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--7-7 f-A .1 Z'J I- - 4 1 ~ Card 3/3 - - - '. :`~! ~ :... - " . , - - - L , -., I . .. '. . . ., - - '5~, .I ,~!, , 1 '.. , .1, , ...... t~ ~-', t -,~ i I Ob asimptotichaskom znachenii nailuchshogo priblizheniva funktsii, imeyushchcy ves~he- stvenniWu kriticheskiWu tochku. Dan, 1.9 (1945), 242-24". Ob as-Imptoticheskom. zna- chenii nailuchshogo priblizhenlya funkt+, imeyushchikh vcshchc3tvojinqyu osobvvu tochku. Ian, ser$ matem, 10 (1946), 429-46o. 0 -.01note nekotorykh S13tcm analiticheskikh funktsly. Ian, ser matem. (1', 39), 553-568. 0 pol-note sistem posledovatollrVkh proizvodaykh anal- itichoskoy funktsii. Dan, 52 ~(1946) 393-394. 0 skhodi=sti interpolyatsionnogo *jada Abelya-Gonchurova. Matom 3b. 21 (631P (1947)l 49-62. 0b. InterYoliat9ii Tsolykh funktsiy matom Sb., 20 (62., 1927), 283-292 SO: Mathematics, in the USSRp 1917-1947 edited by Kurosh) A. Go Narkushavich, A. L. Radhovskiy, P. K. hoscow-Leningrad, 1948 1 171 . - Z- I I F -1 KiIT-m I C,, L- -- -- I- - - tL~ - im fl-L Lj Ll kl:'. P. &--I gp*t Or - .~r -, .112 alul M-- R E- I'LLLI I I , I ". . , . , ~ , . . ~, ~ 7 . -V-l -i--i- -- .--- - -- I --I, . ~ - . , - - , , - -T --, -- - - , - , , , il IL- arp Emilo-ILIMV. iT7_~ Er UV flifL- 41 - - tL- . "I I . - -- - ~ I lZIll 'A i. - . -IrL -- I'. 1-il Theory of ]Punctions of a Real Variable. Approximation of Tanctions (1606) Doklo AN Azerb. 88R, No 3. 1953, pp 135-141 rbXgdmov, 1. 1. Me Best Approximation of Differentiable Punctions by Polynomials In the Xean' Derives relations between the beat approximation of a function f (z) and classes of functl6ne which are S-tuple Integrals of the function corresponding to limited variation or absolute continuity with variation not greater than unity. SO: Reforativnyy Zhurnal-wMatomattkaf, So 1, Jan 54; 301 (W-30785, 28 July 1954) 1 . Y. T. 2. USSR (6oo) 4. Approlimate Comoutation 7. Best approximation of a function, the cZ th - derivative of which has a disconiinuity of the first order. Dokl. AIN S-SSR 89, No. 6, 1953. Deriv,stion of the r3Wtotlc value of the beat approximation of function f(x) whose a-th derivative f a (z) possesses in the interval -1 w x a I discontinuities of the first kind (at least in ova interior point),, where a is mW real positive number not necessarily an integer (the case of mar odd integer was considered by S. X. likollskirs DAN 55,, No.2,, 19474 which derivation is connected with findirg the best approximation of Ca(x-c) + to-6/3 where &,,b are reals,, Presented by Aced S. N. Bernshteyn 25 Fob 51, 25M 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, April 1953. Unclassified. W. -r; Z, 1Y: Tole 24 31 \j I., On beat the' Des*: Man of a function whose s-th derivative Is of bMW variation on the interval [1-10 110 DoUsIr Aked. Vauk SSSR (U.S.) got 13-15 (1953).'. Th* authok determines the asMtotio form of'the quantity described in the title. He also considers the PrOblem when the Nth derivatt" his toUl variation at most 10 or Ass the (a-1) th derive- tive has the integral of Its absolite value Is A. P, Do al J bomded t ta. 6 Tr. 6vonst9j, lajp AzerbaydzMn Stat's Pedagogic Inste in* Lenin, BAku* IM Deviation@ from zero of entire functions of finite power In (1p) space. Dokl. AM Aserb. SSR 11 no.2:79-86 055. (MIRA 8:10) 1. Azarbaydshanakly gonudarstvanay pedagogicheskiy institut in. V.I.Lenina. Predstavleno daystvitellnym chlenow AN As6r- baydzhanskoy SSR I.G.Yealmanou (ftwtions. Matire) (Spaces. Generalized) IBRAGIMOV, I. I. . IN.- . Mean quadratic approximation of c6iiplox variable functions in infinite domino by means of entire functions of finite degree. Uch. sap, AGU no.4:3-11 156. OM 9:11) (Functions of complex variables) (Functions, Entire) WBJECT USSR/MATHERATICS/Theory of functions CARD 112 PO 686 AUTHOR IBRLGIMOV I.I. TITLE Vfi-9--q-ua-V-a-f1c approximation in the mean for functions of one complex variable in an infinite domain. PERIODICAL Uspechi mat.Nauk 11L 5, 50-56 (1956) reviewed 4/1957 Let D be an infinite, simply connected domain. Let Git be the intersection of D and of JzJ6 R. Let f(%) belong to the class L 2(D) if 11f 11 L - lim I f (z) 1 2 dx dy 1/2. j Jflf(z)12 dx dyj 1/2 -< 00 . 2(D) R-)Oco f ff (GR) Let gV(z) be an entire function of finite degree 1, where lim 1n rM(r) M(r) - max I gv(z)l r-*oo jzj r Let further 02 (f s" j If If (s+h) -f (z) 12 d. dy 1 1/2 14 ~k4 Dh be the generalized modul of continuity. Here N is such that the points z+h, Uspechi mat.Nauk 11, 59 50-56 (1956) CARD 2/2 PG - 686 1 hl 4 & , z e Dh remain inside of D. The polyn6mial g,(z) gives the beat approximation in the sense of L2(j)) it j ffjf(5)_g~4(Z)j2 dx dy 1 1/2 has a minimum, Let min J a A (2) 0 (fjD). The following theorems are provedt 1. In order that gV(z) yields the best approximation of f(z) in the sense of the YD) it is necesBary and sufficient that there exists no entire function' f,(%) of degree v which belongs to the class L 2(D) and satisfies the inequation 0 4 ff Re (Z) [f (s) -gt Wj I dx dy < co D (2)(f)+ 2, In D there holdas '42 (f )6 2AV V SM. This theorem is not only valid for the functions taken in the quadratic mean but also for the mean of p-th powersi W p(f, ) -,- 2A(* (f)+ V A M. M is a constant being independent of V and 3. There holds: A(p)(f,D) ---C W (f; 1 where C is a positive constant. p AUTH6Rs I SOV/20-121-3-5/4t.- TITLEs Extremum Problems in the Class of the Trigonomdtric Polynomials (Eistremallnyye zadaohi v klasse trigonometrichookikh polino- mov) PERIODICAM Doklady Akademii, nauk SSSR,1958,Vol 12loNr 39PP 415-417(USSR) ABSTRACTs Let n n k ini X, + in kxk Tn1,..,,n k(XI-IX20 pXk)-~ .... E Cplto-,Vk e ylm- n, *Ok- - nk and 2 p /P ~ I Tnj dt .*.dt > I(Tn,..,nJ k(tl#"Ptk) I I k) INO p Furthe rmore let K(xit*otx k) be a function integrable in the cube'. (Gk (0,h (I 2 (3.2) 2.) for integer, even p > 2 and Ixi < 1 it is V I/P 1/p 4 2 - '/P 110 P (3-3) (X) ('.-x n Corollary 2: If R (z) is an arbitrary algebraic polynomial and [ a,b 2 finite, ihen it is Card 2/8 85229 S1039 60/052/003/006/007 C 111~ C 333 Some Inequalities for Algebraic Polynomials 2 ) 1/p n2/p ( 2 )'/p JJR 2+p b-a n 1(p(a,b)('+*(1b' (3-10) 1.) max I Rn(xA 1-00 k;WrkM)jbWxt1)jtWTkM) UR/3149/66/000/00 ACC NRo AT6023751 SOURCE CODE: 3/0135/0147 AUTHOR: Ustimenko. B. P.; Ibragimov- Is 1. ORG; none- TITLE: Calculation of the aerodynamics of turbulent, evirlin;L- developing along a cylindrical wall in a cocurrent flow SOURCE: Alua-4ta. Kazakhakiy nauchno-isoledovatellakly institut ene.rgetiki, Problemy teploenergetiki i prikladnoy teplofisikig nos 39'~. -, 120PIC',TAGOV An"upressible liquid, turbulent jet$ javaeroArnaziess .;.J*t flow -rcPeojk&Ar ot'AOW y AEoe00VA;Am,,e,5 ABSTRACT: Nquations are derived and solved for calculating the aero- dynamics of turbulent, semiconfined swirling flows of an incompressible liquid propagating along & cylindrical rod. The following two cases are considereds 1) a submerged swirling turbulent Jet propagating along a cylindrical Vallg and 21 a swirling turbulent jet propagating along a cylindrical wall in a cocurrent flov (see Fig. 1). The 1/2 L 3685746 ACC NR- AT6023751 a Fig. 1. Flow diagram a - Substergod.turbulent, swirling, soniconfined jot; b - turbulent, swirling, somiconfined jet in a occurrent flow. Aimensionless axial and tangential velocity profiles calculated by the derived equation# are in close agreement with published experimental data. Orig. art. has: 7 figures and h4 formula*. cps) SUB CODEt 20/ 9UBM DATEs none/ ORIG REP: 0061 OTH REY: 001 ATD PRES8:5'0,yp -E'dl(d)/T -1JP CC NRs AP6027328 SOURCE CODE: UR/0020/66/W/0Q3/051.6/051 AUTHOR: Ibraginoy I* Iq Agamaliyev, Cho Go ORG: none TITLE: Ccopletenose of the system of analytic -~rhmctionq SOTiRCE: AN SSSR. Dokladyg v. 168,, no- 39 19669 516-518 TOPIC TAGSt analytic function, interpolation ABSTRACT: rhe ft4dAe' 6-0iiis - VW Somplitaim" at the qata of fuict'lo" )) by maw of the AM-OOMMV interpolation formula In the, case for which Fie J~fi MW entire ana2ytic function and the sequence of. complex umbers J& Is emb that 00.1 11M 1%.1 it is shown that the same Interpolation method can be used to prove a number of previously known resultas and it is thereby shown that interpolation tb~017 methods are effective for Investigating the comploteness of a systen of , -A"0. Gellfond.* This paper was presented analytic functionso as was fliit'-hoted by ~ . by Academician So No Bernshteyn on 4 September 1965. Orig. art. has: 13 formulas. SUB CODE: 12 / SUBK'DATEt 1MA5 ORIG Fa7: 006 1JFRS8 36t8661 Card I- i' UDC: 517.5 KIJZYETSOV, V.V.; M.RABAIJLYEV, K.K.;,_IB!-.AGjj4j-V, j_I-I. Fossil land turtle of Kirghizia. MaL. po gacl. T'Lazil-Shania no -4: 13 5-146 164. (MIRA 17:10) YEVDO~IMV, E.S.,vetvrach: POLYARSKIY, P.A.. vatfolldsher: IBRAGIMV. I.N., inzb. --P-r=wsa~ls for Improving the Komarov disinfection apparatus. Vaterinarila 35 no.8:82 Ag 158. (KRA 1119) 1. Turkmenakays, reeptiblikanskays, votbaklaboratoriya (for Yovdo- kimov. Polyanskly). 2. Ashkhabadskly tekhnikum makhanizateli sellskngn khosyaystya (for Ibraginov). (Spraying and dusting equipment) IBSAGIMOV, I-N-P assistant Effect of varioue doeve of ultraviolet rays on skin reactivity. Mod. shur. Uzb. no.6s43-46 Je 160. MiU 15:2) I, Is kliniki kozhnykh i venerichookikh bolesney (zav. - Irof. K#A,D'Yakov) Samarkandskogo goaudarstvennogo meditsinskogo instituta imeni Lp Pavlova. KIN-RADIOGReHY) (ULTRAVIOLEET RAYS--PHMIOLOGICAL EFFECT) IBRAGIMOV, I.N. Results of heliotherap7 under jalousie screens on patients with pruritic dermatosiB and psoriasis, Med. zhur. Uzb. no.20:50-52 61. (MPA 3-4: 10) 1. Iz kafedr7 kozhnykh i venbrichemlrikb bolezney (zav. - dotsent S.Suleymanov) 8 -------dakogo meditsinakogo instituta i Instituta kurortblogii i fizioterapii imeni, N.A.Semashko. (SUN RLTHS) (PSORIMIS) (SKIN-DISEASES) IBRAGIMOV,,,I.N.,. assistent Changeb the akin temperature in heliotherapy for eczema. Nauch. trudy SaMl 23:131-134 163 (mrn 1713) Photosensitivity of the akin 1n e:7-M. Ibid. 115-11P 1. Iz Samarkandskogo mediialnekogo institute. i Uabekakogo institute. kurortologii i fizioterapii. -t IBHAGIMOV, I.N. Some data -- uslioaerotherapy for eczema and neurodermatitis under E A.Cherniavakii's Jalousies. Sbor.trud.Uz.gos.nauch.- isal. inst. kur. i fisioter. l7sl59-162 162. (KRA 17t?) AGAIAROV , Ch.S. ; ALFOUMV p S.A. I r,;,"L IMAN p M. M. ; G1117,BURG, M. Yk. ; IDIM GI? IOV t I.S.; MLIFUGAPOWS, E.; M11,1EDLI, E.M. "Information converter for electronic digital computers" by E.I. Gitie. Reviewed by Ch,S.'Agalarov and others. Izm.tekh. no.7: 64 n 162. WIRA 15:6) (Electronic digital computers) (Gities E.I.) ALIKIN) R.I.; GORDIYENKOp P.I.; BESPR07VANNYY, I.G.; 2111BTSOV, P.P.; ZOIDTAREV, P.A.; ZUSMANOVSKAYA, L.L.; IA~ A, AGTMOV, K.G.; KOFOREZOV, M.A.; KOKOREV, A.T.; KUPRIANOV, Yu*.V.; K11ROCHKA, A.L., kand. tekhn. nauk; LITVIHOVA, L.M.; LOZANOVSKIY, A.L., kand. tekhn. nauk; FAVDRIKOV, F.I.; MAKHANIKOV, L.V.; PUKALOV, V.I.; RAYLYAN, A.F.; SVERDLOV, V.-Ya.; SKLYAROV, B.S.; SOLOVIYEV, K.M., kand. tekhn. nauk; STUKALKIN, A.U.; SUROVIKOV, A.A.; TIKHONOV, N.G.; SHTEPENKO, F.K.; YANOV, V.P. (VWO electric locomotive.] Electrovoz VA80. Novocherkassk. Nauchno- isaledovatellskil institut elektrovozosiroenlia. Sbornik nauchnykh trudov, Vol. 5) (MIRA 18-.5) IBRAGIMOVj, Kh. Studying the decisions of the 22d Congress. Prof.-tekh. obr. 19 no,5:20-21 My 162. (MIRA 1515) 1. Zamestitell nachallnika Glavnogo upravleniya professionallno- tekhnicheskogo obrazovaniya pri Sovete Ministrov Uzbekskoy SSE. (Uzbekistan-Commmint education) CP Dorashka. P.N.. Fmgi=**r Rxtra-murma $aanion or the Scientific Council Of th 131102N at the -P&kh%&-AAml- Sovkhox PnIGRICAL2 60 .OldrateklmlkL I aelioratoiya, 1959, Nr 10p SA-) A33TRA=t The tztrs~aursa session of the UcheaDZY oo"t TS686"t- Saco nauchno-ioalwdowatel-skago institute r-dre-tokhni- k1 I ~Ii4rstxll 42-1 A.B. Kcstyakow& (S*%4r-%I_fie ConnOll at the IL2.1-ftion Rese~rah Inatituto for Fy- drat aLa PUginstring &ad Melioration Imant A.!F.Koatya- kov) won hold from 15-17 July 1959 at It-!,s "Pakhta- Aral * savkhox (NA2&kh 3SQ and was devoted to the In- trad laOtIon And further development or sprinkling and other methode of mwebmalsed watering in C*tt=-grO- Ing districts. The Session was attended by rvprosenta- tiven of 76 researctL. planning. construction. "4 ope- rating organizations connected with the water economy care 1/11 Of the rmsakh. Uzbek. Turkboa, 7943h1k, TAMIX..AX*r- haydahan. Coargiam. kragmian. Waldavlam mad rkraintan -1 repatillas, and mama by representatives of cotton now- khoses ZI kolk-h see in the Golailnayk step- The Session heard V%e following papers: Director of VNIZOLF. Corresponding raxb*r of the TASMIM A Ift -The Introduction of Now Irrigat jESrjvvk1Z an _ quJimmut In Cotton-g-rawinel the Director Of th* I?akh- t&-Lrel- bovkhoz T.". rulikov on *The Results and Prospects of Using Sprinkling RquIpment on the -Pakh- ta-Arml* SovkhosIg Senior AgronomIst of the "Pakht- Aral* bovkhas &x1~7ar"Vev on -be System, of Agra. mallorative, Vmamure-*-B~he 1P&khtA-&r1LI* Sovkh,02 in !Itb 'prinklers- 1 CaMildst* Of Agri- irrigating Cotton _ cultural Salomon* of the TN!IGIY an 4fto Solontifle and Practical Results of STu!1*9 of Cotton -,Vrlnkl Ing' i Candidate of ?nCinqer-_r4j Sciences Card 2/7 1 1 Kkov of the MIG$_v on 'Th* Ttchnical o=d Too- ' ; Candldat& or of Sprinkling -..hines M& Sciences ZM."A -At,&= f t, ~X~o 0 , ' ' ' a ,we staAtalylk (Uzbek !tpr tt4, Lftkli:g , . ST on-Z"rioncs Prant the Introduction of Sprirkling 113 J tbA U*bekj3R'l Candidate of Agricultural !cjoncts J_xL_32EP__*T Of the TIM11.1- and of the itz rl"ntma Station) on "Cotton-attring lautlnes with 3 of Wicultural 5clenag. b 1, ", or the 1".M. on .,M* course 01 ths yst*r-Salt Cycle in galls -Pith Spr1nk!Img-g Candi- data Of Agricultural Fc1encov,A_l._f,~-j=or -t* "yT~ I GIN an *Tht Toonomic Pffiesey of Trrig"Ir-T cotton With 3prlnkl&rs-l Engineer 145&- 0 f t VNIMP on -The Tzparl G-mr crtanizind Is- "=ad tar OtIlizatIontIn 'Yprinkling Cottan (,T*r 7&rge Areme-1 Candide 0 of PagIn*oring Card 3/4'? JLVZ&n or the V-xm- 012 -Tb* r r c f 14m 1 ~n xpe I n 4 Ing rachtz*m an the C `=to Of ftg1nmorlrg 'lateness t.ZLjZAZMon,v, of the On -leveling Irri b14 Are** Long- Pramod S-ovolor**f fteltoor __ . of the TTIIGV an -The Irrigation of ~, 01 On and ~~hor Agri. Oultural Crops With a vatertne In -&I* of Plexible rlp*sl. "S the dI&*uqxjon or pjr t9 sls.d IBRAMOVS Xh.O. 9 insh. P-'--m4-mr the use of water in sprinkler irrigation. Trudy 35:55-65 160, (MIM 14:9) .(SpriWdor *rigation) 1BRAJINOV, M.G. 11bcperiments in the Organization of Planned 'Water Utilization in Cotton Farming with Overhead Irrigation"; dissertation for the depree of Candidate of Technical Sciences (awarded by the Timiryasev Agrimatural Acad=Vp 1962) (Isvestiya TimiryanevokcW Sell Wwkhoxy&yxtvennoy Akadmii, Moscow# No. 2. 1963j. pp 232-Z36) IRRAGIXOV. 1. 16 Deep-well viscoolmotors Aserbe noft. khos. 39 no.6..25-26 To 160. (KIRL 23: 10) (Viscosimter) - UGIVP Kole -PW-,~* DifferentlAl deep-won vinoooimater [in Aserbaijani with vumagLry In Rusviaaij~ Aserb. nefts khos. 41 no.11:46-48 N 162. (MIRA 16:2) .1 (Viscoolmoter) on