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Pine coue injuries in t1he ,,,roves in i1c, -'icluc-s VaIllo. .1 711, Ii, ~ . - L 'i Vol.7c.), no. 3, 19'r~(' Rmania Sa,,irce: LI:"'~6 Vol. r1r). i cini. Simple and efficacious method for forest control. p. 45. (:ZIVESTA PADURIIDIJ. RLIMANIA. V01. 71 (1. a. 72) no. 1, Jan. 1957.) Monthly List of East European Accessions kEHAL) LC, 7. July 1957. S/044 /62/000/005/012/072 C11 1/~ C333 AUTHOR: TITLEs on some problems of conformal mappings PERIODICALt Reforativnyy zhurnal, Matematika, no. 5, 1962, 36, abstract 5B162. ("Gaz. mat. si fiz.11, 1961, A 13j no. 6, 292-300) TEM In the plane of the complex variabie z = x+iy, lot the exterior D be diven of a contour formed by arcs C 1 and C2 which are sZ,mmetrical to the Ox axis with the intersection A and B on the Ox axis. It is assumed that the conformal mapping of D on the half-plane Im t t I > 0 is known and'that here z - cois transformed into tali(l> 0), further that the directions of the axes Ox (positive direction) and Ot" (negative direction) are these pointse Given are fotmulas for the conformhl mapping of D (portion of D above the Ox-axis) on the half-plane Im JZ > 0, whole the points at infinity correspond to each other. In addition*, the conformal mapping of Di on the half-plane IM ~Zj N 0 is given in the case where the conformal mapping h(z) (norded at infinity) of D on the exterior of the circlF R in the Card 1/2 IACUB, Victoria) asistenta (Buouresti) Tho oircle tboorem and its applications. Gaz mat fiz 14 no.9:465- 473 S 162. 1~ - ~- ~TMIIMME~~ zmrwo~ IACOB, V.0 economist; STANCULESCU, Lucian, economist; ION, D., corespondent; A. Training and improving the cadres, Constr Buc 16 no*772:4 24 0 164 IIJLLIU, D., ing.; IAGOBVI, I., ing. W-OWAQWW~ Evaluation of poor siliceous iron ores by the Krupp-Rerm method,, Rev min 15 no.7051-355 JI t64 STOIAN, A., irlr.1 IACCIBiN, I., Ing. Pro;aration of fine grairi and concentrates of irco-i t:rc3 11c.- 7 blast furriaces. Prv min 35 no,lli5?1-5,6 ',I 'C4. RWANIA/Gonormi Proble:39 of Pathology . Irv-unity. U-1 Abe Jour t Rof Zhur - Biol., No 61 1958, No 276o3 1-01 Author I Xondis V.S)tckobas Inst i Not Given Title t A New Toot for Ccntrol of Imunization in Pregnant Women. Orig Pub : Rumynak-. nod. obozroniyo, 1957, 1, No 1, 21-27. Porevod iz zh. "Fiziol. norn. 91 patol.1, 1956, No 3. Abstract : No abstract, Card 1 1/1 K&DI, V.; IAGOBWOU o A. A lft~V test f8P the dotectlan of lsoimmunizgtion in pregnancy in women. RwmMlau Ke Rev, 1 w*1:20-25 Jan4kY 57. (MI IPMWM' Isolumm, In prqpe, diag. test) V.; IAGOBZSGUo A#; HITRIU, Natalia; BAIAN, St, Plasma defibrization by heat. Hod. int., Bucuar. 10 no.1:117-120 AA 58o (PIASKA, preparation of defibrimtion by heat) (7MIK Plasma defibrination by heat) KONDI,V.,dr.; si chimletit UCOBBSGU,A-.' BAL",3t-; XITRIGA,N- Preparation of an afiti-humn veran with great precipitating power and speoificity. Xed, int.,Bacur. 11 no-11:1751-1753 N 159. 1. Centrul do howatologle. Dwurestl. (INKM sow) - IMI,V-; !AGOBASCU.A.; BAIAN,St.; 70DOR,G.; MITRIGA6, Natal Ia. An anticoagalant inhibiting thrombopliLatin formation Rumaniau 14. Rev. 4 U0,107-39 JA-Kr 160. (nMOMOPIASTIN) (ANTICOAGUIAM pharmcol. ) KOMI) V, p dr. - -LASO !t E. T. , dr. .,~´┐ŻN,J,, dr.; BALAN, 3 ., dr.; IjANICATIDEP Conger4ital hypoproconvertinemia. Mod. intern., Bucur 12 no.12: 1913-1917 D 160, (BLOOD COAGULATION) 4 K0111DI, V., dr.; IACOBESCUp A.,, dr.; BALAN, St., dr. Omiderations on the reticulooyte test in the verification of fato-maternal incompatibility, Mod. Inter,, Ducur 13 no-3:471-.474 Mr 161, . (RH FACTORS) 0 KONDI I V. . dr.; GRIGORIU, Gh., dr.,-, IACOB CU, A., dr.; BALAN, st., dr.; W - PRETORIANp M.,, dr.; MITRICA, N,, chim. The immunochemical study of macroglobulinemias in connection with .a case of WaldenstrTmlo disease. Mod. intern. 14 no.10:1225-1235 0 162. 1. Lucrare efectuata la Centrul de hematologie., Bucuresti. (MACROGLOBULDIDIIA) OWMICELECTROPHORESIS) (MULTIPLE MYEL(VA) (DIAGNOSIS, DIFFERENTIAL) KONDI, V., dr.; IAGOEMCU, A. dr, Considerations on the current concepts of blood coagulation in relation to a case of congenital hypoproconvertinemia. Med. intern, (Waun) 10 no*5t563-568 1,~r'64 1. Licrare efectuata, la Centrul do hanatologio, Bacuresti (directort prof. C*T. Hicolau). KONDI, V., dr.; M1TRICA, Natalia, chim.; IAC013ESCU.,_A,, chim.; BALAN', St., dr. Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency. Med. interm. (Bucur.) 16 no.8:899-906 Ag 164. 41- . 17 . I . - _~, ~!! I ~ IACOBESCU, D. t ANDREICA, V. 11-~~_;J-~ Open vay for plastic materials in constructions. Conatr Buo 15 no.70W 8 J8 163. 1. Inginer-sef al fabricii "Horia, ei Crisan", Darda (for Iacobasou). The lielp o" tilf, 5ovict Union to the devillopmr-nt of alr transportation In 7 u 507 (PFI/IJ'Tl VAWORTU-M.01-1) (71licure-M, '!u;Tmnii) 7ol. no. 11, ~;Ov. J., '7 M !,'onthly Index of Eait ~,-"uropean Acce3siom (.:]-,,AT) L" Vol. 7, 'o. 5. Ir)5F N IACOBESCUO 0. 1 FERDERBER9 Ce Aerial circulation and navigation in the era of jet planes* pe 125. REVISrA TPMSPORTURILOR. (Asociatia Stiintifica a Inginerilor si Tehnicienilor din Romina si Uiniaterul Tranaporturilor Rutieres Navale si Aeriene) Bucuresti,, %mniao Vol. 6,, no* 3,, Mar. 1959* Monthly List of East bxropean Accessions (ELIAI) IC,, Vol* 8, no* 7P July 1959 Unclo 1ACOBF-SCUj, Milal Our people great the Soviet delegation headed by Gomrade N.S.Kbrushohav with anthuBiasms Gonstr Buc 14 no.649il 16 Je 162. 1. Fabrica de ciment "Ilia Fintilie", Fienis its BELLU, D. Tranquillaing drugs. Rev chimie Mn petr 15 no. 4004-208 Ap 164. ILIESCu,N., dr.; DOMOCOS,G., dr.; IACOSINI.IF.., dr.; CMISTAIIM-ESCU,S.,chim.; ILIESCU,C.C.v prof. ..... ~-; Prolonged treatment with large doses of nicotinic acid in coronary arteriosclerosis. Med. intern. 16 no.31301-310 14r*64. 1. Luorare efeotuata la A.S.C.A.R., lbeuresti. ILIESCU, C.G., prof.j WWI, L., dr.; ILIESCU, M., dr.; IACQBINI P dr.; NITU, S.; CONSTINT110SCU, S.; CONISTANTINESCU, A.-,-Gg~~p The action of unsaturated fatty-acids on blood lipids in arteriosclerosis. Mod. intern. 14 no.12:1433-14/,.2 D 162. 1. Luorare efeatuats, la ASCAR, Buouresti. (BLOOD LIPIDS) (ARTERIOSCLEROSIS) (FATTY ACIDS) (BLOOD CHOLESTFML) ILIESCU, C.C. , prof.; ILIESCU, Matei, dr.; ROMAN, L. , dr.,- IACOBINI P. CONSTANTINESCU, 8,1 chimiatil NUTUp S. action of nicotinic acid on blood Lipids intern. 15 nools39-49 Ja 163. (ARTMOSCISJWIS) (BLOOD LIPIDS) (NICOTINIC ACID) AUMMIA ILIkZCU, U. C.) Profossor; MiLCU, Matoi, 14D; VU,'-*-,UW~, G., T~!D; IAMA.U16."MD; GUNSuMIMIESUU, S.) Olvaist; k&Aj, 6., -Chon,ist. Bucharest, Viata Modica2a pp 9-17 , No 1, 1 Jan 64, , "Essontial Hyporlipacmia Arsociatod with Athoroaclarosis (Erfacto of Ilicotinic Acid)." LkCIOBOVICI, A. IACOBOVT",T, A. Twtinty-two y-ars ago and today. 11. 1. Lips corist;mtly better in the regidia Cim-atul pacil Factor-J. P. 'I. Vol. 8, no. 359, Dec. 1956 CONSTRUCTORUL T-E-CIMOLOGY RUMANIA So: East European Accession, Vol. 6. No. 5'# 211ay 1957 IACOBOVICIq A. Development of the local section for oonstructions during the years of people's regime. Rev conatr ei mat constr 16 no.8t 442-4" Ag 164. 1. )bmber of the State Committee for Conotruotionov Architecture,, and Town Planninge 1ACOBOVICI.-C.,j candidat In stlinte econoaJ-~* Rumanian market development linder the conditions of sociallsL expanded reproduction, Prtblome econ 17 no. 6s3&.49 Je 164. IACOBOVICI, Th.,ing. Motors with free platons. Theoretical considerations. Energetica Rum 8 no.W49-152 Ap 160. i IACOBOVICI, C, Ca didat in fitlinte economIce; MIRKAGU, C. Credilort s4d utilization of the national Income of Ruqtania, n 690MOIft of superiority of the socialist economy. Problem@ : con 15 flo.20-17 F 162. I IONESCUI C., candidat In stiinte economics; -IAC-,O-BOV1C1-BOL()1SCR, r., candidat in gtiinte economics Higher valorization of natural resources and territorial distribution of industry. Problems aeon 18 no.4.-W-109 Ap 165. ZAKrIR. 0., Dr.: IACOKI, D., dr.1 TURCU, No, dr.; DOG]=, T.. dr. maw"* Sodium salicylate therapy of Boulllaud-Sokolski disease. Mod.-int..Bucur. 9 no.l.,71-79 Jan 57. lo Luarars efectuats, In Sorviclul medical si Laboratorul do chisle din Spitalul militar central. (MWMATI 0 M , therapy sodim salleylsts in Bouillaud's din,) (SODIUM SALICrLATI. tbere use Bouillas4le 41494 L I-XZUV-- 0 ._ _Q ACC NRi Ap6019360 SOURCE CODE: RU/0032/65/061/006/0933/09461: AUTHORt Iacomi, Do (Pharmacistj Colonel) ORG t norm TITIS: Now data in the analytio biochamistry of general enqmlogy SOURM: Revista sanitara militara. ve 61, no,. 6. 1965t 933-946 TOPIC TAGS: on", biosynthesis ABSTRACTs The 'author mmarizes the general characteristics of enzymes, inoludina their classification and formation, and presents some recent data relating to previous. ly Rnown enqzea as vell as to recently discovered ones, wit)l a view to a better understanding of biodhenioal and pbysiological. phenomena* fJ-PRS7 SUB CODE s 06 SUEM DATE 3 16Aug65 ORIG REFt 003 OTH REF: 013 MARIKESCUO B., Dry Coll TEODORBSCUt C.# Dry Gh.o Dry Lt-Colp OTON M Dry Lt-Colp 1AC 9~ ~harmaci6tp Col, IONESCUP M.'Ij~' ~R~e At, col, and MIMIEp 0., Pharmacist# Lt-Col [affiliation not givenj Studies on the Lipid Spectrum'of Plasma in Some Categories of Soldiers." Bucharest Revista Sanitara Militarat Vol 62, No 4, Jul-Aug 669 pp, 683-696. Abstract: The authors atudied the plaama lipid spectrum of a group of 2~4 healthy soldiers, average Oee 32 yeara, divided into 3 groups according to age and diet pattern. They found that the average range of cholesterolemia. in the age range 25 to 35 years in normally 150 to 200 milligram-percent, with values above 250 definitely abnormal. A direct causal relation was found between the percentage of lipid calorigenic t~upines in the diet and changes in the lipid spectrum of the plasma, Includes 4 tables, 4 figures and 17 references, of which 7 Rumanian, 4 French and 6 English-lenguage. -- Manuscript submitted 18 November 1965* 1/1 10 RUMANIA ,I,-D.. Pharmacist, Coll MACARIE, 0., Pharmacist, Lt-Col, _~[ACQY CONICESCUA,.,Pharmaciet, Lt-Colt ILIESCU, E., Pharmacist, Lt-Col, IONESCU, M., Pharmacistp Coll and BRUJA, N.t Pharmacist, Lt-Col (affiliation not givenj "Rapid and Simplified Methods Used in Biochemistry. Preparation of Paper Strip Tests for the Leceleration of Urinary Glucose." Bucharest, Revista Sanitara Plilitara, Vol 62, No 4, Jul-Aug 66, pp 727-734. Abstract: The authors describe the method of preparing and preserving paper strip kits for urinary glucose tests. The strips are impregnated with glucoso-oxidase or peroxidase and ortho-toluidine. The simplicity and rapidity of ueing such strips and their specificity and relatively good sensitivity are emphasized, Includes 5 references, of which one German, 2 French and 2 Engliah-language. -- Manuscript submitted 25 January 1966. 1/1 IACONI. A. How to proceed in the exploitation of a petroleum stratum in view of the physical properties of the layer of crude oil. p. 128. PETROL SI GAZE Vol. 7, no. 3, Mar. 1956 Rumania Source: EAST EUROFEAN LISTS Vol. 5, no. 10 oct. 1956 IACOVs I. ; SANULESCU, T. IACOV~ I. ; SAIMLESCUO T. Lubricants P-30 Vol. 1, no. 13L Nov 1955 ARIPILE PATRIEI TECHNOLOGY Bucuresti, Rumania Sol Eastern Europear, Accession Vol. 5 No. h April 1956 IACOVACHE, A. Determination of the element3of the hodochrone of a reflected wave by successive approximations of the transformation of :. hyperboia into a serristraight lin. P. 397 Vol 5p no 6. Jure 1955 SGURCE: East European Accessions Listj Librrx-jof GonLyeBs Vol. 5, no. 12, December 1956 IACOVACFEE, N. Determination of the elements of the hodochrone of a reflected wave by successive approximations of the transformz-tion of a byperbola Into a semistraight line. P- 395- Academia Republicii Populare Romine. COMUNICARILE. Buoureati. Vol. 6, no. 3. Mar. 1956. SOURCE: East European Accessions List (EEAL) Librar7 of Congress. Vol. 3, no. 9, Sept. 1935 IACOVACHE, A. (Bucureati) - ------------ :~ -- " "Earthquakes in Rponia" f j Ion ktanasiu. Reviewed by A. lacovache. Natura Geografie 13 no. 5-8M0 A-0 161. IACOVACHE,-~~P, ingo 7be R'umanian IAR-814 plane breaks the world record for the C class, subclass C-ld, correspodning to the flight order of 30000 kg. weight. Rev transport 9 no. 11:498-499 N 162. --aw-VARRIS -ATI 0-14's Future supersonic aircraft for, paosenger tramsportation and present airporl.-. Rev. transport 10 no.9:416-4Z7 S163 IACOVACHI., Ion N. p ing. The Engineer Radu Manicatide received the Paul Tissandier Diploma of the International Aeronautical Federation. Rev transport 11 no. 1: 42-43 Ja 164. - - . - - ~ WE ~. VU16M - - - ---- ---- 7, 1 , 7.~. !.-