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t cen Nr: AY iio8825 Transaotions of the Third All-union Mathematical Congress (Cont,)MOSCOV, Jun-Jul '56, Trudy '56, v. 1 Sect. Rpte., Izdatellstvo ANSSSR, Moscov, 1956, 237 pp. Mention in made of -Chapiygin. Khalilov., Z. 1. (Baku). Solution of tha Bavic '-TNt_F_e_m_a_t1ei_Y_Problem of Gasified Petroleum Filtration. 214 Charnyy, I. A. (Morcow). on = Integral Relation of the Filtration Th4ory. and Some of its Applications, 21~) Chernyy, G. G. (Mosnow). Adiabatic Motions of Perfect Gas With High Intensity Shock Waves. 23.5-23.6 Mention is made of Sedov, Krashennikova and Burnova. Shapiro, 0. S. (Moscow). Application of Discontinuous Solutions in the Theory of Plasticity. 216 Sherman, D. I. (Moscow). ';e Metho" of Integral Equ.Ltioi Effecti, i,.; Applied to Some Problems in the Theor:~ of Elast-icity. 216 Card 72/80 7 -7-7:~~- E- I L L' V Transactions of tttp- Third Rlqn,~n Call Nr: AF 1108825 '56, V - 1, Sec. P~ lttl~lei M$BA 99mress -)sc, Jun-Jul '56, Trudy (Cont. ) m mw, 14o 1956, 2371~pp- _Khalilov, z. I. 08-ku). On the Discreteness Spectrum P Of ITOn--B&Ir--~M ~jugate Operators of Unreal. 122 Tsitlanadze, E. S. (Tbilisi). On the Conditional Extremum, and the Corresponding Functional Equation in Hilbert Space. 122 nieory of Probabilities Section. 123-132 Reports by the following personalities are Included: Borodachev, N. A. (Moscow)- On the Structure of Some Probable Aggregates and Processes, Reflecting Concrete Production Processes. 123 There are 2 references, both of them USSR. Linnik, Yu. V. (1--eningrad), Zinger, A. A. (Leningrad). Some New Data.on Independent Statistics. 124 Card 39/80 SOV124-57-5-5807 Solution of the Seepage Problems of Gas -bubble - containing Oil by Means of (cont.) the boundary problem considered. It is pointed out that under specific conditions the resulting finite-difference system is stable. It is also noted that the problems of nonstationary seepage of gas can be solved by means of the proposed system. G. I. Barenblatt Card 2/2 WV/124-5&7- 282 Tr&nslation from: Referativnyy zbirnal. Makhanika., 1958,, Jrr 7,, P I (U'SSR1 AL"TMR: &I,- TITLE: On the Present State and Prospects of Future Development of Problemn in the Phpic&l and YAthematical Sciences Nov Being Coordinated in the Azerbaydzhan Sarlet Socialist Republic (0 sostoyanii. i perspektivakh razrabotki koordiniruyemykh v respiblike problem Y oblasti fiziko-matemsticheskikh -z'r) PERIODICAL: Tr. 1-y naucha. sesaii Soveta po koordinstsil AN AzerbM. Balm., AN AzerbSSR.. 1957,- pp 23-30 ABSTRACT: An account in given of ~hft basic trends and. research theato of the Repxb- lie's scientific institutions in the fields of yhyoical and mathamt1cal sciences.: the principal results of the vork done In these fields over the period 1955-1955 are ern d. Problems requiring further elaboration are mentioned., and note is t&ken *.sf certain deficiencies In the performance of the Rej~dblials scientific in- stituti*us. Of the problems currently receiving attention in the field of me- chwacs the following axe listed: the motion of pseudo-plastie viscous fluids., the t:!raion and flexure of girders., the filtering of gases and aeratel liquids.. and the dynamics and statics of oil-vell drill pipes. Reviever's n%me not given 1. Physics--USM 2. Hathezatics--USSR 3- Scientific resear.,h--USM Card 1/1' IXAZIZOT, Z.J. - DIz'9rv-eIAOPffmAez"etrbo.f Phy'8'0()nlathO mat Ical science, izl SOVISt Anerbaijan. SSR UO,10:25-38 0 '57. (Axerbai Js-4~pnyGics--Reoearch) (MIRA 10311) (Azerbaijan--Kathematiog__R, search) Im"ILOV, z z -.1 - - - Ow""fth, One application Of the theory of operator equation with partial derivativeg. Doki. AN Azerb.SSR 13 no.5:465-468 '57. (MW 10:7) (Differential equatiolls, Partial) HAKkMBSYGI0 G.D:;'XHALILOV.--.;,~I, skedemik, red.; VARUNTSTAM, I., red. izd-va, 1 -Sh-.,' [Nasir al-Oin al-Tusi on the theory of theory of ratios] Kukhammed Nasireddin nykh linii'i teorii otnoshanii. Baku, baidzhanskoi SM, 1959. 98 P. (A-I-Tusi, Nasir al-Oin *ahamimd ib (Geometry) parallel lines and the Tusi o toorii parallel'- Itd-vo Akad.nauk Azar- (MIRA 12:12) i Muhammad, 1201-1274) 89047 14-3100 S/044/60/000/009/018/021 /WS-Do C111/C222 AUTHORs -Khalilov, Z.I. TITLEt The Solution of a Problem for an Equation of Mixed Type With the Method of Nets PERIODICALs Referativnyy zhurnal.Matematika, 1960, No.g,p.186, Abstract No.10936. Tr.In-ta fiz.i m&tem. AN Azerb.SSR, 1955, Vol.69 pp-5-13 TEM The method of note is applied for-the solution of a boundary value problem for the equation of mixed type (1) ( _a2u/_ax2)+g(y)(,,~2U/,ay2) . 0, where 0(y) - I for y >0, 0(y) - -1 for y 0, the simplest 5-Point difference equation for the Laplace equation is taken; for knots with y 0 so that. jh(x',t)-h(x"'t)j a 4 C 1XI-XIII for all 0 is vi definite (4) then decreases monotonously in z with fixed t and a real vector p. The solution is sought in the class of functions vanishing near infinity, together with their derivaU%es of the order > 2r-1, and reduces to the.solution of a dual problem. It can readily )a demonstr- ated that if V(t, Uyt X)dx.. (5) and v(t, p) Is the solution of the dual problem dv(t, py. VT, p)dp]A.( (6) dt 1 7 1 'Pj with the initial condition (7) 2/4 Cord ACCESSION NR: AP4045055 than u(t,x) 19 the f0r~-'191 solution of the problem represented by (1) and (2). jissumin; that 0