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11 -1 ~,- e - V r~ - ~ .1. ~ I I ;. %'; - I.- ~ , :-., : - -., . . . . . - I I . 7-. ; .1 - - . . .. KAVUI:,,OV, I.F. (Moskva) - - ., - . Using the energy method in invastigatinp natural vilirtit3ons of controlled systems. Tzr. A' SSSR Mekh. i mashinosLr. n.3.5,,65-70 c -0 164 NIRA 118cl) S POZDNMOV, L.G.;YVIVSKIY1, I.T. Treatment of old disloeation of the capitulum ulnae. Ortop.9 travm.i protesr. no.10&69-71 161, (MIRA 14:10) 1. Iz kafedry travmatologii i ortopedii (zav. - prof. G.L. Edellshteyn) lasakh3kogo mediUinokogo instituta (dir. - dots. R.I. Samarin). (ELBOW-DISLOCATION) MSR/ -Chemistry - Gas analysis, Hydrogen sulfide K ~-V 50' C ~Tl i~~'P/ubx 25 Authors : Maslennikov, B. M., Kavitskaya, F. A. Title : Automatic gas analyzer for the detection of hydrogen sulfide in the air Periodical : Xhim. prom., No 8, pp 485-87 (37-39), Dee 1954 Abstract : Describe a continuous gas analyser which gives a signal whenever the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the air reaches a dangerous level. The conentration of hydrogen sulfide in the air is measured automati- cally 'by letting light which has passed through a paper ribbon treated with lead acetate impinge on a photocell. When the amount of blacken- ing due to the formation of lead sulfide has reached a certain limit, a signal is given. One figure. Institution State Institute of Wned Chemical Raw Materials Submitted ,g~pcg~W Fk m~, rtp~ Md F- c-ka ' 195, v01- 7. U11, '-32, 3). t; ~c -~~cr j; L ~ iii 1 p , 1,,Tn aULWaLj1c pWWGIOCIrIC r [all -'~~Ls af tV-rq~nn sulptdoo !n air :z- otbm g,-~scs. 1: 'rpz1r11`t11-1*=3y closigned to ZjvE vlarTtIng viren the rorWoCran sulphIdo contzra, nf Lim gas Is --".3vj an upimmad limm- The srrc= of Cas to ba amlysed is ~Imcwd ~,at;, - Lr,iwlllrw, st; p of dotacttX- pa;.7 (wrach Is lonc! -Y-eww) nt a point noor Unt at Which a bow rrm a sMn-,rn! MUMINALINJI lart) Lravarscs the w fall ~mo a ~~hcL,-nl-ctrlc C-oll. TM )C!L,-C-L,r ;r,,Cr ~IOMJZS G.-aqU-1 L, Z. JuL7'C6 o-rMV,..Ln-!jnC, L, L'r y i -niumt of Lrr j;as su'3-IE, VIA thlrtl-y VT JC5 LtL -Lv M'1L ~t t Uie roll, ThLsE wxlatlons ZTC rtl;-,va4 M,; an -ZL %i*-c ~C~r- *'~ ~~-J~l :A)or, Lrr.-, CarbamtraUcn. I . I I . v - EAVITSKAYAS F.A. Structural characteristicis of the phosphate matter in phosphorites. Trudy GIGKHS no.7&280-289, 162. (MIRA 16315) (Phosphorites) Kavitskaya, M.L. PA. 2ZP60 PA 66T9_3 6 .19M ""t"O's Of Vaccinatl. 0 "Wd Sestraw no i, Uyltakaya, 5 short histOI7 of ammjjpc~ "measures DrOvIded 1n RQGB!a and Peoples acmIssararor vaccInatlor bv t,,6ummu7 or th . DescrIb6a V. Council Of Inoculati(MO and pr..dr.. 1. arationg for mug -vaocjnatj,,.O vacolmt-lcm and 66T93 -KAVITSKAYAp III. IL FA 12/49T90 Dyi6rwtery Madloine Typhold "Practical &perlence to the Control of Intestinal Infootionso* M. L. Fa,01tskaya, pp "Felldsher I-A)msherka' No 5 Advice to medical assistants and others concerned vith control of typhokd, dysentery and cholera. 12/49T9D Ua~R/Mtdicine Infectious Disiases Mar 52 "Treatment of Patients Suffering From Acute and .Chronic Dysentery," X. L. Kavitskaya "Felldsher i Akusherka" No 3, pp 23-28 Xn the USSR, cholera, smallpox, and disease* of the typhus group transmitted by parasites ' have dUappeared completely; typhus and paratypbu.5 have; dropped to a very low level. The,fight with dy- Sentery has also been successful, Dysentery should be treated with sulfa drugs** in, early and tozic stage*,,with antidysenteri~ ser= (50,000-150,,000 AZ~'intrazusdularly according to Betredke.0; in chr9pic, case$ -W itb'blood.tranefue Ilohi; with MU0411 and. riVanol 'enemas; by giving a'yroper diet and 4,itamins; by administering-polyvalent bacteriphage'. (td,,adults dialy); by applying garlic enemas; In' ~6b,zoqnic dyoenter7~ of adults, and childreny by 611)34Y~~ Jj4" Prof V. AP - Cheitokh~,08tov $t5 p6tenteral - ale- *44pine- by anlytng-.a-course of vaccinotherapy, Accord .ing several schedules':described it det&i-~ byIadministering antibiotics (synthomycin). in,, dr&Vn.out, neglected and chronic, forms,:without covi-' at'i .101UA: taie, TaccIne ~for adults must contain Ome 'iUd puz6ar" badilli'."' In dr6rji~out 'forms and S , Vaedine for chil- )E isi slov"ifig-co-mPlIcat OUS) &%MMUst contaifi Sonne ajjd.Fle=er bacilli. 22223, "'TS"ATA ;: 1, -'; vacci "on 19 Jim 1952. 'S?AROV'MVA. A.G. against ilys'ntery. Yell , dehol, 6 aku8h.. 5)noakva u0- 7; 1 (MML 22.' _5 - ORORKINA. Ye.F.; KAVITSKA -YA T*R*2 PUJXHOVA, V,p. Act1te cOurNO of disseminat ,ed sclerosis, 84plementtl7 157, Zhur,nevr. i kIRA Klinika nervnykh bol,zn,. Miko.11 nevrokhtrurgio inatittita. (Mv. - prof. V.A. ek('Jsrc)LIBROOBStIosv,skowgou-rl,apL_ND)Ouu weditainalcogi XAVITSKAJY, A. Fishing Light under water. Znanie-rila, No. 1, 1952 9' M2B-th-lX LI-St 2f- -R-ur,-Slan Accessions ,Library Of Congress, MtarLcEh 1952 pa 11-15 ~2 . Unclassified. 8V1 SKI 31 st v tie oil KAVITSKIY, N,I. . . -- raw price lists for the assembling of equipment. Nov. tekb. i pored. op. v stroi. 20 no.10:20-21 0 158. (MRA 11:10) 1. Bacballulk ametnn-do vornogo otdela Minstroya RSFSR. Mats, Industrial) CZECHOSLOVAKIA / Cultivated Plants. Ornamental - M-10 Plants. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., 1958, No 16, 73243. Author : Kavka,_Bohumil. Inst : No- U -L, i -v e-- n . Title : Value of CpnfierD as Garden Crops. Orig Pub: Ovocnar a zelinar, 1957, 5, No 8, 235-238. Abstract: Recoranendations are given for the most rational com- bination of confer species with other garden crops, In industrial rayons where the air is comparatively more contaminated, it is recommended to plant Pseu- dotsuga douglasii glauca, Pseudotsuga douglasii taxifolia, Tsuga conadensis, P.Inus austriaca, Pinus ceinbra, Pinus montana. -- Ya. M. Ginevskiy. Card 1/1 167 FUCIK, Josef, inz.; KAVKA, Bohumil, doe. dr. Activities of the Research Institute of Ornamental Gw~dening in Pruhonice. Vest ust zemedel 12 no.l: 41-46 165, 1. Administraition of the Scientific Reseexch or the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Resources, Prague (for Fucik). 2. Director of the Research Institute of Ornamental Gardening, Pruhonice (for Kavka). CZECHOSL(YVAKIA/Organic Chemistry - Synthetic Organic G-2 I CheMiBtry. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Khimiya., No 14., 1958o 46715 Author : Otakar Cervinka., Frantisek YAvka Inst Title Reduction of 5-Nitroso-2-Oxytoluene, Orig Pub Chem- liatY.- 1957., 51., No 8.. 1517-1520 Abstract Dilute H S04 is added drop by drop to an aqueous solu- tion of &-o-eresolate containing NaNC13 and cooled to _50., and C02 is passed through at the same time; 5-nitroso-2-o3iwtulene (1)., melting point 133 to 1340., is obtained at; a 63%_ual Yield- 5-Amino-2-oxytoluene (n), mating point 1740, is produced by the reduction of I on Pt in CH3 OH at about 200 at a 37%-Ual Yield- I-T can be Prepared also by the reduction of I with HaS in 25%-ual. NH4oa at 45 to 500 (50%) or by the reduc- tion of I with Sn and HCl acid (82%~. At acetylationp Card 1/4 czEcHosLaujM/orgELnic Chemistry - Synthetic OrgEknia G-2 Chemistry. Abs Jour Ref Mhur - Hbimiyaj, No 14, 1958, 46715 or formylation carried out by the usual method, 5-acetY- lamino-2-oxytoluene (IIT), melting point 1790 (from Water)j or 5-formylamino-2-oxytoluene) melting point 148.5 to i4go (from vater)) are produced corresponding* 174 A mixture hydrocbXorldee obtained by the reduction or 4215 g of I with 6745 g of powdered Fe in 330 ml 33f--~uftl H01 acid is c~bfilerted into a mixture of bases (51 g) Vjjh N6,C0 This mixture is-separated in a mix- ture of 65 ml-'5f & COOH and 450 ml of vater based on different solubil~U- The soluble fraction produces 10-7 9 of III being seetylated vith(CH CO)20- The in- soluble fraction is identified as 5-amiL_4::ch.Ioro-2- -oxytoluene (IV),* melting point 2050 (dissociates; from Vater)., after purification through hydrochlorode; N-acetyl derivative., mating point 1640'(from vater)'o 0 5-Chloro-2-methyl-114-benzociuinone, melting point 105 Card 2/4 MM 9 of 5-dimethAaMino-2-methoxytoj ene _u_ 'P boil-ling Point 109 to 12()P/8 14m; 15icrate,, melting point 173 (from alcbhOl); iodomethYlate.. melting Point 2060 - (:from alcohol); hydrochj,,,jj CZECHOSLOVAKIA/Organic Chemistry - Synthetic Organic G-2 Chemistry. Abe Jour Ref Zhur - Xhimiya, No 14) 1958) 46715 hydrogenation products# 4.5 g of 4-acetylamino-2-me- thy1cyclohexanol, melting point 180-5 to 181-50 (from acetone) and,tvb unknown substances with boiling points at 73 to 750/0135 mm (150 ml) and 14o to 1550/0-3 mm (400 mg) are received-by hydrogenation of 10 g of III on 1 g of Raney's Co in 95 ml of alcohol in the dura- tion of 90 min. at 170 to 1W and under 100 ate of initial pressure. Card 4/4 PROCHAUAp V. (Pralia-Illoubetin, U Elektry 8); KAVKAp F#P- ll-=Mp M.; PITRA, J. Determination of ergometrinel eigometrinine, erptamlne and ergotaminine in argot. Cask. farm. 14 no,4:154-1.58 My 165, 1. Vyzku=y ustav prirodnieb leciv, Praha. Submitted December 15, 1964- CZECHOSLOVAKIA 'PROCHAZKAO V,; KAVKA P.;.PRIJCHA, M.; PITRA, J.; Research Instit- ute for Natural (Irf~kumny Ustav Prirodnich Leciv)p Prague. "S paration and Quantitative Determination of Alkaloids from Ergot of the Ergotoxine Type." Prague, Ceskoslovenska Farmacie, Vol 15, No 7. Sep 66, PP 363-366 Abstract juthors, Lnglish summary modifiod 7: The method described uses paper and thin-layer chromatography. Thin-layer cliromatograph3 using wide-pore silica gel impregnated with formamide and alk&l- ized with ammonia is used to separate ergosine, ergocristinev or- gocornine, ergokryptine and tho alkaloid EK l15; systems using benzene and an aliphatic hydrocarbon are used for qualita'tive Sep- ar~ation; a mixturd of light petroleum-ethyl acetate-IN NH3 ( 65: 135:1) is used for quantitative separation, Alkaloids eluted with a 1:2 mixture of benzene-chloroform are transferred to a 1% Sol- ution of tartaric acid and determined directly by ultraviolet spoetroooopy. 4 Tables Western, 9 Czech references. (Man- uscript received 2 Fab t6t OZECHOSLOV-MA / Organic Chondstry. Synthusis. G_?, .M,bs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, Yo 30 1959, 8245. ;Luthor ; Corvinka, 0. . _,'L-qvka.._ Inst : Not given. Title : Reduction of 5-Nitroso-2-Hydroxy-Tolueno. Orig Pub: Collect, ozechosl. chom. commun., 1958, 23, No 6, 1090-1094. kbstract: Soo RZIfaiiin, 1958, 46715. Card 1/1 83 HOLISOVA, L. w MUDr; IUWUI- -- -- -- --- -- - Uumml case of Itr&UMtIc cyst of the Iris, Cook* ofth, 10 no.3: 186-190 Jo 154, 1. Z. I. ocul kllulky Inakovy =iversity v Praze (prodnosta d0c. KAVKA, J. "Possibilities of calculating internal chills in steel castings." p. h9. SIEVARENSTVI. (MINISTERSTVO TEZKEHO STROJIMSTVI A CESKOSIOVEXSKA VEDEM TIDCHNICKA SPOIBCNOST PRO HUTNICTVI A SLETARENSTVI). Praha., Czechoslovakia, Vol. 7, no. 2, Feb. 1959. Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI), LC) Vol. 8., No. 9, September 195~. Uncl. FWGL, Frantisek, As., MUDr., KAVKA, Jiri Local application of antibiotics In ophthalmology. Cas. lek. cook. 95 no-3:59-64 20 Jan 56. 1. Z I. ocni kliniky Karlovy university, v Praze-prednosta prof. Dr. E. Dienstbler. (EYE, diseases, ther., antibiotics, local application.) (ARTIBTOTICS, therapeutic use, eye die., local application) Kan, ari Chorolderemia, its clinical manifestations and its heredity. Ceek.ofth.16 no-7:40-hu N16o. 1,1 Ooni oddeleni OUNZ-v Litovqsli,-prednosts MUDr. Jiri Kavka. (CHOROID abnoia) KAVKA, Jiri; YMff=GER, Pmen; VCDICKAp Frantiesk; XTAUS, Fdmund lattice-like Ootropby of the cornet, anVotrophic lateral 0016rodis and cutio byperelastica-in 3 sisters. Cook. oftfi. 17 no.4/51292-298 JI 161. 1. Ocni oddeleni MM Litoxwel, neurologicke oddeleni UNZ - LitozWel Kozni oddeleni. UNZ,.- Idtonyal.-neurologicka, klinika FU v Olomouci. (COMU diseases) (SKM diseases) (AMTROPHIC LATERAL SCIMIS genetics) VRABEC, Fr.; VRABEC, J. K Histological changes of the.human cornea following roentgen-irradiation. 1. Cesk. oftal. 18 no.6:401-406 N 162. 1. Ocni klinika lek. faki hn. University Karlovy v Praze,, prednosta doc. dr. Fr. Vrabea 1. oant klin. fak. vaeob. 'ek. University Karlovy v Praze, prednost-a prof. dr. E. Dienstbier Ocni oddeleni nemonice OUNZ v Litom ,yali,, prednosta dr. J. kavka. (CORM) (ORBITAL NEOPLASMS) (SARCOMA RETICULUM CELL) (RADIOTHERAPY) (RADIATION INJURY) 1- 1KAVKA, W. Ferrite attenuator with controlled attenuati-on. Przem inst telekom prace 13 no.4083*,L-56 163. 41o82 S/058/62/000/008/106/134 Al6o/Alol AUMOR: Kavka, W. TITLE: Circulatory properties of the waveguide bridge with ferrite PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Fizikap no. 8p 1962, 22, abstract 8Zh158 ("Prace ~Przemysl:. inst. te~ekomun.",.no-.34, ig6i, 11, 75 - 77, Polish) -TEU: Presented are the results of expe riments with a T-shaped bridge containing inside a ferrite rod. At a given'direction and intensity of the ex- torior magnetic field, such a system develops circulatory properties.and may secure an attenuation of 15 db in one arm, and an attenuation of 0.8 db in the other one,.in case the dimensions of the ferrite are most favorable. The sys- tem is rather critical of the dimensions of the ferrite. The measurements Ikere carried out at a frequency of 9,385 ~c. [Abstracter's note: Complete translation] V. K. Card 1/1 41786 S/194/62/000/008/066/100''-' D271/D308 AUTHOR: Kavkap 17. TITLE: Circulator properties of a waveguide bridge with ferrite. PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Avtomatika-i radioelektronikag no. 8, 19629 22p abstract 8Zh15S (Prace Przem 81. inat. telexomun.9 v# 11t 1961t nq.,34p 75-77 LP01M T'113XT: Results are reported of experiments with a T-bridge contain- ing a ferriie stub. Ylith a determined direction and.strength of the external magnetic field, this system displays' circulator properties and, with optimal ferrite.dimensions, may ensure an attenuation of 15 dB in one arm and o.8 dB in the othdr. The system is very sqnsi- tive to variations of the dimenzions of the ferrite. Measurements were erformed at 9385 Me/s- LAbstracter's note: Complete transla- .Vion Card 1/1 BADIAN, L.;_nYKAj_X,;. LACZYNSICI, J. Measurements of diodes with varying capacitance. Frzem inst telekom prace 13 no-39:21-36 163. KATKASIDZE, A. G. "Nucleoproteins of the Central Nervous System of the Dog Normally and During flypothermia." report submitted for the First Conference on the problems of Cyto and Histochemistry, Moscow, 19-21 Dee 1960. Division of Pathomorphology and Histobhemistry of the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Surgery and Hematology,, Academy of Sciences Georgian SSR, Tblisi. ODLSIVILI, C;. ra-, KINDMAKI,'D. S-, KAVFASM=-, A. G. "Etudee our la caracteriatique ahwphologique ot 111stochimIque 4C0 grOffes warculcires (devernao methodes de conservation et diverses etapes de transplantation) Report submitted for the fo4rth Intl. Congress or Angiology Prague, Czech, 3-9 sep 61 MUSIDZE, A.G. St,ructural and histochemical changes in the central nervous system in narcosis and hibernation of dogs killed by the wthod, of excising general carotid arteries. Soob. All Gruz. SSR 38 no. 3:699-702 Je 165. (14LU 18:12) KAVKAS n=, k. (~. Structural and histochemical changes in the neurons of the central nervous system in. hypothermia. Soob. AN Gruz-. SSR 29 no. 3:365-371 S 162 (MIRA 19t1) 1. Institut eksperimentallnoy i tlinicheskoy khirurgii I gematologii AN GruzSSR, Tbilisi. Submitted September 15, 1961. 11SHVIIHIDI"Fly G.A.; GOGIBEDASHVILI, R.K.; DZIIIKIYA, L.P.; WKASID"I, Meteoropathological reactions in the clinic of internal diseases. Sbor. trud. Gos. nauch.-Isel. inst. kur.'i fizioter. 26:29-36 163. (MIRA 17:5) KAVKASTDZE, A.G. 1, -- . -.-I-1- .. - ~ - Reversibility of histochemical changes 'n the nucleoproteins and glycogen in the central nervous system of a dog following hypother- mia. Soob, AN Gruz. SSR 29 no.5:621-626 N 162. (MIRA 18:3) 1. Institut eksperimentallnoy i klin'clieskoy khirurgii i gematologii AN GruzSSR, Tbilisi. Submitted October 12, 1961. A . KAVWXDZEO A,O, . Structural and histoohemical ohangea in the central nervous system under the conditions of naroosis and hibernation of killed dogs b~ instarA doospitAtions Soobs AN GrVas SSR 39 nos2'467~470 Ag 1 5, (bURA 18i9) KAVKASIDZE, R.P.; GONGLADZEj N.Sh. ----------- ----------- Bioclimatic characteristics of the sea-shore health resorts of the Adzhar A.S.S.R. Sbor. trud. Goa. nauch.-isal. inst. kur. i fizioter. 26:99-11 t63. Microclimatic characteristics of the beach at the Gagra health resort. Ibid.i113-122 (MIRA 170) KORDZAKHIYA, M.O.~KAVKASIDZE, R.P.; GONGLADZE, N.Sh. e Climate and microclimate of the Mendzhi health resort. Sbor. trud. Goa. nauch. isel. inst. kur. i fizioter. 26:123-126 163. (MIRA 17:5) KORDZAKHIYA, M.O.; KAVKASIDZE, R.P. ~ Landscape and climatic classification of the health resorts of the Georgian S.S.R. Sbor. trud. Gos.nauch.-isol. inst. kur. i fizioter. 26:127-134 163. (MIRA 17:5) -- .. ~ - - -- -= ~ ~ - --., -Z,-- I "I--: tl~f,~Y, - .1; "-- . KAVIAZOV, Tu. Vzaimodeistvue KozhI 9 Vlagol (Affinity of Animal Rides and Leather to Danpnees) 118 P. 2,00 SO: Your Continent Book List., April 1954 I(AYMOV, Yu. L. Boots and Shoes - Trade axd Mmaufacture Establishing it basic procem; of molsteAixg footwear parts, Lol,. ivom., No. 1, 1952. Moxthl_%r List of Russian Accessions, Library of Coxgrese, March 1952, uxelassifiea KkVKkZOV, Yu.L* Standardizing footwear and leather, Standartizateiia 24 v no.6:30-32 Je 160. (MM 13:7) (Boots and shoes-standards) (Leather-Standards) KAVY,AZOV, Yu,L.p doktor tokhn.n&ukp Prof- Theory and practioe of leather drying. Nauch.-isol. trudy TSNIKF no. 30:100-107 159. (MIRA 14-5) (Leatber-Drying) PAVLINO A.V.; KAVKAZOV., Yu.L.. standardization of the inferior leather in a smaple batch. Standartizatsiia 26 no.8337-39 Ag 62. (KM 15:8) (Leather-Standards) KAVInOV. Yu. L. Classification of footwear. Standartisatigiia 26 no.10'-32-36 0 162o (MIRA 15 -. 10) (Boots and aboea-Classification) PERSHANOV, Nikolay Alekseyevich, kand. tekhn. nauk; K&VMOV, Yu.L., 7- red.; SEDOVA, Z.D. , red. izd-va; VDOVINA, V.M., taklifi. 'red-.-- - (Convective high-frequency drying of wood) Konvektivno- vyaokochastotnaia sushka drevesiny. Moskva, Goslesbumizdat, 1963. 80 P. (MIRA 16:7) (Liumber--Drying) r teklm i na rof BASSO Isaak Berkovicbp,do r KAZOV 7 J., It.0retsenzent; ~'W~N ekporno.:*' doktor tekhn. nav AffL~ ` ";N A r.suk, retsenqmzent; FLNUANNIKOV, red G. G. .t.ekhn,, red, (Organization of the basic production processen in the light industry enterprises) Organizatsiia. osnovrqkh proizvodstyen- xqkh protsessov n& predpriiatiiakh legkoi prou7shlonnosti. Mo- vkva, Izd-vo nauchno-tekhn. lit-ry RSFSR, 1961. 550 P,, (MIRA 15:1) (A6sembly-line methods) SMIMM, Sergey Mikhaylovich; UVKVAS,-Ym-L.*-jdoktor tekhn.muk., pr of.y reteenzent;'14BTUSHI-L, AN.., doktor tekhn.nauk, prof., retsenzent; IIINAYEVA., T.M... red.; TRISHINA, L.A... tekhn. red.. (Automation of drying systems in light industryl Avtomatizatsiia. sushi.l'rWkh ustanovok legkoi promyshlonnoBti. Moskva, Rostekh- izdat,, 1962. 287 p. (MIRA 15:7) (Drying apparatus) (Automatic control) - XAVKAZOV,- Yu. L. ~- Effect of the dubbing on the changes in lhwelan leather during storage. Kozh*-obuv* prom. 6 no.12912-15 D 164 (MIRA 18s2) PAVLW, A.V,; KAVKAZOT Yu GALKINA, Te.N* System for evaluating shortcomings in standards for leather footwear. Standartizateiia 29 no. 11158-59 N 165 (MIM 19:1) VC DROPPA, J. (Bratislava, XM, Zoohova, -18/b) I XAVCOVA. 1. SNUROVA. N.; STRNISKO' H. "Oak HearizZ test in braziers. Lek.obsor 3 no.10:597-605 1954. 1. Z Ontologickaj kliniky SU v Bratislava. (00011PATTOW DISMA S, hearing disord.*In braziers) (H M ING DISORDERS, In braziers) KkVKAZOV, W VZADIODEYSTVIYE KOZHI S VLAGOY. MOS14A, COS. NAUMO - TEUN. IZD-VO LEGKOY PRLq,'YSHLEITNO-STI, 1952. 318 P. TROJAHENO J.; STROUP, 0.; ... KAVKOVA, K.; CEKM, Z. Alkaloids. III.New alkaloids from Vinca minor L. evergreen. Coll Cz I Chem 25 no.8:2045-2048 Ag 160. (EM 1029) 1. Forachimpinstitut fur Heilpflanzen, Prag. (Alkaloids) (Vinca minor) (Evergreens) TRQJANEK,, J.; ~MOUI 0.; KAVKOVAj K.; CEKANv Z. On alkaloids. Part 6t Vincaninine, and vincinine, two new alkaloids from Vines. minor L. Coll Cz Chem 27 no.12:2801-2807 D '62. 1. Forschungsinstitut fur Natur-Aranaimittel, Prag. I TROJ`ANEKP J.;-KAVKOVA, K.; STROUFp 0.; CEKMp Z. % alkaloids. IV, Isolation of vincin, a new alkaloidp from Vince. minor L. Coll Cz Chem 26 no.3:867-873 Mr 161. (MAI 10: 9) 1. Forsebungainstitut fur Natur-Arzneiaittel, Prag. (Vinca minor) (Alkaloids) THWANEKp J.1 SMUF; 0.j- KAVKOVAP- Kj OEM,, 2. CSSR Research Institute for Natural Medicinesp PliWe PnWe, Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Co=nxnications, No 12, 1962, Pp 2101-280T "On Alcaloids. We Vincaminine and.Vincinine) Tv~, New Alcaloids of Vince. Minor L." r, 'A I . I 0 -'~ I t-, Ov )G., in h., rod.; Yif-,VFOV.-i V.), I-ea. [Production asseribly in the building, of city gas net- works] Strultelt'no-mmitaz1ayo raboty pri sooruzhenli gorodskikli ga--ovyA"'h seteJ.. MovlAval Red. izd. otdel I 1,LT VVIIST Glavgaza SSM, 1962. 115 P. % RA 17:10) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Glamoye upravleniye gazavr-,y prC M-Shlexalosti. LIVSHITS, Lev Semenovich, kand. tokhn. nauk. Prinimaii uchastiye: BAKHRAKHI L.P., atarshiy nauchriyy sotr.; PAVICH, S.I., inzh.; GRINBERG, H.A., asp.; MKUHELLI, E.G., inzh.; KAVKOVA, V.,red. (Role of alloyed steel conposition on the conservation of structural homogeneity, and the properties of welded joints during beat time)Roll sostava legirovannykh stalei v sokhranenii strukturnoi odnorodnosti i svoistv svarrWkh soodinenii pri dli- tellrykh rabochikh nagrevak-h. Moskva, V14IIST Glavgaza SSSR. Re- daktsionno-izd. otdel, 1962. 56 p. (MIRA 15:21) 1. Vsesayuznyy nauchm-issledovateliskiy institut po stroitell- stvu magistrallrorkh truboprovodov (for Bakhrakhp Panichp Grinberg., Kurkumellfl. (Steel-14elding) (1-letals, Effect of temperature on) MARKOVA, I.X.[translatorb ANUCHKIN, M.P., kand. tekhn. nauk, red.; KAVK'OV-A.,...,Yj j;.. red - (Pipes for the construction of main oil and gas pipelines in the United States] Truby dlia stroitel'stva magistrall- rqkh gazo- i nefteprovodov v SSh&. Moskva, 1963. 93 p. (MIRA 17:9) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Gosudarstvennyy proizvodstvenryy komitet po gazovoy promyshlennosti. 2. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno- iasledovatellskiy institut tverdykh splavov (for Markova). KAVLAKOV, S. 'Averaging intervals in calculating meteorological corrections of cosmic ray intensity. Doklady BAN .16 no.6:593-596 163. 1. Submitted by Academician G.Nadjakov [Nadzhakov, G.), Al-L NX: AP60lOi73__'__' SOURCE CODI": Btf/001 AUTHCH: Kavlakov, S. ORG: 196'_~Cae -of Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences TITIE: Absolute-intensity measureitents with combined counter tel sco2q SOURCEr Bulgarska- akademiya na-4WW1dte.___D6kladY_#.v. 18, no. -8- -1965- --731-734 TOPIC TAGS: cosmic ray telescope, cosmic radiation, radioactivity measurement ABSTRACT: The article presents the experimental block diarram, Oomotric characteristics, end dots processing of a conolex counter telescope for the continuous uremontlybof soft and hard cvmponents of _mass I cosnic radiation fi' The ~d6_sign follows the previously published plons (Cor=t. rond. Acrd.. bulg Sci., 16, 1963, No 3, 241 ) and is mounted at the cosmic station on the Moussalla. Peak ( J\ - 230)51 E; T a 42011' N; H - 2925 m "above sea level). Calculations assume that the enEular distribution of the cosmic particloa is of the I(0) - IOCOOe M ttype iinere i(& ) is the inte;'Sity OP the periticies- me'esured at a zenith angle ;of 9 . The val-us of r - 2.12+0008-. obtained exceeds somewhat the Fenerally accepted value of 2a The values for the soft component lie almost excctly on *the Rossi cuves (a. Rossi, Rev. Mod. Phys., 200 1943, 537) deserlbinc- the altitude dependence of vario-us--co'sm-ic ray com onents. This per wail presented by fi-ademician H. Pristov on April 27, 1965. OX. art- has! larign=es and 2 tablen. ,SUB CODE: 18p 03 SUSH WE I 27Apr65 ORIG REF 1 003 / 0711 REF -. O05/50V R9F s OC AKRABA,BUN.- N.; BEETEV, B.; KAVLAKOV Sht.; POPOVA, L. Diurnal intensity variation of the hard component of cosmic ray-- for 1960-1963,as observed with narrow-angled crossed telesco es, Geomag. i aer. 5 noo2:230-233 Mr-Ap t65. (MIRA 18-7~ 1 lo Fizicheskiy institut Bolgarskoy Akademii nauk, Sofiya. S/169/62/000/002/056/072 D228/D301 AUTHORS: Mitranii Li, Betev, B., Kavljgax,_~Jach, and Apss-!- lov, D. TITLE; 27-day variations in the A-meaon intensity of coamlo rays in the period of enhanced solar act4VJty PERIODICAL: Referativnyy(zhurnal, Geofizika, no. 2, 1962, 9, ab- stract 2G54 Izv. Fiz# in-t s ANEB, 9, no. 1, 19612 121-131) TEXT: 27-day variations in the/a-meBon intensity of cosml c ray5 in the period of enhanced solar activity. Z-Abstracter's noted. Complete translation.1 Card 1/1 BOZOKI.. G . ootrudnik; FENIVESH, 4., sotrudnik; SHAMOR, T., sotridnik; Uizill O.J. sotrudnik; BATAGUI, 4. Botrudnik; F=LENDER., re., sotrudnik; BETEV,, B.., sotrudnik; KAVLAKQ-V,-Sh..,so-trudnik; M RANI, L.p sotradnik Aboorpti6 of nuclear-active cosmic ray Wticlesj~n-air. Zhur ekspoi t&r.fiz. 41 no,4:1043-1045 0 161. (KMA 14. :10) 1. TSentralnyy nauchno-iseledovatellskiy inotitut fiziki Vengerskoy Akademii nauk., Budapesht (for Bozoki. FenIvesh, Shandor). 2. thstitut yadernoy fizDd v Bukharestep Ramynija (for Baiea, Pridlender). 3. Fizicheskiy institut a &to=oy nauchno-eksperimen-- tallnoy bazoy v Sofii., Bolgariya (for Betev., Kavlakov, Mitrani). (Cosmic rays) 28921 B/056J61/041/004/004/019 BIOS/S102 AUTROM Bozoki~ Go, Foutyeshi 9.9 Shandor$ To, Bales, 0., Batagui, M.11 Pridlendero Te.% Datevt Do, lavlakov. OF.. -Uitrani, L. TITLEs Absorption of nuclear-aotive cosmic-ray particles in air PERIODIOALt 'Zhurnal ekaporlmentallzoy L toor&tichookoy finiki, v. 41# no- 400), 1961, 1043-1045 TEXTi The aboorption of the nuoloar-active oo=ponant of cosmic radiation in air van moanurod at vawiouc altitudes above com level. Shoucre voro rooorded vith a coinoidenoo arrangamont of oouutarn insta.1lad in a lead block (Fig. 1). The muon background-vas moasurad in Budapoet 8 m under- ground (IT m wator equivalent) to se(jure the mozdingof sixfold- coincidences due to muons only. The sixfold coinoidemoss move recorded by the pair-connected counters 5 and 7, and 6 and 8. This underground measurement, together with the other measurements at various altitudes, made it possible to obtain corrections for baokground to the coincidence measurements mith nuclear-ootiv* coomic-ral particles. Reaultst Card I 28921 5/056/61/041/004/004/019 Absorption of nuolear-active coomio-... BlOSIBI02 Y. Kokh, 0. Taler, K. Taigelman, and Y. Shniror for the Installation of the experimental device, and S. Rupp for assistance in caloulationa. Mention is made of Sh. A. Azimov, V. F. Vishnevakiy,. F. 1. Xhillko (DAN S55-11, 78, 231, 1951), and of K. P. Ryzhkova and L. 1. Sarycheva (ZhLTF, 28, 616,- 1955).' There are 2 figuresp I table, and 8 raferencest 3 Sov-igi-bloo and 5 non-Soviet. The four references to English-languago publioationo road an followat 1. Tinlot, PhyB. Rev., 74, 1197, 19401 L. Hodsoij , Proo. Phys. Soo., Aa, 702, 19521 E. P. Qeorgo$ A. Janont Proo. Phye. S00., Aa'~1081' 1950; H. S. Bridge, It. H. Rediker, Phya. Rev.# _88, 206, 1952.1 ISSOGIATIONt Teentrallnyy nauchno-iseledovatal'skiv inatitut fiziki Vengerskogo Akaaomii nauk, Budapocht j0ontrva Scientific Research Institute of rhyaias of the Hunaarian Aeadvmy of Sciences, Budapest) (G. Bo2oki, E. Fonlvoohp T * Shandar)t Institut yadernoy fiziki v Bukharoote, Rumyniya (institute of Nuclear Pkeios in Bubarost, Romania) (0. Balsa$ 11. Batagull Ye, 'Pridlender), Fizicheekiy inatitut a Atomnoy nauchno-ekeperimeatallnoy bazoy v Sofii, Bolgariya (institute of Physics With Atomio.8oiantifto Test Bass in Sofiya, Bulgaria) (B. Betev, Sh. Kavlakov, L. Mitrani). Card 3 S/035/6P,/000/003/009/053 AOO1/A1Ol AUTHORS: Mitrani, L., Betev, B., Kavlakov, Shah, Apostolov, D. TIM: Twenty-seven-day variation in intensity of /~-meson component of cosmic radiation during enhancement of solar activity PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhi;iiial, Astronomiya, i Oeodezlya, no. 3, 1962, 36, abstract 3A277 ("Izv. Piz. in-t a AMM", 1961, v. 9, no. 1, 121-131, Bulgarian; Russian and English summaries) TEXT: In 1957 - 1958 during the IGY coxytinuous measurements of/,--meson component of cosmic radiation were carried out. For this purpose, two crossed narrow-angle counter telescopes were used which were mounted at a distance of 300 from zenith. The 'data of these measurements were subjected to periodic analysis for detecting the existence of a 27-day period in variations of'cosmic radiation intensity. The existence of such a periodicity is proven. intensity variations in this period correspond to inverse phase of variation in the number of sunspots on the Sun. [Abstracter's note: Complete translation] From authord summary Card 1/1 KAIrjWWV, S. (Kav ov, Sht. Counter telescope for combined measuroments of cosmic ray intensity, Doklady BAN 16 no*3:241-244 1639 1. Submitted by Academician G. Nadjakov [Nadzhakov, G.), Member of the Editorial Board, "Doklady Bolgarskoy Akademii nauk". ;,-",Vl " liclj ~f 7 , I --, -- ----- : r '1l A co*j,~fAjr(,,,v.!,I On condo radintion. Fl'. 41.! inle, 7 no.3:230-'23- 164. j A ~ A) /~ - 7-,'5',,C*/4 K USSR/Chemical Technology Chemical Products and Their Application. Fertilizerej, 1.,6 Abst Journal: Referat Zhu:r- Kh1m1ya.,'Ko 1. 1957) 1446 Author: Elagin., G. Ya., and Kavnatskaya) B. S. Institution; None Title: Production of Sodium Fluoride at the Odessa Superphosphate Plant Original Periodical: prom-st, 1956.. No 39 166-167 Abstract: Bench-scale and pilot plant work on the determination of optimum conditions for the production of NaF by the reaction of Na2SiF6 paste with 1ff&2C0 solution has been cmpleted. Stirring is applied ""'Ip~eral velocity of 2-3 M/sec in order to prevent to produce a per the occlusion of the reacting crystals by the silica gel which is formed in the reaction; the total Na2SiF6 paste is mixed with 1/3 of the Wa2CO solution, and the remainder of the Na2CO is added gradually. -~ method has been developed for the produlan of either Na2SiF6 Or NaF,, pe=itting the switch from one product to another Card FAVNATSKAU, B.S. Bliminate shortcomings in the sUPPlYing of factories with automatic control equipment. Zav.lab. 22 no.1:126 156. (HLR& 9:5) 1. Nachallnik TSentrallnoy khimichookoy laboratorii Odeaskogo superfoofatnogo zavoda. (scientific apparatus and instruments) ~Automatic control) xvocs,. F~, 1951 (Path. finat. Inst: Med. Uin, U, of Szeged) IlHis+-,ochemical Research on the TubiUe System of the Kidney." Acts Physiol. (Budapest), 1951 2Asuppl (37) No abst. in E.7c. Med. YAVOKIN, S. o Make correct use of specialists. Prom.koop. no.11:4-5 N 156. (mm 9:12) 1. Nachallnik upravlentya kadrov Rospromeoveta. (Cooperative societies) '4 KAVOnN, S. Practice of selecting Dersonnel in industrial grtels. Prom.koop. nn.80-4 Ag 157. (MMA 10: 9) 1. Vachallnik upravleniya kRdrov Rospromeoveta. (CooperAtive societies) R M, -11 0' .IKAVOKINj S.G. 11 Loom wastes in shuttleless weaving. Tekst.prom. 23 no-8:48-50 Ag 163. . (MIRA 1619) 1. Rukovoditell tkatskoy laboratorii TSentrallnogo nauchno-issledo- vatellskogo instituts. sherstyanoy promyshl6nnosti. (Looma) KAVOIB LIS, A. K. ~. 1-1 - Problems of the dynamics of a rotating system with a dynamic centrifugal-inartial-typo coupling. Part 3: Experimental investi- gation of torsional vibrations of a two-mass system. TrudyAN Lit.SSR. Ser. B no.3:135-145 165. O.Ml 19: 1) 1, Institut ener&t1ki i elektraniki AN Litovskoy SSR. Submitted January 16, 1965. JAVO.LELIS,S-I'A.*K*- RAGULISKIS, K.M. [Ragulskis,K] Problems in the dynamics of a rotating system with a dynamic centrifugal- inertia type connection. Report No.1; Study of steady motion conditions. Trudy AN Lit. SSR. Ser.B no.1:165-173 165. (MIRA18:7) 1. Institut, energetiki i elektrotekhniki AN Litovskoy SSR. KAVOLELIS. A.K.: RAGULISKIS, K.M. [Ragulskis, 'K.] Problems in the dynamics of a rotating -system with a dynamic centrifugal- inertia type connection. Report No.2s Study of minor-torsional vibrations according to linear approximation. Trudy AN Lit. SSR. Ser.B no.lil75-184 A65. (MIRA 180) 1. Institut energetiki i elektrotekhniki AN Litovskoy SSR. a c 4- L-I 6 A--A--]L A A, IN F 0 4 1 1 v T 1--A .1 1 'A as cc 0 ti I A lee IU d asim W rubber upism the resixtano to At"11011 W rubber A" sot". NJ"ovm; -,J, Rubber Ind. (U- S. S. It.) 11. 431-8. 4,V101134),-Tab" wW graphs sbow the mecit. ptoisertles of rubber shm sales of '00 8 different formulas befom and after aging. A. Pv%toff 00 -00 0: 00 00 00 S ef 0 .00 L A WAWOWCAL U79RAT01 Ct&I%IFX*TIQmO so A a 4 SA a 0 0 0 4 0 0 It 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9.40 0 0 0 0000 a 0 0 9 0 It 9 0 0 *-*- 0-0-0 0 00 414141 see 0 6 SOV/137-59-5-11499 Translation from. Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1959, Nr 5, p 288 (USSR) AMOR: Kavos, Kh.V. TITLE: Speeded-up Corrosion Tests of Metal Parts and Coatings of Electric Measuring Instruments Under Conditions Imitating a Tropical Climate PERIODICAL: Sb. Kom-t po korrozii i zashchite metallov Vses. sov. nauchno- tekhn. o-v, 1958, Nr 3, PP 19 - 33 ABSTRACT: Speeded-up corrosion tests of metals and coatings were carried out to determine resistance to humidity, fungus growth and solar radiation. Methods and conditions of tests are described. Test results showed that bronzes, brass and Cu-NI-Creqatings of 10 - 20, 10 - 15, 0.5 - 1.5,44 thickness, respectively, proved to be most resistant on steel in an artificial tropical climate, The most resistant coatings on non-ferrours metals were: Ni-Cr coatings (10 - 20, 0.5 - 1.5 /A, ) Ni coatings (10 - 1510, ferrou- Card 1/2 Ni-coatings (1 - 2/,) with a Cu (1 - 2/.,,) and Sn coatings by the SOV/137-59-5-11499 Speeded-up Corrosion Tests of Metal Parts and Coatings of Electric Measuring Instruments Under Conditions Imitating a Tropical Climate hot method (8 - 12~,). Under conditions in Be4umi, Al and duraluminum proved to be most resistant as well as U(hlftg steel, ohromated Cd (10 - 15,& ) ohromated Zn (15 - l7p,) applied on "10" and 11u8" steel, anodized and parkerized Al and duraluminum. Metals in contact with a coat of varnish were also in- vestlgated. K.Zh. Card 2/2 AUTHOR: Kavos, Kh.V.9 Engineer SOV/110-59-7-17/19 TITLE: Article by I.I. Pomerants and A.I. Rivl4-na 'Corrosion Testing to Simulate Tropical Conditions' in VGstnik elektropromyslilennostil 1958 Nr 6. (Po povodu stat:i I.I. Pomerantsa i A.I. Rivlinoy) PERIODICAL: Vestnik elektropromyshlennosti,1959,Nr 7,PP 71+-75(USSR) ABSTRACT: The article is a -iory useful one. Its conclusions are largely confirmed by the studies of materials, paints, and platings and also,of measuring instruments under natural and artificial tropical climatic conditions which have been carried out during the last three years at the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Blectrical Measuring Instruments. It is confirmed that cadmium Plating is not very good. Figs 1 and 2 respectively show meter screening cases made of Armco steel and plated with copper, nickel and chromium to a total thickness of 20 - 25 microns, which were tested for 90 days in the Card 1/2 tropical house of the botanical gardens of the Acad.Sci. USSR in Leningrad and for 90 days in a humidity chamber. SOV/110-59-7-17/19 Discussion on the Article by I.I. Pomerants and A.I. Rivlina 'Corrosion Testing to Simulate Tropical Conditions' in Vestnik Elektropromyshlemosti, 1958, Nr 6 The surfaces were not sufficiently polished and this has impaired their performance. It would be better if the article gave a fuller description of the test procedure. Standard methods of making tropical tests on instruments are briefly discussed. Card 2/2 There are 2 figures and I Soviet reference. S/08IJ62/000/012/056/063 B158/B101 ISUTHORS: Yevdokimovy F. K., Kavos# Kh. V., Kuzneteova, K. B. TITLE: Paint and varnish coats for electric measuring inqtrunents~ used in various climatic conditions ir,RIODICAL: Refe rativnyy zhurnal. Xhimiya, no. 12, 1962, 607-6oB, abstract 12P239 (Lakokrasochn. materialy i ikh primeneniyej no. 6, 19601 42-45) TEXT: An inve'stigation was made into the dependence of the wearability of various paint and varnish coats (PC) for electric measuririg instruments on the effect on them of the atmosphereq preparatiorf of the bare metal surface, the composition of the primer and the bolour of the PC itself. The.iurface of the samples of steel, brass, Silumin and aluminum was cleaned by sandblasting before painting, and in addition to this the Silumin samples were treated with bakelite varnish and the aluminuT samples were anodized. The samples were painted by spraying; the PC thickyless was 50-55iL.. Tests on'the PC-were carried out in a hydrostat 0 at 20-50 C, a-ad at an atmospheric relative humidity of ~/100%; in a solar;:.! Card 1/3 S/061/62/000/012/056/063 Paint and.varnish coats for electric ... ]B158/B101 2 radiation chamber at an ultraviolet intensity of 0.06-0.08 oal/cm /min 0 and at 40-45 C; under natural conditions on stands in Leningrad and Batumi and underconditions simulating a tropical climate - in a tropical' hothouse. The PC wearability'vas evaluat6d visually by the methods of GIPI-4 and VNIIEF. It was found that the beat primers with different., surface preparation and different topcoat enamels are At'-10c(AG-10s), follo-wed by4t-03K (FL-04-OK) and. 41- 03)k (FL-OZZh) Primers. Of the topcoat enamels, those developed and.recommended for use are: for 0 instruments used in enclosed heatable spaces at < 35 C and a relative 0 humidity.of -,~60~o' (at 30 C) - alkyd No.200 black and greyp'2086~ (2086f), A-10 (A-14f), A-12~ (A-12f), :)kP-7 (,EJM-7)9'V4,-6a (PF-68), 70-64 (PF-64),, 1512/1, 1512/2, melamine alkyd, No.67,3:,., hammertones 5 grey and. light grey,- -!,,:,"-76 (FL-76), estoglazd T-41M (T-VO, ~)F-51 W-51), AC3-25 (KhSE-25), tX6 -715 (Plchv-715), Moire 250f No.25 and No*23i for Instruments used in enclosed not heatablo spaces at a temperature of -300C to +4000 and a, relative humidity of ~ 9C% (at 300C) - hammertones, PKhV-715, KhSE-25,- Moire 250, grey tropical Moire, FL-76, 2086f, no.200, 1512/1, 1512/2, Card 2/3 c,, j 0 00 00 -00 12 ~o Jb- o?. 0.> 'Qo sr 00 0 o C2. 0~ # 0 00 0 61 'e~ ov Zo .70 -f OL) k9 19 4e e 0? 0 4-e "o its Q, o Or Om voe D-1--Z"t V.O.; 'F-VDO,',',I;.OVj, I.,AVOS, I(h.V. Setting and harnatic without ifittii)p, of tA2,ht in instruments. Priborostroonic no. 2:22-23 F 161. ('LAM-2- 24:2) (Glass-riotal ocalin-) tj --IAVOS, Kh.V.; ORESHNIKOV,, V.V. Increasing the reliability of electric measurement instruments, Priborostroenie no.6t6-10 Je 963. (MMA 16t8) (Electric instruments) KAVPACREVs YE. S. 25538. Cpvyed Yelenie Ahisyel Pyevyenosa Kationa I-anicna V Chistoy Rasplavlyennoy Soli. Zhurnal Fiz. Xhimii, 1949 VYP. 8, c 942-52 SO: Letopis' Zhurnallnykh Statey, Vol- 34, Moskva, 1949 KAVPACHEV, Ye. 9. 25539. Isslyedovanie Eyektrokspil Lyarnykh. Yalxkycniy Dlys CplBvov Olova C Zolotom I Vicmuta C Tyel.-,vrom Zhurnal Tiz. Khirdl, 1949 Vyp~ 8, c. 0,53-58--Bibliogr; 5 Nazu. SO: Letopis' Zhurmlinykh Statey, Vol. 34, Fioskvap 1949 ----R .. ~ --_I- ~ -1 .-I.. I I . . .,. .- . I . . ... - I -- - - . z 11 . -- - -1 KAVPA'v'HEVA, A. A. I ROZZIMM01, L. D. and MT.UXIS&TY, 3. D. "An &perimental Investigation of Diffraction In the FoCuB of a Zone Plate"j, Dokl. AN URSS 54..P 395, 1947. KAVRAKIROV B . dotsent; SAVOV) G., doteent Injuries of the facial region ih cerebrocranial tralma. Mitrurgiia 15 no.9/10:829-834 162., 1. Iz Visshiia. voennomeditsinski inatitut. (FACIAL INJURES) (READ INJURIES)