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KA D "- , F . llfioastin~. ores by the fluidization method." p. 22- (Hatnik, 7,11. 8, Noo. 1, January 1958, ?ra1,-U Montbly Index of East European Accessions LC, Vol. 7, No. 9, September 1--)58. . KADLECYm-dinands inzo. lioLY, Vladislavi, ins- --v -- a-yol=e furnace* Hut listy melting or'dollootive doncentrateu in 9, 17 nos'2t=-122 F 162- 1. V~ ~~ ustav kovus paneDgko.BrezUvC79 L .6-3 3-0 3 - t, c". ~~'T ( t ) ./ Fw~o ( b1,JP(c) JD ACCESSMN NR' AP502D845 M/oo,34/64/000/009/064 5/0,46 5-, ATYMR- Heyiycb, Rudolf (aigimeer)-, Kadlec, Ferdinamd (EaLzinner')l sed-lac4aLk, , dimir. (noctor. Enilneer, -Doctor of -'Ien~_e__r--- TITM: Refiming of cTM:r,~ gaseous amonia SOURCE: flutnicke listy, no. 9, 1964, 645-650 MPIC TAGSi coppar, setal oxtracting, &Mcnia Aj3STRk(;T- Gaseous a=mx-nia used for poling in place of wood WRO found preferable. (~Jntamimaticn of copper by inqpm-ities from wood residues is avoided. The techniqus described im the article is covered by Czechoslovak Patent No. 91 406 dateii 15Augwt IA9159. The &wunt required in 4 kg of NR3 per ton of Cu with 0.4q 0,. Orip, &1--t. liaa 8 figures, I graj%, &nd 11 tables. ASSOCIATTONt Vy--3nrwv ustay kovu, Fanauskm QLqt__&I Resea-rch ;6UrBmTBMS cc ENCL: 0o SUB CODE: "",Nj WD REP M 1 000 OTHIM: 008 ITPRS ca'd 7,7 Z/006/62/000/016/001/001 AUTHOR: -Kadlec. FrantAek, Engineer D006/Dl02 TITLE: Development of inflatable concrete forms. PERIODICAL: Technick4 noviny, no. 16, 1962, 6 TEXT: A compound, inflatable core for cavity concreting was developed by the na'rodnT podnik Fatra (Fatra National Enterprise) in Napajedla to rep-lace the conventional one-piece inflatable core which is too expensive. The development was based on an invention of Fojta and Kadlec. The new core consists of one or more inflatable bladders of PVC foil and a shaping casing of polyamide fabric. So far, cores for concreting manholes with a level bottom, inlet catch basins, and cylindrical sewers have been designed. The Olcresni podnik Znojmo, zivod plasti- lca'~sk4 vy'roby v Hru's'ovanech'nad Jevisovkou (District Industrial Enterprise, Znojmo, Plastic Products Plant in Hru%s'ovany on Jevi'govka) started pilot production in January 1962. During 1962, the development will be aimed at replacing the PVC- foil bladders by bladders from light rubberized fabric or a similar material for use during winter, and for noncircular cross-sections. There are 5 figures. Card 1/1 KADLEC, J.; MUNDY, 1. "New stratigraphic horizons of the Hrusov strata in the southern part of the Ostrava- Karvina coal basin." VESTNIK, Praha, Czechoslovakia, Vol- 33, No. 6, 1958 Monthly list of EAST EUROPEAN ACCESSIONS (ERAI), LC, Vol. 8, No. 7, July 1959, Unclas KADLECS J. "Geodetic seminarl planning improgemente in the terraim" p. 79. GBODErICK7 A KARTOGRAFICKY OBZOR. Praha., Czachoslovakias Vol* 59 no, 4p Apr. 195~e Monthly List of East E=pean Accessions (EEAI)j Ws, Vol. 8,, No. 8. August, 1959. Unclo Uniform schnme of the corlposition and terminilogy of working time In agricultm-e. P. 75. Caskoslovenska akadenie zemedel0ych ved. SBORITIK, RADA ZVIEDMKA EKONWKA. Vol. 28, No. 1. Februar7 1935. SOURCE: East European Accessions List (EEAL) Library of Congress. Vol. 3, No, 1, Januar7 1936. KADLEC, J. Influence of various factors on time consumption in loading stable manure by hand. p. 161. Vol. 28, No. 2, Apr. 1955 SOURM East Earopean Accessions List (EEAL) Library of Congress. V01. 5, No. 1. January, 1956 KADLFC, J. Study of the time required for the loading and transportation of manure by horse-drawn carts. p. 181* SBORNIK. RADA ZEMEDELSKA FKONOMT.KA. Praha. Vol. 28. no. 3, Aug. 1955. SOURCEs East European Accessions List (EM), LC, Vol. 5,, no. 3,, March 19569 j - a t., KADLEC, J. A study of the time required for the transportation of manure in wagons drawn bv animals. P.63. SWRNIK. RADA ZEMEDSLSKA ZKON)MIKA, Prague, Vol. 29, no. 1, Jan. 1956. S3t Monthly List of East European Accessions,(EKAL), LC, Vol. 5, No. 6 Juns 1956, Uncl. F.U L-C) J. KADLEC, J. Influence of the shape and size of fields on the performance of teams and tractors. p. 22~. Vol. 21,'), no. 4, July 1~'56. S-2QRN-?-. 1MA ZF4C,%DF:IEKA E1.KOAQ-,IKA. Praha. Czechoslovakia. SOUPCE: East European Accessions List (EFAL) Vol. 6, Wo. 4--April 1n57 KADLE C, J. Some problems concerning methods of using numerinal material during time reasurements in agriculture. P 371 (Sborkik. Rada Zemedelska Ekonomika) Vol 30 no 5, Sept. 1957. Praba, Czech. SO: Xo**1y Index of East European Accessions (EEAI) IZ, Vol. 1, no 1, Jan 1958 KOZLIK, Miroslav, dr.; KADLECS Josef, inz.; FIKART, Miloslav Problem of gain and radiation in anitinna systems. Slaboproudy obzor 25 no.10:589-600 0 164. 1. Tesla Hloubetin National Enterprise, Prague. MWLETSO ian [Eadleos Jan) Some characteristics of the*sollqt4on of elliptic partial differential equations of the second order by the Dirichlet 4nf4n4t* integral. Cat pro I*st mat ft-4w.W42-155 , 963. 1, Matematicky ustav..Caskoslovenaka. akademie vedp Praha 10, Zitne 25w Kje~ T.1 C ,j . "~3, IH-.-cIniulic Rudders", P. 622, (KRIDIA VIA.-TI, Vol. 2, 11'o. 26, Dem7,ber '19 PriAha, Czech.) SO: VCnthly List of East European Accessions (FEAJ,), LC, Vol. 4, Ko. 31 March 1955, Urcl- KADLECj. J. "Braking Aircraft Upon Stopping" , P. 33, (XRIDIA VIASTI, Vol. No. 3-4, July 1954, Praha, Czechoslovakia) SOt Monthly List of East European Accessions, (EFAL), LC, Vol. 4, No. lp Jane 19551 Uncle KADIZC, J. `,'-,~:,~:,,-.-'~!~.r. "Sound Vslocity =A ToWarature"j, P. 2551 (RnIA VLASTI, No. 11, 1* 1954, Prahap Osechoslovaida) SO: Monthly List of last Baropman Accessions# (IM)o LCY Vale 3) Not 129, Dec. 1954# Unal. UDLEC.' J. wAnd Still Troubles With Towing Plane Pilots",, P. 256., (MnIA VLASTI, No. n,, V4W 195h,, Praha, Csochoslovakia) SOs Monthly List or last Suropean Aeoessiones (EUL)p W, Volo 3j Moo 12# D". 1954p Uncl. - -, KADLEC, J. "Safety of the Hydraulic Systent., P. 26o,, (KRIDIA VLASTIj No. 11, May 1954v Praha, Csochosl*wakia) SOt Monthly List of last lCuropean Accessions, (RUL), LCj Vol- 3. No. 12, Dec. 1954v Uncl. Kadlec. The Mig-9. P-W of cover. KRIDIA VIASTI. Praha. No. 8, Apr. 1955. SOr Monthly List of the East European Accessions (EEAL)p LC. Vol. 4, no. 10# Oct* 1955. Uncle Yj,.DLZ!--, J Polish airplanes at the 26th International Fair in Poznan. p. 533. MIDIA VUSTI. No. 18, Sept 1957, Praha, Czechoslovakia) SO: V-3nthly List of 6ast 6uropean Accessions(BEAL) L.C. Vol. 6, No. 12, Dec 1957. Uncl. V--\ Pi L- E_ 1(2) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION CZECH/3261 Skopal, Jan, Lieutenant-Colonel; Jan Kadlec, Engineer; Jinc5ich Hanzal, Doctor; and Karl Helmich, Docr6r V nav Rozpoz ' anf letadel (Aircraft Recognition) 2d ed n1. Praha, Nase vojsko, 1958. 433 P. (Series: KnAnice letectvfj Bv:,19e) 15,000 copies printed. Ed.: Karel Zeleny".. PURPOSE: The book is intended for military personnel and others interested in aircraft recognition. COVERAGE: The book is divided into three parts: a general part, treating the development of aviation and the organization the 8dr forabs of the Western countries; a patt on the method of identification; and a special part, bontaining photographs and diagrams for a kind of Czech counterpart to the Observer's Bo*ok on Aircraft, identifying aircrart or,varioun countribs, with a chapter on Soviet aircraft. The folloving Soviet aircraft are included -with specifications, silhouettes, photographs, and/or diagrams: fighters (MiG-15, MIG-17, KEG-19, SukhoY 3, Yak-25), bombers (Il-28, Tu-16, Tu-Molot, Tu-20)9 light transport aircraft (11-12, 11-14, An-8 "flying vhalet'), heavy transport aircraft Card 115 1 Aircraft Recognition CZECH/3261 (TU-1049 TU-1109 An-10 "Ukrainallp 11-18 "Moskva", Tu-114 "RossiyaO)j training and utility aircraft (An-2 multi-purpoves An-14 "PahOlkall multi-pwose, Yak-11 trainer, Yak-12 trainer, Yak-18 trainer), helicopters (Ka-18 liason and trans- port craft; Mi-1 liason* sanitary and training craft; Mi-4 medium transport craft; Mi-6 heavy transport 'craft; Yak-24 "flying tandem"). The specifioa- tions also include data an possible misidentificationB of some aircraft. In the introductory sections on identifying features and recognition, the author concentrates mainly on Western aircraft. There are numerous figures, among them a few photographs with data on'Soviet missiles paraded on Red Square In Moscow in 1957, (Pp 104-106). TABLE OF CONTENTS: GENERAL PART Ch. 1. History of Flying 7 I. A historical outline of flying 7 II. Survey of the development of military aviation in 1912-1922 9 III. Aviation and military sciencel preparations for Wdrld War 11 14 IV. World War II and aviatian 19 V. Lessons from World War 11 43 Card 2/5 Aircraft Recognition CZECH/3261 Ch. 2. Air Force Organization I.- Organizational set-up of the US Air Force and the air forces of other capitalist countries II. Main air commands and sub-diviBiono of the US Air Force and the air forces of other capitalist countries Ch. 3. Equipment and Armam nt of Military Aircraft of Capitalist Countries nixTIFICATTON METHOD Ch. 4. Classification of Aircraft by Type and Their Description I. Aircraft in general II. Gyroplanes III. Helicopters IV. VTOL V. Pilotless combat craft (rockets, missiles] Card 315 45 47 58 67 72 84 84 ~5 90 Aircraft Recognition CZECH/3261 Ch. 5. Aircraft Recognition 109 I. Importance of aircraft recognition 109 II. Possible ways of recognition ill III. Identifying features of aircraft 112 A. Wings 114 B. Engines 117 G. Tail assembly 121 D. Identifying featurea underneath 124 E. Fuselage 124 IV. Some special typ6 of aircraft 125 V. Markings of aircraft 125 VI. TypicaLmarkings of military aircraft of Western countries 127 Ch. 6. Training for Recognition 138 Card 4/5 Aircraft Recognition CZECIV3261 SPIMIAL. 'PART Ch. 7. Fighters Ch. 8. Bombers Ch. 9. Transport Aircraft Ch. 10. Auxiliary Aircraft (Lials* Reconaissance, Training) Ch. 11. Helicopters Ch. 12. Aircraft of the Soviet Union Ch. 13. Conclusions . AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 5/5 146 236 286 355 384 403 431 AC/lsb 4-27-60 KLDLEC, Jan I W, .0 Elementary proof of a generalization of the Kakeya theorem on power series. Cao pro peat mat 88 no.3:371-375 Ag 163. 1. Hatematicky ustav., Caskoolovenska akademle ved, Praha 11 Zitua 25. L 31236-66 .ACC NR% AP6022769 SOME COD81 (;Z/0039/66/027/001/0016/0019 AUTHOR,. Pelikan, L. (FngineerlLjWdleor-aw4r~nginser) ORM Department of Theoretical Radio Electronics, Czech Institute of Tech'nologyt 1~-ague (utedra teoraticke radioeleldroniky CVUT) TITLE: Temperature dependence of transistors SOURCE: Slaboproudy obzorl, vo 27, no. 19 19669 16-19 TOPIC TAGS: temperature dependence, transistor, transistorized circuit, circuit theory, temperature coefficient,, characteristic equation ABSTRACT; Characteristic equationsp in their complete and simplified form, are derived and an equivalent circuit is constructed for a temperature-dependent transistor. An example is presented of computing with the aidof this equivalent -circuit the temperature coefficient of stabilization. Attention is called to simplifications in the use of already known formulas. Orig. art. has: 7 figures and 23 formulas. [Based on authorat Eng. abst.] [JFRS1 SUB CODE: 09, 20 / SUIN DATEs 08Jul65 / ORM REN 005 OTH REF: 001 66 FWT(m).JT-?.JF#1P(h) AP6022856 SOURCE CODES; CZ/0086/66tOOO/OO8/O3OO/O3O2 AUTHOR.- Nemecek, Vaclav; Kadlec; Jan (Engineer) ORG: none TITLE: The L-29*"Delftn!' Jet trainer SOURCE: Letectvi-koamonauttka, no. 8, 1966, 300-302 TOPIC TAGS: trainer aircraft, jet aircraft/ L-29 Delfin jet trainer ABSTRACT: The development of the L-29 "Delfin" jet trainer in deseribed includ- tng the initial 1955 proposal by Engineer Zdenek Rublic of the Aviation Research and Ex n Pral , perimental Institute (VZLU) t - zue-Letna , Favorable comments by Western experts are cited. It is said that the excellent pr-operties of the trainer have been proved, above all, by the fact that in 1962 the L-29 was approved, against competitive Soviet and Polish models, an the oixelusive jet training aircraft for the UMR and anted Socialist countries. It was ordered into serial production of over two and a halt thousand aircraft. Five photographs in the original article 112 L 442oi-66 ACC NK, AP6022856 depict partial and overall views of the trainer. A three-dimensional diagram is also given. The following are main design and performance data: n 2g-span - - 10. 81 m; height - 3.13 m; lifting area - 19. 8 10. 29 m; length empty weight - 2364 kg; regular takeoff weight - 3325 kg; maximum, takeoff weight - 3587 kg; maximum aerodybamic loading - 180 kg/m2 ; maximum speed at ground level - 610 km/hr; maximum speed at 5000 m - 630 km/hr; landing speed - 140 km/hr; rate of climb from zero altitude - 13. 2 m/sec; ceiling - 10, 900 m; range with 1050 liters of fuel - 670 km; range with 1350 liters of fuel - 870 km; maximum night time - 2.5 hr;-takeoff run - 950 m: landing run - 900 m. Orig, art. has: 6 figures. [KP] SUB CODE: 0 1 SUBM DATE: none Card 212 JR KADIEC p J. A contribution on the current state of sensitivity of Escherichia coli dyspepticum to certain antibiotics. Cesk. epidem. 14 no.6: 368-371 N 165. 1. Ustav epidemiologie a mikrobiologie, Praha. gaan oi nf- 1 ir clo-scribed for calculaling th Card 1/2 P4, pr-qr-ue(TFSLA Hioubetin ?I-nnT i A-rT-r, Ai SL& chtfule, !=. -!srf:tv;. Z= P4,tnacky 'A 94S. 14 on - .!jskatwll*w"fchQA- I ,.S.~nyg. / I J-) 7T-7,7- 7,77'. 19M. 678 Kh. MAD, kdlec J.. Principles of -OrA a ~'-hiidatry, Praguez Natiotal Pedagotal ivvi i Ho-ass. 1953. 679pp. Xcs-- 33.80. Reviewed in Chem. Listy 9, KADLEC, J.; POCH., J. Fast determination of silicon and aluminum in ferrosilicon with 75-90% silicon content. P~ 57. (HUTNICKE LISTY.) (Brnos Czechoslavakia) Vol. 13, No. 1, Jan. 1958 SO: Monthly Index of East European Accession (EKAI) D0. Vol. 7, No. 5. May 1958 1COUNTRY ICAT1WORY ABS. JOUR. AUTHOR INST. TITLE 10RIG. PUB. I JABSTRACT CARD; CQUERT PAMORY CZECHOSLOVAKIA B t Physical Chemistry. Electrochemistry -- MhUe,, No, 1 1960,, No, 621 i Krupicka, J.; Kadlec, J. t - - % Folarographie Mothod of Direct Study of Oxida- tion iinderInfluenoe of Chromic Aoid i Chem. listy, 19581'52, No 12, 2278-2281~; Gollect. Ozoehosl.Ghom,Communs, 19,59t 24s No 6. 1783-1790 In strong Acid solutions of H2SO4. and CH3COOHI chromic acid gives the polarographic wave of reduction. The height of the wave corresponds to a 3-clectron reduction to Cr (*3) and do- pends linearly on the concentration of chronic acid at concentrations of H2SO from 3.8 to 34-3 M. This wave may be used kr continuous observation of the decrease of chromic acid in oxidation of alcohols. The maxima of the second: 113 B-45 No, 1 '13S. M711M IIST. rITLE miG. PUB. No. 621 ABSTRACT order were observed and therefore the investi- cont'd gations wore offected at a slow rate of dis- charge of -119. In the oxidation of isoprogy d, alcohol a wave of about -1.1 v Was observe which was attribtted to the reduction Or the complex of Or (*3) with isopropyl alcohol. The raethod was applied to the study of the rate of oxidatign, of isopropyl alcohol and for the analysis Of a mixture of the Isomers ICARD 1 2/3 JUWLSU? -J,. JWT, Jr.; WUMT. V. =71 Catalytic dealkylation of alkylaromatic compounds. I. Simltansous bydration and dealkylation of o-mrosol on alminum oxide contsinimr nickel catalysts. Coll Cs Cben 26 no-3:818-826 Mr 161. (VAI 10: 9) le Imatitut fur thearetimahe Grundlagen der ahemischan Tachnik, Tsebaboolmmkische Akademle der Wissennobaften, Prag. (Cresol) (Al=in= GKIdt) (Niok*l) (Catalysts) ~0 HADLEC, J.; WANT, V. Cat&Xvtic dealkylation of alkyl aromatic compounds. Part 21 Dealkyla- tion of o-etbyl and o-propylphenol by means of hydrogenatione Coll Ca Chem 26 no.411201-1203 Ap 161. 1. Institut fur theoratisahe Grundlagen der ahemiseban Technik# Tochachoolowakiacbe Almdemis der Wissenschaften, Prag. (Aromatic compounds) (Alkylation) 6/00 1/62/000/023/'061/120 Bi 60/B186 AUTHORS: Krej'cl, Rudolf, ~a~lec, Jaroslav TITLE: Manufacture of silica gel with large pores Pi~RIODICAL- Referativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, no. 23, 1962t 473, abetraet 23K238 (Czech. pat. 101179,'Oct- 15, 1961) TEXT: SiO 2 hydrogel containing intramicelldr'liquid (water, aqueous s6lutions of inorganic and orgwiia substan gas) is treated in an autoclave under the action of a temperature from 100'C to critical and subject to .enough pressure sufficient for preserving the liquid phase in the gel before it is dried. Silica gel is -produced with large pores whose size can be controlled by the autoolave treatmedt conditions. The product is used as a catalyst or a carrier. Example. 27-35 1 of a Na2SiO 3 solution (SiO concentration 113 g1l and density 1-156) is continuously precipitated 2 by adding 35-3 1 of 1 N H2SO 41 80 1 of silica gel balls are obtained which -3 containing are left for a certain time in a mother liquor at pH - 100 Card 1/2 A. Manufacture of silica gel ... S~08 62/000/023/061/120 B160XBI86 12 g/1 of Na 50 After draining off the mother liquor the balls are kept 2 4' for 24 hours in 24 1 of 1 N H2so4 and washed in water until there is a negative $02 reaction and the Na 0 content is reduced to < 0.03~. 10 1 of 4 2 the balls are saturated for 3 hours in 4 1 of a solution containing 80 61 of NH4 salt of dibutyl naphthalene sulfonic aoidj the liquid is then run off and'the granules placed in an autoclave which is heated for 4 hours to 3750C and a pressure of 220 atm. The autoolave in ihen allowed to cool. The granules which have been treated in this way are dried and roasted in an electric furnace at 6000C. The finished granulated silica gel has a specific surface area of 50 m2/g, a dry weight of 0.30 kg/l, an absorptive power for water of > 200~; and a maximum pore diameter Of > 120 [Abstracter's note: Complete translation.) Card 2/2 -7777~~ KUZEIZA, Vaclar; KADIZCp Jaroslaw Theoretical analysis of static stability of spacer gride of the pin-type fuel element of the k-I ruclear reactor. Jaderna energie 9 no.111356 163. I* Statni vyzkumny ustav topelne toohniky, Praha, 0~ IR KA DLEG, Jaroslav; WRANA, Bedrich Report on preliminary tests of fuel rod vibration of 'the A-1 nuclear reactor on a simplified model. Jaderna, energie 9 no. 12:391 D 163. 1. Statni vyzkumny ustax tepolne techniky, Praha. q MLEC Jiri Problem of Bervice life of metallic molds. Slevarenstvi 10 no.1:8-3.1 Ja 162. 1. Cesiomoravska-Kolben-Danek, savod Slevarny. T P'T SVOBODA, Jaroslav; HRMK., Antonini KADIEC. J'-rit PVORAX, Jiri Preparatory precision casting of metallic molds into a prehardened mixture, Sievarenstvi 10 no,8:308-311 Ag 162. 1. ceskomoravoka-Mben-Danak Praha. Uevarny- KMIEC, Jiri A conference on making models and molds in the German Democratic Republio. Slevarenotvi 10 no.9053-354 S '62- 1, Geskomoravaka-Kolben-Danek PrabAp savod Slevarnye UDLEC. Jiri Molds from aluminum allope S2evarenstvi 20 no.22i/+92-493 D 162. Ceokomoravs)ca4Co1b9n4an9k Frahap saved Slovarny. Creative courage uA reoponaiWlitys Techpraca 14 no.lOs788- 790 162. 1. Ceakomoravskst-Kolbe"anek Praha, savod Slevarny; cleh prednednictva Ustredniho, vyboru, sokcs pro strojirenotril, Ceskoslovenska vedecko-technicka-spoleenost. RADLEC, Jiri ftetamtrie dotemination of 8102,, Fo# Na, AlZ030 P an4 Ti(~ in ores and Steel mill slag. But listy 17 no. 1159-61 A 162. ' I. SPO)OW ocelarnyp naradni podnik, Iladno. Z/ON9/6i3/92/009/002/005 D2. /D303 AUTHORS: Kozlik, Miroslav, Doctor and Kadlec, Josef, Engineer TITLE: Calculation of radiation patterns of antenna systems PERIODICAL: Slaboproudovi*obzor, v. 22, no. 9, 1961, 542 -545 TEXT: The article-describes a commonly employed method for cal- culating TV-antenna radiation patterns and antenna gains, and lists the influence of single-phase and double-phase compensation on the shape of the radiation pattern. This method which combines practical measuring with.theoretical calculation, uses the data obtained from measuring the dimensions and phase of thejattern of the basic double dipole for calculating the horizont and ver- tical radiation pattern of.the entire antenna system. The figure for determining antenna parameters for the calculation of horizon- tal radiation patterns, is shown in Fig. 2, that for calculation of vertical radiation patterns is shown in Fig. 3. The field strength of a double dipole is E Em COS2 ac CV/mj I where 4 is the azimuth angle.+ Considering that He phase angle Y,,, varies from A =01 to o(= 900, and-that -IN is the phase angle'when di- Card 115 86 Z~O 9/0/0'22/009/002/005 Calculation of radiation... Mk303 be calculated by vector addition of radiation components of indi- vidual double dipoles. Phase cQmpensation effects the improve- ment of both the radiation pattern (roundness) and the impedance proportions. The gain of an antenna system can also be calculated with the measured gain of the basic double dipole andits radia- tion-pattern. When the energy supplied to the entire antenna .system is Ps, and the antenna has a total of m radiators, of which the portion n radiates into one direction, the energy supplied into one-direction is P --a n. The effective radintod energy n F4 in the direction in question then E 2]9 -kA P1 not= PncnG Emax) where G is the gain of the basic antenna unit andekis the azimuth angle. In conclusionthe authors state that this method of cal- culating antennadatternsand gains is m6re convenient and precise than former cale atioft methods; however, the calculation or an antenna pattern still remains a rather tedious operation. There are 5 figures and 3 references: 2 Soviet-bloc and 1 non-Soviet- bloc. Card 3/5 Z/039/61'/022/009/002/005 Calculation of radiation.... D254/D303 .ASSOCIATION: TESLA, n. P-, zavod Julia Fucika., Praha (TESLA Julius FuLvik Works National Enterprise, Prague). SUEMITTED: MaY 7) 1961 Figure 22 Determination of antenna parameters for calculAtion of horizontal radiation patterns. Card 4/5 XMIal, Hiroslavs, RNDr.j W)LEG, Josef. inz. Trmr-mmi ting antennas for the 4th television band. Slaboproudy obzor 24 no.6:343-350 Je 163. lo TeaU Hloubetinp nope 700 D291YI)306 AUTHORS: Kozlik, Miroslav, I)octor of Natural Sciences, and KadleQ,_J_ozaL, Engineer TITLE., Antenna systems with full-wave dipoles for the IIIrd TV band PERIODICAL: Slaboproud~ obzor, vo. 22, no. 12, 1961, 743-747 TEXT: The article deals with general problems of combining basic elements into antenna systems for TV transmittereg describes proper impedance matching of such systems to the feeder (i. e. the trans- mitter), lists the influence of the impedance on the quality of the transmitted image, and mentions possibilities of improving impedance ratios by single, eventual double-phase compensation. It is shown that arbitrary antenna systems can be compiled from full-wave double dipolesq and show considerable advantages over other antenna types. Theyhave very great operational stability, considerably wider bands, and very small standing wave ratios. Coupling ratios are very fa- vorable and do not complicate the adjustment. The entire system can Gard 1/2 Z/03 61/022/012/007/009 Z/03 61/022/012/007/009 Antenna systems with D291YD306 be assembled and adjusted at the plant, reducing the operations to be performed at the tower to mechanical assembly and calibration tests. Modern feed systems allow efficient matching to the feeder* Many design problems of TV antennas for the IIIrd band, discussed in this article, are also common to TV transmitter antennas for the Ist and IVth band. There are 9 figures and 3 references: 2 Soviet- bloc and 1 non-Soviet-bloc. ASSOCIATION: TESLA Hloubeftin, n. p. zAvod J. Fucvika Praha (TESIA Hloub6tin, National Enterprise, J. FuL( k Plant, Prague) SUBMITTED: July 15, 1960 Card 2/2 3 7.73 f'~300 2n86 Z/014/60/000/011/002/010 A205/A126 A "LORS: Kozlik, Miroslav, Doator, aM Hadloo, Josef, Knigineer I-------------- TITLE: Frequenoy-modulation distortion caused by multipath propagation PERIODICAL- Sd6lovaoi technika, no. 11, 196o, 08 - 411. T M i The article describes the origin, appearance and countermeasures of FM distortion in ultra-short wave transmisqion, observed at the "Tatry" trans- mitter In Velkk Slhvkov near Poprad. The transmitter operates on 69.4 Mc, with a frequency.shift of t 50 kc, and has a capacity of 1 kw. The directional an- tenna with an effective height of 25 m consists of 6 half-wave dipoles with a re- f 4- sonance reflector (Photo 1). It Is designed as a temporary trnnamitter or the Tatra Mountain region and will be transferred In 1961 to the RAlovA Hola Moun- tain. The authors explain the possible deviations of thq transmitted signal due to contrary topographical features of this region. A horizontal transmission dia- gram of the "Tatry" transmitter is given in Figure 9. Tests showed that the de- viation increases with increasing frequency shift, higher modulation frequency, and ratio between direct and reflected waves. The rather low effective height of the antenna, the vertical polarization, other antenna towers and high buildings card 1/4 21186 Z/014/60/000/011/ooa/010 Frequency-modulation distortion... A20.5/A126 have additional unfavorable influences. These influences can partly be eliminated by directional receiver antennas, in case the direct and reflected waves come from different directions. Time deviations of 6 - 8jAseo can be suppressed by proper rr(-.Iver or discriminator tuning, provided the field strength is sufficient. In com~lusion, the author states.that topographical features can considerably impair the quality of FM reception, a factor which*should be considered the mountainous regions of Slovakia. There are 11 figures, 1 photo and 2 referenoesi 1 English and 1 West-German. Card 2/4 z/'ol4/60/000/011/002/010 A205/A126 Frequenoy-modulation distortion ..... -short waves, Figure 1: Antenna of the provisorY "TatrY" r,14 transmitter for.ultra A "A v V Card 3A Frequency-modulatl( Figure 9:' Horizonl A, 'Card 4(4 fib 21186 )00/011/002/010 or I N) KADLIEG K. 2,dravotni pece ) ratku a dite Yaternity and child velfrire: a -!an for improvement -f local organizations Prakticky Lekar 1947, 2713 (62-66) The (Czechoslovakian) goverment's programme of rec-nstruction states that special. care will be devoted to maternity and child welfare services in the fullest sense of the word. Infantile mortality must be decreased and all measures for increasing the population stimulated. Infant mortality in Bohemia and Moravia is about 10 per cent. In the Vodnamy district it is as high as 15 per cent, that is higher than among the negroes in the UI.S.A. 20 years ago. The causes are as follows: (1) In mountainous and remote distrites there is a complete lack of continuous welfare super- vision for mother and child; (2) midwives in country districts are rostly a generation behind the times, especially as regards child-welfare. The author, who is district medical officer for Vodnamy, instituted a special camraign for the improvement of welfare services. He organized courses for midwives, public health w,-rkers and nurses in maternity homes, edited a booklet 'Instructions for mothers' dealing with pregnancy, labour, post-partwn period and the feeding and care of infants and created an orga- nization for infant welfare and pre- and postnatal care of mothers. Cancik-Prague So.- Medical Ricrobiology and Hygiene, Section IV, Vol. 1, #1-6 KADLEG K., NZSV.ID--,A 0. and SPAZIE-1 K. Hladina karboVhaemoglobinu a cerveny obraz krevni u osob pracujicich v nizXych koncentracich CO The level of carboxyhaemoglobin and the blood count of persons with a law carbon monoxide exposure Pracovni lekarstvi, Prague 1949, 1/2 (103-111) The atmosphere of an industrial plant was examined with regard to the concentration of Co. The concentrations found were be'tween o.00009 and 0.0014%. One hundred vorkers in this plant were examined before and after the shift. The concentrations of CO Hb. in the blood (examined by the method of Wolff-Skramovsky-Srbova) were higher after the shift than before. The blood count showed on the average higher values of RBC than are generally found In workers in other sectioas of industry. These values were higher after the shift than before it. Rejsek - Prague (IV,6) SOt Medical Microbiology Hygiene Section IV, Vol 3 No 7-12 IV KADLIC, K.; VYSKDOIL, J. ' 'F~ kip riffect of dust on health condition of workers In cement indultrY] Tliv pr&cbu na zdravi samestuassou ve vyrobnach portlandakeho ceseutu* Pracoyni lek. 2 no.1;9-20 7 150. (019M 19.-l) 1. Of the Institute of Industrial Medicine (Read -- Docent Karel 1adlec, M.D.), Brno. XADLIE, K.; VYSKOCIL, J. -W-10"Nmm Vital capacity of expiration registered on a fast running drm; evaluation of the oxmination of workers In dusty environments. Pracovni lek. 2 no,6.227-234 Doe 50., - (CM 20:6) 1. Of the Institute of Industrial Medicine (Read--Docent.K.Ud- lec,N.D.) in Brno.' 1-1 UDLM, LIPACMM. P.*,PXLM, P. 4~ Interprot4tIon of #%2m*awy ffianation tests in SUICOSIS. Pr&00vni Uk. 10. no. It" ftr 1"2. (CIML 23:3) 1, Brno.' KADLEC K. and WSKOCIL J. KADLEC K. and VISKOCIL J. Odd. pro prevenci, leceni a posuzovani chorob, povolani KUNZ, Brno. *Pouziti aerosolove therapie pri nekterych akutnich otravach inhalacnich. Akutni otrava kyslicnikem kademnatym a f oaf oroxychloriden). Aerosols in treatment of some acute forms of poisoning by inlialation FILXU'V141 La,'. (Praha) 1953, 5.5 (268-270) Cases of poisoninp with "dmium monoxide and phospiiorus exychloride are presentr- ed. In both cases pulmonary oedema was controlled by the adminisLration of aerc,sols of sodium bicarbonate, procaine (for anaesti.esia and relaxation of spata) calcium (for Btrenpthening of the cellular mei0ranes) and penicillin (prophylactically afrainst infection). Rejsek - Prague SO% EXCERPTA MEDICA, Vol. 8 No. 6, Section VI, June 1)54 BIRKA, Is,; KADLW9 I[##,; NOTOTV. S..; SVCIK, M.,; TTSEDCIL, J. 80"04"Row Chronic carbon monoxide poisoning. Pracoval lek. 8 no.1;4-11 :an 56. 1. Z odWed chorob a povolaul v Use, predwsts doe, Dr 1. ladlee. (CARSON MONDIZZ, ?3is. manifest. & prow. (cs*ob)) (POISONING, carbon monoxide, manifesto & prov. (esoch)) -K-A "a CZECHOSLOVAKIA/Pharmacology - Toxicology. Toxicology. U-9 Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biol., No 3, 1958, 13126 Author :,,,K%1Lec K. Inst Title : The Treatment of Acute Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Orig Pub : Pftkt. lekar, 1956, 36, No 4, 85-87- Abstract : As a basic measure in acute 00 poisoning it is recomended that the patient inbale "carbogen" (Og-COg mixture), or varmed oxygen exposed to U.V. lififtt; caridiac stimulants and analeptice are used in moderate doses. The use of aarenalin and its amlogues is not expedient. Only in ex- treme cases should an intracardiac injection of adrenalin be made. It is reconmended that novocaine and methylene blue be tried in the treatment. of CO poisoning. Card 1/1 KADUGs...7-691 .~BQc out Palthc~-,enesis of traumatic vasoneurosis. Pracovai lak. 9 no.1:56-5'.~ Mar 57, 1. Klinika chorob a Dovolwal kovy university v Brno. (VASCULU DISM-AM. PAR'"W"AMMA&L. stiol. & pathogen. neurovase. disord. Caused by Indust, inj. (Cs)) (OCO.)ATIONAL DISALSM, peripheral neurawase. disord. cause& by Indust. (0t)) CZECHOSLOVAUA/Chemical Technology.- Chemical Products and H-6 Their Application. Part 1. Safety and Sanitation Techniques. Abe Jour Ref-Zhur Khimi7a, No 7, 1958, 21917 Author Ural KadloaJiri V5-skocil Inst Title Diagnostic Importance of Conplexone (Calcium Salt of Versene) at Saturniens Orig Pub Pracovni lekaroj' 1957) 9, NO 2) 134-137 Abstract The secrati6n-of Fb*with urine increased 4 to 7 times in the case of 14 patients intoxicated with Fb in various de- grees after th6-injection of Ca~'versenate (2 9 in 500 cub. cm. of ~hygiolog~ic-al'solutiba-~iiitravenously in the duration of 5 hours), AW in6ressed-within 24 hours after the intro- duction of Ca the majority of cases.1, An in- crease of the Fb level in blood after the introduction of Ca vereenate was observed only in 3 cases. The amount of Card 1/2 .KADLIC, YArel; VYSKOCIL, Jiri Acute poisoning by inhalation of mercury vapors. Pracovni, 1@k. 9 no.3: 2ZI-223 June 37, 1. Odd. chorob spovolaal fakultal nesocalos v Bme, predmosta doce KUDr. K. W4dlec. (Mmuff, poisoning* vapors (Cs)) CZECHOSLOVAKIA / Microbiology, Microbes Pathogenic for F-4 Man and Animalse Bacteria, Root Bacteriae Abs Jour: Ref, ZIhur-'ai.ol.~j" _~ lq!i8" 146 -170 76810. Author' Mirsaiek Ee'*~ Ka4leic`~ Ko *lnst Not given* Title Coryn,ebacte.rlum pyogenes as a Caustive Agent of Suppura t1ve'Necr6tIc1.SkIn,Process* Orig Pub: Casop,*; Iekaiu.ceskych..'I957j,' 960 No 14,, 418-4ZO. Abstract: A su'p! p'ura't- ive""n ec rot Ic: Oro cess is described which appeare&ln'b6tfi cheeks-and vh1ch-i3 distinguished frowa6ne co"figlobits by the intensity of the In- flammed reaction. A culture of thick bloody pus in aerobic conditions gave negative results,, and with a culture In a Fortner medium, columns of gram-positive rods grew out with a large zone of hemolysis; with a Neyser stain, metachromatic Card l/Z I 53 -W (v1*KRM,eLe41CkY fif-W tEfeARWF_.F49W-7~ V.01CArti" PnAoAtAM N. E. ilis)KNOK A KL-AJ#m to4eirs'14 fee"I"t# 4 P00""J"t, Pit's">- jvos7w pRep, Do. 0. ILE'704A'Vet. The influence of androgens on the development of silicotic granuloma. Rev* Czech. He 4 no.1:20-28 1958. 1. Glinic for Occunational Diseases, Brno. Director: Doe. L ladleo. (SILICOSIS. p1welole off. of androgens, demonstration by comparative develop. of aIlicotio gramloma in capons & cockerels) (AMMOGM, phys 101. eff. on silicosis. demonstration by comparative develop. of sillootia gramlom in capons & cockerels) KADLE-C, K. "Biologic effects of electroaerosols." p. 121 RMY. Praha, Czechoslovakiap Vol- 7,, No. 4, April, 1959 Yonthly List of East European Accessions (EEKI), LC, Vol. 8, No. 9, Septerber, 1959 Uncl. KkDIMC. Karel, Doc. Dr. D scums Tature research plaw. Pracovni lek. 11 no.1-2: 111-112 79b 59. 1. Klinika chorob z povolant v Brno. (TIMMTRUL HYGIAU, in Czech. (05)) XKDLW,, Wel; VYSKDCIL, JIrI r-------- Significance of vital capacity curves. Pracovni lek. U no.4: 217-221 May 59. (RISPIUTIOM, fwwt. tests, vital capacity curves (0s)) KADLEC, K *-IVYSKOCIL, J. Foroad expiratory capacity. (Resume of experiences with this method during 10 years). Rev. Czech, med. 7 no.2.*110-128 l61. l.-Occupational-Diseases C-Unio, Brno. Directorz Doc. K. Kadleep M. D. (RUPIRATION pb3rsiol) KADIM, K.; HMLUN,, L. dcz-- OacupRtioml dermtitis in the production of vita-in B6. Pmaovni lek. 13 no.32109-116 AO 161.- 1. Derwtorenmlocicka Irlinlim PU v 01mmal, preftosts prof. Mr. G. UJMnea. OCCOITIONAL DEMTITIS stiol) TAMIN B6 tOxic0l) M KADLEC, K.; HANSLIAN, L. Oceupational dernatitis during the produotion or vitamin B6. Cesk. dem. 36 no.5t291-298 Ag 161. 1. Dermatologiolm klinika Palackeno univeroity v Olowouel, Xmjska bygienioko-epidesiologicka stanice v Olomouci. (VITAYIN B6 toxicol) (OCCUPATIONAL DERRATITIS) to KADLECS K.; VYSKOCIL, T. Analyzed expiration of the vital capacit. Cas.19k.ceak 100 no.8: 241-250 24 F 161. 1. Klinika chorob s povolani v Drne~ prednosta doe. dr. K. Kadlec. (RESPIRATION pbysiol) KADLEC, K.; HANSLIAN, L. 9)dn injuries in core drillers using phenol fornaldebyde resins. Cook. dorm. 36 no.3:163-168 NY '61. 1. Dermatoloecka k3inika Palackeho univeraity v Olomouci, prednosta prof. MUDr. G. Lejbanec Odbor bygiony praos KM Ostrava., pracoviste Olomouc, prednoate, Mr. F. Pafter. (PMINS twdeol) (OCCUPATIONAL DMMTITIS etiol) ADLUS X. imaeo. Kj; vwxomn, I. [Vyokoei3... 1.) (BM) Awaysis of the expiration curre (3.0-7ear -013ults). 39 noeltl3-5-125 -Ta l6le (MIRA 1411) 1. Is kliniki profommimallbykh bolemey (sav, dotment dwr 1, Kadleto) (USPMTION) KADLEC, Karel z-- Spastic brouchopulamary apdrome, Prac. lek. 14 no.2:61-67 Mr '62. l.'Vymku~6 pracoviote pro aerosolom leabu a prevenoi pri KHESs Brno. (ASTHMA) (DYSPN3A) r KADLEC, RANSLIAN, L.; BWORUS M. iccupational pulmonary carcinoma caused by working with tar oils. Pracovni lek. 14 no.4t1796-175 My 162, 1 1. Dermatologicko klinika Palackeho university v Olomoucit prednosta prof. 141Dr. G.Lelhanee Odbor hygieny prace KHES Ostrava, pracoviste Olomouc., prednosta MUDr. P.Pachner I. interni klinika Piklackeho university v Olomouci, prednosta prof. MUDr. P.Lukl. (TARS toxicol) (SKIN NEOPLASM etiol) (OCCUPATIONAL DISMES etiol) KADLEC, K. CZEGBOSIDVANIA --------- No academic degree Indicated Research Establishment for Aerosol Treatment and Prevention attached to the Regional Public Health and hpidemiology Station (Vyzkumne pracoviste pro aerosolovou leebu a prevenci pri KHES)j, Brno Prague Rozhledy v tuberkulose a v nemocech plicnich, No 9,, Oct 62., pp 66-660 "Some Now Methods for Investigating the Mechanics of Breathing." KADLEC, K.; HANSLIAN, L. Health problems in working with wood of Mansonia altissima. Pracovni lek. 14 no-89375a-379 0 162. 1. Dermatovenerologicka klialka lek. fak. Palackeho university v Olamoucip prednosta prof. dr. G. Lejhanedp Oddelani hygieny prace OHES$, Olamouo. (WOOD) (OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES) A KADLEG K.; MLRSALEK, E. On the role"'of microbial allergens in the pathogenesis of eosema. Cook. dorm. 38 no.ls3j~-42 F 163. 1. Dermatovenerologicka k3inike lekarske fakulty PU v Olonouci, prednosta prof. dr. G,, Lejhaneo Ustav lakarske mikrobiologie x lekarske faktat PU v Olomouoi, prednosta doc. dr, Be Marsalek, (Ecllf (ForAL ancTioN) (DEwuTomy=js) (STAPHYLOCOGGAL INFEGTIONS) (STREPTOCOCCAL INFEGTIONS) rOZECHOSLOVAKIA HANSUAN, L., Dr; KAD12C, K., Dr; and BLIBORIK, N., Dr [ af -L iliation not g-ivom-T. "Chromium" Prar,ae, Pracov-ni Lelcarstvi, Vol XV, 110 4, May 63, Supplement Prehlfi~~10. Abs',-.ract: General information on chromium: characteristic prope s, permissible concentration of chromium in a working atmosphere, technical uses of chromium eLnd its compounds, protection,of workers~, detection of chromium, toxicology, biological tests, and medical examinations. Twenty references, including 7 Czech and 1 Russian. END 2(r .~O LCSO: 2000-N 14 YIDLEG, K-,- JORU) V. b..ythrokeratoderma figurata variab"'s' Cask, derm. 38 no.l: 32-25 F 163. 1. Dermatovenerologicka klinika l6karake fakulty FU v Olomouci4 prednosta Prof. dr. G. Lejkknee. (ERYTHRODEMk) (KERATOSIS) (IOUTHYOSIS) KADLEC, Ke Occupational contact eczema caused b work with trichloroothylens. Cesk.derm. 39 no.61395-397 D 163. Is Ordinariat pro kozni choroby z po*WUi v Olomouci (vedouci lek. MUDr. K. Xadllbo)'& Dermato-venerologicka katedra lekarske fakulty PU v Olomouci, (vedouci prof. dr. G. Lejhanea). 7777-7777777~'~ HINSLIAN, Lubomir; KADLEC, Karel Wood dust as a hGalth danger. Drevarsky vyskum no.1:19-26 164. 1 l.'District Hygienic and Epidemiologic Station, Olomouc. KA=,K.1 JORDA,V.; HOWSA,,R.; VIK=jM, Multiple primary oateomas of the skin* Cesk. derm. 39 no.ItI-5 P164- 1. Damato-venerologicka Viniks. (prednostat prof,,dr.G.IAjhanec); Petologiokoanatomicky,untav (prednostat docedr. V.Valach) a I.Interni klinika. (prednostat prof.dr. P.I&xhl) lekarske faku.Ity FU v momouoi. HAMIJAN) Lubomir, R14Dr. Mir.; KAIAIC, Karel, 1,1111)r. Wood from the hygienic viewpoint. MI. Drevo 19 no.9:326-328 S 16t.. 1. District Hygienic and Epidemiologic Station of the Section of Industrial Hygiene, Olomouc (for Hanallan). 2. Derratologic Clinic of the Palacky University, Olomouc (for Kadlec). HANSLIAN, Lubomir; KADLEC Karel Products of thermal disintegration of wood. Prac. lek. 16 no.7: 331-336 S 164. 1. Okresni hygienicko-epidemiologicka stanice Obvodniho ustavu narodniho zdravi v Olomouci (vedouci MUDr. RNDr. V. Burian), Dermatologicka klinika lekarske fakulty Palackeho UniverSity v Olomouci (prednosta prof. dr. G. Lejhanec). RANSLW . Lubomir; KADJ-EC.,.Karel Allergic ftmaes caused by larch wood. Prac. lek. 16 no.S: 362-366 0 164. 1. Okresni hyglenicko-epidemiologicka stanice v Olomouci (reditel MUDr. RNDr. V. Burian) a Dermatologicka klinika lekarske fakulty Palackeho University v 1W auci (pred- nosta prof* dr, G, Lejhanec). .. HARSMA 1, Lubomir, RNDr. PhMr.; KADTYC, Karel. 14UDr. Wood from the hygienic viewpoint. Pt.2. Drevo 19 no.10: 383-384 0 164. 1. District Health and Epidemiology 33tation, Section of Industrial Hygiene Olomouc (for Hanslian). 2. Clinic of Dermatology of the Palacky University, Olomouc (for Kadlec). HANSLIAN, Lubomir, RNDr. PhMr.;.~ADLE~',_.Karel, Mr. Wood from the viewpoint of hygiene. Pt. 3. Drevo, 19 no.1l14ll-414 N 16/*. 1 1. District Station of Hygiene.and Epidemiology, Section of Industrial Hygiene, Olomouc (for Hanslian). 2. Clinic of Dermatology of the Palifty University, Olomouc (for Kadlec). HANSLIAN, Lubomir, RNDr. Mr.; KADLEG, Karel, IIJD--. Wood from the hygienic point of view. Ft, 4, Drevo 19 no,l2s451- 452 D 164. 1. District Health and Epidemiology Station., Olomouc (for Hanslian). 2. Clinic of Dermatology of Palaoky.Universityp Olomouc (for Kadlec), V"I" HANSLIAN, Lubomir; IIADLMI K~rel Timber and timber ftst. I"rac. lek. 16 no.6%.276-282 Ag 164 1. Okresnl bygienicko-opidemiologicka stanice v Olomouci (vedoucl MUDr. Mr. V. Barian) a Dermatologicka klinika lekarske.. fakulty Palackeho University v Olomouci (pradnosta - prof. dr. G.LeJhanae). VYSKOCIL., J.; KADLEC. M.1 MUCERA V.; CHAIM, B. Repeated studies of coal miners during 5 years with special consideration of chronic bronchitis and pulmonary emphyssma. Vnitrni lak, 11 no*7:638-645 J1 165. I* Klinika nemoci z povolani lekarake fakulty University J.E. Purky'ne v Brne (prednosta prof. Dr. J. Vyskocil). C ZECHOSLOVAKIA UDC 613,6:674-02 HANSLIAN, Lubomir; +]D&ILC~I~Rrel '; Okresni Station of Hygiene and 'n c demiol Epidemiology (Hygien cko-Epi oficka Stanice), Olomouc, Di- rector (Reditel) Dr V. BURIAN; Dermatological Clinic, Medical Faculty, Falacky University (Dermatologicka Klinika Lek. Fak. PU), Olomouc, head (Prednosta) Prof Dr G. LEJHANEC. "Biological Effects of Wood Dust." PraQue, Pracovni Lekarstvi, Vol 18, No 9. Nov 669 PP 393 - 399 Abstract juthors' English'summary modified '7: The effect of wood dust is mechanical, chemical, and physilcochemical. The diseases caused by wood dust are varied, and may involve many organs, but it is the skin that is affected most frequently. Usuaily the biological effect is due to some substances contained in wood, which is true especially of -- tropical woods. The dis- eases induced by wood dust are either due to its primary toxic effect, to allergy, or to ~ general damage caused by the dust. A case of two woodgrinders is described; it seems that the wood which they handled contained some 2% fren silica, which induced lung fibrosis. From the health point of view wood dust constit- utes. an industrial hazard, It Tables, 29 Western, 8 Czech refer- 1/1 onoea. (Ms. roe, 29 Sep 65), - 23 -