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SUDEYKIN, V.A.; KHARLAMOV, V.P.; SUDEYKINA, M.V. Studying the migration of gray rats by means of radioactive tracers in a large city. Zool. zhur. 41 no.9-1409-1412 s 162. (MIRA 15ill) 1. Moscow Urban sinfection Station and Medical Service of the Military Marine Ileet. (Animal migration) (Moscow-Rats) SHURA-BURAp B,L,; -P~-~Vf 1~-~ Autoradiography as a method of tracing laboled rodents and their ectoparasites in studying migration problems. Zool. zhur. 40 no. 2:258-263 F 161. (M]IRA 14:2) I* Department of Epidomiologyp S.M, Kirov Military Medical .Academy (Leningrad). (Animalst Marking of) (Autoradiography) (Parasites-Rodentia) 17(2,9) sOV/16-59-6-39/46 AUTHOR: Kharlamov, V.P. TITLE. The Possibility of Using Fish From Par East Fisheries for Preparing Bacteriological Nutrient Media. Author's Summary. PERIODICAL: Znurnal mikrobiologii, epidemiologii i immunobiologii, 1959,',.Nr 6, P 1342 (USSR) ABSTRACT.- Studies were made of the ability of fish enzymes to break down the proteins of fish from Far East Fisheries and of the possibility of using the products of this splitting process in preparing nutrient media. The fish studied were, among others, flounders and mackerel, also test samples of food fish protein from the Belkovyy zavod (Protein Plant) of the Putyatinskiy rybokonservny kombinat (Putyatino Fish- canning Kombinat). The fish digest was prepared as follows: the fish were beheaded, detailed and gutted, carefully washed, placed in water (2 liters of water per kg of fish) and boiled for 5 minutes. The fish broth was filtered through gauze and cooled to 40-300C. The bones were removed from the fish which was then put through - mincer and covered with the broth. To this was added the gastric or intestinal stuffing Card 112 and chloroform. The time taken to effect full break-down of protein The Possibility of Using Fish From Far East Fisheries for Preparing SOV/16-59-6-39/46 Nutrient Media. Author's Summary. Bacteriological was taken as the Index to the fish ferments' activity. The ready media were checked for the number Of colonies (and their content) and the preservation of biochemical and serological properties on the part of various bacterial strains after 10 aub-cultures on the media. The ztraino tested were: Salmonella typhosat Salmonella paratyphi, 3higella flexnerl and Escherichia coli. The results of the teats showed that the fish enzymes broke down tne fish protein quite satisfactorily and could there- fore be Used for Preparing peptone from fish. The fish digests also proved quite satisfactory for the preparation of bacteriological nutrient media. ASSOCIATI011. Voyenno-meditzinskaya ordena Lenina akademiya imeni Kirova (Order of L n Military Medical Academy e 11) 3UBMITTM.., May 22, 1958 imeni Kirov) Card 212 V. ~'. Plo4ovo-ia odnyi sad Krasnorechenskogo sovkhoza ZTruit and berry orclia-rd of Krasnorechensk State Far . Khab%rovsk, 1953. 28 p. ~10: 1,.,onthly List of Runsian Accessions, Vol. 6, No. 5, August 1953 KHARLAM,CV, V. P., Cand Agr Sci -- (diss) "Fertilization of fruit-berry crops in the sod-podsolic zone." Moscow, 1960. 18 pp; (Moscow Order of Lenin Agricultural Academy im K-A. Timiryazev); 120 copies; price not given; list of author's works on pp 1?-18 (15 entries); (KL, 17-60, 164) KRARLAMOV, V.P.# kand.sellskokhozyaystvennykh nauk Expand the acreage of forage lupine in White Russia. Zemledie 24 no-3:49-51 Mr 162. (MIRA 15:3) 1. Zaveduyushchiy Pruzhanskim gosudarstvennym sortoispytatellnym uchastkom plodovo-yagodnykh kul'tur. (White Russia--Lupine) _1'-6AitGV, Nikulay Fil i~povioh; KILUIA: OV, V..,,, . red. I El.w'tl rig tt p( I.t I%, ~rlt hwvv-~'j W-" Ol ),I I Il t-up I ~ ni In 11 p I I Vozvedonle zlitlykh Y,(lanll s sovneshcLorulyrA v 't IC v. : ~,kutl i .I Aki i t s k , I * ku t ~:k r~, t~ k z. i 7inoo i z ~ ~- , . . ) - . , - .,, --.- SOV/127-58-2-25/26 AUTHORS: Belash, F.N., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professorl De- litsina, G.B., Karmazin, V.I. and_Kharlamoy.,~~ Candidates of Technical Sciences, Azarov, A.L17T_O1rO_Tova, I.A. and Roveaskiy, I.I., Engineers TITLE: Phe Concentration and Agglomeration of "Tinerals in North- Western Regions of the USSR (Obogashcheniye i aglomeratsiya poleznykh iskopayomykh Severo-Zapadnykh rayonov SSSR'J" Le- ningrad, Mekhanobr, 1957, vol, 102, 344 pp. with illustrationa. Circulation 1,700. Price 12 rubles. (Leningrad, Mgkhanobr, 1957, vyp- 102.344 str.s ill, Tirazh 1,700~ Tsena 12 rub.) PERIODICAL: Gornyy zhurnal, 1958, Nr 12, pp 67 - 69 (IMSR) ABSTRACT: This is a review of the above .mentioned bookiy F Al, ~F,il Card 1/1 BELASH) F.N., prof.;.' KHARLAMg(x-.V-5~, kand. tekhn.nauk fn-z~-- KIRNOSOV, E.G.9 0 Middlings of the Kamsh-burun factory as a subject for gravity Concentrati.-,n. Tzv. vy.;. ucheb. zav.; gor. zhur. no.4:146-151 161. MIRA 14:6) 1. 4ekomendovana kafedroy obogashchenlya poleznykh iskopayemykh Krivorozliskog:) gornorudnogo instituta. 2. gornorudnyy institut (for Belash, Kharlamov, Kirnnsov,. 3. Kan7yshburunskiy zhelezorudnyy kombinat (for Burova). (Kerch Peninsula-0re dressing) KHAR 'Ov v of the LAMOV. Cand Tech Sel -- (disS) carb'an flotation In alectrolyteB," Len, 1957- 15 pp. with F-earho. (Min Higher Ed 03SR, Lenln~r/order f Lenin Rnd Labor Red Banner Kin Inst Im G. V. Plekhanov, C Pi' 141 nRv*euvinmee 'hair letla., (KL, 9-~8, 120) 102 - fjp~ '- 1" .' ~' S 137-1958-3-4526 Tran5lation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 3, p 7 (USSR) AUTHOR: Kharlamov, V. S. TITLE: On Possible Causes Producing Flotation of Minerals by Means of Electrolytes (0 vozmozhnykh prichinakh, vyzyvayushchikh flotatsiyu mineralov elektrolitami) PERIODICAL: Obogashcheniye rud, 1957, Nr 2, pp 25-30 ABSTRACT: In order to explore the causes of flotation of minerals by electrolytes (E), experimental flotation of galenite, molybdenite, pyrite, calcite, and other minerals was carried out in solutions of NaZS04, NaCl, and NaN03' Simultaneously, experiments were performed to determine the froth-producing qualities of all the E' s mentioned. Experiments showed that galenite, pyrite, and other similar minerals are not floatable by any of the E's tested. Talcum, S, and others are floatable by all frothing E's. It may also be stated that the formation of froth is not a deter- mining cause of flotation by an E, and it must be recognized, therefore, that the presence of salts reduces the hydrophile properties of the surface, and that it is this fact which is the Card 1/Z primary cause of flotation. It may be assumed that the E, while On Possible Causes Producing Flotation of Minerals (cont. ) 137-1958-3-4526 changing the properties of the double electrical surface film, also changes the degree of its hydration. The occurrence of dehydration may be explained by the phenomena taking place on the surface and consisting only in changes in the electric properties of the latter, and by the changes of the liquid phase throughout the entire volume. This change of properties in the liquid phase of the volume is one of the factors responsible for flotation by an E. The last assumption is in accord with data obtained from flotation experi- ment5. A.Sh. Card Z/Z 1. KHARIAMY, V.S., kand.tekhn.riauk Comparing the industrial Indices of coal flotation in electrolytes and with sulfonAted kerosenas Izv,vys.uchebsz&v.; gor.zbur. no-1:138-143 160. WU 13:6) 1, Krivorosbakly gornorudWy institut. Rekomendovana kafedroy obogazhebeniya polearqkb iskopayecVkh. (Coal preparation) (Flotation-Jquipment, and supplies) Y.I"PR!-A.',!fjVj V.S.? Rund. tell,.Kn. nauk Deni.lf'u-,Lt.1cn of c~,a!7. by aul int) Clctat.4 )n. Sbor. naucho trud. KGIRI no,l.',041~-350 161 (1-',IRA 17t8) --IMARLAMOV, V.S., kand.tekhn.nauk Application of varying statistics to technological sampling of iron quartzites. Izv. VY8. uch. zav.; gor. zhur. 5 no.6:188- 193 162. (MIRA 1519) 1. Krivoroahakiy gornorudnyy institut. Rekomendovana kafedroy obogashcheniya poleznykh iskopayemykh. (Ores--Sampling and estimation) (Iron ores) KHARUMV. V.S. Accuracy in the determination of technological indices of iron quartizite drossinge Obog,rud 7 nool:45-48 162. 04IRA 15:3) 1. KrivorozhBkiy gornorudnyy institut, (Oro dresaing) (iron ores) BEIASH, F.N.; KAMENEV, P.Ya.; FAYNSHMN, E.G.; K AMP ZAYTSLrV, I.F. -HARL, Radiometric dressing of places of iron ore. Sbor. naucb. trud. KGRI no.13z208-211 162. (MIRA 16:8) 1. Krivorozhakiy gornorudnyy institut (for Kharlamov). 2,, Ukrainsk:17 proyektno-konstruktorskiy i nauchno-issiedovatell- skiy institut po obogashcheniyu i briketiravaniyu ugley (for Zaytaev). (Iron ores) (Ore dressing) (Hadloiaotopeo-Induntrial applications) MARLOW? V.3., dateent, kand. tekha. nauk Efficlont flow sheets for the dressing of Balozerka deposit iron orea. Sbor. nauch. trud. KGRI no.17:76-94 163. (MIRA 17t1) KIIARLAMOV, V.S., doteent, kand. tekhn. nauk; SKOROBOGAVKO, M.P., inzh. Analyvis of the connection between the pilysical propertieO of potrographic varletles of ores and their iron content. Sbor. much. trud. KGRI no.17-122-127 163. (MIRA 17-.1) KliA.RLAKV, V.S., dotsent,,jk; BATS, M.Ya., lmh. Tilf, ti!r,#* of gol)Rration in an ptrarretor for re- galRUngr thj~ technolegIcnl lrvli(~eo of conomutxnti(~n in hoavy s,ispenstons.,t7i. KGAI nz~. 21124'7-251 163. (MIRA 17:7) SHINKOHNKO, Stanislav Fedorovich; MARGULIS, Vladimir ~~Iomonovich; NINOIJIMIKO, Viktor Pavlovich; FHARjJ2-'.OV, Vad:L-- Sergeyevich; D.ROWILOV, Lev AlekD~jndrovich; GIJBIN, Georgiy Viktorovich; ONTAPEMO, Pavel Yeftmovich; KkLU-11M., V.I., prof., doktor tekhn. nauk, retsenzent; RYKOV, N.A., otv. red. (Handbook on the dressing and sintering of ferrous metal cres] Spravochnik po obogashchenUu i aglomerats.-i. rud Chernykh metallov. fBy] S.F.Shinkorenko i dr. 1.1.oskvaj, Vedra, 1964. 571 p. (MIRA !8:2) KIIARLIV1~'.'p Vadix. Sergeyevich; NIKOLAYENKC), ViktQr Favlovli,~~, - =17, [Drejoing of ferrous metal ores) Oboganlichoniri Tnid chninvikh meLrillov. lloskva, Nedra, '1965. 231) p. (VII?A 1&4) -'~ 1-1 _i -:~ . . 11 _: - I 'r- I -lttl-... y 'h I .%kiy -1 -A. t tr A.Z. 3,- tT -f t . t7 Z.rI A tr I .f 7 zf k~.l Ur --:f- zr , 3,.-. Y7 r-d rr-- t of tA mTjr-C.. tidy Cr U. ll~'T=s :I T-L:z IT :rt- zr by th. p6t-j 71 -run- -c -f Ic N.-L --~y LS T3 W.F. Ac h :4 -f C- , 34th r ILI Limn r..-LA P--..rtml 117 T-U.!y Ls of us., ~A frr. :~l 122 MIRLkm rl____~~-~- Methods of preparing anely-tical sampla3 of al'Omli metals for vneunn extraction. Trudy kom.anal.khim. 10:117-121 '60- (MIRA 13:8) (Allkali metels) 1 %7 I GV A, Z. V.T.; [iltid i0ac Live ja; kvit) 3;'. 1 To 1. S(IVE;t 1.0 ispo.11ZOV011, lyu HAKHMUTSKIT, F.I., inzh.; O.ROIM.CVSKIY, I.I.; KWIAMOV, V.V., inzh.; ROZMTMID, V.Ye., doktor tekhn.i4iu--k-, 9-TARM5"' Elf. N.A., kand.takhn.nauk, doto. Mine haulage by means of high-frequency electric locomotives. Ugol' 35 no.6:29-33 A t6o. (MIRA 1317) 1. Dongiprouglemash (Bakhmutskiy, Orokhovekly. Kharlamov). 2. Hoskov- 9kiy energeticheakiy hatitut (for Rozenfelld, Staroskollskiy). (Mine railroads) (Electric locomotives) v rl m I~q !3 0 7 qr~ "!a erocMl n r nT,.-7,x -hthn lene -re-ph* I~ere mov 1y -,f -n~ -r and ad softening points frbm 500-130u, tnr~ nignesm. uu.Long- Ing to taur A., g-z..7A7u=x . 4 a re qe --ge of 40-0-2SC the softeninz point t iffcphthallc acid was the base , - . - , a q~,!' I lownr range of IQII-57 wl~r: -q~' q g ranging rro-n of methylenu% ffroups in the alip~,zli.- 31.2a- r'-onl- from tc 8 Cord 1/2 n f;of!~or,.! np-point tenrer n .11 1--17 1 Tnat I -Ituf elnmontoarganjcheak-,kh sovo,4,!njn!,7 k.N ~71-7 C)f ~ompoundq, Academy of Scl-inces 33S?. '-No-761 DATE ACQ: OIJu-163 ENCLI Or 7-7, 7,77: , -r NO RET SOV: 005 C'7'TER 2/2 BFSFROZVANNYY, M.A.; KONONOVY N.F.;_KHARLAMOV, V.V. Formation of free radicals in the catalytic reduction of carbon tetrachloride. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. khim. no.8:1345-1350 165. (MIRA 181g) 1. InstitUt. organichenkoy khlmli in. N.D. Zolinskogo AN SSSR. VIASENKO, V.M.; PISAREV, V.F.; SOBOLEVA, A.S.; KHARLA%IIUV, V.V.; I 'LUZEMVICH, G.Ye. Induatrial catalytic purification of a nitrogen.-hydrogen mixture by the removal of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Khim. prom. no.8:583-586 Ag 163. (MIRA 16:12) KHARIAXOV, Ta. 1. ~-Ummmw~m '~- Unummi preciPitfttlons. Meteor. i gidrol. no.8:47 Ac '57. (show) (HLRA 1018) -d 6D-E-- ACC INR: AF6029619 (~/~-SbU- CE kUTIIOR: Sennichenkof M. D. (Candidate of technical ficiences); Vnnik, .1. D, (Candidate of technical sciences); Kharlamov, Ye. G. (Engineeri ORG: none ~TITLF: Discharge coefficient of turbine nozzle cascades under static band dynamic conditions iSOURCE; rnorgomaahinoetroyeniye, no. 8, 1966, 15-17 ;IOPIC TACS: turbine nozzle diaphragm, gas turbine, turbine design, fluid discharge coefficient) gas turbine, nozzle fl(yv, turidne cascade IABSTRACT: calculations of gas turbines produced at To verify thermal the leningrad plant, the plant's aerodynamics laboratory is systemati ,cally condliccing teats to determine flow discharge coefficients for turbine 'nozzle cascades. The results of an experimental investigation ! !of tho discharge coefficients of nozzle rascades with the blade geometry, shown in Fig. 1 and Table 1 are presented. Tests were conducted at flo~)t- Ilach numbers It - 0.3-0.9. The obtained results show that: 1) The dis-' !char,ga coefficient of a nozzle cascade in contrast to the velocity coefficient, is very sensitive to changes in the shape of the cascade's geometric parameters and the structural and gaodynamic conditions ap I 4. 1 Lc9rd 1/3 itnr. f, 7 -2 26 A C C N p,.. A116U29619---- 'Table CeOT30tric characteristic's- Of the blades tent,,j. 2,62-10-2 0,169 1,90 0,74-1.3 511;01 3 0.117 0,60-0,87 43. Fig- 1. Shape of nozzle blades tested, ithe cascade inlet and exit. 2) To determine the ma* ximal flow rate through a nozzle cascade, it is necessary to have its e'xperimencal ~Icharacteristics. 3) Reliable flow discharge coefficient data can be !obtained by wind-tUnnel tests of annular cascades using the integral I method$ while maintaining I geometric and gaodynamic similarity at the :inlot and exit. 4) Additional investigation in needed to improve the 2/3 Blade no* L 0, 1 1,91 4 2' 30' ',-,278 1,88 0. A 0 - 1. 05 W 30' ..3 0.11G 1,93 0.65-1.13 52, 4 A n r, KHARLA14OV, Ye.G., i.nzh. Effect of *the ~llocki.-R of the nozzle rim section of a turbine on the consump-tion Energomashinofitroenie 43-45 0 163. (KMk 16slO) SAVCHINIO, V.F.; KHARIAMOVA, A.Z., mladshly nauchnrr sotrudnik Operation of a device for rapid determination of the technical ripeness of green peas. Kona. i ov. prom. 14 no-7:41-42 J1 159. (MM 12:9) l.Ispolnyayuahchiy obyazannosti zaveduyushchego laboratoriye7 ovoshchnogo i plodo-yagodnogo syrIya Belorueskogo nauchno- isaltidovatellskogo instituta piahchevo7 promyshlennosti (for Savchanko). 2.Laboratoriya ovoshchnogo i plodo-yagodnogo 9yrtya Bleorusekogo, nauchno-iseledovatellskogo inatituta pishchevo7 promyahlennesti (for Kharlamova). (Peas) V,F.; KLYAKOVA, N.A.; GOI-DII-KO, A.M.; KHLT-MOVA, A.I. Promialng vai.l~~tl~vs (if Vegetable c---jltUrO5 for the ennning Indaistry of White Russia. Trudy BNIrIPPT nc)--'+;?J,5--150 161. (MIRA 17:10) --L--Va72-66 . ----EW,(m)jEWFU)--WW/RM ACZ NR, 6003935 SOURCE CODE: UR/0374/65/0001005/0003/0012 !AUTILOR: Sukhareva. L. A. (Ijoscow); ~oronkovp V# A. (moqcow),. vilininat L. Ye. WOqcow) ; Kharlamovft, A. It. (MOSCOW) ; Zubov, P. I. (Moscow) Vorontgoval 0. 1- (1408C w) iORG: none ITITLE: Investigation of elastomers on the basis of binary and ternary Jsystems iSOURCE: Hekhanika polimerov, no. 5, 1965, 3-12 !TOPIC TAGSi elastoner, synthetic rubber, polyamide, polyvinyl chloride, 'ABSTRACT: Phyalcomechanical and thermophysical properties of elastomers; on the banis of binary and ternary systems with different'ratios of polyamide. polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and rubber have been investigated. The binary and ternary systems with optimal physiconechaniqal properties: were chosen on the basis of composition propertv dLagramq., A nonmonot- -4~'et~ a certain onous change of phystcomechanical properties of filns- s- -~- ratio of the PVC and n1trilo-acrylic acid was ob e ved and is ascribed to chemical interaction. It was shown that stabilization of mechanical r perties of polyamide in thermal aging can be accomplished by com Ln- Z,d J_L2 UDC: 678:01.539.37 ~ L-14i72--66 --- ----- ACC NR, AP6003935 ation with binary systems. Orig. art, hass 11 figures and 1 table. [Based on author's abstract). SUB CODE:11 07/ SUBH DATEt O5Apr65/ ORIG REF: 008/ OTH REF: 002 Card KAGAN, Ye.G.; KLEBANSKIY, A.L.; KHARIAMVA, A.V. Synthesis of some ethmquIlanen and dioilox&noa with 3,3,3-trifluoropropyl groups. Zhur.ob.khim. 33 no.2:704-705 F 163. (KIRA 1W) 1. Voesoy-uznyy nauchno-issledovatellskly institut sinteticheskogo kauchuka imeni S.V.Lebedeva. (Silicon organic compounds) (Propane) Goo,~7raplly Ccolof.,y 3treet directory of the city of Moscow. Voskva, 1-.0-vo ::i-nisterstva Kc,,:nunallnogo khozialstva 1951 Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of ConFress, Jinic, 1952 U"CU,"'JIFIED. L 08321-67 E,,'IT(m)/EwP(t)/ETI IJP(c) JD ACC NR:AR6033783 SOURCE CODE: UR/0058/~6/000/007/DOWD098 AUTHOR: Yerorova, L. A.; Ivaohevskiy, S. N,; Khariamova, G. N. TAITLE; Teating apect ral tubes with natural krypton SOURCE: Ref. zh. Fizika,, Abs. 7D783 SOURCE: Tr. in-tov Gos. kom-ta standartov, mer i izmerit. priborov 1SSSR. vyp 78(138), 1965t 29-31 i iTOPIC TAGS: krypton, spectral line, wavelength 1ABSTRACT: Results of investigations of the radiation of spectral lamps with natural krypton are described. The values of wavelengths 11of eight lines of tho visible region.of the spectrum of natural krypton I ~'a.-e obtained thrggh comparison with the primary reference wavelengths iof the orange Kr line, [Translation of abstract] SUB CODE: 20/ n 4; t 4 .1 1,:j - - , r, uin- in ~a-nc i2. C, ct r e.-. 1, ~;l il. -~-e j "Zinur I-rill- llcl ,!,~Joct of oci~.d aciJitionz, I(I Ic. i I I I C-,., t 1, ~ c t 1, ct C,~ S C: 1 0 1 ca~.c~.rity of ~he b---tl! rcr.--i c ciblo cn-ti.oclc current dcn-sit~r and ti!e di i - inveoti Zat cd. CrL, y addil tiorz of Sn, Fb, and IIL,, 'havq 1-,oritive Offoc"L-i. I 11, a* J. n c I the u-11"cr lk-dt of pon-ndscible cathode current density. SubaitturA 8 A,-r 48 10 0 /49T29 HORKHOV. K.I., kandidat t ekhnichsaklkh nauk; UfARLAMOVA, I.M., mladshiy rtauchr4ry sotrudnik. The cohesion of n1qkal coatings with chemically pickeled, ennd- blasted steel and mat finish nickel.!9I no.15:128- 139 '54. (MLRA loil) (Nickel plating-Testing) MORKHCfV. M.I., kandidat tekhnicheskUth nauk; KHARLAMOVA, K.W.. mladshij nauchrly ootrudnik., CahIasiou if A061 coatino with polished copper, steel, and nickel. Sbarest.NIIXHIWASK no.15:140-149 '54. (KLRA 10t1) (Plakel plating) MOMM, X.I.. kandidat takhnichaskikh nauk-, KRAIWKOVA, K.N., aladshty nauch- W sotrudnik. Porosity of gold coatings and the corrosion of gilded metals,Sbor, at.NIMIWSH no-15.174-195 054. (MMA 10:1) (gold plating-Testing) (Corrosion and anticorrosives) 140WHOV. 4fia YA --- IC~.Doi:jj;' 11.1. Nickel platIng of weights of to(,~hnjcal velght sets taking Into considoratIon their grivev -,nae. Ism, takh. no.3z3l--33 MY-Je '57. (Veigl-itz and meaaurez) (Nickel platigg) (MIYA 10, ~") KHARLPOVA, K.N., Cand Tech jci - (diss) "Cohesion of' nickel plating with electrolytic nickel and steel." Mos 1958, 13 PP. with graphs (Min of Higher I-ducation USSR. Mos Order of Lenin Chem Tech Inst im idt.D.I. Mendeleyev) 150 conies M, 39-58, 110) - 47 - *V6t pivo 99t --caliv Wnpl-Tv jo ~ow;jnlv 6113 2W mrVIVU 8410C uoilvjvd.E; 3.v2uo3 -I.v .uTd" rev '43 v Put zzqftqyt two Jcolzv 1.31*lx Ol But I-ri TMIPTK jo uollotlpy ,XUTX jut 31 Fuv -I *If I-ovpvv 4Lt JOJ OIAT"2-~-VTS --X '(W= mvjuvmjI,p1 .0".4; S .2 .0 A-.Pvzy TvDlt-11.7 C-0 iJ3V-,=44:) JO b2n%TlQuZ) WTTnl'VA-~W-rj put --r*T-,-..7*qr- 49t 4vwo-,43410 uv co4j ty"'agn ja -3-J -.uov; 'r2oToullool -,volvauz jo 42n3liour 3184~3& 'I'J lull-T 1~4j:wQl -CTA04'4*i9OTOU%MsI omimrwi put 1911 zu;z jo uonm4sd~jj *Tlcjo4,43sT3 stl% But-Ina u2m T4nave-" T 9 '.CTP.,rJft-V ~.X-O 'AOA%t..Z-.x -210 -Pl-~V"Tr GRID14a &44 jo Iwo. jo vus 841 It u"TS Qjv goouajoj4m v 2. ! ov.:&d o4 1,1nd 'Do.olaubm 44 1TIT rj v,14211 w3;pojjad uT paqs" us", cl QLvq j2a%i Ospnj;ul jou o1jode.1 jo AITJtrum DU -uols _lAlp 113V& ;o put 0%;% IT UMA%S ~V *UOIGC-1291P P.2plaqv -Ilocloj -%**I* Tv -4:-Tul put uo3l oodspojj Dole 1"*m ul wesvoDoad *IUVAIVI I !.z .w~l's,Voajoojw jo, t-%;ouv44 pLre ..To q. joAvl olqnop w3lloul3l zu~oj;tp v3 cuTuliod uo;2D6jToz -4Z 992D '30ousl*g JO JCNOPvDy ILazo-mauz TvD;vA~u jo DIMT .1"1 042 put sb"-lov TvalwoU.1 jo 3uoo -3jvdaa -R2 Sq PDJ*Nuvdt "D #zu~&JuDD '43'm" so :to po:juoff"d mijod" PET #m2 JD ZZI vuzv2uol ADDQ eta 2 sn"nw jo slo-l's on. t... uz polsojo-juT Djem"lle stj put qjjjojcZqd 24soU Tau* tw*jt2*aTv put 11,31's vq* joj popue3ul at 3looq nj%jZ -RSUWW -vAoAw2r.m 'V'l '*PZ '081 jo, 'P3 '42TAOuvTJOTA '14*0 Put !AWOS&j *O*K tff"X %jovsajoja '"clAQ31rel l.,ovwa;ojj -.1opumn -A-A 1w.&A.Avlor -v-- "S Jovoc -u;)l-U3QTvv 'A.11111 'A'A fc"us' ADUVP42 *I*g '-10216j %joQSwjWj 'ACUVqffl -K-9 1(-C--v3&J*aS 'doaN).vpuz r*s '.Ioos*JDQ 'AOUVqV% *X'S '(.Cjvz&j2#; 'dcom) Ao -V zpzvcla zvtjo3lpz -T-0 uv,;zllopvov (-Pz -deov) utytmzA -K ljoluod *I-,uotop%O *Hvn IM'su I'Clwlopv)qv tjc-luovy lu 9 'e *d S" '6561 P*-Alorul dtTs v,4v"2 C, -;,a ljd sand- Dos iolIDolloo !AU%sTv*qo0j -7S-S~ V IA-P21 '-02VOW (solplwy ic v pjjuloqvj t""Cpr-lz uo 83uajojuo., jj2jnQj ouz jo -91;61 "Ot '1161'm ~4%,IoTs od GATUvMD'AVaA0rb 9T.ZZ/4&Or Ko"V"OUXX 100a I BWHA < MORKHOV) M.I. I kand.tekhn.neuk; MURIANOVA) K.N. , mladshiy- naijehnn sotrudri'k, Cohesion between nickel coating and low-carbon sandblasted steel. Trudy NIIKHII-24ASH no.28:24-28 159. WIM 15t6) (Protective coatings) (Steel) 14OREIICIV.. 11. 1. , kand. tekhn.nauk. - IGIARJJj,,,OVA K,.g. . mladshiy nauchnyy zotrudnik; SEMBI.,, V.1111, 0 P I Galvanoplastic production of nickel linings for autoclaves. Trudy WIM3214ASH no.28:3843 159. (ICN. .15:6) (Autoclaves) (Nickel plating) EMIRIMOVA K.N., mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudaik; MOTWOV) M.I.; kand,~ekhn. V nauk Cohenion botween nickel and Btainlm stools an no.28:12-24 159. (Protective coating and nickolp chromiump chromium-nickel aJ-Ioy,, Trudy coatings) (Nickel plating) low--carbon 111IRE12,01,1ASH (MIM 15:6) MORMOV, M.I-p kandotekhn.nauk.) KWU'OVA, K,!;~, m1adshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik. Porosity of galvanoplaotic nickel coatingoo Trudy 11IMIRTIASH no.28:44-54 159. (111M 15:6) (Protective coatings) (Vickel plating) j4 v-- 'TO L 6982-66 EPF(Q)/t'dP(z)/W(n)/EWP(L)/EWP(b)/L74A(d)/iWP(t) LIF(a) WW1J01JGf-1B ACC NR: AP5022657 SOURCE CODE: UR/0365/65/001/005/OSOO/O~04 AUTHOR: Kudryavtseva, L. V.; Kharlamova, K. N.. Morkhov, M. 1. ORG: All-Union Research and ConstructioiA Institute of Chemical Machine-Buildin (Vsesoyuzniy nauchno-issledovatel'skiy i konstruktorskiy institut kh)'micheGkogo mashinos',royeniya) TITLE: The platinum platin of Ti and Ta electrodes in amino-nitrite electrolytes SOURCE: Zashchita metallov, v. 1, no. 51 1965, 500-504 TOPIC TAGS: titanium, tantalum, metal plating, platinu , electrolyte deposition ABSTRACT: The deposition of iPlatinum on Ti and Ta elec rodes was investigated. The electrodes were made of BT-ITi and TH-3 T . and had dimensions of lx3xlOO rmt. These were initially cleane(T by degr-e7i-sidfand etching, and subsequently used as anodes in two different amino-nitrite electrolytes, coded I and II: I - Pt (in the form 112PtCl6'6H 20), 10 9/1; 11aN02, 2B0 g/1; IM41103, 100 g/1; NH40H (in the form of a 10% solution), 50 g/1; and II - Pt (in the form H2PtC16-6H20), 10 g/1; NaN'02' 100- 280 g/il UH4OH (in the form of a 10% solution), 1-2%. During platinizing, the Ccrd 1/3 UDC: 521.357.7 L 6982-66 ACC NR: AP5022657 cathode current density for I and 11 varied from 2 to 10 amp/dm2, and the tempera- ture from A to 900C. The following variables were studied for electrolytes I and 11: the internal stress in the coatings, cathodic potential during deposition, the operative durability of the electrolytic solutions, current efficiency, and the po- rosity and dispersive quality of the Pt coating. In general, electrolyte II per- forms better - the optimum platinizing conditions are: temperature, 60-70OC; cur- rent density, 2-10 amp/dm2 for the platinizing of Ti and 203 amp/dM2 I-For Ta. Curves are given for internal stress (kg/cm2) as a function of teMDerature of electroliza- tion, and cathode current density. The change in potential with time is also shown for Ti in electrolytes I and II, and for Ta in electrolyte 11, both at ~-)"C and at a current density of 2 amp/dm2. Data on the dependence of cathodic potential during platinization in II vs the duration of electnolization for different temperatures is given for Ti. The cathodic potertials decrease with time up to a cut-off point (usually about 2-3 min), while the curve is displaced downwards with increase in temperature. The cathodic potential vs time curve for Ta is higher than that for Ti. The strength of the cohesive Pt coating can be increased by a factor of twenty-five, if the Ti and Ta electrodes are beat treated after platinization. The cohesive strength of Ti changes little in the temperature range 100-7000C (1,2 hrs), but in the interval 750-7900C (1,2 hrs) it increases from 0.3-1.4 kg/mM2 to a ra"imum at Card 2/3 L,4'C) -66 AC~IP:82 APS022657 7900C of 25.4 kg/mmz; then it decreases gradually above 800'C. The above data is for coating thicknesses of 5-7 w, since thicker Pt coatings tend to crack readily. Orig. art. has: 4 figures, 2 tables. SUB CODE: GC,MM/ SUBM DATE: 25Mai--65/ ORIG REF; 007/ OTH REF: Card 3/3 ... /-4-ja- KHm I A I Q. , EITOKKINA, L. S. , 03LENSKAIA, V. I. Geography & Geology Street directory of the city of Moscow. Moskva, Izd-vo Ministerstva kommunallnogo khoziaistva RSFSR, 1951. Monthl List of Fmssian Accessions Library of Congress, June 1952. Unclassified. KHARLAYIOVA X S - YXROKHIIIA, LA.' 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V. ; JULARUMOVA S.; TYNTAIISKAYA, Ye.A.; LOKSHINA, M.D.; VIKEWTIYKVA, O.Y.; LAVOCHKIN, M.P.,; RACHUMATA, M.I., red.i%d-vo; GUROVA. 0., [A concise handbook containing addresses of institutions, enterprises, and organizations concerned with cultural and social services for the population of the city of Kascowl' Kratkii spra- vochnik adresov uchrozhdanii. predpriiatii i organizataii po kullturno-bytovomu obaluzhivaniiu, naseleniis g. Koskvy. Po sosto- ioniiu no 25 dekabria 1953 g. Moskva, Izd-vo H-va komman.khoz. RWSR, 1954. 255 P. (KIRA 13:10) 1. Mookovskaya gorodakays spravochno-inform'tsionnaya kontora 'Mosgorspravka," Moscow. (Koacow--Directories) KHARLAMOVA,, K.N., kand.tekhn.nauk; MRKHOV, M.I., kand.tekhn.nauk; NOVIKOV, O.F., Inzh.; KORYAGINA, V.V., inzh. Purification of nickel and copper plating electrolytes by the separation method. Khim.mash. no.2:23-26 Mr '62. (MA 15:3) (Nickel plating) (Copper plating) (Electrolytes) KHARIAMOVA, Im, fotolyubitell In Italy with the $Kiev" camera. Sov.foto 20 ne.4:46 Ap 160. (MIRA 13:8) (Italy-Description and travel) KFARLAIIOVA, L.P.; PRONINA, G.Ye., starshiy inzh. Using new types of strips for spinning machinery. Tekst.prom. 22 no.1:43-44 Ja '6Z. (MIRA 15-2) 1. Zaveduyushchiy laboratoriyey fabrik--' imenj Lakina (for Kharlamova). 2. Laboratoriya fabriki imeni Lakina (for Pronina). (Spinning machinery) PAR=,TJVAj Le V. I(HARIA/ OVA., L. V.: "High-speed methods of cutting trenc,ies in rock". Moscowp 1955. Min Higher Education USSR. Moscow Inst of Nonferrous Metals and Gold imeni, M. I. Kalinin. (Dissertationfor the Degree of Candidate of TECNNICAL Sciences) SO: Knizhnnya Letopis' No. 51, 10 December 1955 BOGOLYUBOV, B.P., professor, doktor tekhnicheskikh nauk; KHARLAMOVA, L.Y., gornyy inzhener. b-haring of the experience acquired and an analysis of the speed of trenching in rock. Gor.zhur. no.2:22-29 7 156. (MLBA 9:5) 1. Mookovskiy instItut tevetnykh metallov i zolota Imeni Xalinina. (Strip mining) SUHANOVISKlY, AHMINA, Ye.I.; YEV.STIFEYEVA, E.B.; KFARLAMOVA, 1-U. Chemical composition of the arrnin-lc and ash pirto of hydrolysis lignizi.q. Gi.droliz. I lesokhim. prom. 18 no.5:15-17 165. (MIRA 18:7) 1. Vse:ioyuznyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut gidroliznoy i sullfitno-spirtovoy promyohlennosti. %' , 71 ' - - - - ;-'., 1, , '1. , .. I L ; 111 L I "', ~' " I ':. 1). ; I , . 1 .11 1 " ; .,. Peart - Daaimosis I E~ Alhods of oxpirbn(.~ntal conLr:.,::t arigiocardiog 1953. 1 . '!(, j',, - rwit.. i r.d. Nto . ~l ) I-lorithly LiSt of hu3sian Accessions, Library of Jilm,, 1'15~-'- incl. KLIMOVA, O.M.; KTJRA8, AX; STFPANOV, V,V.; KHARLAMOVA, 11,1. Synthesis of p-1,yviny1ene glycol darivativos. Zhur.priRl. khim, 37 no. 5t1152-1155 Mv 164. (MIRA 17sl 1. Leningradakiy Tekhnologichemidy InatItut Imeni Lensoveta. ~*, A . - - ., ~. Ll A ~ - - - - 5~~ - . .1 -~~v IKHARLAMOVA, H.T. Synoptic and climatic characteristics of fogs In the Nikolaev region. Trady UkrNIGMI no.32t36-40 162. (MIRA 1611l) F/F pavo sgGj2uOD j 'o Aavaqln :elaVIIVAV IWYA ;90IIVIOOSSY *s90uaaaJOa OTARTS ~ PUV SaJrL9Tj 9 Gag Gjaqj *POPPP Gq plnoqa 99vqd puooes aq4 So aan4 -OnJ48 6q4 BUTESTPOM So 9Tq'9cTV0 s4uGmOTO UOT418MXOS 7'-3va0-4Oq 04 mnTUTMMTIR SO C0u9Pua4 OT44 uTeTclxa pTnoo ea9rmqo 980T[-7 ST 4eq4 49aSgns sjoqqnv aql 'SOTaupunoq uTvag 4v pe4vn4Ts seTpeau 8sauO0 j0 mjOj aq4 semnesv 4uauoduioo trOOTTTS-UOaT aq4 PUV 4SOT ST OJn40TIa4s OT40~4n9 aq4 'SPTOIT OexeAtroo alq4 Uqqm !4Ua4uO0 UOOTTTS alq4 < si 4u~4UO0 uOJT Gq4 UOTIM POAaOS9ad ST gan4ona4s DT4094na OUT; aqq GOaq4 UT PU'0 (uOaT 04 400dsGa TPTI~) OT4094ng -aadStr ea-s mnTUTurnTu RJVM TJd 10 86cU4 TTV '49v0 PTnOm-TTT'qO uatlAk a944vT Oq4 TMM P9UTu4qo guTaq quauodmoo snOUT9nJJOJ Olq4 30 SUOT4eMJOJ 8NTT-aTPaOU 04UT DT40o4ng 9q4 SO uOT4vtLIOJsuva4 '94tra4UOD UOaj PU78 UOOTITS 4u9JOJJT(r -q4TZA M-nTUTMnTV SO Oan43nJ4s-Oa0Tw 9F/OT-9-9~T 4094na-aaclsiq 04 OBIP Pug -od4q 2/1 PJI") widmoo JO TvT!~jvd 's.~Ojlv OT oan4onJ48 04 qq.oq pappv svbk U,)0TTT9 %P0 04 T*O 89 Pouagavoo RaGA V UODTTTS 91[l *PauTv4qo egm oT4oo4na GUTS q,noTm.TIA 990-E-E-e 0T40q0'jjO_ 10000C. The intrinsic electrical conductivity of siC p-n junctions at 200C is of the order 10-13 Ohm-1 cm-1. The junctions sustain large reverse voltages at very small reverse currcnts~ The SiC has not liquid phase; the vaporization tempera- ture is about 25000C. P-n junctions ill SiC crystals may be mAP Card 1/3 2~, 2D4 S/194/61/000/005/048/078 Manufacturing technology- D~01/1)30_5 taining p-n. junctions should be carried out in the atmosphere ofF purified H2 which was obtained by the electrolysis iiiiethoa. oor purification If was passed through a lieiited pallaLium 'illccr ,md containers wit?, calcium chloride. 'Elie resuit~; of the iaialysis of the samples obtirtined. will be given in t-liv nvxt ~irl,iclo 6 refer- ences Z Abstrocter's note: Complete Card 3/3 5/0 5 8/~6 1 IDWIC 0 5/10 34X 50 A001/A101 AUTHORSt Kholuyanov, G.F., Kharlamova, T.Ye. TTrLBt Proportion of p, n transitions In silicon oarbide PERIODICALt Referativnyy zhurnal. Fizika ft no 5, 1961 292 abstract 5E428 ("Izv. Leningr. slektrotekhn. in-ta # 1960 ,no f~3) iti - 14q) TEXTs The authors investigated electric properties of molten-in p - n 4 transitions in SIC. Voltampere and capacitance characteristics were measured in the temperature range from room temperature to 5000C (at heating up to 6000C an Irreversible increase of reverse current t~ rough the transition was observed). The maximum current density of,..,/90 amp/cm was determined for specimens investi- gated. The voltampere curves in the back direction have the appearance (in semi- logarithmic scale) of a broken line composed of three straight sections with in- creasing slope. The positions of the deflection points relative to the axis of stresses depends on temperature insignJficantly. The experimental data obtained can not be explained with the aid of the simple diode theory. It is assumed that leakage currents play an essential part in transitions from SiC., tnd the current through the transition in the back direction is determined by them entirely. The Card 1/2 21026 Properties of p-n transitions in silicon carb:Lde SIO 58/6 1/000/005/034/050 AOOI/A1O1 form of dependence of the-diffusion component of direct current was determined frem the voltage dependence of intensity of the yellow-green luminescence in the transl- ilon. The results obtained agree well with the estimate of diffusion length of holes, made on the basis of measuring.the time constant of luminescence fading. It Is assumed that the non-linear growth of reverse current through the transition is, already at low voltRges, connected with Ionization by the alootrio fleld or Im- pirittem wh1fjh nrn still avallable In the given temperature range. E~ectrlo field intensity, estimated from oapaoltanoe measurements, turn-out to be 100 Y/cm. Ap- parently, near various defects of the lattice field Intensity is considerably higher. At high valtages at the transition, the growth of current Is due to cas, oado spark-over. InveRtIgations of capaoitftnoo charactorintion of transitions frrym SIC have shown thdt tho capacitance of tho transition did not practically change with frequency with the range from 0.1 to 75 kc and increased with the temperature rise. It 4B presumed that p - n transitions from SIC can be utilized as non-linear capacitors in the mode without bias In the back direction. V. Pokalyakin (Abstracter's notei Complete translation.] Card 2/2 ACW~131024 NHs AP4013536 S/0181/66,1006/002/0642/0a4 Auvou: Kharlamovas To Ye#j Tairova, Do A* TIZLEt The affect of radioactive radiation on the properties of silicon carbide ,,.-n junctions SOURCE: Fizl)ca tv(jrdogo tola, v. 6, no. 2, 196h, 6112-6114 TOPIC TAGSs radioactive radiation, silicon carbide, p n junction, volt ampere ciiaracteristic , transitional photoelectric effect,, photosensitivity, im~Rwity" im.iurity concentration ABSTRAW: Thq anthors used electron-type samples of SJC (with alpha modification) with impurity concentrations on the order of 3-lol7cm-). The p-a junctions were prepared by a technique previously described tri To Ye. Kharlamova (Itv, UM im. V. I, Ullyanova (Lenina), vM* XLIII~ 1351 1960,j and To Ye, Kharlamova, Go F. Fholuyanov. FTT, 2j, 426,, 1960) o Each crystal was cut into two plates, only one bein, exposed to radiation for control. Radiation, varied from 3000 to 28 000 roentgens seomed to effect only inalgrilficantly quantitative changes in the characteristics of the p-n junction3 in SiC, Radiation of all p-n junctions Ca,-d NR: API!,113538 by Car= rnys or beta quanta. produced definite patterns of chan;es in the volt- ampare characteristics e These patterns are shown in Fig. 1. in the Snelosure, jAxed radiation led to the appearance of a transitional photoelectric effect, The -n iunctions in SiC after such irradiation become sensitive to the visible part or the spectrume The pbwtosensitivity of the p-n junction4 was shifted toward t1io lonCer vavelengtheo This shift mV be due to metasUble energy levels in the SIC duo to the daticu of Come rays plus neutrons, Orig, art, has: 1 figure* .kSSOCIATION: Leningradakiy elaktrotakludcheskiy institut im, Vs. L U11yanova- Lenina (Leningrad Institute of lawtrical Engineering) 28jceP63 DATE ACQs O3Har64 MLI 01 KAGANSKIT, I.M.; MIJKHLYA, G.S.; KHARLANOVA, V.M.; NAUMOV, V.A. Solubility in the system urea- phosphoric acid - water. Zhur.prikl. khIm. 37 no, 5:1111-1116 My 164. (MIRA 17:7) TURITAN, Ya.I., kand-teldm-nauk; SMM=VA, V-V,-; KHAR-AWYA. V.H. Developing the automatic control of the liquor -vapor content In the production of ammonium nitrate. Lhim.prom. no.-6:679-681 J) '60. WRA 13:12) 1. Lisichanskly filial Instituta avtomatiki Gosplana, USSR. (A=onium, n1trate) 1111Ai'4dt*-I'-V Wit, V. 1~., ,L P.LnUI, 1. 1U., 1. :1. - - - - - I--- ----- flDepoly.,;iorization of ~3ouinm--Poso7ljriborucl.'Aii~i&o unciur tnj ction of Litrujonic Oaves" LuboraLar~~ oL' tnu oZ Canr:,r, i-!U. 20 Jan. Y)"1 Dokladv Allcaderdi l,'auk Ff,Slt. 77, 1;0- 3, PP 43~1-41+1, IArch 11,,51 OMER