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~X-X- twR/4016a Card Authors Title Periodicaa Abstract t 9 Khalifman,, 1. A. Cand. of Biological Sciences t Bees and harvest (Book) '~3 : Prirodajp6, 123 - 125, Jun,i 1954 I --UviawoXabook by A. N. Nevkryt entitled "Bees and Harvest" published by the Academy of Sciences Ukr-S3R in 1953. Institution : Submitted : , , 1 ~ - . I I - . . . . ! . . . . I ~ '. . I I -' - . ., :- - : . ~ I I . ... . - I I ~~ ' 7 . ( ~)` ~ '~,Dj I 1-~ -~ i , i *, i I , 4- 1 , 7 , . - . .! . 1 .1 - . , I , - ., . - . 4 - 1. - I'.. -j - z . .f / TXLYATNIKOV,N.N.1 VARUNTSY",I.S., akademik, redaktor; GILTSHCHINKO,I.Ye., doktor biologicheskikh nauk, redaktor; Y1CNIKNXV,Kh.K., kandl- dat bilogicheekikh nauk. radaktor; OLISECANSKIT.H.A.. akademik, redaktor; PEROV,S.Vo, kandidat ekonomichaskikh nauk, redaktor; PREUNT,1.1.. akademik, redaktor; ALjjjJV.T*I...A.,,, ~kandiaat AKOVIAV I . . .a ad biologichaskikh nauk, redaktor; 7 VIAV, . ., emik, redaktor; BALLOD,A.I., takhn. red. [Michurin science in the service of the people; a collection of articles) Michurinskoe uchenie na slushbe narodu; sbornik statel. Moskva, Gos.izd-vo oelkhoz.lit-ry. No.l. 1955. 269 p. (HL]RA 9:4) 1. Voesoyuznaya Akademiya sallskokhoziaistyennykh nauk imeni V.I.Ienina. (Michurin. Ivan Vladimirovich. 1855-1935) (Plant breading) TELY.ATNIKOV, N.N.; VIRUNTSYAN, I.S., almdamik, red.; GLUSHCHENKO, I.Teem doktor biolog.nauki red.; YMIIKZUV,.Xh.K...)rnnd.biolog.nauk, red.; CLISHAFSKIY, M.A., akademik, red.; PEROV, S.V., kand.ekonom.neuko red.; PREZENT, I.I., akademik, red.-, MLI?W, I A.,, kand.biolog. nauk, red.; TAKOVLEV, P.N.p akademik, red.; SAVZDARG. V.Z.~ otv. za vMskj BAWD, A.I,,, Emichurin's teaching in the people's service; collection of articles] Michurinskoa uchenie us sluzhbe narodu; abornik statai. Moskva, Gos.izd-vo sallkhoz.lit-ry. No.3. 1955. 238 p. (MIRA 13:6) 1. Yeasoyuznaya akademiya sallskokhosyaystvennykh nauk ImBni Leninao (Plant breading) (Stock and stockbreading) KHAI IFW, 1. - - I-- -.- -l" Michurin. Vokrug eveta no.10:2-5 0 155. (MMA 9:1) (Michtkrin, Ivan Vladimirovich, 1855-1935) KHA IFKAN,I., laureat Stn1inskoy premii - Hichurin theories on how to conquer. Xnsn.oils 30 n1.10:1-5 0'55- (KERA 8:12) (Acclimatization (Plants)) (Michurin, Ivan Vlndimirovich, 1855-1935) USSR/General Section General Problems, Philosophy, Methodology. A-1 Abs Jour Referat Zhurn. Blol. No 16, 25 Aug, 1957, 67799 Author Khalifman I A. :~L~ Title Writings o IE' ks on K. Fraaze and some Current Problems in Biology. . Orig Pub Agrobiologiya, 1956, No 4; 138-147 Abstract From the positive reports of K. Marks on Karl Fraaze (Alo-i965), the author studied Fraaze"s main works "Climate and the Plant World in Time, i.e. their Histo- rY" (1847) and "History of Agriculture" (1857) and cam to the co=1usion that he was not only "a Darwinist befo- re Darwin" (YArks) but he was a forerunner of the contem- porary Michurin study. Fraaze paid greater atten#Qn,O the practical significance of botany; questioned.the the- sis "each cell-- from the dell"; considered clima~~g_t e basic factor in species formation; denied the cons~4nqy. of species; assumed the emergence of species in Card 1/2 - 2 . -, KMk.., Using bass for obtaining hybrid cotton seeds. Agrobiologlia no.5:153-155 5-0 156. (MM 9:11) (Cotton) (Baas) (Yertilization of plants) KRATIMN, I.A., kandidat biologicheakikh nauk. At We Sixteenth International Congress of Beekeepers. Biol.v shkole no.1:94-95 Ja-F '57. (MLRA 10:5) 1.Vneeo"nays. Wrademiya sal'skokhozysyrtvsnnykh nauk imeni V.I. Imenina. (Vienna-Bee culture--Congresses) KHALIYKAN,-I.A. Oww , it --- wa 141001 Pollination by bees and hetorosis in agricultural plants. Agrobiologiia no.2:141-143 Mr-Ap 157. MRA 10:5) (Beei)'(Fortilization of plants) (Heterosis) Valuabls contribution to the literature of Darwin's life (*Racol..- lootione on the development of aq mind and character' by Charles Darwin. Reviewed by I. Khalifman). Agrobiologiia n0.2--155-157 Mr4P 158. (MM& 11:4) (Darwin, Charles Robert, 1809-1882) (Darwin, Charles) KHALIFMAN, 1. A. w ideas. Agrobiologita no. 3. - 152-157 My,To 158. (mm 11:7) (Genetics) (131ological research) 5 "1 KHALIMANO I.A. Role of nurne bnes in the biology of the bee colony. Agrobiologlia no.4:94-110 JI-Ag 158. (MIRA 11:9) (Been) LTSENKO, T.D.; OLISHANSKIT, M.A.; SINTAGIN, I.I.; GLUSHCHEIIKO, I.Te.: VARUNTSTAIT, I.S.; PREZICHT, I.I.; SHCHMMINOVSKlY, U.S.; SHUMMY, V.I.; TEVSTIGNNYIW, S.N.; BOCFWVER, A.M.; LITVIN, T.M.; TATKOVA. A.T.: PODVOTSKIT, I.I.: SAKS, Te.%; XHALIFMAN I I.A.; FaGINSON' N.I.; SHCHEGLOVA, Yu.N.; DLIJGACH, V.; STNE14111, H.A.: LISOVSKMA, O.Y.; GUBINA, T.I.; ROZEITM ID, M.I.: TSVETATBVA, Te.M.; PARM- MRNKO, Te.V.; NLYMAIT, N.F. Sofia lAkovlevna Voitinskaia; an obituary. Agrobiologils. no.4:121 JI-Ag '58. (KRA 11:9) (Voltinakata, Sofilia Inkovlevna, 1898-1958) v-..~-. KRALIFRAIT, I. Two closets in the house at the Dvortsovyi Bridge. On. nat. ne.7:14-16 il 158. (MIRA 11:9) (leningrad-Insecte-Catalogs and collections) KHALIFRAN, I., kand.biol.nauk. i one on the swarming of bees. Nauka i pered. op. v sellkhoz. 8 no.8:57-59 158. (MITLA 11:10) 5 19 tv KRALIYW, 1. R - "- ~-. Two chants of drawers in a (continuation). On. nat. (Ants) building by the Dvortsovyi Bridge no.9:8-11 S 158. (MR& litio) KHAWYMAN, 1. Two chaste of drawers In a building near the Dvortsovyi (conclusion). On. nat. no.10:34-37 0 158. (MIRA 11:10) (Ants) A UTHOR Khalifman, I. SOV/4-58-11-16/31 TITLE: The History and Geography of the Ant (Muravlineya istoriya i geografiya) PERIODICALs Znaniye - oil&, 1958 Nr 11, pp 22 - 24 ABSTRAM The author describes how during the last 200 years, myrme- cologiste have counted up to 15,000 species of ants. Sy- stematists have divided them into 7 subfamilies whose names are given by the author. Ants have inhabited Earth millions of years before man, and they are found in all 5 continents, in the extreme North as well as in the damp tropical regions, where they live in dense masses. The author points out that the climate and soil which influence vegetation in forests, steppes and deserts have also an effect on the masses'and composition of the ant population. Among the ants, Monomorium Pharaonis has become the first town-dweller and the sanitary services of many countries are trying to find a remedy to annihilate this ant, which in suspected of contaminating food with bacteria and virus, causing Card 1/2 various diae*aess, in particular the dreadful poliomyelitis. The History and Geography of the Ant SOY/4-58-11-16/31 The author tells of ants living in deserts, in coronas of trees, bogs, etc., and of their ability to adjust to the circumstances and surroundings. There are 6 caricatures. Card 2/2 2;il~;ii~-~li-l".,!~,;~;",!,"!,~~,,~l.,-Ili3i--,~z~,,~t.'-",~.1--~li,n~ KHALUMN, LA. out the role of the "nutrient factor" in type formation. Agrobiologila no.2:315 Mr-Ap '59. 04IRA 12:6) (Heredity) THAT-IF14", I - Dragonfly, pterostigua and flutter. IUn.takh. 3 no.1:46-W ja 159. (MIU 12: 1) (Dragonflies) KHALIFMAN, I., kand.biol.nauk Bees and clover. Nanks i pered.op.v sellkhoz. 9 no.12:35-37 D 159. (clover) (Bees) (MIRA 13:4) gT --- KHALIFM.W, I.A. Gomments concerning now beekeeping developments as reported in beekeeping journals. Agrobiologtia no. 3:472-475 W-je 16o. (MIRA l3tl2) (Bee culture) ronavich; ZUBKOV, M.A., otv. red.; KRAVTSOVA, R.M.p takhn. red.; GOLUBEVA, V.A., tekhn. red. [Subterranean dwellers] Otstupivshie v podzemelle. Moskvaj GoB. izd-vo detakoi lit-ry M-va proov. RSFSR, 1961. 191 p. (MIRA 14: U) (Termites) tE K 20q --po-qg KHALIFM&Nv I.A. Ca=ents on the "Bee Genetics Information BuUetin" No.l* Agrobiologiia nos 1;151-156 Ja-F 161o (MIRA 14:2) (Bees) ~- KHALIFM , I. A. About the fiftieth anniversary of Prof. Ludwig's book and the Korean *Vegetative hybirds of bees." Agrobi,,Iogiia no.2:313- 316 Mr-Ap 161. . (Be Oultu (141RA 14:3) ?Ludwig5e) KEJALIFMANI I.A. More about the role of the"nutrient factor" in type formation. A "'obiologiia no.2:315-316 Mr-Ap 161. (MIM 14:3) 9r (Biology) KHALIFMAN., I. Brief comments. Agrobiologiia no.5:793-796 S-0 161.(MM 14:10) (Buiol (Fertilization of plants) KHALIMAN, 1. Operation "Formica." flauka i zhizn' 29 no*092-98 AP 162. (14IRA 15;7) (Ants) (Forest protection) V T OSHMAN, Gans [Oschmann, Hans], doktor (Germanakaya Demokraticheskaya Respublika)- KHALIFMAN,_T,,-&. [translator] I I ~~j Effect of pollination by bees on the yield of forage beans. Agrobiologiia no-3:365-368 My-Je 162. (MIRA 15:10) (BEANS) (FERTILIZATION OF PLANTS) (BEES) PMALIFMAN, I.A. A few words on Doctor H.Oschmann's report. Agrobiologiia no-3: 368-370 MY-Je 162. (MIPA 15:10) (BEANS) (FERTILIZATION OF PLANTS) (INSECTS, INJURIOUS AND BENEFICIAL) KHALIFMAN, I.A, ----- - - ----- Brief notes. Agrobiologiia no.4t632-636 Jl-Ag 162. (BEF, CULTURE) (MIRA 15:9) KRA ANTONYUKI L.p red.; YEWROVA, 1.9 takhn. red. (Bees] Pchely. Izd.4., perer. i dop, Moskva, Molodaia gvardiia.. 1963. 397 p. (Beefs) (miRA 16:4) KMIFI-M, losif Aronovich; ANTOMMY, L., red.; YEGOROVA, I., -iekhn. red. [Ante] Maravii. lAoskva, Flolodaia gvardiia11963. 302 p. (MIRA 16:12) (Antl3) KHP-LIPMAN, I.A. A necessary condition for success in selective fertilization of onto- mophilous crops. Agrobiologlia no.0557-563 J1-Ag 164. (MIRA 170.2) L Zamestitel, predeedatelya sektaii pchelovodetva Vaeaoyuznoy akademli sel'okokhozyaystvennykh nauk imeni. V,N.IAninao KHALIFMAN, I.A. Recent studies on bee strains and-their use-in breeding work. Agrobiologiia no.ltl3l-147 Ja-F 165. (,'[IRA 1814) KULIFMAH, L. Student geography notebook in higher classes. Geog.v shkole 19 no.1:54-56 Ja-F 156. (KI-RA 9:5) 1. 18-ya ahkola goroda Rigi. (Geography--Study and teaching) PURIN19 V.[PurinsvV.]; INALIYWpL. A work about dividing the country into economic regions; a book review. In Russian. Vestis Latv ak no.3:185-187 160. (EEAI 167) (Al&mpiev, Petr Martynovich) (Russia- Economic policy) UALIFMA&.,_~. Fourth regional conference of geographers and economists of the Baltic region. Izv*AN Latv.SSR no.2:107-112 164. (KM 17:4) "0 .IP KHALIKOV, A. Sorghum cernuum and corn as istubble crops under irrigation in the Uzbek S. S. R. Zemledelie 24 no.5:40-43 My 162. (11ILk 15:7) 1. Uzbokskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy inBtitut zhivotnovodstva. (Uzbekistan-Corn (Maize)--Irrigation) (Uzbekistan--Sorghurt--Irrigation) K A R I FOVY U.A., akademik; KOGAN, V.I.; RBALIKOV, A.Kh. Recording the stream of secondary electrnns by means of a scintillation counter (b y the method of measuring the total stream). Jzv.AN Uz.S.S)R. S-ir.fiz.-mat.nauk 9 no.3s 29-31 165. (MIRA 19al) 1. Fi2iko-Lekhnichpskiy irs'.1tut AN UzSSR. Submitted June 2, 1964. ARIFOV, U.A.; KOGAN, V.I.; Use of a scintillation ccunter in recoT-dini-, ~; :-,*.ream of secondar-f electrons when studying secondary Jnn-elfi~7t,r;--i c~,-niss!nn with the aid of the pulse counting metlicy-1. Tzv. AP '!Z. ';~~r. fiz.- mat. nauk 9 no.2jl6-22 165. (MIRA 18-6) 1. Fiziko-tekhnichtnskiy inntitut AN I'M ~Rhk g~ ~; R, 5K-ll )_2 E IJP(c) AT 3530-66 - Eerr(d)/EV1T(1)AYiT(m)/EFJ PA(j 'ACCESSION NR: AP5015452 W.,0000010051002916631 _,ooe -p :AUTHORS: _Arifov, UU.. AA.1--Y1"'709an, V. Khalikov, A. Kh ((,o t a scin )n Regiatration of secondary-electron current tillatYc :counter (by the method of -mea8jjFjjjg__fff6__f6ta1 current) ~SOURCE: 'A% UzSSR. Izvestiya. Seriya fiziko-matematicheskikb nau k, -31 no. 3, 1965, 29 TOPIC TAGS; secondary electron emission, scintillation counter, measuring apparatus ABSTRACT: A method previously investigated by the authors (Izv.. AN UzSSR, seriya fiz.-mat. nauk, 196~, no. 2, 16) for the measure- ment of secondary-emission currentVby counting the current pulses produced at the output of a ph-o-fo-multiplier when the secondary elec- trons strike a sointillator, is improved In the present investiga- tion by using an oscilloscope to record the total current from the photomultiplier output and by bombarding the target with a modulated primary ion beam. The equipment and the experimental procedure are Card 1/2 1. 1 - - ____ -- L 3530-66 !ACCESSION NR: AP5015452 Idescribed in detaile Although the results are still tentativep it is~ -15 :concluded that the sensitivity of the method (up to 1 x 10 amperes ;is higher than that of an electrometer, and the method offers also i !advantages of higher speed and insensitivity to a strong light back-' ground. A ohortcom~ng of the method is the need for a high vacuum 1 -19 % 1(on the order of 10 mm Hg). Orig. art. has: 1 figure. !ASSOCIATION: Fiziko-tekbnicheakiy institut AN UzSSR (Physicotechni- 1cal InstituteAN UzSSR) iZ_ F V ',SUBMITTED: 02Jun64 ENOL: 00 SUB CODE: NP iNR REF SOV: 00,3 OTHER: 001 Card-1 2 w- r '64 4. -5 r*A I scintillation cotinter Card L ';3802-6.~: ,o: A-P5oi 1669 W-ak 2urrents can be detected by means of pulse amplitule discr`minati--~ r- amp can measured. ""?-*rQnS an! ~ne, which couid cause errors In measurinw, lkrp,,-r Orig Firt. ASSOCIATION: Fiziko-tekhnicheakiy inatitut. AN UzSSR (T'hysicn,"echnica-1 Institute, lam ~NO REP SOV: 003 ATD PPMS. 4= OTHER! 002 Ca,d 2/2 TURAKULOV, YaAh.; KHALIKOV, D.R.1 IBRAGDIOV, A.P. Effect of presawing ga=a 1"adiation on the content of phosphorus compoundB in cotton seeds. Uzb. biol, zhur. 8 no.5sl4-18 164 (MIRA 180) 1. Inatitut yadernoy fiziki AN UzSSR. KIIIIIALIKON, D.R.; JBRJ,Gr,,,GjV, A.P.; ITRAKIIIJO, YFI.YJ1. Effect of the prenowing gamma-ray tre-*.ttment of (-ot!.Gn seeds on the change In DNA in subsequent gem.-rations. Uzb. b1ol. zhiir. 9 no.3:0,-.L2 165. 18-.8) 1. Innnt!LuL yadurnoy fiziki All UzSSR. FlALIKOll, D.R.,; 1ERAGIEOV, A.?.,, TURAKULOV, Yu.~h. Presence of a modification of DNA presorved for a lorg time in gamna Irradiated plants. Ilzb. biol. zhur. 8 no.61P-ll 164. WIRA 180) 1. Institut yadernoy fizlkl. AN UzSSR. v EXCERPTA KEDICA Sec 15 Vol 12/5 Chest Diseases MaY 59 11:11. CERVICAL NOVOCAINE BLOCK IN F'ENE'I'[tA*ri.NG WOUNDS OF THE CHEST (Hussian text) - Khalikov D. Ya. - ZIJRAVOOKHR.TADZH. 1957, 4 (36) Novocaine block is a form of chenucal neurotomy producing a temporary dissoci- ation I)ctween the CNS and peripheral nervous systeni. which sends centripetal impulses from the injured organs. Open pneumothor-ax is an absolute indication for cervical novocaine block. The average period of hospitalization of patients with penetrating chest wounds was 38 days before the introduction of this method ;md after the block was induced on asingle occasion it was reduced to 19 days. (S) (I c 1 yL 1, 1 j" j! t injur'.en d, Ith t-li !:, bad S 1.1-~ tc D~(! lmlt i Abn-li A 15 3) D MIALIKOTO )mnd,med,uauk Treatment of burns of the esophagus in the acute period; preliminary report. Zdrav. Tadsh. 7 no.104-36 J&-F 160. (MMA 13:5) 1. Iz kafeary goopitallnoy khtrurgii (zav. - prof. 14. Monak-or) Stalinabadskogo medinetituta iment, Abmli ibtl Sino. (ISOPEAGUS--BMS An SCALDS) KHALIKOV, D.Ya.1 kand.meditainskikh nauk Rate of blood flow and its variation in connection with a novocaine block in patients w1th injuries of the thoracic cavity, Zdrav. Tadzh. 7 no.4:36-37 Jl-Ag 60. MIRA 1329) 1. Iz kafedry gospitallnoy khirurgii (zav. - prof. N.Z.Monakov) Stalinabadsko o medjn~3tituta im Abuali ibni Sino. NLOOD-4IRCULATION D14ORDEds OF) (CHEST-WOUNDS AND INJURIES~ (NOVOCAINE) 5 KHALIKOV, D.Ya. Su 9titute blood transfusions In acute poisoning by vinegar essence. Zdrav.Tadzh. 9 no.3:61-63 My-Je 162. (MIRA 15:8) 1. Iz,kafedry gospitallnoy khirurgii (zav. - prof. N.Z.Monakov) Tndzhikskogo meditsinskogo instituta, imeni Abuali ibni Sino. (BLOOD--TRANSFUSION) (ACETIC ACID-TOXICOLOGY) MULIKOVP D.Ya., (Wshanbe) Chatric lavage in alkali poiaoningo. Vrach.delo no.11:3,32-133 'N 162. (KIRA 16:2) 1. Klinika gospitallnoy khirurgii (zav. - prof. N.Z. Monakov) Dushanbe maditsinakogo instituta. (ALKALIES-TOXICOIMY) (STCMACH) KH.ALIKOV-,.D.Ya., PatY-genesis and therapy oi' Lurn--. Vv~zi*-. lr-h,,-. 9- no.--1:3--- 37 N 164. (KRA a7:22) 1. 1z gespitallnoy khirurgichf-skcy klil.niki (zriv. -- Frcf. N.Z.Mcnakov) Tadzhikskogo itieditsinskogo instituta imen, Abuall. Ibn','.-Sino (Avitsenny). Adres avLora: Dishunbo., TaL;zh:_k;3k,,,y SSR, medltsirlslly J ~nutitut. KH"IKOV, G. A. Determining reservoir pressure from measurements taken at depths above those of saturation pressure. Noft.khoz. 36 no-907,653 S 158. (oil Wells) (KRA 11:12) 1 MITRAV TICV, I.M.1 KHALIKOV, G.A. Field determination of the yield of wells operating under bottom hole pr6soure below the bubble point pressure. I?,VqVY8~ ucheb.zav.; neft' i gaz 2 no.12:59-61 '59. (MIRA 13-5) 1. Moakovekiy institut neftakhimicheekoy i razovoy promyehlennosti imeni akademika I.M.Gubkina. (Oil reservoir engineering) M . .... . .. KHUIKOV, GoA. Calculation of characteristics of layers averaged according to areas* Izv.vye*ucheb.zav.; neft' i gaz 3 no.2:53-57 160. (MIRA 13:6) 1. Moskovakiy institut neftekhimicheakoy i gazovoy promy- shlennosti Im. akad, I.M#Gubkinao (Oil reservoir engineering) MURAVIYEV, I.M.; ;MAT-TIOV. G.A.; YtMI11, I.Ta. Calculating pressuren measured at depths above the sapuration pressure depth in order todetermine well bottom pressures. Reftekhoz. 38 noo8:26-29 Ag 160. (MIRA 13:8) (oil wells) r MURAVIYNV, I.M.; ~"IXOT, G.A. ------------- Economic effectiveness of switching flowing wells to the exploitation by deep well electric pumps. Trudy MINXRLGP no.29:93-101 16o. (MIU 13: 12) (Oil fields-Production methods) -M KHALIKOV, G.A. Initial phase of radial oil flow when starting a well with a variable rate of production in a case where the pressure on the bottom is below and on the oil boundary above the saturation pressure. Izv. vys, ucheb. zav.; neft-1 i gaz 4 no.9:49-51 161. (MIRA 14: 12) 1. Mosko-vskiy institut neftekhimicheskoy i gazovoy prcmyohleanosti imeni akademika I.M. Gubkina. (Oil reservoir engineering) P,UTHOR: K).,.alikov, G. A. TITLE: Eatima"luc,-, " J';'! ments a~- D a%. Whic;h Re,~3ervoir- Pr~;na-.-inn Ex--e~~--ds Satunat-�cn PreL,sur,~, niy~? plastovogD po z~,ncvxm I'l a g i:J&. vyLin ftavl PERIODICAL: Nef k~i, zyayPtvo., '958. Nr- 9;, ~p 47-5-~ %'MR) ABSTRACT: The t--it th-:~ ra~ex,v,)-Jz-- in a zihut-i--l we.. ~an ~7~-Jma4l-,ed- fr--Drn pr-aSBIJI'-~ talcen at ,it. Wl- 3 4 depths ..he rr-gervol:? ex.-;e~~-13 i;h- wit--h 4;hp ald H- of ".he fol'txwlng P P + ry P P1 10 where P -1 i!~ tr.e X-e3e:?voir P-C27*j- Pn H Jq),,lh :Nf f4hi-, il-,' W".1 ~;ll 'owered, h' 4 1~, ftj 4, A~ -c bel, e-nd thE; levsl at vr-t' r:~zprnr--:~ir press-~:,re va,~,, atic-i praasur-e" S:~-d p! ,,rr7 apf-,~ific Card 1/2 11(0) Estimation of Rezer-.,c~fr (Con"~.*.) SqV/93-58-3-8/17 gravit.y (;f ti'la yet_-o!P_--xm in bM- raservc;ir. T'ns z--coervoir press-ure at. azy depth can be detex-mined wi";h *U*-'--- aid ef thiB formula if the Plot h - f(P) vid the p~-asnw- at depth n' a_--a give:~. The author p:.,-,ve3 tha pra--t-feabilit-y of -his metihod with A%'.he aid of h - f (P) plots for the Leonidovskaya Konstantinovskaya resex-voiro a--"', the Seraftmovakcye Oilfield fFigs. 1-6 and Tables J.-5). The authc)z- tha.1-1 in iriacessible w.-Ils --'.-ha mea.:-iurements can be mv.~fte w-l"o "le Pid of s2rape.--:, hoists, and that in UL. U_ &' soiled wells t1he manometer measurements can be taken at depths which are unobstru-,ted by the bottlenecks. He also staten thR";; this method of measuring pre3sure doen no-'; 2if~-'*,)g of the o-,nno iii wells operated by oul,'- menible ~~i~otrdc P'M"ps a?by -dxp weJI purps, and that oince the Le made _'~ii ni-arly we'.-Ls In a Ynatter of days It Wil-I he d-.:-awing in,:,,baz, maps with greatei- a-au-uracy, -a Th-~iL~-~ a.,. , ?fig,-xes, 5 tables, and 5 Scviet references. Card 2/2 FY ~'~T - ~777' _7 R _5 HURAVIYEV, I.M.; KRALIKOVy G.A. Distribution of oil rebovery based on pumping wells. Izv. v7s. ucheb. z'av.; neft' i gaz 3 no.10112i-123 160'. (MIRA 14'4) 1. Moskovskiy institut nefteld4michoskoy i gazovoy promyshlennopti imeni akaderiika I.M.Gubkina. (011 fieldi-Production mothods) R~ KHALIKOV, G.A. Practice of exploiting wells with lowered bottom pressure. Trudy VNII no.25:154-165 959. (MIRA lg:l~) 1. Neftepromyslovoye upravleniye Oktyabrlskneft'. (Oil reservoir engineering) 191ALIKOV.1-G.A. Initial phase of radial oil flow in a case when pr6eaure r,-n thb wfj'll bottom is conatunt and below the nuturAtion prai;svm Chile press=e on the p4troleum botuidar7 is. %bove thf.- saturation pre,ssurp, 1~6v, v7se uv~abe mr.; neft' i g%- no.9 6? &IRA A!-j-,712) 1. Mookav-&-Ly inat-ttut jS-~fte1Oumt--.;htqkoy j gUzovoy proMy!3h1#3nn--st1. imeni akaderLika S.,M. Gubiim. (011. flelds-Production m6thoL) XNALIKOV, G.A. Calculation of characteristics of layers averaged according to volume. Izv. vyis. uoheb, zav.1 neft' i gaz 4 no.1:49-51 161. (14IRA 15: 5) 1. Hookovskiy institut neftekhimicheakoy i gazovwj promyshlemlosti imeni akademika Gubkina. (Oil reservoir engineering) "N.. MURAVIM, I.M.; KHALIKOV:__G.A. Effect of the lowering bottom pressure on the cost of oil produced with an electric submerged pump. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; naft' i gaz 3 no.4:125-128 160* (MIRA 15:6) 1. Moskovskiy institut neftekhimichookoy i gazovoy promyshlennosti imeni akademika I.M. Gubkina. (Oil fields-Production methods) YJIALIKOVJ, G.A. Studying the first phase of the radial flow o thinned oil t by, averaging the right sides of differential aa~ations of m motion. Izv. vys. itcheb. zave; neft' i gaz 5 no.10:41-45 162. 1. Moskovskiy instit"t nefteldilmichaukoy i gazc 4~ (111RA 17:8) 4oy proWsh- lennosti, imeni akademika Gublfina. -..KHALIKOV,--G.A---- .0. Field testing of the startfrg of a well when well-bottom pressure is below the saturation pressure. Izv: vys. ucheb. zav.; neft' i gaz 6 no.~:40-43 163. (KRA 16:5) 1. Moskovskiy institut neftekhimichaskoy i gazovoy promyshlennosti imeni akademika I.M.Gubkina. (Oil reservoir engineering) WLIKOV, G.A. Nonstationary oil flaw in a closed pool when bottom pressure is below the saturation pressure. Izv.vys.ucheb.zav.; rieft' i gaz 6 no.9:43-46 163. (MIRA 17:2) 1. Kazakhskly politekhnicheskiy institut. I,; nVV! 34 01 ;C4 -"T-" ~H n i,~,i KHALIKOV, G.A, Certain problem related to oil flow when bottom-hole pressuxas are gelow the sat-urati.on prossure. Trudy MIIIKIIiGP no.42:1',6-183 163. (MIRA 17:3) G.A..; KAPTE' 11011, InvPatigation of wells in the case of bottom pre-.s3ure falling below saturation pressure. '; AN Kazakh, SSR 19 no.11:48-52 U163. (MIRA 17;5) MALIKOV, ".A. Applying the mothod of averaf;ing to nonstationary oil flow problomn when bottom pressure is below the saturation pressure. Izv. vys. uchob. zav.; neft' i gaz 7 no.2:/a-ljl~ 164. (MIRA 17:10) 1. politeldmichcoUy institut. M All, ~. H ;~ 7 IF ..,G.Al -- . -- - I P - - - - " - , Calrul at', ng the miri-Imal blo,.:,.nr, pre qs~;rr- c-- c),, -, ;r` I e. 11 zv, 0 1 ~ . A. . . i vy:~. zav. ; no f t' i gaz 7 no.i-~ 37- 18 164,. (MI-tril. 1'1.9~ 1. KFi7akhokly !r-!0Atl-t. !'Ui:IK()IJ', Approximuf-'e'--ticlution of problerij of n,IT-.PtCadV r),!l 1'.101.1 -In R locally degassed pool. Nauch.-tekh. i3b,)r. po dob. ri,~ftd no.25: 'ICL-74 164. (~,,ITFIA 1-1:12) 1. Kazalehskiy politekhnicheskly institut. KHALIKOV, G.Kh. Artesian witers in the northwestern part of central Fergana. Uzb. geol.zhur. 7 no-5:76-78 163, (MIRA 170) 1. Institut gidrogeologii i inzhonernoy geologii All UzSSR. P -q--N4, Ground waters in the northwestern part of central Fergana. Uzb.geol. zhur. 7 no.2t29-37 163. (MIRA 17:2) ' 1. Institut, gidrogeologii i inzhenernoy geologii AN UzSSR. KII F it- LUKANENKOVA, V.K.; KHAL1KOV,, M.K. Recent data on the height limit of shrub growth in mountains of the U.S.S.R. Dokl. AN SSSR 146 no.3:7114,716 S 162. (MM 15:10) 1. Pamirskaya baza AN TadzhSSR. Sukachevym. (Pamir&--Shrubs) Predstavleno akademikom. V.N. (Mountain ecology) KHALIKOV, R.Kh. Thermal decomposition of xanthogens and ethylene xanthates. Uzb.khim.zhur. 8 no.4:47-53 164. (MIRA 18:12) 1. Institut Idiimii 91 UzSSR. Submitted September 2s 1063. g KHALIKOV, R.Kh.; VINOGRADOVA, I.E. Metal reaction with organic sulfur compounds. Khim. i tekh.topl. i masel 9 no.2:63-67 F 164. (AURA 17:4) KHALIKOVI R.Kh.; VINOGRADOVA, I.E. Stability and reactivity of nome xanthogens mg M. as e.Ktreme- pressure additives. Zhur. prikl. khim. 36 no.12:2691-2696 D 163. (MIRA 17:2) ACCESSION NR: Ap4oi49T3 S/0065/04/000/002/0063/006T AUTHORS: Khalikov.. R. Xh.1 Vinogradova,, I.E. TITLEs Reaction of metals with organic sulfur compounds SOURCE: Khimlya i takhnologiya topliv i maselp no. 2j 19640 63-6T TOPIC TAGS: dixanthogenate,, stability, metal reactivity, organic sulfur compound, ethylene xanthate, xanthogen, thermal decomposi- tion, corrosiveness$ antiseize property, transmission oil additive ABSTRACT: The stability and the reactivity with metals or two types of dixanthogenate compounds were investigated: 1) the xanthogens dileopropyl, dibutyl, diamyl and dinonyl; and 2) the ethylene xanthates-diisopropyl and diisobutyl. Thermal decomposi- tion (20-300C investigated) of the dixanthogenates produced the more simple oulfur-containing compounds--hydrogen sulfidep elemen- tal sulfur, mereaptan, dialkylsulfide, dialkyldisulfide and xanthlo acid. 11he corrosiveness and the antioeize properties of the sulfur- Card 1/2 ACCESSION NR: AP4014973 containing compounds depends on the amount of hydrogen sulfide pro- duced. The xanthogens show higher antiseize properties and greater corrosive aggressiveness toward copper alloys than the ethylene xanthates. In both types of compounds Increasing the length-of the radical lowers the antiseize properties and increases the stability.; Since the stability of the xanthogens is considerably less than that'. of the ethylene xanthates, they are not recommended as additives to automobile transmission oils. Orig. art. has: 3 tables and 3 fig- ures. ASSOCIATION: None SUBMITTED: 00 DATE ACQ: 26Feb64. ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: KA,, FL NO REP SOV: 000 OTHER: 000 Cwd 2/9 KHALIKOV, S. Effect of gamma irradiation of seeds on the catalase activity and organic peroxide content of cotton. Vop. bio:.. i kraev. mod. no-4:45-49 163, (KIRA l7r2) Z --p - --1-38816-66 EgrW/W(m) ACC NR, AR6021033 SOURCE CODE: urVO05816610001CO21DO091W AUTHOR: Khalikava, D. Kh. TITLE: &e of general theory of nuclear reactionl~or calculations of, colli- SOURCE: Ref zh.F*iz, Abs. 2D62 REF SOURCE: Uch. zaps Ullyanavskiy gos. peds in-tp Y. 18) no. 51 19(4p 59-61 TOPIC TAGS: nuclear reactionp particle collision., hydrogen atom reactionjo Coulomb interaction 3 ABSTRACT: The general theory-of nuclear reactions is applied to an anal sis of &tom- atom and atora-ion collisions. The effectiye cross section (a) of inelAstia scatterinj of H2 and e2 is determined without allowance for Coulomb interactions It is f0WA that to determine a it is necessary to take into account 15 partial waves. The value of a coincides in order of magnitude with the known results. Ye. Pshenicbwy. (Translation of abstraoct] SUB CODE: 20 4 --L-47328--66-- ALf- NK. AR6625j~f__-_ -- -- - - -- ;8166 7 SOURCE C( 064/bonlroll tWCq5 IMO AUTHOR: Khalikova, D. Xh. TITLE: Use of Methods of the optical model of the nucleus for the calculation 49 atomic collisions 0/ - SOURCE: Ref. zh. Fizika, Abs. 4D83 REF SOURCE: Uch. zap. Ullyanovskiy gos. Ped. in-t,-V. 18, no. 5,, 1964) 62-63 TOPIC TAGS: atomic physics, particle collision, electron collision, potential scat- tering, Coulomb interaction ABSTRACT: It izi proposed to use the optical potential for the calculation of the cross section of atom-atom scattering. The real part of the square-well type poten- tial is taken tu be 10 ev (electron collison with lje~,' and the imaginary part de- pends on the collision energy E and is equal to 60 V61E, where Vo is the real part of the Potential. Suitable normalization of the inelastic-scattering cross section.. makes it possible to reconstruct the energy dependence of the cross section over a 'wide range Of c,,11ision energies; the agreement with the experimental data is satis- 'factory. Furth,,~r refinements of the optical Potential are possible by taking into account the Coulomb interaction in the imaginary Part of the potential.. and this im-i proves the agreLment with experiment. It is concluded that the OPtical-potential model is aPpliL,)'jle for an analysis Of atomic collisions. V. BYkhovskiy. [Trans- lation of abstruct] SUB CODE: 20F-j- MJS Card 3/1 GURANOVA, S.I.; KHALIKOVA, G.M.; TURYANSUYA, N.G. Prediction of the geopotential in~,thqpolytropic atmosphere. Trudy TSIP no.102:53-59 162, (MIRA 15:9) (Numerical weather forecasting) ACC NR: AT7002511 SOURCE CODE: UR/0000/66/000/000/0269/0276 AUTHOR: Khalil, A. A.; Khvostova, V. V.; Stolatov, V. 11. ORG: Institute of Biological Physics, &N SSSR, Moscow (Institut biologicheskoy fiziki AN SSSR); MGU im. Lomonosov TITLE: Comparative study of the effect of certain chemical and physical mutagenic factors on barley seeds SOURCE: AN SSSR. Nauchnyy soVeL Radiobiologiya. Vliyaniye ioniziruyushchikh izlucheniy na nasledstvennost' (Effect of ionizing radiation on heredity). Moscow, Izd-vo Nauka, 1966, 269-276 TOPIC TAGS: radiation effect, rz~-~Lrirbohmtf~---, ~*, -ef-S-ee~, neutron blq~- - _r irradiation, VAA4V-0j~V11 PAWt 1"14- AA' "i4t-A C_~- ABSTRACT: ThIs investigation was performed in an attempt to determine the specificity of action of certain physical and chemical mutagens, barley being the object of in- vestigaLion. Among the investigated mutagenic factors fast neutrons in a dose of 600 rad and ethylmethane sulfonate in a concentration of 0.5% were found to reduce the germination rate most,inhibit plant growth, adversely affect the grain content, density of the spike, and number of grains'in the spike. On the basis of studying chlorophyll mutations the authors state that fast neutrons are much more effective UDC: none ACC NR: AT7002511 than y-rays, but for barley'produce a similar spectrum of chlorophyl-, mutations, mainly the Albina type (68.6%). Of the chemical mutagens'the most effect--ve with re- spect to number of mutations was ethylmethane sulfonate but ethylenimilic yielded the greatest diversity of chlorophyll mutations. When the growing plants were exposed to chronic y-irradiation the number of mutations was greater by a factor of 1-3 than when dormant seeds were exposed . Orig- art. has: 2 tables and 2 figures. [261 SUB CODE: 06/ SUBM DATE: OlSep66/ ORIG REF: 001/ OTH REF: 010 ATD PRESS: 5117 Card 2/2 Va t rm,,,, kniK of d A .ti. -rionyl ts:iJ. 1w! I nflit, ndlvad-ual SUrkto -e4 ir -5a icate cataly6's. Vest, nd in a ~ut'on )n alumtnl, r M~)sk. wi, Ser. 2i KnIm. 19 N-D 164'# (MIRA L8-3) roft! YELYUTINP V.P.; MOZZHUKHIN, Ye.I.; PANOV, A.V.; KHALIL, R.B. Investigating internal friction in copper specimens obtained by powder metallurgy methods. Fiz. met. i metalloved. 24 no.3:443-451 S 162. (MIRA 15:9) 1. Moskovskiy institut stali. (Copper--Teating) (Internal friction) YEWSTROPIYEV, K.S.; MEDVEDEV, N.M. [deceaned]; KIIALILEV, V.D. Effect of gaseous atmosphere during fluoberyllate glass malting on its transparency in the ultraviote. Izv. AN SSSR. Neorg. mat 1 no.11;1978-1981 N 165. (MIRA 1~412) I. Institut khimii silikatov imeni I.V. Grobtinshelitkova i Leningradskiy tekhnologicheskiy institut imeni lens-oveta. Submitted April 10, 1965. ~rro-w :,arlp M 33 KHALILOV K. Financial control is an important part of economic work. Fin.SWR 23 no.5z24--29 My 162. (MM 1515) 1. M-nistr finansov Azerbayrlzhanskoy SSR. (Azerbaij an-Finance) IN 4 KHALILOV, Kh.M. Some results from a study of the viscosity of fluids. Izv.AV Azerb.SSR.Ser.fis.-mat.i tekh.nauk no.1:69-75 162. (MIRA .15s4) (Hydrodynamics) KIIALIKOV. X14. S. Ob ustoychivosti "V Bollshom" integralov differentisial'nykh uravnihiy. Kazan', Izv, fiz-Matem. O-VA (3), 9 (1937), 31-59. SO: Mathematics in the USSR, 1917-1947 edited by Jurosh, A. G., Markushevich, A. L., Rashevskiy, P. K. Moscow-Leningrqd, 1948 i6(i),16(2) AUTHOR: Khalikov M K. SOV/ TITLE: On a Rigorous Estimation for the Multi-Dimens4onai (0 tochnoy ot senke dlya mnogomernoy lckaltnoy r'7 T r~- 7, V be a n~ sequence of independent s-dimenziorI;, distributed r andom vectors with finite dispi~r3;.or~ foi- 1hr- components. L et I , 2 A-.nd 2 M56V = 1. Let the quadratic form Q(t) IA., t ; - - j i , j ~ ; eii = m5jAo , be positive definite. Let p r(X) 're tir." probability d ensities of L~+ Y1 5 n q(x 2 1 where q(X) q(x.,x IC q --,I 2i) sA- form Inverse to Q and Card /4 j On a Rigorous EstimatJr-n for the Multi-Dimeris4onal Local Theorem The author investigates the asymptati,., 'c--?~t- PdX for n-0co and F~Dri' Pn M - -?(x) R Theorem: Lot the following conditions 1)(, 1) the 1. have a common density function p(Xj); 2) the components of S.,have finite momeri-3 of IhIrl O~jr = M~ivyjvfrV 3) for a certain n 0*:o. Ipn(X) is integrabl(, 'tn th- F-.--w,~ 0 (1