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BLINCRAK. B.N..(Kiyev, ulaArtemm, d.9, kv.4),- ISHCHINKO, X.P,. Gastric cancer with neop4sm of other orgauma Vopeonk 2 no.2: 56. iNLRA 10:3) 1. Is kefedry ankologil (gave - Prof. I.T.Shavchanko):'llyevskedo Instituta usovershentvavanlys vrechey (dire - smele;doysto nafikl~ prof, I.Lgallohenko) (STOMACH, neoplam wit h cancer of:ot.her orgons of different bletalm) RUDNITSKAYA, Z.V. p starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; ISHCHM',O, blj,, _BuUcbnyy sotrudnik X-ray bre"t diseases. Vest. rent. i rad. 36 no.6:, 47-49 N-D I (MILk 15:2) (BPYAST-RADIOGUPHY) nauchnyy sotrudnik (Kiyev, ul. N. Botanicheskaya, Sontrastless mamography and pimeture biopsy in the diagnosis: of diseases of the brest. ]Min.khir. no.11&65-69 N 162 jHM l6v2) L, Kiymkiy nambno-4seledovatellskiy rentgeno-radiologicheakiy i onkologicheskiy institute (ERMT-RIOM) (MWT-RADIOMUnl) KORIOIEVSKIY3. L. I.; IBHOHENKO,, M.P. Hormone therapy in breast cancer* Vrach. delo no.6:53-58 Je'63* (MI4 ~6;9) 1. Khirargicheokiy otdel (rakovoditell prof..I.T.She.vchenko) i endokrinologicheskaya 1&bDratoriya,-(rukovaditell -'starshiy nauchnyy sotrildni L.I.Korenevskiy).,4yovskogo~n,auchno-issle- dovatellskogo rentgeno-radiologichookogo i onkologiche.skogo instituta. (BREAST-GANCER) (HORMONB THERAPY)- SHMIGALISKIY, V.N., kand.tekhn.nauk;.ISHCHENKO, M.T., inah. Now met bod of determining the gross content of pulverii1ent and clayoy (Silt) sand used for construction piu-poses. Sbor. trud. NII po stroi. ASIA [Rost.] no.6:147-152 162. (KRA 17:9) ISAYEVA., Z.G. PA I . . . . . . . . . . . -7F Fp-'~ao-n-,f lird-by--Ifii- RA-147-, Chemical Abet. esterificalloyl lnethod.~ 11. A. Arbwnv'nnd Z. 0. 1wevra' Vol. 48 No. 5 (Ka'.4111 stall. I'lliv.). .1. Gem. Chent, U.S.S.R. ~2. 029~--- T k I f);,P:. CA, 47, 2MWf. Mar. 10, 1954 It. L. It. Organic Chand3try -ARBUZOV.- B.A.; ISAYEVA, Z.G. vw_-v_- Some reactions of products of eyanoohtylation of dihydric phenole by acrylonitrile. Zhur. Obahchey Xhim. 22. 1645-7 152. -(mLRA 5:9) (CA 47 no.17:8681 '53) 1. V.I. Ullyanov-Lenin State Univ., Kazan. Fi 00W d-tm' taq by Dig, ArMigation),--r*e C.A,U 40, IWO, J7~ 0: -911 MINIMUM111 11, Immomm. WOMM VI-1 ) -k ARSUZOV. B.A. (Kazan'); ISAYEVA. Z.G. (Kazan) Isomeric conversions In the series of tarpons oxides. Uch.zsp.Z&j.: un. 115 no.10:32-35 155. (KIRA 16:51.) (Isomerism) (Tirpenes) AUTHORS: TITLE: PEFLIODICALt ABSTRACT: Card 1/3 BOV/20-121-1-28/55 Arbuzov, B. A., Member, Academy of Sciences, USSR, Isayevat Z. G. On the Reduction of the 63 -Carene Oxide (0 vosstanovleniii; 3 okisi karena) Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, 1958, Vol. 121, Nr 1, PP. 105-106 (USSR) It is known that the oxide mentioned in the title may,be reduced.: to an alcohol (C 10H18 0). When the authors,e hydration of this oxide they found that two further products with the same formula are produced from it. The first'alobhol is apparently identical with the I-caranol of Kuczyuski and Chabudzinski (Kuchinskiy and Khabudzinskiy) (Ref 2). An !:alcohol which was obtained by the authors from reduction of the 1-oar- anone-3 (purified twice with p-nitrobenzoate and the acid: phthalic ether) has constants which are very close to the al- cohol produced by the authors (purified by 3,5-dinitrobenzoate). The two alcohols differ only by the melting point of the acid phthalic ether. In consequence of the oxidation of the On the Reduction of the&3-Carene Oxide SOV/20-121-1-28//55 ,63-oxide-hydration product by chrome anhydride in acetic' acid a ketone C10H16 0 was obtained which yields semicarbazide . (melting point 201 - 2020) in a quantitative-yield. This ketone is according to its constants and its melting temperature identical with the 1-caranone-3 (Ref 2) which is an isome,iiza- tion product of theA3-oarene-oxide by sodium in benzene. The same ketone was obtained by the authors (in a low yield) from the dehydration reaction of the P-oarene-glyool by p-toluene- sulfochloride in pyridine. Inorder to be able to give a final identification of the initially mentioned product, the authors produced it by the action of sodium upon theA -carene-oxide in benzene. From the alcohol reactions 3,5-dinitrobenzoAte of the 1-caranol-3 (from alcohol) and an acid phthalic ether were ob- tained.'Since these two compounds did not show a temperature depression of mixed samples with corresponding derivatives of the&3-carene-oxide hydration product one of the products of the catalytic hydration of the last mentioned oxide is bound to be 1-caranol-3. A further alcohol existed in the reaction products; it turned out ot be caranol-4, could, however, not be isolated. Card 2/3 It might be one of the 4 possible ster'eoisomers of caranol-3. On the Reduction of the A,-Carene Oxide SOV/20-121-1-2E/55 The redaction of the A3_carenc-oxide with LiAlH, yielded caranol-4 (Ref 2). There are 8 references, 1 of which,is Soviet. SUBMITTEDt April 17, 1958 1. Terpenes-Chemical properties 2. Organic oxides--Reduction 3. Alcohols--Synthesis Card 3/3 SOV/20-122-1-19/44 AUTHORS: Arbuzov, B.A.j Member, AS USSRy isayeva, Z.G. TITLE: Reaction Products of a-Pinene_dx-1Te--a_n_d_& 3Carene Oxide With Acetic Anhydride (0 produktakh reaktsii okisey a-pinena 3 i ALN -karena s uJusnym angidridom) PERIODICAL: Doklady Adademii. nauk SSSR, 1956, Vol.122, Nr 1, PP- 73-7~ (USSR) ABSTRACT: The authors continued their research on this subject as wall as on the same reaction of the camphene oxide. It coul,d,be proved that the reaction of these bicyclic terpene o xides:pro- ceeds on a complicated way. Mixtures of products.are foxmed, and an isomizetion of the oxides takes place. The.present:~paper is intended to clear the structure of the acetates whie'la have been produced from the above oxides. As previously repo Irted (Ref 3), the yield of the acetate C R 0 with a-pinene oxide 2 18 2 3 J 0 does not surpass 30 whereas in t eca e f,~~ carene oxide 8 * erformed the' first it remains below 22 The authors have p reaction in the presence of NaHCO , in order to conduct the 3 i ti f on o formation of the acetates C H 0 rec mainly in the d * 1 18 2 i ter salt bindsthe acetate ions the suggested scheme. The la Card 1/4 and r6ducesthe formation of acetate-diols to a minimum. Rea3tion Products of a-Pineno Oxide and SOV/2o-122-1-19/44 Carene Oxide '71ith Acetic Anhydride By this, it was proved that the a-pinene oxide could e recovered unchanged to 40 %; the isomerization of,theloxidel, to a "campholene" aldehyde occurredto a much lower exteat~ Instead of the expected acetate, however, an alcohol 0 K 0 j 16 (yield 26 %) was isolated which is identical with the, i- rans- car'Veol (Ref 4)- By oxidation of this alcohol by means of~: chromium anhydride in acetic acid, carvone was obtained. Accord- ing to the statements of-reference 3 the boiling point of the acetate from a-pinene oxide is found in a broad temperature range. By repeated fractionation, apart from "campholene" aldehyde and sobrerol acetate 3 further substances with the same empirical formula C 12 H18 0 with a total yield of 31 % were isolated: 1) A product wiih lower boiling point (79 - ao'/3mm) and with a double-bond in the molecule. By its saponi- fication with 7 % NaOH solution in alcohol-water an aicohol. with a ring consisting of 4 links was produced, which rather might be identical with a pinocarveol(II) or still more with the trang-pinocarveol (Ref 7). 2) A somewhat higher boiling (87-87,5 /3mm) product C H 0 with two double-bonds. By 6fi 2olut, saponification with lo %lia a on in alcohol-water an Card 2A alcohol similar to the trans-carveol resulted. Reactlon Products of a-Pinene Oxide and 3011120-122-1-19144 ,~N3 Carene Oxide With Acetic Anhydride 3) The boiling point of the third product C 12 H1802was still higher (89-89,50/3 mm). The investigation of the latter is continued. The reaction of the A 3 carene.with acetic anhydrid.e' does not proceed smoothly. The products of reaction consist oft 1) The hydrocarbon fractions (3,5A) and 2) the*products con,-. taining carbonyl M`a). They will further be investigated. There are 11 references, 4 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Xhimicheskiy institut im. A~ M. Butlerova pri Kazanskom. gosudarstvennom universitete im. V. I. U1.1yanova-Lenina (Chemistry Institute imeni A. M. Butlerov of the kazan' State university imeni V. I. Ullyanov-Lenin) SUBMITTED: Card 3/4 May 7, 1958 '5 (3) AUTHORS: -6-16136 __jsa e __7 Gsj,,.gbuzovy B. A. :50V/62-59 ,y -vqs,- _t, TITLE: On thq Reduction of the Oxides of a-Pinene~andof the:Gxi es of 45--7-Carene, (0 vosstanovlenii okisi ~a-piriena i okisi karena) ~PERIODICAL; Izvbstiya Akademii nauk SSSR. Otdeleniye khimicheskikh'nauk, 1959, Nr 6, pp 1049 - 1057 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The reduction of the oxides mentioned in the title by~lithium and aluminum hydride was not possible,.-what is prove&ly pub- lications (Refs 1-17). In the present investigation the oxides could be reduced by hydrogen in the ]~Tesenc'e'of Renay:-nickel under sharp conditions. a-pinene was reducedoat 135 1 17"loand a pressure of from 60-100 atmosphereC ':,d 3 - c areIne at I'75-9 00 0. and a pressure of from 50 80 atmospheres. The r ductiort ~f ~ a_ pinene leads to the formation of 2 alboholp_of the coitpoditio n C I by an~ is 6eri- 104160' The hydration reaction was accompanied 9 zation of the a-pinene under formation of a ketone of the same composition, which is similar to the Ithermil isomeriiati6n and the oxidation productaof the alcohol.c H '0. The ketoae ob- 10 18 Card 113 tained by the thermal isomerization of a-pinene oxide,may be On the Reduction of the Oxides of a-Pinene and of the Sof62-59-6-16/3,5 Oxides ofA3-Carene reduced by lithiumaluminum hydride,to C10"180 in 2 isomer al- cohols whichl however, are not identical with the alcohols ob- tained by reduction of a-pinene oxide on Henay-nickel. Reduc- tion of a-pinene oxide: AOH(I) 011(ii) Pinokamphsol. (II) and pinanol (I) are Produced. The reduction of pinokamphon produced from hyssop oil,on lithiumaluminum hy- dride also leads to an alcohol of the composition C10"i-01 which differs from the aforementioned one. The 43-carene oxide is re- duced on Renay-nickel to an alcohol of the composition C,, A80, which isomerizes into a ketone CI A60 when being,heated. The different reductions are described in detail in the expeximent- Card 2/3 al part. I table gives the results of the thermal isomerization On the Reduction of the,Ox ides of a-Pinene-and of the sov/62-59-6-16/36 Oxides of A3-Carene of a-pinene. There are I table and 12 references, I of which is Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Nauchno-inaledovatellskiy institut im. A. M ButlerovalKazan- skogo gosudarstvennogq universiteta imi V. i. Ullyanova-Lenina (Scientific Research Institute imeni kel Me Butlerov of the' Kazan' State University imeni V. 1. Ullyanoy-Lanin) SUBMITTED: August 15P 195T Card 3/3 ARBUZOT, B.A., akademik; ISAY]WA, Z.G.; RATM, Y.T. Products of the autoxidation of 40 -carene. Dokl. AN SSSR 134 no-31 583-586 3 160~ ~(NIVA 13:9) 1. Nauchno-ineledovatellskly khimicheskiy lneiitut le.'A.M. Batlorl" WL Enanskom gosudarstviennom universitete Im. V.I. M lyaneva-Larliza. ARBUZOVp B.A.0 aIiademik;-L%M_j ~Z.G.; ~Jmovp uJis Proton mapntic reeoname study of bicycUc torpenes and thiir ,axides. .0okl. -AN S&kR 117. no.3! 5W)-592 (KM 14s,2): 1. *uchno-issledovathl.'skiy kbimicheakiy inatitut im.A.M.fttlerami pri, Kazanskom gosudaratyemm univervitete im. VOLUI!yanovit-Unimt. (Terpenes) (Nuclear magnetic resonance a .nd relaxation) ARBUZOVP B.A.jIISAYEVA, Z.G.; RATNER, V.V. Action of lead tetraacetate on .4 Lcarene. Izv.A?J.SSSR Otd.- khim.nauk no.4:644-649 Ap f62. (MIRA 15,4) 1. Khiml Obeskiy institut im, A,,M.Butlerova -Kazanskogo universitet& im. V.I.Ullyanova-Letiina. ftsmA ARBUZOV, B.A.p akademik; SAMITOV,; ISAYEVA Z.G. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of protons and confornation Of it-carene oxide. Dokl. AN SSSR 150 no.531036-1038, Je 163. (MIRA -16:6) 1. Nauchno-4saledovatellskiy khiaichd#kiy institut in. A.B. Betlerova pri Kazaaskon gosudarstvennon universitate in. V.10, U11yanova-Lonina. (Carona--Spectra) (Protons), ISAYEVAJ- Z.G.; ANDREYEVA, I.S. Isomerization. of -earene oxide in the reaction with alcoholij in the presence of acids. Dokl. AN SSSR 152 no.1:106-109 S 163. (MIRA 16c;9) 1. Nauchno-issladovatellskiy khisicheakiy institut im. A.M.Butlero va Kazanskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta im. Ullyanova-Lenina, Predstavleno akademikom B.A.Arbuzovym. (Carene) (Alcohols) (Isomerization) ISAYEVA LS Z.G.; ANDREYEVA Interaction-of 4.3..-.-carensk,..nxide..with-mthyl~.ale ohol-in. the .,presence-A~it..aodium-setkiilate.......Dokl. AN.SSSR.,152-.n,6.2042- 345. S.- .163. 16:11) Nauclmo-iaaledov&teV akiy.. khimicheakiy- ins titut im*A,M,,Butle:rova pri Kazanskom gosudarstvennon univeraitetelm. V.I. Ullyanova- 'Lenina. Predstavleno akademikom B.A. Arbuzovym. ARBUZOV, B.A., akademik; "SAYEVA, Z.G.; PO11ODYT01A, I.P. Structure of uneaturated alcohol aaetate3 from the re-actim of 63- carene Colide vith avmtin, anhydridr.. Dold. AN &",")'R 159 no.4-.827-830 D 164 1. 11auchac-isgiedovatellskiy khimicbeskiy institut im. A.M. Butlerova pri Kazanskom gosudarstvannom miiversitete ime V.I. Ullyanora-lanina. ARSUZOV, B. A. , alkEdem-l"fr; ISAYEVA, '~. G, ; R-A'A"NER, II.V. li't-ructilro or the oxida obta-ined In the ox"daticti gelen.'ur. di(xide. Dokl. AN SSISR 16, 4 (M-TRA 1. Nauchmc-'st~ledovatallskly khl.%lche3k:'.y 17;, A. M. ,osudarstven-n=- or-n~-,All t- Butlerova pr- Ka7anskom g _ 1. 1 Ul Iyarova-Lenirza. M ARBUZZOV, B.A.; XNYEIIA, 2.G.i PIOVOMMEVA, I.P. of acetates of imsaturated alcohols ebta-Ined in the roan.t.ion of cX--pinena oxide vlLh acetle anhydride, lav.Mi SSSR.Sor.khl-m. no.12i-2144-21452 165. -12) NIRIA 16. 1. Nauchno-issledov--Lel'Ekly klUmicheskiy institut im. A*M~Butlercva Kazanakc-go gtsudarstvannogo universite-ta Im. V,I.Ullyanova-l-nJna. Submitted Augiiit .5, 3963. BESOVTSEVA., A.G.; SI-JR11OV, A.G.; MAZIM, IE, E.; LI U---14AA I A kand. sellkhoz. nauk; PIKHLASTE, L.K.[Pihlaste, L.]; PROHOROVA, Z.P.; MARTIN, I,; KULIBB, V.P.; L,_AL Z.I.; EYPREE, T.F.[Elpre, T. ; RODDIA, N.V.; 9UBBOTIN V.1jT-_-,ZHDANOVA, L.P., red BRAYNINA M.I., tekhn. red. [Agriclimtological manual for th.e Estonian S.S.R.] Ag- roklimaticheskii spravochnik po Estonskol SSR., Lenin- grad, Gidroreteoizdat, 1960. 197 p. (MIRA 17:1), 1. Estonian S.S.R. Upravleniye gidrometeorologicheskoy sluzhby. 2. Estonskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut zemledeliya i melioratsii (for Lillemaa). 3. Glavmyy agronom Upravleniya sadovodstva i pcheloyodstva Minister- stva sellskogo khozyaystva Estonskoy SSR (for Kullbin). (Estonia--Crops and climate) lls~y-rvlkl 2. S. ROGACEMT, V.I., kandidat takhnichookikh nauk; ISAYXVA, Me, mladshir nauchMy sotrudnik. - Darkening of tomato concentrates during storage. Trudy VNIIXOF (Kmi 10:0 no.6:89-95 156. (Tomato*0 WGACHRV. V.I.; -LWARINITI, K.Pa; SA Affect of high-towporature sterilization of short duration on the quality of canned foods, Kons.' i ov. prom. 13 no.10:15-19 0 158. (MIRA 11:10) I.Wentrallay nauchno-lasledovatel'skLy institut konservnoy I ovoshchosushilinoy proWshlennosti, Obod, Canned-Sterilization) 3 (5), 17 (4) AUTHORS.- TITLEs PERIODICAL: Ushko, K. A.r Isayeva-Petrova, L. S. SOV/20 -126-2-46/64 Now Data Concerning the Pliocene Flora of Western Turkaoida, (Novyye dannyye po pnotsenovoy flore Zapadnoy Turkmenii) Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, 1959, Vol 126, Nr.2, PP 392-395 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The Pliocene flora, named in the title, has hardly been investigated (Refs 1, 2). In 1957-58, the authors collectild: 800 specim9nein the Pribalkhanskiy area - the classifli3ation of which was carried out by L. S. 19ayeva-Pet 'ro ra in the . ~ laboratory of the expedition (see Association). The plant- ..remains ori 'nated from 4 different places: Cheleken (red- g I i coloured rock)p Boya~-Dag (Akchagyl), the Perevalo-Aydinskaya Range, and Monzhukly (Apsheron). The fossil Pliocene flora does not characterize a Plakor vegetation, but, on the whole, a bank flora which in all habitats bears the same stamplor the Tugai typicial Of 306'Rtrai "ia. These are, as is well known, groupings of woods distributed over desert-regions, and.consist mainly of poplars of the subspecies Turanga. Characteristic comrions are the coast-inhabiting Gramineae (reeds, typhip Card 1/3 etc . The fossil Tugai were similar to the modern. New Data Concerning the Pliocene Flora of Western SOV/20-126-2-461/~4 Turkmenia Card 2/3 Consequently, the Tugai form a relatively ancient type of. vegetation which existed already in the middle Pliooen*,. They were at that time probably more widely distributed than' they are today. So, for instance, there do not occur anyAn the Pribalkhafiskiy area. , _. Ecologic properties of them Tugai favored their bedding-in, and so they are often found an fossils. Xerophile species, such as Phyllites,integerrimus Isaevs, and Cercis of. siliquastrum, which have no relation to the Tugaij may have been carried down from higher-lying~-~ , mainland. The layerep from which the above remains originate', have an age based on lithology, fauna and micro-f.una, and can'be dated with certainty. Most of the habitats of the fossil floraq characterize certain facial conditionst fresh water, continental delta, and certain regression-phasee of maritime waters. The elimination of the regression-phases by means of the plant macro-remains, is also of a certain stratigraphical importance. Professor To. P. Korovin gave advice and helped with the work. There are I figure and 2 Soviet references. Now Data Concerning the Pliocene Flora of Western SOVI?0-126-2-461*64 Turkmenia. ASSOCIATION: Komplekenays. yuzhnaya geologicheakaya oksp*ditsiya pri: Otdelenii geologo-geograficheskikh nauk Akadsaii nauk SSSR (Multi-purpose Southern Geological Expedition at the Department of Geologic-geographic Sciences of the Academy :of Sciences, USSR) PRESENTEDt February 11. 1959. by V. N. Sukachev. Acadealelan 1SAYEVICH, N.Ye. (Leningrad) MENTIMP KAMMOVA, T.D.; SOKOLOVA , Ye.I.; TIMOFEUT, L.N.; TIMOFEYEV, N.N. (Leningrau) Forensic psychiatric.aspect of the delirium of jealousy and its compulsory treatment. Zhur. nevr. i psikh. 63 no.lOzl554,1562 163. 1 (MIRA 17-5) -IS&YBVIGH, Ya.D. [Isaievych. IA.D.j ,- .-- - --------------- Meeting on problems in the historic bonds of the UkMiuian. . and Armenian peoples* DDpeAN URU- DO04123-124 160~ .(NM 13 -.6) (Armenia-A91atIOnv(Go=rjLJ)Wjth Ukralne) . -'I (Ukraine--Relationa(Goneral)Vitb AMWA) ISAYMCH, Ya.D. [Isaievych, TA.D.1 ---------------- Salt industry of Carpathian Mountain Region during the feudal epoch, Nar.z,int,tekh. no.7:99-112 361., (MIPA 35:2) (Carpathian Mountains Region--Salt indu8trY) t -T AVV ISAJEVSKII, T.; SKARPIN, G. "Baking Molten Iron. with Oxygen in a Cupola.n Tr. from the Russian. p.164 (PRZEGLAD ODUMCTWA Vo'I- 3, no. 5, May 1953 Krakow, Foland) SO: Monthly List kf last Europe Accessions, LC, Vol. 3. no. 5. gay 1954/Unel. TSIISnCHJ I,Z,J, inzh.j ISAYKM A I inzh.; KALOSHINA, Yu.P., Inzh.; DUMGVM, FoSop Aw. Russian-built rolltag mills for the manufacture of steel bans for ban milim. not. i gornorud. prom. no.1:36-38 Ja-F 162. (MIRA 16:6) 1. Zavod OAsrovetal". (Rolling mills) (Crushing machinery) fee** a***** 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 CIO 0 to a 4P, 0 t f, r -40 03: 1 1416 1 1 it U a 14 -a J* 11 A 1; )1 1. It m 1% x v~ to 0 41 A: U A- At-Re X-X-1-1. AII 00 (X W It k 17- A-AL-j-d .4 111- now we" of F Industry. A. M. so latikin. Bull. A a amy. Allies plailt ar, WI -TU:~rg.Rj Sar-A, No. 9, 10-o-9(1934).-A d o( tbc utifintim of inalt ext. in the Icitile indwitry, sit btftd gnaw. as a GAW Wild lacclkiltal prt!pn:, and Ill the bratber ladom". & loffr '.96 .6* see A 0 oil jjj .!!~f ALLUO GK.L 1~ ~40 "04 U 0 A, 0, 't 1, It Is A d 3 :6 Ono 0 to; '90 ex 0* 0, on S" 0 0 e 0 '00, 0, '04 010000 0 a 0 0 41 Is W- A-16 -a r , A r A mOW mWbW for 40WOWN N bmad, jam wd other toed Prods .06 t and A. M. Imiki". .-J~A&Vsy PI " -M miti H1111fish Vk"ffr, X.) is weished into a metallic cn Ity. fitted with a cam thrmsi 00 knile for breaking up the "mpl d cw cotto amt. of mungower pec vioudy been bested to !NW21t 4&nkpk bas been bn*cn up the and the crucible is pkctd in an o (Ab to 1175-110'. and in the con W. It 6 kept at this trinp. weisbed. The readts &aft witb *0 ing the sarnple at INS* to comt. I 19 0 U 13 M M 36 V M X 44 it AL 11 14 OZO L MOMW 0440d of T"I'Chin'thil M N . . yu 6, NO. 1. fit-7(kt to be analmd 0 5; c of cAPW- hich fulm a Inusciat -00 Lad couls. a wvixtw%l it oil which ha~ prr- .00 or 2 Ism. Alm- thr .00 r W JOW61411Y ~nwftll at ZNI~~ The fimp. 114140 Df.1 3 inin. it fiw,4 to 17 Ini".. C-.)(" 41hi gle 3&c obtained by beAt. o ~ ht- K. A. K. i I r a* ip See ko 0 too too ................ as( % 5 1 - 1A m AT OD is AR 4 1 0 OW 0 0 1 1 N 0 2 d0 0 1- 0 01 K. a it Is 0 : : , : S :: : 0 :.: O.e. e 0 00 so, CO 000,004 00 0 4 0 000fe 0 ip 6, to -0 010 0 0 0 0-00.00 fe 0 :,- i : . Is 0 * a 0 0 0 4:4. 0.0 Ov 0 04 GOLAVSKIT, E.M.; IUTKIN, L.I. Determination of the soaring velocities of particles of a transported product* Xons.i or;prow. 15 no.U21-22 j& 16o . (HIMAL 1315) 1. Moskovskly ordens Leitua pishchavoy kombinat Ineni A.I. Nikboyans. (Pneumatic-tube transportation) (Food, Dried) AUTHOR: Isaykin, N. (Khabarovsk) SOV/84-58-3-8/52 TITLE: An Actfv 1krade Unionist (Profsayuzmyy aktiv-ist) PERIODICAL: Grazhdanskaya avistsiya, 1958, Nr 3, P 5 (USSR) ABSTBACT: The article reports.on Nikolay, Kqudrat*yevich Shpilt in,~*.stokage o hasl.,eein awai battery. specialist'~of :t;he IMO the Badge of Honor for ouccessfiil trade-union and profess onal work. An accompanying photograph shows Shpillkin at. a switatboDxd. 1. Persomel-Performance Card 1/1 ISAUIN, N.'I-slushatell Pbinted consiente of worker correspondent* Gmbd,&vo 17 1 . aa.430 Je 160. (NM 13:7), i 1. lbabaravolaWa vy9sbW parttymys shkolae (Mabarovsk-Airports) (Journ&U on. Zabor) SOV/120-59-1-29/50 AUTHORS: Semerchan, A.A., Vereshchagin, L.F., Isaykov, V.K#. Firacmt,.A.I. TIM: A Hydraulic Installation for the Production o a Jet of Liquid Moving vi-ft Ultrasonic Speed (GidravlichesItaya ustanovi'm dlya polucheni-ya stray .zhidkonti sverkhzYukovoy skorosti) PERIODICAL,: Pribory i tekhnika eksperimenta, 1959, Nr 1, pp 121-125 and Vplate (USSR) ABSTRACT: Figs 1 and 2 show a photograph and the general arran.E; ement of the hydraulic installation. The hydraulic compressor is brought into motion by the MAShR-85/6-0 electrical MOPGI,L (240 1-w 1000 rpm). From the compressor the liquid pas .ses.on to a F;e'ceiverll with a nozzle through which the liquid.i.s: ejected into the atmosphere. The pressure-behind the nozzle is 2000-25 000 atm and the speed of the liquid jet is 600- 650 m/sec. To achieve this a special high pressure hydro-' compressor has been built and is shown diagrammatically in Fig 4. The size of the' hydrocompressor Iis 1100,x 680,x 5Q0 MM3 the working pressure is-2000 atm, consumption 1500-250Q,g/hour, number of cylinders =a 1, number of excursions of the piston 1000 per minute, diameter of the piston 22, 27 and 33 rai and the distance through which the piston moves is 70 mm. J!he high -pressure hydrocompressor consists of two main parts, Card 1/2 namely, a crankgearand a high pressure cylinder (Fig 5:)..The SOV/120-59-1-29/50 A Hydraulic Installation for the Production of a Jet of Liquid Moving with Ultrasonic Speed high pressure cylinder consists of athick walled container 5 in which the liquid is compressed. It also includes a pressure valve, 4 (shown in greater detail in Ficr'L6) and inlet valves 3, 6 7 is the compresisincr piston, Vie, form of the nozzle is shown in Fig 8. The system has been used with glycerine (Fig 10) and water (Fig 11). There are 10 figures and 3 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: Laboratobiya fiziki sverkhvysokikh davleniy AN SSS:R (Laboratory for Physics of Ultrahigh Pressures, Academy of, Sciences,USSR) SUBMITTED: February 1, 1958. Card 2/2 85351 "000 S/120/60/000/oo/621/051 9191/9381 AUTHORS: Vereshchagin, L.F., Semerchan, A*A*, Isaykov, V.K'. and Ryabinin, Yu:N. TITLE: Small-size Laboratory Hydraulic Press for 1 000 torgs PERIODICAL: -.Pribory i tekhnika eksperimenta, 1~60, No. 51 pp.'93 95 TEXT: A new press is deucribed, designed and made~at the Institute of High-pressure Physics of the AS USSR. -The gistinguishing feature is the usein the pressure cylinder of. a pressure up to 5 000 atm As compared with a maximum of 800 atm in industrial presses. The Vereshchagin compressor (Ref. 1) delivering 0.8 litres/hour at 10 000 atm makes this possible (the latest Vereshchagin compressor delivers 80'litres/hour at 6 000 atm). The press has two cylinders of 160'mm bore and 50 mm stroke, and works with glycerin.N\ The cylinders face each other and are backed by bridge plates tied with four columns. The free span between columns is 250 mm. The maximum daylight of the press -is 450 mm between the plunger faces when furthest apart. The weight of the press is 6 tons. The cylinder body screws into rings resting against the bridge plates but the Card 1/3 ---------- 85351 S/12o/6o/ooo/005/021/051 E191/2381 Small-size Laboratory Hydraulic Press for 1 000 tons. cylinder also fits into the bridge Plates in a taper bore. The high-pressure sealk%of the piston in made up of alternating PVC and fabric reinforced laminated plastic washers. The IseaIll operates on the principle of unbalanced areas which maintains a pressure on the sealing washers in excess of the working pressure. The pressure faces of the pistons are at the end of projectiolls of smaller diameter working in rings screwed into the open end of the cylinder bore. The differential area between the projection and the piston serves to actuate the reverse stroke.~ Calibration of the press by means of Amaler dynamometer capsules shows that friction losses do not exceed 3%. The deformation of the press components under.pressure was measured with dial gauges a cylinder pressure of 5000 atm and found to be linear. In operation a constant load could be maintained during several hours without replenishment of the working liquid. Cavd 2/3 85351 S/120/60/000/005/021/051 E191/E381 Small-size Laboratory Hydraulic Press for 1 000 tons There are 4 figures, I table and I Soviet reference. ASSOCIATION: Institut fiziki vysokikh davleniy ANSSSR (Institute of.High-pressure Physics-of the AS USSR) SUBMITTED: August 7, 1959 S/193/60/000/007/003/012 t _Q0 AOO5/AOO1 AUTHORS: Vereshchagin, L. F., Semerchan, A. A., 1zazkQ%..X.," Hyabinin, Yu.N. TITLE: A Hydraulic Press of 1,000-t,Force PERIODICAL- Byulleterkt' tekhniko-ekon6mitheskoy informatsii'l 1 No j 960 7, pp. 15-17 TM: The Institut fizlki vysokikh davlenly AN SSSR (Institute of Physics of High Pressures'of the Academy of Sciences USSR) developed and produced a hydraulic press of-1,000-t force with the*operational pressure in the cylinder up to 5,000 kg,/cm2, which is-provided for by the hydrocompressor K-6 (k-6) of:the L, F. Vere- shchagin-system with the delivery of 0.8 1/hr at the pressure of 10,000 kg/cm2, which was also produced by the In&tute. The design of the press is presented in~- the figure. Two equal thickwalled cylinders I and 2 of steel of the brand 45XHMIA (45KhNMFA)have 160 mm diameter and can operate together as well as separately. Their external surfaces 3 are conical with 5 0 summary angle and can be deformed under the operation pressure of the liquid by up to 0.1 mm. These radial forces are transmitted to the traverse 4 abolishing the deformation of the cylinder walls. Nut 5 transmits a partial press force imediately into the cylinder-walls for supporting, the rest into the traverse through the nut face. The press piston 6 Card 1/3 87006 S/193/60/000/007/003/012 A Hydraulic Press of 1,000-t Force AOO5/AOO1 inyl. consists of the piston proper, the piston head 7, the set ot V -chloride- and textolite-packing rings, a nut, and a tie bolt, Incompensated areas ensure the pressure in the packings higher than the operation pressure The reversal of the piston is effected by liquid supply into the cavity 8 sealed,by packing$ In the piston and cylinder. The press traverses are connected by 4 columns. Technical characteristics of the press: Operating liquid: technical glycerin, oil (SU) Overall-sizes: Height 2,000 mm Width 800:mm Distance between the columns diametrically 550 mm Clearance between the columns 250 mm Weight 6 t The calibration test of the friction In the cylinder y1elded.the maximum friction loss of 3%. Card 2/3 7~777 41193160100010 1 Z/0 12,/o 18 A0041A001 AUTHORS:' Semerchan, A. A., Kuzln, N. N., I a aft o v, V. xe TITLE:' A High-Prea3ure Fluid Ejector, -PERIODICAL: Byulleten' tekhniko-ekonomi cheskoy Wormat6il,'1960, No. 12, pp .35-36. TEXT! The Institu t fiziki lenij AN SMR (Izistitute~ vysokikh:dav of High-Pressure Physics of the AS USSR)- has designed and manufactured a high-pressure ejector achieving a pressure of the active fluid up to 1,000 kg/CM2. The necessary pressure of the active fluid is produced by the K-17 hydraulic compressor of 1.8 m3/bour capacity at a pressure of up to 2,000 at. The compressor is also a de3lgn of the Institute. The -4- illustration shows a longitudinal Card 1/2 a S/193/60/000/012/012/018. AHlgh-Pressure Fluid Ejector A004/A001 section of the ejector. The active fluid is supplied by the'hYdraiiliC COMPreS3or 0 through nozzle 1 with a central angle of.taper of 50 and a cylindrical section with a length-to-diameter ratio of 2.5. The fluid d1lacharge.through the no=le amounts to 0.45 liter/see. The passive fluid la -supplied by, the Ok-5-15M WK-5- 15M) centrifugal pump to receiver 2 and enters mixing.chamber'3 through a ring- shaped slot 10.3 mm in diameter. The pressure of the passive fluid is controlled by a damping pressure-gage through connecting branch 4~ The mixing cham or,: consisting ofthe conical Input part with a central angle of taper of.50 the cylindrical neck 6.94 mm in diameter and the conical diffusor with a span angle of 80, is of solid construction and polished.~ From the diffusor the fluid gets into the cylindrical receiver 5, 15 mm-in diameter where the output pressure 13 measured by a damping pressure gage through connecting branch 6. The ejector parts are made of 45X[AMOA (k5KhNMFA) steel, *the seals are of teflon.. The ~ oiltRut:'.~., pressure and the tote fluid discharge are controlled by a valve. At an output pressure of 30 Wom the ratio of passive fluid disiharge to aotiv* fluid dia- charge is 2:1. The following technical data are given: pressure fluid - water; nozzle diameter - 1.15 mm; neck diameter - 6.94 mm; pressure of active fluid - 1,000 kg/cm2; iressure of passive fluid 4 kg/cm2; output pressure -; 30 kg/c active fluid discharge 0.45 liter/see; passive fluid discharge 0.9, liter/sea. :,There is 1 figure. Card 2/Z S/ITO/60/003/07/11/011~ B0121BO54 82234 AUTHORS: Vereshchagin, L. F., Fedorovski j A. Tt.p :4aykov, V. Koq; Slesarev,.V. N.,-Semerchan, A. A. TITLE: The Possibility of Using Plastic Solids as,Working Medium, in Cylinders of Large-sized Hydraulic Presses PERIODICAL: Inzhenerno-fizicheakiy zhurnal, 196o, ~Vol- 3t No- 79 pp. 132 134 TEXT: For scientific research worki it is necessary to produce pres- sures of 100,000 atmosphereaNxcess pressure and more in large voltimies. Large-sized presses are used for this purpose.-At the Institut fiziki vysokikh davleniy AN SSSR (Institute of High-pressure Physics of the AS USSR) it was possible to increase the working pressure of the liquids in the press cylinder up to 5,600 atmospheres excess .pressure (Ref.,I).. Since a further increase in pressure involves great.difficulties with respect to packingep a 1,000-t pressure transformer model was designed at the same institute. A plastio~solid is used instead of a liquido Fig. 1 shows the principal scheme of this pressure transformer. Firstp Card 1/2 Card 2/2 SEMCHANY A.A,.,, MIN, N.N.; ISAYKOV., V.K. Effect of an electric field on a continuous liquid et. Insh.- fia.zhur. 6 no.2tl14m-n7 F 163. OA 1611) 1. Institut fisiki vysokbikh d"jenly AN SWRp Moskva. (Jets-41did dynamics) (~lectria fields) ISAYN,,V. N. Prakticheskie zaniatiia po botanike gractical work in botany7. 5--,-- izd., pererabot. i dop. Moskva, Sellkhozgiz, 1952. 318 p. (Uchebniki i ucheb. posobila dlia s.-kh. takhnikumov) I . SO: Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Vol. 7j. No. 3, June 1954. 1jAYN, V.N.; CHUVIKOVA, A.N.. redaktor; LAMAIT. V.V., tnkchnichnaldy re- Wim "=4M "Wr [Instructional wall charts for botarV; inder] Vchebrq9 f-',litsy po botanike; ukaratell . Moskva, Isd-yo Mints 4--tva sell gl-w-o kho- ziaistva SSSR, 1954. 51 p. Pt.1 [Morphology, m*ttomV and pl--iit physiology] ?4orfologiia, anatomiia i fiziologita rastanti. 12 posters. (NIJ4A B-7) (Botary-Study and teaching) -ISAYUK.2__A.~~., teldinicheskikh voysk Soldier's companions are a means of defense. Starsh.-serzh. no.6:22-23 Jo 161. (MM 14:10) (Atomic varfare) G,14.. kanditlat maditainskikh nauk (Baku). Hemodyluic modifleations in splenomeollem. 32 no-2:52-56 F 154. (=A 7:5) 1. Is kafedry II gospltalluoy terepil (saveduyushchly professor D.Mo. Abdulayev) Asorbaydshanskogo wditsiaskego lastituta. (Blood-01rculation) Oplem-DImmees) ISA-ZADR. G.M., kandidat meditainskikh nlLuk Certain hemodynamic changes In malarial coma. Terapearkh. 27 no62, 86-90 055a B.- 1. Is 2-y gospitallnoy terepe-tticheakoy kliniki (zav.~-zaeluzhenmy deyatell nauki prof. D.MAbdulayev) Azerbaydzhanskogumeditatnekago Inetituta. (MAWUA. ccuplications, C-oma, hemodynamic changes in) Ocas mlarial, hemodinamic changes in) (BIM CIRCUIATVXI*~ hemodynudc changes In malarial coma) Card 1/2 48 USSR/Human and Animal Physiology - Blood Circulation. V-5 Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Bial,,, No 1., 1958, 4018 Author : ~zasade~ Inst : Title Unconditioned Vascular Reflexes in the Cerebral form of H~pertensive Disease* Orig Pub Azerb. tibb zh., 1957.. No 2., 9-12 and 59-61 Abstract No abstract. Card 1/1 'A ml in the Cerebral Fom of Wp W-i-shme~19 reimo 195$0 32 (Azerbaydzh State Mod Inst im I..,. Narimanov). 250 copies. (KLP 10-58t 121). IPA.ZAPE, G~Uq Doe Led Sci - (diss) "Hemodyntmial and certain Doan ISAZADE, G.K., dolctor med.nauk Antitoxic functions of the liver in the cerebral form of hypertemsiono Aserb.zedeshure no-9:54-58 158 (KMA 11:11) 1. Is kafedry gospitialnoy terapii (ZSVO - zaslyshenW dayatell muki profe D,X* Abdullayev) Azerbaydzhianskogo meditsingkogo Instituta in. 1. Narimanoya. (LIVAR) OIYPJRTENSICB) ISAZADN, G.M., doktor med.nauk Tenth All-Union Conference of Therapeutists. u0-11:87-89 1 158 (mI3A 11:22) L Gl&vW terapevt Ministeretva sdravookhraneniya Aserbaydshanskay S;R. OMMAPBUTICS9-CONOMM) (toktor med.nank- First All-Rilasian Conrzese of Therapeutista. no-5:86-89 Itr '59. (MIJA& 12:8) (IMDICUTN--COXCrRXSa8) ISAZADE, G*M., dotsent Some problems In the prophylaxis and treatment of hypertensive arises. Aserb.sed.shur. no-.9:61-67 S 159. (MIRA 13:1) 1. Iz kliulki goffp1t&1$uoy terapIl (zav. - zasluzhenW7 doyatell nauki, prof, D.M. Abdulayov) Axerbaydzhanskogo gosudarstvennogo seditsinskogo institute, im. 1. Thrizanovae (RYPX&TINSIOX) ISAZADE, G.M.P doteent SDze problems In the pathogenesis of circulatory disturbances of the brain in hypertension, Aserb.sed.zhur. no.1118-13 11 159. (MM. 13:4) (HYPARMSION) (BRAIN--DYM TWSUS) ISAZA G M ' doteent ~rienoe ~in combined therapy of liver cirrhosis. 25 n0.8:3.02-10 Ag 160,, (KM& 13 3 9), 1. Is kefedry goopitallnoy terapil (sav. - prof. D.M. AbdulaYST) rummkogo, sektora.Aserbaydshanskogo meditsinskogo, instituta impreg (LIM"IRRHOSIS) e,--Jj5kZADEj, G.X,.,--dotseut Blood protein-fractioux in the cerebral-janifestations of hypertension:. *Azarb. med. zhur. no. 1:10-16 Ja 161.;, (MM 14:R) 1e Is kafedry gospitallnoy tarapii (mv, - 2as1u2hawVy dayatelf naukir prof. D.M. Abdullayev) Aserbaydzhanskogo.gosudarstvennogo maditainskogo lwtitutaimni N. Narimsiova (direktor.- zasluzhenM7, deyatell nauk's prof, B,A, EMzcv). (BU)OD PROTEINS) (HYPERTENSION) ISAZADE, 0 M Permeability of the capillary membrane in cerebral manifes- tations of hypertension. Azerb. med. zhur. no.lill-16 .Ta 162. (MIRA 1635) (HYMTENSION) (CAPIMARIMS-PERMBILITY) ABDULAYEVO D.M.;- ISAZ~LL, G.M. Hormonal therapy of the "ascitic forms"of liver cirrhosis. Azerb. med. zhur. no.6:7-13 Je 162. (MIRA 17:8) ABDULLAYEV.. D.M.; ISAZAIJF, G.M. Fifteenth All4nion Congress of Thar4pautists. Azarb, me(L zhur. no.10:89-96 0 162. (I-ETRA 17:10) ISAZADE., G.M. Changes in some hemodynamic indices in hypertension. Azerb. med. zhur. no.12:13-18 t62. (MIRA 17:4) 1. Iz kafedry gospitallnoy terapii (zav, - chlen-korrespondent, tN AzerbSSR, zasluzhennyy dey--tell nauki, prof. DA Abdullaypv) Azerbaydzhanskogo -Osudarstvennogo meditsinskogo institutal ni Narimanova (rektor - zasluzhennrf deyatell nauk-4, prof. B.. Evyazov). T544D4,__P;k�~~Jlus.a; ABDULAYEV, Dzh., prof., red.; TILIMAN, A., red.; MIRDZHAFAROV, A.M. tekhn. red. [State of hemodynamics and metabolic processes in cerebral manifestations of bypertension] Sostoianie gemodinamiki i obmenrqkh protsessov pri mozgovykh proiavleniiakh giperto- nicheskoi bolezni. Baku, Azeruchpedgiz, 1963. 185 Pe (MIRA 17:4) I Sj AZ DF 0 . I .! . Changes in hemodynamica and onme 4-Ind'ices ofbanal t he K&rd .)-logija ,erebral form of hypertension. TI' N-D 163. "1 7.- 6) 1. Ll kafedry gospital In,.).i wrap,-, 11 (vav. Olen- korrestiondent AN Aterbaydzhanskoy SSRp ?,asluzh6tui- ,ly. deptell ntiuki pr,,~f. D.m. Abdulayev) Azerbaydzhanskogo raalltstitskogo instituta. ISAZADL, G -EV , D. M. ,14.; MAMEDOV, Z.vj.; ABDAII-Al Hemodynamic changes in goiter following surgical treatment. Azorb. mod. zhur. 40 no.12:3-13 D 163. (MIRA 17:10) INTI, ?.,.A.; I'S",ZADE, prof.; AKOPYAN, A.Kh.; ABIA),UtYEVA, L.D. Effect of meteorological fac",)rs in Baku on rhe coagul,--tion and anticoagulation components In the blood of patients with cardio- wscular diseases. Azerb. med. zhur. 40 no.8:36-26 Ag 163. (UTIM 17! 12', ISAZADE, G.M. '-- Pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid in hypertension. Sbor. trud. Azerb. nauch.-issl. inst. kur. i fiz. metod. lech. no.9: 28-33 163. (MIRA 18%8) ISAZADE, TAGrIEVA, SJ. the protiin content of the blocd in chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosia. Azerb. med. zhur. 42 no. 100-15 0 165 (MIM 19:1) ISBAKHj Aleksandr Abramovich [1904-] [Life 11m] Liniia zhizni. Moskvar Sovetskaia Rosoia, 19W,, U, P. (MBA 14:7) (Kolma-Locomotives) Abstract The following factors influencing the extraction (E) at the preparation of macerstest infusions and decocticns - I ---I. Lt-- ---,,-4. ~P wa+nr liqnd fnr the E of the me- RUW= Chomical Tochnology.. , Chazdcal Producto and Thoir H-17 Applicatim. Phalrnacotjtj,o~.~ A~ftbiatice. Abs:Joux Rof Zhur, - Khimbu- No 5v-..AZ9,vNo-; 16507, Authcr Stowl4j, N-;: inst Not: glvm Titlo Pro im of-saiim for in actlen orip, i?ub 7azuacia (?4min)* 1957,o 60 No 60 539-* Abstract Doeor4tim of -.tho wthbUAt irol~va Cli Soluti 'o, Dis i like il~ t6, W, pmtlon, bno ard. ou6, soliit'i6novtrbm-~.~iorum' i4m~11AVii ampulm in _'tbo di7, f(ra) aaccrbic- ao'lcl,, 'id6otim aol4j: and mothylop,bluo., Card 1/i BRUCKNER, Silvia,, conf.; TEODORESCU, Tatianap dr.; IOANESI, Iuliaj dr.; TZODORESCU, G., dr.; CONSTANTINESCU, S.) dr.; COTARCEA, S., dr.; -ISBASESCU, C.,, chiniste; GARIB=I, A. The role of bacterial iuperinfection in the evolution of epidemic hepatitis. Had. intern,14 no-4-.423-432 Ap 162i. 3., Lucrare efectuats. in Clinica de boli infectioase nr. 1, I.M.F. (director: prof. M.,Voiculescu). (HEPATITIS, IRECTIOUS) (STAPHWCOCCAL IMCTIONS) (STREPTOCOCCAL INFECTIONS) (PNEUMONIA) -(OTITIS MEDIA) ISBASF3CU, I. Artificial propagation of graylings. P. 37. (RIVESTA PADURIIOR. RUMANIA. Vol. 71 (1. e. 79) no. 1, Jan. 1957.) SO: Monthly L4st of East European Accessions (9FAL) W. Vol. 6. no. 7. July 191-57. Unell.