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December 31, 1967
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VO:'DVI.'IIj,I6'KiY, G-S. ; GU Dill, N.V. ; Sl:'~i I 1"'I.S. ; GAPil."YANOV, ; !LfYI~SOV, Electron paramagnetic resonance study of the electrode processes of copper complexes with organic amino derivatives. Zhur. fiz. khim. 38 no.6-1682-1685 Je 164. (1-111TUA 18: 3) 1. Kazanskiy khimiko-tekhnologicheskiy inetitut imeni Firova i Institut organicheskoy khtmii AN SSSR, ~~azanl. , ~ .1 p". - , ! , 1~' I .;t. - 11 1, . 1 11' 0 - F ; I I I ! 1 1 ~ ~;- WZDVIZHENISKIY, G.S., Prof.; OUDINI, N.V. Second scientific and technical conference on the theory and practice of the use of nontoxic electrolytes in electrolytic metallurgy. Zhur.VKHO 10 no.1:94~96 165. (MIRA 18:3) VOMITULDISPY, G.S.; (RIDIN, fI.V,; SHAPPIM, M.S.; ILIYASOV, A.11.; GARIFIYAI:OV, . Electron paramagnetic resonance study of electrode processes in aqueous solutions of copper complexes. Zhur. fiz. khim. 39 no. lt 64-67 Ja 165 (Milu 19:1) 1. Institut organicheskoy khimii AN SSSR, Kazan'. Sutmitted January 10, 1964. TIKHONOV, V.I.. mekhanik; GUDIN. P.Ta., makhanik ------ Steam-air and hydraulic hoists. Neftlanik 1 no.12:23-25 D '56. (KIRL 12:3) 1. NovoktWbysbjsvsk1y neftepererabatyvayusb6bly zavod. (Hoisting machinery) GUDIN, Sergey Andreyevich; GOLOYAN, M.A., redaktor; LXDNIFIA, N.V., [Mobile radio repair shop] Peradvizhnaia radioremontnala masterskaia Moskva. Goa. izd-vo lit-ry po vopronam eviazi i radio, 1956. 9 p. (Radio-Ropgiring) (MLRA 9:9) SKVORTSOV. S.O.. inzhener; GUDIN, Ya.Ya, inzhener. ...... . , Increasing the yield of formalin at the Vatluzhakiy wood-chemical combine. Der.i lesokhim.prom. 3 no.3:24-26 Mr 154. (MLRA 70) 1. TsNILKhI (for Skyortsov). 2. Yetlushakiy lesokhImIcheskiy kombl- nat (for Oudin). (Yetlushakiy--Yormaldshyde) (Formidehyde--Vetluzhokly) YA--* -47 As INN ma A yojof teebRique 10CIAeMstiv tw."Wy Ofjww liatilaMs subtUftim. L. 1. Palladina c4ifina ifint, ~Ri ochem_*Acad. W. Ukr. SSA..! ve A.44 22. 37,R(.30-40, In ~Tlle rcutrifujution Tilrth*4 h-it usu4ify bee Yeast Irraivat ln*~nbrmd firtmtitiou mul uit(14 lufldcrv~-- oE ientrifuption Is carried Out,111:a wited, tube %-ILh - ts~ Minutioti ttkken': t0 000 4he yewsl de: iontK(orethe -tit. This makes the triMM -curitte.und ik-wpplic;~W A mic" uwthW mai iltvaloped-4rhemiw 4leouentat" 6 Wei- rupted b)i NaV adO-4 LK-fore ceil tiging, ind (2),tubes with attackvit eapilluo, ~re umd fQr "OUiltimtm; p(Ocedaif, the umd b md., and'drkt! tit mom tem' P'. akeft rMst Was Ix et oft a filitcr. 1. NUtr ttkt ftl~dftlm: 10; 1 oftc~ 02 g. of atnw - VVIGailint Phosphate (monn), (A duhmind bt 100 yul.~ tali waur, and the umdhud powid Into yeawls, 4m dii4i.1 I to WIght, In.3-mlegoidalis.-. Then MO 61 rd polyOr wus shO .cO * IS; M. dIAU wakiilg-doi to tht v(mwb Wt i4 11m, sa Is-M'. !Wwr tW (w a Coutoluf NaCl soUt. watwUled.- AftcrZtb"'0Mo': Ivilt" vM10 WITCA, %liquimv gimtr4 Anto 4%J;,T%;ftffup w I tuben -wid thf- attachttl CZPII w ilk, fun' Solid NA? w" xmt!tl bcfov~ teallibid4g SIW ilipemyou Cal-no -4uitd In tutd, and iobspired ow PALMDOA, L. I.; - : - . . Nature of activating substances In extracts from preserved skin from corpses; report no.l. Role of arginine in the regeneration of tissues. Ukr.biakhim. shur. 24 no.4:487-W 152. Nuu 6:11) 1. Instytut blokhtutyl natik Ukrayinalkoyi MOR. (Arginine) (Regeneration (Biology)) (Tissues) PALIADINA, L.I.:GUDIRA. A.M. Gertain, data on nature of blogenic stimulators. DDklady Akael. usuk SSSR 87 no. 2:2W252 11 Noy 1952. (CIKL 23:5) 1. Presented by Academician A. 1. Oparla 12 September 1932. 2. In- stitutoR of Biochemistry of the Academy of Sciences Ukraluiss, $SR. 0 C- USSR /Medicine Tissue Tberapy mar 53 - "The Nature of Effective Substances in Extracts From the Preserved Skin of Corpses: II. The Activating Effect of Ammonia in Processes of Tissue Regenera- tion," L. I. Palladina, A. M. Gudina, Inst of Biocbem, Acad Sci Ukr SSE, Kiev Iftrain Biokhim Zhur, Vol 25, No 1, PP 97-105 Prior investigations have shown that an essent:L&I factor in the skin of corpses preserved ace to Filatov Is arginin, which expedites healing. He- sults obtained in this instance indicate that &mania 25M3 an& substances that form aumonia also have a healing effect. This checks vith published data an the nature of the healing effect produced by maggots vhen they are used for treating vounds. 251T53 .USSR/Medicine - Tissue Therapy Jun 53 :"The Nature of Active Substances in Extracts From the Preserved Skin-of Corpses. III. The Effect of Some Salts on the Activating Role of Ammonia in Processes of Tissue -Regederation," L. 1. Palladinaj--"-~A. M. Gudina, Inst of Biochem Acad Sci Ukrainian SSR Ukrain Biokhim Zhur, Vol 25, No 2p PP 132-139 It was mentioned in earlier reports that ammonia as well as arginin is anactive Ingredient found in ex- tracts of the sk-in of corpses. It was established in the present instance that certain salts increase the 254T33 therapeutic action of ammonia. On the basis of these findings, the LP soln (3-0 g of sumonium carbonate + 1-5 g magnesium sulfate + 1.6 g of calcium chloride+ + 0.8 g of mvaosubstituted potassium phosphate per 1 liter of distilled water) was formulated. In expts and clinical tests,-LP soln proved to be effective in expediting the healing of voiinds and burns. 254T33 GUDINA, A. M. "A Study of P%rine Metabolism During Muscular Work." Cand Blol Sci. Inst of Biochomistr7. Acad Sol Ukrainian SSR, Klev, 1954. (RZhBiollhim, go 1. Jan 55) 9w-vey of Scientific and Technical Dissertations Defended at USSR Higher Iducational. Institutions (12) SO: SUN No. 556, 24 Jun 55 The nature of actlyo.dtibstances In the 4.1tracts of lklb'oif ' eaddvers. TV. ~ The mechardsm of actlon tit btogenic stLma. L. 1. Palladina and A. M. Oudinit. Ukralw. U s S Bickkim. Zhur, 26, 444-51(in Ruwdavt-411V~&)(1964); CA. 47, 12OM-M ions activale the promb of tismao pvwth and repair and enhance tbc process of glycolyals WA i~ OxIdationiudisues. Pie~n.LPd~-tcribtditinuovemftAin m tied exts. of- preservW'skia- of cmd4yersAw ithntilit~ glyculysis. The role played 4y NUO lit the'transfei a P fr,)nl P1104phopyruvic ucki to the ad"yk held Oystvu: wo * Studied. Upoit ilie "an. W plumplib Iyorle 11041 1111F ha latim ,2 d yruvie icld onh. ov~hig-to a rapid ephospht ' .. ZenosinetriphosphiWic.add; Inorg. P accumulates' NHO'; !] U 6V ed Th d n e b escr der as, ab e -ate of P tra enhanced the i " i stue t0 - presenco of. (NHAhCO, 1~ctvastd the power of fiverA ra~tsi; OtWi. idadve 6 fid it b i k s lue n x ne ~ p reduce nothy g ens end phases are described of the beueficial effect of blo -a'' bod pro + an the growth abd iepair NH . 4 lssites.:At Is c6itcluded that the role plAyed y N110]: t ' - , thdr and blogwic Inhemit In the nature 0l metAbolle processes of the (W9 n 6ctivity with . 1 It Tfiii- .~ibktm" 6 1 c q ac atVpU cii2 Ur IL KrMfd 'I itid 4-1 '~j~ di , j., %~ jiv 4. Uk "AA ilt ilhilrl-zll IV 7' 1UTPOW '_'4 Tl W~xt ~ I' Ol' _11M --Ah Jo all iftogwri -g t4 vi~ I h All, 'a 4 T-'~: I l" uy t lm= VItilld M a Ofut & cd" 4ar, J~j 'Ot0 Wil Lf Tbf zatijil Wi'. TIM 3-tt W44 11 Ili itelorl vv Wit: 7 Ir es th"d'aAmfialf 'i Aif mtpl M WX dog* I p ilk IN lGh li'z 1, dddu;, to l1r. 0a :bf Atl - ~ lh I to id'fhi~rak,. al id I 1: asiu ia:tbl~ cass4of r trtil ng tv e9. Ao be diar- u A of el ME, I twin i In thi regmeratipir IN rilln~- ficrit b6th tqo.6A liv,gr ikstiv:i 0 jl"~` pnen in Nil I ml )e j'ImpS3, therqua I OrINA qvj 1 USSR/Human and Animal Physiology. Metabolism. T Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol , No $, 1958, 36168. Author _;_~q~A-M~ Inst Title TLe Effect of Sodium Citrate on the Metabol'-sm cf Purine Containing Compounds During Exhausind Muscular Work in Animals and Men. Crig Pub: Ukr. biokhim. Zh. 1957, 29, No 1, 71-78. Abstract: The values of free purines, nucleozide and nucleo- tide purine3, as well as ATP contents of muscles cf rab- bits during work and in controls were detexmdned. ne- hausting work was associated with increased breakdown of nucleotides and ATP Preliminary injection of the animals with 250 mg of sodium citrate in closes of 250 mg/ Card 1/2 PALLADrNA. L.I.; GUDIHA, A.M. Rnsymatle processes In the liTer during regeneration [with summary In 26glishl. Ukrbiokhim.shur, 30 no.6:865-879 158,, (MIRA 11. -12) 1. InstItut, biokhlmii AN USSR. KlyeT. (RIGNMATION (BIOLOGY)) (LIM) (WZTKES) PALLADINA, L.I.; GUDINA, A.M. Influence of adenosinetrIphosphoric and aderqlic acid om the regene- ration of tissues and on the oxidation-reduction processes In regene- ration. Trach.delo no.10:1053-1055 0 159. (KIRA 13-2) 1. Institut blokhtall Akademil muk USSR. (ADENOSIMRIPHOSPHORIC ACID) (ADIMIC AGED) (ENGEIMATIOR (BIOLOGY)) PALIADIIIA, L.I.; GUDIIIA. A.M.. [Hudyna, A.M.] Hffect of substances containing purines and purine bases on oxidation-reduction processes in a regenerating liver. Ukr. biolthim.zhur. 31 no-3:414-421 159. (HIRA 12: q) 1. Institute of Biochemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R., Kiyev. (PLUIII03) (MIDATION, PHYSIOLOGICAL) (RIGIINNUTION (BIOLOGT)) PALUDINA, L. I.; POPOV K. S. - GUDIM A M,.; GRECRINSKAYA, Ye.V. [Hreebyus 'ka, 6.v.j Biologically active substances in Soviet champagne and wine products* Ukroblokbimzhur. 32 no.1:111-119 160. (KIRA 13:6) 1. Institute of Biochemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Mmaintan S.S.R., 11yov, and the All-Union *%garaclaw Research Institute for Wine-voLking and Titiculture, Talta. (CHAWAG" (WINE)) (WIM-PHTSIOLOGICAL VnCT) PALLADINA, L.I.; GUIUINA, A.M. [Hudina, A.M.] Effect of acme organic aoide introduced into the organimus on =idation and reduction proceoseo in regenerating tissues. IDw. biokbim. zhur. 32 no.6:*7-876 160, (MIM 1411) 1. Depotnut- or'NologiftlThemis try of the Sverdlay State NWMWa lastitute. (ACIDS; ommic) I (aKIDATIONq PHYSIOLOGICAL) (REGMUATION, (BIOLOGY)) PAi, :".*;,',l I ~*, , , . . . , r; I! ~ I: i, !.A, A.M. [ Hi idina, A. M,.]; P.H-L'T, ~;?'AYA, L.". T-11.1, :--,tijdentka Effect of' some biologically active substances on the enzyme activit..,, of regenerating tissiies. Ukr. blokhim. zhur. 35 no.2: 282-2Q.3 163. (MIRA 17:9) 1. ii:c;VLt,,ittt -X BLOohniiistry of' the A(-adomy ot' Selenccs ol, tile Ukrnlr&-in ';.S. ". Kiev. Z L 15 I ;~ .11 1 - ! P 'I * ! 1, -1 1 1 . I -' - !I GTJDIIJjl,, Nikolay, uchitel', Istorli (:~aj;oro-zhskaya oblast', solo Gusarka) It was near Brest. Ya-yl.rod. 13 no.2:6 F 162. (V-Ut~ 15:1) (World War, 1939-1945--Aerial operations) ACC NR: AP7004492 (A) SOURCE CODE: UR/0364/67/003/001/0120/0122 AMORS: Fay--ullin, F. F.; Nikitin, Ye. V.; Gudina K N. ORG: Kazan State University im. V. I. Ullyanov-Lenin (Kazanalciy goaudaratvennyy universitot) TITLE: On the mechanism of the formation of anode films on liquid gallium SOURCE: Elektrokhimiya, v. 3, no. 1. 1967, 120-122 TOPIC TAGS: gallium, electrode, electrode potential, mercury alloy, mercury compound, potassium compound, electric impedance, electrolyte, electric resistance. -A.--ectric capacitance, gallium compound , 0X10e FORM /) ZtoA), .4 / 4 04D IUF -,'9 4- ABSTRACT: The mechanism of the formation of anode oxide films on a liquid gallium elec- trode in alkali solutions is studied. The electrode design is described by T. I. Lezhava, A. T. Vagramyan (Izv-. AN*SSSR, Ser. kbim., No. 3, 435, 1964). The purity of the gallIum was 99.999E%. A mercury-mercurous oxide electrode served as the comparison electrode. The KOH solutions were prepared by dissociation of potassium amalgam in doubly distilled water; all tests were at 32C. Polarization potentiostatic eux-ves were plotted (see Fig. 1). Alternating current of IGG-20 000 cycles was applied to the gallium electrode and to a platimim-plated platinum disk over the surface of the elec- trode under study. The electrode impedance was also measured. It was found to be probable that active dissolution of the gallium electrode and the formation and growth Card 1/2 UDC! 541.13 ACC NRt AP7004492 w- l i ti t F 1 P ti o- o ar za en . on po ig. static curve of i versus (P (1) of liquid gallium electrode in 0.1-K KOH at 32C; and curves of capacitance C (2)-and 0 rill ; i-ni resistance R (3) versus electrode , , V j potential in name solution at 1000 cycles -0 -10, -0. IS 10 - .;Jj of the passivating oxide are not controlled by diffusion of the reacting particles. Orig, art* hass 2 gmpbs. MB CODE; 07/ SM -D=t O4ju166IIOR1G MWz 006/ OM REP.- 005 Card 2/2 GUDINAp O.Ne Changes in vestibular and visual nystagmus in twaors and inflamatox-f diseases of the brain. Zhur. nevr. i psikh. 61 no.11:1663-1667 161. (MLM 15:2) 1. Kafedra nervnykh bolezney (zav. - dotsent K.A.Velikov) Kalininskogo meditainsko o instituta GUIN-T UMOL) (N)BTAGMS) VELIhOV, K.A., dotserit; GUDINA, O.H., assinterit; (R)RDIYOL'O.1, 7:; nauk Wagnosis and treatment of cerebral arachnitts of infectious etiolo Y. ol Trudy KCMI no.10:485-490 163. (MIRA 18:1 1. 1z kafedry nervnykh bolezney (zav. kafedroy dotsent K.A.Velikov) Kalininskogo gosudarstvennogo meditsinskogo instituta. "T'ie Vita: da U SO: Sim, . 1~0. '104, 2 ;,~',Ov 5": Stu-Vey of all~l -Dionortaill-ions Dcfon(ledl at USS-R 1!i -Ilor Institutions (16). LOBANOV, N.N., ~mnd.vptorin.nauk; GUDIA, V.A., Vwid.votoriu.zimilz "Livestock hyrienell by A.P.Onegin. Roviewed by N-N.Lobaliov. V.A.Gudina. Vaterinarils 36 no.10:81-83 0 059- (mila 13-.1) (Veterinary bygiene) , I. I I II '.. , , GUDINA, V.I. Microfnabal characteristics of the Upper Cretaceous sediments in the Vakh Badin. Geol.i geofiz. no.5:52-56 161. (KM 14:6) 1. Inatitut geologii i geofiziki Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR Novosibirsk* (Vakh Valley-Foramini era, Fbosil) GUDINA, V.I.; GOLIBERT, A.V. Lithological and paleontological investigations of 'Jaz-Sanchugovka sediments in the Trurkhan Basin. Trudy Inst. f~ool. i geofiz. Sib. otd. AN SSSR no.27:90-101 162. (MIRA 17:11) GUDMAI V.T. Some Quaternary Elphidiidae in the northern part of the West Siberian Plain. Geol. i geofts. no.9t6"O 164. (MIRA 18s7) I 1. Tnatitut geolegii i geofisiki Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR, Ndvosibirsk. LEBEDEV, Ye.A.; -GUDINA, V.N. Lubrication of die-casting diee. Lit.proizv. no.11:41-42 11 161. (MRiA 14.10) (Metal-working lubricants) (Die casting) I f 0 AUTHORS: TITLE: 38o'46 S/128/62/000/005/001/005 A004/A127 Lebedev, Ye.A.; The new AJ115-8 K (AL15-8K) aluminum alloy for pressure casting PERIODICAL: Liteynoye proizvodstvo, no. 5, 1962, 9 -,10 TEXT: The authors report on tests being carrie'd out at the NIITAVTOPROM, Minskiy motovelozavod (Minsk Motorcycle Plant) and MZKA, to investigate the casting and mechanical properties of the AJI 10B (AMOV), AX 3B (ALY), AA 9 B (AL9V), MKEXC r4Y.TsS) and AX 154 (AL154) alloys used In pEessure casting. Al- loys of the Al-Si-Cu system with db UP to 30 - 35 kg/mm and ternary alloys with an Si-content of 5, 6, 7. 8, 9 and 10% and a Cu-content of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6% were tested, these alloys being produced on the basis of the secondary AL154 alloys. The highest (f = 26 "2 and 8 - 2% were achieved w1th an al- 10Y Of 7 -9% Si and.2.5 - 4-4 Cu which was conditionally designated AL15-8K. A graph shows the dependence of Crb and � % on the temperature of the metal to be poured. It was found that both these values grow with an increasing tempera- ture of the alloy being poured. For purifying the molted metal from suspended -Card 1/~ .3/128/62/000/005/001/005 The new AL15-8K aluminum alloy for pressure casting A004/A127 inclusions, apart from deadmelting, fluxing and chlorinating, the metal can be filtered through a lump filter, the filtering layer consisting of crushed magne- site brick lumps of 12 - 15 mm size. The authors present a number of graphs and test results which were obtained in Investigating the properties of the AL15-8K alloy and point out that this alloy,. containing on the average 7 - 9% Si, 2.5 - 4.5% cu and up to o.6% mg, 1.2% Zn, 1.5% F and 0.5% Mn possess6r, pressure-cast- Ing properties which are superior to the standard AL3, AL9 and ALIO alloys. There are 8 figures. LEBEDEV, Ye.A.; GUDINA, V.N. New lubricants for die-casting molds for casting aluminum parts. Avt.prom. 28 no.2:36-38 F 162. (KRA 15:2) 1. Nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut avtomobillnoy promyshlennosti i Moskovskiy zavod malolitrazhnykh avtomobiley. (Die casting--Equipment and supplies) DAGIS, I.; GUDINIMM, B.; FUTRIMAS, A.; SODRIKAITS. B.; JiNICNVICIUS, K. Dynamics of phytoncides of the meadow buttercup during its vege- tative period. Bot.shur. 39 no-5:721-733 5-0 154. (MLEtA 7:11) 1. Institut biologii Akademli nauk Lit. WR; Villnymmakiy Gosu- darstvenmWy universitet. (Phytoncides) (Buttercup) USSR / Human and Animal Physiology, Metabolism. T Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 9, 1958, W945. Author : Palladina, L. I.; Gudinova Inst : Not Given. Title : The Effect of Compounds with the Tricarbon Cycleon Oxidative Processes In Regenerating Tissues. Orig Pub: Ukr. biokhIm. zh., 1956, 28, No 3, 329-337. Abstract: The effect of sodium succinate, sod. c1trate W, sodium mallate and fumerate on respiration of nor- mal and regenerating tissue of the liver, taken from rats at 1 week Intervals, was studied, Tissue respiration was measured in Barburg's apparatus. Respiration of regenerating liver tissue was less Card 1/2 SYef Mental diFordars in oerebral no.10!397,-403 164. 1. 3--Yfl Lerd.nKradskaya 'va 1,Rvortsova-Stel-anova vrat-,h N.U.Bulkill, Wl~~zffllyy ttint - r,r,-,f. S.S.1-nukh1r, GUDIVOK, 1. 1. Treatment of lactation motitis usinR ultrasonics. Akuoh. i gin. no.2:36-37 '62,* (MM 15:6) 1. Iz kafedry obahchey khirurgii (sav. - prof. D. L. Rotenberg) Stanislavokogo zeditsinskogo instituta (dir. - dotsent G. A. Babenko) (BRUST-DISPASES) (LACTATION) (ULTRASONIC WAVES-THRRAFEUTIC USE) GUDIVOK I.T. 1--l- - ~ - - - - Experience with ultrasonic treatment of some acute inflammatory processes, Sov. med. 27 no.80.07-112 Ag 164. MILk 1893) 1. Kafedra obahchey khIrurgii (zav.- prof. D.L. Rotenberg) I i.vano-Frankovskogo meditsinskogo Instituta. GUDI-VOK, PJ1. ------ - ---1.----.-----.- --. Integral r3presention of (p1, p) type groups. DoU. I soob. UzhGU. Ser. fiz.-mat. i ist. nauk no.5:73 '62. On p-adic integral representations of finite grcops. lbld.i 81-82 (WRA. P. Q'I . :-,I * ~!J L! :~ t i - ; ! , z I . I ; I . 11 ~i r, ~' ! i I i1 i i ~' I I I I -'. BERMAN, S.D~, dotsent; GUDIVOK, P.M. Integral representations of finite groups. Dokl. I soob. UzhGU. Ser. fiz.-mat. i ist. nauk no.5:74-76 162. (MIRA 170) BERMAN$ S.D.; GUDIVOK, F*M. Integral representations of finite groupe, Dokl,AN =R 145 no.6:1199-1201 Ag 162. .(ML 15:8) 1. Yzhgcrodakiy gosudaretvemqy universitet. Predstavleno akademikom F.S.Novikov7m. (Groups, Theory of) GUDIVUK' P.M. (Uzhgorod) Relation between the orders of classes of conjugate elements ar-d the degree of aboolUtely 4rredUcible represeA~ationa fo.e a cartain o-lass Cf 0 VIJ ; MDLAI 2;., ~ 1; 1 Tv.,.?u vys, ucheb, zav.5 mat, no.24V42 163. (Abelian groupsy GUDIVOK., P.M. [fludyvok, P.M.) r- Representations of finite groups over certain lo::-ql rings. Dop. I AN URSR no.2:173-176 164. (MIRA 17.5) 1. Uzhporod-;kiy gosudar tvannyy universitet. Predstwdeut) kom AN UkrSSR. V.M. Gbi:hkovym (Hlushkov, V.M.]. GUDIVOIK, P.M. (Uzhgorod),- D93,EOTENKO, II.S. (UzhO)rr-d), "J,"HTMAN, A.I. I ~ (Uzhgorod) Representations of finite groups over a ring of classes of substractions modulo m. Ukr. mat. zhur. 1.6 no.l.:82-88 164. OMIRA l7v5) BERMAN, S.D.; GUDIVOK, P.M. Indecomposable representations of finite groups over a ring of integral p-adic numbers. Igv. AN SSSR. Ser. mat. 28 no. 4:875-910 J1-Ag '64, (MIRA DO) GUDIVOK,, P.M. Representations of finite groups ovor quadratic rings. Dok-L. P11 SSSR 159 no.6:1210-1213 D 164 (MIFU 18-1) 1. Uzhgorodskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet. Predstavlono al'ade- mikom P.S. Novikovym. "url 1 vev, A .Kh. 91c t or!ro rw tl on of' the Nlujyil~er or CI a sne,,; o f I d oa I.: n C L Foi-rth-Crder Alf-phral(.. T'ields." !.!In I'llpher Education L.-' T. hiev State 11 -*l-.en! r. G. Fhevc+.-nVo. Kiev, 1556. 1' Mssertaticn for the Degree of randidate in Phyfnc.:~TaUrmatlca-l C, , I -, 56 So: Ynizhnava Lp toTlig ~To I GUDIYEV, A. Kh. - Imbedding theorem for a traeo in abstract functions. Dokle AN SSSR 147 no-4:764-767 D 162. (MIRA 16ti) 1. Institut matematlki s vychlelltellrqu teentrom Sibirskogo otdoleniya AN SSSR. Predistavleno akademikow S. L. Sobolevym. (Hype"Pace) (Functions) GUDIYZV, A.M2, On S*L. SobelevIs imbedding theorems for abstract functions. Dokl. AN SSSR 148 no.ls24-27 Ja 163- (MM 3.612) 1, 49titut matematiki, a vyehislitellmym tsentrm Sibirskogo Adeleniya AN SSOL Predstavleno akadmikom S.L. Sobolevym. Mwetions) .GUDIIF~_A.p. Problem of S.L.Sobolev and S.M.Nikol'Bkii for the limit c[ponent, Dokl.AN SSSR 149 no.3009-512 Mr 163. (KMA 16s4) 1. Inatitut matexatiki a vythlolitellnym tsentrom Sibirskoi-,.- otdelenlya AN SSSR. Predstavlano akademikox S.L.Sobolevym. (Insqual~ties (Hathemtics)) GUDIYEV. A.Kh. 1019 P2#1119 fk) (Wm) classes and an imbedding theorem for abstract ftmct ons of sets. Dokl. AN SSSR 149 no.2:24,1-244 Mr 163. (KIRA 16:3) 1- Institut M&tsmatiki 6 vychislitelInym teentrom Sibirskogo Otdoleniya AN SSM. -Predstayleno.,akadenikcm S.L.Sobolavym. (Topology) (Functiou) ;...KL,. Imbedding theorems for certain classes of abstract functions. Dokl. AN SSSR 156 no. 5:1014-1017 Je 164. (MURA 17:6) -1. Institut nintaintit-iki s vychiolitellnyin towriCroni Sibirokogo otdeleniya AN SSSR. Predstavleno akademikom S.L.Sobolev3Ti. 6111 Y: A . 1% f i Di ffe. rentia 1 prop-erLies of tracer or' i'ur.c t.: f~no n e:, anv (thrictiviolut. D(Al. 111N .('l7,) atncleniya AN Su~nnitted 1. instAtut --,~ateuvttiki "Sibirs,,- June 29. 196L~~. OUDIYEV, A.M. Some generalizations of imbedding theorems. Sib. mat. zhur. 6 no.4: 775-797 JI-Ag 165. (MIRA 18:10) -GUDIYEV, A,Kh. Perfect continuity of certain linear operators in spaces with a mixed norm. Izv. AN Uz.SSR. Ser. fiz.-mat. nauk 9 no.5318-23 165. (MIRA 18:11) 1. Institut matematiki Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR. Submitted February 18, 1965. GUDT-YTz'V, A.Kh. Ribedding theorems for spaces vith a m:LNed no--i--. Doki. M SSSR 166 no.3:522-525 Ja 166. OvIPA 19:1) 1. Inntl.'LuL ukatematild Sibin ko(ro ot,delon!,pi A,-i S~'~',SRO Sub-mitted Fwj 21, 1965. - N . A - GUDORWIGH L. - k-- I Steam 91oileri Economic effectiveAess of autowati,-Dig boiler equipmeAt. Zu ekon.wAt. no. 2, 1942 Mont-lily List of Riissian Accessi ass, Library of Congress, Denedher 1952. Unclassified. .... ... . "Antowtic- Ox A. Gudkevi6ho.', It' T yVA' Rooorder, L -.,r ItublumIch, lagixweksp I li PS -nei:Stants" No 12 I)e6cribes two experlmental models for mosuri4~ -pralsoure t~~.. in hI& power plawt boilers. Used standard parts vherewer possible. Pairaisance ~ Considered. equI.Valent to type ~ LUPO f Cambridge f1va. Nvloii Inolud6a- foIl**Ivg% ... M'P' ' " drd MIS mo. -roP up"Ur chamber *home the, cocauctl'WI4 a Pon" ozygpn oontent. GII-DKVVICII, L. A. I NUDINUVICH, Ya. V. 26352 Opticheskii snizhennyy ukazatell urovnya (a prlj-.ech. lied.) Zlektr. 3tantnii, 1949, No. 8, B. 17-18. SO: LETOPIS' NO. 35p 1949 4) 0 00 0,00 00 0 goo 0 0 0 so 0 0 -tl 0 is a 0 A , 79- 4) 0 T 0 0 0 0 a 0 # 0 0 4) 0 0 7 1 a I:i r I v 16 11 11 1)wis U is to a 11 n a w a V u u J411 bit upw 41 4)434d 0o 1 A ft A g- L I- t- MA ,t-4-1--L-Ak I 0f.% A- A % .4-1-1-6 A- Wt (RPM I I -1040 . + r .Octsiti A~ AUTUMAT1C CUNIRUL UF 901LERS WITH CHh1N GRATE MIS. t"OVIch 00 LA (,~~ Ekon, Topliva (FU4J Sconjo 19500 (3), 1-3). Description with diagrba of by6sulically operated control Seat Installed on tuo bollerg producing 4,0 tons of xtmw per bour of 65 atmospheres on peat fuel. :00 ::a (L) zoo so.) goo **a gee 00. see goo Atli W aloe e Ise ad. u 0 A? a -0 0 0 0 GIO 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 *A -0 0 . . . OLTMVICIL. L. A. A. A. YE. LrvSffITS' E. M. 4411trIMI Furnaces, Electric Welding Designing, constructing and operating peg slag screens. Elek. sta. 23, No. 3, 1952, Inzh. SO; Month List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, July 1952 /AMN, Uncl. I F'. 4 '1 11 ruc 501 Month List of Russian Accessions., Library of Congress, ~,,L: Uncl. C, 1'L v /- *C /~ /-, /~ - BRZHOZOVSKIY, V.F., Inzhener; GUMVIGH, L.A., inzhener; ROGALIN, A.O., inzhener; SLOUSHCHER. K' "WT FROWY. P.M., inzhener. Block-type boiler with an output of 90 tons per hour. Rek.sta. 25 no.11:21-30 N 154. (NZU 7:11) (Stoam boilers) AID P - 4375 Subject USSR/Power Engineering Card 1/1 Pub. 110 a - 1/17 Author Oudkevich, L. A., Eng. Bureau for the organization of rower Pla-5-F-N-nstruc t ion. Title Further Implementation of the method of mounting pre- assembled parts of power equipment. Periodical : Teploenergetike, 5, 3-8, 14Y 1956 Abstract : The practice of assembling equipment parts and details at the construction site Is severely criticized. The method of pre-assembling parts at the plant prior to shipping is considered more efficient, speedier and less costly. The pre-assembling of boilers of various dimensions is explained. Seven photos and diagrams. Institutlon : None Submitted : No date GUDKEVICII. L.A., inzh.; MMIIBURG. S.L., inzh.; YRIMAN, A.M., kand.tokhu. ikhiw. Constrruction of open Bteam power plants. Ilek. sta. 29 no.6:7-11 Je '58. (MIRA 111-9) (steam power plants) GUDKEVICH. L.A., insh. Build open thormoelectrIc power plants. Prom atroi- 37 no.5122-26 My 159- (AIRA 12:7) 1. Institut Orgenergostroy. (Electric pcvwer plants--Equipment and supplies) ~ 1 51 - ~~ P -~ i I 1!~ - .1 IL 'I : P..1 :' . I I I I : ~ !!. CUDKEVICH, L.A., inzh. Equipment for thermal electric power plants should be delivered by the manufacturer in the form of assembled units. 'reploenergetika 7 no.11:15-22 N 160.. (MIRA 14:9) 1. Orgenergostroy. (Electric power plants--Design and construction) -- ~ I 1 111 7 1 :,:I i Ii I.II-I.... GUDKIN, A. F. GUDKIN, A. F.: "The microclimate of typical pig-sties and feed- ing pens in the c.;mpartment period under the oonditims obtaining in the northwest of the USSR". Lenin radv 1955. Leningrad V,t- erinary Insts Min Higher Education., Mssertations for the Degree of Candidate of Agricultural Sciences) M: Knizhnays letopis', No. 52, 24 December, 1955. Moscow. TULUPOVA, M.A., assistent; CAMIN, A.F.. kand.sel'skokhozyayntvennykh nw, : SOBNOVSKIT, K. A. - -1 1. .- Raising chicks on thick unchanged litter on the Lazo State Farm in Aim= Province. Ptitsevodstvo 8 no.12:11-12 D '58. (MIRA 11:12) 1. Blagoveshchenekly s~l'skokhn%yay9tvenM7 institut (for Tulupova)*' 2. Direktor sovkhoza Iment Lazo (for Soanovskly). (Amr Province-Poultry) GUDKIN,_A.F., ~mnd. sel'skokhozyaystvennvkh nauk; MURUSIDZE, D.N., kand. sel'skokhozyaystvennykh nauk; SMIRNOV, I.A. Use of ultraviolet rays in incubating eggs. Ptitsevodstyo 9 no.2:19-20 F 159. (MIRA 12:3) l.Direktor Kasharskoy inkubatorno-ptitsevodehookoy stantsit, Rostovskoy oblasti. (Poultry-Feeding and feeding stuffs) GUDKIN, A.F., kand.sel'skokhoz.nauk; TULUFOVA, M.A. EffectiveneRs of keeping hens on deep litt"r in Amur Prov- Inca. Ptitsevodstvo 9 no.8:17-19 Ag 159. (MIRA 12:12) (Litter (Bed4lng)) (Amur Province--Poultrv) - , :; .d ... (I ; - t ) ?'-, ! 11 " . F. I- ~I I ----; 1~1-' it h'-- -Ir- ,,r. ! - -; , -'. ! 1, z i '. ~' ~: " ~7 !~ ;~~:V"- I~sh y I , . ~! - I - : t ., . . r. ta-- ;L - h ~ '~j , t5 -iI Prophylaxis ot hypov.1twOrlosis A ill "'alvev wid Y-unF' p1g!j. Veterinarlia 41 no.-/:63-65 Ap 165. (Mimi 18;Q 1. Blagoveshchenskly. st31'skokho?,y&ystvi-vnYy in3titut. dr: t o o r -)ri tro VO,eriwirila 42 Blagcvesh, h - fis ~ 1-Y -9 -;~l nr GUDKIN, A.G. Plant potential. Putl put.'khoz. no.7:410-11 JI 159. WIRA 12: 10) 1. Nachal'nik Vyazemskoga shchebenochnof;o zavoda. Vyaz'na. (VTaz'ma--Stona. Crushed) GUDKIN, G.K.; SHPITS, L.I. Automatic adjusting instrument for a centerless grinding machine. Pod- shipnik no.4:25-28 My 153. (HLRA 6:5) (Grinding and polishing) STI-MES, A. I.;.AKULOV, Ye.F.; SILABU(IV, 13.1. 'Ibree-channel tensiometric ineaeWing unit. Trudy Irn~jfpr. dela Sib, otd. All SSSR no.6:91-94 161. (I-W 15:9) (Mining machinery6--Testing) (Terzioneters) 5M SOV/54-59-3-16/21 AJTHORS: Fridrikhsberg, D. A., Gudkin, L. R. ------ ~~M TITLE: Investiaation of the Flow Potential and Surface Conductivity 0 in Organic Liquids and Their Aqueous Solutions 0 PERIODICAL. Vestnik Leningradskogo universiteta. Seriya fiziki i khimii, 1959, Nr 3, PP 99 - 105 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The measurement of the potential and the surface activitj is of importance for both $h-e theoretical treatment of the electro- chemical properties of suspensions and for the control of tech- nological processes. The Soviet author Berkman is mentioned in connection with a review on publications of the existing muthods of measurement. The present paper deals with the investigation of the flow potential of the substances BaCO (powdery) and the liquid phases of the systems: methyl alco- hol - water, acetone - waterg methyl alcohol - acetone, ethyl alcohol - water, methyl alcohol - water - BaCO 2* All syste_-s are saturated as regards BaCO Further investlaations dealt with the aqueous BaCl 2-solutiLs (0.1t 0.01, 0.0003 and 0.001 n). Card 1/3 Flow potential and resistance of the diaphragm were measured Investigation of the Flow Potential and Surface Con- SOV/54-55/-3-16/2", ductivity in Or.-anic Liquids and Their Aqueous Solqtions on an apparatus which is also used by Zhukov and Kryukov and in other research work of the Kafedra kolloidnoy khimii (Chair of Colloidal Chemistry). Figure 1 shows the scheme of the sur- face potential measuring devicev and figure 2 the amplifier scheme for measuring high resistance-s. A direct dependence of E on pressure P (Fig 3) resulted from the measurement of the flow potential E. The specific conductivity of the liquid in the diaphragm pores was determined from the resistance of the dia- phragm and the diaphragm in a determined solution VC, the effi- ciency coefficient a and the specific surface conductivity i-~S- The table contains the values obtained for a number of systegs. On this basis the potential was calculated according to the Helmholz-Smolukhovl-iy equation. D and were taken from the table (Refs 16,17). As D and I cannot K measured in an elec- tric double-layer, it is not possible to determine the ~-poten- tial in dependence on the medium. Also the values for ~Igiven in this paper are only for purposes of orientation. Th~6 value E/P, on the other hand, proved to depend on its composition in all media investigated, and the following rule was observed: Card 2/3 The smaller the water content of the solutions, the higher Investigation of the Flow Potential and Surface SOV/54-59-3-16/21 Conductivity in Organic Liquids and Their Aqueous Solutions was the flow potential. Thus, the liquids are not so well conductive, and the potential difference due to counter-flow, drops. Surface conductivity drops at low water content, and the efficiency coefficient passes throu~;h a minii,iau. This is explained in the followin., way: due to dct~reasin3 s-,irface Q. dissociaLlon also Lt rind JKSdecrease -(Figs 4,5,6). As the value (refcrred to the volume) decreases even more rapidly, a increases a-ain with farther decreasincy water content as a re- ? v sult of ratio 1CV +14S -tatual dependence has to be inve!3tigated KV The L Q even more closely in the case of anhydrous systems. There are 6 figures, 1 table, and 17 references, 5 of which are Soviet. SUBMITTED: July 5, 1959 Card 3/3 iHIDR!x-T;PL'RG, D.A.; GUDKIN, L.R. Streaming potential and surface conductivity inventigations in organic liquids and their aqueous solutions. Vont.LGU 14 no.16: P()-105 159. (MIRk 12:10) (Organic compounds--Electric proparties) SAMSONOV, G.V.; GLIKINA, M.V.; PONOMEWA, R.B.; YURCHENKO, V.S.; GUDKIN L.R.; KUZIIETSOVA, N.P.; DMITRENKO, L.V.; ZAYTSEVA, A.D. Transformations of polyrptidee and synthesis of the peptide bond on ion exchange reoins. Biokhimiia 25 no-51964-973 S-0 160. (MIU 14S 1) 1. Institute of High Polymer Compounds, Academy'of Sciences of the U.S.S.R., lAriingrad. (ION EXCHAME) (PEPTIDES) SAMSONOV, G.V.; GLIKINA, M.V.; GUDKIN, L.R.; MOROZOVA, A.D. Catalytic transformations of polypeptidea an ion exchange resins. Biokhimiia 28 no.6:1035-1040 N-D'63 (MIRA 17:1) 1. Institute of High-44olecular Compounds, Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R., Leningrad. I 11,I - \ L.. C, --1.. I- W,&.M.Z., Insh.; RNZNIK. V.L. insh. ,Mq TP-70 (TP-430) boiler made by the "Mrannyi koteltshchikw'plant In Taganrog. InergoirAshinostroente 3 no.10:1-5 0 157. (KM 10:12) (Taganrog-Boilers) RODIONOV, SI.V.; MININ, A.M.; ZHESTYRINIKOV, V.M.; GUDKIN, V.G. Design of a standard unit for the finishing of products in the electrostatic field. Der. prom. 15 no.1:19-20 ja 1&6. (K IRA 19: 1 ) BOGOMOLOV, S.C.; GUDKINA, R.I.; SHAYEVIGH, A.B. Ural Conferamoo on Spoctroscopy. biv.1ab, 21) 163' (MIRA 1b:12) I P4 -5wo- oal. (Wt IgkT: ftesults the Mae k cx~-',tbo Fulf1232mt or 'A Oudkov., Irear4ti*e a*=*- tar7 for Collective Agrooments of the Wages Dept at pip OT PON04hoh' rAW Vol, TUI, No 18 Becret"Ut ot AU-IftIm Central Soviet of Trade. ~ftl~nw (VTOWS), cauod, for X-0,410 Check i= ftlf 123AMt a O'ollective aw~'.ts AMA the 194T p1=. RemlU of Oho*k- showod..tUt prodmoticn, for soam4 quarter kam beem generally aboro, plan and that *Iwo omaIxA- IN of collective Agrommatep participat4m in IM3 UW/;~Lbor 5400., 5401. (Cm%j) Oct 194T socialist competitims h" Incromood. Naws'plamto vh1ch have. and kayo not ruumed p1= and agrosmart& GUDILOV. A, . Prof., doktor tekhn.nauk, zaaluzhemiyy deyatell nauki i tak hnW RSFML Now Ideas should be used In designing agricultural mehinery. ITO 2 no.9ill-16 S 060. (NI" 130) 1. Zaveduyushchiy kafedroy ssl'skokhczy&ystvenqykh mehin Stalingradskogo sel'skokhospyetyannogo lastitutae (Agricultural mschlnery~--Desjgn ancl construction) GUDKOVI A,,l BUSURINt Ia.; 10FE, N.; PALM, G.9 kand. sellkhoz. zauk4 TUNITSKIY, A., red.; KOROTAMA, D., tekbn. red. (Manual on private. liventook and poultry raising] Spravocbmik po individuallnomu shivotnovodetyu i ptitoevodstvu. Moskva# Iltd-vo VTsSP3 Profizdat, 1946. 182 p. (MIRA 14-.8) (Stock and stockbreeding) (poultry) GOIR11SHTEYN, D. K.; GUD7 OV, _A.A.; KOSOLAFOV, A.I.; LEYFTSIG, A.V.; NEL'NIKOV, V.V.; MOKSHANTSEV, K.L.; FiADKDI, G.S.; CHERSKINY, E.V.; TROFIMUK, A.A., akademik, nauchn. red. vyp.; x"2ZHKOV, I.S., Clav. red.; KOBELYATSKIY, I.A., zam. glav. red.; SHATALOV, Ye.G.y zano glav. red.; BONDARENKO, V.I., red.; CRINBERG, G.A., red.; YELOVSKIKH, V.V., red.; RUSXIOV, B.S., red.; SM,01OV, G.T., red.; TKACMIKO, B.V., red.; KALAIJTAROV, A.P., red.izd-va; GUSEVA, A.P., tekhn. red. (Basic stages of the geological development and prospects for finding oil and gas in the Yakut A.S.S.R.] Osnovriye etapy geo- logicheskogo razvitiia i perspektivy neftegazonosnosti. IAkut- skoi ASSR. [by] D.K.Gornshtein i dr. Moskma, Izd-vo All SSSR 1963. 238 P. (MIRA 16:12) (Yakutia--Petroletwi geology) (Yakutia-Gas, Natural--Geology) GUD . ~ _.A. Modernization of the UKIT-3000 fatigue testing machine* Zav.lab. 29 no. 12:1501-1502 '63. (IURA 177:1) 1. TSentraltnyy nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut chernoy metallurgiL. GUDKOV, A.A.; YEVTL'YEV, I.K.; DALASHOV, L.V. Apparatus for high-.temperature fatigue testing o,,- i rotating spec.iment under cantilever 1xinding. Zav. lab. 30 no.5:606- 607 '64. (MIRA 17:5) 1. TSentrallnr, nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut chernoy metallurgii imeni I.P. Bardina. I ! i I" III It, jj~j 11 fQ, -I I I! I! I! t zS ~ I I I ~ IV 1 111, 1 , I - :1: 1 : , , 1 1; :If j'. _-., I I .. t . 'i;_11r. xi r Ivirv I it if 111 ACCESSION. UR: AT5003405, a I d forl'the 'thahufacture 0:f cbm S40.020%; RZ 0.010%; B 0.10%, this 110y, s use -to: t ::Jiustion b c~azbers Both alloys.:were subjected .~constitn swid variA le tempera- t ure condition a d "wittabli raii6 i of i io~d nd E1632~vac ose to:, appli ioni Specimenvof. B1726 were charactirlied byA fatoky creep, 'at :;00 and high ralte.~ of ~ vib n- the rati -~f creep 700-C witht the inital I ~rL3~fir'*# ofAeatjfig~ tubse ~ ant1q,:, nd of vibratory creep evened out'. A attowwaiih i6ons. a s6lufe: 6164 tahar-lniipee expoaed to~vibration. tage 6f tOit During the initial a ding*, 4ifik spedtili~ng dig- &he rate of e e th 4 .load of:3 2 ,played a hi r r op an 0i 46ii6ty 0~reep-~,Unaerz 0 C. ,,11ithin l 3 hour :~t creep- ind, vibratory crdei and at 90 8, he titi~of = p b,~e c ft -almost the -sjj~"4 - -.The absolut va us of~th'~~ilonjittioo~4urit'ii;vibrati: 'a lower Wa -at any stagii 6f testing Win during creeo-_ tests.- At ~ tOOO C1 6nd; a load 'Of. 1 65, 1(g/ -cree h tooting !than mm2 the~rdte of' wastlklgher I t ejuitial stagb!iof vil ` .,~rstory during creep test's under similar conditions'., -Withim t3 14 hra., th*,rato of 4 ap,preciably: in c*00artion V h vibratory creep Increase ouct4eo.! Afi` tot 15 to 20 breft the defo m tion undevt '~bkaii6i~ wi t - ebat -in -creep tests@ virisbW OP ratute: 0&4 a 4uced similar resulis The applidatfion: of Vibratiod C"a the!14it*ailc p#~ ~of lthe'-.." load hardened the 91652 allay sommuhAt at goo C4 sUbsto tally' inct6aseti,de- P, 16 fi sulass formation,at 1000 di''Origo art 2 q ca, /3