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27850 B/508/60/029/000/006/012 On pressure-deformed ... D225/D303 N ik -P(ik) [A fik )+ Bmnpf ik ik mnp (1 (2)+ Omnpf(3)j (56) 1/giigkk mnp In the system IF 31 dz (44) coefficients FrS and free terms LS depend on the pressured state of the shell; therefore, to solve it the method of elastic so- lutions will be used. For the first solution T it was assumed that? (o-1 0; then a 1=. 1 , (x2 . , and FrS and LB are 1 + v constants. For N=1 the system consists of 3 equations; for N=2 Cgrd 12/14 2785o B/508/60/029/000/006/012 On pressure-deformed ... D225/D303 it consists of 24 equations,which are solved by Gramer's formulae. For N=n the system consists of m equationst solved-in computers, There are 2 figures and 2 Soviet-bloc references. SUBMITTED: August 10, 1959 30319 S/145/61/000/007/003/009 19 Q 1121 S,601 lffS LV~1_4 D221/D301 AUTHOR: Ionov, Candidate of Technical Sciences TITLE. Calculating stresses in an ogive shell during penetration PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. Mashinostroyeniye, no. 7, 1961, 19-26 TRXT: The stresses ogive shell~at its penetration into a medium of known properties are malyzedo It is assumed that the deformet:ions of the shell are small, the material is isotropic, and its stress-strain diagram is known; (Hooke's law within the limit of elasticity dnd the laws of the theory of small elastic and plastic deformations beyond the elastic limit). The problem is quasi-static because the speeds of contact between the shell and the'barrier are assumed to be below the critical speed The system of external forces cons,ists of gravity with the potential the outside external pressure P33-- P & (0) "1 ~, (? ) 2 2 2 T 2 at zzh (Fig. 1)a Internal pressure P33 P AM (0) at zmbh; 1 Card 1/# 30319 S/145/61/000/007/003/009 Calculating stresses D221/D301 the end pressure for 2 in defined by, Eq. W9 Guj2.sin 02 -.n (f) Z (z) (A) 2 4 7-'_' r h where Pr( (=1.2) are the characteristic* of the external and internal pressure; a is the coefficient of overloading, and G up in the weight of the upper part of the structureo The geometry of the shell is specified by the radii of curvature of the mean surface R I and R 2 . The variatioa limits of the coordinates aria (B) 0 0 '!;~O , 0 2 V, 2 and - h ~(*~ Z t;~hv the thickness of shell being generally variables, h -,, h (0, ? ). The stress tena*or is ( fj' WCV0)+((Tc), where ( 6 ) is the principal tenaoro and (,%'Ola) is the correction tensor,~ In considera- tion. of the principal-tensor,9 the generalized surface forces Qik are quoted, and the stress function of the principal tensor is a 'kht Card 2/S 1, 30319 S/145/01/000/007/003/009 Calculating stresses ... 0221/D301 after in the form Eq. (5)'' (I - cos.0) (Pit Cos Z) Fj'j+ (I Cos (5) 2 '2 2 Each unknown term of the latter 16 determined from the boundary conditions on the surface and the ends of the shell. The correcting -stress tenser must be obtained by solving an infinite system of algebraic equations.- linear within the elastic limit and lion-linear beyond it. In the second caset one must use -the method of successive approximat ions. A previous work of the'author is referred to (It6f4 2: "Mashinostroyeniye" no.2, 1959) for calculating the coefficients. These calculations plus the solution of algebraic equations should be made with the aid of elec- tronic computers, or by methods of numerical integration. There are I figure, I table and 2 Soviet-bloc referenceso AS60CIATION: MVTU im. N.E. Baumana (MVTU im. N. 1E. Bauman) SUBMITTED:, September 5, 1960 Card 3A ~'L7 ix 32238 ()0(D 2~ 07 S/145/61/000/004/001/008. D221/11301 'AUTHOR: Ionovp V.N., Pandidate of Physico-Mathematical aul-endeet Docent TITLE: Calculatingstresses in spherical and almost spherical bodies 'PERIODICAL: ..Izveetiya vyeshikh uohebnykh zavedeniy. Mashino- no. 4p' 19610 90 100 TEXT: Nearly.'spherical,bodies-are defined'as bodies.of revolution, whose.generatrix is a~circular are with a displaced center..The,. author introduces a system-of spherical coordinates x! = e' X2 cp and x3 = r. The metric tensor has g1, z: r2, r2sin2Tptand 922 1. The stress tenser arAo'constructed as a sum (d) (yb) - + ~'(O'c where (tyb) is--the basic stx~ess tenser; ((r..) is the correcting stress tenser. The author--obt~aizie.- 1 M4 F 02 P, ~OF 0 f _2F - I 1 1(6) +2 L--w- B, 6)r2, . it .1 y2 'd r Cos? oi- Card 1/3 32238 8114 JY61/000/004/001/008 Calculating stresses in ... D22 D301 where r I C12QII(I) + a OQO ctg 01 (r' Q(t)l I + r4 ar (r 0 + (7) + sin O"t 6, s (r' ~%)'I,dyfl) The above caii be solied;. by the method pf eigenfunctions if certain conditions are satisfied. The.eligenfunbtions are v ],-A +An RI- +AJ p (2 -A:.) p' (17) 2.An-~ where A~I are roots, of.the'transeendeiital equation (pl+ I.- A) (2 -A) N 1 (16) (P,+I+A)(2+A) 2A p being a di'mensionlese radius* The final form of P is derived, and the. boundary conditions are met if the generalized surface for- Card 2/3 8/14 qW1000100410011008 Calculating etreosee In D221 D301 ces, Q 1k ) are self-balanced. F is determined by the same method. (Y 12 Other functions F are obtained as series expansions. The func- A tions (Pik are obtained from the same formulae as Pik by change of an index. If Q"k) does not meet the conditions of self-balance, 1-11, is necessary to separate the self-balancing parts, and apply the above solution. The stress functions of the baoic tensor can be found from F ik and(Pik with the aid of well-known formulae. The construction of ok has been considered in a previous papers The use of computers is advisable for the calculations. There are 3 Soviet- bloc references. ASSOCIATION: MVTU im. N.E. Baumana (MVTU im. N.B. Bauman) SUBMITTED: February 5, 1960 Card 3/3 IONOV, V.N.~ kand.tekhn.nau~ Calculating stresses in an ogive shell during the penetration into the ground. Izv.vys.ucheb.zav.; mashinostr. no.7-19-26 161. (MIRA 14:9) 1. Moskovskoye vyssheye tekhnicheskoye uchilishche imeni Baumana. (Elastic plates and shells) BABULIN, NikolAy Alekseyevich; BARANOVSKIY, M.A., mucim. red.; KONCIIA, F.F.g red.;IONOV)J.11~~.l red. [Construction and interpretation of working drawings for the maTmfacture of machinery] Postroenie i chtenie mashinostroltelInykh rabochikh chertezhei. Izd.2., perer. i dop. Moskva, Vysshaia shlcola, 1964. 275 p. (NIRA 18-1) FRIft,".1111, Isidor YIJZIJ!MC', Yurijy Arsenlyevt-,,h: LEYNACRUK, Yetg,--P-Ly lvanovicb; CIEEKAIM, A~k,., nauchn. red.; V UEOVA, L.K., red.; red. [Technology of mechanized metal deposition] Tek~nolo- gila makhanizirovamoi naplavkli.. MuEleva, Vyssheia shkola,, 1964. 303 P. (MrRA 18:1) L ~2581-6 '2.8gloll AP5002236 3/0140/64/000/006/0059/0066 4=20RS: lonov. V. N. (Moscov); LvediSqUy 0. 1. (Moscow) T11AXi On possible forma of general colution of equilibrium equationa with our-.rilLnear coordinates SOURGEt MZ. Hatematilmg no* 69 1964v 59-66 TOPIC 20-St streas tefteorp tensor analysis, elasticity theory, curvilinear coordi.mte -tot all i9 Solittioni Ihrai rQSS iviotiond f obtAned in ybysically meaningNI forms. Orig, ext. hass 26 equations. Card 2/3 BASTOV) Viktor Fedorovich; IVANOV, Rodion Prokoflyevich; IPPOLITOV, Anatoliy.Georgiyevich; 14AREMIYANICHEV, S.N.; MOSOLOV, K.V.; IONQY.,,_V.& red. (Teaching of the fundamentals of production mechanigation and.automation]-,Prepodavanie osnov mekhanizatsii i avto- matizataii proizvodstva. Moskva, Vysshaia sbkola, 1965. 157 p. (MIRA 18:7) ,.~~ONO~V ~doktor tekhn. nauk Stresses in a cone-shaped body under static loading. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; mashinostr. no.7:49-57 165. (MIRA 18:12) 1. Submitted June 4, 1963. YEMELIYANOV, Leonid Vasillyevich; ZHIVOTINSKIY, Lev Abratmovich; GITLEVICH, Arlon Davldovich; TYURIN, V.F.,, nauchnyy red.; IONOVt V.N.I_ DORDDNOVA, L.A.,, tekbn. red. (Auxiliary equip~tftrveldlng; an album] Vapomogatel I nos, obo- rudovante dlia evarki-, al'Us. Moskva, Prortekhisdat, 1962, 123p. (MIRA 16:1) (W9ldInC-;--Wpwmt and supplies) ZHEBIN, Moisey Isaakovich; SHMIRGON, S.A., naucbrq7 red.; IQ49V j_ -V.N., red.; GLAZKOVA, Ye.l., red.; DDRODKOVA, L.A., tekhn. red* [Molder employed in -,w-1 soklinglFormovshchik ruchnoi for- sovki. Moskyaj, Proftekhisdatp 1962. 294 p. (MIRA 16:1) (Nolding (Founding)) Naze IONOVP V. PO .iw -,4/0 Title 4,,Zandidate of Technical Scimees Affiliation : Member, Iditorlal Board, *ftobl~ of Rockdrt Teebnolo&" Rammrks : N. A. Akkm~p N. 1, DiryukDvp V, T. VImso*# V* P. IOWTO Yeo V, Madryawtaws B. Is MazaroY2 A* A. Orlovp V. J6 Pb]pv# and Ya, M. Shaulov are ambers of the &Utorial board of, the parlodleal "ProblaW Rak&tnoy TeMn"r'" (*Problms or hocket Teehnology*)., ptiblishe& by the Ibrelp Literattire polishing House in Jlbxwv. The periodleal in a collection ef translations and abstracts of forellp scientific articles and monogm1phs. Source P: PzobleW Raketmoy Tekbaiki,, No,, 1., Jamary 19%p P. 2 kTMYAVTSff, Te.T., doktor tekhnwnsuk, rVd - UNOT, T.P.. Land.fis.-mat. namk, red.; OSOKIXA, 1.1.0 red.; RMKINA red. (Problems of high-speed fligMal Problemy poleta a bollshial akorostiami; sborulk statei. Moskva. Izd-vo inostr.lit-ry. 196o. 173 p. (Aerodynamics, Dapersonic) (mIRA. 14:,3) V. PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION sov/446T P---dvoditelev, Aleksandr Savvich, Yevgeniy Vladimirovich Stupochenko, Viktor Pavlovich Ionov, Aleksandr Bergeyevich Pleshanov., Igor' Borisovich HoWestvenskiyj and levgedy-Millyevich Ba=Wlov Temodinamicheskiye funktsli vozdukha dlya. temperatur at 1000 do 12,0000 K i davleniy 0t 0.,001 do 1000 atm (grafiki fudktoiy) (Thermodynamic Functions of the Air for Temperatures From 1,000 to 12,000" K. and Pressures From 0.001 to 1,000 atm. /Graphn of the Functions/) Moscow, Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1960. 53 P. Errata any inserted. 2,500 eopies printed. Sponsoring Ageacies: Akedemiya nauk BSSR. Fnergetickeskiy institut imeni G.M. Krzhirba4ovskogo; Mnisterstvo vyoshego obrawvaniya SWR; Moskovskiy goeudaretyennyy univeraitet imeni N.V. I&Aonosova. Fizicheskiy falculltet. Resp. Ed.: A.S. Predvoditelev, Corresponding Mmber, AcadenW of SciezicesUSSR. PWOBE: Mis book is intended for scientists and engineers coacerned vith thermo- dynamic air functions. V, Tiermodynamic Functions of the Air (Coat.) sov/446T COVERAGE; The publication contains diagrams or tt*rwdynamia air Ametions plotted an eats of curves in relation to teaperatum and pmimrs, where preosura has been taken as parameter. In addition, an appriaximation meftod for caleulation of the straight shock is described. Universal curtres., representing the dependence of the ratio of pressures and enthalpies along the sh,,,.Nck on the H numberoare given. The diagrams have been plotted using exact data eceputed by means of an electronic cerputer at the Vyehislitellnyy tsentr Aka&..mii nvA SSSR (Camuting Center, knademy of Sciences: USSR). Mie work preasent~xd in this publication was done by scientific workers,bf the Laboratory of Combuotion Physics at the Energeticheskly ins"itut AN SSSH (Power Ningineering Institute, A.adeqj of Solences USSR), apd the lkpartmient of Molecular Physics of the Diviaion of Pb~mics at MU (NDscov State 11hivelraity) under the general direction of Professor A.S. Pradvoditelev,.porresponding' Merber of the Academy of Sciences USSR. ar:-: 3 references, all Soviet. TAKE OF COINTENTS: Tntroduction Description 3 5 IONOV, V. P., and IONINOV, A. A. "Spectral Properties of Some Gases at High Temperatures and Pressures." Report submitted for the Conference on Heat and Mass Transfer, Minsk, BSBR, Tune 196l. KORYAVTSEV., Ye.V.., doktor tekhn. nauk,, red.,-IONOV, V.P., kand. fiz.- mat. nauk, red.j VISKOVA, M., red.; DOTSOKO, V., tekbn. red.; IOVLEVAp N., tekhn. red. N~obile plasma] Dviawshchaiasia plazma; abornik perevodov. Mo- skva, lzd-vo ihostr. lit-ry, 196-1. 612 p. (MIRA 15:1) (Plama (Ionized gaoes)) S/262/62/000/00410091024 AUTHOR: ligno-VIN-P.- 1014/1252 TITLE: Determination Of gas flow parameters at the surface of a cone moving at high speed, with gas dissociation taken into account (approximate metl:ods) PERIODICAL: Referativnyy Zhurnal, Silovyye ustanovki, no. 4,1%2, 37, rbstract 42.4.237 "Fiz. gazo- dinamika i teploobmen' M." AN SSSR, 1961, 25-30 TEXT: It is assumed that the flow is isentropic and axially symmetrical. The problem is solved on the basis of equations of motion and continuity, as well as of the energy and the state of the gas. An approximate solution was obtained on the assumption that at high flight speeds the conic shock wave approaches the surface of a cone while flow parameters vary insignificantly inside the gas layer between the shock wave and cone surface. Theproblern is simplified by using an approximate adiabatic curve equation for a dissociated gas. Comparison of the exact and approximate methods for M = 3.6-8.7 showed good apreement. A method was also studied based on the assumption of non-compressible liquid flow in the zone between the conical shock wave and the cone surface, [Abstracter's note: Complete translation.) Card 1/1 S/081/61/000/024/003/086 B138/B102 AUTHORSs Ionov, V. P., Konikov, A. A. TITLE: Radiation spectra of diatomic gases under adiabatic compres- sion PERIODICALs Referativnyy zhurnal. Khimlya, no. 24, 1961, 15, abstract 24B83 (Sb. "Fiz. gazodinamika i teploobmen". M., AN SSSR, 1961, 46-- 50) TEILT3 Emission spectra have been obtained, on an adiabatic compression apparatusq for air, 0 29 N29 H29 Ar. and He. The spectra of air and the diatomic gases are continuous. The radiation of air in the 5500 - 6700 range temperatures between 2000 and 35000K and pressures between 100 and 5PO atm can be regarded as gray-body radiation. In these conditions the spectra from single-atomic gases are line spectra with a slight continuous background. Abstracter's notes Complete translation Card 1/1 ~38 Vie 61~003/001/004/020 A05i Al 29 AMORB# Banoylov, O.Ts., Tikhomirovt V.I., Ionovq V.P4, Kuzueteova, A.A. TITM The relationship between the effectiveness of the salting-out agent and the hydration of the salting.,out ion PIRIODICALs Radiokbimiyag v 3j no 19 1961,o 144-18 .=Tt In the present~vork the'authors have investigated the relationship between the effe,ativenses-of-tho malting-out,agent and the hydration of -the theory developed in Ref 1. It is - seen. that the -stranger'the salting-out cation in hydratedg the more effect- iTO the given a should be in rols,tion,to it, i.e.9 the <ing_oUt sCent higher should be the value of its A- Boalting-ont (a decrease in the energy of activation of the water molecule extraction from the closeet surroundings ..Of the extracted ion). Thus, AS '~~ k- (3) salting-out S3 i card 1A 23871 8/186161/003/001/004/020 The relationship between-the offootiveness 4051/1129 where k is a coefficient depending on the cation charge of the salting-out agent, dipole moment of the water molsoule and characteristics of the water -solution i -and -ai- the &Volage (6ffootivo) distanoe between-the salting-out catiwand. the Gation of-Ake salting,*out agoatV W& an increase in the hydration of the- salting-out ion, the value.of E related to the salting-out action of a certain salting-out agent an it increasesa (4) (Assalte-out)i 4' zoalto-out)i , or (b E,,lt.-out)i -rr(,o z,a`lt.-o,t.,$ 'where the coefficient T> 1 0 For *arious salting-out agents it is %soused that the values of the oooffiaients are about equal, th*ns salt.-Out), (""Osal't.-Out)i (5) where s m 1#2139 corresponding to the different salting-cuVagents. Us .authore,inv*stigate the saltia#*out ion* i and J, whereby the L~-L~&As ., characterized by a higher hydration than the J-ion. It in established--Ahat '.the relationship of A Es,li.-cut to the hydration of the salting-out ion Card 2/6 23871 8/18 61/00j/001/004/020 The relationship between the effectiveness ... A051YA129 brings about the-squatialis (9) 8,2 A2 i * (where a is the distribution coefficient 45ef 17). It is confirmed *xpori-, mentally by investigating the extraction of ur&4yl and thorium with tributyl.- phosphate from water solutions containing magnesium, calcium and strontium nitrates. Equation-9 indicates that with a strengthening of the hydration of th*-s<ing-out ion the relative increase in the distribution coefficient growei determined by the growth of the effectiveness of the salting-out agent. Table 1 lists the determined values of the dietribution coefficients of uranyl and thoriump and tabie 2 liets the ratios of the distribution coeffi- oiento for uranyl and thorium in the presenes of various salting-out agents frosi a group of magnesiung calcium and strontium nitrates. The ratios taken are that of the distribution ooofficionts in the presence of a more effective salting-out &Sent to the value of the distribution coefficient In the pro once of & lose effective salting-out agent. The data of table 2 show th;t t hose ratios for thorium are greater than for uranyl. Since thorium is Card 3/6 23871 S/186/61/003/001/004/020 The relatioi,.~:hip between the effectiveness.&. 1051/.L129 hydrated 2aro strongly in:aquedus solutions than uranyl, it is concluded that the experimental results confirm the validity of equation (9). Thor* ors .2 tables, 9 foraulas and 6 reforenosse 4 Soviet-bloc, 2 non-Soviet-bloo. Card 4/6 34333. S/124/62/000/'002,/006/014 D234/D302 AUTHOR: Ionov, V.P$ TITLE. Supersonic flown in profile nozzles in the regime of overexpansion during variations of the Reynolds number of the'stream PERIODICAL. Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, no. 2, 1962, 34, abstract 2B204 (V Sb. Gazodinamika i fiz. goreniya. M., AN SSSRI 1959, 84-87) TEXT: Investigation of the structure of the stream in regimes of over- expansion was carried out in plane supersonic nozzles with transparent wall* irith the aid of Tepler's'instrument. Two nozzles with M = 2.03 and M = 1.55 were tested. By varying the density of the jet stream, the number R was changed from 0.25 to 2.5 x 105. It is shown that in the case of laminar boundary layer (small absolute pressures of the stream) the oblique discontinuity of condensations at the wall of the nozzle branches off into a complex system, while In ca-me of a turbulent boundary layer the oblique discatinuity ends at the wall by a A -shaped VK Card 1/2 S/124/62/000/002/006/014 Supersonic flows in ... D234/D302 discontinuity with on* 'leg'. I Abstracter's not*: Complete transrationj - Card 2/2 s/862/62/ooi/0oo/oxi/o&a AUTHORS-z Kon,lkov,' A.A, and Ionov, V.P. TITLE: 41actral'-charactoristics OC some gasea,at high temperatures and pressures SOURCE: T'Opxo- A~-massoperenoz. t-. 1: Teplofiziche'SkIYA kharaktoriatiki.materialoy i metody ikh opred*lamiyaq- Edi by - X., V. ',Lykoy and B - M. Smol I skiy. 'Minsk, lzd-vci-'AN 5SSR* 1962. 196 - 2o4,* TEXT: This., paper -reports astudy of the spectral character- is.tics of ~-pure air,and of -air contaiftinj carbon duot. In addItlon,, a 'study"Wasi.mad8of the properties of nitrogen. oxyfien and hydrogen- up to .3 ~ 500 K and helium and argon abo*e, 5 000 A special. steel chamber in which the gases were adiabatically compressed was used to obtain the above temperat~xr6s between 100. and 1 000 atm. The, . temperatures could, be hold for about I The emission spectra ifere recorded with the itid'of thew n _51.. (ISP-51) spectrdgraph (both integral and' time-resolvoci spectra were obtained). -A determination.was mado'in each came of the temperature, emissivity, degree of blaelmesal electrical' C,~rd 1/2 S/862/62/001/000/011/oIL2 Spectral charact~A&.tics ... E03P/1951.4, conductivity and,compression of tho gas. Xt, was found.that the emission spectra of adiabatically compressed air and the diatonlo gases mentioned above were continuous in.the absenc*'*of artifici- ally introduced impurities. Under these condition' IL the wnixei~u'. of air between 5 500-and 6 700 X at 2,000 - 3 500* K and 100 500 atm. may be looked'upon'as the emission"of a gray body.- Undelo thdoe..conditions the, emission spectra of, monoatomic:,.Satsen exhibit spectral lines, superimposed on a low continuous-background. The spectrum contains lines due to Fe., Cr, Na -and K impurities. . Th* '.m emission spectra'of air with suspended unactivated -carbon dust'Ars similar to the spectrum of ordinary air under tfie'above conditions;, except that the intensity Is higher by a factor of 60 70. The introduction of 0-57;.(by wt.) of carbon dust into air giv" rise to an increase in its electrical ~,onductivity JW a factor of, 100 - 500. There are 7 figures and 1 table. ASSOCIATION: -Energeticheskiy institut im. G. He Krzhizhanovskogo' (Power Engineering Institute im. G%%M. KrzhizhanovaRiy) Card 2/2 KTUIZnCR V.P.p kandAekhn.wmkI red.~LLONOVOJT..'.. "fis t-, ;;L9 radol SKR=KAj V.Nej reds; RUMBOAt A.G.p tsklm.rad. [Gas dynamics and beat, exchange ix conaiis~tb obamical uitbiMi lrlh4micbeekikh reactions] Gazodinamiks, i teploobmen PLI reaktaii; abornik statei. Moskva, lzd-vo iz6iO.Iit-rYp 1962. 552 p. Translated from the Inglish. (KIRA, 3.3 z 5) (Gas dynamics) (Heat-Transmission) B/885/62/000/000/033/035 D234/D308 AUTHORS: Kon',kov, A. A. and Ionov V. P. TITLE: Investigation of radiation and electrical conductivity of adiabatically compressed air with admixtures of coal particles and CO SOURCE: Akademiya nauk SSSR. Energeticheskiy-institut. Piziches- kaya gazodinamika, teploobmen i termodinamika gazov vy- sokikh temperatur. Moscow, Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1962, 290-299 TEXT: The experimental installation and methods of measurement are described in *detail. The author investigated the spectral composi- tion of the radiation, the degree of blackness and electrical con- ductivity up to 35000K and *at 100 -.1000 atm. Maximum size of coal particles was 100 microns, The emission spectrum of air containing ~'non-activated~coal particles is continuous and siTilar to that of CO burning on oxygen atmosphere, for 5500 _ 6700 A wavelengths, with T- 2000 - 35000K#- p = 100 - 500 ata it can be regarded as a ,-.~-grey body radiation. The admixture of coal powder to air (0.5% by ,...Card 1/2. S/885/62/000/000/033/035 Investigation of radiation ... D234/D308 weight) increases the emission capacity of the latter by 60 70 times and its electrical c -onductivity by 100 - 500 times. The au- thors also give an oscillogram of the conductivity of adiabatically. compressed CO + 02 mixture, pointing out that itis asymmetrical. Thereare 9 figures and 1 table. ;Card 2/2 "MM IONOVp V.P.; TIKHOMIROVp V.I. Inver'sion of the order of the salting-out capacity of cations during- extraction. RadiokhirAiia 5 no.5;559-562 163. (KRA 17-0). SPITSYN, VJ.; GLAZUNOV, M,P,; KODOCHIGOV, P.N.;.~9NOV,,_,V.P. Determination of sodium in metallic tungsten by the radioactivation method. Zhur.anal.khim. 18 no.lOtl272-1273 0 163. (MIRA 16:12) 1. Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences, U.S.S.R., Moscow. '.L 12364-61~. kl'rC(a)/A~FETR/AEDC(b)/A$D(d)/SSD/~,~")D(f*)-2/!ISD(p)-3/AF,'IL/133D/AED0(a)/ SSDI(b 14101C- ACCESSION Nil: 9/0000/64/000/000/012710137 v., G. M..,-,G1ugevj H. V. Luneva, 0. 1.: AUTHOR: Tjpti'2~ ~-V:P Rikotave TITLE: -Investigation of shock-tube flows using the Tepler method and high-speed photography SOURCE: AN SSSR. Energeticheak!y LtLqtipq~. Firicheskaya gazodinamike i svoyat- va gazov prf ;-y*sokikh temperaturakh (Physical gas dynamicu and properties of gases at high temperatures). Floscow, Izd-vo Nauka, 1964, 127-137 0 TOPIC TAGS: 'shock tube, shock wave, shock'wave reflaction, stipersamia flow, shock tube flow ABSTRACT: An experimental - st.udy'of shock-tube flows using the Tepler method-and-I hiih-speed photography is presented. Detailed descriptions of the optical ap- paratus, shock tube, and the experimental procedure are given. The photographic records used to illustrate the various flow patterns and shock wave reflections in the range from Mach 6.7 to 7.2 are presented and discussed. The method is applied Lo the study of shock wave reflections from a wall with a slit and also to supersonic flow around obstacles of various shapes in oxygen and nitrogen. i_ Card r- I- - - - - - - - TAYNMIYAN, A.Ye.1 VESELKOV, V.D.1 IONOVO_Y.P.1 USILIYEVAp L.A. Mechanization of welding operations on building ways. Avtom. over. 18 no.808-59 Ag 065. (MIRA l8r1l) 1. Subidtted Febmary 269 1965. . .. I 1, 'T -F ~ J10 - ~7 r,-- 1, .71 j 7, -ZZ T j,~1 ACC NR: NP6022657 SOURCE CODE: AUTHOR:__ Ion G. N. un/0000/66/000/000/0158/ol64 ORG: none ~41) TITLE: Experimental study of a flow of dissociated gases through a supersonic nozzle SOURCE: AN SSSR. Energeticheskiz institut,. Issledovaniya po fizicheskoy gazodinamm-- (Studies of physical gas dynamics). Moscow, Izd-vo Nauka, 1966, 158-164. TOPIC TAGS: gas flow, supersonic flow, equilibrium flow, propulsion nozzle, super-'. sonic nozzle ABSTRACT: The supersonic flow of various gases (oxygen, itrogen,and carbon dioxide) through two supersonic nozzles was investigated iiiii-rf-mentaliy. The n.ozzles were placed in a shock tube so that the heated and dissociated gas discharged through the nozzles after reflecting from the tube end. Two nozzles were used: one with two flat straight walls and two flat diverging walls, and the other, an axisymmetrical nozzle with a hyperbolic contour. The gas parameters at the nozzle outlet were determined by photographing the flow patterns of the gas flowing around a semi-wedge. Mach numbers at the nozzle outlet were obtained for various nozzle-area ratios, and then compared with data calculated under the assumption that the flaw is in equilib- rium and isentropic. The errors caused by disregarding the heat transfer and fricti at the walls were estimated. A considerable Aeviation from the isentropic data was C!nrA 1/2 10 11 'T T 11" L 344o6-66 ACC NRt AT6022657 observed for 00 and 02. This discrepancy may be due to the fact that the flav Is not in equilib;Ium. Orig. art. has: 5 figures. lpvl. SUB CODE: 21/ SUIBM DATE: 31Feb66/ ORIG REF: 008/ OTH REF: 003/ ATD PRESS: Card 2/2 ZAKHAROV, S.N.p kand,tekhn,,nauk; KAPIAN, V.V.., inzb,- IORCY--V.V. inzh.; OSIPWAS T.V., inzh.; SHEFNAN,, U.N., inzh.; SHESHIft, B.A., inzh. New MG-10 and MG-20 generator switches. -Vest. elektroprom. 32 no.3: 73-76 mr 161. (MA 15:6) (Electric switchgear) RUNOV, VA., kand.tekhn.nauk, dotsent5 SEDOV, M.G., dotsGnt,- IONOV, V.Ye., inzh. 1 Some defects In the introduation of large silica blockn In the city of Gorkiy. Trudy GISI no.43al6-24 163. (MIRA 17:4) '-'- .. 1. 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M.: Master Agrio Sci (diss) -- "Keeping potatoes in holes and tren- ches Under the conditions of western Siberia". Omsk, 1959. 23 PP (Abstracts of dissertations presented at the Omsk Agric inst im S. M. Kirov), 170 copies (KL, No 14P 1959P 121) IONOVA, 1. A.: Master Med Sci (dies) -- "The problem of reactivity in dysen- I.I tery of children". Moscow, 1958. 15 pp (Second Moscow State Med Inst im N. 1. e Pirogov), 220 copies (KL, No 5, 1959, 156) -- ONOV;, G.V.1 OY~'TKTNAj N.Ye. Molecular orbits of tetrahedral 1.7droxyanions of tranaition eXATents, Report I'loolz Chromate and permanganate. Zhur. strukt, R-Um. 6 no.1028-136 Ja-F 165. (MIRA 18s.12) I., Institut obshcheX i neorganichaskoy khimll imeni N,S, Nurnakova AN SSSR, Submitted January 10, 1964, .LO_kq~,_~~Yo DYATKINAl Me* Molecular orbits of MzO3F. Zhur. neorg. khim. 10 no.9:2036-2040 S 165. (MIRA 18:10) 1. Institut obahchey i neorganichaskoy Ichimli imeni Kurnakova AN SSSR. C. 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The Ox ----V~Ojf the, r 01- e WTH LYSOVA, A.I., kand. tekhn. nauk; VINEii, irlvh-; GA!"fMiG, i-iv,h.; IONOVA,,_K.,.L.., inzh.; KALISTRATOVA, N.V.p inzh.; RABINOVIGH, G.M., lnzb.; MISTER, G.M., red. [Album of precast reinforced concrete elevients of enclos- ing structures for major repair of residential buildings; working drawings] Albom sborrqkh zhelezobetoMkh kon- struktsii perekrytii dlia kapitallnogo remonta zhilykh domov; rabochie chertezhi. Leningrad, Akad. komun.khoz. 1963. 115 P. (~IIRA 17:7) 1. Akademiya komunallnogo khozyaystva. Leningradskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut. IGNOVA,K.I.; X&LD((W.V.V. Statistical study of the precision of spectrtzo anal sis of unalloyed steel. Isv. AN'8332. Ser. f1s. 19 no.1:129-130 JA-F ,55. (NWA 8:9) 1. Kazakhokly metallaWcheekly savod (Spectrum analysis) (Spectrometer) (Iny"o. IONOVA. K.1.; ULIMOV. V.V. qW.I_ - 'MIG"Itcal. StudY of the ozectitude of umlloyod sto*l qmtre- grapMe analyals. Zav. lab. 23 uo.5:5M-591 137. (KERA 10:8) 1. Emkbskiy Uvt&IlUrgtCh9Sklr nvod. L (fteol--Swtra) (cormlation (Statistics)y NALIMOV, Statistical consideration of the fluctuation of parameters of calibration curves. Itz.abor, no.4:528-~532 '58AKIRA 12:5) le.laxekhokly mtallurgichaskly zavod. (Spectrum analysis) I AUTHORS: Ionovsu--XjL-Qenshaft, S.A. 32-2)+-4-34,/67. TITLE: A Method for the. Spectral Analysis of Cast Iron Graphite on Magnesium (Metod spektrallnogo analiza chuguna, i grafita na magniy) PERIODICAL Zavodskaya Laboratoriya, 1958, Vol. 24, Nr 4, pp. 459-460 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In the course of the determination of magnesium in cast iron the fine metal chips on the send bath are dissolved in hydrochloric- and nitric acid 0:1) and the dissolved magnesium is examined on a ISP-26 speotrograph. A IG-2 generator with carbon electrodes is used as a light source. Standard samples made frcm synthetio standard magnesite Nr 82 are usedo the preparation of which is described. The error limit of this method is given as being + 5.E%; magnesium can be determined within a concentration inter- ial of 0.02-0.45% in oast iron. Analysis of six samples takes 1412 hours. In the case of the determination of magnesium in graphite powder, the latter is annealed for 2 hours at 10000 C; there follows a treatment with byarofluorio ae-d, melting in soda at 10000 C for 5 minutes, and dissolution in hydrochloric Card 1/2 acid (1:2). Standard samples of magnesite, the production of A Method for the Spectral Analysis of Cast Iron 32-24-4-34/67 Graphite on Magnesium Which is described are again used. The employment of an "inner standard" in form of a chromous chloride solution is also necessary. The other conditions are similar to those applying in the owe of the detemination of magnesium in cast imn. The spare deviation is mentioned u being + 2.53% (relAtive). Magnesium can be determined in quantities of from 0.5 - 11% in graphite powder, in which case 6 houm am needed for the in- vestigwtion of five samples. Investigations were carried cut in cooperation with N.R. Laletina. There art 4 references, 4 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATICN: Kazakhskiy matal-Ourgicheskly za-oa (Kazakh Metallurgical Plant) 1. Graphite powders--Spectra. 2. Magnesium--Determination 3. Spectrum analyzers--Performance 4. Hydrofluoric acid --Chemical effects card 2/2 IONOVA. I-K Cand Phys-Math Sci - (diss) "Investigation of the effect of ter- tiary elements in the spark spectral analysis of open-hearth slags." Alma-Ata, 1960. 16 pp; (Ministry of Higher and Second- ary Specialist Education Kazakh.SSR, Kazakhstan State Univ imeni S. N. Kirov); 150 copies; price not given; (KL, 5-61 sup, 1?2) ~, ".- IONOV&, K. 1. ' -ieey-ef the spectrographic method of anRlysis of open hearth A ccu slags. Zav.lab. 26 no.5:581-507 160. NTRA 13:7) I., raropudiuskly politekhnicbeski7 Institut. (Slag-Spectra) . - - - I.: -. .I .I ~ I ~ : . ; - . I -.- I I . - " : .I P SOV/75-13-4-11/29 AUTHORS: Karanovich, G. G., Ionova, L. A., Podollskaya, B. L. TITLE: The Photometric determination of Gallium by Means of Gallion (Fotometricheskoye opredeleniye galliya pri pomoshchi galliona) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal analiticheskoy khimii, 1958, Vol- 13, Nr 4, pp. 439- 444 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Several organic compounds are used for the photometric deter- mination of gallium. These compounds react with gallium in forming deeply colored compounds (Refs 1-4). "Gallion", a re- action product from H-acid and diazotized 2-amino-4-nitro-6- chloro-phenol, is an interesting reagent to gallium (Ref 6). It is water-soluble; its 0,01% aqueous solution has a dark-red- and the alkaline solution a blue-violet color. The reagent is easily soluble in alcohol and acetone, whereas it is difficult to solve in chloroform and ethylene-chloride. The solutions of gallion form colored compo-dnds with several elements. A com- pound of blue color is formed with gallium. Gallion changes its color between p H 318 and 5,8 from red to blue-violet. Be- Card 1/4 tween PH 5,6 and 13 the blue-violet color does not change. SOV/75-13-4-11/29 The Photometric Determination of Gallium by Means of Gallion I value the color changes to With a farther increase of the p H_ pink and attains the same shade at PH about 14 as at PH 4. The optimum pH-value for the determination of gallium is at PH 2,4 - 3,4. The maximum of light-absorption is at 600 y~ A biphthalate buffer solution is useful for standardization, though it depends in a high degree on temperature. The crystals separate if temperature drops to +160. At optimum conditions (pH about 3,2) the susceptibility of the determination amounts to 012t gallium in 5 ml solution. If the solution is heated, the final color is reached after 1 1/2 to 2 minutes, but at room temperature only after 10 to 15 minutes. Determination can be carried out by means of colorimetric microtitration. The maximal tolerable quantities of foreign ions which do not yield colored compounds with gallion (Ge, Pr, La, Mn, Go, Zn, Li, In, Rh, Tl, Re, Pb, 1.1g, Ca, Be, Al) were found and are mentioned. Aluminum and indium form colored compounds with gallion at pH about 3,2. Gallium, however, can be determined Card 2/4 in stronger acid compounds if there is a 50-fold excess of SOV/75-13-4.-11/29 The Photometric Determination of Gallium by Means of Gallion these two elements. The influence of iron, which is disturbing to a high degree, can be removed by a hydrochloric acid solu- tion of h1droxylamine. Copper likewise exercises a disturbing influence and has to be reduced by means pf a solution of so- dium sulfate before its determination. After adding the hy- droxylamine solution, the p -value of the solution has to be brought to 2,4 --3,2 by sodium acetate. Prior to its deter- mination in alumosilicates, aluminum alloy I zinc blende, and other materials containing only traces of gallium, the latter has to be separated. This 'is usually done by ex- traction by means of organic solvents from hydrochloric acid solution (Refs 3, 5, 7). The extraction with isoamylalcohol and ethyl acetate from 6n hydrochloric acid solution proved to be the most useful. The conditions for the separation and the determination of gallium in various objects are mentioned in detail. There are 4 figures, 7 tables, and 7 references, 2 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATIONt Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovateltakiy institut khimicheskikh Card 3/4 SOV/75-13-4-11/29 The Photometric Determination of Gallium by Means of Gallion reaktivov, Moskva (All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Chemical Reagents, Moscow) SUBMITTED: September 20, 1956 1. Gallium--Determination 2. Gal1ion-Properties 3. Reagents --Synthesis 4. Photometry Card 4/4 ISTOMINA, K. Ye.'; IONOVAP L.A. Determination.of small quantities of caprolacW in aqueous solution. Zav*2abo 27 no.Z.-160-262 161. (MIRA 24:3) 1. GasudaretVGnnyy bA+AIWAZOtnoy promyshlonnosti. .1.0exammethyl e) I 'j-015M L.,V...+ 14DROZOVA, Ye.A. Use of formyl protection in the synthesis of lysine peptides. Zilur.ob. khim. 34 no.2:403-407 F 164. (MIRA 17:3) .. 1. Moskovakiy gosudarstvennyy universitet im. M.V.Lomonosova. I IONOVA, L.V.; MOZZIMKIIIII, D.D.; MOR02011A, Ye.A. . Synthesis of tetrapeptides. Zhur. ob. khim. 34 no. 3:769-772 Mr 161, (MIRA 17:6) 1. Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy univeraitet imeni M.V. Lomonosova. MOROZOVA, Ye.A.; ICVOVA., L.V.; PLINER, S.A. Cyclization of totrapeptides by using ethoxyacetylene as a condensation agent. Dokl. AN SSSR 157 no.2t203-206 JI 164 (KMA 17&8) 1. Predstavlemo akademikom A.N. Belozerakim. .......... MOROZOVA, Ye.A.; ZHENODAROVA, S.M.1 IONOVA, L.V.; CULYAYET, N.N. Cyclization of peptides with the use of ethoxyacetylene as a condensing agent. 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Yet Cand Mad Sci -- (diss) "Leptospirosis infection under conditions of a large city (Epidemiological and laboratory data). 11 Len, 1959. 15 pp (State Order of Lenin Inst for the Advanced Training of Physicians in S. Mo Kirov). (KL, 41-59, 106) -42- POPOVAP TO.M.; IONOVA L.Ye.- Cases of watat'fever, ditease caused by Leptospira of the Taramy type. Trudy.Leninst.epid.i mikrobiol. 20.-146-156 059. JVMLK- 16:1) 1, Is laboratorii osobo opaanykh infektsiy i rikketei6saw Leningradskogo instituts. imeni Pastera i kafedry epidoxiologii Goeudarstvannogo Instituts, dlya usovershomistvoyaniya vrachey. (LEPTOSPIROSIS) IONOVA, M.A..refereni; LEVASHEVA, M.Ye.,referout lowering timber in care suspended in the cage (from "The Mining Journal' U0.6354, 1957). Biuj.TSIIN tsvet.met. no.18:36 '57. (MIRA 11:5) (Canada--Katerisl handling) (Mine timbering) UDALUX&q M*Be, referent;,-,IONOTA. M*A.g referent. Shaft olnldng in Rwu Antilon and Pon Stock mines. Blul. T'SIIN tovet, awt, no*'22t32-36-157, (XIRA, ns8) (Sauthorn Ihodesia-Capper mines and mining) I'JKOVA, M.A. Came of heart surgery. Ehirurgiia 35 no.10:116-117 0 159. (KIRA 12:12) 1. 1z khlrurgicheskogo otdeleuiya (sav. N.A. lonova) bollnitsy iment N.K. Mmpskay Krivogo Rogn Daepropetrovskoy oblasti (glavnyy vrach G.Fo Fidpalyy). (EWC-SMIRT) IONOVA, M.A., Cand Agr Sci (diss) "Study of the biological Parttmils2*4joks of ~he development ofkhe V,,, VL-64, aprico6 *~ selection for winter resistance." Michurinsk, 1958, 27 pp with illustrations (Min of Agr USSR. Fruit and vegetable Inst im I.V. Michurin) 100 copies (KL, 50-58, 126) - 92 - IONOVA, N.A. Duration of the dormiant stage of apricots in the central fruit growing zone. D**I'khoa. 21 Ei.e.231 no.12:19-22 '589 (MIRA 12:1) 1. Krymakly pomologicheekLy rameadnik Voesoyuznogo instituta rastaniyevodetya. P.redetavleno Waademikom P.M.Zhukovskim. (Apricot) sHuRAKOV, F.V., kand. sellkhoz. nauk; MOSKAMiKOy K.M., tekhni MOSTOLOVITSA K.Yu. tekhnik,- Q10VA, .9 .9 .1 kand. sellkhoz. nauk; TOLKACHEV, V.P.x nauchn. sotr.; ORLOV) G.K., tekh-ni SOLCYVIYEVA, T.F., tekhnik; ZHIIYAKOVA, 0., red.izd-va; GLIKMAN,.N., red. izd-va; ISUPOVA~ N.., tekhn. red. (Catalog of fruit crop varieties of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Plant Growing in the Crimea] Katalog sortov plodovykh kulltur Vsesoiuznogo nauchno-issledovatelf- skogo institute, rastenievodstva v Krymu. Simferopol', Krymizdat,, 1960. 230 P. (MIRA 17-. 1) .1. Leningrad. Vsesoyuzryy institut rasteniyevodstva. Krym.- skiy porologicheskiy rassadnik. (Crimea--Fruit-Varieties) iONOVA,, N. I.,, Gendidate Ned Sci (dies) -- "Intraduodenal novocaine irrigation in the treatment of dyakinesia of the gall ducts and noncomplicated cholftystitls". Kazan', 1959. 12 pp (Kazant State Ned Inst), 200 copies (XL, SO 25, 1959, 140) 1