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IMAKW, Kiril Some now date on the-41aciation of Vitoaha during the emat. Godiogmik Tmzh otroit inst 14 no.1025-338 962 ( PUMMI-* The soil and geomorphological division into diatriets of the scuthe= part of the Radomir Plain. 339-352 IANAKIEV,, Kiril Pop agr. 0 Depth of soil moisture caused by rainfalla Xhidrotakh i melior 8 no.1:11-12.. 16 $63. IANAKIEV, Kiril., P., dots. agr. ~;- A now improved method for determining hydrophysical ;~;-opcrttas or soils. KhIdroWkh i malior 9 no.9:283 164. IANAKIEV, N.1 KURCHATOV, M. Contribution to the stu# of Us problem of the reduction of certain typtiv of IOW2 UVA"SontoWng raw material with solid carboar anda apeoial conditions, Isv Inst khim UN 7:85-104 160, Wa 1019) 1. KhWobaski institut pri BAN. (Iron) (Carbon) TA L--- Cl- C6 A JJ4 hG Ali KMHAMVp M.;IN"Iyu N. (TApak-jev, N.) ------ AlWatus for the determination of reducing power in iron ores and - - reaOtIvity of oolid fugle Doklady W 15 no*8033-836 162. I . 1., 1. INtitut, obahohey i neorganicheakoy kbirali Bolgarskoy A)cademii nauk. Predstavleno akad. D. Ivanovym, chlen Redaktsionnoy kollegii,, ",Doklady Bolgarskoy akademii nauk"-. IAnakiev N ... Industrial application of precious metalve Priroda Bulg 22 no. 4: 114-115 JI-Ag 163 I-- i4- ~xl~c - LOAM% J~Akhomlrv Anzh. r'- -f, --- Tranamlasion of high-frequency energy on the hIgh-voltage cable lines. Flaktrasnergils. 14 no.11:24-26 N'63, NEDIALKOVA, K.; IAMBIEV, Khrj XDSTOVAI M.; IAMAXTEVp Ve ... Studies of certain factors influencing physical and mechanical properties of the.hiedy-fined latex paste used for condensers in the canning industry. Xhis i industrlia 35 no.4t147-150 163. GEORGIEV, 5, ~ IANAKIEV, V.,; Ti;NrAlEll, Khr.; VASILEV, At, C"Itaran,virlotics of thc- !~,,vturun ar-A vulcani zed rubber containing rogeneratee ',t-or praji.ou3ly processiA with soot. Khim i indu3trlie 36 .io,q-.322-324 '64. ' ~'r, -W L, .3-io-nUtic Rus(!ar(~.,j innotute )f the Rubli., and 111a;ItLe Industripa. SoNa, Octobar 19, 1164. TANAf. i'M ?dravko Inzh Mmension!ng ihe bot and cold watP'- 3'ITJP!Y fQ- houses- ftidrotekh i melitr 9 no.5--LS.3.056 '64 .j FETVADZHIEV, Vladimirl DONEV, Nikolaj IANAKIEVA Some problems regarding the interrelations between the brand of oriental tobacco and water. Izv Inst tiutiun BAN 1151 72 161, 1. Chlen na Redaktsionnata kolegiia, "Izvestiia na Tsentralniia nauchnoiseledovatelski institut po tiutiuna, Plovdiv" (for Donev and Fetvadzhiev). KISHKVp St.; rANAMMA, M. Experimm with Marsball's retropubic cysto-urethro-pubto ,fixation in the treatment of stres6 incontinence in women. Xhirurgi-la (Sofila) 26 no.4063-370 161, 2. Katedra po, propedevtika na (Viesh meditainaki institut] G, Kapitanov. (URINARY IMONTINENCE, khirurgichnita bolesti - VMl - Sofiia. Zav. katedrata: prof. STRESS) (SURGERY, OPERATIVE) IANAS~ A. AND OTf= . Treatment of osteoarticular tuberculosis by intrafocal adninstration of tuberculostatic compositions in Novocaine solution. P. 1395 (Academia Republicii Populare Romine. Comunicarile. Vol. 6. no. 12, Dec. 1956 Bucuresti, Rumania) Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EFA-T) LC. Vol. 7, no. 2, February 1958 TANA . Andmi, ing, 16ming extraotion installatiMs &t tha JTiu V&Uey cosa miMs. Rev min 12 noo8s377-378 AS 961v 4 1 .1 . I _jIA AS,,- , FRANTIU, Iono ing.; DOZICIU, Martinp ing.; LAI Up Ficolaie, ing.; 'R V- ing,. colaboratorj CHIVARAN, C., calaborator; "ICI, D., ing.# colaborator Some problems related to the quality of silicecus plates. Metalurgia constr man 14 no.1:31-35 A 162. 1. Inatitutul de carcetari metalurgice (for Frantiu, Loziciu and Laiu) 2. UzIna do masini electrice "Dinamo," Bucuresti (for Iamas and Chivaran). 3. Inatitutul de carcetari alectrotehnice (for Donici). c . liyp~.-rbolic navir-ation. D. 11). AMPIL-Z Ducur~.,.-.'U-I, Vol. 1, nn,. ',, Aiv. 1955- SO: *~7onthlly List of F.ast European Accessions, 1~;, Vol. ;%, rio. 1~', Oct. a ., ,Pjv 'in c 1 . WAT-OSS _qO Aeronautic navigation and blind landing with the help of radiolocation. p.22. (ARIPILE PATRIEL., Buouresti,, Vol. 6,, No,, 1. Jan, 1955) SO; Monthly List of East European Accessions, (EUL)j LCp Vol. 4. No. 6., June 1955, Uncl. w4T993 -C-I Bicycle-type landing gear. p,25, (ARIPIIZ PATRIEL, Bucurestip Vol. 6, No. 1. Jan. 1955) SOt Monthl~v List of East European Aocessionst (EEAL), LC, Vol. 4. No. 6. June 1955, Uncl, IANATOS,--q'f Preewbeeling landing gear, p,25, (ARIPILE PATRIEL, bucuresti, Vol. 6v No. 1. Jan. 1935) SOI Montbly List of East Ewopean Acoessions, (EUL),, IL., Vol. 4,, No. 6,, June 3.955, Unej. ij-LNATC�j*-.~.# Procedure to increase sustentation. p.25. (ARIPILE PATRUI, Bucuresti, Vol. 6. No. l# Jan. 1955) $01 Monthly List of Feet European Accessionsp (EFAL), LCp Vol. 4. No. 6t June 19559 uncle 'iA-MT95 F C 0 Planes with rotating wings. p,26, (AIUPILE PATRIEL, Bucuresti, Vol. 6, No. 1, Jan. 1955) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions, (VAL), IZ, Vol. 4, No. 6, June 195% Unal. . IANBASTIETO M., Lash, h rapid method for determining the resinous content in oils and lubrict-its. Haahinostroene 11 no.1206-37 D 162. IANBASTI W., ~,,Jnzh. Liml+ srent analysis in ,,.a~mJne building, and toots for its applieLtion at the State Machine-Building Factory of Kolarovgrad. *X21nostroone 13 no.4j4l-./+3 Ap 164. 1. State Machine-Building Factory, Kolar(rrgrad. IANBASTIEV, M., inzh. Luminescent and analytic method of threshold concentrations. Xhim i,industriia 36 no.6t226-227 164. IANC~X, CHIRA, loomn, ing. __k T~,nlniral and econor' 1 results obtained in the Cluj Ion when applying bituminous ballast at high temperatures by using Lituminous sands with and withcut' petroleum hard bitumen. Rev transport 11 no.7005-309 J 1 161". 'EANC'!T--,-*V.0 D. "Ardent exteminntors of wolves." P. h5 (Gorsko Stopanstvo, Vol, 14, no, 5, 1958, Sofila, BuLgaria) Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EUI) N, Vol. 7, no. 9, Septeember 1958 PANA10TOVs No IANCIIEVo I. Tuberculosis and infection Ath tuberculoAs of Chairina. mo3chat-a, I%v. mikrob., Inst., Sofialop Vol. 1. 1950. p. 129-37 1. (Dr. P, ParaWotaV-Senior Aealotant at the Microbiological Inst-itute of the Bulgarian AcadoW of Sciences; Dre Ya,,.Yanchav-Assistant at the Zoolog~eal Gardens of the Bulgarian AftdmW of Sciences.) MI-1 19o 5v NOT-9 1950 - *Twwr-like grovth on the Feet of Some Species of Birdo4irds of Prev and Web-Footed, Galli- naceous, and Wading Birds--in the Balgarian Zoological 0arden." P. 313, Izvestita. Sofira, Vol. 2, 1954 SO: Bast Zaropean Accessions List, Vol. 3, No. 9, September 1954, Lib. of Congress TAITCIIEV 'i , Ia . IMCHEV, Ia. %search on tuberculosis amonF the itild birds in the Sofiia Zoolorical. Oard-,,,n p. 353. Vol. h15, 1955 IZVESTIIA., Sofiia) PulCarln SOURCE: East Earopean Accessions List (EFAL) Vol. 6, No. 4-April 1957 BULGARIA/ZoolzrasitolotV - Parasitic Worms. G Abe Jour ; Rof Zhur Biol., No 1, 1959, 1018 AuVior : Tuleakov, X., JcuiceV, 1-.,Gt : bilaurim. AS Title : Nematodes of Some L-cotic faiinals X%W the Zoolocical Gardeu in Sofia Oria Pub, : Dokl. Bolg. AN, 1957, 10, No 4, 341-344 Abstract : No abstract. Card 1/1 Investigation of some holutinths and helml.nthiasiq in white stork~3 and ?,931cAn9- p. 303. InEsTILA. softia, Biogaria, Vol. 7, 3958 ,ast Accesdioris No. I janunry 1060 monthly List or n (E-EAI) LC, Vol Uncl. 1ANIOPEIV, IA. ; BOZZHKU1, D. Contribution to the study of the tremtoOes on wild aiteks (subfamdly Anatinae) in Bulpria. p. 425. IZVESTILA. Soflia, Bulgaria, Vol. 7, 19,58 Yonthly List of East Accessions (EKAI) LO, Vol. 9, No. 1 January 10,60 Uncl. IANCHU, IA. dr. -7 ~- The halidnthic fauna on the fox., %Ipes vulpea crucigera Bechateiny in southwestern Bulgaria. Izv Zool inot BAN 10939-58 161. (=I 10:9/10) (Parasites) (Foxes) W(CHEV U Helzinthofauna of Lepno eurapaeus Pan. in Bulgaria. Pt. 1. Izv Zool Inat BAN no,2_3t177_186 163. RUMH,%NIA 1. ADERCA, N. IFTIMOVICI, M. IANCONESCU c. D_~NJEJ.ESCU and A.R. 14IHAIL# InframicrobiologY Institute, Rumanian Acadcmy Cof Science] (Institutul 1. Bucharest-] de Inframicrobiologic al Academlei R.P.R., r "Comparative Studies on the Susceptibility of Eight Cell Strains to Various Viruses." Bucharestp Studii si_Cercetari do Inframicrobiologieg Vol 14, No 2, 19631 pp 171-187. Abstract [English summary modified]: Studies with Measles (Leningrad 4, Stockholm, Edmonston); adenovirus-3 Bratislava, Polio I LSC2 Sabin, ECHO 9 Hill, vaccinia Cantacuzino, Coxsackie A9 Budapest, Herpes 5433 Inst. Pasteur Paris, Hotol Prague, ECHO 10 Moscow and Columbia SK Cantacuzino. In general susceptibility varied more among the 8 tissue culture cell strains than among the 12 viruses. Zmbryonic Rabbit Ki ney Westwood and HEp Toolan; HeLa and CM/SCH Salk were resistant; 4 other cells lines were less hardy. Discrepant reports in literature are ascribed to cell line variations during 2.5 years, cultivation. Ten tables; 1 Soviet, L2 Rumanian and 5 Western references. A 1/1 RUSEVt Gs4.-L%NCHSVp-Le On the problem of certain oxidative changes in the brain in traumatic shook in rabbits. Xhiritrgiial Sofia 13 no.12:1060-1066 160. 1. Nauchno-italedovatelski voennomediteineki institut. Nachalnik: L.IAnahav. (BRAIN metab (MOCK expert IANCHXT, V. G. ~ -a' - reparation for gastroseopr. Suvrem. mod., Sofia 7 no-1: ilrelmrat, P 78-81 1956. 1. Is Katedrata po vutroobni bolesti pri. ISUL - Sofia (Zov. Kat. Prof. T. TasheT). (GASTWSCOPT, prop. for (Bul)) IANCHEV, V, at Biopsy and removal of pol"i from the terminal and of the large intestine with a newly constructed Instrument - a curet-loop. Suvrem mad., Sofia no.2:93-100 161. 1, Katedra po vutreabni bolesti sue atomaehno-ohrevni I chernodrobni "abo3tavaniia I lechebao khranens. (Rukov. na katedrate, prof. 1. Tashev.) (RECTUM dis) (GASTRORN OLOGY equip & supplies) (POIZP surgery) IANCHEVO V. Clinical trials vith the &tlgarian preparation Obasil., obtained from basil (Onimn basilem). (Prellmlnar7 report). Suvr. zed. 14 no-026-29 163. PLANTS, MEDICINAL) (AWOHOLS) STROENTEROLOGY) (CONSTIPATION) M (MUSCIZ RELUANTS) IANCHEVJ V. Errors in rectoromanoscopy and their sequalae. Suvr. med. 14 no.6:21-28 163. (PROCTOSCOPr) (SIGMOIDOSCOP!r) XkRPAROV# Al.; TANCHRVA, V.; R&DOSIAVOVA, V.; MIKHA11OV, M.; PASHOV, N. Bleatron microscopy of baoteriophage. buvrem. mad.. Sofia 8 no.4:67-72 1937. 1. Is Nauchno-issledovatelskiia institut po, epidemologila i mikrobiologiia (Direktor Vl. Kalaidshiev). (BACMIOPHAU, microscopy, electron (Btil)) (MIGR06MY, ILWMONO of baoteriophage (Bul)) ,;--V , Loans for temporary needs as a factor for preserving, and streni,thenine the payment discipline. P. 4. Leka Prcrishlenost Vol. 7~ No. 4~ 1~6rb. Sofiia Bulgaria Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 7, No. 10, Oct. 58 iknchulevo M. Essential points in crediting according to the turnawer of the industry, P, 3 TEKSTILKA PROKISHLENOST. (Ministeretvo na lekata, promishlenost) Sofiaj, Bulgaria. Vol. 81 no- 7s 1959 Monthly List of East European Accessiom (EEAI)j, LCj Vol. 8., no- 7., 1959 Nov, Uncl. M IANCHULEV,, Metodi,, lnzh,. --,- Loans for now equipment. Tekatllna prom 12 no.434..5 163. 1. Bulgarska, narodna. bankat klon No.29 Sofiiae IANCIC., Maria; STFFAN., Doina. %W"MMW=&L.WA"" Single bath bleaching and dyeing method for direct coloring matters. Ind text Rum 14 no.9s417,418 SO 163. SORESCO-0 An&Uj PANAITZSCO -0 -Do-; CIURZAVC.; UNCO, larissa -- - ---- A z*d~r of subr7ogeneaio of the vW of Ascario lumbricoides in different conditions of Mgenation of the =Iturs medium. Arch. Roum. path. --P. sicrdbiol.-20-no.lCL29-136 -Mr 161. 1. Travail de 111astitut *Dr. I. Cantacusinow - Section dlEalmintho- logie sons la direction du Prof* Dr* Gh. Tmpascoe (ASCARIS culture) (OXrGEN me taboliem) LUPASCO, Gh.; SOI01011; 'Paula; IIACIGI Alical CIP", Al. Gh.;ClUi C.; LOCO, Larissa, Research on the role of the raticulo-andothelial system in i-Minity inexperimental trichinosis. Arch. Roum. path. exp. microbiol. 20 no#3t337-356 3 161. 1. Travail do I'Institut "Dr I. Cantaouzino" Laboratcires d'Helminthologies Histopathologie at Chimie parasitaire. (RETICULOEIMOTHELIAL SYSMI physiology) (TRICHINOSIS experimental) (UMNITY) CIPLEA, Al. Gh.; POZSGI,, No; ANDREESCO-TIGOIU, Viorica; IANCO, Larissa Contribution to the stadv of tissue reactivity in experimental infection with Bordetena portussis. Arch. roum. path. exp. microbiol, 21 nool%47-~58 Mr 162. 1. Travail do IlInsiltut Ili;. 1. Cantacusino" - Services do la. B. pertussis at d'Anatomie Pathologique - at do 1s, Chain do Hicrobiologie II de 1'Inotitut Medico-Pharmaceuti uo de Bucarest. (WHOOPING COUGH) (BONE MMMW) (SPLFM) ZLIVO) DUPORr, Maria; CaUnMvllimma; AIWABIUO Alexandra; IANCO, larisms, Contribution to the study of variatim of sensitivity to DDT of the,ipeoies M, domestic& Le as related to various factorffo Arebo roumo path* wepe xiorq~iolw 2.3 no.3&737-762 8163~ lo Travail de 113hotitut *Dr. I* Cantaousdno*- Servin d%- tmologieg Bucarest. LUFAO)COO (Ib.; HAGI(,p AlICO; SOLOMN, Paula; IANCO, Larissa Lesaarch on the constitution and specificity of Trichinella spiralis antigens. Arch. Roum. path. exp. microbiol. 23 no-4: 877-882 D 164. 1. Travail de 111natitut, "Dr. I. Gantacuzino". Section d1unl- minthologia st Laboratoire de Chimie Parasitologique. Sutmitted May 18, 1964. JANCOWMU. Bernal, inge --- . n- -- -- ........, "ex 0.1 Nognets of iqwitiq,4,--ISt si Tsh Buc 14 no. 7t14-15 Jl 162s lANCONMCU., Bernelj ing. ~C~hemlst~ry ~he servide of socialist agricUlLure. St al Teh Buo 14 no.9s3O S 162. Bernf-O~ ing. - ~ ~- ,, c.bc,l 19 a --tiorri r a L p odur,' wit h in ter a a*.If ng tit! ii ?,q-. ions. it o'- Ter, l3ut~ 15 n0.2-39 F 10 IANCONESCU, B., ing. I ~ . - , Boron 11 , an element of great importance in modern technics. St si Teh Buc 15 no.4:18-19 Ap 163. Rumania/Virology. Viruses of Ean and Animals Abs*Jour Ref '37hur-Biol., No 13, 10539 57343 Author Aderca I., Fridman A., Iancon Inst Not ,.-iven Title The Growing of the Virus MM of Encephalomyo- carditis in Rotating Test Tubes Orig Pub Studii si cercetari inframicriobiol., microbiol., si narazitol., 195?, 8, No 1, 49-55 Abstract The virus which was cialtivated in the museles and skin of a mouse eibryo wis found to have a cytopathogenic effect. The initial dilul6on of the virus was 5-.-10- , the final--5110- . By titrating the virus of the final passage in the u brain Of Grown mice it was s'iow-a that the viru- lence of the virus decreases, a fact which in the opinion of the authors bears witness to the Card 1/2 3 KI __Cabs Jour Ief 7,hur-Ditq., Ho 13, 1950, 57343 Abstvact diminution of the virus neurotropis.-a. Immedi- atly after infecting, it is adsorbed by the growin- cells. The dukation of the adsorDtion-- 15 minutes. Card 212 ADZRU,I,; IANOONBSGUOM,; HAUTIGALOH. Obtaining human embryonal cell culturas by the tryppinizatiou. method. Stud. cercet inframicrobiol.,Bwura.10 no.21187-191 159. 1. Comanicare presentata la InstItutul de*inframicrobiologia al The auseeptibiltiy of human embryo cell cultures, obtained by trypoinization, to Infection by various viruses. Stud. corcet. inframicrobiol.,Buour, 10 no.2:193-198 159. 1. Comanicare presentato, la Institutul do inframicrobiologie al R.P.R., in sedinta din 15 decombrie 1958. (VIRUSIS, culturie) (TISSUB CUMM) (TRYPSIN) ;A5QMMPUj-X."IWGA,I. The herpes virus in cell cultures. III. Cellular lesions produced by the herpes virus In human agniotic and embryonal cell cultures. Stud. cereet. inframicrobiol..Bucur. 10 no.4:487-495 159. 1. Comanicare presentats, U Institutul do inframicrobiologis &I Academeis R.P.R. virology) CAJAL, N.9 assist. prof.; ADERCAO I.; IANCO . -M.,;L OFRESCU, E.; DANIELESCUIG.; with technical assistance of BI A, A. The incidence Qf poliomyelitis antib6dies in children in the R.P.R. Rumanian M Rev. no.2:3.2-3.4 Ap-Je 160. (POLI014BLITIS immunology) ADERCA, I.; IANCONESCU, M. Investigations on herpes virus in human amnlotic and embrio cel.1 culturea. Rx-nian M Rev. no..4:14-18 O-D 160. (HERPES virology) (TISSUE CULTURE) IANCOHMU, M*; ADEMA, I* 111. 1- - Morphologic chau.-ss producod by the herpes virus in human embryo-ooll cultures. Rev. sci. mod. 5 no.1/2:53-55 160. (MMM virol) CAJAL.N.; IANCON&CU.N.; ADIRCA.L', DAh1FaJBCU,G.; BIRGA,A. Study of the Incidence of antipoliomyslitis antibodies of types I, II and III in unvacoinated. persons in the rural areas of the R.P.R. Stud. cercet. inframicrobiol.,Bucur. 11 no.l: 21-30 160. 1. Comunicare prozentats, Is, Institutul, do inframicrobiologis al Academia I R.KeRo In Sea Innss, at Unt if Ica festive, din 17-18 &ugwt . 1959. (POLIOKYBUTIS, lummology) ADZ=,I.; IANCONEBOU,M.; WIBIW(;U,G. Studies on adenoviruses. Is Strains of the adenovirum isolated In the R.P.Re Stud. cerce. inframicrOiol., Bacur, 11 no.2:229- 235 160. (AMMOVIMS) IANCONSBOU,X.; ADIRCA,I. Studies on'adenoviruses. He Cellular lesions produced by the adenovirus in humn'smbryo tissue cultrue. Stud. cercet, iara- m.torobiol.0 Duour, 11 no~2:237-242 160. (AMIMOVMIS culturs) ADBROA,I.; IANCONSZCU,X.; BIRU,A. Herpes virus in tissue pultura. 1. Herpes virus isolated In humn embryo tissue culture. Studo ceroet. inframicr6biol., Buour. 11 no.2:243-248 060. 1 I (MLVN Tirol.) CAJALp Nq IANCONESCU, M.; ADMICA, 1,; OPRU30, ELI DANIELESCU, G.; BI&A 0 X. - - Comparative studies of the indidence of antipolicoyelitis antibodies in the vaccinated and unvaccinated children of the Rumanian People's Republic. Stud. cercets inframicrobiol. Bacur. U no-4:549-554 160. 1. Comunicare prozentata 1s, Instit-titul do inframicrobiologie al Academioi R.P.R. , *~ 4U--'UA. - -.b"- * (FOMUMULITIb immuno.Logy) ADERCAs I.1 ILMONESCUO M. Value of the culture of buman entbz7onal colls for the laboratories of inframicrobiology. Studii care inframicrobiol Special issue- oupplement to 12:127-132 t61. 1. Institutul do inframicrobiologia al Academisi R.P.R. (TISSUE CULTURE) (EMMOLOGY) (MICROBIOLOGY) DANIFT CU, G.) BOERUI V.; ADERCAq I.j LkNCONrZCU, M. Changes in gluoide metabolism in chorio-allantoio membranes in vitro, under the influence ot interferon. Stud. oercet. infra- 'microbiol. Bucur. 22 no4:109-13.5 161. 1. Comunicare proontata I& Inatitutul do inframicrobiologis al Academiei A.P.R.-"- (GLUCOSE metaboj~- ~inl~--MMMANES metabolism) (VIRUSES) LEONESCU, M.; BURLUI, A.; BURLUI,, A.; BUIMOVICI, E.; _IAITCODIESCU, M.; PMEAS, L. The study of anti-poliomyelitis antibodies after vaccination with inactivated anti-poliouyelitis vaccine. Stud. cerost. inframicrobiol. 13 no.lt97-102 162. (POLIOWELITIS immunology) ADERCA,, L; CAJAL, N.; POPESCU, G.; IANCONESGU, M.; DkIlIELESCU, G. Investigation of the "Motol" virus strain, presumed agent of epidemic hepatitis. Stud, cercet. inframiorobiol. 13 no.2:209-215 162. 1. Comunicareprowntata la Conforinta interregionala do hepatita epidemicaL, Sinala. (HEPATITIS, INFECTIOUS virology) CAJALIN.-j IANC60NE"LA; ADERCA, I.; GRUIA, M.'CEPLEANU)MO1- DK U2 S.; OPRESCUO E.; CIOBANESCU, M. U. S Serological ibvestig.ations on children vaccinated witb inactivated or livL modified virus antipolio, vaccines. Rev. sci. mod. 8 no. 112:11-13 - 163. (POLIOMYELITIS) (POLIOVIRUS VACCINE) POLIOVIRUS VACCINE, ORAL) ADERCA, I.; IFTIKOVICI, M.; IANCONESCU M - DAHIKLESCU, G.; KD1AIL,, I.B. Comparative research on the ouBeeptibi3ity of 8 cellular strains to different viruses. Stad. cercet. inframicrobiol. 14 no.2; 171-187 163* 1. Ccmunicare prezentata, la, Institutul de inframicrobiologie al Aoadexiei R.P.R. (VIRUS CULTIVATION) (TISSUE CULTURE) F411ANIA -M. IANCONESCU, 1. ADERCA, M. IFTI14OVICI and A.R. MIIL-%IL [Affiliation same as abawe.-] "Comparative Study of Cytopathogenic Effect of Different Viruses on Cell Cultures. Cytopathogenic Effect of Measles on Epithelial Cells and Fibroblasts." Bucharest, Studii si Cercetari de InfromicrobioloFic, Vol 14, No 2, 19631 pp 203-211. Abstract [English summary modified]: Effect of four measles virus strains on HeLa, FL human amnion, Detroit 6, KB and human embryonic lung: 'polynucleatel syncytia. formation, intranuclear inclusion bodies were most consistent findings; sufficiently so to serve as preliminary diagnostic criterion. Seven photomicrographs; 4 Rumanian and 10 Western rtferences. LL/l IANCOV, N. -j Observations on the tr--nsportation of greenwood longs tor teams. p.394. REVISTA PADURIMR. (Asociatia Stinifica a Inginerilor si Technicienilor din "ominla si al Ministerului. Agriculturii sl Silviculturii) Brcuresti. Vol. 70 (i-e- 71) no. 6, June. 1956. SOURCE: East European Accessions List. 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There are dis- tributed here podtolic, b,ow forest, paeudo-rendzina chernozen, chernDzem-like carbonated, and sandy veakly developed soils. The peculiarities of the distribution of these soils are discussed. A schematic mp of the Card 1/2 9 BOGDAN, Me, iAgal IANCOVIGI,, P,', ing.; UIZUNSANU, B., ing, . ~- ~-. 4'- 11 1; Rosulte obtained by using CIFA digital computers for studing the dynamic stability in the p6wer 'system of Rumania, Energetice. Rum 11 no,.7&304-308 J1 10. IAV-(Y,lTr,I, V. Ton years of activities at the Klement GottwaI4 gnterprises. p. 430'. MECTROTTHNICA. (Asociatia Stiintifica a Inginerilor -,d Tehnicierdlor din rtorlnia si 11-finister-il Energiei Electrice si Incbistriel Flectrotahnice) Buctirestij Rwiranla Vol. 6, no. 12, Dec. 1958. Monthly List of East European Accessions (E!I:AI) LC Vol. 8, No. 6, June 1951,00 Uncl. Country iRUMAVIA Category jChendeal Technolopy. Ceramics. Binding Materiftle, Concrete Abs. 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REUMATOL. 1954. 2(221-248) In 72 cases the incidence was: 3-5 vr., 4.16%, 5-10 yr.. 44.44%; 10-15 yr.. 51.381s; sex: 48.6 1% boys, 51.38% girls. Admission during January- April 55.55%, May- August and September- December 22.22% each. In6l.11%unfavourablehygied. Ic conditions were present. In 48.51% of cases. the parents had had arthritis or rheumatic (ever. cardiopathies or nephritla. Tonsillitis has been present in 34.72%. inflammatory reactions of the joints in 11. 11%. chores in 2.77%. scarla- tina in 4. 16%. nephritis in 2.77%. Laboratory: leucocytes below 8.0001cu. nun. 36.11%; above 20.000/cu. mm. 5.55%. Haeinoglobin below and above 70% in equal proportions of 50%. Tuberculin reaction positive in 8.331%. Examination of phar)=: Streplococcus virldans In 8.33%, haemolytic atreptococcus in 11. 11%, pneumo- coccus in 8.33% and mixed nora in 72.22%; tonsils affected in 87.50%, teeth sfftct- ed in 6.94%. On leaving the hospital: ameliorated 86,10%. stationary 8.33%. ag- gravated 2.77%. exitue 2.77%. AuWro FENLAN E., NEDELCU A. and TELIA D. 1082. IANCU A., RAUCHER C., *Varialli e glicemiel provocate la sugarli distrofici --ub acliunea cafeinei. Nota 1. Varia tile glicemief provocate la sugarit distrofici sub acliunea unei singure loze de cafeinti. Variations of the blood sugar curve In dystrophic infants caused by caffein. 1. Varia- tions of the blood sugar curve in dystrophic infants caused by administration of a single dose of caffein PEDIATRIA(Bucureqti) 1956. 5/1 (76-81) Graphs 10 Tables I The method employed was that of entablishing a conditioned reflex, consistinf, of an oculo-palpebral reflex following exposure to an air current and ascociated with either auditive or photic stimuli. At the same time the blood sugar curve was determined by using the Hagedorn-Jensen method. Initially 3 g. of glucose per kg were administered by the oral route to the fasting infant. The babies were divided into groups according to the ease with which the conditioned reflex could be established. Blood sugar curves were again obtained a week later after a nub- cutaneous dose of 0.04 g. of caffein. Rise of blood sugar was found in babies with partial inhibitions (42-136 attempts to establish a conditioned reflex) and a fall in those with complete inhibition (over 200 attempts). bivestigation with repeated doses of caffeir. showed that blo(xl sugar values depended both on the dose of caffein as well as on the tone of the cerebral cortex. Holzel - Manchester BACIU, I.; IAWU, Az.; MARCUTIU, V.; NNJLASM, A.; PATIU, Z. Studios of blood proteins and protein fradtiond In dystrophle infants. 1. Iffebt of aoidulated protein-enrichod milk in the diet, Bul. attintd, sect, vied. 8 noo3:747-762 JUIY-S*Pt 56. 1. Comanicare prosentats, do academician Or. Benet&4 in Sesiuma generals, stlintifica, a Academisi R.P.R., in sedinta din 30 iunis 1955. (INFANT NUTFUTION DISDEDIRS, ther, acidulated protein-enriched milk In inf. dystrophy, off. on blood proteins) (MILK, ther.-vie a4tddlatst protein-enriched milk diet in inf. dystroptW. off. on blood proteins) (PROTEINS, ther. use protein-enriched milk in inf. dystrophy, off. on blood proteins) IANCU, A..- RAUCMIR; YENMN, IL; 111=ICU# A*; MIAt D. MwAww____~ Blood sugar variations induced in dystrophic sucklings nuder the notion of caffeine. Rumanian Me Rove 1 no.4:42-43 Oat-We 57. (CAMInst off. on blood sugar in dystrorp~ic inf.) (BLOOD SUGAR, of f . of drugs on caffeine in dystrophic inf.) (DWANT MMRITION DISORMM. blood in off. of caffeine on blood sugar in dystrophic inf.) UNCU, Axent*l POP, 0.; BOGIAN, Liviu; BOGM"s YL Dispensary therapy of rheumatic children from children's collectivities in Oluj. Probl, reumat., Bucur. no.505-88 1958. (RHLVMTISX, in inf. & child -preschool & school child. of tovn of Cluj, Rumania, ther. & long-term follov-up) EXCERPTA YEDICA See 8 Vol 12/4 NEUROLOGY Apr 59 1872. THE VALUE OF THE TAKATA-ARA AND THE THYPTOPIMN TESTS IN THE CSF AND OF THE EXAMINATION OF THE OPTIC FUNDI IN' THE EARLY DIAGNOSIS AND THE DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS OF TUBER- CULOUS MENINGITIS IN CHILDREN - Valeur des rdactions de Takata- Ara et du tryptophane dans le liquide cdphalo-rachidien et de 1'examen du fond de I'oeil dans Is diagnostic positif prdcoce et dif(drentiel de 1.1 meningite tuberculeuse chez 1'entant - lane u A . , Konte eve I le r L . , Vonic a C.. Oncu V., Cole sAr_c`5V=. , Rusu 161. andSchlezak L. Clin. de POd., Cluj, Roumanie - ARCH. FKA*,%4;. PEDIAT. 1958. 15/6 (823-034) Tables 3 In 47 cases of tuberculous meningitis it was found that the Takata-Ara test on the CSF was abnormal sooner and was a more sensitive test than the examination of the sugar and chloride contents. The tryptophah reaction was less sensitive than the Takata-Ara but was more reliable than the sugar and chloride levels. In con- trast. among 77 non-tuberculous lymphocytic meningo-encephalitides the Takata- Ara test was negative in all and the tryptophan test was only slightly positive in 3. Both reactions were negative in 20 children with different types of non-meningeal %b. In 72% of 31 cases of tuberculous meningitis changes in the fundus ocull were observed. Lorber - Sheffield (L, 7, 8. 15) A- IANCU, Axents, prof.j LUSTIG, T.; CHISU, A.; TOMA, L. The 2ong-sight prognosle of chorea minor. R=anlan M Rev. no.2.-50-52 AP-Je 160. (CHOREA di agn osis) IANCU, A., prof.; NIHALCA, E., conf.; MARGINEAU, 0.; CHISER, A. Clinical and therapeutic aspects of staphylococcal infections in children's clinica, Miorobiolo4ia (Bucur) 6 no.lt23 Ja-F 161. 1. Clinica, de pediatrie, Cluj. 06 IANCU, A. A.; IANCU, Axente The oyndrome of pterygium ooni and thalaamada. Stud. oereet. andocr. 13 no.ltl35-138 162. NBCK abnormUties) EM9 EUTHROBIASTIC case reports) M IANCU, A.; JAKOBp So; DIVINM.;,IANCU,A.pJr.; SURIANIIT,~- VLAWTIJU97, The Min pediatrio dystrophy. Cesk. pediat. 19 no.6t528-529 Jet64. 1. Detska klinika university v Kluzi (prednostat prof. dr. A. Iancu); Neurochirargicka nemocnica v Kluzi (reditelt dr. S..Takob). IANCTJ, A.; JAKOB, S.; DIVIN,M.; IANCU.,A..,Jr.; SURIANI,T.; VL&MTIJU..V. The EM; in pediatrio dystrophy, Cook. pediato 19 no.6t528-529 Jet64. 1. Detska klinika univeralty r Kluzi (prodnosta: prof. dr. A. Iancu); fieurochir-urgioka nmocnice v Kluzi (reditels dr. S..Takob), IANCUY A., prof.; IACOB, St., dr.; IANCU, A.T., Jr., dr.; DIM, M., dr.; --- CMSUP' A., dr.; RACASAII, A., dr. EM aspects of the hynocia. syndrome in children. Pediatria (Bucur) IJ* no.lil-5 Ja-F165- 1. Werare efectuata in Clinics, do pediatrie nr. 11 Institutul. medico-famaceutic, Cluj (Sef de sectiet prof. A. Iancu) si Jn Clinica de neurochirurgie, Cluj (Sef do sectiet dr. St. Iacol).