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COUNkay Bulgaria CATEGORY ABS. JOUR, 21 1959p 7640 AUTHOR T 11"LIK, ORIO. PUB. ABSTRACT than 1,5 wl/liter et-t alcohol strengths of 30-50% vas achieved after 3-4--hr treatment in the column. For Communication 11 see RZhKhim, 1959, No 20, 72900. G. Oehayka lie CARD: 218 BULGARIA/Chemical Technology. Chemical Products H and Their Applications.. Fermentation Industry. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur-Khtmiya, No 6, 1959, 21203 i0,V,ajq6Y 'A. Author ; Rankoff, G., Popoff, A., JoVtscheff )A Inst : AS Bulgaria. Title : The Determination of Methyl Alcohol in a Mixture of Ethyl Alcohol and Water in the Presence of Other Volatile Substances. Orig Pub : Dokl, Bol, AN, 1005G9 119 No 11 49-52 Abstract z It was established that the method for determining small quantities of CH OH (1) in mixtures of' C2H50H (H) with wa Ner, mainly in vodkas, In the presence of signi- ficant quantities of CH3CHO of volatile Card 1/2 BULGARIA/Chemical Technology. Chemical Products H and Their Applications. Fermentation Industry, Abs Jour Ref Zhur"KhimlYa, No 6, 19597 21203 compound ethers and higher alcohols by means of the oxidation of I in CH 0 and the determination of the latter witA Schieffts reagent of chromotropic acid (see, Ref Zhur- Khimiyaj 1957 6477), do not give accurate and reproducitle results. To obtain correct results for the sample analyzed, it is neces-- sary to first dilute II with an aqueous so- lution completoly free of L Tho method for obtaining such II and tho method for prepa- ration of the sample for analysis are des- cribed. -- Ya. Kantor Card 2/2 ILV~CHEV, B.; MiMMOV, K. A How to work to train -the subdivisions beat and how to report the competition and the- progress of the excellent performances. AR14EISKI PREMM, (Ministerstvo na narodnata otbrana) Sofiia,, Bulgaria Vol. 5, no. 6, 1958 Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL) LC,, Vol. 9,, No. 2. .Feb. 196o Uncl. IOTCHIT, D., Nacholnik na OAU, Burg". Sociallatto reorganization of pharsac7 in Bulgaria, organization of work in socIallsed ph&rvacles and important tanks ahead of pharmacr workers. Parmatsila. Sofia 4 n0-3:3-6 My-June 54. (PRAM"" In Dal W I&, organis.) IOTcMff , D. Problem of opening of -pharmactes during holidays and night@. larmatelia, Softs; 4 no.AslO July-Aug 54.- Opening during holidays & nights) FL, Liu aaQ5 ;IM INSAMM" rovew, Activities of the Contact Commission. Yarmatstia, Softs, 4 no.6:3 1954. 19 Naebalulk na OAU - Burgas. (PRAMCTO in Bulgaria) IOVCHEVP D. Standardization of prescriptions. Farmataila, Sofia 5 no.2:lo-n MRr-Apr 55. 1. Nachalnik na GLU v Dargus. (PMCRMIOIM., In Pulgarla,standard.) IOVCHEV D. Bulgaria No degree listed Burgas Okrug Pharmaceutical Enterprise (Okrug aptichno pre#priyatniya, Burgas). Sofia, Farmatsiy No 5, 1962, Sept-Oct, pp 1-9. 'IStatus of Pharmacy and the Quality of Drug Services to the Public" BUWMIA/Discases of Farm Animls - Diseases Caused by R. Bacteria and ru~zi. Abs Jour Ref Zhur Biolij No 6, 1958, 26290 Autfior niyev, T., Yoveh 0) Arsov, R., Girginov, G. !~ ~ev, Inst fligher Institute of Veterinary and Medical Sciences. Title Verification of Some of the Essential Positions of Larae Horned Cattle* Orig Pub Nauchn. tr. Vissh. veterinarnomed. in-t, 1956, 4, 191-2n Abstract Comparative evaluation has been carried out of the site and the method of injecting tuberculin -when ex=biing cattle for tuberculosis. It was shown that when tubercu- lin is administered simultaneously into the neck and shoul0er blade areas, the sick aninnIs' reaction is more pronounced when it is administered into the neck area. Card 1/2 #Ab BULGARIA/Disonsoo of Parm Animals - Diseases Caused by R. Bacteria and Funf;i. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biol., No 6, 1958, 26290 Az compared with a single injectinn twofold injections of tuberculin with an interval of hours produce more clear-cut results. Card 2/2 BULCWwnftiseases of Farm Animals. Diseases Caused by Bacteria aad- Fungi Abe Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 1958, 21621. Author Illyev T., XmW-hp-V ov, R.) Girginovj G. .L.-_Ars Inst :.Hi6ber Veterinary Medical Institute. Title Study of Gangrenous Mastitis Epizootiology in Sheep 'and' Wets in 'Bul6ria~ Orig Pub.,Ne;uchn-.,ztr-,Vissh veterinarnomed. in-t, 1956i-4, Abstract* NoOddays gangr.e.nous vastitis In sheepand gcats Is, spread all over the country. To a great extent the disease is caused by some predisposing factors (such as unsanitary keeping conclitions,.udder trauma, incor- rect milkinx methoda, incoraDleta milking), The disease Card, 1/2 18 R V ILEW, T. [niev., T,I,, Prof.; AMOW, R. [Arsovp R.3 [Yovobevs, F..j ; WM"OW, G. [Girginov., G.] Infectivity investigation of pasteuren-vois, Acta voter Hung 13 no.1291-93 063-A 1. Lehratuhl fur Epizootologie, der Tierarz lichen Hochschulej, Safi& (Varstm3d-z Prof. T. niew [Iliev., T.) 'V ILIEwj, T [Ilievp T.]I,Profo; ARSOW, R, [Arsovp R. ; GIRGINOW, G. [Girginov., G. iaiTSCHKW. 1. [YOTchev, F..] Lwastigatiom of the pormonent separation of ftstourella, In poultry., Acta. voter Hung 13 noolt95-102 163a, lo Lshrstuhl fur Episootologio der Tierarstlichan Hochachul*j, SofiP. (Torstandt ftof. To inew tiliev, T.J. IIJEW) T. (Ilievp T.]; ARSOW, R. [Arsov, R.1; JOWTSCHEII, E.(Iovchev, B.] GIRGINOW, G. (Girginov., G.) Role of Bwine in the opizootic disease of chicken cholera. Acta voter Hung 13 no.2:205-2408 163. 1. Lehrstuhl fur Epizootologie (VorBtand:Prof.T. Iliew [Ilievp T.1) der Tierarztlichen Hochschule, Sofia. ILIEW, T. CI:Liev,,, T.]; GIRGINOWs, G. [Girginov, G.1; ARSOW, R. [Arsov,R.]; Jammu, E. liovehervp E*1 Role of mice and rate in the epizooty of chicken cholera. Acta veter Hung 13 no.31t 219-223 163. bili+a, of home Ae, 2254M. A _mwawv L lebrst;aa fur Spiiooiologie (rorstand: Prof. T.Iliev) der Tierarztlichen Hochschule, Sofia. ILIEW) T. [Iliev, T.]; ARSOW, R. [Arsov, R.]; DIMOW 1w. [Dimov IV. GIRGINOW YW, E. (Iavchev, E.1 VG. [Girginov, G); JOWTSCH Domestic mammals (swine., cattle sheep) as permanent Pasteurella carriers and hidden sources for pasteurellosis of the poultry. Acta veter Hung 13 no.2:196-203 163. 1. Lehrstuhl fur Epizootologie (Vorstand: Prof. T. Iliew (Iliev, T der Tierarztlichen Hochschule, Sofia. KOMANDAREV, St.;-IOVCHFVJ* E. studios on the mechanism and factors of imunity in trichinellosis. 1xv khelzint lab BAN 91ll7-123 164- IOVCHEVI F.P. Work experience of our tractor brigade. Makhe mille hoop@ n no,5:25 IV 160. (~ff RA 3-4:3) 1, Starshiy traktoriot kolkhoza im. Leninap Artsizakogo rayonav Odoookoy oblasti. (Artois District-Faris Uftbanization) IOVCHEV, I., akad.- Ing in 1961, and directions for the State of geologic survey fulfilment of the Plan for 1962. Min delo 17 no.1:&.17 A 162. 1. Rachalnik na UpravleOieto na geolozhkite prcuchvaniia I okhranta na zemrite nedri i chler na Rekaktaionrata kolegiia, "Minno delo i metalurgiia: IOVGHEVq I.; NIKOLAF-Vp Gr.; WKCVj R. "Problems of-studying hydrothermal deposits" by F.J. Vollfhcin. Reviewed by 1. lovchev, Gr. Nikolaev., and R. Dokov..Spis Bidg geol druzh 25 no.2.-209-23.1 16,~. IomuT, 1. 10 Successes tLnd forthcomirr.- tanka of our geoloric research. p - 75. Vol. 10, (1. e. 11) No. 4, JILIWA11c., 1956. 1,10TUO DZLO' UGFUNOLOGY Sofiia, Bulgaria So- .9ast'Auro-pean Accession, Vol. 6, No. 3, March 1957 3(5) MASE I BOOK EXPWrrATION En/2488 jovchev, toveho On.-Engineer., Geo3f)gist Polezni izkopayemi., eh. 2.9 tom 1 (Ore Deposits,' Pt. 2,, Vol 1). Sofia, Darz'havno izd-vo "Nauld i izkas4voj," 1958.' 511 P. 1.,562 copies printed. Ed.: Sht. Zhelev, Engineer; Tech,__Rd.: Yem. Rashkor. PL2POSE: This textbook is intended..,for students of geology. It may also serve as a handbook for mining engineers and economic geologists. dowma- This work constitutes the second part of the first volume of a aerie; of texts on the mineral resources of Bulgaria. In this work the author treats the nonmetallic minerals (pegmatitesj, feldspars., mica., precioup and semi-precious stones, asbestos,, etc.). Ore classification., main deposAs, exploitation possibilities, and related problems are dis- cussed. The geochemical characteristics of the various ores are described. Comparisons are made between Bulgarian deposits and those of other countries. No personalities are mentioned, There are 101 references: 64 Soviet,._32 Bulgarian.# 4 German, and 1 Englisb. Card 1/26 IOVCHEV 1, IOVCHO SmIwv Useful minerals. illuset maps (part fold.),, bibl., diagre., graphop tables Monthly Lijt of Ert E Ac Wns Index (VAI), The Library of urve Congreass olvm 9 NO* 0, ru Unclassifted IOVCHEV, Is Smo, akade Some now data on the proopects of finding petroleum in Northern Bulgaria. Min delo 17 no*5:3-5 My 162. 1. Chlen na Redaktsionnata kolegiia.,*Minno delo i wtaiurgiiaT.4 IAKIMOV, TA, prof.; TODCRIEV, N.,, inzh.; IOVCHEV.* M. inzh. Pollution of atmosphere with'sulfurous anhydride in the cleaning of flue glass with dust catchers* Klektroener- giia, 3-4 no.9:1 2-5 S163. BATOV, S.; IOVCHEV, M. BIDdIng properties of the light ashes of some Bulgarian thermoelectrie plants,, and possibilities or their use in industries. Godishnik mash elekt 10 no-3:131-138 161 (publ.162). The all Union. - awforence on water processing and water condi- tions of AhaAaftetrial, boiler installations and thermoelec- tric power P2=ta of the U.S.S.R. Blectroenergiia 14 no-39 31 *063 1. Katedra Thploenergatika na HSI. TODORIEV, N.Kh.; IOVCHRV. M.P Magnatic.treatment.of-idrinking water for the boiler installations. Godishnik mah elekt 10 no.3:117-130 161 (puU,062), IOVCHEV, Milko P., insh. Magnetic processing og water as 4 method of preventing, sedimentation in the Olectric power engineering and industries. Tekhnika Bulg 12 no. 9: 3-1-12l 28 163. 1. Mashinno-olektrotekhnicheski institut. 107CIEV p m if I inzh. Electrodialysis. Hauka i tekh m-ladezh 16 no,6t25-27, 37 164 q-~- DZHIVANOVj Krum inzh,, kandidat na takhnichookite naukii I.OVGHEV, flikola inzh, The power balance of the hammering mechanisms. Tekstilm prom 1 10 no-5:13-15 161. M OF IOVCHEV, flikola, inzh, Automation of the warp regulator of the Ikntra 2 weaving loom, Tekstilna prom 12 no.3sl2_14 063. 1. St. konstruktor pri NZ, Gabrovo. I IOVCHEV, Nikolai A fauna discovex7 hitherto unknown in Bulgaria. Prir. i zna- nie 16 no,4t2O-21 APM3. IOVCHEV, Nikolai Wanderers from the blue continent. Prir i manie 17 no. 1: 6-9 J& 164. IOVCHEV, R.; 'RAEGELOV, P "Introducing the mechanization system in the railroad-car Industry, an important condition for Increesing labor productivity." TRAMPORTNV' DELO, Sofia, Bulgaria, Vol Ily no. 4, 1959 Monthly 3. 1st of East Europe Accessions (EEAJ), LC, Vol. 8, No. 6, Sept 59 Unclas I01TCFEV, R.; ITRY011FIfl, Y. "Fasic principles in the distribution of the thex7nal springs in Bulgaria." 1AIN"(1 DETIO, Sofila, Bulgaria; Vol. 14, No. 1, Jan,/Fbb., 1959 Monthly list of East Euroyean Accessions Index (EFAT), Library of Congress, Vol. q, No. August 1959 Unclassified ..- --' - It ~-L- m IOVCHKV, Rupi . StandstiU in rationalization activities at the Stara Zagora railroad junction. Ratsionalizataiia 14 no.7tIlf,15 164 IOWIEV, V. S. IOVCHEV, V. S. 0,1%dern achievements on the basic aspects of maxil- lary-facial restorative surgery in Leningrad." Leningrad State Order of Lenin Inat for the Advanced Training of Physicians imeni S. M. Kirov* Leningrads 1956. (Dissertation for the Degree of Candidate in #ciences) Medical So: Knizhnaya Letopis',, No. 18, 1956 IOVMHXFF,V.S. Repair of a large defect of the hard and soft palate by mearA7, Of & f UAtOT flap. -Act& Chir. PlASt. 1 no. 2:86-89 1959. 1, Institute of ReconstructiTe Surgery, Prosthetics and Rehabil- Itatlon, Sofla(Bulgaria); director; Ja, 1hol0TiChq N.D.0 Cand. Sol. Med. (CIO? PAIATS surg. IOVCHBV. V. 5, Plastic repair of rhomboid skin defects. Xhirmrgiia, Sofia 12 no-7:600-607 '59. 1. Institut po protesirane, vusatanovitelm khirurgita i tmdo- ustroistvo. Direktor: U. Kholevich. (SKII TBLVSPUJUTION) :30VGHFVA v Surgical treatment of jaw fractures. _Trudy Len.gos.nauch.-isel.inst. travm.i ortop. no.8:42-55 161. (MIRA 15:9) Iz nauchno-isaledovatellskogo stomatologicbeskogo instituta Bolgarii. (JAWS-FRACTURE) IGVCHEVA, Marlia K. Cor4ition of the fogs in Gorna Or7akhovitsa and their forecastIn Xhidro i metsorolog no.2s?2-77 ,6o. (EEAI 10MO (Bulgaria-Fog) RAROV, Varvarij IOVCHEVA,, Vera A way or recovering crops from eliminated parcels in rield experiments conducted by the standard methods Selokostop nauka 2 no*8:915-927 163 IOTCOX, A.T.9 Insh. Buildiag imu4omit homms as peat solls, Blul, tokh. lnform~ n0j: (DiDA 1198) (all mahanics) (hat $0i1&) IOVCHUK, A.T. Settlements and deforeations of large-panel buildings built on soils containing plant residues. 09n., ;und.1 nekh.grun. 2 no.1:14-16 160. (MIRA 13:5) (Youndations) (Strains and stresses) MVCHUK, A.T. (Leningrad) Method for estimating the deflection of structures. Onn.,.fund. i makh. grun. 2 n0-5: '18-19 160. (MIRA 13:9) (Foundations) IOVCHUR A T., aosistent forms of bst&!W' f 'bdildingsqn-highly, compressible soil - found&- tiona. Sbor, nauoh. trud. LISI no,'37WO-138 162. (MIRA 1613) .(flexure.) (Stru*turos, Theory 6t) - ~L - - , -~I, -i~~ . . - . - .- -- - . - , -- : ~~l ~Df ai--l-L:.-Ij~-m:- Iti ~L~L rl~-iflltL-, -- : _ ;z ~ , , ~ ~ n- . I . 7 -.- . - --- -.. 1. IOVCHUK, M.T. 2. USSR (600) 4. Science Battle of opinions and freedom to criticize the law of the devilopment of Soviet science. Sverdiovsk, Sverdgiz, 1952. Monthly 9f Russion Accessiow.Library of Congress,, February;1953.UncUssified. V17 j AUTHOR: Nalinina) A. V. 3.0-1.2-291415 TITLE*. Development cftba- History of Russian Social 111hought (Razrabotka istorii russkoy obshchestvennoy qfsli). Scientific Conference in the Section for EcononT, Philosophy,$ and Jurisprudence (Nauchnoye sove-shchanye v otdelenili ekonomichelskikh~ fi- losofskikh i pravovykh nauk). PERIODICAL: Vestnik ANSSSi, 1-957, Vol. 27, Nr 12, pp. 98-101 (USSR). ABSTRACT&. The conference, which occupied itself with the scientific irmestigation of the history of Russian Social thinking in the 18th and 19th centu- ries., was attended bz- seteutiste f the depart-anent of the institu- tes for economy, philosophy, jurisprudence and history of the AN USSR. Other participants were; scientists of y;oscmv riniversity, of the AN of the Central. Commit-tee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and of other institutions. A. I. Pashkov lact-Lired on rThe Friinciiles of the Periodization of the Histozry of Russian Social Thoughtn. M. T. Iov V _12yah--uk spoke about N-Some (questions of llethcd in the Pistory of Rusai- an Social Thought in the l8th and 19th cent-cry and their representatiork in Soviet scientific literature between 19 '54 and 1950"-. A. F. Yaslin, S. F. Kecheklyan, V. S. Pokxovskiy, L. 11. Ko-an and othere Tino had voi- Card 113 ced their opinion as regards these.lectures.sutressed the fact that the DevelOPMent cir ftHL,-tory of Russian Social Th4u&kt- 3o-12-29/45 Scientific Cor-;-,zence in th: Section for Economy, Philoo-ophy, and Ji:risprudences periodica.1 "Problems of History" (as e. g. in the criticism by A. Kazav rin and pp-rtly also in that by S. Pok-.ovskiy and S. Paparigopulo) crim ticized the works dealing with the History of Russian So!:-.ial Thought in a biased manner. In this periodical the attempt was made to disre- gard all that had besn achieved by Soviet scientists in tb,:-- field du- ring the past-lo to 2.5 years. In the course of the discussion a number of contested.ideas was dealt with. During the debate the periodical "Problems of Philosophy:' wa3 criticized, because it did not publish criticJsm of books dealing with the history of Russian Social thought. Also axticles ou the history of the social thinking cf other nationa of the Soviet Statte were not published by this periodical* Also metbodo.- logical questionat of the history of Russian philosophy are ignored by, it. L. N. Kogan criticized the unclear definitli,~n of the subject to be irnrestigated. Lzi the works, dealing with the history of Russian philoso- phy. Several of the lecturers were also subjected to a just criticism as e. g. V. G., Baa-kakov and Yul. F. Karyakin. T~e participants in 1-.1,R conference expressed the-vash that thematic disrussions be, held at,,the AN USSR during the mct 1 1/2 - 2 years. The follxffing themes were auggested. The hist--ory of the MArxixt idea. in Fussia durLng Soviet ru= Card 2/3 1--) comon ideas and specific feat,--es of social tboupt in Western Development (f U History of Russian Social Thought. 3o-12-29/45 Scientific Conference in the section' for Economy, Philosophy, and Jurisp-Mdencee and Eastern countries in the 19th and 2oth centurier, and national characteristics of the social ideamwrg the varlolw, peoples, Of the USSR, etc. The conference expressed the wish that a new-scientific periodical dealing with the history of social thought in Russiaj and thematical reference works dealing with the same subject be published. VAILOLE; Library of Congress. 1. History--USSR 2. Phiiosopby~usm Card 3/3 := '7-Z AUTHORS: jQymhuk4_IA_L 9 1 Corresponding Member of 30-58-4-9/44 the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Senin, N. G., Candidate of Philosophical Sciences TITLE: Cooperation of Chinese and Soviet Philosophy-Historians (Sotrudnichestvo kitayakikh i sovetskikh istorikov filosofii) PERIODICAL: Yestnik Akadenii Nauk SSSRO 1958, Nr 4# PP- 58-65 (USSR) A13STRACT: In the last years Soviet and Chinese scientifist established close contact in philosophy. An exchange of scientific literature and research experience was introduoed.,There is also given mutual help in the education of the supply of scientific personal. In order to investigate the centuriea-old Chinese philosophical history the efforts of the scientists of the Institute for Philosophy of the Academy of Soiences,of the USSR and of the recently founded Institute for Philosophy"6f the Academy of Sciences of the KNR are united and coordinated. A group of Chinese scientists consisting of the professors Card 1/4 Fyn Din (head of the delegation), Zhen' Tszi-yuy, Khe Lin Cooperation of Chinese and Soviet Philosophy-Historians 30-58-4-9/44 and the Second Director of the Institute for Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the KNR Chzhan Yun visited the Soviet Union and established contacts with the specialists for philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSRO the Moscow, Leningrad and Kiyev universities. The Soviet Historians of Chinese philosophy (Yen Kin-sun and N. G.,Senin)q ~ieited China. Chinese and Soviet philosophy historians together prepared in the years 1954-1957 for the already published two volumes of the history of philosophy parts on the history of eastern philosophy of the slave- holder- a'nd feudal societies, as well as on the-period of the decadence of the feudal connections in the eastern countries (UP to about 1870). The Institute for Philosophy of-the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in the year 1957 together with a group of Chinese scientistsq who had ccme to the USSR, held a scientific meeting on problems of the eastern history of philosophy where they dealt with the reports by Zhen'Tozi-yuy, M. T. lovehuk, N. G. Senin. The Soviet philosophy historians Ya. B. RadullZatulovskiyj Card 2/4 Yan-Khin-shun and I. Ya. Shchipanov took part in this Cooperation of Chinese and Soviet Philosophy-Historians 30-5B-4-9/44 conference. As to publish an encyclopedia "Classic Chinese Philosphy" in Chinese and Russian language there was formed a Chinese-Soviet editorial commission presided by Pani Tozy-nya, Director of the Institute for Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the KNR. Of great help therefore are the works of the President of the Academy of Sciences of the KNR Go No-zhol as well as those by the Chinese scientists Khou Vay-lu, Lyuy Chzhen-yu, Yan Yun-go and others. There are also mentioned the works by the Soviet Members of the Academy I..P. Minayev, F. I. Shcherbatskiyj S. F. Olfdenburgt B. k, Turayev, I. Iru. Krachkovskiyq V. M. Alekseyev, A. P. Barannikov, the-Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Ye. E. Bertel's and others. In the lost 10-15 years in the Soviet Union works about eastern history of philosophy were published by N. I. Konrad, A. 0. Makovel'skiy, Ya. B. Radull- Zatulovski.v, A. A. Petrovt Yu. P. Frantsv Yan Xhin-shun, N. P, Anikeyev, in which the opinion Is condemned that only European countries,may be regards as native places of philosophy. Since the beginning of the year 1957 a Card 3/4 latge scientific discussion about arose in Peking the Cooperation of Chinese and Soviet Philosophy-Historians 30-'5&-4-9/44 the questions in dispute on which Zhen' Tezi-yuy reported at the meeting of the Institute for Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and which are described in detail. In Summer 1957 in Peking a second discussion of these problems took place. The Soviet and Chinese scientists have to meet.with the problem of composing a history of the eastern philosophy of the second half of the nineteenthq as well as of,the first half od the twentieth century. Never~theless 'to point out the historical evolution of the development of Marxist philosophy in China after the Octobe.r revolution and its struggle &gains+ idealism is called a much more important task. ~':Izteneftwl - aeoperaticn--China 2. Intellectual i;Opsiation-4M 3. Philosophy-4hins, Card 4/4 ~30(9) 'AUTHOR: TITLE; PERIODICAL% ABSTRACT; Card 1/3 SOV130-59-2-14160 Iovchuk ,M. T.11 Corresponding Member, Academy of Sciences, R On the Results of the XII International Philosophical Congress (K itogam, XII mezhdunarodnogo filosofskogo kongressa) Vestnik kkademii tauk SSSR, 1959, Nr 2$ pp 63-69 (USSR) This Congress took place in Venice and Padua from September 12 until September 18, 1958-and had been oonvened by the Inter- national Federation of Phifosophical Associations. In this Congress,an official delegation of the Academy of Sciences, USSR took part under the direction of Academician M. B. Mitin as well as.wlarge group of Soviet soientists who stayed as tourists in Italy, altogether 28 personso It was the first time that philosophers of the Socialist countries of eastern.- Europe took part in this Congress. M. B. Mitin (USSR) spoke /about the problem "Man and Nature". M. E. Omellyanovskiy reported..,on- the conception of reality in modern physics. The Marxists C1. Luporini (Italy), A~,Polikarpov (Bulgaria), 1. Garig (German Democratic Republic) and the American progressive philosopher D* SommerNlUeeriticized the positivistic opinion expressed by F. Frank (USA). A. F. Shishkin (USSR) delivered SOV/30-59-2-14/60 the Results of the XII International Philosophical Congress a report on the question of moral values, K. Gulian (Rumania) spoke about the dialectic analysis of ethical values, L. Svoboda (Czechoslovakia) dealt in his report with the sense of cultures The same problems were dealt with by: I, Dubskis K. Kosik (Czechoslovakia), M. Klein, G. Mende (German Democratic Republic) as well as the Soviet scientists V. S. Molodtsov, Kh. N. Momdzhyan, Ts. A. Stepanyan, Yu. Ke Melivillo To criticism of idealistic views in logic the reDor' by - . ~ Be-M. Kedrov was devoted which is entitled "Determinationof Scientific Terms by Law" as well as the speeches by the professors:-P. V. Kopnin, G. A. Kursanov, M, M. Rozentall, S. 1. TBeret;21i, and Docent G. A. Brutyan. The Polish scientists T. Rotarbinski (President of the Polish Academy of Sciences) and A. Sahe_ff (D:Lrector of the Philosophi- cal Institute) -and B. Fogarasi (Vice-president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) and A. Zhozh (member, Academy of Ssie!_aea P21R) spoke on problern,3 of logict Further, M. A. Djnnik reported on the topic I'Vanini and the Paduan Aristotelian School" and the author of the present paper on Card 2/3 the Ideal community and the traditions of progressive SOV130-59-2-14160 On the Results of the XII International Philosophical Congress philosophical theses of the eastern and western peoples in the 19th and 20th century. Finallyl the author expresses his opinion that the participation of the Marxist philosopher in the work of the Congress was of great importance as it led to a more intimate contact with foreign philosophers. He regards it to be necessary that the Institut filosofii Akademii nauk BBBR (Philosophical Institute of the Acadomy of Sciences, USSR) and the scientific publishing houses translate the best papers by progressive foreign philosophers into Russian and the best Russian papers into the languages of the individual countries. Card 3/3 -IOVCHUKV M.T..q ivdq KWZWO~j V.S.,; PRUMISKIYO G.A.; RUT=CKJ: N.N. 0 #.1hep kand.filowf.pauk; XOGAN9 kand,filosofenmuk; A$MKOq Lop redej CTI I T.p mladehiy red*-; ULMVAq Lop tekboarede IDevelopment of the culturml and toobnological level of the Soviet working class] Pod'em kullturno-tekbuichookogo uroysia sovetokogo raboobego klasso. Nookyap Izd-yo motmial'to-ekame lit-"t 19610 550 P. (KMA 34W lo Cbleny-korrespondenty AN SSSR (for lovabuk Krushkovp hmAsuskiy)e (Labor and laboring classeal ml -- -- - - - - --- - - - - -- - -- - -- -- - - --- - -- - IOVDAL'SKIY, A. A. Cand Geol-Min Sci - (diss) "Acidulous Zlislovodskiy27 mineral waters." Dnepropetrovsk, 1961. 18 pp; (Ministry of Higber and Secondary Specialist Education Ukrainian SSR, Dnepropetrovsk Order of Labor Red Banner Mining InBt imeni Artem); 150 copies; price not given; (KL, 6-61 sup, 202) ,,,IOVDALISKIY. A.A.. atarshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik Geology of the source of the Kislovodsk mineral waters according to new da+.a,,, 3:414-430 ,6o. _-. (Min 15; 10) (KISLOVODSK-MINERAL WATERS) IOVENED, M.G. BrArophysic4l char&cteristics of soils In eastern distrieps of Polasye. Sauk.,sap.Kiev.un. 13 w.6:173-185 154. (MLRA 9:10) (POISSYS-4011 201sturs) IOVE 00 X.R.] Soll erosion In Kanev Distrietp Cherkamay ProvInce and bow to control it. Geog.zbIr. no.1:217-230 '56. (MIRA 12:6) (Kanev District--Zrosiou) USSR/Soil Science - Physical and Chemical Properties of Soils. j Abs Jour : Ref Zhur Diol., No 22, 1958, looo16 Author ; lovenko, Maw.0 Inst : Kiev University Title : Aqueous Physicsl Characteristics of the Southern UkSSR's Soils and Their Irri.,Ation. OriC Pub : Nauk, zap*.&' Kiyvslk xui-t, 1956, 15, No 4, 135-145 Abstract : Briefly are set forth-the investi(ption results of the aqti.eous physicaj-properties of the southern chernozems (pasbin(; over into ordinary, slightly humus and soli- netz), dark-chestnut heavy-loamy and gravel-dusty; chestnut averagely and heavily solonetz and chernozem soils on sands. There are submitted data of determina- tions of the volumetric and specific wei(#ts, the maxi- mum hydroscopicity, the water permeability, the field Card 1/2 28 USSR/Sail Science Mysical and Chemical Properties of Soils. Abs Jour Ref Zhur Diol., No 22, 1958, loool6 moisture capacjt~ and the witherinC; raoisture. E=rplary calculations of assiLdlable and unassimi- lable moistures and calculations of tentative irri- Cation standards are presented. F.I. Shcherbak Card 2/2 4( C, AUTHOR: Iovenko, N. G. TITLE: Change in Soil Moisture under Effect of Graderless Plowing (Izmeneniye vlazhnosti pochvy pod vliyaniyem bezotvallnoy vspashki) PERIODICAL: Meteorologia i. Gidrologiya, 1957, Nr 1, pp 41 (U.S.S.R.) ABSTRACT- The Ukrainian Scientific Research Hydrometeorological Institute in 1955 investigated the effect of a new soil treating systen on the accumulation of moisture in a meter and one-half deep layer of black ard other types of soil, An analysis of results obtained from various agricultural localities and experimental stations showed that, during graderless plowing, the moisture content in the soil layer was higher than during ordinary plowing. The difference constitutes about 20 - 40 mm. The only exception in this case was the Kiev Agrometeorological station where such an ircreaae in moisture contert was not established. Data regarding the spring and summer seasons are not available. * or I'moldboardlees" -,Editor ASSOCIATION: PRESENTED BY: SUBMITTED. AVAILAE;E: Card 1/1 USSR/Soil Sciences& Physical and Chemiced Properties of Soils J-1 Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Bioleb No 10., 1958., No 43774 Author :,jovenko N9G, Inst Not Given Title lui Attempt to Determine the Specific Water Extraction Yield from Soils Orig Pub Poclivovedeniye., 1957: No 3s llo-il6 Abstract To conputd the spaces between drainage installations on the irrigated soils of MuSani in Transcausasia experiments were made to determine their specific water yield. It was estab- lished in tests with soil monoliths immersed in water according to the method of GeDs Erkin that structural soils with lidit mechanical composition had thelargest specific water yUld., and structureless heavy compacted loamy soils had the least* In monoliths of heavy loam soil taken. 1.5 m. above the water level there was practically no water yield, The mean values of specific vater yield for light loam soil with a water level at 100., 150 and 200 cme varied from OsO84 to OellO., and for Card 1/2 USSR/Soil Sciences.-Physical. and Chemical Properties of Soils J-1 Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biol,, No 10, 1958., No 43774 heavy loams from 09072 to 0499. Linked to the considerable degree of heterogeneity in the North Mugana medium loam soil profile, the specific water values in the 0 to 250 cme hori- zons varied from 0.07 to 0-15 or 7 to 15% of the volume of the soil. The heavy loam soils of Southern Nbgana had values varying within the limits of 0.01-0.005 or 1-0.5$, i.e., some 10-12 times lease In reclaiming these soils washing out should be combined with methods of increasing the specific water yielding capacity (rendering the soil friable to a con- siderable depth,, close shallow covered drainage). S.A. Nikitin* Card 2/2 4 ussR/Soil Science - Cultivation, Improvements, Erosion. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur Biol., No 22, 1958, 100104 Author : Iovenko Inst ! Ukrainian Scientific Research HYdrOmeteorological Institute Title : The Effect of a New System Of Soil Cultivation on Tts Agricultural Hydrological Regime. orig pub : Tr. Ukr. n.-i. gidrometeorol. in-ta, 1957, VYP- 8, 16-30 Abstract There are submitted observations of the effect of deep plowing, without a moldboard, of the experimental plots of black fallow on chernozem and ehestnut soils upon the moisture accumUatioil in soil. Contaminated, sandy and sandy-loam soils are not substantially improved by this method of cul#vatiOn- Additional observations 'luate the results of the remaining are required to eva Card 1/2 74 USSR/Soil Science - Cultivation, Improvement, Erosion. Abs Jour Ref Zhur Biol., No 22, 1958, loolo4 experimeats in connection with abundant rainf4lls precipitate4 in 19554 "- SiA. Nikitin Card 2/2 IOVINKO, N.G.; GALINSKAYA, M.S. RIV Moisture conditions of soils as related to now cultivation practices. Trudy UkrNIGKI no.14.146-CC '58. (MIRA 120) (Plowing) (Sail moisture ON BUCHIESKIT, -INKUKH, A.M.; SLPOMIKOVA, S.A. Agroolimtic features 'of the Ukrainian forest steppe and the effectiveness of fallow@ in the rotation of crops. Trudy UkrIIGNI no.16:3-15 '59 10krains--yallowing) (MIU, 13:6) IGYINKO, N,G. Results of studies on hydrometeorological conditions of soils and the atmospheric layer near the ground with regard to the new tillage system. Trudy UkrNIGNI no.16:63-60 159. (HIM 13 -.6) (Ukraiie-Goil moisture) (Tillage) A.M., nauchnyy sotradnik; BRAIN , Z.A., red.; 11RATNIKA, K.I., (Hydro-physical properties and water balance of soils in the U.S.S.R.] Todno-fisichaskie svoistva i vodnyi rezhim pochr USM. Pod red. A.K.Kekakha, ~6eningrad, Gidrometeor.izd-yo, 1960. 351 P. (MIRA 14:1) 1. Ukrainskiy usuchno-isoledovatellakly gidrometeorologicheskiy inatitut (for Kskukh)o (soil moisture) IOVENKO, N.G. Hydrophysical properties of the soils in the Kamanka-Dneprovskaya irrigation area. Trudy UkrNIGMI no.37:3-14 '63. (MBU 17:3) IOVENKO, N.G. Determination of the humidity of wilting accoiding to data of soil texture. Trudy UkrNIGMI no.144:40-45 164- (MIRA 17M) STOIANOVP Emil, d-r; IOVEV, Liuben, inzh. A device for oxygen therapy and absorption of secretion and fluid. Ratsionalizateiia 14 no.12s20-21 164. MEN STOIAH)V, Sti d-r; KAPUILOV, St. d-r; IOVW.. S. d-r. Tuberculous apididyaltis md orcht-opididymitin. Soft& 11-12:819--826 1955o 1. Institut z& klinichns I obahchostvena meditsins, (dir.:akad. Tsvetan'Kristanov) pri BAII. D-r St.Stoiawv, st.n.sutrudnik pri BAN. d-r St. Kapnilov. ml.n. autrudnik pri IIKVI, i d-r. S. loyev, ml.n.outrudnik pri NIM . (TUBXR=SIS, MU MITAL, epididymitis & orchi-epididymitts) BOTIV, Shah.; MUSTAKOV, G.; IOVU, G.; XHLIPAROV, St.; MMOVA, N.; CH3SHKCMINV, Zh. lxperience of the Scientific and Research Institute for Skin and Veneral Diseases in the treatment of skin diseases with bionWein. Suvrem. mod., Sofia 8 no-8:3-12 1957o 1' Iz nauchnoissledovatelakila kashno-venerologichen institut Soflift ;;xektor: Prof. P. Popkhristov. (SKIN DISMSM.' ther. chlortetracyclins) (GHIORTMPACYOLDM, ther. use skin dis.) "Qgw'~~IVANCV' P. On a case of severe form of er7thema exsudativ= multiform, Sts- vans-Johnson syndrome, oo"licated by cavernous -pulmonary tubercu- losis. Suvreazed. 30fia 2 U0,105-100 16o. (Niiifik MWIFCM Compl.) (TUBIMULOSIS PULMOURT compl.) POPI-MISTOV, P.; IOV'EV) S.; PE~I~IvAllcrvjl P.j CHESINEDZIIEV, Zh. Neurotropic treatment in dermatology. Dermato vener Sofia 1 no.3:17-25.-162. 1. Iz Nauchno-izsledovatelskiia kozhno-venerologichen i-t (direktor prof . P. Fop~hristov) 2. Chlen na Itedaitsionnata kole'giia, e. "D rtatologiia i venerologiiall (for Popkhristov). T, , BALEVSKA) N.; MUSTAKOV, G. ~._IGVEXV S.; F Kp"Tuovil P. i --- .- Some functional changas In pyoderma. Dermato vener Sofia 3 no.2; 9&101 164. 1. Scientific Research Institute of Skin and Venemal Diseases, Sofia (Director: Prof. P. Popkhristov). TCMAI I.; IOVI, A.; GUSATU, N. Obtaining double potassium sulfate and calcium fertilizer frCM indigenc-as potassium ore. Bul St si Tehn Tin 7*.61-69 162. ACCESSION NR- AP4034713 S/0064/64/ooo/oA/0244/oM AUTHOR-' .lo 4;.Torocheohnikov., N. S.; Lyudkbvskaya, M, A. vi,,,; Klevke, Ve A.; Mukhid~,_'k."i. TITLE: Production of urea based on carbon monoxide WURCE: Khimicheakaya promy*shlennost'. no. 4) 1964, 244-248 TOPIC TAGS: urea production., process, carbon monoxide., sulfur., solubility.. methanol, sulfur methanol system, urea methanol system, heat of solutiony reaction mechanism ABSTRACT: To obtain data for the production of urea from CO, N113and S in methan- ol solvent, the solubility of sulfur and of urea in methanol was determinedy and the effects of*tdmperature and pressure on the-reaction were investigated. Sulfur is only slightly soluble in methanol, -- 0.5 (9~/100 em at 90C, still leris soluble in methanol + H20, and only slightly more soluble in methanol 4 H2S or methanol NH (2;gn/1OO9m'methano1 + 11.0 NH at 150C). The solubility of sulfur in meth- 3 anal containing NHJ -t H2S is sufficlently great (fig. 1, lines 4.5) to warrant using these methanoft mixtures as solvents for,the urea-forming reaction* The 'LC6Fd 4 ACCESSioN NR: Ap4o34713 solubility of urea in methanol is shown in fig. 2. The heats of solution ofurea in methanol (542o cal/mol) and of sulfur in methanol and in the various methanoll H S- 4 NH mixtures were calculated. The effect of temperature on urea yield was Nudied In a se'~iea of laboratory runs, reaction timep I hour; S:NH dO a 1:1.28:,1-36. The reaction mechanism proposed'~by R. A. Franz, F. AppLgsth (J. Orge C11em.Y.261 No-'9., 33o4 (1961)) was substantiated. The rapid pressure drop in the first 10 m1nutqp of reaction was attributed-t~ 'solution of CO and.formation of urea and ammonium hydrosulfide; after reaction was established, the slight pressure rise was attributed to H2B formation. The yield of urea increased as temperature increased from,90 to 120C, then progressivelydecreased at higher temperatures due, to isocyanuric acid decompositiono Orig. arts, has:.-.g figures, 1 table and 6 equations* I.ASSOCL4TION: None SUBMITTED: 00.. ENCLT: 02 SUB CODE: no REF SOV 008! OTHER; 010 qard 12 T.- - ACCESSION NR: AP4034713 ENCLOSUREt 01 Fig. 1. Solubility of sulfur in methanol JA containing --0#ia and bydrogen sulfide: 1--11-5% "H3 0-83% H SP 2--11.5% NH3 2-5% H 3-- % NH3 2-55% H2? 25 - L NH~ H S- 4-_2 5~ ji 3-5 Z8 4e33 5- 3 1, 802-65 EWT (m) /KF7(c ) I,-;,dP(j PC-h/Pr-4/Pb-h P P L/RA -W1 RY ACCESSION NR! AP4043154 S/0064164/000/00910025/0027 i,T-ITHOR* 10-i A - Torocheshnikov, ti. S ; Lvudkovakova, K. A.; T I TLE Preparation of ir -81 Afron carbon monoxide SOURCEt Kh1micheskaya promy*shlennostl, no. 8, 1964, 25-27 TOPIC TAGS: urea, urea preparaCion, ammonia, carbon monoxide, sulfurl rcl.-Pn sulfide, methanol ABSTRACT: The atithors have described in a previous study (Khim. p r o Ln,no 4, 1964, 244) equipment and a procedure for the preparation a f rom a m. ont a . carbon monoxide , an d qul f u r i n me tharto I a t 2 ;zrd at uD to 2' atm. They qh-7wed that Lhtg :ir,~cess is of interest for the production of urv,3 on an ln~ui~rlal scale. demls with the effects of the. zomponent rat ~o, reaction 1 4 L, daddition of hydrogen sulfide to the reaction mixture on the e c f urea under various conditLons. 'fort experiment5 were conduct- h a 1411 /S/CO ratio of 1. 4/l/j. 36. 7,t w-as shown d-%at: I ) The role 3 Of 1'2S Is reduced te facilitating the diasolution of S in methanol. Card 1/2 L 5L,021-65 ACCF5SION IIR: AP4043754 H2S should not be used when urea is produced batchwise. H2S must be used when urea is prepared by a continuous process in which the reaction mixture is prepared outside Lhe synthesis column in order prevent tb" deposition of S in the apparatisses and tubinp, 2 ) The 7 1 c- 1 d 9 a re ob t aine d when amr-or, i a L s us e d i n 60- 70Z The methanol concentratton. of the reaction ni rture can to 5Z deoending on other reaction condlcion3. 4) A ziRxe of 25-30 =in is adequate. 23) 1r. on., of the a--peri- menta the urea yield increased from 922 to 94-32 with an increase of the temperacure from 100 to 120'. Orig. art. hagt 5 figures and h S C 1 1 13 11 KKhTI im. Headelayeval GLAP SUBMITTED: 00 ATD PRFS.';. 3101 9N'CLi 00 G C NO REF S(IVs 001 0 T ~i R: 001 Card 22 TCROCHESHNIKOV, N.S.; LYUDKOVSKAYA, M.A.; KIEVKE, V.A. Production of urea, on the base of'carbon monoxide. Khim. prom. 40 no.8*.585-587 Ag 164. (MIRA 18:4) 1. Moskovskiy ordena lanina khimiko-tekhnologicheskiy institut imeni D.I.Mendeleyeva i Gosudarstvennyy nauchno-issladovatellskiy i proyektnyy institut azotnoy promvshlennosti i produktov organicheskogo sinteza. KHASHEGANU. Mikhail [Hasegarrup Mihail).. prof.j- GIKA) 0.[Chica.G.]; , A.[Holan, A.b. MMBOAN, S.[Simboan, S.),- 140KAW, K. KHOLAN Mocarm,, K.1; MUNTYANU, T.[Munteanup T.1; ALEKSANDRU, D. Alexandru LUV WAU _~14 ]; DWA140, N. 1) IOVE~t SKU M [I vi M122, Djamo., 11 1 KO.G~~ ~,.e.V.Otranb a or]; KORW110V , Yu.F. translat;r I;LEONOT, V.M.[trans'lator); MOUAROVO N.D. translator ; ZHM4US4KIYp M.M.,, red.; TOPORKOV, G.N., red.; YANKOVICH, O.Yue., dolictor, red.; BEMA, M.A., teklm. red. (The economic geography of the Rumanian People's Republic] Ekonomicheskaia geografiia Rurvrnskoi Narodnoi Respubliki. Kniga napisana kollektivom avtorov pod rukovodstvom Ili- khaila Khasheganu. Moskva, Izd-vo inostr. lit-ry, 1961. 551 p. Translated from the Rumanian. (MIRA 15:4) (Rumania-Economic geograpbV) JOVINOY,__~.,,A.; Bcrezzovski*; Borkevich) G.-S.- "Ifigh-speed Lathe carrier center" Stanki i Instr #5,, MaY 51; MT __T ~F IOVITIU, E. TECRNOLOTY Periodical: STUDII SI CERCETARI STIINFIFICE. Vol. 3j no- 3/4, 1956. Determination of a laboratory method for wearing tests of steel used for the construction of,agrotechnical machinery for soil-workirg tools. pI 87. Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 8, No. 3, March 1959, Unclass.