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KAN&=, I. PAP NDVUOVJ vio HO Simags Irrigation Earth settling tanks in Irrigation with sewage. Gidr. i Mel. 4 no. 4, 1952. 2 9. Mmlhl List of.Russian Accessions, Library of Congressy --ju'E-1951, Uncl. i - - - -- 1. KANARDOV, L P. - SUKHORUCHKIN, G. A., Eng. 2. ussR (6oo) 4. Water Pipes 7. Watering pipeline made from canvas. Gidr. i mel 4 no. 113 1952 9. MSonthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, March 1,953, Unclassified, KaARDOV, I.F., kandidat sallskokhosyaystveWkh nauk. [Irrigation pipeline] Polivnoi truboproyod. Moskva, Goo. izd-vo sallkhos. lit-ry, 195). 23 p. (KLRA 734) (Pipelines) (Irrigation) A Altl V T, 99-58-3-12/12 AUTHORt Kanardov, I.P.t Candidate of 1griculturail Scieric~es TITLEg All-Union Conferques on the Utilization and 'Noutralizotion of Sewage Waters Used on Irrigated Fields. (Vsetsoyuznoye soveshcha- niye po ispolizovaniyu i obezvrezhivaniyu st,ochnykh vad n& zemledellaheakikh polyakh crosheniya) PERIODICALt Gidrotakhnika i Reliorateiyal 1958, # 3, pp 62 - 64 (USSR) ABSTRACTs The All-Union Conference on the Utilization and Neutraliza- tion of Sewage Waters on Irrigated Fields took place in Moscow from 7 to 11 January 1958. The conference was called by the Ministerstva, sel'skogo khozyaystva SSSR (Ministry of Agricul- ture of the USSR) together with the Nauichno.-tekhnicheskoye obahchestvo sel'skogo i leanogo khozyaystva (Scientific- Technical Society of Agriculture and Silviculture), Vaerossis- koye nauchnoye obshchestvo gigiyenistov (All-Russian Scientific Society of Hygienists), and Nauchno-tekhmichtDskoye obahchestvo goradskogo khozyaystva i sanitarnoy tekhmiki (Scientific- Technical Society of Municipal Administration and Sanitary Technics). k specially formed organizational Committee under Card 1/3 the chairmanship of A.M. Levitskiy received 50 reports on 99-58-3-12/12 All-Union Conference on the Utilization and Neutralization of Sewage Waters Used om Irrigated Fields matters connected with the subject of the conference. These reports were printed and sent to all 328 mambers participating at the conference. A.M. Levitskiy read a paper on the impor- tanoe of the use of sewage waters and on witle of further devel- oping irrigation fields. Three more reports were read byl 1) I.P. Xanaraov, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, on "The Methods of Utilizing Sewage Waters in Kolkhozes and Sov- khozes of Urban Areas"; 2) Candidate af Technical Sciences, L.G. Demidov, on "The Experiences in Projecting Irrigated Fields"q and 3) P.N. Matveyevp Candidate of Medical Scienoesp on "Some Results and Prospects of Hygienical Studies on Questions of Neutralizing and Utilizing Sewage Waters of Kolkhozes and Sovkhozes". The foremost hygienists of tho USSR - Professors S.K. Cherkinskiy (Moscow), R.A. Babayants (Leningrad) and V.K. Zhabotinskiy warned the conference, that extensive development of such irrigated fields are possible only tinder the conditions of a harmonious coordination of the interents of all economic branches. Several members of the conference critized the passive Card 2/3 attitude of numerous organiAations ao pertaining to this question, 99-58-3-12/12 All-Union Conference on the Utilization and fieutralization of Sewage Waters Used on Irrigated Fields and the absence of a head organization, which could take care of the financial part of this question. Professor I. Bauman (Humboldt University, Berlin, German Democratic Republic) acquainted the conference with work conducted in Germany on this subject. Sewage water, after mechanical purification, is widely used in Germany and does not ccuse bacterial contamina- tion. The conference finally recommended that the-executive committees of the Moscowl Leningrad, Kiyevq Khar1kov, Odessa and Kaliningrad Oblast's from now on prepare for an extensive projecting of sowage-irrigation. It iras also decided to ask the USSR Ministry of Agriculture to eistablish a special depart- ment in the Ministry which will deal oxclusively with this matter. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 3/3 LIVOVICH, A.I,; JUNAPDOV, I.P.; NOVIKOV, V.M. Sewage irrigation fields and crop yields. Priroda 50 uo*5:95-97 W 161. (MM 2415) le Ymesoyijanyy nauohno-isoledovatellukiy institut gidrotekhniki I moliorataii (Moskva). ~,-(Sewage Irrigation) (Vegetable cropo.-Irrigation) KAI.IAPJDOV, Ivan Petrovich, kand. sellkhoz. :nauk; ZAGORSK.TY, G.., red.; .... .. ~ - . TolUILEDOW;-K." tekhn. red. irrigat:on]Oroshenie stochnymi vodami. Moskva) Flosk. [Sawage rabochii, 1962. 39 P. (Sewage irrigation) (MIRA 15:11) KANATUL-K,, J. --- 1 --.111.1- -- KANAEK2 J. Description of a Complex Halo Phenwenon of Febr. 22, 1948 at Deblin. Gazeta obserwatora, PIHM., 1948, ir. 1, no. 8, p. 11-13. -, _i' -,- ~~ 1 r ~ '.' I -~ h T . v o ( KAKAREK0 J. Observations on rainbows In Deblin in 1954, p. 10. (GAZETA ORSERWATOM, P.I.H.M.P Warszawa, Vol. 8, no. 2, Feb. 1955.) 0 SO: ~bnthly List of East European Accessions, (EUL), LC, Vol. 4, No. 6 Jan. 1955, Uncl. KAMIX, J. SCIMCE Periodicals GAZETA OBSEMATORA. P.I.H.M. Vol. 11, no. 8, Aug. 1958. Y,ANAMj Jo Voice from the terrain. p. 2* Monthly Mat of Vast European Acessions (EEAI)p LO, Vol. 6, No. 3, may 1959 Unclas 9. ch Tht 11111901400 01 V111111fik C I* The fild 0100d $Fit 40-111101-ti~ MWO 11111. 11. Ok41001 litill hi, RARAWk (Ahod, Mril . Ktakow. I%IuW), Afnf. Vila- linin C elterts no dtcislvt Imilluenct on red Mond tvll will- mentatlon. Guina pip wit b artificially induml vitamin C gleficiency $bow un scrtlem.-rd wdimmullon rate. 1. 7. R44-c-fl. G I 1 [1) X I Y, I. I kl"M, T. A., I T. A., "Crova-Section of the Gerneration in the Criiii,omb Ficid of the Xenon fluclow at thel-bricntim of 9 C,~V/C" Tnport presented at the Intlo Conference on UI.-,li Fvitrry Iloynten, Gf!i)vvtk, 14-11 tuly 1962 Joint Ittat. for Nuclear r,(.-aearch Lab. of High Energica, Pubna, 1962 ACCESSION NR; AP4042562 S/0056/64/046/006/2023/2027. AUT11ORS-' Gramenitskiy- I. M.; Ivanovskaya, I. A.;' Kanarek,,T.; 11~esh, A., Tikhonova, L. A. Okhrimenko, L. S.; Pro TITLE: Investigation of the reaction ir- + Xe --a. ir- + 7TO ~ xe for 9 Gev/c primary negative pions ' ' . 4 SOURCE: Zh. eksper. i teor. fiz., v. 46, no. 6, 1964, 2023-2027 TOPIC TAGS: pion, pion interaction,'pi meson product, negative pi meson, neutral pi meson, xenon, Coulomb field ABSTRACT: The production of negative and neutral pions in the inter- action between negative pions and nuclei, with small momenEum trans- fer to the recoil nucleus, was investigated in a xenon bubble chamber. The greatest interest in these reactions lies in the process of pro- ducing a neutral pion in a Coulomb field,.for this reaction can yield information on the interaction between pions and gamma rays. The se- Card. 1/2 ACCESSION NR: AP4042562 ,lection criteria and the measurement procedures and the data reduc- . tion procedure are described in detail 'An upper.limit of 1.0 + 0.2 imb is estimated for the'cross section ior production of neutral pions in the Coulomb field of the xenon nucleus. This estimate.does not agree with results by others and possible reauons, for the dis- crepancy are suggested.; "The authors are grateful to Ye. V. Kuznet- sov for calling their attention to the t6pic, to M. 1. Podgoretskiy and A. S. Marty*nov forhelpful discussion, and to.the staffio~ tech- nicians that took part in the.s~anning and measurement." Orig. art. has: 3 figures. and 4 formulas. ASSOCIATION: Ob"yedinenny*y institut yaderny*kh issledovaniy (Joint Institute of Nuclear Research) SUBMITTED: 19JanG4 DATE ACQ: ENCL:, 00 SUB CODEt UP NR REF SOW 003 OTHER.-. 003 2/2 011,4VIMETOXT-1, 1. M.,'1VMOV'1KAYA T. A A. h. 8., PROMM11, A., L. A. and c'-wrb, r. V. "Neutral Strange Particlen Production on Xenon Nuclol In the Q Gcv/C report precented at the Intl. Conference an Higb Energy lbyalca, Geneva, 4-11 July 1962 Joint Institute for Nuclear Feneareb Laboratory of High Energiem j mill I GIUN Ell ill'U"K LY p 1.14. ; IVA N0VAAY A, I.i~. PROUS111Y A.; TIMONOVA, L.A. Study of the reaction 't-4-Xc '> f4- 40 4- involv-ing 0. Gev./C prLmAr,yW--meson-s* Zhur.eksp.i tear.fiz. 46 no-6:20,23-202? Je 164. Obllyedinexinyy Institut yndewnylkh Is.-,ledovartiy. DUSUV# Todor. Dote.)(-KMIM=# G. ae. I.. Low-growing mulberry trees. JIrir i snania 14 no.2:1-3 161. (HW 10t 7) 1. TSI #V. Io2mvy-Plovdiv. (Kaberry) KAIVMV, Georgi, at. asist. Voltinism in silkworns, and m9thods for its regulation. Priroda..BuIg 12 no. 5: 83-85 S-0 163, 111. Visoh selskostopanski "V, Kolarov". Plovdiv. KANAREV, Georgi, st. asistent -- --- ------ -------- --... .. Silkworms. Prir i znanie 17 no.4:11-12 Ap 164. 1. Hipftr Agricultural Institute, Plovdiv. 27656 S/024/61/000/004/014/025 7 09- EIL 40/Z135 AUTHORs Kanarev,.L.Ye. (Leningrad) TITLE3 On the theory of..optimal,processes PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii-naul~ SSSRO'Otdaleniye tekhnicheskikh nauk, Energetika,i aytomatika, 1961, No.4, pp.120-129 TEXT% This -paper --considergr prwcwsavs which--are- defined as optimal- whern ther-generat-ing--Wint- of-, the Jocus in-the-phase plane passes from a-gi-ven- in-fti-al'point ~to --the origin -in-minimal -time. Two theore-ma are prav-ed,.-*'nd_,discusseL4.,. Theorem J. Each, trajectory (defined-by -a -certAlu system of differential equations in n-d1newslonal space),emerging from the origin of -coordinates,, along-, which*, the 'generating Point moves opposi-te to- the, true-, motion-9-on-which, the, function-, defining the control --f arce - takwa, an only- extrama-1 -rwl-uex- and- changes --sign not more titan n-1 times, in optimal. This is-stated to be an "obvious consequence" of Pontryagin's principle of the maximum. Card 1/2 17656 On the-theory-of optimal~prozssxas- S/024/61/ooo/oo.h/oA/o:a5 KAO/Z135 Theorem 2. If the initial state of tho generating point exists (on certain "aswitrajectoriea"), the-number of changes of sign of the optimal control functi-on -imr-exactly known and does not exceed n-1-, n being the dimension of t1he-phase space. The article concludes with illustrative examples of the theory. There are 2 Soviet references. SUBMITTED: April 24, ig6i d 2/2 ZUBOV, Vladindr Ivanovich. Prinimala uclutstiye ZUBOVA, A.F.; WAIF L 1 IYEV YO.P.., nauchnyy _LjX" retsenzent; GR1GOR )A.1., tekhn. red. reT.-; SACHUX, N.A... red.; KONTOROITICH,, (Vibrations In nonlinear and controlled systems) Kolebaniia v nelineinykh I upravliaezWkh sisteBakh. Leningrad, Sudpromgizp 1962. 630 P. (MIRA 15:6) (Vibration) (Automatic control) (Difrerential equations) ---ACCESSION NR: AP4028976 S/0280/64/0001002/00i$510074 .,AT JTHOR: Kanarev, L. Yo. (Leningrad) TITLE: Synthesizing time -optimum c.ontrol SOURCE: AN SSSR. Izvestiya. Yekhhicheekaya kibernetika, no. 2, 196.4, 65-74 TOPIC TAGS: automatic control, automatic control synthesis, time optimum automatic control, time optimum control synthesis ABSTRACT: The method is based on plotting the regions of the phase spacewher the tirne-optimum control does not change sign. A control process ill -considered -Vto which can be described by t;hp type of differential equation )< where _x 'h; A is a conp, 4al mitrix with' is a vector of the a-dimennional phase s'ace X p real oiZenvaluos., b ls.,a constant vector; u(,U , in a quantit~~16t characterizes ,the control Ju4