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December 31, 1967
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KALIGINSKI, Andrzej (Blalyatok, ul. Lipowa 18a, m. 18) Cutaneous, ulcerative form of Hodgkin's sarcoma. Polski tygod. flek, 13 no.46:1831-1835 17 Ifov 58. 1. Z I Kliniki Chorob Vewnetrznych A.M. w Bialymstoku; kierownik: prof. dr med Marian Tulozynski. (SARCOMA. RNTICULUM GILL, case report cutaneous ulcerative type (Poi)) MICNSXI#A.; XALICINSKA,1411;v, Determination of hexoses in huran blood serum by means of resorein-4,6-disulfonic acid. Bul Ac Pol biol 7 no.7:249-252 159. (1w 9:6) 1. 7irst Clinic of Internal Diseases, Sebool of Medicine,. Blalystockf Presented by ;*Heller. O(exoses) (Blood) (Resorainaldiculftnto acid) MMAROZYK, Marian; KALICINSKI. Andrzej The course of pulmonary tuberculosis in two contrasting cases of secretory disorders of growth hormone. Gruallea 27 no.4: 321-326 41 1. Z Kliniki Gruzlicy Pluc A. M. v Bialymstoka p. o. Kierownik: dr med. Wl. Pregovaki orat z 'Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrzrqch w Bialymstoka P. o. Kierownikfk4oc. dr mad. W. Zankiewiox. (TUBERCUADSIS PUIXONARY, compl.) (GIGANTISM, etiol.) (I)VAPYISM, etiol.) KALICIRSKI,A. Glycosamine In umbilical arA maternal blood. Act& blochim. Poloa. 7 no-2/3:425-428 160. 1. 1 Klinika Chorob Wevnetronych AN, Bialystok Iterownik: doc. dr mad. Mankiewics (GLYJCOSMINI blood) (PRISOCr blood) (UMBILICAL CORD blood supply) KALICINSKI, Andrzej Variable clinical course in a case of cryoglobulinemia. F01. mod. vownet. 32 no.7:877-878 162. 1. Z Kliniki Chorob Wownetrznych AM w Bialymstoku Kierownik: prof. dr mod. J. Chlebovski. (ORYOGLOBULINS) CHLEBaWSKI, Jakub; KAIMINSKI An , Edm=d; ZABLOOM., Irm A caise of Wdenstrom's ancroglobplinamia. Contribution to the study of paraglobmlimea, Pol. arch. mod. wown. 33 no.4t 4(Y7-412 163. Is Z Mniki Chorob Wownetranych AM im, J, Marchlewskiego w Bialywtoku Kierowaikt prof. dr zed, J, Chisbowski. (MiGROGLOBULIN]MIA) (MUOEMTROPROMIS) (DIAGNOSIS) 1~~ ~KIA_~ndrz~LL The protein-bound carbohydrates of various pleur(d unrl peritoneal fluids. Roczn. akad. med. Marchlewski: uupplo 9: 1-1.C- 161+6 1. Z 11 Eliniki Chorob Wwnetrmych MB (Kierownikt Pror. dr. Jakub Chlebowski. 0 KALICINSKI, Andrzej Behavior of facose (bound with serum proteins) in serositis and pneumonia. Fol. tyg. lek. 20 no.27:1004-1006 5 Jl 165. 1. Z II Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrznych AM w Bialymstoku (Kierownik: prof. dr. Jakub Chlebowoki). KALICIVSKI, Andrzej Behavior of fucoss (bound with serum protoins) In cases of circulatory insufficiency, li-ter cirrhosis and iiome neoplastic dioeases. Pole tyg. lek. 20 no.36tl358-1359 6 3 165. 1, Z 11 Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrznych AM w Bialywtoku (Kierovnik.- prof, dre Jakub Chlebowski). ~"t 14 fil.11,11itil WE 111H ,,v4: M4: -Al"W KALIOINSKI, J. 1/78.). Peallcifthl, J, The Influence of tree ,p on toncrateland t0intOtCH-COMOC litrilthlICS (iA Inky", Awrotm to. 1, jan, An(hor givra unthit dr.1,L on fient -mirlitudc's rind vitrinfigm In the creep Unle 11"1l Ar4,lT(lK" of conerric A.1 filliellmal of varli'llIn PMAIWAPTS And VVIAht.1 A WIllpfifl(A Illinlypis of Ihtl lilquerwo (4 lbem phennniryuk inion ft"d Oun n( Werrint fotrv-,q fit rcin(prCril miumnit, h% hItIlVek.- threc-hingcd Prehre, In vj)ntlnqj)qm lie-mR, (tilill In fratill'.. (it rintomilorm witlinil e4 t1w supporls ond PrAinwrt would likn to jJmw a to the jnvjjvvpd by the m 410formation maduln, It". 1710)., S. jinulm4h, Pal"n(I KALICINSKI, Jozef(Ideceased); HOFFMAN, flenryk --- - ----------- Germlimi um recovery from etching solutions. Przegl elektroniki 3 no.10073 0 '62, 1. Fabryka Polprzewodnikow TEWA, Uarszawa. 11,11"14 !!7 1 Tnt Iix'!IImVI!'I XALICINSKI, Josef (deceased); HOFFMAN, Henryk Recovery of germanium from etching solutions, Przem ches 41 no.12s726-727 D 162. 1, Fabryka Polprsewodnikow TFAWA# Warszawa* KALICINSKI, 7q&mmt (Warszawa, u1. Litewska 16.) Three cases of bIesding duodenal ulcers ii children. Pediat, polska 34 no.-1:92-95 Jan 59. 1..% Kliniki Chirtxrgii Dzieaiecej A. X. w Warourtwis Klerownik: prof. dr mad. J. Kossakowski. (PIPTIG Ulm, In inf. & abildo hemorrh. (Pol)) KALICIIISKI P ZyPwit - --- - - -- - - -- - I - -:-, - , -I . -1 Surgical removal of a foreign body from tho mediastinum. Pediat. Pol. 36 no.5:539-541 161. 1. Z Kliniki Chirurgii Dzieciecej w Warszavie Kierownik: prof. dr . med. J. Kossakowaki. (MEDIASTIM for.bodies) KALICINSKIs Trawatic rupture of abdominal tumors In ahildron, ?ol. prsegle chirs 36 noo5s673-675 Yq t64. 1. Z Kliniki Ohirulli Deleoisaaj Akademli Modyasnej w Warisawie (Kierownika Prof. dr J. Kossakowskl)* 111111% liffIrIM13 Intl I PHINE: N 8W 5RIPM Dlifl! PF11,11 KALICINSU.Aymin2t Studies on the duration of bleeding inLreat. vessel injuries# Pol. przegl. chir. 36 no.101-36 Jat6/+ 1. Z Kliniki ClArurgii DziecieceJ AM w Waramrie (kiorownike. prof.dr, J*Kossakowski) i z Zakladu Chirurgii Doswiadczalnej PAN w Warszawie (kierownikt prof.dr. J.Niclubowicz). KALICKAY M. Observations on the fertility of bulbs on the chufa (Gyperus esculentus L.) depending on the tyne of soil. p. 132. WIADCFIOSCI BOUNIGME. (Polskie Towarzyrtwo) Krakow, Poland. Vol. 3, no. 2. 1959. Yonthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 93, no. 1, Jan. 196 o. KALICZ, Nandor, dr., kandidatus Agriculture is 9jOOO years old in Anatolia! Ft.2. Elet tud 18 n0.39, 29z 1237-1239 S 163, ELUCZ, Ilaitorq drog IcandMatus The agriculture is 9000 old in Anatolial E"t tud 18 no,,37:LI68- 1172 15 S 263. M, ill, -Oll SOV/ 112 -57 -9 -1829.7 Tra.aslation. from., Referativnyy zhurnal, Elektrotekhnikaii 1957 Nr 1) 0 p 21 (USSR) AUTHOR: Privezentsev, V. A., Dolldovich, A. B. , Kalif, G.A. TITLE: Estimating the. Consumption of Braiding -Material in High-Qzality Wire Manufacture (Raschet raskhoda materialov na opletku pri lzgot.ovlenii provodov aluchshennogo kachestva) PERIODICAL: Inform.-tekhn. ob. M-vo elektrotekhn. prom-sti SSSR, 1956, Nr 10, pp 16-20 ABSTRACT: One of the main reasons of inadequate flexibility of insulated wires is that a snug braiding compresses the wire insulation verytightly. A new method of wire braiding with a "slack" is described, which assures a more flexible wire suitable for various applications. A smoothii, thin steel wire is fixed along the insulated wire and is braided together with it. This results in an artificial oversizing of braiding perimeter, and the braiding spreads more loosely around the insulated wire. To estimate the consumption of fibrous material necessary, the diameter of the insulated wire to be braided should be KALIGOROV, Khristc# dota. d-r Organization of production, ani increase of labor productJvitye Trud tseni no.6:1-12 162. KALIGOROVO Khristo., dots. d-ro Organization of management in industrial enterpriaeop and problems of its Improvement. Trud teeni 5 noo6sl-16 163. KALIGOROV, Khr... dots. d-r A book dedicated to the .technical progress made in ferrous metallurgy. Min delo, 18 no. 2:47-48 F 163. q1: -1 '7- FILIPSON, Ye.; BORISEVICH, N.; KALIGOZETIIP if. Production of national vatietiev of horse-meat sausages and smoked products. Mias. ind. WSR 32 no.3123-24 161*~ (MIRA 14:7) I* Kazakhokiy filial Vsesoyu=ogo nauchno-issledovatallsko 0 instituta myasnoy promyshlennosti (for Filipson, Borisevichl. 2o Semipalatinskiy Krasokombinat (for Kaligozhin). (Kazal:hstan-Horse meat) KALIJ02 D. Geologic development of the Paleozoic. P. HESTI LOODUS. (Eesti NSV Teaduate Akadeamia). Tartuj EstobiAO 91 S Month2,v List of East,European Accessions (EFAJAC, go. \k, Juav, 1959. ~Uncl. GALKIN, B.I.; GRIGORIYEV, V.M.;,KAT.TX- A-M.;.-KARPOV, L.N.; LUR#YE, A.M.; MOMDZHI, G.S.1 SURNOV, I.A.; KffZHANOVSKIY, V.A.,, red.izd-va; PENIKOVA, S.A.p tekhns red, [Met)Wds of testing iron ore deposits for germanium and other disseminated elements and the calculation of their resources] Metodika oprobovaniia zhelezoradnykh mesto- rozbdenii na germanii i drugie rasseiannye elamenty i podedheta ikh zapasov. [By] B.I.Galkin i dr. Moskva; Gos- geoltekhizdatj 1963. 58 P. (MIRAI17:2) I:I[V;: 11121, Ill. 'i Hill litilit "fill BORZOOV, V.M.; KALIKI A.M. [Instruction on,the use of the,classification of re-- sources for fluorspar deposits) Instruktslia po pri- meneniiu klassifikataii. zapasov k mostorozhdoniiam plavikovogo shpata. Moskva, Nedra, 1965, 46-p. (1AIRA 18%7) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Gosudarstvennaya kmmissiya po zapasam poleznykh iskopaer7kh. KALIK' C. Solving the Neumann problem in the multiple-connex:lomain, limited by a finite number of spheres. P. 745. COMUNICARILE. Bucuresti, Rumania, Vol. 8, no. 8, Aug. 1958. Monthly List of European Accessions (EEAI) LC,.Vol.-8, no. 8, Auga 1959. Uncl. I- MIK, Carol (Cluj) On a problem. arising in the designing of steam boilers. ftuIli care mat CIuJ 11 no.lt85-93 160. OUT 10:9) (Steam boilers) K~lm- L1053 jljfT j'6W7i7 - --.1 . . ~ ~7 I. VA"4wi" .A~~ A;ILe -111 111-111T1,11j I I, ~- I ~t4 I, MOU I H F L-UPIM I TMOV I TIVI "'! I FqlFt IF, I I-. III I H! K,U,1K, 1. KALLISTOV) 11, 0,; VVOV~ "j1 6. P and "Bookkeeping and Control in Communloations, Zid edition - edited by Prof. Ya. M. Gallperin, Svya:slizdat, Moscow, 1950 Translation No.464, 26 8ep 55 Y'ALIK, K FALIK, K- "On- the problem of the convergence of algorithns of the Schwartz type". Laningrado 1955. Leningrad Order of lenin State U irremi A. A. Zhdancv. , (Disserta-tion for the Degree of Candidate of Physicomathematical Sciences.) 5-). Mighnaya LetQRisl No. 46, 12 November 1955. Ybscow 16(1) AUTHOR. Kalik,K. SOV/140-59-1-8/25 TITLE% On the Question of the Convergence of the AlgarAhms of the,Type of Schwarz (K voprouu o ekhodimooti algorifmov t1pa Shvartsa) PERIODICAL. Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. Matematika, 1959, Nr 1, pp 75-90 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author considers the algorithm for the solution of the Dirichlet problem proposed by Schwarz at the and of tho last century and generalized by S.G.Mikhlin Z-Ref 72.- It is stated that both algorithms are used for the solution of many boundary value problems; evan strongly elliptic iystems are admitted. The proofs of convergence of both algorithms as well as their Other properties are given with the aid of the method of orthogonal projections. All proofs are given only for the elas t4 city equa- tion.,,~&& u + '(k+.A&)grad. div u - 0 but, according to, they hold also in the general case. The author.mentions papers of G.K.Goluzin, S.Ya.Kogan, S.L.Sobolev, V.I.Krylov, A.Ya.Gorgidze, B.1, Shibayev. There are 9 references, 8.ofwhich are Soviet, and i Italian. ASSOCIATION:Leningradskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet imeni A.A.Zhdanova (Leningrad State University imeni A.A.Zhdanov) SUBMITTED: March 25, 1958 Cara 1/1 50) AUTHORS: Golldfarb, Ya. L., Kalik, M. A., SOV/79-29-6-57/72 Kirmallova, M. L. TITLE: SyntheBis and Some Conversions of Sulfides of the Thiophen Series;Xintez i nekotoryye prevrashcheniya sullfidov ryada tiofen PERIOD1CAL; Zhurnal obshchey khimii, 1959, Vol ~9, Nr 6, pp 2034-2042 (USSR) ABSTRACT: As far as the authors are informed only two alkyl thienyl sul- fides i.e. methyl-2-thienyl sulfide (Refs 7-9) and etbyl-2- thienyl sulfide (Ref 8) have been dea.cribed up to present. The yield of the accessible synthesis of 2-thie' nj*l magnesium iodide, sulfur and methyl iodide (Ref 9) is 0-60 ~..A more convenient way of synthesis ot sulfides of obe Ooye n4ntioaod type ~ialding up to 80 %, is dencribea in t' 'to experimental part. It uses lithium derivatives of thiophen or its homologues which react with sulfur, like the organic,magnesium compounds, the preparation of 2-halogen thiophen~,~hQwcyqrt is uAneoessary and this in essential. In this w&y'met1Wi--z.tbienyl sulfide, ethyl-2-thionyl suXfide, methyl-0-methyl-2-thienyl) sulfide, .and ethyl-(5-ethyl-2-thienyl) sulfide were obtained. The con- Card 1/3 version of thiophen with two mol n.-buthyl lithium and Synthesis and Some conversions of Sulfides of the SOV/79-29-6-57/12 Thiophen Series further with sulfur and methyl iodide loads in addition to methyl-2-thienyl sulfide (I) also to 2,!5-bis-(methyl mercapto) thiophen (II): 11- 11 11 _n SCH3 H2 CS SCH3 Y M (n) Acetylation of alkyl thienyl sulfides. .in the presence of tin chloride and ortho-phosphoric acid wan analyied. It was proved that the acetyl group enters into the crthw-po6ition in rela- tion to the sulfide group, if both a-positions in thiophen are occupied and into position 5 in alkyl-2-thienyl sulfides..For the synthesis of compounds of the aliphatic'.series of~the corresponding 3-substituted compounds of thiophen the method of hyarogenolyais is most convenient because it protects the a-positions of the tbiophen nucleus with activating alkyl Card 2/3 mercapto groups. The synthesized compounds are listed in both Spthesis and Some Conversions of Sulfides of the SOV/79-29-6-5T/72 Thiophen Series tables. There are 2 tables and 21 references, 2 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Institut organicheskoy khimii Akademii nauk SSSR (Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences, USSR) SUBMITTED: June 29 1958 Card 3/3 iF;'WIl: I!, I.' W, I P,fl It I! I! H:111 HII WHIM 1111111 NUT: III "I MAIM Ell INNUI: I MIRUMMUCR GOLIDPARBI, Y&,L..;_KALIKp M.A.; KIWALOVA) M.L. Synthesis and some conversions of sulfides of the thiophene seiles. Part 5: Synthesis and reactions of 2-morcaptothlophem . Zhur, ob# khim. 32 no,l1222-230 Ja 162, (MM 15:2) 1. Institut organicheskoy khimii imeni N.D.Zelinskogo AN SSSR. (Thiophene) (Mercapto compounds) GOLIDFARB, Ya.L.; KALIK, M.A.; KIRMALOVA, M.L. Sytithesis and some transformations of sulfides of the thiophene series. Report No.6: Action of sodium in liq4id ammonia on acetals of' 2-ethyl- and 2-benzylmereapto-5-ethyl-3-thipphenaldehyde. Izv.AN SSSR Otd.khim.nauk no.4:701-709 Ap 162. (MIRA 15:4) 1. Institut organicheskoy khimii im. N.D.Zelimakogo AN SSSR. (T4ophene) (Sodium) GOLIDFARBP Ya.L.; KALIK.-MoA.; KIMMALOVA, M.L. Synthesis and some transformations of sulfides of the thiophene series. Report No.71 Synthesis and reactiona of bis-(5-alkyl-2-mercaptothienyl) alkanes. Izv. iN SSSR Ser.khim. no.10s1801-1809- 0 163. (MIRA 1733) 1. In8titut organicheskoy khImli im. N.D.Zelinskogo AN SSSR. GOLIDFARBY Ya.L.; KALIK M.A.; KIWALOVA, M.L. Synthesis and some transformations of sulfides of thzi thiophena series. Report No.83 Mechanism of 2-mareapto-5--Gtlyl-,3-thanyli- denWne formation. Izv.AN SSSR.Wler.khJ-m. no.911675-1681. S 164. (MIRA 17slO), 1. Institut organicheskoy khimii im. N.D.Zelinakogo AN SSSR. DermtAi6ac Of Palcoarctic Fauna. In p. i. (Sbornik. Acta Lnto,-,-.Q.I-o[-~ica. Vol 26, Io. Q62, I-ram.' j L 4 SO: Lonthly List of -','aslu E'U.-op~%jil Acc,--ssiorj,-~,jLdbr~xy of Congr~-ss, 1-L-rLh Unci. KALIKA, L.. Let's further the development of comminist forms of labor. Sov. profooiuzY 7 no.22:40 N 159. (MIRA 12:12) 1. Rukovoditell brigady kommunisticheskogo trada maekovskogo savada I'Dinamo" in. S M.Kirova. (Sociali;t tompotition) ADAM, Takov Issakovicht OTUMN, Oeglk Qe96moviOhj-.KALIU,,_j~TS., Inzh., retsenzent; MKIROVSKIT, B.I.. insh., red.; WOTW.C,' red.iod-va; ILIKIND, Y.D., takhred.; SMOLOTA, T.F., tekhred, [Manual for operators of gpar-milling nviohlueO Spravochnik suborese-frezerovshchika. Kookva,. Oas.nauchno-i~takha.isd-vo mashinostr-Dit.lit-ry, 1961. 271 P. (14rRA 14:4) (Gear cutting) GRAD. Me.- KALIKAj B*Bo; YEMp BeL. Centralization of the cutting operations for stiff leather in the Kiev Economic Region (to be concluded). Kozh.-obav.prom. 2 4-7 MT 160. (MIRA 13:9) (Kiev monomic Region--Shoe manufacture) ORAD, N.Yeq KALIK.A. S.B.; YSUH, B.L. Centralization of leather cutting operations in the Kiev 1coucale, Region (''onolusion). Nozh.obuv.prom. 2 no.6:1-4 Je 160. (MIRA, 1):9) kKiev E3onomic Region--Shoo manufacture) VAYWRUB., V-K.; BORODAY, I.K.; GALIFEM, F.I. [deceased]; GRIB, A.I.; KALIKA,, SoB** ROLESNU., I.V.; KRITSBERG,, B.,L.j A.M. Press molds for the hot vulcani,sation of *aoles; Soviet Certificate of Imentions No.341077. Kozh.-obuv.prom. zio.8:42 Ag 162. (MIRA 15:8) (Vulcanization-Technological inn vi% ions) ROM r- do [W-00 -_ -r-rvrll-j - - .- NRt Amuz7bu SOURCE CODE: AUT-HOR: Kalika,,,.Vaelav (Engineer; Graduate economist) 7y ORG: State Institute for the Designing of Machine Buildlag Plants. Projokta, Prague (Stathl ustat pro projokta-v-a-ff zavoctu strojironutvi Projokta) T=, : Practical application of, classificati oin of parts 'and machine processing of data in the preparation of engineering plant project A SOURPE: Strojirenska vyroba. v. 13, no. 8. 1965. 526-534 TOPIC TAQSi data processing, production engineering, industrial enterprise ABSTRAM The article shows, with selectod examples, how inportant careful propara- tion. of a design is for its overall valuo,*' From the viewpoint of design spoulalists, it deals with the practical application of classification of compononts and the machine.processing of data in the preparation of designs* Orige art. has: 6 figures, 3 formiUs and 2 tablese EJPRJS SUB CODE: 09, 63 / SUBM DATEs none .755 621.002 KALIKHEVICH, F.; IVAKINA, T.; DUBYAGO, I.A., nauchnyy sotrudnik; SENTSOVA, nauchnyy sotrud-nik Results of photographic observations of artificial earth satellites. Biul.sta.opt.nabl.isk.sput.Zem. no.23t2l-25 ,61. ~(MIRA 15:3) 1. Nikolayevskaya stantsiya, nablyudeniy iskunstvennykh sputnikov 2emli (for Kalikhevich, Ivakina). (Artificial satellites-tracking) Pli rlr~ KALIKHEVICII, N.S. Diurnal tam in time service observations. Astronabur. 39 no.2:349-354 Yx-Ap 162. (KRA 15:3) 1. Nikolayevokoye otdeleniye Glavnoy aotronomicheskoy- observatorii M SSM, (Astronomical cloaks) URASIN, L.A.;_KALIEWICE., -F-F-; IYAKINA, T.Ya.; KLIMISHIN, I.A.; BRATIYCELIK, M.Y.; RUSSO, Yu.D.; CEUPRINA, R.I., nauchw sotrudnik Results of photographic observations of artificial earth satellites. Biu1.sta.opt.nabl.isk.Bput.Zem. ao.6:18-23 '59. (MIU 13:6) 1e Sotrudnik Astronomicheekoy observatorii im. lagellgardtao Kazan' (for Urasin). 2. Sotrudniki otantsii fotonablyudeniya iskusetvoufth sputnikov Zemli v Nikolayevskom obdelenii Glaynoy astronomicheskoy observatorii AN SSSR (for Kallkhevich, Ivakina). 3. Nacballnik nablyudatellnoy stantaii Astronomichaukoy obser- vatorii Livovskogo gosuniversitate im.Iv.Franko (for Klisnishin). 4. fiachallnik fotograficbeskoy stantaii 073 Odoeskoy astrono- micheekoy obBervatorii (for Ruseo),t 5. Astronomicheakiy Sovet AN SSSR (for Chuprina. (Artificial satellites-Tracking) SrSIMHUNKO, T.Ye.; FIRAGO, B.A.; SHCEaMLEY, D.Ye.; MWELISKIY, A.Y., mladabiy naucbW sotrudnik; KIRICHNNKO, A-G-,vychislitell; BRATIYOMM, M.V.; MAKSrUTO7, m1adshiy nauchnyy sotradnix; MIKIMVICH. F.F..mladehiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; ITAKINA, T.Ya.; laborant; KLVESHTA, L; RAYKM, R.; YNATH11, A. Results of photographic obse"ations of artificial oarth satellites. Biul.sta.opt.nabl.isk.oput Zem. no.4:17-23 460. (MIRA 13:11) 1 Glavnaya (Pulkovskaya) aetronomichaskaya obserVatoriya AN SSSR (~or SYshcbenko, Firago,Shchegolev). 2. Astrosovet AN SSSR (for Nevel'skiy)- 3- Nachallaik stantsii optichaskikh nablyudeniy iskusetvenmykb sputnikov Zemli, Uzbgorod (for Bratiychuk). 4. Stantsiya opticbeekikh nablyudeniy iskusetvennogo sputnika. Zemli, Ushiorod (for Kirichanko).'5. Astronomicheskaya observatoriya im.Engellgardta, Kanan' (for Makayutov). 6. Hikolrqevskoye otdeleniye Glavnov astronomicheakoy observpLtoriya v Prage, Cbekboslovakiya (for Klepeshta, Raykhl, Vratnik). (Artificial satellites--Tracking) f; 11: "'A IN IPP fl I I 1~,Tl IjUgfi-i I- lilk NALIKHEVC PHASE 1 BOOK EXPLOITAT--,ON SCJ-V/5575 Akademiya nauk SSSR. Astronomicheskly novet.. ByUlletaill stanti)ly optichealcogn nablyudoniya 1nkunatvcnnykh aputnikov Zemli, no. 6. (Dullatin of the Statior-i for Optical Obaervation of Artificial Earth Satellites. Ito. 6) hionco-ri, 1959. 23 P. 500 copies printed. Sponsoring Agency: Astronomichaskiyouvet Akadenli nauk SSSR. Reap. Ed.; Ye. .11. Gindin; Socrataryt 0. A. Soverrinya. PURPOSE : Thin bulletin is Intended for scientiots and, ergineera concerned with optical tracking of artificial satellites. COVERAGE : The bulletin contains 9 articlen Which pr4tsent the reaults of satellite observational. and doicribe miathods ard specific equipment used for photographic obsezriation of eArl,h satellites. An appendix contains a listing of 84 Sovlet satel- lice obeervation stations with station num-ber. No peri~cnaAlfie5 Card 1/,- ............. Bulletin of Wic 'Stationa (Cont. -1,/ r ';'7 1; are menticned. There are no references. TABU OF COIITU4-,3: Panova, G. V., T. Yr.. Sy,~hchcinko, B. A. Firag(., and D. Yle. Shchogolev - [Glr-vnaya INalkowkaya) Actronomic!hiw~kaya e~biier- vatoriya All SSISR - Main ~Pulkcvo) Antronomic 0b,-~rval;ory of the Academy of.Sciences of t~.e USSRIJ. ObzervationB rf -,-h- Artificial Earth Satellite (1957 P) at Staticn No. 039 (Fulknvo) (Obzervatlona: B. A. Pirago, D. D. Polczhent7,qv, O..V. Tanova, N. 11. Bronnikova. Meaaurpment3 and Calculatlcw;. T-. Ye. rr. V. Panova, D. Ye. Shchcgolsv, B. A. Firago, and P. Y~.--e- ieva) [Pulkovo) Antronc-u4c W;ErvzLtr,-*-,,r of ths-~ ngauyer G.G- [ Vain I of encea of the 'USSR]. On Methodn for ?Ntlze ---ho".:)- agg gralphic Determinations of the.Poaitions of Artific.lal Earth Satel- lites Card 2A qI Bulletin of the Stationo (cont.) 3 07/5 -37 5 cation of the IIAFA-3n/',5 Photogrophic Umern at Pullf--)vo FiraGo, B. A. [ Main (Pulkovo) Antronomle Obnervatory]. atical Errora In the Readinso of Hundrc-dhmi or Sic~,nd-j oj~ Frinb- Ing Chronographa (21-11 Noo. 001, oil, 045 - 1954i 143, 146, !,19 1957; 235 - 1'95,9) 15 C. [Santiago Astranomid Ob3zrvatory of the 171ilwralty of Chile). On 'the Illumination of an ANIficiall Satalll'.~- -.6 Reaults of Photographic Obaervaltions of A.-tificial Eazth Sat-E:l- 18 a. Urasin, L. A., L. L. Andriyevalcaya, L. K. a-nd Kh. Shakirova [Aotronomichaukaya observatcriya In. Eng-c-11- Ka-a-IL-Astroncrde KazLan b.Zalikhevieh, P.F., and T. Ya. Ivakina (Nikolwjavzkoyo oTZT1MTy-e-MM-M SSSR - Nikolayovsk Dcpartm~~,nt nC the I-lain Aatronomical Observatory of the Academy of Szienoes Card 4/6 Bulletin of the Stations (ContV.) 30Y/5575 of the USSR] 19 C. Kalikhevich. F. F. Corrections of the Universal Time of - - - - - e-79a -Pliotograp RI e Ilite Observations in the Above Depart- t ment, Published in the i3ullettn 9f gntical Snt,;iX1.1te Tracking Stations 140. 2 20 d. Klinishin, 1. A. LHead of the Tracking Station of the Astronomical Observatory of the Llvov State University imeni 1. Prankol (Astronomichaskaya observatoriy~a Llvovskogo goauniversiteta im. 1. Franko.*.Astrancmic Observatorx, of L'vov University1m - I. Frankol (Methoda us6d: Deych and Kayzer. Observers: ft. F. Vavrinyuk, 1. V. Shpichka, L. F. Lutsiv-Shumskiy. Measurements: A. A. Kopystyanakiy, and L. F. Lutsiv-Shumskiy.) 21 e. Bratiyehuk, M. V. (Head of the Tracking Station, U-zhprod State University) LUzhgorodskiy gosuniversitet - Uzh- gorod Univorsity.] (Calculator: Shvalagin) 22 f. Russo, Yu D and,P 1. Chuprina. Odessa Astronomical - ; ; Observato used: Deych and Tseaevich. Ob- ~blethod y. server: V. V. Grek) 23 Card 516 TUNABM, 1676.;- KAMBEVICH F*Fb- IVAMAy T.Ya:J IWATMEMp M.V.; Mtf ' "' SIMTSOVA, Yu Ye.,;-~MMA, Z.8.,- YURSVICH, VA.; WHARMO V.I. Rewlts-of photographic observations of artificial earth satel- litee, Biul.sta.opt,nab1*isk.sput.Zsm. no.291,77-" r62 jMMA 1612) 1. ImeW 11mik Yerevanskoy- ofAmtsii i6blyudeniya iskuostwemykh sputmikov Zemli (for Tumanyan). 2. Nikolaymmk&7a. ftunwiya iskusstvennfth sputmikov Zamb (for 90.1khevich., ina)., 3. Imehallnik Uzhgorodskoy stantaii nablyudeniya iskusstvennykh optxtnikov Zlemli (for Bratiyebuk)- 4- &VnigDrod- skaya stantsiya Utronmicherkogo soveta AV SSSR (for Belemko., Krylovo Sentsova,, Shilkinat Yurevich). 5. Naeballnik Irkutskoy o taii r4ablyudeni7a iskusstwemykh sputnikov Zemli (for ZakharO4- tof (Artificial satellites-Track ing) KALIKHEMM, F.F. Results ot photographic observations of miaor plwu~ts in Nikolayev. Izv. GAO 23 no.4:192-193 164. (MIRh 17:9) KALI KM-,Vll,' H, F.F. InstaUation and investlgation of a zonal astrograph in Nikolayev. Izv. GAO 23 n0,41160-.166 164. '(MTRA -.7.9) BROVMO, V.Ya.; KALIXMVL;Hp F.F. Results of the invostigati6ii pf the K14-3 no.600001 Instr=ent. Izv. GAO 23-n&.~~167-170 164. (MIRA 17-.9) ACC NRs AR6025340 AUTHOR: Kalikhevi ch, F, F, - --M50aft-Weaw TITLE: Determination of the atmospheric dispersion coefficient for a SOURCE: Ref. zh. Astronomiya, Abs. 4,51*139 REF SOURCE: Tr. 16-Y Astrometr. konfer, SSSR. 1963, M,-L,, Naukav,1965, 95-97 TOPIC TAGS: aot==m=r. p ( lane tary4latt-van Vlanct=y As 4qK' hic _~E r , photograp, equipment, zonal astrograph, atmospheric dispersion coefficient ABSTRACT: For the reduction of position-observations of planets, the atmospheric persion coefficient has been determined for the zonal astrogrr.-phW the Nikol Y-A observatory from observations of three areas of Captain i,n supper and lower culmi- nations. The investigations were completed on each of the three plates on 34, 34 ., and 54 stars of 9 - 11m of the spectral classes G8_K4, G8_K4, B3-K4, relative to 9 - 10 base stars 9.7 9m9,B8-AO lite average weighted magnitude of the dispersion coeffi. A a cient is 01.1105 0.018 for stars 10%ithin lWts of the spectral classes B5-X2. [Translation of abstracil. SUB CODE: 03, 04, 14 SOURCE CODE: UR/0269/66/000/004/0019/0019 V1 not u9c s;:t 19 KALIKIIEVI S. Catalog of right ascensions of'299 stare of thlb general list of U.S.S.R. Time Service obtainedfrom the observations during the - IGY and IGC with the APM-10 transit instru*ent in Nikolaevo Izv.GAO 23 no.1:14-30 162. (MM 1602) I M AHUFRIYEVA, Ye.V.; BOLOTINA, I.A.; VOLCHEK, B.Z.j ILLARIONCIVA, N.G.; KOROTKIKA, O.Z.; MITIN, Yu.V.; PTITSYN, O.B.; PURKINAO A.V.; AW, Me. Study of synthetio polypeptides. Report No.l. Transitions-intra- isolecular 11 -strucutre-coil in poly-S-earbobenzoVwtbyl-L.-aysteine. Biofizika 10 no.6s9l8-928 165. (MIRA 19s1) 1. Institut vysokonolekulyarnykh soyedinenly AN SSSR, Leningrad. Submitted April 22, 1965. IN. OGLOBLIN, K.A.; KALIKMICH, VA..; POTEKHIN, A.A.; SMENOV V.P. Interaction of nitrosyl oliloride with-unsaturat-ed hydrocarbons. Part 9: Reaction with mono- and assym. disubstituted ethylenes. Zhur.ob. khim. 34 no.1:170-181 Ja 164. (MIRA 170) 1. Leningradskiy gosudaristvennyy universitet. ANUFRIYEVA, Ye.V.; VOLCHEF, B.Z.; ILLARIONOVA, N.G.I.-I&~KlyVICH Y'lL.; KOROTKINAY O.Z.; MTIN, YU.V.; PTITSYN, O.B.; PURKIM, A.V.; ESKIN, KALIKHM I A. A. Changes in General Gas Metabolism and Oxidizing Proscesses of Tissues After a General Cooling of Warm-Blooded Animals Excerpt from the book Y=os,~ KriorA&toIoffit (Problems of Cryopatbology) 1953, pp 61-71 The author has studied the intensity of 02 consunption by white rats during rapid and slow cooling. This included the 02 consumption of the entire animal and of its brain, liver, and muscle tissues. (RMBIolKhim, No 3, 1955) t ( -if I ; -I I I; f ACHKASOVA, T.A.,; KALIMWI, A.A.,; KOSTYUGIM10K. B.R.,; DRDYUKna, Y.Y. Modification of gas exchaj6*e and blood gases In pulmonary surgery under controlled hypothermia. Xhirurgiia 32 no.1:78-85 J '56 I WRA 9:6) 1. 1z gospitallnoy khtrurgichoakoy kliniki Voyeano-maditainakoy ordena Lenina akademil imeni S.M. Kirova (aach.--general-mayor maditsiaskoy sluzzhby. prof. r.S. Koleanikov) I gTuvPy kriopatolourii AW SSSR (rukovoditell doyetvitolinyy chlen AHN GSSR prof. S.S. Girgolav) (URIGS, surg. controlled hypothermi,-%. gaa exchange & gatos in (BODY TEKWATTIM hypothermia. controlled in lung surgery, gas exchange blood gases in) (BLOOD, gas exchange in controlled hypertension during lung Burg.) KALIKINAN, A. A. Effect of total cooling on the preferred temporatura (therm- preferendum) in white rats. Opyt izuob. reg. f1miol. funk. 6t196-199 t63 (HIRA 17 0) is. Gruppa fiziologii gazootmma in teploobmeauR (rukovoditeV prof. R.P.ClInyanskaya) Instituta fisiologii immi. Pairlova AN SSSR. ISAAKYAN, L.A.; KALIKHWI, A.A. Variation of gas exchange during the fomation of a conditioned motor defense reaction in dogs. Opyt isuch, reg. fiziol. fmk* 6:48-51 163 1. Gruppa fiziologii, gazoolmena i teploobmena (rukovoditeit - of. R.P.Mtnymskaya) laboratorii ekologichaskoy finiologii zav. - Prof. A.D. Slonim) Instituta fiziologii imeni Pavlova r AN SSSR. p3i.AWO~3t I 11MIMI tin; 1131,111W C-A Mineral cow Selthl" 1!)kod sorama In aguel; chasm&- ' F "AM 41 No 3 intef;Ak botly .,.p. to .1.3 11111. and 14 MulnutilIC4 tlwfc for A-10 dim buirmAl 2-1 In tlwuiilAtk, Itliwk. 44 low %rvvflty, tile mlvw 'Usy dt'll$ t" 1-1.5 "If, 41;. P con4m. vtkIlex %injilAtly; me 111VAISIAl. chAj#&v. ate %fiml,w to tho- fiobs,vd In v%ptl. (dup utd rabbitil by mvnslthratkm~ lultmtoctiun ol hypttitmic NACI Milm. 111to the vvllg id a iwimitiml AtI451.41 - Iriuls within I fir. to A qhasp drtni in the oviwit. sit m-sum Na and a 171)% rise In that of NIK (20 39e; in villittulO., ij1Alk~jtjl1E tILIJIL~VIUCHI If 2616 ftntil 41"IftS by NA jill.1 afterdtion of capilltity 1110111VA11C POUIVnilifilY; a 4milir expLutAtiou is pmbiAbly Ink tiff the cyclivi in fliculuatimm. BELINSK-rY, Vaslldy KAL.IKIVAN, Isaak Lipluid). .I,r=..I:r nn,77.n ?BUM. C. ; r, MAY 3"THO'd , Leonid Ye fimo ."e1 na Mlkhtrjll~vich; TALISKIY, D.A.,, red. [Higher mathematics with thq'ifundamentals of kathepatical statistics] Vysqllaia matemat!Lka a osnovami inatamat'-~~eskof. statistilki, Mosli-va:, Vyssbaiti shkola, 3.965. '7515 (MIRA, le:S) KALIK~D!AV, L. E. Vliianie forrW profilia na sor-rotivlenie treniia. Issledovande turbulentnogo pogranichnogo sloia v oblasti otryva. Moskvas 1937. 60p., tables, diagrs. (TSAGI. Trudy, no. 333) Bibliography-. p. F-0. Title tr.: Effect of profile form on friction drag. 1nvesti-Cation of the turbulent boundary layer in the region of breakaway. Wll.R65 no. 333 SO: Aeronautical Sciences and Aviation in the Soviet UnIon, Library of Congresss 1955 KALIM-Ulf, 1- E. A new mthod for calculatinc, the turbulent bomdary layer and detem.-ining Q j the separation point. (AkAdviniia flauk SSSR. rnm:te.,s rendkts (Voklady) de l'Acadenic des Sciences de 11UMS. Nouvelle serie3 190, V. A 'to. 15/6j p. 165-169, diaGrs.) r,60.AIr;2- v. 38 SO: Aeronautical Sciences and Aviation in the SavieL UnJLon, Library of Congress, 1955 KA.L!Yji;-IAPJTJ, L.E. .9oprotivlenie i teplootdacha ploskoi plastiny v potoke 4,aza pri bol'shikh skorostiakh. (Prikladnia matemati.ka i inekhanika, 1945, v, 9, no. 3j ps 245- 256, diagrs., bibliography) Summary in Ent-lish. Title tr.: Resistance and heat transfer of a plate in a Faz flow at high speeds. QA8Ol.P7 l9h5 SO. Aeronautical Science and Aviation in the Soviet Union. Library of Congress, 1955. j T4. boundary layer. Washingtons 1949- h3P-V' diagra. (U.S. Heat transkssicn in the NACA TM no. 1229Y. Includes bibliogtaphY. Trans, of Gazodinamicheskaia teorija teploperedachi. TL507.U57 no. 1229 SOt'Aeronautical Sciences and Aviation in the Soviet Uniong Library of Congress, 1955 UMA/Physics Heat Exchange Oct 53 '"Turbulent Friction and Heat Exchange ofa Wedge in a Gaseoua Stream, "N. N. Gvozdkov and M. F. Shirokov, Chair of Teoretic Fhyp. Vest Mos Univp Ser Fizikomat I Yest Naukj No 7, pp 105-115 Attempts to compute the friction and heat exchange of a wedge in a stream for given temp distribution on Its faces, taking into account the large velocities of circulation around the wedge. ' Refers to realted works of L. Ye. Kalikhman (Prik Mat I Y4kh, Vol 9, No 3, 1945; Vol 10, No 4, 1946). 273T96 0 ~A iV; Ali J V :!I SIROTINA, Galin& Nikolayevaa; YARLTKINA, Irina Semenova; L.Te retuenzeut; SOLCDXIN, Y.K., redaktor; VINOORADIX.A4.4. ".daktor izdatel'stva; RHASNATA, A.K., tekhnicheskiy redaktor (Book of problems in hydromechaaical Zedachnik po gidromakhanike. Moskva, IzcI;;Vo-IRechuoI transport," 1956o 132 p. (MLRA 9:10) OPlaid mechanics-Problems. exercises. ate.) rAWKWUN, L. re. Aquations for the turbulent boundary layer in a gas, transformed to ordinary linear differential equations and solved In finite form. Dokl.AN SSSR 106 no.3:401-404 A 156. (MM 9:6) l.Aredstayleno akadealkom L.I.Sedovp. (Turbulence) (Boundary layer) (Gas flow) The transformation does not dmand any assumption of field velocities, boundary layer temperatures, or mechanical i4bulance. Therefore, the' calculations of the boundar7 layer are made by simple quadratics. (Battel 1e) S Ll 00 -00 MTHOR: TITLE: SOURCE: Kalil:bman, L.Ye. (Moscorw) 29915 S/594/61/000/000/003/011 D234/1)303 Problems of heat exchangre, in raiv.-fied gases Soveshchaniye po teplo- i massoobme-nu. Rinsk, 1961. Tezisy dolcladov i soobshcheniy (Dopolneniye), 31-32 TEVf: The problems of convective heat exchange in rarefied gases are the same as under ordinary gas-dynamical. coaditiona comp- licated by additional effects. Lowering of cyas pressure leads first of all to a variation of the conditions on the surface - a jump in temperature and glide at the wall appear. The processes of ititer- action of the strccn Nrith the surface depend cauentially on the co- efficient of accommodation a and that of diffuse reflection a.. The principal problem of convective heat exchanac cousists in det- ermini_N the coefficients of heat exchange (Stantons number St.,lor Nusselt s number 11u) as functioi-is of the r>arameters 1-1. Re, Pr, 16j cr and of Knudsen's number Kn 4%ccountin, for the Card 1/4 29915 S1591V611000100010031011 Problems of heat exchange... D_2134/D303 effect of temperature Jump in the Lis' Z7,bgtracter'n note: Nane not identified and transliterated here-7 solution for plaae and axially symmetric gas stream pCrMLts er.Lirlal:ion of the effect of Knudsen's number on Nusselt'a number at the critical point -,,ffien thermodynamical equilibritim is supposed. With wi incr(,,ase of Kn, the intensity of-heat e-xchange falls abruptly. The increase of the enthalpy factor *10 leads to decrease of heat flows, and vice versa. Decrease of the accommodation coefficient from w-= 0.8 to a = 0.4 leads to a very sharp decrease of the intensity of heat excha,%-e. These conclusions agree with Gidt's fiv~s tract er's note: iiliame trans- literated 2 experiments carried out at ia) = 0.3 and 0.7, at 14 4.32 5.7 and Re = 30 80 noDstracter's note: Fig V~x ures almost illegible, some are not guaranteed_7. in Gidt's evperiments the effect of 1-11 is practically absent, but further increase of this number under the conditions of low pres.,~ure must lead to freezing of the boundary layer. In this coranection, heat exchange due to a recombination of atoms at the wall w-ill !>eco-,rir-..- an acute. problem. This problem, which has founcl ;ufficient developuient in Gula-rd's C ard 2/4 29915 S159LF1611000100010031011 Problemts of heat cxchan,-e... D234/D303 and Rozner's fAbstracter's note: Names tranaliterated-7 works for the case of a solid medium, is not yet solved for rarefied gases, owing t o Iack of clarity in the boundary conditions for an ii-diomo- geneous gas,, The problem of heat exchange of a flat Aatc in a longitudinal stream has been solved by the author with the aid of two methods - that of linearization of the equations and that of series expansion x-rith respect to a small parameter inversely propor- tional to mean free path. In the domain of larcre Kn, both solutions r coincide; in that of small Kn the second solution is useless. Me solution obtained is a generalization of Schaaf Is solution which shows that in the conditions of equilibrium StIl depends not only on Kn, but also on the ratio of densities Calculations have shoi.,Tn that StIl at a constant Kn depends essentially on M' and-, to a lesser decrree, on the enthalpy factor 1U) . To large 11 aand to val- rJ ues of it,, essentially different from I there correspond consider- able jumps of temperature at the surface. Certain difficulties -are created by taking into account the effect of glide velocity in the boundary condition for the enthalpy of braking and ex-act accountirt Card 3/4 29915 S/594/61./000/000/003/011 Problems of heat exchange,.,. D234/D30.3 for the work oE friction force in the expression. for'licat flow,. Calculations in which -the above factors were taken into accoulit, permit the conclusion that these effects are vc..-ry esaential for large M-t and M. The heat flow ceases then to be proportional to the enthalpy fall lie - 1W . Calculations have shovm that the inten- sity of heat exch ange of a plate in a loiigitudii-tal stream decreases sharply with a decrease of OL and tr. Lxtension of the results referring to plane streams of rarefied gas, to the caje of conical strec!ms iAth the aid of Stepanov's tromsformation is impracticable owing to changes in the boundary conditions. Direct calculations for this case give results which agree with the experimqnts of Drake and Maslech Z-Abstracter's -note; Seco-nd nane trarisliterated_7 Z-Abstracter's notet Complete translation-7 Card 4/4 ACCESSION NR: AT4042279 electron diffusion In a field with a temperature gradient from the ionergy equation, falls to consider the effect of radiation and Ignores emission of heat during ion and electron recombination In the boundary layer and on the electrode wall. 7%e results are plotted graphically for Pr=O. 01 (fully ionized plasma) and 0. 1