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December 31, 1967
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" 4- Z A'V" //'iLANYI, Jozsa, dr.; HARASITI, Antal, dr. Perforation of gastric ulcer into the wall of the left ventricle. Ot-r. hetil. 95 no.29:790-792 18 July 54. 1. A Debreceni Orvostudomartyi 310retem IL oz. Sebeezeti Klinika- janak (igazgato! Iadanyi J029a dr. egyat. tanar az orvostudomanyok kandidatusa) as Korbonctani Intezetenek (igazgato; Kellner Bela dr. effet. tanar akademikus) kozlemenve (PEPTIC IMCER, perforation into the wall of left ventricle) (HEART, perforation by peptic ulcer perf.) r 'r) tiffedir 0 Rnd Otonic uiathan treftin 1:'w I W, ~ hi tat P-mtti mid B. Kellner (Uin . Debrecen, ungq~: '%4;VA Sri. 1141% mbiphologlertl chwig" of Cd' MUDS iWal-te TOW - i i i 61 aftcr neute.and chron nisti at ori: urethign werd in- c adm , IN rv6l ti d l b t L an . O C ".Inges wcm o se ven e ~t~mtan; o the LICrOnMt darragt %6N alrettly pre5cut, a er onz: hr. in the lpophold org-am, the duodenum, and 1 1 hi ~ I b f its t a ter 4 teRtIcIvq, the cellular disintegration be - ig g hrs, Las damage wai; jimsent. in the Iiivr it t:6 Uktneys but , thiii action %%M more prolonged. Cbmiilc inicrtlons Of tim. lan pv s with no j1plamIt'It's j e similar. re.,;ul t trilction of tht" t . nne,MAI w b The, aelion of urethan ~~ns on re-ttink an(IJ r Ot lividing F~1131 % Vol.10/2 Gen.Pathology eb 5? tPTA F_._ ICA 6ec.5. 324. HARAsz,rl A. inst. fur Pathol. Anat., hled. Univ.,Debrecen. aCytomegahn inrant-u-m-T.-METWntile cytornegaly ACTA MORPMACAMSCIENT. HUNG. (Budapest) 1955, G/2 (241-254) Tables 5 Illus. 6 Infantile cytomegaly was diagnosed post mortern in 22 out of 100 infants. It has been found to be most frequent in infants of from 2 to 6 months of age, and com- paratively less frequent in premature infants. In cases of interstitial plasma cellular pneumonia cytomegaly was always present. Inclusion bodies were ob- served mostly in the parotid gland, the submaxillary gland, the kidneys and the lungs. In 2 of the cases the possibility of an embryopathy due to cytomegaly was suspected. The lesions observed may be considered specific of the disease. The morphological similarity of the lesions to those caused by the submaxillary glar7' virus of guinea-pigs confirm the author's observations under the fluorescence microscope and make a viral origin probable. This may both promote other kinds of infection and become generalized, being fatal in itself. (VII, 5, -1 1 MOM, kndras. d-r., ; HARASZTI, Antal, dr. Value of kidney biopsy in disseminated lupus erythermatosus. NW. belorv. arch. 8 no.6:167-168 Dec. 55. 1. A Debreceni Orvootudomanyi Baetem II. Bz. Belklinikajank (Igazgato: Petranyi Gyula &r. egyatemi tanar) es Korbonctani Intezeient-& (igazgato: Nndes Pongrac dr. egyatemi tanar) kozl. (LUPUS ARYTHRMATOEMS disseminated. diag. value of kidney biopsy (Hun)) (KIDIMYS biopsy. diag. value in disseminated lupuB erthematoaus (Hun)) HARASZTI,,Antal. dr.,; DIOSZNGfff, Qyorgy. dr. Vg'~ginal metastases of clear-call carcinoma of the icidney. ~Orv. hetil. 96 no.24:665-666 12 June 55. 1. A Debraceni Orvostudomanyi vaetem Korbonctani Intezatenek (mb. vezeto: Naby Andras dr.) as a Debreceni Honvadkorhaz Urologiai Osztalvana kozlenenys. (KIDNNYS. neoplasms, Metastases to vagina) (VAGINA, neoplasms. metastases from kidneys) BAN, Andras, dr.,; BOKOR, Laszlo, dr.,; HAI?=TI Antal, dr. Case of multiple intestinal perforation in agranulocytosis, following ACTH and cortisone therapy. Orv. hatil. 96 no.40: 1111-1113 2 Oct 55. 1. A Debreceni Orvo8tudomanyi lastem I. Bolklinikajanak (igazgato Yornet Bela dr. egyet. tanar es Korbouctani Intezetenek (igazgato: Indes Pongrac dr. egyet. tan-a ) kozlemerqe. (AGRANULOCYTOSIS, complications multiple intestin&I perf. caused by ACTH & cortisone ther.) (INTESTI M , perforation multiple. caused by ACTH & cortisone ther. in agranulocytosis) (CCRTIS01a, injurious effects multiple intestinal perf. in agranulocytoois ther. (ACTH, injurious effects same) HEIAWZI, Iajos, Dr,';. AW4,T%, Dr.; TUZA, Klara, Dr. IAPWAf Clinical observations in connection with four cases of dermatomyositia. Orv. hetil. 99 no.14:467-473 6 Apr 58. 1. A Debreceni Orvostudomanyi Naetem Isjos dr. egyet. tanar) es lorbonclani Pongracz dr. egyet. tanar) koslemanyo. (DBRMTONTOSITIS, case reports (Han)) Borklinikajanak (igazguto: Szodoray Intesetenek (igazgato: Nudes HARA ZTI, Antal, dr.; NYUL, Iajos, dr. ; ANDPASSY, Katalin, dr. Aberraftt goiter sicralated by salivary adenoms. of the upper lip. Orv.hetil. 100 no.4Z;1521-15Z2 0 '59. 1. A debreceni Orvostudomanyi 11gyetem Kolrbanctani Intezetenek (igasgato: Andes Pongrac dr. egyetemi tanar), Stomatologiai Klinikajanak (igazgato: Adler Peter dr. egyetemi tanex) e9 Orvosi Vegytani Intezetenek (mb. igazgato'. Bot Gyorgy dr. egyetemi docens) kazlemenye. (GOITZR, diag) (LIPS neopl) (SALIVARY GIAM neopl) (DANOMA diag) HARA ZTI,Antal; GOMRA,Szabolcs I - Meningeal melanosis and melanoma. Kiserletes Orvostud. 12 no.2: 214-219 Ap 160. 1. A Debreceni Orvostudomanyi Baetem Korbonctani lntezete. (MININGAS neopl. ) (MBIANOMA case reports) HMUSZTI,Ilrzsegst.dr.; HULIAT,Joceef,dr. Surge ry of intracerebral hemorrhage. Ideg. szemle 13 no.5: 153-160 My 160. (CAR RA HWOFSUGB surg. ) JAVOR, Tibor; -M13ASZTI,_Aata~-, HEGEDUS, Andras Effect of liver lesions on Shay's ulcers in rats. Kiserleteg Orvostud. 12 no.5:454-460 0 160* 1. Debreceni Or7ostudomanyi Egyetem II. 9z. Belklinikaja es Korbonctani Intezete. (LIVER physiol) (PEPTIC ULCER exper) HIARASZ dr. Endoneural collagenosis in orbital neurofibroma. Ideg. suemle 11 no.11:326-330 N l6o. 1. A Debreceni Orvostudomanyi Egvetem Norbonctani Intexetenek (Igazgato: Dr.Endes Pongrac egyatem'i tanar) kozlemenve. (NEUROFIBROKA pathol) (ORBIT neopl) FEARASZTI, Antal, dr.; SURANYI, Sandor, dr. Effect of modern drug therapy on pathological picture of tubercu- losis of the fallopian tubes. Magy.noorv.lap. 23 no.5:267-275 s 6o. 1. A Debreceni Orvostudomanyi Egvetem Korbonctani Intezetenek (igazgato: Endes Pongrac dr. egy. tanar) es Szuleszeti es Hogvo- gyaszati Klinikajanak (igazgato: Arvay Sandor dr. egy. tanar) kozlemenye. (TUBERCULOSIS FEMALE GENITAL ther) (ANTITUBERCULAR AGENTS ther) HARASZTI, Antal, dr.; PAPP, Gabor, dr.: STIPULA, Magda, dr. Changes in the lymph nodes related to measles. Gyernekgyogyaszat 12 no.12.*366-372 D '61. 1. A Debreceni Orvostudomanyi Egyetem Korbonctani Intezetenek (igasgato: Endes Pongrac dr., egyatemi tanar) es Gyermekklinikajanak (igazgato: Kulin Laszlo dr., egyetemi. tanar) (MEASLES pathol) (LYMPH NODES pathol) HARASZTI, A.; DOLHAY, B. Contributions to the origin of the,protein-fil-led vacuoles of the liver cells. Acts. morph. acad. sci. hung.-12 no.1:103-110 163. 1. Institut far Pathologische Anatomie der Medizinisch.en Universitat, Debrecen (Vorstand: Prof. P. Endes). (ANOXIA) (LIVER) (PATHOLOGY.) (PROTEINS) HALLAY, Imre, dr..,-,-.#_ Antal, dr.; GAL, Tibor, dr. Folyarteritis nodose with leukemoid blood manifestation. Orv. betil. 104 no.32zl5l4-1516 Ag 11 163. 1. Heves megyei Tanacs Korhaza, I Belosztaly es Korbonctani Osztaly. (PERIARTERITIS NODOSA) (ADRENAL CORTEX HORMONES) (I.EUKWOID REACTION) TARISKA, Istvan; HARASZTI,._~~tal Subacute necrotizing encephalopathy in a 10-year-old boy. Gyermekgyogyaszat 15 no.5%129-138 MY164 1. Orszagos Ideg- es E:Lmegyogyintezet, Neuropathologiai Laboratorium, Budapest2 as a Heves Megyei Tanacs, Korha2a, Korbonctani es Korszovettani Osrtalyp Eger - kozlemenye. *0 U 1.1c, 11 Ry Hrvf-,tj Council Hospital, epartment HAMSM, Antal, Dr, '-UP~Ak"- '1e/-3, Dr. L) of Patholo~,ical Anatomy anrl Fafhohlrtolo~!Y (chi(.~f physician: HARASM, Antal, Dr), and Department of Venereolo,~,y (chief physician: J00E, ';-za, Dr). Ly-11 5yndrome Evoked by Noristin Tablets." 'r 1p, Vol JL)7, ~:o 45, 6 tiov 66, pa;-,!.-s 2.1~~-2135- BU~lapf?St' OrVo6j i-jt?t4l, f0bstract: CAU'thor3' Fun~rarian summary] 1) A case of Lyl:ll's syndrome, evo'Ke.l by Ypri5tin tablets, is rrportpii. 2) It 1r, as5umed that a ccmponent of Meristin, phenotarbitural or amidazophene, nay have acted as the aller;-c'n pI-ecipitating the syndrome. 3) The epithelial vesicules were ill a small part of intrappi- dermal and in a larger part of subepidermal location. 4) It is thou.-,-lit that the blisters - depending oil the degree of local reaction - were formed from intracellular edema, reticular deten,-ration or necrosis. 5) On the basis of the examinations, the epithelial changes are thought to have been primary which were followed by inflammation of the dermis. 4 Hungarian, 29 Western references. E.; ToLay-LSI, Cy. 110-lYbdentun content of domestic sweet 9-rasses. Acta veter 1-1unZ 13 no.2:141-145 163. 1- Lehrstuh:L fur Tierhygisne (Direktor:Dozent F. Kovacs) und Innere Klinik (Direktor:Dozent Z. Horvath) der Veterinnx- medizinischen Universitat, Budapest. IFUNIGAf~_i c,d jImirmal Hygi3n!! (,Alathl~ienlai Tan_-,.e;:, ~Cialrraari: Fsr(%ri:, Associate Prof,~~.qsor (eg*-etemil dcceris~~, of vf5terirjary and DepartmeniL and Clin~c of ir-Iternal FiedIcLne (Bo1gyogynoizati Ilanszek i~-q Yli-dka) (Chairr.-in: HORVATH, Zol-taz., Dr, Associate Frofoq!,ior, Candidate of veterinary riedic-Ame) o~' the UziivGrsity of Veterinary Mealcine (Allat- orrostudmiar5,i Egyetem) , TIOLOYESI, Gyorgy, Assistant Professor. "IMolybdenim %ntent of Dome!RVIc Grass Species." Budapes-t~, M~,.,-N-ar AllAtorvosok Lan , Vol V, No 11, Nov 62, pp 41'('_4' 9. Abstract: -Au,,hors' English sumriar- -i: r nass L y] The molylbdient4m, content _' 7~ g sper as was ~Ietemin6d wita a color:!jnetr:Lc method. T* e rpsults are tahu. bated. ThB-d, show tbat the molybderuz content of HtingaTIlar gras.~,- s-n-cies does not rise above t1he 33-mits of toxicity. nrea3 may eyist, however, where the soil conditiors may favor the absorption of molyWcomirl, 'rho authcrL propose to Identify suc*h areis. r&.sven Htuitz&rlazzl, -i) Westorn, 2 F-act German referene, e3. --------------------------------------------- ................ TOROK, Janos, okleveles vegyeszmernok,- HARASZTI, Endre, okleveles vegyeszmrnok Viscosity of Nagylengyel crude oils in view of the layer conditions. Bany-lap 9.6 no.3:184,191 Mr .163. 1. Orazagos-,Koo a G ipari Troszt Tudomanyos Kutatasi es Muszaki e,, az FejYells~sr Foo z ya, Budapest. ':' "S',"TI Ji. 1~ - p acturinc t0015, P. 17. I-Iodernization of work Of organizatiOll in rnnnuf TOBBTEM-Dul-ES. Budapest. Vol. lop No. 2, 'Feb. 1/056 SOURcE: East European Accessions List (EM) Library of Congress vol. 5, No. 6, June 1956 HARASZTI, G. ; SZIDAROVSZKY, J. ; THOMA, F. Strengthehing steel bridges wit1i poattensioned strucLures. p. 286. MELYEPTTESTUDOMANYI SZE24LE. (Kozlokedes- es Kozlekedesepitestudomanyi Egye2ulet) Budapest, Hungary) Vol. 9, No. 6, Junim 1959. Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAI), LC, Vol. 8, No. 8, August 1959. Uncla. Fquipment presented at the '-Ioscow a:-.r~culturql e,hibitior. n. 6. MIN" y RT PA R. (Mezofrazdasafri P3 Elelmiszeripari Tudoman- os Fgvesulet. Nkorlpari Szakosztaly) Nriapent, Hungar~v, Vol. 12, No. 1, Jazi. 1959. Morthly list of East airopean Accessions (RIII) LC, Vol. 9, No. 7, July 1959. Uncla. RARASZTI, Gyulane (Jr), ol-aeveles vegyeszmernok Duboacq colorimeter. Cukor 11 no&4:98-101 Ap'58 1. Rresi Gokorgyar Iparagi Laboratoriuma. SIMON.? Pal; HARASZTT, Gyulane Comparative investipatirns for the correcticn ~,f the Curin methcd by refractometer. Cuker 14 no. 11-:305-307 N 161, EXCE',tr"TA ',SDICA Sec.10 Vol-8/e Obstetrics Aug 55 1427. HARASM 1. and GALLAI Z. *A penicillin kezeles szerepe a connat'lis ~-syptlis ~mcgelozdsdbcn. Elezi:,es k0zlenidny. The role of treatment with penicillin in the prevention of pre-natal syphilis R0RGY(5GY.VENUR.SZLE:. 1954. 30/4 ~127-128) Tables 1 194 pregnant syphilitic women were treated with a total of 3 million units and 47 with a lesser amount of penicillin. in 28 instances (I 1.60,'o) abortion occurred. in 5 cases syphilitic neonate8 with maWestation of congenital s)philis. The infants were observed for I yr. In the children the W. R. and other tests were negative in 90%. NIelezer - Pdcs (-X111, 10) J!P HARtWZTI:~ 10-tvan Application of assembly lines in the manufacture of electric rotary machines. Finormiechanika 1 no.10.,289-296 0 162, "z -; -; : . ~;I . I !;j ~: --HAW2TI,-IstYan,-dr,, borgyogyasz What is the cause for "pouch formation" in eyelid and how can it be prevented? Elet tud 15 no.37zll54 11 S 160. 1. "Elet es Irodalort" szerkensto bizottsagi tagja. 'I I t ,-,HARASZ-UI.I, dr. Treatment of trichomonal infections with oral imidazole. Borgyogy. vener. szemle 37:80-83 161. 1. VIII ker. Tanacs V. B. Egeszsegugy-i Osztalva. Vezeto: Bisits Laszlo dr., Hallai Eva utcai Bor-Nemibeteggondozo. Vezeto: Haraszti Istvan dr. kozlemenye. (TRICHOMONAS RIFECTIONS ther) (DWAZOLES ther) HARASZTI, Istvan., dr. I ---- Can X-rays stop hair growing? Elet tud 16 no.16:48a 16 Ap 161, 1. Poorvoslas *Elet es Tudomany" szerkento bizottmagi tagja. HARASZTI, Istvan, dr., foorvos Causes for menopause and methods for eliminating its accompanying complaints. Elot tud 15 no.22:674 29111y 160. 1. "Elet es Tudomanyu szerkeszto bizottsagi tagja. k HARANTI, Istvan, dr., foorvos Flatfoot. Elet tud 15 no.13a:1+04P-406 27 ~h, 160. -X- I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 1. ; , ~ i ; I I - , 1: -, ! I. ': ~ I ; . . IfARASZTI, Istvan, dr., foorvos "Chapters from the history of Russian-lhmgarian medlcal links.n Reviewed by Dr. Istvan Haranzti. Elet tud 15 m.22:681 29 IV~y 160. 1. *Ellet es Tudomany" szerkeszto bizottuagi tagja. V 4 FARASZTI,,_jv-tyaii,-dr., foorvos How long does hair live? Elet tud 15 no.27:834 3 Jl 160. 1. wb-let es Tudomany" szerkeszto bizottsagi tagja. -K- HARASZTI, Istvan, dr., borgyogyaoz What pills have been most recently prepared to cure mycoses? How can one obttdm them? Elet tud 16 no.20:623 14 FV 161. ~. Foor-vos, es "Llet es Tudomany" szerkeszto bizottsagi tagja. 4- HARASZTI., Istvan, dr. Hygienic problems of the colonies. Elet tud 16 no.24:747-750 11 Je 161. 1. *Elet es Tudomany" szerkeszto bizottsagi tagja. Iotvan, floi4 car ticks be renioved fronn hum.,in organi-,m? Elet tud 19 rlo.33-, 1550 14 Ag 164. 1. Editorial board inember, "Elet es Tudomany." HARA.,')ZT-]., lst.van, I--r , ren:ielaintezet: .............. From inricosis to leg ulcer3., Flet, tud 1,~ 21 Ag 164, L- Edit.orl'al board member, "Elet Ps Tudom-any." HA.IASZE, istvan, dr. Physiolegy of paseion-3~ Fie, :ud no. 5 'i 243~'--" l."', :24 " - k, I . j~ .' . - , I 1. Editorial Board Me,-.ber, "[,:lpt c5 Tildomany," ITAJfV,S2'TT., f8tvari, dr. . two-huridred-year-old percussion. Elet tud 16 no.42:130&,~W- 8 0 [he l61, 1. "Elet es Tudomany" szerkeszto bizottsagi tagja. HARASZTI, Istvan, dr. Santiago de Chile. Elet tud 17 no.22:688-691 3 Je 162. 1. OFlet es Tudomany* szerkeazto bizottsagi. tagja. HkRASZTI- Istvan, dr. Allergy. Elet tud 17 no.52:1635-1637 30 D 162. 1. "Elet e9 Tudomany* szorkento bizotteagi tagja. HARASZTI, Istvan, dr., borgyogyasz szakol-voj, w:zeto LIcarvos (Budapest) Work of the World Ilealth Organization during Its fi.r.,5t decade. Elovilag 8 no.3:46-48 luly-Je 163. HJUMZTI, Istvan.. dr. , bor- es nemibeteg szakorvos. What is the situation of syphilis in Hungary? Elet tud 18 no.49tl5l+3 8 D163 1. *Met es Tudomany* szerkes2rLo bizottsagi tagja. ""I't (I IIARASZTI., Istvan., (jr.,bor- es nimibeteg szakorvos What is congenital syphilis? Elet tud 19 no.13;607 27 Rr 164. 1. Editorial board member, "Elet as Tudomany." IIA"ZTI, Lstvan, fomernok Introduction of belt manufacture in the 'ODinamo"'Electric: Rotary Machine Factory. KLektroteabnika 53 no.8:333-348 060. 1. *Dinamo*, VJ-Ilamosforgogepgyar. .,,!. Liz. HAPLAUTI, Iitvan, dy- Modern technology of larp c-,~ale production of 1-113 br. ino-tors. Viad elektrot5e.;hn 33 no.')-.253-.Z58 St64 1. Technical Mrt-Aor, Utllt,-~d Ke~-.trl.,J Maohiiiery Factc:Ies, Badapest. HARASZTI, 15tvan, ;?epeFzmPrr.,+, Krfmitt:- li-.Iri~3 Opening address delivered at- the international conf'erence "Design and Manufacture of Modern Flectric Motors." Elektrotechnika 58 no.2/3:41-42 F-Mr '65. Closing address. Ibid.;109 1. Technical Director, United El,-,;rtrl(- Mizirhine Factory, X., (:yomroi 'it 150/154- j-/4 HuNGARY Diseases of Farm Animals. Diseases Caused by R Bacteria and Fungi. Abs lour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 8, 1958, 35637. Author Hara I J. azL--,- Inst -.--Tu-ngarian Veterinary Academy of Science, Title : Etiology and Therapy of Endometritis in Dogs. Orig Pub: Acta veterin. Acad. sci. hung., 1957, 7, No 1, 59-66. Abstract: The author distinguishes three kinds of uterus inflammations In dogs: 1. Endometritis (E) after estrus; 2. E. connected with abortion; 3. E. after delivery. A bacterioloSical exaraination revealed in the birth canals of 10 out of 16 diseased enirLials the presence of Bacterium coli and hemolytic and non-hemolytic strepto - and staphylococei. The treatment consisted in irrig- Card 1/2 HUNGARY / Diseases of Farm Animals. Diseases Caused by R Bacteria and Fungi. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 8, 1958, 35837, Abstract: ation of the endometrium with a warm 0.5 to one percent solution of polytricine, and in the ap- plication of uterine preparations ia combination with bysmalin, glucose and cardiac preparations. Nearly 40 animals suffering from an acute form of E. recovered within two to five days after being treated in accordance with the above stated method. Card 2/2 23 HAFASZTI, J. Etiological data on the blood oestrus in calves. Acta veter Hung 14 no. 2:197-203 164. 1. Lehrstuhl und Klinik fur Geburtshi 1fe (Lei Ler- Prof,K.Noleshazy) der Vaterinarmedizinischen Univers-It4t, Budapest. 1, Fr. It I -I -f 14k I" Ft F~ I I ~,. "I W. 'Hull' F. V. y sci nee Univarsity of 11 te, HAR4,SZTI_,_ _-Janos, Dr, candidate of veterinar, e S e nary -Sciences, Department of Obstetrics and Clinic (Allatorvostudomanyi E~Tyetem Szuleszeti Tanszek es Klinika) (chairman:BOLCSHAZY, i~alrran, Dr, professor). "Data on the Etiology of Hemorrhagic Feat of Young Cattle." 3udapest, Maiyar Allatorvosok Lapja, Vol 18, Nlo 9, Sept 63, pages 351-,154. Abstract: CAuthor's English summary modified] Histolo.-ical and histochemical investi.c-ations have been carried out by the author in order to shed light on the etiology of the hemorrhagic heat of young heifers. It has been established that hemorrhagic heat is the consequence of disturbances in the estrone and pro.gesterone production as indicated by the intensive alkali phosphatase react4-on of the stroma, without any-glyco~-en content of the endometrium. This disturbance may cause delayed ovulation. The neurohorn-onal disturbance is of temporary character and can be observed at the time of maturation. It can be regarded as a non-pathologic symptom of the developing sexual function. 9 Hungarian, 8 Western references. FEHER. Gyorgy, dr., egyatamt iocens, a mezogazdasagi tudomanyok kandidatusa; J HARASZTI, Janosne, di., egyetemi tanarseged Data on the morpholo,,y of sexual glands and their changes due to their age in case of bulls. Magy allotorv lap 19 no.4:141-145 Ap 164. 1. Chair of Anatom,-and Histology, 'University of Veterinary Medicine (Head of Chair: Pr3f. Dr. Gyula Kovacs), Budapest. Oh.,ji,etrico and GYr)(!co3o,-.y janOF" Dr, FA9(FA.';, Dr, "T11011, Zoltin, -r ""'"TI, Karoly~, U I ZAJ. 0 :jjz~~rict Council, Cbs t.etrical and YrP:!CUl01'jCL1 ~Q nhvsician: NP-7--.7, Janos, Dr) (XX. Vertilr-ti Tanacs Szulo es 'Nobetr-il Xorhaza), F un; izii:o tail ~'Jv-tions or tlni~ Thorapy of Frpinvasiv,, Carcinoma; ~,herapputic Grvo~,i Vol !'o 4o, 2 Cc' 66, piges r;, C, r,,,,, 0 r5 U,- - -in summary] Th,-; final of pi-invasive L'I L i, 'r, arr-ve4J: a4' by mr-ans of conization or, in case of confirmatory c by a detailed hi5tolofical dlai~nosis after hyster;.~ctomy. if the lc-,,s-'oj,, is surro~jn~led by heal'hy epilhollum within thc- cone, conizatior, is accf-ott-a i as tht-- f~-rai therap-:!utic measurc in wori(,r, stil.1 at chiid-luearinE a,,;, whcn it j:3 CO1rb;ni-.J careful colposcopic and cytoloEical follow-up ex- Amrjn~: ht-,- 27 conizations perform,~6 in the author's patient miat,~rial, it prov,-d to 'op the final therapeutic procedui,e in 15 (55.5 %). thn orocess iiaf-, sprea(l past the limits, of the conp, vaf-inal or abdominal 3*17,PIC hystprec'omy must be. porforncd irrespective of the age of the patient. Rec-c,rrences occurred in 1-1Q% of the ca5es; t~.erefore ', in women at child- bearing age, we cannot turn away from the performance of conservative ooerations 8 Eastern European. h6 Western references. IMASM, Lanzlo; WLASSICS, Zoltan The new heat power plant of tile Hatvan Sugar Factory. III. Culzoripar 15 no.5:141-245 my 162. 1. F-roterv (for Haraszti). 2. HatVani Cu1corgy-ar (for BINDER, Laszlo, dr.,; GOBEL, ZsuzBa, dr.,; HARASZTI, Maria, d-r.; PARRAGH, Janoene. - -'.. .... '' d~. .. Primary staphylococcal pneUmonia in infants and small children. Gyermekgyogyaszat 7 no-3:77-89 Harch 56 1. A fovaros Laszlo korhaza (igazgato-foorvos: Ferencz Pal dr.) koslemenye. (MIGROCOCCUS PHOGIONS, infect. pneumonia, in inf.. incidence, bacteriol. & symptoms (Run)) (PHHUHONIA, in inf. & child micrococcal, in inf., incidence, bacteriol. & symptoms 'Fun)) IIARASZTI, Milialy Formation of rventsen emmlsions. Tesaprem vogyip ea kozl no.4s3Z7-328..,!6G, 1. Forte Yotqkmia-i Tpari Vallalat, Vac. Z pr SIMO, Aron; YARAS TI,_~~ Automatic edging machine. Faipar 12 no.10:305-310 0 162. 1, Faipari Geptani Tanazek, Sopron (Szabo Denes, tarwzekvezeto, egyetemi tanar). 110 11 H1 Urrj.'64; [MmEtipwim NUMIdUNINIM Fli ~aljv I Ifill [Nil-, 1;11 p;-M LXCERPTA 1-1-MICA Sec.13 Vol.0/11 Dermatolory Nov 55 HARASZ11 St. and GALLAI Z. rq;1v of penic i 11 In I rt-a finert it, th L. prevention of sYlihilis connatalis llU%(;.DElCNI.VENEft ItLV. 1954, 30(127) The authors observed 241 pregnant svphilitic patients and their children. All re- ecived only penicillin treatment during their pregnancy. Among the 241 patients 211 stillbirths occurred, in spite of the penicillin treatment. Of the remaining 21:1 pregnant women, 5 gave birth to syphilitic newborns. Of these in 3 cases the mothers received less than 3 X1.11. of penicillin, in 2 cases the amount of rwnicillil was 3 1141.1-1. In general during the pregnancy this latter quantity was used. dviri - Budipest HARASZTI, Tamas, buvar The Nagyhegyes crater lake as seen by a c4dver. Elet tud 20 .7--no.2:85-87 15 Ja 165. HARAS7,TY, Arpad, dr., egyetemi tanar ,7:-- --- - - -- --- ---- Timiryazev. Elet tud 15 no.45tl4ll-1414 6 N 160. 1. *Blot es Tudomanym szerkeszto bizottaagi tagja. HARASZTY, Arpad, dr. "Flora of plants cultivated in Hungary; a color atlas" bj Vera Gsapody. Reviewed by Arpad Haraszty. Elet tud 16 no.45:1430 5 N 161. 1. "Elet es Tudomany" szerkeszto bizottsagi tagja. ,. i-.1"P, ~ - f - - - : .. I, . - ..1 7 .i L I . . Rumania /themical Technology. Chemical Products 1-27 and Their Application Wood chemistry products. Cellulose and its manufacture. Paper. Abs Jour! Referat Zhur - Khimiya, No 9, 1957, 32687 Author Harati I. Title New Methods of Cellulose Production Orig Pub: Ind. lemn. celzl. si hirt., 1956, 5, No 6, 324-329 Abstract: A discussion of the advantages and shortcomings of two new methods of cellulose production which are based on the use of an alkaline solu- tion of hydrosulfite and of hydrotropic solvents, In particularly of the Na-salt of xylene sulfonic acid, for the removal of the incrustation sub- stances (lignin). Card 1/1 v all up I. rr~ imp If 11 "1 F, ITFIF1191-ROTIO, ff, 7,11' UMIM I ID IlDetermining the amount of the Y- -hexachlorocyclohecane isomer by chromatographic methods." p. 101 (Revista De Chimie) Vol. 7, no. 2, Feb. 1,056 Bucharest, Rumania SO: Plonthly Index of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC. Vol. 7, no. April 1958 RUMIA / Chemical Technology. Fats and Oils. !Jaxes. H-25 Soaps. Detergents. Flotation Agents. Abs Tour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 23, 1956, 79186. Author : Harati, I., Schip, R., Leonte, E. Inst :-No-t given. Title :Pure Lanolin. Orig Pub: Rev. Chim., 1957, 8, No 11, 703-709. Abstract: The construction designs of a set-up, and the technology of a process for a new adsorption method for the preparation of lanolin (L) from wool and its purification are described. An aqueous emulsion of L (after wool Washing) is agitated at an optional pH with CaSO (which adsorbs L quantitatively), filtered ty suction under vacuum or squeezed in a filter press, dried at 500C. (in darkness) and, after being crushed, the L is extracted with benzene in a column working Card 1/2 58 RUI,UUIIA /Chemical Technology. Fats and Oils. 't'axes. H-25 Soaps. Detergents. Flotation Agents. Abs JTour; Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 23, 1958, 79186. Abstract: on a counter-currant flow principle. The 1VIo of L solutions are chromatographically purified on columns (height : diameter = 20:1), filled with a specially treated and finely granulated A12AO (one liter of the L solution per kilogram of i20 3) and is regenerated by sintering at 5000C. Card 2/2 FAR A-, T7 "L., - T F C I M", ", L Cr--Yi Periodicals: CFLULCZA ST ITIRTTF.. Vol. . 2 r0. 8, Mig. h,58 MIURATIP 1'. Manufacture of straw cellulose in I-'tmfrkLr,!. p. 338. Montilly List of East Zuropean Accessions (r'-L'%T) IC, Vel. ":.% 11C.. 2.9 Febriiai7), 1~5'1, Uncl.ass. fLUUTI, 1. SCIENCE Periodicals: RL-71STA DE GHIMIE. Vol. 9, no. 9, Sept. 1958 HARATI, I. A simple method for the preparation of melamine. p. 509. Monthly List of East Luropean Accessions (EEAI) L C., Vol. 8, No. 2, February 1959., Unclass. ZACIOS, Wladyslaw, mgr inz.; HARATYK, Jan, mgr inz. Activities of Koksoprojekt in desigring coke oven batteries. Problemy proj hut maszyn 11 no. 6: 174-180 Je 163. 1. Zastepca Naczelnego Inzyniera, Koksoprojekt, Zabrze (for Zacios). 2. Zastepca Kierownika Pracowni Piecowej, Koksoprojekt, Zabrze (for Haratyk.). MUTY14. F.- TECINOW7 PERIODICAL: MECHANIK, Vol. 31, no. 7, July 1958. HARATYM,rr... CUssifieftion'and typification of machine parts according to the exmple of lathe cogwheels. p. 341. MonthlyList offtet 1kropean Accessions (ZEAI) Vol. 8, No. 4' April, 1959, Unclass. HARATYK, F. TECHNOLOGY PERIODICALt MRCHkNIK, Vol. 32, no. 1, Jan. 1959. HARATYM, F. Production begins of tools with throwaway inserts. p.6, Monthly Listof But European Accessions (SUI) LC Vol. 8, No. 4 April.1959,9 Uncla". HARATYM, Fr., mgr., inz. LoBt pallets and palletless transport in the paper industry of the German Democratic Republic. Przegl mech 20 no.23.7.17-718 161. (Germany, East-Paper industry) (G-,rmany, East-Transportation) HARAMI, Franciszek., mgr inz. .-- .-m-arks on the economic effectiveness of the exchange of u"~.-dnery and equipment. Przegl mech 21 no.14:431-433 25 Jl '62. 1. Prozamot, Warszawa. HARATYM, F., mgr inz. r-- _ --- - Tasks of engineers and technicians in the reduction of production costs. Przegl tech 84 no.22:8..11,2 Je 163. HAR-4,rym, Franalszek, mgr inz. New system of operative production planning. Frzegl mech 23 no. 12%344-345 25 Je 164. - c ;itc: , , . Thru-,i " -- the dr-* 1" ing T,rocr--i. o. 13". (:-,~ f'Nz r' d L , V c - - J 3 , - r, I I .,0. "', Apr 1-057, War3WT, 53: Vonth~y List of Fast Europcafl AcceEci-l-lis T,U,, voll. 6, ::o. .9, ~U-~, l?". . Unc,!. EXCEF""IA KDDICA S~,c 7 Vol. 2281. HARAZDA M. and RUDNIK 1. Zakl. Ftyzjochir. 1DS1NL Sanat. Ira 0. !3-0:.o- lowskiego, Zakopanern; Dziecigcego 06rooka Sartat. -Prow., Mibcc. '~R.Opicn pluca wywolany przez konika polnego. L u n g a b s c c & r, i n d u c c d b y a g r a s s h o p p c r POL. TY1G. LEK. 1956, 11/40 (1718-1719) Illus. 3 A case of lung abscess with typical radiological picture in a 10-year-old frirl. The abscess was induced by a grasshopper (Lorgillus campestris). Althou,h the clini- cal process lasted probably about 9 yr. , there was found in the abscess cavity af- ter the excision of the lower lobe a grashopper with well preserved chitinous parts of the body. The child was sent home from the sanatorium in excellent general condition. Dobrowolski - Warsaw (,W, 5. 6. 7, HARAZDA a Pathology of tuberculoma and round encapsulated tuberculous foci of the lung. Gnizlica 24 no.8-.627-832.Aug 56. 1. Z Zakladu Ftyzjochirurgil I.D. i S.K.L. Kierownik: prof. dr. W. Riepecki. Z Sanatorium Im. dr. 0. Sokolowskiego. Dyrektor: dr. L. Sadlowska. Z Panstwowego Zespolu Sanatorlow Przaciogruzliczych w Zakopanem. Dyrektor: dr. S. :'renkel. (TUBERCULOSIS, PUDWARY, pathol. tuberculoma & encapsulated foci in resected segments) HEDOWSKA, Jadwign -;-HARAZDA, I'sria; ILZM1,CKI, Wit "Minimal" tuberculosis in !)uloonary tissue resection. Gruzlica 27 no.6:513-518 June 59. 1. Z Znkladu Torakochirurgii Studium Doskonnlenia Lekarzy w I Sanatorium im. 0. Sokolowakiego w Zakonnnem Kierownik: nrof. dr med. W. Rzepecki. (TU-MCULOSIS PUT140"LARY, -Dathol.) HARAZDA, Maria Pathological anatomy of bronchial fistulae. Postepy hig. med. dosw. no.2:86-93 16o. 1. Z Zakladu Ftyzjochirurgii S. D. L. Sanatorium im.. dra 0. Sokolowskiego w dr W. Rzepecki. (BRONCHIAL FISTULA pathol) (PNIKUMONECTOMY compl) HARAZDA, Maria Discussion on resection specimens in Zakopane. Postepy hig. mod. dow. no.2:103-106 160. 1. Z Zakladu Ftyzjochirurgii S.D.L. Sanatorium im. dra 0. Sokolowskiego v Zakopanem Kierownik: prof. dr W. Rzepecki. (TUBERCULOSIS PULMONARY lathol) PARYSKI, Edwin; HARAZDA, Maria; JEDRZEJEWSKA, Halina Results of bacteriological and histological examinations of tuberculous noduleis' removed during pulmonary resection. Postepy hig. med. dosw. no.2:114-119 160. 1. Centralne Laboratorium, tespolu Sanatoriow Przaclugruzliczych - Sanatorium im. dra T. Chalubinskiego, Zaklad Ftyzjochirurgii S. D. L. - Pracownia Histopatologiczna Sanatorium im. dra 0. Sokolowokiego, Zakopane. (TUBERCULOSIS PULMONARY pathol) HARAZDA, Maria Pathological anatomy of operated segments. Postepy hig. med. dosw. no.2: i64-iL66 l6o. 1. Z Zakladu Ftyzjochirurgii S.D.L. Sanatorium im. dra. 0. Sokolowskiego v Zakopanez Kierownik: prof. dr W. Rzepecki. (TUBERCULOSIS PUIXONARY pathol) BLEDOWSKA, J.; HARA DA, M.; RZEPECKI, W. So-called minimal tuberculosis in pulmonary resection. Postepy hig. med. doew. no.2:175-177 160. 1. Z Zakladu Ftyzjochirurgii S.D.L. Sanatorium im. dra 0. Sokolowskiego w Zakopanem Kierownik: prof. dr W. Rzooecki. (R&'UMONECMMY) HARAZDAI, Maria; WADOLOWSKI, Wladyslaw Intersegmental abscess as a post-resection c=plioition. Postepy hig. nod. dosw. no.2:182-183 160. 1. Z Zakladu Ftyajoehirurgii S.D.L. w Sanatorium im dra 0. Solokaoskiego v Zakopanez Kierownik: prof. dr Wit Rzepecki. (PNEUMONECTOMY compl) (LUNG ABSCESS etiol) HARA A,-Maria; WADOLOWSKI, Wladyslaw Post-re9ection inter-segmeatal empyema. FbIski przegl.chir. 32 no.7:587-593 Jl 160. L Z Zakladu Torakochlrurgil SoD.L. Sanatorium im. dr. O.Sokolowsklego i; Zakopanem lierownik: prof. dr W.Rsepecki. (PNEMCNICTOKY compl) (IMPYEM etiol) RZEFECKI, Wit; HARAZDA, Maria; MLEKODAJ, Stanislaw Indleations for resection in patients with severe forms of pulmonary tuberculosis. Grazlica 30 no.10-.913-925 262. 1. Z Kliniki Ghirurgli Klatki Piersiowej w Zakopanem Dyrektor-, prof. dr mad. W. Rzepecki. (PNEUMONECTOMY) (TUBERCULOSIS, PULMONARY) RZEPECKI, Wit5 HAIUZDA, Maria.; KOWALCZYK, Hanna Aspergilloma cured by resection of the pulmonary tisiue. Polskd przegl. chir. 34 no.6:493-498 Je 162. 1. Z Kliniki Ghirurgii Klatki Piersiowej SDL w Warszawie Sanatorium im. dr 0. Sokolovskiego w Zakopanem Dyrektor: prof. dr W. Rzepecki. (PNE,UMOIF-GTOMY) (ASPERGILLOSIS surg) LUKAS,'PP~[C-, "--rja; IIARAZDA, Maria bronchial adenoma. Pol. przegl chir. 36 no.7:863-871 Je 164. 1. Z Kliniki Chirurgii Klatki Piersiowej Studium Dokaztaloaria Lekarzy (Kierowniks prof. dr W. Rzapecki). FIMIUL, Wanna; ':-R.--ZD--', E.Tfect of' substitute dnigo, or, th(~ viability of' tuberc-LilosiS bacilli in autopsy spechneng. GnizIlca 33 no.2:111-1*15 F 165 1. Z Kliniki Chlrurgii Klatki Pierslowej Studlim Dool-onalenia lekarzy w Zal-opanem (K!eT-0%,TIjk: prof. dr. mod. W. Rnzoppcki). HARAZDA, Maria; KANWISZER, Henryka; LANGER, Jan; RZEPECKI, Wit. Intraoperative hemorrhage in a case of pulmonary sequestration. Gruzlica 33 no.9t817-820 S 1 65. 1. Z Kliniki Ghirurgii Klatki Piersiowej Studium. Doskonalenia rAkarzy v 7Akopanem (Kierownik: prof. dr. med. W. Rzepecki) WG/W ~::Y AdOWSIONAM6,: -JAP50110M (045711, Ab AUTHORt' ~gbq!Rdin Yu. V Harazha.-S-~ A6% Krewchenko, ~V-..~ *i6wla IT--i, iaseli, TIM: Investigations of. the operation. of a' A spoiied KAL~y Ultrayins SOURCE: zych*T, zhurnal, v. 10,, no,. 41 '196 I TOPIC TAGS: (I spoiled' 3.aser, ruby laser,.,pumi) energy, aO chw~~tevislti ABSTRACT: Tho authors present,the results.of an lnvestlisMlil,~m of !cortain chai -acter~-, isties of q- spoiled lasers, which play a major, role in tbe, li-~nerAfo~ of ttil~t light pulses. The effect of the misalignment angle of the mirrors on tbei. 7 threshold.pu=3ing energy under various parameters.9f the opt.lcal ~vAty (static characteristics), and the dependence of.the Intensity of tba'~ lase~r; radiatio n On these parameters (dynamic cbaracteristies)4ere experimentaij. ti8&ted-;,JA- -ayaAmi' - characte 'lm~:Lc Aw! beLi~ee)i mong the c ristics inveatigated,were the,-Jre the emission intpnsity and the. operatin ' Peed of' the'* Iphuttqr tile (I Amell- ~ 1 9: S1 ~ ' ,' sions of the optical resonatorp the e reso6ator, and '-lie i enerriji !A 0, ruby rod 120 im long and. with diameter -up to 12 mg idth a:90 orientation of~ftw w"' iwreatigated, The pum source was optical wd-41 a xenon Xmnp~ Viet Card 1/4 ;~ , I I I ~; . ;j ..~ i f . i:~~ '~, ! . , I N ~ t I - j; , ~ : I " , : ~ - I t 6 1 ~ . ___: - i F - , ; ~'. ., -1,11 , I , i 2 - - 11 -.1.. - i - ; , t 1 a I ; R,; t ;, -: i :.! ! I : L-*452-66 EWA (k) /FBD/EWT (L)/EWT (m)/ZEC (k) -2/EI413 M/2/11;10 (k)AWA(m) -2/t'VIA (h) U, IT%X/ via ACC NRt 5020.695"" UR/0185/65/010/008/0919/0920. q AUTHOR: B ?din, Yu. A; Mirazhap Ss Avv~ Kravrhaft Vvi d-v Spizhovaj 11. iv! .TITLE: Prism shutter with periodic. opening SOURCE: Ukrayins1kyy fizy yy zhurnal v. 10 no, 8, 1965, 919-920 q, 1111M TOPIC TAGS: rubv las aser pumping, laser pulsation, p2& "cr:3,s ABSTRACT: A multi-prism Q switch is described, consisting of a ~rotaiing prism set on the shaft of an electric motor and a series of 60 totally refleating- prisms set an an annuluRThe ccnstruction a1lows precise adjustment of the rotating prism relative to the rubv crvstal. of the laser and relative to the other prisms. Rotation of the seto ivstdt--sin ;ultiple opening of the shutter which in tuirn leads to generation of a series of laser pulses. The rate of opening in mis system is twice, as large as with a single-prism Q switch. The repetition rate of the,z e of'' pulses depends on the rat revolution of the motor and the number of prisms on the annulus, and the number of generated pulses depends on the length of the illumination of the pwq) lamp and the frequency of c1csing the optical resonator. A repetition rcate of 20 cp with a length of the illLmdnation pulse of 2 msec resulted in a rate of 4 to 20 pulses, depending on 7 the purrip energy. A simple synchronization system of tJie pump Msults in &Larrt light pulses with a peak close to 1 M. Orig, art. has: 2 figures. ASSOCINION: Instytut fizyky M URSR, Kyyiv Unstitut fiziki IVI UaGSRt !kev]: Card 1/2 ILI RA Z D- 1.9 Vilem ~ - Heating and airconditioning. Enercr tikkCz 12 ro.7.Suppl.~, De I Energetika 12$o.7.tl3-l5 162. HARASTIT. J. RMAY, G. The effect of vitamin B-1 on the endocrine function of cattle. Acta veterin. acad. sci. Hung. 15 no.21139-11.6 165 1. Geburt8hilfliche Klinik (Leltert Prof. K. Boleshary) der VateHnArmedizinischen Universitilt Ridapost. 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U'-`~PTA 'ez=ck Sec.8 V01.1114 Nouro.-Psychlaty-j Apr 58 2074. THE EFFECT OF ECT QN THE HANDWRITING - Elelctroshock hatAsa a k6zir.Isra - H A r d i I Jinos-K6rhaz IdegosztAly, Budapest - MEGGY. SZ. 1956, Congress no. (247-248) Illus. 3 Before. during and after ECT. handwriting was asked daily from 100 patients (from each patient 100-150 writing samples were gathered), the main alteration consis- ting of a disorder in coordination and rhythm. and the regression of the handwriting and the appearance of primitive graphical forms. All these phenomena were of re- versible nature. ILUWI, Litvan, dr. Cramp neurosis. Ideg. szemle 10 no.2:51-53 May 57. 1. A Janos korhaz (igazgato: Bakacs Tibor dr.) idegoaztalyanak (foorvos: Ger,ib Tibor dr.) kozlemenyo. OrNUROSM, case reports occup. neurosis (Hun)) (OR&HP, Pase reports same