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15-57-10-14785 I An Investigation of a System of Drilling Feed-Mechanism (Cont.) .. the current that produces change in rate (of drilling). I Card 2/2 M, 0, Medvedeve -j X&MOT, TA.B. .(Beam). ;nve'sk- ating tto fossibilites of autorstic regulatioA In the turbodrilling of oil wells. Avtou. I toles. 17 no.12:1070-1080 D 156, 1 (KLRA 10: 1) (Turbodrillm) (Automatle control) (Oil well drilling) KADYNOV. Ta.B.-, MOGIRLUSIrT, Tu.S. Autb to drill food operating on two parameters. Znerg.blul. no.12:27-28 D 157. (MIRA 10:12) (Oil well drilling) KADYMOV, Ya.B. LISTOGARTS73, B.A. 1-110 Application of digareoe laplace transformations for inTestigating automatic control system with ilistributed parameters Lin Azerbaijani with summary In ftssianJ. lov. AN Aver'be 38R, Sort fis,-tokh, I We, nauk no*5%109-11-1 158. (KIRA 12:1) (laplace transformations) (Automatic control) 110- 58._5-10/25 AUTHORS: Efendizade, A.A., Corresponding Member of thL, Ac-Sc. Azerbaijan SSR, Kadvmov Ya.B. and Listengarten, B.A., Candidates of Tec' 3 ~e~. TITLE: Construction of the Loci of Currents and Voltages of an Induction Motor Driven by an Alternator of Comparable Output (Postroyeaiye geometricheskikh mest tokov i napryazheniy asinkh onnogo dvigatelya pri rabote ot sinkhronnogo Seneratora soizmerimoy moshchnosti) PERIODICAL: Vestnik Blektropromlshlennosti, 1958, Vol 29, Nr 5, .pp 32 - 36 (USSR). ABSTRACT: The locus of the current vectors of an induction motor operating on a source of infinite power is a circle diagram. If,, however, the motor is driven by an alternator of comparable and limited output the current loci are not circular and are worthy of investigation. The present article examines the operation of an induction motor driven by a synchronous salient-pole alternator whose excitation and frequency is main- tained constant. A formula is derived for the current and is the equation of an ellipse. The method of constructing the ellipse is describedand the slip line is determined. The gener- ator voltage is eLmilarly treated, with the similar result Cardl/2 shown in Figure 2. By way of a supplement, the current and 110- 58-5-10/25 Construction of the Loci of Currents and Voltages of aiL Induction Motor Driven by an Alternator of Comparable Output voltage diagrams are constructed (Figures 3 and 4) for an induction motor, type MT-41-8 supplied by an alternator type MSA-72/4, the rating of the generator being 15 kVA and that of the motor, 11 kVA. Values of current and voltage read from the diagrams are tabulated and compared with experimental data. Agreement is goodi the maximum error for current is 4.6% and for voltage 5.4%. There are 1 table, 4 figures and 2 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: ENIN AN Az.BSR SUBMITTED: April 29, 1957 Card 2/2 . Ya. B., Candidate of Teclnical SOV/105-58-11-5/248 AUTHORS: radynDy Sciences, Rasulov, M. M., Candidate of Technical Sciences TITLE: Coefficient of Cormnensurateneas in Feeding an Induction Motor From an Alternator (Koeffitsiyent soiznerinoeti pri pitanii asinkhronnogo elektrodviGatelya ot sinkhronnogo generatora) PERIODICAL: Elehtrichestvo, 1958, lir 11, PP 35 - 30 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The performance of an alternator operating in an independent power system is determined by the ratio of its power to the power of the motor to be connected. If the inrush power required by the short-circuited motor is comparable to the Cenerator powerthe voltaGe at the Cenerator terminals may be reduced to such an extent as to prevent a stable operation of other consumers and a starting of the motor. In order to 6uarantee reliable starting of the motor ja correct choice must be made of the ratio of power between IV-he ge,ierator and the motor. This ratio may be chara-eterized Card 1/4 by the coefficient of commensurateness or by the ratio Coefficient of Commensurateneas in Feedinj; an Induction SOV/105-58-11-8/1-28 Motor From an Alternator of the reactive resistances of -enerator and motor U xm_ x , In this paper the relations exiatin6 between th6 roactive resistances and the output of -encrator U and motor are determined. The formula (4) obtained in thic instance demonstrates that x m is dependent upon the motor design ( k - coefficient I of starting current ratio). One of the moat efficient ineans of alleviating the starting conditions of in- d"ction motors operating in an independent supply system is furnislied by an automatic control of the alternator excitation. By this means the ratio x m- can be considerbaly increased and thus the generator x power can be approached to the motor power. A method is presented of determining the coefficient of co-mmen- surateness at known machine service factors and different Card 2/4 modes of exciter control. The automatic control of Cbefficient of Commerisurateness in Feeding an Induction SOV/105-58-11-a/"28 Motor From an Alternator generator excitation is investi.-ated and formulae (15) and (16) are deduced. If the service factors of the machine are known,formula (15) permits to det-erziine the coefficient of stator inrush current k in case the coefficient of commensurateness m is Anown. Formula (16) is intended to serve in the inverse operation: m and the maximum power of the induction motor is determined according to the starting conditions at different k m. There are I figure and 4 references, 3 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATIOV: Energeticheskiy institut Akademii nauk AzerbaydzhanBkoy SSR (Institute of Power Engineering AS AzerbaydzhEnskaya SSR) SUBMITTED: May 4, 1958 Card 3/4 AUTHOR: TiTTE: Kadymov, Yit__B~-~ SO71".1 03-19-8-10/11 Coordinptlve Meeting on the Automatic Alternating Current Drive with In"Pandent Pmer Sunly (Koordinatsionnoye soveahchaniye Po uvtomntizirovannomu elektroprivodu poremennogo toka a avtonornym pitaniyem) FFRIODICAL: Avtomatika I telemekhanika, 1958, Vol, 19, Nr 8, pp~ Bo9-81n ps)SR) ABSTRACT: This meeting took place from October 7 - 9, 1957, In Baku. It was organized by the Institute of Power Engineering AS Azerb,SSR and the Institute of Automation and Remote Control AS USSR. It was attended by 12o delegates from 44 organiza- tions from 14 towns of the USSR, among them representatives of the IAT AS USSR, of the Institute of Electro-Mechanice AS VSSR, the Moscow Institute of Power Engineering,of the Institutes of Power Engineering AS Uzbek 9-SR and Latvia SSR, of the L'vov Polytechnical Institute, of the Azerbaydzhan Polytechnical Irstitute, of the Azerbaydzhan Tndustrial Inati- tute, of the Chelyabinsk PolytDchnical Institute, of the Yharlkov Polytechnical lnstitute, of the Yerevan Polytechnical Cnrd 1/4 institute, of the Military Academy of the Order of Lenin for -1c"I H l'oordinative 19peting on the Autom&tiC! k1ternating Current Drive with 'fl- de~eudent Power Supply Armored Forces, of the Giproneftmash, of the ToYD "SleVtro- privod", of the Bashonergoneft'. of the Minietry for the Mintiral Oil Tndust~y of the Azerbaydzhan '113H and others. 3o lectures were held: The work was conducted in two sections: 1) For independeimt eystems of a.c. drive; 2) For the automatic control and regulation of a.c. drivea. Vice-President of the Al". Azerbaydzhan 89R, Professor Z. I. Fhalilov delivered the opening address. Member, Academy of Sciences, USSR, V. S. Kulebakin spoke on "Problems o!' a Combined Antomatio Control of Kectric Drives" and on "The Uue of Choke Coils and of Rectifiers in Systems of Electric Drives '.qith n Wide-Range Control". Corresponding Member, Acadery of Scicncee, Azer- baydzhan SSR, A. A. Efendizade, reported on the results of the ecientific research work at the Institute of Power Engineering AS Azarbaydzhan SSR in the fie3d of the independent systems of a.c. drives. - T. Z. Portnoy (TsKB "Elektroprivod") spoke on independent systems of electric drive In drilling plant mechanisma. V. N. Bogoyavlenakiy (IAT AS USSR) spoke on "A Controllable ABYnchronous Drive, With Planetary Gearing Card 2/ 14 in Systems With Ind4indent Supply". - V. G. Vovkn (Construc- Coordimative Mooting, on the Automatic Altcr,1,,-.tIn,, Current Drive VJU Tn- depenftnt Faftr Ounly tion Bureau VN1T) dealt with Probleme of the application at' electromachanic tranamission. V. P. Andreyev a-vid. V. A. Prozarov spoke on"The System of an Automized Alternating Ctirrent Drive With Facilitated 'Otnrting and Braking,. V. V, .Rudakov reported on "The Work of the IEM AIS U-:~t;R L-ealing With Electromechanical High-Prequenny Tranoforrers". Ye. M. Smirnov sooke on "A Comparative Analysis of' Somp Plectro- mechanicai- Exciter Systems of a Compensated Collector Cener- ator". A. A. Dartau spoke on "The Selection of the Optinum ftoiter S -L ystem for a Collector Generator". Yu. M* Alekeandrov spoke on "A Single-If-base System of a Controlled Alternating Current Drive rith a Frequency Control". V. M. Mamedov spoke on "The I-erformance of an Plectrodynamical Amplifier With a Longitudinal Field With Alternating Current Self-Fxcitation" !;. V. Strakhov (MFI) reported on the computntion of the etntio stability of Rn alternating current Dieselplectric dri ke. "Ard 3/4 .,i, -,'. 103-114-8-10/1 1 Coordinattw Meeting on the AutomatU Alternating Current Drive with In- d8penint PWOr Bapply 1. Scientific reports 2. Electrical equipment 3. Alternating current Card 414 SOV/110-59-1-16/28 AUTHORSt A.A. Efendizade) (Dr. of Technical Sciences), Kad, A., (Candidates of Ymov Ya.B. and Listengarten B an a as) TITLE: Construction of the Current and Voltage Loci of an Induction Motor Supplied by an Alternator of Comparable Outputq Making Allowance for Voltage Control (Postroyeniye geometricheskikh mest tokov i napryazheniy asinkhronnogo dvigatelya pri rabote ot sinkhronnogo generatora soizmarlmoy moshohnostl s uchetom regulirovaniya, vozbuzhdeniya) PERIODICAL: Vestnik Blektropromyshlennosti,1959,Nr l.pp 56-6o (usn) ABSTRICTs The procedure for constructing loci of current and voltage of an induction motor supplied from an alternator of comparable output with allowance for voltage control is of oonsiderable practical interest. In considering the method, transient electromagnetic processes are ignored as they are usually of much shorter duration than mechanical transients. The voltage may be kept constant by a regulator which reacts to changes in the voltage Card 1/3 from a given value and controls the generator field. The relationship between the no-load e.m.f. of the generator SOV/110-59-1-16/28 Construction of the Current and Voltage Loci of an Induction Moto.- Supplied by an Alternator of Comparable Output, Making Allowance for Voltage Control and the voltage in such a case is given by Eq (1). In a compound system the generator field current begins to alter when the current deviates from a given value and in this case the relationship between the no-load e.m.f. and the current is defined by Eq (2). Given the loci of current or voltage without allowance for voltage eontrolt it is easy to make allowance for the control. This is shown by an example on a compounded system. Here the relationships between current and generator e.m.f. are given in eq (3), derived from a previous article by the same authors in Vestnik Blektropromyshlennosti, Nr 5, 1958. Formula (8) gives the difference between the values of current with and without compounding. In phase- sensitive circuits allowance is made for the phase of the current and then the current ventor is expressed by either Eq (9) or Eq (10). The current ellipse for the motor can be constructed by assuming a system without compounding; Card 2/3 then the current with compounding may be dete-rmined. The procedure is described with reference to Fig 2. The sovilo-59-1-16/28 Construction of the Current and Voltage Looi of an Induction Motor Supplied by an Alternator of Comparable Output, Making Allowance for Voltage Control Card 3/3 SUBMITTED: method of constructing voltage vectors for an induction motor supplied from an alternator with allowan--e for voltage control is then easily explained. The exp.Tes- sions for determination of the stabilised voltages are much simpler for e7lindrinal-rotor than for salient,-pole alternators. Current and equations fo.- cYlindriejal-rotor alternator%s are than given. The ourrent and voltage equations are equations of ciircles. The diameter of the circles depends on the amplification factor of the voltage regulator. When the amplification is highq the cirole diameter is small and the generator voltage does not. alter muuh with different r-onditions. There are 2_ figures. April 28, 19,t:18 67486 AUTHOR: Kadymov, Ya.B. (Baku) SOV/24-59-5-17/2)f TITLE: 'Use -or-We-Discrete Laplace Transform with Links Having Distributed Parameters PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR, Otdeleniye tekhnicheskikh nauk) Energetika i avtomatilca) 1959,Nr 5,pp 156-161(USSR) ABSTRACTS Eq (1.1) gives the wave equations for a link free from loss; in operator form the solution is.Eq (1.2). The sum at the.bottom or p 156 is interpreted as a set of values of 1, m, M2, mJ ..... arising at discrete moments. The sum at the n-th moment (n = t/2V = th., where IL is the disiance between the equally spaced moments) is given by Eq (1.3). which may be put as (1.1+). The discrete Laplace transform is (1.5). Then the transform of the function M is given by (1-7) or (1.8), so M itself is given by (1.9). Eq (1.10) is simply (1.9) for the origin) and (1.11) is (1.9) for the far end. Eq (1-13) results from resolving the indeterminacy of (1.10) when Card exp9' = 1. The rest of the treatment in section 1 is 1/2 routine. Section 2 repeats 4he treatment, but with allowance for the loss, for a 'balanced' link whose parameters are related by the equation below 12.1). Th ty 67486 sov/24-59-5-17/24 Use of the Discrete Laplace Transform with Links having, Distributed Parameters exact expression of (2.11) is replaced by approximations for F, and F2; Fl is represented as the sum of a series having terms of the form shown below (2.11)9 vhile F2 is represented as the sum of terms found by integrating the terms of the first series. The subsequent formulae give explicit expressions resulting from these approximations. Figs 1 and 2 show the exact Card and approximate curves (for If' read IF$) for one 2/2 particular case; the error at no point exceeds 7% There are 2 figures and 2 Soviet references. SUBMITTED: June 29, 1959 UD p SM-Ov, N. K. I Determining the coefficient of commensuraldlitjr In supplying- an asynchronow motor-wIth electricity from a synchronoum generator of commensurate capacity with automatic regulation of excitatim Dokl. AN Aser'b. SM 5 no-5t375-378 159. tlMi 12:8) 10'Institut energetikii Akadsoll nauk AserSSR. (Blectric'sotors, Induiation) (Blectric generators) UDYMOVt Th. B. (Baku) Nothods for analyzing the stability, of automatic control systems with distributed parameters and consideration of losses (with sumary in Inglish]. Avtom. i telem. 20 no.4$525-527 Ap '59. MU 12:5) (Automatic control) KADYMOV, Th.B., kandtekht.nauk; WSUIOV, M.M., kandt.takhn.nauk Calculating electromechanical transient@ in and induct4nn motor -- synchronous generator not vith commensurable ratings Ksk- tr'ichostvo no.2:57-60 7 160. iMRA 13:5) 1. Inergeticheskiy institut Akad*mii natik Axerbaydzhanskoy SA. (Blectric motors, Induction) (Blectric generators) Fit if J~ Ig air Fr. 71 if A; ?o K , I r. - T INS[ g. ilk II 4F a till (lit TIM F. rADYXOV* Ta.Z.; LISTIOGARTMt S.A. Using the theory of pulse circuits for the investigation of an electric drive used for drilling oil wells. Ixv. AN Azerb. SSR Ser. fix.-mat, i tekh.'nauk no.3:73-81 1600 (KIPA 13:11) (Oil vell drilling) KADTMV. Ta. B. (Baku) Calculation of transients in an electric drive containiM a unit with distributed parameters. Isv.AN SSSR.Otd.tekh.uauk.1Inerg.i avtom. no.3:159-162 MY-Je 160* (MIRA 13:7) 1. 36rgeticheskly Inst1tut AN Aterbaqdzhatwkor SSR. (Rectrio driving) (Transients (Blectricity)) KADTHOV, T&.B.j kaud.tekbzL.nauk; RASULOV, M.N., kand.tekbu.nauk Starting an asynchronous motor from a synchronous generator which has a similar power output. no. 11:56-61 X 160. (MIU 13:12) 1. Ikergetioheshy institat AN Azerbaydshauskoy 8SR. (Ileatrie motors#,Induction) (Bleatric generators) . KADYMOV, Ya.Be, Imudetekhnonad1c; BASULOV, H.Me, kand.takhn.nauk Approximation method for calculating the g7rating mmemes IIL a diesel generator In alltOUOUOUA &.0. Si4tens'. T"C.-ilaktroprom. 31 no-1108-41 IF 160* (KMA 13tl2) (Mectric generators) (Mesel engines) -i -. - 1. - 77M77 KADYMOV, Ya. B. Doo Teoh Sol. -- "Theory ZCno onous avbw~ eleotrio driTe of systems with distributed pare-meterse" Baku, 1961 (AoRd Soi USFR. Inst of Automation and Telemoohanias). W, 4-61, 193) KADYMOVp Ya.Bol RASUMV, M.M. Automatic control of voltage on cable clamps in oil well drilling. Azerb, nefti. khoz. 40 no. 3:45-48 Mr 161. (MIRA 14:5) (Electric cables) (Automatic control) KADYMOV, Ya.B. (Baku)g LISTENGARTEN, B.A. (Baku) Calculation of an electromechanical transient process in an asynchronous electric drive including a member with distributed parameters. Izv. AN SSSR. Otd. tekh. nauk. Energ. i avloo. no*4:78-84 JI-Ag 161. (MIRA 14:9) (Electric generators) (Electric motors, Induction) KADYMOVp Ya.B., kand.tOklm-Muk) RAAUV, MA, kand-tokhn-nauk --~ ~Opsr~ational - stabilityof an asynchronm drive vith autonomauB food mid paloating and MhOc tYPG IQMG- Vast' alaktroPrm'- 32 no.3.lt3O-32 11 161. (MIRA 14,11) (Electric dri") s/196/63/000/002/023/026 E194/E155 AUTHORSs Kadymovv Ya*B*9 and Listengarten, B.A. TITLEt -S-ome-p`r-o-b1-e`m&--1n the theory of electrical drive including links with distributed parameters PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Elektrotekhnika i energetikas no.29 1963, 2, abstract 2 K 8. (Tr. Energ. in-ta AN AzerbSSR, v.15, 1962, 122-140). (Summary in Azerb.) TEXT: A procedure based on the relationship between representation of functions with ordinary and discrete Laplace transforms in presented for calculating the transient processes of an electrical drive which includes links with distributed .parameters, having any type of disturbance. Expressions are determined in operator form for torque at any point on a long shaft loaded at one end.~ An equation is obtained for a link with idistributed parameters in:*which two types of oscillation occur simultaneously. Discrete Laplace transforms are applied to the investigation of an open system with distributed parameters whicIA is represented in the form of an open impulse system acted on by impulses of rectangular wave shape on the linear part of the systems L~ard 1/2 ome problems in the theory of ... S/196/63/000/002/023/0 5 E-194/EJL5.5' 26 ~This proceduro is extended to the case when the linear part of the system is a biased lattice function and the object is a link with distributed parameters in which losses are allowed for. It to shown that the latter may be represented by a link with distributed parameters without losses and an inertia link. A procedure is developed for calculating transient processes in loaded links with distributed parameters in which the initial conditions are not zero. A calculation In given of a transient process in a long rod at tne-end of which is a concentrated mass as well an the load. 5 references. .!Abstractor's notes Compl*to translation UDYMDV, Ya.B.; DZHUVARLY, Ch.M.; ABDURRAKHMANOVv M.I.; KULIYEV, Z.Ya. Nmerical method of calculating transients in electric circuits with distributed parameters without allowance for loases. Izv, AN Azerb.,SSR. Ser. fiz.-oat. i tekh. nauk no.4t45-51 163o (MIRA 16:12) ACCESSION NR: AP4035073 S/0103/64/025/004/0484/0491 AUTHOR: Kidy*mov, Ya. B. (Baku); List6ngarten, B. A. (Baku) TITLE: Apprwdmate method of calculating transient processes in automatic- control systems containing die tr ibuted -parameter elements SOURCE: Avtomatika i telemekhanika, v. 25, no. 4, 1964, 484-491 TOPIC TAGS: automatic control, automatic control transient process, distributed parameter' automatic control, sampled data automatic control ABSTRACT: Transient processes in electric-drive systems and in automatic- control systems are theoretically studied by regarding the distributed -parameter elements of such systems as sampled-data closed-loop systems. An equation describing the motion of a long-shaft electric drive is converted into a discrete equation by establishing a relation between tha operator p and the discrete parameter q pT, where T is the time period between two successive values of Card ACCESSION NR: AP4035073 the independent variable. T is set at T w Z-V , where c is the time Of wave propagation and X is any integer. Formulas suitable for numeirical computations (on an adding machine or a computer) are developed. The error is lower for higher A ., Orig. art. has; 40 formula& and J table. ASSOCIATION: none SUBMITTED: 17Nov6Z DATE ACQ: 26May64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: 1E NO REF SOV.- 004 OTHER: 000 Card 2/2 KADYMOV, Ya.B;; LISTENGAMEN, .B.A. . ........ Calculating the elongation of rods in the period of initial deformation. Neft. khoz. 1+2 no.308-41 Mr 164. (MIRA 17:7) 6 L - 11547-66 EWT(d)/EWPN)/EWP(1) ACC NA, AP6005029 SOURCS CODE: UR/0105/65/000/001 ALTHORs _ASPR2y4-JJ#. 4.; Alizadep A. A.; Aslanov, R. K.; Guseynov, F. G.; Dzhuvarlys_Ph.#_M'* Te 11yashevich, Z. B.; Aadlilgi. Y&. B.1 Kulizade, K, No; '*gAZz.-d.- Z.- I.q.Mamikonyants, L. Go; Petrov, ro"E"J'wMetamade, P. Bol Spirinp VA.; Syromyatnikov, Is Aq Esibyang He A*; Efendisads,, A. A. ORG: none TITIE i Professod Boris R-sksimovich SOURCE% Elektrichestvop no. 1. 1965p 91-92 c) TOPIC TAGS: electric engineering,, electric engineering personnel, petroleum engineering personnel,, petrolem engineering ABSTRACT: Brief biography of subject,,,& doctor of technical sciences and hioad of Department of Electric Power and Automation in Industry at the Azineftekhim * (Azerba zhan PetrochemiMj-btl~t~4tej, on the occasion of his 60th birthday in Beer i~ 4-0 Ur-aduiGj irom, Azerbaydzhan Polytechnical Institute imeni ~ Azizbekov# subject worked in Caspian shipping industry and later headed the designiog di-viaion at the Azerbaydzhan department of Elektroprom. With Azineftekhim. since 1927, starting as laboratory,assistant; department head since its formation in ' 1938; deputy dean.of power engineering division in 1943-45. One of top Soviet wqprts on the electric power supply and electrical equipment of the petroleum industry, he has trained winy engineers and scientists for this field and is the author of oves 60 published works and Livventionso Widely known an his works an Cwd 1/2 M 621.)13.1/:3 L !1547-66 ACC HAs AP6005029 determining power losses in drillinge He was the first to investigate the probles of selecting the most suitable power characteristics with due consideration for wave-like torque distribution along the drilling*atring. He did research on the automatic regulation of drill food# critical roller-bit speed@# self-starting electrical pmps, eta. A party amber since 1945# subject has been awarded the Order of the Red Bannir of Iabor Orige &A# hams I figwv Z7M9 r SUB COM, 09o 13 SUN DMI now LA) e-..A 2 12 L 4 Biological Chemistry, Biochemistry of Plants (10840) Dokl. AN Azerb. SSR, Vol 9j, No 2. 1933j, pp, 91-95 KADYMOVAq A. IfInfluence of the Conditions of Development on Motabolism in the Potato Plant" Studies the relation between temperature and the processes of starch formation in the potato plant. SO: RMferativnyy Zhurnal-KhiaLiya, No 1# 1 Jan 54; SO: 114-30785, 28 JulY 1954) V- XADYKOVA, . A.~ B. ~ . Zffect of planting time on carbohydrate metabolism In different potato varieties. Trudy Inst.botAN Asorb.UR 19:5-18 155. (NLM 9:8) (AserbiAijan-Potatoes) (Carbohydrate metabolism) USSR/Plant 111ycblOMr - Respiration and Mutabolism. Abs Jour : FZcf Mur - 11iol.,, 11o 21, 1958., 95629 Author : Kadymova, A.B, Inst : AS ~Azar,!ftmr-SSR' Title : 3tudy of Daily Dischanr,~c of Gum, Orig Pub : Me, ruzoler AzerbSSR Elmlor dmde Dolcl. AN AzerbSSR, 1958, 14, No 2, 159-163 Abstract : In AstraGalus denedatus Stev., the discharge of am is sioiific,mtly more intensive at night (62-75% of daily yield) than during the day. In the opinion of the au- thor, this is conditioned by an increase of csnotic pres- sure vithin the gmbcnrinC cavities as a result of decroa- sed niLbt transpiration. Card 1/1 XADTMOVA, A.D. Transpira,tion in treg&cantb-bearing astragala under different ecological conditlow. Trudy Aserb. SSR 21:7-15 159. (XI" 1?:3) (Amerbaijan-Milk vatebes) (Plauts-4mnspiration) KAMIOVAY A.B. Dynamics of glycyrrhizin accumulation in the underground and aerial organs of Glycyrrhiza glabra L. in the Apsheron Penin- sula and the Shirvan Steppe. Izv. AN A2erb. SSR Ser. biol. i mod. nauk no.8:15-21161-,, 0-1IRA 16:8) (GLYCEMIZIC ACID) (KURA LOWLAND~-LICORICE) (APSHERON PENINSULA-LICORICE) 3/058/62/000/005/041/119 AOO~/AlOl AUTHORS: Kerimov, 0. K., Kadymova, F. A. TITLE; Effect of gas composition on spectral line intensities at thermal excitation PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Fizika,,no. 5, 1962, 16, abstract 5V105 ("Uch. zap. Azerb. un-t. Piz.-matem. i khim. ser.", 1960, no. 6, 33-38) TEXT: The authors investigated the effect of admixtures on intensities Of gas spectral lines. Sn, Sb and Ga were taken as elements being studied,,and carbon, galenite and sphalerite as bases. The test substance was excited by an are produced by a Ar -2 (DC1-2) a-c generator with addition of elements possessing a low ionization potential, such as NaCl, KCI, RuCl and KMO~- Ye.. Psheniehnov (Abstracteris note- Complete translation3 card 1/1 KERIMOVP O.K.; KADYMOVA,,I?.A.; MAMEDOV, A.b. Effect of the composition of a gas and the temperature gradient on the spectral line intensity. Uch. sap. AGU. Ser. fiz.-mat. i khim. nauk no.5:117-128 161. (MIRA 16t6) (Gases--Spectra) ~ll,~~l*",;"~,~'ll'~-.--"~L,~,~, 41 GLSANOVP G.G.; KADYMOVA, I.I. of the nonap"Afic formatiors of the brainstem, and the thain"i, Jn interoceptivo metabolic reflexes from the stomgch. Trudy Sekt. fiziol,AN Azerb.SSR 7:38-1,5 163. (MIRA M10) -ADYT,*OV.&, K.G., Cnnd Ved Sci -(aiss)ll tll~, clillicyt-~Cat:~!elltp ,(I p-_,tlloloricr,.l D~11,-jto.~ny of obliLerJing ondr,rLcritis." 13,,-I,,Ill lrl,f,~c)- _" 1, 2 A. 23 pp (Azerbaydzlian U,--.te T.*ed Inst irl '44. Narim"'.11OV), 220 co- I Pie," (1*1-07-5"~,123) - e; 2, - KADYNDVA, X.G## assistent Change in the venous preseure In obliterating andarteritis. Aserb. imed.shur. no.3;45-0 Me 160. (NIRA 13W 1. Iv*k1IutkI goopital1mv khIrurj1I (oar. - zaeluxbonvy doyatell naWd, akadealk NA4. PST-Wastmov Ldeaeused] Aserbaydshanakogo go- sudarstvonnogo seditelaskago Instituta Is. 1. ALrivanova. (BLWD PUSS=) I- A A -A -f- N-V ADONIN. Anatoliy Nikiforovioh- 1ADYNOU, Kamilys sula lAzy; TROITSM. Vitaliy Foaosovich; AMMM; M..", FORNW-MR; Sm WILI, A.S.. redaktor izaatellstva- [Uportence in using gas anchor@] Opyt primmenits gasovykh takerst. Baku. Aserbutitshouskoe goe.Lad-vo neft. t nauchno-tokhn.lit-ry, 1956. 53 P. (KIRA 10:9) (oh won pumps) 4 XADY14DVA. X.S.; XULIYIff, N.B., kandidat takhnichookikh nauk. Small-size four-section gas anchor. Aserb.neft.khos- 35 no-3: 14-15 Mr 156. (MM 9220) (Oil wall Pon") w- 7,1. -f~g T "7 KADTMOVA, K.B. Operation of underground equipment In deflected and directional wells. Aserb.neft.khos. 35 no.6:22-24 Je 156. (MM 9:10) (Oil wells-Squipment and supplies) ",I~` k, KADYNDVA. K.S., kandidat takhnicheakM nauk. Problems of similitudes of gas separators. Aserb.neftokhos. 35 no.8:18-19 Ag 156. (MLRL 9M) (Petroleum engineering-Blectromechanical analogies) Iffect of sand on the performance of sectional anchors. Trudy AzNII DN no.6-'169-179 157'.i (MIRA 12:12) (Oil well,pume) (Sand) R MAMEDOV, N.Ya.; KADYMOVA, K.S.;,,TROITSKIT, V.F. 0 Checking the accuracy of diagrams obtained in remote dynamometry. Azerb. neft, khox. 38 no 5:24-27 XF 159. (MIRA 12:9) (Dynanowt;r) (Ravots control) A HELIK-ASLA,NOV, L.S.j SHAKHNAZAROV, A.A.1 KAMOVA, K.S. Studying the depooition of oand in a borehole. Trudy ASNII DN no.9486-298-460. (MIRA 34s5) (Und) KADVOVA., R. Kh. KADYMOVA, R. Kh. -- "The Effect of Istisu Mineral Water on the Functional State of the Kidneys and the Course of Pyelitis." Azerbaydzhan State Medical Inst. Baku, 1955. (Dissertation for the Degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences.) SO: KrdzhrAaya Letapielp No 5. Moscow, Feb 1956 K&DYMVA, R,Kh.j k&W,med,nauk ------ Data of Hoolure-Aldrich test in patients during treatment vith Istiou mineral vater, Sbor.trud.Aserbonauch.-isol.inst.kurei fis.notod, i9e.h. noo3s79-81 159. (KMk 16s4) (ISTISU--MOTHERLPY) KOCITFUNA. Ye,K. of fac-tors )f the moun"ir cj!mate of Ad-,hikerd on the of sugar end ohlzrAdes In tha blood, Sbor. trud. Aterb. inst". )qirr. I fiz. metod. Itich. no.9t26-27 163 (MMA 18 9') pt -N~ KADYMOVA, R.Kh., kand. med. nauki KAFARZADE, B.A., kand. red. nauk Changes in the morphology of peripheral blood under the conditions of Adzhikend Health Resort area. Sbor. trud. Azerb. nauch.-issl. inst. kur. i fiz. metod. lech. no.9,. 129-131 163. OGRA I Ft 8) . - . v ~.: -~ ~ ~ ; L~,' ',~, , ~ d , ~, '. *~,, ., ~ .r - '. --,E:..- - , ~. ! . . ~ KADYRBAYEV, A.A. Using cukets with increased capacity on SE-3 excavators in the Sokolov-Sarbay Combine, Izv.AN NaukhoSSR,Seregor.dela noL*2:29-33 161. (Ka-,akh tan-Excavating mehiner7) (KMA 15:2) KADIRBAYEV, A.A. - YIEUPBEKGV, B.Kh. Analysis of spoil disposal by means of an excavator in the Sokolovka open-pit mine. Trudy Inst.gor.dela AN Kazakh*SSR 8&59-65' 16L, MIA 1524) (Sokolovka region (Kustanay Province)-Mine haulage) ALEKSEYEV, O.L~ KADYRBAYEV A.A. Comparative evaluation of.the operation of truck haulage in relation to the angle of incline of the roads. Trudy Inst.gor. dels. AN Tazakb.SSR 9s82-87 162. (XERA 1,.';:8) (Mine haulage) AIEKSEYEV, 0.1,.; KADMBAYEVq A.A. Determining the efficient n=ber of looonotives to work with an exoavator. Trudy Inst.gor.dela AN Kazakh,SSR 9s95-98 162. (KatA 15t8) (Wine railroadm) (Rxcavating machinery) ISAKOV, V.A.; XACYRBAW, R.M.1 MALICHENKOO Yu.I.; XHARTOVIGH, Yu.I. Ways of increasing the productivity of scraper ore handling in system with xass caving, Trudy Inst.gor.dola AN Kazakh. SSR 9t28-35 162. (KM 1518) (taninogorsk region (Zamt Kasakhatan Provines)-Ore handlIng) zEnarzy, S.P. N.N.; HALMN, G.M. VeTe; ILIMIASHOT, Me; ZHU=, K.N.;.X&DMWAMI R.A.; SHOO=, A.G.; RDMM. V.S.; IDMM, A.X-; 0 MIND= ARSMIVT311, AoI ; .3t; a , G.T. OKining or* deposits.* N.I. Agoshlwvo Reviews& IW S.P. Zhuravlov azd others. Gor.zhur. mo,7:63-& JIL '55o (KUU 8: 8) (Klass and mineral resources) (Afpshkov, MoI.) 2 A., gornyy inshener; LINNIK, G.F., gorW inshener; PCMOV, A.A., 76M inzhener. Progressive mining prhotlces In the Dzershinskil nines. 16-18 8 156. "(KULA 9: 10) JDhoprodsorshlusk-hin- mines and mining) rT KAD 2=11 - LINNIK; PORTNOY Elkltihamer drilling in the Dsorzhi=kil Xloel X0090SOL-toohnoo burenis na rudnike isioni Dsershinsi 0. [Doopropetrovok) aspro- 09 D petrovskoo oblotxd-vo, 1957- 41 lp (MIM 10:9) (11rivoy Rog Umlm-Borlag)*t~ 127-58-7-7/20 AUTHOR: Kadyrbayev, R.A., Head of the Kustanay Sovnarkhoz TITLE: Outlook for Development of the Iron Ore Industry of the Kustanay Economic Region (Perspektivy razvitiya zhelezorudnoy promyshlennosti Kustanayskogo ekonomichesRogo rayona) PERIODICAL: Gornyy zhurnal, 1958, Nr 7, PP 36-46 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Recently huge deposits of iron ore were discovered in the Kusta- nay oblast'. It is supposed that the general output of magne- tite ores in 1970 will reach 40-45 million and the output of limonites 80-90 million tons a year. The author finds that the preparation of all deposits for exploitation are proceeding extremely slowly. The building of the Sokolovo - Sarbay com- bine is behind schedule and the building of the Kscharskoye and Lisakovo Combines must start at once. Hydraulic works are also progressing unsatisfactorily and underground water does not permit the preparatory works to proceed normally. The main deposits of the Kustanny oblast' are as follows: the Sokolovo and Sarbay deposits; the Kacharskoye deposit (the most important of all)l the Lisakovo deposits of limonites; and Ayak deposit (not yet ready for exploitation). Concentration Card 1/2 combines will be built at each of these deposits. For the time 127-5e-7-7/20 Outlook for Development of the Iron Ore Industry of the Kustanny Economic Region being the main users of the ores will be the Chelyabinsk and Magnitogorsk Plants and the Karaganda Plant (under construction) Other plants will be built according to the plans of the Government. There are 2 maps, 7 figures, 4 tables and 1 Soviet reference. ASSOCIATION: Kustanayekiy Sovnarkhoz (The Kustanay Sovnarkhoz) Card 2/2 1. Industry~-USSR 2. Iron-Production PLYASKIIJ, Ivan Ivanovich, kand. tekhn. naukj MOSXALIKOV, Ye.F., gorn. inzh., retsenzent; KADYRBAYEV) R.A., gor. inzh., retsenzent; (Organization of stripping operations at the Sokolovka- Sarbay open pit mines] Organizatsiia vskryshrqkh rabot na Sokolovskom i Sarbaiskom karlerakh. Moskva# lzd-vo "Nedra," 1964. 134 P. (MIRA 17:7) ALEXSEYEV, 0.1.; KADYRBAYEV, A.A. Coefficient of the use of equipment in open-pit mines Trudy Inst. gor. dela AN Kazakh. SSSSR lOs99-104 163. ?NBA 1618) (Kazakbstan.-Strip mining-Equipment and supplies) F F_ I T F_ ......... . X- T.WU "Effect on Lead Intoxication on the Healing of Skin Wounds in Experimental Animals," by Kh. M. KaUrbayeva, Tr. In-ta &=voy Patol. AN r-azSSR, 1�~6, 4(11), pp 50-54 (from ReferatL murna 161091ya,. No 10, 25 May 57, Abstract No 1919) "Investigations were conducted on the dynamics of the healing of ,--.r~-4kin wounds- in 24 rabbits suffering from lead intoxication. The rabbitsV ~;:wre administered one milliliter per kilogram body weight of a 2.5 per- solution of lead acetate daily (for a period of 5 to 6 mont hs). to three months later wounds 3 by 4 centimeters in size were in- _~'~'-Iiicted on the animals under aseptic conditions. The healing of the proceeded at a slow pace. The slackening in the process of re-' was accompanied by the weak regeneration of leucocytes in I layers of the wound, and the decomposition of the argyrophil f ibers..V-,-~-- author explains this by the effect of lead intoxication on the ~7'uervous system, an effect which produces changes in the reactivity of of -the. 9r &W _t7Mir...t..qru.&f cour fqqt. the -q)3, ~tiq~ ~.M S KADYRBAYBVAO-1h.M. Association of archilin with other diseases and diagnostic errors. Izv. AN Kazakh. SSR. Ser. mod. i fiziol. no.1:95-104 157 (SYPHILIS, complications, (MIRL 12:7) diag. errors (Rds)) KADYRBAYgVA,.Kh.M. Pathomo4hology d lead intoxioation. 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N.A.; Airol j &I-lw GRIGORIY39T, V.Y., otvetstvanuff redaktor; TZMHC WO, I.I., redaktor; PAVLOVA, N.M., takhnieheakiy radak-tor I [The "gazakhatanO pavilion; a guidebook] Pavillon 69ozakhakets, 58101 putevoditell, Noshwa, Gone lxd-ro ealkhos* lit-ry, 1956, 23 P. (KLU 9:10) I@ Moscow* Tseseyuanaya sellskokhozyaystvannaya vystarka, 1954- 2, Direktor pavillona (for Radyrbskov).;- (lasakhaten-Agriculture) Noscow- -Agricultural exhibitions) KADYRBEKOV M.B.v inzh, Use of the "MINSK-10 elootronio oomputer for the calculation of double-track inserts onsingle-track lines. Sbor. trud.LrTZHT no.221:63-78 164, (MIRA 18:8) ME= 18 (5), 25 ON SOV/128-59-11-8/24 AUTHOR: Kadyrkhanov, S., Engineer TITLE: On the Methods of Calculating Casting Costs PERIODICAL: Liteynoye proizvodstvo, 1959, Nr 11, pp 15-18 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In the machine-building industry, cast machine compo- nents occupy the first place; the average content of cast parts in a machine is 65% by weight; in agricul- tural machines, it is 40-10%. In this article, the au- thor stresses the importance of a precise calculation of casting costs. For this purpose, he recommends di- viding production expenses into the following groups: 1) At the end of each year, a certain volume of unfi- nished products is left at the foundry for the subse- quent cleaning, machining etc. Expenses in connection with these operations have to be precalculated and en- tered in the current fiscal year budget; 2) the cost of production wastes which can be later utilized should be charged with the expenses involved for their Card 1/2 recuperation; 3) Losses in connection with the pre- SOV/128-59-11-8/24 On the Methods of casi;�zLg costs sence of defective castings should be singled out in a separate column; 4) Such items as consumption of fuel and electrical energy, transportation expenses etc. should be considered separately; 5) Wages and salaries should be allotted by professions. In Table 3, calcu- lation of finished products cost price per I ton of cautings is given. There are 3 tnbles. Card 2/2 K&DnUANOV 9 S. Reduction of discards is an important potentiality in founding, Lit* sy. nailsl2-4 Ja 161. (MM 34i1) (76=dries.-Quallby control) PFMHII4, G.P., kand.aellskokhoz. naok; RkZ)UCGV# K.; ATABEKOV, N,;,,YJtMt- KRMZHAYEV, P. Using fertilizers in the virgiA lands of the Golodnaya Stappee Zem- ledelie 25 no-9:54-.55 3 163* (Iff-RA 16.- 9) 1. VaerjoyuzW ordena Lenina nauchno-issledovatellskiy in3titut khlop,kovodstva, (Goloduaya Steppe-Fertilizers and manures) MMOZOV, S.Ts.; KADYRLI, A.M., rodaktorl HATIUMIYIV# KA., takhnichookiy I (ftactical manual for. the drilling rig mechanic] PraktIchesIdi spravoobn1k sekhmalks kontory burentia. Baku$ Goo. nauchno-tekkne isd-ve nsftiw'wi i garno-toplivnoi-lit-ry. Aserbaidshanskoe otd-nia, 1953. 95 P. [Nicrofilal' (NWA 7:10) (Boring) ZEFRAJ-Ly, M.I.- KADEPLY, A.M. .%thcjds for in-ctreaslug t~4 ~'~~Id of pefruliferous layers. Sbor.nauohs- takh.-Inlrorr. Azerb. ins t. nau2h.- tekh, Inform.Ser. nafL.pram. n0.1.-29-37 163o (MIRA 18:8) LIPSITS,, D.V.1 KADYRMATOV I N . Differences in the enzymatic attackabillty of proteins in potato varl- -ties resistant and oancer. Dokl. AN SSSR 163 no.lt250- 253 Jl 165.. 1 ~ I (MIRA 180) 1. Veasoyuznava nauchno-lasledovateltakaya stantslya po raku ka-rtofelya Vsesoyuznogo instituta sashahity rastenly, Chernovtay. - ,,, :~_~, i :, 30) U 06 537 d SOV/166 / A THORs -59-5-4 Ka yrov A. 9 TITLEt e Determination of Clo~k Correctures Prom the Observations on a Transit Instrument for Which the Azimuth of the Instrument is Determined With Respect to Northern and Equatotial Stare PERIODICALt Izvestiya Akademii nauk Usbekskoy SSR, Seriyi fiziko- matematicheskikh nauk,0~59, Nr 5, pp 36-41 (USSR) ABSTRACTs The author investigates with respect to which stars the azimuth of the transit instrument shall be determined in order that the clock ourrecture has the smallest error. The investigation was carried out from March to November:.1957 (100 evenings) with the tranbit instrument Askania-Verkec-;0i-.- Nr 100 306. It is stated that the corrections calculated according to the observation of northern and southern stars are different from each o other. :",In Tashkent it is commended to determine the azimuth of the instrument with respect to southern stare..The author mentions M.SvZverev, V.E.Brandt, K.A.Shteyns, Pillnik,G.P., and U.N.Pavlov. There are 7 Soviet references. ASSOCIATIONtTashkentsAyg- astronomicheskays, observatoriya (Tashkent Astron.6,mical Observatory) SUBMITTED: January 26, 1959 Card 1/1 KADYRCV, A. Cand Phys-Math Sci - (diss) "Problem of programs of the deter- minations of hour corrections from observations on the passage instrument for purposes of time regulation." Tashkent, 1961. 9 pp; (Academy of Sciences Uzbek SSRI Tashkent Astronoridcal Observatory); 170 copies; price not given; (n, 5-61 sup, 1?3) V" KADYROVP A.t klinicheakly ordinator Functional disorders of the pancreas In Botkin's diseases. Nauch. turdy uch,i prak.vrach. no.2:118-127 161. (YJRA 15:8) 1. Iz kafedr7 infektsiowWkh bolezney Tashkentskogo inatituta usovershenstvovaniya vrachey (sav. kafedroy - prof. I.K.Musabayev). (HEPATITIS, INFECTIOUS) (PANCREAS--DISEASES) KADMV, A.A. Wfoot of repeated haterogewas blood transfusion on certain Pkqsloo- chemical properties of peripheral blood In rabbits. Xhirurgilao Noskya n0-9:48-51 GOO 1953o (GUL 25:5 ) 1. Of the Pathopbrolology Department (Nead -- Prof. N. 1. 1hanin), Uzbek Scientiflc-ReseLrch Institute of Blood Traneftsione I - - Di,q.,wrtativn: "The IdAury of the Liquidation of ~,pida!njc I)is(,. i,; Liquidation of Dram,,culouis (Pprasit Wolm) in Uzb-,-kistar.11 Canr. ~-e~ Aczd I-led Sci USSR, 2 U'wn 54. Vechern-,raya Yoskv,-., '10scow, 21 ':ay 51,. SO: XE 2e4, 26 Nov 1954 - . '.- ~:: -, ~., 'a m ", " , . 3 . , v - ,,.nauk- New medical societv. Mod. zhur. Uzb. no.3: 60. (MIiM 15:2) (TASHMIT--"ICAL SOG#T%), LUMTO A.A. Sam peculiarities, in ths abstraction process among slimentary school childr.ene Vopopsikhole 7 no*3slO2--UO )My-Je 161* (MIRA 146) 1. Pledagegiabeekly inatitut imeni O-Za+bi i pedagogicheskiy institut Imni X&FeAkh=dMp BMMO (Abstraction) SMIDOV, A.G,; XADYROV, A.A. Clays In Miocene deposit@ of the Nakhichevan A.S.S.R.'Ueh. sap. AGU no.U13-5-142 157. (KIRA IN12) (Nakhlohevan A.B.S.R.-Clay) KAXWV. A.A. Calculating the erosion depth and fastening length in under water@ of hydrotechniaLl constructions, Izv. AN Us.SSR.Ser. takhonsuk no.3t67-76 137. (XIMA ll: 7) (Eydraulic engineering) / 1// 4,/ /A 47,1 // ~ rADYROV, A.A. / Some data on sedimentation in the FAkhichavan Miocene basin. Azerb. neft.khos. 36 no.9:3-5 5 157. (MIRA 11-W (Nakhichovan A.S.S.R.-Petroleum geology) (Nakhichovan A.S.S.R.-Gas, Natural-Geology) SOV/112-59-S-8648 8(6), 14(6) Translation from: Ref erativnyy zhurnal r Elektrotekhnika, 1959, Nr 5, p 36 (USSR) AUTHOR: Kadyrov, A. A. TITLE: ~ Stream Energy Dissipation in the Hydraulic-Jump Roller and Downstream -from the Jump PERIODICAL: Izv. AN Uzbekskoy SSR. Ser. tekhn. n., 19S8, Nr 1. pp 65-72 (Summary in Uzbek) ABSTRACT: In determining the head loss in a hydraulic jump, the kinetic energy correction in conjugate level sections and the momentum correction are usually assumed equal to unity. The inadequacy of the above assumptions is usually covered by introducing a certain "corrected" length greater than the roller length. Formulae are suggested for high perfect hydraulic jumps that determine the energy losses in the roller zone and downstream from the jump. It is suggested that the dissipating capacity of a jump be determined as a ratio of the energy dissipated in the roller to the entire energy lost in the jump. Card I /Z "VeV4 SOV/112-59-5-8648 Stream Energy Dissipation in the Hydraulic-Jump Roller and Downstream . . . . Correction formulae and calculations are presented which show that the bulk of the energy is dissipated in the roner. The boundaries of a perfect jump are defined. It is noted that the energy dissipation downstream from the jump depends not on the head but only on the discharge. With a constant discharge, this energy does not vary for conjugate-level ratio of over 2.6.