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IN ~ , !3 1 0, e. v i c h vat ltxo P~ K I I 0 . KAZATMVICII, V. Yu. Geological and petr--grap-hic characteristics of ancient volcanic formations in the Sultan-Uiz-Dag; genesis of the so-called Urusay dike. Uzb. geol. nhur. 9 no. 6t29-34- 165. (mr,A':19.-1) /, 1. Thstitut geolc.gii i geofiziki imeni Kbdullayeva , UZSSR. SuInitted April 3, 1965. 1 - KOSTYAMIN, Boris Nikolayevich; KICHKIN', Illya Illich; SIRTT, Turiy Yurlyevich; SUSHKOV, Boris Borisovich;.-KAZA VICH,-Y.Te., red.; IVANOVA, Z.D., red.izd-v-a; SARATIV, B.A.. takhn.rad. (Use of ultrasonics in the max-chant marine] Primanenie ul'tra- zvuka na morskom transports. Moskva, Izd-vo *Morskoi transport," 1960. 60 p. (MIRA 13:11) (HarchBut marine) (Ultrasonic waves--Industrial applications) E "" ~.!':~.'VINI' vyo., rctt;cn*.~ent; ():.'I r.1 11"ch; . - -- i i- t Rhn. nauk , rod KAI retnenzenj do oi- red. [Transducer-s in ritit-ine romote contral Dutellik' su- dovyk' ~iistcm ~l in tan tsionnogo kontrolin. l'.w;kvi' " l",(I-vrj lit "Trant-port, 1964. 209 P. (il i;, 17:~) S/076/60/034/05/05/038 B01O/BOO2 AUTHOFS: Slavinskaya, N. A., Kazakevichq -% Ye., Kamenstskaya, S. A., S. YR. CHerednichenko, V; M., Pstiez TITLE: The Burning Rate of Ozone - Oxygen Gas Mixtures PERIODICAL: Zhurnal fizicheskoy khimii, :1960, Vol. 34, No. 5, Pp. 973-976 TEXT: The authors wanted to find out whether there is a relationship bet"een the kinetics of the slow decomposition and the burning rate of ozone. For this purpose, they measured the propagation velocity of the flame in several mixtures of ozone with oxygen in a horizontal glass A tube. The photoelectric method served for determining the flame passage, and a suitable device was worked out (Fig. 1). The flame front area was measured photographically with a movie camera. The results obtained are tabulated, and are oompared (Fig. 2) with the resulto obtained by B. Lewis (Ref. 3) and A. G. Strong and A. V. Grosse (Ref. 4). A good agreement is found among them. Experimental data obtained for the de- pendence of the burning rate on the gas mixture compositiong are in Card 1/2 The Burning Rate of Ozone - Oxygen Gas S/076/60/034/05/05/038 Mixtures 13010JI3002 good agreement with the values calculated from the Zeltdovioh-Frank- Kamenetskly-Semenov equation (Ref. 7). The calculated absolute values are smaller than the experimental ones. A comparison between data 6;,veli here and those from Ref. 4 and -the paper by T. Karman (Ref- 5) reveal- ed that the burning rate of ozone in oxygen mixtures corresponds to the reaction kinetics of thermal ozone decompos'ition. N. N, Semenov is mentioned in the text. There are 2 figures_ 1 table, and 11 references: 4 Soviet, 6 American, and I German. ASSOCIATION: Fiziko-khimicheskiy institut im. L. Ya. Karpova (Institute of Physical Chemistry Imeni L. Yao Karpov) SUBMITTED: May 25, 1958 Card 2/2 AW ARTAMONOVI, O.F.) inzh.; inah.; LINKOV, Ya.L., inzh.; SUKHAREVA) R.A., red.; KAMYSHNIKOVA, A.A.,, [Collection of Russiw and foreign patents; semiconduc~qra and their applications) Sbornik otec.-hestvennykh i zarubezh- nykh izobretenii; poluprovodniki i ikh primenenie. Moskva, 1963. 77 p. (MIRA 16:9) 1. TSentralInyy nauchro-isaledovatellakly institut patentnoy informataii i tekhniko-ekonomicheakikh issledovaniy. (.8emiconductors-Patenta) (Transistora-Patents) -KAZAKEVICII,,.V.Ye.; BRA.ZHNIKOV, V.V.; VOLKOV, S.A.; SAKODYNSKIY, K.I. Automatic sampling in preparative chromatography. Khim.J. tolh. topl.i masel 8 no-11:49-52 N 163. (MIRA 10:12) 1. Fiziko-khimicheskiy institut im. L.Ya.Karpova. ACCESSION NR: AP4041032 S/Ol?.0/61/000/003/0123/0125 AUTHOR: Potapov. V. K. ; Arsentlyev, A. G.; Kasakevich, V6 Yeo a* Piskunov, A. K.; Chizhevskaya, N. N. TITLE: Automatic recording of ionization curves 0SOU111CE: Pribory* I takhnika eksperimenta, noo 3, 1964, 123-IZ5 il'TOPIC; TAGS: spectrometer, mass spectrometer, MKh-1303 mass spectrometer,: ~'ionlzation curve recording 'ABSTRACT: A device for automatic record!Lng of ionization curves (up to one minute) in an MKh-1303 mass spectrometer in described. Tb,3 Ion-source j,electron gun generates S-30-ey electrons for ionizing gases or vapors* The ionization and ion-extraction processes are time-separated. Resonance amplifi- cation of the ion current corresponding to the electron ionization with a specified -energy scatter, synchronous detecting, and the direct recording of ionization I 1/2 POTAPOV, V.K.,, AR:31,'N'TtYEV, A.G.; I __M4KEVjrH, V. ye.; NSMI:011, A.R.; CHIVIEVSKAYA, N.N. Nutomatic recording of ionization curves. Pr-ib. i t,-:,kh. eks 9 no,'lal23-125 MY-Ja 164 (MIRA 1801~6 YE!~YSHEI,' A.V.; PETROV, V-1- .-AL/I A KEVIC Hip J. -I of r-LATO]OUM ot-igin on the ; I Liiaukl nc.,",'.50 vy,-, Uk. ijl y- b o (rj:RA 18:8) r-,A,- mir, abui-al.~ i:,-,:.y f is 2 --,_cj7 -t-stskopa I-,edagogicheskogo ~J RAZUMOVICH, M.B.; KHANIP, M.L.;-KAZAXEVICH, Ye.j.; PAVLENKO, O.P.; YERYSHEV, AS. Effect on the photographic emulsion of the volatile products of tissue decomposition occurring during inflammatory processes. Zhur. nauch. i prikl. fot, i kin. 9 no.lt60-61 Ja-F164. (MIRA 17:2) 1. Pedagogicheskiy institut imeni A.S. Pushkina, Brest. IVANOT, Vladinir Dmitriyevich; KAZMVICH, Tevgeniy Favlovich; GORODERSKIY, L.M., red.; BOWNOV, N.I.o [Hydroelectric power resources of the Chinese People's Republic and their use] GidroenergeticheBkie resursy litaiekoi Narodaoi Reepubliki i ikh ispolizovanis. Xoskva, Gos.energ.izd-vo, 1960. 47 p. (MIRA 1):7) (China-Hydroelectric power) S/081/62/0001/004/056/087 B150/B138 AUTHORS: Zaydenberg, B. S., Kg, ~kevi~ch Ye. S. THLE: Light-weight concretes with local coments PERIODICAL: Referativny~ zhurnal. Khimiya, no- 4, 1962, 400, abstract 4K406 (Sb. tr. Resp. n.-i. in-ta mestnykh stroit. materialov~, (RSFSR), no. 17, 196o, 130-140) TEXT: The possibility is studied, of obtaining light-weiGht concretes from lime and various kinds of lime-mixture cements: lime-sand, lime- keramzit, lime-perlite, etc. Keramzit, perlite and calcined tripolite were used as light aggregates. With aggregates of constant particle size, it w!,s found that ?orouB-clay (keramzlt) concrete could be produced by autoclave treatmtnt with the following mechanical properties (depending on kind of cement), compressive strength 130-190 kg/GM2, and bulk weight 1250-1300 kg/cm3; perlite concrete with cc-:preBsive strength 130-270 kg/`M21' and bulk reight 1150-1 00 kg/cm3, tripolite concrete with pressive strength 140-180 kg/J and bulk weight, 1200-1300 ks/cm3c.OmThe lightest concrete was produced from mixes where quicklime was used as a ccment. Card 1/2 2C S/08 62/000/004/058/087 Light-weight concretes witb ... B1 50YB1 38 The strongest proved to be the porous clay (keramzit) concrete with a lime/sand cement, perlite concrete with a lime/perlite cement, tripolite concrete with lime/tripolite binder with a cement additive. The strength and frost resistance of these concretes specified is considerably reduced by substitution of the autoclave treatment by steaming. [Abstracter's note: Complete translation, Card 2/2 SOLOVEY, D.Ya., Rand.khim.nauk; SORSKAYA, E.M., inzh,; KAZAKEVICH Ye.S., inzh. Corrosion resistance of the reinforcement in air-entrained silicate concrete, air-entrained cinder concrete and keramzit concrete. Sbor. trud. ROSNIIMS no.20M-83 161. (MIRA 16:1) (Concrete reinforcement-Corrosion) (Lightweight concrete) r Vu "Cr, the -r( 1.1c:- of studying v. 1!cld Ic,-e cf errccL-rl n, ccnglonerates of the Yuzret,s coal field," Sbornik raterivlov ~o FF-ologii zolota i rlatiny, Is.-ue 0, 1946, p. /,5-57 - Ribliog: 6 items SC: U-3;'64; 10, April 53, (Letcl,is Zhurnuil. 'nybh Statey, NO. 14, P'4n). NRt AT6022716 SOURCE CODEt UR/2848/66/000/041/0316/0321 AUTHOHSs Kazakevich, Z. A.; Zhemchuzhina, Ye. A. ORG-t Moscow Institute for Steel and Alloys, Department for Vanufarture of ?two Tc___ and Sem onduoTo-r-fEiFer-Eglo--($5-sE-oT-gEFy-l-n-stitut stall L splavov, Kafedra, prois- ~Yodstva chistykh metallov i poluprovoduikMkh materialov) TITLE: Wetting,of high melting metals with a ailver-copper alloy 71 7-7 SOURCE: Moscow. Institut atali i oplavov. Sbornik, no. 41, 1966. Fixicheskaya khimiya metallurgichookikh proteeenov i sistem (Physical chemistry of metallurgical processes and systemo)t 316-321 TOPIC TAGSs titanium, niobium, molybdenum, titanium oxide, silver containing alloy, copper containing alloy, eurfaoe tension 1 1 ABSTRACTi The angle of contact between Tij MO and Nb and the ailv6r-op2per alloy j (eutectic mixturet 72% Ag, 2E% Cu) was determined. The experimentel procedure followed that of A. I. Belyayev and Te. A. Zhemchuzhins, k_~overkhnostnyye yavleniya v metallurgicheakikh protsessakh, Metallargizdat, 1962). The experimental results are shown graphically (see Fig. i). The effect of oxide films of different thicknesses on the surface of Ti upon the wattability of the latter by the Ag-Cu. alloy was also studied. The specimens were oxidized in air at 800 and c,)OOC for a period of 309 60, and 120 min. The results are shown graphicallyp (see Fig. 2). It is concluded that the rate of wetting of oxide-coated Ti specimens by Ag--Cu alloy depends, to some Card I ACC NRs AT602271 72 48 .32 6 W NA m m 40 0 Q J1 Time, min pig. 1. Change in the contaot angle as a function of time ijuring wetting of Ti specimens by Ag-Ga allop 1 80OC; 2- 850C- Card 2/3 ACC NRi AT602271 Fig. 2. Change in the contact angle as a function of time during wetting of Ti specimen oxidized in air at 800C by Ag-Cu alloy. Duration of oxidation in =in and oxidation temperature reepectivelyi 1 - 301 80OC; 2 30, 900; 3 60, 800; 4 60, 900; 5 120# 900. 144 tic 0 1 Time, min extent# on the rate of solubility of the oxide coat in the alloy. Orig. art. has: 5 graphs. 30 CODE: 11/ SM DAM none/ ORIG REFs 002/ OTH RM 001 BREDIKIS, Yu.I.,,-,_KAZMVICfRJS, F.P., inzhener Small dlectrostimulator for the hoart. Vest-khir. no.79110-111 161. (MIRA 15:1) 1. Iz Kaunaoskogo meditsinakogo instituta (dir. - prof. Z.1. Yanushkovichus) i Kaunasskikh elektromek-lianicheskikh masterskikli po remonty meditsinskon apparatury (zav.-.A.Rammas). (CARD1010GY-EQUIRIENT AND SUPPLIES) KAZkKEVIGIUS, J., prof. Compression fractures and fracture-dislocations of the spine. Sveik. apsaug. 7 no.6 (7'9):12-17 Je 162.. (SHINAL INJURIES) (FRACTURE FIXATION) KAZAOZ)Tvnl, I~f.R. Study of the quantitative distributlor. of free amino acids and reacticns of aspartic acid decarboxylation. Scob. AN Grud. SSR 29 no. 4t413-419 0 162 19:1) 1. Thstitut fiziologii AN Gruz9SR, Tbllls~. Submitted Jur-c 30, 1961. "tuly CIO' ispfi:PjF, art!-naticin :in i~ 1-L, ru z 5 616 1, .;1. 6.2, C-% 8 .4 J-zb- L- b6~.~ -ak,.J- 1947 270 B3. 14 1 Z j T I. _gp :949 4 X . ti.-.a r-p- -p- F q,,x ~V AB~P-I,P:... 19.9. 1?0 1. 141 ... ..p. 113 3. .0 1149, 4.3. V. 3" .6ut 1~ W. 1941,' .,..25 AL..- 0 . . A . . .. rPY-. -P . 6.,. 3.q, 1949 .2-- o,n- A-A.: -.Pc. - FrA:7A.PDAA2 Nl* UP, 1,39 lotA r..y 3'* 19' 9,31 B ... P-:--A. E.... c........... -P M-p-- "Y".. -' rpy- Ir"' PA-, ISO 100 cq, 6.. M- AH rpy. ccp, 1948, 24.5 902 l4r.,. C, PYA- -p.- - 9- c. -11- L940~ 4 1 PY-.-A. - c *- 4. 2. 0.", Us 1 "), 4.6. 003 r B.A. A AP", r..p,.m c '0' A 1939 12~ r,,_. 2.1952) 1939. 17.0. -4. wc.'s r, 1!3 - q-". ir-. =P. --p- t 3.4g 034, 1-t.- 905. K,67..,.. 8.P... U.' np.--1 ---- c- c. . . . . . . ap-tolil a P42stAxv 64P-2 ..11. 1038- 11-0 3.M. 1938, 17,4 K........ n., A-PYA (r..'s. P. Xf"" 1940 123 C , A- ~PT. T6~ frp 2- 1950 3.6. 110, 907, B. K 7 A. . . c. -11. AP-d -rpy P- 1942 1P45': 1761 -a- CCC., (- -4 H 3.6 1942. 25.7 900, T.1p ...... K "-"+- -- K._"_ -F~A- S~V-M r*- iTp, py.. T..Yp.. na... AA- -Ap.... K -,P-P.,O.- '- -"- --P9-P--A- rp~ - .. A-97- -. 193L ' IS- 3.q& 1935. 15-4. 910- ya"S" M-A-* P.... ~ T,- +-p. 3. ['4'1 -cl VP41. 259, 1141 16.. (Tp. 11 114-. T. 4 (9) 1,4 3.u. 194%, 3*~6. Di"artdAum rw ac D ef. at SLaLe U. TW I - . -I----'-_'_-.' - - - .. - , .. ..' 11 , - ~'-' I '~: ~ III.-Ic IT IIIZVUI,.~-~ ~!- '. ~' -'~ 1. SI-JR1107, G. M.: KAZAMIA-3RVILI, T. G. 2. USSR (600) 4. Shale - Caucasus 7. Grystallic shales of Transcaucasia and central Caucasin, Dokl. AIN SSSR, 87, No. 1. 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, 'F,lr,,ry 1953. Unclassified. I ko 000(4VC4 N P1 VA RN MZZ Z ;:l I'S 41 a '9'17 WE A AIN; zvat 42'. vow -mv 41 9 i 3.1 'a- .0 0 to V 4 CAI A Ivu -4 j. A UP gg;' .9 V t .00. 0 Or -a- 0. ,I, .00 S.- .3g.1 0 V '.o j; V 0 93', 0 4 .1i, R - - . c 'n. 11A1 S. og::4 A it 1. 1. Sal I A1.11 I I Ila-m Zd YA'A SA -------- pp .1 Ice 0 r", So -4 14Z I C'.9 0 ZARIDZE, G.M.; KAZAKH&SHVILI, T.G. Genetic difference in the boudinage structure of the morthorn Caucasus. Uzb.geol. shur. no,3:3-6 160. (14HU 13:11) 1. Grusinakiy politekhnichookiy institut. (Caucasus, Northern--Geology, Structural) 4 I ZARIDZE, G.M.;,KAZAKHASIIVILI, T.G.; KIKRkDZE, I.I. Kxample of metaoomatio granitization'% Izvo vyss ucheb, zavo; geolt i rasv. no.lli6R,-70 N 160,, MIRA 14.2) 1. Gr-uzinskiy politekhr4 heskiy institut im. V.I. Lenina. (G:;tization) ZARIIEZ, G.M.;,,,K&ZAXHASHVILI, T.G. Genesis of gramitoide of the Tysyl Gorge in the Northern Caucasus. Soob.AN Gruz.SSR 24 no-51555457 MY 160. (MIRA 13:8) 1. Geologicheskiy institut AN GruzSSR, Tbilisi. Predstavleno chlenom- korrespondentom Akademii, P.D.GaArelicIze. (Tyzyl Valley--Granite) T,G. -,itdon wid fonuttion of Qle -*wOr llaho~,Oic Arrilwolli-, IiIIA1, of the Porthorn Caucasue. VUL.Ilosk.lum. 'O'er. 4: --w c1 L 1. '--,-%rka--skaya ek4pe-ditsiya Moskovskogo goslidarstvennogo univarsiteta i Kafodra petrografii i mineraloi!U Gruzinslrogo polite"Cialic-ille-Augo imt1tut-q. (Gaucasiio, Arthern- Alin-aralogy,l ZARDIZE,,G.M.; YJZAKIWHVILI T.G-LKIKNADZEp I.I.; MANVELIDZE, R.M. -1-L - Structural and petrological features of ancient crystalline rocks in the Northern Caucasus. Sov.geol. 5 no.2:29-36 F 162.(MMA 150) 1. Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet imeni M.V.Lomonasova i Gruzinskiy politekhnichaskiy Institut irreni V.I.Lenina. (Caucasus, Northern-Rockso Crystalline and metamorphic) 7ARIDZEq G.H.; KAZAMUSHVILI., T.G.) MANVEITDZE, R.N. C3Ay schiots and sandstones in thE upperAdylou and Adyrmi Rivers (Baksan Basin) of the northern Caucasuse Izvevyssuchabezave; geolgil rasv 5 no.6z28-31 J& 162. (MIRA 15:7) 1, Grazinokiy politekhnicheekiy inatitut imeni V.1,Leninn. (Bakoam Valley--Zlay) (Baksan Valley-Sandstono) -Y.41"AIULASHVILIP Zh.R. Study of principal mollusk complexes in Lower 01irocene sediments of the Akhaltsikhe Depression. Soob. Al, Gruz. SSR 40 no.2:387-391 '~ 165. (MIRA 19:1) 1. Institut paleobiologil AN Gru--SSR. Submitted June 28, 1965- Cci-luitions governing the existence of Early Oligocene mollusks in the Akluilts-1khe depression. Soob, AN Gruz. SSR 39 no.2:379- 38"! Ag 165, (MIRA 18:9) 1. in-L'Itut paleoblologii AN GT-uzSSR. Submitted I-lay 28, 1965. KAZAKHETSTANO A. M. t&- (.- m In gggtrolnte$ttnRl diseasea of young livestock. Drie4 colostru (141RA 1119) Vmterinnrlia 35 n0-9:79-80 S 158- 1 1. ReapublikanskaYa vatbnklaboratnriya ArmSSR. (Colostrum) (AlimOntal-y Clinal-Disna0eg) 1T-N UL 7erti-lizer- and 1951. Library of Congrem June -.--.1953. Unclassified 9 Monthly List ~jf Russian Accesgions ZHABIN, A.Gs; YAZAKHOVA-'--,14-I'Ie6. ,,,Yya 10 compley of the Vi6h I Thorite from the 0-1M" 34 uo.1:164-167 S 160o Urals* Dokl.A" SSSR I akaa. 1).j. ShoherbskOy"O 1101"It""Th-rit") Hountaing in the (aU 1318) jeno 1. Preastav (vishnevve KAZAK N, T, The now system of administering the construction projects of Moscow and the organization of labor. Sots. trud no.5:9-15 N7 157. (x= ior6) 1. Nachallnik otdala, truda. i sambotuoy platy Glavmosetroys. (Moscow--Building) MAKIN, V., inzhenor, W_. ..~ At.-, 3~larged piece-work assignment. Stroitall M.9.25 MY '57 jaU 10:6) 1. Nachallnik otdols, truda i zarabotnoy platy Glavmosetroya. (wages) bukhpalter; SHY-LYAKINA Ye.; 3ARAP.ASH, M.; G.; KMAUKHOV, V. ; KAZAKII7, V. , YA~- I T S,--' W, 14. Vagat bnaed on finished Dmduction. Sota.trud zio.":115-123 Ag 157. (lj,:Iu 10: 9) 1. Ruleoroditall normativno-issledovntellskoy gruppy "ULrrglpvmyFjso" pri Kiyevskom Vasokomblnnt(, (fc:r Snuly,il-Ina). 2. Starly inzhaner nomativno-issledovnteltakoy vrapr)y "U,-r?,Invmpt9o" pri Kiyevahom uWasol-ombInRte (for BarF-bash). 3. Starghty inihenc7 nor-aintivno- issledovatellakoy gruppy "UrrklAvwya-,v" nrl r4nuol-ombirlAte (for TRran). 4. IlacbnIlnik ctdoln trvlp I zartibutnoi platy Urr-lo- Kaspiyukogo rybopromyuhlennr,~.,c trectn, g. Gurlyev KnzAkhtkoy ',~Sll (for KRruaukov) . 5. Ilacha' 'nik ot.-lela truda t t?IA4.y GIs-,moactrcya (for Karal-ir ~. 6. lu-.~hcrmr otdela tru-4- I zarabot,~oy platy GlavmoBBtr~ya (for Ynl'tsev). (Piecewur~', "=--.,--- , - ~' - - "ll, :- `nlf- , .:, XAZA IN, V*V.; TSWIN, S.A.; 3AUBIK, A.Te.; RAGINSKIY. S.A., insh.. red. V�rinormo and wages for construction workers] lbrziroymis I oplata" truda stroitollnykh rabochikh. Moskva, Goo. izd-vo lit-ry po stroit., arkhit. i stroit. matorialm, 1958. 127 p. (XIMA 11:7) (Wagee) (Gonstruction industry) KA7A IN, V., inzh., AZBELI, B., lnzh. Pay wages to tower crane operatorn according to a pi9ce-rate 9yatem. Na atroi.Mnak. I no.9:22-23 S '58. (MIRA 11:12) (Wagne) KAZAXIN. V.V;, inzh. " Mixed brigades on tho construction altos of the Main Administration for Housing and Public Construction in the City of Moscow. Gor. khoz. Hoak. 32 no.9!10-12 S 158- (MIRA 11:9) (Moscow--Building) VINOKMOV. K.D.: DRRMIN, K.V.,- KAZAKIU. T.Y.; G)UBIN, G.P., red.: MORSKOY, K.L., red.izd-va: RUDAKOVA, N.I.,; TMINA, Te.L., (Mixed brigades on the construction siteis of the Itain Administration for Housing and Public Construction in the City of Moscow] Yompleksnye brigady no stroikakh Glav- mosstroia. Moskva, Goo.izd-vo lit-ry po stroit., arkhit. i stroit.matorialamp 1959, 61 po (MIRA 13:1) (Moscow-Buil4ing) (wages) ( XAZAKINV Ve Our group is worldng the cc=mmist way. !~-croitell no. 3:9-10 mr 161. (MIRA 14:2) . (Apartment houses) (Precast concrete construction) KA'ZAKIN -- , Veniamin Vladimirovich; YARTSEV, N., red.; STILYK, M., tekhn. - . . - C(ionstruction workars of Moscow and Leningrad are 1:,i competition] Stroiteli Moskvy i Leningreds, sorevnuiutsia. Moskva, Mosk. rabo- chii, 1961. 38 P. (MIRA 14:12) (Socialist competition) (Moscow-Construction industry) (Leningrad-Construction industry) KAZkKB Veniamin Vladimir ich; DMIIIN) Mikhail Vladimirovich; RYISR, V.S., insh., Pauchnyy red.; GLAZUNOVA, ZXI., red. izd-va; IGIATIYEV, V.A., tekhn. redo [New wago'system in the conBtruotion industry] Novye usloviia oplaty truda v stroitel'stva. Fovkvaj, Goo. izd-vo lit-ry po stroit., arkhit. i atroit. matel-iala-,a, 1961. 92 p. (MIRA .15:2) (Wages--Construction industry) U T ~,CR s A, Foraman ~n the Artisan School Nr 35 (LeninErad L 11 T I Lot ;.,~ lrs.all a ;N-lo-Jern, Cutting Instrument (Vnedryayem sov---e- i i e j i n.,.-.., r e ~; hu sh :.- h-f y i n s t r ~o-r e n t ) f (ms i'ons.11nu-TekItniche3koye Obrazovaniye, 1958, Nr 1, 51 (U631() AB3TRACT: The staten tha. he teaches his classes with an lent cutter or mill invented by I.D. Leonov. of the :-.Fvod (Kirov Factory). This instrument Azo and i'llu9trated. There are 2 fij;ures. AVATLA., LZ Li'rar~7 of Coni;ress 1. Edv..zation-Stuc4- and' teaching KAZAKOVP Amj Insh, *T~ana'shlpplng coal In the port of R1o,A* Janeiro. Rech. transp. no.l16l-62 Ja 164., (MIPLA 18:11) A KAZAEDY, A. " Large diameter tri-cone rock bits. Nev. nef t. tekh.: Bur. no.1fi.s.21: 4-5. Ab. (Rock bits) (Mufi 9: 4) KAZAK-J, ~--- , - NI CRKIN, Iz , inzh, ,,Lng pazk frr%ring in the trar3portation of cement e- ~q~ 'ago. Re:Ai, transp., 24 no,7,21-22 165. (MIRA 18:8) i, '~iorlkovsk'ly Institul-0 Anzhenerov vodnogo transporta, ZUTET, V. -, KAZAKOV, A.; DMOGLIV, Te. Aviation personnel of the Ukraine discover the potentialities of production. Grazbd.av. 13 no.8:30-31 Ag '56. (MLRA 9,10) (Ukraine-Aaronautics, Commercial) UZAKOV, A., ii zh. For a further reductiot in the cost of design and construction. Rech.transp. 19 no,1:39-40 Ja 159, (14M 13:5) (Hydraulic aricineering) WAKOV, A., kand.takhn.nauk Expansion of customer W~erc. Rach.transp. 19 no.9:15-17 3 ,6o. (MIRA 13:9) (Piers) (Cargo handling) KAZAKOV, A., kand.tekhn.nauk; RIZNICHWO, U., inzh. Methods of transportation, loading, and unloading of cement and their economic efficiency. Rech. transp. 19 no.11:7-9 N 160. (MIRk 13:11) (Cement-V?ansportation) (Cargo handling) KAZAKOV, A. Determining the planned level of navigable rivers in the unsteady reginen zone of the W1 watA-3r.- of hy4roalec trio powcr Statlons. Rech, transpo 24 n0.4:41-43 165- (MIRA 18:5) 1. Glavnyy gidrolog Karnskogo bar,3eynovogo upravleril-yu putis WALOV, A., kapitan tekhnichet;koy sluzhby Warmth of Ekillful hands. Starsh.-ser7h. no.1:22 Ja '61. (MIRA 14:7) (Airplanes, Military--Maintenance and repaii) KAZAKOV, A., inzb. Tasks involved in the utilization for transportation purposes of the Bratsk Reservcir. Rech.transp 21 no.4:34-36 Ap 162. (MIRA 15%4) (Bratsk Reservoir-Inland water traneportation) MUAMKIY, B.; KAZAK L~O~~ Construction of founchtions on permafrost ooll. Stroitell 8 no.6:3-4 Je 162. (KMA 15:7) (Frozen ground) (Foundations) KAZAKOV, A. e-- -- Salavat. Zhil. atroi, uo,12:23-25 1620 OGRA 16ti) 1. Glavnyy inzhener stroitellnogo uchastka No. 2 treata Salavatstroy. (Salavat-Apartment houses) (Precast concrete construction) K-AZ.AK,O.Vs_A.2 inzh.; KAMOVAI L., in&h. Ship Wter on the Churleroi - Brussels Camlo Reoh. transp. 22 no-3: 45-46 Mr 163, 1 (14IRA 16-4) (Charleroi-Brussels Canql-Locks (Hydraultc engineering)) 000-wim KAZAKOV, A., inzh. Use of electromagrAr in harbors; practices in foreign ccamtries. Rech. transp. 22 no.4145-46 Ap ,63 (MI6 16:4) (Electromagnets) (Cargo handling) JUMOV, A., inzh. New vertical ship rdsIng atructure an the Dortmund-Ems Canal. Rech. transp. 22 no.7:52-53 JV63. (MMA 16.9) (Dortmund-Ems Canal-Locks (Hydraulic engineering)) I T A. 4LE: Io I O!'PA I I _'N A W' 7 111: i L A 'T I C IT Y CIF 7 '! I,' L I f 1 VA 1 t .T;. TL t~l TAL' k!l', ~i - L I- I _. LUO , JUN 'T, Crlw 1) .1 o I ',. L I T A I I ~. N Ft ;. T I', E L 1: C r ',:A!tr, I DA Tf: I t: T v c it, I . A t ')CC.lE;,'rJAYA JANLfA1,Y-:)LCE:"CLo~ 1~1~":-' 6A331 S/136/60/000/05/012/025 t/ IG E071/E235 !.UTHORS: Kazakov, A. Kovalev, I. Gj., and Kolpaghnikoy, A. I TITILE: Heat Resistant eformable Magnesium Alloy MA13' PERIODICAL: Tsvetnyye metally, 1960, Nr 5, pp 62-65 (USSR) ABSTRACT: On the basis of preliminary investigations of various magnesium alloys, carried out during 1956 to 1957 by VIAM Aand literature data an alloy of the system Mg- L~Lnvjunder the name of MA13 (similar in composition .o an American alloy NM2lKhA) was found to be the most heat resistant and was chosen for more detailed investiga- tions; the results of these P-e reported in the paper. A few heats of the alloy were prepared for the investiga- tion in a steel crucible (12 kg) with the application of flux V12. Magnesium and alloying addition MGS-1 was melted at 700 to 7200C. Thorium was introduced in the form of turnings at 8000C in a preheated bell. DurinG the introduction of thorium, the surface of the metal bath was covered with a small amount of flux containing 5596 of KC11 28% of CaC12 15% of BaC12 and 2% of CaF2. The alloy (cooled to about ~20 to 7400C) was cast into metal moulds, 'aard 1/3 preheated to 100 to 1500C. The experimental ingots (25 x 150 x 300 mm) were rolled into sheets I to-6 mm no u-, 9~ i 0 VP 69831 S/136/60/000/05/012/025 E071/E235 Heat Resistant Deformable Ma6nesium Alloy MA13 thick, on a two high mill, with rolls 4000 mm in diameter, preheated to 100 to 1200C. Temperature at the beginning of rolling 450 to 5000C,at the end of rolling 300 to 3500C, reduction per pass 20 to 3U~b. Rolled sheets were thermally treated with an intermediate cold rolling: a) heating (for hardening) to 550 to 5600C with a 30 minute soaking in a protective atmosphere (sulphurcus gas) and cooling in air; b) cold rollin6 with total reduction of 7 to 10%; c) ageing at 2001C for 16 hours. After hardening, the sheets were pickled in a ~% solution of nitric acid and hand dressed. After hot rol ling, the alloy possessed a fibrous structure of a deformed, partially re-Irystallised material. After hardening, a fully recrystallised equiaxial structure is formed. The physical properties of the alloy are entered in Table 1; the mechanical properties are given in Table 2; a compa~~n ot the mechanical properties of the alloys LIAll, 2_11 NIL8 with those of MA13 are Siven in Tables 3, 4 and Fig 4. It was found that at temperatures above Card 2/3 24000 alloy MA13 possesses superior mechanical properties 6019?1 S/136/60/000/05/012/025 E071/E235 Heat Resistant Deformable MaGnesium Alloy MA13 not only in comparison with standard magnesium alloys, but also compared with the. most heat resistant aluminium al2oy D20 (Table 4). An investigation of the corrosion resisting properties indicated that it has no tendency to corrosion cracking under stress. It has goud welding properties (argon arc welding) and shows no tendency to cracking. Annealing for the removal of internal stresses in welded joints is not obligatory. The strength of a welded joint amounts to not less than 75% of the strength of the main metal. The alloy is suitable for stamping; bending and stretching of sheets should be done at 350 to 4000C. Tha limiting coefficient of the first stretching 3 to 3.2. the minimum permissible radius of bending 3 to 3.5 of the thickness of the material. The alloy MA13 is recommended for the manufacture of parts operating for long periods at 300 to 3500C and short periods at 400 0. The necessary precautions against the radioactivity of thorium during the preparation of thorium alloys are outlined. There are 4 figures, 4 tables and 7 referencesl 2 of which are Soviet, 3 English and 2 German. K S/1 30/6 1/000/006/00 1/004 A006/A 10 1 AUTHORS: Kurapin, B. S., Kazakov _-,A._A. TITIZ: All-Union Conference on the production of semi-killed steel PERIODICALi Metallurg, no, 6, 1961, 18 - 19 TE)(T: Although the manufacture of semi-k*--lled steel is increasingly developing abroad, in particular in the USA, this steel grade was until the present produced in the USSR only in inconsiderable amounts. From 1959 to 1960 a number of metallurgical plants and scientific research institutes were charged to develop the technology and assimilation*of semi-killed steel production in the Soviet Union. Experiences gathered-in this field have been exchanged during an All-Union ConferencW organized by the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Metals and the Stalino Sovnarkhoz at Stalino from January 31, to February 2, 1961. rhe Conference heard 16 reports on the results of investigations obtained by a number of plants and organizations, including, Azovstal', the Krivoy Rog and Makeyevka Plants, the KMK, the Zhdajiov Plant imeni Il'yich, Plant imeni Dzerzhin- skiy, the Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute, ate. Mechanical and chemical methods of converting rimming into semi-killed steel had been developed and sav- 0,ard 1/3 S/130/61/000/006/001/004 All-Union CG..ference on the proftetion of ... A006/A101 ings In head crops amounting from 2 to 10% had been achieved in the manufacture of semi-killed steel sheets, rails, reinforcement fittings, and roll metal con- taining 0.05 - 0.5% C. A technology was developed for the production of bottle molds for the teeming of rimming steel. The Conference recommended a technology for semi-killed steelmaking which differs from rirmning or killed steel manufacture merely by the deoxidation method. For the manufacture of semi-killed steels with over 0.25% C deoxidation should be performed by adding into the ladle ferro- silicon-(in an amount calculated for 0.05 - 0.12% Si in the finished steel) and aluminum (100 - 3OOg/t). Deoxideition is corrected by the addition of aluminum shot into the mold or the feed trumpet. For the production of steel with C below 0.25%, ferrosilicon is added in an amount assuring 0.05 - 0.12% Si in the finish- ed steel and Al 300 - 500 9/t. The chemical method of converting rimmed Into semi-killed steel during syphon casting should be conducted by adding 45% Al or 75% ferrosilicon into the molds. When teeming CT .3kn (St.)kp) steel, the de- oxidizers for the chemical conversion are added in the following approximate amounts: 150 - 200 g/t Al and 3CO - 400 9/t 75%-Fe-Si. For the conversion of 0.8KnCT.1 (0.8kp St.1) and GT. 2 KIl (St.2kp) rimming steels 250 - 300 g/t alumin- um must be added. The mechanical method of converting the rimming steel is per- formed by teeming the steel into bottle-shaped molds using spherical lids. The Card 2/3 Card 313 7AYTSEV, I.A.; KAZAKOV, A.A.; AKOLITSEV, Yo.D.; UVAROV, V.V. Production of St-5ps semikilled steel for helical rib bars, Motallurg 7 no.7:20-21 Jl 162. (MIRA 15:7) (Steel-Motallurgy) XAZAKOV. A. A. Ustrotstva STSB i sviazi nu zhe1ezni1,)rozhnom trannpnrte. Signallng, centralization, block system anl comm-inIcations in railroul trunny,nrtution-j. Tltverzhdeno v kachestve iirhcbnika dl1a tekhnikumov zhel-dor, transporta vo a-etsiallnnsti "Dvizhenie i gruzovala rabota." 14onkya, Gnq. tranap. zhel-dor. izfl-vo, 1949. 1179 P. 11111B. I)LC: Tv6i5.K3 SC: SOVIET TRANSPORTATION AND COM TJ3 i XMIICATrr)!., A 3 LrOGJ APHY, Library of Congress Referen". Department, Washington, 1952, Unclanoified. BZWV, K.P.; KATA OV. A.Ae, redaktor. - . ..... [Light aignals on railroadal Svetovys sigualy n& sheleznykh dorogakh. Mo- skva. Goo. transp. shel-dar. W-yo, 1952. 143 pe (MLRA 6:5) p (Railroads --S ignal ing) TIARA OV, A.7., rodaktor; BIZYUKIN, D.D., redaktor; YAJUI--, otvatetyea- W redaktor toma, professor. doktor tekhnicheakikh nauk; VXMISOV, B.I., redaktor; IVLITXV. 1.V., redaktor, MOGHGWX, I.D., redaktor; RUDDY, Te.F., glaynyy radaktor; SOKOLINSKIY, TA.X., redaktor; SOLOGUBOV, V.N., redaktor; SH11AVSKIY, V.A., radaktor; ALMOV. A.A.. inzhener; ANASHKIN, B.T., in- zhener; AFAHASIYEV, Y&.V.. 1&areat St&lirwkoy premii, Inzhener; BET-2 0, K.M., doteent; BORISOV, D.P., doteent, kandidat tekhnicheskikh nauk; 7HIlITSOV, P.N., inzhener; %BAH. H.R., inzhener; ILIYZNKOV, V.I., doteent, kandidat takhnicheskikh nauk; KAZAKOV, A.A., kandidat takhaicheskikh nauk; MYZM, L.P., kandidat tekhn1-d1V1T=-fM; KOTLYARFMO, H.F., doteent. kandidat takhalchaskikh n&ak; MATSHEV9 FJ., profoosor, kandidat tekh- nichaskikh nauk; MARKOV, M.Y., inzhener; N=FM , I.$., dotsent, kandi- dat takhnicheakikh nw, ; NOVIKOV, V.A., doteent; ORLOV, N.A., inshener; PSTROV, I.I., kandidat takhnicheakikh nauk; PIVK0, G.M., inzhener; PO- GODIN, A.M., inzhener; RAMIAU. P.N., doteant, kandidat takhnichaskikh uauk-, ROGINSKIY, V.N., kandidat tekhnicheskikh neuk; RYAWTSIV. B.6., laureat Stalinakoy premii, doteent, kandidat tekhnichaskikh nauk; SNARSKIY. A.A., inzhener; FZLIDMAN, A.B., inzhener; SWTIN, V.A., laureat Stalinakoy premil, Inzhener; SHUR, B.I., inzhoner, GONCOKOV, V.I., inthener, ratsenzent~ NOVIKOT, V.A., dotoent, retoenzent; AYA- NAS'Y39V, Ye.V.. laureat StEtlinakoy premii, rateenzent; [Teohnical ;:andbook for railroad men] Takhnichaskii Bpravochnik zhelet- nodorozhnika. Vol. 8. ~Sigztallng, central control, block system, and cormunication) Signalizatella, teentralizataiia. blokirovka, aviazt. Red. kallegila A,F.Baranov [I dr.] B.I.Rudoi. Moskva, Goa. transp. zhal-dor. Izd-vo, 195Z. 975 P. (Continued on next card) BRYLMV, A.M., laureat Stalinskoy premii, iuzhener; GAMBURG. Te.Tu., in- zhener, retsenzent; GOIOVKIN, M.K., inzhener. retsenzent; KAZUO. A.A.. kandidat takhnicheakikh nank, retsentent; KIJTIIN, I.M., dDtoent, kandi- dat takhnichaskikh nauk. retsenzent; LICONOV, A.A., inzhener, reteenzent; SMMOV. N.M., laureat Stalinskoy premli. inzhener, reteenzent; CHF.R- HYSHEV, V.B., inzhener, rateenzent; VAJMV, GA., inthener, retsenzent; MITTAS, N.A., laureat Staliuskoy premil, iuzhener, reteensent; SOVI- KOY, Y.A., dotsant, reteansant; PIVOVAHOV, A.L.. inshener, reteenzent; PMDIN, A.M., inshener, retsenzent; KHOWROV, L.R., inshener, reteen- zent; PIVOVAROV, A.L., inshener, rateenzent; POGODIN, A.M., inzhener, ratgansent; KHODDROV, L.R.,, inshenar, rateenzent; SHUPLOV, V.I., kan- didat takhaicheakikh nauk. retsentent; KLYKOV, A.P., Inzhener, retseu- zant; YUDZON, D.M., takhuicheakiy redsk-tor; vniu o.r., takhnichookiy redaktor. [Technical handbook for railroad men] Tekhaichaskil spravochnik the- le3ucdorochnika. Vol. 8. (Signaling, central control, block system, and communication) Signalizateiia, teentralizateiia, blokirovka, sviazO. Red. kollaglia A.F.Baranoy Ei dr.] X.F.Rudol. Moskva, Goo. traAsp. zhol-dor. izd-vo, 1932. 975 p. (Card 2) (MIRA 8:2) (Railroade--Signaling) (Railroads--Communication systems) KIIAYIV, N.V.; KAZA OV, A.A.,, usuchnyy redaktor; KONTSIVAU, Z.X.. re- daktor; tekhnichoskiy redaktor. [Automatic and telemachanic eggipment. for railroad transportation ..system (StsB)) Kvt'6m&tlka i 'telebekbanika na zheleznodoroshnom trane]~oitf IMB). Moskya, Vaes. uchabno-padagog. izd-vo Trudresserv- izdat. 1954. 66 p. (MM 8:2.) (Railroads-Signaltzg) KAZAKOV, Ileksandr Aristarkhovich; DAVYDOVSKIY, Vladimir Mikhavlo-vich; YUDZOII,D.M., tekhnicheskiy redaktor [Apparatus for signalling. centralization, block-system and communication in railroad transportation) Ustroistva STO i eviazi na zheleznodorozhnom transporte. Izd. 2-oe, perar.Mookya, Gos.tranep. thel-dor.itd-vo, 1955. 503 P. (MW 9:2) (Railroads--Signaling) KLZAKOT, Aleksandr Artstar-kho Wk; IUKITO, N.I., radaktor; BOBROVA, U.S., ~ - I ., -~6 --- m- -tekhnidheikik red,-,ktor [Electric ctntralization of switclies and signaling] Xlektricheskata tsentralizatsiia, strelok i signalov. Izd- 3-e, parer. i dop. Hook-va, Goo. transp. zhal-dor. izd-vo, 1957. 447 P. (MMA, 10:6) (Railroads-Signaling) IrAZA OV,,AI-ekg&Mr,Arij�t")&b"oh.- CEEOWW# N.Mo, Inzh., red.; BCBROVA, " " ' Te*N,, tekhne redo [Automatic block astomt automatic locomotive signaling, and automatic stop] Avtoblokir6vka,'avtomatichoolada le;comotivnaia signalizataila i avtosto~y, Izd,3** porer, i Ispr. Moskva, Goo. transp. zhel-rdor. izd-yo 1958 407 p. (MIILA 11tq) (Railroads-Signsling~ (31ailroads-Automatic train ocutrol) TYUM40REZOV s V4ktor Yevgrafoirich, inzh,; KIRIWV, Mikhail Mikhaylovichs kand. tekbn. nauk; KOZIDV, Lev Nikolayevich, inzh.; Te.A., kand. tekbn. ueuks retsenzent; POZDNYAKCIV, L.G., inzh.., retsenzent; FELIDMANp A.B., inzh.p retsenzent; KAMOV,-AA., kand. tekhn. nauks red.1 MEDVEDEVA, M*4k., tekhn. red. [Electric power supp:~y to railroad communicationss apparatus and automatic controls and remote control systems) Elektropitanie ustroistv sviazi, avtomatiki i telemekhaniki na zheleznodorozhnom tra4s~orte, Moskva, Vses. izdatellsko-poligr. obnedinrnie M-va putei soobshcheniia, 1961 215 P. (MIRA 14:1.1) (Electric ewer supply to apparatus) (Itai-Iroads--Electric equipment) KALUKOV Al ks r 4Riot,~L~ r ho cb,-_DAVYDOVSKIY, Vladimir Mikhaylovich; TSV~ N., inzh.2 retBenzent; MATYASH, S.Ye., inzh.9 retser~ zent; NIKOL'SK-4.', V.A.# inzh.p retsenzent; STORCHUZZ, N.A., inzb., retsenzent; MARIIKOVA, G.I., inzh.,, red.; 14OVIKAS, M.N., inzh., red,; BOBROVA, YeX., tekhn. red. (Automatic control, remote control, and communication systems in rail- road transportationj Ustroistra avtorratiki, tolernokhaniki i sviazi na zheleznodorozhnom transporte. Izd.3,, perer. i dor.. Yloskva, Vses. izdatellsko-po.Ugr.oblleclinenie M-va putei soobshcheniial 1961.4-46 p. (Railroads-4lectronie equipment.) (Automatic controliMIRA 14:-12) (Renoto control) BRnZISVj A.M., doktor tekhm,nauk,, prof.; SHISHLYAKOV, A.V., kand.tekhn. nauk; FUGIN, D.K., Icand.tekhn.nauk; YEFIMOV, G.K., inzh.; MOZHAY9V, S.S., inzh.; GRIGORIYEV, N.I., inzh., retsenzent; KAZAKOV.-A.A., kand.tekhn.nauk, ratuenzent; PETUSHKOVA, I.K., inzh.,, tede; USFJIKO, J-.A., [Now systems of cod-3d automatic block signaling] Novyc sistemy kodovoi avtob:Lokiro7ki. Moskva, Vaes. izdatellsko-poligur. ob"edinenie M-va putei soob.,.1961. 135 p.*(Moscow. Vsesoiuznyi nailclino-issledovatellskii institut zlieleznodorozhnogo transports. Trudy, no.219). (MIR-4 15:1) '(Railroads--Signaling-Block system) CHMIENEV, Nilcolay Modestovich; KRIVOBOKOV, I-van Androyevich,, inzh.; CH&REDKOV, l4ikhail Nilcolpyevich, inzh_~~~~., kand. tekhn. nauk, retsenzent; MELITIKOVA, V.I.) inzh.0 retsenzent; KHONYAK(YVApZ.P. tokbo , protean"Utl AMUMMA-.0. I a, inzh. red.; USEIIKO,L.IL. , tetrm.rec't. [Sigmling systems, their installation and maintenancelUstroi- stvi: 6TsB, ikh rnontazli i soderzhanic. Lonkva, Trans-zhelcior- izdat., 1962. 1,12 p. (MR A 15; 11) ("Railroads-Sginaling-Block system) KAZANOV. kieksandr Arist r)qho-rjch; ZHILITSOV, P.N., inzh., retsenzent; --A ESTRIN, M.Z., inzb., :retsenzent; MARENKOVA, G.I., inzh., red.; KHITROVA, N.A., tekbn, red. [Electric InterlookIng of switches and aingnaling systems) Elektrichaskaia tsentralizataiia strelok i signalov, 4,, perer, izd. Moskva, Tranezhaldoritdat, 1962. 315 P. (MIRA 16:1) (Railroads--Signallng-Interlocking system) (Railroads-Signaling) (Railroads-Switches) KAZAKOV, A.A., kand. tekhn. n!iuk; MAKAROV, V.I,, inzh. Block-type semiauto.,uatic pulse-relay block syster Trudy WIT no.170:91-104 163. kMIRA 17:6) KAZAKCV, Aleksandr Aristarkhovich; MAREVKOVA, G.I., inzh., red. [Automatic block system, cab signaling, and automatic atop devices) Avtoblokirovka, avtomatichesknia lokrTotivnaia sig- nalizatsiia i avtostoPY. 4. perer. i dop. izd. Moskvaj Izd- vo "Transport," 1964. 370 p. (MIRA 17:5) MEDZIIIBO7IiSKlY, M.Ya.; KA7AEOV, A.A. Limiting element in the reaction of carbon oxidation in a steel smelting bath. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; chern. met, F no.5:12-16 165. (MIRA 18:5) 1. Doiletokiy nauclinc-Issledovatellskly institut chernoy matallurgil. HHYLEYEV, A.M.,, daktor tekhn. nauk, orof. uchwit.Iye 191YLL"IEVA, Ye.A., inzi..; KAZAKP.V.,,-A.,k,.&, red. [Rail track circuits in railroad transportation; a sum- mary of lectures) Rellsovye tsepi na zhelemiodorozImom transports; konspekt 3ektsii. Moskva, Musk. In-t in- zhenerov zhel-dor. transp., 1963. 154 P. (111KA 18:6) KULIKOV, V.O.; BORNATSKIY, I.I.; ZARUBIN, N.C.; DOROFEYFV, G.A.,: KAIUZHSKIY, Y.-A-; P_ Z , "KOV KOVA L I , R. F. ; KORN K V.A , N. K. TRETIYAKOV, Ye.V.; TRU'IOV, Ye.A.; Prinimali uchastiye: GOIU)IYENKO, V.V.; GRI11-VICE, I.P.; GUBARI, V.F.; DOLINFINK0 ` V.I.; ZHER14OVSKIY, V.S.; ZHIIA.)VA, Z.I.; KOMOV, N.G.; KURAIIIN, B.S.; OLESHEEVICH, T.I.; PRIU0711ENKO, Ye. Mastering the operatioas of 650- and 900-ton (meCa - gram) capaci.ty open-hearth furnaces at the Illich metallurgical plant. Stall 25 no.8:805-807 S 165. (MIR1 18: 9) 1. DONN Il CHEIRMT i Zhdanovakiy mctalli.,rricheskly zavoci imenl Illicha. L 05621-67 EW r( 1) Al' ACC NRt AP6024493 SOURCE CODE: uR/OiBi/66/008/007/2228/22 AUTHOR: Druzhinin, V. V.; Kazakov, A. A. ORG.- Ural State UniverorCy 'imA. M. Gor-kiy, Sverdlovsk (Urallskiy gosudarstyennyy universitet) TITLE: Calculation of the spin-Himiltonian constants by the method of irreducible tensor operators SOURCE; Fizika tverdogo tela, Y. 8, no. 7, 1966, C2228-2230 TOPIC TAGS: Hamiltonian, spin or~At coupling, nuclear spin, per-turbat-lon theory, i matrix element t=-TRACT: The Hamiltonian of anAmpurity ion with configuration t is written in the form 1i = H + V + V + V + 11 where V and V are the spin-orbit and spin- 0 cr s Ss spin interaction oDera?ors. UnliKe earliersRerivatisosns of the spin Hamiltonian, V so and V s are not replaced by equivalent operators, making it possible to take more com- pletesaccount of the contributions made to the spin-l"amiltonian constants in differVnt qproximations of perturbation theory. Expressions are derived for the matrix ele-' mbnts of these operators and for the corresponding irreducible tenser operators. Numerical calculations for the ion v3+ in Al 0 obtained witb the aid of these cal- 2 3' 4 Card 1/2 ACC Mi Al:,602441~,'3 *Vlations are i- good agreement with the experimental data. The authors thar-k V. ,qhE~repaijov and R. S. Dagis for a discussion. Orig. art. has; 1 figure and 7 for-,, mulas SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: 23JU1(,5/ ORIG REF: 005/ OTH REF: 006 Card 2/2 40-~' -LkZAKOV, A.A. p kand. teklin. nai.Lk; STEPENSKIY, B.M-, inzh. tandard logical elements fcr 402MI6140* raf f ic control Choice of a no.0:T*-11 S 165- (KRA 18*9') devices. Avt0m-v telem- A.A..,..,- ~kand. tekhjj. nauk; STEPE,'SKIYp B.M., inzh. Logic circuits using ferrite and transistor elements. Avtun., telem. i aviaz' 9 no.10:11-14 0 165. (MM 18:11) KAZAROV, A.A,~ WZZHIBDZHSKIY, M.Ya.; GUBARI, V.F. p Dependence of the oxygon content In open-hearth steel on technological factors. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; chern. met. 7 no.1109-65 164. (MIRA l7sl2) K AUTHORt None Given TITLEt Chronicles (Khronika) 6-1-16/16 PERIODICALt Geodeziya i Kartografiya, 1950p Nr It PP- 79 - 00 (USSR) ABSTRAM A conference of the directors of the oartographical. printing- -offices and of the scientific divisions for map-composition took place in the Central Office for Geodesy and Curtography th at the Ministahof the Interior of the USSR from December 16 to December 20 t 1957. This conference was devoted to the problems concerning the state of the cartgraphical printing- -offices GUGK and to the measures required to fulfil the plan for 1958- The representatives of the military-topographi- cal office, the TsNIIGA i X and the MIIGA i K attended this conference. The conference was opened by the director of the GUGX (Central Office fo4Geodesy and Cartography), A. N. Bara- nov. Lectures were held bys 1) The head of the division GUGK - G. V. Artamonov one "On the performance of the plan by the Card 1/2 cartographic printing-offices GUGK within 11 months of the Card 2/2 Kjt7AEV.Cv' !,. -). Aild Ai'ViL,111CO~" 4 L:,., : 1" W; "." 1; i ~"- '~f ui oc 1."i - ~"' -1 1: ~ ~.; 1~ 1;. ~-:- -'~ :' ", ) -). I ~ ~ / 5~. 1 11 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, : -1953. Unclassified FAZ.Wv, A. D. Electric I-1z,!Idnory FeeleTr- fcr checking sr,lder-i -.,-irts o!' a cn'lect~,r. Rub. ener~. 3 1:'7'. 2, 1953. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, June 1953. M.classified 3(2) S/00 60/1000/02/003/024 WTHORS: Danillchev, A. M., Kaza B007YI3011 TITLE: Creation oi%'/ 25,000 for Mountainous and MUa on a Scale of I Highland Regions PERIODICAL: Geodeziya, i kartografiya, 1960, Nr 2, pp 10-20 (USSR) LBSTRACT: The stereotopographic workshop of the Kazakhskoye ae:,ogeodezi- cheakoye predpriyatiye (Kazakhskoye Aerogeodetic Entorprise) conducted stereotopographic operations preparatory to the pro- duction of maps as mentioned in the title in 1,958 and 1959. Aerial photographs on two different scales were used for the purpose. So far, stereotopographic surveys have been made on this basis J.n 26 trapezes with a total 2449.6 km2. Of the two regions sury6yed, one is a highland region with abBolu~e alti- tudes UP to 3000 m., The region is almost uninhabited., The second region is traversed by a highland crest; absolute alti- tudes amount to 3500 m, the area is sparsely inhabited.. A de- scription is given here of the characteristics of both regionas of serial surveying in summer, of the field compilati,)n survey, and the sterootopographic operations in both regions,, The fol.- Card 1/3 loving is stated on the basis of the experience made: aerial Creation of Maps on a Scale of 1 25,000 S/006/60/000/02/003/024 for Mountainous and Highland Regions 11007/11011 photographs taken on two scales for the preparation of large scale maps for the regions in question permit an appreciable reduction to be achieved in the bulk of field work with respect to the horizontal and vertical bridging. For the purpose of condensing the point altitudes in stereotopographic tiurveys of mountainous and highland regions it in advisable to utilize the stereoprojector SPR-2. The accuracy of altitude condensation vitb this device stioures the possibility of producine maps vith I : 25,000 for mountainous regions on the basis of small, st;ale aerial photographs, not only with a vertical interval of 10 m each, but also with such having 5 m each. If the dif- ference of interva3 per image pair is not more than 600-800 m, the stereometer STP-2 can be used for the altitude condensation on the basis of small scale aerial photographs for ths produc- tion of maps (only for mountainous regions with intervals of 10 m each). The condensation of the horizontal photo-control may be made on the multiplex on the basis of small scale ajrial photographs, with the scale, howev~3r, being not less than I : 40,000~ The interpretation results of aerial CiLrd 2/3 photographs showed that it is not necessary to increatse the Creation of Maps on a Scale of 1 : 25,000 S10061601000102/0031024 for Mountainous and Highland Regions B007/BO11 number of orientation points in those zones. One point, to be readily recognized on all adjacent aerial photographs, will be sufficient for each zone. When preparing mapa on the basis of aerial photographs on two scales, a high quality of aerial photographs from the photographic and photogrammetric aspect must be sectired. Moreover, photographs munt bit taken with both aerial cameras. To increase the efficiencyt the enterprises musz be provi ed with multiplex, utereoprojectors of the Romanovskiy SPR-2v - , and Drobyshev stereographe in suffi- cient quantities. ,.?Tere are 3 figures and 13 tables, Card 3/3