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GOGIGHAYSh'VILIt F,V, Vibration t-Lble for making large reinkorced concrete ceiling slabs. Suggeoted by K.V, Gogichaishvilis Rate, prodl. no. 41:6-7 159. (Concrete slabe) (Vibratore) (MIRA 1491) Maiwriala on- tle study ef tle distribution characteristics cf tree ponan ir, the piedmont belt of eastern Oeorgla, Trudy 'rbil,,bo'..inElt. 23,89-99 '64. (MIRAL 18 GOGICHAYSHVILI, L.K. Morphology of maple pollen for the purpose of pollen analyais. Trudy Tbil,bottinat, 23t241-245 164, (MIRA 1814) GO ^ TC17jVLC T u I _PITLT, L.K. Ilstory of HolocenO fore3to In Gare-Kakheti:m. Srob. 10', GnIz- M 21) no. .4rU,1-448 1 0 t62 (,,'PA 19-1) 1. Thstitut botaniki AN GrimSSR, Tbill sit. Sul-nd ttod .riny 14, 1961. AUTHORS: Kuoheryayevp At G., Szhenov, Yu. Ks, OW/56-34-3-50/55 ioh shviiiL-U-L-X.j Loontlyeva, 1. N.0 Vasillye-y-'i. V. TITLE., The Magnetic Nuclear Moments of �r87 and 2~ 25 (Yadernyye magnitnyyo momenty Sr i Mg PERIODICAL: Zhurnal Skeperimentallnoy i Tooratiaheakoy Fiziki, 1958, Vol. 34P Nr 3p pp. 774-775 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The authors found the gyromagnetic ratio of the nucleus Sr 87 by means of the method of magnetic resonance in molecular beams (ref. 1). This molecular beam consisted of etrontium atoms which mad* possible the slimitAtion of the inter- molecular interactions as well as an exact taking into account of diamagnetic correction. The 376 om long strontium- atom beam was detected by means of the method of surface ionization on a heated tungsten wire ciroumflowed by an oxygen current. The ions of strontium 87 were separated by a magustic auslyser and wore recorded by an electronic multiplier and a galvanometer. The value of the gyromagnetic Card 1/3 ratio g of the nucleus in determined from the equation The Magnetic Nuclear Moments of 3r87 and Ug 25 WV/56-34 -3-50/55 g a 1.3122.10'3 fPAP wher:lf denotes the resonance frequency of the onci &t,ng field, and Hp denotes the corresponding resonance value of the constant magnetic field(in which the transitions i"O place). The resonance values f p and Rp correspond to the minimum intensity of the refocused beam. The measurements were carried out according to the method of the invariable field as well as the method of invariable frequency. Also the fluctuations of the intensity of the atom beam were taken into account by means of two different methods shortly discussed. The maximum error of these measurements is estimated to amount to 0,12 %. From 26 measurement series the following mean value for the gyromagnstio ratio is obtained: g(Sr87) - 0,2423,1 0,0003 Card 2/3 this coincides within the error limits with the value V The Magnetic Nuclear Moments of Sr 8, and Mg 25 SOV/56-34-3-50/55 determined by C. D. Jef-7ries (Dzhefrin) and P. B. Sogo (Ref 4) according to the method of "nuclear induction". The diamagnetismt of the atom demands the following correction: H true - (1 - d)H measured* Here' Htrue denotes the true value of the magnetic field strength at the place of the nucleus. According to W. C. Dickinson (Dikinson) (Ref 5) here holds 6 - 0.00345. Taking into account this correction as well as the unknown value of the spin of SrB7 (i - 9/2) the value f (srI17) - 1,0939 � 0.0014 nuclear magnetons is obtaineod for the magnetic moment of the nucleus of Sr87. There are 6 references, 0 of which are Soviet. SUBMITTED: December 25, 1957 Card 3/3 21(1)1 240) S07/56-37-2-51/56 ikUTHORS; Kucheryayev, A. G., Szhenov, Yu. K.,_._qqgichqshvili, Sh. M. TITLE: Measurement of the Magnetic Moments of the Atomic Nuclei of Alkaline Earth Metals by the Method of Magnetic Resonance in Molecular Beams PERIODICAL: Zhurnal eksperimentallnoy i toorstiohookoy fiziki, 19599 vol 37, Nr 2(8), PP 582-583 (VSSR) ABSTRACT: rhis method offers certain advantages it compared to other methods, if the molecular beam consists of atoms in the So-state. It has already been used for the purpose of measuring the magnet- ic moments of Ba,135, Ba137, Ne 21 , and Sr67 (Refs 1-4). As already 3hown by the authors (Refs 4,5), this method may also serve' the 2urpose of determining the magnetic moments of all alkaline earth metals. The description of the experimental arrangement and of the method may be found in reference 5. Results: Card 1/3 SOV/56-3T-2-51/56 Measurement of the Magnetic Moments of the Atomic Nuclei or Alkaline Earth Metals by the Method of Magnetic Resonance in Molecular Beatas t' 0C I, imp/see 0 IA MIK 25 600 200 2.10-4 -0-855 t 0.002 C1143 1070 300 0.02 1-317 t 0.003 SI.87 750 104 0.2 -0-0924 t 0-0009 BEL135 800 500 o.6 1-0370 t 0-0008 B6.137 800 850 0.6 o.9364 t 0-0009 t denotes the temperature of the source, I - the'recorded in- tensity of a narrow bundle* - the surface ionization coef- ficient at optimum detection conditions, e4 - the magnetic moment (with diamagnetic correction) given in nuclear magnetons. Systematical errors were oxoluded. The authors finally thank T. S. Bokuchav, K. G. Mirzoyev, and 1. S. Leontlyeva for their help in carrying out measurements, M. 1. Guseva, V. Id. Gueev, ani D. V. Chkuaseli for the enriched Ca 43_ preparation. There Card 2/3 ara 2 tables and 12 references, 3 of which are Soviet. SOY/56-37-2-51/56 Measurement of the Magnetic Moments of the Atomic Nuclei of Ukaline Barth Metals by the Method of Magnetic Resonance in Moleculur Beame ASSOCIATIONt Fiziko-takhnielieskiy inatitut Akademii nauk GruzSSR (Physico- technical Institute of the Academy of Sciences, Gruzinskaya SSR) SUBMITTED: May 19, 1959 Card 3/3 SOVA24-58-7-8053 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1958, Nr 7, p 108 (USSR) AUTHORS: Melikidze, I.G., Senyuk, S.M., Gogichev, I.I. TITLE: A Study of the Mechanical Properties of the Rock in Rare-metal Deposits (Izucheniye mekhanicheakikh avoystv gornykh porod niestorozhdeniy redkikh metallov) PERIODICAL: Tr. In-ta metalla i gorn, dela. AN GruzSSR, 1957, Vol 8. pp 285-301 ABSTRACT: Bibliographic entry 1. Rock--Mechanical properties 2. Rare earth elements Card I/ I MELIKIDZE, I.G.; SENYUK, S.M.; GOGICILEVp I.I. Study of the relation between rock hardness and the a1ze of samples, Trudy Inst.gor.dela AN Gruz.SSR 2:87-101 160. (KIRA 14:10) (Rocks--Testing) GOGICHAYSHVILI, Ye. A. Cand Biol S2i - (diss) "Enanthic ester and its role in products of grape processing." Tbilisi, Pub. Georgian Agricultural Inst, 1961. 17 pp; (Ministry of Agriculture Georgian SSR, Scientific Research Inst of Horticulture, Viniculture, and Viticulture Georgian SSR); 180 copies; free; (KL, 6-61 sup, 206) GCGICT7VA, Kli. 1. Mchedlishvili-Petrosynn, C. P. rind G edr-hevil. Kh. i. "On the i,ri,blell ';lf tIvIttin, If 1"4,;; resist-nt clinirpra from d,~lomltcl Abrino, SootiRlich. A,.fL, . M11.1k. Gr:,7. SsR., , .1. , I p. hqj-08, - Biblioll 10 Iteme .10. 9 SO: U-I!P14, 29 Oat rl, (Letopis 'Zhum,,kl ',vir-h St--tev, :40. 16, lcLg). Doc Refractories Refractory Materials nNospective Use of Georgian Nagnesian Pav Mate- rials for the Production of Basic Refractories,* 0. P. Mohedlov-Petronyan, Kh. I. Gogichera, V. N. ftapakidze, Inst of Metal and Maing~ Aced Sci Georgian SSR, 4 pp -Dok Ak Iqauk WW- Vol IXIII Ro 4 Xxperimen,s in preparing, (1) dolomitic (aagneelan- dolomite) refractories using doloete from Abano aad serpentine from Tanslisal (2) forsterite refrac- tories from burnt serpentine vith addition of ME 45/49M US&/Engineariag (Contd) Dec 48 wguesite, arid (3) forsterite refractory using burnt serpentine vith addition of nagnesium oxide,, obtained from serpentine through oyoLical cheaicwl processing by hydrochloric acid. Minerals from theme deposits vere tested first becaust of their proximity to chief aser of refractories, Zakayinz- skLy Metal Factory. Sulemitted by Aced D. S. Bel- yankin, 2 oct 48. 45/)*9"5 "urn, 'L_11' Pr~;Illiction of Dol --a,"te and 10. n,.'; T-Tch or~- r-,!: it) i I i i, ;.-,:2L ndo 11 te 1 10-1 n ;",:I t t from Tsnr 1,ill-il-c In Znal-..r layo-i i fractory ~ ___ :.- __ -ace$ C~ '~t. fc:r if a-d'n.- fosbtritt r" 'I U~;t ;"-rr Ij r ;-- 4 '1- 1117, 0Z-:117 for Al-J, posit! (.'r,-.-L:ati(-.n ,r, a~ to _- .ontLinin,- 'CI requinn74nts of th! 'U%..l-'l~!s !.'-c-i -if the rtf:-,C- Ori~ 2 U :'!, r0j'14T7? Us"IVErigineering Construction, 11-ntovinlsl C ~ t "Alunite Cement," K. S. Fut-Itelned-ze, 0. F. ?,'ch(,dlov-i9tr,,)Eyqn, Fh. Gogichevn, Inst of Vetals nnd Mr-ing, Acad Sci Georginn $-IR "Dok Ak Vriuk ISJOISR" Vol C.6, Fo 6 pp 117~--1162 Desdribos expts for obtnirinC. nlurrilrn-type cement frov, q -ixt of alunite nnd limentone. Presents results of X-rn-'; ,ind micro.9copic exnain alunite and final product. Suggestv nddn of 0.25;0' ,oln of spruce tanning extrect Ps mensure rigninst quick selAing ')f cement. Submitted by Acad D. S. -Eelyinkin 9 !,u;,7 52. FA GUGIJMVjt, Kh. 1. Dissertation: "Research on the use of Usorgian i4agnesia drude gaterial in Various branches of Industry." Cand Tech Sci, Inst of 14etals and Nkning, Acad Sci Georgian SSR, Tbilisi, 1953- W-30928 SO: Referativmw Zhunral, No. 5, Dee 1953, Moscow, AN U'.~SR (N-*~W KUTATILADZE, I.$.: MCHEDLISHVILI-PITUROVAII, O.P., GOOMFIFTA, MI.I. Using gaise in makiag slag cement. Seeb.AN Gmx.SSR 16 se.2:125-131 '55- (KLMA 9:2) l.Akademiya wnk Gruzimakey SSR, lastitut metalls i gorzoge del&, TbIllsi.Prodstayleas chlosem-korrespondenten AkAdenti G.K.Godeva- atshvili. (Slag cement) (Gypsum) KLr,ATFJADZR, K.S.-, ZEDGINIME. Ye.N.-, GOGICIIEVAP High-temperature concrete on a magnnsia-aluminate bass. Trudy Inst.met. AN Grus.SSR 9:213-220 '58. (MIFA 1?:8) (Concrete-Testing) (Kapsaia cement) (Aluminates) Kh.l.; KUTATMADZE, K.S.; WSUOV-PSTRO STAN, O.P. Physicochemical properties of some dolomites of the Georgian S.S.R. Soob. AN Gruz. SSR 21 no.1:57-61 Jl '58- (1411?A 11:10) 1. AN GruzSSR, Inatitut prikladuoy khtmil i elnktrokh1mii, Tbilisi. Prodstavlenn akademikom R.I. Agladze. (G"orgia-DoInmite) GOGIU-1,W~, KI.I.; HHU,011A 0 11' . A. 4 Study of local dolomite with tho mri oc;e of obtaining cawtic dolaaite. Trudy Inst. pril:l. khim. i elektro.,daim. AN Oruz. SSR no. 1:153-159 160. (InM 14:2) (Dolomit-is) 0.;,.; GC-GIC,;,--,Vi 9 Xh.l.y YOLAJDL~;" G.Ko Latoratory stvdy of LhO CffCCt Cf VLCUM COnLrOSCiOn on curtain dt proparties of foraterito rah-actorics. Tridy Inst. L-hin.. i ele-l-Arokbir.. ill Gruz. C'SAl no. 1-11,3-lf'6 16C. (I'llU', 14:"".) (rcrutorlto) I ~. 1!1 :11 oe PHASEI 1,10c Alkademiya nauk GrU4inSkOy SI'M. Ithirnii I cllcktro- tekhniki. Trudy, t. I (Academy of Sciences of the Georginn SSR. Institul L of Applied Chemistry and Electrochcnii-~;ry. Tvanz;,.ction.~) v. 1. TI-111"s, 1960. IUG p, Errata slip inserted. Personalities cannot be estahlishvd in Georgian viritIng. PURPOSLE: This collection or articlen i:i intencled for mlneralo,-I~istw, r1letal- lur;!iqtq.and mining speci.-Iii;ts. COVERAGE: The collection containr articles concerningr t-e(.x--rIt research on methods for treating antimony- and za-,cnic-bearing oreit mid carbonate ores of manganese. Research on 'lie electrochemical prop--rtics of certain ores and their electrodeposition is al~-o discusrod. The collectior Includes Card Institute of Applied Chemistry (Co,-,z. 2 717 studies on die corrosion and elecL.-k2al certaill .1'11,,0y!;, studies of the properties of cer,,ni;-. ccmen-r and ccrnent, and studies of certain phases Of L'Ie Cement production proccati. The followinrl personalities are nicnticncd: Pvofc,,.,;o;- ',,!. A. and his scientific azsistant T. B. Gavrill,-,.. (p. 1x3, bottorii); 11. 1. Agrladze, Academician, AN GSSR (AS Goo.- - (p. 150); S. D. D,;h aparid-ze and N. 1. La,idze ( p. 171). Th,, Nvhic:i are viritien in Gooz-g itin are followed by a rLsuine' in Refcruncea accoinimay each article. TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Kakabadze. V. [Printed in Georrianl 2. Agladze, R. 1. , and V. N. Gaprinda.,;hvilli. llydron-,~:t-illurpical Processing of Antimony Ores From the Z01)"Wit.11MY Dep= 40, Card 24--3- 3 Institute of Applied Chemistry (Crint. 0V 1.5 2 7 9. Purtscladze, Kh. G. , 0. D. and A. A. Tivadic. Determination of the Dimension.; o" Particlc.~ oi Certain Products 'Frorn the Chemical Tvzat,-~,cat o.' Carbonate Ores of Manganese 10. Agladve, it. 1. , V. N. ari S. N. l2winlanova. Production of Arsenic Tri:;uMde 11. GaprLndashvili, V. N. Problerr,.,3 In the CenientatIon of Antimony From Alkali-Sulfide Solutions 12. Congliashvi'li. A. N. Some Probl,.-.r~-, ir-, the of Iron ',-rom Sulfuric-Acid Solu*,:r;ns -jaaaLcheva, Ma. 1._, and R. A. Pirumova. Invc:;-'~:atian to D.,,- 13. velop alMethod for Producing Cau5tic Doloz.,itc 17., om Regional Dolomite Card /~-5. 117 125 131 .10 153 ZC lu 26037 8/137/6 11000100Y/UG21072 AO 60/A101 AUTHORS- Mehadlov-Petrosyan, 0. M.; 20gicheva, Kh. I.; Khatiashvili, E. G.; Norakidze, 0. K. TITLE: Laboratory investigation of the effect of vacuum extrusion upon some properties of forsterite refractories PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurmal, Metallurgiya, no. 7, 1961, 11, abstract 7B22 ("Tr. In-ta prikl. kh1miI I elektrokhimil. AN GruzSSR", 1960, v. 1, 183-186) TEXT: It is established that the effect of vacuum upon the properties of objects largely depends on the grain composition of the mixture, the extrusion pressure and the baking temperature. At low baking temperaturos extrusion under vacuum does not change the porosity of objects. In the presence of a great amount of coarse fractions in the granular structure vacuum does not show a noticeable effect on the porosity. An increase in extrusion pressure at the same vacuum and almost the same granular composition lowers the apparent porosity. Vacuum shows the greatest effect with medium grain size and a riot very low (not below 1,6000C) baking temperature. In these cases the decrease In the apparent Card 1/2 26037 S/137/61/000/007//CO2/072 Laboratory investigation of the effect ... A0601A101 porosity constitutes 5-20 percent and attains values of the order of 4 percent. The addition of a considerable amount of crude serpentine while using vacuum yields good results. The effect of extrusion in vacuum on thermal stability Is small. Slag stability is almost always better for vacxuri specimens. A diagram of a vacuum extrusion set-up is given and the method of testing is described. V, Opmysheva, [Abstracter's note: Complete translation] Card 2/2 Fulfillwnt oLf duties. Ujit lap 12 no.16:12 25 Ag 160. 1. Vaw Szakszervezet temeleoi oaztalyanak 4osetojo. GOGICZ, Antal It is the interest of every worker. Ujit lap 13 mo.D7 Is 161. 1. Vasas Szakazerveset termelesi ontalyanak vezatoje. (Hungary-Iron industry and trade) GOGICZ, Antal Preparation for the 3d National Congress of Innovators and Inventors; experiences of the innovation conferences held at iron industry plants. UJit UP 13 no.18:3 S 161. 1. A Vasas SzaksSOrV620t Budapesti Bisotteaga Termejesi Onstalyanak titkara. Hungary-Iron industry and trade) gary-Industrial management) t BEDERASHEVILIJ G.G.) kand.veterinarnykh nauk; POGJLAS.H':*lLIq..I,.F,.,, kand. veterinarnykh nauk - I - - .., - Valignant catarrhal fever and listere3losia In eattle. Vaterisexiia 37 no.8:26-27 Ag 160. (MM 154) 1. Gruzixwkiy NIIZhV (for Bedenwhvili,, Gogilashvili). 2. Boubtashea- akiy veterinarnyy uchautokp TS&Uwkogo rayona, Gruzimakoy SSR (for lonidi), (Georgia-4attle-Diseases and poats) (Listerellosis) . . "1. 7- - . 1 17 1'. ; -'-; - . . ,. . I . , 03VA"I-111"FO, Y.A.; I'(11" :.. 1:~, ~, ~.; Y, ~, !.-,!:.,~ i 1 1 - . I 'I ; ~ 1 1, 1 1 1 .J,. I . , , ,0., 'IP, - - .U12; y , it . Tnformition and bri.ef news. Vetarinariia 41 no.2:11--i-11-16 !~ 10i. ('11-ILA 18:.3) 1 1,11' GOGILOVY- P,- Z, Obstetrical me%ouring rule. Akush. i gin. no.4:91-92 162. (MIRA 1517) (OBSTETRICS--ZQUIFMENT AND SUPPLIES) 111 1 1 -1, GOGIIIOVI P.111. Colpometer. Aloish. i gin. 38 ri,).5:!14- 15 S-(, O!'TfA 17:11) 0 0 0 ::::10f*ovoo*o00::: --- 0--ul 0--w-w I 1 1 4 1 6 F a 0 8 11 Q ii 11 " , if it it 1; IF x m 11 a All A A -C. It L-1 -A-JL_L_L_L it J~ A - .11 0041' Oe I -, - 00 e . 110411 Pill am lot �Arxp flower 114mmia, A V j!: irson 2Y4 T anivint,J and rondonvott ktqjs "t"'IXAm 44 Ifelkata Cbricrinins try- narrife Strength fit Machine vart... Armidemyfir mvnermi of tile tIM34.1t: st,wrow, M p. 44-111. Pf"Vimisli abotr"et-4 fnmi .rim Inill -11w0 9" Itens 27a on. 10414 U is AT 03 is it n It 0 0 0 0 0 0-IL _4 4M A. 41 -d'40 a It 4-1 All-' so -00 go :01 6 Ing 0 go 000 0o 6 0 0 *if 0 0~1 nos 11:10101 GOGIN, A.F. - - --ampuip- - Serious errors in a textbook. ("Internal combustion marine engines. V.K.Biriukov. Reviewed b7 A.?. Gogin). Rechetranop*14 uOsl2:29-31 Je 155. (Marine engines) (Birillkcv, V,K-) OWU 9:9) ~ iuzh., retsermentj XWOV, PLAKHOV, Veniardn Semenovich;-!qQI~41, A.F., inzh., reteenzent; OSIPOVp L.L., inzh., retsenzent; TAREYEV, VJI., prof., doktor tekhn. nauk,, red.; VITASFMA.* S.A., red. izd-va; BODROVA, V.A.9 tekhn. red. [Marine diesel konstruktsiia sport," 1961. engines; design and operation] Sudovys dizeli; ekpluatatsiia. Moskvaj Izd-vo "Rechnoi tr4w- 1+23 pe (MIRA 15:3) (Mari3ke diesel engines) KUPRIYANOV, Dmitriy Fedorovich; TARMV, VA, pr--f., retsenzent; IGCGIN., A.F., rateenzent; FEDORKO, P.P., red.; VOLCHOK, K.M., fiOffi.-red. (Theory of internal combustion marine angines]Taoriia sudovykh dvigatelei vnutrennego sgoranlia. I2d.2. Lenin rad, Imd-vo "Rechnoi transport," 1962, 288 ps Inn 16:1) (Marine engines) GOGIN Ghange In the circuit of the DRS-R-59 bay. Avtom., telem. I sviazi 9 no.8:33 Ag 165. (MIRA 1.8:9) 1. Starshly elektromakhanik Leningrad-Vitabskoy d1stantmil WyabrIskoy dorogi. COCiIN, N.; SEMEMOV, V.; UTYOV, A. (Kokchetav)-, bAVCHENf,,J, ,. (Tyurm-O); .YANUSYPOL'SKIY, D. (Nizhniy Tagil ) Readers' letters. Pozh.delo 8 -no.1:31 Ja '(2. (M:RA 15:1) 1. Nachal'nik Leningradskoy pozharno-tokhnicheskoy vystavkI (for Gogin). (Fire prevention) LOGINOT, Fedor Loginovich-, TMSMIOV, Nikolay Kuzlmia; G01444*4UY Alske -JMGCRSKIT, Boris Vasil'Vevich; MINASTAN, Te.A.# tAjXgLjrj6 r*daktor lsdatellstva; ZKOROT, D.K.. tokhaicheekly redaktor (Organization and methods of operation of government fire luspectiou agencies] Organizataiis I metodike provedenita raboty organaul gesudaretvannogo posharnogo nedsors. koskva. lzd-vo Ninisterstys kamunallnogo khozimistva RSISR, 1956, 204 p. (IKMA 10:1) (Fire prevention) i -- . -IT . A AM -, t .- GOGINA, L.. GOaD~-, ~. Ineonoatible substawas. Posh.dolo 3 no.5:9 Mjv '57. (MLHA 10:7) (Chmicals-Safety measurem) KaYr S, L;; PZTRICHMO, S.; GOGIN, U.4- SVISTUNOV, A. (Chelyabizink) Readers letters. Pozh.delo 5 no.11:31-32 11 159* (JUPA 13:4) 1. Nachallnik Otdela gosudarstyennogo posharnogo nadsora Upravlenlya pasharnoy okhrany Saratovskogo oblispolkams, (for Kherfets). 2. Starshiy rayonnI7 posharny7 inspektor, solo Min"o. Rovenskaya oblast' (for Petrichenko). 3. Fachallnik Loningradakoy pozharno-tokhnichookoy vystavki (for Gogin). (Fire prevention) (Fire extinction) GOOMN, N. (LeninFrad) Progress in fire equipment, I no.1,1.;26 N '61. (MIRA 14:11) (Fire departments--Equipment and supplies) (Leneingard.-Exhibitions) BMISTROV, N.A.; KOROBEYNIKOVA, A.D.; KHATSKEVICII., V.S.; SOSIN, H.A.; .9.,- OSOKBUL, K.I.; BOZHKO, V.S.; W)SKALEV, I.A.; q2~IL12 1~ DLNILKM . V.1.; BEZRUCHENKO., I.Ya. Experience in competing for the right to be ca.Ued an enterprise of conmmist labor. Vest. sviazi 21 no,11:22-25 N 161, (MIRA U: 11) 1. Nachallnik Pervomayokoy kontory pvWL g, Moak-vy (for Burmistrov). 2. Nachallnik otde3.eniya ovpzi Kupino, Shebekinskogo rayona, Belgorodskoy obl. (for KoroberwwM). -1. Nachallnik Noginokoy rayonnoy kontory avyazi Hookovakoy obl. (for Khatakevich). 4., Nachallnik Teykavokoy kontory evyazi Ivanovskoy obl. (for Sosin)- 5. Nachallnik 16- 0 otdeleniya avyazi Dzerzhinoka,, Gor'ka7skoy obl. (for Osokim'a5. 6. Nachavnik Sovetskoy kontory svyazi Kaliningradskoy oblasti (for Bozhko). 7. Nachaltnik Sovetskoy kontory svvu2i- Kurskoy obl. (for Moskalev). 8. Nwhal #aft -Keakwinskoy kontory mvyazi g. Gortkogo (for Gogin). 9. Nachaltnik Shchelkariovskogo otdeleniya, avyazi Yukhnovskogo rayona, Kaluzhakoy obl. (for Danilklnq). 10. Nachaltnik Bobrovskoy rayonnoy kontory svpzi Voronezhokoy oblasti (for Bezruchenko). (Telecommmication-Employeen) PODDUBNYY, I.; YANIKOV, I.; FABRIKOV, G., zhivotnovod; TARMYrn, A.; TSAFLIN, V.; BAKLITSUTA. To., zvenlyevaya; GRIDIILk. A., doyarka-, MVTSOVA, Z., telyatnitea; KOICAGIM, R., evioarka; SMOYEV, I., chaban: SIADKOMMOVA, N., ptichniton; RUD, 14., makfutnIzIttor; --GOGIII. S., mokhanizator. Our collective farm in seven years. 11auka I porad.op.v nol'khost. 9 no.1:5-9 Ja '59. (HM 130) 1. Kolkhoz "Ukrainn," Kirovskogo rayona Krymakay oblanti. 2. Prednedatell kolkhoza "Ukrainag Kirovokogo rayona Krytaskoy oblasti (for Poddubnyy). 3. Glavnyy agronom kolkhozo. IM.-raina" Kirovskogo rayona Kr7mskoy oblRsti (for Yanikov). 4. Glztvnyy mokha- nik kolkhoza "Ukraine" Kirovskogo rayona YLrymnkoy oblaoti. kfor Taranyuk). 5. Sakretar' partorganizatnii kolkhoza "UkrAina" Kirovskogo rayona Krymsko7 oblasti (for Maplin). (Kirovekoye District--Agriculture) GOGIN~ V. [Hohin, V.] Giant of Ukrainian chemistry* Nauka i zhyttia 12 no,l-.41 Je. 063" .~ (KEM 160) 1. Direktor LisicharAkogo khimicheakogo kombinata, (Lisichansk Districtp-Chanioal plants) (lidtonation) , 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4, a NIP 1 70 1- I've 0 OMM 1 . 60 pd,,t, of WkWm ebwPL~w 0 ' a igg"As (Joe rmww)~ Cw$in sild In the . h. ic of Njii to 11NOb. tht ab-Okm Of the cle"04 csk"*4 N*O' lkalks (WAW i h f N -410 .00 - w t a I..,,r oxidt, o 19-20* ( 11,211 fit 9 c wvw carried on in Fit wubben at -alt- - - roduct WtW h . e rn T p is 11CA %j = wid rM N*NO,. NO N so* . . t;;~ fur the dyv and firrutimew ind-fty. 0111 ult"t bit 9 00 rrwmtd by wgiv-sim to N&NUN. In (be allwation 'ht, lts Were obtained by adding HNO& tu the liquLw 1 00 w,j MU at for 7-31) kirs., CIMUSISHY rMistained at 3-11% h 06 e APP. "ity* stirred with rapid current of Air. T 1 1191 Us ti, i i = 0 0* 0 st l's (b granite of with micA-m was 1u "I 4 7 AL" wilhalt Ch". , -0 00 glow 111.44AVO 19 "1 0 1 it it 1 411 0 00 0 0* A00 -00 u0s , jr 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 4 0 0 00 0 : 0 0 11 it is m u16 it 0 N a A a L- At. F AI - I-L- 9 T L it, I" 4~0!-l -G`060N, -E. ... ... . um of allobw abdwpda of mitrol" 0311,111" 00 in mW M. A. Miniuvwb. A:)Paubvl 07 1 --*T- b 00 .'C. A.AN.147P.-The chem. pruWrm al thr fit V. S. S. It. itutellittlan bw pividuction fd can. KNO, 00 by ilimble drvourpri. vngh KCI ~m dswuwwd. C. It. -60 00 00 8, 06 00 '31 ASS-ILA 64TAILURGICAL L11111AIWI U611101CAMN K '00 00 use see )'moo oe W- lei,4soft. eji"il Am .1.0 641 -w0.6 00 NI I 10 Sit 0 ua 4w 10 0 p 0 & 0 0 0 0 :I@,& ee o 0 00000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 .............. A f 1 0 Is It a u w Is Is It 4 0 of a x 4 a 4 11,411 tipiss off *Pai a 1 9 a a P a a K J 4; au 0411!0 9 I A A-A-k--A-A - . R a - I .. V -AA - 'f 8 1 a -fit "Plos N i- -T~ 0 9 PGOM"s am #*nee-t,?f 00 A ? -00 Dq for aiveeft axid" Is OAS. .21 00 .4 0mr& MLOdow-CAfew t'4#n. 11. IOU -7b Ch i 1 IA N Z 1 go o. . r. ox . e m . , -00 dry PMAWiM Of 00h*VM Pf AM Ih* MWIXMU K*U*ifl# -00 oes r"nuvW of NO from The sm are dimcumard. Memilon h 00 1 macle at the powbilily of NO r"nowal lIwiu~ COMIPWO -00 shmisfitim of IM OW C(h by NOW ot It- 13 atm. pres- 008 owe. Glents C. f6mck -00 g0# -00 0 0 it 4 000 go voo Goo 00.9 stoo sew zoo SON So* talc" .4. 4.0 cot 00 a a 000000000000:aololwolocao4ololao,woo &-0-0*010 so* 0 0000 0000000 00 900 coo 00 0 0 noo Woo -iA & i V "W 0 a 6 '1 It IN I a a 000000000000000000 *000-00000*00090,0,00 D,~ep pl'--'e of AiLtl u t -14 TP221~ - G65 GOGIN2 V.F.; ?RUGLOV, B.I. .1 Advanced practices of the Lioicluinsk chemists. Klim. prom. 40 a-:).9: 641-642- S 164. (MIRA 17:11) GCCJ I N# ll.?~ I!I),I.0n, 7,- .]j , 1". ! Ad,.ancod pri,,Uino~s Cor t~h-i iLlItz:iUl;~i r,:' nnt..Ln~.l gan by the chomicO. pr~).qj%r.j J,9-Hr 165. (MIRA 1614) , "", t. Rill I INIM IT1111,33 TIA IUINNE114:11'.311911111 i. A-A , 1177] F!;;il :-j i F.,H r J~ -7 --7-1 . W11 V- -1- 1, !;!T- i 11, 1 1 1- 7 lif =I F24. " ji --ii-I J~2-. I il,Tj i-,_ L ML- j! H 11 1 qj p xyh~,.h i I IMP Ud .hauffin a RIM- ft 11 HIM 9 71 !il A-L i_ 1:,11 '[fis "1011, 1~~Pjlllj, 9 Ull Lq MISHIN,, D.D.; GOGIII, V.P. Effett of the initial state on the result of t4ormomagnetic treatment of a permalloyo Izvovysouchebezav.; fis. no.3:12-14 163o (MIRA -16:12) 1. Urallskiy gosudarstvermyy universitet imeni A.M.Gorlkogo. SHMOV, P.A., inzhener; SHAGAL, G.K., iD2hentt~1)1. TiL.I.., inthener; MALKOV, D.B., Inzhener. Precast prestreased reinforced shell arches. JIov.t~kh.i pored,op. v stroi. 18 no.12:9-12 D '56. NLRA 10:1) (Roofs, Shell) (Prestressed concrete construction) .1 I GOGIII, & S. "Treatment of Ambulatory Forms of burns, 11 Yed. Sestra, 1,.:).3, 19,149 GOGIN, R. E. I l.Frostbite. Mad. seetra, Moskva no. 11:21-23 Nov. 1951. (CLML 21:3) GOGIN, Ye.Ye.,(Leningrad) Sudden death of a patient with bronchial asthma treated with ACTF. Klin. mod. 34 no.1:73-76 Ja 156 (KURA 9-5) 1. Is kafedry fakulltetakoy terapit (nach.-prof. A.A. Nechaywr) Toyanno-morskoy meditsinskay akadenti I Usesynovoy klinichesk- boltnitsy Imeni Chudnovskogo (glavVy vrach A.M. Shkinmov) (ASTHM, ther. ACTH, causing sudden death) OUTH SURUK, in various dim. asthma, ACTH ther.) (ACTH. ther. use asthma, causIng sudden death) GOGIN, Te.Te.; KAKSIHOV, V.A.; SENINIO, A.H. (Lekningrad) Diagaosle of phsochromocytonso lituesed. )4 no.l0167-79 0 156. (NLRA 10:1) 1. Iz kafedry Falrulltatskoy terspil (naeft, - prof., A.A.Vacharev) Toyenne-morskoy maditainskoy akedenii i kliatchaskoy bolluitay imeni Chudnovskogo (glovnyy vrach A.N.Shakluoy) (PRIOCHRONOCTTCNA, Mog. ) GOGIN, Yaje. Diagnosis of tuberculosis of the nesenteric 1yaphatic nodes. Vast. khir. 77 no.1:81-86 J& 456 (KLRA 90) 1. Is tubarkuletnogo otdeleniya, (i.o. nach T.T. Akinov) 1-go Laningradskogo voyenno-morskogo ordena Janina gompitalya. (TUBISCULOSIS. LYMPH MODS qateria, diag.) (MWJWARIW, dim. 1"ph nods tuberc., diag.) GOGINt Ye.Ye. . - 0_ Mood circuUtion in acuto pneumonUm, Terrap.arkhe 32 no.11 48-53 Ja 160. (KMA 13 ;10) (MMMONIA) (BU)OD--CIMUIATION) GOGINp Ye.Yo.; ASTAFOVp B.M. Artificial pne=opericardium, 38 no.606-41 Jo 160. (PMCARDIUM) (MIRA 13tl2) VOLOSEY, Z.M., prt)f.; GUGIN, Ye.Ye.,; SUIA')V':[';VA, V.S., - - --' - - -'- -' ' Diffuse pericarditis in myocardial infarct. Kardiologiia 1 no.6t 58-66 11-D 161. (MIRA 15:1) 1. Iz kafedry voyeano-morskoy i gospitallnoy terapii (nachallnik prof. Z.M.Volynskiy) Voyennp-meditsinskoy ordena Unina akademii imeni, SiM.Kirova. (HURT--IIIFARC.TION) (PEKICALWIT 16) ASTAIIOV, B.M. (Laningradp Yk,279 ul.TSimlyanskayaL, d.6.1tv.7)), GOGIN,Ye.Ye. Diagnostic significance of an artificial pneumop-aftcardlim.-Wit'. rent, i rad, 36 no, 1:15-20 JTa.-F 161, (DURA 14:4) 1. Iz kafedry gospitallnoy terapii No,2 (nachallnik - prof. Z.M. Volyuskiy) Voyenno-maditainakoy ordena Leninft akadenii imeni S.M. Kirova. (PERICARDIUM) VOLYNISKIY, proll'.; GWIIIJ, Yu.Yu., kand. mud. nauk Modern concepts of pericarditis. Kardiologiia 3 no-5:84P-90 S-0 163. (14IRA 17:9) 1. Kmfodra voyanno-morskoy I go3pitallnoy terayli (nachalln"k - Frof. Z.M. Volynskiy) Voyanno-meditsinakoy ordena Lenina ftkademii imeni S.M. Kirova. VOLYNSKIY, Zinoviy Moiseyevich; GOGM, Yevgeniy Yevgerilyevich; SHUMBA, M.M. . red. --, (Diseases of the pericardiuml Zabolevaniia perikiirda. Leningrado Meditsinap 19&,,. 303 P. (MIRA 18:1) VOLYNSKIYP Z.M., prof.; SIPOVSEIY, P.V., prof. [deceasi4dj;,Q;W~jj,.Ye.Te.,- CHIGIRINSKIYI A*N~ Statistical data on the frequency of the incidence of peri- cardial diseases. Kardlologiia 5 no.2t45-51 Mr-Ap 165. (MIRA 18,-7) 1. Kafedra voyenno-morskoy i gospitallnoy terapli (nachallnik prof. Z.M.Volynskiy) VcTennomeditainakoy ordena lenina akademil imeni S.M.Kirova i kafedra patologicheskoy anaWmii (zav. - prof. P.V.Sipovskiy (deceased])Imningradekogo ordena lordna instituta usovershenstvovaniya vrachey imeni S.M.Kiri-wa. GOLUBIlis"'LA, A.P.; GUG11.1, yu.A. Demonstrating the acticn of muscle groupa. Biol. v shkole no.1; 86-87 Ja-F 16:;-,. (,"U~iA 15.1) 1, Gorlkovokiy podagogichoskiy inatitut. (MUSCLES) GOGIN, Yu.A. Some characteristics of the change In the coronary blood circulation in crainloceiebral hypothermia. Nauch.dokl.vys.shkoly; biol.nauki no.4:64-70 162. (MIRA 15:10) 1. Rekomendovana kafedroy fiziologii cheloveka I zhivotnykh Yaroslovaskogo pedagogicheskogo instituta. (BLOOD-CIRCUIATION) (HYPOTHERK.LA) L 13074-63 11D/AF~rd Pb-4 A] AIDD ACCESSION NR: AP3002597 S/0M239j ~/049/t~d6/07"/07 0 -AUTHOR: Gogin, Yu. A. 'TIM: Change in coronary blood flow during thermia: aj4 civ,%vXatory byptass:of +Ixe heart SOURCE: Fiziologicheskly zhurnal 3SSR, v. 49, no. 6, iskS3~1 744.1',,50' TOPIC TAGS: heart, blood, hypothe:.'ida,, circulatlon, hoa;-VbYpa41j'1,, coronary"blocid iflow, cardiac surgery, cardiac byp:&ss 'ABSTRACT: Comp2icated cardiac sur&ery -generally: require-9 41 vrol6g~ed circi4atoey ibypass of the heart and is performtd under I*Tothe=ic om4itio.-~ii., During:t-iis :period the functional activity of the zVocurdium largely 4~~-rmj,jieo the cm~nary blood flow condition. How are the cororAry blood flow aaChezart!'arfected 4*ring The author found 11V;le deta In the literatmie and:lxvoceeded with his own study. Experiments were conducted on 23 dogs., Ea;ih dog' vas placed in a, hypotherraic apparatus, which cools by transforming liquid Treon tnto vapor, iand the air temperature was reduced to 8 to 1.0' within 20 to M izin.! Circulatory bypp-ss ,of the heart was accomplished by constricting the vena cav% onlyp or a.11 malb vessels. In the initial stage the coronary blood flov raU decroeoes sharpllf when Card 1 /2 L 13074,43 ':ACCESSION NR: AP3002597 !the temperature is reduced by 3 to 3*5*, Mie next drop In 1AMIX!zat-Ure of 411D 51' leads to a slower and more uniform, blood flow rate decr:asep' WUh.!deeper hypothermia the blood flow rate Win decrease a cons ideccab:~Jr, Ddring the Stuh to 6th min the rate comprises only 5 to 81) of the initial ~mte, end during the 7j;h U) 8th min blood flow in the coronary vessels stops ccmpletely4~ It,a])pears tha-t tM, 'low level of metabolism in the cax~Liae muscles during bypotliewmi.6. helps rest6re heart activity even after prolonged circulatory bypass and 6toppage of coronixy Iblood flow. Orig. art. has: 3 tables and 3 figures, A=CIATION: Kafedra fiziologii. cheloveka i zhivatny*1:h Pedagoecheskogo ihAtitata: i im. K. D. Ushinskogo, Yaroslavl (Departnent of Human ajid Anbial Ph'itsiology, jKedapgical Institute) 00! suaamm o6jun62 DATE ACQ.: 12ju3.63 EHMt iGUB CODE; AM NO W SCIV: WS OTIMM, (~)41 Cord 2/2 P-1 - !, I . - I;V. 1.",. . I -SK TI Y , !,. ; . ; (-,GG INI , Y-,; . ; jI "(.)%(,V Chanre in the tone of cerebral and coronary wqj.,ie 1.o In hypothemia. Nauch. dokl. v-ys. shkoly; biol. nauk]. nD. 1: ' ': , -1 ~ 1 '-1- 7~ I 1E,-.21) 1. Rekomendovana kafeiroy fiziologii chelcv-,~'.:n I zhl-jotlyk~., Vladt- mir8kogo pedagogicheskogo instituta. 28(2) SO AUT 1101? 1 Gogin, TITLEt An Attachment for a Mechamical Pressure Indicivi,or PERIODICAL: lzmeriteltnaya telchnihn, 1960, Nr 6, pp 29-30 (I;SSR) ABSTRACTt The mechanical prcssure indiiator I" it, -,,tidy simple and reliable Instrument for investigating the performanre of piston onArines. However, its application neAtqsmitates the stopping of the machine under investigaticii for changing the papor on Hit? indicator drum. Repeatad stopping and atarting of the ma%7hire undor inveatig&tion when recording a grent number of opetrating conditions may compli- cate the investigation, oNpocially, when vertain operation con- ditions are requir.-id, or In case large oxqrii)es are JTYvestigated where starting and stopping af, sho-,-I, iriterrixls Ui not permissible. Therefore, the author suggests a simpIt! wt.tachiitel~t for a mechani- ual pre.-asare indicitor which enoble.,A chwn1ring Lhe pitper A th+ recorder drum without stopping tho machine unde-: investigation. The indicator drum is drivem by it .-FAble dri-,(~.. Tbe &!vic.,t design- ed by the author ii used. for Nla~A(t-ngng i-he tension on this cnble, Card 1/2 as shown in the diagratn, wh,~-I-eljy the motioz- of' drum is srr,'~') - 1 1/3;..l An Attachment for a M.,tchanical Preasure Indicator interrupted. Test:i of thim at-."ri c line rit at it eompressor, whose shaft was rotati ng at,, 400 rpm, showed thw. tbb investigation could be perfomed cur,slderably fas',or mid w-illhout distortionis in the recorded diagrtum. Th-~-re is I sketch. Card 2/2 GOGIN, Tu.N..,,- inzh. Relation of the degree of compression In the first stage of a two-stage compressor to the sucked-in air pressure, Isv*vys. ucheb.sav.; gor.zhur. ao.10:102-106 159. (KMA 130) 1. Severo-Kaviasakly gornonstallurgicheekly institut. (Coupressore) GOGIN, Tu.N., inzh. Load distribution between pressure of air forcirg. no - 7:131-133 160. compressor stages with a reduced Izv.vys.ucheb.zave; gor.2hW. OMA 13: 7) 1. Severo-Kavkasskiy gornometallurgicheskiy inetitut. Rekomendova kafedroy gornoy mekhaniki. (Air compressors) GOGIN, Yu. N. ------- --gompiessor plant dy~amios in unuqual circ=stancen- Izv- vYB- uchob. zav.; toyet. met. 3 no.3%21-29 160. (MIRA 14-3) 1. Severokavkazekiy gornometallurgicheskiy jxistit~;t, Kafedra gornoy mekhaniki. (Compressorp-Aerodynamice) 4L GO;IN, Yu, N,, Cand Tech Sol -- "Dynainloo of Abe niLning oompressor under high-altitude conditions and pressure charging." KharIkov, 1961. (Min of 111-her and See Spec Ed UkSSR. Khar'kov Min Inst) (KLO 8-6141, 242) - 215 - 29263 S/143/61/000/009/004/006 ~4.)424 D224/D305 AUTHORS: Slobodyanyuk, L. I., Candidate of Technical Sciences, and Gogin, Yu. N., Engineer TITLE: Cooling a compressor by injection of water into a cylinder PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. ::"nergetika, no. 9, 1961, 62-65 TEXT: The author derives expressions for calculating the quantity of water necessary to inject into a cylinder to produce air com- pression at a given exponent of the polytropic curve. The process was checked experimentally. In the examplesgiven cooling was from 1380C to 820C and from 1700C to 1260C respectively which was still higher by 180C and 200C respectively owing to an imperfection of the injector, and insufficient pulverization of wate:r. The quantity of water djo(-necessary to convey the quantity of heat dql is given by Card 1A Cooling a compressor by 3 D!1/000/009/OJ4/00' ,3/14~3 D224 D305 IL = Cv k- - n dT + OU r r W - 1 where r - latent heat of evaporation. Integrating., exp-raziding 1 + 0(, into a series, and neglecting terms of a higher power, the quantity of water necessary to produce the desired polytropic process of cooling becomes j_ 1 k n 2 'j c)/- k-n kL + - -- AL LKG/KG (4) r k-1 P 2 r 'k 1 The work per cycle of the compressor is equal -to the otim of work of compression, delivery and auction, Card 2/ 4 Coolin,- a compressor by ... n-I k-1 (P72 n Lc= A 0 i--n d- + RT 29263 S/14 61/000/009/004/00'0' D224YD305 1 +'rk) - 1 (5) The author states that the relation between temperature and pres- sure of the air with the injection of water is the saine as in an ordinary polytropic process. The change of temperature for various values of u (various quaritities of water) is given by ,n-1 T T P2 n 2 1(P, In conclusion, the author states that the injection of water into a compressor cylinder is an effective me-thod of lowering the air Card 3/4 Coolin,,,,, a compressor by ... 263/ i-1/000/009/004/006 D22 /D305 temperature. The disadvantage is the need ~to cavvy aw,,y mois-uro from the pressure water pipes by installing automatic water separa- tors. The compressed air is usually forced (with long pipes and full air cooling) with humidity q= 1.0, so that an injection of' water cannot increase it. There dre 2 figures an(I 1 tal)Ie- AS'"'OCIAT1014: Problemnayn 1.-tboratoriy,,% 11, QVt kogo garnometallur6icheokogo inotit-,~ta Laboratory of Indut3trial Vnergeticq Of t'%e Voroshilov Mining and Metallurgical YnutLtute SUBMITTED: June 3, 1960 Card 4/4 VI .1 , ,I II -- GOGIN.. Yu N.., inzh. Approximate relationships for water vapor on the saturation line. Izv*vys,uchebezav.; energ- 4 no.9t83-81+ S 161. (WRA 14:10) 1. Voroshilovskiy gornometallurgiches)r-iy institut. Predstavlena kafedroy gornoy elektromelchani i. (Water vapor) (Heat-Trammiosion) I MIF V, ~ , 7, GOGIN, YU.N.,-kand. tekhn. nauk Injection of water into the suction pipeline or a compressor. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; energ. 6 no.llt69-75 N163. (MrELA 17:2) 1. Kommunarskiy gornometallurgicheskiy institut. Predot-avlens, kafedroy elektromekhaniki. '0 GOGIN, N.M., kand.tekhn.nnuk; WITKOV3KUY, *fu.A., InvOi. Effect of an intake pipeline on the operation of a piston-type compressor. From. energ. 18 no.9s23-27 3 163. (MA 16:10) RUTKOVSKIY, Yu.A. , kand.- -takhn. nauk Effect of the dimensions of them intake pipe on the operation of piston compressors, Promi energ. 20 no.5tl8-22 My 065. (min 1817) G INA. L.; GOGN, N. Incompatible substances. Posh.dolo 3 n0.5:9 MY '57. (MLRA 10:7) (Chomileals-Safaty wasures) IBICLITYUKOVA, A.A., doteent; GOGMA, N.D,, ordinator Treatment of tuberculosis of the eyes with antibiottes and with new drugs. Pht.,klin.i terap.tub. no.8:218-221 158. (NMA 13:7) 1. Iz glaznoy kliniki (zav. - prof. A.M, Rodigina) Livoyekogo maditsinskogo institute- (NrE--TUIBIRCW,SIS) (STREKONTGIN) (ISONICOTINA10 ACID) (SALICYLIG ACID) (SANASINB) 3(4t 5) SOV/151-59-8-4/24 AUTHOR: Gogina, N. I. TITLE: Analysis of Physical and Geographical Conditions for the Interpretation of Air Photographs in,the Geological Mapping of East Siberia PZRIODICAL: Izvestiya vy9shikh uchobnykh savedeniy. Goologiva i razvedka, 1959, Nr 8, pp 27-36 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Since East Siberia in almost entirely covered with woods the air photographs do not d1rootly show the olemento of geologi- cal structure. Therefore indirect cha.-acteristics must be used for their determination. They may be found by investigating the relationships between the individual landscape components and geological struature. This is a complicated task. Methods concerning this subject are weakly developed. The author chose for her investigations &p area in the catohm*nt area of the Markha riverp (north-west of the Yakutskays ASZR)o Herej the landscape is manifold and the geological structure is complicat- ed. The relief is typical of wide areas of Central Siberia. The regions of the water divides are flattened, river valleys Card 1/4 are cut deeply (to 250 m), their slopes are steep. Figure 1 SOV/151-59-8-4/24 Analysis of Physical and Geographical Conditions for the Interpretation of Air Photographs in the Geological Mapping of East Siberia shows a trap-platform and a river valley in Palsozoio limestones. The characteristics for the deteraination connected with the relief are the following: the areas of the Paleonoic carbonate rocks are characterized by a hilly platform relief with smooth, often step-like slopes. A flat plain with a hardly marked valley system developed on sandy-loamy Mesozoic layers. As a rule, traps form structured plateaus (Fig 1). However, there are numerous exceptions. Apparently, the properties of the substratum are determined by the geological structure. Only on the substratum the surface in formed by a complex of exogenous processess In this connection the resistance of the rocks to various denuda- tion agents is of special importances In the mentioned area erosion is the most important relief forming process. Various valley forms are discussed according to the rocks. The resistance of the rocks to weatherina processes in also important. In the interstream areas outside the river valley processes of our- face denudation prevail. The soils bound by permafrost favor Card 2/4 t,-/' SOV/151-59-8-4/24 Analysis of Physical and geographical Conditions for the Interpretation of Air Photographs in the Geological Mapping of East Siboria the conservation of old relief forms. The occurrence of fossIle ice leads to the formation of thermo-karst-troughs. The author recommends a certain order in carrying out the determinations. The use of vegetation for this purpose is more complicated since The geological structure exercises an indirect influence. In the area investigated the plant cover is exceptionally un- stable in spite of the fact that a thin swamped taiga of larches (Larix dahurica) widely prevails. The differences in the plant cover become manifest in the change of thickness and height of the trees. In almost.overy air photograph banded, spotted, alveolar, sometimes annular groups of plants become visible. The mother rockvinfluence the plant cover by the composition of the soil horisons and by enriching the soil with chemical elements. The lithological composition plays an important part in Boil formation. The relief also influences vegetation (Fig 2). It reacts sonsitivelipto bonds and flatter places of the slopes (Figs 3, 4). The above'rules are illustrated by examples (Figs 5, Card 3/4 6). 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