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KAURYAN, L.Z.; ZAPROSYAN, T,O. gzz="~ Sapohification of polyvinyl acetate vith dimethyl sulfate. Zhur.priklekhim. 34 no.8:1898-1900 Ag.161. (MM& 14:8) 1. Kafedm organicheakoy i fizicheskoy khimil Yerevanskogo poli- tekhnicheakogo inotituta. imeni K.Marksa. (Vinyl acetate) (Vinyl alcohol po3,vmers) WINHOYAN, A.L.; AFRIKYAN, V.G.; KALAYDZHYA14, A.Ye.;. KAZAIIIYPII~ L.Z.; MARKARYAN, E.A. - , . I . --.- - ~ I -,V.- - , '. ~ ?r~~o4,j : -, ~ -. .,- , ---- -- - -. -~ Derivatives of furwis Report, Noo29t kftlno witers of 4,5-eub- -fur , -4g~ds.-Jer.; Alt'AmSkSH. nim. nauki . StIt'llted 2 am oarbo?q4q, 11-16 n6.2tl75-179 163 - - (MIRA 17t8) 1. Institut tonkoy organichoqkoy khImJ1 AN ht6S,11.0 MIG)ZHOYAN Al.L.;AFRIk-YAN, V.G.; KAZARYAN. L.Z.; GEVORKYAN, IKOPYAN, X.Ye.; KRCH All, . h. Synthenia of benzodioxan derivatives. Part Ir Sow amino 65t6rs of 1.4-bensodioxan-2-oarboxylic acid. Izv. AN Am. SBR. Khix. nauki 18 no.3s2c/7-303 165. (MIRA 18!11) 1. Institut tonkoy organicheskoy khiaii AN Arayanskoy SSR. Submitted May l4l 1964. USSR Cultivated Plants. Potato. VeSetables. Nelons. Abs Jour: R(-f Zhur-Biol., No lu, 72991. Author ; KazaLyan,-N,__ Inst : Not given. Title : Ne,.,~, 11ethod of Seed Grains Summer-and-Winter Radishs. Grig Pub: Ayastani koltntesakan, Kolkhoznik Armenli, 1056, cm, No 1, 49. Abstract: No abstract. Card 1/1 Kaj~IYA~, Mj_kqndatekhn.n&uk Manufacture of polyvinyl floor coverings with the use of local fi.llers. Prom.Arm. 5 no.1:51-53 Ja 162. (MIRA 15:2) (Armenia-Floor coverings) ~Armenia-Volcanic ash, tuff, etc.) 84593 S/169/60/000/008/004/007 2-Y60 60W, Ms 7~ /apoj A906 3,xo/) AO05/A001 Translation fromi Referativnyy zhurnal, Geofizika, 1960, No. 8, p.. 201, # 9911 AUTHORS: Khachikyan, E. Y ., Kalloglyan,_A. T., Kazaryan, M, A TITLE; Observations of an Artificial Comet~~t Byurak&n - I. WIth the "Kometa A" Unit PERIODICAL: Astron. tsirkulyar, 1959, 15 Okt., No. 205, pp.. 2-3 TEXT: On September 12, 1959, beginning in 21h 35"bs Moscow time, the continuous photographing were carried out of the sodium cloud artificially ohji- nated by the second Soviet cosmic rocket; the unit "Kometa A" was used. Six pictures were obtained. The greatest density of blackening was observed in the direction near the rocket motion direction. The coordinates of the cloud center were roughly estimated. A table is added of the computed values of the cloud diameters for its different evolution stages. The average rate of expanding was of the order of 1.3 kq/sec. According to the last photograph the cloud diametev amounted, to about 1,500 kmi, The instant of flash is In the interval from 21h49m 208 to 21h49m35s. The sodium cloud was photographed also by the 21 - 21" Shmidt- telescope; two phoWgraphs were taken. From the first, the equatorial coordinates Card 1/2 84593 S,/169/'60/000/008/004/007 AOO5/AOOl Observations of an Artificiall Comet at Byurakan - I. With the "Kometa A" Unit of the artificial comet were determined, from the second the average value of the cloud expansion rate (l krq/sec) was estimated. Moreover, a weak monochromatic picture cif the sodium cloud was obtained by the 8" Shmidt-chamber through,the objective prisma. D. A. M. Translatorts note: This is the full translation of the original Russian abstract. Card 2/2 -66 'E**,`7(M)/ _T__ AP6007219 SOURCE CODE: r i ACC NR.- UR/0056/66/050/002/0376/037q/~ AUTHORS: Dayon, M. I.; Yeliseyev., V. 73.; Kazaryan, M. A. iORG: Institute of Physics im. P. N. Leb dev. Academv of Se ences, SSSR icheskiy institut Akademii nauk 10 TTITLE: Measurement or the momenta of fast qh~~. 0 12 1,10 ev/c) by the spark chamber and pbotoemulsion technique SOURCE: Zhurnal eksperimentallnoy i teoreticheskoy fiziki, v. 50, no. 2, 1966, 376-378 ITOPIC TAGS: charged partlele., spark chamber, nuclear emulsion, cosmic ray particle,, fast_ particle, particle detector, particle track .ABSTRACT:---The--authors-pm4ent experimental results obtained in 1959 a ilitS M-dietectin the --- tvac ka---o f- charged -particles --in- ,on the prob b __ _i--, iphotoemulsion (thickness 200 45--as indicated-by a spark chamber tele- ;scope. These data were presented in a thesis by one of the authors (Kazaryan, Scientific Research Nuclear-ihyA tj versity, have not been published previously. Three'! State Uni Card L 23 74 1- 6 6 ACC NR: AP6007219 spark chambers placed 28 cm apart were placed in the form of a tele- scope In an electromagnet gap. Each chamber measured IB x 8 cm. Th chambers were filled with a mixture of air, argon, and organic vapor.1 The spark chamber telescope is described in detail elsewhere (PTE No. 2, 47, ig6i). A 200-~t photoemulsion was placed on a glaas back- ing under the lower spark chamber. Out of a total 26 straight tracksl in the spark chamber telescope, in seven cases the matching of the trajectories in the spark chamber and in the emulsion was not random coincidence, and showed that the indication of the spark'chamber i locates a track of interest in the emulsion. The speed and efficiencyli of track detection In the pbotoemulsion can be increased by computer analysis of the spark-chamber data and by automatic scanning of the emulsion. The required accuracy of coordinate measurement is dis- cussed,briefly. The authors thank V. Kb. Volyaskly for major assistance In the work. Orig. art. has: I table. SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: l3Sep65/ ORIG REP: 005/ OTH REF: 001 P- IVANOVA, N.L.; tLZ!~~Y~Nt M.A~-,__qGA~ESYAN, R.Kh. Spectral observations of Nova Herculls 1960. Soob.Blur.obser. no.29:25-38 161. (MIRA 15-1) (stars, New) IVANOVA, N.L.; KAZARYAN, M.A., OGANESYAN, R.Kh. Observations of Nova Ilerculls (1963). Astron. tair. no.239: 1-3 Ap 163. (MIRA *117:6) 1. Byurskanskaya astrofizichookaya observatoriya AN Arn7anskoy SSR. KAZARYAN, M. K. 496 KAZARYAN, M. K. i KRACHATRYANy K.M. Perekreatnyy i uzkoryadrory posev zernovykh kulitur. Yerevan,, A ypetrat, 1954. 24 a. so akhem. 19 am. 3.000 ekz. 25 k.- Na, arm. yaz.- 154-550217 633.1: 631-531.23 SO: Knizhnaya Latopis, Vol. 1, 1955 KLZARrAN, H. H a Spatial and Plane Problems of the Theory of Zlasticity Dissertation: "Approximate StatiaticaLl Calculation of a Symetrieally Deformed Thick.- Walled Cylinder." Cand Tech.Sci, Terevan Polytechnic Inat imeni Url Harm. 15 Mar 54. (Kommunist. Terevan, 5 var 54) SO: SUH .113, ZO Sep 1954 "'7" : - KAZARYAN M.M. [deceased1j, kand.tekhn.nauk Stresses and dislocations in a thin-walled cylinder caused by an axisymmetric thermal aetionp Sboro nauche trude ZrPI no, 20:205 213 159. (MIRA 14:5) (Thermal atresoes) -- -li 1-y. -- -- - - --- -- --- - -- ---- - ---- - - - -- - - - L. S. Dissertation: "Comparative Testing olf Various hethods for Improving Postforest and Subalpine Leadows -ith Reed Grass.n Cand Agr Scis Yerevan ]ooveterinary Inst, 26 Lay 54. Kormnist, Yerevan, 15 LaY 54- SO: SUU 2:84, 26 Nov 1954 SHUR-BAGDASARYANO E-F-I UZARYAN, M.S* Change in tile vegetation and &oils or pastures in the upland steppes of the Amenian S~,'S,R~ caused Iri overgrazing. T~V. AN Arm.SSR.Blol.nataki 19 4.M43-49 0 165. (MIRA IStIZ-) 1. Armyanskly Institut pochvovadanjy-a i agrolhJmti. UMHKOV2 A.P.; BYKOVAO L.N.1 KAZARYAN, N A. t221- Potentiometric titration of multicomponent and mixtures in nonaquqaus solutions. Zhur,anal.khim. 16m.2:129-134 Mr-4 161. (MIRA 14:5) 1, Mendeleyev Moscow Chemico-Technological Institute. (Alotentiometric analysis), BYKOVA, L.N.; U .0 N.A. Fotentiometric titration of multicomponent mixtures of acids in ketone media. Trudy Kom.anal.khim. 13:309-314 163. (MIRA 16:5) 1. MoskovaIdy khimiko-teWhnologicheskiy inatitut, imeni, D.I.Yandeleyeva, kafedra analiticheakoy khimii., (Acids., Organic) (Potentiometric analysis) KRESHKOV, A.Pa; BYKOVA, L.N.; KAZARYAN, N.A.; ALDAROVA, N.Sh. Progress in the analysia of inorganic and organic compounds in nonaquaous solutions. Usp. khim. 31 no-4:490-527 162. (MIn 16: 8) 1. Moskovskiy khWk*-tekhnologicheBkiy inatitut imeni D.I. Mendeleyeva. KRESHKOV, A.F.; BYKOVA, L.N.; KAZARYAN, N.A. Differential titration of otrong, weah,, and very weak acid mIxturen in methyl ethyl ketone media. Izvevyssuchebozave; khim.i khlxetekh. 4 no.1:20-24 161o -- (KaM 14 -.6) 1. Moskovskiy khimiko-tekhnologiaheakiy institut imeni D.I. Mendeleyeva, kafedra analiticheskoy kbivaii. (Acids) (Titration) KRESHKOV, A. P.; BYKOVA, L. N.; RUSAKOVA, M. S.;,_KAZABXAN, N. A. Potentiometric method of analyzing mixtures of organic and nitric acids in nonaqueous media. Zav.lab. 28 no.1:11-13 162. (MIRA 15:2) 1. Moskovskiy khimiko-tekhnologiches)dy Inatitut i Yaroslavakiy tekhnolo ichaskiy inatitut. Mids, Organic) (Nitric acid) (Potentiometric analysis) J, KRESHKOV, A.P,; BYKOVAO L.N.; KAZARYAN, N.A. Differentiating the properties of organic solvents with respect to acids. Zhur.prikl.khim. 35 no.7tl575-1580 J1 162. OqRA 15:8) (Solvents) (Acids) BYKOVA, L.N.; RASHEVSKAYA, S.T.; KAURYAN, N.A.; RUBTSOV,'i, Ye.S. Analysis of hydroxynaphthoic acids and naphthols in process melts by titration in nonaqueous solutions. Zav.lab. 31 no.4:415-417 165. (MIRA 18:12) 1. Moskovskiy khimiko-tekhnologicheskiy Institut im. E'.!. Mendelayeva i Rub9zhanskiy khImicheskiy Iromb-inat. -T 0 v-!Chis tel'nOV tr,"K- 1u: ilhOV j yt) P"' 10 WbICh- ZIN I IN -~6 TI" 10- _p; the ez-macd ;)I obitui t-l-" tho_sojAAiou _,,i- '--- ------- -7~ am th 'aumi ilmws tnot tivol-47TCOM 001~0494 ;~IWM 4nd wh~f& w NO IUK! SQi MENHOYAN, K.A.; ~AZAIIYAN,.N.I. 11 red. [Basis of the vibration finishing of natural stone] Onnovy vibratsionnoi obrabotki enteutvannykh kamei. Erevan, in-t nauchno-tekhr. informatsii, 1963. 56 p. (MIRA 17:8) ill 6 0 0 0 it %I it m is m 1) Is IF Is a 4 S. It L_A_ Alk w I%x 0 a I "A -00 go ZIM Pw C6. 3-irmbiw4w adith &to"" ltvkw%. 1. hl. 1putilvit kAirk1orsin-, No. 2. 76- 8 (fib, 191 =00 KCSults Ora Stu vey or rural power "Mu k1pegal Ill, 1124110 03i' on hilly mW rmky itround of km 4.-twAujivily are rrpmfL%t 1he 1whilary and Lilwaling c4"Im ill 2-tmindwitw-carth atbd 3.%Amdujor syuw%% arv 04 Pala Tho 11"AlkMis of tin wAck's *hm uwd on "is of varyinS i;"vjwlj%uw* ate Oull"wil. send it is Show% how the tanol; a &I-Ni. cathm of this at-Van in awUncitilsow ifistrokis amy he incerA%cJ by suitalile livation of Ow timWortm subSIA1101111. R. F. KRAUS j A SITA&L4,116CAL till#Alttf CLAIVWKATICI' it". d.. All L U mi I a em 0 1 IF ill 3 w to lot# Will! 0 ~66-5` 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 ho-AZARYAN, P., kind.tekhn.nauk Investigating processes of calcium cyanamide production in Frank- Caro-type furnaces. Prom.Arm. 4 no.8143-47 Ag '61. (KRA 14:8) (Calcium cyanamides) (Furnaces) KAZARYAII. P., k&nd.tekhn,nauk Z___ Service life of carbide furnaces. Prom.Arm. 4 no.12:40-44 D 161. (MIRA 15:2) (Armenia.-Electric furnaces) KAzARnv P. kand.teMm.nauk Present-day-technol6gy and economics of calcium production * PromoArme 5 no,5t57-.60 NY 1629 (MIRA-2f:7) (Ca.Ici%WLe .-yanamide) KAZARYAN, P.Ye., kand.tekhn.nauk Present state and prospects for the production of calcium cyanamide. Zhur.VKHO 7 no.1:87-91 162. WIRA 15,13) (Calcium cyanamide) A 6 LU a USSR/Chemist.-y - Calcium carbide Card 1/1 : Pub- 50-3/23 FD-5o4 Author : Kazaryan, P. Ye.. Title : Comparative evaluation of heat losses through the bottom of carbide furnaces Periodical : Xhim. prom., 268-272 (12-16), Jul/Aug 1954 Abstract : On the basis of the data cited in the article, finds that the use of finely dispersed carbon black oil high quality as an insulator is of ad- vantage in reducing beat losses that take place through the bottom of carbide furnaces. Discusses various methods of embodying carbon black in the construction. Two references, both USSR, both since 1940. One graph, 3 figures, 3 tables. Institution Submitted POPOV,I.P., inshener. redaktor; LYUBIUSXATA,A., redaktor; Ni M., tekhaichookly redaktor [Chemistry in everyday life) Xhimiia v bjrtu. Isd. 2-a.perer. i dop. Moskva, Yses.kooperativnoe izd-vo, 1956. 163 P. (MIBA 9:3) (Chemistry) 1 products and Their Application. Mineral USSR/Chemical Technology Chemica Salta. oxides. Acids. BaBcsp 1-5 Abst journal-. Referat Zhur - KhimiYa, NO 1, 19571, 1403 Authort KazarYano P. Ye. Institutior.l: lions carbide Through a single Role Titlfg on the Method of Casting Calcium original Periodical: mlim. prom-sty 1956, No 2) 99-102 (at 3 Plallts) of 3-pbase carbide Abstract: The results Of the evaluation gemetri) rated at 5,,000 an& furnaces with in-line electrode -hole casting method (which 7,500 kva, operated by the single ers) are permits the utilization of granulating &rum cooler-dry presented. The best results (most stable operating conditions giving highest purity CaC2 and minimum consumption of electric power) were obtained with a reconstructed furnace having a bottom sloping from the sides toward the center and good heat insulation (with a heat loss of under 400-500 kcal/m2/hr). The basic Card 1/2 USSR/Chemical Technology -- Chemical Products and Their Application. mineral Salts. Oxides. Acids. Bases, 1-5 AbOt Journal: Refe37at 7hur - Khmiya, NO 1, 1957, 1403 Abstract: conditions for stable casting (without transitions at the sides) appear to be maintenance of furnace temperature (guaranteeing high- quality CaC2 and the retention in the bath of a sufficient reserve of me.It) as well as proper charge control, aimed at the maintenance of a eutectic composition in the melt with mp 1,6300 (30% CaO and 70% CaC2)J optimal spacing between electrodes is another factor affecting furnace operation. Card 2/2 C-n /) KAZARYAN, P. Ye. Cand Tech Soi -- "Experimental work Air the perfection and intensification of production of earbidenalcium cyanamide." Mos, 1961 (Min of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education RSFSR. Mos Order of Lenin Chemieptachnological Inst im D. I. Mendeleyev. ChFtir of Technology of Inorganio vw~). (KL, 4-61, 196) 18a KA~'ARYAN, Testing the ijffliclcney of additives for t;.9 acceleration of tho n~txldation of culclum carbide. KhIm. proui. 40 lio-9:68-1-683 S ,61.. (141RA 17:11) KAZARYAN, Rafael' Avetisovich; KUVSHINOV, Boris Ivanovich; IRARKVICH, A.A., reOnWf-, nMMIjwKO,Z.D.., redaktor; DMI SKAYA,L.K., tekhnicheekly redaktor [Transmi'saton of messages through the communication system] pe- redacha soobahchoull po sistemam eviazi. Moskva, GoeAzd-vo lit- ry po voprosam eviazi I radio, 1955. 41 p. (MMA 9:2) (Telecommumication) RJA' SUBJECT USSR / PHYSICS CARD 2 PA - 1591 UZARJANtR.A- -ical and Nonstatietical. PredictiOlAs- AUTHOR on Comparisons between Statist TITLE aso. 101 13-17 (1956) PERIODICAL Radiotgohnika, III f Issued: 11 / 13-5~ symbols of information in any given The existence of statistiosi relations among ertainty (the ontropy) of state of the source of information diminishes the uno the following selection. The prediction operation represents & foregoing trane- formation of informations consisting in the balancing of the distribution of the probabilities as a result of which the surplus oocurxing on the conditional ion is reduced. The block scheme of a system occasion of post-symbol-transmiso It Waa found by means of which such e. transformation is carried out is ahowil. the new phenomenon that cannot be predicted. In that the signal of the error is nly linear order to simplify the mathematical apparatus it is assumed that 0 statistical connections exist. The prediction operator takes only the general unt. in practice, however, we must always deal functional properties into aooo of the totality of functions, and it therefore with the individual realization nonstatistical apparatus might produce a more seems that the application of a tical satisfactory result. The question is then examined as-to whether a statis or a nonstatiatioal prediction deserves preference. RIB series. if all Extrapolation is at first carried out by means of TAYLO values of a chance process during a final period of past time are known, the prediction will be accurate. It ist however9 not possible to know all values 'V&'~QXj4hkKUVSHINOV, Boris Iv7aonolOviITc.h;l].IAZ.ArReodVa.ktor-. Mikhail Vssil'Yevich. BERG, A.I..radaktor: D KULIKOVSKIT, A.A.,rodaktor; SHIRNOV, A.D.,redaktor; TARASOV, F.I.,rodaktor'; TRAMM. B.Y.,rsdaktor'; CHIGHIK, P.O.,rodaktbr; SHANSHUR, Y.I..redaktor-, XHAMVICH, A.A.,radaktor; KRDVORV. L. Ya.. tekhnichas~iy.red4ktor [Elembnts of the general theory of communications] Xlementy obahchei teoril eviazi. Moskva, Goa. enierg. Izd-yo, 1957. 94 p. ()basovaia radiobibliotaka, no.263) (MLRA 10:4) (Telecommonication) SOV/44 - 58 - 4 - 3202 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Matematika, 1958, Nr 4, p 121 (USSR) AUTHOR: Kazaryan,, R.A. TITLE -._--Waly~sisof _i -he Mutual Distribution of a Line and a Plane (Analiz vzaimnogo raspolozheniya pryamoy I ploskosti) PERIODICAL: Sb. nauchn. tr. Yerevansk. politekhn. in-ta, 1957, Nr 14, pp 125-136 ABSTRACT: For the determination of the point of intersection of a line and a plane the author proposes a method different from that generally accepted in descriptive geometry and based on the de- termination of Desargue8l theorem on a given plane by means of a hyperbolic homology. The author does not present any proof. Projections of the point of intersection are not on the drawing, but the location of the connecting line which joins the Card 1/2 sov/44-5d-4-3202 projections of the unknown point Is [on the drawing). A series of examples studied in the article illustrates the proposed method with a different distribution of traces of the given planc. A study is also made of cases when the line belongs to the plane or is parallel to it. V. N. Zhuravleva Card 2/2 AUTHOR VINOGRADOV D.K. and XAZARYAN A.A. PA - 2550 TITLE Production of Consfai-R-W-M Shift in Diapason. (Polucheniye postoyannogo fazovogo adviga v diapazone.- Russian) PERIODICAL Zhurnal Tekhn. Fiz. 1957, Vol 27, Nr 3, PP 577 - 598 (U.S.S.R.) Received: 4/1957 Reviewed: 5/1967 LBSTRACT The realization of a vonstant phase shift in the diapason by means of passive schemes makes it possible to use a calculation methoa which results in a synthesis of the circuits. In order to maintain a constant phase.zhift a in the wave range it is best to use the difference b ween tRe phase shifts of two poles which are computed in such a manner that the difference of their ordinates within a certain frequenty range is near the constant required value. Besides, the phase shifter must have a constant characteristic resistance and must not cause extinction. These conditions are satisfied by bridge (crossed) - and T-shape bridge schemes. The selection of the parameters of the four poles leads to the discovery of a function with the least deviation from the reouired level in the required interval, of the independent variables. This problem is solved in accordanoe with Chebyshev (treatise on the best ap- proximations of a function. The expression for the resulting CARD 112 PA - 2550 ,,&oduction of Constant Phase Shift in Diapason. 7-7p'Hgse angle of the chain with the crossed terms is d ved. ~e Then the parameters of the four poles ol' Wo2v' on are determined in such a manner that the function + (r" differs least from the constant value _q10 . This problem is analogus to the fourth one which was solved y Zo otarev. The fourth problem of Zolotarev is decribed and with it the form for the optimal function is deduced. It is al't wn how to determine the errors by means of Sikorsky's tables and then the parameters of the phase shifter scheme are determined. InvestisatioiftW equivalent tranaformations of the four poles and on conBtru6ftve tolerance fbi-the values of the phase shifter elements are carried out and finally a calculation for a phase shifter for radio frequencies is carried out. (With 25 illustrations.) ASSOCIATION: not given. PRESENTED BY: - SUBMITTED: November 13thp 1956. AVAILLBLE- Library of Congress. CARD 2/2 82469 S,"11P,.1'60/(Y)0/006/023/032 Translation from; Referativnyy zhurnal, Elektrotekh;ilka, 1960, No. 6, p, 414, # 6.4588 AUTHOR- 10 Kazaryan, Ft. A. jb TITLE: Some Froblems of rlommuni!.,ation Signal Prediction PERIODICAL- V sb.: Probl. per~dachi :Lnformateii, No. 2, Moscow, AS USSR, 1959, pp. 49-56 TEXT; If the signal Is a function of a randon variable with correlat-lon connections, its transmission can be achieved with a reduction of the mean power by applying decorrelation. The difference between the signal and the value of the signal predicted by an extrapolator is sent into the comnranic~ation line. At the receiving end the signal is restored by an Identical extrapolatlar. Extra- polation::of signals with fraction-rational spectral dersit4eS Is best of all performed by filters realizing the operator of a form: N 1 Sn (t + At) 2 SM W + A f (,8t) s (t -,at) ddt, t4- 1 - 0 r0 Card 1/2 A 62L69, S11121601000/03510231032 Some Problems of Communication Signal Prediction where a( I) (t) is a derivative of i-order of the signal and f Is the weight function, The extrapolation of a random sequence is exacut-6-d by formu"Lae of a form: N sn (t + M) OcIs (t - t realized by means of delay linee and adding circuits, Noise in the communication line influences the precision of transmission with decorrelatlon, To eliminate noise the following measures are suggested; 1) a 1tivel quantization of the signal; 2) a periodical transmission of the f'All signal level, r~,llevlrg In this way the memor7 of predictor. An example of calculation of an extrapolator rj a speech signal with a correlation f~Lnctior. is giver.: for traminittt, . ~+- OV T B = I'- cosp'Z/C - 20; M - 930; ~- 830 T1, There a-6 11 references. Yu. G, P. Card 2/2 A r t 11"00 46 *o 92 1.0 H 4 Nj V. 10, -0 0. or o a rh CIA .1z Mir 4,0 A 0 0 0 10 * '. "A t : r .4 04.3 m ; - U11 i~ 4.4 10 1 i i ", 0 12 vv I'v Iasi KAZARYAN, R.A. Estimation of the entropy of printed Armenian. Izv. AN Arm. SSR.- Ser. fiz.-mat.nauk 14 no.4:161-173 161. MTRA 14: 11) 1. Yorevanakiy gosudaratvennyy universitet. (Entropy) (Armenian language) J~ARYAN, R.A.; In'.-i-ferellt'e nodiila,,,or of L,okl. AN Arm. S511 7 no.7;2S9-261 '63. (Mil-I 17:9) 1. Yerevnns'Kly gosudarstvcnny), unlvpr.,~' Predstavleno chlenom-korrespondentom AN Arniyanskoy a- Ter-Mikayelyanom. 6P. x P TO AUTHOR: Kazaryan, R. A.; Varcianyan, ba-'a ryan, r 54,11-115"..4- AN . -1 -~~ I--, n~il'..~ ~~ )~W~ , 1; - -I .1i 1, , - , , ~ ; .. , MKRYAN, G.M.; PAPAZYAN, N.A.t KAZARYAN, R.A.; ARSENYAN, G.H. I'-'- derivatives of dienes. Part 1: Some chlorL. derivatives of but-adiene. Izv. AN Arm.SSR. Khim.naiiki 18 no.1:50-59 165. (MIRA 18:5) 1. Vaesoyuznyy naueMo-isoledovateliskiy institut polimernykh produktov. A!iAKELYAN, V.S. ; KAZAJiYAN , H.A. ; SIWNYAN , 1,,V. Study of the electro-optical propertJes cif bentorilte. Izv. AN Arm. SSR. Ser. fiz.-mat. nauk 18 no.1:134-139 165. (MHUI 18:6) 1. Yerevailskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet. i niA-66 tEOW 2/EWT(A) AUTHOR: Kazaryan, R. A.; Vardanyan, E. S.; Sidorova, S. P. 2 ORG: Yerevan State University (Yerevanskiy gosudarstvennyy univernitet) TITIZ: Measuring the energy radiated by tubular flask. lamps SOURCE: Pribory i tekhnika eksperimenta, no. 6, 1965, 210-211 TOPIC TAGS: flash lamp, electric lamp , spectral energy distribution, light energy, measuring instrument ABSTRACT: The development of a simple device for measuring the totaf or spectral energy yielded by flash lamps of straight tubular construction is reported. Cylindrical shell 3 (see figure) made from 3-layer cc-pper-wire winding is supported by molybdenum glass jacket 2 which houses test lamp 1. The energy is measure,41 by the variation of resistance of the copper wire. Filling the jacket with a suitable liquid (e. g. 3% CuSQ,) Card 12 UDC: 535.23.1,6 L 23124-66 ACC NR# AP6001596 permits measuring the energy within a particular xpectrum bitnd (3200-6500 Examplirss of lamp energy efficigncy and spectral characteristics are shown. -"The authors wish to thank D. Kh. Oig2rjan for his help In spectrcphotometric work and F, A. Avetleyan for building the measuring device. Orig. axt. has: 3 figures and I formula. StM CODE: 09,A1 SUBM DATE: lOOct64 ORIG REF; 001 GL KAURTAII, S. - LIVIHANT, L. Operating experience of gautry cranes with the now standard dimensions. Mor.flot. 16 no.1:12-16 A 156. (KLRA 9:5) 1. Machallnik porta Nakhodka (for Xazaryan); 2. blachallnik otdeleniya melchanizataii porta. (for Liverant). (Cranes. derricks, etc.) WARTAN, S.; STAROSTIN, G. In the new harbor. Mor.flot 17 no.11:12-14 N 157. (MIRk 10:12) l.Nachallnik Porte. NakhodkEL (for Kazaryaij). 2.Sekretarl p&rtkoma porta. Nakhodka. (for Starostin). (Vladivostok-Harbors) KUCHEROV, V.F.;_.~AZARXAN, S.A.; ANDREYEV, V.H. Stereochemistry of cyclic compounds. Report NO-57: Spacial and steric course of diene condensation of 1-vinyl- /J - cyclohexene with ethyl pseudo-/V-formyl acrylate. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser.-khim. no.1l.-1996-2002 N 153. Stereochemistry of cyclic compounds. Report No.58: Some transformations of isomeric 2-forwjldecalin-l-carboxylic acids under conditions of the Knoevenagel reaction. Ibid.r2003-2007 (MIRA 17:1) 1. Institut organicheskoy khimii imeni N.D. Zelinskogo AN SSSR. AKHNAZARYA?I, A.A. ~ SHAKIINAZARYAN, G.1141.;. KAZARYAN, DANGYAN, M.". Synthosis and trnnsform.,ttlowi of et-mibtititut, S--intithyl- (~--Iiydroxy- ~'htir. ob. khim. 34 no. 5:14:3-1419 ~V 1641. 1. Yerevanskiv jorivlar3tvpnnvy iinlversit,,t. !ItT - AKhl;AZARWI, A.A.; KAZARYAN, S.A..- SHAKHANAZARYAN, G.Y,.- D'A!;GYAlN, M.11'- Synthesis and transofmations of diethyl esters of substituted &Mthoxymethyl- V--chlorocrotyl malonic acids. Zhur. ob. khim. 34 no.11:3561-;'565 N f64 (KIRA 18:1) NALIVKIN, D.V.j akademik, glav. red.; BELYAYEVSKIY, N.A*p zame glave red.; TIKhCMIROVv V.V.9, zan:. glav. red.; ASSOVSKIYv A.N., red.; FEI,IIIIKOVv O.D.pred.; SIIATSKIY, N.S.v akademik, red.[doceased]; YANSHIN, A.L., skid., red.1 AKOPYANp A.0.9 red.; ASLWANq A.T.v red.; GOGIIYAN, Me.9 red.; GULYANp E.Kh,p red.- KAZJjIYAN S.V.o red.; HAIMIASYAN, E.G.p red.; KIIACHATURYANO E.A.v 4~~.~IiR4M'VL.M., red.-trypunka; VARTANESOVAj A*A.q red* izd-va; SAROYAN9 P.A., tekhn. red. (Study of the geology of the U.S.S.R.] Geologicheskaia izuehemost' SSSR. Erevan, Izd-vo, Akad. nauk Armianskoi SSR-Vol.48.[Armenian S*S.R ; period of 1951-19551 Armianskain SSR; period 1951-1955. No.l.[Published studies] Opublikovanmye raboty. 1961. 127 p., (MIRA 14: 9 (Amenia-Geology) KAZARYAN, SOVO Some data on pyritized rocks of the peak of Mount Aragats. Izv. kN Am. SSR. Geol. i geog. nauki 16 no.603-32 163. (MIRA 17g5) 1. 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Synthesis of some now barbiturates and thiobarbiturates, Report Noel: Production of 5-alkyl (aryl)-5-(g -methoxymthyl-r' chlorocrotyl)-barbituric and thiobarbiturio acids. Izv,AN Arm, SSR.Mim.nall1ri 14 no.lzO~-65 161o (KIRA 3-5:5) 1. Yerevanskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet~ kafedra, organicheakoy WWI. (Barbituric acid) KAZMIAN, Sh. A. may 53 "Results of using Penicillin to IYeat Fasteurellosis in Cattle," Sh. A. Razaryan, Armenian Oci-nes-vet-inst. Veterinariya, vol 30, no 5,, pp 24-26 Cattle ithich were aperimentally infectkA with paateureUoBis were cured within 10 hre after appearance of clinical a tome of the infection by administering a total of 3 large doses of penicillin at 3 -hr intervals. A control group., which did not receive penicillin injections, died within 40 hra after they were infected experimeint&Uy. Comparative study of effects of penicillin and of immune serum revealed the superiority of the former. If penieillin is administered within 31 hra after the appearance of clinical. symptoms, development of pasteurellosis is averted. Attempts to reinfect cattle with virulent cultures of paateurellare 20 days after penicillin therapy were unsuccessful. USSFI/Discases of Farm Animals. Diseases Caused by Bacteria and R-1 Fungi Abs Jour : Rof Zhur - Biol.p No 7a 1958: No 31o64 Author : Gazaryan V.S.j, Sizaryan Sh. A. Inst ; Armenian. Scientific ResoarcR-Instituto of Animal Husbandry and Vetorin ary Medicine Title i Mie Effect of Poniciljln~ Streptoriyoin and Synthonycin in Pasteurellosis Orig Pub : Tr. ArTa. n.-i. in-ta zhivotnovodBtva i vaterinariiy 1956, X, 43-50 Abstract : Me effect of the above-noxicd antiblotics was studied in relation to pasteurellosis in rabbits. Mie animals used in experimentation weighed 2.3 to 2.5 kg. They were infected with 24-hcur virulent broth.culturo of Pasteurelloaa isola- ted fron a dead cow, and passed th:rough nice. In the first series of experimentsy penicillin and streptomycin were ad- ministered intramuscularly (100pOOG I.U.), simultaneously with inoculation by the infectious agent. In the second Card 1/2 Z; SOV/144-58-11-8/17 AUTHOR: 1~~ar2e,_L__T___Wandidate Technical Sciences, Lecturer) TITLF~: The Asynchronous Tachometer as an Angular Accelerometer (Asinkhronnyy,takhometr kak datchilt- uglovykh uskoreniy) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy, Elektromekhanika, 19581INr ll,~ pp ?8-86 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The general arrangement of the tachometer is shown in Fig 1. This article is devoted to a theoretical study of the instrument when excited with a constant current. The six equations at the top Of P 79 give the electrical condit- ions in the two windings at right angles and the components of the magnetic fields, transverse and longitudinal. An exact solution of these six equations is extremely difficult and the problem is considerably simplified if we take into account some of the known conditions of operation; these are: usually the load resistance is virtually infinite, the current in the exciting coil is constant, the transformed e.m.f. and the e.m.f. of rotation can be neglected. With these reserva- tions the characteristic equations become (1), (2), (3) and (4). If the geometry of the machine is now introduced as shown at the bottom of page 81, tlien an expression may be derived for the e.m.f. in the transverse winding of the Card 1/2 machine for constant excitation and an arbitrary speed of 13OV/144-58-11-8/17 The Asynchronous Tachometer as an Angular Accelerometer rotation. This is Eq (6). The longitudinal and trazisverse fluxes are given respectively by Eqs (9) and (8). Fig 2 shows how the component fluxes combine to give the total flux of the machine for various speeds of rotation. The curves in Fig 3 show how the various e.m.f.'s and fluxes may be expected to behave as the speed of rotation is altered. The curves show that the device may be used as an indicator under two separate circumstances: when the rotor p-ermeances are high and at velocities exceeding the critical velocity, when the permeances are low and the velocities are less than the critical velocity. There are 3 figures and 8 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy aviatsionnyy institut (Moscow Aviation Institute) SUBMITTED: February 3, 1958. Card 2/2 KAZARTAN, V. Poultry industry in Armenia. Mias. Ind. SSSR 29 no.6:30 '58. (MIRA 11:12) 1,~Fhohallnik upravlenlys. oyasnoy I molochnor proWshlennosti Soynarkhosa Arryanskoy SSR. (Armenia-Poultry industry) ~i~' N3 j4 A z USSR/Farz Animals General Problems. Q-1 Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biol., No 1, 1958, 2534 Author : N.A. Malatyan, V.A. Kazaryan Inst Title Materials on the Study of the Nutritive Aspects of Mountain Pastures in the Armenian SSR. Orig Pub Tr. Yerevansk. zoovet. in-ta, 1956, vyp. 20, 171-177 Abstract No abstract. Card 1,1 _i~ _---; , 1. .11 kwlny CATEGORY ABS. JOUR. ORIG. PUB. A B`3 'I RA C T C. a H - Farm ArLimala.. Cattle. IRZhBlol., No. 6~ 1959p 00. 25848 V. As ~jev Lw'~YltP to urt, a - Fatt-aning Cattl~- and -Sheup. The Romaits of Experimental Fattening of Cattle with r-ixLp. :Tr. Yerevansk. zootekhn.-voto in-tal 1957, VYPO 21 63-80 :flic-! -adat bulls of the experinentrO. r-oup ,i,~-ro or-ch givcu 4.15 kp of coarne fo3dor ~,-ddly; bolls of '~h,& control group each recoi-1,ted but al.,:Q an increased quantity of pulp. The effect of improvod conditions (bedding, cleauing., exercise) &nd mineral food supple- n,~,c-:rts roere studied an yourg hybrids (the local wIth Schwyz). The bulls thnt were ilivi?'n t;~' of npl&vcd coarse fodder daily, dls_ j, 1 "'o g )d.gher daily weight gains th,,.,i Colvin,: 3 kg of coarse fodder each. The wel-lit VI C OU, U36R C AT EC7 ."Lrj~rj . j(;U_R. RZhBiol., 110. 1959' No. T 1 T L ORIG. PUB. ABSTRACT gains in hybrids of looal cattle with Schwyz were 100 g larger than the weight gains of lo- cal cattle. Average daily wei,ght gains of cattle which wre kept under better conditions and that -,.we given a mineral food supplements were 171 g larger thanthoweight g~t~s of the control group. The expenditure of fodder per 1 hg of weight gain averaged 7,8 feed units (FU) for the experimental group of hybrid cattle and 9.5 FU for tho control group. The feed expenditures GIM: 2/3 MMAN, - High caroteue oontout of now food plants, Isv.AN Arm.SSR. Siol. nauki 12 to.Ils-37-45 N 159. (MIRA 130) 1. Terevanekly sooveterinaruyy inatitut. (NnGM PLAWTS) (CAROTM) LAZARYAN, V.A. Dynamics of sorption changes in tissues of hypopbysectemized animals. Izv. U Arm. SSR. Biol. nauki 15 no.6:57-63 Je 162. (MIRA 15:6) It Inati,,.ut biofiziki Aug.' SSSR i Sektor redlobiologii AV Armyanskoy SSR. (HYPOPHYSECTOMY) (ArZORPTION (PHYSIOLOGY)) KAMYAN, V.A. Change in the sorptive eharacteristics of ame tivaues in hypo- phyoectmizibd irradiated animals. Izv. Ali Am.SSR. Riol.nauki 15 n0-820-30 Ag 162. (MIRA 16s2) 1. Institut biofiziki AMN SSSR i Sektor radiobiologii AN Arm- yanskoy SSR. (HPOPHYSECTOMY) (GAMMA RAYS-PHYSIOLOGICA UPECT) (ABSORPTION (PHYSIOLOGY)) 1 40 ,41 -V- a r k L f a A i A-A A "Wing the intensity of Ps metabolism a "'ern J;Axaryaa. Prof. Afal. Nfi. go 4 3v-44(1W).--Tht app, tvit%iili 0 lukr wit Is optic Ay fiat Wt I twcu wk W, h I- 00 t filled to any dehed deptb uith a "n. u~l f,w volor ni. -0 0 tering; the bottom od tbf cylinder fits amurately over the 00 lireswl toed to cwdAla the View (or kat under study) and the tatter vessel Is suitably cannected to a irag-atnwpriou 0o so 09 00 -3 06 00 - we o 00 a ot -too 1-:00 111111.11,A ffTAlkLjpGKAl LITIVATOt CtIlWKATION t I-- tie 9 zoo r Joe raU is A, 'D I%,;-" T14, p tv It al is Ot 0' of (t 11 it x d 0 0 0 0 0 000 9 41 00 00 0 0 010 0 6 0 9 0 0 0 0 e 00 0 0 0 is 0 ~6411 0 0 0 : :10 0 000 0 0 0 0000 00 * 04 o * a o * o 000 o 00 60600 C - I - -- - - . 0 a- x T., v I v A f I C't, It! it "I Pm. A=(- Arwm4mTJdWN 4. go as of nPle, with porims adn"S. ).--0u thit ba he twtn*-y of it is v=ested that tom itam havi t .04 yothe," 01 vowth banwivAs &W thm Indum the growth of the mukelpt. thk !n7 is w to fun-pown 1--. go =04 *a go 00 04 0 0 of so 0 gas -~4r. .04 Nod 4 us I u It AT to 2 K 0 A I a 0 1 IV p !o it a 3 1 v To to to It It It 49 it It wo 11 1 it Is' a 0 0 0 a 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 010 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 a 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 to 0 0 0 0 0 41 00 0 0 a 0 6 a a*** *000 000 0 0 V. 0 "Phot,operiodic Reaction in Plants as ted by Qualit-Y of Lil., Dokl. AN S55R, 54, No-1. 1946 Yerevan State Univ. im. Yolotov rA7ARUN, T.O. NOWNWOMMINANK Iffelct of light wave lengths on photoperiodic charging. IzT-AI Arm.30.1st.nauki no.6:69-83 '47. (bau q: 8) 1. Botanicheekly institut AN Armyanekoy SM. (Plants, Iffect of light on) -KAWYAbf, VRO.; MWAZARYAN, A.M.; RALOWYAN, IF.T. in thophotoperiod and ths, prodwtivity of plants, Dokl. AN Am! BS.R 9 no.3tl23-In 148, (KRA 9 110) 1. 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(BOTANY--HORPHOLOGY) j-'The hiffmace of pholaperlod1c regime on phyWological, In rooh of *AnuAl pknt;, V. 0. Katarymu ajt,l S-S.R. 70, 143-,6(lP55Xtn Rmsian).-Oue group of P~Intpl ImzIperilla) wasillurninsted 10hrs, perday andanothtr, 4 firs. After I twmth, the mots were analyzed. It waq found thit in short-day plants (1) the relation oi s"thttic activity of inrertase to its hydrolytic activitr Was 12A, and In long-clay plants (U) 0.95. Ile actIv ty of catalm" ml pcmxktas~e in I was ainmi. twice MUMI as in 11. Thr relation of content of insol. watun to . unts Ill I was 2.21 Rod In n wa* 5,65. Thr rrlatiun of nutiprotelts N to V'rooln N was In I D.24 and In 110.2.). The ad9orption of g ym~)l by rools of I was I A mg./j./hr. and by roots of 11 4.67 tog./ll./hr. Theadsorpthm of gtmmu vras corms[Kmdingly 12.83 rnK./g.jhr. and 20.:12 mg.11.1br. Thus, the light, mSimt inAuencem nittabolimn not only in lr-avrm but nW> irt roots. A. &:mentsr)v 1A Onj n2 V. 0. rjomryasi, 13. S. ATvbdj0)1tn, 23d 0. (".n 4,i 197 WI(IR56XIis Rusitism; AjustmLsn cumrsary).- I'll iug in of Lutel anti t;mple In which tht: lalwlcd 11 - was Introduced after ringing either through the lw,,-cs or through thC 8`000 lWiCACS. that,P Nin MOVt' frosts InWrT t(I upper Iravcs t!vvn In the presence 4 t'se cut ring; licre 11 mOve, to the roots and then riso to the upptr1raws thinugh the inner parts of the stein. It the cuts av rmtdc dln~tlv -;ssbnve&ndbcWw*g1vrn lof, the Ir4mmistlianot P fmm that Itze crsk~. bovievo, imi"Ons that i, migialimi rcquirt., forinstIm *J otj. drtivv_ pmtvibly cixibt)ly-Jtmis~ Thr &-ikriksit6m ~J P 6 such that it v~,rfi:Wv% its ail pass, ~31 the ILIt the incitiou and requiterticut% of cur6thyciratm. Mt,11-1111 of P from given to eflolutt" Pails i-4 directly con- occled %ith motlem of c*rtnhydr11fc3. :,F-Ofinffly the "I cAbobydmtm 5 KAURTAN, V.O.; MFJMNrAN, A.P. Significance of growth changes in leaves in the ontegany of annuals. Dokl.AN.SSR 21 no-5:231-234 155- (HLRA 9:4) l.Betanichaskiy institut A"demii nauk Armyanakey SSR.Pred- stavlans, G.1h.B W atyanom. (LeaVOS) (ADUals) 7~ Wz AlIsriculture- Plant physiology Cut 1'~l Pub. 22 - 49/51 -Authors.. s Kazary3n, V. 0.. and Avundzhyan. E. S. Title i Chlorophyll displacement in plants Do~.. AN, _'Smol 101/1' 181-18), Mnr 1. 1955 Abstract I InvestiCations showed that chlorophyll accumulates in the phcllodem Instituti!~n : Pr- rentea by : tissue uf tlc~ rlant during the winter stason shift-inC, in the sprir4; from- phellodurn -cells -into -the- leaf - proper-th-.;ziqc celera ti ng -the -_ -- greening of the leaf in spite of the fact that a predomin-.nt part of the chlorophyll forms under light conditions. Six references; 5 US-ER and I German (1860-1953). Tables. Acad. of Sc., iNxm-&M, Botantas Institute Acadcnicion A. L. i~u:rsanzv, Doccriter 22, 1 ~,5 11 -E USSR/Sioloar - Plant physiology CardIA Pub. 22 -.44A5 Autbom j Kararyan,. V. 0., and Balagazyanj No Vo Title I Ontogenstic variability in the shift of feeding soft substances in plAnts Dok. AN SssR 103/2., 337-350, Ju:L 11, 1935 Abstra,at I Biological data are presented on the ontoganetic changes in the shift of aoft tv*do in plant . Five USSR rtferencea (1,94,9-1955). Tables- Institution : Acid. of So., Am. SSR, Botanics Inst. 31razentad by t Academician A. L. Kursanov,, Hay 20~ 1955 USSR / Plant PkisioloGy. Respiration caid IlLtabolism. Aba J&ur Rof Zhur - Biol., 110 OP 1958, No 34243- Authors Kazaryan, V. 0.; Zakarjan, N. Yo.; Bnlan.-ozyan, 11. V. Inst AcadeuV of Sciences of the Armenian SO Title On the Rhytaic Chan~p of Diroction in the Move-mont of Unstic Substances in Cut Staras of Plants. Oi-i:; Pub Izv. AN Arm SSR, Biol. i s.-kh.n., 1956, 9 iio. 10, 3-13 Abstract Various forms of ouG--,r ware ascortainad in tho upper and lowar cuttins of tho Canadian aoldca rod imzodiately -%ftc!r cuttinG rid also artor 8, 24, and 72- hours (hopt In a damp chaxiber); it was shoira thrit durine, 72 hours, a fourfold chanae in tho direction of the movement of carbohydrates in the stem of tho flowerin,,, plant was occurrin,,.. Durinj tho phase of stron-, vc3atantion --rowth - and lihculse in the phase of seed ripoainL - tho Laneral direction of the substance movement was firuly asecndin~,. The dafinin,-, cf Card, 1/2 LVARYAN, Y. o. qaality modifications taking place in tree and shrub roots. Dokl.AN Arm.SSR 22 no.1:35-40 156. (KHU 9:7) I.Botanicheskiy institut Akadenit nauk AryVanskoy SSR. Predstavleno G.Ih.BuAyatymom. (Roots (Botany)) USSR / Forestry. Goneral Problems. K Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol.# No 7) 1958, 29513. Author Kazarvan V.0. Inst :-Not given. Title The Falling Off and. Dosiocation of tho Branchos of' Tree and Shrub Species and Its Importance in Their Lives. (0padeniye I vysykhaniye vetvey drevesno-kustarnikovykh porod i ikh znacheniye v zhizni rasteniy). Orig Pub: Nauchn. tr. Yerevansk. un-ta, 1956, 54, 3-43. Abstract: Mention is made of the fact that tho fall off ard desiccation of branches facilitates an aug- mentation of the overall life activity of the plants. It has been established that this phen- onenon is linked to the effects of fruit-bearing, ard internal and external 61'evelopmontal facto.-s. Card 1/3 31 USSR / Forestry. General Problems. K Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 7, 1958, 29513. Abstract: It Is noted that the numbor of branches falling off and drying out is considerably reduced going from the lower stories to the higher ones. The tendency to throw off branches is discovered from the moment of their formation& These bran- ches are distinguished from the others by the weak developmont of their wood and the power- ful development of their piths and bark. The falling off or desiccation of branch shoots is witnessed in energetically growing species at a younger age, and in more slowly growing kinds at a more advanced age. The growing intensity of trunk and branch denudation in trees is a morphological indicator of the inercase in gen- Card 2/3 uSSR / Forestry. Gunoral Problems. K Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 7, 1956, 29513. i0stract: oral aging, on the one hand, and of rejuvenation, on the other, although the aging procosses -,- do prevail over the processes of rejuvenation. The bibliography lists 28 titles. Card 3/3 32 KAZARTAN, Y.O.; ZAKLRTAN. N-Ya.; BAIA(JSZTAN, N.V.: Rhytmical change of direction in the movement of plastic matter In cut plant stems. 1%v.AN AHM.SSR. 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