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SIDUCHRIKO, A.I.; KANTGGINp A*Vj StratiWaphy-of Ofdo-rl6iin'sadiments In -'Jhe O:i~alfavkm (nortt"ast of the U.S.S.R. Geol. i geotlz. no.3-.151-155 It'40 (MIRA 180) L Institut geologli i geofiziki Sibirskoga ctdaleniya AN SSSRp N;vosibirsk. SIDYACHENKO, A.I.; KANYGIN, A.V. Stratigraphic position of the Krivaya Wks, otage Of the Siberian Platform, Dokl, AN SSSR 161 no.1:187-18"* Mr 165- (MIRA 18:3) 1, Inotitut geOlOgii J geofiziki Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR. Submitted November 9p 1964. KANYGIN, V.G.1 PRYANIKOV, V.I.; URZ1111MOV, S.V. Hydraulic trough unit for the granulation of blast furnnee ilage at the Karaganda Metallurgical Plant. Stall 24 no.2:188-191 F 164. (MIRA 17:9) HT"A Sargey Mikhayloviah; KQMIN. Viktor Bar py ffl mlolu- PAS"KMT, T.K., nsuohnyy re-T.T-MUCUT. F*T.q redo; [Operational training of lathe operators in plantst methodological Instruation ustdfials] Protsvodetvannoo obuchoula tolcarei no prodpritatilakhl Instruktalonno-matodiohaskis materiely. Xoskvs, Tees.uchabno-padegog.isd-vo Proftakhisdat, 1960. 101 p. (KIRA 14:4) 0~=Ind) KUTUWVj G.P., kand.eal'skokhoz. nauk; KANYGIN, ru.I, Using some herbicides in forage',boan fields. Zonledelie 25 no.5s"-45 W 163, (KMA 16t7) 1. Vaesoyuznyy nauchno-isoledovatellakiy institut kormov (for Kanygin). (B"ps) -(Wood control) -J-1 GINA- -A.T. - LIBEDVA, M.P. -, BODULLAR, I.D. The effect of Industrial waste on water basins locate&.In marine tide some, Ted. I. van. tokh. no.8:20-21 Ag 156. (Mm 9110) (Watm-parification) , 77777-7-- - _ , - , 8 .- , ~ ;;. ~F IV ... - Mr, ~, . KANYGINLI A,T,; RODZILLU, LD. lif-o-at"of'w'&'ete waters front obesical industry enterprises on water bodies. Tod* i em, tekh, zoA19-25 157, (ML 1026) (Vater-Pallutiotl KANYGINA, A.V.- LEBEDEVA, M.P.; HOMILLER, I.D. Effect of the discharge of Industrial sewage of chemical plants Into the Volga River. Vod. i 99n. tekh. no.1:3-5 Ja ,61. (MM 14:9) (Volga River-Water-Pollution) KANYG1N, A.V. I L~~ Nev Middle Ordovician Ontracodo nf the family Tetradell1dae, In the northeastern U.S.S.R. Paleont. zhur* no*309-72 165. (MIRA 1819) Is Tnatitut geologii I 1,eofiziki. Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR. SVET-HOLDAVSKYJ 0. T.; technical assistance: KWGINA Z. A ; KISEMAY 1, 8, Pathogenicity of Rous sarcoma virus for mammela. Sarcomas in rataq further studies on cyst.-baemorrhagic disease and an attempt at isola- ting infectious ribonualoic aoid from Rous sarcoma, Acts. virol.&gl. Id.Praba 5 no.3tl67-177 My 161. 1, Influenza aqd Measles Iaboratory, The Tarasavich State Control Insti- tute of Medical Biological Preparations, Moscbw. (SARCOMA virol) (VIRUSES) (RIBONUCLEIC ACID) ZA f T-A t the Of Vk". OW.*fl U, 0, on tarn the ttycepa t. of glycom iq 31, S"th or In V Pv M - g IN HOWN I w & WM s W TAKOVIMI Y.G.; ODURTS, R.N.1 UNTGINA. I.; 023ROVA. G.N. ~Z ,Affect of keratin on the wool produativity of sheep* Trady Blol. taste KtrFAN SSSR no*4:103-111 051. (KLPA 9:10) (SENW-IPMING AIM 7MING STUYFS) (MOUTIN) (WWL) KANYGINA, X. 1. nPhysiological Role of Some Oxidoreductions in the Chain of Respirator7 Catalysts.$ Biokhim.f 10, No. 3# 1945. Biochemical Isboratory of the Kirghiz Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and Chair of Biochemistry of the Medical Institute, Frunze, Kirghizia, -1945-. "On the Effect of Certain Inhibitors of Metabolism upon Mobility, Respiration and Glyoolysis of Spermatozoap" Dok. AN# 49, No. 6, 1945. Kirgiz Affil.p Acad. Sci. -1945-. Kirgiz State Med, Inet.0 -1945-. TTTr-w. ~,,T 03 ,A 0o A go 60 000 god OOW son to! to It I m I . I M JIM); d. I C.A. 3210; Lanfy aW A . a $Pftmlk " awr & . it WON dW pftestiON I* *Void CUM .1 f"Piffitift af O~sd bmN wwmMom by so am$ then 10 a tka -Guwy. U"ty to ces" in 1. clw6v a 10 "k. mm. do nm*atku of a 19 =v"Weame. From uw ~ftw a# Alli ~PP~ lhW OW SddKbm c v dKidom mk Is Ow awhanim e# arA r4osba". I.. ~A-A--A -&-A- . 0 so Ogg 06# "Oe 00, awe Moo %o 1%0 r 00 %4 Mg, 0 4641 gee w0 0 Vs 0 moo goo see b u a Av 'a At M A I I W 0 0 0 1 0 9 A 9 3 0 9 .T-.4 11 130 " v 13 v a11 11 1 1 0 it . I K o vanow 4nd ... lo Arilia .,144wy 'Ibd. Nals# so. mliq. M 164V f"41wivis tof l1w rilm I. &M y P leo . , V (full' -41441 IwT I mi"ifes". 1 " = l .11141 nM#C 3A oat-) In 41"- 1*1 i-vuhliol- Itaga-ve t"%&w M14p". jAwle tkirriat ot *m4it fl- p mg. Lihitr plin 141116. ji.w. 1 M 2 me. ATP powm;. If WIAMM i% 1`11451fietnt. lbr l ATI linvoripaniM fir Ut M"WY 44 41WMMIU941A. lM Tivis r6ft-t ia tu"k-uLte yrso In .1willit."s jorrumlowily l"44041 with to 41141A if 1 l l 0 .3 04"w"T1 i1rilt y4li yult iribilliporl. oil " q** wO 2 mol. 0" with 11411"h4v livillot "eAk it 2 3 lite. "; Al"I ahwat sith the IMro affug" 4; M, h' 000 A isr see all 1:90 All, %I& J., it )pa 4 c1 to 04 $0 to 00 'Ito 0 ; ~'* ,000006 00000001110 00 00000 00 0 A 00 00* *000 00 000 0 1000 000 0 iuo~* 0000 - vind prMucts of nitro Aat~olt%m of Ascarh imum *nd" vn mL Monlezu erptnu. K. 1. Kan, na. fttest. Kirlis. Filiala And. Youk.57777r. av *W.FF-10, 75-Q.-The following distribution of nitrorn ccanpdi. was (otsaxi In the., cituctians 44. jxwm: A total of 20 mX. of IN couipcis. was. tgaettd PCX l(M S. bWY Weight TKI diZal. Of WS, 15 Mg. wag Itouprotrin cotnpd-. Ammocti2 ~K-coujtts for W- W7q, creatinine for 3%. unidentified N cotupds. for 30- 4070. Urft and uric " couM not be dclectcd. M. OTPOnS4 citcretes 21 tn. of N comprit. W 100 g. of body - weight in 2 hts. Of this 10.5 mg. werv no" cia turppds. Ammonia amminu for 40%. amino =(0r 1770, creatinine for 1.5%. unidtaffied 2% rompds. for 40%. KANYGINA, ltj_t, _,,- Amount of some amino aoids In th.3 total body proteins of Ascaris auum and Monissia expeass. Trudy Diolginsts 11rYAN SM uo#4:113-117 151. (WMIO ININSTIMAL AND PARASITIC) (KWA 9:10) (ANIND AODS) XAMIRA, K.I., kemd, blol, nank. YAtabolles la helydnths. tt-adv TIGIS 5:68-72 153. (NLU 11:1) (WO=. IMMIAL AXD PAUSITIC) (OWoLl=) YAKOYM, T.G. -. MYWS, R.W,; XOMINA ; OZJWTA. G.N. Wool prodwtivlty to sheep as affected by 41ftereat nutrltlo4 ' lovele, ft"Ay ISO. Seel. I Pam. wirpm SM. 860:9-24 $54. (Kirgbisistan.-Sh"p-Piveding and feed1mg stufft) (MA 10:6) (Wool) VTU offwt of kfte4 caftia an the mpubolUm OVM. UktM, Md pbKpMn* in =fit cows. R. R. Wittet'. yokkovkv, 1. A. PantAlb, 0. N, Omar" am 1, 1, pedotov~ rray 4`04, WIN , ~P-.Waw X14vil Paftsitd, Kktix. Pit" A kfid. N41A S.S.S. R. IOU. Refeml. ANF. Nks,ow.. Dial Kkial loss No. MO. S. eo~%a owiietlng of 14.1 its:, of fodder units Phd 15-2 9- Of digpitedpoxcin. The rAldn.of the Witcdc-L94ti &(19MMtS do phy". depwtion of the dlg~-,Ivj ration Cornpomats. The dke*tMky of the pcoteiru rm frotu M? to 64.6%. -a Tbeftwitivoof N In the urpm1un nee froin 14.09 W46A g./bead/dAy, The deptetim of Ca qnd P Itom the or- valstals team "ped and the rnttabolic Uaince In re- prdtathesesubsuncesbecamepm. WIththis.thectocral ChRIM-ler d the extbangti of Ca with proccitts wms altertd. ZZ-The amt. of Nffs N I* this Prodwets Of Protein decomPa- ran (mm 6.2 to?,11170, frotm urett N 52.7 069.1%, And CM0,11ne 93 to 73.7% VA Its the wak me frW-t4.I-(Q-- ci~~cfnlctI OR Wized cuvin stimulated Vratkm *n4 lowered rjilk wretion heart mictivity xod m fivq4I .6 to IOA kg-lday~ -77777-77~ MUZHININ, I.G.; BUGUBAIZVg A.B,; KWGINA,, K.I. Chsaical AWY of peat frm tip Tokmak dsposit. Uch. sap. Biol.-poch,v. fako Px. m. no.70,45-153 158. (KM 15: 10) (Towk(Kirghisiot&4--Peat-Analysis) TROEOV red. [introduction to the methodological textbacOul-se In organic chemigtr okl Vvedenie k kiwou ol y a panj khiiall; uchebn~motodichoskoe pOL:01je che:3koi 90s. un1v., 1961. 182 p. Frunzep Kirgizskii (MTRA 17:10) kand. :;cj to 1 r7 P,mi,!. or the Folyporaceae family on the Gricrita! beecii 1~.Fq~gus Orlezil-Olls Lipsky) of the Belokany-~Iakataly zone of ;~zer- bal.?;P..n S%S.R. izv. All Azerb. SSR. S~-r. biol. Pllj~ota provedene- v Nauchno-lssledo-natell3kom 1-:=ogu khozyn7stva Azerbaydzhanskoy SSR. LOUIN, I., inshamr; PLMICIM, R.. inothener. Standard ow-story meet combine. Mies.ind.SSSR 28 no.4:38-42 15?. (MLRA la:7) 1. 01prmWeso (for Ploticher). (Peaking houses) (Slaughtering and slaughterhouses) XARMS, 1. -- -~ ~ ~ ~-.. "j-t ;a- " we mm out It mg aw entorprises wlth now equipinst, W", W, ~ 28 U0.5M.28 157. (um nn) 1. AhaballwAk upmvloalya wowmy I *31mbnoy proVehIsmostl TAUIVgrgftkW NOWNUMMA. (Sat IrAustry-Squlpment mA oTplies) AP 0952T (N) SOURCE CODE: UR/0413/66/000/005/0049/,'0049 INVENTOR.- X'SU'.J.; T. D.; Pa A. Aeaev rmon ILapykina-, Mors.-A. A. ORO: none TrrLE: Method of stabilization of sticky material [announced by the 12 noon III StitUtA-qx-.ftx&LQa2-'Qr& c Cheml qtm &AWAAAA- Institut flalko- ~"r~a~ibheeskoy khimil AN NO. 179407 SOURCE: Izobretenlyap promyshlennyye obrextsy, tovarnyye znaki, no. 5. 19669 49 TOPIC TAOSs Inseot aontrol,, stabilization ABSTRACT: An Author Certificate has been Issued for a method of stabilizing sticky material containing colophony for naeo To Increase the stability of the material, the colophdin-yin modir at 170 to 300C With 0,5--2% xina chloride. SUB CODE., llp OT/ SUBM DATEt 22Jan65/ 1/1 -UMS.- V54T.914.2-l7lt632-952 N_~_N I N ) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/1128 Problemy kibernetikio vyp. 1 (?roblems of Cybernetics, no. 1) Moscow, Flzmatgiz, 1958. 268 p. 20,000 copies printed. Ed. (title page): Lyapunov., Aleksey Andreyevich; Ed. inside book)'-. Snolyanskiy, N.L.; Tech. Zd.: Kolesnikova, A.P,; ~s. and Com- pilers: Lupanov, O*B., Pillchak, B.Yu., Kulagina, O.S., Yablonsk1y, S.V. I PURPOSE: The book is Intended to relate the interests of scientific aid enonsering personnel whose work involwa varioua aspects of COVERAGE: This collection of articles deals with g,neral problems of loybernetics, information theory, theory of algorithms and automatic machines, theory of control systems, theory of games and tactics, methods of operations analysis, problems in the theory of cal- culating machines, programming, and the application of cybernetict to other sciences,such as biology, economics and linguistic*. "Problems of Cybernetics", as a recurrent publication,, will continue to include original papers, survey articles and translations and, Card 1/4 Problems of Cybernetics, no. I SOV/1128 like the present work, will contain the results of seminars in cybernetics held at Moscow University. There are 107 references, of which 104 are Soviet, 2 English and 1 Hungarian. TABLE OF CONTENTS: From the Editors 4 I. GENERAL PROBLEMS Lyapuov., A.A. On $ovw General Problems'of C,7bernetics 5 Tsetlin, M.Lo Nonprimitive Systems 23 II. PROGRAMUNG Lyapunovp A.A. Logical Systems of Programming 46 Yanov, Yu.1. Logical Systems of Algorithms T5 Podlovchenko, R.I. Basic Notions on Programing 128 Card 2/4 Problems of Cybernetics, no. 1 SOV/1128 Kanynin~ S.S... Lub y., EZ., and Shura-Bura, M.R.. Automation or-MrManining ~ ~thithe Aid of A Data Processing Program 135 Lukhovitskaya, E.S. Logical Processing Unit in the PP-2 IT2 LyubA~skiy, E.Z. Arithmetical Unit In the PP-2 lT8 MIX& , S.S. Re-addressing Unit in the PP-2 182 Shtarkman,, V.S. Economy Unit for Operating Locations in the PP-2 185 Ill. CALCULATING MACHINES Mikhayl6v, G.A., Shchitikov, B.N., and Yavlinakiy, N.A. Digital Electronic Computer TsEM-l 190 Iv. PROBLEMS OF MATHEMATICAL LINGUISTICS Card 3/4 KORARI. Sander, dr; IWO, F~Ll, dr; NIMM. Tibor, dr; XTARLDT~ lym, dr Prollmina:7 data on plans and organization of rehabilitation in tuberoulosis In Huncarr. NoPegestlegua 35 no.61150-152 Jum 54, 1. Koslaynny as OrsWos The. Inteset aservesesti on modesertaal. oastalyarol (Inteset vesetojet Sebok looram dr.) as Allani KorazWi Tudobetegyogrintosetbol. (Igangato-foorwoo: Dessauer Pal dr.) so a bu"posti varoal tanace tudobeteMadoso Intesetebol (Igasgate- foorwool Sam Antel dr.) (TMUCULOSISO rehabil. in Ruftary) (RUMILITATION. in various disease@, tuboro.# in Hmmary) KANYO, S-andor Temperature of the plawtv. &Ut tud 18 no.36:1145-U46 8 S 163, DMITRENKO, L.M.; KUZNETSOV, L.D.; KANYSHINAt Ye.A.; KONTOROVICH, G.I. Seleotion of raw materials for the produotion of oatalysts for ammonia synthesis. Dim. prom. no.l01750-752 0 163. (MIRA 17t6) 1. Gosudaretyennyy nauchno-isaledovatellskiy i proyektnyy Institut azotnoy-prouWahlennonti, i produktov organicheskogo sinteza i TS'entral*nyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut chernoy metallurgii imeni I.P. Bardina. BOKSERMAN,j A.A,j MUN, V,3.j FANYUGA, A.P.;.PMWH, I.W. Mean formationpres conditiono of flooding gassy oil and initial data for determining it. Ikuoh.-tekhp abore po dobo nefti nooI30409 961# (KIRA 16s7) Vsexoyuznyy neftegazovyy nauahno-issledovatel'skiy institut,, Stamislavskiy TsXIL i Nsuobno-ionledovatellakaya laborateriya neftepromplavogo upmleuiya DolinaneftI. (Oil field flooding) KAKYUGA, A.P, Simplified method for processing the bottom pre3sure build-up and inflow curves. Neft. i gas. prom. no.102-36 Ja-ffr 164. (MrRk l8s2) K.-la-MGA, A.P.; I-EDTWEV, YU.A. Simplifiod intogral nothod for processing the bottom prosaure build-up curves. Nauch.-tukh. sbor. po dob. nef ti no.24:113-117 164. OMU 17: 10) 1. MkrVNIGIRL KA 1~9N-u Determination of the parameters of the area of edge water flood and the prediction of pressure drop in the Vygoda pool of the Dolina oil field. Trudy UkrNIGRI no.7sl76-182 163. (MIRA 19t1) COUNTRY POLAND CATEGM t. Plant PhYoiologY. Mineral Nutrition. ABS. MM. r IRZhBiol., No- 6 190,9 NO, 24529 AUMOR "an"u9no Z. INST, T17LE a, A Comparison of Mutamine Synthesis and Assimilation of Nitrogen From Urea and Prom kmnonium Ions OHIG- PUB- Acts Soo. bot. Polon., 1958, 27p *Xo- 21 313-341 TR ACT In leav*s of Lolium perenne (water culture) the H content-was higher during feeding with ammonium N thin with urei&'.,,_jn,thG first ten hours of the experimentj in the leiLi4s-of tolium perenne glutamine synthesis was accomplished more rapidly by the action of urea, than by VH4 'One' In leaves of tomatog bean and Rumexj glutamine synthesis wow more intense during fesing with NH In all the J rs quickly from plants studied I was assimilated NH 4 than from urea. In six-day Lolium perenne plants, RD: 1/2 !44 XC NRI AT6010586 SOURCE CODE: UR/0000/65/000/000/0022/0029 AUTHOR:,,Kap Mka, A. K. ; Ejzhkov, V. I ; Smirnov, A.-A. ORG: Institutis-of Metal Physics, AN UkrSSR (Inatitut metallofiziki AN UW4*0 TITIX: Effect of pressure on the ordering of alloy having an AuCu3 type cubic lattice SOURCE: AN UkrSSR. Fazovyye prevrashchenlya, v metallakhysplivakh (Phaae transforma- tions in metals and alloys). Kiev, Naukova dumka, 1965p 22-29 TOPIC TAGS: gold alloy, copper alloy, high pressure, ordered alloy, phase transition ABSTRACT: The paper deals with the effect of pressure on ordering in AuCU3-type alloys, in which the transition to the ordered state is a first-order phase transition. Theoretical analysis of the equilibrium conditions In a binary alloy A-B of this type shows that the pres- sure does not affect the magnitude of the jump In the degree of long-range order at the transition point; pressure only shifts the transition point To to lower or higher values. Analysis of the effect of pressure on the degree of long-range order to also carried out for an alloy of stoichlometric composition. It to pointed out that for many metals and alloys, the decrease of compressibility with pressure becomes appreciable at pressures of about 104-100 atm. The qualitative conclusions drawn In the paper concerning the possibility of a nonmonotonic change in the transition point and In the degree of long-range order with 1/2 C- I AT6010586 6 pressure are valid even for alloys In which the dependence of Um Interatomic distance r on pressure P sMstantially deviates from linearity. Orig. art. has: 3 figures and 12 formulas. SUB CODE: 11 / SUBM DATE: 16Dec64 / OP10 REF.- 002 / OTH REF: 003 2/2 4 C_ USSR/Medicine Veterinary, Swine Poisoning Card 1/1 Author Kanyuka, F. D., Veterinary Physician Title Poisoning of swine on pasture grounds Periodical Veterinariya, 31, 56s May.1954 Abstract The cause -of death of a large number of swine on one of the farms in Elizavetgradskiy Rayon, Kirovskaya Oblast in April 1952 is described. Investigation revealed that death was due not to mineral poisoning, but was caused by poisonous plants on pazture grounds. The swine spent the entire winter in pens and were fed with dry ra- tions and vitamins; their system did not have a chance to develop resistance to poisonous plants present on pasture grounds in sprini,7. Institution Submitted AUTHORt Kanyuka, M. S-)V-107-58-9-5/38 TITLE: A Heroic Feat (Podvig) PERIODICAL: Radio, 1958, Nr 9, pp 6 - 7 (USSR) ABSTRACTs The article describes the life of the late Alsksandr Dnish- chenko - "Chechenete" - a radio operator in the underground organization, "Vikolayevskiy Tsentr". in the town of I:i- kolayev during the Second World War. There is 1 sketch. 1. Radio operators--USSR Card 1/1 XANMAMSS 600 1. KANYUKAp N. S.; PASHKOVj I. A. 2. Usm (6oo) 4. Pumping Machinery 7. ConveyIng solutions along a vibrating pipe, Biul. stroi. tekh. 9 no. 12, 1952. Tnzh.j Kiyevskiy Insbenerno-Stroitel Inyy Institut 9. Monthl-Y Llg_t g_f Rusaign Aggeselyne. Library of Congress, September 1952. UNCLASSTFIED. 1. DENYAKIN, Z. A.: KAMA. N. S. 2. USSR (6W) 4. Cement 7. Grinding cement in a centrifugal ball mill. Biul. stroi. tekh. 9 no. 21, 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions. Library of Congress, March 1953. Unclassified. UNYUXA, N.S.; MQTTAKIN, Z.A. Vibro-press method of plastering walls. Blul.stroi.tekh. 10 no.23:12-23 0 153. NLRA 6:10) 1. liyevikly Inshenerno-stroitelln" institut. (Plastering) "Single Layer of Vibration Plaster." Cand Tech Seim Kiev Construction Engineering 1"t. 12 Mar 54. Dissertation (Pravda Ukrainy Kiev, 26 Feb 54) So: Sum 186, 19 Aug 1954 UNTM, N.G., kwAidat tekhnichookikh nouk. Physteumbudeal proWtios of single cost plasters amd their use In buiMins, 4trotoproiso A me-402-36 Ap 156. (an 938) L Noweal'birokly imshomme-streltelloyy Institut Ismol T.T. moftshom. (Plasterize) KANTUKA X S. kand.tokhn.nauk Manufacture of processed brick blocks using the vibration pressild method in applying mortar. Itoy,v 157. (MIRA M12) (ftilding blocks) (Plastering) (Vibrators) KA - &/ ~/ UK A- ) N - S . KAMIA MeS, kandstakhntimank 0% 1111 ITMOMMIMA Investigating the physical and mochmulcal properties of single- layer vibrated planter. Mov,v 157. (MIRA 10:12) (Plaster--fosting) $a vichl MUTDA, Fedor Polikarpovioh; MIMIUV,, red. I rd&-,G.A.,, [Over-all mohWsatim in assoubline large bridbD-blook apartment houseel practices of the MIA Administration for Housing and Public Construction In the City of KI*T1 Kem- pleksuals, makhanisataila aontasha shilykh sdanii is krupaykh kIrjkIchuykh'blokov; opyt Glavk1systrols. Kiev. Goo.isd-vo lit-'ry po strolt. I aithlt.USM, 1960. 92 V. Wev-Dailding, Brick) (KIRA 13:7) PARAM01MV, G.A., inzh.; PICHUGIN, A.A., kand.tekbu.nauk; VANRY3V, V.A., inxh.; XUZIMIISrIT, A.G,, inzh,; CHUYXO, A.V., icand.tekhn.nauk; VRUBL37SKrY, L.Te., inxh.; FURW, ATh., Inzh. (deceased]; PWANOV, G.N.t insh.; MWANOV, A.$,, iuzh.; DMITRIYICV, P*A.$ kand.tekbn.nauk; IVAX079 I.A,, kand.tekhn.vauk; TIM, Yu.P., doteent; SOIrOWV, P.L. doteent; KANTM N. S..,_kand. tekhn. nauk; SHPAKOVSWA, L.L. red,; GOSTIMCHWA, Te.M., (Handbook for the master builder on the technology of general building operations] Spravochnik mastera-Btroitelia po tokhnologit proisvodetva obahchestroitellufth rabot. 2. izd.parer. I. dop. Novonibirek, Novosibirelcoe knishnne ixd-vo, 1961. 713 P. (MIRA 15t2) (Building) YANUK& Riko2&X &XglMdab; lucMm, varkne Grigor 'yevichl NOVATSM p I K.P., red-I ZEMKOVAp IZ.- ~~~ =& Alsksamirovichl WOMW 0 YeJe.f tekbno- red. "DOMMY vOrk) (Se2ection md useIof ormwo for construction #&d Vybor i primmemis straiteltmo-montAksbiwkh kranov. Kisvp Goo, iz&vo lit-ry po stroit. i arkbit, USM,, 1961* 183 P. (KERA 15:3) (Cranes,, derricks, etc.) . KkNr= N. kandatekhn.nauki NOVATSX.rr, A., insho Universal smoothing and polishing instrument. Stroitelf no,6s24 Je 16le (KMk 14:7) (Pneumatio tools) (Grindin and pblishing) KMUKAO N., kand. takhn. nauk Valuable manual on the calculation of the economic effective- neso of the wohanization and automation of conatructione Mekh. stroi. 20 no.8s28-30 Ag 063s WRA 3.61l.1) I bELOSTOTSKIY, Oleg Borisovich.; WUKA, Nikolay Sergeyevich; SHEVCHUK,, Boris Mikhaylovich; GOLOVKO, L.N., red.; POLTORATSKAYA, E.A.p red.; REZNICHENKO, I.Ye., red.; SURYGINA, E.N.p red. [Concise manual for the master builder] KratIcii spra- vochnik mastera-etroitelia. Kiev, Budivellmyk, 1964. 774 P- (ML(A 18:1) NOVATSKIY, Aleksandr Aleksandn~vich; MOSKAIENKO, I.Ye.., -red. (Manual for operators of tower cranes) Pamiatka maoldnista bashemogo krana. Izdo2,, ispr, i dop, Kiev, Budivellmyk, 1965. 169 P. (MIRA 18:5) SLIPCMXOj P.S.0 glav. red.; XUClfflRENXOp X.11,p rod.j FILONIVXO# X.I., red.1 LESNAYA, A.A.# red.; ADYZOV, A.G., red*; BUDNIKOV, M.S., red.; VETROV, Yu.A., red.; GIADKIY, V.I., red.; GOLOSOV., V.A., red.; IZMAYLOV, V.G... red.; KAgW, red.; XAIPOV, E.A., red.; KLINDIJKF A.M.. red.- KUSHNAREVp N.Ye.p red.; LUYK, A.I., kand. tekhn. naukv red.; NEMKO, L.A.,, red.; RYBALISKIY, V.I.,, red.; SITNIK, I.P.j red.; FFDOSFNKO, N.M.# red.; FILAKHTOV, A.L.p kand. tekhn. nauk, red.1 XHILOBOCMKO, K.S.,, red.; VORONKOVA, L.V., red.; KIYANICHENKO., N.S.,, red, (Construction industrys technology and mechanization of the construction industry; the economics and organization of construction) Stroitellnoe proizvodstvo: tekimologiia i me- khanizatsiia stroitellnogo proizvodstva; ekonomika i orga- nizatsiia stroitellstva. Kiev,, Budivellpyk, 1965. 180, ~* (MIRA 18:4 1. Nauchno-isoledovatellskiy institut stroitollnogo proiz- vodstya. 2. Nauchno-iseledovatellskiy institut stroitell- nogo prolmdetya (for Luykp Filakhtov). -q- kand. tokbu. nauki KUCMp M.G.,, inzh.; KRYUKOV, I.M.1 ZELITSER9 R.Ya.,- RODICHKINA, M.P.; MIKHAYLOV, I.K.; GAYDAY, VA.,, rod. [overall mechanization of the assembly of industrial structures; methodological manual an the selection of ef- ficiont sets of assembling machinery] Komplekanaia mekha- nizataiia montasha proxVshlermykh sooruzhenii; metodicheBkoe posobis po vyboru ratsionallrqkh komplektov montarhnykh ma- shin. Kiev, Budivellmyk, 1965. 192 p. (MIRA 19tl) 1. N4chno-isoledovatell " institut stroitellnoCo proiz- vodatva. KANYUKA V.Yu. Activation of latent nuclear polyhedrosiB virus under the effect of Tipula iridescent virus. Klkrobiol. zhur. 27 rio.6;77-80 165. (MIRA 19: 1) 1. Institut m1krobiologii I virusologii AN UkrSSR. Submitted September 8, 1964. WYUKA, V.Yu. --- ~ - '' ."1. .111 -1- 11 Specific chameter of Tipula iridescent virus. D,-,p. All URSR no.6&811-814 165. (MIRA 18:7) 1. Institut mikrobiologil 1. virusologil AN UkrcvjR. GLUSMOVA, I.S.I. MA,--~ KWTAKOVSKIT, Yu.I.1 KORCLI, A.P.; LAPCKOGGVq O.A.j TANOVSKIr, 0.1. Focal and general brain sMtms of supratentorial tuxors of waryin histostructure. Probl.neirdthiro 4s19-32 159. (MM 13gM I (BUD-Tumits) KANYUKA, Ta. 1. Some bomolateral and bilateral sympters to tumors of the frontal lobes. Zhur.nerv.1 polkh, 59 00-911077-1081 159. (NIRA 12:11) 1. Ukralnskly nauchno-Isslodowatel'skly usyrokhlrurgli (dir. - prof. A.I. Arutymnov), 11yev. (PBMAL UBE neoplasm) DZKVALTOVSKAYA9 A.G-;- ~911U-~,-; KOROL's AsPe Epileptic fits in brain tumors of varying histo3tructure. ProU. neirokhir. W85-90 139. (MIRA 13M) (SPILSPSO (BRAIN-TUMM) XLXTUMiAjk.,##-~AkmndId&t tskhnIChemkIkh naukl NUMN, A.$ Inshener. Surfacing brick blocks by vibration pressing. Strot.mat., Isdel.1 konstr. 2 no.5:7-10 IV 156. (NM 9:8) (Building, Brick) MUS331, Ist.1 KANTOWO L& ......I....... I., ... .. 11.1 ...... 11 .. I- OGWIIQ&tlmg In tM GWIcItatim or gas Vella and theIr am- trole %no prme 8 nooN14-19 $63 (NM 1797) KANYUKOVO R.Z.; MUSINx I.T, Increasing the tempo or gas production in the gas condensate fields of Bashkiria. Gaz. delo no.8:8-10 163. (MJM 17:3) 1. Neftepromyslovoye upravleniye "Ishimbayneft'". KANYUKOVP R.Z.; NOVOSEIDVt V.I. Completion of oil wells through the use of gas condensate. Nef- teprom. delo no.7:11-12 163. (MIRA 17:2) 1. Neftepromyslovoye upravleniye "Ishimbayneft'". SOVII 37-58-8-18097 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr8, p269(USSR) AUTHOR: Kanvukova. M. V. TITLE: Determination of the Contents of Rare and Dispersed Metals in Technological Test Samples of Ores and Their Concentrates in Some Deposits in Dal' stroy (Proverka soderzhaniy redkikh i rasseyannykh metallov v tekhnologicheskikh probakh rud I produktakh lkh obogashcheniya nekotorykh mestorozhdeniy Dal'stroya) PERIODICAL: Tr. Vses. Magadansk. n. -i. in-ta za 1956 g. Magadan, 1957, pp 153-154 ABSTRACT: The following methods were employed for determining a number of elements in ores and their concentrates. In and Ga are colorimetrically determined in the form of oxiquino- lates, Nb in the form of a thiocyanate compound, Ta with pyrogallol, Ge with phenylfluorone, Be with quinalizarine, Pb in the form of a Mo compound, Se and Te by reduction to the metallic state, Ca with a nitroso-R-salt, Ni with dime thyl glyoxim e, Bi in the form bismutho-iodous acid, Card 1/2 Cd pola rographic ally on an ammonium- chloride background, SOV/137-58-8-18097 Determination of the Contents of Rare and Dispersed Metals (cont. ) Li and TR 203 gravimetrically. The analysis of the concentrates showed that many associated metals are lost in the tailings of the proposed method of concentration. The problem of the completion of the technological plans for the extraction of the valuable metals is posed. Z. G. 1, Rare earth metals-Malysis 2, Rare earth metals-Properties 3. Rare earth metals- Tent methods 4. Ores-Proceasing Card 2/z SOV/ 137-58-9-20282 Translation f rom: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 9, p 309 (USSR) AUTHOR- Kanyukova, M.V. TITLE: nytt-JIM75-ocl's io'r the Determination of Indium, German- ium, Berillium, Niobium, and Tantalum (Khimicheakiye metody opredeleniya indiya, germaniya, berilliya, niobiya i tantala) PERIODICAL: Tr . Vses. Magadansk. n.-i. in-ta-l M-va tsvetn. metal- lurgii SSSR, 1957, division 4, Nr 19, pp 1-13 ABSTRACT: The routine procedure of the analytical work of the chemi- cal-metallurgical section of the Magadan Scientific Research Institute is described. In is determined colorimetrically in the form of the oxyquinolinate in CC14. The determination of Ge is carried out colorimetrically with phenylfluoron, that of Be is made with quinalizarine; Nb is determined colorimetrically in the form of the Nb5+ complex compound with thiocyanic acid; Ta is determined with pyrogallol in an acid oxalate solution. Minor changes, introduced into the generally accepted methods, relate to the conditions of the decomposition of the test samples and the separation of elements being determined. Card I/ 1 1. Metals-Determination 2. Meta13--Colorimetria analysis B.M. :J. KA_ -:.t- . J.'._ :) jsso3rtnti -)n: of uidney Yunction in Call.,jectlorl and Its Tlierapy.* Cand Mod Sci, '2aflilla3iit Med1cril Inqt, 5 My 54. llrugdri 'Initnkit, 22 A-jr 54) SO: SUM 243, 1~-j Oct 1954 Card 1/2 -'-- ~~D'J=__ w".LC_CUUrHC_V8U _4V *;-i 22U -mg- depending On the patient's condition, his Ability to tole- rate the drugo etc. Duration of remissions was 5-6 months# rarely up to 1 year, depending on the stage of the disease. The comWund of series 5 caused fewer side ef- fects than the previous series. It did not lead to an USSR/General Problems of Pathology - Tumors, T-5 Abs-Jour Ref Zhur - Biol., No 1. 1958, 3122 alteration of liver function in 16 cases; in 3 cases only was there a decrease in hippuric acid excretion. The best result was in the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia. No depression of erythropoiesis was noted. Card 2/2 IMUIZOV, N.I.; NAM"AROVA, D.A. Treationt of amsia by the now preparation, coamide. Dokl, AN 'Us. SSR ne.12:57-60 057. (MINA n35) LChlou-Morrespeadent AV UsSSR farmatsovtichoskljr institut. (Amula) (for Immailov). 2.Tashkentskiy (Asides) ISMAILOV, N.I.-. TURSUMMICHArNTA, M.S. j XA=YAHDTAo D.A.; KARIHOVA, Ya.A. Some results Of & NtUdY of the vitamin level in healthr and diseased Individuals In Usbokistan. 1zv.AN Us.SSR.Ser. wade no.5:63-69 059. (KIFA 2393) 1. Tashkentskly gosudarstveaW meditainsidy institut. (cowleux-YMNO KIWOLISN) I .- KAWAYAROVA. P.A. Sow metabolic proceeaes in patients with sprus. Sbor,nAucb.trLd. Tseh(MI 22t241-149 162. (MIPA ISQO) 1, Kafedra tarapii stmatologichookogo fakulfteta (zav. Iftfedroy prof. Turstmkhodzhayeva) Tashkentskogo gosudarstvennogo meditainakogo Inatituta i Uzbekskiy nauchno-looledovatel'3kiy institut gazatolcgii i, verelivanlya krovi (dir*ktor - S.A.)gzamkhodshayev). XABZAFAROVA D.A. Z::=:=2 State of vitamino in sprus under the influence of a compoun4 theorapy. Sbor.nAuch.trud.TaahGMT 22s3,50-155 162. (MIRA l8tJO) 1. Tafedra terspii, stomatologichaskogo fakulltata (zav. kaXedroy prof. Tursunkhodahayeva, M.Ye.) TashkentskoRo vosudarstvemogo moditsinskogo instituta i "zbekskogo nauchnc-IBsI,-dcmAt~1'skoeo instituta gematologii i parelivaniya krovi. (direktor - P.A. Agzamkhodzhiyev). KANZANDZ111EVJ K. "Increasing the Productivity .of the ScraperIMachine." p. 39 (Kooperativno Zemedeliej No. 7, July 1958,, Sofiiaj Bulgaria) Monthly Iajex of East European Accessions (EEAI) LCj Vol. 7j, No. 11j, Nov. 1958 ABRIMT. N-A-; WIUT. M.N.: RAGINN, F.M.; KUZLnMI. S.Te. 1~ Studying the synthesis of surfactants &M detergents from aromatic Wrocarbom contained In Axorbaijan petroleum for the purpose 6f developing raw saterial resources for "Asolate-30. Aserb. nefts khos. 39 A0*11138-40 1 160* (MIRA 13M) (AxerbaiJan.-Potroleux products) (Surface active agents) ASHIMOV, M.A.; ZETNALOV, B.K.; KAMHAR, A.Sh.; KA)IZAVELI-,-S.-,18-.J-- MURSALOVA, MqA* Phenomena of the synergism of ea.1to of synthetic carboxylic aoids in a mixture with azolyat A,, azolynt B# "sulfonol NP-l*# &YA alkyl wilfate. Aserb. khim. shur. no. 2:12-17 165. (MIRA 18s12) 1. Institut neftekhImicheakikh protaossov AN AserSSR. Submitted October 1p 1963. ASHIMOVY M.A.; NKHITARUNp Sh.A.; M&MEDOVA., M.A.; NANZATM,, S.Ye. Kffect of active additives on the surface-active properties of asolat-B, Azerb,neft,khose 41 no.5:35-38 Yqr 162. (NRA 16Q) (Surface-active agents) (Azolat) J GUROVITS,I.M.; KAUBM M.S., starshly lusheuer WRImp Better utilixation of knitted fabrics. Leg.prom.15 no.8:48-50 Ag '35. (XLIA 8:10) 1. Ischallalk planavogo otdola fabriki *Xrasmqa safya.m (for Gurowits) (Ult goods) KAGAN, Yu. B., IMUROV, Yu. 13., FLAAZOLKINA, Ya, V., BASHKLIC)'if A. N. Hydrocarbons Role of oxygen-containinE compound3 in the synthesis of hydrocarbons frcr. carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Izv. AN SSSR. Otd. 9him. nauk no. 4, 1952. Monthly List of Fawnian Accesnions, Library of Congress, December 1952. Unclassified. w'--tuysim-1, V.V.; V.A. I-- ir I-ealthy o!hlldren of Protein specirim of t1w Wood the school age. Lab. delo no. Ili671 675 164. OffliA 1702) 1. 'KafedrA gospitaltnoy padiatrit (zavoluyushchly - prof. V.A. belousov) Kharlkovakogo maditainskogo Instituta. SPALA, Hilan; RIEDL, Ota; !Aq&_jaroair j BABICIff, Arnost; JILEK, Milos Effect of a high frequsnc~ fiela on the metabolism of bone tissue in rabbits. Incorporation of ostootropic radioisotopes, Caso lek, cook. 101 no.24/25:791-795 22 A 162. 1. Uotay pro vooobeenou a pokunnou pato2ogli lakaroke fakulty KU v Prose, prednosta prof. dr, -T. Repner. IV interni klinika lakaroke fakulty KtT v Pra2e, prednosta prof. dr. M. Poik. Radio7ogicka klinika lekarske fakulty KU v F~asoj prednosta prof. dr. V. Svab. Ixotopove laboratore biologickych ustavu CSAV v Fraze, reditel MUDr, Ke Veres, Uotredni vyzkumrq ustav potravinarakeho pKwqalu v Praze, reditel ins. Fr. Vones. (BOH AND BaW metabolism) (CALCIUM radioactive) (PHOSPHMUS radioactive) (MICROWAVES) YUGOSLAVIA /'Chemical Technology. Leather, Fur, Gelatins, Tanning Materials, Industrial Proteinal . Abs Jourt Ref ZhuroXhIml~aj No 14, 1959,, 52121. Author t HaolInj A Inst -"vt glVeni Title Fifth Congress of the International Union of Leather Chemist's Societies* Orig Pub: Nova proizvodnja, 1958, No 3. 181-186. H-35 Abstract: A brief review of papers presented (Rome 1957)o Card 1/1 ,,.-IAPA,, Esster Histological and histoohemioal analysis of the tbym Az taill so quphi'-J='-. Acts, morph. aoad, soi. hung. 12'no.lil-8 163. 1. Department of Histology and Embryology (Director: Prot. I.A'T"Ora)o University Medical School,, Buftpest. (THMWS GLAND) (HISTOLOGICAL TECHNICS) SLIAPNIKOVAS, J.1 KOACAUSKIWIp J. ,~:10,~".- Dependence of the Induction period of the oxidation of poly~- ethylene and polypropylene on the concentration of phanyl- --taphthylamine. Trudy AN Lit. SSR* Ser. B. nools175-181 1162 (KIRA 17t8) 1, rhotitut fisi-chaskoy Mixii AN SSSR I Institut kh1mii I khImichaskoy tekbnologii AN Mtovskoy SSR. KAPACHAUSKA-SI, I,.M-. -C-a-nd lech Sci - (diss) I'Study of the processes or dolomite lime." Kaunas, 1958, 16 pp with graiihs (Min or Higher Education USSR. Kaunas Polytechnic Inst) 150 copies (KL, 29-58, 132) - 55 - U/236 ,/62/000/001/007/007 D207/D307 AINHOUS Gliapnil:nvas, J. and I 0 :j!!paca __ u~~ TITLE: 'dcpcndencc'oA-l the oxidation induction period of polyethylene and polypropylene on the concentration of I)hcnrl- j3 -naphthylamine SOURIM;: U:adcm:Lya nauk Litovskoy SSR. Trudy. Seriya B, no. 1(20), 1962, 175-131* ~!olycthylcnc or polypropylene, mixed with phenyl-0- -naphthylaminc powder actin~r, as an inhibitar, was oxidized at 190, 200, and 2100C at an initial presnure of 300 rn 11g. In most cases the charge was 50 mg. 'llic oxidation induction pcriod of both poly- mcro incre. sed vith the concentration of the inhibitor but the tate of this i-acrcarc wart reduced on Ooing from 190 to 2100C. The in- duction periodl for the nanc inhibitor concentration and the same oxidation conditions of polyethylene was twice as long as that of polyprop~ylene. The dc,.-)cndence of the induction period on the loga- ritIm of the inhibitor coacentration was linear; this was particu- Card 1/2 3/236 ,/62/000/001/007/007 ;)cpcndence of the oxidation 1)207/D307 larly evident in the cane o~ polyethylene. The linearity of this dependence indicatea that in the case of polyethylene at inhibitor* concentrat ions highdr thmi the critical, phenyl- 13 -naphthylaninc is consumed at a unifor~n_~-rate until its concentration f alls f6--the critical value. 'ilia inhibitor may undergo chemical changes at high temperatures or it may evajorate. A simplcmethod is described for measuring the inhibitor loss by evaporation; it is based on using different reacting masnes in cylinders of the same dimeter. The results obtained confirm the applicability of thia method. Evapora- tion of the inhibitor affected strongly the induction period. There are 5 figures. ASSOCIATION: Institut fizicheskoy 1chimii Akademii naul. SSSR (In- stitute of ~!hysical Chemistry, Aucademy of Sciences USSR)(J. Sliapnikovas); Institut khimii i khimich- eskoy tckhnologii Akademii navdc Litovskoy SSR (In- stitute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Acad-. emy of Sciences LithSSR)(J. Kapacauskiene) SUBMITTED: May 26, 1961 Card 2/2 -AT-404084M ATIFTKNk- Ka-pacfva-uFkr-rjo vaF. R., SNyqpnikov. Yu. A. TITLE. Oxidation of hf&-pressyKe A lone -poft polimerov f0itmil-a! 1-4 m cr n ~ic -h" thi-~ modfrication fff polymers); sborn1k gfatov &-prieseac-FoofIdnid: in this aju-- uwgortlbuity as wen as tb-- vi "I!, t:11" al, han~44-%i to the end of the indut t i-w n i riva r 1 y wi I h Lht- I on(i I rnrwontr,~:; u 1 -.2 1 . . I !,.! -~' U 11 ; ,,, ~'NT40-4r)sro '- ~ I ~ , 'f ' f" :I ~ o1), it, ~! I z t hq~ ~ I r I L~ IV, J! - -!~- '' .. I r '_ I I;, - I - -, --- -- --- , - - - -,-- - - -.- - . L,.- 1 - ---- - - - --- -- -,. L - - L ~ . -1 - I 'k J I~k LILIZ t 1 4K .. I -, . i % ~ L' - L' ' - I f Lt4 f) f 4 11- - a , 1, f - 14 -11 , F I - i , /9 ------------ -- - - --- offiRrAgmta - ~ 7r, 77, -A if 11!1%,~ ., 1. apachauskene, Ya. P. Shl yap, 1 x,-.v, j7 to tL,-,p Ist or-,Ie--T lxw cilri-p ; - -- . I - . - N )N ~ifl 111-11 CIT, . .6 WAMKIY. N.B.; YTOOVSKIY, A.?..- BWNIKM, I.F. -- w"Ofiamwaft q fevor is the Vrelea ZhurewWoblolaplde I isms. 28 no.] s 41-46 Mr 157, (ma IOW (4 nT , Spidesioleffe is Isonto (Ims)) Lag vVestine the AJ~!Lsft wt* PW~s!ium fivarismute-in4, Uawfac with Imocca. L. 9. aad A. G. ka ?1j:, I I Ei, OXS bin. m, t Al, Wu,FrAfly folu~d hy ch~ bath ,t&690-7200. (u*, and then tuvaing the huO with '~"; (,,f Ell, -ight at %he ctmrgc) of CKI N30-W C40, sl~,C iAml Etam bl~winr dry tarwCh the mtul fut 3- 5 inin D