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KARAYLENEY M., Cand Geolog-Mineralog Sci (dies) -- "Basic features of the stratigraphy and paleogeography of the southeastern shore of the Baltic, and a :- comparison of these with neighboring regions". Villnyus, 1960. 25 PP (Min H13her and Inter Spec Muc USSR, VilInyus State U im V. Kapsukas), 150 copies (KL, VO 15, 196o, 132) VECHRR, A.S.; GURINOVICH, Ye,S,; KMIBATOVA, Accumulation of biomass in fodder yeast during its growu in a potato juice, Biul. Inst. biol. AN Mla no.6-.179-3-83 161,, (MMA 15:3) (VAST) MMEWO, T.G.; Microflora of the roots of tomatoes amd beans ralmd- in vater and soil. Biul. Inst..biol. AN BSSR no.6:203-210 td. (MM 15:3) MnZOSMM MICROBIOIA)Ql) PATCES) M -T T~r, ZIMMO., T.G.; GURINOVICH, Ye.S.; KABAYLOVA, I.V. Fungal flora of sapropele in Bol'shoye Sy ,yatoye Lake, Vitebs. Province, White Russian S.S.R. Mikrobiologiia 30 no.6:1084-1087 N-D '61. (HIRA 14:12) 1. Institut biologii AN BSSRj Minsk. (BOLISHOYE SVYATOYE IAKE-UPROPES-MICROBIOLOGY) (PENIGIIIIW) (ASPERGILLUS) A. MASHTAKOV, S.M.; GURINOVICHp TeeS.; ZIMENKO, T.G.j- KABAILOVA, I.V. Action of herbicides on soil microflora. Mikrobiologiia 31 no.1:85-P.9 J&-F 162. (MM 15:3) 1. Institut biologii. AN BSSR. (HERBICIDES) (SOIIS-MICROBIOLOGY) ZIMENK09 T.G.; KABAYLOVA, I.V. Effect of the application of herbicides In soil on the change in the qualitative composition of fungi of the genus Penicillium. Bot.; isal. Bel. otd. VBD no-5:177-179 163. (MIRA 17:5) GANDIN. Boris Davydovich: HKDVFJWMO, Arkadiy Mnrkovich; K-ADCHEMIT, M.I.p nauchnyy red.; SUMa, U.N., red.; LNOMINA, (Rules for reading diagrams and blueprints for electricity on ships) Pravila chteniia sudovykh alektrichaskikh ekhem i chertezhei. Leningrad, Goe.soiusnoe izd-vo sudostroit. promyshl.. 1958. 70 P. (KIRA 13:1) (Electric engineering) (Electricity on ships) -L 2008-66-~ ACCESSION NR: AP5024417 UR/0286/65/000/015!0097/0997~' ~'629.1.056.C AUTHOM Kabehevskiy. M. I.: Zubakov, M. K.; Pechenyuk, K. At TITLE: Attachment for measuring the thrust of a ship a propeller. Class 420 No. 173462 SOURCE: Byulleten' izobreteniy i tovarnykh znakov, no. 15, 1965, 97 propeller th t, propeller thrust measurement, shi propeller. TOkIC TAGS. rus 4 _p ABSTRACT: An Author Certificate has been issued for an attachment for measuring th thrust of.a ship's propeller. It consists'of an elastic insert and an inductive pickup, the coils of which are connected to a four-arm maisuring bridge provided with a visualmetering device or recording instrument. To obtain more accurate~ and stable test data, the elastic insert consists of two joined halves,, in the. center. of which is placed the inductive pickup (see Fig. 1. of the Enclosure) i,. 1- figure... Orig.. art. has. JGEI ASSOCIATION., Predpriyatiye gosudaretvennogo komiteta po.audostroitel'noy- promyshlennosti SSSR (Enterprise ofthe State.Committee.011 the Shipbuilding: Industry, WSR) 7 L 2006 6.. ACOSStOn, Witt', AP5OZ44lr %I 5n Fig* 1. Propeller' thrust itiesauring attkhzment 1 -Yire thalf of the climatic coupling; -2 secondhalf of the-elastic couplingo , 3 inductiveyi&u a - KABDEBD, H. 1948 (Mod. Clin. 9 of Peca) "Premortal Increase in the Output of Sodium and Chlorine in Fasting Rate." Nature 1948,, 161AOBO(57) Abst: Exc. Med. Ills Vol* Ills No# 1. p. 20 P,P FRANK, Tibor; SZASZ, Marton; MARK, Ferenc; BOSNYAK, Tamaa; LUGOSI, Karoly; FEKETE, Istvan; TOMPOS, Karoly; KtppEBOjornel,-_JAVOR, Bela; SCHEFTSIK, Jano; VOGL, Ferenc; REITER, Gyorgy Conference on the current tasks of the light ihdustry workers. Minka. szemle 5 no.30-7 Hr 161. 11. Textilipari Muszaki Tudom&nyos Egyesulet Ipargazdasagi Saakosztalya titkara (for Frank), 2. Kispesti. Textilgyar munkaugyi osztaly vezetoje (for Mark). 3. Konnyuipari Miniszterium Munkauai as Oktatasi Onallo 09i.- talya vezatoje (for Szasz). 4. Ujpesti Gyapjuszovogyar munkaugyi oszteilya vezetoje (for Bosnyak). 5. Kender Juta ea Textil Ipar munkaugyi osztmly vezetoje (for Lugosi). 6. Kobanyai TextilVar munkaugyi oaztalya Ve2ptoJe (for Fakete). 7. Konnyuipari Miniazterium Pamutipari igazgetosaga mun- kaugyi osztaly vezetoje (for Tompos). 8. Magyar Pamutipar munkaugyi osz- tal,ya.vezetoje (for Kabdebo). 9. Majus 1 Ruhagyar munkaugvi osztalya vezatoje (for Javor). 10. Konnyuipari Miniszterium Lan-Kanderipari Igaz- gatosaga munkaugyi osztalya vezatoje (for Scheftsik). 11. Ruhaipari Tervezo Vallalat (for Vogl). 12. Goldberger Textilmuvek munkaugyi f6osz- taly vesetoje (for Reiter). N, KLBIMAKEEKA30Y, T, Problem of the migration of radioactive elements under uktural con,- ditIons.ITrudy Inst. klin. i sksp. khIr. Al Kazakh. SM 4:259-264 158. (KM 12.-4) (WAKMTA"IMAL WATM) (PZANTs, T OF RADIOACTITRY 011) . (RADIGLOTIVITY-PHYSIOU)GICAL T-12(c) C N& AP60185211 SOME CODEs MV0031/66/000/003/0070/00.74 AUTHOR: LLbdLkairoVj L ORG:.none S TITLE. System or integral-differential ecuations SOURCE: AN XazSSR. Vestnik# no* 3# 1966- 70-74 TOPIC TAGSt differential equationg inte~ra'l equationp differential operatorik bounded function ,.ABSTRACT.- :Thi_aiit1io.r deter~n~ei the conditions for liolVing. aaa38- Of a' jayitem- WintWal-differential equations having the formi KF 4ij (I -v) (M. t) V A', & P, jai) dT + &0 T 61, -t) d,4 (y, t)t (Y 2)., 0: are ~given constants; d1p. d2 are positive constant 9j, I(;,, t) %here A are knownthound4d, functions, continuous together with their derivatives I-of sufficiently hio order# such tMt - 0j' F/ ['All is a sectwA-OiCir diffe ul. o1wratort "I AVj .7-0/!; o"VIN, 0)..0, Origb art. his 118 forsplai . f5pital -'-Card IA'. SUB. COM't 12/ SUBM DATEI none KOELAp D. Organization of tranoportation aervicoo at the Firot International Fair in Brno. Avto transp, 38 no. 5:60-61 My 160. - (MIRA 14:2) Orno-fthibitions) XOEIAj, YO; BROSCHp B. Nklignant twears of the nasophary=. Cask. otolar7ng. 12 no.3: 129-135 A 163. 1. (hkologielq ustav v Rms, prednosta doe. dr. J. Sprindrich, Mmika umoci unnich, aomich a kranich lek. fak. UJRvP v Brno., prednosta prof, dr, R., Hladky. (NASOPMTNGFAL NSOPLASMS) EXCERPTA IMIGA Sec*14 V61.12/2 Rndio1oL-,y, Ftb 58 378. EXPERIENCE WITH RADICAL X-IRRADIATION OF BRONCHIJAL CANCER. Erfahrungen mit der radikalen ROntgenbestrahlung des Bronchlenkrebses. Kabola M. Onkol. Inat., Brno. CSL.0NKOL. 1956. 3/2 (109-115) The fo-Ur5o-se WeRcessary for radical Irradiation of bronchial cancer In at least 4.000 r. At homogeneous irradiation of the tumour region, there in a linear depend- once of the longevity on the size of the tumour. The average survival time In 85 treated cases was 14.3 months. Whereas Irradiation as ouch to well tolerated when anU-inflainmatory treatment to employed. in spite of a high daily surface done. the secondary changes * are to be regarded an very sever*. In B51k of aU cases secondary damage was caused- distortionm of the mediastinum and the has", tumour degene- ration, fatal pulmmiry haamorrhages, myocardial damage and ossaphageal sten- Gets. Brat - Oldenburg (XIV. S. It. 14) KABELA, _~Ir- 2. Dr Role of injuries on development, growtb and spread of malignant tumors; witb special reference to primary malignant tumors of bone. Act& chir. ortbop. traum* cecho 24 no.1:17-2D Jan 57. 1. Onkologicky ustay v Brue, predn. doc, Dr. Jan Sprindrich. OONICS. neoplasms role of inj. in etiopathogen. of malignant bone tumors 03)) (WOUNDS AND IWUMIS. comp'l. malignant bone tumors, role in atiopathogen. (Cs)) ka L/ x1los" (iin&~ Zjl~ty -IFOPOC 7) W4WAi7oo343v (Brno, Zluty kopec Gnncer of the oral cavity. Heoplaama, Dratiol. 3 no.1:91-94 1938. 1. Oncologic Inntitute, Brno. (MOUM, neoplasms statist.) XONA,Mroslav; KOMONY,NiloB Potentially malignant tumors - diagnostic and therapeutic problems. Cook. rentg. 14 n0-3:147-155 Je 160. 1. Onkologicky ustav v Brno redItel doc. dr, Jan Sprindrich. (IMIASMS radlogr.1 m..' PI-ACKOVA, 31. Injuries of the bladder and anus duribg radiotherapy of cervical cancer. Cook.rentg.14 no.4:253-259 Ag'60. 1. Onkologicky ustav v Brno, reditel doo.dr. J. Sprindrich. (BLADIMR radiation off) (ANUS radiation off) (CERVIX NEOPLASMS radiother) (RADIATION ILTURY) LUMU, M.; XCINEMY'K. Experiences vith the method of-graded filtration in the treat- ment of extensive skim and superficial, malignant tumors. Cook, rentgen. 18 no.ls40-33 Ja, 96/,, 1. Oalmlogicky ustar KM y Ihme; reditelka t MURr. D.Kadle cova, C5C. KABSIAC$ J. KABEIAC, J. Zetermdrdrf- the elements of the inner orient.1.4ior. of a photo- heodolite. p. 212. Vol. 2 no. 11, Kov. 1956 COEDMICKY A YAKIMPUFICKY 0'10R SCIENCE Czechoslovakia So: East European Acces&ion Vol. 6, No. 5, Pv 1957 KOEIAG; Jasef ---------- :_~ Astronomical determining the relative deviation of the vertical ih wes-tern 'area bf-Atra'Moimtains, -Studih geophys 6 no.1:1-13 162. 16, Lehretuhl-fur hohere Geodasie an der Tsoheollischen Technischen Hochschule, Karlovo namesti. 13,, Praha 2. KAMAC, Josef, inz. Contribution +* t'he ihoory of,circumenithal arc. Good kart obzor 8 no.3:41-lv, Mr. 162. 1. Katedra, astronomia.a geofyziky fa.kulty stavabni, Ceske vysoke uceni tecInnicke, Praha. NABEIAGs Josef. 0000 Detormining relative vertical deflootiono from astronomical maourejwnt by the light-eignal method* Studia geophys 7 no*2:127-133 163. 11 Ishratuhl fur hohm Geodfwis an der Tacheabloohen Technischen Rochachules, Praha 28. TArlovo namesti 13* KABELAC, Josef, ins. Determination of relative gravity deviations from the astronomical measurements by vay of light signals, Good kart sbor 9t4l-49 163. 1. Katedra. vyssi goodesie, Osaka vy9oke uceni tooplakep Praha 2, larlavo namesti 0.13. KABEIAC, Josef; SYNEK, Ivan Determining the passage of stars by the method of interrupted lighting In the field of vision. Studia geophys 8 no. 2: 120-126 164. 1. Chair of Higher Geodesy, Czech High School of Technologyt Prague 2,, Karlovo namesti 13. iz I i f t-l,- i 3 a -s a c ny I-r -46-o nomo tr I c i a vo., -'-)E ~z:, ACM~,QTI)74 qR !A7 rerio~, -I 'j. ll~itLl- I ~ ~qa~ - 24~21~- -- imlai~~ - I. . . ''-.--.k.:- I ", -S*'17-1.4~~ ~ - 5 C~ . 5 I , l,'O J..- - . "'I Z~M , "., f'!~ _` ~; - -, -I L 36174-66 ACC M AT016644 SOURCE CODE: C Z72-5 ii76 4-AY2-rdb-67-6-641 /oo 6 AUTHORS: Kabelace Jose.f;'V&n'icek, Petr Czech Technical University, Prague TITLE: Using the equal-altitude method to calculate deviations from the vertical on automatic computers from astronomical data SOURCE: Ceskoslovenska akademie ved. Geofysikalni ustav. Geofysikaln' abornik, Y. 12, 1964. Prague, 1965. Prace, no. 196-214, 41-65 TOPIC TAGS: algorithm$ automatic computer programming, algorithmic language, equal altitude method ABSTRACT: A program has been dravn up for the URALI AND URAL2 auto- matic computers using the equal-altitude method to calculate from astronomical data deviations from the vertical and geographical coor- dinates and the time correction'for the radio time signal. Certain theoretical problems were solved both in the formulation of the calcu- lation of the apparent places and in the logical structure or the program for the use of certain equations. The article given the general text of the program of these problems for an arbitrary compute] and the use of ALGOL (Algol Repportg Chiffres 3. 1960; H. Bottenbruch, 1/2 L 36174-66 ACC NR:AT6ol6644 Structure and Use of Algol 60. Journ. of the Assoc. for Computing Machinery, No. 2 (1962). The most economical formulation possible of generally valid relations is given. The first part of the article gives the general relations necessary for the calculation. The second part describes the specific program, the order of the calculations, and the separation of the formulas in the use of the ALGOL system. The authors thank Ii Bauersinat Member of the Observatory of Astronomy' nd Geophysics of the Czech Technical University for the valuable ommento and cooperation in the formulation of the algorithm of th : calculations. Orig. art. haat 26 formulas and 6 tables. (NT) SUB CODZ: 039 09/ SUBM DATI: 03Mar6h/ ORIG REF: 004/ OTH REF: 003/ L FACC NR, AP6029154 SOURCE CODE: CZ/0023/66/010/CO2/0147/0155 AUTHORi Kabelac, Josef % Mm~ 51"- ORG: Department of Geodesy, Czech Technical University, Mrague TME: Interrupted illumination of the field of vision in the method of equal altitudes and relative deflection of the vertical in the high tatras SOURCE: Studia geophysics et geodaetica, v. 10, no. 2, 1966, 147-155 TOPIC TAGS: optic illuminationp celestial mechanics,, astronomic transit ABSTRACT: The article describes the use of the method of equal altitudes to determine the relative deflections of the vertical from geodetic_44ta and astronomical measurements, with determination of the time of passagpv6y means of interrupted Illumination of the field of vision. Th4;-author thanks the students or the construc- tion faculty, Y. Karnikov, F*_g2york la for their help with jit T. Yirasek and Y9__!tT_ the observations and for their work. Orig. art. has: 3 figuresp 2 formulasp and 2 tables. (Based on author's Engo abst.) IJPRS: 36,8441 SUB CODE: 03 / SUBM DATE: lOMaY65 ORIG REFS OW / SOV REF: 001 LANGERP Frantisek; KABELAC, Karel - ------------- v Ceramic capacitors of a now design. Sdal tech 11 no.112-7 A 163. FUNCOCHAR, Zdanek, inz.; KABELAC Oldrigh inz. Production of ferromanganese in blast furnaces.- Hut listy 16 no.,3.ls771-775 N 161. 1. Vitkovicke zelezarny Klementa Gottwalda, Ostrava. HARRIS B.p dr., laureat statni ceny; KABELAGOTA, B. Degree of pollution of agricultural aropa by fly ash,, and changes in their chemical structure. Root v7roba 9 no.9z 967-980 S163. le Vyzku=y ustav melloraci,, Praha. RATMOV., V.A.p kand. tekhn. nauk; ZAROKHOVICII, A.Ye.,, kand. tekhn. nauk; KABELAN, S.Lp inzh.p red.; SOSINA, A.L., tekhn. red, (Inventions; electromechanical enginearing]Sbornik izobre- tenil; elektromashinoetroenie. Moskvap T.Sentr.biuro tokhn. informataii, 1962. 299 p. (MIRA 15:10) 1. Russia (29*- U.S.S.R.)Komitet po delam izobretenly i ot- krytiy. (Electric machinery-Patents) JKAHELE,, Jaroslav, inz.; PLECHACI, Vaclav, inz. Economic effectiveness of stream canalization. Vodni hosp 14 no.6:233-236 164, 1. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Resource; Management, Prague. -KIABELEI~_j qsA~v,.Jnz.; ZASMETA, Vitezslav, prof. inz. Econimic analysis of the state of Czechoslovak forests and the prospect of their development. Les cas 10 no.12:1043-1070 D 64. 1. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Re3ources, "rague (for Kabele). 2. Faculty of Forestry of the Higher S,hool of Agriculture, Brno (for Zasmeta). KABES, K., inz. Ei6dtronic control of winding stress, Automatizace 7 no.5t138 ?V'649 KAHELT-,_~,, inz.; PLECHAG, V., inz. On the remarks of J. Jirout on the economic effectiveness of stream regulations. Vodni hosp 14 no.10:369-390 164, KAB=, K. "Charging or Tamping? (of coal Into the coking furnaces.) SO: Hu%Aik (Metallurgical Worker). Czechoslovakia, Val. 4. Noy. 1, JaOs 1954, (Air, Up Londaul IR-775-541 12 Apr 54 (unclassified) Kabele, K. Cart for carrying coal to the coke oven. p. 208. IOTNIK. (Minifs- terstvo hutniho prumyBlu a rudnych dolu) Praha. Vol. 4, no. 7, July 1954. Source: MEAL LC Vol. 5, No. 10 Oct- 1956 KABEIZI K. Ensuring constant conditions for coking. p. 76. HUTNIK. (MInisteratvo hutniho pzwq lu a rudnych dolu) Praha. Vol. 5v No. 3, Mar. 1955. SOURCE: East European Accessions List (SEAL), Library of Congress, Vol. 47,, No. 12,, December 1955."i KABELE, K. Soviet literature and its significance for our metallurl6ric industry. p. 159. (HUTNIK,, vol. 5, no. 5. My 1955, Praha) SOt Monthly List of last Buropean Aocasmion,(EEAL), IC, Vol. 40 NoMs Nov. U55, Uncle KAB=-.V K. Discussion of A. Kozina's article "Effect of the Operation of Coke Furnaces on the Output of Chemical Products." P. 352. HUTNICKE LIM, Brno, Vol. 10, no. 4, Apr. 1955. SO: Monthly List of Dist European Accessions, (EEAL), LC, Vol. 4, no. 10, Oct. 1955, Uncl. KABELE, K. - - Kabelez K* Discussion of A* Kozinals article "Effect of the Operation of Coke FIFU=ces on' the Output of Chemical Products." p- 352. HUTNICKE LISTY. Brno. Vole 10,9 no, 6,, June-1955. SOt Monthly L at of the European Accession, (EKAL),, Ir,- Vol. 4., no@ 10, Oct. 1~55. Uncl. T. j, KAHLE$ K. Ton years of metallurgic coke vorks. p. 232. Research in the field of solid fuels in Czechosloyakiae P. 235. (PAUVA, vol, 35, no. 5., mw 3,955, PraW SO& Monthly List of Rast European Accessions (MUL) p W. Vol. 4v No. lit Nov. 13551 Unal. I 115~T~~IIP.--,~~i.,EEZM~,~,~~,~-~9N.,Z-,"-~. . I/ CZECHOBL,OVAKIA/Chemical Technology. Chemical Products and Theii~ Applicaii6n."Part 2. - Xlemmts, Oxides, Mine- ral Acidsp Nitrogen Industry. Abs Jour: Ber. Zhurnal Khimiyas No 210 1958) 71345.. Author X. FAbele Inct Title Installation for 1nionia; Separation- from~ Coke Gases by Washing with Acid.~ Orig Pub: Faliva, 1957, 37, No 2, 56-58. Abstract: The washing installation erected at a coke factory in Czechoslovakia for the separation Of (N%)2s2P3 from coke games le.described. After one year of exploitation it was established that the above installation would be more'advantageous there, card 1/2 R_ KABF,IZ-IB,-;',IC. 1OPreparation of coal for coking." NOVA TIECTiTKA. Praha, Czechoslovakia. ',To. 4) 1959 Monthly list of Enst Euronean Accessions (E,-,AI), 1,C, Vol. 8, No. 6, Jun 59, Unclas KORINEK) Frantinek, inz.; KOZINA, Antonin, prof., inz.; inz. Optimal ash content of blast furnace coke; discussion. Hut listy 18 no. 12:876-879 D 163. 1. Nova hut Klementa Gottwalda (for Korinek). KABET, K. I inz. Surface storage and coal homogenization. Pavliva 43 no.2:54 F 163. 1. Hutni projekt. iWMI KABM, K., inzol CWVXTp Vlo, inzop CSc'o loonomy InAry coal coking. Paliva 43 no.82238-242 Ag163 tl NE MAMIE11, 11-, Int z, Mathematical and statistical methods in the control and standardization of blast furnace coke production. Hut 11sty 19 no. 4: 273 Ap 164. KABELE, Karel, inz.: WDRICKYj ZA., Inz. Shall we use the method of selective mil3ing in Czechoslovakia? Paliva 44 no,2:60-61 F'64. Xkr..RLTK, J. KOHOUT~ J., SKAJLER~ A. Methods of control and measuring in short-circuit tests. p. 24. (Czechoslovak Heavy Industry. No. 5,, 195T, Prague, Czechoslovakia) SOs Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL) LC, Vol. 6. no. 10, October 1957- Uncl. KABELIK, Jan. inz.; KOHOUT, Jan, inz. Development of some Czechoslovak instruments in cooperation with the test room of the State Research Inatitute of Heavy- Current Engineering. El tach obzor 52 no.10049-552 0 163, 1. Statni vyzkumny, ustav silnoproudo elektrotechniky, 00000009*0000 0 000000000000000000 000000 A SC Otto" at a Toll st~l tic"Ill'st unit INS Irs lemildaIm 4it 01 by 17 ZIP 1.,11,114 toil A%13 i 6M -1 0 gig got ot Too 6,$, 0101SYN0111113 31IM1111111111 11139111"111,110 IVIII-11,19 r q wl-poq jAIC) -vVatmi -p-pnod pav H" .2( `lM lI ll 'Jallift IM a 3Ai 01 J 113JAlX WS MIW J U jq p ] "I f l P '8 13W J3194 Am m l t 3 owsm 1vi ; v I -lWpi-dAq 10 IMP9 ul- 1.) aoil jo,uppoi ' 1 aq& -30111- q3lqm W"m Aq polonmuM 4mi-Ps )a y"I 3q1 10 IMIN aq) 1"As VUa ;v9pallpand JUJA 1 10 u ' lo ftd Aj pip 01 luaft"s if qjmm t In IM)ip f g l 04 - - % 9 ." w 2 wA f o pjw. alto 04101 11 NIV puto 0 r jq polibill -Austuorl v joj a4posalum tool %I saloom aNsbad But : $1111"1u Ali P""14 wy 40m 9 JU4 *IUA" AM I tltt P~T% wqxVqlj-dAij ja p-1-1 13 ftpn W--3hu M s e an d w 341 U) mum-ai "lw- JWM jos"U 00 o 0: u, 00 so 00 too go 0 it 0 a to it IV 0 so a n It a _-_JMLo 0-0-0 -0 0 0 *_ it at, :_: it - *1, 1*10" 16, a4eiie,44 4 Oki f 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 41 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 t j jet$ O * 0 of 911111911MIS Is 0 Is It a IS IN It h v 34 it is It 12 Is It a is I? a Is 4; al u 41 . a to H A 1 A Cc " L " A 1 a .- -. - - - , . 0 VIOCISIll amp tocrMol 'Lt. wo useep. 1-kabow, 00 00 ro, b. ff cbiw& iodusb* 80 40(1047) -Actordb4 to 6b. tests. adda. ot - i-it R lu emti~; to itis 0u i h i 00 a am rralts t m e tann p ng of lid. U,* .1111. 2 liquift j. a j . J . . p lestber 14u&"- to theemots. but k-ft = -60 "'Ale leds. bmvlvr. shomml that the of tart-mthw to 6A oil bat vA nwkv~ eb t i no u s tannum. A. Pavimmu-Coutum .00 age roe It *Go F goo woo I v fl u00 ~ mi~ 2L ISO* Woo WOO tillow it am, 0 9 U 0 to v 0 al, of a a IN 0 $1 u At of an I I I fm 0 .1 "D A 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 0 0 : : : : : 0 0 0 * * 0 090000 a - fit 4*0 g ~c 10 Is Al. 29 haim" so d W dah""W" mad *a l - ab mrAdm imid e m f rob. mudk v 7 . sod s cautaimW In the twAdviom and in tbt imumil. of leather -O0 I Iscrew the ampood. pbam at the exprum of the oil pbase. - ' .00 00 1 .00 altroobsbak. tievab. "Sphtliois). twS effect Wag Marc f wkh Jmvew in temp. (between go* awl air). see mum"m ilk mu avedium. Certain 0n% are 00 WUa*wty ob*t in this respecA.. this seems I l onk VMIM depted as (be mWo"Atian of Ioil%, the Sul h h W k l '. m u t e" e P candocatly reducing the antiseptic art A. Paidne-so-Couturr oil 0 _~-ILA _-IIALLUO KAL LIMAIM CLOIAPKAMIN - - ---. - via. $11.181S.. b u u AV No 0 $'1 'a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 o o o 0 0 6600601004000*000000 0 go coo USO tj 0 0 ueo I I too fin" 4141S~ --- Me 1-4 6 1 If Is 5 At 0 '430 - - 4%0.. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 :1 0646000060006666* 1 (Conuaw Cariam. Rio de junko. Bmdl) 'k XsWxjAM 12. No. G. U-4(1047); & prmiling almor.- Prelimbn expis. %bowed that tht U14 otinj; of rt :rA a "NO alber seem to Ile Improml w1m, wnw an Inc dk" to SulfloW 0. Atimakancom oiling and unn!" (with tonmalln) was suc"Wul when aulliat wu adom A~ R4:-,PAWR$ RA jl 'X - KABUN, J. D%Jl-~ Lidove lecive rostliny bratilske. Cast I. Rostliny u nas tez rostouci, nebo, nasim blizke Brazilian plants traditionally used for medicinal purposes Prakticky Lekar 1948, 28/17 (390-392) M~Ajajna.L-plaata growing both in Brazil and in Czechoslovakia were studied. The therapeutic indications of a given plant are often not the same in the two countries. Bidefts pilosus L. is not used therapeutically in Czechoslovakia, while in Brazil it is used for ulcers, mastitis and helminthiasis. More than 40 plant groups are compared in this way. Raskova - Prague So: Excerpta Medica: Vol. II, No 7., Sec. II, July 1949 T- 7 -~ -T Ilarlia,-ol-i-4cal irc-1 -:)!art, .3 Paragraph 1712 Prakticky' Lekar 1949, 29-14 (292-294) The plant SickinFia Gliazovil-lubi.acene, f(mnd In the wols art-lind Ric de Janeiro, is described. Th-3 sap is red-coloured. It has a lethal action on prol.o7oa. The alkaloid from this plant is chenicallir related to ani con.ssim,. Heracleum 7ivantelrm is found in Czechoslovakia in parks and so'~etin-.,s r-ro.4s wild in nF1*-)-1.)-o11rh0od ot these. The `:rosh J!iium fi~cn- iti itw~ causri irritnt!Airi o" f.1 ! ikin. 'Pinn the stem is extracted -aith a1cchr.1 or other, '.ha extrict-~ aro non-IrrItint, V!o nn!,lirn v~ ~,he irritant substance is nut yet knc~m. SO: Section II Vol. 3 No. 1-6 KA LIZ, J. Plants in the treatment of rhallmatism in popular medicino. Cac.lek,, cask. 90 no*8:246-249 23 Feb 1951e (CLML 20:7) 1. Author is Prof,, M*D* KABELIK J. Velke Losiny, Morava. *Genmae populi-antibioticky 14k. Antibiotics from poplar buds dK. LISTY 1953o 8/24 (565-568) The buds of various species of poplar (P. alba P nigra etc.) contain extractable materials (tannins, antibiotic substances etc.~. *They are included (as gemmae populi) in the pharmacopoieas of several countries. Their effects are mainly anti- septic and diuretic and they are recommended for the treatment of burns, wounds and some dermatoses. It is suggested that poplar bud extracts might be used as a substitute for Peru balsam. Prochazka - Prague C_ SO: EXERPTA NEDICA, Section II Vol. 7 No. 11 KMLIK. J. mm- '. -Present knowledge of curare. 1953. Gas. Isk. cask. 92 no.23:693-694 19 June (C= 24:5) WILIKs Jaup prof. Dr (Yolks Loshr 268) Complex virus. Lek, Unty, Brno 9 no.20:466-467 15 Oct 54. (VIRUS DISRAUS. theory of complex virus Infect.) XMLM. J.. prof. Dr., Volke Lostuy Antibiotic effect of volatile oils. Cook. dope. 24 no.6065 (0n& volattlef antibiotic properties) (MTIDIOTIGB volatile oils) KABBLIK, Jan, Prof. Dr Aftloidess Ceskederme 29 no.3:161-175 Je '54. Hy anicksho ust&"L PU v Olomwwl (3predn. prof. Dr Jan Xa'beIlLkr Fill ~ ~ - -? - - - - " , . 1 1 - - A - :. P_ CHOHOSLOVAnk Cheidoal, Drugo,,Vithmi'na!,--Ahtibi6ti~lk. -2o 6W~ AbBloursRbf,Zhur Xhiml~41.105 f NO- 0 Author e Inst g ven.. Title Hemp-CAnnabis.7-Raview of~Applications,in National Medic~ ne- Orig Pub: Acta'-Univi'palackiolomue'.. 1955, No~6,1:31_41,~ Abstract: Review.~'of:th 'applicatidn,'of hemp-stook arid-seeds based'on previous data "'and "in - pre sent` day pharma- cology indicates that the present day medicine las completely forgotten the antibiotic and analgesic properties of hemp which was widely used in the Card 1/2 56 7~ F.T--T KABEL.I ",Prof.. Dr. Therapy of infectious hepatitis with magnesium sulfate. Cas. lek. ceek. 94 no.30-31;852-853 22 July 55. (MAGNESIUM SMFATZ, there use hepatitis, Infect., evaluation) (HEPATITIS, INMTIOUS, therapy magnesium sulfate. evaluationj XMILIK, Jan. Prof., Dr. Medicinal plants In old and modern ophthalmology. Cook. ofth. 12 no-2:109-117 Apr 56, 1. Milovnilp! pr1rody, pritelt Taclavovi, k sedesatinan podavan tuto kytict, sestavenou tentokrat no poile pravidel krasommych a sabradnickyeb. (OPRMAINOLOGY, phirmacognosy in (Cs)) (PLANTS, modictual. in ophtbalsol. (Cs)) YAPUTI't J. Cooperation tetween the University institutes and the district s+ations of public health and epidemiology. P. 410 ( M-nisterstvo zdravotnicitibi a Vyzkunny u5tav organisace zdravotnicitvi' Vol 5, No. ~ May 1957 Praha, Czecholsvakia SO: Monthly Index of E#st European Acessions (:EEAT) Vol. 6 1b. 1.1 November 10,57 KABELIK, J. Okk,~~,'T Chaos In the practice of allergy. Cas. lek. cook# 96 no,3i 87-88 18 Jan 57- 1. Hygionicky ust" lakarske fakulty PU v Olosoucl, produosta prof. Dr, J, Kabolik, (ALIMGT clin. &.Iuawwl. problems (Cs)) KABBLIK, Jan (Olomouc) From t"istory of the epidemiology of plague. Can. lek. cedc. 98 no-25:789-791 19 Jum 39. 1. Rygisnicky a opidentologicky ustav Isk. fak. PU v Olonoucle (PIAGUM, epidesiol. hist. (CS)) KABELIK. Jan Tersistancs of bacteria on plastic materials, Gesk. epidem. mikrob. imun. 10 no,3in-P. -40619 1. Hygienieky usUv Isk. fak. Falackeho university v Olomouci. (PLASTIGS microbiol.)' - (ESCIMUCHIA COLI) (STAPH110GOCCUS) CZECHOSLOVAKIA M ELIK, J. (affiliation not given), Olomouc. "History of Foxglove - Digitalis Linn., Scrophulariaceaell Prague' CasoVis Lekaru Ceskych, Vol CII, No 26, June 63, pp 723-725. Xostract: History of the use of the foxglove in medicine. 1/1 1 1 .- 6- KABELIK, J. Is a therapeutic drug and a galenical preparation from the pharmacopoeia really effective. Cas, lek. cesk. 103 no.46: 1283-1285 13 N 164. ... KABMIK, J. Sanguirarin and glaucoma. Cook. oftal. 22 no.lt49-52 Ja 1 66. EAST-GERMANY/CZECHOSLOVAKIA KABZLIIL.,Xa IA Dr. of Veterinary Medicine, and KORYCH, Bobuslav, Dr. of Veterinary Med:Cc-i-n-e- of the Central Institute ^or Animal Disease Research in Cesky Brod, Czechoslovakia; and Institute for Medical k1ilcrobiology and Immunology at Charles University in Prague, Czechoslovakia (Directors: KRAL, J., Docent, Dr. of Veterinary Medicine, and PATOCKA, F., Professor, Dr. of Veterin4ry Medicine, respectively)[original-language verslons not given]. "Possibilities of Growing the Aujeszky Virus in the Stable Cell Line of the Cortex of the Hog Kidney (PK Line)" Leipzig, Archiv fuer Experimentelle Zeterinaermedizin, Vol 20, No 5, Nov 1966, pp 935-946. Abstract: It was shown that the virus may be grown in the PIK-line of the hog kidney cortex. The virus elicited a typical cytopathogenic c!--H,-ct iq the first passage. Up to 6 passages provided maximum titer value's ~-' 100 to 108 TCID50/0-1 ml. The cytopathogenic effect remained ~.z maximum dilution for up to 96 hrs. The advantages of using the PK-li.-,a cells were discussed. 39 references, including 13 German, 9 Czechoslovak, 2 Hungarian, 4 Russian., and 11 Western. (Manuscript received 13 Jan 1966). KADFA Va cl v V;, v le j,"a r Uss of a modif'tc,." liva.- oll f.-.r preservation of collection v-AbrJ.o strain.% Lcid fc-r ijirumc4sir -.f slinkine-, Ylb-loo Vet,-, 0 '(4- I. 9--ot-lon of lzbon-Itory Nqsmnsis Of tl~-+. Centm,3 State Veterinq~~, Tned -,ute Ceskr Brcdo Hanl -,,f the [doc. dr.) inmaiav Yrn". !~IJmiitea peb~-um y. ~,C,-64. j4t 9 ISM 27233 9 571D Z/032/61/011/010/003/007 9197/2135 AUTHOR: Kabelka, J., Engineer 1~ - TITLEi Contribution to the study of the strength of glass f ibre laminates PERIODICAL; Strojlrenstvl', Vol.11, No.10, 1961, pp.764-768 TEXT! The author reports on tests carried out to clarify the effect of shear stress in glass fibre laminates and suggests a compression test and suitable dimensions for test pieces. It has been observed that in bending-tests failure occurs in the compressed region, the. material slipping at an angle of about 200 against the layer of the laminate. To study the-effect, test piecos were cut from laminated-board in such a way that the direction of load was at 0, 10, 20, 30, 45 and 900 against the direction of-the layers. The shear strength was measured in accordance with BSI Specification (Ref.61 R.N. Haward, Strength of plastics and glasso 19319 P-33). Laminated boards were experimentally produced from glass cloth $'Yplast 35". using two types of polyester resins, Veropal 004 and Polylite 8000, and dibenmoylperoxyd as catalyst. Before manufacture the glass cloth Card 1/3 27233 Contribution to the study of the Z/032/61/011/010/003/007 E197/E135 was dried for one hour at 150 OC and after manufacture the boards hardened at 110 OC for 1 hour. The shear stress in the direction of the layer varied between 265 and 312 kg/cm2, square to the layer between 137o and 1550 kg/cm2. The first value could be influenced by better adhesion of resin to glass, Exploratory tests to verify the first figure by other methods were carried out on three samples of a machined thin walled tube subjected to torsion and the value of 237 kg/cm2 was obtained. In compression tests failure occurred at an angle of 240 as per Fig.8. The author prefers the taller specimen v , h 2~24 (Fig.8b) because of more correct results than with the customary cube (Fig.8a), Test pieces 10 x 10 x 30 mm gave about 10% smaller loads than 10 x 10 x 10 mm. There are 8 figures., 3 tables and 7 references: 2 Czech and 5 non-Soviet-blor;. The two English language references read% RefAz Sharp, Maxwell, 1956, ~sodern Plastics, 33, No.4, P-137. Ref~6.1 R,N, flaward,,Strength of Plastics and Glass, 1951, P-33. ASSOCIATION,, C"SAV; Ustav pro vizkum stroju* (Machinery Research Institute, CSAV) Card 2/3 KABELKAP Josef Research on the properties of plastics. Vestnik CSAV 73 no.2:276-277 164. KABELKA, M.-; KAFKA, V.1 UNINT. Z.; ZAK, F. Primary localized tumor@ of the pleura (assotheliom&B) in childhood; report of 3 cases* Cesk. pediat. 11 no.12:881-M Dot 56. 1. Kliniki Pediatricke.,tbirurgis KU v*Prase. prednosta doe. Ili. T. ".' IL Chirargicks, KlIntim. Prednosta Akadeddk j. Divig. 11. Patbologicko-Aiatomicky ustaw lu v Prate, pr*dnosta prof. Dr. V. Joklicim. (PLWU. 014oplasmis nesothellons, In cbIld. (05)) (KMTM16XA. came reports pleura. In child. (Cs)), KABMA, . ATREPALIK, O.J. YlbAllation and electrical resuscitation of the beart; simple electrical defibrillator and stimulator. Cask. pediat. 11 no.121 900-905 Doe 56. 1. Klinika Pediatricke Obirurgis K.U. v Prate, prednosta doc. Dr. V. Wks. (CARDIOIDff, appar. &.Instruments electrical defibrillator & stimulator (Cs)) ~~ Miroslay Proliferating chondroma. Gontribution to localized malignant tumors, Acts. chir. orUmp. tra=&. Cech. 28 no.1-.14018 F 161. (KM neopi) (CHONDRMA case reports) BRODsKYj, FWM; DRAFKA, MijoBlav; 1CA1k;'jXA- Mi-mai v; XUDIWOVAI 14=bdlaj BOR, Imrich; KRCILKOVA# KUada; DITTRICHs Jan; KUBAT, Karel Prolonaed,perfusio." In children at a normal temperature.. (Condpotion of. 00rationg forcongOnital cardiac defects). Rozhl. chir. 41 no.3: 167-,-76 Mr 162. 1. Klini)m detake chirurgie FDL KU v Oraze, prednosta prof, DrSo. MUDr. V. Kaf)m Il. detska klinika FDL KU v Praze; prednosta prof. DrSo. MUDr. J. Houstek IV. detska klinika FVL.KU v Fraze,, prednosta. prof. DrSc. MUDr. F. Blazek Nuerologicka k-linika FVL KU v Praze,' prednosta, akadomik K. Hemer II. patologickanatomicky ustav FVL KU v Prqtza, prednosta prof. DrSo. NUDi. V. Jedlicka. (HURT MECHANICAL) ' (HELff DWECTS CONGENITAL Burg) KA BE 11A I M. Imoortance of tracheotomy In thoracic ourgery In children. 1(nzh1, chir. 43 no.9082-586 11 161,. I# KlInika, detske chlnirgle fakilty detakeho lekarstvi Kar- lovy University v Praze (prednosta prof. dr. V. Kafka, DrSe.). KABSLISKIT, I.M., kand.tekhn.nnuk,- PESKIN, H.D., inzh. IntroducTng outomtic enntrol in the production of parts made from thin metal sheets. Hash.Bel. no.4.38-47 157. (MIR& 1129) (Sheet-metal work) (Autouatic control) KABBLISKIT, I.M., kand.tekbu.,nauk; BIIFITSKIY, Kh.L. kand.ekon.nauk "'" ~Spec,!=Sa on of metalwoAring enterprises. Hash.Bel. :no-5: 220-226 158,. (KIRA 12:11) (Ketalworking) (Industrial mamgement) 3/137/6R/boo/ool/,060/237 A06O/AlOr AUTRORSt TITMi, Kab*19skiy, 1. M., Dordzl*in, N. N. New method for calibrating'metallo-cerarhio parts PERIODICAL: Referativnyy thurnal, Metallurgiya, no. 1, 1962, 39, abstract 10297 (PPoroahk.-Metallurgiya",'.-1961,:no. 3, 79-85, Engliah sualmarA TEXT: The various methods of.oalibi!ating mttallo-aeramio parts are characterized*. *A calibration ~ method is r'ropor-ad, consisting in the use ofa floating self-balancing plunger with sphvr~~3&1 surface. This-ensures the. simultaneous calibration of the outer and the inner surfaces of btishings,'ths precision of*the-treatment when this methdd of calibration IA'used Is raised up to' class 2; the quality of the surface - up to class 8 - 9i 'The allbWanos iA the calibration is spontaneously distributed between the outer and the inner-diametem of the bushing. Under"the simultaneous calibration of both diameters the.' clearance and allowance are assumed'amaller than usually. R. Andrlyevskiy [Abstracter's note: Complete translationj Card 1/1 ROMAS, O.V.,, 4pd,tekl~n,naukj XABELISKIY, I.M... kandetelchn.nauk Produotion of powder metal piions for oil pumps, Traktei sellkhozmah. 31 no-9:3.5-37 S 163.. (MM 14:10) l.. Belorusakiy politAmichefikiv institut. -(Fuel KABIZISKU.-~I- -,,--kgnq*tekhnvnaixk . . ......... ~~ I Manufacture of gears using now technological methods. Trakt. i sellkhozmash. 32 no.607-38, Je 162. (MIRA 15s6) 1. Belorurskiy politekhnicheakiy institut. (Gear cutting) GER14ANUVICHP I.N.; DOROZHKINt N.N" KABELISM, I.M. Ultrasonic impregnation of porous ceramic parts. Forosh.met. 2 no-5:84-88 S-0 162, (MIRA 15:11) '-l. Belo . II3kiY- P-Olitekhnicheskiy inatitut i Fiziko-tekhnicheskiy rus institut AN Belorusokoy &9R. (&tal powder products) PERIODICAL: Poroshkovaya metallurgiya, no. 2, 1963, 104 - 106 M-M The investigation was made with a porous bushing manufactured by the powder metallurgX method. .-The plastic deformation of tAie part surface layer may lead to a decrease in the oil penetration to the friction surfaces of con- tacting parts. As a result their antifriction properties may be deteriorated. The experiments were performed on a breaking machine with 50-ton maximum force. The'parts were calibrated In 4 special press-mold, with allowances as high as 0.5; 0.4; 0.3; :0.2; 0.15; 0.1; 0.06, and 0,04 mm. The teets were per- formed by Engineers G. M. Nekhamkin and V. S. Yankushevich. The oil permeability --of--parts-was-determined-o" special device. Best results are obtained in ca- librating- With--- allowances - between -0.08 --,- 0. 12 -mm, --t -oi-l-p-e-m-e-&b-il-i-ty-o-i-the-. mosV%nchanged,--_Calibration with-allowances as h parts remaining al igh as 0. 15 0.30 mm causes a decrease in oil permeability by 15 X%. There are 2 figures. Card 1/2 Card Z/2