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AWYO 124-57-2 2112D Transl,..tilon from: Referativnyy zhurndl, Mekhanika, 1957, Nr 2, p 92 (USSR) AUTHOR-. Khakimov, M.Kh. TITLE- SOILItion of Some Problems of the Theory of Filtration Related to the Development of Oil Deposits j (Resheiiiye nekotorykh zadach teorii fil'tratsii, svyazannykh s razrabotkcyneftyanykh mestorozhdeniy) ABSTRACT: Bibliographic entry on the author's dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences, presented to the In-t nefti AN AzSSR (Petroleum Institute, Academy of Sciences, Azerbayd- zhan SSR), Biaku, 1956 ASSOCIATiON: Irl-t nelt'. AN AzSSR (Petroleum InsLitute, Academy of Sciences, Azerbaydzhan SSR), Baku 1. Petroleum industry--Development 2. Pet.role=--MjLi~,T) Fluid flow--Theory C.Ard 1/1 SOV/124-57-3-3277 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. Mekhanika, 1957, Nr 3, p 92 (USSR) AUTHOR: Khakimov, M. Kh. TITLE- The Effect of Viscosity Variations of Gas-containing Petroleum on the Yield of a Well as a Function of the Pressure (Vliyaniye izme- neniya vyazkosti gazirovannykh neftey, v zavisimosti ot davieniya, na debit skvazhiny) PERIODICAL: Izv. AN AzSSR, 1956, Nr 4, pp 47-49 ABSTRACT: The flow of gas-containing petroleum toward a well is investigated under conditions when the pressure at the well bottom is greater than the saturation pressure. The viscosity of the oil ~i is expressed in terms of the pressure P in the following form: log, 0 ~L = log 10 4s + a (P- Ps) (where Ps is the saturation pressure, ~Ls the viscosity of oil at that pressure, and a a coefficient which remains constant for the given type of petroleum and the prevailing temperature). By inte- Card 1/2 grating the equation for the flow of oil toward a well with ~i as the SOV/124- 57- 3-3277 The Effect of Viscosity Variations of Gas-containing Petroleum on the Yield(cont.) variable, the author obtains the following expression for the yield of a well: Znkh(P - P ) 2 .3 0 Ilk ~Lc Ilk Q = k c where gD=- loglo ~L'Dlog R /R- ~i e k c ~'k - ~c c (where k is the seepage coefficient and h the thickness of the reservoir; subscripts k and c indicate that the values to which they are attached refer to sections at the distances Rk and Rc from the axis of the well); the values of the quantity lio are given for a number of values of the parameter ~Lk / ~Lc . Bibliography: 8 references. V. A. Arkhangel'skiy Card 2/2 14(5) SOV/92/58-8/25/36 AUTHOR: Khakimov,., M.S... Chief of the Planning Department TITLE: Economic Aspects ot Using Small Diameter Bits (Ekonomika primeneniya dolot malog;"4iametra) PERIODICAL: Neftyanik, 1958, Nr 8p PP 27-29 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author states that in 1957 one of the drilling offices of the Tuymazaburneft' Trust managed to drill a number of wells with No. 11 bits and T12M3-9" turbodrills instead of using, as is usual, No. 12 bits and the T12M3-10" turbodrills. This experiment resulted in the drilling cost of each well dropping by 17,000 rubles. It was, however, only the beeinning of endeavors to use bits of a smaller size. The No. 8 bit attached to the TS4- 6 5/8" sectional turbodrill later produced excellent results. The per bit footage and the drilling speed attained by using the No. 8 four-cone bit of the SDS2-8T type at various substages and horizons are illustrated in Tables 1 and 2, which clearly show the advantage of smaller bit drilling. The experience of Card 1/2 y~g Economic Aspects (Cont.) 92-58-5-25/36 the drilling crew, which worked at the Serafimovo platform, also confirms the advisability of using the No. 8 bit with the TS4- 6 5/8" turbodrill and the 4 1/2" drilling pipes instead of pipes of a larger diameter. The tool sinking and lifting operations, as well as the drilling job as a wholel, became much easier. Moreover, a considerable saving was realized by reducing the number of surface installations and particularly by using one pump instead of two. The consumption of electric power, cement, drilling mud, metal 'and chemical reagents dropped as well as the Vransportation cost. The drilling speed ger rig per month attained during the first 3 months of 195 exceeded that of the corresponding period last year by 449 m,,and the productivity of labor surged by 20 percent. The overall cost of drilling operations dropped more than 800,000 rubles. There are 2 tables. ASSOCIATION: Kontora bureniya No. 3 tresta Tuymazaburneft' (The No. 3 Drilling Office of the Tuymazaburneft' Trust) Card 2/2 ACC NRi AP7004546 AUTHOR: -N.; Nesmeyanov. D. V.; 4qjgp~kqya, Kha jcimqy,_ M.,_Yu. z.5-G.---ribritm, moscow TITIZ: New data on the structure of the eastern part of Cis-Caucasia on the baefe of regional geophysical work SOURCE: AN SSSR. Izvestiyas Seriya geologicheakaya, no. 6, 1966, 63-71 TOPIC TAGS: telluric current, geophysics ABSTRACT: The deeD structurelbf Cis-Caucasia wan studied in 1962-1964 by geophysical invostigiti6fi3 along three regional profiles which cut* ,across the principal structural clementD of that region. The groaterl 'part of the article is a dotailed description of work along cach of ithese profiles. The objectives were tracing the surface of the base- Iment, and the undorlying sedimentary deposits of the Mesozoic; wherever I ipo3sible discontinuities in the sedimentar-y strata also woro traced. 1A wide variety of methods wore combined: the refracted waves method, !electrical exploration methods (magnototelluric profiling and sounding fand telluric currents methods), as well as gravimatric and magnetometer iwork. The results are incorporated in Fig* 1, a map of relief of the ,basement and distribution of local uplifts in the sedimentar7 strata# iand in Figures 2 and 3, which are detailed goophysical cross vections along different profiles. The work was 6ffectiv%In detecting areas mout promising for further geological prospecting works, especially i for pet:~661xii aha'gas.'_'Or1:g._'&t. hasi-j--figures. 'CJFRS'. '38,4603 SUJ CODE: 08 SUBM DATE: 13Apr65 Card 1 1 - UDC; 550.81+530.3(471.6) 7J6 BURIIN, Yu.K.; KHAKIKOT. M.Tu. Bitumen potential of lower Cretaceous sediments in western Ciscaucasia. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; geol, i razved. 3 no. 10:68- 74 0 060. (MMA 13:12) 1, Hookovskiy goeudaretvenayy universitet iment N.Y. Lomonosova. (Caucasus. Northern--Bitumen--Goology) S -U T, ~~K BORDf 1.0.; BURLIN, Y~~K.; KOROTKOVI S.T.; PUSTILINIKOV, M.R.; FEDOROV, S.F.; KHAKIMGV, M.Yu.; SHARDANOV,, A.N. Azov-lWban oil- and gaa-bearing basin,. Zakonom. razm. polezn. iskop. 5036-548 062* (MIRA 15:12) 1. ~Ioskovskiy goaudarstvennyy univeroitet., Krasnodarskiy sovet narodnogo khozyzystva (tresty "Krasnodarneft" i "Krasnodarneftegeofi- zika"),, Institut geologii i razrabotki goryuchikh iskopayemykh AN SSSR i Kompleksnaya neft.egazovaya geologicheskaya ekspeditsiya AN SSSR. (Azov-Kuban region-Petroleum geology) (Azov-Kuban region-Gas, Natrual-Geology) M It" Twu -"-'R-~n -5 IESPEYANOV, D.V.; BAGUILSKAYA, Ye.U.; M.Yu. Nevi data on the subsurface struoture of Lhe area adjacent to Kizlyar Bay. Neftegaz. gooL. i reolTZ. no.30-6 165. (,MITIRA 18:7) 1. Nauchno-Issledovatellokaya Tabora Lori Va rr,,ologiche3kikh kriteriyev otsenki perspektiv neftegazonoonosti, Moskva. j4; A K.1w.'riov, r. n. ITer,mtode fauna of the virgiji regiona, its vertical distribu- tion and seasonal dynamics. Uzb. biol. zhur. 9 no. 6:56-60 165 0:1RA lg:,L) 1. Tashkentskiy gosudarstvenn3r .f universitet imeni Lenina. SuLinitted April 10, 1964. "OUL 'I'll R~,V, lp.:-, ~ajj 1 11., [Construction of ~:at-~le barim An UzbekJ:~tanjl ULbekJ- stonda koramol farmasi blnoiarl kuriliehl- Tashkent Uzdavnashrp 1964. 29 p. 'ek] [In Uz~ 17-11) J202-66-AT(C2, ACG AR- T5022299 SOURCE CODE: UR/3136/64/000/620/0001/0011 I AUTHOR: Gurevich 1. 1. A. ; NI kjjLSkly. _B. A. . Sctkolow, Be i:k i _Surkova, L. V.j )ffiE j_5. Kh.; Shestakov. V. D.; Dobretsov, Yu. P.; Akhmanov, V. ORG: CGurevich, Makarlina, Nikollskiy, Sokolov, Surkova. Makimov, Shestakov] IAE; CDobretsov3 HIM, CAkhoanov3 LYaP OIYal TITLE: Asymmetry of the angular distribution of electrons In the decay x a In a magnotic field of 140,000 _79 SOURCM moscow. rnstitut atomnn*edergil. Doklady, IAE-620~10 4-,4As1mm~tr1ya uglo- vogo rasprodelonlys elekt ov pi plus * mu plus + a plus raspads v magnitnom pole napryathanno4ttyu 140 000 gauss, 1-11 TOPIC TAGSi mu meson, pi meson, positron. bubble chamber, radioactive decay ABSTRAM The universal Y-A coupling theory applIed t? the+dateroination of the an- gular distribution of oloatrons in the reaction s *.v -P a Is gLiqm by dN % a coo So In t,)rms of the parameter a. In order to obtain a value of a which depends an the polarization state of the mason, an w"riment was performed chowing the effect coun- toring the depolarisation of the dense sedium through Ahich the mason Is sovirg. Z_ ACC NRi AT5022299 . 0 Critical magnetic fields needed to oppose the depolarizing effect, which in turn al- lows more accurate determination of the parameter a, were found. Only 8800 gauss were required In the hydrogen bubble chamber to counter the effect of hydrogen do- polarization. However, the scatter In the value Is quite large. The photographic emulsion yielded such smaller scatter but required an application of a very large magnetic field of 1140.060 gauss. The value of a found in the experiment it 0.325 6 .010 (as compared to the theoretical value of 0.333). This value was obtained by analyzing over 66.000 events. A brief discussion is given of the effect of the mag- netic field an the action of the elactm. It Is shown that the electron direction must be measured with nspect to the magmatic field direction after setting certain. constraints on the selection of the angular rvage. Orig.-art. Met 3 figum, I table, 5 fonalas. SUB CODE, is/ i SIM DATEi 00/ ONG 1mrs 005/ OTH PM 007 nw -6 gEWA b) JD 2.13~d)/EWP(t)/EWP(z)/8WP( AUGLUblOi NRI?RLM 9 UR/Ol2O/65/ooe/odh/oj82/o18j I 621-318-3:621.384-63h AUTHOR: _kkbmaaQY,_Y, 1 -1,; B_%xkQYA L. M.; Nikol'skly, B. A ; Sokolov, Be jj 30 Khakimov, S. Kh.; Shestakov, V. D.t BlotWovikov, R. S.~; Dqbretsov Yu. P.- Zamolodchikov, B. I. TITLE: An arrangement for producing pulsed magnetic fields of strengths up to 150 kilogauss SOURCE: Pribory i tekhnika eksperimenta, no. 4, 1965, 182-187 TOPIC TAGS: pulsed magnetic field, thyratron, synchrocyclotron ABSTRACT: The units of an apparatus for producing a pulsed magnetic fiew of 146 kilogauss in a space of about-600 cm3 are described. Pulsed magnets ,-of beryl.- lium. bronze, are powered by a capacitor bank of 0.1 farad capacitance. The capacitors are chargedt~ahrough limit resistances to 2 kv from a thyratron rectifier, and a t-100/5 ignitron is used as the switching element. Synchronization and control for operation with a synchrocyclotron are obtained by a special circuit. This arrange- ment for obtaining the pulsed field o .perates reliably. In the tests two separate magnets wereIused, each producing a field of 146 kilogauss. The use of the 1-100/51 Card .1/2 5 L 2535-66 ACCESSION NR: AP5021359 ignit-ron when proper heating and cooling were maintained prior to switching in the field sectired operation without breakdown fol- 20-110 hr at a switching rate of 10/min. The joint operation of the pulsed magnet with the synchrocyclotron require& some rearrangement of the control system to guarantee that no particle was emitted uithout accompaniment of a pulsed magnetic field. "The authore express their thanks! to-V. I.-Danilov, T. N. omilina, and I. B. Yanchevich for carrying on the work. The author~i are grdteful to I. Is Gurevich and V. P. Dzhelepov for their constant interest rind help in the work. The authors express T-h-el-r-t-h-finAs to V 1, Smirwiv. i P. Ye. klii~mln, T. 11. Lavrxinhkin, Yu. V. Makalmov, A. V. Shestov, V. I. Ivanov, 1. M.7 De-gt-yarev, N.-f~ cri- -- tyakov, d M. T. erezov for .1 t~d -operat-f-ng-E-he La- I t.W- 0 their aH In ma qu p~i-en rig. art. has: 11 figures and I fable. ASSOCIATION: Institut atomnoy energii, GKAE, Moscov (Institute of Atomic Energy GKAE)., 1,YaP liyaj -, NII EFA; MIFI SUBMITITD: 17Jun64 ENCL: 00 SUB COMEAPP NO REP SOV: 001 C C ar 2/, /2 -M 0111ER: 003 ATD PRESS: -II/M ZCLOTAREV, G.S.. red.; SOKCLOV. D.S., red.; CHAPOVSKIT, Te.G., red.; BINDRWAN, N.N., red.; LYXOMIIN, A.G., red.; TITOV, N.A., red.; GARMONOV, I'V., retsonzent; PRIKLONSKIY, T.A., retsenzent; POPOV, I.V.. reteensent; RODIONOT, N.Y., reteenzent; XHAKIMOT. red.; TSRKAKOV, H.S., [Methods and results in the study of hydrogeological and engineering geological conditions of large reservoirs] Opyt i metodika izuehaniia gidrogeologicheakikh I inzhenerno-geolo- gichaskikh uslovii krupnykh vadokhranilishch. Pod red, G.3, Zolotareva, D.S.Sokolove J B.G.Chnpovskogo. Moskva, Izd-vo Hook. univ. Pt.l. 1959. 175 p. diagrs, maps. (KIRA 14:4) (Volga Valley--Reservoirs) (Engineering geology) TROFIMVSKAYA, Yelena kleksandrovna, kand. geogr. nauk[deceased]; GRIN, M.F., kand. ekon. nauk, nauchn. red.; KHAJ~~, V)_. V.Z., red.; RAKITIN, I.T., tekhn. red. [Consolidated power system] Edinaia energeticheskaia. Mo- skva, Izd-vo "Manie," 1963. 39 p. (Novoe v thiani nauket tekhnike. XIT Seriia: Geologiia i geografiia,no.181 (MIRA 16:10) (Interconnected electric utility oyettems) (Electric power distribution) ANUCHIN, V.A., red.; BUGAYMM, P.L. rod.; YRROKEINA, R.A.p red.; IMA INOV, V.Z., red.; GSORGIIEVA, G.I., , [Natural 2ones and agricultural geography of Soviet Trans- carpathia; collection of articles] Prirodnaia areda i geo- grafiia sallakogo khosiaistva Sovetskogo Zakarpattia; sbornik statei. Koakva. 1959. 193 P. (MIRA 12:10) (Transcarpathia--Physical geogra?hy) (Transcarpathia--Agriculture) KARKOV, Konstantin Konstantinovich; GELLER, SoYuo# profso red.; . KHAKIKOV, V.Z., red,; 09ORGIIWA, G.I., EPbloegeography; historioal 9'JograPhyl Paloogeografiia; isto- richaskoe zemlevedenies Pod red. SJU.0eliera. Izd,2., parer, Xoskvs, Izd-vo Kosk.u~niv., 1960. 266 p. (KIU 13:12) (Pals oge ography) KHAIN, Viktor Tefimovich, prof., aoktor goologo-mineral.nauk; -xHAxm-v,--y,z,"ea.; ITROSUCHEMCO, L.Te., [Oriain of the continents ana oceans] Prolokhozhdanie mats- rikov i okeanov. Koskva, Iz&-vo Manie." 1961. 40 p. (Yee- soiuznoe obahchestvo po rasprostrananiiu politicneskikh i nauchnykh znanii. Ser.12, Geologila i geografiia, no-3). (Knu 14:2) (Continents) (ocean) 0 A go I J. Gn. CUM. (11, IL a IL X* I 11 M-i e VE AAmp" t ow t b to ;6 Aw I tf . ), adsorb44 IV 'Rena$; owl m~& sal l o ,mm 4m1 0 f w It kwim the Cl im, n villwitaw A domW On oftswit at NO Wo tm Nabuims duly$ ~~ At alks, am spPuma then MUM 1.10411V4 MIN NOMOT unq .6. -1 . . .. . . .I ...... I T IN tw 0 N 0 1 v 0 0 0 3 1 mum a N bit A a 0 009 0 0 I-so .00 roo woo '06 00 NO 0 FRIDMN. Ya.D.: ZINOVIYEV, A.A., KRA IMOT, Z.V., otvetstvennyy redaktor. [Organization of the salt industry in the Kirghiz S.S.R.1 Organi- zataiia solepromyslov v Kirgizakoi SSR. Frunze, 1948. 28 p-0G-HA 7:31) (Irirghisistan--Salt mines and mining) (Salt mines and mining- Kirghisistan) 1. MAKIYOV, Z. V. 2. USSR (600) 4. GYPSMI 7- Problem of the hardening of gy No. 3. 1950 psum, Trudy Khim. inst. Kir FAN SSSR 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, May 1953, Uncl. -W A 4 F KHAKIMO~Tklj. .-I ~ ~ - Development of research in the field of chemistry in Kirghizia. 12V.KirFAS SSSR no.1/10:55-60 151. (KLRA 8:1) (Kirghizistan-Ghemistry) M - . XU" Research program of the Chemical Institute and its further tasks. Trudy Wm.inst.XIrFAN SSSR no.4:5-12 151. (MIU 8: 1 ) (Chemical research) AAAI-Rt! Urn-f-ra-M "I raw (naterws d p Uarodilla, Trudy IMI., Akad. So b S.S-S R. M3, No. 5, k0l . Kki. 19"54. N. M03 A h,lb,trent-li pr(duct Wal ,bt filed froul SliamNilk ryll'um '(wk 11V licaul i'kg I'mi't I'b c-ulawn-. thl, - " 'h( f I., tag for 6 hrs. "t i24 AV urxizr LA .tm. 88544 -M: 10 S11901601002101010191026 B004/BO54 AUTHORS: Kozlov, P. V., Iovleva, M. M., Khakimova, A. Kh., and Zezin, A. TITLE: Preparation of Some Grafted Copolymers by Ozonization PERIODICAL: Vysokomolekulyarnyye soyedinenlya, 1060, Vol. 2, No. 10, Pp. 1575-1579 TEXT: The authors studied the grafting of monomers on ozonized polymers: 1) Polystyrene with a molecular weight of 200,000 was ozonized by a method described (Ref. 6), and allowed to react with vinyl acetate either a) in the benzene - water interface, or b) by heating to 880C. Method a) produced a grafting of 6-7% vinyl acetate, method b) a grafting of 20% vinyl acetate on the polymer (Table). The molecular weight of the poly- vinyl acetate side chains was between 8,000 and 12,000. Fig. 1 compares the intrinsic viscosity of the copolymer with that of polystyrene. The decrease in viscosity is explained by a lower solubility of the polymer. 2) Polyethylene terephthalate was ozonized for different periods (1.5 to 6 hours), and allowed to react with acrylic acid at 800C. The grafted Card 1/2 Preparation of Some Grafted Copolymers by Ozonization 88544 S/190/60/002/010/019/026 B004/BO54 copolymer contained 53% of acrylic acid, 3) Polyiaobutylene with a molecular weight of 331,000 was ozonized for 4.5 hours, and then heated with styrene for 3 - 4 hours at 110 OC. The turbidimetric titration of the reaction mixture with methanol dissolved in toluene (Fig. 2) yielded V~ three maxima: a) precipitation of the copolymer, b) and c) precipitation of various polystyrene fractions. A 300,f. grafting was established by bromina- tion. There are 2 figures, 1 table, and 15 references: 9 Soviet, 3 Us, 1 Belgian, and 2 German. ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet im. M. V. Lomonosova. (Moscow State University imeni M. V. Lomonosov) SUBMITTED: June 9, 1960 Card 2/2 L 37202-66 EwT(m)/EWP(J)/r RM ACC N1. Ap6ol2418 SOURCE CODE: UR/0183/65/000/006/0029/0032! AUTHOR: Khakimova I A. Kh.; Kudryavtsev, G, I.; Vasillyeva-Sokolova, Ye.~ A.; Gor dd-h-dva, V. 0. ORG: VNIIV TITLE: Preparation of crose-linked polyamide fibers15 SOURCE: Khimicheakiye volokna, no. 6. 1965p 29-32 TOPIC TAGS: synthetic fiber, polyamide, polymer structure, IR spectrum, chemical bonding, tensile strength, chemical reaction ABSTRACT: The process of forming int rmolecular bonds in polyamide fibers by reacting with formaldehvde&was investigated. Of the acid, neutral and basic catalysts examined; boric acid promoted the beat Oross-linkages and highest fiber strengthA Fibers were impregnated with an alcoholic solution of the catalyst, dried and placed in a reactor where they.were exposed to a stream of nitrogen and formaldehydi at 135-1400C for 30-120 minutes. The catalyst was then extracted with methanol. Introduction of chemical bonds between the polyamide chains improved deformation properties of the fibers at elevated temperatures, UDC: 677.494.675 L 37202-66 ICC NR- AP6012418 reduced solubility, increased zero strength temperature, and doubled heat stability. Data from a chemical method worked out for determining the number of cross-linkages In structured fiber agreed with IR data on the number of substituted amide groups found. A relationship between the number of cross-linkages formed and the properties of these fibers was established, As the degree of cross-linking,inereases., physical phenomena occur which are associated with change in the density of the molecular packing in the fiber. The authors thank 1_ 0- Novak a d Xe. A. lygnov (LFTI . for conducting IR specroscopic studies on samples of cross-linked fibers, Orig, art. has, 3 tables and 4 figures, 7-% SUB CODE-. 07 11L SUBM DATE: 27Apr65/ ORIG REF: 002/ OTH REFt 012 .KHAKIMOVA.) A.Kh.; KUDRYAVTSEV, G.I.; VASIMYLTA.-SOKOLOVA, Ye.A.; GORBACHFVA, v.0. Production of cross-linked polyamide fibers. Khim. volok no.6: 29-32 165. (mm 18: Y;) 1- Vsev-0YuZnYY nauchno-issle(iovutel'skiy institut isk-Lsstvenncgo vol0kna. Submitted April 27, 1965. S/190/"0/002/010/020/026 B004/13054 AUTHORS: Kozlov, P, V., Iovleva, M. M., Khakimova, A. Kh., Zezin, A., and Klushina, A. TITLE: Solability of Some Grafted Copolymers PERIODICAL: Vysokomolekulyarnyye soyedineniya, 1960, Vol. 2, No. 10, PP. 1580-1585 TEXT: The authors studied the grafted copolymers from starch and poly- styrene (1 : 15), polyethylene terephthalate and polyacrylic acid, poly- styrene and polyacrylic acid, and the copolymers from polyisobutylene and polystyrene, as well as polystyrene and polyvinyl acetate, which have common solvents. For starch with polystyrene, and polystyrene with polyacrylic acid, the phase diagrams were taken by precipitation with methanol from benzyl alcohol solution (Fig. 1). There is only a limited solu'Dility range (3 - 0), and the other part of the diagram area repre- sents a heterogeneous phase. In polyethylene terephthalate with poly- acrylic acid dissolved in benzyl alcohol, and polyisobutylene 'With poly- styrene dissolved in cyclohexane, two phases are formed %hen cooling their Card 1/3 Solubility of Some Grafted Copolymers S/190/60/002/010/020/026 B004/BO54 nolutionsi thus, phase diagrams could be taken on the basis of the equi- librium concentration of the two layers at different temperatures (Fig.2). Also here, the authors observed a wile range of heterogeneity. In poly- styrene with polyvinyl acetate, the phase diagram was also determined b precipitation with methanol from benzyl alcohol, and compared with that of polystyrene (Fig. 3). Also here, the solubility of the copolymer is much restricted. Thus, grafting always effected a decrease in solubilityy of the copolymer as compared with the components. An investigation of the integral swelling heat of polystyrene in benzene, polystyrene with poly- vinyl acetate in benzene, polystyrene with polyvinyl acetate in the mix- ture of hydrogenated monomers (ethyl benzene and ethyl acetate), and a mechanical mixture from polystyrene and polyvinyl acetate in this mixture yielded an increase in the owelling heat for the copolymers (Table). As in the previously studied copolymers from polystyrene with polyacrylio acid, grafting effects a loo8ening of the structure, and a variation of the energy- and entropy component of the swelling and solution of the co- polymer acting unfavorably on the solubility. The authors thank V. A. Kargin for his interest and discussion. There are 3 figures, 1 table, and 9 references: 7 Soviet, 1 US, and 1 British. Card 2/3 Solubility of Some Grafted Copolymers S/190/60/002/010/020/026 B004/B054 ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy gosudarstyennyy.univeraitet im. M. V. Lomonosova. (Moscow State University imeni M. V. Lomonosov) SUBMITTED; June 91 196o Card 3/3 KIIA-KII-MA, A. M. Khakimova, A. M. "A Study of the Naturay Content of Cobalt in the Soil and Fnod ,Products of the TASSP* and IMASSP.11 Kazan' State 1--1-d-;'cal Inqt. Kazan', 19'5. (.Disser- tation for the borree of Candidate in Yedical Scinnce) So: Knizhna,va letopis.1, 110. 27, 2 July 191~q I .. - /~'/ j-/ 14 \, 1 (11 o Vf~ . fy) , USSR / Human and Anizial Physiology. Internal Secretion, Thyroid Gland. Abu Jour : Ref Zhur - Biol., No 15, 1958,, No. W349 Author : Khakinova, A. 1,i. Inst I icam-natitute Ka %an Title The Natural Content of Cobalt in the Soil ani Food Pro- ducts of the TAMR and the K4SSP Orig 1~ib Sb. nauchn. rabot Kazansk. mod. in-ta, 1957, No 1, 71-74 Abstract In the soil and food products of the Tatarskaya and T Yarlyaltaya ASSR. in zones with differing incidence of endemic Goiter, determinations were made of the cobalt content. In the soil of the WSSR1 the content of cobalt is less (125-240 gamma percent) than in the TASSR (445 gamma percent); the sam. is true of vegetables and grains. It was shown that there is an inverse correspondence between card 1/2 104 KWiMOVAI A.M.p kandmed.nauk ------------------------ Epidemic goiter in the 11ahak District. zhur. no.6:70-71 N-D 161. (KIRA 15:2) 1. Kafedra obahchey gigiyuny (zav. - prof. M.Miloslavskiy) (deceased]) Kazanskogo meditsinskogo instituta. (VOLZHSK DISTRICT (MAR1 A.S.S.R.)_rO1TEA) MOSUDIA, T.N. (Kazan'); KUMOVA, A.M. (Kazan 9 First All-Russian Congress of Hygienists and Sanitatim Spe- cialists, held at Qwk on October 6-10, 1960. Kaz,med&zhur* no.ls99-100 Ja-F 161 (MUU 16-11) **I' svoy--va Zpl_"~Vov ur: 17L" --cc, and _2,vopertles of Thorium, ZI_ - ^011ection of Article.;' Y0~0, Gpsatomlz !963 .1 ~ - i - ~ 20oo copies.pzInted. PAIC 1. MWITM -BASE ALLOYS Xv.. 0. Vlr~llly,.V, and S, S,..--,vanov, Solt.~- lron, ahd Nicko' Y-, a-, and a- of Alt~,.,Jjjuj, Silicon, _.~~)dif_-catlonz; of Uranium 1-v.!qt-.-nova, Z. ".r., ~~nd 0. S. Ivanov. Uranium V'o,--,-: of the Xagx~am of the- Uranlum-Alv=inum-Silieovi Sy~- ~~,akimova D K , 0. S. Ivanov, and Yu. S.. Virgil!yev. Ura- ni-a-m orner of the Phase Diagram of the. Uranium, -Alum-Inum- 7-on SyStdM me)nchenkov, A. T., and.O. Iv, nov.' Ef feet of Alloying P-Phase by Quenching -.2., Teservation of 22 2V 0 ~R. v 44~v _Q Oil fig IVANOV...O.-S. Doctor of Chemical Sdlencess~.edi stipy".niye i sy urana, toriya i-tsjYko~iya; -Ao~h~k statej (Stru6ture'and Pr;oer~it-s 0 oystva.splavov t~o~ 'of Artie f Uranium' Thorium, and Zircon~-um"Al2oYst'IC611ec ies)Moscow,. 6t Cont.) GO$AtOmizatp 1963 j~8. p;- 2000 C*3ONFA384!'-'-"- ruct.ure and Properties TABLE OF ZONTEN'1j; Foreword .3 PART I. URANIUM*-BASE 'ALLO)M Khaximm . K... Yu. 0. Virgillyev, and' S. S..Jvanov. Solu- bility,of AlTm nui, Silicon, Iron,'ahd Nickel in Y-~ 0-1 and a- fi m 'Modifications of Uranium 2. Svistunovap Z. V and 0. S. Ivanov~ Uranium Corner of the Phase Diagram of.the Uranium-Aluminum-Silicon' System' 3. Khaklmmo D, K. # 0. S. 141VAnovo and Yu. 0. Virgillyov, VrA-, nium corner or win pimae magram or wid Vran lufil -Aluminum - Iron Syst6m 16 4. Semenchenkov, A. T.,, and,O. S. Ivanov. Effect of Alloying on Proonrvation or 0-Phano Uranium by Quenching 1122 Card Ls/10 GAYSIN, Sh.A., kand.sellskokhoz.nauk.; GIHFANOV, Y.K., kand, seliskokhoz.nauk, red.; KHA ISLAMOV, M.G., red.; 04!~Mq46, I.V., red.; KOBTAKOV, I.A.. [Problems In the productive use of natural resources of the BasbkIr segment of the Ural Mountain Region; studies by a comprehensiva expedition of the Basbkir branch of tha Acadeaq of Sciences of the U.S.S.R.] Voprosy proizvoditallnogo ispollzovaniia prirodnykh resursov Bashkirskogo Zaurallia: materialy komplakenoi skepeditaii Bashkirskogo filiala Akadsaii nauk SSSR. Ufa, 1957a 89 P. (KnIA 12:5) 1. Amdemlys, nauk SSER. Bashkirakiy filial, Ufa. (Bashkiria--Natural resources) KHAKIMOVA, K.Yh., aspirant. Pregnan~*y in the rudlvi-~~ntxiry (Xr-, u i n . 40 no.1:139-140 Ja-F 164. I . va Co d rlt it ~ u s ho rv tva mod. nauk %Xh. KhzjUnj~,vL,) tuta. IMMOVAj Ks Ms Veterinary Surgeon of the Tatar ASSSR, Deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR. It I Biovetin for the control of young anlintLI diacance,'Veterinarlya, Vol. 37, No. 12, 1). 56, 196o. XHAXIMOVA, X.M.j veterinarnyy vrach Tatarskoy ASSR, deputat Verkhovnogo -------So--vetn SSSR Use of biovetin in the diseases of young animals. Veterinariia 37 no.12:56-57 D 160. (KRA 15:4) (Aureomycin) (Veterinary medicine) NAZIROV, N.N.; ZAPRUDER, Ye.G.; DZHANDMOV, F.; MAVLYANKHCDZHAYEVA, S.; KHAKIMOVA, M. Biochemistry of the wilt resistance of cotton. Uzb. biol. zhur. no.5:45-56 161. (MIRA 17:2) 1. Institut genetiki i fiziologii rasteniy AN UzSSR. ~R ~2- R -KWIMOVA,~ H, Influence of mineral nutrition and the time of planting on the radiation effect in cotton. Vop. biol. i kraev. med. no.4:50-54 163. (MIRA 17:2) NOVIKGV, G.S.; KHAKIMOVA, M. t-.-- -- --.- - 1. Recent research on the use of plants in binding sands of the namw strip along the Kara Kum Canal. Izv. AM Turk. SSR. Ser. biol. mik no-5:26-32 161. (MMI 14:12) 1. Institut pochvovedeniya i osvoyoniya peskov All Turkmenskoy SSR. (KARA KM-I CANAL REGION-AFFOWSTATIO11) (SAKSAUL) MWUDOV$ I.Kh.; KMIWVA$ R.Kh. Pathological changes in the organlem of the cutworm Agrotis segetum as related to its invasion by parasitic ichneumon flies. Uzb.biol.zhur. 7 noo2j54-56163. (MIRA 16:8) 1. Institut zoologii i parazitologii AN UzSSR. (ICHNEUMON FLIES) (PARASITFS-CUTWOPM) MW3MOVAj A.Kh. Effect of ionizing radiation on the viability and repro- duotion ability df the cutworm Agrotis segetum Schiff* Vop, biol, i kreev. mad. no./+t255-257 163. (WRA 3.7:2) KWIMOVA S.Kh, .001w;""Wg~ Receptory characteristics of the uterine cervix i~ missed abortion. Akush. i gin. no.6:17-23 N-D 154. (MLRA 8:2) 1. Is kafedry akusherstva I genikologii (sav.-prof. K.N.Zhmakin) I Moskovskogo ordena Lenin& meditelaskogo instituta, (CZRTIX. UTERINE, physiology receptory characteristics in case of retained ovum) (OVUX human, retained in cervix uterine, receptory characteristics of latter) KHVI',Y)IIA, S.Kh., Doc Men 6ci -- (di,s) "Certain Peculiarities of neurohomonal regulation of ttip contracted activity of rhe uterus in the norrAl &-4 MOs, 1957, 25 m, (First "Os kirder of Lenin Med Inst) 2,50 conies (KL, 29-cB, 136) 103 m !V%Wilkl, ~----X-lU-KPlOVAv S-Khts doktor mednauk .L- Hormone theraPv in gynecologr, Zdrav. Tadsh. 8 no.1:15-19 f61, (GIDIERATNE OfWS, FaWZ-DISWES) (MIRA 1A:3) (HOR40NE ~HEReY) KHAKDICVA, S.Oep doktor med.nauk; PETRUSHKOVAt N.*., assistent Treatment of polyps of the mucosa of the cervix uteri. Zdrav. Tadzh. 8 no.l128-10 161. (MIRA 14:3) 1. Iz kafedry akusherstva i ginekologii Stalinbadskogo medits4l)- skogo instituts. Imenj Abwai ibni Sino. (UTERUS-DISFASES) KHAKIMOVA, S.M., doktor mod. nauk . -. , -- - 0- Rupture of marginal varicose veins (marginal sinuses) of the placenta during labor. Akush. i gin. no.1;60-64 165. (MIR& 18:10) 1. Kafodra akusherstva i ginekologil No.1 (zav.- doktor mad. nauk S.Kh. Khakimova) Tadzhikskogo meditainskogo institutal Dushanbe. 5 (2) AUTHORS: Maksimycheva, Z. T., Khakimova, V. SOV/32-25-8-6/44 - - - - - - - - - - - TITLE: Volumetric Determination of Fluorine in Tetrafluorine Borates PERIODICAL: Zavodskaya laboratoriya, 1959, Vol 25, Nr 8, pp 911 - 913 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Z. T. Maksimycheva (Ref 4) developed a volumetric method for the determination of fluorine in tetrafluorine borates M. The method is based on the catalytic effect of hydrogen ions on the BF--decomposition and shift of the hydrolysis-equilibrium 4 (with reference to I. G. Ryss and M. M. Slutskaya who investi- gated this hydrolysis equilibrium in HBF 4 and'KBP4 solutions (Refs,1,2))of BF; to the weakly dissociated HP-molecule which was subsequently titrated with thorium nitrate (W, BF4 + 3 H 20 + H + T_� H3BO3+ 4 HF. In the present case (II) was replaced by the cheaper silver nitrate. The hydrolysis is con- ducted in a nitrous acid medium with simultaneous heating. The formed HF is precipitated as PbClF and the chlorine in the Card 1/2 precipitate is determined according to Volhard. The influence Volumetric Determination of Pluorine in Tetrafluorine SOV/32-25-8-6/44 Borates of the concentration of HNO 3 and that of (I) was examined on samples of potassium fluoborate and fluoboric acid. The ex- periments showed that the hydrolysis of (I) is increasing with the concentration increase of HNO 3 (Table 1). The results of the experiments served as basis for the development of an ana- lysis process, which is described in the article and the re- sults o'btained are given (Table 2). In the analysis of solu- tions containing more than 29 mg of fluorine it was impossible to obtain reliable results. Analysis of fluoboric acid was conduated under similar conditions (Table 3). There are 3 ta- bles and 5 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: Sredneaziy~itWdy gosudarstvennyy univeraitet im. V. 1. Lenina (Central iLsia State University imeni V. 1. Lenin) Card 2/2 KHAKIMOVAt V.K.1 AGASYANp P.K. Electrmetrio me-thodo for determining tellurium (IV). Uzb. khim. zhur. no.6121-27 '60, (MIRA 1411) 1. Mookovskiy gosudarotvennyy univeroitet im. M.V. loomonosova i Institut khimii AN UzSSR. (T-ellurium-Amalyois) KWIMOVAv V.K.; AGASYANp p. ' K. Use of electrolytically, generated chlorine for the coulot6metric de- termination Of ferrous oxide. Zav-lab. 27 no.3:263-266 (1URA .1. l.'Moskavskiy 3,4:3) gosudarstvennyy universitet im., M.V. - (Iron oxide) (Chlorine) Lomonooova. AGASYAV, P.K.; KHAKD-IOVA, V.K. Use of certain amino acids as addends for Cb (II) in its potentiometric titration by ferriclazLide. Zav.lab. 28 no.10: 3-184-3-188 1 62. (MIRA 15:10) 1. Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet imeni Lomonosovq. (Amino acids) (Cobalt-Analysis) (Potentiometric aratlyeid) BFIP&ZINP V.L.; BOBRITSKIY, N.V.; KHAKIMIYANOV, R.R.; AZEVICH, S.P. Selecting the proper conditions for the elimination of corrosion damage to operational petroleum-products pipelines by the appli- cation of patches. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; neft' i gaz. 8 no.5:89- 92 165. (MIRA 18:7) 1. Ufimskiy neftynnoy institut. BEREZIN, V.L.z BOBR1TSKIYp N,V,; ' KII'AXIMIYANOV, R.R.; AZEVICH, S.P. Selecting tha technology of the sealing of cavities in petroleum pipelines in case of overhauling, lzv. VY8. ,ucheb, Zave; neftl i gaz 7 no.11:71-75 164. (KIRA 18111) 1, Ufimskiy neftyanoy institut. I ~ MY . ALIN, N~A.. In2h. Effect of wind and waves on the resistance to raft movement. Rech. transp. 17 no.414-8 Ap '57. (MEU 11:4) (Towing) (Ship propulsion) YELSHIN, X.V.; KHAKITDINOV, K.Kh.; BRONSHTEYN, I.S. 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(Ilbetric machinery) (MLEA 8:1) ZIMBI, Vladimir Ivanovich; IMAN, Moisey Yakovlevich; PALM, Anna Markovna; RABINOVICHp Isay Natanovich; FEDOROVj Vasiliy Petrovich (deceased]; KBArm Andr evich; RIVLIN# L.B., red.; SOBOLEVA, Ye.Mp tekhn.reds [Electric machinery windings] Obmotki elektricheskikh mashin. Izd.5., perer. Moskvaq Gos.energ.izd-vo, 1961. 475 p WRA 14:6) (Electric machinery-Windings) (4 ' SOV/7 8-4-4--36/44 A iTHORS: K~akhlcva, DIIAT`-~,-IrA-i,~;t- , N. S. TITLE: The Behavicr of th~? TtzxTary Sya+.~trc .:.f Potassium- ar-i ..1 - 'in-the (Pia-il'-cat., v troync,y i ~t' Sulphatef.3 k Z siatemi, --i-3 sullfa-zo-i rw-riya, I t-&ir-ka) PERIODICAL: Zharn*a4-, t,.eIor gani-,heakcy Vol 4, N:' 4, pp 920-927 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The wj-',,hrjrs invpstigated the behau.' ,r of the ternary system cf potasa-J,;.m--, a~-d .zinc in the melting p:r-,-ess wi-.hin th.~ tempsra,---re 1-Ing- 400-600*~. Th-3 r,4 ~4&1 Niq25041 K ?S04' .' and ~Z-;-.SO4 wnr3 obta--.-~i ir, tha highest d9gree ef pu,rity by rsorystall-'..zattors. Aczorelli.,g tc publ-'eations the gal's havo the !r~! ;-Jng Na,SO : 884r, 4 K?)SO : 1076" and Zx&' :* ~j3O-Ijo The authors -,'hecked thq linary .1. 4 4 oyst-ive K'So *-z"IS0 p N,). ~i:,(i -.N--"So -K so The '1iq!---i:x,3 ,)So "Zr,.SO * 2 . .1 4 4 2 4 , virfavi of the t6x-nary Z"D 4-x so 4- Z-,1SO.1 wa-3 2130 vest!.ga~;id. The swrfacG i -, t f C r Y 3 t 0, 111 v, a tr. r, i Card solid solutions of sodium., ard vm x-, lkphatr---i j nclid 000--, W km SOV/78-4-4-36/44 The Behavior of the Ternary Sy~~t:?m of Sciium-, Pot~assium- and Zinc Sulphates in the Melting Proceos solutions of zinc sulphatt, cu the ba3is of P-Na 2 so4 Na SO ZnSO Na,SO 3ZnSO`j ZnSO ; K .2 1 K2 Zn 2 4' 4; 1. 4*. .1. 4 4 2SO4 ZnS04 504* 304' phase B; phav) C and thq ternary compound Nu 2so 4* K2so 4* 2znso 4' The size of the rryatallization ranges is given in tabl-e 2. The melting diagram of the ternary system Na 2 so 4-K2so 4- ZnSO4 is ;oritainf~d It, figur~L- t. The range of the ternary compound. Na 2s0 4'K2 so 4* 2ZrSO4at~~-ains P- maximum at 42000, where 'he molecular compositiun ~1 the components is 1:1:2. The refractive index of the rompo-VIA d-~Jfr-rs from the refractive indices of the c-,,ompo-,-.ent-2. Thi? refza.~,tive indices were determl.-,,;d by M. N. Lyasherao at 'he In- obshchey i neorganicheskoy khi-IL-;-- im. N. S. Kurna-k,:,-va Akademit nauk SSSR (Instituti-i of General and Inorga-ruz Chemistry i.merii N. S. Kurnako- of the Academy uf Sciences, USSR). The auti-1--ra pictted the thermogz*am., of thi melts, which are represented in figures 2 and 3. An additional Card 2/3 thermal effect at 36~),~ appeF.,-rg in the thermogram-s of the terrary SOV/78--4-4-36/44 The Behavior of +he Ternary Sjs-,-em oll P,)ta~ssiur-- and Z:Ln~ su'-phatea in the Melting Proce5ri c'ompol.rd, T'--R of the mplts was investigated and la rsprqsex-~od -',x fig~-ri, 4. The tF~rnary Na2SO 4K9SO 4* 2z !1901 ha~i the fo-11Dw-Ing indices: .169~ 14m -A '-~46 and Np - 1.53~ Ng Thes,~ refraotivrr- inllc,~t4 and those of the componpmts are given in a tab'1.,,,,. A ~%ha.riactarization of the sections under i7v'-isti- gation to tleir melting p~)Irts Is given in ar.ot"Irtr The ;ompos~tinns a-ad mq1tirg points of the and 1:.Ln~:i are a-let, tab~.,ated. Thcr~, are 4 figures, 4 tablr-.k~, and 6 5 of which are ASSOCIATION: 'nstitat khimi:"he'.~-kogo mashinost.r,:,yeniya ~AII-Unioz-- Solen-lific Resea-uh Iyistlitite of Ch9mi3al SUBMITTED: Deu-emter 23, lq--,7 Card 3/3 ,,~ 1/// 0 69028 AUTHORS: Khakhlova, N. V., Dombrovskayaq N. S. S/078/60/005/04/026/040 B004/BOi6 TITW"J: The Ternary System Na2Cl2 - K2 Cl 2 - BaSO4 PERIODICAL: Zhurnal neorgan .ioheakoy khimiii 19601 Vol 5, Nr 4, py 920 - 924 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Figure I illustrates the system mentioned in the title an a stable triangular'section through the quaternary reciprocal syetem NajKpBa# ClpS0 4. The data of the binary systems of which Na2C1 2 - K2C12 has been investigated by N. S. Kurnakov and S. F. Zhemchuzhnyy (Ref 3), and Ye. K. Akopov an6 1. G. Berg an (Ref 4), are briefly mentioned. The liquidus surface of the ter- nary system was investigated in five sections (Fig 2). Figure 3 shows the line of the joint crystallization of N&2C12 - K2Cl2t figure 4 the thermogram taken on the N. S. Kurnakov pyrometer of the We PPK-55 and figure 5 the microstructuresof the melts 5.0% BaSO 4 + 47:5% %G12 + 47,5~ K2C12 and 15.0% BaSO 4 + + 42*5% Na 2C12 + 42.5% K2CL24 The experimental data are summa- rized in a table. The system consists of two regions: one region Card 1/2 of continuous solid solutions of (Na,K)Cl and the other of S/078/60/005/011/024/0,:5/XX B004/BO60 AUTHORS: Kh1akhlova, V., Dombrovskaya, N. S. TITLE; The Singular Star of the Five-component Reciprocal System From Nine Salts Li, Na, RbliCl, NO so 3 9 4 PERIODICAL: Zhurnal neorganicheBkoy khimii, 1960, Vul~ 5, No. 11, pp. 2621 - 2629 TEXT: The authors wanted to find out the singular star (in accordance with N. S. Kurnakov) in the syptem Li, Na, Rb 11 C11, NO 31 so 4' which is represented in Fig. 1 as a four-dimensional prism of the 2nd kind. The nine peaks of the prism stand for the pure salts, the 18 edges correspond to the binary systems, the six triangles to the ternary systems, the nine square edges to the reciprocal ternary systems, and the six prisms to the quaternary reciprocal systems. In the six reciprocal ternary systems, the stable diagonals may be determined from the thermal effects of the reac- tion (Table 1). Each prism peak is traversed by a definite number of diaeonals. The stability of the component concerned is characterized by Card 1/8 The Singular Star of tile Five-component S/078/60/005/011/024/0,-~~5/X.~~ Reciprocal System From Nine Salts Li, 11a, B004/BO60 Rb 0 Cl, NO 30 s04 the number of diagonals. Li 2so4 exhibits four stable diagonals. NaCl has three, RbNO5 three, LiNO 3 two, Na2 so4two, NaNO3 one, LiCl none, Rb 2s04 none. LiCl and Rb2 so4whose peaks are not traversed by any diagonal, are the most active salts. The free peaks are cut off, and the stable base triangle Li 2S04/2 - NaCl - RbNO3 is finally found (Fig. 2). This triangle was studied experimentally. The crystal formation was studied by X-ray spectrum analysis. The la-uter was performed at the Institut obshchey i neorganicheakoy khimii Akademii nauk SSSR (Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Academy of Sciences USSR) by Z. V. Popova under the supervision of V. G. Kuznetsov, Eight cuts were studied, whose diagram, projected onto the liquidus surface, is shown in Fig. 5. The liquidus surface of the base triangle wa!3 found to consist of five fields: 1) Li2SO4; 2) NaCl; 3) a small field RbNO,; 4) a field w~Ach is ascribed to compound Li 2S0 4' Rb2 so 4; 5) a fivld of the X phase (according to Card 218 The Sincrular Star of the Pive-component 3/078/60/005/011/024/025/7X Reciprocal System From I-Tine Salts Li, Na, B004/Bo6o R I b 11 Cl, NO 35 3o4 1-1 ' so 711b SO ). Though the system investigated I.T. Zakhvalinskiy: 4Li2 4* 2 4 belongs to the type 6f irreversible reciprocal systems, it has a certain de,-ree of rever3ibility since (a) the ternary eutectic point (1450C) contains, in equilibrium with the melt, three solid phases- of the initial components; (b) Li SO Rb SO appears as an exchanje liriduct, which a,-ain .2 4' 2 4 disap:)qars at the transition point (2000C). V. P. Radishchev, Ye. A. Aleksoyeva, M. A. Klochko, A. G. BerGman, Ye. K. Akopov, and V. P. Biidin are mentioned. There are 7 figures, 3 tables, and 9 refer- ences: 7 Soviet, 1 US, and 1 British. ASSOCIATION: Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-isslodovatellskiy _J konstrulctorskiy 'institut khimichoskogo mashir)ostroyeniya (All-Union Design and Sdientific Research In.-.titute of Chemical .~achinary) SUMITTED: July 27, 19.59 Card 3/8 Card 4/8 Nact 2 fil. RBZS04 0 S/078/60/005/011/024/025/XX B004/RO60 S/078/60/005/011/024/025/XX B004/'BO60 Card 51's S/078 60/005/011/024/025/X.X L4SO4 card 6/8 Me dll3,q5* 1 40* 1 9 ff Jor 13004 111o6b Ta I,,) cacTema oaronum A Aliarouaab 9 0 t L12SO, Na, Rb C1. NO., NaCI - RbNO3 1,3 LI.RbIlGI, SOj RbCI 7,15 LItSO, Lt. Nall Nos, Sot 2 - NaNOs 1,01 U, Na C1, SO& MCI 2 6,5 LizSO4 ~ n n Lt. Rb 11 Nos. Sot -2 - IWNO3 2,91 Na, Rb C1, SOg ! - nbci 2 0,6 Nn2so, ' Lt. Ilk I I C1. Nos LINOz - RbCI 4,24 Na, Rb if Nos, S04 - -Rb-N 03 2 1,9 Lt. Na 11 C1, N03 LIN03 - NaCI 5, 54 Cdrd 7/8 S/070/60/005/011/02,1/025/X7 B004/BO60 Legend to Table 1. (a) system, (b) ~;table d1agonal, 4 horma- of f ect u of the ex6hance reaction kcal./g-equiv. Card 8/8 PUSH I BOOK EXPL0=ATIOW SOV/ xxt Xoacow. Vsa"yuznyy nauchno-Isoledovatel-okly I korztruktor3kly IrLatitat kh'-1cheskogo mashinostroyonlya. Con:~ 0.10 Katerlsay- v khlxlcheskom m"h1n03troTcr-11 (Materials in Chemical 70ew Machine Building) Moscow, InformatfiLonno-1zdatel-sidy otdol, 1960. 143 P. (Series: Its: Trudy. vyp. .14) 3.000 copies printed. Sponsoring Agencyi OcaudLratyennyy k-Itat Soveta Malstrov 3= Do aytookatizateLl I Machinostroyenlyu 8=4 veezoruca" naachno- --issladovatel'skly I konstruktorskly inarl-tat khj-'aheskoga of tk sashloostroyonlys. 1r-MDVMh. an Ed. (Title paze)- V. Z. Fc-dorov I Candidate of Ischnical Uler=es; and Editorial Council , Chairman, V. B. w'L- v; Deputy ChaIx-mar: Ya. M. VInegradov, Candidate or Toeh-',&I Scionces; B. M. Yost] Morlooslabakly, A. N. Goncharov, Ya. 0. Popand polo, 1. N. We A Yukalov, C-0date or Technical Sciences, and 0. X. Yusara. Candidate of Technical Sciences; Ed.: V. 1. Olukhov; Tech. Ed.: P. A. vabITtsay. KAU PURPOSM i This collection or articles 1A 1=two"d for technical personnel In chemical machine building &od otbor braniches of the siachtne and Instrument Indust27. COTNUU.. Th- collection deals with the results of lizvestiltations Rater, an the awah-loal, corrosive, and *=gJ orl-AS qualities or certain alloys. Also discussed A" heat-trd"zooz regime, the ph&3* tLOM of stainless stools, cwtbods of anecking products. Duna assigns. or apparatus used In checking. References &a- Ultrag oaspacy, each article. - Cast I -- - ---- TAMA OF CONTEMt ChookI.-- Gavr1lov, V. X. (KnSinearl, and V. 1. Y*do"v (Candidate of Tech- diticq cdcal 3cloweal. Crystallization at &Lloya in the tlastia-Vibration Field 3 AT" + Moskvin N I (loginser). Metal Vnich Will Resist Corrosion iz Nol on 4,;; i;tal Cootal-In& Zinc 2.2 3MPIM. X. B. tEnginser), and T Rakaroir [Engineer]. Induction Hardening of Soual-Module Pinions a S~~*a Beducers 26 Ch~MYkh. 1--P. ERngimer, Irk-utokly fill-' XIMDQWH& Iricutaw-Uranc1% of NIMDOMSH]. InTestig-xtLoa or the affect of RYdrOgOn On the Endurance of Certain Steels [Mngtneors V. D. XolcbAnova and W. 1. W took part in the investigation) 33 AlqhOllignava A. P date C&ndi of Technical Scl*nceal, and 0. N. LzagXD46rl. Effect of Heat Treat=mt an the Ph~* M-po-fiTC1261rof lXhl8WjT and M18912M37 Steels IT. X. Dayatjova, P. T. Vaitr~~. B, M. Shavolk1n, A. X. Sbabanova, Z . K. Ogurta v&, a and I Ye- took part in the lavestigat--on] 50 VZjUQXA--Y--& [Engineer] and Ye. M. ProlLkova (Engineer). Do- r the Corrosion Xhl8xl2X3T =10cae..0ths M-Phose Content 69 Shavalk1n, B. W. (Candidate or Technical Sciences], Effect of Various a-M"e Contents In M1803T Steel and a- and a,-Phase Card 3/5 KKAKHWVA, N. V. Cand Chem Sci, Dias -- "Investigation of the intersecting elements of phase diagrams of multi-componential systems". Moscow, 1961. 17 pp with graphics, 20 am (Inst of Gen and Inorg Chem imeni N. S. Kurnakov Aoad of Sci USSR) 150 copies, Not for sale (KL, No 9, 1961, p 177, io' 24285). L61-523iA7 KHMOVAp V.V.; DOI-MROVSKAYAt N.S. Exchange reactions in the qdnary reciprocal system Li, Na, Rb Cl, N030 S04. Zhur.neorg.lchim. 6 no.4:957-965 AP 161. (MIRA 14:4) 1. Vsesoyuznyy naachno-insledovateliskiy i konstruktorskiy instiU t kbirnJeheskogo mahinostroyeniya. (Systems (Chemistry)) DOMBROVSKAYA, N.S.j KHAKHLOVAp N,Vv- ALQKOEMA, Yeoho Intersection between a stable and a nonequilibrium tetrahedron in the neptenary reciprocalaptem.M. Na. Rb,, TI Br, Cl, N03, 894. Dokl, AN SSSR 137 no.6:1361-1363 Ap 161. (KM 14:4) 1. Voesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovateliskiy I konstruktor&jdY+ft'&%t khimicheakogo mashinostroyeniya. Predstavleno akademikom I,,V, Tananayevyme (Systems (Chemistry)) S/078/62/007/002/007/019 B119/bilo AUTHORS: Khakhlova, N. V., Dombrovskaya, N. S. TITLEx The quaternary reciprocal system Ba, K, BaIICI, SO 4 PERIODICALt Zhurnal neorganicheskoy khimii, V. 7, no. 2, 1962, 364 - 376 TEXTa The study of the quaternary reciprocal system is of practical importance for selecting high-temperature salt baths and baths for the temperature range from 500 to 7000C. To determine the crystallization volumes in the Na, K, BaIjC1, SO4 system as well as the quadruple points the 'Lower base of the prism Na, K, BaIJSO 4t the stable triangle Ya2 Cl2 - K 2C1 2 - BaSO4(already studied in a previous paper of the authors (Ref. 121 Zh. neorgan. khimii, 5, 920 (1960))l the non-equilibrated triangle Na2so 4 - K2S0 4 -BaC12, and the section (70-Vlo Na2SO, + 30-OA K2S0 4) -- (70.0% Na2C12 + 30.0,, K2C12) - BaSO 4 -Bacl, were studied ex- perimentally. The thermograms of a series of mixtures were recorded with Kurnako,y pyrometers to ascertain the melting temperature in the quaternary Card I/j 3/078/62/007/002/007/019 The quaternary reciprocal system... B119/BI10 outectic points. Resultas As to type, the Na. K; BaIJCI~, SO 4 system lies between the irreversible and the semireversible, reciprocal systems. The phase prism of the six salts of the system contains in total nine crystallization volumes, that of BaSO 4 being the largest.. The system con- tains three quaternary eutectics which are 1) in the Va2 Cl 2 -K2 Cl 2' Bacl2 BaCl - BaSO tetrahedron (75.9~6 BaCl .5% K2C12; 9.5% Na,,C 12 /1 2 4 2; 9 - ; 5. 1" BaS(; 4; melting point 5420C); 2) in the Na 2Cl 2 - K2 Cl 2 - K2 Cl 2' BaCl 2 - BaSO4 tetrahedron (23.5% BaCl 2' 23.5% K2 C12, 47'C"a2C12 , 6.o~-' BaSO4; melting Point 5520C); 3) in the Na2 Cl 2 - X2 Cl2- Na 2S0 4 -K2 so 4 -BaSOA pyramid (6.2~'j Na2Cl 2' 32.8% K2C'2, 56.o% Na2SO4. 5.0% BaSO 4; melting point 5220C). The last eutectir, is suitable for a chloride-sulfate salt bath; the former two for chloride aalt baths. The following guiding principles are suggested to determine one component of a multi-component system that is suitable as salt bath with a certain working temperature interval; 1) determination of the singular point of the system; 2) thermoigraphic Card 2/14 S/078/62/007/002/007/019 The quaternary reciprocal system... B119/B110 ~;tudy of a aeries of mixturus within the croun, lection; 3) rational sub- division of the phase dingram. M. M. Krietnll ( He f . 11 Sb. n.-i. in-to khim. ineshinostroyeniya (Scientific Research Institute for Chomical h'riwgineering), 2 i, 120 (1959)~ Gomskiy (Ref. 2: Spravochnik, tekhnicheskax entsiklopedi lanual technical encyclopedia), ~, 191, 173 (1931A G. I. Nagornyy, T. D. Zim na (11ef. 3: Izv. n-i. fiz.-khim. in-ta pri Irkutskom un-te, Z, 31 (1953A E. B. Britske, A. F. Kapustinskiy (Ref. 5: Termokhimicheakiye konatanty neorganichenkikh veshchestv, (Thirmochemical constants of inorganic substances), U., 1949); G. I. Vagornyy, N. A. ?in- kel'shteyn (Ref. 7: Izv. n.-i. fiz.-khim. in-ta pri Irkutskom un-te, 94 (1959))i Ye. K. Akopovj As G. Bergman (Ref. 91 Zh. obstich. khimii, Lif 1524 (1954); Ref. 10: Zh. neorgan. khimii, A, 1653 (1959)); A. A. Khlapova (Ref. 13: Dokl. AN SSSR, 105, 500 (1955).are..mentioned. There are 6 figures, 4 tables, and 13 references: 11 Soviet and 2 non- Soviet. The reference to the English-language publication reads as followss 0. Kubashev8ky, W. Evans. Thermochet.,iical Metallurgy, London, 1956. SUBMITTEDs January-23, 1961 Card 3/p i- K!~AYII.'Z."%Rr-'V , :~!. Fr~tit Culture Orchard of the Kuybyshev Collective Farm. Sad i or. I'lo. 2, Ir-.53. I 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions. Library of Congress, June 1953. Unclassified. AIGITAMOVs M.A. , KHAKN,AUROV.L_T., student III kursa Antigenic properties of Fsch+ichia coli excreted by various persons. Med. zhur. Mr 1~1. (MIM 14 '* 5) 1. Iz kafedry mikrobiologii (zav. - prof. F.I.Shevchenko) S-4- ksoW- skogo gosudaretvennogo meditsinskogo instituta imeni I.P.Pavlova. (ESCIMRICHIA COLI) (ANTIbENS AND ANTIBODIES) /I I-N t~~ o -A- USSR/Pharmcology, Toxicology - Narcotics. U-1 *bv-Jbur : Ref Zhur - Biol-o No 3, 1958, 12845 Author : Shautsukova, L.K., Tkbashonov, N.I.j Khap;%zhev, T*51., Khakul v, L.A.. Dzoblayev, A.A. Inst Title : Certain Physiologic and Biochemical Changes in Rabbits During Amytal-Induced Sleep. Orig Pub : Uch. Zap. Kabardinsk. gos. ped. in-t, 1956, vyp. 10, 113- 126. Abstract : ExperimeLts were performed on male rabbits. A 15% solu- tion of sodium amytal in a dose of 1.5-2 ml. was adminis- tered into the ear vein on 3 euccessive days. During the anytal-indw-ed sleep, total plasma proteins decreased in proportion to the duration of the sleep. Blood sugar and iron decreased during the first two days but then be- gan to increase until the sleep was terminated. During the aMytal-induced sleep there was a decrease in Eb. and Card 1/2 S/058/62/000/006/017/136 A0611AlOl AUMORS: Apshev, S. Zh., Karashayev, A. A., Mat .wrv, Khakunov, M., Ponezhev, M. Eh. TITM: On the transverse component of the momentum of neutral strange particles PERIODICALt Referativnyy zhurnal, Fizika, no. 6, 1962, 52 - 53, abstract 6B369 I ("Uch zap. Kabardino-Balkarsk. un-t", 1961, no. 13, 155 - 161) TUT! The penetrating showers of c"mic radiation were investigated with an appavatus consisting of a doubled Wilson chamber in the magnetic field, con- trolled by asystem of Geiger counters. The distribution of the transverse com- ponents, Pt, of the momenta of 6P and /~P-particles generated in these showers was examined. The apparatus permitted the measurement of momenta up to 2 - 2.5 Bev/c. In all, 13 Y-particles and 11 6P-particies were processed. For their greater part, these particles were in the range of Pt = 0.2 L 0.4 Bev/c. The mean value of Pt was 0.516 Bev/c, and within the experimental errors did not depend on the particle type. L. Landsberg [Abstracter's notei Complete translation] Card 1/1 KF-MASHEV, Yevgeniy Tikovich; BIMIJIN, I.B., red. (Kabardino-Balkaria in the years of the recoristruction of the Soviet national economy, 1921-1925] Kabardino- Balkariia v gody vostanovloniia narodnogo khoziaistva SSSR, 1921-1925 gg. Nallchik, Kabardino-Balkarskoe knizhnoe izd-vo, 1962. 135 P. (MIRA 16:12) (Kabardino-Balkar A.9.9.a.-Economic conditions) Wall, 14A 10 ILI KHALABUDA I.Z. Most significant factors in the transmission ou ascariasis and trichocephaliasis. Vrach. delo no.8z88-91 Ag163- OURA 16:9) 1. Kafedra epidemiologii (zav. - pror. S,I.Grishin) Kiyovskogo instituta usovershenstvoviudya vrachey. (ASCARIDS AND ASCARMLS) (TRICHOCEPHALL451S) l.- PORUTSKIT), Yu. V. ) MMLABU.DA L P ; ALEKSBINKO, R. L,. 2. USSR (60o) 4. Apple 7* VariGtY of anatomical deacendants Of vegetatiavned Physiological characteristics in hybrids in relation, to Cultivation. Agrobiologiia. No. 5. 1952. 9. X2-nt~hl List .2-f- Au-s-�~ia" -A-c.-Ve-s-sions, Library of Congress, --jEn ~a j953. Unclassified. KRALABMA, L.P. ~~ 4".. - Formallon Of wound Periderm in cut tuber plantln,, of Potatoev. DOPOAK EWR no.4.-4-oj-4o5 1350 (XQU 9:2) loInatitut figiol Ogii roslin dlysniy Chlen AN VRU P949VIaByuk. (Potatoes) ta agrokhm" Am UR5R9Predntavjv DF14IDYUK, P-F.) nauchnyy sotrudnik (Kiyev, Brest-Litovskoye shosse, d.7/1, kv.91); KULMDA, N.S.$ nauchnyy sotrudnik Vaoat oxygen and the.coefficient of incomplete oxidation In anesthesia using nitrous oxide-with oxygen on healthy persons. Nov. khir. arkh. no.12:29-32 D 161. (MIM 14:12) I Otdol klinicheskoy khizurgii (zav. dotsent A.L.Pkhakadze) Ukrainskogo nauchno-isoledovatellskogo instituta klinichoskoy meditsiny imeni akademika N.D.Strazhosko. (ANESTMSIA) - (OXYGEN IN THri. BODY) (NITROUS OXIDF--PHYSIOLOGICAL FhTECT) KRALARIMA, nauchnyy sotrudnik (Kiyev, Brest-Litovskoye shosse, 39, d.2,kv.23) Changes In some indices of the blood coagulation system during operations on the organs of the abdominal cavity. Klin.khir. no.8t42-45 J1 162. (MM 15:11) 1. Otdel klinicheskoy khirurgii (za,i. - dotsent, A.L.Pkhakadze) Ukrainskogo nauchno-iseledovateliskogo instituta klinicheskoy meditsiny imeni akademika N.D.Strazliesko. (BLOOD-COAGULATION) (ABDOMEN--SUFGERY) tHAIABUDA. K.S., nauabnyv 00trudnik Metbod Of determining the beparin tjyfic,. Mr 163* Vrachodelo n0,31,27 0 "el klinicbe (Muu 16W kraltn ko;o nauc 3r kh;rurg" (zav dOtsent A "L,Plkchhaeksakdosye) 8 1 J9816daritell;kogo ipatituta y Meditsiny imeni. demika N&DoStrazhesko, E ~d, (HEPARIN) I 'a-"ABUDA. T.T. Mew Opeclea Of the nun JUJI 85-91 #48. so ?a le I Unic. MImobiol.xhtLr. 9 no .4: 1. ZZ otdala m (XZRA 9:9) mikrobiologil ilt.0.110%" (zav- Otd.lom- kademilm D. -y-M-Pldoplichk& (PENICILLIU)f) lr-ZatOlotnogO Akademij) In"'tat' 'a Uk USSR. e 0 a at a 0 0 a 0 :10-OWWOOregov 0 0 r Z, L " 7 he C ill t... of ILA GVPPr#,T W. lResults of No Mlaofitifid gurIVOYS T, V-)~U14budA, iml ~ Priiig And 1.01 ,jW 17. No. 4. 257-ASM 41 Ill '11,14 Irl)nl 0 11 ,,nts ( Illogi were inigile at 3 depth, it, .40, pit range wait &1.1-7.11. Rl~tlll% (in near Kiev; thvit go 4: : 44% cm.. IM-IM (OW1110- I(WWS pm a., 11-le 0 (,tptillit), 1.4 113 IWO; U) all 0 41- .,o-25 Cm., MAI -00 o-W (CM). A, Writ 0, 104111(~`lllmlult% .1,Irly vid. it~ lil.1111 life, and ill itrolur 4 A Illo3t 31JUll. Ant tYIW "A% 1*f"l- 111'"0 j 1~. #49 es a counting for 50,00"il 01 all Observill ',vxt ill abundance were Muflor, Pulars"Op. all-I 1.1 700 *0 a MAimpwimm. %lany of the laingi rank"I Ilia in LvIltill4tic And Wily IMAililft Ill pliytic attivity: most of them were low or 00 a prot",l),lic activity (FeUtin test); and only ~i Ir,i hA even slilght milk-curdling capacity. jilliAll 1'. sillith -00 z UJX Z. :"zoo r 0u it AV -t) 41 A 0 0 0 40 0,0 o 0 0 is a vt it 11 1 at AM L A a "0 ; 0 00 a go 0 0 all 4) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0;0 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 t) 0 a 0 0 0: '11C1,00, KHALABUDA,, T. )A Ills 1111;114 na '"c1 Link Nnicabun, L. 6, 11TVI). ink. I'llitliflip-s 11 AW) () I. , or I , ort"ll 199., 1 [ns/. )00 io rr, Ity Or Kiev, 1J.'r, liven ornill, .9 32,