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EXCIRMA IWICIL Sec.2 Vol.9/12 PIWBidlogy,sta. Dw 56 5349. ZOICKIN G.A. and LEONOV A. 14. Chair of Pathol. Physiol., Med. Inst.. of cerebral Imchaemia In chronic experiments by movable ligatures on blood vessels supplying the brain (Russian text) FIZIOL.1.4956, 42/5 (425-429) Illus. 2 A loose ligature to placed around any one of all eleven arteries supplying the brain. The ends of the ligature pass through a Y-shaped tube to the surface. Aster the tubes have heated In. the loops of the ligature can be tightened by pulling and fastening the ends. Simonson - Minneapolis, Mimmu IONKINJI G. A. "About the Application of 'Hemoinfusinel for Medical Purposes in Case of Severe and Acute Loss of Blood during an Expediment," Trudy Stalingradskogo Wdistituta 1951, vol. 8 IOWKIN2 G.A GAVRfAOV, N.V. (StmliWad) Methal of performing dynamic(direat and.indirect) portacaval anastwain, Pat# fiziol, i eksp, terape 4 no. 5:73-74 8-0 160* (MIU 13: 1. Is kafedry patolqgJahaskay-fiziolagii (zav. prof. G.A. Ion3dn) Stalingradekogo meditsinakogo instituta. (FORTACAVAL ANASTOMOSIS) JONM GAO._ PAN ISHINA, M.V. (Stalingrad) Method for the production of experimental hypertension. Pat.fi7,iol I eksp. terap. 5 no-3984-85 IV-Te '61. (MIRA 14: 6) :1. Iz kefedry patologicheskoy fiziologii (zav. - prof. G.A. lonkin) Stalingradekogo meditsinskogo instituta. (HVEMNSION) DMITRITEVSKIY, A.V., kand.tekhn.nauk; IONXIN, N.P. Antiknock qualities of modern automobiles. Avt.prom. 28 no.5: 20-23 Yj 162. (KRA 15: 5) 1. Gosudaretyennyy soyusnyy ordena Trudovogo Krasnogo Znameni nauchno-iseledovatellskiy avtonobiltnyy i avtomotornyj inatitut. (Automobiles-Engines-Testing) Ionkin, P. A., nEquivalent Circuits for Electrical Networks With Magnetic Coupling" Mosc%i P(Y;ei i lyt~;U) SO: Elektrichestvo, o. 4 ep Loj0toV (14;, city Equivalent Circuits .:,.Equivalent. 'Circuits for Passive Elect~rlc Net-, !Forks " Docent P. A. lonkii, ;and Tech SIC1, Aosc;~ PoverEng Inst im6ni Molotov ~Zlektrichestvo" No 11, PP 74-78 Simple method, in accordance -vith given equa- and limiting conditions, finds parameters .~ of equivalent circuits for subject networks in steady state. Shows certain relations establidi~ Ing connection be.tween such circuits and multi- ple -winding transformers without stee-I.cores. Aam 171T51 Nov 50- MR/Electricity Circuits Passive, (Coutdl GiTes*concrete examples of determining pars- netere for equivalent circuits of transformers.. Submitted 25 May 50-. 17-Ml IONXII;, P. A., Docent IONKIN:, P. A. Sbornik zadach i up~~tzhnenii po obshchei elektrotekhnike Collection of problems and exercises in general electrical engineering-/. Izd. 2-e. Moskvis "Qov, nawka," 1952. 436 P. SO: Mpntblv List of Russian Accessions, Vol. 7 No. 2 May 195-1. F. . Off. W1 A Lid =1. 0,4 d l , yo o to the calculatfoll Of RMIAM dreulls. A. lomaN. Efektrtdxjtvp,' N 943. GWGRFF-- l nr t w zh ~ method or Calculating dc. CjrcWt3 with two and three non-fincar clementl is presented. It Is triad &&6ering Abstracts m In most Casco possible to let tho non-Unear tIen=tS f b ee ormaVarate ranches abd to represent ft rernahft Mar 1954 Part of the systcm by either a 4. or 6.wnnM netv.,6rk e waves and 0goUlations B190tri ( wavo,quftofe or h"w1e). no fattet fm then b6 tMWonned Into, s4Y, TAM ~ CqtdYU** dnW(3, In the rest:lft networlm the bmiches coha-hWIS the non-Ilaw elanents will then Cu"Xy the r&d curmatL. Mm adW amf.'s Can then be detertnined eithict by Cakukdon or experimentally by simWtanemWy 0M, Ing the brancW with tho non-tineu ckments, the ralstandes Lot the equivvient circults'by the-e4Affous I or the coriwonding post" multipblo. The methoo. i L. 0 . ~ f9 is ;Wly I ftnonstmted and svieral munericat =3 %vd* ouL AiD F 64o Subject USSR/Electricity Card 1/1 Pub. 27 - 9/34 Author : IOnkinp P. A.p Nand. of Tech. Sci., Moscow Title : Design of A-C circuits with non-linear Inertia'elements Periodical : Elektrichestvo, 9, 38-45, S 1954 Abstract : The author presents some methods of calculation based on the application of equivalent circuits and on the utiliza-_ tion of the non-linear parameters. Examples of circuits with one, two and three elements are presented. 17 graphs, 3 references (1948-1953). Institution Moscow Institute of Power Engineering im. Molotov Submitted Mr 17, 1954 N15 633 Z4 V trekh ohastyakh. Moskva, Gosenorgolzdat, 1955. 3 v. Diagra. Llb. Has: V. I i3NKIN, UT=,, Goorgly 'Wasillyerich., IMU# Potr Afams'Yovich; ZMMOVITUIT B.Ta. rodaktor;7XIMINO *olro. V'VMW"Wftiy rodaktor [prtimirles of electrical *Wnewlval Onnovy elektrotakhaiki, Nookwo, Goo, omrg. Isd-vo, 1955,. ftrt IjArinciples of the ciroust t-agoryloonovy. toorit teepolo 1955. 215 1. (an 5:6) (IlectrIc circuits) jqq~14,otfAp; PANTTUSHrN,V.3.# professor; SMIBUOY,Y.A.; XWYUKOV,JF.X., -rodaktor; KGROLIffA,L.I.,.teIkhuIchsskIy redaktor (Collection of problms and exercises in general electric engineering] Kboralk mdach I uprashmail po obsImbel elektro- tokhnike. Izd. 3-0, dop. I porer. Moskva. Gos.izd-~-vo Oaav*tskWA nauim,w 1955. 46o p. . (KMA 913) (Ilectric engineering-Problems, exercise@, ate.) arm AID P 2355 Subject USSR/Blectricity Card 1/2 Pub. 27 19/30 ~A Authors Zeveke, G. V., 'Kand. of Tech Sci., Dotsent Ionkin P A . Kand. of Tech: Sci., Dotsent _ _' ' Xetu8!ri K. V. , Doe. of Tech. Sci., Prof. 1, . Strakhov, S. V..,.Kand. of Tech. Sci., Dotsent, Moscow Power Engineering Institute im Molotov; Darevskiyj A*I..p Kand. of Tech. Sci., Dotsent, All-Union Correspondence Polytechnical Institutel Lomonosov, V. YV,, Doe. of Tech. Sci., Prot. Central Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Electric.Power Stations; Neyman, L. R., Prof. Corr. Mem. of Academy of Sciences, USSR Leningrad Poly- technical Institute im. Kalinin Title Concerning a textbook on the theory of electrical engi- neering for a university course (Discussion) (same journal, Nos. 6, 7, 12, 1953; Nos. 3, 4, 1954) Periodical Elektrichestvo,, 5p 69-73P MY 1955 Abstract The discussion concerned,the coordination of the course in the theoretical bases of electrical engineering with AID P - 2355 Elektrichestvo, 5, 69-73, MY 1955 Gard 2/2 Pub. 27 - 19/30 the courses.,of mathematics,-and physics in order to avoid duplication; As a result of the discussion, a plan for future textbooks was outlined on the basis of two such books, one written by a collective of authors from the Moscow Institute of Power Engineering, the other by L. R. Neyman and P. L. Kalantarov of the Leningrad Polytechnical Institute. The conclusions of the discussion will be included in the new program of the Ministry of Higher Education. Institution: None Submitted No date iA4 S.I., dektor tekhnichookikh nauk, detsont; HEMOVICH, B.A., dektor .tokhnicheskikh nauk, professor; VQICKOV, R.A., dektor tokhnicheakikh nauk, detsent; P(MOMAREVA, G.F.. kandidat toldinichookikh nauk, detsent; ICHIN. -P.A. kandidat tekhnicheakikh nauk, detsent. Nothods for calculating nonlinear circuits. Mektrichoetva ne.8191-92 Ag '56. (MLRA 9:10) 1.1rafedra Veyount-morskey akademii Imeni Krylova (for Kurenev). 2.1kerge- ticheokiy inatitut Iment Irrahishanovskog* All SSSR (for M*Verovich). 3.Keekovokly onergetichookly institut imeni Maleteva (for Ionkin). (Ilectric circuits) IONKIN, P.A., kandidat tekhnicheskikh nauk, dotsent. ~~' Calculation of trhAe-phase circuits with inertia nonlinear elements. Trudy NEI no-18:28-34 156. (MIRA 10:1) 1. Kafedr& tooretichookikh annoy alektrotekhniki. (Electric circuits) IONKIN, F. A. Doe Teoh Soi -- (diss) "Graphoanalytioal methods of the oalculation of CI~41~with linear and nonlinear elemerts." Mos, 1957, -12 pp with charts. (Min of Higher Education USSR. Mos Order of Lenin Power Engineering Insto. 100 copies. Bibliography at end of book (21 titles) 11-58, 116) -53- AUTHOR: -IONKIN,F.A. (Moscow) PI - 3580 TITLE1 O-n--the Calculation of Non-Linear Circuits by Using the Transformation Method and on an Error Committed when Using the Method. (0 raschete nelineynykh teepey pri pomoshchi metoda proobrazovaniya (transfigurataii) i ob odnoy oahibke v primenenii etogo metoda, Russian) PERIODICALs Avtomatika i Telemekhanika, 1957, Vol 18, Nr 6t PP 574 - 577 (U.S.S.R.) ABSTRACT: In an article by T.Y~*VARTELISKIY, Avtomatika i Telemekhanikal 1940, Nr 2, a method is described for the transformation of a triangle (consisting of nonlinear elements) into an equivalent star. This graphical methud contains a grave error. The error consists in the fact that the equations derived here are applicable only to linear electric circuits. For this rerason also the results obtained on this basis are not correct. A transformation given by the author in "Oenovy elektrotekhniki", part I, published by Gosenergoizdat, 1955 is investigated here. Star-, triangular circuits, and a circuit with a full square is given. It is shown that it is possible by means of a previous transformation of the given circuit in the scheme with series- and parallel circuit of the active and passive nonlinear bipolars, Card 1/2 A - 3580 On the Calculation of Non-Linear Circuits by Using the Transformation Method, and on an Error CoamJtted when Using the Method. to compute a number of branched electric circuits with nonlinear elements. (7 illustrations and 2 Slavic references) ASSOCIATIONs Not given PRESENTED BYt SUBMITTED: 5-3-1956 AVAILABLEi Library of Congress Card 2/2 '79 T-1 AUTHOR: IONKIN,P.A., candsteohosc* 105-8-4/20 'TITLEs F o Tra- 6 - T'G -r- Transforming Nonpassive Multi-Node Star Networks into Equivalent Polygon Networks. (Formuly preobrazovaniya aktivnykhmnqpuzlovykh zvezd v ekviv-,tlentnyye mnogougollniki, Russian) PERIODICALt Elektrichestvot 1957, Nr 8, pp 22 - 26 (U.S.S.R.) ABSTRACT: Formulae for transforming multi-ray star networks into an equivalent polygon-network are often used in the calculation and investigation of branched electric circuits. In order to obtain these formulae it is sufficient to exclude the potential of the common nodal point from the system of node-potential equations. A new circuit.scheme in form of an equivalent polygon will satisfy the system of equations obtained in that manner. The formulae for the transformation of two-node, three-node and four- node stars into equivalent polygons can be found quite Eks.easily. The application of such formulae in many cases substantLAly facilitates the calculation and the analysis of branched cir- cuits. Such transformations are shown here for a system with a complete two-node star, for a system with a complete and a non-oomplete three-node star. For transformation of the system with a four-node star virtually only the formulae for a non: Card 1/2 105-8-4/20 Formulae for Transforming Non-Passive Multi-Node Star Networks into Equivalent Polygon Networks. complete four-node star are to be used, since in the case of a greater number of branches and nodes the transformations be- come to complicated. (7 illustrations, 3 Slavic references) ASSOCIATION: Moscow Institute of Power Engineering. (Moskovskiy energeti- cheskiy institut) PRESENTED BY: SUBMITTED: 50-1957 AVAILABLEs Library of Congress Card 2/2 P.A.; PANTYUSHIN., V.S.i prof.; OURMTo V.A.; MJRDYUKOT, 1-1-v .Miaa~w~~i~~AMHINA, I.I., redoisd-v'a: GRIGORCEUX, L.A., [Collected problems and exercises on general electric engineering] Sbomik-sadach i up" .shnenii po o'bahchei slaktrotakhnike. Pod red. T.B.Pantluohinao Isd. 4. Xoskwa. Gos.izd-4o *Soystakala nauipf'O 1958, 458 pi (XMA 12:8)~* (Blectric enginserin3)_ % 10 5 -5&3-13./31 AUTHOR# -'Io~kin, F. A. , Candidate of Technical Sciences -TITLEs On Computing Non-Linear Circuits by Means of the Iteration Method (0 raschete nelineynykh tsepey iteratsionnym sposobom) PERIODICAL& Blektrichostvo, 1958, Nr 3, PP- 45 - 501(UPOSR) ABSTRACTs Here, a few formulae, which determine the conditions for the convergence iteration method in solving the equations of circuits with non-linear elements, are investigated. The computation method for trasient and stabilized processes in non-linear circuits is represented here. At first, the dia- gram with a non-linear element Is investigated. Equation (3) the condition for the convergence - is derived. Equation (6) is derived as a condition for the convergence from another computation scheme. It io shown that for the convergence of the interation method it is not only important that (3) and (6) are satisfied, but it is important as well to select the correct computation scheme. Then the conditions for the convergence (9) and (10) are derived according to a further Card 1/2 computation scheme. At a positive dynamic resistance r,(U) 105-%~6341/31 ,On Computing Non-Linear Circuits by Means of the Iteration Method the latter is satisfied independent from the value of the constant resistance r . Thereafter the convergence conditions for an iteration meth8d for the solving of the equations of a ramified circuit with two--non-linear elements are inveati- gated, and the conditions for the convergence are found. Circuits wit*ore than two non-linear elements are treated in the same manner, and the formulae analogous to the equa- tions (9) and (10) are found. Next, the computation method of non-linear circuits with non-sinosoidal currents and voltages are investigated. Finally, it is shown by means of a concrete example that this iteration method can be used for the purpose of computing transient as well as already stabilized processes in circuits with non-inert, non-linear elements. There are 7 figures and 7 references, an @WWI"* ASSOCIATIONo Moskovskiy enezgeticheskiy institut (Moscow Institute for Power Engineering) SUBX1VTZDe April 24, 1957 Card 2/2 IO:ffIH, P.A. doteent lrand.tekhn.nauk; 43LINDIKOV, N.A.. dotsent,, kands ,"='- - -'!ft7-g' - '-" 0 _ a _ _ b= ___ ".. 12. nauk Determining the operating conditions for alactric networks. TrIldy VZEI no-9:82-85 '58- , (MIRA 12:10) (Blectric networks) AYTHOR.: j6nkjn*__2___-A_, Docent, Candidaie of SOY/105-58-lo-1/28 Technical-,8ciencen TITLE, Computation of Transient Pro(esses in Linear System (Aaschet perekhodnykh protsess,..v v lineynykh sistemakh) PERIODICAL: Elektrichestvo, 1958, Nr lo, pp 1 - 7 (USSR) ABSTRACT.- TId a-is.,a:presentation of two tpproximation methods for -the computation of tran's'ient piocesses in circuits wit4 linear circuit elements. They re based upon the use of integrals with a variable u., _per limit and are derii~ed pither from the principle of rictangular or-of trapezoidal interpolation (Ref 1). Both methods are examined by applying them to a network specified by a third order linear differential,equation (,t), the boundary conditions of which are variable. The firit method gives a more 'general approach to the probleii, whereas the second one is less complicated. In the second method the system of linear integro-differential equations (11) is not reduced to an equation of higher order with one unknown but after one integration the wanted un!: are Card 1/3 immediately determined from the system of algebraic A Computation of Transient Processes in Linea:, Systems SOV/105-:"~)8-10-1/28 equations. It is shown that integration by trapezoidal interpolation practically gives results equal to those obtained by analytical methods. The numerical integration by rectangular interpolation leads to errors. A deficiency of the method presented, and of similar methods(as such by V.Volynkin (Ref 5), method of recurrent formulae*(Ref 3), etc.) consists of the circumst.ance that when starting the computation the interval t is unknown and must be arbitrarily assumed in ordei to attain a sufficient accuracy.e denotes the distance of the firat ordinate y(1) along the x axis from the Initial value y(o) of the curve describing the transient prooess..This method can also be used in the computation of networks with Von-linear.circuit elements. There are 5 figures, 1 table, and*6 refeirences; which are Soviet. Card 2/3 A Computation of Transient Processes in Linear SYStsm SOY/105-58-lo-1/28 ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy energeticheskiy institut (Moscow Institute of Power Engineering) ;SUBMITTED: March 21, 1958 1 Card 3/3 doteent, kand.tekhnnauk Calculating circuits with mutual inductance and the nonlinear elements of irArtia. Trudy M no.27:60-66 '58. (MIRA 13:4) Mectric currents) DARIVSKIY, A. I.;_. IONKIN. F.A0 --, Partial capacities (conductivities) of electrode systems and separate fluxes In the resulting field. Blektrichestwo n0.5:80-81 MY 160, (MIRA 13.:9) (ILectric charge and distribution) IONKIN, P.A., prof.; SOKOLOV9 A.A., doteent An impo~ovod mothod:for calculating multiterminal networko using matrices. Elektrichostwo no*1213840 D 162. (MIM 15M) 1. Kookovskiy energetichookiy institute (N=MIC NETWOM) (MATRICES) ZEVEKE, Georgiy Vasillyevich, prof .; L2ULUL,2atr-.AfauaP-!YqYIqb,, prof.; NLTUSHIL, Anatoliy Vladimirovich, prof.; STRAKHCYV, Sergey Vladimirovich, prof.; LAVROV, V.M., dots., retsenzent; ZHUKHOVITSKIY, B.Ya., dots., red.; BORUNOV, N.I.9 tekhn. red. [Principles of the network theory] Osnovy teorii tsepei. [By] G.V.Zeveke i dr. Izd.2., perer. Moskva, Gosenergoizdat.1963. 440 P. (MIRA 17:1) ACCESSION NR.- AP4029145 8101051641000100410059/00" AUTIKORI Ionkin. Pe A. (Professor)l 5okolovP A.'A,, (Doc* TITLEt Topological analysis of electric networks SOURCEt Zlektrichostvo, no. 4, .1964, 59-66 TTOPIG TAGG: topological analysis, electric circuit, eleciric network electric- no twork topological analysis.. electronic component network ..ABSTRACT: ClassicaL methods ad electric-n4twork csiCUI&tione based I Kirchhoff. a lawsand loop currentswA node a, are cun"rsomean&tims-~'1i`1 'Voltage ~,--Yconswning.,';Ustrix nuthods often involve long. couiputations. The article forth the tals of a better, topological method of network analysis developed tirs. J. Masoa (Prft. ME i 19S3# v. 41 no# 9; 1956, ve DO'L 11 19S7, v. 45 j. so. 6)e ~,Tbsse p~dats are discassed: determinant 41131jPGMiQW topological methods of calealatfug'ths, network4sterminsau. topelogle" law44 -,tv MR.- ACCESSION AP40Z914S trawmission for i obwasiwork; *an* for a so, ~-rk lvii~M P" *at sftr- C' ago- o6s. art.. bas: 12 figui4s, forwAd". , ' ' 'k ml k i i i ASSOCIATION: a bvo " wtiM M o chosidy (Iftocww Pwo rgot y SUBbffTTZbi:'30&&j637?:, ACQ: AlUay" -0,00 UB'CODZi sov:.4", OT*MlU' 0 12 NO Rzr cof _,prof.; SOKOLOV, A.A.. dotsent ~nl'llp P.A!_., Principles of the construction and transformation of charts for the design of electrical networks. Elektrichestvo no.5*67-73 My 164. 17s6) 1. Moskovskiy energeticheakiy institut. ):O,NTL4j P.A.. doktor tekhn. nauk, prof. ~ -- - ~ Improvement of the electrical engineering curriculum in electrical engineering institutions of higher learning. Elektrichestva no.101-83 Ja 164. (MIRA 17s6) 1. Moskovskiy energeticbeskiy institut. I IONKIN, P.A., doktor tekhn. nauk, prof. General equations for calculating electrical circuits using graphs. Elektrichestvo no.8:27-31 Ag 164. (MIRA 17;11) 1. Moskovskiy energeticheskiy institut. ZEIM~ Georgiy Vasillyevich, prof.,-.ZQNW _P-etr Afanaslyev#h, _ -2 prof.; NETUSHIL, Anatoliy V2adimirovich, pro~t.4*-STRAKHOV, Sergey Vladimirovich) profeiZHUKHOVITSKIY, B.Ya.Jq dots,,, red. [Fundamentals of network theory] Osnovy teorii tsepei. [By] G.V.Zeveke i dra Izd,3., ispr. Moskvap Energiia, 1965, 444 P. (MIRA 18:5) FEW --4"- DEREVSKIY, Alaksandr losifovich; KUKHARKIN, YevgenJy Stepanovicb; Priniml uchastiye IONK --,A., prof.; BURLAK, M.F., red. (Theoretical principles of electrical engineering] Teore- ticheskie o9novy alaktrotekhniki. Moskva, Vysshaia shkola. Pt.2. 1965. 282 p. (MIRA 18:10) IONKIN.,-b~r,_ganaslyevich; KURDYUKOV, Nikolay Nikolayevich; KUKHARW t;Vi~ai Stepanovich; KARAYEV, R.L., prof., retsenzent; BEREZINA, Ye.F.# red. (standard examples and problems on the theoretical prin- ciples of electrical engineering] Tipovye primery i za- dachi po teoraticheskini osnovam elektratekhniki. Mo- skva, Vysshaia shkola., 1965. 319 p. (MIRA l8s7) hn d r,-, v i DAP F,TS K ILY A -~,k 8 ari, s,:i fc- ev&nl -1 K R~i ',j L,*TAIZI A , NI r,,I,? . ['T~e~~Vretl:sl pri,n:ip-les f Teore- -y s A ii. - sbkla. OMIRA S p red6 IONOV, I.P.j_jqk -1-1 - [Principles of the calculation and design of magnetic semiconductor elements] Osnovy rascheta i proektirovaniia magnituo.-poluproyodnikovykh alementov, Moskyap Mosk, enorgetichaskit In-t, 1965. 276 pe (MIRA 18:12) 11 I 11 prof. (Moskva); MELINIKOV, N.A., Prof. (Moskva) I IONKIN ~,._A Transformation of networks with mutual inductance. Elektrichestvo no.12:2-7 D 165. (MIRA 18:12) IONKIN, V.S.; OVGHINNIKOV, Yu.V. Semiautomatic device for particle counting. Zav. lab. 30 no.l: 108-109 164. (MIRA 17.- 9) VISIWEVSKAYAJ, I.H.; IONKIN V.S.; OVOINNIKOV, Yu.V. 146-thod of partial replication of powdered polymer particles in the electron microscope atud- of the atate of their surface. Vyoakom. soed. 7 no.2:214-215 F 165. ('11,M\ IS: 3) 1. Institut kh1oroorganicheakikh produktov i akrilatov. IOTKO* V.__Ia~ PONOM W* W. FFWMW, 1 bapressions of lower-Sarmatian secidtans, Prirods, 46 no.6:97-9P, je, Is?. (MMA 10: 7) 1. Oleaskly CosudarstvouM universistet im. I.Ij Nechnikova. (Dniester Voilley--Aveldians) Hnd OW CarbAydaft mokbWism, Ivaii lotokov .11.1 11 T. Petrov. 'Imalwore "Mir, Soyia. suflultmv~' I*tw .f 91 twitillis with 11,611 t1) m4thow SRO Itivs-18 JWfWt' Of .111[illlg 11111441 411,6*1119. Ilk- olk)W 110 sb-fillilt- trNIII.Itily 41VIllt-C Of mul Ilk, bkkxl., Ic%el. F. M. IONKOV, I.; TSDWT, R.; STANCHEV, A.; DOSKOV, I.; SHISHMANOVA, IU.; BALCHXV, A.; PZNNVA, H.; SUKIABIAN, Kh.; MAM, M.; NIEDLOT, St.; ATANASOT, I.; TODORDY, B.; SMANDTA, A. Clinical, pathopt7stologic. and flierapeutic aspects of tuberculous exudative pleurisy. Rauch. tr. Ned. akad. Ghervenkov. Sofia I no.I: 117-137 1953- 1. Fredstavene, ot prof. Iv.Ionkov, savezhdashch Katedrats, po propedewtika na vutreshnite bolesti. (TUBIMCUIDSIS, PULMONARY, complications, pleurisy, exudative) IONKOV, Dr., prof.; STANORY, Al.; ATANABOY, Am. Problem of kala-aw in Bulgaria, Suvrss6 med,, Safis, 5 no,3:96-203 1954. I& In Propod6vt1chnats, vutreehas. klinika pri Keditsissiats akM~mII& V.Chorvenkovi Softia, (direktor: prof. Iv.1onkay) visceral'. In Bulgaria) IONKOV, 1. "Blood Pressure of Bulgarian Medical Students." p. 2, (WRAVEN FRONTP No. 49.. Dec. 1954, Sofiya, Bulgaria) SU. Monthly List of East European Accessions, (MIAL), LC, Vol. 4 No. 5, May 1955, Uncl. m )(e) v BULGARIA/Microbiology - Microorganisms Pathogenic to Humans F-5 and Animals Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biol-, No 3, 1958, 9948 Author : GrigDrova, Zheleva, Yoxtov Inst Title : Reactions with Hapten as a Method of Laboratory Diagnosis of Dysentery. Orig Pub : Tr. Respubl. n.-i. in-t epidemiol. i mikrobiol., 1955, 2, 59-65 Abstract : No abstract. Card 1/1 V. BM.,GARIP.1!,Tj.cr10(logy - Generai Mcrobiology. M1, -. .1 , , jour Ref Zhur - Biol., No 5, 1958, 19348 Author Trifonova, Yomtovp Koen Tit'le Variability of Dysentery Bacteria Under the Influence of Po.Lyvalent Phage. 0 Y.- i j~', Pub Tr. Respubl. n.-i. in-t epidemLol. I m4krobiol., 3.9506, 3, 41~47 No abstract. Onzd 1/1 MILTV, M.. at. asistent; IOMV, Iv., prof. Case of Reige-Milroy trophadem. Snyrem. mod., Sofia 8 no.4t78-80 1957. I Is latedrats. po propedevtika na vatreahnite bolesti pri VNI - Soflia (;.v. katedrata: prof. Iv. Ionkov). 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Iv., Prof.; M&TIV, M.; TOMKOV, As.; GRIGOROVA, M. Use of Antietreptolysin test & of Waaler-Rose-HeUer hemagglutluation teat in rheumatism and other joint diseases. Suvrem. mad., Sofia 8 no.12-. 38-44 1957. 1. Iz Propedevtichnata vutreshna klinika pri YMI--Goftia (Direktor: prof. Iv. Ionko*). i Nauchnoissladovatelskiia institut po epidemiologiia i w1krobiologlia (Direktor: TI..Iralaidshiev). (STFM"LI5IN,' antagonists antistreptolysin test in diag. of rheum. & joint die. (Bul)) (MAGGLUTIUTIORS Waaler-Rose-Heller test in ding. of rheum. & joint dis. (Dal)) (RHBMT]ON, diag. antletrepte3,yain & Waaler-Rose-Rellor hemaMlutination testa (BUM 001=1 d1s,, antistreptolysin & Waalor-Rose-Rellor hemagglutination testa (BUM USSR f AUTHCR Us'r. OR! G. PUB. Yonkov, Iv., Matev, M., Toshkov, As., Grigorova, M. The 'Us,~t of reptalytim and Hemagglutination Rt-action5 im Rheumxttic -ad Other Diseases of &'e K merfitsina, 1958, 36, No 5. 88-93 A P3 7RACT Investigations were made of the, anti streptolysin (A) and hemagglatinatfor. reaction (HR) uf thi, if-va of Z8 patients wi-.h ar-Liculax rhearmitiz fpver, 29 with chronic rheurcia-tic favex-, 14' i-Ath infectious ai-~hritclls, 2 with BtchtL-rewlp d1se-'se and 8 with spondyla--4~thro-6.s deformans. In the majority oi patients wiih acute articular rheu matic fever the vancentratinn of A was increas(A, but the HR was -acgattvc. In the patients ',Vit'.L Chr(MiC rheumatic fever the 11R was always pa:sitire lu titers of 64-20-1.4, and the reactim for A 1. '12 kaf edry propedefit lid vtmtrennM~ bolesney (dir. - prof Iv' Yaift6i Vyeahego- meditainakogo Instituta, Sof lym, i 1auehno-1zs1edoY~;e1'e'k;;; instituta apidemiologii i mikrobio1oRH:,(#r' doktor V1. Kalydzhtyev)~ "Bs. JOUR. Rzwhol. 1959) "N"). )-Olfjl 011G. PUB. A@ ""il Vi C T% was negai-jve in more than hatf of the patients. In Patients wlth Infectious arthritIs a high titer of A was found; the HR was positive in one-half of these patterku. In Bechterm's dtiea.sft and spondylarthritis both reactions were negative,' na they were also In various internal d1f4eases. The concentratio-a of A was increased in patients with sore throat and scarlet fever. A positive HR In the pleuritides Is evidence, in the authors' opinion, of their rheurnatte origin, and Card: 2/3 - ------- - ---- CATEGORY IABS. JOUR. RMR.Lol, NO. 1911:91 NO. 10191 A U. T H OF TME OTUG. PUB. when it is posit-bre in otlies- dLseaac.-:; 1. -is evidence that th.e person1has had rheuniatic pedyarthr1iis in the pa.A. Card: 3/3 I0ffQy4-jy-4 STANCHEV, Al.; DOSKOV, Ivog SHISHMANOVA, In.; ATANASov, E.; MATEVv M.; PANEVA, M.; NIKOLOV, St.t PETRUNOV, St., NIKOLOV, N. Tfie development of Bulgarian internal medicine from 9 September 1944. Suvrem med.9 Sof1a,no.6.-lo6-n4 ,6o. 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Sofia 41 no.?t 9,-:L4 162 1, Fredotav ot Prof. I, Ionkov, ( EMMM) (GAMA GLOBULIN) (IRON METABOLISM) (Bnm=iN) (BICARBONATES) (BLOOD CH=STEROL) (URFA) (BLOOD SUGAR) (PROTEIN METABOLISM) (POTASSIUM) (BLOOD PROTEINS) (SODIUM) (17-MCSTZROIDS) (SODIUM CHLORIDE) - 101,11:01V, prof.,- NIKOLOT, St. Pneimlosclems-Is. Suirr. Pied. 11.6 no.D",-12 16,55. 1. '4q, Sofia, Kateira p(% propedeTt.1.1-ca -!t tolett-1,n., (nAorodAte-D. p~-of. TV, I-vhvv). MITOY. A.; IYANOY, No; SAVOYO So; THODOSIST, L.; MISTOT. Go; IONOT, So; ASSA, N.; KkIT.AZOV, G.; DRAGIET. M.; KRUSBYA, Iu. Results of inve tigation in boning leptospirools In sautborn Bulgaria. "a INV. sikrob. inst., Sofia Vol. 3:57-82 1952. 1. Isvurshent v Propedsvtichnatavutreshna klinika, v outrudnichostva a Patologo-matomichnita I Mikrobiologichnita instituti pri Koditsin- skats, Akademita I.P.Parlov, PlovdIT. (IJ[PTOSPIROSIS.L Statisties, Bulgaria) IONKOV, S. IONKOV, S. At the Radio Club of Pleven. p.13. 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Cooperation as a factor foribe successes of the Automobile Assembly Plant at Iskar Railroad Station. P. 59. (Tozhka Promishlenost., Vol. 5,, no. 12, 1956; Bulgaria) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL) LC, Vol. 6, no. 6, June 1957, Uncl. I01VISIAN, L inzh Problems in the comprehensive development of forestry utilization of forest products. PromArm. 5 no-4:15-18 An 162. (Armenia-Forests and forestry) (MRA 3-3:5) -w M1 SMCX COM 5/018 AT16019915 VR/01 4UTHORs lonnigyant 0 M TITLE Light concretewrith~naturzl-fillers in prestressed curved constractiobs. with -W bar reinforoiien -7 :8OMCE3 AN Aiisffio"i no#~6p,-1965, 50-56, xvestiya.~Berjy& teldmioheskikh naukp Y. 18# TOPIC TAGSt Pohorstle, prestr6elled..concreteg reinforced obnorete,,zaterial deformation, ABSTRACTs Thi6.artiol6,:io-iL'de*ucription of.a: study of complex problems. concerning desiga for and use of piqstreqsed~'curved elements of high-strength light concretes- with natural tillers and high-stiength bar reinforcement. Concretee,with--a. W, lithoido -pumice.fillei.6fthe.LUs.a*Em6kiy region and a perlite filler of.-the Aragatakii, region, Armenian SSR,,were used in the study. Type 500 Portland cement,of,the Ararat.. plant, was used -as, the. binding' agent. - The tests were conducted on beam having a rectangular cross section.12 x 18 ca and.260 cm long, reinforced with two types of bars: 2 0 12 AIV-St 25r.28 and:2.'o 6.WII Sts 25G2S. -A total'of nine-different con- crate mixes was te#ted;.the mix'component percentages of each nizare given. Tests were performed to messure'.the.bonding anchorage strength as it varies with,deflectionv and comparative plots are shown for several test mixes. Sixty-day deformation tests, were performed for oeveral'mizes-for the purpose of relating the variation,of. the. Cc L 00728-66 Can! 212 IONNISUN, S. G. "Bibles for designing rectangular slabs* by PAVarvak and others. Reviewed by S.G.Ionnisian. Izv-AK Arm,SSR,Sero tekh*nauk 12 no.6*-70 159, - (MM 13:6) (Concrete slabs) (V&_.Tak, F.M.) IONOSOV, V. L. USSR I'AnBlysis of Complex Regulating Systems." Thesis for dagree cf Dr.-Technical Sci. Sub 27 Apr. 50, Inst of.4utomatice and Telemechanics, Acad Sci-UssR Summary, 71, 4 SeP 52, Dissertations Presented for Degrees i_n je_ieneg. gn_d Engineeri In- -Ma2v A.n 1.250_. From Vechernya3m Moskva Jan-Dee 1950. ~-ONO-SOVAL-16I.) FEOFILOVAI A.P. 0 ,onnection between coal types and general conditions of sedimentation in the Donets Basin. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser.geol. 27 no.7:45-58 a 62. (MIRA 15:6) I.. Geologicheskiy institut AN SSSR, Moskva. (Donets Basin-Coal geology) ;V IONOV, A. class struggles of the Piter metalworkers. Sov. profoolusy 5 no.9: 59-61 a 057, (KM lotg) 1. Chlen Usiounisticheskoy partli Sovetskogo Soyusa a 1910 god&. (Ioningrad-Astalworkers) ,~ -."t1 e)- ~/ %ft IONOV,'/A., insh, Shears for cutting asbestos cement sheets. Stroitell no.11:9 I 157o (HIM l4k 12) ("bestas cement) 810661601000100610081009 A053/AO29 AUTHORS: Bykov, V., Iog="-.- TITLEi Electronic Level Signaling ]Device M-I (ESU-I) in Refrigera- tors on Board Ship PERIODICALt Kholodillnaya tekhnika, 1960, No. 6, PP. 52-53 TEXT: The ESU-1 electronic level signaling device is used for keeping the filling-up of apparatus under control. Its performance is based on the change of electric capacity depending upon the level of the medium to be measured. The ESU-1 devices have been installed for the first time in free- zers on board ship of large trawlers. In the evaporators, intermediate re- servoirs and batteries of direct evaporation where vigorous boiling of Ammo- nia causes drops of saturated vapors and particles of liquid to hit the electrodes, it happens that these emit false signals. As a remedy the au- thors have developed a protective device as shown on diagrams 1, 2 and 3 which consists of a guard covering the electrode. It is equipped with a tube connecting at one end with the vapor space and-at the other end with the liquid medium. In order to increase the dependability of the control, Card 1/4 S/06 0/000/006/008/009 A053YA0,29 Electronic Level Signaling Device UY~I (ESU-I) in Refrigerators on Board Ship on each of the four liquid separators two electronic level signaling de- vices are installed, viz., an upper and a lower device. The latter pre- vents liquid ammonia from getting into the liquid separator by closing a solenoid valve on the liquid ammonia supply line leading to the air coolers. As soon as the compressor has drawn off the ammonia excess and the level becomes normal, the solenoid valve opens and liquid ammonia enters the air cooler. The upper device cuts out the compressor as soon as liquid ammonia touches its electrode. There are 3 diagrams., Cara 2/4 S/066/60/000/006/ooci/009 A053AO29 Level Signaling Device in Refrigerators on Board Ship Figure ftlesomw fromI stage 'Figure 1: Installation of an ESU-1 device wi~ ,h to the TI stage protection on an intermediate reser- I voir i rpm ic" d ammonia li qui Card 3/4 S106616010001006100810C)g A053/AO29 Electronic Level Signaling Device nY-I (ESU-1) in Refrigerators on Board ~Ship Figure 2 Figure ammonia il liquid ammonia vapors A 0 W' 1C 0 rp CSA fro e 8 m lysem Eidure Z: Installation of ESU-1 Pi~ure 3: Installation of ESU-1- on an evaporator on a liquid separator Card 4/4 DCBRCVCILISY-.IY, A.P.0 kand. tek-Ym. nauk; IONOV, A.G.0 imh. Reviews. Sudo-.L--oenie 30 no.7i7e"-74 J1 164,, Om aA 1& 9) IONOVS A.G. inzh. %;;~, Air conditioning system of the nTropik* fishing freezer6- trawler. Khol. tekh. 40 no.4:34-37 JI-Ag t63. OUR& 16:8) 1. Upravleniye "Zaprybkholodflot.11 (Fishing boats--Air conditioning) IONOV, A.G., inz.h. Air conditioning on the "Kaliningrqd" refrigerator ship. Khol.takh. 0 39 no.4:46-47 Jl-Ag 162. (MIRA l7s2) TFMKIN, A.G., kand.tekhn.nauk, dotsent,- 1,)NnV., A.G., a3pirant i - Useful book on refrigerating enginebring. Khol.-Lekh. 40 no.61 54-55 N-D 163. (KRA 17:4) OSADCHIM, Vasiliy Georglyevich; IOIiOy,-Anwliy Mikhaylo3d~ch,- HODIN, N.L., red,; SED(YVA-,-Z.-b4- . red, izd-va; CRECHISHCHEVA, V.I,s tekbn, red, [Care of furniture.. its transportation,, repair and storagel Ukhod za mebelliup perevozka,.remont i khranenie. Pod ob - sbchei red. V.G.Osadchieva. Moskva, Goslesbumizdat, 1962. 137 P. (MM 15:9) (Home economics) (Airniture) IONOV, A.N., inzh. Jaw crusher designed by N.I.Gordoev. Nekh.stroi. 14 no.8:16-1 Ag 157. (MIRk lo:il,3 (Crushing machinery) BABAYZV, V.G., iaxh.; IONOV, A.N., Lazh.; ZHIRRBTS0V, G.P., izzh.; AYANAS I 11T. ff. 0 0 UZ of [tieing reinforced concrete sink pits on construction site@ of metallurgical plants] Primememis shalesobetosafth opunksykh kolodtaev as strolkakh mistallurgIchmskol promWebleanostl; Is opyto trestov kombinats OKrivbasstroll Daepropetrovskogo sov- zarkhoza I treaU M~alwetsllurgmglextroi" %llskogo sovaorkhoza. Moskva. 1959. 31 p. WRA 13:6) 1. Akmdemlya stroltallatya I arkh'telctury SSSR. Institut orgmal- zateli, mkhonizatoli i takWohookoy pomoshchi stroitelistvu. 2. lachallalk tekbalchmakogo otdols i glavayy takhaolog koubluats 49rivbasetroyO (for Babayev). 3. Nachallzik otdals Orgstroys, lauchao- Issledovatel'skogo Institute orgesizatell. mkhanizateli i tekbpo- noWwhl (for lonov). 4. Glava" inzhemer SU-1 tresta sTalmotallurg- uglestroy* (for Zhorebtsov). (Ore dressing--EqaIpment and supplies) KULUNOVY D.R. , kand. tekhn. naukL!O-Ng,. At~-, . gornyy inzh. Relation between the struotural features of the massif mid the results of crushing bV blasting, Varyv, delo no.53/10.-17-23 163. (M3RA- 16t8) 1. Institut gorno o deU im, AA. Skochinskogo. (Joints rGeology) (Blasting)