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KRESHKOVY A.P.; MYSHLYAYEVA L.V.1. Kh.A*2HATUiat.N O.B.; K1fA-'-3N0SJ-,CHE:KQV, V.V. Potent.1cmetri,2 methnd for the aF-termi.rtation of silican in organo- silicon compounds. rzv.vyq.urreb.zav.; kh1m. i kh',w-.tekh. 7 no.2., 198-201 1646 (MIRA 16:4) 1. FRfedra analiticheskoy khimli McskQv3kceo khimikc-tekhnolc- gicheskogo instituta Im. Dj.T4,t:nde1eyeva. @..: CHATI,2111,:,tl 0. @:. I '. 30555 Sluchay otryva -alltsa-. Trady Yonyevzjio. MyoD. V,'-TA, INP. 6, 1949, S. 138-40 3D: U-TOPIS' 1-10. @)P )rwian o@' t -) v.-, n I 11 t MLIMSTAN, V.A., Land. med. nauk.; JZAgUTRUN, 0.1@., ka4. mod. nauk. A. case of intestinal obstruction caused by carcinoid and appendi- cular cyst. Kh1rurgiia, Moskva 34 no.11:107-108 N 158. (MIRA 12:1) 1. Is ortopedicheakogo otdaleniya (zav. - doktor med.. nauk. I.,G'Isawtan) Yerevanskogo nauchno-iseledavateliskogo institute. ortopedii I traTm-il tologii (dir. - kand. med. nauk S.S. Ogane9yan). (IJITICSTIN&L O'BSTRUCTIOU. etiol. & pathogen. cnrcinoid & appendicular cyst (Rue (ARGENTAIFYINOMA, compl. intestinal obstruct. (Ras)) (APPUDIX. die. mucocele causing Intestinal obstruct. (Rus)) AMBARTSUMYAN, Viktor Amazaspovich; JMAGK4!?3kTpj red.; DAVRIMMN, T. , [science in Armenia during the last 40 yoor5l Neuka v Armenii sa 40 let. Brevan, Armgostakhizdat, 1960. 65 p. (MIRA 14;1) (Armenia--science) 124-57-1-546D Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1957, Nr 1, p 68 (USSR) AUTHOR: Khachatryan, R.M. TITLEi Investigation of a Mountain-water Intake Equipped With Bottom Grating (Issledovaniye gorrogo vodopriyemaka s donnoy reshet- koy) ABSTRACT: Bibliographic entry on the author's dissertation for the de- gree of Candidate of Technical Sciences, presented to the Yerevansk. politekhn. in-t (Yerevan Polytechnic Institute), Yerevan, 1956 ASSOCIATION: Yerevansk. politekhn. in-t (Yerevan Polytechnic Institute), Yerevan 1. Intake valves--Analysis 2. Water--Applications Card 1/1 KHACFLATR R.M., inzbenor. @N .5Y, Shaft-t7pe anchor ice chute. Gidr. stroi. 25 no.4:48-51 My 156. (MLRA 9:9) (Spillways) SOV/ 124-58-8-878Z Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1958, Nr 8, p 65 (USSR) AUTHOR: _ Khachatryan, R.M,_ TITLE: On the Applicability of the Postulate Concerning the Constancy of the Specific Energy of a Flow in the Hydraulic Calculation of the Bottom Screen of a Mouhtain Water intake (K voprosu pri- menirr osti postulata o postoyanstve udel'rioy energii potoka pri gidravlicheskorn raschete donnoy reshetki gornogo vodopri- yemnika) PERIODICAL: Tr. Arm. n.-i. in-ta gidrotekhn. i melior., 1957, Vol 2. pp 75-85 ABSTRACT: Results are described of an experimental investigation on a model of the bottom screen of a mountain water-intake struc- ture carried out in two series of experiments, the first series at the laboratories of the Armyanskiy nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut gidrotekhniki i melioratsii (Armenian Scientific- research Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Reclamation) and the second series at the laboratories of the Vodno-ener- geticheskiy institut AN ArmSSR (Water-power Institute, Acad- Card 1/3 emy of Sciences, Armenian SSR). Used in the experiments was SOV/ lZ4-58-8-8782 On the Applicability of the Postulate Concerning the Constancy (cont.) a flat-bar-type screen either installed at the crest of the weir or laid flush with the river bottom. The screen dimensions were@ in Series I - length 38 cm, width 40 cm; in Series II - length 30 cm, width 50 cm. The controlled mass flow through the model ranged from 15.8 to 32.6 liters per second in Series I and from 41.5 to 70 liters per second in Series IL A study was made of the distribution of pressure and of the flow velocities along the screen. Included in the paper are drawings showing curves of the pressure distribu- tion along a horizontal screen; the curves are computed with the formula E=h+ aV2/?g (wherein hand V are the depth and mean velocity, respectively, inasection of the flow along the screen, and wherein a equals 1). In the case of the screen installed at the crest of the weir the curves reflect some departure from the hydrostatic law, whereas in the case of the screen laid flush with the river bottom they indicate that the pressure distribution does practically conform to the hydrostatic law --- exc 'ept at those places where the screen begins and ends. Wherever the curvature of the liquid flow is directed down- ward, the pressure is less than that predicated by the hydrostatic law;- wherever the curvature is directed upward, the pressure exceeds that Card 2/3 SOV/ 124-58-8-8782 On the Applicability of the Postulate Concerning the Constancy (cont.) predicated by the hydrostatic law. From measurements of pressures and absolute velocities, graphs are plotted: a) for a screen with p=. s/(s+ t) -- 0.272 and 0.358 (t being the width of the rods comprising the screen and s the width of the gaps between the rods), and b) for a wide weir. In both these cases the graphs turn out to be horizontal lines, The data thus ob- tained provide experimental confirmation of the fact that the postulate con- cerning the constancy of the specific energy of the flow along a river- bottom screen and over a broad-sill weir does have practical applications. On the basis of the foregoing the author concludes that diverting a portion of the mass flow from the main body of a flow along a screen does not result in noticeable additional losses of specific flow energy and that using the equa- tion of motion of a fluid of variable mass -n the fi@,draulic calculation of a river-bottom screen "involves nothing new". Bibliography: 7 references. V.V. Fandeyev Card 3/3 AMBARTSUICAN, G.A.; XHACHATRYAJI, R.M.: MARTIKYAN, R.S. '0017 -- -, WW'- - - Now mystene of ishnre-protecting lateral spir dikes. Izv. AN Arm.SSR. Ser.tekhn.nauk 11 no.4:45-50 '58. (MIRA 11:10) 1. Gidrotekbnicbeakaya laboratorlya tmVanekoga Nauchno-Issledova- tel'skogo instituta gidrotekhniki i molioratsil Minigterstva vndnngn khosynystva ArmSSR. (Diken (Enginnering)) 14(10) SOV/99-59-5-5/9 AUTHORS: Khachatryans R.M., Ambartouvan, G.A., Candidates of Technical Sciences, and Miartikyan, R.S., Engineer TITLE: The Determinat-ion of the Angle at Which Bank-Protect- ing Cross Bars aieto be Installed and the Distance Between Them FE210DICAL: Gioxotekhnilza i mclioratsiya, 1959, Nr 5, PP 37-114 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The article is conCErned 1;,rith determining both the an-le at which the bank-protecting cross bars are to be installed and the distance between them. The lunctions of Professor S.T. Altunin and Docent I.L. Buzunov, V.0. Tsanava, and I.Ya. Orlov are discussed first, which greatly differ from each other concern- ing the spill angle . Test with models of blind ard opon bars carried out by the Gidrotekhnicl-eskaya la- boratoriya Arn1TIIGiM (Hydrotechnical Laboratcry of Card 11L@ the ArmNIIGiL!) resulted in the follo-.-Ting function: SOV/0.9-5c-5-5/0, T.1he De'L-lermination of the Angle at 'Nhich Banlk-Frozecting Gross Bars are to be Installed and the Distance Between Them z J/ 15,2 ( = 1 whereby hS is the actual flo-a depth and Z is the overflo-a at the moment it hits 1 U the cross bar. There Lire ._t,:Io vjays to determine Zi: 1) for river bottom--; 2lot 80ject to washing away, Zi 12,4 kc Y-P 2) for river bottoms %,;hich 77-9- can be washed awa-v and are comfosed of sand particle-, f -i - 2 of 0.1 to 1 mm$ Z, = 5 k Specifications: 11P C 2g ' c b0 is the coefficient of bottom compression; Card 2/4 It is the projecticn of the cross bar working length P -5/9 Tho D,-@I-c@rm@mation of the Anr,-lc, at @,J",IjCjj BarL--ProtC- 4,@ C, CrC_-S B.a--@; are -'U-o be Inotalled and the Distance Bet-.,jeen Them b Y SShG-type cro:3.,3 "bars *,,vas 1.5 to 2" tim-s cheaper 1. I,li:m by blind or open cross bars. There are C, ai,-I- 2 graphs, and :,ovieL references. ASSOCIATION: ArmITIIGill,', Cl-,rd 41LI R. M. AMBARTSUKTAN, G.A.; KARTIKTAN, R.S.; XA@;,MXR Some problems In designing vacuum spillways. Dokl. AN Arm.SSR 28 no.4-171-176 159. (MIRA 12:11) 1. Armyanskly nauohno-iseledovatellakly inetitut gidrotekhniki I meliorateii ArmSSR. Predstavleno akademikom AN ArmSSR N.Kh. Arn- tyunyanom. (Spillways) IMCHORTANN R*O* '" - we - -@ I Tectonic geology and paleozoic hiatory of the eastern part of the niddle Volge, vault. Dokl. AN SSSR 117 no,2:279-2B2 N 157, (MIRA 110) 1. Predotavleno akadomikon S,I. Hironovym, (Volga Valley-Geology) 3(0) AUTHORS: Mirchink, M.F., Corresponding blember, SOV/20-123-4-46/53 AS USSR, Khachatryan, TITLF,i The Paleogeography of the Eastern Part of the Russian Platform at the End of Tournaisian Time (Paleogeografiya vostochnoy chasti. Russkoy platformy v kontse turneyekogo veka) PERIODICALs Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, 1958, Vol 123, Nr 4, PP 737-740 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Many investigators (Refs 1,2,4,6,8) assert that there was a regional continental inter-uption in sedimentation following deposition of the carbonate rocks belonging to the Chernyehirskiy Substage of the Tournaisian. This inter- ruption supposedly drained a very large areas the zones v-a' v-b, Y-o -erous, Neverthe- C1 C1 and C 1 of the Donets Carboni@ less, the stratigraphic and lithologic units of the higher lying strata show that at -@he end of Rakovskoye time and the beginning of Nizhnemalinovskoye time there was neither ah interruption in sedimentation nor erosion of earlier deposited rocks. The lack of Nizhnemalinovskiye strata in large areas Card 1/3 is explained by their denudation during Predvorkhnemalinovskoye, The Paleogeography of the Eastern Part of the SOY/20-123-4-46/53 Russian Platform at the End of Tournaisian Time Predstalinogorskoye, Stalinogorskoye, and Tullskoye times. Thus, it follows that a sea existed during Nizhnemalinovskoye time, which extended from the southern limb of the Podmoskovaaya depression to the Urals. It was apparently connected with the Donetakiy basin by the Prikaspiyakaya depression and the Povolzhlye of Saratov.-Stalingrad. In this uniform sea, not only the rocks of the Chernyehinski-y Substage famong them the Kizelovskiy horizon, Ref's 5,8), but also the y@ungest member of the sedimentary cycle - the Nizhnemalinovskiye strata, were deposited. After deposition of these latter strata the Russian Platform as a whole began to rise considerably. The outermost northwestern and northern regions where the source of erosion was were included in this uplift. This yielded much terrigenous material, It restricted the waters of the Verkhnekizelovskiy sea and initiated the regressive phase of the Tournaisian sedimentary cycle. Smaller, differential, wavelike, vacillating movements occurred in the interior parts of this large platform upkift. These movements determined the specific sedimentary properties of the Nizhnemalinovskiye Card 2/3 strata in various parts of the uniform sea. The regressive 3(0) AUTHORS: Teodorovich, 0. 1., Khachatryaii, R. 0., SOV/2o-123-5-40/50 Sokolova, N. N. TITLE: Recent Data on the Stratigraphy and Lithology of the Terri- genous L-iwer Carboniferous Sediments of the Middle Fovolzh'ye (Novyye dannyye po stratigrafii i litologii terrigennykh otlozheniy nizhnego karbona Srednego Povolzhlya) PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, 1956, Vol 123, Nr 5, pp 914 - 916 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The terrigenous, pre-Stalinogorsk- (dostalinogorskiye), Lower Carboniferous sediments in the Volga-Ural region are considered by one research group (Refs 1,3,4) as belonging to the Tour- naiaian Stage, by another group an the lower part of the Visean Stage (Refs 6-8). However, most authors in these two grov,ps agree that the pre- Stalinogor9k sediments form a uni- fied mass. Thus, it would be appropriate to select an indo- pendent Substage of the Lower Carboniferous (Ref 5). The authors have studied the sections of the Kuybyshev region and of neighboring districts and h,,!,,,e arrived at the conclusion Card 1/3 that the-Xialftovokaya mass of V. "". Pozrier (Ref 4) is not Recent Data on the Stratiggraphy and @ itholoE-,y cf tl-.e '"OV/2o-123-5-40/50 Terrigenoue Lower Carboniferous Sediments of the Middle Povolzhlye unified, and it's two parts have different a,,;ef;: a) The lower part (malinovskiye atrata of the authors) belongs to the Upper Tourneisian Substa@-e, and b) The upper part is Lower Visean in age (Radayevokiyo strata of the authors). The Malinovakiyo strata nr@, clonely re),@ted with the underlying Rakovskiye ntrat,, of tne Kizelovakiy horizon, both lihto- logically and paleontologically, an well as by transition. The fauna occurring here indicates -a Tournaisian age, especially the fish (ilentificationc) by D. V. Obruchev). In many diatricts, a notice,01e, reErional interruption occurf; between the Valinovskiye and Rad-ayevskiye strata. This proves the correctnean of the boit-iflary between the Tournaisian and Visean Stages accepted by tille authors, Spore-pollen assemblages have been recovered in both the Malinovskiye and Radayevskiye strata. The spores were studied by T. V. Byv- sheva. The upper boundary of the M.,11%yevskiye strata is drawn at the base of the mixed Otadaynvsk- - Stulinogor,-kiy) assemblage. Piunal renains are in tae Rvlayevskiye strata. A sudden replacement of Mz,linavskiye arj@illites by Radayevs- Card 2/3 kiye aleuritic-so-ndy ria9ses indit-ites urlift of tie eroded Recent Data on the Stratigraphy and Lithology of the SOV/2o-123-5-40/50 Terrigenous Lower Carboniferous Sediments of the Middle Povolzhlye area as well as tectonic movements at the beginning of Radayevskiy time. The Radayevskiye strata, which are up to 150 m thick, can be clearly divided into A blocks. On the basis of the npore-pollen tv:re,AA-4-c- the hori-on is d ivi (I ed into 2 nit bhori"onn. 'i%,, '.@n-i-A,;,mout; in (p(.stiona affam,lor End 1wiptngressiver."a of a edmentr0liem !re8'.'Avi1t^reforunceB'. PRESENTED: July 28, 1956p by S. I. Mironov, Ac.1demician SUBMITTED: July 24, 1958 Card 3/3 - SOKOWVA. H.N., TBOIX)IOVICII, G.I.-, KIMILATRTAN, R.O. Division of the Tournai-Viee torrigenous formation in the eouthorn Kama-Kinell Depression. Sov.gool. 2 no.10.-20-32 0 159. (MIRA 13:4) 1. Institut nefti AN SGSR. (Kama,*Valley--GeolW , Stratigraphic) (Kinall Valloy-Geology, Stratigraphic) MTRCHINK. M.F.; KRACHATRTAN, R.O. Uninterrupted continental sedimentation In the lower Csrboniferous epoch in the Volga-Ural area. Geol. nefti I gaza 3 no.9:28-36 5 159. (MIRA 13:1) 1. Inatitut geologli I rasrabotki goryuchiWh Iskopnyomy1di AN SSSR- (Volga Valley-Sediments (Geology)) (Ural Mountnin i!agion--Sediments (Geology)) 3(0) AUTHORS. Teodorori-h, G@ I- L, P 'OV120-124,5, -45/62 Lebpdevu, N. S,., Y,1h,,.3h&',r-ynn, F. G, TITLE: On the S-ibdivi:!ion of th-@ Lowl--- Vi:jaiiri in.-; 1,ho Adjoinin@, Strata of the TouTnait;iFaL of titc- 9aqh-Kiriva Ifighland Ac-:ording to tho Fo:'ImIlliferaj. (K P@Ara:delenlyu @--Lze i po-Taniennykh -Ioyfr; -.jze--tur,-e gc.-no.,; @@Psbkizii po faune f oraminif er') PERIODICALi Doklady Akademi i na-uk S-S@'R@ I %I,)' Nr pp, 1120-1123 (USSR) ABSTRACT, The problarr, of the bOUTIditYy hiftween The Tourna--131,ar. stage and the Vioean @,as been .-learly -olved ncither -.:.n Wepterr- &'rope nor in the US*--?ft@ the ione co.@'@aining -b-he sub-inevis is clsqsif-@ed ty s;a-'-eral -2@1-entir;ts @--; C. th; Vi5onn, bv 0-Innie aq- Tournn-j.;Vian. Formex-ly, ti-,sri- wa@ e,;-en a @ta-a in wrirh a., i,ranrltior. zone corTes- pomied Tothe topmoot par@@; of the reliable Tournaifjian (Refs 1,7@ The 2na and 5rd author the era! material colle,,ted liv thr! 1:@t and tile 4th a-athcx In the Card 1/3 tranaltion sLzata al 0719 C.fl@ U@i',,)Ii river (--at,!@hnerlh nTen On the Subdivision of tho Lower '1j.3qnn ind Qo Adjoining Strata of the Tournaisian of the the Foraminiferal Fauna `Jashkiriya Accordi .nf,, to of the Zilim river) on t@10 western side of the SoUthern Ural. On the basis of th,,- di2tribution of micrc- and -.,acrofalina the cross section investigated is then divided into 3 groups. A 4th complex deviatlnr 1rom the lithojor-icjl POint of view, must be added. The iutho--,n arrived at the following con.- clusions: 1.) In the Bashlkiriya highland analo.-,ues of the Aleksinskiy and partly of the Tullskiy sta-e of the Podmos- kovnyy bauin as well as E,pparently of 1@he '7')ta1-.ncgox!3kiy horizon were observed, 2) In the southern Ural a horizon was ,@b-served with a mixed Tournaioinn-,V@sean complex of Foramini- fera, which correaponds to the strata with Productus sublaevis. 3) In the cross sections investigated primarily the upper plirt of the so-called LUZI@Yeyskiy horinor belongin,- to the Visean is mepre3ented whi@@h had been separated alrealy earlier in the central and nozthern Ural, This Part differs from complete srcss sec!tions of the horizon (Ref 2) by monotorous material of species and b",r scarcity of the "tournayella-', more- overbyother scarcely distributed Tournaisian forms, on the Card 2/3 other, hani, however, Ly !` Or"t Vazlo.Y of Vjse-@n S,-,F-30i0:3. On the Subdivision of the Lower Visean nni the SOV/20,124-5-45/62 Adjoining Strata of the Tol.irnaisiar of thrj Accrird,,'ng to the Foraminiferal Fauna The lower part of tne Lun-yPvak-.y 'horizon of thf@ central Ural pos:@ibiy beicngi to t:-,e upl)er part of the Tournaiei--in. Taere are 7 of are M Soviet, ASSOCIATION.-. Institut ne-fti Akade-iii na-i)4 333R (Ppti.-@Ieum Institute of the Academy of Sciencso USSR) PRESENTED: 0--tober 11. -;959, by 31- Miruno-,@, ---iar. SUBMTTED- October 1!:. '1958 Card 3/3 3(5) AUTHORS: Lipina, 0. A., Mkrt(.hyan, O.M., SOV/2O-125-6-42/61 Khachatryan, R. 0. TITLEt The Kizelovskiy Horizon of the South-western Part of the Birskaya Saddle (Kizelovskiy gorizont yugo-zapadnoy cha3ti Birskoy eedloviny) PERIODICALs Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, 1919, Vol. 125, lir 6, pp 1323-1325 (USSR) ABSTRACTs An unspecified exposure of the Tournaisian and of carbonate Upper Devonian deposits In the region mentioned in the title can neither be satisfactarily clansified nor observed in the east of the Russian platform, in contrast with the remainder of the afore-mentioned h.'.)rizon. The authors proved, however, that the greater upper part of the exposure mentioned belongs to the Kitelovskiy horizz)n. The horizon is here approximately 250 m thick, i.e. it is ten times thicker than the adjacent regions. This region (Chekmagushevokaya area) can be divided into three rock complexes of different tMckness: a lower carbonate (7-50 m), a middle argillite-carbonate, and an upper siliceous-argillitc carbonate complex. According to the Card 1/3 Foraminifera- and Ostracoda fauna,the upper part of the lcwer The Kizelovskiy Horizon of the South-wentern Part SOV/20-!25-6--42/61 of the Birskaya Saddle complex belongs to the Upper Devonian, strictly speaking, to the zone of the Septatournayella rauserae Lip. and is by no means younger. Foraminifera were deteruined from the limestones of the upper part of the argillite-carbonate complex (1679-1622, 1593-1596 m deep, respectively) which are characteristic of the Cherepetskiy horizon of the Tournaician, This horizon in 12 m thick. The upper 3iliceous-argillite-carbonate complex belongs to the Kizelovakiy horizon. The upper part of the horizon mentioned, 150 m thick on the average, consists mainly of limestones with dolomite intermediate strate (15-20 m thick). The top of the Kizelovskiy horizon is represented by fine siliceous and argillite intermediate strata. They fori7a a characteristic striated thickness of rock with an average thickness of 7-9 m @ The fact that it occurs in all exposures without exception ia in@.icative of a gradual tranuition of the carbonate rocks of the Yizelovskiy horizon to the upper terrigenous formation3. Considerable 7ariations in the thick- ness of the Kizelo-;skty horizon in various regions of the eastern part of the Runnian platfor4 undoubtedly indicate a Card 2/3 distinctly differentiated character of the tectonic movemerts The Kizelovskiy Horizon of the South-western Part SOV/20-125-6-42/61 of the Birskaya Saddle during the Kizelovskoye period. There are I figure and I Soviet reference. ASSOCIATION., Institut geologii i razrabotki goryuchikh iskonivemvkh Akademii nauk SSSR (Institute of Geology and Mining of Minerall Fuels of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR) InatitUt geologicheskikh nauk Akademii nauk SSSH (Institute of Geological Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR) PRESENTEDs December 16, 1958, by N. S. Shatakiy, Academician SUBMITTED: December 13, 1958 Card 3/3 KJUGHORTAN, R. 0, Facies relationship between lower Carboniferous ter,oigenous sediments in the middle Volga Valley and their stratigrapby. Trudy Inst. geol. i razrab. gor. iskop. 1:17-27 160. WRA 14:1) (Volga Valley--Geology, Stratigraphic) HIRCHINK, M.F.; BALLAKH, I.Ya.,- SERCMEV, L.A.; CIWRLIN, V.V.; BUKRARTSEV V.P.; VETO, V.I.; MUK11111, S.S., red.; R71,121A, Yu.V., takhn. red. [Evaluating the possibility of using seismic prospecting in direct search for oil pools) Otsenka vozmozhnosti primenenila saismicheskoi razvedki dlia priamykh poiskov neftiarqkh zalezhei. By M.F.Mirchink i dr. Moskva, Izd-vo Akad. nault SM, 1961. 129 p. (MIRA 14111) 1. Akadem4a nauk SSSR. Institut geologii i razrabotki goryuchikh Isko- paysmykh. (Seismic proapocting) KHACIIATRYAN, R.O.; KRES'I'OVNIKOV, V.N.; LIPINA, O.A.; ROSTOVTSEVA, L.F. Tournaisian-Visean boundarT deposits in the llyau2yak Valley (Southern Urals). Dokl. AN SS'SR 140 no.4:919-921 0 '61. (MIRA 14:9) 1. Institut reologii i razrabotki Foryucbikh iskonayemykh A! SSSR i Geolopicheskiy institut A14 SS"R. Predstavleno akademikom 1;.V. Nalivkinym. (Ryauzyak Valley-Geolopy, Stratigraphic) MIRCHINK9 M.F.; KRACHATRYAN R.O.; GROMMA, V.I. Permian arch of the sedimentary mantle of the eastern Russian Platform. Dokl. AN SSSR 152 no.4:960-963 0 163. (MIRA 16:11) 1. Institut geologii. i razrabotki goryuchikh iskopayemykh. 2, Chlen-korrespondent AN SSSR ',for Mirchink). GRACHEVSKIY, M.M.; KIIACHATRYAN, R.O.; KOMAIWINKINA, G.N. Reefy nature of the Khilkovo carb:)rate massill. Dokl. AN SSSR 133 no.21429-432 N 163. (MIRA 16:12) 1. Predstavleno akademikom D.I.Shzherbakavym. KIIACHATRWI) R.O., Devonlar, and Lower Carboniferous formations in the eastcrn pa-,t. of the Russian Platfom~ Dokl, All SSSR 159 rio.6tI293-12@96 D (ml@.'A 18:1.) 1. Institut geologii i razrabotki goryuchihk iskopayemylkh. Fred- stavi-eno akademikom D.I. ShcherbELkovym. MIRCHINK, GROVEKA, V,I.j ,I- Y MKITCHYAJ., OJI,.; 14APT011, G.N.; A.P., red . (Tectlonl,-.,s and the zoner. t,,,f oil and gal a;,:wrilation in the system of the Kama-KInell tr.:,iiFn3j Tekt.-m,.Ixa i zony neftegazonakeplenlia sistel-.:@, proglbov, Mosl-va, Nauka, lW76. 2x-Z 1. Moscow. Insritut geologIl i razrabotkl g-.ryu!7Ydkh iskc- payenVkh. MIRCHIRK, M.F.; MKRTCHYAN, O.M.; GRU.,EKA, V.I.; MITREYPUN Yu.B.; NARTOV, G.V. Outlook for finding petroleum ancl trends in prospecting operatiorLes in the Kama-Kinell system of troughi;. Geol. nefti i gaza 9 no.9:1-7 9 165. (141RA 18 -.9) P- A T "q I IV A. USSR Pharmacology and Toxicology,. ftomothorapoutio Agents. V-10 Antimalarial Agents. Abs Jovx Rof - ZhUr - Biologiya, Yfo 17, 1958, No. 8U(19 Author Sarkisyan., A. A-j XhWbatryan, S. A. UrAW-A- i%W-Mv- List : Yerovan Yodloal 0 Title t On the @bchanlm% of the FNOGt of quinine Orig Pub Tr- Yerovansk. mod. in-ta, 1956.. vyp. 8., 57-64 Abstract In experiments on dogs., a subcutaneous injection of a solution of quinine ohlorhydrato (I), as well as the intrOduOtion of I through a fistula Imnodiately into the stomach, caused a doprosuion of the secretory activity, and decreased the acidity and the digestive strongth of tho gastric juice. Additionelly, hunger pangs of the stomach wore increased. False fooding of the dogs that had udler- gone a gastroosophagostorq with food that contained I gave the same rosults. Amsthoeia of the macosa cavity of the C ard 1/2 Mode I .1ing pipelines composed of pij.,es va:-ious djarneters. IzV. Vys. ucheb. zav.; neft, i gaz no-1-91-93 165. WlIFUi 18:2) 1. Moskovskiy institut neftekhiirdcheq@oy i gazovoy promyshlennowU imeni akademika I.M. GiNkina. MAC-U-1--fAr", S.A., Cand Med Sci -- (di.@,S) 'Ir'unctional c.i--i-.tes the liver in inflar=tory prouesnes of the mucous iiic;.-branc of the mouth cavity.,' Yerevan, 1:.,@q, 30 pp (.1!in of liealth of the Ar:,it-nAari 33@i. Yerevan State ";d Dist) 200 cooics (KL, 30-59, 120) SARKISYAH, A.A., prof.; KHACHATRYAN, ';.A.p assiatent Character of the bile secreting function of the liver In fasting. Trudy no.11:77-80 160. (NIRA 15:1-1) 1. Iz kafedry patologicheakoy fiziologii (zav. kafedroy prof. A.A.Sarkisyan) Yerevan8kogo meditsinskogo inatituta. (LIM) (FASTING) (BILE) SAKRISYANp A.As. prof.; XMHATRYLN S.A.., kand. mad. nauk Second TranscaucaBian Conference of Pathoplqslologiats. Pat. fiziol. i skap. terap. 7 no.6:82-83 N-D 163. (MIRA 17:7) USSR / FAM Animls. Cattle. Abs Jour :Ref Zhur - A'ologiya, NO 5, 1959, No- 21238 Author :Voskanyan, V. P-j KWha,tryan She A Inst tYerovanlootechacal-ln;g@ute Title :Sow bbrPhological arA Plochemical TiAtcators of the Blood of Cws in Relation to their Age at Part"ritiOns, Live Weig@t and Ydlk Yield for the Period of Lactation - Orig Pub Tr. Yeravansk. Zootekhn.-vet. in-ta, 1957, Vyp. 21, 81-88 Abstract Among the general physiological blood Indicators, body teurraturs, respi-mtion and pulse rates vera determined; among morphologic Indicators, the Rb content, erythrocyte ard leukoeyte quantities and erythrocyte resistance; among biochemical indicators, roeorve alkalinity, Cacontont, the porcentage of Card 1/3 49 X - 1 213% 66-EU 1) ALC Nks APbU06708 SOURCE CODE: UR/0Z9Z/64/0n0/01l/0047/0049 1AUTHOR: Khachatryan, S. L. (Engineer) ORG: noneqgz;;@@@@ TITLE: Calculation of magnetic fields in the airgap of a salient-pole synchronous m I achine @A ISOURCE: Elektrotekhnika, no. 11, 1964, 47-49 TOPIC TAGS: synchronous machine, synchronous machine design, magnetic field ABSTRACT: Contactless axially-excited alternate-pole synchronous machines are @ considered in which the magnetic flux of the field coils (fastened to the end ithields) is 1 conveyed to the rotor via additional airgaps. The latter, as well as the non- rectangular shape of the active pole surface, make for a special distribution of the magnetic field over the working airgap of the machine. Starting from fundamental integral formulas for machine fluxes, formulas are developed for calculating the coefficients of magnetic fields that cross the working airgap. These coefficients permit computing sustained reactancee of the machine. An additional formtda is also given for calculating mmf drop in the steel portions of the magnetic circuit. Orig. art. has: 1 figure and Z4 formulas. SUB CODE:201 SUBM DATE. none ORIG REF: 003 Card UDC: 621.313.32 .3 (7) AUTHORS: Kurilovaq Yu. V., Khacha.ryan2 Be Fe SOV/50-59-8-2/19 TITLE: On the Structure of Atmospheric Turbulence According to the Data of Rapid Airplanes fO strukture atmosfernoy turbulent- nosti po dannym skorostn;fkh samoletov) PERIODICAL: Meteorologiya i gidrologlya, 1959, Nr 8, pp 8 - 12 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In 1956-1957, the problem of turbulence in jet currents was in- vestigated at the TeentralInaya aerologicheskaya observatoriya (central Aerological Observatory), particula@ly fiom the point of view of a connection between unsteady flying conditions and aerological parameters and synoptic conditions. The character- istics of the structure of turbulence in altitudes up to 13-14 km are investigated herej the properties of individual distur- bances on the one hand, and the character of the turbulent zone and the dependence of the latter on altitude and intensity, on the other hand. The authors used the data of 54 flights in jet currents. 13 of these'flights were carried out by a plane of the TY-104 type, the othf3rs by a rapid plane of another type with.smaller dimensions. The synoptic conditions were about the same in all cases. They referred to the southern periphery of Card 1/3 weak jet currents with 313-40 m/sec, or to the altitude frontal On the Structure of Atmospheric Turbulence According SOV/50-59-6-2/19 to the Data of Rapid Airplanes zones with small contras to. An exception were 10 flights by TU-104 with rather intensive jet currents and 45-50 m/sec, where also the northern periphery of these currents was part- ly investigated. On the basis of an analysis of the results obtained, the following conclusions on the characteristics of turbulence causing planes to bump in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere could be made: 1) The coefficient of occur- rence of the turbulence decreases considerably with the alti- tude. 2) At a reduction in intensity, and an increase in alti- tude, the -weight of larE:e disturbances in the spectra of tur- bulence causing planes to bump rises- 3) The extension of the atmospheric turbulence zone can reach 150 km in single caseaq but mostly it-does not oxceed 30-50 km. The extension of the sections with moderate turbulence decreases with the altitude. At a weak turbulence, however, the extension increases with the altitude. In the lower troposphere, the length of the di- sturbed sections increates with an increase in maximum over- loads- 4) Under otherwite equal conditions, the dimensions of the disturbed zones are smaller according to the data of the Card 2/3 TU-104 plane, since this airplane is more stable, and reacts On the Structure of Atmospheric Turbulence According SOV/50-59-8-2/19 to the Data of Rapid Airplanes to a narrower section with overloads. In the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere, the turbulent sections are character- ized by a discontinuous structure in connection with the meA- tioned selectivity of the TU-104. There are I figure, 4 tables, and 6 references, 5 of which are Soviet. Card 3/3 PHASE I BOOK mnuiTATioN WV/4292 Teentrallnaya aerologicheskaya. observatoriya Trudy, vyp. 31 (Transactions of the Central Aerological Observatory, NO-31) Moscow, 1959. 91 p. 650 copies printed. Additional Sponsoring Agency: USSR. G:Lavnoye upravleniye gidrometeorologicheakoy slafty. Ed.-. (Title page): S.M. Shmeter; Ed. ".Inside book)@: M.I. Sorokina; Tech, Ed.: T. Ye. Zemtsova, PURPOSE: This publication is intended J!or aerologists and aircraft instrunent designers. COVERAGE: This collection of 3-1 articles deals mainly with the problem of finding the best method of measuring atmospb!mric turbulence from aircraft. A detailed description of the aerological instruments used for this purpose is given. Wind observations by means of radio theodolite is discussed. References accom- pany individlial articles. Card 1/3 Transactions of the Central Aerological Observatory, NO-31 SOV/4292 TAMZ OF COMMITS: Shur,, G.N. Instru nts for the Investigation of the Spectrum of Atmospheric Turbulence by the Method of Harmonic Analysis Using Magnetic Newry 3 Ivanovskiy: A.I., and F.G. Cheremisin, lbosibility of an Approximate Determination of the Spectrum of Atmospheric Turbulence According to Aircraft Bounding Data 18 Khachatryan Determination of the Vertical Motions of the ,, 8 LP Atmosphere by Recordings of an AccelerogtiLph Installed on Higb-Speed Aircraft 22 Vinnichenko, N.K., and G.N. Shur. Obtairing the Energy Spectrum of the Stationary Random Process Recorded Graphically 38 Tevryakov, A.A. Electrical Integrator of' G-Forces on a Constant Voltage Amplifier With an Electromechanical Converter 43 Card 213 11308 S/124/61/000/010/044/056 D251/L)301 AJTHOR: .___'_KhAqjjatjyfflj@ @S.P. TITLE: Determining the vertical motion of the atmosphere by recording an accelrograph installed in high-speed aircraft PERT ODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Mekhanika, no. 10, 1961, 103, abstract 10 B706 (Tr. Tsentr. aerol. observ. 1959, no. 31, 22-37) TEXT: A short review is given of the literature on the prob- lem of determining the vertical motion (WO of the atmosphere by -the readings of an accelerograph, and the accuracy is considered of var- ious approximation formulae which permit computing the vertical gusts of wind with respect to the data of the overload of the certer of gravity of the aircraft. With this aim, calculations were per- formed on the relation between the VM of the atmosphere and the ac- celeration of the center of gravity of the aircraft according to the Card 1/2 S/124/61/000/010/044/056 Determining the vertical motion... D251/D301. various formulae for TY -104 M-104), Wrl-12 (IL-12) and tw,,.) small jet aircraft. Consideration of the results of the calculatio.-L leads to the following conclusions: 1) The most precise data conceniing the W1 of the atmosphere are given by the formula of A.S. Dubov, considering the different sensitivity of the aircraft to different scales of pulsation of the atmosphere, and assuming isotropic atmos- pheric turbulence; 2) The regime of flight (in the basic case, height) has an essential effect on the quantitative connection be- tween the vertical acceleration of the aircraft and the W1 of the atmosphere; 3) To obtain exact data on the W1 the recording of long- wave perturbances of the atmosphere must be made by a more sensitive accelerograph; 4) Investigation of the W1 of the atmosphere with a TU-104 aircraft is useless, since for the character of the flight regime it shows a relativejl low-sensitive "set". Z7Abstracter's note: Complete translation Card 2/2 @4 T r 7T UPI 4 got H% 8 1 r I i IL J, If KIIACHATRYAN, S.P. Temperature fi"ld in a cumulus. Meteor. i gidrol. no-801-33 fa Ag t64 (MTRA 17:8) 1. Vysokogoniyy geofizicheakiy institut. XHACHATRYAN, S.P. Approximate calculation of the water content of convective clouds caused by the presence of giant condensation nuclei in the atmosphere. Izv. AN Am. SSR.Ser.fiz.-mat.nauk 17 no.1193-99 ,64. (MIRA 170) 1. Institut vodnykh problem AN ArMranskoy SSR. Inheritance of easy prminating ability by the potato tuber in con- nection with vegetaUve hybridization. 1zv.AN Arm.MR.3st.nauki no.7:83-91 047. (XLRL 9:8) 1. Institut genetiki rasteniy AN Araqanskoy M. (Potatoes) (E@rbridization, Vegetable) -KHACHATRYAN, S.S. - --omm"Ofto" Development of some recessive characters in the first generation of sexual tomato hybrids. Izv. AN Arm,,BSR. Biol. i sellkhoz. nauki 1 no.2:l7l-lB8 148. (KLrA 9: 8) 1. Institut genetiki rasteniy Akademii nauk Armyanskoy SSR. (TCHAT OICS) (HMDITY) MAM"TRYATIP 101.5. 23441 govmestnoye deystviye priviv@i 1 skreshchivuniya na lcmaty. sad 1 cgorcyd, 1949, No. 7, c. 4-(-.'.i' SO: LETOPIS 110. 31, 1949 - :, I @ -.- i - -1 . -. -- " - @ @ - , " - @ @, - -- =r 7-- Z71-4r7l@7:1 a US@jR/Cujt,v@,t@,@e. :1,7tntse prjjit@,,. Durri-s. .1.- Abs Jour : Rof Zhur-Diul.7 I-To 1@7 1950); 633)73 Aut 110!-, :lot;osym) S, Sarlcisyan, V. Inst :Arn SSI-L Institutito o-f Vinictil-tuml i':inc Iro- flmctionj anO F7,ucticultur" Ar i Wil !*-*u-s'-ry i- .@ L of AL;riculturc. T itla :Noi-j Co;-:norcial Gra-),j Str,Ans Soloctjc'- '.,,y tho Instituto of Viniculturo o.. tl,,@ !@Iinistry of A.-riculturc. Or 1 u", @jyuls nauchno-tolchn, infor-;-,, Ar.-, n,-i. In-ta vimgraC.arstva, Vinor 1957, No 1, 5- Abstr,@ct Thc; lnstitut,@! Dossosses a ,ra-.o soluctioa fund ct.asistin,: of 15,000 of th- ';@;st s,@cclin.r--s of 120 choico nuu ond vclualb1c) strains. In 1954, C'.-I r CIL 1/2 190 KHACHATRTAM B.S., kandidat biologicheakikh nauk. '"-'Inheritance of early maturity in tvbrid grape seedlings. Agrobiologil& no-1:72-77 A-7 15?. (MI2A l0t4) 1. Institut vinogradaretva i vinodellya, Yerevan. (Grape&) POGOSYAN, S.A.; KHACHATRYAN, S.S., kand.biolog.nnuk Developing frost-resistant grape varieties in the southern part of the U.S.S.R. Agrobiologiia no.6:852-860 N-D 159. (MIIL@ 13:4) 1. Institut vinogradarstva I plodovodetva ArnVanskoy SSR, Yerevan. 2. Chlen-korrespondent Vaesoyuzno7 akadomii sell- skokhozynystvennykh nauk imeni Lenina (for Pogosynn). (Grapes--Varieties) (Plants--7roat reeistanco) 5! @t KHACPATRYA."I, S.S kand. biologicheskikh nauk Inheritance if the earliness of ripening and its stability in hybrid t,rapes. Agrobiologiia no.1:37-43 Ja-k 162. (MIRA 15:3) 1. Armyanskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut vinogradarztva, vinodeliya i ylodovodstva, Yerevan. (Grapes) (Hybridization, Vegetable) KRACHATRYAN, S.S., kand, biol, nauk Relation between the beginning of fruiting in the r,.qrental plants and the rivening time in the hybrid progeny of grapevines, Agrobiologiia no.4:589-593 JI-Ag 164. (MIRA 17112) 77 ASHASTIN, R., kand.tekhn.nauk; VDOVETS, A., insh.; FEMOV, Ye., inzh.; in2h. Using the method of thermal P)TOlySiO of casinghead gasoline for the simultaneous production of acetylene and ethylene. Prom.Arm. 5 no-4:50-52 Ap 162. (MMA 15:5) 1. ArmNIIKHIMOYEKT. (Armenia-Hatural, gas) (Acetylene) (Ethylene) TITLEs Simultaneous production -if acetylene and othylene by thermal pyrolysis of gaseous gasoline PERIODICALt Referativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, no. 4, 196,11, 450 - 451, abstract 4NIO (Ayastani ardyunaberutyuny, ro. 4, 1962, 56-59 [Arm.3; Prom-st' Armenii", no. 4, 1962, 50 - 52 [Ru3s.3) TEXT: C H and C H are obtained by pyrolysis of gaseous gasoline with 2 2 0 2 4 28 - '150 in apVaratus ielding 40 - 70 kg/hr raw material. Fuel gas Y (H 21 natural gas etc.) undergoes combustion to 0 2 in a special burner in a water-cooled chamber. The gases are mixed with gasoline vapors in a mixer at 20000 and passed to a reactor whose walls, are protected from deposition of coke and carbon black by a film of water. On leaving the reactor the ganes, containing 8 - 11@j 0 2H 2 and 9 - 1%'o C2H4 by volume are rapidly cooled to terminate the reaction; after final, cooling in the scrubber ani washing Card 1/2 7----------- S/081/63/000/04/026/051 Simultaneous production of... B149/BI86 free of tars the gasee are ohanneled to the separator. Data supplied: flow sheet of apparatus, composition of gavou obtained, flow-rate coefficients and economic anseenment of the method. fAbatracter0s notet Complete tranalation-3 Card 2/2 `7 AKOPCYV, A.V kand.tekhn.naak;~,KHAO.H=AN,,T.0 in@. Effect of thm mixa and compactness of poro=-matariml pieces on their strargth and stability. Prom.Arza. 6 no.12:50-155 D 163. (MRA 17:2) LUSINYANt Q.; KHACHATRUN, TS. Reduoing the volume of baring operations and increasing the profitableness of strip mines )f the Agarak and Kazhdaran Copper- Mclybdenum Combiness Promeknie 4 noP2:13-16 F 61. (KIRA 14: 6) Aimigiprotovetmet. @Agarak--Strip mining) Kaftbaran-Strip mining) PARSADVIYAN, R.S.; KHACHATRYANO TS.F. Development of pharTaacy in the Amenlan S.S.R. during the past 40 youn. Apt. dolo 11 no.1:15-18 Ja-F 162. (MIRA 15:4) (Aro-maA-PiLAO-VACY) LUSIITYAII, G.; MACHATRIAN, TS. Discussing A.A. Akopov and Bo Shakhnazarian's article "Efficacity of combining the development of Karmrashen volcanic slag deposit with the construction of the reservoir at the run-off of Mastara flood waters. Prom*Am. 5 no.9:12-13 S 162. (KUU 1.-;:g) (Talin District-Reservoira) (Karmranhen fregion--Zlag) KIIACHATRYA ;1 11. A. , ul-lp ! r fill A@)IMI'litUB fGT- ccntrant i onk. 79139-1-42; 26) i . ". MIACHLTRUIF, V.A. Preventing complications following laparotomy under experimental conditions. lzv.Alr Arn.SM Biol.umuld 12 no-11,77-78 1 159. (KMA 130) (AMOKU-SOGIMY) KHAGHATRYAE, V. A. Gand Med Sci - (diss) "Prophylaxis of post-operative complica- tions in gynecological abdominal sections involving tLe intra- peritoneal use of antibiotics." Yerevan, 1961. 28 pp; (Minis- try of Public Health Armenian SSR, Yerevan State Medical Inst); 200 copies; price not given; (KL, 5-61 sup, 207) KHACHATRYAN, V.S. Determining power losses in high-voltage power-transmission networks. Izv. AN Am. SSR. Ser. tekh. nauk lkno.5:31-40 163. (MIRA 16:12) 1. Institut energetiki AN Armyariskoy SSR. KHACHATRY@Y,, V6 Determination of mitual and self-impedances of a power system with respect to a reference node. Elektrichestvo no.12:36-38 D 163. (MIRA 17il) KRACHATRIAN, V.S. Minimizing I " es of active power in electric networks. Izv.AN Arm.SSR.Ser.tekh.nauk 15 no.5:33-42 162. (MIRA 15:12) 1. Institut energetW AN Armyanskoy SSR. (Electric iletworks) KTIACHATRYAN, V.S., Inzh. (Yerevan) Determination of natural impedances and mutual impedances in power systems relative to the base node with change in network configuration. Elektrichestvo no.4:27-30 Ap 164. (WRA 17:4) KHACHURYANP VIS. Methods for calculating pawor losses in networks of power systems. Izv. AN Arm. SSR. Ser. tekh. nauk 15 no.lsl3-24 162. OURL 160) 1. Institut energetiki AN ArnVanskoy SSR. (Electric power transmission) KHACHATRYAN, V.S. Determining loss derivatives by active powers. Izv. AN Arm. SSR Ser. tekh. nauk 16 no.6ill-18 163, (MA 17:1) 1. Institut energetiki AN ArnWanskoy SSH. K@V'RA7RYA!4# V.-'7,,, Inz:i. (Yerevan) Metho,ln for calculating mutual and sell'-impedances of complex power syntema. Elektrichestvo no.)Ot47-51 0 164. (MIRA !"IiIV L 07948-67 EWT(d)/EIIT(I)/EWT(m)/EWP(t)/ETI ...IJP(c)--- JR&I(IMIGD ... ACC NR: AT6028983 SOURCE.CODEs UR/0000/66/000/000/0144/0149 AUTHOR; Khachatganp Yu. M.- /7-/ ORG: none TITIZ: Tomperature,dopenderce of magnotic susceptibility and Curie temperature of Ni-Cu-Zn-- Forrit1d...", SOURM Vsocoyuznoys@ novenlichaniyo po forritam. 4thl Minsk. Fizicheakiye i fizikokhfiaichoskiye svoyatV-a-fo,-r,r*itov'- (ftiaiical7- and -physicochomical properties of forritos); doklady ooveshchaniya,'Minskp Nauka I tokhnika, 1966, 144-149 I TOPIC TAGS:. ferrite, magnetic susceptibility, nickel alloy, copper alloy, Curie temperature ABSTRACT: The temperature dependence of nagnotic susceptibility and Curie tem- poraturea in Ni-Cu-Zn forritoo was investigated experimentally under the guid- ance of N. N. Sirota. The specimens were toroidal in shape and were tooted over a temperature rangd from 20 to 600C. In all cases the suscoptibility X curves reached a maximum (as tho,temperaturo increased up to the Curie temperature) and then fell sharply. Plots-of Curio temperature versus percent zinc ferrite show Card 1/2. L 07948-67 ACC NR: AT6o28983 a strictly linear behavior, with the Curie tom)orature falling sharply'as the zinc ferrite contontli,ncroasoa. The somiampir'Lcal formu_1a susceptibility is given for the initial . = *182 bk' whore Xs is the magnotostrictive saturation, k Is an anisotropy constantp and -ayb are numeAicaj MUltipliers'dopending on the crystal imperfections, orig. art. has: 4 figures and I formula. SUB CODE: n/ sUBH, .'DATE322Doc65/ CRIG REP: Cog SIROTA, N.N.; KHACHATRYAN, Yu.M. Effect of hydrostatic pressure (in the susceptibility of copper-zinc ferrites. Fiz. tver. tela 5 no.11:31-10-3112 N 163. (MIRA 16:12) 1. Otdel fiziki tverdogo tela i poluprovodnikov AN BSSR, Minsk. ACCESSION M AP4007444 S/0250/63/007/012/0805/0806 AUTHOR: Sirota, N. N.; Khacha tryant Yu. M. TITLE% Effect of hydrostatic pressure on the Curie point of nickel- copper-zinc ferrites SOURCE: AN BSSR.. Doklady*, v. 7, no. 12, 1963, 805-806 TOPIC TAGS: pressure effect, nickel ferrite, copper ferrite, zinc ferrite, Curie point, hydrostatic pressure, ferrite ABSTRACT: This work describes an investigation of the temperature and pressure dependence of the magnetic permeability of two types of zinc ferrites, both containing 60 molZ zinc. In addition to zinc, one type contained 40 mol% CUFe204, the other, 30 mol% NiFe204 and 10 mol% CuFe204, The toroidal specimens 4.2 and 2.6 mm in diameter and 2-4 mm thick, were placed in a pressurizing medium of aviation gasoline, in which temperature control was effected by an electrically heatedminiature pyrophyllite cylinder enclosing the specimen. Pre- cautions were taken to ensure a constant temperature and magnetic field. The results show that both types have maximum permeability Card 1 2 -A. ACCESSION NR: AP4007444 and the minimum Curie point at normal pressure. Increasing pressure causes a sharp drop in permeability and a slight rise in the Curie point without affecting the general character of the temperature dependence of the permeability of the specimens. The shift of the Curie point a3peared as a linear function of pressure up to 8 x 106 kg/cm . but the curve was steeper for the three-component 10-3 2/kg) than for the I specimens (2.7 x del-cm two-component speci- i mens (1.52 x 10-3 deg-cm /kg). The permeability change as a function of pressure appeared to be a reversible process within the temperature range from 20 to 150C. Orig. art. has: 2 figures. ASSOCIATION: Otdel fiziki tverdogo tela i poluprovodnikov AN BSSR (Department of Solid State Physics and Semiconductors, AN BSSR) SUBMITTED: 27Jul63 DATE ACQ: 24Jan64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODEt Pit NO REF iOV: 001 OTHER: 000 KHACHATRYANP Yu.M. [Khachatran, IU.M.) Effect of hydrostatic pressure on the Curie temperature and magnetic properties of nickel-copper-zinc ferrites. Vestsi AN BSSR. Ser.fiz.-HAt.nav. no.ltI20-128 165. (MRA 19cl) C.- =14.4-', CODE: UR/00-00/66/000/OW/0137/040 J X', Rs.. 'C'k'a-alatov, I,% S.; achatryan, Yu. 1-1. ORG: none Static-,kaf.-notic propertiezi of @Ali--Cu--Zn forrites S3!jIU0,--,: VL;O.,3oYUznoYo soveshchaniya po ferritam. 4th, Minsle. Fiziche@kiyo i Z@voyutva forribov (?hyL;j.caI and llhy,@jcociic-iucal proportios of forrites); duklady sovoz;hchaniya. Rinsk, Nauka i tokhnika, 196-6, 137-1410 7-k;?!C TAGS: ferrite., magnatic permeability, hy3toresis loop, magnetic coercive forco, ricirzoll. co;-apound, copper coi-.ipound 13S-Ii@LA.GT: .'.!agnetic permeability, coercive force, and residual and miax-imal induction of Ni-Cu-Zn forritez; have been studied as a continuation of the investigation involving the magnutic-oloctric properties o.@' this trilple systom by 11. N. Sirota, Yu. I'l. Khachatryan, and -I. S. BolCoulatov (Sb. Farrity i beskontaktrnyfe ele::@enty. jzd. @SSR, le'inz;k, 1963, otr. 186, 192). Basic =ognatization curvej and hyateresis 1cops for L5 compo3it ions of the investigat-od system in tompored ard annealed states 'r,*oro n, caoured. initial permeability was do' orimined by extrapolation of tho initial portion, of tho magnetization curve to zoro. Maximal permeability waz doter.MIM. d from the slopo of tho magnotization curvo in the area of the stoop rise. '.L:&h Cord 3 /2 T ACC INR: AT6,02bg6l permc-.ability valucs wore found for forritos witli the Curia temperature close to room tu.;-.@ )(,,rature. Thcso are mainly forrittio containing 60 arid 70 1'.101o of Zn forrito, as .11ustratued in Fig. 1. This work was conducted under the guidance of No No Sirotati @J-. 1. Initial pcrmoability of tempered 11 b I I i (a) and annealed (b) 11-4--Cu--Zn forrites as 1 f603 of the Zn forri'o conton' a function f i2W NJ@. 'CH.'Ape.od -Zilre.o.: Znrc,O,t J-N1.. go 2 6-1-C-FC.0.-Z-F@.O.;' 2-N1..C.,.Fc.0.-Z.Fc,0.: L J %1#.j&Cuo.j &Fe,0.-ZnFr,0, f-N4,tjCus.,4Fr,0,-Z.Fej0,: FC.O.-ZnFe 4 %K 40. so 0 20 40-molelz7feA Orig. art. has: 3 fi&ures. SUB CODE: 31/ SUBM DATE; 22Dec65/ OLIG RU: 010/ OTH R=- 004 V, Geore 1 ,, III ko I tiyu@vich; , 'V;@.Ti L; KHMAIATI(YATI, Z.L.,, inzh., n@iichn. r,:-d. [Assembly of control and wit.omatit: control i-,y.3teinr, in the chemical azul petroleum refInIng in(iastries] xontazh sistem kontro.lia i avtomatiki v khiwirheskol. A nefteperor-abaty- vaitishchei promysMennosti. Xlokva@ Aroilmitil, 1@',65. 1 S) p. H 14 1 1_@ "I I I Pj I t@_)T KANTORER, S.Ye.. kand.tekhn.nouk; UiAWTR!TAPTS,,__;.T. , kand.tekhn.nauk; KUTSMIOVA, A.A., kand.akonom.naulc, red.; MITIN. 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Zhil. stroi. no.2s6-8 163. (MIRA 16:3) (Building-Equipment and supplies) KIIACHATRYANrS, l.T. @xard. OUn. nxiv@ ........... Keeping recorda of actual Pxp@nisen for model (-.Ipstruction. Prom. stroi. 40 [i.e. 41] no.6:9-11 Ja 163. (MIRLA 16-10) 1. lk-lovasskiy politekhnichas@iy in3titut,. KBACHATRYINIS, I.T.; 01"CHIMUKOV, P,.V.I; GOLOVACH, V.11.; M, TV , , - T . 114 DHO ZD , G . VDDUA. 110 , Ir, VLADIMIitOV, L.A. (Srall-scale mechanization In the construction Industry and its effectivenons] Mlallaja mckhanizat3iia --+roitell- stve I eo off ktivnost'. Mlinok A.e , Izd-vo M-va vysghego, srednego spetsiallnogo I profe3slonallnago obrazovaniia BSSR, 1963. 33 p. (Mli@A 17:8) KHACHATRYANTS, I., Jnzh.; ZAROVKIIIA, N., HACHATRYANTS, K., inzh. Reducing manual labor In large-panel construction. 7hil. stroi. no.8t20-21 165. (MIRA 18:8) lit, KHACHATRYATITS I.T.p dotsent; KORBATI, M.I., dotsent; KOSCVT')'LV, V.I., Now planning and technological documentation for the construction of a synthetic fiber plant, Prom. atroi, 42 no,3:16-18 t65. (MIRA 18:7) 1. Beloriisakiy politekhnichookiy institut (for Khachatryants, Korban). ,-Ij. @11.j J. 11.@ 4 nZ! KIIAC,BATRYANTS, I., inzh.; 'Ir"APOVEINA, IN.0 I-lzt.; v "" 1 f,!;! , t J- -@ )F K .I @ .,# Reducing manual labor in lfirg@!-panel construction. 71-, 11 .strol. no.8:20-21 165. (MIPA IS.-B) 7:=, Puildin@s I.f;vf,), Of @Irovk of '.11C tra:A:3. 7 ac). 1952 U. I'onlthlv List. 0' Acceo,3ionLL Li-brtry of 'illy 3952. K%i tic ti f) T-u R 0 V, USSR/Mathematics - measure determination FD-11718 Card 1/1 Pub- 11:8-19/30 Author : Khachaturov, A. A. Title : Determination of the value of measure for a region of n-dimensional Euclidean space from its values for all half-spaces Periodical : Usp. mat. nauk.) 9) No 3(61), 205-212, Jul-Sep 1954 Abstract : The author solves the problems of determining from the values of the measure for all half-spaces the value of the measure for a sphere and the density of the measure at a point. From the solution of %;nis problem follows the uniqueness of determination of measure from its values for all half-spaces. On the basis of the expression for the density of measure in space of odd dimensionality he solves the problem) posed by I. M. Gellfand and 1. G. Petrovskiy, on the expan- sion of the function of a point in functions each of which is constant on hyperplanes perpendicular to a certain director in the space. T@e author thanks I. M. Gellfand for his advice. No references. Institution. : Submitted@ : January 6, 1954 USO/Zlectricity - Petroleum Industry Feb 52 Automatic Reclosing "The Use of Automatic Repeated Reclosing in the bistribution. Networks of Oil Fields," A. A. Khachaturov "Mektricheatvo" No 2, p 84 Abstract of an article originally 1xiblished in the "Energeticheakiy Byulleten."' (Power Engineering Bulletin, No 5, 1951. Operating experience has shown that the use of automatic repeated reclosing 208T35 USSR/Electricity - Petroleum Industry Feb,52 (Contd) in just1fied for all 2..;6 kv suspension lines of 1.5-2 kn length feeding deep-pump transformers, the elec motors of drilling machines, and water YaWs for cooling compressors. 208T35- V7 L I K 0 AID P 3258 Subject 3 IJSSR/Flectrioity Card 1/2 Pub. 27 - 13/25 Authors : Khachaturov, Eng., and N. I. Sokolov, Kand. Tech. Sei., Y;oscow' - ' ' Title t Automatic reolosure without controlling synchronism Periodical : Blaktricbeetvop 99 64-67P 8 1955 Abstract : The authors present the results of experiments with automatic reclosure of two parts of a power system consisting of several steam electric power stationsy without controlling for synchronism. Tests were made with values of transmitted capacity ranging from zero to the maximum possible and with disconnection periods varying from I to 6.4 sec. (see table). In all these tests normal operating conditions were reestablished without asynchronous motion except for the most difficult conditions of 6.4 see. of interruption at the highest transmitted capacity. Synchronous machinery were returned to synchronism in the first cycle of swinging. Voltage drops were of short duration. One tablej 5 diagrams and AID P - 3258 Elektrichestvop 9p 64-67p 3 1955 Card 2/2 Pub. 27 - 13/25 osaillogrames 1 Soviet reference, 1950. Institution Note Submitted N 26p 1954 V 2 A. -A. - - F-M C:-jZk T I TROV I Af'Autojn:,!.ic repeatl,,d switchini, in of power lines with bilater4 5upPlY supply without contrcl of &i:mchronism. 11 Min 'H4.1-her Education USSR. Moscow Order of Lemiji Power Enf,ine-t,r@nr "inst ;-Iolotcv. Noscow, 1956. '@,Oli 2H-E De,-ree of Candidate in '.'eciml;cal "Jcj(-nce.) So: Knizhnaya Letopis', Jo. 18, 1956 KdACHATUROV. A.A. Impact currents and moments during nonoynchronous connection of generators. Blektrichostvo no.2:21-26 F 156. (MLRA 9:5) 1. TSentrallnaya nauchno-iseledovatellskaya elektrotekhaicheakaya laboratoriya Ministeretya alek-trostanteiy SSSR. (Zlectric generators)