalks, lekarake fakulty Palackeho univercity'r Olomouci, prednosta prof. MUDr. Gustav Iejhanee. Propedouticka kUn. lek. fak. Palackeho university v Olomouci, predn. doe. XUDr. Zd. Kojecky. (LIPOIDOSIS case reports) 1, :2 a i6 3 Z/057/62/000/002/Oo4/015 E192/E382 AUTHOR: Hypius, St. TITLE: On the problem of accuracy of measurement of the resonance frequency of piezoelectric resonators by means of passive quadripoles PE-21CDICAL: 6esi-zoslovensic' Zasopis pro fysilcu, no. 2, 1962, y 128 - 135 T EXT The methods of measurin,(.; the resonance frequency of ~iezoelcctric crystals by means of passive networks (Re'f. 1 - E.A. Gerber, L.F., Koerner - Proc. IRE, 46, 1958, 1731; Ref. 2 - D.W. Robertson - Electronics, 30, 1958, 82; Ref. 3 - H. Flicker - Measuring Instruments for Determination of Electrical Characteristics of Quartz over the Range from 0 to 300 D'X/s, Rolide-Schwarz and Ref. 4 - L.A. Karnep-v - Radioteldinika i elektronilca, 1958, 150)'have the advantage that the measured clot:ient is not directly a 'part of an oscillator. Consequently, the i-,ieasuring circuit has little effect on the accuracy of the neasured frequency. Various passive methods of measuring the Card 1/1, On the problem of .... Z/037/62/000/002/oo4/015 C192/E382 series resonance frequency are compared in the following. The i,,icasurament systol-.1 is illustrated in Fir.,. 1. In this systen the piezoelectric crystal unit is connected into a passive qvadripola which is supplied from a variable frequency generator of very higii stability and accuracy. The output of the passive neti-tork is followed by a transfer-function detector. The influence of the passive network on the accuracy of measure.-ilent can be deteriAned frot-.i the transfer function and the c1hange of the resonator impedance Z., in the vicinity of the resonance frequency. This is defined by: 3K aK A Az K az K -ahere X is the transfer function. Eq. (1) can be rewritten as; Card --/5 Z/037/62/000/002/Oo4/015 On the problem of .... E192/E382 theoretically limited since a- and a cannot be smaller than 1 . On t he other hand, by , the accuracy making R = RI X h of the bridge method can be made very high. There are 10 figurcs and 1 table. ASSOCIATION: Tesla Lanskroun, zaVod 05, Hradec Kralove (Tesla Lan-skroun, 05 Works, Hradec Kralov6) SUBMITTED: February 14, 1961 Fig. 1: Card 4/5 "Transportation of natural gas In the form of liquefied methanee" P. 255. NOVA TECHNIKA. (Rada vedeckych technickych spoleenosti pri Ceskoslovenake akadevii ved). Prahas Czechoslovakia# No. 6# 1959o Yonth34, list of East FAiropean Accessions (EFAI), LC, Vol. 8, No. 8, August 1959- unclas MAP 1. Testa to determine the dogree to which meat undergoing the boiling process Is bolled.4.4s 379. PRUMYSL POTRAVIN. Praha. Vol. 6, no. 8, 1955. SOMICE2 Fast European Accessions List (EEAL), LC, Vol. 5, no. 3, March. 1956. CZECHOSLOVAKIA/Chemical Technalomr - Chemical Products and 11-28 Their'Apgication, Food Processing Industry* Abs J= Hof Zhur - 1[himiyaj No 171 1958.- 591715 Author Hypr Igor, Volec Jan. Inst Title Instructions for the Selection of Samples of Brine from Various Depths Durina the Salting of Meat* Orig Pub I hnxo%l potravin, 19571 8, No 2) 93-95 Abstract For the selection of a sample of brine from the surface) an apparatus is utilized made from a test tube with a veiaht (60 S) and.a sterile rubber stopper. Tubing is attached to the'uppar and of the test tube, The test tube is submerged under the surface of the brine and Is quickly filled. Afte *r extraction~ it is quickly closed with the sterile stopper, During the separation of a sample from any depth,, a test tube with a veiGht is utilized., a closed rubber stopper, in which an indanta- tion Card 1/2 CZECHOSWVAKIA/Chemical Technology,, Chemical Products and H-28 Their Aplinationp F&xt 3- - Food Indi, try. Abo Jour; Referat. Zhurnal Xhimiya, No .10, 1958, 34308- Author ; Froutlevek Stefunka, Igor ftr, Richard Alanks. inst :Not given. Title iElectric Ozmt BtUnnine of Cattle before Maughtering- OrIg Pub: PAW31 potravin, 1957, 8, No 9, 457-W1. Abstract: Deview article* Bibllograpby with 24 titles. Cexd --T!~ ~,,= # Swedish Holmquist method of gas change control. Paliva 41 no.2:45-47 7 161. lo Uotav pro vyzkam paUvj, Bechavice. HYPP, I., Inz.: KAVIN, J., inz. . Tr- ting gas apollances by artificlal test ganes. FilivA 44 no.11034- 3" 8 1.11 164. : . Research Institiite of Fiels, Bechovice (for llypr). 2. Kovotechna National Enterprise, Brnc 'for Kavin). -111PRe I*p :Lnzo; PRIHOU, Sba Effect of the content of higher hydrocarbons on the gas combustion in household applianceoe Paliva 42 no.lotJos-3n o 161, :1. Ustav pro vyzkm p&Uv, Beebovice. HM: I. i=~ %u. apparatus for automatic examination of combustion proportion of fuel gamma ftlive-45 aft5sI39-a4l My 163e .1. Untav pro vyzkum palivp Bechoviop, HYPRJ 1. Interchangeability of gases, Praos Ust paliv W86-227 163o Hy~-111 !.,, inz.; IIII.P12, j.t inz. I Solution of the problem of .4-ntc;rchcngeab-',',t.--- of fuel pasell in Czechoslovakia. Paliva 1-4 no.2;34-35 F164. 1. Thitav pro vy-,kum pal iv, Sc-chovice (nr llvpr~ . 2. Sdrazeni ply-naren, F-ral-al. (forr liaut~r". HYPR, I., inz.j CHOTIVKA, V., inz. Application and preparation of controlled atmospheres. Paliva 45 no.21/+5-49 F 165. 1. Research Institute of Fuels, Beohovies. HYPR, I., inz. Interchangeability of natural ps. Pallva 45 no.4.-117-118 Ap 165. 1. Research Institute of Fuels, Bechovice. I HYPR, 1~!or, Inz, Cooperation in the Te5ew*ch on meat of nellber >" ths Council for Mutual Econwic Aisistanca. Prim potri-:'.n 15 no.12,. 645-647 D 164. .k. Research Institute of Knt, Brno. lfyp.;Ij Igor, inz, Now tronds in the moat industry abroad. Prum pztri7-,n 1~ ,) no.lt24-28 Ja 165. I. Rose&rch institute Of Ment, Bz*no. Sul-mit~od 2, 1064. . a --~ ~111- a,E` ~Z!u POLAND / Chemical Teqhnologyj Chemical Products and H Their Application) Part 3. - Treatment of Natural Cases and Mineral Oils, Motor and Rooket FueL Lubrioants, Abs Tourt Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 18, 1958, 62220. Author : &tanislawa H.Uta Inst :Mineral Oil Institute, Poland. Title :Technical Analysis of Tuymazin Mineral Oil. Orig Pub: Nafta (Polska), 1958, 14, No 1, Biul. inst. naft., 8, No 1, 1 - 2. Abstract: The physioo-chemical properties of mineral oil from Tuymazin, the data of laboratory distil- lation thereof (by the method adopted in Po- land) and the description orobtained products are presented. The distillation products are evaluated from the point of view of industrial utilization. Card 1/1 GESCHWI0, Olga, dr; HYPTA, Stanielawa, Inz. Analysis of petroleum from the Rybaki well. Nafta Pol 20 no. 7:188-193 il f64. 1. Institute of Petroloum Teohnology, Krakow. HMULT Jaroolay Ins- -,- - Problem of damping vibrations of the axial flow compreasor bladese Zpravodaj TZI; no.lk45-47 163. HIRS) J. "Introduction to the measurement technique of atomic radiation and use of radioisotopes" by H. Fassloender. Reviewed by J. Hyrs. Jaderna. energie 9 no.6:199 Je 163. ffM, Zienek, Inz. -W - ~, 1-0 uw"%"bh~~ Use of radlolao-topen in measurement and acntralo.Prum potravjn 15 no.2:80-82 F . I" 1. Ustav pro vywlm, ryrobu a vyuziti radioizotopus Praha. too Hn, James, mgr& ins, A differentiBUD9 atUchmcut, unit, P=iary 8 no.5:250-251 My 162, -BA.IMTIK., Jaroslav, inz&;-U_AEK.L H12an Introduoing 'now sorts of sterilized ca=ed vegetables. Prum potravin 14 no.W78-182 Ip 163. 1. glovacke konmervarny a lihovary, n.p.p Uharake Hradiste. HYSEK, Rudolf; LEIMBERGER, Janj PASEK, Vladimir, inz. New molding machines at the 5th Brno International Fair. Stroj vyr 12 noJt187-190 164o 1. Sueralovy savody, National Enterprise,, Brno, Research Institute. - I r .HYSEKO R. T&MOLDGr Periodicals STROJIMSKA VMBA. Vol. 6, no, 11., Nov.1958. HrSEK, R. Modernization of pressing shops by small-scale mechanization. P. 493. Monthly List of East Suropean Accession (EUI) LC, Vol. 8, no. 3 March 1959 Unclass. . I - - . j ~~' ~ I. L L -~'- .4 - . _ : -- --x - ~ , :-.- , ~ ~- ~ 177= 1 :1, 1 HYSEK, Rudolf; 1EIMRGER, Jan; PASEX, Vladimir, inz. Forming machines at the 4th International Fair in Brno. Stroj vyr 11 no.ls28-33 163. 1. Smeralovy zavody, n.p.p Brno. I HMK , Rudolf I Forming machinso. Tech praca 16 no.9:672-678 S 164 1 1. SmaraLY17 sa'vo,dy Nation~l F~uterprise., Brno. .ill, HYSEX, RudPIP IZIMERGER, Janj PASEX, Vladimir, ins. Formlng machines at the 4th International Fair in Brno,. Stroj vyr 3.1 nq.2:80-84 F 163. 1. Smeralovy zavodyp nep.j, Brnoo Vyzkumny udtav. .. -A 1-~~ ~, HYSf-KA_audQW U-IMMMER, Jan; PASEK, Vladimir, inz. New forming machines at the 5th Brno International Fair. Stroj vyr 12 no,2;106.-109 164- 1. Smeralovy zavody, n.p,,, Brno, vyzkunmy uatavo wml 1 .5. - I- HYSI, S., Fighting olive beetles on the Vlora State Farm. p.10. Vol. 9, no. 8, August 1955 Tiranej Albania FER i3UJC.LSII:E SGCIALISTE SO: Honthly List of East European Accessionss (EEAL)., Ic, Vol. 5, No. lo, oct. 1956 Note an ti~a nimerical soluticin of CASOVIS I RO PESTIOVAIJ VLL. 81, no. 2, May 1956 50. E.-.,-JT Ar'UROfFid, LL;'l vol. 5, wi. 13- 1.av. 19,16 HYSKA, Prokop - t . Effect of the length of the vork day on efficiency, absenteeism and accidents. Zdrav. aktuality 152:15-27 163. 1. Ustav byierw prace a chorob z povelani, Praha. IPSYCHOLOGY, INDUSTRIAL) (ABSENTEEISM) (ACCIDENTS, INDUSTRIAL) (STATISTICS) HISKA, P.; MATOUSEK) 0. Experiences in Judging of mine engines considered from the standpoints of physiology and psychology of work. Gesk. h7g. 9 no.lt23-27 F'64. 1. Ustav hygiezy prace a chorob z povolani., Praha. HTSKAL. Prokop. MUDr -VY Investigations on the higher nervous functloa In physiology of work-. Praconi isk. 6 no.4i242-243 july 54. (UNTRAL NWOUS SYMN, funetion tests. higher nervous funate tests in work) (WMK, pby'siology, higher nervous functo In) GIRTAI'vi,ft LD, Antonin; HORVATH, Milan; HrSX&# Pro Blectric dynamograph; automatic presentation of a combimtIon of stimuli with a three-tone generator* Fracovni lek. 10 no.1:44-47 Nar 58. 1. Ustav hygiany prace a chorob z povolani v Prate, oddelent fysiologis vysei. nervove oinnosti. (NMCLES, physiology automatic dynamograph with combination of stimli with 3-tone generator (Cs)) RTSKA . Prnlrnp Su~e"V~2, Gi'Ven Namies e Country: Czechoslovakia Academic Degrees: Affiliation: Source; Ce3hoalovenska Hygienaj Vol Vj No 6., Prague.. Jul 60, Page 339. Data: HYSKA, Prokop Affiliationi Institute of Hygiene of Labor and Vocational Diseases, Prague Data: Author of "Production Line trom a Physiological Viewpoint." Sourcep Page 33?o TZISIUMIZ J. Ql~ A a Wdegroes: Professor, FhD. Affiliation: Director of the Institute of Hygiene of Labor and Vocational Diseases, Prague. Pagel of 1 (2) GFO 9816,43 USKA, P. Furtber experiences with the study on the critical flicker fusion in vorkshops& Activ. nerv. wup. 4 no.2:185-326 162. 1. Ustav bygieny prace a chorob z povolani, Prahal. micm rusioN) (OGCVPATIONS AND PROFESSIONS) BOA, E.; HTSKA, Po Effect of vork and rest schedules on physiological and econmical Indleev. Prac. lek, 34 no-7041-344 S 162. (INDUSTRIAL MEDICINE) (REST) (E"ICIISCI) - - - -- - -- -- --- -- - - --- - -, c7- HMAq Vl"timil ~ ftv soonojW in air trowportation. Lotooky obsor 6 no.9t277 162. I CzEckosLOVAKIA / Farm Animals. Domestio Fowl, U-10 Abs Jour s Ref Zhur - BiologLyx, No 16, 1957, 72157 Author IHy4d " M. Title i&6tii on the Produative Crossing of Chiokens. Orig Pub iDrubezniotri, 1966, 4, No 12, 182-183 Abstraot iThe comparison of the produotivity of while 190orns (n) and pure bred Rhode-Islands (RI) and the first generation oross-breeds gave the following resultat RI 2,63, offsprings of male WL and female RI 2,44 and male RI plus female WL 2.04 kg; the yield of eggs in 1965/66 oontrol year correB- pondingly 135000q 140,,60; 162010 and 138 88j the average weight of an egg 62.32 @a; 61.20 gms 62.191 and 65.75 gm. For the inoreasis of meat and egg produotion it is recommen- dad to oross WL oooks with M hens. Card I 1A M 50 - KEA WIENSKr, Robort, ins., kandidat technickyth ve4j MPECKAO IA,dAd , ins. ClUled cast iron thermal expensivity coefficients .and their effect on the stress in rons. But liety 16 no.1:38-4 Ja 161. 3. "bzlmmy ur tlff~ Itkovialm selezarny K39 nta Ctottwalsa, Ostrava. KAI-WSKY, Robert., C.So,,, inz.,, HYSPECKA, Didmila Inz. Results of the statistical evaluation of the~pffect of scme fal;tors: an the service life of cooled hardenod rolls foijaheet rollizig. Hut listy 16 no.6t4OO-405 Je 161. 1. Vyzku=y uatavo Vitkoviike zelezarny Klementa Gottwalda, Ostrava. I , qg kF2 ,, I ,'~ (- ~, , - f, 1 7, , ~ -,~ vI ~ I .t . . . I - I . . . - -. --- --l I - , .- - -- ~ - - I ~.- . - - - - 7 --- - ~ i- ,ZZ- i- ~ co a r E -r,- . T vill -E -_ - -ITIWO- -- - - -- - - - - - - . - I V Z~K G " " - , - -- v %- 1 ~ ~ ! -. - ~ - ! I - -_-~ - I I - m_-- I - I , 1 ~; k ~ .1 ~